ZEBEDEE: Play and earn Bitcoin

Category Entertainment
Developer ZEBEDEE
Platform Android
Package io.zebedee.wallet
Your portal into Bitcoin gaming. Bitcoin wallet, games, guides, events and more.

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Reviews (59)

Eljhon Sastre
Jul 18, 2022
3s for successful game and token, but more star when the token can send to any crypto wallet, please finish the project ASAP for 5s rating
Alan Johnson
Jul 16, 2022
Tells me it's not legal to use in my region???? America and it's part of a scam ring I'm almost positive
Gustafsson Eric
Jul 15, 2022
It will not send SATs to my kraken wallet. This app has the worst website link to Zebedee that sucks. Apparently I can only send SATs to other users on Zebedee. All I want is to put these SATs in my kraken wallet. This wallet is so sus . Anyone else having this problem? Fake lightning coin.
Derek Ross
Jul 13, 2022
Bitcoin and gaming go hand in hand. ZBD offers a great user experience for sending and receiving Bitcoin and allows you to earn a little Bitcoin when you're relaxing and gaming.
baby girl
Jul 12, 2022
I've been using it and now it off the blue is demanding I verify with discord, I have never liked discord I feel discord is a waste of internet. Why can't I just verify with the actual app in using (which I've already done twice). This is getting retarded
Macoy Yarte
Jul 3, 2022
I can't login and sign up, how can I use your wallet ... when I sign up using a google account, I don't go back to zebedee ... what happened there, it wasn't like that before. It was ok before ...
LittleFurry NinjaPaws
Jul 2, 2022
Dang United States isn't one of them uninstalling waste of time...you apps need to state what places are supported IN THE DESCRIPTION preventing people from totally wasting their time.
Darcy Pippos
Jun 30, 2022
I'm not sure why there is so many negative reviews. This app works great and is doing great at combining Bitcoin lightning with gaming. Please try this app out.
19 69
Jun 28, 2022
After trying to use it to download a few cents after mining over a month, this app runs with Bidcoin miner and it is probably just as corrupt as the bidcoin mining industry, so it to is worthless!!!! Utter junk to say the very least.
Amilcar Rivera
Jun 26, 2022
How do I redeem my sats can I transfer to cash app or into bitcoin can someone please help am in Houston Texas USA
Dylan Feldner
Jun 23, 2022
Another one of those scam apps. You play a ge thinling you get payed, then when you go to check out, it says you live in an unsupported region when you dont even live where they say you are
Paul Vassin
Jun 18, 2022
Your new update has signed me out, and now i have lost access to my account. Even more of a waste of time than i thought prior. Thieves EDIT: Yes im in one of your 'Supported Countries'. Nice automated reply
The Light
Jun 14, 2022
I redemmed my sats 4 diffrent times now i cant get it to redem any of my sats it keeps saying error but u cant get help anywhere i enjoy this game would easily be five stars until that gets fixed i would rate it no stars but u have to put one star just want to redem want i spent hours playing thats it.
Dejemar Dalunag
Jun 12, 2022
I Just download this app today and I have 16 or 17 stats already from a bitcoin miner and transfer to this app.. how can I used my stats on this app? Or how can I transfer my stats and make money for it??
Kathy Lee
Jun 11, 2022
Was fine, but just tried to log back in, the app is closed. It will not let me log in, says my email is already taken? Please help! Have tried the forgot password, no email back! Still no email for the forgot password link, made another wallet. Only lost under $1.00. hopefully doesn't happen again.
Jun 10, 2022
Turns out in all of North America I live in one of four states that is not supported. The app doesn't even tell me this, I had to go to their website to discover it.
Too strong4life
Jun 9, 2022
It's real but you're going to need to get a lightning wallet so you can move your Bitcoin to whatever wallet you have this is a phenomenal earning app I recommend downloading now
Eric Jones
Jun 8, 2022
No idea what it's really good for can't transfer to a wallet or other Bitcoin address so kind of exists only for the game apps it made for so no good for me the coins just sit there and never be real only send and recieved to gamer tags for this app nothing else update: no I can't thanks for the quick shutdown tho
Kavee Cutie
Jun 6, 2022
I love this app but today i cant log in to my account.theres an erorr coming up .app is not working.please fix it. Now its working again .i think app is crashing sometimes.
Jun 6, 2022
change myreview coz, its no fun the games too hard gives too little of satoshi the withdrwal treshold too high , games made by unity mostly fake earning apps and they are affiliated with them .
Lobby Pedriña
Jun 5, 2022
You are simply getting payment bill , but when comes for claiming reward you are diverting ING worst cash out , Let you tell you Frank Us , is there earning money here , or expending money is to your game ?
Landon Riley
Jun 2, 2022
It says I'm getting paid only issue is I can't see how much I'm being paid or how much I have. It's just covered with *****
thatcool gamer
May 31, 2022
Was good at first until it kicked me off and said "can't accept people in ny" I'm not in New York I'm in PA now I can't login at all.
John Wright
May 28, 2022
I can't get into the app, if I login thru Google, THE APP _**CRASHES,**_ and can't login thru the email, either; keeps saying 2 contact Support or w/e Edit: I am in the United States, trying 2 access the app, have NO VPN WHATSOEVER
Ronricas Stevenson
May 23, 2022
Hello ZEBEDEE TEAM!!!👍 What? is going,on with this major glitch. Within the, application. Since creating,my wallet I can't send any satoshi at all. First and foremost. You guys have given us a very nice,simple robust. Very elegant,praise worthy application. As with,anything there will be issues and I am confident. That any,and all issues will be acknowledged and addressed by your team I believe in this software thanks.👍🙏😁💯
Pookey James
May 23, 2022
Doesn't let me send to my lightning wallet update got it to go through via invoice but it doesn't work via code
Cameron burnett
May 21, 2022
It works but don't see how to withdraw the money to other sources such as cash app once that is fixed will give 5 stars
TM Gerber
May 6, 2022
Can't login now at all...app says it was updated, but won't allow Google login?! Update: they are undergoing maintenance.
pre production media
May 6, 2022
I had it for a few days and now I can't lig in. Olz fix this. I tried to long in 5 times and oy wouldn't go through. Fix it llz
May 6, 2022
After update I'm unable to login into my account it's showing app updated then shows "could not fetch games featured at this time" and then I'm logout again and unable to login really frustrating
Hershey Vlogs
May 6, 2022
I've been using this account for a while. It is good but suddenly I got logout and then when I keep losing in using my Google account it's not working! I have a Satoshi in my account and I can't open my account!! Please fix this problemm
Aron Ramilo
May 6, 2022
Can't not login it says ( your app is updated. Please re-login to enjoy new features/fixed.. ) need feedback so that i / they know this app is under maint.
Vertzz LifeAfter
May 6, 2022
Can't Login my account Error Message : An unexpected error occured, Error Message : Something went wrong in New version
Apr 26, 2022
I want to convert my sats into another currency and send it to Trust Wallet personal wallet. How is this possible?
Apr 13, 2022
Apps automatically play during game, just another game to earn peanuts not a large amount of crypto. Not worth the time to make the rich richer.
Mikhael Berdonar
Mar 16, 2022
I can't redeem my game since my account has been taken.! What the heck what just happened.! Can you fix why i can't recover my account email address
Georgi Bogdanov
Mar 12, 2022
Ui is clunpsy and not working. Can't change my gamertag because of bug or restriction but that ia not clear so assuming bug
Diego Pinotti
Mar 1, 2022
Great lightning wallet, just hard to find another compatible wallet to transfer your coins, then I used an online converter paid the fee and sent to my other account but took sometime to me to understand how it works 😂
Ahmed Zaria
Feb 23, 2022
FFS, Don't Fall for it! This app is made simply for your Personal Information (Including your Face, your Passport, and Phone Number if Possible for ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES)! 100% SCAM that you won't Cash Out the Bitcoin!
Kristine Serino
Feb 12, 2022
Its really fast recieving ur points... Legit... Its like lightning... I recommend this apps... Its really reliable...
Feb 5, 2022
How can I transfer a certain amount to another non Lightning wallet, as I need to Withdraw it for fiat
Anna Marie Giban
Feb 2, 2022
Best lightning gamers wallet with fast service action💕 Thank you so much guy's for helping me gain back my Satoshi,truly your one of a kind!
angela sapico-hermopia
Feb 2, 2022
I just want to know how much is the minimum withdrawl from this wallet to Wallet of Satolshi because I can't withdraw.trhank you
Paolo Agunod
Jan 28, 2022
After i updated this wallet i can't transfer my satoshi to another wallet it always says that insufficient even if i have sufficient funds to transfer. It's already been my 5th time doing it.
edzlyn reyes
Jan 26, 2022
I created my wallet account.but when i try to log in it Always says error. Whats the problem of this ?
Owen Munhuwakare
Jan 22, 2022
Would have given a zero, i wasted my time and my data. getting error message when i try to signup, chrome extension getting error 403 forbbidden, i am angry and disappointed
Yashu goswami Yashu goswami
Jan 18, 2022
I like this app because a app related with this you can get free money with that app the name of that app is millioner you can get free money and enjoy
Dec 27, 2021
Best btc lightning wallet as it works with the wink of eye! I loved it! Hope they will bring more feature in future!
Karan Karan
Dec 15, 2021
This is bundle of trash It's wasting everyone's time soo please don't try it it does'nt have an option of withdraw of redeem i have lost my 209 bitcoin soo please ever never try to use this trash
Darren Bayton
Dec 10, 2021
Love earning on the trivia wheel. But the CS:GO shooter game doesn't work on steam or my imac. Just wont work at all. Also does anyone know how to withdraw and send to another Lighting wallet? The FAQ shows a developer desktop example wallet as an example of how to withdraw. But this function doesn't exist on the mobile wallet. Edited review. Changing my rating to 5 stars. Loving the wallet and thank you for the info on how to transfer to an exchange.
Angel Abdon Jr
Dec 1, 2021
I want to give you 5stars but why reject my registration 2x? Pls tell me how not to be rejected. Please correct it.
Rohit Singh
Nov 25, 2021
This app will hack your information i loss 20 lacs And i will file a complaint for this application Cheater application
Shouvik Raychowdhury
Nov 24, 2021
The app is either useless or a scam. Whenever whatever amount I put they show a message "error, this transaction can not be done!" Without even any error code!
George Symeonides
Nov 6, 2021
bitstamp login seems broken, redirecting after bitstamp authentication takes me to the login page of Zebedee again
Anshika Goyal
Oct 31, 2021
There is no option to redeem your balance. So, its a waste if you are using it just to send and receive sats between the app only. The app is not used by many people so there should be an option to redeem the balance to Paytm and other digital wallets.
Aron Francia
Oct 18, 2021
Lost my earned satoshi.. It only sent to the same id or gamer tag..u cant send outside to any wallet
resu eman
Oct 17, 2021
I found it very interestng. The trivia questions awakening my brain. I love answering them. Thank you its such a great opportunity to have you zebedee. Sorry cause im not sure if this is auto invest. Its my fisrt time.
Rosellie Dawami
Oct 14, 2021
maybe this wallet app has a problem,when i try to selfie verify it always appeared no face detectedany times i tried,i did any position just to fit the circle on selfie verifying,but it is not working.hope you can fix this soon.thank
Jan 22, 2021
Very cool app, looking forward to future developments. This app allows you to create a Bitcoin Lightning wallet and get paid for playing / competing in popular games.
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