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VPNhub protects your online privacy and masks your IP.

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Akio Miyamoto II
Jun 5, 2022
When it works it's great. However, random issues with their payment site (thanks for the heart attack btw) declines cards at will for no reason. Customer service distro leaves a lot to be desired. I know that are reading from cut sheets but at least read what the customer is saying before answering. Lastly subscribing via Google pay doesn't work nearly as smoothly as other apps.
Revanth Babu
Jun 4, 2022
After updating the app on 14th may, I can't able to use VPN for free. After today's (4th June 2022) update I can use free services back. Best VPN service ever
Jason Avery
Jun 3, 2022
There is no free version, you press to start then it gives you a pop-up to purchase, if you decline to the free version they disconnect it.
Sc'Eric H.
Jun 1, 2022
Takes forever to connect to the VPN network--sometimes not able to connect at all! Severely effects latency.
Kev Wilding
May 31, 2022
5 star to 1 star, worked great for 2 days, now keeps saying I need subscription. Thanks for the 2 days......
Bryan Furlan
May 31, 2022
Suddenly they decide to kill their rating by no longer offering a free option. From 5 to 1, very disappointing.
lul p
May 31, 2022
I thought I was the only one but it looks like everyone else noticed it too, it's no longer free, or maybe going though a bug? Whatever, when I tap on the connect to Vpn server it sends me to the subscription page. Was great and useful while it lasted but I guess all good things come to an end.
dbldvr navyvet
May 28, 2022
Completely stopped working. Tried reinstalling several times. Never connects and only goes back to pay page.
random hooman
May 27, 2022
In short, new update force you to pay to use it, I was free but now it isn't. Don't download (edit: they fix the bug with the pay to use thing, now it free again so go download it highly recommended)
Vincent Chu
May 26, 2022
Free until recent update, forcing me to subscribe for trial which follows with auto subscribe deduction. Was the best vpn app in my list, time to change a vpn app.🙃
Mike Mason
May 25, 2022
Installed last night, it said I had 1 week free trial. Worked fine last night, gone to use it again tonight and it won't let me unless I sign upto it. Not even 24hours later!!! The piss take is, if I sign up to the lowest tariff I get 1 week free trial!! Can't say I really believe that now!!
Alicia Hoke
May 23, 2022
Will not let me on free I try lot of things everyone of my family and friends to we poor we live on a monthly income but we charge aways pay everyone back at time or try to be the best work in home care so we send u kids home soon now as well more family loving time but. This app much be a bug or joke it said also for free so that what I saleing then say what I mean dear mean what I say in the apps not lie or made up nothing please thank u make big changes be great then I joints not till then
Tim Johns
May 21, 2022
Works as expected. No issues. EDIT.: From 5 stars to 1 star. Apparently is no longer free. When you try to connect it pops up the subscription option. Maybe it's a bug but i cleared storage and cache and it still will not turn on without paying. Great way to kill your rating ... Go to the 3 dots menu on the main app in Google Play, click flag as inappropriate, choose other (or whatever) and it will get removed. I will edit and rate 5 stars again if this is a bug and being worked on.
Jose Toledo Sepulveda
May 20, 2022
Is not working as free user. It keeps getting me to the subscription for premium account. The app was working fine. It seems that it were updated and it's not functioning for free anymore. It's a shame that a good app is not working as it used to.
May 20, 2022
Disappointed that cant use it for free now probably running out of money to run service for free I suppose. It was nice untill it was free and worked wonders but atlast its time to uninstall.
Clarence Chia
May 20, 2022
Paid for premium, but get laggy app. Its lousy enough to make me wait for an entire 5 minute to wait for this app to connect to a server
Benjamin Franklin
May 20, 2022
I can't use this VPN on my phone what's going on please let me know , I really want to know that because I just love this VPN a lot
Cevin Childs
May 20, 2022
VPNHUB is the best VPN out on the market I would advise anyone looking for a very secure VPN to aquire VPNHUB.
Ammer The Hammer -Adam Rivers
May 19, 2022
New flaw allows attackers to spam "go premium" page, preventing access to the "connect" button. Clicking connect spams another "go premium" page. Rendering this VPN useless for network attack mitigation or secure network routing.
elric arcane
May 19, 2022
I can no longer access the free usage. Everytime I try and turn it on, it sends me to the premium page and won't turn on
Hassan jee
May 17, 2022
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Pengaroo Kanguin
May 16, 2022
I was able to connect days ago but, it started asking premium subscription yesterday even I press the close, it didn't connect to the server. Pressing connect again brings me to the subscription page,and the cya le continues.
Harmony Prime
May 15, 2022
Been using this vpn for a while now for free with no prior issue, however as of the last update I can't use it for free. Its advertised as a vpn you can use freely without paying a subscription fee, however now if you wanted use it, you have to pay which is utterly ridiculous. I have been using the free service for a long time and it WAS good. But now being forced to pay a subscription I both do not want and can not afford, it is absolutely stupid.
Chris Ciornei
May 14, 2022
Forcing people to pay something that was previously free? You can't even use it for free anymore, they force you to buy premium on something that it was free before. Might as well use the other VPN services like NordVPN that are doing a way better job even though they are charging, there's no point in using this app anymore
Christopher Smith
May 14, 2022
The best VPN I have ever experienced even without subscription it's still working for 7 days I like it
Rayaan Magsi
May 1, 2022
It's a very good vpn, it's very fast and free too (no ads) and your also not required to get an account and I think because of how good it is I think it should have ads
Roggers Angetile
Apr 29, 2022
I had a better experience with this app, the problem with is, it takes a lot of minute to connects. sometimes it disconnect that annoys
Prajwal Khatri
Apr 28, 2022
Very good vpn for both ios and Android, it doesn't give ads or disconnect itself in the middle like and it's great thing for free vpn like this. Much love to all the developers keep the good work up 👍❤️
Asim Ahmed
Apr 26, 2022
It doesn't work anymore. Fix your app or don't make one in first stand. The 3 optional questions below are not related by any how, to get this app improve. Make proper question as logic people or be an outstanding developer.
Brian Thompson
Apr 19, 2022
What can I say? It's a VPN, seems fast, but ultimately was questioned at work about the LOGO/ICON! Do you really think it's a good idea to have an Icon that mimics and is mistaken for PornHUB? I simply can't use this because of the icon. Seriously came close to being fired over an apps icon.
Why Do You Care
Apr 15, 2022
You should definitely update your description, since it's not free anymore. It requires premium for turning it on now. I mean, just make us watch an ad or two, but leave 1 laggy server for free. Is that too much to ask for? If I wanted a paid VPN, I'd get Nord or Express. Geez. Not cool, guys.
Naman Agrawal
Apr 13, 2022
Having a good experience. I sometimes face an issue with connecting but otherwise it's working good. Thank you to the developers.
Jason Lyoo
Apr 13, 2022
Simple to use. You can only choose one random server if you're new here. Mostly US servers. Nice 👍 However, I'm currently stuck on the update screen. Cannot update in store for some reason why... Is anyone having the same problem as me?
Apr 13, 2022
It's good for watching movies/shows from other countries on Netflix, but it doesn't always work that well. You can also download pretty quickly and after turn off your wifi and watch the content without telling you it's from another country. Pretty solid VPN i may say
Nay Lay
Apr 5, 2022
Get 250 MB free data usage every 30 days* to watch videos, stream music or surf securely or upgrade to unlimited for a reasonable fee and cover all your devices with unlimited bandwidth usage and the fastest possible speed.
mohan p yadav
Apr 3, 2022
It's not working I think in first it work and VPN hub It's not good don't install fake app don't install thank you
Mike Henry
Mar 31, 2022
Took money for monthly subscription through Google play store out of my bank account yet still asking me to update payment method and never upgraded to premium no response from Google or VPN HUB. About this issue stay away
BRADES Production
Mar 29, 2022
Only giving it 3 stars as it takes a eternity to load, have to wait 3-5 minutes for the app to open then even longer for it to connect. Still its decent when it comes to free vpn
Kp Lbs
Mar 25, 2022
Well I like to watch adult content and am interested in script writing and hub protects me from cyber threats. And it will help u even u brpke,broke however the premium is so much better,so sign up.
Alvin Ian
Mar 23, 2022
I'm not sure what it trying to load on startup even before I on the VPN, 30sc to load startup screen on my Poco X3? you must be joking.
the kak
Mar 13, 2022
Be too ngood free VPN. Only wish is you could bookmark your favroit location to go back o them but there would only be like 2 bookmarks for the free lane.👍
Mar 10, 2022
It's not a terrible service at all.... it's actually pretty decent however I seem to end up just switching it off from annoyance as the lagging on certain sites drives me nuts. I'll run into sites also blocking me because of the vpn. I had been with tunnel bear vpn for a long time (prior to my dashlane subscription gave me this vpn) and I never encountered either of these issues with that vpn. I like the service and it's a steady, secure vpn from what I've seen.... minus those 2 issues...
Samyak Jain
Mar 6, 2022
It's a very bad experience with this app it doesn't work properly and always a message comes that something went wrong and check your WiFi and WiFi has no problem in it. If it was possible to give less then 1 star i will give it a negative star for my data loss. It's a problem in the app it's a useless app. I prefer not to download it..
David Seb
Mar 2, 2022
I enjoyed it for a while, and would have continued using it but now you have taken away the feature where you could unlock certain servers by watching an ad so now it's pretty much pointless and the its not worth the drawbacks that the app already had.
Feb 28, 2022
Worse app!! My wifi speed decreased after connecting to its so called freemium server!! Don't buy it!!
Afauqe Ahmed
Feb 23, 2022
Amazing experience, no ads on free version too, this is great thing, and it also faster than other vpns too.
Ricky Gutierrez
Feb 17, 2022
Never an issue what so ever. I had never 2nd thought about how I would surf the internet until I came 2 this App. Now I won't surf the internet without it. Thank You for helping me keep my trail secure, on all of my devices. I highly recommend this 2 any 1st timer.
David Cross
Feb 14, 2022
Great App!!!! It actually works, easy to use and reliable. Top 5 VPN apps ive ever used. Oh and its really Free!!!
Reuben Kiss
Feb 10, 2022
Really good for the free edition, will pay for paid version when I start uploading more. Any way I have used it to watch adult videos and upload a couple of videos to the [email protected]$nhub and it actually works but I'll use the free version a bit longer to get the feel of it first
Mohamed Bahnasi
Feb 8, 2022
All I have to say is just. It doesn't load at all its just a forever ending loading cycle I granted all permissions and nothing.
Vma Montes
Jan 27, 2022
I rate it 5 because I LOVE IT but one thing though I have a couple of questions is it harmful to not disconnect the VPN Hub overnight? Do I need to turn it off when I'm not using it? Just curious
Ge Pac
Jan 22, 2022
VPN hub always comes through for me when I need to access certain sites which are now allowed due to server protocols. Cheers for that!!
Ahmed ahmed
Jan 22, 2022
Vpn hub is soo good it lets you watch American film from anywhere in the world I haven't got any problems YET!Soo download it it's worth it!!!
Ranti Adebanjo
Jan 22, 2022
I love this VPN so much. It is the best VPN ever that have been using. I will advice you guys to download it.
Jan 14, 2022
I'm having difficulty the app I'm using the VPN in the option is keep closing no matter how much I try to on don't know what's going on
Basav raj
Jan 8, 2022
I brought vpnhub trial subscription for video streaming by paying INR 1150. As I couldn't stream I cancelled the subscription within the trial period and since then have been following up with vpnhub for refund and there is no reply to my emails. I brought vpn trial plan so that I can first check if it works for my requirement and then continue with the app. The scheme seems only to get people buy by paying and not refund as per the plan
Kelly Powers
Nov 11, 2021
So far so good, though I was frustrated with not being able to log in. It asked for email and password creation, which I did but then couldn't figure out how to log in with the credentials.
Sergiu Matias
Oct 22, 2021
Am i missing something? I thought it was a free vpn. But i can only connect to one atlanta server. If you want to choose a different country, you have to pay. No different than a more trustworthy vpn. I don't know if it's fast or not, cause i didn't even use it, because i can only connect to 1 US server. If that was the free part, it's ok, i'll stay on my regular internet service and look for a better vpn service.
Stu Ghira
Oct 21, 2021
Paid for premium service and have never had access to it. I've emailed support multiple times and no response. I dislike strongly being charged for something I can not utilize. Would give negative stars if it was an option. Update- contacted support again and they've informed me that they're having an issue internally that is preventing me from accessing their service, but not their billing department that charged me twice for something I cancelled.
Fried Beef Teriyaki
Sep 29, 2021
Well another paid VPN that ripped me off. At first I thought the free version was great, then upgraded for the additional settings and data. Then it stops working. I would like if Customer Service could tell me the email address for a refund.
Ólöf Inga Einarsdóttir
Aug 12, 2021
I like the app but there are some things I didnt like. When I first got this app it worked perfectly but then on the same day I got it I switched from one is state to another to see if it was different. No difference at all. Then I went back to the state before and continue to watch my series but when I connected back the series was gone, same for other series/movies. After a couple of hours with it on it was just the same without the app, Then the free locations went from free to a premium.
Stephen VanDuine
Jul 22, 2021
Fine app, but for a little bit they required you to make an account. Now that they don't I tried to get rid of the one I created but their customer support didn't seem to understand what I wanted when I told them I wanted my account deleted. I tried multiple times but the support is lacking in that they kept offering completely different solutions than what I asked of them.
Brett Payne
Jul 14, 2021
I experienced a technical issue where my premium subscription was lost, and converted back to a regular free account. I received no response from tech support after multiple reports outlining the problem and providing screenshots. I was a premium subscriber for two years. Terrible service and a bad experience after a decent run using this application on multiple platforms. Subscription canceled and alternative services will be sought.
dud due
Jun 26, 2021
I actually needed this to bypass a block my internet provider has on a certain ddos protection software, so I've only used the free version to great effect but can't say anything about the premium version. Having a branded *and* free VPN is very reassuring. The biggest downside is that the free version only gives the most optimal or highest speed, VPN location, hence, it may turn off when you are going places because the optimal location changed.
Olagoke Dammy
Jun 26, 2021
I usually don't rate but, I'm thoroughly impressed. Best of all, no ads so far. This one of the best vpn apps out there. Flawless and straight forward, it does not get in your way at all. It just works and works well. 5 stars for this. I hope they won't change and I'll have to make this 1 star
James Profitt
Jun 21, 2021
I was looking for a free and easy way of setting up a VPN. I did some research, tried to weigh my decision on pros and cons. This one offers me a free way to set one up, so I thought I'd try it. Been using it about a week and it's actually been pretty decent. So much so I'm thinking of get a subscription to it that would give access to so faster speeds. Now truthfully, I got it to surf more without websites following me. It seems to help. I'm not getting bombarded with adds! Win/win!
Colin Murray
Jun 21, 2021
Overall decent VPN Free version. Ive had both free & premium in past. Im just checking it out before I deciding on paying... used it while I had numerous paid VPNs.... the top chosen VPNs are all good in one category & may lack my needs in another Im learning now; economically feasible I reason if I understand the service I require.
Matthew Less
Jun 7, 2021
DISCLAIMER: I am using the free version. I'm not going to say how I discovered this VPN, but it is a good one regardless. It's useful even while being a free option. The 4 star, rather than 5, comes from the fact that it turns itself off every so often. I'm sure if I had the paid version it wouldn't turn itself off, but it is not too annoying as I only use it for internet security and so I remember to turn it on. All around, quite good.
Micky Hekte
Apr 6, 2021
A very good app. Keep it up. Helps to connect to most banned or unavailable websites. Also improves the network speed. Very reliable. But opening time takes a bit long. Other than that, its the best free VPN out there
Chris Yates
Mar 17, 2021
Actually here to review the Pornhub app, because it doesn't have its own listing. It's very good, PH has actually taken the time to write, distribute, and continue to support a native Android app, whereas sites like xvideos and xxnx just package their website in a webview frame and call it an app. I just received an update to PH that enables single list view for results and double-tap to advance gestures, just like YouTube has. If you actually watch PH, stop using the website and get the app.
Fabian Vargas
Mar 16, 2021
Awful and frustrating. It is impossible to unsubscribe to. And the app doesn't even work properly to begin with. Don't fall for the premium subscription. You will continue paying even if you don't want to continue using the service because as I said before. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO UNSUBSCRIBE!!!. The subscription itself doesn't show up on your Google account no matter how many times you try. This app is a scam and a complete waste of money. Avoid at all cost.
Joshua Volden
Feb 25, 2021
Works as well as any other VPN I've used, but the upside to this one in particular is that the paid creation delivers very fast speeds. Dependable and worth the download.
Arty Om
Feb 21, 2021
Why are you now requesting to create an account? It was a great app and worked just right! And now I'll have to go and look for another vpn app. Upd: in response to reply from app creators. You were already providing a great experience without requiring an account and had everything a user would need from a vpn app. It's sad you guys don't understand it.
Alejandro Nava
Feb 17, 2021
You can only choose USA in the free version. I prefer the app "Turbo VPN" (logo: a bunny), which let's you choose 6 different countries for free (USA, UK, Germany, India, Canada, Netherlands).
Jan 31, 2021
Every time I open the app it shows I'm connected to a different location. Also I don't know if this is a problem with this app or android but when I'm connected to my vpn, I'm unable to directly connect to devices like my Google home and samsung smart tv.
Mary Bailey
Jan 12, 2021
Much too expensive for me to be able to keep. I installed to use on my Hisense Android TV. I uninstalled after the trial period. It didn't perform any better than the less expensive VPN's available to use with my Android TV.
Shane Hyman
Jan 12, 2021
Excellent service. Free version is just as great as well minus the different locations. A little glitchy when it comes to casting with this VPN, but their Dev team seems to be comparable so I'm sure it will clear up soon :)
Chris Vydas
Jan 7, 2021
Completely hit and miss when torrenting. Another problem is there's absolutely no widget support, yet another shortcoming is the ui, scroll scroll scroll all the way to the bottom every time to switch US servers. At the very least ought to have a favorites list. If you know of an alternative to vpnhub, certainly, go with that instead.
Marco Cardile
Jan 7, 2021
The worst. Tried to use the app during the trial period on Desktop, but it never worked. I contacted support to get refund since the app was buggy, but they refuse to answer (or just give not requested information) and are unwilling to help. They also state to be in the Mac App Store, while they are not and the download of the app starts directly from their website. Just don't use it and don't pay any subscription, there are a lot of other services (at the same price) that are way more professional and safer. Don't give money to this Company please.
Iron Man
Jan 7, 2021
Yow, this app is really good. One thing though, I think this app is HARMFUL. Cause everytime it reach 500 MB above, MY PHONE OVERHEATS. I'm in a free mode. You know it's funny cause my internet speed is fast. And this app says they should slow me down cause I reach 500 MB already. So in order to do that, instead of slowing the speed, they slowdown my phone. Kind of clever way to slow their connection, but not a good one for the device. My phone smelled rubber in just 5 minutes. PHONE DESTROYER.
Robert Kite
Jan 1, 2021
It has been a challenge setting up. Not sure why " maybe device didn't like my choice:" lol. Haven't really encountered any problems in function. Tho if it could have ability to show URL,proxy and DNS server or hostname, types of security encryption tool choose. I believe that would add more data values for individual users and better interact with home networks ,providing information about your services. Sofar works great, thank you any change I'll let you know. Thanks
Kenneth Krickbaum
Dec 17, 2020
So I paid for the premium package for the first month and my phone was stolen when I got on my new phone and tried to sign into my vpnhub pack it just says did something went wrong and to send a report no one will answer my emails or anything of the sort and I've already paid it was working very well before and I would like for this to be fixed so I can continue my subscription as for now I cancelled
Rosario Fiorani
Dec 12, 2020
Two years ago I rated this VPN a 4 because I always got connected and it stayed connected. However, 2020, I can't get any connections. I get a wifi (Cox, Kingstowne, VA.), but NO VPN Hub will connect from NY., NJ., CA., TX, GA., whether my WiFi is 70%+ or 7% 1000ms, still 8-12 hours later, Still no con- nections from anywhere in the USA. Your program has many defects and many errors, --Cannot connect-- messages.
Aaron J
Dec 2, 2020
Quite a pleasant vpn if you just want to be more discreet in your everyday google searching life. Doesn't have any ads which is a plus point, can split tunneling which is also good, and the best is that it doesn't disconnect no matter how long you use it.
Eric Woods
Nov 28, 2020
It work far beyond one can spill words to describe it. The free side limited to one server TX, USA however, the premium version closes to the satisfaction of a great sex! No lie. Must try. Just $79.99 for one year or monthly fee of just $12.99.so go on download today.
Albin Jaison
Nov 19, 2020
Dont know and can't talk about the paid version rightly but WHAT I CAN SAY ABOUT THE *FREE VERSION* is that it does the job amazing ! Only single server in US, but really decent speed for a free VPN, perfect for 480p streaming and smooth web surfing from what I experienced. Also, NO ADS !?! Nothing critical to say as I never asked much. (But I feel like the prices are TOO MUCH compared to others)
Nov 3, 2020
Horrible. The app does not connect to the servers entirely. It only manages to do so if I were to uninstall the entire app and install it again. And then again it stops working soon as I disconnect.
Azhar Juman
Nov 2, 2020
Everytime i want to use this i have to sit through a long loading screen that sometimes just get stuck on loading and then ill have to clear data or something to get the app to open again. That's my only gripe, but it's very annoying.
Sir Bolingoli
Nov 2, 2020
Its absolutely terrible, it worked for me for about 30 minutes then it just decided not to work which is a pain in the backside when you want to watch all your favourite programmes on Netflix and listen to music that's copyright claimed in my country it honestly needs a new update and resolve this issue because it is really annoying for anyone that suffers this same problem
Jake Door
Oct 29, 2020
Wow. This is the only app that works if you're banned from using another app lol! If tried a lot of Them and this was the only one that works. It's not slow at all the connections fast. My IP changed and stayed that way
tam alex
Oct 26, 2020
This is great app though sometimes it gets an error that a lot of people seem to be experiencing. Usually going into phones app setting and clearing cache and data from the app fixes it, but that shouldn't be an issue and needs to be fixed
Michael K
Oct 25, 2020
Waist of time & data,after connection,asked to pick a town, wouldn't let me view selections,so I chose the only one showing, disconnecting me immediately.With no instructions or any sign of help,after flippn buttons,turning switches,and anything else I could reach ...... NOTHING,like my star rating.
Ob1 Kenobi
Oct 22, 2020
I am very Impressed at the quality and functionality of this app. It really helps with keeping Google off your back and takes away those freaky add you see pop up all of the time. I do have one complaint, there is only one IP address you can chose. If there were even like 2 more you could use for free would be nice but that is how they make their money after all.
Bamidele Daniel
Oct 21, 2020
This is by far the best VPN I've used. But I had some problems with it recently. After a few weeks of usage, it wouldn't connect. It kept rolling for a long time and would still not connect. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall it and I hope it works fine now
Kyle Barboni
Sep 30, 2020
I'm still trying to figure out the jist of the application. I'm pretty confident I have an idea of what it's doing and if it is in fact running as it says it is and *should be. Right now I don't see running into any issues. At times these tech-apps can be useful when first initiated and then you start to run into purchase applicable features that then effect the overall experience of the program. Fingers crossed it just stays the free and simple VPN service it describes above. I'll update**
Sep 23, 2020
Terrible app Based on reviews I downloaded it. All I've received is pop ups to pay. Asked to press the start button to connect, but it just didn't work!!!! Couldn't choose any location from search option, default location was also not working
Sep 19, 2020
Hey u have been using this app for over a year now maybe 2 I have have never faced a problem in connecting to free server location.. Earlier u use to change the free location of the there is a connection problem in three current available network, but why do after recent update u don't change the location. I can't watch my favourite anime without vpn.. So please fix this problem and make it like it was before. (change of free location if there is connection problem).
Anand Saraf
Sep 15, 2020
Scammers!! I signed up for free trial, didn't like the app as it didn't meet my use case, so I cancelled it within 24 hours of use, they charged me for entire year. I really felt it was a good app. And they'll comment that contact our support team, no one freaking gets back to you ever!
James Fox
Sep 11, 2020
I used this app and signed up for a 7 day trial, after the trial they charged a card that I had on my account that I hadn't even used to sign up for the trial. After 3 hours of customer service and being put on hold over and over I gave up and wrote the 12.99 they charged me off as a loss. I had to remove all cards from my account so they won't charge me again as their site isn't letting me cancel my subscription.
Aug 28, 2020
I was told free yah but I look at the pictures and screenshots and I was under the impression that I had finally found a VPN I could connect to and use to hide my location and make it seem I was in other countries cause I one can't watch some shows where I live but one tap and I'm somewhere else nope you need to have a premium that's not what the app title says and that's not what I was seeing from the screenshots fix this please but for now uninstalling
Aug 18, 2020
I live in New Zealand and Netflix for some reason blocks some really good movie and films that I could binge watch. This app has made it possible for me to watch anything, I would recommend it if you're looking for something easy and simple. The loading screen takes forever, I'm not complaining as long as it works :)
Aug 16, 2020
App doesn't work. Freezes on connect stage. Also it's unbelievable how much ads and premium promotions you need to skip on its first launch. Only one country available. Fix your aDversive app.
Akassa Success
Aug 12, 2020
I have not seen VPN like this one. This is the best VPN I ever had. But I need some help. It does not connect to the country that can be use in free prob. Once again this is the best VPN I have ever seen. Thanks!!!!
Aug 12, 2020
Worked fine the first couple days, even after it was slowed down for passing the 500mb mark. Then I would connect and it would work fine but it just wouldn't let me disconnect, I had to restart my phone. Felt a bit sketchy ngl.
Qp Asar
Jul 17, 2020
Why this VPN works with certain applications and websites. It restricts my download on Google play to an complete stop. As in many VPNs; you won't have complete privacy without some lack of security. So I have to disconnect from the VPN to download apps. This is probably due to how some apps like Netflix, Vudu and Google Play Store filter or prevent use of their apps if a VPN is enabled. I run the paid version on the S10 plus.
Karthik P
Jul 17, 2020
It was an wonderful app. Until the last update it always crashes afer 24 hours and if I uninstall and install it again it works fine for next 24 hours and agaun crashes . So I recommend that you fix this issue or your rating will go down
Mobaruk Al-Johari
Jul 15, 2020
It's great, but if you can add some sort of special access to Avoid getting disconnected at all..? That would be super amazing plus i think it will become No. 1 VPN
Jul 11, 2020
Hear me out on this, it did say UL and free a while back and actually lived up to it. And now its just another money hungry app, why you ask? After the update it stopped working after 24hr on my phone. Came to see the reviews after a month & looks like the dev isn't planning to solve it. So I reinstalled it, it worked & stopped after 24hr, can confirm after testing on multiple phones. When you'll sign up for the free trial with credit info, it'll lock you out after 24h. Nice trap but obvious AF.
Krishna Changlani
Jul 9, 2020
After the 18 June 2020 update, the app used to stop working during the initial loading screen itself. After I uninstalled and reinstalled, it is working fine now, no issues.
Jul 6, 2020
A wonderful VPN. Or it was. After last update app will not even open. After 2 weeks of the app not even opening and no reply to the reports I sent I am getting rid of it. But,hey, they got my money for a year so I'm sure they're happy. And I have contacted you several times with no response, so don't ask me to do so again... it's really insulting.
Butcher John
Jul 5, 2020
Never finishes loading. Installed app and tried running it. All that happens is a "program loading" type of screen sits there. And that's all that happens. For over 10 minutes. Nothing else after that. Too bad because I need one better than the Thunder app I currently use. So... Uninstalled
Diego Arias
Jul 3, 2020
The app work really well but has a big mistake. Sometimes after using the app during days or even weeks the app will have a unknown error, doesnt matter if you use mobile network or wifi and you must to delate and install again the app. But while the app works I think the app is perfect for watch your favorite TV series or movies on Netflix.
Alex A
Jun 30, 2020
The app worked fine until recently, after the latest update it hasnt worked, launch it and keeps telling me something went wrong and to report it through email, but i want to report through app so i skip that and wait for it to get fixed. Been 2 weeks and nothing.
Time and Again
Jun 30, 2020
THIEVES -- will steal your money, try not to issue refund (I'm still waiting for my refund.) Software did not work on either my cell or my smart tv. When ProBiller (the company they use for credit card transactions) sent me an email saying they will refund (in 7 to 10 days) it contained a full color pornographic picture beyond description. This app SHOULD NOT BE A TRUSTED APP ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE!
Bruk Is behind you
Jun 24, 2020
It works really well, but whenever I try to disconnect it doesn't let me. I have to force stop the app whenever I want to stop using a different server. So if you're looking for a good VPN this is a good one, as long as you don't mind the issue that is.
Anthony Squires
Jun 20, 2020
I'm sure it's my total ignorance of mobile tech. I'm in the free trial phase of a prepaid, one year discounted subscription. When notified of disconnection, usually by Android, I go to the app above. I'm recieved like Dorothy by the wizard of Oz. With Settings management, and Google, Samsung, and half of the planet, I get it on, I think. Why, four stars? VPNhub has consistantly exceeded all others, over course of six, data gobbling phone set-ups. I wonder what this year will yield in access.
Lèleon SFC Newt
Jun 20, 2020
This App is Not Free as advertised. Once you download, the app offers a 5 day free trial with the option to opt out, BUT you have to first give them a payment for a months subscription to start the free trial... Now does that make it free. Lol NO!!!!
a misanthrope
Jun 17, 2020
I must say, this is false advertising. Free and unlimited, huh? It's free for a week. After that you can continue using the "free" version that is completely worthless. And really, the paid version is mediocre at best. I know, they sure do have a cool icon that resembles PornHub don't they? Sadly, that is the best thing I can say about this app. Hard pass.
Yosef Cruz
Jun 5, 2020
I can deal with the ads but it keeps disconnecting. It didn't work after few hours of downloading it the first time so I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked. However, it keeps disconnecting and this is the only app that lets me use Instagram music because it's not availble in my region and lets me watch Netflix shows that is also not in my region. I wish I can use this continuously even if there are ads. Please update. Please and Thank You. 😊
Ebenezer Essieku
May 22, 2020
Poorest VPN I've ever seen. Even with a premium subscription, the app takes hours to open and to connect to a selected location too is another headache. If you contact their customer support too, they will never give you a feedback. I sent them up to 3 mails more than 2 weeks now, but not feedback, I've tried their Twitter handle and sent them a private message but no reply .. worse VPN ever .
Michael Greenwood
May 8, 2020
I would have give zero star in possible I wouldn't advise anyone to pay for their premium subscription. I paid for a premium subscription and after 7 days my account got deactivate and it's now requesting me to pay for another subscription. Meanwhile my first subscription is just one week old.. I contacted them through their support email and the never replied.
Anonymous User
Apr 22, 2020
A useless app that demands your email in order to set up an "account"; not exactly "private" if I have to register with you in any way is it? Plenty of better alternatives with no strings attached like Tenta Browser. Registration and ads of any kind are NOT private. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP.
Anonymous User
Apr 21, 2020
This ones a useful vpn. It offers good connectivity and speeds. Works well based on your network. You don't need to go premium for basic usage. Stays connected even for longer durations and let's you browse apps that would otherwise not work on your location.
Anonymous User
Apr 16, 2020
Amazing free app, unlimited bandwidth to 1 server, if you really think about it that's all you need. You can always atop 1 server and hop on the next.
Anonymous User
Apr 4, 2020
The free version is quite functional, and although i can not choose the place of origin, it does change regularly. I will continue to use and test this app and udate any profound changes as they occur
Anonymous User
Mar 30, 2020
This app is hitchhiked by mallicious softwares that gets my SIM card disconnected by itself. The first similar app wasn't too suspicious until I ran some trials. And this app has the same characteristic as other apps that may cause this. Or the provider has a security protocol to auto discard dangerous VPN or Proxy alternation apps. Eitherway, I only get little advantage from this app.
Anonymous User
Mar 27, 2020
If you are looking for a 100% LEGITIMATE, QUALITY, AND GUARANTEED SCAM, then download this app and apply for their "ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL". I applied for the free trial and it was stated that I will be billed 1 month later if I choose to subscribe. To my surprise, money was deducted from my account the same day I went for free trial. I have screenshots for proof. I e-mailed the developer 3 times but still no response! I wish I could give lower than 1 star because this app sucks!
Anonymous User
Mar 15, 2020
Okay redue of first review, cause I slammed the hell out of it. But once support got in touch,was able to sort things out and reinstalled app and so far been doing pretty good. Shows different location in certain websites, been stable. But I'm still on the limb comes to 100% trust in it. Still main VPN is Windscribe. This one WAY Over price. But it is extremely fast hooking up. Faster than any other VPN service I've tried.
Anonymous User
Mar 4, 2020
So far this has been an excellent VPN. With no lag. Runs fast. Only time it seemed to lag and buffered was yesterday evening. But had to consider people getting off work, also it was super tuesday, or terrible Tuesday all depends on how u see it. But this is by far the best VPN I have used so far period. Easy setup, works great, let's you no that your mobile is secure plus I live in the Ozark Mountains lucky to get 1 or 2 bars. But with this VPN it seems to have boosted signal also. Great job!!!
Anonymous User
Mar 2, 2020
Excellent app. By far best VPN I have found. Free version does not allow to change location from US, but that isn't really necessary if you're just trying to unblock sites.
Anonymous User
Feb 22, 2020
This application is very useful, most VPNs require you to pay to use them in any sense of the word this one however does not. I have had a stellar experience using this app and I strongly recommend it to anyone considering getting it. A VPN is a necessity and if you need a budget friendly option this is a pretty good place to look
Anonymous User
Feb 17, 2020
Total scam...I installed this useless app, signed up for a "free week", instantly uninstalled it because it's trash. MONTHS later I get a notification that I have run out of Google credit because this app has been stripping away at my funds with 0 notifications from anyone, I do not recall giving them permission, nor being properly notified that this was going to happen. They lure u in with false ads, get u to subscribe and then hope that you forget about it. This is a classic subsciption trap.
Anonymous User
Feb 15, 2020
Changed to 3 stars. Not bad, only issue now us the FAQ says you have access to 500 servers in Anerica. While I understand limiting the free access to one country, it would be nice to actually see the full list, or be able to select which server you want to use with out having to upgrade to the premium.
Anonymous User
Feb 12, 2020
This used to work well. Fast connections and fast download speeds, great value for money. But now its slow, a 200mb download averaged 1 hour to download. I emailed for help but haven't heard anything. Will be looking for a new VPN provider if it doesnt change. UPDATE 12/02 - cancelled my subscription, problems haven't been fixed, haven't had any emails back after the 1st one, refuse to pay money for a service that doesn't work. A shame really, used to be a good app.
Anonymous User
Feb 11, 2020
I have multiple issues with the app, one if which is that every 3-6 hours the vpn randomly disconnects, but it is still saying that it is connected. Also, this vpn tends to be really slow at times
Anonymous User
Feb 4, 2020
"free" doesnt mean 1 free week. it means like you can use it with some features with some premium required. or just free completely. not a free trial. calling it "the best free unlimited vp" is kinda false advertising since it is only a free trial :/
Anonymous User
Feb 3, 2020
Good VPN service that works as intended, but don't start a free trial if you can't afford the monthly subscription. It's free for 7 days but then the website doesn't allow you to cancel your subscription. The option is completely grayed out no matter what you do. I've emailed support and haven't heard anything back yet
Anonymous User
Jan 31, 2020
I was looking for a free VPN in order to try it out. This one says free VPN and I am going to uninstall it, because the 1st thing this app asked me was money and it pretty much explains in the info, once the app is open, that the free deal is totally blocked and useless, in order to use all its functions or just 1 option of this app, you have to spend money.
Anonymous User
Jan 30, 2020
Offer a week of free trial but need to use credit card to sign up??? I guess they want u to conveniently forget about it until they start charging u once your trial is over. No thanks..uninstalled it within minutes once i seen their tricks!!!!!
Anonymous User
Jan 30, 2020
Only one city is available for free. What a shame though, I'd expect better while other free vpns allow to more than one server. Perhaps maybe y'all should consider a different approach and offer more than just one city.
Anonymous User
Jan 30, 2020
10/4/19:I took away my 5 star rating cause ever since the most recent update the app is broken and won't let me connect it just says "no connection please try again" every time I try to open it and I've contacted their support and nothing they've said has helped. Please fix your app. 1/29/20. The app has been working fine for the past week, I hope it stays that way.
Anonymous User
Jan 23, 2020
It's not working properly. After updating the app it's just keep on loading not going ahead of the loading section. I have tried clearing apps data and as well as re-installing it but the problem still persists.
Anonymous User
Jan 19, 2020
They advertise VPNs in the USA with the free version. WRONG! You are only given a VPN in Seattle. Nowhere else. Also, this app is hell on my battery. With no other apps running in the background, I lost 25% of my battery in less than 10 minutes. Not recommended and I uninstalled within 1 hour after I installed it.
Anonymous User
Jan 19, 2020
Despite the questionable icon, which is changeable, This app is good in what it claims to be aka an Unlimited free vpn, I've had experiences were I've paid for a vpn, and the vpn wouldn't work at all. So I gave this one a shot and it works better then anything, plus it's free. I understand all the ads completely, as it's a source of revenue.
Anonymous User
Jan 14, 2020
Awful!!!! I had colonoscopies that were more pleasant!!! They are charging the credit card, you receive no notification, not nothing to tell you that your service is still running. So, like me, you might go for 5 months without using their service and not evdn knowing you get charged! When I noticed that my credit card was being charged monthly, I had to do true detective work to cancel this thieving service! And tou cannot cancel their miserable servicr from the app. Only from the web.
Anonymous User
Jan 14, 2020
Miserable service! And the thieves charge your credit card without notifying you! You receive no receipt no nothing! You could go for month without knowing their miserable subscription is still active! These are truly despicable human beings! Why this kind of apps are still active, I can not imagine! I gave one star 'cause Play forced me. I would have given -1000!!!!!
Anonymous User
Jan 14, 2020
It's either stuck on first loading screen or takes too long. I couldn't reach on connect button screen. I tried multiple time. Re installed it nothing works even I switched Networks.
Anonymous User
Jan 11, 2020
I have tried many apps but from all those apps i really love this app. It change location and also it enter those sites which are banned in our place, and it also doesn't have any add which makes it better.Totally it really works. Those who says it doesn't work, the reality is that they doesn't know how to use properly. It really works, you all can freely download for many secret works.😇
Anonymous User
Jan 3, 2020
It's easy to use, without interruption while it is connected. The only problem is when I used it about one month, it has been needed to be uninstalled and then reinstalled again otherwise not working well.
Anonymous User
Jan 2, 2020
Have just installed it - annoying pop-ups trying to get me to use Premium, which would remove the "free" aspect - it becomes a contradiction in terms! It's taking a long time to connect. If still not connected 20 in minutes I'll remove it - I've already waited 10. Think 30 minutes is too long to wait for a VPN to connect, not that I know a lot about such things.
Anonymous User
Dec 29, 2019
I don't know too much about the VPN thing and "What's Hot & What's Not" type of stuff in order to be picky about certain features and wants. BUT I know enough to simply say "I WANT MY BUSINESS TO STAY MY BUSINESS" and I'm highly confident that VPNHUB has been able to achieve that for me along with extra features. Definitely Recommend!! 👍👍
Anonymous User
Dec 19, 2019
Definitely would not recommend. I tried VPNhub prenium, and I decided I didn't want my subscription anymore. So I canceled it, and despite cancelling I still got billed for the next month. Tried contacting customer support for a refund and they keep giving me the run around. Worse customer support ever.
Anonymous User
Dec 17, 2019
They Lied! This is NOT Free! This APP says it's FREE in the listing title but after you have installed it you find that you only get 1 week FREE! After that you have to pay $13.99 a month. Now that doesn't seem like much to most people but to a person who has a very restrictive budget it's a lot! Even NordVPN has a Free level even though it's restrictive in it's usage, it's still useable and secure.
Anonymous User
Dec 14, 2019
100% recommend this app. I travel a lot for a living, as I am a truck driver. I enjoy having peace of mind knowing that I'm protected when I hook up to public wifi servers. User interface is extremely easy, and can be navigated so that you are connected and protected almost as soon as you open the app. If using it for long periods of time, it will stop working while still saying connected, but getting it going again is as easy as opening the app, disconnecting, and reconnecting to the server.
Anonymous User
Dec 10, 2019
doesn't work at all , the app keeps telling me to connect with the internet but I already have it says "please check your network connection and try again." Every time I open the app! The internet connection is very great and powerful and i have a fast 4G internet by the way 😑
Anonymous User
Dec 5, 2019
I guess these vpn's are just for feeling ('kind of') as if you have (temporary) privacy sometimes *SOMETIMES*!? BTW, Shouldn't be a description used when you pay good money for what feels like an easily bypassed 'service'. I honestly can't keep paying you for a product that's sub par😒 Sorry guys, I'm tired of constantly having to reconnect.
Anonymous User
Dec 4, 2019
It actually does work perfectly. When I'm at work we are not allowed to download any movies to watch during our shift, and my job is like watching paint dry, its the internet service that restricts us, so this app works the best and is absolutely worth the money if you will use it often.
Anonymous User
Nov 24, 2019
Its very good. But after a while the data transfer rate dropped. Is there any limit for daily usage or monthly after which the data transfer rate would drop? Cause without it, its running great.
Anonymous User
Nov 18, 2019
I really like to give 5 star but ever since I update the app lately, I encounter the same occurence of " Network connection error: please check your network connection and try again." notice apppered even though I turned off all background apps with above 8mbs network speed. Issue still happen to be appeare.
Anonymous User
Nov 11, 2019
This is one of the quickest VPN networks with no hassle and unnecessary options. It does exactly what you want it to do. Protects you from hackers and spy's while giving you digitally fast protection and access to the internet. Bravo! Only gave it 4 stars because some of the premium options should be offered with the free service and though it is not my favorite VPN, because of that fact, it is still one of the more efficient VPN's and compatible with all devices that are currently on market.
Anonymous User
Nov 8, 2019
The app works great when it's working, but lately it's been crashing, and everytime I try to open it, it tells me something is wrong with my network and I have to reinstall the app all over again. Please help with that.
Anonymous User
Oct 31, 2019
I requested a refund for the monthly subscription because I forgot to cancel after the free trial period ended, and I tried to email them via the developer support. NONE OF THEM RESPONDED FOR SIX DAYS! This is truly the most terrible support sistem I've ever encountered. Edit: October 31st, 2019. I finally received the refund. Thank you for your support!
Anonymous User
Oct 29, 2019
the last update has produced an endless stream of "network connection errors" instead of The West Wing. Can we can a rolled back version to release or something? Still broken as of 21 October 2019. "Network connection error" Oct 22-- reset device as per dev request but still having network error. Resetting device does not seem to make a difference. The app randomly worked for about 16 hours before disconnecting and reverting to it's same old network error.
Anonymous User
Oct 18, 2019
AVOID THIS VPN terrible... been paying for this for a few months. have i been able to connect to the vpn service ... NO i have not .. updated the app... reinstalled the app. made sure my log in was correct. restarted my phone . changed the server location... I want my money back... will definately not be recomending this at all. AVOID.... Update 18/10/19. i have emailed support over a week ago and despite your response on this review nothing has come of the support email...:/ :/ :(
Anonymous User
Oct 16, 2019
Worked perfectly fine yesterday I go to turn it on today and I won't let me connect. I've restarted my phone my router uninstalled and reinstalled the app nothing is working. I'm paying for a service that is not performing. It began to work only to go down the next day again did the same thing again nothing again. I'm cancelling my subscription and finding a new VPN.
Anonymous User
Oct 12, 2019
Can't use any server without subscribing. Decided to try the trial, it still asks to subscribe but says "oops you're already subscribed" and is refusing to acknowledge my subscription. Horrible popups, slow regardless. Bad.
Anonymous User
Oct 11, 2019
It's good, I havent had any issues with it. Other than the issues I had before with the update thingy, but the only reason why I'm giving it 1 star is because my wifi is connected perfectly fine, and everytime I go into the app it just says. Connection error, please fix it.
Anonymous User
Oct 11, 2019
The absolute worst. I signed up for a subscription, app was still telling me my account wasn't subscribed. Attempted to reach out to the support email, only recieved auto messages back. Tried to get a refund through both google and the developer, still don't have my refund.
Anonymous User
Oct 8, 2019
It's a really good VPN, sometimes it just has connection issues which only time seems to solve. I like the user-friendliness of it, the speed, etc even for free users. The only issue for me is the connection issues, which are rare.
Anonymous User
Oct 4, 2019
New update is worst. Won't let you connect after the new update is installed. It freezes on the VPN hub loading page and won't even go on the next page where the green button to connect is places. Older version was as smooth as silk. Kindly fix this bug. Again today i tried to connect but still it's stuck on VPN hub loading page for lung lung time. Developer fakes to have resolved this issue.
Anonymous User
Oct 4, 2019
Currently doesn't work. Upon opening the app, it shows the loading screen, but then stops and says "Oops something went wrong, please check your connection" despite me being connected. The app has worked fine in the past but this bug has left the app completely unusable.
Anonymous User
Oct 3, 2019
Your latest update has messed this app up. The app worked fine previously, however it now cant be disconnected. I had to uninstall it to stop the VPN from being active. Secondly, the VPN takes ages to load & it doesn't connect after numerous attempts of trying to connect. Funny thing is, before your update - I was just about to buy the subscription. Please don't ask me to send you an email. I already explained above. 5 🌟 s when it is fixed. S9+ User.
Anonymous User
Oct 2, 2019
Stoped working after subscription was paid, just shows"we're sorry something went wrong, please try again (2000). Got feedback from the developer very promptly fixed for a few days then the same issues. Now charged me twice for the same package and still say i do not have a paid premium subscription. Bag of poo
Anonymous User
Oct 1, 2019
So... I have been waiting 4 days or so for my subscription. I STILL didn't received it and when trying to activating again, it says "Error your item will be available in few MINUTES". I can even see in the Playstore that my free subscription will end soon... So what? Free version was working so far, but the free subscription is just broke (15$/month after 1 week)
Anonymous User
Sep 27, 2019
This app random appeared on my phone and I received an email that states, "You have signed up for a free trial subscription from AppAtomic Limited on Google Play. Your trial will end on Oct 4, 2019. You will be automatically charged the subscription cost (currently $13.99/month) at the end of your trial unless you cancel." I don't know how I can cancel something that I didn't even sign up for. Nonetheless, I hope that I won't get charged for something I didn't even download myself. Fix the issue
Anonymous User
Sep 23, 2019
I dont know what is the problem. Doesnt even start now. It started showing error "Network connection error. Check your connection". I havent changed anything in network setting. It worked fine in previous versions.
Anonymous User
Sep 16, 2019
Worked great for a couple weeks (I'm a monthly subscriber), then suddenly on my Chromebook i keep getting the message "Oops, something went wrong. Please check your network connection." It's now unusable for me, which is frustrating because I really like the ease of use with this particular VPN. I haven't changed my WiFi network, or made any other changes to impact this that I can think of. Any help would be appreciated.
Anonymous User
Sep 2, 2019
I downloaded it and it was 'connecting' to whatever server or whatever they connect to a couple of thousand miles away for over 30 minutes. Unless you can afford the premium package it seems to be a waste of time. And I can't. Sorry folks.
Anonymous User
Aug 24, 2019
This app worked great up until a few months ago. Out of the blue it would tell me to check my network connection and boot me out of the app. Wouldn't recommend to anyone, you're better off with Nord or any other service.
Anonymous User
Aug 24, 2019
Sometimes but not ALL the time, it disconnects and i have to reconnect. Not bad, but it wont connect to school internet. It always has an error about checking your internet or something like that.
Anonymous User
Aug 18, 2019
Havent had a problem with it so far, its always up, has fast, consistent speeds. Its great if you want a solid, entry level VPN. NOT FOR USE WITH WHITE HAT/ETHICAL HACKING. (Not that youd use a commercial vpn anyways.)
Anonymous User
Aug 18, 2019
Finally one that works with Netflix for free. You don't need to pay. You guys have me all I asked for. I know you see that people says it works in every app that you try. But actually there are only a handful that works. If you use netflix this is the Perfect app for you.
Anonymous User
Aug 14, 2019
It's says that you can connect to American servers on the free version. I can only connect to one! False advertising! Plus I could not use the internet at all until I turned it off!
Anonymous User
Aug 9, 2019
Takes way to long to connect. Tried using this app on two different occasions I uninstalled it the first time because it would not connect tonight i downloaded it on a different phone and it still had the same problem. Wont be giving it another shot.👎
Anonymous User
Aug 5, 2019
Can't even connect on any of the servers, not even on where I am currently. Whats else should you say about an app which got only one work to do and that too it can't do properly. Properly? Its not even doing the work, forget about doing it properly. Thats a shame!! I'm going to uninstall this useless app right now!! One star from me!! And most importantly, its not free at all, they lied!!
Anonymous User
Aug 4, 2019
Works just perfectly when it actually connects. My issue is that 1: it does not stay connected and you're not even aware when it crashes and 2: it takes forever to connect. Sometimes it does not connect at all. it says "connecting" then just disconnects without a connection ever having been established. If those issues are resolved then it's an easy 5 stars.
Anonymous User
Aug 1, 2019
It said to subscribe a free trial for seven days. After that the amount will be deducted. But they deducted the money just after subscribing. I want refund of my money. i tried to the customer care. But there is no option, just some FAQs are added. Too much disappointed.
Anonymous User
Jul 25, 2019
Works great on wifi however when without wifi and mobile data, it always says that an error has occured or something along those lines. I have a S8 and it works fine on all my friends phones who have apple. Please help!
Anonymous User
Jul 16, 2019
First of all, don't even lie about the reason you have this app. You're goddarn certain I am going to use it on the conpanys website! As for the VPN itself, speeds are brilliant for a free VPN, allowing me to watch a full HD video on a certain website that the VPNs logo hints to a lot. Easy to use, protects data, apsolutely brilliant, I do recommend.
Anonymous User
Jul 8, 2019
simply awesome simply put. completely exceeded my expectations. does exactly what they say it will. so I went ahead and subscribed to premium. seriously blown away. my phone is faster than I could possibly have ever imagined. I highly recommend this app to everyone. great job on this one vpn hub. can't wait to see what's next
Anonymous User
Jun 28, 2019
I just downloaded this app and it takes me to the screen of starting my free trial week, and everytime I press start now it starts loading then bamb,right back to the same trial screen. tried hitting the "x" and it still does the same. I was gonna purchase cause of the good things I've heard but personally I'm not impressed.
Anonymous User
Jun 23, 2019
Great App. I use it to get through to blocked porn websites on a wifi that has all kinds of administrative blocks and it works everytime. In response to the people bitching about the ad asking you to upgrade, why wouldnt they do that?? they're trying to make money. That's the whole point of the free version.
Anonymous User
Jun 20, 2019
I subscribed free for the first month but after one week I didnt need anymore so I try to cancel the subscription. It's impossible as there's not option to do it. I sent an email to them and they reply telling that in Google play , cancel the subscription, but it's not option there.
Anonymous User
Jun 7, 2019
latest udate brings improved reliability, apparently, well it sure as hell needs it as it drops the VPN connection very regularly. There are much better free VPNs out there.
Anonymous User
Jun 2, 2019
A VPN that I trust thus far. Helps a lot for you know what and the option to pay for premium is a welcome. Also has nice settings to divert traffic flow for the other apps in your smartphone. Reliable in a tap.
Anonymous User
Apr 19, 2019
WARNING Total RIP off. I paid for a subscription for a year, and two days later I could not access any locations, I contacted support several times and got no response. Don't download this app there are way better apps that actually deliver what they claim. I cant even get a refund.
Anonymous User
Apr 16, 2019
Don't ever use this. It froze my phone and i couldn't put it back on for 5 mins plus. I thought it had bricked my phone. It literally switched my phone off while i was on the app. I was so relived when it came back on. I unstalled it right away.
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2019
Impressive, the bandwidth for free account is not bad, can go up to 80% of original. Also the interface is very minimal, pretty and straight forward.
Anonymous User
Mar 16, 2019
Pros: As a vpn it works well, simple, and it's free(ish). Cons: Has some bugs when turning off the program if not done from main gui, notification of active vpn network occasionally causes bugs as well. And lastly once you hit a certain data limit you are throttled back on the network, hence the "free(ish)" comment.
Anonymous User
Feb 23, 2019
Can an account of this app not work on multiple devices? It doesn't work on my other devices. I'm trying to use this app on my second phone and PC, having the same google play email, but it says to unlock all location. when I try, it tells me I already have a subscription. Only 1 USA ip is available on the second phone out of all the countries ip. It keeps telling me to use the free week trial which I already activated on my first phone 2 days ago. How do I resolve this, I wish to buy d premium?
Anonymous User
Feb 11, 2019
very disappointed by this... VPN hub used to be my go to app for downloading online content and now it won't work. what happened to the built in browser that was free to use? I signed up for premium under the impression I'd be able to use the old built in browser but it's no where to be seen! like I said... very disappointed.
Anonymous User
Feb 4, 2019
i will never ever use this application again... whenever you used this apps it will always slow down your net data connection atleast 30 times slower than the actual connection... they just want us to upgrade into paid version... if it is so,then why they allow to use the free version... this app is just a dumb
Anonymous User
Jan 29, 2019
Nice house, but no one home. Screens are colorful, but no GUI explanation of what anything means. One long page says UNLOCK ALL LOCATIONS. But are these servers? The app keeps that a secret. All they want is to do is move you off the free version and onto a subscription. The first screen that you always see tries to get you to sign up. They've entirely missed the point of having a friendly stripped-down free version, and a subscription version with more amenities.
Anonymous User
Jan 27, 2019
"something went wrong, please check your network connection" - my connection is fine. I tried with firewall disabled on router, but no luck. My router has Trend Micro built in though. Similar VPN products work fine. Increasing review to two star for the response.
Anonymous User
Jan 25, 2019
Not sure what you guys did but you added a new screen that asked me to setup now for the vpn and it fixed that bug I had so it works now and I really do think this is one of the better free VPN's that I've tried so I appreciate you guys working so hard to fix it. Thank You!
Anonymous User
Jan 19, 2019
Love it. Free speed is enough for videos and completely decimates the competition. I have been using premium for a few days now, and I love it, even though I think the monthly price could've been lower.
Anonymous User
Jan 19, 2019
Very reliable and fast. However, there is a 2GB usage cap for the high speed connection. The speed reduces after using the 2GB.
Anonymous User
Jan 16, 2019
It is really stable; the connection stays without crushing. But the speed department doesn't really seem good! It is probably the slowest VPN out there and i don't get it why it should be like this!
Anonymous User
Jan 11, 2019
it's all good and works great honestly. I'm running a lower end android phone and its only slightly affecting performance. a side note though, that app image looks very misleading.
Anonymous User
Jan 4, 2019
Paid for the free trial. Once connected no internet cams through from my ISP. Turned VPN Off from the app and my connection came back. Cancelled my subscription. I shouldn't have to decide which server I need to connect to for best connection that should be built right in the App. So far TunnelBear VPN is better for Free.
Anonymous User
Jan 4, 2019
its SOOOOO SLOW, unless its p0rnhub which is quick, but I every other site is so slow half the time the pages time out. I use a VPN when I'm on home wifi because I have Spectrum and they snoop and THROTTLE, and so to keep Spectrum from slowing down connections to sites they aren't being paid by, I hide the traffic with various VPNs, but this is so slow it's faster to just let Spectrum throttle the connection down to 756kbits. sheesh. dial up might be faster.
Anonymous User
Jan 2, 2019
Very easy to use with a simplistic user interface. This interface also makes it easy to change your connection location. The only drawback for some may be the price. While there is a free version for smartphones, both Apple and Android, the premium version for you PC or Mac comes at a cost of $15 per month.
Anonymous User
Dec 27, 2018
Speeds too slow, other free vpns give much much faster speeds for free. Network speed capped at 10mbps other vpns 70mbps+ some even 110mbps I guess it's okay if you don't care for fast connection but personally it's too slow.. (update The free 7 day trial of premium or whatever is just garbage, the other apps i was talking about give that speed forever for free. you don't need to pay at all.)
Anonymous User
Dec 19, 2018
The app is as described: non-intrusive ad*, free for US server connection, nice GUI and I'm really considering premium considering all the above plus the reasonable subscription cost. Also, the free connection is pretty speedy. Thank you for being upfront and not ripping people off!
Anonymous User
Dec 19, 2018
the fact that it was free was weird but at the same time great since this is a really helpful tool for people like us behind the censor walls and if I wanna be totally sincere, this app is worth the shot and it connects real fast and real good unlike the other boys that I have been downloaded for the past couple of days and I love it, and it gives free chances for premium everytime U open it.
Anonymous User
Dec 19, 2018
it does not work , it never stays on when i am using it and never shuts off when not in use you will refund my money back to my paypal account. i have given feedback describing the problems i have been having on several occasions and you have not been able to fix the problem and i am no longer willing to deal with your apps short comings since downloading it when it does not work i am unable to do anything online which is about 99% of my online time.
Anonymous User
Dec 3, 2018
Works flawlessly for me every single time. I am using it for a very long time in various devices, Android, iPhone, etc. & never faced any issue. Thank you AppAtomic Limited 💙
Anonymous User
Nov 30, 2018
It never connects. Uninstalled. Update: 30th day of Nov. I installed the app from the suggested source with the exact same results. It never connects but thanks for wasting my time for the 2nd time. There won't be a 3rd. I hope you fix it for the others. Have a great day. Uninstalling AGAIN.
Anonymous User
Nov 28, 2018
VPNhub is truly the fastest unlimited data free VPN app. Thank You developers for giving this awesome VPN service free of cost. Just wished it had atleast 2 or 3 free locations, instead of only one. But one is fine too as long as it's the fastest US location.
Anonymous User
Nov 23, 2018
No slapping around the bush ...direct connection and VPN establishment and direct getting to the good parts...only problem is that damn loading screen at the start of the app otherwise pretty straight to the point app
Anonymous User
Nov 12, 2018
Very useful app especially for streaming and hosting games using a tablet or a smartphone. My only complain is the notifications logo on the upper left screen is showing. I hope there is a better way of hiding it. Gonna subscribe after Christmas again.
Anonymous User
Nov 4, 2018
"SCAM SOFTWARE" This app is a complete joke, opened it up for first time and it is forcing me to pay for a 1 month premium subscription (even though it says it's a 7day free trial). It won't let me past the premium sign up page. THOUGHT THIS APP WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE. So for that I am uninstalling this scam software.
Anonymous User
Oct 25, 2018
Cuts my connection speeds from 80gbs to less than 5. Tried the trial to unlock more speed and locations and it failed to connect to any servers. Canceled right away.
Anonymous User
Oct 24, 2018
Despite the logo striking a similar design to a... certain website, which I will not name, it seems quite reliable. It doesn't function on the wifi connection on my school, which is the one place I use VPN. Otherwise, a decent application. Though, I do believe the similarity is the reason for it being blocked, but that's just me.
Anonymous User
Oct 21, 2018
It's great, but, at first it's hard to figure out, that you can't open a browser directly from the app...and have to minimize VPNH, and then.... once out of the app, then open up a browser seperately..
Anonymous User
Oct 15, 2018
Best VPN ever seen!! Looks good too! The only add is when you open the app it asks if you want to upgrade to a premium account but you don't need any account really. It works perfectly and it's quick.
Anonymous User
Oct 5, 2018
A very simple easy to use VPN. No setup required just download and connect. Does exactly what it says it does and best of all it's free. Couldn't be happier
Anonymous User
Oct 4, 2018
It's 1 of the best vpn app I've used so far.. It connects nearly almost immediately & doesn't disconnect until I manually disconnect the line.. If you're still deciding which vpn to use, do consider this 1.. I highly recommend it!!!
Anonymous User
Sep 27, 2018
App does not work Windows 7 or 10 and when you try to get assist from customer service is no help. They are as lost as the ppl trying returning funds they want u to do all the work for cancelling and will triple n double charge a client's. Never again
Anonymous User
Sep 22, 2018
I downloaded this app previously and it worked fine but then I uninstalled it for some reasons them installed it again after a while but after the second installation whenever I open the app it just takes 2-4 mins loading and then says "Oops something went wrong and please check your internet connection and try again" !!! My internet connection is strong and perfect because I previously used many vpns and they connected with my wifi and worked just fine,,, Please fix this issue or bug that I'm having because this vpn app was way more better than any VPN apps that I've installed..
Anonymous User
Sep 15, 2018
Excuse me. How can I have subscribed for trial for your app when I wasn't even download it in my device. I've check the devices that connected to my Google account. None of the device has sync since 14 of September 2018 except my phone devices. Now I want to cancel any trial or any subscription with your app. Thank you. I can't unsubscribe your app from Google play. It keeps directing me to get started when I open the subscription page.
Anonymous User
Sep 13, 2018
Cons: 1) TOS don't allow piracy (Keeping away a large portion of potential users I DEFINITELY don't belong to) 2) I get there must be a difference between paid and free version, but at least use SMALL pool of countries for free version instead of just a single one. 3) high ping Pro: much faster than other free VPNs I tried (ex: Psiphon)
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