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Developer AltApps
Platform Android
Package vpn.usa_tap2free
USA VPN - unlimited VPN app. Helps get USA IP or unblock sites.

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Joanna Florito
May 31, 2022
I love this app so much. They care about their user. Instead of letting us pay with money, they instead gave us a choice to watch an ad to extend an hour long to use this. Thank you so much you guys
Oluwatimileyin Ayanlola olayinka
May 30, 2022
The vpn not good at all just disconect by itself it can connect for just only 20min i was ashamed for the vpn im just blame my self for download it
Baran Barani
May 25, 2022
This app work perfectly. I used many vpn before and all of them stop working after a while but this app works very well.
Jhon Smith Mansueto
May 11, 2022
Honestly, I love this app so much because it works Very good and as for today,there are no bugs.Hope this app will never have bugs and keeping the app fresh.
Black Rose Productions.
May 11, 2022
I am not able to connect with server, it keep showing check your connection,when my network is working properly, it keep loading and can't connect with the server
Rohith Ud
May 11, 2022
It's almost been 2 months since I'm waiting for the TV version 😔i was wondering when it will arrive
Smartdulfy Kresh
May 10, 2022
this is the best VPN app I have ever seen,it's good 👍,I mean it can maintain all my working app location map without any tracking or trace.
joow nora
Apr 25, 2022
Some people complained that it does not work or it only give vpn USA for an hour and there is no pop up to tell you to reconnect... It actually WORKS. There is even a timer on your screen showing how long you been connected. At the moment I am downloading series on Netflix that are only available on Netflix USA, I am based in UK. It works, all that matters!
Afolabi Sheriff abimbola
Apr 3, 2022
It's very good app I've ever seen but sometimes it disconnected itself developer should please work on this
Amber Jade
Mar 29, 2022
The is a very good vpn,but please fix the vpn servers,it's not connecting and sometimes connect to wrong ip address
Mike Stevenson
Mar 13, 2022
is so good of it I love but the problem is when you need to use it it dose no open that is the problem I want you people to work on it ok to lose more user on it thanks
Ifeanyi Goodluck
Mar 10, 2022
This app is so great many things that dose not work on my phone now work am so happy thank you for this app ❤️
Musbau Hamzat
Mar 5, 2022
One of the most awesome vpn. So damn easy. It does what it suppose to with no hassle. Gud job, team!!!
Feb 26, 2022
Why when I click to download the app it takes long time to load without downloading 😕😣 From Tanzania 🇹🇿 here it still loads when I try to download it
Franklin M Donald
Feb 19, 2022
it s nice app one thing I don't like from this app it disconnect quick and I don't really like that please try to fixed it perfect that can stay connected always
Future Bitcoins
Feb 16, 2022
Downloaded the app, Don't work on Facebook tho, my location still the same, FB Marketplace nothing changed. Pls assist
faugi kaise khele
Feb 15, 2022
Total gives poor connection 😭😭🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦many time his server change automatically this one is my biggest problem
Feb 2, 2022
The app is awesome, it works perfectly fine with my phone... I just hope you won't misbehave someday
Mike Gilbert
Jan 30, 2022
Great App, but why do I have to connect it again after one hour? you guys should work on it. meanwhile, the app is fantastic!
Sudheer Vaishnav
Jan 27, 2022
connection provides OpenVPN connection technology with OpenSSL key 2048 bits. Quick connection - Shadowsocks Special features USA VPN. # Free, unlimited and versatile. + Free VPN service, forever. + VPN without registration. + No traffic limitation. + Works with all types of connections. + Servers in all key countries. # Unlocks blocked content + Unlocks content that's only available in the USA + Bypasses ISP blockers. + Bypasses regional restrictions, school, work, etc. firewalls. + Unloc
Scott Tucker
Jan 25, 2022
Well afyer trying to do the imaginary non-existent update of Google play that refused to allow VPNUSAto work, I deleted & reinstalled the Pp 2Xs! Now after I tried 2 reset my phone like it WAS VPN USA apparently disabled the block data without my VPN activated, which I have been using to save data with. Why'd you hafta ruin a formerly good App?🤔 Ever since last "update," VPNUSA keeps disconnecting! 😒 I'm so done with this💩! ☑️Uninstalled
Jan 24, 2022
Love it ! Have managed to sign up to hbo max and peacock from the UK for less than £11 ! Hope it carries on working like it is !
Andile Mpofu
Jan 23, 2022
This VPN works Great it is amazing first I wanted to watch the 7th season of the flash on Netflix but I could not because of where I'm from but as soon I got this VPN I got the 7 the season and more things
Jan 19, 2022
I like it a lot 🤗.,I hope this app stay on longer 😂, I'm not happy that it keep shutting off , and I have to turn it back on 😭.
Jan 17, 2022
its okay for a free vpn. It has a time limit but it dosent spy on you which is great and there are quite a lot of ads byt yet again its free but i feel like one hour is kinda too short? maybe like 2 or 1 hour and 30 minutes
Francisca Dorcas
Jan 13, 2022
highly recommend and good I'm glad it has a way of enjoying pro without subscription. it's really a nice app
James Adediran
Jan 12, 2022
Downloading this app is relatively slow Still on play store for over 30mins and my WiFi is really strong
Ra'Mon Stiles
Jan 10, 2022
Works pretty good. There's a paid version as well. Ive been using the free version with good results.Easy to use. Keep up the good work!!
Leomark James
Jan 6, 2022
the VPN USA is great and it's free,fast,and awesome... and it connection is the one most powerful internet you can find in the hole world...
Isaiah Ihworoghene
Dec 29, 2021
This app is very good and has many servers. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST VPN APP EVER. I wish the developers improve it by adding the ability to automatically kill internet connection when network fails and then reconnect (autokill).
Ohaeri Richard
Dec 28, 2021
It is so fantastic, and very good but the problem is that after 1 hour it disconnect pls improve it. 😍😍😍
James Mike
Dec 18, 2021
it a good app I love it I would have drop five star but because it cut me out sometimes, please just try and improve it
Kehinde Ojo
Dec 16, 2021
Great App. One of the best. VPN app on the internet. Thumb up for the Developers. I recommend for all
Adenekan Ayoola
Dec 14, 2021
since I did the updating this app is no longer fast as it used to be before but all the same, its a good a app .
Jessica Mary
Dec 7, 2021
Great app it is easy to use but the reason i give it 4 start it that their are too many ads there you need to fix the problem if you do that I will give you 5 star
Aminu Suleiman
Dec 2, 2021
great app works well,very flexible as for the pop ups i understand you gotta advertise to make some money especially the free version soo I'm completely cool with that. To me this app is just perfect
Ratko Mandaric
Dec 1, 2021
Edit: I don't know what you have done but it don't work anymore. Whenever I choose a free server it doesn't change my IP adress at all. It was a very good app, shame :( One of the best applications that are available. One thing I like most, it's when you are connected thru this app. you don't lose your bandwidth speed in contrast to other applications of this type where I have regular issues about speed over other VPN provider. I like it, just keep up the good work.
Joe Lester
Nov 25, 2021
After connecting the vpn It just won't let me log into social media platforms It just continues loading without opening the platform please try to fix this problem asap
Nov 21, 2021
The app is nice, but they should stop login me out, the VPN should be strong and active always, but I still love the app
Zakari Fuseina
Nov 20, 2021
I subscribe because of one website but its still the same thing am not able to access the site.chinese websit
Maria Nenita
Nov 20, 2021
thanks for this app but my reason of give the four stars is this i want it to access all me on getting a foreign number ok you gerrit
Achiever Festus
Nov 14, 2021
it's a very good app. one of the best amongst it kinds. I have never regretted having it on my phone.
John Joseph Onyishi
Nov 9, 2021
It's very slow in downloading movies with it Each time I try to download , after sometime the movie will automatically stop The one that manage to continue will be extremely slow
Lawrence Mokpai
Nov 7, 2021
Great app. I never regret installing this app. I would suggest you work on increasing the disconnection time. I give you a 4 Star.
Samuel Akpan
Nov 4, 2021
Ok this is the best vpn ever, the connections are fast and it gives me a foreign ip. Its a cool app but just the reconnecting every one hour needs to be fixed, I SUGGEST YOU DOWNLOAD THIS APP CAUSE ITS OK AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND 😍😍
Abimbola Akinlua
Nov 4, 2021
Very Efficient, although the network switches off randomly at times. If not, would have given it 5 stars
Agadagba Gift
Nov 1, 2021
This app is a really nice app 💯 very easy to access unlike some other VPN apps I downloaded ❤️ I rate this app 10/10 💯☑️❤️
Opeyemi Oladimeji
Oct 31, 2021
Great app. I'm not regretting using it. The only issue I have about it is that its disconnects every hour and I'll have to be reconnecting. Thanks a lot
Oct 29, 2021
App was good for a little while then it started blacking out my screen when I tried adding time to the timer. I could also hear instagram music with it but now that isn't happening anymore.
Chibuzo Nnachi
Oct 26, 2021
Stupid and burning app.. don't try to wast your data and download this rubbish app... not connecting
Olayinka Sabiu
Oct 24, 2021
Great app. Pretty does its basic function well. Its only issue been the unnecessary full page advert when first opened. The subsequent small sized bottom adverts are less annoying.
James Sword
Oct 23, 2021
This app is the best in protecting the the network trafficking and giving me the Best ip address to avoid getting track by trackers online
Victor Chigaemezu
Oct 18, 2021
Very wonderful app so far since i start using this app mark is mo long er blocking my facebook account
Oct 11, 2021
Why do you need our Storage information ..remove spying Shady app permissions..and improve speed.. IKEV2, stealth, Wiregurad modes are not there please implement them too.
Murphy Lekan
Oct 7, 2021
The most useless app I ever used. Whats the essence of subscribing to your apps when the app ain't working.
Sep 23, 2021
This app really sucks.Just waste of my times,this connection is slower than my internet without vpn my network is speeder than this it's really slow.I can't login into apps it shows network connection error please fix this app.Thanks❤️
Fadoju Ayomitunde
Sep 20, 2021
I'm finding it difficult to exempt certain applications I don't want the VPN to work with. The application are not even listed in the filter section. It change since the last 2 updates. Kindly fix this as I don't want to use VPN for certain apps
Akano Quadri
Sep 19, 2021
it was a great thing I should be of because it was so fast indeed and I spray that good shodndbbhdjdjrjrjrjdjjdjdjdjdjeiwjejjdjduusysysysyaehehhetnnedn DJ they uejfuejjfrjueiididrjjrjfjfjrjfjjrjfjr
Sep 13, 2021
This app does work where I changed my VPN and I put it in monetised countries but still showing me screen that I am not in monetised country
Rx Dr
Sep 9, 2021
The best ever VPN I've installed and used so far!! Just Pls keep me informed how I can extend the automatic period of using time !! Thanks!!
Prazion Visuals
Sep 9, 2021
ALTAPPS, I am very happy to have downloaded your app. I think anyone who is looking for a great Vpn should just download this app.
sunayan upadhyaya
Sep 8, 2021
Awesome app but delayed to connect south america and it doesn't work till one hour for free service.
dudi dogara
Sep 4, 2021
Used to work just fine until recently it started giving me problems I can't login even after updating the app. Til my probs is fixed I will be giving it three stars
Daniel Charles
Sep 4, 2021
4 words ~Free awesomeness in one app U guys make life easier..if I had a 100stars,I would give..keep up the good work 🔥🔥🔥
Yasin Afshar
Aug 30, 2021
Great, I can say it's the best VPN which I have ever seen, i didn't see and ADS in this few days, I'm using it and so it's great but unfortunately it has limit about 1 hour, for example you are in a game after 1h you have to exit the game and reconnect it but I SUGGEST YOU TO DOWNLOAD THIS GREAT VPN.
Young Star
Aug 27, 2021
This app is the best among VPN app.before I thought it is Nord VPN is the best but i realize that is not ehen I use this app
ifeanyi precious
Aug 26, 2021
This is the best VPN I have ever used,you can connect to many countries but if you can increase the time for free user to enjoy more it will be better but it still the best.
Ismail Jugulde
Aug 25, 2021
Really enjoying this VPN 100% But I don't really like this adds popping up while using the VPN it's so annoying Thank you.....!
Bhaskar Mitra
Aug 20, 2021
This vpn is way too slow,hardly it provide even 25% speed of actual net speed,mostly it gives 10% of actual net speed which is not tolerable
Prosper Elebeke
Aug 19, 2021
Oh my God, best app ever in playstore. Goggle chrome kept telling me reload when i search something but i used this app and connected it, the site went as fast as ever before...💕💕 Kudos to the developers, more winnings😃😃😃 If there is space for 10 stars, i would give this app because it worth 10 stars.💝
Daniel Imoh
Aug 19, 2021
this app is one off the best I have used they should just try to increase the time limit for free users
Let's Talk With Sheila Letstalkaboutit
Aug 13, 2021
Aside the ads that keeps popping up, your app is awesome. I get to do what I want with it and most times spend more time on it than I intended. Performance is swift, highly appreciated. Keep on doing the good work.
Misheal lelina Kunda
Aug 13, 2021
To my experience so far the VPN is nice app,its makes us keep connected to family n friends. so people try it out I can assure you,you won't regret. Thank you🙏🙏🙏
Astara Girl
Aug 10, 2021
Wow i am enjoying my VPN experiencem The best so far!👍 👌 Love it. I highly recommend. Thank you a zillion 😘😘😘💞💞💞💯💯🆙🆗
Belly Otieno
Aug 6, 2021
This is the best VPN in the playstore... It saves time and also does exactly what it says. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs nothing but the best VPN.
Fatima Mehdi
Aug 5, 2021
Before, I like this app & I even rate it 5 stars but now idk cause when Im connected to the Los Angeles 4 VPN in my device it's not working anymore. I just want to watch the tv show in Netflix called Supernatural. 😭 Please help me!!
friday omudhowafe
Aug 4, 2021
I normally delete apps i don't like immediately but i have been using this one for about 3 months. That is all i can say.
Aliu Abdulmalik
Jul 30, 2021
I thought it won't disconnect before an hour as specified on the counter. But it disconnected on several occasions. I was not impressed.
Ben Uchenna
Jul 27, 2021
I had a terrible experience. My apps were hacked within 12 hours of downloading USA VPN, I couldn't access some until I uninstalled it. It's a fraud.
Sunny Francis
Jul 24, 2021
The app is trash .... How can it keep going back to home screen while tryimg to set it ? 😡😡😡 It a waste of time
Jul 23, 2021
Nice app, when you hear people talking about standing out among the crowd this VPN app is the best among the rest 👍👍👍
Eric Mani
Jul 22, 2021
I have come to noticed that this is the best free VPN so far in play store and it have serving me very well. more grace to the developer to keep giving us his amazing services
niloofar borzouii
Jul 22, 2021
Thanx for your vpn. In my country, government blocks all the vpn apps. But your app is one of the bests. Thank u guys
James Anderson
Jul 22, 2021
I am not supposed to rate this app anytime i download it after a day or 6hours it started saying error why
Adebunmi Akinbo
Jul 22, 2021
Hackers Gateway. This app ensures that you are hacked. Stay far away from it. Very far. China at it's worst.
Patrick Uy
Jul 20, 2021
it needs more improvement s * Better deals * Better advertising that doesn't annoy that much * Faster app start time * Disney plus servers It is no dislike Madame/sire it's a recommendation. Thanks for your reply.
jorenz dave abejuro
Jul 16, 2021
Hey AltApps can you pls let me in it's always says error how can i rate this apps a five star if you won't let me connect, and give a best performance of this app.
Kuje Anna Solomon
Jul 10, 2021
Very good. I'm giving a 3 because i know that it can still be worked upon albeit let me not be too stingy so I'll give it 4 stars.
Saneliso Saneliso
Jul 9, 2021
This app is good I rate it 3 stars coz the are some problems that some of is cannot attend,,, when you have installed this app . so please guyz those who created this app had to help us with these problems and attend it. Thank you..🙏🙏🙏🙏
Doctor Sotelo
Jul 8, 2021
this is actually the best VPN ever, it has no issue connecting or disconnecting. it's simply the best VPN
Abidoye Adekunle
Jul 5, 2021
This is an app that other apps could learn a thing or two from. Apparently, the first VPN I'd ever use, the only VPN I'd ever use...... Very spot on, no unnecessary issues, ads nor pop ups.... Very standard app, text book stuff...
Emily Johnson
Jul 5, 2021
This is a really good app. The connection is super fast and its very simple to activate it. This is the best VPN app I've used so far.
Sterling Gold
Jul 2, 2021
Sometimes if I try connecting to the vpn it automatically closes(the app) and it's so annoying. Apart from that it's awesome
Victory Enofe
Jun 28, 2021
Works like a charm. To enjoy unlimited time you have to pay though. Alternatively you can watch ads to add time.
timothy roberts
Jun 28, 2021
it's great and I got what I was looking for. Although it later began to misbehave but the free servers are great and working well
6613 Laksh
Jun 27, 2021
Good app.great serves quality only downside in the time out after every one hours which can be remedied if you go pro I person found this helpful
Lucky Omolabi
Jun 26, 2021
It has been a wow experience. Great app. I can imagine how smooth the paid version will be... Good job!
Candice Cromwell
Jun 25, 2021
If there's one thing that makes this VPN outstanding,is that it doesn't disconnect until the time is depleted
Aidah Baby
Jun 16, 2021
Very nice and very good at it and see what happens with and everything I heard about it from my phone was wonderful
Rustless Loki
Jun 11, 2021
Ran a few softwares and tests to grab my own ip address and let's just say this app killed it ! Completely hid my location and kept me safe love it !!
Ipadeola Adewale
Jun 10, 2021
I have been struggling with some other VPNs but this app just gave me what I wanted. Kudos, nice app.
Prosper Okwara
Jun 9, 2021
very good apart from giving you only 1hr , it will then stop and you have to refresh. it an amazing app.
Jerry Mankilik
Jun 9, 2021
A helpful app for times when you need to go around network anomalies and other restrictions by local network providers.
Afolabi Abayomi
Jun 8, 2021
This is a scam app. I downloaded it and they are trying to hack my phone. Google should block them please to save users from these hackers. Im reporting it straight away.
Richie Efetobore Emosirea
Jun 8, 2021
This app is great, not only change IP, I discovered that it make my network faster than before...if there is 6 star I will gladly give. Kudos to the creator
Yung Ryizzel
Jun 8, 2021
This vpn is rubbish sign up for it and I cant even get on to America Netflix or nothing waste of money
Adeniyi oluwatosin
Jun 7, 2021
Good app. Great service quality only downside is the time out after every one hour which can be remedied if you go pro, though not intending that for now as my budget cant carry any additional expense.
Chukwuemeka Alfred Nwana
Jun 6, 2021
USA VPN is the best VPN app I have seen so far. It's working perfectly and however serves me the purpose for which I got it downloaded. Please hurry and get one for yourself. First time use of the app will clear you all the doubt you have over VPN. I recommend you to download! Thank you
Comedy House
Jun 6, 2021
The app is Nice, Cool and Useful, thanks to the owner of this App... South East/South West/South South Thanks you
Kalid Folk3
May 25, 2021
I really liked this app. I am very angry now because I have used it for a long time before. And I stopped using it in the middle. I just downloaded it today and it says update it when I need to use it. But I just came down, please do something After that 5 Star i
Gideon ehimen
May 22, 2021
The app is great and it made my expectations, I love the way it assign you to new IP address, but the timer is too short
Ian Kong
May 22, 2021
This is a great app. So, I can watch tons of good anime shows like Crunchyroll, Funimation, YouTube and Retrocrush!
godspower jeremiah
May 12, 2021
A great app indeed, i really appreciate the fact that this app is available cause it shields me from a lot of redirects snd i get assigned a new ip everytime i use it, pretty cool to avoid digital footprinting
Jack Cavanaugh
May 11, 2021
Security of my VPN is excellent and so also; the apps PC Matic and RoboForm Password Manager! The good part is that these are compatable and on my OnePlus 8 Pro cell all of this is and has been good! These apps do much more than just one thing! These are good to have for my privacy and security! These will be on my 5 devices. TY SINCERELY ...
Barbara Rollins
May 3, 2021
It's the best VPN you can ever get , trust me , it's better than ip vanish, and it funniest part is that you just have to watch a video to increase your time, rather than subscribing .best app ever
May 2, 2021
I'm Yet to try the Pro version... Until then the this app is super fantastic. I have subscribed to your PRO version but still the TIMER is still there, and I mistakenly subscribe twice on the monthly basis. Kindly refund back my money.
Stefanía Ordoñez
Apr 20, 2021
Free version takes you out of whatever you're doing on your phone literally every minute just to tell you the remaining time frame. Useless
Emma Nuella
Apr 2, 2021
Its service is wonderful. the connection secure and fast. it has a long list of free services to choose from. I recommend.
Chukwuemeka Ejiofor
Apr 1, 2021
The app promises to be useful but the timing is too short to make for a meaningful experience in its use. Again provide billing for purchases in US dollars instead of the local currencies to avoid banking challenges based on Direct Currency Conversion.
Funds Williams
Apr 1, 2021
i rate it 3 star cos is one of a kind, I really love the app but the problem am have with this app it went down after one 1hr...
Janine Botha
Mar 24, 2021
When I first downloaded it, it worked very well. But after a few days, I couldnt watch Netflix anymore?
Kam kamkam
Mar 20, 2021
Excellent VPN, happy to use this program, just why it should be updated every time and I do not know !!Thanks good luck
Jack Ngutah
Mar 15, 2021
simply one of the best. ads have also been limited. i usually don't like rating apps but this one deserves 5 stars
Donaldson Steve
Mar 10, 2021
This app is very good and quit to used, firstly when i downloaded it, there was a poor connection then i think it wasn't good but when i get a good Network, i see it was so good in using!.
Abdur Rahim
Feb 26, 2021
I feel much safer with this app. I put it on my firestick too and use it to watch local news from all over the country. Never had any issues with it like I did with other more expensive VPNs so I can't complain. I tell all my fam and friends to get it especially when someone hacked into a friend's phone and took thousands from bank accounts. Thanks up vanish team for great job. Had it for months and network never went down or slowed my internet down at all. I might by stock in it!
Kumar Karna
Feb 23, 2021
First off, a US VPN should provide excellent speeds as well as watertight privacy – with so many great options out there, you don't really need to sacrifice anything.
Sergio Rodriguez
Feb 20, 2021
This USA VPN is very fast yet not that very strong. It is good at keeping your information confidential but it does not protect you from the FBI, Government agencies and CIA from trying to crack your information. It is protecting you from the world but not from government agencies. I have tried it before and FBI tried to crack at it. They were unable to know who it was but they were able to pinpoint my network. The FBI is cracking down on Patriots even though I had nothing to do with the capital
Yagyapreet Singh
Feb 17, 2021
Its nice app. The only and only problem is that sometimes very very sometimes it shows 18+ ads which i Don't like. Please altapps u can show other ads but not those ads
Tekajwok Okugn
Feb 11, 2021
This app is the right solution for it's purpose as its name indicate. I really loved it , because it solved my problem i.e i was able to surf without a wall. Besides, the ads strategy is so cool, generally my impression is, this app keeps its promise while doing their business with reduced interuption to their users! Loved it!
Mocte Gomez
Feb 1, 2021
Doesn't connect to US servers, it connects to servers in Bulgaria and sites like Google play US are blocked, don't waste your time downloading this one.
Lalu Babu
Feb 1, 2021
super experience I have never seen before like fantastic app thanks ☺️ but some time there is some issues for connecting 😃
Ethan Izumi
Jan 24, 2021
When I downloaded this app it made my internet a lot slower and unable to connect to websites, idk if this was just my computer but it stopped once i deleted the app. Other than that it worked very well
Damian Ikechukwu
Jan 12, 2021
the app has been serving me well ever since i was introduced to it by a friend. the network signal is always there unshakable.
Felix Huncho
Jan 4, 2021
It's a very nice app.. but there is a problem... When you want to enter the app, it's take time before will open ....
Micheal Guoodo
Dec 28, 2020
So are you guys still responding to reviews? I'm having a lot of trouble with this. It keeps automatically disconnecting at random, I couldn't connect even once. I'm trying to bypass an IP ban on a popular website. Please help, if you can. Leaving 5 stars as incentive ^0^ Got no response, edited rating.
P Rodriguez
Dec 26, 2020
Very unreliable! For 2.99 a month and cant keep me in the USA. Norton Vpn is 24.99 for a year and I never have to double check that they have logged me in where i asked. Keeps disconnecting and then when it tries to reconnect for some reason it reconnects to Syngapore, of all places . In this case I cancelled I'll stick to what the vpn I know. Tried to give 3 apps the benefit of the doubt, very dissapointed by the half put tigether systems.
Blessing Udeme
Dec 26, 2020
Please the owner of this app should not be angry I been want to send massage to Google, I purchased audio evolution mobile on Google Play Store they debited my account but I'm not receiving the item after purchasing they said error that my transaction is not completed but my account has been debited from Google I don't believe that Google could have done this to me please you people should refund my money if not I will swear for you people thief criminal untrustworthy platform Google.
chidera okafor
Dec 19, 2020
this app is just the best. I've used many VPN but this one is totally different. I love this app. thumps up.
Felix Nboi
Dec 6, 2020
Very nice and strong vpn but elapsed after one hour that's my reason for not rating 5star. I would've love it most if all packs was free
Victor Nwankwo
Dec 6, 2020
This VPN is one of the best free vpns...I'll try out the pro phase later on...idc what others say about this vpn... for me,its one of the best...five star for you 👍
Shaon Biswas
Dec 5, 2020
It is really great. I was facing problem and continuously saying "the connection was reset". But after using this US VPN I am now able to browse.
akinkuade josh
Nov 28, 2020
It is a good app that is easy to use for guys just need to look the unexpectedly crash up...
Drifius E. Lembi
Nov 21, 2020
I was facing difficulties in browsing but now, I experience a great change and rapid response from my browser.
Nov 17, 2020
It crashes, What I mean to say is when I run this app it quit without my permission that means "crash" it means it stop working unexpectedly. You need to fix the causes of the bug of this app.
Nov 13, 2020
Update : I used default US server (Virginia most likely). Normally speed is 50mbps and ping is ~5ms Original : Ping 324ms speed less than 2mbps! If timer is already a restriction, such speed seems unacceptable
Steven D.Auger Sr. HolyServant
Nov 11, 2020
Has been working real good for a week so far. (Update) Been using it for over a month now and its been so easy ti use and never any problems! Still works great for a month now!
shivang tyagi
Nov 10, 2020
Best vpn. I have tried so many but none of them give such good result connects fast and never gets disconnected..
Sajad Baladi
Nov 10, 2020
Not doing what I downloaded for,it was supposed to change my ip so I can post music on stories but what ever I do it eill not work.
s h o p bar bar
Nov 7, 2020
this app is fantastic it has helped me follow joe biden and Donald trump all the way from...haha ..I would tell you but I would give away my location
Alexa Morgan
Oct 24, 2020
This is total scam i don't wanna resubscribe on this VPN because i don't use it anymore. I want a refund now please the Google pay just debit my account now please i need a refund i have just declined the subscription now. Am not using it anymore i have decline please i need a refund!!!
Daniel Guy
Oct 23, 2020
Timer bugs out SOOOO much! This app sucks if you want a free program that works smoothly. DO NOT USE! VERY BUGGY!
Sunday Ajiboye
Oct 17, 2020
Ever since have been using VPN this one is the best is easy to use and well correct infact a kiss for the founder
Ron Cooper
Oct 15, 2020
Great app..Adds are minimal in free version. Only 4 stars not 5 is when it connects it connects with an out of country ip address, and u have to log out of it and log back in. Barely takes a minute though. Also you only get an hour in free version before having to relog back in. I dont finf that an issue. I find it as a good thing, as long as the site your on stays up, and dont have to re connect, but again only takes a second to log back in. All for all, the width of a hair stops the 5 stars.
Adeyeye Oluwaseun
Oct 10, 2020
Thus far, I have no issues with the app. I noticed, however, that it disconnects if a second app is opened. That is, it only accepts one app at a time.
Element Adedokun
Oct 5, 2020
I can believe this VPN USA untill i downloaded and got connected final, Thank you Hope not fail me ooo
Mark Rojas
Sep 27, 2020
It has minor issues. Lag, slow connection, etc. But it works perfectly if you're trying to surf the Web anonymously.
I hate youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Sep 24, 2020
It's a good vpn app but if you stopped using it for a while it stop opening, why? I supposed to give it five but three is okay for now unless you guys improve.
Youtube troller
Sep 14, 2020
Hey when i connect to USA does that mean i can get apps that playstore says "Aren't available" in my area¿? Coz if it isn't it'$ USELESS EDIT:it slowing my wifi connection😶😐
Ola Oye
Sep 9, 2020
The app has been performing excellently, it works well and never disappoint. The experience is amazing
Md. Redwan Islam Hridoy
Sep 2, 2020
I have not done anything but it's working now good.Thank you for your respons.Now I can do my work without facing any problem. Vpn Usa is the best now.
Aug 30, 2020
Preety good app But causes lag while charger or pluggins is connected But preety good app which takes low space
Jahliyah McManus
Aug 26, 2020
Very good app. Allows me to access websites for work that I otherwise wouldn't be able to. I find that it's better than the free hotspot shield. This one doesn't disconnect, and I don't have to clear the cache or uninstall and reinstall it in order for it to work. Ads aren't too disruptive or long so that's good. Highly recommend!
Mike Pacheco
Aug 24, 2020
Useless I tried downloading my fifa 15 it doesn't even work worst app in the world I tried downloading at Google and it doesn't even work it is the wrong version and can't play it at play store please answer back now. And fifa 19 I want no vertification.
Ridwan Salaudeen
Aug 20, 2020
This app is mind-blowing, I never expected it to be so good but it beats my imagination how a free app can be so effective. Thanks to the developer and all team members who have contributed in making this project a success. I hope to see you grow and improve more. ☮️
Selemani Mongi
Aug 16, 2020
It's good I used it to locate me in the USA for the apps that are not found in my country. Hekooo✌️👍
frank121 ebuka
Aug 13, 2020
Must I pay in other for this app to change my location because its not working for me some app still can't be downloaded in my region whereas I set the vpn on to the specific location I want
Freeson Eze
Aug 11, 2020
This app is very good and excellent, I love it though I just started using it yesterday, I just wish they could extend the time to like 3 hours on the free side 😂, good job though.
Anonymous Anonymous
Aug 10, 2020
It hides your actual ip. But when you search the "hidden" ip the locations isnt where the list of vpns says it is. I was connected to Miami and it said I was in Nigeria
Robert Robbins
Aug 9, 2020
This vpn is the best but if you dont pay for it it wont work every well as you people want but me i love it
Njoku Udochukwu
Aug 8, 2020
This app is nice very nice I have not seen this kind of vpn since I started downloading VPN but I have just a little prob with it which I need some help to it , the time is showing it is running but it can't connect at to any country mostly the ones that are free to use . That's the prob as for the app is cute .
Bigger Toms
Aug 4, 2020
I have been using vpn but this one is outstanding. Safe, easy accessibility, and considerate. Well done to the creator.
Jermaine Candy
Aug 4, 2020
if ur reading this to tell u this app is fast than other apps its easy to use i like it if ur looking for an app in this system take this one its the one
Gileiza Martinez
Aug 3, 2020
How do I know if my ip was really changed? I've searched for hotels near me and it still shows my exact place
Joshua RISE
Jul 31, 2020
This the best VPN i have used thus far , there are glitches here and there thou ,but i like the app even so ,keep on improving the app and well done
Soniå Jåmes
Jul 27, 2020
You need to have this's great. It's easy, fast, no glitches does what you want. It's amazing. If you want a VPN app...I highly recommend.
Ed Dickson
Jul 23, 2020
So far so good but when I go to check my IP, the page is in Russian and I can't seem to change it to English. Other than that, works pretty good.
Jul 17, 2020
I will analize and. Return. For honest. Review bieng that apps near the. Mexican border. Are full of errors. And spyware but. The GODNETWRK IS ALL AROUND DRONING ON. THE. INEVITABLE APP SOUNDS. GREAT MAYBE. I CAN WATCH MY PRIME ???? WE WILL SEE. IF. LOCATIONS. ARE. INVADING OUR SERVICES TO VIEW OK
EphyDafuture Family
Jul 17, 2020
Does more then of the best vpns ever..who ever is reading dis do download it wont disappoint u like other vpns.its even have like 4 others new severs from differnt countries.but the only issue is u are given a hour to use it then inorder to increase time u should watch an aid..hope u increase free time..but all in all its dope🤯😆
Gujju _Visu
Jul 12, 2020
My problem is solved. Thank you for your reply. The APP is working 100% fine especially better than World famous Windscribe, Turbo VPN . I love this app. Small in size. Great user interface.
Adewale Ismaeel
Jul 3, 2020
This is the best vpn i have ever used but i don't like the way it count time they should at least increase the timing
Ngonidzashe Tinago
Jul 2, 2020
Exceptional, did a dns test and it works, the dns test shows that my ip address is in a completely different continent all together
Ginger Fleming
Jun 28, 2020
I'm not sure if it is going to work this time.....I just dumped Kaspersky. ...if it doesn't work out I will dump it as welll.
Jun 26, 2020
[Is there a way to give it half-a star?] Anyway....this app is one of the biggest scams i've ever come across....I admit it DOES work...bit guess what reader?It connects me to Bulgaria...Yet it says USA...
Arslan Malik
Jun 25, 2020
Good vpn, I've tried many vpn's but found this one the most useful on internet because it gives you free location and ip change to many USA locations but sometimes it close with no reason, please fix it
Bothwell Chidziwa
Jun 24, 2020
Too efficient and effective from Zimbabwe. No more complicated setups as other VNPs l have used before! Keep it up!
Dwomoh Asante Daniel
Jun 18, 2020
Your work is great and I love it very much, I have tried many VPNs and they don't deliver as this one. Very efficient and effective. Thanks and hope to expect quality updates
Katie H
Jun 17, 2020
Worked for 1 day, great! Told friends about it we all downloaded it and it stopped working after a day on Netflix, tried every single server and none of them worked, logged out of Netflix refreshed etc etc still nothing, awful app don't bother.
Azizzul Nuin
Jun 4, 2020
This app is suck, first couple of days subscribed, I can look throught Netflix USA, but now it can't. This app is a scam
Mule Rich
May 31, 2020
This VPN App is literally the best free vpn app ever it actually changes the location with fast connection thanks ALTapps!!!!
Stream Tube
May 31, 2020
Mindblowing Extra ordinary Fantastic, I also loved this app. Thaks for giving us that awsome app, Thank You So Much
Mar 28, 2020
Am enjoying it, never knew it would be this efficient, am only having problems with connection thats all
Feb 17, 2020
Still sucks,9 out of ten times status says connected. Wrong. If no key icon it is not connected. City and state buildings wifi will block all vpn's. (Pub.librarys exculded ,jfyi) thats what i cant have. I need in state and city owned buildings but it will not connecet. STATUS SAYS CONNECTED BUT NO KEY ON DISPLAY. GOT IT. Also wont open email unless you confirm location and device, everytime you log in to email. So far only works in coffee shops and fast food. Better then nothing, next to nothing
Feb 13, 2020
So far it seems to work well for a free version, thank Q for the help devlopers. Will edit comment in the weeks to come in regards to profromance.
Jan 19, 2020
I down loaded the app just yesterday I connected with ease, a pop up came on screen saying, "free trial for pro" of course I clicked yes. Since I have a free trial of Pro IT DOES NOT WORK!!! IT DOES NOT CONNECT!!! WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?? IT IS NO GOOD..
Jan 17, 2020
In the description you say, what's new, timer can be increased upto 6 hours, I'm only getting 1 hour and there's no way to increase it upto 6 hours. A total waste of time. Uninstalling.
Dec 21, 2019
Thank you and shame on Google!! As if they don't have enough $$ than to steal from students and make it look like someone else did it. SHAME Google, shame! It appears that I got no refund and will ne charged again on Jan 4th! WTH IS GOING ON HERE? I want it removed from subscriptions and refunded. I WILL SUE YOU FOR THIS ALMOST $19.00 of nothing that never worked on my droid, GOOGLE!!
Dec 13, 2019
Overall Very Reliable only for google chrome watch just need to check the desktop tab to work and it start bugging the smart view after 1 hour of use because of the adds free use...
Nov 8, 2019
It has a timer that counts down 1 hour, and list the connected country. The free app has to be reconnected every hour, but I forget, because the app doesn't at least have a pop up, warning to reconnect (it makes perfect sense, and a no brainer to warn to reconnect. For instense, a pop up button with the word "reconnect" in the middle of it, and clicking on that button reconnects the app.) I don't know if this really works, because other than the timer counting down, there is nothing else!
Oct 14, 2019
I liked the free app. when I downloaded it.. Easy to use. Oh but it isn't free. Free for 7 days only. False advertisement. Do not recommend.
Oct 6, 2019
Good though but would need random update for some minutes before you can continue with the use apart from that you are good to go.
Oct 3, 2019
Works well. I don't like the one-hour time limit, but I just downloaded a second ip blocker and I switch between the two.
Sep 25, 2019
A totaly fake vpn it doesn't encript any information at all instead it exposses you the more.None of its contry's ip really works both free and paid i have tested both.choose any ip here then google search your local ip 100 times what you will see is "Netherland ip".i believe those giving this app good review are bribbed or conspired to do that because as for me i don't see anything good about this app if is possible to rate zero(0), i will be highly appreciative because it the best for you.
Sep 5, 2019
This is just what i wanted. It works and it works well. For too long i used free vpn never able to connect wasting time ajd getting frustrated. I reccomend this service.
Aug 28, 2019
Well after a long time of searching i found this app, its very much ok but pls can this vpn connection hid my Facebook location whenever its on ? Pls someone should reply me
Jul 15, 2019
i couldn't enjoy it was not stable........please don't wast your will only work just few days
Jul 14, 2019
it doesnt work in Dubai, any suggesstion, any help here in Dubai we cannt make free whattsup calls, can someone help recommend any VPN working free in Dubai
Jun 13, 2019
it is bery goof to use and affordable to download, i love it and rank it as one of the best apps, its work is very good and perfect, it has many other UNited state location like chicago, newyork, etc. I reallyvlike using the app and its work is aways effective and efficient that i can chose as the best among vpn apps, most especially American VPN, it is great application and well managed, im glad to have it on my phone and to write my discription here about this apps, May God bless Us, Amen....
May 8, 2019
hi app 5 star because you are real app and working hard to the people needed you..but one things.. can you check my app because there said im not connect and check my connection but my conection are verry strong.. help please for connecting
Mar 7, 2019
A total scam. I live in a country where nearly everything is blocked. Installed this, connected to france, but i cant get through a manga hosting web. When i checked the app, it was disconnected, so i reconnected again. Same thing happened. Tried a different location but did not work. Uninstalled.
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