Category Food & Drink
Developer ThermoWorks, Inc
Platform Android

Redesigned, feature-rich mobile app for temperature tracking of BBQ and cooking temps for ThermoWorks compatible Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected devices.

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Jun 5, 2022
Update!!! I found the unit, bluedot, keeps disconnecting while my phone screen was off. If you leave screen on at all times it stays connected, so that is what I have been doing. Also it would be awesome if the app could switch to landscape mode on a phone as an option, not automatically though maybe via onscreen button??
Mark Szikla
Jun 3, 2022
Great app. Sometimes it gets hung up when switching off screen to another app, but the readings come back right away when you re open the app. Alarms work perfectly they're a God SEND!
Scott Hancock
May 29, 2022
I bought a Signals to fulfill the dream of monitoring my temps from anywhere. That ended up not being the case. The app (or device) is just buggy enough that I can't trust it. I shut off the 5ghz band of my network while cooking, so that's not it. It'll connect when I first power it up, then it'll lose the wifi connection...and sometimes it'll lose the Bluetooth connection...and trying to reconnect isn't easy. I power cycle the device, force close and reopen the's maddening.
karl white
Apr 5, 2022
I LOVE this app, One thing that would make it BETTER, would be the ability to have a floating window, similar to what YouTube does. So one can use another app and still have your cook visible on-screen.
Mr. Dugas
Apr 3, 2022
"Can't connect to WiFi. Call technical support." That is the issue I want to deal with when I want the cook on the grill. In the past, No prob connecting the first time I used it, might be the last.
Steven Henderson
Mar 15, 2022
App and Signals work really well, no issues. The only complaint I have is when you set a probe alarm, when the alarm goes off you can cancel it in the app which silences your phone but the device itself still beeps. I would prefer it if canceling to alert on your phone also cancels the alert on the device itself.
Mar 13, 2022
App works good, alarm feature needs to be fixed. And the newest firmware update doesn't keep temp as good as before
Mar 12, 2022
Editing my post: Finally got to talk to a tech. I allowed the app permission to access locations when I installed it. Discovered that locations for the phone must also be turned on. App wants to resolve the location for some reason app wants to resolve the location prior to connecting to bluetooth. So turn on locations then connect to device. Bluetooth does not connect Everytime I use my Signals the Bluetooth fails to connect. Even after removing the app and the device no connection.
Dayton Jackson
Mar 5, 2022
Love Signals. Definitely upped my BBQ game to the next level! Being able to graph my temps I can monitor my temp of my Webber kettle and I can see exactly what happens when I add 1 or 2 or 3 briquettes and dial it right in. Instead of guessing it's now a science. I'll never look at my bbq's thermometer again.
Jonathan Cobb
Feb 21, 2022
It just doesn't work 90% of the time. It won't open. If it does you can't create an account. When you finally do it never logs in. If you try to log in anonymously it will only move past the login 20% of the time and even then it creates problems. Thermometers are great. App is trash. About to send the whole thing back.
jim bruder
Feb 21, 2022
If you don't own any thermoworks products that's unfortunate. I use 5 different products and love them all. Any problems (which is unusual) they stand behind 100%.
Tim Gerken
Feb 20, 2022
App works mostly ok. Often loses track of a session. Have to close and restart to get it to figure out what's going on again. Closing and archiving a session can be a black art.
g s
Feb 14, 2022
Too bad alerts don't work with WearOS watches. Also, be sure to check phone volume otherwise you get NO alert what so ever. The alert volume for app is separate setting (bad app coding choice to have it this way).
Jan 23, 2022
I can't get an alarm on my phone from the Signals. It's pointless if it won't ding my phone. Edit: After deleting and downloading and updating firmware(3 times), I now get an alarm on my phone. But it's through the media volume. I'll have to make sure it's turned up. And it doesn't show on my I'll have to keep my phone in my pocket at all times. Get it together Thermoworks.
ty butler
Dec 25, 2021
I've had a Green Egg for 13 years and should have had a Bellows and Signal unit! My smoking is now phenomenal!
Dec 21, 2021
The alarms from this won't "ring" if my phone is asleep. Probably an OS limitation but it means I can't solely rely on this to wake me up in the middle of the night that my brisket is ready to be wrapped. Fortunately it seems I can still run this app and the Smoke Receiver together. I can use the former to gather rich data and the latter to reliably alarm me. Annoyance: Can't seem to delete sessions. I don't want to save/archive failed/unimportant/test sessions.
Greg Stapleton
Dec 20, 2021
Not just for BBQ. I needed a way to monitor my wood boiler temperature to know when to refill without constantly checking on it. this device not only lets me monitor 4 temperatures anywhere at anytime, it also graphs and alerts when temps get to low. Great product
Erol Bayburt
Nov 26, 2021
This app still needs work. Some suggestions: 1. The anonymous account login should not nag for an email address 2. There should be an alarm when the bluetooth connection drops, especially given how flaky the bluetooth connection is with the app. 3. The alarms should be customizable, with different stock-android and user-downloaded sounds being available for high alarm, low alarm, etc. 4. It should be easier to log out, without having to go menu-diving. 5. When logged out, there should be a way to close the app without having to go to a "view all open apps" view. Like others, I've found the connection to my BlueDot to be short-range and flaky - shorter ranged than other bluetooth devices I've tested with my phone, and frequently dropping the bluetooth connection.
M Drouard
Nov 24, 2021
This is a case of you get what you pay for. This is the best thermometer I have ever used. Only downfall is battery life.
Nov 16, 2021
Decent app with some features to be desired. My greatest desired feature would be the ability to time stamp events with notes on the graph. Another feature I would like to see would be the addition of photos to be linked to these time stamps.
M Burns
Oct 30, 2021
Love this app. Can fully trust my smoker to leave if needed, but have an eye on what's going on at home. Min and max alarms are clutch!
Nick S
Oct 24, 2021
Lots of bugs. Session didn't seem to end after doing an "end and archive". Says still going even though it's saved. Connection appears to drop when your phone screen goes off. Takes a bit for wifi to reconnect (grey to green signal). Bluetooth says "connecting" in settings, blue on screen?? The tracking and graphing are great. Wish there was a probe pause when wrapping and removing a probe for a moment. I just pulled the plug from the base so it didn't record low temps while not in the meat.
Robert Briercliffe
Oct 11, 2021
Pretty glitchy and inconsistent. On first use with a BlueDOT, it froze and required restart of my phone. Temp doesn't seem to update very frequently and there's no provision for a manual forced update. Lot of potential but poor execution.
Christopher Ranieri
Oct 2, 2021
excellent app helps me to control all aspects of my cook.. . dont know how I did it before I got this!!!!
Kendrick Clark
Sep 25, 2021
The recent app updates have greatly improved the user experience. I'd like if the graph view could show a forecast or projection based on rate of increase so when my wife asks when dinner will be ready I'd have a better answer than "we cook to temperature, not to time!"
Robert Ash
Sep 6, 2021
seems to do what is supposed to do...control my SIGNALS temp unit from a distance. Fairly easy to use. Have to work on saving my cooks and reviewing for later breakdown.
David Boogerd
Aug 15, 2021
In July I found I was unable to use my Smoke Bridge unless I did a firmware update. After a number of hours I gave up on using WiFi with my Smoke. Finally, a month later, after the most recent update to the app, it is finally working again. I had to ignore the messages that something had gone wrong and that I needed to restart the process. When it's working it's fine, but every time you do an upgrade it takes me hours to get it working again. Please don't do another 'upgrade'
I Am NotJon
Aug 8, 2021
Nothing negative comes to my mind when using my Signals. The main unit and optional fan are fantastic. I use this device on my OK Joe Longhorn and Weber Smokey Mountain. Additionally the customer service is fabulous. Also bough their Thermapen. Again, NO complaints. I will continue to use this companies products.
Roger Kieser
Aug 6, 2021
I had the Meater probe, it wouldn't read once I went inside the house and only lasted a few cooks. The Blue Dot is amazing, super easy to use and the range is incredible. No more problems with lost connection when I go inside. It was very affordable and easy to use, I highly recommend it.
Farmer John
Aug 6, 2021
Outstanding app and company. after trying several.different brands we are standardizing our operation on Thermoworks.
Moe Den
Jul 31, 2021
Love thermoworks products but my signal CONSTANTLY loses strong wifi connection until this app is fixed I don't trust with expensive cut of meats I also have the billows..I have to use my basic Smoke. This app needs a major overhaul or I have a 300.00 paperweight..FYI I have updated..this is ridiculous
Chris Stallings
Jul 26, 2021
I love ThermoWorks products but have yet to be able to set up the Smoke Gateway, months after purchasing. I have tried multiple times. Called tech support about a month ago and was told they knew there was a software problem and they were working on it. Tried to connect again today and although I can connect the device to my phone wifi there is no next button to complete the process. Really disappointing since this company usually does much better.
Himler Michel
Jul 19, 2021
Horribly buggy app, loses connection w/ Signals constantly despite being on a solid wifi connection. This app almost bricked my device during a firmware update despite me following Thermoworks's instructions to the letter. I can't remove the "...exceeded 24 hr limit..." notification, despite ending old session and starting a new one, going into the cloud and deleting all the old sessions, restarting both my Signals and the app, and reinstalling the app. Avoid any products that require this app.
Rick H
Jul 18, 2021
Connected to my phone the 1st time about a yr ago. All subsequent uses inspite of my best efforts(and others far more tech savvy than I) it just searches and searches and won't connect with my phone. Never have I had such issues with any other device. Garmin, Ring, etc. Zip zip instant connection. A simple thermometer- problems.
Noah Rusnock
Jul 10, 2021
The app is OK. It was fairly easy to setup and get working, however in order to continue to get readings from the BlueDOT I have to keep my screen on; leaving the app or turning it off disconnects my phone from the BlueDOT. Also, I turned on the constant notification, however my phone has yet to give me any notifications. I think the app needs some work, however, when connected, it give me the temperature and tracks the history/rate, which is great!
Mike Burke
Jun 23, 2021
Took a little work to setup first time, but works great. I can now put the meat on smoker know how it's doing even away from home!
Jonathan Radford
Jun 20, 2021
Haven't been using the app long; however, I've been mostly satisfied so far. I haven't been able to find how to have others view, or view others, live streams and I wish there were settings you could tweak on the graph. Upgrades to the graphing would be extremely useful to view certain times during your cook or other data constraints without having to export the data to an Excel file
Mike Arst
Jun 19, 2021
Good hardware, but the app — not so much. This company's thermometers are top-notch. The app is another story, though. I couldn't get it to work with the BlueDOT thermometer until I realized I had to do four things on the mobile phone: Turn on Bluetooth and wifi and Location services—and log in to a Thermoworks account. If all four criteria aren't met, the thing just won't work. Aw, c'mon. It's a Bluetooth device that should be able to work with the mobile phone's Bluetooth alone. But, having to switch on that+wifi+Location and also log into an account—just to get a temperature reading? Kind of absurd. Wish I'd known it at the get-go. I'd have bought the less expensive DOT rather than the BlueDOT. At first I couldn't even close the app. Finally I realized—by trial and error—that it won't close until you've logged out of the account you had to log in to use the app in the first place. If this is documented explicitly, beats me where to find the info. The final (un-)frosting on the cake is finding that the range over which the connection is maintained isn't anything like what it should be. [Edit: Regarding developer's reply. Location services might be required for your app, but they are NOT required for connection to Bluetooth devices, generally. I've never had to use Location in connecting to other Bluetooth devices—confirmed by other participants in a tech forum where I've asked about this. Other app developers have confirmed it for me as well—including a developer who makes apps that connect to users' medical devices. Next: Whether logging in anonymously is possible is not the issue. Even with anonymous login the app cannot be closed without going to the user profile page and explicitly logging out. This just isn't right—at the very least because the how-to-quit-the-app procedure is not easily "discoverable" (a problem all by itself). It should be possible to log out via repeatedly pressing the "Back" button, at which point the app queries: Closing the app will log you out—proceed(Y/N)?]
Bryce Satterly
Jun 13, 2021
Great concept, well designed app, the only problem is it is very very glitchy. It took me almost 2 hrs to get my signals paired to my home wifi after a firmware update. The app glitches out all the time and has a hard time staying connected to my Signals. You have to kill the app and restart frequently to get current temp readings. Fix the bugs and this rating will change to 5 stars.
Xil Duq
Apr 18, 2021
I'd like to be able to zoom in on a smaller graphed time range to better see the temperature deviations. Other than that, the app is superb and a joy to use. I highly recommend Thermoworks.
Dan Nguyen
Apr 7, 2021
Nicely designed app that follows the Android app aesthetic. Using with my Smoke and haven't had any issues. Would be nice to be able to look into past sessions within app rather than having to jump to the web browser. Also, perhaps add a tip for the initial setup to disable any auto start VPNs. Had a bit trouble setting up my Smoke Gateway because I forgot that my VPN auto starts on untrusted networks. In regards to ThermoWorks Cloud, would be nice to be able to set up MFA for your account.
Patrick Willis
Apr 4, 2021
These are high quality thermometer products. I have the thermopop, proneedle, smoke and signals products and am completely satisfied with all. You also will not find a more responsive customer service anywhere. They go above and beyond. Great American products!
Lord Sigurd Thorolf
Mar 31, 2021
The new Signals x4 has NO synk button and for me will only work in Stand Alone mode and will not synk with Smoke Gatewy. A wast of almost $300 IMHO. There is no info on setting up this ONE button on the back Signals x4 ANYWHERE! I should have just been happy with my Camp Chef WiFi that's bluetooth is a pain to log into each time but atleast it works. This is the Signals x4 you sent me last week, it is NOT a Smoke x4! It has 1 button on the back and 6 on the front and says Signals between the 6.
Cambell Tannon
Mar 24, 2021
Stepped up my cooks several levels with just a few tools from Thermoworks! So glad I pulled the trigger and purchased Thermoworks products! They actually pay for themselves with the extra quality of cooks! My extended family brags on the BBQ I can now produce and they say it exceeds what they can get in any of the restaurants. True Story! And Thermoworks customer service is second to none. They flat out take care of you! (This is not a paid endorsement folks!) ...This is THE TRUTH!
Zach Meves
Mar 20, 2021
Works sometimes - has several bugs including not notifying you when an "alarm" temperature is reached (which is its primary purpose) and not allowing you to set low and high temperatures properly. For example, my app is currently not allowing me to set low and high temperatures of 115 and 125, respectively, giving the error "high value under low", which is just wrong.
Gary Deeter
Mar 20, 2021
The thermo works works great. it holds the temperature in a 55 gallon drum within a few degrees. It works well with my maple syrup pans when I am using three finishing pans.
Alan Bacon
Mar 11, 2021
brilliant app and kit, excellent control and keeps temperature perfect. Used a few times now and made the best ribs and pulled pork I ever have
Wm. Hunter Tammaro
Mar 10, 2021
The Smoke system as a whole is really cool, but this is a review of the app, which is just okay. The graph is the killer feature, and it's not very good. The app doesn't rotate when the phone does, and you can't zoom on the graph, meaning you're locked into seeing it in a weird square aspect ratio. It gives me much more detail than needed for the 50-degree temperature range on the y-axis and much less detail than needed for a 13-hour session on the x-axis. It also gets stuck sometimes if I haven't checked the app in a while: I'll see my Smoke was last seen only a few seconds ago, but the graph ends ten minutes or more before then. I have to switch out of the graph view and back to get it to update. Because of all that, I'll use the app to set up a session and then mostly not touch it after that, watching the graph on my computer instead.
Jack Rogers
Feb 23, 2021
Precise temperature is key to great barbecue. Thermoworks is all about precise temperatures. You can't trust their products provide you with accurate temperature readings. Their products are well made and last all but forever.
Brian Suddendorf
Feb 21, 2021
Amazing accuracy and love the wifi and bluetooth connections. I only trust Thermoworks for BBQ excellence. Signals has taken my game to a whole new level!
Eric Nemec
Feb 18, 2021
it's a great app that works with both Bluetooth and wifi. Thermoworks could improve the directions on how to setup the app and cloud option.
Trevor Pope
Feb 7, 2021
I bought the signals and the billows fan to use with the app. My Weber charcoal smoker now functions like a pellet smoker. This app is great! I can monitor smoker and meat temps in addition to changing the smoker temperature set point.
Dietrich S
Feb 3, 2021
Other than the sometimes very problematic firmware updates to the Signals itself, the app is much improved over the previous version.
Jeff Strong
Jan 24, 2021
like the app, but the temperature needs to update more reliably. it is often different than the readout on the blue dot device itself and it is difficult to convince the app to update. I have the apo set to update every minute, but.
Grant Cathcart
Jan 23, 2021
Why is the notification for low battery a screeching alarm that repeats every five minutes, and ignores silent mode and why is there no way to turn it off without blocking all notifications?
Jan 18, 2021
My unit only connected once via Bluetooth and then never again. After reset it works to connect it once but then never again, very dissapointed as the product is otherwise excellent, if only BT works.
Matthew Scionti
Jan 6, 2021
pretty basic but did what it needs to do. would be better if you could adjust the scale of the X and Y axis on the graph
Bartley Benoit
Jan 5, 2021
Was much better before the update. Have to restart the update every time now to use the app, frustrating. Was very good before this.
Chris Castor
Dec 29, 2020
Apparently making an application that actually connects to a working thermometer is just beyond any company currently in existence. EDIT: customer support reached out and I was prompted sent a new Signals unit. The app does work rather well when everything is cooperating as it should. The new unit synced right up and I'm back in business.
Tom Ary
Dec 29, 2020
Easy to set-up, use and accurate. WiFi app is also very user friendly. Good value for the price. Without question. would buy another.
Kim Preece
Dec 27, 2020
I'd give less than one star if I could. Using Blue Dot. Device is great, previous app worked perfectly, this app is full of connection bugs and alarm notification issues. Completely unusable. Save your WiFi and Bluetooth connection recommendations, that is not the issue. I love your devices, I expect better from such a reputable company.
Paul S
Dec 25, 2020
There is absolutely no reason to use this because it is so slow. The polling rate (rate at which the data updates) is way too slow. I can walk to my smoker from any location in my house 6 or 7 times before it updates the temp on my phone. Absolutely useless for remote monitoring. Running Pixel 5, 5G phone service, 1 gig internet with decent wifi, there is no reason for this to take to long to update.
Morgane Faye
Dec 25, 2020
Works pretty good with minimal signal drops (thanks firmware update) Needs a widget (using Smoke w/ wifi)
Mike Sands
Dec 25, 2020
PERFECTION!!! Best in the business AAA+++ This Signals with Billows replaced my Fireboard. Switching to Thermoworks was worth every penny.
trevor browning
Dec 19, 2020
One small problem or it would be 5 stars. The high and low temp alarms DONT come through phone as a alarm! Just a notification is not enough to alert if there is a problem.
Dustin Heger
Dec 12, 2020
this thermometer is really great and very accurate. the app is not very user friendly and could use some work.
SkySurv LLC
Dec 9, 2020
Great app. I haven't had any of the negative experiences others are talking about. Keep up the good work!
Mike Garcia
Dec 6, 2020
I use the BlueDot and the app has A LOT of trouble holding the connection. I am within maybe 20 feet, there are no obstructions, I can see the device on my phone's bluetooth settings, but the app drops the connection constantly! More disappointing is that I see ThermoWorks responds to similar comments by saying they are sorry we are not happy with the app. Don't be sorry. Instead, fire your current app developer, hire a new one and release a working version the keeps the connection!
Bob Breske
Dec 6, 2020
once I got this dialed in it's been really great. initially I worked with the tech team to help work out the connection and transmission issues. They were very helpful. The probe's don't have the longest life but I can replace them rather easily directly from the service team.
Michael Pupkin
Dec 6, 2020
Like the app, lacking 1 feature: please add a widget to notification panel that will always show temperature from the channels. This way there is no need to open app to check the temperature.
Dec 2, 2020
latest firmware update fixed not being able to start or stop and save sessions. so far it's been good.
nate ewing
Nov 27, 2020
Total trash. The signal itself is fantastic. The app is garbage. Unable to connect easily, unable to maintain a connection. I spent more time screwing with the worthless app than I did just walking out to the grill and looking at the temperature. Their equipment is fantastic. Their app will raise your blood pressure. Don't bother.
Nov 27, 2020
Use it all the time, works great. I do wish they'd give me an option to override the alarm on the unit itself oh, but that's a minor issue.
CoeSen NgWun
Nov 26, 2020
2.75 rounded up. Took a step back with this update. Visually works better than the previous but it would go 10-20+ minutes without an updated reading. I almost wish for the old app, which isn't saying much because that one had very poor and spotty functionality. You'd think a company who could produce such quality hardware would figure it out on the software side. Alas, no. Edit 11.25.20: not even connecting now. Waste of money. Disappointed.
Nathaniel Muller
Nov 26, 2020
I was surprised how easy the setup was, I'm using it with signals and billows and got everything going in about 15 minutes. I did have trouble getting wifi working. My wifi has 5ghz and 2ghz SSID. when connecting to wifi, it does say that it only supports 2ghz, but it listed the 5ghz SSID after the scan. It took me two attempts to realize that I needed to manually enter the 2ghz SSID name to connect. Id like to be able to change the colors in the graph, yellow on white is hard to read.
Kelly Ness
Nov 24, 2020
So far so good. Seema like lots of folks are having connection problems. I am still testing, and will update is anything changes!
J Stevens
Nov 21, 2020
Frustrating and a waste of time and money... Old app much better... Cannot connect to wfi when right next to modem & phone turned off wifi. Tried for close to an hour 2-3 months ago with member of tech support who couldn't figure out connect issue. Today uninstalled and reinstall so could hopefully use tonight, sent to reset password over an hour ago & still no link. Good thermometer (smoke), but awful app & support... if receive better experience will update but otherwise stuck. Beware.
Dane Ashworth
Nov 14, 2020
Significant upgrade over the old app! The cloud integration works well and beats emailing csv files to myself. Just wish they'd do more with the extensive data they are getting from the cook logs. It should be smart enough to know that a 65 degree, 4 pound pork tenderloin smoking at 225 in 48 degree temps will be ready around 645pm and then tweak from there. I'm more than happy to contribute my cook logs for community analysis. Or open the cloud data to 3rd party analysis tools. Data rules!!!
David Phillips
Oct 23, 2020
Excellent equipment. App needs a little work with connectivity issues. I'm using a Pixel 4XL and the app has trouble updating via internet connection. I would also like to see some more functionality with Billows. Specifically, I would prefer a "quiet hours" function if it dips less than a specified amount below the programmed temp. I set it to 225 and it alarmed throughout the night if it went just a little below 225. That makes for a long night when there was never a problem with the fire.
Nick Schroedl
Oct 17, 2020
I do not like as much as the last app. Seems way slower to pick up updated temps. Takes way too long to refresh once you open your phone. And a lot of the time it doesn't even refresh with the current temps. Frustrating
Safety Chuck
Oct 14, 2020
Much better version! No connection problems. Graphing your cook is much better. Layout easy to follow.
Jeremy Berven
Sep 29, 2020
Has a tough time killing the current session to start a new one sometimes. But if you go thru the steps enough times and power off the system it'll work eventually.
Josh Layne
Sep 19, 2020
Better layout than the original, and easier to use. Sometimes there's the occasional glitch where it keeps saying inactive, but has to restart the app a few times to sync up
Jei Gaither
Sep 8, 2020
I *LOVE* Thermoworks products. I use an MK4 and Dot almost daily. They are indispensable. So I bought Signals and Billows to help with my brisket monitoring. Those products are great too, but this app is SO frustrating. It has gotten better, but it's just not what it should be, given Thermoworks overall excellence with their other products. Having to set up wifi repeatedly, just because you touch settings, and not being able to connect with Bluetooth to change settings are sophomoric failures.
Joe Giordano
Sep 7, 2020
Doesn't connect to wifi. Says only connect to 2.4 g. Who doesn't have 4 or 5 g networks???? Sending back.EDIT--- apparently I have 5g and 2.4 g you need to disable 5 g and make sure 2.4 g is enabled. I was able to connect to wifi then. I re -enabled 5g and I'm still connected. I'm moving from 1 star to 3 star because it's complicated and should not be this complicated for something this expensive. Good luck!
Ben Van Kammen
Sep 4, 2020
I'm about 0/10 on getting this to pair. Try again guys. Edit: I walked away from it, was all ready to return the Gateway, came back later and got it paired basically on the first try. Take away: it's key to do the sequence of presses and holds to make sure the Gateway is off and then on, with the led blinking red, right. Made all the difference.
Casey T
Aug 30, 2020
Slow response. I used the previous app with few issues. The new app is so slow it almost isn't worth using. Didn't expect them to take a step back.
Dale L
Aug 30, 2020
worst app ever bring back the old one when you set the temp on your device it just makes its own temp and the fan runs constantly needs some seriuos bug fixes
Trent Schermerhorn
Aug 24, 2020
Always loses signal to signals, very temperamental, and no preset food doneness temps. They could learn ALOT from Weber's BBQ app!
David P
Aug 23, 2020
Much better than the old app, great job devs! Please add the ability to export data, that would make it even better.
Wayne Kish
Aug 12, 2020
Smoke last seen: unknown. Ch1 inactive, Ch2 inactive. Smoke gateway flashing purple. Same problem I had with the old app. Gateway will not connect with the wifi.
Scott Jacobs
Aug 8, 2020
Terrible. Won't connect to WiFi. Have gone through the setup process numerous times. No errors per app but gateway only blinks purple after setup and app says Smoke is inactive. So disappointed in this product.
Mark Dymond
Aug 8, 2020
Hard to imagine it's worse than the old app. But not off to a good start. Can't get it to display in Celsius despite the option being set in the settings.
Joe Mirarchi
Aug 5, 2020
ThermoWorks listened to users and delivered numerous improvements on the old app--thank you! Good job! Smoke Gateway is almost like a brand new, very polished product, and it has overcome previous issues.The graphing functionality is expanded; the interface is nicer; and previous cooks are more easily accessible. It looks, feels, and operates the way you would expect for use with a premium alarm thermometer. Negative reviews here appear to be hardware setup issues, not the app's fault. Kudos.
Lee Eshelman
Aug 5, 2020
Maybe I'm just too stupid to figure it out. After 500 tries over 5 days, I finally got the original app to work. Now I'm in the same boat trying to get the new app to work. Knowing what I know now, I never would have purchased this thing. Totally not worth it
John G
Aug 3, 2020
Not a great start. Immediately says it.doesnt recognise my credentials...even though I am logged in on the old app with the exact same email. No update on how it functions as I cant currently get access
Jason Riley
Jul 30, 2020
Can't set up a WiFi connection with signals. I had my wifi configured with the previous app, as soon as I switched to this it forced a reconfiguration. It just stays stuck on checking connection before it times out. *Edit* this works correctly on IOS, the Android version fails.
Brew Sherpa
Jul 26, 2020
Finally! This is the app I've been waiting for Thermoworks to develop. It's not perfect but it is an EXCELLENT start and an order of magnitude better than the old Thermoworks BBQ app.
Sean Leach
Jul 21, 2020
Good so far but I wish I could set the scale on the graph as well as visible indicators for set temps.
Richard Culver
Jul 19, 2020
Much better over the previous app. Two things to add though that will make it perfect: 1. Quick set of various temperatures and probe name based off a meat selection (aka click chicken on drop down and 165, sets high temp alarm and probe name). Also add in custom user made Temps and Names. 2. Widget for homescreen to monitor in the notifications bar or right off the home screen of my phone. Both of these were available on the iGrill back in 2015. Keep up the good work, let's make this perfect.
Zoo Bee
Jul 19, 2020
So far so good. I still leave the phone on "stay awake while charging" to keep the app connected so it will wake me when meat is done, but it worked well last night after 2 FW updates on my signals. My brisket never tasted this good!
Robert Ly
Jul 19, 2020
Bricked my signal Beware!! After I updated the firmware my signal is now bricked (will not respond). App looks great. But I never got to use it.
Colin Hamilton
Jul 19, 2020
Located my blue dot ok. However refuses to disply temp in Celsius. Changed in settings even though stating it's in celvius app display in Fahrenheit
Mike Smith
Jul 18, 2020
MUCH better than the last app (which I thought was good in its own right). As long as it is as reliable as the previous one as well, I am very happy!
Penultimate Name
Jul 15, 2020
Looks good but have a ThermoWorks product that is not wifi. Please put the safe cooking temperature chart on the app. Where is the thermapen MK4 wifi version? From the dev response. Nice to know one can get to the temp chart. It would be nice if it was more front and center in the app.
Logan Trost
Jul 15, 2020
The new app looks more promising than the old BBQ app, but why are accounts and devices not imported from the old app? I can understand some data not migrating such as saved graphs but making your entire user base start from scratch is a strange choice.
WJ Fowler
Jul 15, 2020
Same as the Gateway smoke, terrible Bluetooth contection. Great thermometers but the software leaves something to be desired.
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