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Developer Wonderlabs, Inc
Platform Android
Google ID com.theswitchbot.switchbot
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Bill Hau
Jun 4, 2022
Doesn't connect to network. Have confirmed network is 2.4GHz and phone connects and works but app doesn't. No in-app feedback of why, just blinks past the scan qr page with no options other than to exit
Laryssa Muceniecks
Jun 2, 2022
It's great, when it works. Right now with the last update, I'm not even able to open the app. It keeps loading, and never gets out of this.
Pamilia Helget
May 27, 2022
The camera quality is great especially for how much it costs. All the things work very well, recording, sound quality all that! I never have connectiom problems. HOWEVER it makes me extremely uncomfortable that the app has to have location access to run this is a camera in a toddlers bedroom why is that necessary?
Notnow Later
May 26, 2022
What it just needs now is a screen to show the battery level of each device. As it is time consuming to check 15 plus different devices one by one
Julio Deak
May 22, 2022
Indoor cam will not open until you give 5 to 10 attempts. Very annoying. Also no option for local network. It is always broadcasted. Waste of internet bandwidth.
momo l
May 22, 2022
After trying many times, hub mini finally connect to wifi. Curtain robot can only move light weight curtain.
john smith
May 13, 2022
amazon rejected my reviews on swicthbot. I bought the curtain motor, and mini hub and the switch button. I wrote reviews on the first two and then a review of their phone app. They rejected my review of the phone app because I basically called them lazy aholes but the other two reviews were published, but then later removed and I'm not allowed to publish reviews on their produts anymore. I didn't save my reviews and now amazon has removed them after publishing and I can't get them back. Again, amazon published the reviews but it looks like switchbot objected and had them removed. So that says a lot about this company. I bought this and then didn't return in 30 days so I'm stuck with it. So I've been trying to use it anyway and sometimes it works but half the time it doesn't. Voice commands don't work. The app doesn't work. Have to recalibrate all the time and then today I find the app was updated and the curtain stopped working. The motor has battery power so that's not the issue. Every day it's something different. When it works it works fine but one day to the next, you never know if it will work or not. ---------- You're the one that is confused or you're just a liar. I wrote two reviews. One for the curtain motor and one for the hub. Both were reviewed by amazon and published and then later removed and now I'm blocked from writing other reviews on any of your products. In the 20+ years I've been shopping on amazon I've never seen that. It only happens when a seller requests negative reviews be removed. Fine, I'll put my complaints on youtube and tiktok. For now, since I'm out over a $100 for this junk, I'll use it tilll I get so frustrated and take a hammer to these devices but I've take steps to side load your app and prevent it from updating because you obviously don't know s about software engineering.
chase reichheld
May 9, 2022
This app has logged me out and I can't sign back in and I can't request to verify or a new password.
May 3, 2022
Switchbot technology is [email protected] keeps failing the bots have stopped working despite resetting and new batteries the app shows all devices connected via Bluetooth when they are connected via the mini hub. Stay away from switchbot they do not work and and not anywhere near as reliable as real smart home devices
Michael Sanford
Apr 30, 2022
App doesn't have any of the online features. The cloud service functionality isn't even shown when I click on the switchbot in app. It's not that it's grayed out, it just isn't there. So I can't use the hub and can't connect to alexa.
Jeff Rah
Apr 28, 2022
If I go to Schedule to switch back on the alarm that I set before, and go back, and come back to Schedule, the alarm appears to be off. I have to delete that alarm and set the alarm at that time again. Please, fix this bug.
Andrew Bridges
Apr 28, 2022
Can't connect my device, can't reset my password, on the app, website says I don't have an account. It's a complete mess.
Apr 24, 2022
This new logon screen should NOT be the first thing I see when I open the app. Failing that, the logon screen should actually work with Amazon or Google single sign on, if you're actually going to put buttons down for each of those services. Make my switchbot devices the first page I see, not this garbage UI you dreamed up.
Apr 23, 2022
Works great, had some Bluetooth issues, but it turns out it was my phone. New phone fixed the issue. App is well made, and support through the app is incredible. Had an issue with a product from a year ago, and they're replacing it with a brand new upgraded model for no cost.
David Dunne
Apr 22, 2022
When it works it was great, but it can be a struggle to get to that point. My main issue now is I've got a new phone and the app doesn't let me login using third party Google option. Manage to login that way on my old phone still but this one doesn't do anything when I click on it, this is on a Samsung S22.
Edward Krausz
Apr 21, 2022
12 HOUR option. The app is all good besides for the option for 12 hrs AM/PM pls add then this is a 5 star app. UPDATE. I've contacted them via email and they updated the app These guys are excellent.
Derek Ho
Apr 17, 2022
The old problem fixed, but there is another problem, Google home keep saying "something went wrong" when I turn the swiftbot bot on and off, I check the switch bot app log appear unknown error (173) with Google assistant, could anyone tell me how to fix it? It works fine in switchbot app though.
Apr 17, 2022
error with upgrading the firmwarem cause switch bot curtain to be unable to connect even though booth Bluetooth and location are already on
Steve Muscroft
Apr 16, 2022
Then switchbot hub is a great piece of kit, however when programming a new remote into the app, all buttons look the same. There's no way to add icons or colour the buttons to make them stand out. I think this is the one reason that this 'great piece of kit' barely is underused in my household.
Nick LAM
Apr 15, 2022
The bot works find in app, but when I added the bot widget to home screen and press the widget, it shows "network request failed, please try again later". This issue happens on my Google pixel 4 and Samsung note 20 ultra, please advise, thank you.
Apr 15, 2022
Once great, last few months terrible. Constant errors when trying to set, even when standing beside device. Biggest issue, the switchbot nolonger starts device as it had done since it was purchased a couple of years ago. I replaced the battery, reset device, restarted it, reloaded all settings, deleted and reinstalled the app with no success. Also the temperature sensor data takes an age to load before viewing and the data is often out of date. Latest update appears to have fixed slow charts.
Gregor A
Apr 11, 2022
After only a few months my switchbot curtain broke and support asked me to take a video showing i have reset it and that it doesn't work. I have done that although seriously, a video of nothing happening? And just more emails saying they didn't get the video. I'm not happy. I want a replacement or refund
Jamie McKnight
Apr 7, 2022
Was awesome when it worked, after last update the camera wouldn't open on my kindle, I deleted the camera to start over and reinstall on app and now won't even connect.
Dave Fletcher
Apr 7, 2022
Will only connect on my mobile phone app if I'm using WiFi when I try with mobile data it won't connect Emailed my inquiry and got no reply at all
Nessa Rose
Apr 3, 2022
Bought a camera last week and apparently it had an account already connected to it. I emailed the company and asked if anything could be done about it, and gave it a week. Instead of a simple yes or no, I never got a reply. Poor service
Mark Ohrstrom
Mar 30, 2022
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME App reads and reports my 2.4GHz router SSID just fine, but then reports "Cannot find any wi-fi access point with the name you set". Really? "Support" is useless in offering a solution. Time to pack this junk up and return it for refund. Too bad, because the LED lights looked to be a good product, otherwise.
Paul Atkin
Mar 28, 2022
I have a hub, a bot and 4 switchbots. Been using this for about 3 months and I have to say everything is rock solid and reliable Only reason not to give 5 stars was because the learning curve is steep and the documentation is sparse so a new customer could easily get frustrated. I hope the company does well, I am looking forward to having more bots in my home!
Andrew Kostrzewa
Mar 28, 2022
Rarely connects, new errors each week. Keep it simple, people. It's a switch connected to Bluetooth. Doesn't need to be so complicated.
Sander Raaijmakers
Mar 27, 2022
Loses devices without warning - last update does not connect anymore. Now only "error please try again" appears when controlling my devices since the last "up"date, but cloud (alexa) still does work. Login via google is disabled, the device only works with the current configuration.. Would not buy again.
Jacqueline Ericson
Mar 25, 2022
It's great when it works, but infuriating when you suddenly get constant error messages for no reason. I've been spending ages trying to calibrate, etc. If there were ANY product better than this that would do what I want it to, I'd be on that in a heartbeat, but alas, there isn't anything better for curtains. WHY CAN'T ANYONE MAKE ANYTHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS PROPERLY?!!!
Mar 24, 2022
Cannot detect effectively and precisely, it even generates opposite data!!! For example, when the contact sensor has been closed, the app said it left"open".........
Jamie Taylor
Mar 24, 2022
It's pretty annoying that you can only set five scheduled events, but now you can't even set times to 12 PM.
Tom Rytt
Mar 23, 2022
Out of the blue (well, after an automated app update) the device suddenly is encrypted (even though I didn't set a password) and now I'm locked out of using it. the app doesn't recognize my account and I can't even reset the device/password. it's just a useless piece of machinery at this point. Edit: the issue is gone after an update but it still shouldn't have happened. Adjusted rating accordingly.
Steve Hill
Mar 22, 2022
i created an account on the website thinking this would link to the android app like most everyone else does...however the app doesnt recognize the website account. So you have to have 2 separate accounts which is idiotic.
martin rain
Mar 21, 2022
Paired fine with the hub and alexa but after alexa uses it once it becomes unresponsive each time. I give up waste of time and money.
david wyke
Mar 19, 2022
Works when it wants to, a nice add would be a button to send a reset to the cams, since they often freeze up and need reset.
Samuel Leung
Mar 17, 2022
It used to work well but totally unusable after the recent auto update. I cannot switch back to the previous version. I am using an old Android phone as remote. It is running Android 6.01.
Mike Rios
Mar 16, 2022
I just got the Meter Plus and was initially enable to turn on "cloud services" to use it with automations. After a quick in app message to the devs I almost immediately got an email promoting me to check for an update to my Hub Mini, and voila it now works!!! Great product and app, thank you, I'm a fan!
Mar 15, 2022
The app needs work because it takes a long time to calibrate. Also you should sell a 90 degree adapter for the Switchbot U 2 curtain because the slots on my rails don't face down, they face towards the window and because of that I couldn't install them.
Mar 15, 2022
The app updated, all my switchbots now require a password and they've all lost their schedule. Why?? I just wanted to update the time for daylight savings.
Gary Almond
Mar 14, 2022
Broken again. When I click on my temperature meter to see the history it reverts back to hour instead of the last viewed option. Please fix.
Zane Hepburn
Mar 11, 2022
This is the worst app I have e ever had the great misfortune of tethering myself to. If I had another option for smart plugs where I live I would take it in a heartbeat. It is unresponsive, constantly signs me out, and is borderline unusable without having to fully restart my phone on regular basis in order to get it to respond. If you are thinking of using switchbot products, and somehow are reading app reviews before purchase, I strongly recommend you don't.
Mar 11, 2022
Fixed login issue. Curtains still not opening and closing when scheduled (scenes) after recent update
Robert Wilson
Mar 10, 2022
Would not connet to Swithbot meter on desk with BT enabled. App requests permission to access geolocation and camera. No reason for that level of access! An earlier version of the app seen on YouTube seems much better designed.
Paras Avkirkar
Mar 9, 2022
This is a terrible app. While setting up the switch not hub mini device in the app. The screen to setup stuck for approximately 5 minutes after entering wifi details
Martin Fixman
Mar 9, 2022
The app actually worked great for configuring the curtain openers and the Bluetooth/WiFi connector thing.
Shea Fallert
Mar 2, 2022
The app is buggy. I often hafto log out and back in or factory reset devices to get things working correctly. I've been plagued with "communication error" messages at totally random times when switchbot shouldn't be doing anything. A month ago my curtains worked perfectly every time but after the last update there has been nothing but problems. I want to give 1 star but my reviews keep getting removed...
Richard Thomas
Mar 2, 2022
Very poor. Crashes constantly, the whole switchbot curtains system is rubbish. Have to reset them every month. App hangs and fails to respond. Maybe in a few years they will get this right but I don't have the patience to waste hours keep contacting there service team who just keep telling me to delete them then read them. Don't waste your money on switchbot products.
Adriano Andrade
Feb 16, 2022
I bought two Bots. I've tried several times, but the app can't recognize the devices. Garbage. First and last purchase.
Stacey Waters
Feb 14, 2022
Curtain bots are great when they work. Did the firmware update and now nothing works. I've recalibrated my curtains 5x and none of the data saves. Deleted them and started all over again. Get to the calibration and again nothing saves, making them useless
David Macdonald
Feb 1, 2022
Can't activate any scenes through google home. It just says swirchbot smart is unavailable. Not sure what the problem is but it's super unclear what I might do to fix it.
Jan 31, 2022
The latest bug-fixes and improvements have solved a lot of problems I've had! I've used the switchbot app on both iOS and Android and had also felt the Android version was lacking features and usability that I was experiencing on iOS. It's nice to see the devs continuing to improve the software because the switchbot is genuinely a really cool and useful device
Emanuel Lopes
Jan 30, 2022
Horrible. One of the buggiest apps I've used. When I log into my account the app shows the loading animation indefinitely. I need to exit the app and open it up again and I'm somehow logged in. I went through some hiccups adding a Switchbot on my main phone but it worked. Tried to add it to a second android phone but it's impossible. Again, the app show a "communicating with device" message indefinitely. Also, the account is useless. All the configurations are saved locally.
Joshua Lewis
Jan 26, 2022
Vibrating feature looks like it can be turned off. But remote button layouts are still wrong and haven't been. Updated.
G Patel
Jan 25, 2022
I've had an earlier generation of the curtain bots - worked simply and flawlessly for a while year. Bought four more units (not cheap!!) and the app gets them calibrated and then does nothing. This is annoying and I can't figure out the problem except that it's the app
Courtney Pure
Jan 23, 2022
Same issue as everyone else... The curtains didn't open one day so I thought the battery was dead so I charged them. Put them back on and still nothing. Look at the app and I was signed out and when I signed back in all the devices were gone. I tried to recalibrate both curtains and they connected individually during set up but when I got to the last step to open and close it doesn't respond.
Kobiljon Kimsanov
Jan 23, 2022
It is only connecting with Google Assistant for Android users. But I would like to be connected with Alexa and Samsung Smartthings App as well. So far it is giving an error. Developers please fix it asap.
Stephen Kennedy
Jan 22, 2022
Controls my lights perfectly, turning on/off, changing colour and dimming. Just wish it worked with voice control
Nyssa G.
Jan 18, 2022
Network is constantly unavailable. I have to try over 20 times to get my camera to appear on the list. Absolutely terrible app. I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy.
Adam Torres
Jan 15, 2022
Horrible won't even let me register my email. Can't access anything! And of course you can't get any help other an an email that says don't reply to this email! Needs to be fixed
Richard Phillips
Jan 14, 2022
Works okay, but really needs two features 1) the ability to use custom IR commands with Google Home, and 2) the ability to lay out a custom remote in the GUI - a row of round buttons you can't rearrange is horrid.
Eric Firestone
Jan 9, 2022
Ok so some of the reviews here we're negative, but I got an IR hub mini and it works so well and the app hasn't had any issues for me. I'm honestly shocked the product works so well for the price.
Daniel Björkman
Jan 7, 2022
OK app, but I keep getting logged out and receiving "Network not available" messages (that isn't normal notifications so it took me quite a while to figure out where these messages came from) multiple times a day the last few months.
Matt Lindsay
Jan 6, 2022
Could you please add scene verification to keep repeating the command if the switchbot has a "something went wrong" moment. I'm using Google assistant to run scenes but I have about a 75% success rate of the scene working. When it doesn't work I have no idea if it activated or not. Also is it possible to add trim to the switchbot, where the finger can be calibrated between 50 to 100% of the movement. This would help for raised buttons and tweeking the mounted, to not lift it's adhesive mount.
Becky Lea
Dec 30, 2021
Useless, since mid december my bot is deleted from my devices every day and I have to spend hours re adding it, completely pointless! Tonight I spent half an hour trying to fix it and it's still not showing up in my devices
Sarah H
Dec 29, 2021
Works as intended, but lost connection to one of the 4 bots over the last year and needed to be reset.
Steve Brown
Dec 26, 2021
No direct Bluetooth connection is possible without an online account registration (why?) And then the account sign up fails for some reason leaving me with a Bluetooth switch I can't operate. I'll get a refund.
Stephanie B
Dec 17, 2021
Much better with the beta version of the app! Much more options for scheduling/repeating. Mine does turn off/disconnect sometimes when I think it's going, and I don't realize it. But overall glad I purchased.
C Black
Dec 15, 2021
Authentication broken. I select forgot password using my email to get a verification code . It says it can't find that email. I tried to register the email again and it says it already exists
Todd Schmidt
Dec 10, 2021
Per response from support and confirming online, AWS was down Tuesday triggering widespread outages for many services. Revising review until further tinkering. Original with 1 star - (Sucks! Just trying to run a SwitchBot plug and it's constantly offline. Reinstalled the app and repaired the device. Still nothing. Can't even delete the old devices, which is the same device, which is no longer visible to the app. The one time it did work, when I was trying to configure it to work with ifttt the app blocked me saying I had triggered the device 'too many times.' Major disappointment. I do hope this discourages others from wasting their money on a SwitchBot plug.)
Andy Shinn
Dec 10, 2021
Same problem as everyone else is reporting. Just got my new devices, added to app, then next time using app everything is gone. Looks like this issue has been going on a while? Yikes...
Dec 9, 2021
Really bad I used the App together with my hub and two switchbots. The App is unreliable and most of the times logout resulting in not showing any of your devices and not working with Alexa or similar systems. Today it happened again and although I didn't login in the past 7 days I get a message for to many login attempts. But hey I can always see their shop in which I can buy even more of their products that's the only thing reliable in the App.
Matthew Hollowell
Dec 8, 2021
Since the last update hubs will not connect to the internet, can not even log into app on second device. Had 20 devices running fine, including four hubs for sometime, just suddenly lost internet. I think they are still connected as they all show up in my BT app but switchbot app not recognising this. Even when I set up wifi again they find the internet but this doesn't show in the app. So disappointed... come on all since last update and I've left it a while now... voice command ob gone too.
Maruay Yongkallayanakul
Dec 8, 2021
I'm not satisfied with the support team at all. They are totally useless and do not solve anything after the AWSOUTAGE event. In their Official Twitter said that the server is back online for a half day but my hub mini still not work. One star may be to high score. ☹
Danny Masterchief
Dec 8, 2021
Last update broke the app. Cannot log in, cannot reset password. Before the last update worked flawlessly.
Craig Mayhew
Dec 7, 2021
Avoid. What a mess. Account signup doesnt work and isn't optional (creating a privacy/security problem). Device can't be added without turning on location (a completely unnecersary permission to connect a nearby bluetooth device). Will be returning hardware ASAP.
Huzair Kalia
Dec 7, 2021
It worked fine, but now all my devices are removed and I can't sign in to the app, it doesn't say invalid username password. It just progresses to the next page and doesn't sign me in
Jaan Kostõgov
Dec 4, 2021
Curtain pairing doesn't work. The app can't find my device. And wth should I create an account for that? To give my private data? IOT is trash this days. It is just data harvesting.
Ryan L
Dec 2, 2021
My devices suddenly disappeared. First there's annoying popup about needing my location. Once I've added the devices, I shouldn't need to have my location on. Well, really I should never be required to use it, but that's another problem. But second of all one device disappeared and when I restarted the app, the other one had no reading so all of my devices are gone. But they are still detected by Alexa skill, so it's obviously just this horrible app that's the problem.
Harry Adamson
Dec 2, 2021
Nothing connects in the app, bought a hub mini, motion sensor and door sensor and the app won't add any of them, just get spinning circle when trying to connect, or a bland error in app saying failed to connect please try again. Checked Bluetooth and permissions etc, all good but still won't connect, even though it says it can see them all on the home screen very frustrating
Cindy Yu
Dec 2, 2021
App doesn't allow devices to be added. Please fix. Specifically the next button doesn't work when trying to add a device
scott w
Nov 23, 2021
Initially I thought the latest update broke detection of a switchbot button, however I only needed to re-add it by pressing + symbol and logging back in. The switch was then detected and works as expected.
Jeff Ly
Nov 23, 2021
all of a sudden lost all my devices. only picks up 2 switchbots and not even all the time. i had like over 10 devices, 1 hub, a buncha remotes and all of them are gone.
John Royale
Nov 19, 2021
Earlier it was working fine, but now no more connecting. I can't even sign in it's only buffering. What a terrible experience. How can I recommend someone for SwitchBot, when I am fed up with it.
Robert Fowler
Nov 17, 2021
Just got this. Can't even create an account. Try to sigh up and told my email is in use (never used switchbot before). Try to recover my password. Then says my email is not registered. Better get a quick response to my ticket
Nov 16, 2021
I want to delete my previous review but I don't know how to... The pairing issue was my fault because I confused the two bots. I was pairing a bot that was already paired hence the error. The callibration sometimes is off and I callibrate them everyday still.. hopefully it'll be better soon
Stanislav Panchenko
Nov 14, 2021
The app has many annoying bugs: in winter/summer time transition, the hub updates not only internal time, but modified scenes times (I reported the bug, after 3 years developers still did not fix the bug). Second, weekly I have to restart the hub because it stops sending commands to devices. Thirdly, if the HubPlus has not enough bluetooth coverage, then it does not switch to the phone bluetooth (phone has enough coverage), but it tries to send from the HubPlus vainly.
Colleen Bledsoe
Nov 2, 2021
Easy to use. We've had it set up for a year, same battery even. No problems from the device or app. We use it to turn our ice maker on twice daily. Only change I'd like to see is a manual use button, for testing placement or usage when I don't want to get up.
Firas Bata
Oct 29, 2021
Whenever I try to add it to Google assistant it says "no smart devices were found in your SwitchBit Smart account" although I have set up the curtain opener and I'm logged in on the app. Device and remote both visible and controlable on the app. Useless
Chris Sappington
Oct 15, 2021
Return your devices immediately before you open them! Support will fight you on the return if you even opened the box! The app is terrible, and the Switchbot Curtain is too weak to open a single curtain. Currently fighting them for a refund on the open boxes. May have to get the credit card company involved.
Andrei Leon
Oct 4, 2021
Won a raffle once and after I got more switchbot products myself. They're amazing and do what they say they do. You just have to read with your eyes open.
John Dunn
Oct 2, 2021
Terrible.. when linked with Google your devices won't show up. If you've purchased any Switchbot products do not open the package and send it back. Get your money back asap they're false advertisers.
Bob Ayriss
Oct 1, 2021
Everything was working fine till the last update now to open the curtains I have to tell Alexa to close them and to get them to close I have to tell Alexa to open the curtains. NEEDS FIXING ASAP.
Tech Etc
Sep 17, 2021
Absolutely useless app. Purchased switchbot device that "requires" an app to even function. App does not work. Bluetooth doesn't pick up anything. Followed the setup instructions. No "icon" on screen, even on refresh. REQUIRES you to register an account with them for something that really doesn't need a user account to function. Without an app that works, it's just a cheap piece of plastic that I purchased for nearly £30. This whole business model has "user data harvesting" written all over it.
Socal Lars
Sep 11, 2021
Again, the bluetooth nagging is ridiculous and makes me dread opening the app. Despite the vendors claim, you CANNOT turn off this apps craving for bluetooth access. It CONSTANTLY asks to turn on bluetooth, which serves absolutely no purpose. As advised by the vendor, I've disabled the bluetooth nag notifications...which worked until the next update, after which the notifications were reenabled. After turning it off again, I got a notification telling me SwitchBot was asking permission to enable bluetooth! Stop with the bluetooth buggery...I don't need it and it depletes my battery twice as fast! Just stop!! EDIT: I'VE ALREADY TURNED IT OFF!!! It keeps turning itself on again and doing so creates another nag screen from Android, with the app begging to grant permission to turn bluetooth on, EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP!! What is your fetish with forcing bluetooth on people?!
Aug 21, 2021
My switchbot worked for less than a week. My honest suggestion is to just not open the package, return it before you open it. Apparently, mine had a hardware issue, which is sad, because the thing is so simple and ought to be functional. The constant updates to the app (making earlier versions unstable and potentially making your bot incompatible), the need to have Bluetooth and Location services running simultaneously, the need to sign up for an account - unacceptable, one of the worst...
Jojie Senoue
Aug 16, 2021
I bought the thermometer and the minihub for our small office. It would be great if there will be options to sort the scenes as well as copy existing scene. It would be helpful to create scenes that only have a few conditions extra/different
Rob Price
Aug 9, 2021
Very good so far I've got two of these in my cigar cases , they update pretty quickly so I can keep a close eye on the temperature and humidity but I do have one suggestion for the app. I think it would be handy to have the data as a widget to add to my home screen? Similar to how I can view the weather and news on my android smart device. Maybe you can look to do this in a future update? A response would be greatly appreciated.
Yohan Patel
Aug 8, 2021
The app just cannot detect the device (Switchbot curtain). Tried factory reset multiple time, tried restarting my phone multiple times but still no success.
Harry Whitter
Jul 28, 2021
Some of the menus can be a bit confusing to navigate, but so far everything has worked better than expected and it looks modern. Great with Google Home. The low review score is honestly shocking, this is great.
David Rusho
Jul 18, 2021
SwitchBot Hub will occasionally disconnect from WiFi but App shows as "connected". Google Assistant will not work until WiFi for Switchbot Hub is removed and reconnected.
Maryiel Aiyesha M. Alarcio
Jul 15, 2021
It's so buggy and it's hard to sign in,Its very laggy and it'll just completely crash. Like when i click atleast one button it'll immediately crash. And it makes my device's screen freeze and it makes it restart. Please fix this asap.
Effect one Productions
Jul 12, 2021
Scenes doesn't work, have set a bot on my airconditioning. If temp lower than 19 degrees turn off . Temp goes lower but doesn't go off. Same for temp higher should turn on the air-conditioning, but it doesn't. ( Edit ) 1 I have reached out to switchbot through their email. And they contacted me back. They have released update 3.1 for the hub mini. I need to test it out before raising the stars to 5. I hope the scenes will work now. I'll be back
Hoang Tran
Jul 5, 2021
My devices keep disappearing in the app and I need to add them every now and then. I do not have a hub and use the curtains / hygro-meter via bluetooth. This is quite annoying
Brian Sally Wolf
Jul 4, 2021
Can't even log in. My username/password works with no issues on the website but the app claims they are incorrect. The app wouldn't even let me create the account at the beginning or reset the password now. Worse app I have ever experienced. About to return product because of this app!
Brad Brundage
Jul 4, 2021
Server response times to the hub are horrible and sometimes time out in north America. Asking Alexa to do stuff to switch-bot is also the same. Please beef up your infrastructure and configure it to scale on demand. Netflix has open source projects on GitHub you could leech off of since the development is currently so poor.
Ryan Clancy
Jun 30, 2021
App now forces account login but sign up buttons don't work making my device useless. It worked fine until they got all needy. Don't buy their stuff.
Rose Rodent
Jun 27, 2021
Everything seems to work for me, though the connection drops sometimes. Really missing a press and hold option on the IR blaster too, I have many remotes that do different things if you long or short press, hub cannot replicate this.
Demitrius Pennebaker
Jun 26, 2021
It's actually a great app, I connected to alexa easily. I havent had any issues. I'll update my rating after an important request. I use the app to open and close my curtains. Curtains are for shutting out light. So, one might want curtains to open/close based on day/night cycles. There is currently no ability to open/close curtains at times related to sunrise/sunset. Sunrise/sunset times change every day, so setting it to clock times on a calendar isn't a complete solution.
Stuza Name
Jun 23, 2021
Hub for AC - says to pair by BT. Press button on top, flashes rapidly. Do a Bluetooth search on myAsus ZenFone 7 Pro and Wife's S21 Ultra and it doesn't appear. Gone in the trash in minutes. Buy a Sensibo, they *just work*.
Ufos Nexus 4
Jun 23, 2021
Where's the dark mode you bloody aholes?! Recently white-washed. Even the dev option of android "force dark" doesn't help. Blasts my eyes out at night, even though I already have the lowest brightness level of the display. Savages, plz roll back. .... Oh my, now also the only sensor I had dissapeared from the app. Jeez, it cannot do the most basic stuff. I don't envy people who use it to control their smart homes.
Jun 21, 2021
Reply to Switchbot: Not a mail issue. App login and creation goes to a never ending looping video on Android version. REVIEW: New owner. Android app doesn't work at all. Fortunately I have an iPhone too, and it was easy. Sad that this android app can't create accounts or login. Fire your android app maker and get your iOS app maker to build one for Android.
jonathan maderer
Jun 21, 2021
Well, your email system aint working! I need to create an account to register and activate my account but GMX does not work i do not get any email and testet it with two mail accounts! And yes i checked the spam folder.
Richie Baldock
Jun 18, 2021
Hardware is let down by a very poor app and support. I use a bot in custom mode and once the bot is told to be on there is no way to stop the action apart from taking the battery out. Then it's responsive again. The bots often disappear from the app. Force close and then reopen is the only option. I've reported these bugs via the app feedback and zero response. Until these bugs are resolved the bots are useless for my requirement.
Mike Jandebeur
Jun 15, 2021
I now have a 12 ft curtain controlled by voice. And am working on using the hub to run the stereo and other remote controlled boxes. Nice. Little pricey but it simply works.
Jun 9, 2021
I bought this to monitor my sons room temperature. Specifically in the summer when the temp can change throughout the night. I wanted to use the notification alarm. I've set the parameters, all notifications are allowed both in app and phone settings and it has never worked. I've paid 16 quid for something that just gives me the ability to read the temperature whilst in another room of my house. Not what I paid for. Very dissapointed.
Alan MacGillivray
Jun 7, 2021
Was working great until recent update, now causing problems, have emailed support who don't seem to read the emails as they keep telling me to update the hub firmware despite me telling them that the app does not allow you to update the firmware in the way they are telling me to. . . . Updated to reply to wonderlabs reply--- Your newest version of the app doesn't allow you to update the firmware to the newest version of the firmware
Yun Harla
Jun 3, 2021
need an offline mode where our devices are still around and controllable from app! otherwise when aws is down or whatever reason, unable to sign in, list of devices go empty and all's lost.
Caleb Khaw
Jun 2, 2021
Doesn't connect to the switch bot at all [Update] , I found out that it only connects if you have the GPS turned on when using the app. I don't think we need Bluetooth.
Amol Pophale
Jun 1, 2021
Manual operations works great but scenes doesn't work always. If you go to scene and just hit save then it works. UPDATE - I sent feedback via app and now scenes are working fine. Not sure if it is coincidence or something has been fixed :-) UPDATE - With recent firmware update it stopped working. So unpredictable.
Oliver Li
May 14, 2021
Controlling the switchbot directly from phone works fine, but that's it. The tutorial tells you to enable cloud service in switch bot settings to use it with Alexa. However, there is no cloud service settings in the device settings! If I delete the hub mini the cloud service tab shows up, but I can't enable it because "no hub found". If I add the hub back that tab magically disappears again. Great. Update: the cloud service tab finally showed up after stopping and relaunching the app many times
Martijn de Bie
May 8, 2021
Edit: I was unable to pair my CurtainBot as there was a loading icon next to the "Next" button in the app which did not disappear, and I was unable to pair the device. I have since received support via email. They recommend restarting the CurtainBot by holding the button on it for 45s. This fixed my problem; it now showed up in the app as a bluetooth device and I could pair it. The bot barely has enough power to open/close the curtains though.
Karl Brodie
May 8, 2021
It's awful, trying to calibrate it makes you want to throw it away . When ever it goes to the right it doesn't stop even though the curtain is open or closed depend on which way you choose the curtain to open . Then going left it stops after moving about 12 Inches. Even though you calibrated it it's not worth £85
ho pan cheng
Apr 28, 2021
It was working fine and I set a scheduled. Now I can't change the schedule of it. At least give us a choice to use the previous version.
Brian Proietti
Apr 27, 2021
Cannot pair anything. The Next button doesnt work and just continuously has a loading circle spinning. I have the curtain and remote and cant get them set up
Daniel Pauley
Apr 23, 2021
VERY inconsistent smart curtains. Half the time only one of two paired curtains will open (especially w/ scenes), silent mode is useless - doesn't move curtains at all, over time curtains don't open or close fully (will change what is considered fully opened & closed requiring frequent calibration which is very annoying), the curtains are very loud, super expensive even with Black Friday sale - probably twice the price they should be, voice commands often fail or just one opens. Do not recommend
Apr 23, 2021
How can I get the 2min data frequency using hub as I am doing without a hub.? Without hub it is not working every time to synchronize. I have to try up to 10-15 times in order to have the synchronisation starting
ocean x
Apr 21, 2021
Once you login to account, you will not be able to set scheduler for switchbot. Which is bizzare and took me a while to figure out after decided to logout test. When you change phone and when switchbot run out of battery, it may stop working completely. Need to change battery then setup scheduler again with switchbot app "without" log in. Just click on the detected bot in the home page. Log into account is meant for remote operations i believe which requires a bluetooth to wifi hub to setup.
Faisal Ali
Apr 20, 2021
The app was working fine for the last 3 weeks and today when i open it, it doesn't show the curtain icon or anything. Is anyone else having these problems? Thank god i didnt order any more of these.
Ann Wlodarczyk
Apr 19, 2021
I use it for humidifier and I'm happy with it. My only wish is for it to remember my favourite humidity level when I switch to Auto mode (it's set to 60% by default and everytime I switch to Auto I have to change it from this 60 to my desired level).
Patrick Miller
Apr 8, 2021
The app is horrible. I can't login to the account I set up. I can access the website just fine. But the app is no good. When I try to click "forgot password" the app thinks I am trying to log me in and then locks up after exceeding the amount of attempts. Not to mention wifi needs a special hub.
Juliet Nice
Apr 1, 2021
Seems to work. I'd prefer it if you could rearrange or delete buttons so they more matched the actual remote layout.
Keith Richards
Mar 31, 2021
Used to work.... The app used to work brilliantly until this update. Now I cannot use the app to switch my bot on or off. Schedules still work so it's definitely a problem with the app. Every time I try and switch it on / off I just get the message that it can't connect. Very disappointed.
Oğuz Yıldız
Mar 29, 2021
Great app but taking off 2 stars because: 1- they forgot to add widgets for curtain bots (preferably 1x1). You do have widgets for scenes but I can't create scene without a hub, which shouldn't be necessary for widget activation. Seems like an oversight. 2- keeps randomly logging me out. I'll gladly update my review if these were fixed but it's been quite a while since I reported #2
Sainath Amirineni
Mar 25, 2021
Meter shows data only once in a while. Please fix this. I can only see the meters data only 1 out of 20 times I try. I like your products but, this bug is very irritating.
Pilić Pretilić
Mar 13, 2021
For the curtains: it works well with the remote and hub via app but integration with Alexa isn't the best. It worked for a day and then stopped. I guess i would need to reinstall everything and would work again but it's not a simple and quick proces. It lacks the sunrise-sunset option. The built-in light sensor in my setup detects the same light from street lamps as from sun. Touch&go works flawlessly for both opening and closing. Works well with IKEA rods (both thin and thick) and curtains.
Gabor Biro
Mar 7, 2021
Widget doesn't work. I added a curtain, opening/closing works fine from the app but when I try to add a widget to my home screen, it says "No device...". Please fix!
Rod RodI
Mar 7, 2021
Signed up on web, won't allow me in on app, tells me to reset password, says username/client ID combination not found, ci literally set this up 5 minutes ago......? Fix this if you want people to keep buying your stuff.
joren losfeld
Mar 1, 2021
Just installed three curtains with remotes and mini hub. But I am not able to connect to google home... Google home allows me to choose switchbot smart, but nothing else happens and it just returns to the previous screen
Alexis Minifie
Feb 28, 2021
I've bought 2 & both will not be recognized by the app. I've tried removing it & re installing it & still doesn't work. Really frustrating. I'll be returning it
Mark Rear
Feb 16, 2021
I am using the app for my switchbot hygrometer on an android system. The app seems to be very slow to react to my screen taps and presses. Changing between monthly, weekly or daily seems to confuse the app. Pressing a point on the graph also seems to be very tempremental sometimes it shows you the data from the point that you pressed and other times not. A better way to browse the graph daya would be a nuce improvement.
Allan Muir
Feb 11, 2021
App has all features for temperature monitoring. But is very unresponsive to touchscreen. Also no longer stays logged in, so startup is frustrating every time I use it.
Neoprophet 13
Feb 10, 2021
After 1 use it was ok, but when I tried to use it again, although the bot was visible, it didnt connect with it. When I tried to reinstall the bot It couldn't find it at all! Troubleshooting suggested to reinstall the app (!) and didn't work either. Really diasapointed
Feb 8, 2021
After the latest update, the connection with the curtains and Alexa is wrong. This connection always is down. But this app and devices are good. I hope that we can use curtains again.
Feb 1, 2021
We use the switchbot curtain. And while it is a super cool thing which really works well, the app is the big downside. It looks great and has a lot of functionalities. But as well a lot of bugs. You cannot count how many problems appear with the app. Sometimes it doesn't find devices, often it is super slow and has connectivity issues, sometimes Alexa can find some but not all devices, sometimes you cannot configure the devices anymore and often the problems are quite persisting.
Mike Galvez
Feb 1, 2021
The app update rendered my bot useless. I'm unable to re connect it. The app only applies to their latest products. Pretty chickenshit if you ask me. I'll be looking for another product...
Jan 25, 2021
Sometimes the hub is offline itself. I have to exit the app and enter again, sometimes logging out. I have to log in again I recommend that you make the device able to be shared with other users like August door lock. now I can't control switchbot curtain in smartthings app
Paul L
Jan 24, 2021
Don't mind the UI as much as other recent reviews but the Bluetooth sync time is so slow for meters now it's nearly real time. Don't know how they've managed to mess that up.
jamie sharpe
Jan 23, 2021
Android app can't find the switch bot but Bluetooth can. Works fine on iPhone using an older software version. Will be returning to amazon if not fixed soon.
Ryan Hunsaker
Jan 18, 2021
I would like to give this a better review because i love all of the functions this serves but it only works right some of the time. I have constant connectivity issues and scenes choose to work when they want mainly because of constant updates. Also if your internet goes down or the Amazon servers go down you are left with devices that even though they are on the same wifi network CANNOT communicate with one another. Customer service is ok if you like waiting for a response at 2am.
Sean OConnell
Jan 17, 2021
Why does this app not tell me when the switch has been activated or let me pick a status color. I dont know if I'm turning this on or off it it's in another room.
Tang korben
Jan 17, 2021
Totally cannot connect on an android device as soon as iphone in the proximity. Glad we didn't invest too much on the produce.
Martin Hunter
Jan 15, 2021
Was the most amazing device I had until the app update. Worked great for a year now the app doesn't recognise the switchbot and I can't switch it on. Why change what was a perfectly functional UI? Severely disappointed you broke something which was working absolutely fine. I'll update my review when you fix this show-stopping problem and revert back to the previous app.
Lupemls F
Jan 15, 2021
New update seems to have made the switchbot not respond to the app consistently. I'd have to try multiple times before it actually decides to work. Edit: they've since updated again, and now seems to be as responsive as it used to be.
Harry D
Jan 13, 2021
Awful, it keeps going in the opposite direction and when you move it to the other side so it's the correct direction, it still goes in the wrong direction. Then when you finally give up and say OK, closed will mean open and open will mean closed, it says, calibration error and doesn't move. Extremely frustrating.
Chris Kosinski
Jan 12, 2021
After last update, app is horrible. Hard to read, bluetooth sync works extremally slow. It takes hours to sync days of data. I thought it is matter of range, but even at 4 feet from the sensor, transfer is extremally slow. Previous version was just fine.
Denise Blanco
Jan 9, 2021
The new UI for the app is terrible! I loved the device so much that I purchased a second one for my son's room shortly before the update and regret it so much. I wish they'd roll back the app update. The icons are tiny and require surgical precision to select. I imagine a designer on a large desktop designed this with little regard for actual users trying to use the app on a tiny phone screen.
tek fudu
Jan 9, 2021
Bad New UI. I want the previous UI back. I can't read the info in the Home page. I should be able to read everything at a glance. The font is too freaking small. And I wan to see the graph in just one click. Horrible horrible horrible design...
Frank Zottola
Jan 4, 2021
App does what it is supposed to. Controlles switch bot devices. I use it with the switch bot and the meter.
David S
Jan 3, 2021
Just upgraded to V5.0.2 and it's horrible. Half my meters won't respond any more, and the font is so tiny I can't read it. Please fix this! Old interface was MUCH better.
Adrián Salgueiro
Jan 3, 2021
UI completely unresponsive since last update. Missing previously detected bots. Now forces you to login.
William Pritchard
Jan 2, 2021
New update makes the switch bots harder to use, could just tap and it would activate now another window pops up making it more difficult to operate multiple switch bot's in quick succession.
Andrew Rix
Jan 2, 2021
I am no longer see the temperature/humidity graphs since the update making the devices pretty useless. Please reinstate this feature.
Dec 31, 2020
I love my SwitchBot but I'm not happy with this new update, I can barely see the 'temp & RH' as the text is so tiny. Please roll update back or at least make the font as large as it was before update, thanks in advance xxx
Alon Lavi
Dec 29, 2020
I've bought 2 SwtichBot bots for controlling the air conditioners in my appartment, which do not have an option for a remote control (no IR / RF / etc.), and I LOVE IT!!! The only bad thing is that it's not shipped to Israel :( I managed to buy it only through Amazon.
Mateusz Zolnierczyk
Dec 28, 2020
App well designed. Cloud access for individual devices. Control possible via phone BT and cloud. Hub comes with interesting IR functions and API will be available soon. They suffered a couple of days downtime recently but BT functions were working and users were notified about the issues via app.
Charles Evans
Dec 27, 2020
Terrible app for a terrible product. It doesn't work with most items in your home and their servers are down almost all the time. You're better off using a remote than bothering with this junk.
Dec 24, 2020
I've seen the rave reviews on YouTube. So I thought? Hey why not not give it a try. I'm using a few other brands of smart switches and apps. Switchbot products are the worst that I've came across. Thankfully I only bought the hub and the switch. Won't be buying anymore of their products. The apps itself is crappy.
Paul Owen
Dec 7, 2020
Since their servers went down about a week ago I now have to log out and back in every time I want to see the temperature in my garage. It won't show me on the screen, yet alexa still shows it me from the same device.. very buggy app and products so far. Edit. A month later, still doesn't work great. Always losing connection
Daniel Cox
Dec 2, 2020
Just Okay. I'm not blown away but it does basically what you expect. The app worked for me fine though the widgets don't. I really hope they fix the widgets as that would be the most useful part of this whole system.
Arjen K.
Nov 25, 2020
Movement of the curtain cannot be stopped during calibration verification, which is a problem if the device get stuck, which it did many times for me while tweaking the install. There should also be a way it fix small alignment issues without full recalibration. Comms with hub fails often, which manifests through cryptic messages throughout the app that imply something entirely different is wrong. App should force keep screen on during calibration to prevent it from failing.
CJ _War
Nov 16, 2020
All the basic functions are there but it's all a bit amateur. The devices can't be reordered in the app, which is inconvenient at best. I need to put certain devices at the top but it's all in order installed. As I said, amateur
Damon Jones
Oct 29, 2020
Terrible account management. You have to create seperate accounts on the website and app for no reason... Support staff lack the ability to read and understand simple messages. Reporting bugs spams users emails and opens a support ticket even though the option to ask a question and get help is seperate. Also slow switch response times when sending commands via a hub.
Daniel Wadsworth
Oct 21, 2020
Works very well. Kind of a mild pain to connect to Alexa. I wanted to use this for Christmas Tree lights to change the mode. It requires pushing the same button several times. Is there a feature to have it press multiple times (like 3 or 4) at a specific time?
Hafiz Osni
Oct 17, 2020
Love the smart or curtains. Works like a charm. If possible do include controls for open from middle. Thereafter I'm still able to control to open/close the left or right side of the curtain. For now it's unable to do that, it'll open both together Thanks! 👍🏼
Nigel Kitts
Oct 17, 2020
Promising device but lacks support for my devices (Samsung 8000 series TV, Majority hifi reciever, jvc sound bar etc). Would give high scores if I can get it to work with everything
Peter Zunitch
Oct 15, 2020
There are some blatant functionality/instructional holes here. They ability to switch between long press and short press is essential in some cases. However you MUST be within bluetooth range to change the mode. You cant do it via cloud app. That's silly. I'd say check the fine print but for things like this there isn't any. Also know that the app email and password doesn't work for logging into the website support center. Also no desktop app. :(
Sep 23, 2020
I cannot link to google app. Using switchbot app it works. I go into google to setup. Choose linked device option under works with google. Choose switchbot smart, login/sign in. Then message says signing in, then another message linking. Then the page jumps back to setup. I cannot choose the switchbot at all to add to my home. Any ideas?
Ken Price
Sep 21, 2020
The hub does not offer delays between steps in a scene. This makes IR control of things like TVs much less useful since most TVs take time to turn on and receive IR signals. Seems like something simple to add. I asked about several months ago, still not added. Competitor TuyaSmart has delays.
Jul 7, 2020
Never down loaded.... Never connected to phone there Bluetooth.... Very bad instructions..... On remote had to take cover of and still did not connected
Alicia Sykes
Jun 30, 2020
The temperature module works really well, and has all essential features. The main SwitchBot usually works fine, but can be unintuitive or slow to use sometimes. I really wish it allowed for better control of the RGB lighting of the SwitchBot Hub. Not all devices you'd expect to be supported work, although this may not be SwitchBot's fault. Overall, it's a good app and a good product, not perfect, but usually gets the job done.
Simon Zapata
Jun 25, 2020
As per someone else, app no longer working on S20. Have sent report from app. Will load older version from old phone, S9, that still works.
Steven Thornton
Jun 7, 2020
Awkward to use and keeps freezing. Works barely ever would not reccomend buy a smart rail costs more but worth it.
Anonymous User
Apr 19, 2020
Two MAIN issues: 1) The "press" mode worked properly only the first time. As soon as I tried the "switch" mode (which also worked fine) and went back to "press" mode, it automatically pulls back even if the timer is set to 0 seconds. The timer gives us the option to press for 60 secs max, which also works fine, but I need it to stay pressed until I press the off/on button myself, an option I no longer have. 2) There should be bigger disclaimer saying that you need a HUB to make it work w/ Alexa
Anonymous User
Mar 1, 2020
The device is probably good, but like others you sign up, it requires a confirmation code that doesn't! There is no way to contact them. So basically you paid for something you cannot use. It turns out they throw a bunch of text in the confirmation email that steers it right into the spam folder. Once you get that figured out you sign up and can find your product. The interface was pretty primative.
Anonymous User
Jan 22, 2020
I paid for their hardware but it doesn't work without this app. And this app is not working without an account and the account needs a code that I never received even after a dosen trying. What a scam! I will have to send the hardware back hoping that I will recuperate my money.
Anonymous User
Jan 17, 2020
Works. Some issues. 1. Signing up for an account shouldn't be necessary when using the temp meter stand alone (comp love data mining, but no one is unhackable). 2. My unit is creating duplicate time stamp data readings **Just within the first 10 mins, seems to be normal now**. 3. Even though the temp meter unit is set to °F, the data in the CSV file is in °C (not a huge issue, F = (C*9/5)+32, just annoying). 4. Not able to save CSV file locally on device (easily), app makes you email/cloud it.
Anonymous User
Nov 17, 2019
The app is good but it's not that smart at recognising brands/models automatically so it takes a little bit of extra effort to set up.
Anonymous User
Nov 16, 2019
The app is good but it's not that smart at recognising brands/models automatically so it takes a little bit of extra effort to set up.
Anonymous User
Nov 15, 2019
The app quickly walked through what needed to be done to link it to my WiFi and then set it up for my particular LG mini split. I have full control of the mini split from my phone from anywhere, exactly what I needed.
Anonymous User
Nov 15, 2019
It was easy to add my TV IR remote to the app. I can control the TV (mainly power, volume up/down and mute) from the app and with Alexa through the Echo.
Anonymous User
Nov 15, 2019
It was easy to add my TV IR remote to the app. I can control the TV (mainly power, volume up/down and mute) from the app and with Alexa through the Echo.
Anonymous User
Nov 15, 2019
Integration with Alexa is very good, you can even map custom appliances to Alexa, and the IR control with learning option is a great plus.
Anonymous User
Nov 15, 2019
The app isnt the most beautiful and intuitive one I’ve seen, but it does the job and seems to be stable.
Anonymous User
Nov 4, 2019
I find that the arm is too weak to press or pull most of my switches. Moreover, the padding on the pulling sticker prevents the arm from applied enough pressure on the light switch. Lastly, only 5 timer slots is far too little, and, they should come in even numbers. Otherwise you cannot close the on-off circuit.
Anonymous User
Nov 4, 2019
Useful smart switch. Easy setup. Took 2 mins to setup the hub with the switch. Used it to turn on and off for my non smart light switch. App interface is very minimal. Which I like.
Anonymous User
Nov 2, 2019
Unable to get this to work my Samsung TV, the smart learning feature dose not work correctly & the ones that do work do not correspond to the button's in the app the rest do nothing. I also tried getting the Mini Hub to learn from my TV remote, but it keeps saying it learnt the code but dose nothing when I try testing it in app. I can't really say anything good, about the mini hub or this app, I probably will send the hub back. Shame I had high hopes but it's simply just doesn't work.
Anonymous User
Nov 2, 2019
Good app so far, but it is really frustrating that the graphs for the temperature and humidity meter don't have graduations and scale labels on the Y axis. (Unless i can configure this somehow?)
Anonymous User
Oct 19, 2019
Not a bad device as far as I can see. I'm very disappointed that I cant download any of the data. I have tried contacting the feedback team, they got back to me pretty quick but the answers I'm getting are not solving the problem. To me it just looks like a rubbish app in many ways. I'm disappointed
Anonymous User
Sep 30, 2019
Unable to setup a scene. It only allows you to select a condition, but not an action. The app doesn't look anything like the screen shots.
Anonymous User
Sep 26, 2019
Why do you need all of those permissions to turn a switch on and off. Rediculas! Edit: I understand the blutooth but why do you need to know my location? Record audio? View network connections? Read and modify sd card? Have full network access? View my wi-fi connections? Change my audio settings? Run at startup? None of these have anything to do with operating a switch that turns on and off.
Anonymous User
Aug 29, 2019
Very useful product at a good price point. One feature I would like is to be able to customize automatic hold time beyond 60 seconds. My application has longer, custom hold time requirements.
Anonymous User
Jun 22, 2019
Can't get this to work with my Frigidaire AC unit that has a IR remote with many settings. Frigidaire isn't even listed under their Air Conditioners! They've only been around forever so that's a huge let down. All i can do is turn it on and off by doing the manual didn't find my device, of which i tried for over an hour different angles with the remote, distance ect. Seriously this is the ONLY reason i got the thing!! Also my app looks NOTHING like this. Alexa wont accept my acct info to work. 😡
Anonymous User
Apr 27, 2019
I have been using switches, hub, hub plus through kick starter and a full product set. No issues at all with amazon echo as well. Makes my life simple. Love it. Looking forward a app on gear s3 watch.
Anonymous User
Feb 26, 2019
App is adequate for controlling my air conditioner and TV. However, I wish there are more features such as creating customised chained commands (e.g. Lowering my TV brightness through a set of button presses; basically schedule but ready to be executed at any moment), another possible feature is that an android widget can be created that directly brings the user to the controls for an appliance.
Anonymous User
Dec 13, 2018
Simple UI & super easy to set up. A dark theme would be nice. DEFINITELY NEEDS A WIDGET for easy one button push operation. A serious app flaw imo.
Anonymous User
Nov 22, 2018
This app, and the device, simply don't work. The adhesive isn't strong enough and the switch actuator pushes too hard so it always immediately falls off the switch plate.
Anonymous User
Nov 20, 2018
After the most recent update unable to pick up the switchbot via bluetooth, have tried everything. Unsure why an update made things worse but now this switchbot is a useless paper weight. WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN!
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