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Miia :D
Jun 7, 2022
It's decent, for mobile it's kinda what you'd expect. A big problem I have with it is once you select a layout you can't change it, I particularly don't like this because I'm new to this app and I'm trying out new layouts. 7.5/10
Jun 5, 2022
Actually it is one of the best applications to transmit, but I would like that the "chat bubble" had some functions such as: mute the microphone, some way to cover the screen if there is something that should not show or in this same bubble to be able to edit the layers, in addition to being able to write in the chat through this bubble and that not only to read the chat and also to avoid those who do so broad broadcasts, have difficulties. I hope you read my opinion and add something from this
Jun 5, 2022
Great app, but in the middle of my livestream it became muted and I don't know how to Fix it, even if I mute and unmuted it. No choice but to end the livestream 😢😢😢
Steve Boston
Jun 4, 2022
Fold 3 user been paying for prime for a while and none of the layers actually work the only layer that works is the boarder.
Reesi Luvs Fashion
Jun 3, 2022
I only gave 3 stars because I paid for the monthly subscription and it will not allow me to use the prime benefits that comes with the subscriptions, it's so frustrating and annoying! Please fix it.
J's Chaseventures
Jun 2, 2022
it works but only when it wants to. it constantly fails to go live,( i have to redo everything (EVERYTIME) to get it to work). that is horrible when i have to go live in the heat of the moment. (im a spotter/chaser) btw. its easy to use but still sucks.
Artzler x
Jun 1, 2022
The app is extremely buggy and 98% of the features are fully broken to the point they don't work at all. I was even considering to get prime but if most of the overlays don't work AT ALL properly and the themes are completely broken and do not function or work AT ALL. Going back to using the actual twitch app to stream since it's far more reliable.
May 30, 2022
Please fix the app when you stream on the app and go to close it the app continues to run so users are having to force stop it please fix
speeddemon gaming
May 28, 2022
When I tried to use this app on my computer it's buggy as heck It's constantly skipping frames and it makes it very hard to stream over all. Once I streamed for a whole 2 hours and it only caught about 30 minutes of it and as you could guess I was not very happy. I would actually give it 0 stars if I could.
Albert Mulia
May 27, 2022
I had a bug actually since I cant see the streamlabs UI during live streaming, and worse there is an invicible thing that blocked my screen coming from the app if I allow draw overlay on top. But once I disabled it, all smooth. I like the quality produced by streamlabs. Thank you!
May 24, 2022
Very good app compared to others but I found a bug that is when u start a scheduled stream the quality is fixed at 240p on YouTube that's a bit Annoying and it is stopping me from using this pls fix this so I can delete turnip :)
May 19, 2022
Crashes every time I hit go live. Trying to use an ayn Odin to stream and can't get past the permission to stream on twitch without the app closing completely.
PopTart Kittenz
May 19, 2022
I really like how I can use the same configuration at home as well as on the go, or a different one and it doesn't get mixed up :)
Kory Kapp
May 18, 2022
Is there something I'm doing wrong here, or does this just not work for my computer? I have a capture card, from what I can tell is set up correctly, but I can't seem to get anything to work. It won't work with my twitch account. I'm using a Yoga Chromebook, but I'm assuming since I was able to get the app, I should be able to use it. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
Valdor Fox
May 16, 2022
On the Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA, this app will not stay running. When it does decide to work, the stream starts with the audio muted and is very difficult to work with. I hope they release a fix for this bug.
Fantasy girl
May 16, 2022
Well, after I go live and listen to my video on youTube, I can't hear anything. My audio was not muted though
D j
May 14, 2022
not streaming always send me out very big bug problem please solve fast i am not able to stream propwrly plzzzzzzzz do something Now url not work properly please solve bug
Dr. Pepddr
May 11, 2022
Was incredibly slow and laggy, and then crashed. I opened it up for the first time, and it was very slow, and lagged my computer. I restarted my computer to try and fix this, but when I reopened the app it immediately crashed. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it crashed upon startup still. I do not reccomend.
Bryan Jayson Malto
May 11, 2022
Hi! I need update for this app. The app is great and i love using this app but i have problem when i start stream that set with microphone the game microphone they not hear me can you fix that problem? I want to interact with my viewers also my teammates atthe same time in every game i play while streaming using this app
Ben Gamer
May 11, 2022
It would be nice if there was a feature where you could choose if you want to stream your screen or camera cause once you choose one you can't choose the other one
Sean Guthrie
May 11, 2022
It won't let me sync my tiktok to streamlabs, but it let's me sync everything else? please help me understand how to do this :)
Anonymous User
May 9, 2022
I cant live stream cause it says error go to draw on top to fix then i go to check and look it up and nothing is there
Dibyanshu Ranjan Mishra
May 5, 2022
After ending live streaming from this app . Whenever i open youtube i see my video is live and it is buffering. After ending it should be ended from youtube but no it is buffering
Detective Gangs
May 4, 2022
Very Best App For Streamers But ... One Problem Is That When We Add Link On Custom So It Block It For Our Facecam Or Any Thing ... Please Fix It
Stephen Wylie
May 1, 2022
WHY IS THERE A MUTE BUTTON RIGHT NEXT TO "Go Live" 😭 My video had no audio till a subscriber told me like 45 minutes into the stream! 🙄 At least if this button is gonna be RIGHT THERE, then make THE BIGGEST TOAST NOTIFICATION EVER that I've muted myself!!! 😡
Earl Alva
Apr 30, 2022
Spent ages trying to set up remote control, the button in the app just takes me to the download of the app that I had already downloaded. Waste of time.
Apr 29, 2022
Works fine but you can't tell if your recording your audio it doesn't say if have it muted or not befor you start a stream I had 2 streams that didn't record audio
Cyrus Blades
Apr 29, 2022
Doesn't work... it just puts my screen into an infinet loop and doesn't do anything else. I have to close it out before my computer crashes.
Briane Bueno
Apr 29, 2022
Good but not best. There are so many bugs, especially when I am trying to continue my livestream using another phpne, it will stack at 240p.
AKA Jahid Revolution
Apr 26, 2022
This is great app to stream smoothly but it has some bugs like connecting with Facebook and sometimes it doesn't show your page in connection because of that you can't start stream Fix these bugs
Sonu Bhawnani
Apr 25, 2022
Excellent app but there are bug like internal audio is not recording, and settings always hide by itself i have to clear data again & again, sometimes go live not working properly it goes live but it wont show any indication that it is live again i have to clear data & more problems but if solved this will be the best live streaming app
Apr 24, 2022
Good app but when I stream Call of duty mobile the center of my screen does not respond when streaming the game, I'd like to have that issue taken care of please.
Abuzar Rais
Apr 23, 2022
I have given one star because my experience was hilarious when I started streaming my first video my experience was good but when I saw the video in my YouTube channel then I realise that I had turned off the volume button but when I started streaming my second video and after finishing the streaming when I saw the video it was showing no voice but I check that my volume was full I just wanted to know that why this happend my entire 5 minutes and 41 seconds were wasted I want to know the answer
Seth Burrow
Apr 23, 2022
It's okay but I am supposed to do a Stream today and whenever I share my screen it starts making Like 50 screens after another I don't know if I'm using it wrong but please fix this it makes it hard to use
Burger Planet
Apr 21, 2022
No orientation lock. Audio goes out of sync after a few hours streaming. No display controls removal function. All of these functions used to work when this app was Bitstream. It has gotten even worse since Logitech purchased the app...
harri kridesh
Apr 18, 2022
The app is so good but need some features like mute and brb on floating window..those are the only drawbacks ..for everything we need to go to app back ..if these kind of features were added it's lit 🔥
Abraham Zepeta
Apr 16, 2022
This app is great. I mean it helps you stream efficiently, and you can create your own layouts! But Lately, for some random reason, whenever I stream, The Stream quality dropped from 720p to 240p and it's been like that for 2 whole months, I don't know how to fix this and if it will be fixed, for now. I might just switch to using my old mobile stream service.
X eЯa
Apr 16, 2022
Tired of paying for this and they don't have a record of account. Multiple times. The support is terrible. I'm trying to stream and send them receipts for my payment and they have no record... MULTIPLE MONTHS!! I don't want to wait a week for them to escalate a ticket. I pay for something, I expect to have access to it. I'm gonna try Prism Live. I want a refund. Also, the Merch looked nothing like the picture. Too dark to see image on the tshirts. Absolute ripoff to your subscribers and yourself
Apr 16, 2022
It's a really good streaming app, but I use a tablet and whenever I start a stream it sometimes says that it's not streaming but it is. Also whenever I go back and watch it, the sound to it is really glitchy.
Knight Kid
Apr 15, 2022
love this app better than streaming on the twitch app. 3 stars cause I need a lock for the screen because when I do bike rides it tends to rotate to portrait mode on all the bumps. maybe make it a landscape lock please 🙏?
Susanta Rakshit
Apr 13, 2022
Streamlab is recently not permitting login in YouTube for live streaming, it's showing error. Please fix this issue as fast as possible. New update version has some issue.kindly fix this bug and launch a new update.
Sanchari Das
Apr 13, 2022
Streamlab is recently not permitting login in YouTube for live streaming, it's showing 403 error. Please fix this issue as fast as possible
usama deshmukh
Apr 8, 2022
The best thing about Stream Lab mobile version is that it gives you best quality stream without even a single lag compared to omlet arcade and Turnip. But it is way behind in features compared to those two apps. Firstly you should add a floating icon like So that we don't have to go to app everytime between the stream to change anything or end the stream. Second and foremost important thing is that still your app doesn't allows to stream with both internal & external audio.
Prince Dumas
Apr 5, 2022
I paid for Prime membership and its telling me that I didn't. I can't use majority of the features that I'm paying for. I can't properly score the app cause the app is not working. I've unistalled and reinstalled and I get the same result. And when I go to the purchase screen it says I already purchased it. This is so disappointing and I may be asking for a refund.
Simply Nice
Apr 5, 2022
This app was one time good. Now this app is just bugging anymore. I found already so many issues in this app. There you spend 20$ a month for a app that is not working. Don't spend your money on this!
Apr 5, 2022
Streamlabs is not allowing the mic to be used by game when streaming ad selected imternal + mic as an audio option please fix
Revan Alucard
Apr 4, 2022
Used to work decently but everytime I attempt to connect to twitch it just spins and spins... sad 😔
General Lee
Mar 30, 2022
LOL this app is absolute GARBAGE. NO VOLUME CONTROLS? Streamlabs watermark on your screen, can't be removed. Can't turn on and off mic while streaming. Bitrate adjustments are bizarre. The widget gives you access to nothing but chat. You can't see your video from within the app. Set bitrate to max and it still pixelates. This is no better than the Twitch app mobile streaming and you don't need this whatsoever. It offers nothing and makes mobile streaming even worse. Uninstalled!
Steal Kids
Mar 30, 2022
The only way you can record is live, which isn't that helpful when you want to edit your videos. Of course on desktop, it's different. It's so complicated to record your screen, you have to download a new app, scan your QR code on your desktop for streamlabs, and then you can record. That's way to many steps can't there just be a record button?
peter young
Mar 28, 2022
This is truly the best mobile streaming app available right now. it's very powerfull and easy to use.
Azhar Mulla
Mar 27, 2022
Its a great app, but lately i am not able to stream more than 700kbps speed. Can you please help here.
4EveR AR
Mar 25, 2022
I keep trying to work with this app, but its just unreliable Rewards give error messages... purchases dont work. At this poinI might as well get a pirated version😒
Antta P
Mar 25, 2022
Horrible app that needs a lot of work. It only records 2 minutes before it needs to be restarted. Is this what is limited in the free version?
Manuel Miranda
Mar 23, 2022
very hard to find stuff to get it working. if I want to cast to YouTube from camera, doesnt say I have to have a upcoming event and then I can live stream. Also, after I click on the button to go live, the spinner just spins and disconnects. if someone can help fix and gimme a solution happy to change the rating.
Jon Jones
Mar 22, 2022
This is a very easy to use streaming app! I enjoy using it and will probably continue. The only thing is, it runs in the background and I can't close it. I use a galaxy and when I pull the notification bar down it says it's running. Sometimes I can close it from that pulldown bar, but the option seems to be gone. I have to Uninstall and reinstall every time I use it. Any ideas how to fix?
Mar 20, 2022
the 3.6 update is having major issues with audio and will not accept video resolution settings for scheduled streams but will if the stream is impromptu. if you don't have an galaxy s22 or iPhone with 5g the 3.6 will be problematic. you'd need to find the prior 3.5 version.
That Stupid Dawg
Mar 19, 2022
Everytime you update u delete all my details I have saved. Can't you maybe not do that. Can't you maybe make the android version just as good as the pc version
Mar 17, 2022
I love this app it's way better than most arcade because it doesn't take up much space. but the thing is I'd love to see the chat while I'm gaming/animating
Alex Drakara
Mar 17, 2022
Is really nice actually but themes cost a lot , still you can get two for free (I don't understand how it works tbh ) in my opinion is the best assistant for twitch
Terry Cee
Mar 16, 2022
There's should be a over lay where u can start recording already on a video and be able to click it again to have pause and stop options other than that really good
Amanda Jackson
Mar 11, 2022
Since last summer I've had nothing but problems. I have to close the twitch chat in order to click on anything, makes games freeze and some spots on the screen don't work with the app open. I have to end the stream constantly just to make progress in games and quickly restart the stream. I have a Samsung this needs to be fixed or I'll be looking into a new app to use. I left a review last year and a few months ago asking for help but the creators of this app never got back, very unprofessional.
Mar 9, 2022
cant even get passed the log in screen when i get the verification code and come back it freezes and i cant close the app i just have to wait a minute or 2 to let it crash
Mar 4, 2022
After spending a few hours working out the setting required for the quality I'm after I've very impressed with this app... It's a shame there isn't any recent videos showing the current version of the app as it been updated since the posted videos which makes it a little more difficult to find your way around.. but spend a few hours learning and it's well worth far this app is better than the standard YouTube live 👍👍
Feb 27, 2022
Thought it was cool at first, then I realized themes and other important features that are advertised in the description are locked behind a ridiculously overpriced monthly paywall. Pretty cool, highly appreciate that :)
Lily Cho
Feb 27, 2022
I cannot use it at all, I'm trying to stream my game but it stops after I hit live button. The error shows that screen capture revoke, I put all app permission to 'allow' but the app still not work. I tried to uninstall and install the app - app still not working. Log in and log out to app - still not working.
Feb 26, 2022
It used to work but since a more recent samsung software update it say failed to initialize audio source when i try to use internal audio and i hope they fix it soon as i can't stream any audio without using a mic now.
KuyaKen Channel
Feb 24, 2022
Very bad. The first time I used it, it was ok. The stream never disconnected. The next live stream I did, I was only able to stream like 2 mins and then it will disconnect. What's up with that? I use the mobile app. I can't find a fix to this problem.
Feb 22, 2022
This could be the best app for high quality streaming on Mobile! The only problem is that it has a lot of bugs and issues, such as: Alerts doesn't work properly, the layers always get stuck (e.g. the layers that show content through URLs in "/Custom Items>URL"), the stream gets muted sometimes, the screen capture freezes everytime (if you minimize the app, before starting the stream), all the redeemed rewards get reset and points are lost. And some other minor bugs. Hope you fix it.
coffee with Dr.
Feb 21, 2022
you are the best in stability overall all Android app but i can give you 3 star and I can give 4 star to PRISM LIVE STUDIO because in prism studio app i can use that app as OBS studio but i can't get benefit from your app. prism studio can't continue again with crash live stream but in Streamlab i can continue with crash stream please try to make your app like PRISM STUDIO app features like a PC streaming
TJ Hollis
Feb 20, 2022
Twitch chat bubble causes loss of control of the rest of the screen. Only way to stop app running in background is to force stop it. Watermark is hideously large.
Little Gamer Boy
Feb 19, 2022
Makes the middle of my screen unusable and when I change the size of my boxes in the editor map my text almost never scales to the box size amd just cuts the text off making everything unreadable unless the box is huge. I really want to like the app more but the bugs need to get fixed PLEASE 🙏!!!
Doby !
Feb 17, 2022
its so buggy- that by itself wouldnt make it a 1 star bc if u somehow manage to get the stuff setup it can be used- its that it screws up my whole phone with its bugs so i have to restart almost every time i try to use it. like the twitch chat option- every time it pops up i cant use any part of my screen until i destroy it the worst one though is it will just make the middle part of my screen randomly unusable- like a small part it in the middle of my screen wont take inputs, reset device fix
noel kenny
Feb 17, 2022
I have downloaded some junk in my time. This is one of them. Stay away. Try something else. Don't make a mistake like me thinking such a great company would have a product that worked and be worth buying premium. I applied for a refund after spending nearly a full day trying to make just one live stream work.
Kris Sekunda
Feb 17, 2022
A pretty nice app. It's hard to keep connecting it. But easy to use. Would give more stars if improved
Human Name
Feb 9, 2022
Deleted my custom overlay, locks me from selecting my channel name to stream to twitch behind their prime button. Forcing a subscription for a single stream service as I don't multi stream. It's BULLSH!T Now I can't stream at all and no longer wanna use this shoddy app. Also when designing overlay it doesn't match aspect ratios or anything. I had to basically go live to fix my overlay by looking at a second screen.
Nicholas Hester
Feb 9, 2022
Lots of bugs I don't want your dumb stream points. Chat freezes often. Donation ticker has been broken for months. Every update introduces more bugs. It's better than YouTube app but it's garbage overall
Grim _Scyter
Feb 9, 2022
THS APP IS GREAT.... But Samsung just rolled out a new UI and it's not allowing the app access to the microphone. And I'm not getting to log in into my Twitch
hairy vagina
Feb 6, 2022
This app use to work perfectly streaming no issues at all ... but then one day they add trovo app into the app and the stream will automatically stop going live after 30-60 mins streaming it would randomly crash ... fix it pls
Pietu Pohjalainen
Feb 4, 2022
Sony Xperia Pro. Not streaming from front, back, or external camera. Means the application does not just work. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 - starts streaming. This error is just in the Sony Xperia Pro.
x Emmet x
Jan 30, 2022
Can no longer stream at all on my Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - keep getting audio source errors no matter what I do, this app is no completely unusable for me. I'll up the rating when this issue is fixed.
Lucian Ndukaku Nwachukwu
Jan 29, 2022
Good App. But no Media control: like STOP, PAUSE & PLAY. The media keeps playing without control function. I reserve a better rating if fixed.
Vyn Vine
Jan 25, 2022
Lately, while streaming, you suddenly get this video codec error thing popup and then your stream dies. 😑 What happened streamlabs? You've been good for many months, what is this codec error that plagues you when you go live nowadays? Is there a way to uninstall recent updates?
Spre Playz
Jan 23, 2022
The program is great, the prime sub when used was great. Customer support and charging after you cancel prime is terrible. Paid for a year last year, haven't used it in the last 6 months, no time. So i cancelled the yearly renewal in december. yesterday they charged me 149 bucks for another year, and have ignored my support ticket, my email, my discord requests and my twitter tag. unfortunately my next step is a chargeback, and when i do that i will go back to the original obs.
Jan 22, 2022
Wasted my money to get multi platform. Only to find out internal audio does not transfer across android devices. So if you want to stream your twitch stream to YouTube, YouTube will hear nothing but the microphone in the device your using the app. That is useless for console gamers.
Vanessa Santos
Jan 19, 2022
Was working perfectly fine until last week, now it doesn't let me stream and just crashes whenever I try to.. really love the whole streamlabs thing but I can't make it work, please fix the app or contact me with some help..
Parikshit Nandre
Jan 17, 2022
Screen casting continues even after ending stream and there is no option to stop screen casting ot screen capture... each time i have to uninstall and install the app also there is an issu reguarding live chat if someone says hi in chat one time it appers here atleast 4 to 5 times
Jan 17, 2022
The app is deleting my redeems. I can't even activate disconnect protection but I redeemed it like 2 times. I beg you repair it.
Michael Thurman
Jan 15, 2022
So many bugs! I subscribed to Prime. Yet it tells me I have to subscribe when I try to use prime features. I literally subscribed today. It took my money but I can't use prime features!
DM Chris
Jan 15, 2022
This app used to work flawlessly. Now it has locked up twice giving my streams nothing but audio. Fix your garbage!
personal growth through Van Life
Dec 13, 2021
Didn't work first time go live, what a flop! Got me to be late on my love because the app couldn't connect to the live I schedule on youtube. I test run the app the day before and it worked but on the event day, it didn't work. I arranged gave away prize through the app, but since I couldn't stream it live, I couldn't run the give away, made me look so bad in front of my subscribers. Totally unreliable, would not at all recommend it, I'm gonna uninstall the app after leaving this review.
Noah Summerer
Dec 5, 2021
Don't get this on a Chromebook. Many features that I was looking for in a streaming software were not present on the Chromebook version of this software, such as window share. On top of that, I would not be able to go live at all, as Streamlabs would not connect to my Youtube channel properly. YT Studio with a capture card is far easier and more user friendly. 1 star.
Matt Burgoz
Dec 3, 2021
DO NOT USE!LET ALONE BUY!! 4 months using this app to stream youth football games from my Sony FX3 to my Xperia Pro on YT. The app never functioned consistently. Constantly had login issues. Asked for credentials all the time. Almost always crashed when you tried to launch the stream. The crashes happened so often I would spend up to 30 minutes restarting / reinstalling. Would start live streams on its own upon opening app. I gave it every chance. I feel robbed of my money. STAY AWAY.
Smitaba Jadeja
Nov 22, 2021
The app has alot of bugs. One I found the most annoying is that the mute button doesn't seem to be executing it's function. Whenver I click on the button it still plays audio of my mic in the stream. I tried adjusting the audio levels and put the microphone volume to 0. Then too! Mic audio on the stream. I will improve the rating once this us fixed. Looking forward.
Oct 31, 2021
I used to use this app as a camera and microphone for streamlabs on my computer about a year ago and it worked decently, save for the screen freezing every now and then. Here these last few weeks I've tried to come back to use it and nine times out of 10 the audio will not work despite checking and rechecking all of my settings and they are correct. I'm forced to go find another app because my audience cannot hear me. Oh, and the screen still freezes
Sep 6, 2021
Overall ive had a great streaming experience. I can stream a PS2 to my phone and use streamlabs to broadcast the gameplay. That being said the app is very glitchy with the overlays. The camera overlays are very sensitive and when you resize them the former size stays cropped under your new resized frame. I also have to constantly relaunch the app 1 or 2 times a session. This app has a huge potential to keep expanding and I will continue using it as a streaming standard Hope any of this helps
Mom & Trish
Aug 22, 2021
Edit: finally an internal audio setting but it's giving me a headache, permission to screencapture is always being revoked whenever I'm enabling the internal audio. It' so sad I will give 5 if it is for the stream quality, the video is awesome. I will give 1 star for the audio, very low sound volume that you cannot almost hear anything during game livestream. Hoping that you could have the update very soon with an INTERNAL AUDIO SETTING that is working. Thank you!
Joe Cipriani
Aug 7, 2021
I decided to give the app another go with a different device. Instead of using a Smart Phone, I decided to try out a Chromebook. I'm not sure if I will encounter the same issues on my Chromebook because I can't even get to the app's homescreen. It constantly sticks in "Streamlabs wants to share your entire screen" in an infinite loop. As soon as I choose it, it goes right back to it. Again, and again, and again.
T Bone
Jul 31, 2021
I prefer using this app over the Twitch app for streaming. I like adding overlays, but it's not perfect. It crashes occasionally and I randomly have no audio sometimes. Another issue is it forces me to sign out and back in to switch from gaming to IRL streaming and visa versa. That should be a choice when I go to stream, not when I log in. I do both. Also, I don't know what all those fields are for in the advanced overlay options. Plus it would be nice to be able to chat. I can see but not type.
The Predator Show
Jul 24, 2021
It's a little misleading, but I'm going to talk about the great qualities first Well for starters, it's smooth, and its easy to use. Chat overlay is in a not annoying spot, and you can turn it on and off. Although, it is very misleading, you cant actually do a screen record, if you choose normal camera. That's about it tho, but overall I probably wouldn't recommend it
Erika NekoArc
Jul 18, 2021
In the first 30 or so minutes, I've encountered several issues: Video capture crashes and refuses to work. Cannot exit out of app without force it to quit. Custom layouts will not save and will reset to default upon start. I love the PC version of the program, but having to deal with this many issues to start with is very fustrating
Dinesh D Gowda
Jul 13, 2021
Everything is good, I think it's almost the best streaming app. but there should be a remote control for mobile streams also. Because each a every time you can not go to the app to mute microphone. So, you can easily do stuff from another device. And also for the remote control (obs and mobile) there should be microphone option, show this particular layer to the stream, front and back camera swap and for the important features there should be a button. Pls add it
Jul 10, 2021
App seems to be rather intuitive, layers seem easy enough to edit/customize (to a degree). Have tried to use this to stream some mobile games, however all I get is the screen capture of the app itself regardless of what game I switch too. I rather miss the pc versions options of what to capture (not just "screen capture" or at least a way to check it mid-stream?
Prem Khot
Jul 6, 2021
App seems good. Can truly customise a lot of features. But there are some issues. 1) we cannot test and customise alerts without visiting streamlabs website. 2) stream labels are available but don't work. These are the main issues I have discovered. Other than that this is a really good app for streaming on a smartphone. Hope issues are solved in the next update.
Anthony Ignacio
Jul 6, 2021
The editor doesn't feel smooth to use. When adjusting the size of the layers it sometimes snaps to a higher size which limits the capability to do complex overlays. Although this is understandably mobile so it's limited. Requesting to add a layer "lock" toggle on the layer lists. Toggling the lock will prevent you from tapping on the layer while trying to adjust a smaller layer. Also sometimes the updated size doesn't reflect the image/preview unless exiting the editor and reentering
Elijah Bradley
Jun 29, 2021
This app is one of the best streaming apps if found on the app store. There are only a few things that I can complain about. As someone without a computer, I am unable to customize my alerts, and I think I should be able to do it here. The other bad thing is that when I end my stream, I can't seem to find it at my account. Otherwise, one of the best.
Jun 28, 2021
I use it for streaming my live performances and it takes great audio and video with my Google Pixel 3a phone. However, a number of times I've accidentally hit the mute button on the main screen, losing the audio on a few of my best performances. Please get rid of the mute audio shortcut or give an option to remove it. it's positioned in a place where it can be accidentally activated.
veda siva
Jun 14, 2021
Pretty good app. Only annoying thing was , I was able to stream with awesome video quality 😍 but when it comes to audio, my audio is audible in the stream and in game audio is audible in the stream as well but my voice is not being heard to my team mates. I guess it is not allowing the microphone to be accessed by the game. Please fix it or give me a solution and I will change it to 5 stars. Expecting a reply from you.
Louis Tilofa
Jun 8, 2021
Gracious 1 star. Just say it. This is NOT optimized for finger use. Not IMPOSSIBLE to get your layout going BUT... Element layers change on my screen for no reason. Editior doesn't seem to use the same ratio as preview, I'm micro nudging things than having to go back to check work for every change. Attempting to drag an element will begin resizing even at silly and unreasonable times. Must force close app ALWAYS. Battery Consumption/Temperature horrid. STRONGLY URGE USING TWITCH BUILT IN
Julius Dan Simon Hara
Jun 6, 2021
The app is great.I like streaming on it. But it definitely needs a better design and UI. I also notice that when Im streaming it isnt in full screen. It also runs on background even if I closed it. Kindly please fix it. Also I recommend an screen overlay access button so we could access chat and see our progress and gains just like in twitch mobile(the tiny circle like a messenger chat head).
Chagas- 普通话
May 30, 2021
That happened really fast! It's like u guys have been taking in consideration what we fans say, but I'm not sure. I wanna suggest smth : internal audio volume control. It lets us adjust perfectly how loud we want the internal audio to be — i assume u guys are already familiar with it). Also, I would LOOOOOVE if you guys added a feature that allows us to add background music (non copyrighted music ofc) and adjust the volume as well. Music shakes up the stream, big time!
D-Rock Anomaly
May 28, 2021
Works pretty damn good on lg velvet. The borders don't scale properly in playback when switching orientation. But are ok on stream at least. I did like a long 6 hour stream, took a subway and a bus. The app did fine. I suspect my phone carrier was responsible for a couple short drop outs. Uploading image layers is kinda janky. I had to upload it. Go to the menu and back to the stream window for them to appear All in all I was pretty happy with it. Quality was good, super chats working
Carlos Soto
May 27, 2021
I have been using this app's LAN Streaming option to capture my mobile gameplay and then send it over the local area network to streamlabs OBS on my PC. The update that happened on March 18th of 2021 broke the ability of LAN streaming to capture audio and send it. I have confirmed this that the latest version is the issue by downloading the previous version APK file 3.0.8-124. I can confirm that on that version audio is being captured as normal. Please look into this and fox ASAP!
Ralph Frampton
Apr 9, 2021
This app's functionality is inconsistent on my Samsung Galaxy S10. Sometimes it will work in whole or part and other times it just streams a previously captured static image. I tried experimenting with adding a text label and initially it worked for a few moments before the text disappeared from the screen never to be seen again during that stream (is that by design? hard to tell without adequate documentation).
Isabella Walsh
Apr 7, 2021
Its ok if you don't want to customize anything on your channel ie. themes. Everything is prime and it's pretty expensive considering you could literally use another app for free and get the things considered a luxury. Also you never can truly delete your account only disconnect it from the app your streaming from. Overall just go find another app that doesn't expect you to shell out 18.99 a month for mundane things.
Apr 7, 2021
Tried logging in 5 times - got the setup ready, and even gave access to the channel. But when I started streaming, nothing happened. I rechecked and saw that it was never logged in. Repeated the process over and over again and still the same output. Finally, moved to a different streaming platform. Although, for your pc version, I'd give it 4 stars, but for the mobile version, just 1, until you guys fix it.
Mar 30, 2021
small issue... I use a chromebook which allows me to download apps that would usually be used for a mobile device (and it lets me know when one of those apps can't be used on this device). So when I saw I could download Streamlabs, I was excited to think I could maybe try streaming from here and it look actually decent. However... Whenever I open the app, it immediately closes itself and won't load. Very disappointing since I had heard a lot of great things about using Streamlabs for Twitch.
Gareth H
Mar 29, 2021
After struggling to set up Streamlabs Deck and it failing to connect after hours troubbleshooting, I decided to go without it. I appreciate the overlay options provided. It makes the potential stream look more professional. That being said, pressing the button to "Go Live" doesn't actually do anything. It says it's live. I go to my linked Twitch channel. Nothing's happening. I have been trying to figure it out for a whole weekend with no progress. Not user friendly. Doesn't work.
Matthew Martin
Mar 11, 2021
Streaming my phone is great and all but a PC like experience would be better.I need to be able to stream separate windows for example and not my entire screen. (Edit: I found out half my problem was user error for going through the settings.) The other half is just not sharing my entire screen and being able to pick an app specifically to stream.
Rob Perry
Mar 9, 2021
This is an abysmally frustrating experience. Trying to do anything to any layer makes the app start freezing and lagging, or just crash completely. 10 minutes into running the app, and my phone is hot to the touch, without even using the camera. I can't change or even view anything without the whole app choking, while everything else on my phone runs fine. Galaxy S9 +
Chele Dove
Feb 28, 2021
For Iphone streaming it is a great experience, but on Android, it is a nightmare. I run a few accounts for a local sports club and I have an Android (though I have used others' Iphones to stream frequently), and have been using this app for a while. The newest updated CREATED bugs that force me to restart my phone all the time to capture video, and I have even had to uninstall and reinstall 2x this weekend during our regional tournament. I have missed many game starts.
Slender the Blender
Feb 24, 2021
It's a great app for streaming via mobile, but I would love it if there was an option to mute the mic but not the gameplay. I would do this by disabling the app permission to use my mic, but that prevents me from using the app. I want this feature because I want to stream Among Us, but I don't want to use my mic. There is a button which I thought was to turn off the mic, but it just outright mutes all audio. Thanks! :D
Feb 13, 2021
The alerts dont work. they dont show up on stream or anything. I went to my recent events on my pc and pressed the arrow circle button thing then it just played the sound over and over again. No picture. This app is beond useless and broken, and why do I have to press a button for alerts to show up? (If they worked) Just dont use this app. You are better off just using twitch or whatever.
Thomas Corriher
Jan 13, 2021
This app is awful. I purchased Prime days before going to live stream an event and give news commentary. When I got there, the app repeatedly logged me out. Do you know how hard it is to sign in, then verify your e-mail address in the middle of an event with an e-mailed code, and then re-add all of the overlays on the fly? Multiple times?! Moreover, on some of that footage, there's a Streamlabs logo in the top left - even though I paid to get rid of it. Yeah, you have to repeatedly restart the app to get rid of it, then sign back in (and redo your overlays and settings). That logo appears about half the time! I paid for this service, and it's awful. A day's worth of work was ruined because I relied on Streamlabs. Oh yeah, and the image overlays don't work either. Streamlabs refused to refund even after they were unable to fix any of these problems.
Dec 29, 2020
I would give it 3 and 1/2 if I could, but the reason I give it 3 is that because it instantly starts the stream when I press the schedule a event. Add some options like start stream when the game starts and it doesn't capture internal audio. Other options are perfectly working, well done 👍👍
Boris T
Dec 22, 2020
Horrible. Can't stream for more then 30 to 50 seconds before I lose connection. It never did this. And I saw theres a disconnect protection but you need prime for it. Cool of you to make something that makes the app actually usable locked behind a monthly subscription. Real cool streamlabs. Don't bother installing this. Waste of your time.
Mike Nguyen
Dec 19, 2020
New updates sucks. The UI is no longer intuitive. It takes multiple touches and swipes. Ridiculous that a title is required to proceed to stream. The number of viewers show zero always even though the YouTube Live stream has the correct number. This all needs to be fixed or reverted back. They must have gotten a new app designer that does not have the vision.
Robert Buenavides
Dec 7, 2020
Please fix the bug. I can't stream because the app always reconnecting even our wifi is in good connection and when I'm clicking the stop button, it won't stop, it stills run. The only thing I can do is to go to settings to force the app to stop. Even the other streamer experienced the bug. Please fix the problem. I love this app.
boyet tumanon
Dec 6, 2020
Request for the developers to add on the application: - Option for turning on a sound that is coming from the mobile device, and not just having the microphone option to just have a sound/s on the video. Btw, salute for the developers of this application! UI is perfect, 'cause it's more user friendly now.
Daimeon Wilmot
Dec 5, 2020
Guys please fix this app, I had to stop streaming on twitch a month ago but when I pull it up now the whole layout is different, and now when I go live, the display camera recording my phone will completely cut out making it impossible for me to stream at all, just go back to the way it was a month ago, this was the only app I could remotely stream on without something wierd happening and now I can't even do that! When you fix this I will update my review, but until then it's staying at a 1 star
Confetti Veda
Dec 5, 2020
I used this app every single week since April to stream a read along for my friends and fans of a certain game. The app updated and now I can't broadcast my screen anymore on my Android, completely destroying the experience. The new layout isn't very forgiving either, forcing me into vertical mode instead of horizontal.
Said Karlsson
Dec 4, 2020
Paying prime user here. Unable to connect to scheduled streams on YouTube after the update. The app detects the stream but when I click it I get asked to enter a name and description again, even those has already been set. Not even entering the same text again (which would been a huge pain) makes it possible to connect to the stream. Before the latest update these things worked fine.
Kantiok Felix
Nov 26, 2020
It's a great app for going live on mobile provided you are not trying to stream your gameplay, for that I would advise you find other apps, and it all has to do with the fact that it does not support internal audio recording, even though the option is now available on Android 10, I'm sure a lot of people who wants to stream their mobile gameplay on budget would really appreciate the option to capture both mic and internal audio, some apps already do it,so I'm pretty sure it's possible, thanks
Audary Smith
Nov 24, 2020
Can't use it after update. I'm on a lg stylo 5 and I have such a hard time using the app after the update. It's way slow to load anything and it freezes and kick me out. I try streaming and it keeps stopping. Was able to use it just fine before the recent revamp. Go back to the simple version, at least it worked.
Dan Lo Fat
Nov 20, 2020
Was good now getting "No biradcasts if this type", the hell????? All I find on the web to fix it is a bunch of Indians talking Pakistani - no clue. I also want to see automatic orientation switching on the ux without going to a menu. I'd like the app to save the YouTube account login AND twitch info so that I can switch back and forth without having to relogin each timer. PiP using both cams, positionable/switchable/transpentable.
Jacob Davis
Nov 17, 2020
What good is a streaming app if you can't edit the layout and add sources and widgets? The layout editor only saves the default stuff. And when you delete the widgets, you can't add them back at all! At least it works in streaming the video. But, to add insult to injury, I can't do a stream to local network devices, or at least the option isn't obvious.
Tom C
Nov 16, 2020
Used previous version of this app in the past without any issues, ever since the upgrade on my android phone the app does not work. My YouTube channel won't list the live stream and hence unable to share it with other people when I was attempting to stream a game. Horrible experience, looking for another alternative, possibly adding a hardware solution instead of a software platform. You would figured in these days all should be simplified and not make difficult. Do something to fix the bugs.🤬
Smoke and React
Nov 13, 2020
I love this app when it works, but the scene editor is broken to an extreme point. Pretty much anytime I close the app when I go back into editor it doesn't recognize any of the layers that exist, and when I try and add new ones itll appear on the list but not in the scene. The only way I can fix it is by logging out and back in, which I then have to get my email code and so on. Also even though I have prime the watermark randomly reappears and I have to logout log in. Please please fix the bug
Integration Baybars
Nov 13, 2020
About the recent update, it really went from a good experience to horrible one. The chatbox overlay is very iffy. The autoscroll is extremely annoying that it goes upwards instead of down! Also everytime you start a stream session, it does not remember your stream settings. You need to set your stream platform, the title of the stream and the played game again!! Please fix these. Ty ty
Mary Ng-Notton
Nov 7, 2020
A few things: 1. No internal audio option. You know we're using this on mobile and hands rub against the mic, right? Using headphones means basically no phone audio either. 2. It's actually kind of buggy. Sometimes it's able to see the screen and stream it, sometimes it's BSOD, especially after tinkering with the settings menu. 3. Wouldn't let you stream to YouTube probably because I don't have 1000 subscribers. But if I did, I wouldn't need this app to try and get around it. Uninstalled.
Nikolas Tigert
Nov 6, 2020
Trying it on chromebook because I want to be able to stream me and my friend's survival game in Minecraft. The apps biggest downfall is that it has no window capture, so on chromeOS laptops, you pretty much have no options. The lack of window capture means that you have to capture the entire screen, then the screen repeats, and OBS or worse, the chromebook completely crashes. I know that it's great software on the desktop app, but they aren't doing enough to justify chrome avaliability.
Merlyn White-Aldworth
Nov 4, 2020
I tested streaming from my phone and found that I could not add any of the items in the editor. I tried to add my camera and the screen of my phone, they showed in the list of items in the editor but there was nothing on the screen and they disappeared from the list once I press the checkmark in the top left. After I stopped the stream the app asked me to rate it. I gave one star but the app didn't do anything. It showed that I had pressed one star, but it didn't then submit it or move on. :'(
UnknownOne0731 Gaming
Nov 4, 2020
I used it to stream in facebook but it randomly stop. And sometimes my stream just freeze sometimes it randomly disconnect. Sometime my alert wont disappear in my screen so i have to remove it. Please fix the bugs. This app is one of the best streaming app. Lot of potential than omlet arcade. The goodside of omlet arcade is they are consistent in fixing the the bugs and problem
PAINguin God
Oct 26, 2020
Its sucks balls,the app doesn't even let my stream,and even when I can the bit rate sucks even at the lowest settings,and I stop a stream and the counter is still there,so just to remove it I need to exit the app twice or delete it just to get it out of my notifications. It's also super confusing and all my streams are unlisted and don't show up on my channels videos and live streams,so no one can see the stream,not even me if I want to re watch a second. Don't download this app,it sucks.
Raju Khan
Oct 24, 2020
Its a really good app. But I think it show have a floating icon. Also I don, t know why alerts are not showing for most of the time. Only sound is coming when someone like the video but text is not coming on the screen. I have checked all the setting and layers and the alerts appears somtimes only. But most of the time it does not come on the screen. Hope you will fix it soon.
Oct 23, 2020
My only problem is that the audio is so buzzy for some reason, the stream is fine (the video) but the audio is not, again, super buzzy/choppy, please fix that on the next update, I'd love to stream on my phone. I'll give this a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating if you do! (I've also seen some other reviews where they are having the same issue, so it's not my phone or anything, PLEASE FIX THAT! I BEG YOU!)
Falsehood B
Oct 19, 2020
On the computer, this works great. I've used OBS for months now. But on the phone, its terrible. Unable to stream mobile games no matter what I do, the audio is buzzy and the interface is far from user friendly. If your gonna use Streamlabs, keep it to the computer.
Airy Bot
Oct 14, 2020
It used to work, but not anymore. Doesn't work on my Note 9. The screen always layers itself in multiple screens. A terrible glitch. Shame I can't share the screenshot of the error. It's like a screen within a screen within a screen x1000 continuously.
Oct 7, 2020
Really awesome, except for a few things. 1. The quality of the streams are AWFUL, to the point where you can hardly tell what you're looking at. 2. Streamlabs randomly stops broadcasting for no reason. 3. On ocassion, Streamlabs completely bugs out my phone. Meaning I can't press on anything and my home button, back button etc. don't work. It also makes my phone completely shut down. Please fix these bugs/issues! I would love to be able to stream with little issue.
Shehin Sha
Oct 6, 2020
There is a problem with your application. Which is when I turn on voicechat in game,no audio will be captured and streamed...It works with every other recording and streaming application except streamlabs. Iam on android 10.and my device is capable of using one microphone on multiple softwares. It's streamlabs problem. Hope you guys fix it as soon as possible.. And the audio is so cracking and lagging.fix itt
Sep 28, 2020
It is good for streaming but there is a long standing demand of recording sound from bluetooth device. Although, option is there but it does not record sound from your bluetooth device when you go live from mobile on You Tube. Rest is fine and great. Please help on this issue.
Talon The Animator
Sep 27, 2020
I know that it works for some people which is the reason for 2 stars. But it never works for me. It always says "Unfortunatly, Streamlabs has stopped working" and closes me out every time. I've tried downloading multiple times. No luck. It's the same string of events: Enter my Gmail - It says to refresh - I do - I get to the part where I can choose what to show on screen(chat box , etc.), then it stops working. I try over and over but it always stops working.
Kevin Ahlenius
Sep 20, 2020
Great app! If you read the negative reviews, 9/10 it sounds like they either have 0 experience with an OBS or it's a problem on their end and not streamlabs. It seems maybe the developers could add some sort of support or tutorial menu. Unless there is one I'm unaware of. Also I just noticed mixer is still a platform on there. Should probably remover that!
Aug 29, 2020
This isn't a review I just need to get in contact with them because some stuff isn't working. Whenever I try to press the stream info pencil button it doesn't take me to the stream info it shows the animation of the button turning blue but never takes me to the name of the stream or anything it just stays like that.
Edward Roozeboom
Aug 22, 2020
Used this app to livestream an event to YouTube for more than 2 hours. Video quality is great and feedback on how many viewers are watching and what they're saying is really useful! However the audio seemed to crack sometimes, but isn't a real deal breaker. It does seem to have issues with keeping connected with Google, so after 45 mins or so it starts complaining about an invalid API key and credentials. This does not affect the stream fortunately, but the feedback on the video stops working.
Aug 20, 2020
I want to be able to stream with screen record and with my camera but it doesn't allow you to change that. I've tried everything. I would also like to be able to stream with screen record but with the mic on and the webcam on. It also doesn't let me change the title if I want to. It also needs a tutorial. Very confusing. Also when I press remote control it just takes me to a white screen and then right back where i was with no remote control. Please fix it.
Annie May D.
Aug 16, 2020
**to broadcast phone screen to twitch, go to menu at top left, click editor, you'll see boxes. Click on the right and the plus, add camera/ add screen. And bam!** I had to leave the beta program to comment. I really wish this would be seamless and easy. But it keeps freezing and the camera cuts out. I FINALLY found out how to broadcast my phone screen, along with my front/rear camera.
William Morrow
Jul 30, 2020
The app crashes continuously, causing my streams to loop, and you think I will pay a subscription EVERY month to remove the watermark on an app that barely works? Not only that, but chat and alerts will not draw over my screen. It makes it harder to read chat as I have to constantly look at a second screen on my phone to read what my viewers are saying.
Kak yogay
Jul 23, 2020
It just didn't work at all. Might have been the fact I'm on chromebook, but every time I tried to open it, it would send my to the first screen. It gave me the option to share my screen then send me to the main page. The next thing I know is the app freezes for about 30 seconds, then closes itself. I do try to close it while it's freezing but it doesn't respond. please fix it so it will work on chromebook because all I want is to record my podcast and go.
Jul 20, 2020
This is really a good application for live streaming but the problem is when we see our video it plays for 5 to 10 seconds and it stops. The other problem is 'Audio' we can hear a sort of sound even if we disable ' record stereo sound' the sound quality of our video is really worst in such a way that output audio rate is very low though input audio is high... Please streamlabs team please do fix these problem of audio and output video.. Developing team , please add 'noise cancellation'...
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash
Jul 12, 2020
This runs decently well, but when I stop a stream for later, and then I go back to it, the screen glitches to where it doesn't show my phone screen anymore. Also, I would like an explanation as to why my Discord call audio gets cut out, as well as my stream audio when I am in said call. Please help me. I know it works on pc, but it doesnt make sense as to why it doesn't work on mobile.
Mohd Reza
Jul 10, 2020
I’m testing out streaming gameplay from my phone but the alerts don’t work properly. Whenever I send a test alert from the website it plays for 5 seconds and then gets stuck on screen. I have set it to fade out after 10 seconds, but it doesn’t do that. I have tried reinstalling the app, logging in and out on both the app and on the website while also deleting and then re-adding the alert box widget in the app and the alert image and sound on the website. When I try to remove the alert box in
Jun 28, 2020
It was a good streaming app. So far, no problems while streaming. However, the only problem is that my custom widgets won't show up during the live stream. Alert box won't show up. I even fixed the layers in the editor. Please fix asap so I do not have to open my stream from another device just to see notifs and comments from my stream.
Konstantin Armankutsev
Jun 25, 2020
I don't really get how to stream sound from the phone not through the actually micro. I don't see any settings and buttons don't have hints. I still don't really understand what left button does. Since my phone has more power then laptop, this app really saves my ass, but points above made me kind of puzzled.
The Storms Cryomancer Gaming
Jun 17, 2020
Contacted the listed email for help, one of the devs gave me some advice for my problem, my screen record would only show a black screen. After trying what was suggested (clearing the data for the app, deleting & reinstalling) I went back in to see if my issues would be solved... Sadly though it didn't work. I'll probably get rid of this app until I see some positive improvements
Jun 8, 2020
Ever since the update, it won't let me stream properly. On twitch it only shows black screen and audio. Tried doing what one of devs adviced (uninstall - restart your phone - install again), it didn't help. Still black screen with just audio. But on the app itself it shows perfectly fine, can even see the chat and stuff. Please fix it!
Anjali Rana
Jun 2, 2020
Overall the application is too good. some problem which i am facing r :- 1. switching option option for tranfer from Facebook to YouTube and everytime when we switch from Facebook to YouTube or vice-versa we had to edit the layout again and again. 2. sound issue when we use this application we are not able to communicate with our teammates Although talking about the options provided they all are too good and useful. Hope so the update comes soon. by Anjali Rana Thank you
Jun 1, 2020
Whenever I start streaming, none of the widgets load, and the screen is usually black and not recording. When I put in a URL widget, it focuses on the bottom right corner of the site, not the center or the whole thing. I cant change it, and there isnt a crop tool. Its currently a buggy mess, but its the only streaming app I can find, so i have to deal with it. The overlays also dont show up on my screen unless I'm on the streamlabs app, so i dont see alerts or chat. Fix your app.
May 24, 2020
It's a complete failure. Doesn't always record screen. You can't set the screen or camera to fit the whole screen. You have to drag the edges of the window to fit the screen and it still didn't work. If it does record screen, when going to see the stats of the stream on stream labs, the screen shows an infinite loop and you can't see how many viewers or how long you been streaming. You can't change the cameras ratio, let's just say you want it to be a square for a facecam, well you can't.dontget
May 21, 2020
This app is amazing for livestreaming! I would reccomend it to anyone who needs to stream to Twitch. I have not tested streaming to youtube howerver, so I don't know anything about that. There is only one problem. I dosen't really work on my Chromebook, but I have an old Chromebook, so I assume it works on newer models. And plus, I have the slowest Chromebook that i've ever known of. Either way, I 100% deserves a 5 star rating.
Dark Yatogami
May 18, 2020
Im having too much problems with this app. When i go to the screen more screens pop up in the back and i cant even record it just stays in the streamlabs "record" screen. I cant even hear no sound. First time using this and alot of ppl are complaining about the same thing. If yall are really good with tech then how come you cant handle fixing this app.
Muhammad Aaqib
May 16, 2020
Your app is amazing but Dear whenever i go live and start playing pubg. Everything is going well but suddenly when i switch to team channel to talk with my team mates. After switching to team mates channel your apps stop sending game sound to live stream. Please fix this issue. And your software is not recording internal sound. It's only recording from mic. Please make us choice whether we want to send internal or external sound. Thanks. I recommend this to everyone. Keep it up. Good work.
Anonymous User
Apr 22, 2020
This worked perfectly fine before they split the remote and other things into a second app. Now it's absolutely terrible to work with. Wouldn't even show video earlier when I was trying to stream with it. 🙄 Maybe I can find a new app to use that's not streamlabs. As of 4/21 I have uninstalled and moved to different apps that do the two things that this app used to but no longer can due to poor app development choices. Will be looking for another streaming software for my computer as well.
Anonymous User
Apr 18, 2020
No Orientation Lock, Media Donos, or Chat Box. Also the Time and battery indicator doesn't go away anymore and burnt into my brand new Galaxy S10! My friends with the same phone have all had the same issues. Please fix. I hit up text support and supposedly talked to some developers, but they didn't fix any of the issues. I'm paying $13 a month for an app that doesn't work correctly...
Anonymous User
Mar 9, 2020
Hello stremalabs so I have a very good idea. Can you please add a starting screen and ending screen overlay to the app. It would be very useful so we have a way to end streams conveniently. And so that we can cover our screens at a time that we need to. I hope to see this in a few months or in a nearby update ;D
Anonymous User
Feb 23, 2020
I can get around and put up with a lot especially streaming straight from a cell phone. But you MUST put a way to adjust your audio. I can't even touch my cord without hearing loud scratches through my stream. We needs noise gate/sensitivity/limiter/levels whatever badly!!! Bad bad badly!
Anonymous User
Feb 13, 2020
It definitely needs a lot of work, but it's the best there is out there. At the very least if a widget isn't here or a feature isn't available you can use a custom url to embedd it into your overlay. Disappointed that I can't use both the Streamlabs app and Remote App for Streamlabs in unison together. *Note I'm only using two phones to accomplish my streaming, I KNOW it works for the computer. I'm a mobile mini streamer who's doing quite well though for what I got 🤯
Anonymous User
Feb 8, 2020
Fairly easy to use. Very convenient all in 1 streamer software. Although it was easy enough to use, it still has a small learning curve to get it functioning. I've been considering getting into streaming and vlogging for a while and this app made it really easy to jump in and do it. Looking forward to future quality of life updates as well as possible new feature updates.
Anonymous User
Feb 5, 2020
Streamlabs, you were the best option for streaming on mobile. Your 2.0 update has basically ruined this app for me. Camera feed is no longer silky smooth for whatever reason, there's some stutter and I'm on a note 8. Not all widgets work anymore. And please streamlabs, nobody is going to want to recommend your software for irl streaming if you add a watermark, you can sell your service on extras, especially with the cloud protection. I used to recommend your app for newcommers, but I can't now.
Anonymous User
Jan 30, 2020
I was using this successfully for 3+ months but lately I've been getting error messages and can't live stream. I'm a low sub YouTuber and do sleep streams. This app was great for that. First, a binding error , which I could get around if choosing a different type of event recording, and then a quota limit error, which I could not get around. I've tried looking online for answers but never found any. I hope I can find another streaming app that's good.
Anonymous User
Jan 10, 2020
Doesn't work, unresponsive. The app does not let me tap any buttons at all. In the rare case it does, it freezes after one or two taps. This makes the app unusable and extremely disappointed given the quality of the desktop program.
Anonymous User
Jan 9, 2020
The latest update is absolute garbage. They added a watermark and have placed many basic features that used to be free behind a pay wall. You now have to pay $12/month for Streamlabs Prime (or something like $26/month through the app) to not have a watermark or just to have other basic features that used to be free. Absolutely terrible. Edit: Now none of the widgets works. Even the alerts box is broken. You have to cycle through the settings to get it to SOMETIMES work but it eventually breaks again. Don't even bother with custom widgets, they won't load at all.
Anonymous User
Jan 4, 2020
Installed the recent Streamlabs update and the app is almost unusable. Massive use-lag throughout. And not just lag in in the stream, I'm talking about menus, navigating them, etc. Tap on the screen and it takes several seconds to respond. Sometimes it just crashes or becomes "unresponsive". Turns out it's the "Appear on top" permission. Turned it off and everything works fine, but i can't use certain widgets like donation goals etc.
Anonymous User
Jan 2, 2020
Streamlabs was always buggy. You'd have to set everything up twice for it to register, overlays would show on stream as black boxes, etc. These were acceptable because it was a free app that they were supposedly working on. Instead of fixing these known issues they decided to strip functionality unless you buy a subscription to get back to the broken app that used to be free. Worse than that even, when you buy the subscription the new version of the app has more bugs than before they instituted the forced pay system. While I can gratefully accept a free app that has known problems, I can't stomach paying hundreds of dollars for a worse version of the same app. Especially knowing that Streamlabs has no intention of giving us a better experience. They only plan to charge more money for it. I am currently exploring other streaming options. I'm off of Streamlabs on my PC as well due to their decisions with the mobile app. Edit to respond to Streamlabs: It's the alerts and overlays that cause me the most problems. For example, if I put an alertbox on my stream on your mobile app and then go live the alertbox shows up as a black box in the middle of the screen for my viewers. The alerts don't show in there, it's just a black box in the middle of the stream. If I go back into the Editor and back to the stream it goes away, sometimes. The last time I tried to use your app I went back and forth three times and the box still wouldn't go away. It has nothing to do with the camera source, though that is another problem. Sometimes with the new version it's impossible to get the camera source to go fullscreen. Another problem is that custom url overlays don't work anymore. Honestly, there are too many problems to list in this format, and trying to contact StreamLabs directly doesn't go anywhere.
Anonymous User
Dec 31, 2019
It is still not fixed. You seems to have trouble understanding the issue. I have scaled the notification box to my desired scale. But in the stream, the animation turned out so big it got cropped out from the scale that I've set. Even the chat is suffering from the same thing that I no longer have the on screen chat on. Not only that it is troubling me but its troubling my viewers also. I'm sticking to Omlet Arcade until this is fixed.
Anonymous User
Dec 30, 2019
Several problems, the biggest is that I can't switch between the front and rear cameras i.e. no selfie mode. Next, it only runs in landscape mode. And finally it doesn't overlay on the screen so I don't even know if it's streaming my games properly. I haven't tested the remote buddy system yet, but I'm not getting my hopes up after how poorly the rest of the app works.
Anonymous User
Dec 23, 2019
Until recently I used to use the streamlabs app because it was easy to use, but now it wont change from landscape to portrait. Not only that they made it expensive to buy. I also dont like the repetitive picture in picture aspect of the screen. I dont know how to change that.
Anonymous User
Dec 19, 2019
So disappointed I can't remove the watermark. I started using this app because I need a streaming app for YouTube (we have less than 1000 subs). All of the sudden a watermark appeared and I have to pay $350 for it to be removed??? I just want to stream I don't need a domain or whatever else I MUST purchase just to get the watermark off. Seriously not stoked. The sound is also super crackley at times (we use a pro mic that is awesome). Can't believe the price tag!!
Anonymous User
Dec 19, 2019
Okay, so it is very user friendly, as long as you have some computer knowledge. I had no issues with setting up the stream, after seeing a streamer and doing a bit of research, I have the entire steam set up in 24 hrs, due to a waiting period, which I have not problem with. Please I insists that you try it out, if you would like to stream your games and have your own page, very exciting stuff.
Anonymous User
Dec 18, 2019
Was absolutely amazing, intuitive, and the pc version is still the best, but the last update coated things in watermarks. You just turned open source software into a cash grab. Marked yes for disruptive ads. I did not say anything wasn't working, just that watermarks show up on sources like camera, disrupting your streaming experience for viewers. It IS open source, it's in the name actually. Open Broadcast Software. Streamlabs is a skin over top of the freely available OBS.
Anonymous User
Dec 18, 2019
Used it for years until recent update. They added a crazy expensive monthly fee to gain access to features that were available for years prior. They added a watermark that cannot be removed unless you pay. It sucks but I'm switching to streamelements. Edited upon request: they said features were not removed. This is false. There is a watermark now placed on the screen which can only be removed by paying. The feature of brandless streaming was removed.
Anonymous User
Dec 18, 2019
The new update has removed my qr scanner and now I cannot use remote control mode. Honestly really screwing with my streaming setup. Edit: thank you for clearing that up but I'll be honest though it was the direction you felt best for the project, removing the dashboard from the app has really disrupted it being an all in one program. Thanks for the help.
Anonymous User
Dec 18, 2019
This update is terrifying. Streamlabs is now no longer usable. I'm an outdoor streamer and I just don't know what to do now. Listen to the feedback streamlabs, change it back! [Edit] Took me 5 times for the camera to load. Chat doesn't scroll Double tapping screen doesn't turn the camera. Notification button gone unless you go into menu while streaming Tried to use it yesterday and all problems still stand. I still won't use it as the watermark on my stream is far too big and obnoxious.
Anonymous User
Dec 16, 2019
It's a cool app if you want to stream off your phone camera, and you can stream your screen as well, but I'm having trouble finding how to not have it in landscape mode and how to make it show my game on twitch. It keeps showing the StreamLabs dashboard even when I'm on my game. People on twitch are currently trying to help, but I would like to have it easier to find these settings easier.
Anonymous User
Dec 8, 2019
New update made the app look better, but it performs worse. Apparently requires a restart before capture sources start capturing, a fact that I didn't figure out until after a race that I was going to join had started. The buttons are frustrating and finicky, and many features are now blocked by a paywall.
Anonymous User
Dec 7, 2019
In short. Nothing works? It looks promising. But right now, images I add dissapear and adding a camera feed only adds a black rectangle. So if I start to stream all I would be streaming is blank black space. The LAN camera sounds nifty also, but if I cannot get any video out of cameras, then what am I supposed to do with anything?
Anonymous User
Nov 29, 2019
Personally hate the update a bit most features were free before the update, now I found out I couldn't stream before, unless I add a screen on the whole place in the editor fix the size to the whole screen as possible, then reset the app because of a bug to make the capture source work right, do that otherwise it will be a blank screen when streaming still a annoying process 😡
Anonymous User
Nov 27, 2019
Technically does what it's supposed to do, but two huge complaints: 1) will only orient camera in landscape mode on one side. If it's flipped to the other side, the image is apparently upside down to my viewers. 2) does not recognise that my phone camera has a front-facing flash to turn on for lighting. Since I'm usually up at night streaming, this limits my options to share with people The latest update has also rendered editing stream titles and descriptions virtually impossible.
Anonymous User
Nov 26, 2019
I can't speak of any major technical problems, but a recent update seems to have broken some of the all-in-one functionality I enjoyed about the main Streamlabs app. While I am aware there is a stand alone Streamlabs remote app (which I also downloaded), I much preferred the convenience of being able to toggle remote mode and buddy mode on the main app itself. Between that and the apparent new emphasis on Prime subscription features, I'm less likely to recommend this app.
Anonymous User
Nov 21, 2019
Constant dropouts, problems with connection to chat. Needs major update. I stream to Twitch so interaction with the viewers through chat is vital. I've streamed several times with viewers but nobody is chatting. I didn't give it much thought since some people just like to watch and keep quiet. But I watched my broadcasts and found that there was chatter after all! This app does not allow for a good viewing experience as the stream disconnects far too often. Waiting for Streamelements app to come
Anonymous User
Nov 19, 2019
I have streamed a couple of times and I finally watched one back only to notice none of the add ons work. they are just a black part of the screen that blocks the viewers site of what's going on and when I put subscriber goal on screen. i had the same problem. I had to erase every stream on twitch and YouTube because nothing actually worked. This app would actually be cool if it actually did half of the things that it claims it does. I should have looked at the review before I tied using this.
Anonymous User
Nov 15, 2019
Its good, especially the remote control feature. Problem is, you pretty much have to rescan the QR code every time you launch the app. The app also crashes. Infrequently, but still... Good app, lots of potential, but could be better.
Anonymous User
Nov 10, 2019
Incredibly easy to use!!! I've been having a really hectic schedule to where i haven't been able to play or stream from home. This has absolutely saved my stream. It makes it so easy to connect to my streaming platforms and stay connected with my followers. I have been able to increase my streams exponentially while still being able to get more done outside of the house. Highly Recommend!!!!! 10 out of 10.
Anonymous User
Sep 20, 2019
I like the app very much. It has very good upload, build very well and it does most of what the normal OBS does. The only problem I have with it Is that the alerts and the widgets don't work correctly. I am trying to use it and I seem to be getting only the audio from the alerts and the chat. none of the other widgets work. if you fix these issues or they're fixed for me I would give this a five-star rating but right now it's not working and it's almost unusable for me.
Anonymous User
Sep 5, 2019
Will not remain online. I begin streaming Hearthstone and it may stay online for a full game, then it'll go offline and give me a pop up saying it's been turned off externally. Then, it won't let me go back online until I completely close the app and restart. Rinse/repeat. I've tried multiple bit rates/resolutions, wifi/cell, etc.
Anonymous User
Aug 16, 2019
it's a good software easy to use... the only problem I have is the sound on the uploads is missing.. i stream from my phone and tried all the options but the sound just won't come on the broadcast... that's why 3 stars.. other than that it's a good software to use both from PC and mobile platforms
Anonymous User
Jul 29, 2019
Wicked app for streaming, though streaming while playing multiplayer games like Call of Duty mobile slows your connection a lot. Very easy and straight forward to set up and use, and the quick access chat is great. I would, however, like to see a text to speach option though, so I don't need to open chat in matches.
Anonymous User
Jul 24, 2019
Works really well in general and has many features other apps don't (ability to switch between screen and camera). There are only two issues I have with it: 1. It takes a really long time to create the stream. 2. It doesn't ask you for a title. It just creates the event with the default title, and if you want to change it you have to do it later. Good otherwise though.
Anonymous User
Jun 3, 2019
Great app, but still lacking. I hope this feature would be implemented in the future updates; ability to pause and unpause streams, ability to apply themes, ability to see the widget overlay while on game streaming, and be able to output a higher video quality. I hope that this feature would be implemented. Thank you. 😉
Anonymous User
Apr 20, 2019
I use this app for IRL streaming on twitch using my Samsung Note 9. The video and audio quality are great, but the chat will disconnect and it wont reconnect without ending the stream, which is a massive issue. it would be a 5 star review if this was fixed. I have done a fair bit of testing and it seems super random, at first I figured maybe it's a connection issue but no, it can happen at anytime even if the phone is stationary and on a good wifi connection.
Anonymous User
Mar 23, 2019
I just tried the app to stream an android game (Max Payne), and it worked beautifully. I've previously been using the app for its remote control feature, and I have to say it is an amazing innovation for streamers. Being able to start and stop streams, seamlessly switch scenes, and enable or disable visual elements from the remote control interface is intuitive, fast, and is overall the best feature (in my opinion) of this app.
Anonymous User
Mar 20, 2019
This is okay to use but, the major problem for me using this with a ZTE Zmax Pro smartphone is that the audio is picked up on the mic and at the same time i'm trying to narrate. Then when i view the playback the narration can be bearly heard unless the volume was really loud. i even tried adjusting my settings and it did slightly better but, was still somewhat quiet for someone to hear.
Anonymous User
Feb 25, 2019
Great app. I do have a suggestion that I think would do the app some good. I play mobile games and streaming mobile games onto various platforms requires quite the interface. I do use an emulator at times but my pc isn't that good for that in terms of hardware. I was wondering if you could do a direct video and audio mirroring of game play live from mobile to the pc app which would allow for application of themes without 3rd party apps and additional cabling for mobile gamers.
Anonymous User
Feb 1, 2019
This app is good but streamlabs on mobile is nothing compared to the PC version, for a lot of reasons. Alot of errors and bugs that need to be repaired. They don't give many options for us to edit the stream. No front camera while streaming option. And I tend to lag alot while I stream. Please fix the server issues as well But overall.. I recommend this app if more effort is put into fixing the bugs
Anonymous User
Dec 8, 2018
The widgets are a great add, but they resize and move all over the place (even after locking them down) and the app does not allow you to see them when mirroring the screen. Video lags a half second behind audio. No option to overlay selfie camera while mirroring. Screen Stream Mirroring works better for my needs.
Anonymous User
Nov 16, 2018
I would much rather a standalone app for SLOBs remote, because whenever I'm streaming the app tends to default back to my camera which is really annoying and whenever I open the app I see my ugly mug haha. But all in all I love the app! It saved me a 100 on a elgato streamdeck. Two things I'd like to see changed. 1) have an option to choose what the app defaults to when it opens up. (Or release a stand alone) 2) ability to show and hide tiles in remote mode, I see a lot of macros I don't use and some that can ruin a whole session if I accidentally touch it. Bonus! Possible control over discord? Mute/enable microphone?
Anonymous User
Oct 22, 2018
This works great if your trying to stream to YouTube or Twitch. BUT I am trying to stream to mixer and the rate it uploads the stream is significantly slower then the mixer create app which is unfortunate because the mixer create app is so much worse then this app in most regards. That's why the upload "speed" is the one thing is pushing me away from this app.
Anonymous User
Sep 28, 2018
This is honestly the best. I don't have access to a computer anymore and thought I wouldn't be able to stream my digital art anymore, but this app makes it possible using my tablet! It's also a lot smoother than other screensharing apps I've had to pay for! Streamlabs is the best, hands down!
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