Stay Alive

Category Health & Fitness
Developer Grassroots Suicide Prevention
Platform Android
Essential suicide prevention for everyday life.

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Reviews (51)

Glen Hendy
May 21, 2022
Watched the video and thought why not... Having been forced out of Brighton because of the complete lack of help available from all agencies I'm not hopeful this will do much, seems funny having a suicide prevention app filmed in the city when the people that were supposed to help just wanted rid of me...
J. Peasmold Gruntfuttock
Mar 13, 2022
It refuses to store photo's in my "life box". Suggesting that I'm not really worth the effort. With this kind of encouragement I'm not likely to last very long. One wonders, "Is this a depopulation app in disguise?"
Karen Stuffin
Feb 16, 2022
Thank you for your email about reasons for living section. I uninstall the app and reinstalled it and now it works perfectly. Thank you again for solving the problem.
Rebecca Z
Dec 19, 2021
Great app, but recently every time I try and open it on my Android it glitches and doesn't open. Can you advise a fix? Edit: I restarted my phone but unfortunately that hasn't resolved the issue. When I click on tools it closes, and I get a notification that says 'Uploading scaled image picker'.
NYIMA Richards
Dec 16, 2021
I just downloaded this and I already love it. It allows you to create and help yourself. You will need to put in the work by filling out the sections so that one may be prepared if they are feeling suicidal. It's a good reminder of the positive things. I have prepared mine whilst I'm feeling well so that I know what I need in the future. This app promotes self love and I'm glad I have it now!
Jo Crease
Oct 8, 2021
This app was really helpful for me when I was worried about someone I care about and I didn't know how to help them.
Cristi M
Aug 20, 2021
Whoever developed the app, do they understand that someone who needs immediate help, access safety plan, needs to have the solutions there, and not "edit to complete section"? If its not complete, hide it, there is a big + do any changes. You don't have the energy to look around, just like with finding help. I need to go through list of area (at least ask to use my location) and i get so tired that I can't. And btw, bug with Hertfordshire as nothing happens of clicking on it to find help
Jun 19, 2021
Pretty easy to use but the only thing I find to be of use is the breathing exercises and honestly don't need an app for that. The reasons for living section made me laugh though, pretty clichéd, borderline cringe worthy. These statements confirm how pointless this battle with life is for me. Good luck to you all.
Melissa Bornbach
Apr 2, 2021
It looks like the resources are for the UK. It would be even more helpful if you could choose resources in your own country.
Indie Smiles
Feb 25, 2021
Was recommended this by my GP, installed but every time I go to try and open the app it restarts my whole phone without ever opening the app. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but got nowhere. So disappointed
Steve Taylor
Dec 30, 2020
Installed ok on my mobile, but wont work on my tablet....Android 5.0.1. Sadly this is where it would be most useful.
Gamer Pro • 18 Years ago
Dec 9, 2020
Thank for the app. I am always an app developer. I thought to make an app for suicide prevention app that's why i looked if there are apps for suicide prevention. Good App R.I.P VJ Chitra
Abigail Frances
Oct 31, 2020
I work in mental health. And I've built my own stay alive life box. I use the breathing techniques with clients. And use the list of services at the click of a button. It's a very handy app that may save a life. 🧡
Jun 30, 2020
Great app but this would benefit from having a section on early warning signs/triggers, including more local resources and adding the 111 number for national mental health support.
Katie Bish
May 7, 2020
App design patchy- some areas it suggests pages to look at but you can't click through; have to go back through menu. Whole point of the app is suicide prevention, but the right crisis services just don't exist.'Find help now' page has a list of national 'crisis' resources, but most aren't 24hrs and won't respond immediately. Only 2 actual crisis ones: Samaritans- but I cant it bring myself to do phone call when feeling on edge- and Shout- the most awful service, with response time of over 1 hr.
Rev Michael S. Wilson
Apr 28, 2020
Love it, but the only problem i have is that the lifebox page, when you try & upload a photo from your photo gallery or gallery in general, the app crashes. I'm using a OnePlus 6T Android.
Mar 14, 2020
So grateful to find this app.Had seen posters advertising it Now in a much better place than I was 5 weeks ago (when I tried to end my life) so have managed to get it on my phone. It's going to be an invaluable tool as I move forward....even writing down my own reasons for staying alive has helped me to recognise that I have a lot!....and I can look at that in the dark times. Thank you!
Jan 20, 2020
I got it to see if I should suggest it to other freinds, but I may end up using it myself, its defently nice and good for most, but not all people, just get a few freinds before you get the app just because how it is
Sep 12, 2019
As a mental health worker and CBT therapist I am very impressed by this app and I will encouraging all my patients to engage with this. Thank you!
Aug 29, 2019
It can probably help others but it really doesn't help me sometimes it even makes me feel more alone and depressed
Aug 25, 2019
Beyond grateful❤ Couldn't be thankful enough for this App. Helps my family with my situation and of course, myself during hard periods of times and moments! So beautiful🎊 I would add maybe a pop up question, just to ask how you are/feel, with a link to the Wellness Plan and a track of the amount of time used.
Aug 22, 2019
Especially liked the practical advice and ideas for people who have concerns for someone they know. It makes it very clear how to talk about suicide.
Jul 7, 2019
the app is fantastic. however you lose everything you uploaded or written in it if you change phones etc. that's a shame because people in distress will not spend the time over and over uploading tge sane stuff to it :-(
Jun 22, 2019
wish UK app help me.this my year ago.i watched UK friend video.she help me.but she has some hard.i wanna try help.but before half year ago,i talk about dead.just the dead girl name same as her first name.just fn.she blocked me.until yesterday she unlocked send message.wanna apologize.she still never forget.blocked me.i have no friend.UK girl& app.i dont know what said.wish help me.i wanna die.why help no understand.i dont know how keep.before blocked 3 European.feel talk sohard euro.
Jun 11, 2019
A really useful, well-thought out resource. An option to notify the developers of changes to support organisations would be good.
May 13, 2019
why is there no resources for Lancashire? i know were underfunded but still.. you got wales, scotland, every county EXCEPT LANCASHIRE!!
Mar 18, 2019
This app is terrific. There is so much content and resources on here. The capability to upload uplifting photos is an instant motivation to avoid suicidal thoughts. There are many resources and actual conversation about suicide - it cements that you are not weird or alone or too far gone. I turn to this app when things get too dark. I will be forever grateful to the creators of Stay Alive. 🙏
Jan 26, 2019
This is great it walks you through the process of making a plan and stores a short list of emergency contacts plus is a repository for uplifting photos.
Aug 18, 2018
Yeah, because when you're depressed, the first thing you want is to answer pointless questions and have obvious answers put out in front of you. "try talk to some one"?! F*** me, I never thought of that, it's going to be okay?! Oh no, wait, tired that and it only served to highlight my detachment from my humanity, cheers for that. If you need help, realise that there isn't any. No one is coming to help or save you BUT f***, that little ars*hole voice that tells you to give up. Don't ever give in to something you can't see, you got this far don't let a chemical imbalance influence your life. The people that wrote this programme don't understand you, no one does, you're on your own but that's the way it's always been. F***, everyone else, find your happy, it won't last forever but it will give you something to fight for and it will keep you going in the bad times. It can't rain all the time.
Feb 8, 2018
I am having an extremely torrid time in life. I came across this app as I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I wake every day wishing that I hadn't. These same days, I envelope myself with the thought that I wish I could turn the cutting, debilitating pain that's in my heart - off. I can't do this by receiving professional help or taking anti d's. I've been there, done that, got the T shirt. Nothing helped me in the past nor will do again. I know that only one thing, will. My pain comes from losing the only woman I have ever wanted. The only woman I have ever loved. I met her three years ago when I was 49, and finding love for the first time at that age having never married or having children is a Big Deal like you can't even begin to imagine. I am 52 now, and I've recently lost her forever through my own stupidity - by constantly challenging her love for me, by thinking I wasn't good enough for her, by letting my crippling insecurities and low self esteem eat away at me; for loving her, too much. I just can't come to terms with the fact that she's gone. Every one says that Time is the great healer - but my loss will be the exception to the fuzzy rule that people accept as verbatim. This is nothing of a review of this app for which I apologise, but moreover, a tragic and self-centred rant of a loose canon who had everything that he ever dreamed of in a partner, but who left him. Her last words that I put the nail in my own coffin were true, and they will haunt me for the rest of my life which, I pray, will be short. God forbid they be torturously long and drawn out. You'll read these words as that of a sad and desperate drowning man who's clutching the last straw. But that little straw can't support him any longer. I feel lonely and bereft. It would have been easier if I'd lost my love to death as possibly, I might have slowly - one day - moved on. But she has not died. Instead, I only wish it upon me. I want the pain to stop.
Jan 9, 2018
Not anonymous, watch out for the mental health team knocking on your door to section you. Not trusted.
Dec 22, 2017
I liked the old version and spent some time filling it out. Bummed to discover at a rather awful moment that the update had erased all that.
Aug 6, 2017
This app does help a lot lately been going through tough times but then I read and look at my life box and remember. Just a great app
Jul 29, 2017
Seems promising but I feel like the 'reasons for living' section is unhelpful - during a suicidal episode, many of the options won't be tickable, and having an empty list will instead feel like a reason NOT TO live. The family and friends section is also quite guilt-inducing :/
Apr 2, 2017
It's a shame the crisis support only offers support for Sussex Brighton and Hove. There should be something for all area's.
Mar 5, 2017
I really love it, especially the lifebox. Would be great to have the ability to save bigger pictures and be able to zoom in like in your phone galary as it's hard to see sometimes. Also a place to save writing would be amazing.. just nice quotes or helpful things people say etc. :)
Feb 25, 2017
I think it needs an panic button. Something you can just press and it calls a helpline, or the number of an emergency contact you can set. It's a good app, just not something I think will personally help me. It's very information heavy and it seems like it'd be better for those who are worried about others, rather than the people it's aimed at, but obviously everyone is different.
Feb 13, 2017
A very valuable resource which I fully recommend , install it and refer to it regularly . wholeheartedly endorsed .
Dec 6, 2016
I can recommend this app, I had a presentation in school just few moments ago about this and nobody knew this app... It's a pity. But they looked interested in it. I would like too see this app in other leanguages too. :)
Nov 28, 2016
I have used it for myself and others. Only thing is that LifeBox puts all the photos up side down. A flip option would be super useful.
Sep 11, 2016
The crisis team in nhs hospital give this to people on the edge of suicide, instead of offering real help to people, this is my 3rd time being given a sheet of websites because the nhs don't want to help anyone until the damage has been done, I have waited in hospital with the I in need only to be turned away after 6 ro 8 hours of waiting to see the crisis team, after the person has self harmed to stop them selves from comitting suicide, so after reading you app I don't see the point to it, im sorry....
Jul 29, 2016
It would be great if I was in the UK but I'm in the U.S so it's no help to me or at least from what I could find all the links went to the U.K only...
Jan 31, 2016
Great app packed full of stuff. Just a quick one though there is a new, free samaritans number 116 123
Oct 16, 2014
A great app with huge potential for the mental health trust that I work for and those at risk of self harm and suicide.
Sep 19, 2014
It's a well designed app full of really critical info which can save lives. I agree with some of the other comments around having a dashboard for direct access into key info based on the person's current situation. Maybe a card-by-card approach offering a suggestion at a time, as the amount of info on some pages is extensive and I wonder if it could be a little overwhelming if someone is in a critical position. These are just suggestions to make it even better though, as it is already excellent!
Sep 17, 2014
Great app! Would love to see an emergency widget that takes you straight to your safety plan, reasons for living and lifebox.
Sep 12, 2014
A fantastic and well thought of app. Am most impressed. Concise information at your fingertips. Well done.
Sep 10, 2014
Informative and easy to use. Would love to see the main menu as icons to tap; would make it look slicker and easier to use. How about a list of useful websites not just helplines/forums. Great work!
Sep 10, 2014
I've observed your careful growth. A steady walk from nothing to this. You are amazing and the work you do is beyond value. I hope you get all the support and plaudits you deserve.
Sep 9, 2014
this app is easy to use. provides so much information for anyone thinking of suicide, or if you are worried about someone. i like that its got a life box, you can remind yourself what is good in your life. excellent resource.
Sep 9, 2014
Lifesaving information, well presented with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Love the interactive nature of this app which helps to draw out the user's own unique personal resources.
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