Retirement Countdown

Category Lifestyle
Developer Kulana Media Productions LLC
Platform Android
Countdown until the day you retire

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Patti Kliegl
Jul 13, 2022
I wish it would notify me when I hit milestone dates toward retirement... for example a notification when I hit 1 year to retirement.
Linda Gormley
Jul 12, 2022
Love being able to click and peek at how many days I have left. Very excited! I share my countdown with anyone who asks!! Kim
Albert Crespo
Jul 10, 2022
This is a novel way to keep track of your retirement progress. I enjoy the scenic backgrounds and the quote of the day.
Hunter Robinson
Jun 29, 2022
Had to scroll through 19 years of calendar pages to select my retirement date and then everytime I try to to change something I have to watch a video.
Abhishek Gaming
Jun 22, 2022
Create home widget of that we can see the countdown from home the way great app
Scott Azwell
Jun 16, 2022
Just what I needed to hammer out the last 1 year, 348 days and 9 hours..... not that I am keeping track...
Ann Brew
Jun 12, 2022
It is still fairly new. It was recommended by my work colleague. I think app is cool. It has lovely quotes that you can easily relate to. I am still loving the app.
Cindy Pink
Jun 6, 2022
I know how many days I have left until my happy day. And I get nice inspiring sayings to encourage me to keep going until said happy day!
Ron R Reel
Jun 2, 2022
Great app! I refer to how may you 54f 5until my retirement once or twice a week! I love that it includes the hours, minutes & seconds!
Beatrice Chenier
May 31, 2022
Like to check it few times a day. Wish I could add only how many work days till retirement...Thank you
Marcus Wadd
May 7, 2022
Was a blast watching my work days turn in to retirement.. now I keep track of my next raise for collecting SS .. come on 62
Brian T
May 4, 2022
The only thing I hate about this app is it reminds me that I got a long way to go to retirement, LOL. But it is great easy to use and I access it all the time.
Dennis Odom
May 2, 2022
It's nice that I can rub my younger coworkers noses in it with my shorter working time but I'm only giving 4 stars because it would be nice to factor in remaining WORKING days also, I work 4/10 days, if the program asked more specific questions such as # of vacation days, holidays observed, sick days available, ect it would get 5 stars
Faye Zimmerman
Apr 29, 2022
Whenever I feel like I can't do this anymore, I just look at this clock to see how much longer I need to push! Makes me see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Kathy C
Apr 25, 2022
Use this app for 2 years or so until i retired last December. Absolutely loved looking at calendar. I used the tropical palm tree beach photo and imagine myself retiring somewhere on an island. I love being able to add a personalized sentence to the screen.
Apr 21, 2022
Serves its purpose. Love the daily quotes in the notifications, but they are difficult to locate when opening the app. Further, there seems to be no way to get to the home screen or other areas from the quotes window. There are many limitations in accessing the menu items, even just getting to the home screen, once you open one area of the app. In general, the app is okay. It serves its purpose, but definitely could use some work. Would also love to have more than one countdown period.
Rosemary Thomas
Apr 9, 2022
Love it The only thing that would improve it is to have the option of tracking only days rather than including months and years!
Al Price
Apr 9, 2022
Just a fun application, for those going to retire. Just show it to people who ask when are you going to retire.
Kourosh Eslamieh
Mar 27, 2022
Very easy to setup once and use, so everytime you want to be reminded of "where I am at", you don't have to calculate your retirement day again and again.
Mar 23, 2022
So far I like the app. I'm not crazy about the daily quotes so I was able to turn off the notification. I like it better now.
Carra Cole
Mar 19, 2022
Fun and Accurate Countdown. Used initially for retirement, but continued to track other Special Events.
michael howard
Mar 13, 2022
Good except for finding how to turn off notifications. If that was easier to find I'd give it five stars.
Cheryl Quinn
Mar 10, 2022
The only complaint I have is that I would refer to choose my wallpaper. My retirement plans include the high desert of Northern Arizona, not a tropical beach.
Bruce Roberts
Mar 7, 2022
Works fine for Months and Days but time (hours, minutes and seconds) is out of sync and nowhere to adjust. Certainly not using the time on my device.
Lisa Farnung
Feb 27, 2022
The quote on my notification doesn't match the one on the site. Usually missing half the quote. Frustrating.
Gerald Morley
Feb 16, 2022
Easy to use but some adverts were not in my language and were not easy to get rid of. I may have agreed to something I didn't mean to, just to exit! Could do with the countdown figures being bigger, but size might increase as the days go by or I'll have another look in settings.
Jules Jewels
Feb 14, 2022
Retirement is such a thrilling event in my life, I really enjoy watching the count down. It makes it so exciting as time past and getting to my target date.
Heather Coursey
Feb 10, 2022
Id give it 5 stars if I didnt have to purchase other background scenes. Otherwise, motivational and gives light at end of the tunnel.
Sheryl Silver
Feb 6, 2022
Love this app. A fun way to count down the years/months/weeks/days all the way down to the second until retirement.
Paul Basch
Feb 4, 2022
Program works well except for the tropical Sunset theme will not download I have sent several emails to the developer and have received no replies back to my enquiries
Robin Holbrook
Feb 3, 2022
Love having this on my phone to remind me what I'm working toward. I don't like the ads, but comes with the territory.
KRB 1021
Feb 1, 2022
I love the "quote for the day" feature. The only thing I'm missing is a total day count down feature instead of it being broken into years,months, and days.
C Thomas
Jan 30, 2022
When the daily message appears and you click on it, it displays the previous day's message. You have to close that, then select the new message. Very annoying.
M Squared
Jan 25, 2022
Meh....constant daily quotes that there is no intuitive way to exit out of means you have to shut it off and restart to see the count. Ads aren't a bother but the "inspirational" quotes are a nuisance.
ann hersman
Jan 17, 2022
I love this, I check out about every for minutes. The lake scene is so soothing, it's my target place after my target retirement!
Kevin Burianek
Jan 14, 2022
Maybe an improvement could actually be a tunnel with the end moving closer over time. Really like the app and the ease of use.
Karen Keen
Jan 14, 2022
It is a countdown app. Could offer some counting options like working days w/o weekends and holidays. And some visual movement on the pics.
Jan 9, 2022
It's great app it gives you lots options and different backgrounds love it to bad I can only use it for 3 1/2 months 🙏👍🥰
Aliyu Bello
Jan 8, 2022
Exactly what I'm looking for, I really appreciate the app. But It will be better if I can edit the background with my own choice picture
Sheldon Berberian
Jan 4, 2022
I would give this 5 stars but for one issue which I would think would be an easy fix for the developer's There needs to be some way to remove weekends and holidays from the app as to show a more accurate date of retirement. Other than that, thanks for a great app
Luis Gonzalez
Jan 4, 2022
Excellent app to countdown retirement and share progress with friends. I enjoyed each day waiting my retirement.
graham pearce
Dec 18, 2021
A constant reminder that goals are worthwhile and come true, trust the process. You maybe pleasantly surprised.
Elaine Mcguinness
Dec 15, 2021
When you're looking forward to retirement, its nice to have a little reminder that its getting closer. It does cheer me up to look at it as it counts down and it makes the daily grind a little kore bearable.
Sharon Kelso
Dec 7, 2021
Love the inspirational quotes. They are getting me ready for less stress and more time for myself. Yep, counting down!
Ross Carline
Dec 6, 2021
It's alright, but it doesn't do much other than invade your space with an inspirational quote of the day. Oddly enough, when I click on the notification I get a different inspirational quote to the one I've just partially read, so not very inspirational 🤷‍♂️
Nov 24, 2021
Easy to use, good visual to see countdown years, months, days, hours, minutes & seconds. Not too nice selection of background photo. You need to pay for the nicer ones.
Azkar Hussain
Nov 22, 2021
Very Good and thing I recommended that if the countdown appears in our lockscreen then it become very well by the way good.
KT Lacy
Nov 12, 2021
The countdown is fine, the visuals are nice and I like the added touch of the daily quotes. I would like to be able to set the countdown for a specific time of day and I'd like to be able to set the actual countdown to appear as the wallpaper, not just the background.
Mike Lambert
Nov 5, 2021
I like to show this count down app to co-workers. Like me they enjoy knowing just how close retirement is. All the way to the last second.
Oct 30, 2021
This is uplifting! Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel gives me joy!! I love the encouraging quotes, and whenever I am really stressed at work, I open the app and watch the seconds tick down!!
Donna Burns
Oct 29, 2021
I loved the daily countdown. I loved the daily quotes. But when it was done....disappointed that there were no fireworks or anything to acknowledge the final goal. That was a true let down at the end.
Kathleen M Ward
Oct 28, 2021
Every day I was reminded of my worth by wonderful words of inspiration. My self esteem grew stronger. Preparing for retirement became exciting.
Linda Eaves
Oct 28, 2021
It's fun to look at the countdown and get the inspirational messages. All in all I am enjoying the app.
pen price
Oct 17, 2021
A simple countdown to the date I selected. I love that I could select years, months or days for the count.
Joe Hanna
Oct 1, 2021
Every time I open my phone up this comes up. I am tired of it. I want the countdown calender. But I don't want this question every time I open the phone.
Janine Hogan
Sep 29, 2021
No much to it really its a countdown, the ads aren't too annoying but also this app isn't one i need to look at every day.
karen carter
Sep 14, 2021
Gives countdown options with customizable text and options. Can purchase backgrounds with a few free. Would be nice if you could choose to eliminate weekends, etc but good basic
Just Lisa
Sep 7, 2021
So far, so good. I like being able to see my countdown and how this app shows not just the # of days, but the hours and minutes.
Eileen Champagne
Aug 17, 2021
Countdown? It countdowns on app but when you share it to facebook it only posts a counting down... I wanted to pin this to the top of my page. Is this supposed to be like this or am I missing something?
Jody Hubner
Jul 22, 2021
this app is great, it got me on a set goal, pay off all bills, knowing how much time i have left has pushed me to finish up loose ties and set promising goals to accomplish, ill be debt free and living a great life when i retire.
Anthony Ashwin
Jul 7, 2021
The app works fine, but you don't get the same quote you partly see on the phone start up screen. A little annoying
Lyle Steele
Jun 30, 2021
Cool app to have, but wish that I could pick my own picture for the background rather than just stock photos. Otherwise, very great app.
john hall
Jun 29, 2021
It's not just the count that keeps the excitement up, the daily quotes often give me a chance to pause and smile. Thanks, John H
Jun 18, 2021
It would be nice to be able to remove weekends, holidays and vacations to get the number of working days left even if this was a manual function.
Lisa D. Allen
Jun 9, 2021
All that I'm able to see with this app is a motivational quote. I do not see any sort of countdown to my retirement.
Solara An
Jun 7, 2021
Very clear and fun to check every day! I love the image of an island hideaway with gorgeous blue water and a Palm tree! Great idea!!
Patti Byther
Jun 6, 2021
It does what I wanted to do, plus daily bon mots! ADDENDUM: What a letdown! After months of just...ended. NOTHING AT ALL to recognize you just hit retirement--not even a 'ding', no graphics. NOTHING! This HUGE moment arrives and the developers just blew it off entirely.
Ghulam Qureshi
Jun 6, 2021
It is the only one app that is best known for its own quality and performance of the most important and I like to it's accuracy and Information about the future.
Kim Liszka
Jun 4, 2021
I was so disappointed when after excitedly monitoring the countdown for 200 days the counter got to zero and it didn't even make a noise or show fireworks or cheering or anything. The counter just disappeared. What a let down at such an exciting moment in my life and with co-workers watching the final moments.
Sharla Frazier
May 30, 2021
I enjoy this app; at a glance I know exactly how long I have left for.retirement. The daily quotes inspire and I'm really starting to look forward to them each day.
Ron Fleck
May 18, 2021
I like the countdown feature, it's always nice to know exactly where I am! I like the quotes too, just wish there were more.
Patti Diamond
May 2, 2021
I downloaded this app when I was going to retire and loved it!! Now that my sister is scheduled to retire in August, I downloaded it so I can anticipate hers!! I helped me hang in there until my last day!!
C. Valdez
Apr 15, 2021
Recently downloaded and so far its a great visual reminder and the quotes are nice. The pop ups are low on the screen but its a free app so that's expected.
Apr 12, 2021
Great tool for my Retirement Countdown from the LACOFD. Love the Daily inspirational quotes. It was nice to watch the clock go to Zero at midnight. Great feeling and great app.
Diane Suttles
Apr 7, 2021
I am checking the countdown periodically. This app gives me hope, looking forward to retirement. It is very easy to use.
Andrea Guitard
Apr 6, 2021
I like it. I have 2 issues the time seems to be off & the app flashes when an add scrolls on the bottom. Over all its a great app
Shirley Payne
Mar 25, 2021
I like watching my Countdown. I like the free wallpapers and the ones for a charge as well, although I am still using the Freebies. I do not like the ads at the bottom and when I want to share the app, I remove the ads. It is an extra step I would love to eliminate.
Big Al Pyroman
Mar 19, 2021
Does what it says on the tin. It would be nice though if someone could alter the program so that when a number became less than two it removed the "s" from the end of the description.
Kim Davis
Mar 4, 2021
I like the daily quotes about retirement, but I wish my countdown would accompany them or otherwise get a daily or weekly reminder of my countdown without having to go to the app. It would also be nice if I could save the countdown page as wallpaper with the actual countdown and not just the image.
Patty Martin
Feb 19, 2021
Enjoying this app. Paid for no ads, even tho they were not intrusive. Like the once daily motivational quote. Would recommend to my friends.
John Gaveske
Feb 16, 2021
Works well. The ads are down low on my screen, I appreciate that. Extra bonus is the daily quote but I can't figure out how to open it, just see a partial view on my wake up screen.
Robert Hoskinson
Feb 13, 2021
It locked up after placing first piece little hand just keep move and had a message saying you can change the piece but would not let you doing anything even tried to close the game and each time I opened it it went right back to the same place big waste of time.
Paula Ritenour
Feb 13, 2021
It's great. The only upgrade I would like to see is where you can see how many working days are left, without weekends.
Judith Allison
Feb 11, 2021
Started using the app about 11 months before I retired. Loved the inspirational quotes. Added them to my email signature and shared with many people with amazingly positive feedback,
Ruth Replogle
Feb 6, 2021
This is an adorable app that will count down to the second until your retirement. Motivational quotes to keep you going are optional.
Miguel Berard
Feb 1, 2021
excellent, however, now the top portion is flashing and got a lot darker until swiping multiple times the screen.
Rosemary Moffitt
Jan 31, 2021
I appreciate being able to edit the home page appearance and set up of retirement clock at no cost to me!
Susan Goodwin
Jan 29, 2021
I would like to be able to only count down busniess days left to work. Remove weekends and holidays. Otherwise it's a cool little app.
Andrew Higgins
Jan 27, 2021
For some dumb reason you can't simply enter your retirement date. You have to scroll through a monthly calendar year by year. By the time I did that, I'd be retired!
Michael McIntosh
Jan 15, 2021
Great App. Nice to see my countdown til I retire. I also like the daily posted quotes for inspiration. Very nice touch.
Kelly Lassaline
Jan 15, 2021
Overall, it's ok. But I wish it allowed me to customize it by excluding weekends, holidays and any leaves I have coming.
MacDaddy Superman
Dec 19, 2020
I retired last year and just got a new phone but I couldn't enter last year's date. Other than that everyone else to whom I have recommended the app likes it.
Debi Martocci
Dec 2, 2020
There's no interface between the quote and the app. If the quote comes up, you have to close it to go to the app. Also if you miss the quote, you can't access it. The quotes are very repetitious
Mary Hill
Nov 29, 2020
Nice count down. No way to check daily quotes other than through alerts which is wierd. No annoying pop ups.
Lewis A
Oct 24, 2020
Looking for count down to retirement. Nice clock and background pic makes me wish I was in the beach in the Caribbean. Nice!
Donald Bostrom
Oct 23, 2020
Nice app. Simple and clean. I didn't like the quotations at first but I've come to appreciate them. I buy a new background image periodically to support the dev.
Angela M Gray
Oct 13, 2020
This is exactly what I was looking for and the quotes are a bonus! It makes 3 years, 10 months more bearable!
John Musgrave
Oct 12, 2020
Does exactly what the name suggests. A count down to one specific and very significant event. It is easy to use and clear to read. I like it a lot!
Bill Duty
Oct 8, 2020
Like the way you can set it for days, months or years. Some of the daily quotes begin to repeat quickly.
Bobby Isenhour
Oct 4, 2020
I love it!... when ever I'm having a bad day at work, I'll go to it just to watch it countdown!...I can't wait till it's at all zeros!... lol
Margaret Mohr
Oct 3, 2020
Beautiful scenery makes me think of where to go after retirement! Positive, encouraging daily reminders. Life after hard work!!
Sep 20, 2020
Excited and fun to see the date right there. I have been planning my retirement for a year. However I applied the app at the 4 month mark. Its quite a lot if fun to share on social media with my friends.
Steve Fox
Sep 7, 2020
It should be easier to enter a year. I have to scroll through countless months instead of just entering a year.
Ann Calderon
Sep 7, 2020
I like👍 the Retirement Count Down app, my Coworkers have this app,, It helps give a person who is soon to Retire Encouragement to "keep going you're almost🤏 at the Finish line"!!! and something to look 👀 forward to 🙂
Cavalcade kid Steve Hoag
Sep 5, 2020
I like that I can change it and title it something other than retirement countdown. Currently using it for a vacation countdown. I may use it to an anniversary countdown another day. Quote of the day can be turned off, and the retirement countdown will continue to work. So if you're annoyed by the quote of the day, turn it off. They're silly but fun to read to take my mind off of today's problems. App seems to be doing very good for me at this time now two weeks into its use.
Bob Kyle
Sep 4, 2020
I love it. The only thing that upsets me is it seems to be stuck on 10 months. LOL. Cool little app though. Thanks for having it
Kena Hirner
Sep 3, 2020
I really like this app so far. I've only had it a few days. There have been no issues. The inspirational quotes are a great bonus that I look forward to reading every day.
Aug 29, 2020
Love the end of day quotes however I accidentally swiped one by accident and couldnt get it back to read it they should be stored somewhere till the next one replaces it this would also be helpful if you wanted to show it to someone after you've read it but other than that awesome app
cbeupmtzx hmxwiod
Aug 19, 2020
Love the year, month, hours, days, minutes and seconds setup, you can see everything at one glance/look. Love It.
Dennis Radzik
Aug 6, 2020
So far so good, I do like the pix and settings. Can we exclude weekends and count actual work days left to go?
Kathy Williams
Jul 31, 2020
I like it; reminds me how much time l have when I get frustrated. I just click on it and l get happy. It reminds me that I don't have much time left...
Judi Herold
Jul 26, 2020
Very fun!!! Easy to install. I've watched it for 2 years now...when i retire next week I will miss it!!!
Paul David Gates
Jul 25, 2020
I love the way it counts down. It would be nice to have a option for this weekdays since that would give an exact number of days. If it there I may have missed that option.
JC Collins
Jul 21, 2020
This app has helped make getting to 7 - 24 - 2020 enjoyable and light hearted. My 36 year career was wonderful keeping track of it coming to an end over the last 5 years has been fun. I've enjoyed it so much that 30 to 40 of my friends have it on their phone's now. good luck i hope you get to your day, with this app you'll always know how many days you got.
Martin Hardin
Jun 29, 2020
Having worked for over 30 yrs sometimes all you see is a long road ahead and it's hard. But everytime Iopen this app and look at the days dropping it makes me just a little bit happier each time seeing those days hrs mins and sec drop
Sharon S
Jun 29, 2020
I love this app. It does exactly as it says. Reminds me of how long i have to look forward to my retirement! And I enjoy the quotes daily.
Karen Burrow
Jun 28, 2020
Little details make the difference with this app. Lovely choice of background pictures and a cheesy quote a day.
Susie Brockwell
Jun 12, 2020
Love the daily quotation! The daily count down is wonderful and it's a fun way to look forward to retirement 🇺🇲
Chris Telaar
Jun 2, 2020
I like seeing how little time I have left, but checking it every day tends to make the days seem to drag. Better to check it once a week and see good progress.
Bernadette Danaher
Jun 1, 2020
Love the daily thoughts, the only thing I wish it could do is calculate working days only (would make the time left look even better!)
May 21, 2020
Brilliant app . I can see at a glance how long I have got till it is happy days . Highly recommended .
Bob Jones
May 13, 2020
This is a simple to use app and easy to navigate. I liked the background picture selection and ability to change themn from time to time.
Dimitri Michos
May 4, 2020
Should be able to have working days left not only total time left. Percentage of time left to do and time done should also be added.
Apr 26, 2020
It got stuck on the "Quote of the day" and I could no longer view the countdown timer no matter what I did so I had to uninstall and search for another app.
Apr 13, 2020
It's a great little app. I love seeing that I have less than 6yrs before I retire. I love the famous quotes that show up.
Feb 23, 2020
Very poorly designed app - the notifications on the lock screen truncate the saying of the day so you can only read half of it; when you click on them it takes you to the main app screen not the daily saying. Then when clicking on the button for daily sayings, you get a completely different one. Also the bucket list is a good idea but badly implemented. When entering an item you have no idea how long it can be, then find that it's too long and part of it is completely lost! No ability to edit.
Feb 17, 2020
It reminds me every day when I will be forever on vacation... easy to install...has a few ads but not to bad...i like it
Feb 16, 2020
Does what i want with a nice in interface. One improvement would be to give option to count just work days.
Jan 18, 2020
The app does exactly what I was looking for, countdown days to a fixed retirement date. And I like the quotes of the day.
Jan 15, 2020
Fun app.: Really like the countdown. Ads can be annoying but can also be supposedly eliminated for $1.99.
Jan 13, 2020
I've got many years before I retire. This app works perfectly to see the days reduce. I like the quotes too!
Jan 10, 2020
This was a great tool, used it for other countdowns like black Friday, and birthdays too, you can change the name of each countdown, awesome tool. Right now a restaurant opens on the 20th, I'm counting down till it's open, so I dont miss the experience. Have fun with this valuable tool
Jan 5, 2020
It's a great app that helps me remain focused on getting TO retirement whether it's blocking out all the political nonsense that goes on in every office or maintaining my health. Works for me hopefully it does the same for others.
Jan 5, 2020
Would not let me pick retirement year. Kept putting the year i retire as this year. Not user friendly. Not going to take a class to learn how to use an app.
Jan 5, 2020
It was a great app last year. Now it got all messed up. You can no longer program dates. It is so bad now. Not useful at all.
Dec 26, 2019
I check this app everyday because I only have less than a year to go before I retire ;-) Too bad there were no fireworks or any kind of fun stuff when it reached 0, the counter just disappeared.
Dec 19, 2019
Best countdown tool for retirement I've found. Only wish i could figure out how to set the time to my end of day. Oh well, maybe in the time i have left it will get updated.
Dec 15, 2019
Great countdown clock, it would be nice if they allow you to access your picture so you could change the cover picture. You have a choice of three or four pictures other than that you got to pay for something different.
Dec 13, 2019
So far, this app has done what it states and is easy to read. I wish I could change the display to show countdown by months and or days. But showing by year, months, days, etc. is still effective.
Dec 12, 2019
I really like this retirement app. Doesn't seem to run the battery down and lets me know just how long before I can sleep in everyday! :-)
Dec 10, 2019
It's fun, entertaining, encouraging, & makes me sure look forward to retirement & I love the quotes it sends me too.
Nov 22, 2019
I love it. I hope when I get down to the last second fireworks explode on my screen or something spectacular. It just adds fun to the event having it countdown.
Nov 20, 2019
This is the most accurate retirement countdown app I've seen. Seems like a simple concept, but two other apps I tried did not correctly count down. This one is right on.
Nov 15, 2019
I think it's the coolest retirement app. Have downloaded several different types. This one is the coolest. 5 ⭐
Nov 13, 2019
Awesome backgrounds, clear count down. Maybe add to it for a different countdown on the same screen.
Nov 4, 2019
The filter is a great feature. It would be even better if you could filter out Saturdays and Sundays.
Nov 1, 2019
This app works great and gives you several options for the countdown clock. Easy to use and a great motivator to hang in there for those final days no matter how long or short they are.
Nov 1, 2019
I like the set up, but don't want the frivolous pop up messages. Helpful tips would be ok, though. I think it may also be draining my battery quicker.
Oct 31, 2019
Good app. Like the nice messages it gives everyday and ability to add your bucket list. Could be improved if the nice messages was at the front were the countdown is that you hadn't to go into app.
Oct 27, 2019
Great retairment count down, and the quotes of the day are wonderful reminders, of what it is to come ahead.
Oct 22, 2019
Very nice simple. I look at every day 2 or 3 times and will continue the next 5 years until I retire.
Oct 21, 2019
If you're going to have those nice little quotes, you make them completely readable when you tap on it.
Oct 19, 2019
Exciting to watch days come down! Long way to go, but love the beach and palm tree picture with the countdown! I will be on that beach when my retirement day arrives!
Oct 16, 2019
I am enjoying this app because it motivates me to keep going the last laps before retirement. I especially enjoy the free quotations from various literary sources!
Oct 16, 2019
I like the quotes when I can see them. If I hit the notification, please make it available in the app. Also, the add-on questions seem broken.
Oct 3, 2019
Works pretty well with Android. Hard to use with Apple, shared with a friend like to have never got it to work.
Oct 1, 2019
Keeps me motivated when frustrated at work, I click on the app and say, only 3 MOS. And 12 days! Plus, a great conversation piece.
Sep 30, 2019
It's a good app. I can see a portion of a thought for today regarding retirement but if i click on it, i can't find it too read the complete daily reading. They often look like they would be very good, too!
Sep 21, 2019
This is a great app for me becuase not only does it give me the exact day to the second until my retirement but the background pictures are pretty and more importantly, it's easy to read !!. I love it...
Sep 19, 2019
This is a fun app & well worth a couple of bucks for the ad-free version. Could be used to count down an upcoming vacation or anything really.
Sep 12, 2019
Content is good, could use a few more background options and maybe a more exact time of day to exit..retire. But a good overall app.
Aug 25, 2019
Easy to set up, different choices for how you want your retirement date counted down. I like this app & have shared with several coworkers.
Aug 22, 2019
Just okay and does the job... would like to be able to use my own background images instead of the few that come with the free version. The wallpapers available to purchase are designs/pics that can be found for free simply by doing a search. I actually already have the bamboo fountain picture as a wallpaper on my laptop. So I won't be paying for this at all and going to use another countdown app instead.
Aug 13, 2019
How can a retirement countdown app fail?! my only suggestion would be to offer an active wallpaper, so I'd see it every time I picked up my phone!
Aug 9, 2019
Nothing special about this countdown to make it "retirement-specific" except that label. I am using another app for multiple countdowns with my own labels (retirement being one) but was looking for something customizable for retirement but this isn't it.
Aug 9, 2019
in my notifications there's a quote that catches my attention but when I click on it, it disappears. 🤨
Aug 1, 2019
Couldn't reset the date. save did nothing. the UI is ugly, but that didn't bother me if i could reset the date. When apps fail to work, you just delete and find another one. deleted
Jul 30, 2019
This is really cool app but the time gets messed up. You will be waitng for a milestone to roll over another yeat or month and then it will roll back a couple days and then you will be thinking you are going crazy but your not the app is messing up.
Jul 28, 2019
A great app to help me keep track when friends ask when I'm going to retire. It a great pick me up on bad days at work. Easy to use.
Jul 15, 2019
Love this app! Easy to use and a great attitude adjuster when you're having reoccurring Mondays. I pull it up several times daily.
Jul 2, 2019
very good app. you can select what you wont it to display. Years, Months, weeks etc right down to second if you wont.
Jul 1, 2019
I would like this app better if it deducted the amount of weekend's, holiday's, and vacation days from the remainder of the retirement days.
Jun 26, 2019
I'm using it to countdown to my settlement date. it's kind of nice to have right there in front of me on my homepage. I have it labeled my retirement countdown. I've been waiting a long time for this and now I don't have to go to the calendar anymore. Thank you
Jun 22, 2019
Great little app. Sennachie great "for retirement. Always look forward to opening it up and looking at my retirement countdown. And it's in a format that I like and that's pleasing to the eye.
Jun 14, 2019
Does what I want it to do, it may do more but I am not picky for free . Ads are immaterial to me as I pay no attention.
Jun 13, 2019
Started a countdown to retirement when I turned 50. I didnt like seeing the years so I changed it to months. Doesn't seem so far away now.
Jun 8, 2019
I tap the app and there it is - A constant reminder of how many fewer days to my retirement than the last time I looked. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?
Jun 6, 2019
Nice app, was easy to set up the end date and makes for a quick check. Like the different wall papers and the daily quotes.
Jun 2, 2019
it's a fun application however it would be nice if you could add more than one date since most people are in a couple it would be nice to see both countdowns
Jun 1, 2019
it was fun watching it countdown, but i expected SOMETHING to happen when it got to zero, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens. Heck, if you play a game of solitaire and win youget dancing cards, or confetti, or something!
May 16, 2019
I think the app is very well suited for someone looking for this type of notification. actually had it installed by my brother-in-law who said you need this. I am enjoying the app nether less
May 14, 2019
Encouraging to see time passing. I don't look every day, only once a week or so and it helps on hard days!
Apr 14, 2019
it's ok but very basic. could do with being able to customise and config actual work days not just a clock countdown.
Apr 10, 2019
I don't pay for it so it is limited to the countdown and an occasional quotation. I like looking at the countdown and showing it to friends.
Apr 4, 2019
I used this app for the last 5 years until right up to my date of retirement....people would ask when do you want to retire and I would open the app and show them...used to screen shot and post on Facebook page...had a lot fun with this app...chuck-naples fl
Apr 3, 2019
I should have read the reviews. I thought when I purchased the app that it would unlock the other backgrounds. To my surprise it didn't. I could have lived with the adds. To bad the description wasn"t clear that to unlock full features (backgrounds) you have to pay .99 each.
Apr 2, 2019
removed the app but the wallpaper stayed on the screen now it stay in the background I have set a new wallpaper but this apps wallpaper displays on starting my phone.
Apr 1, 2019
Like the features of this app but the ads are annoying and not worth the $2.00 charge to get rid of them.
Mar 31, 2019
The countdown doesn't show accurately sometimes. it will show the correct amount of months, but then be stuck on amount of days for two or three days.
Mar 31, 2019
I love being able to see the countdown to my retirement in real time rather than figuring it out myself. So convenient.
Mar 22, 2019
Excellent app. Very visually appealing. It offers various backgrounds from which to choose from. Plus, you receive interesting quotes about retirement which is a pleasant surprise.
Mar 20, 2019
I've had a very positive experience with this app. It definitely a welcome site to be able to count down the day you've been working your whole life for!
Mar 17, 2019
Excellent. It's fun to watch the countdown and read all the tips about enjoying the journey to retirement.
Mar 14, 2019
I seriously like this app. I'm retiring in October after working for almost fifty years and this is counting down TO THE SECOND and the hillside photo is beautiful.
Mar 6, 2019
I'm counting down my working career and this app lets me see myself closer to my goal every day. Thanks for creating and sharing it.
Mar 4, 2019
I like this app because it was easy to use. I like that it breaks the time down by months, days, hours and seconds.
Feb 26, 2019
I like being able to get an instant look at how long it will be until my retirement date is coming with a simple tap. It also gives you an option of what you want displayed from years down to the seconds.
Feb 18, 2019
A really good app. You can change the wall paper when you want. Purchase them if need be. I wasn't too bothered about the adverts but I paid the £1.89 to stop them anyway . another thing I like the this app is that when I finally retire I can change it to whatever countdown I want. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone.
Feb 4, 2019
Works as described. Would be nice to have calendar days and work days. I have 43 calendar days but only 25 work days. Whoo Hooo!
Feb 1, 2019
Like Opening A Present Every Morning! I am counting down the days until I retire! Started at 3 years 8 months and now I am at 2 years 4 months 10 days! Every morning at 8 am one day fades away. Helps me know I am getting closer and closer to my goal......
Jan 25, 2019
this is an outstanding app to keep one focused on their retirement goals. it's so good it's almost disappointing every time I look at it and realize I've got still 11 years till I can retire. Well great job keep it up
Jan 24, 2019
Does what it says, just have to set the date to start with. Can be used for any countdown, not just retirement.
Jan 23, 2019
I love it,you can make it your own by changing photos and phrases . If I could change one thing, I would like it to count down a bit quicker , ha ha.
Jan 21, 2019
I try not to look too often but find myself glancing at it on the days when I like that reminder of what I have to look forward to in the the bucket list.
Jan 17, 2019
Does what is says it will. There is an annoying "Quote of the day" which I would turn off if I could find the switch.
Jan 15, 2019
Works well enough...But I don't like that additional backgrounds cost as much as they do...shame I can't use my own...they are far better - one price for being able to use my own backgrounds... now I might pay for that... especially for a program that is only getting used one time through by most people till they retire .
Jan 15, 2019
as a reacher, on days when you feel like you're having a hard day, this app ad the constant reminder that the struggle is over soon, is going to get you through it. Realizing that you don't have that much more time to deal with this anymore.
Nov 22, 2018
It's okay. Weird thing is you can't set the exact time of the day you're counting down. Its some random time on the date you pick. Other than that it works good with a good set of wallpapers to choose from.
Nov 16, 2018
I love the inspirational quotes as well as seeing my countdown without having to to remember or calculate all the time. It's convenient and easy to use.
Nov 1, 2018
I paid to have no ads and I have ads on several of the buttons I click on. I emailed the apps admin and complained but have not received any reply.
Oct 29, 2018
Just what I wanted. A perfectly beautiful picture, and the joy of knowing that retirement is on way!
Oct 17, 2018
I like the pop-up messages that tell me what I should be doing in retirement. It would be nice to be able to copy & paste each message to keep as a reminder when I'm retired 👍👍😊
Oct 9, 2018
I have only had this app a couple weeks. I simply like knowing where the light is at the end of my work tunnel. Makes it just a bit closer each day. I know it's not going to change anything it's just fun to keep track.
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