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Chris Oosthuysen
Jul 10, 2022
Site is very slow. Today(10/7) F1 still not given the Austrian race. Cravenweek no fixtures or results. Shame on you.
JC Knobel
Jul 9, 2022
App is always outdated with certain sports, especially rugby. Currently shows no international tests and yet there are three big games today. Rubbish app. Delete
Michael Boshoff
Jun 29, 2022
App needs a mayor overhaul or they need to go back to the old version. App constantly crashes or doesn't open. Scores don't update or show. I don't get updates or notifications like I did on the old app. Very user unfriendly and hard to navigate.
Anton Bodenstein
Jun 28, 2022
still a problem had to uninstall app and install again when you want to go into the live sport section it just closes the app then you have to try over and over again and the it still just close and you are back at the main screen every time it just shuts off 🤔😬
Manie Lombard
Jun 27, 2022
Hi, edit my favourites, then still get news abt sport I am not interested in and did not added to favourites. Re-installed to try and fix. Same issue. I have a OnePlus 5.
Hamish Campbell-Gillies
Jun 22, 2022
This used to a good app but lately you aren't providing scores and up coming matches - Wimbledon gran slam is one that is a good example. It is currently on but there is no info. It's now Wimbledon 2022 and still no info.
Chinenye Ibe
Jun 20, 2022
Ok these app is stupid it doesn't even show in my phone worst I wasted my 34mb data for nothing I think I am checking in Google for live sport news unlike this app go make a better one click 😠😠
Micaela Corte
Jun 14, 2022
Been over 2 weeks now that I have not been able to open my app. Goes to the loading page and stays there. Please can this be rectified otherwise I see no point in wasting space having the app on my phone
Pieter De Jager
Jun 14, 2022
Is a good app, however recently when I try open the app it just hangs with the Supersport logo on my screen. I have deleted the app and re installed it but the issue still remains the same.
jeff schaller
Jun 14, 2022
Cannot get app to open. Uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times. Just get white screen with Supersport logo
Jun 12, 2022
Just like other reviews regarding the app,I am also having a problem where it is freezing on the Supersport logo.The app was working perfectly fine until 2 weeks ago. When are you sorting out the update?
Candice Block
Jun 11, 2022
The app tells me there's no live games when there clearly are. I get notifications for matches at midnight when the match started at 15:00. Overall a really frustrating app to use.
Caroline Clery
Jun 11, 2022
Never used to have a problem, but recently it stopped loading. Uninstalled and reinstalled, but the issue remains.
Franco de Kock
Jun 10, 2022
The App doesn't open at all, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalled the app geting the same results its only showing the supersport logo with white background stays like this forever been like this for months now, really disappointing as it was my main source of live scores. Please try and fix this problem.
jonty rachbuch
Jun 8, 2022
App never works! I try to load the app so that I can check a score and I spend 20 min waiting for it to load!!! Also the scores are never live even though they say it's up to date
Tawanda Binzi
Jun 8, 2022
This is a good app but for weeks now I can't open this app.When are you fixing the problem or when are you releasing an update
Stanley Beckett
Jun 3, 2022
The app used to work fine I guess. Now I attempt to open it and it just hangs in the first screen. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Already a Frustrating app - now become an delete and forget about app. Here is my update. It is two weeks later - have had a poor excuse given as to why this app is not working - and it is still not working. What a bunch of amateurs. I would suggest really embarrassing for supersport unless their standards have dropped so much that they dont even care anymore.
JF Bruwer
Jun 3, 2022
Stopped working again after an update...Don't get into app just freeze on Supersport logo. Exactly like last time.
dexter entertainment
Jun 3, 2022
Was the best app to use to watch live scores of sport but now i cant even go in the app the supersport logo is the only image that appears on the screen. ( cant go in the app)
peter norgarb
Jun 2, 2022
My Supersport App has gone on the blink and will not open, for the last 2 days. What's wrong??? Very frustrated!!
Garrick Philp
Jun 1, 2022
The app has deteriorated into very bad. News and results are often not up to date but my big moan is with the TV Schedule. As it applies to Mauritius the Schedule is always incorrect with many events not appearing. In addition the details are now sorted according to channel instead of per sport making it very difficult to obtain information. Repeated mails to Supersport have remained unanswered.
Zuiro Terp
Jun 1, 2022
Not working since last update. Gets stuck on white start screen with logo. Can exit the app, so it's not frozen, just won't go past start screen
Carel du Plooy
Jun 1, 2022
There are no times for the tennis play offs for example now the French Open. If I click on Nadal / Zverev semifinal there is no date or time.
Siyanda Mzolo
May 29, 2022
Bad. All of a sudden I have to clear cache because the app won't open up and the incorrect updates (F1 races that start at 15:00 actually start at 13:00 according to this app)
Chris Truter Nieuwoudt
May 29, 2022
Very slow with regards to updating information such as logs, team line-ups etc. Finding it easier to just do a google search to get the information I want. About 11 hours after currie cup matches have taken place, the log is still to be updated and the result of the Lions vs WP match is still not recorded on the app. Pretty slow for the 'top'/only sporting app in South Africa in my opinion.
petrus johannes
May 29, 2022
The app is not opening after unstalling and installing it again. Is there something wrong with the app?
Sean Gildenhuys
May 29, 2022
Are you ever going to fix this App? Or am I just going to spend eternity staring at the Supersport logo...
louis nutt
May 28, 2022
The app sucks because it is updated with current content and certain sports aren't available to view results. Plus it is currently not available to open. Maybe hire people that actually know what they're doing
Mike Mkenya
May 28, 2022
this app its so bad,it cant give u what u whant,example am now trying to stream live football and its just hang there.u need to do something with this app
Olerile Mosupiemang
May 27, 2022
Works well most of the times but lately just end at the white screen when opening. Tried reinstall but didn't help
Craig Dennis
May 25, 2022
The application is slow and the data is not updated timeously. Can't see the point of using this application anymore. I have given up. The application is to slow to be effective and the data is not updated quickly enough of at all. Control Alt Delete
Richard Shaw
May 23, 2022
Not working right now, normally this is my "Goto" app when llokg for results or stories but for the last few days I cannot open the app it just opens and stays on the Red S, I've unintalles the app and reinstalled but still the same thing. It is driving me mad.
Keagann Leach
May 22, 2022
This app more often than not says there's no results or up coming events. The F1 was definitely on today but says there's no results (including the past races this season) I don't know why I even try because I end up searching on Google anyway.
Brandon Ludick
May 22, 2022
Updated my app yesterday as it kept on prompting for an update. Since then the app doesn't open at all. Anyway in which I can restore the pre ious version that worked?
carel grobler
May 22, 2022
App doesn't work for the past week. I uninstalled and downloaded the app a couple of times but the problem persists.
Pieter Meyer
May 22, 2022
For the last few days I can't open the app, I have unistalled it, and installed it again, but still the same problem.
Dayyan Govender
May 22, 2022
Not showing all the games currently being played wether you in the league or each team group certain scores aren't showing
Christine Marshall
May 21, 2022
Wonderful app, has everything I need to keep track if fixtures and results of all my favorite teams. Reminders are amazing so I never miss a game. Only downside is they don't have Netball as an option on the sports tab or favorites tab? The Telkom netball league is currently on this weekend and would live to be able to set reminders for my favorite teams.
Teon De Villiers
May 21, 2022
App update done today, app not opening after update. Not my device, system error. Terrible app, deleting it for something better
alex brits
May 21, 2022
Since the last update the app does not open. The SS symbol just lingers ...I have deleted and reinstalled the....cleared cache but still the same ..
Foster allen Co
May 21, 2022
Is there something wrong with this app it was working well the whole time but soes not open anymore even downloades it again.
ryan davis
May 20, 2022
App needed updating now I can't even open new update. Unistalled and re installed but still won't open samsung s20+
Myles Illidge
May 19, 2022
Usually works very well. For the past week it just loads a white screen with the SuperSport logo. I have installed and reinstalled, looked for updates, cleared cache and data, and rebooted my phone but no luck. Device: Redmi Note 9 Pro.
Katlego Gordon Gordon
May 18, 2022
This app is not opening all of a sudden, just shows the logo n nothing happens. I've tried installing n Uninstalling it, still nothing
Bresco Muleya
May 18, 2022
I should have given it five stars but it doesn't include the days on the upcoming games like the old version, otherwise it's a good one
Zacchaeus Emmanuel
May 9, 2022
After downloading the app,it could not install. I have been trying it since and I don't know what I will do.
Lincole Joubert
May 5, 2022
I signed up and got a notification saying my sign up was successful. But when I go into the app it doesn't want me to sign in. Please help.
Janet Snyman
May 3, 2022
Unable to sign in with DSTV details. Sign in window pops up every time I want to save a favorite, even after after successfully logging in.
Jethro Ekpetubu
May 2, 2022
I can't even sign in.... Just signed up and I'm trying to sign in, it's not opening... Despite all the bad reviews I downloaded the app cause of respect for supersport but this is a disgrace
Lenad E
Apr 26, 2022
This app does not allow one to login...I wonder why. I had tried over and over but I cannot login with my newly created account...Sad and frustrating.
Stephen Muller
Apr 24, 2022
Terrible... late updates, wrong time... F1 Emilia start time is 15:00, yet Supersoprt shows 13:00... scores are updated days after the game has already passed. Unless you whatch soccer, this app is definitely not for you if you want accurate information.
Stuart Walsh
Apr 22, 2022
Not sure what is wrong with this app. Live rugby scores do not reflect, even 70 minutes into the game. Even completed games do not reflect. Update: Several weeks later, this is still not resolved. Match between the Stormers and Glasgow has been on for over 10 minutes. Clearly these reviews and bug reports to the supersport app 'developers' fall on deaf ears...
Z ak
Apr 21, 2022
This app fails to update the log for Ethiopian premiere league ,you should correct small but annoying issues like this.
Simpiwe Moni
Apr 20, 2022
Frustrating, not even a single video I ever watched on this App. "Video is is not available on your region" 😢
Jacques Du Toit
Apr 15, 2022
Hi Peter. Thank you for your kind repsonse to my "in the heat of the moment" reaction. The reasons for my rating is the fact that the app sometimes get lost in matches being played, is not updated after a match is played, or lacks the sense of being on time. Therefore, I'm not able to see the results or live feed. It's quite frustrating.
Natukunda Alex
Apr 10, 2022
I downloaded the app but I can't watch any match, this app is a wastage, all it can do is to show fake sports news
Apr 9, 2022
It's a very nice app, you can watch highlights matches, for the all leagues including premier league etc.
Louis Kodise
Apr 2, 2022
When on the Football tab to view other options the app doesn't allow me scroll further down. This is after I choose to edit my favourites.
Andre Vermeulen
Mar 31, 2022
I use this app a lot. Except for seven's rugby. It doesn't show the fixtures of the next tournament so I always have to look at the world rugby website to look at fixtures. The results also have to improve because it doesn't show if it's semifinals or final.
Braam Beneke
Mar 31, 2022
4+. ! This has now become a great app. As a multi-sport lover I just love your layout and content. Great stuff!!!!I had an app crash yesterday and am trying to reinstall. However when I enter my email adress you keep on saying that it is already in use....what do you want me to do???
Gerrit Steenkamp
Mar 26, 2022
Other than being WAY behind with the so-called live scores it is fine. Often a soccer match is finished with scores early in the match, then the app still shows no score. Often the commentary shows a score different to the summary.
Willem Schoombee
Mar 22, 2022
Probably the 4th edit of my review. App is probably improved from the first new version, but still prefer Google to this as it is so difficult navigating, live scores not updating and worst of all - the ridiculously small "full screen" button to press when watching highlights, and then the app keeps exiting consistently on top of that. Bad.
Daniel Hall
Feb 26, 2022
Most useless sports app out there. I have to Google or look at my Instagram for live results - currently my app is showing a game as 'Live' which ended at 8am this morning and does not have the results of a rugby game that ended 2 hours ago. Team line-ups, goals, tries, results etc, you lucky if the app tracks that. I do not understand how difficult it is for South Africas 'premier' sports channel to actually do their job and report, accurately, on sporting events.
Conor Van Gesselleen
Feb 22, 2022
Update awful! Harder to track diverse sports easily on one page as before... Pretty much one headline on the screen at once. Too much filtering required to track succinct multiple sporting codes at once.
Zacharias Le Roux
Nov 14, 2021
The Supersport app is so outdated. I received a notification that the Fprmula 1 race is in an hour, just to switch on my tv and there is 3 laps left of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Supersport your app is nonsense...please fix the time and dates on your system.
André Nortjé
Oct 16, 2021
Why aren't we able to filter our news feed like we could in older versions of the app. Personally I do not want to scroll through dozens of football articles before finally finding something that I would actually read. This is extremely annoying. Versions of this app 2/3 years ago was much better. I regret upgrading the app every single time as it just seems to get worse with every update.
Ugochukwu PrinceWealth Enukegwu
Oct 14, 2021
This is not a rating review, rather it's an observation. I checked through the app, I saw virtually all other games except BADMINTON. Why non of BADMINTON Competition was captured in the yet we have BADMINTON WORLD FEDERATION. Why are we not represented on your app. This is personal for me cause I just started playing the game, and I enjoy everything about the and I want to improve myself by watching and learning from professionals. Please the Team should do something urgently about it. Thanks
Warren Zurcher
Sep 11, 2021
Its a nice app for basics, yet as soon as you want watch a video, takes you straight to dstv app, which i dont want. I downloaded to watch live games on the app, not on dstv app. Also too much old news on here. The app is also very far behind, rugby championship hasnt even updated. It loses another star as twice its showed me a rugby game is starting in 5 mins & nothing happens afterwards.
Tumelo Matlanato
Sep 6, 2021
This App is no longer serving its purpose. Sometimes you dont get results of a match under the results. you dont see what is live anymore. I think if supersoprt want to focus on other platforms to keep us informed they must just be bold and close this app. Otherwise they must continue to update us with relevant feeds.
Thembinkosi Ndlovu
Aug 30, 2021
It's an amazing experience i can't even describe how thankfull i am to have this amazing app.Supersport is the only app i trust when it comes to entertainment such as football and rugby I'm a vividly supporter of Kaizer Chiefs and Real Madrid and every time i see their fixtures about their next games, i just get too relaxed cause i kno very well that with Supersport app, i'm more than secured. Quality of their pictures are out of this world Supersport is really the WORLD OF SOCCER
Tebogo Kekana
Aug 28, 2021
This has to be one of the worst sports apps out there, confusing, don't know where to find things, it's like it changes every week. Supersport shouldn't have changed their old app.
LI Wasambo
Aug 27, 2021
Nice App and I like it, but I have one suggestion for the News Tab. Make a setting that can enable one to be receiving only sports news of the sport/s they like. Eg, if I set to soccer, I should be receiving soccer news only on News Tab. Another suggestion is on Tv Guide. I use the App mostly because of the Tv Guide to sports on it, unfortunately it is not that much user friendly. I wish you considered it as one of the main Tabs on the App. Thanks
Sammy ZWrLD Jacobs
Aug 26, 2021
After updating this app I can no longer access it. It stops at the "sign up" and "sign in" screen. When I say "sign in" my phone says "Supersoprt has stopped working" and it does it over and over again. I also followed your advice of clearing the data and cache but it still doesn't work.
Angus Clarke
Aug 21, 2021
Why does the Main Scoreline not follow commentary? It's always lags behind. Also the time of tries & penalties is totally inaccurate to on-the-field time. Please rectify. It's infuriating getting inaccurate feedback. 21st August 18:30 How can we load screen shots to illustrate the problem, as it seems as if nothing has changed. 55 mins into the game and the score is correct but commentary stopped at 35 mins. No amount of rebooting & refreshing would up date the commentary. Frustration! Thanks.
Norman james Marks
Aug 16, 2021
Hi Abiya it's almost a year again and i see nothing has been done to upgrade that is my opinion surely you can't argue with that everything still seems to be the same for instance the results why jump from one league to another can't you fir example give all the premier results and then laliga etc. And the diff sport codes too it will be much easier please do something about it it's getting frustrating
Rover Bond
Jul 22, 2021
I have many apps on my android and this one is the only one that remains still so jumpy. There does not seem to be any attempt to fix the bugs or whatever it is that causes it to freeze and then move again. As I say there's no such problems in all my other apps.
Anthony Clark
Jul 15, 2021
Dear supersport. After enjoying your previous version of the app. I can see the positive changes you have tried to make. However trying to get me to follow favorites I follow all the relevant teams and competitions. Yet I still miss out on news that I need to see on my web browser or shared on Facebook. Specifically now with the British and Irish Lions. Make an option like you did with the scores that you can turn off favorites
Devon Victor Fisher
Jul 12, 2021
App does not work after last update. I have tried deleting it and reinstall it. Nothing. Opens of start screen with logo and hangs. Used to be good now the update with "minor bug fixes" has broken the app... DF
Neil Kennard-Davis
Jul 11, 2021
The previous versions were useful. It was a good app. Then an upgrade came in and now the app is totally useless. It freezes at the opening screen and nothing can be done further. I'm running Android 10 on a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Update: The response from the developer helped me to fix the issue and the app is now working. This is a good source of information for me.
Renton Haskell
Jul 10, 2021
App doesn't always load. Seems faulty. Selection of news is a bit awkward, have to keep scrolling for possibly what you looking for. Better to have a multi news page to select what you looking for rather than having to scroll and then still not find it. Told me to update, clicked on the update, took me to the play store but then wouldn't let me do the update. Since then, can't open the app.
Jul 9, 2021
Clunky and difficult to use, not very efficient, and rather irritating as I get notifications constantly about random sporting events that I have no interest in, which is a bit ridiculous as the app asks you what sports you are interested in when you set it up
Wihan du Preez
Jul 8, 2021
I downloaded the latest version and try to sign up as requested. But after signing up and signing in the app doesn't even open the homescreen. It gives a message saying something went wrong. Disappointed that the app doesn't work anymore. I enjoyed the pre-updated version more.
Sean Swanepoel
Jul 6, 2021
I see you guys are struggling with the new app, so here are some suggestions. 1. Sport categories. Allow us to see live scores, upcoming matches and results for certain sports only like rugby or cricket 2. Would be awesome if you could ld add the Supersport channel and broadcast time for all sports 3. The favorites button is not working. Rather do sport categories than specific tournaments. Else we have to update constantly our favorites as new tournaments start. 4. Bring back Live commentary
Jul 2, 2021
The app needs alot of fixing, this app will close abruptly as you are navigating, reading news etc, it really is overrated, I actually wish they had left us with the older app,it was so easy and friendly to work with, this new version of the app is really fake.
hannes vd merwe
Jun 19, 2021
The App shows potential. Many sports reported. Videos buffer most of the time. Screen back and close buttons to high up.if I want to.close a screen, it pulls the battery usage down.
Daniel Meyer
May 21, 2021
Hi Peter not sure if I am replying on the correct platform My Problem are with score/logs/kick-off... updates sometimes took up to 3 days for the logs to be updated old app was much more user friendly and accurate. I also understand the challenges with covid with regards to kick off times and venues but the log updates were poor on the rugby side of things.
Gunter praekelt
May 17, 2021
Not poor but certianly not the best app I have used before. A lot of room for improvements especially to make it more user-friendly. The app asks to log in to personalize it and then make it easier and shorter to get to your preferred sports. A lot of users would rather have ease of access to your favourite sports. Especially my Dad which is 60+ its not easy for him to use the app at all. The tables also doesn't show sometimes as well as upcoming events.
Helmut Straeuli
May 15, 2021
Reading through the other reviews, it becomes clear that someone should get the chop for the terrible app you have created. I echo all the other reasons given why I think this is just such a frustrating experience to open the app, and have to try to navigate through options that just aren't there feedback. There has been no change in the app - it is still altogether a frustrating experience. Bring back the app as it was and sack the programmer/developer of the present one
morne visser
May 15, 2021
The new look brought in over a year ago now is horrible. The old one was easy, it's been over complicated. Too many tap here then tap there just to find your sport of preference. I end up googling instead of using the app. I spend a tenth of the time I use to on this app. Its become too clever instead of simple.
Mohamed Hansa
May 13, 2021
Older version was more user freindly. Navigating the app was easier. The new version is fancier but i struggled to find my way around basic stuff. Also the colours used on the scores page dont work for me. App can also be slow to load at times. With some screens not loading at all. My advise is to just keep it simple. People want to get to what they are looking for as quick as possible. If it takes too long, we just go to google search.
Michael Slattery
Mar 29, 2021
Need to simplify. I want to know a channel list...Espn etc. But impossible to find. (Rish has responded to this already but i can only edit my response and not reply.) I needed to find out what channel the F1 was on in a restaurant, because I am unsure since the change. they had to go into the other room to change the channel. Even following Rish's instructions I could find the channel to stream easily and did that, but there was no channel number so I couldn't just say 215 maybe adjust the labelling in the app. Sometimes access to quick info is what is needed ie. what sport is on what channel.
Eric Shelver
Mar 15, 2021
The previous version was much less "appy", easier to navigate, better on the screen and eye and less complicated. To for next version: an app must be like paging through a magazine- quick and informative but not complicated.
Matthew William Stockdale
Feb 26, 2021
The way the sport menu is now is fine. What I would change is when you click Football for example the next section is drop downs so you don't have to scroll to what you want you can go straight to what you want. For example. Click Football click Europe to drop it down and go to Premier league but still keep the top three most picked choices aswell
Stef Grobbelaar
Feb 25, 2021
Older version was much better and more user friendly. Update 19/2. Just did the update. Still as bad if not worse. Landing page give one option only. Update 25/2 I wanted to change my rating but unfortunately there is no option for zero stars. They've overcomplicated the app to such an extent that it often doesn't provide real time live scores. Quicker to search on Google
Oliver Charles Van Wyk
Feb 25, 2021
The new tab that was added "sports" makes it a lot easier to navigate and find what you're looking for. My initial experience was very unsatisfactory but now with the new sports tab where you can select which sport you want and check live games, upcoming games and tournaments is a huge improvement on the app. Thank you and well done!
Terry Tanzer
Feb 25, 2021
Before it was easy to find any sport and the programmes associated with them. Now it's almost impossible. I'm really sorry I updated as it leaves me totally lost. Supersport seems to be fixated on football(soccer) and rugby has all but disappeared. So sad......
Hennie Botha
Feb 25, 2021
My honest opinion is that the app does not keep track of what is really happening. For example, the two matches of to day are not even displayed. Again this app does not keep track of what is really happening - Can I watch live rugby this weekend? A new rugby competition starts this weekend.
Feb 23, 2021
Not too happy about the app. It is always behind with the latest info e.g results, live match scores, log standing table not updating properly. Sometimes most teams don't appear on the log standing table etc.
Jan 31, 2021
Truly dissappointing. Thought that by now they would have sorted out most of the issues. I unistalled the app so many times and reinstalled it again, hoping it will worth the space taken up on my phone. It has been years now and still the app is below par.
Mayank Baloo
Jan 23, 2021
It's really idiotic to use, not user friendly at all. Upcoming fixtures for sports such as rugby are hard to find or have on your newsfeed etc. Please bring back the old app or a similar interface
Andy Crighton
Jan 23, 2021
Hate the new app. Often click on results and the match results are missing. Click on live and its says no live match when it's on currently, or it says no upcoming events when you know there is. Example Lions cricket result last night is missing.
Victor Wilkens
Jan 22, 2021
I see a lot of negative comments on the app. Still there is no improvement. This new app must have been given to someone who was not capable, but 'eligable'. I don't even want to use it anymore. I want the old app (with its issues) back. There is a lot of empty feedback on comments but no improvement. Supersport is a world class brand but cannot put effort towards a properly working app. This is unacceptable. Dont send me a promise, send a solution.
Wendy Gaysman
Jan 19, 2021
Please fix this App. it crashes soon as i open a video or any News article. I've installed it on 3 different devices (even opened it on an Android emulator) and it keeps crashing. App is awesome been using it for years. Please fix thank you
Johan Engelbrecht
Jan 16, 2021
This new app is rubbish compared to the old one. Whoever signed off on this needs to be replaced. Not user friendly at all. Cannot filter according to sporting preference. Will use something else.
Jon Chowthee
Jan 15, 2021
For live and upcoming sport, the need to adjust the filter just doesn't work. It's nonsensical that if SA vs Sri Lanka series is over, I must now remove that from my filter and add SAs next series in order to see the live and upcoming scores. You rather have broader filter options like Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, etc and people can tick as many sports as they like since some of us actually do follow multiple sports.
O'Ryan mclean
Jan 12, 2021
From great to bad!!!! What a horrible experience navigating your way through all the sports.... checking schedules checking everything..... its frustrating wish I could just get the old app back. Please tell me who signed off on this new app? Poor choice though
Jaco Jooste
Jan 8, 2021
Really disappointed. Earlier today (8Jan) Bulls vs Pumas showed as an upcoming match so I set a reminder, which it then reminded me of... however the match has actually been moved to 10 Jan, I think because currently no match. Nothing about the rescheduled match on the news feeds. Tv ads are saying that the app has ball by ball cricket commentary, which I am yet to find - tried looking for it during the SA and Sri Lanka series. New layout of the app really difficult to navigate.
Larry Phiri
Dec 28, 2020
Totally pathetic, please bring back the old Supersport format. I can't check any sport scores unless I add the team I want. Looking for the NZ vs Pak cricket score, I cannot find. I probably have to add NZ as my favourite :-( I'm quarter to with uninstalling this app, can't bear this no more.
Stone Utloa
Dec 20, 2020
I cannot even rate this app half a star cause I will be laying to the review reader, I just gave a star to enable posting. It has been useless to me and the worse part of it is that I cannot uninstall it from my phone. The developers made sure once downloaded the app form part of phone default apps. So, we are stuck with it even if we do not use it. Please developers I want this app off my phone, not disabled but uninstalled and deleted from my phone memory.
Dylan Gaillard
Dec 18, 2020
Terrible new interface.. much harder to find things. Having to add each tournament or team to see results its tedious and ridiculous. Why can't there be for example all international cricket .. now I have to add each tournament. Second there is no way of adding the English championship to your list therefore I have to go through the tedious process everytime I want to see results. Developers need to rethink this app.
Ben Minnie
Dec 18, 2020
Somehow this app just keeps on getting worse and worse. You have to edit your profile everytime there's a new cricket tour or new sporting event. Very frustrating...the app should give all cricket scores, for example...just very frustrating
Jesca Prossy Nanziri
Dec 14, 2020
First of all, I didn't want this upgrade, just woke up and my app was a mess. You're trying so hard to look like the ESPN app, and you succeeded in the worst ways. There's a reason why I preferred supersport to ESPN but after this upgrade, I'll just use google. The whole interface is messed up, the games, results and videos not up to date. If possible please revert back to the older version or provide the option. Otherwise I'm uninstalling this whole thing
Daniël Cornelius Johannes Guse
Dec 13, 2020
The latest version of this app is absolutely garbage compared to the previous. Not only do I hate all the advertising in between (on a full subscription of dstv!!??), but also the massive delay in uploading new highlights. Very poor app development!
Edgar Robarts
Dec 12, 2020
Hi, Please revert to the old app. A simple thing like getting a full time score of a game you missed last night is tedious. I rather google than try to navigate the App. Reading the reviews of other users, it seems I am not the only one struggling with the App, which means I am not the problem. Dont be like Multichoice and ignore your users. The new App is frustrating, the old app was easy to use. Thanks in advance. PS: The users giving this app a 5 star now, must be Supersport employees.
Thabang Liphoto
Dec 10, 2020
I really regret updating to this app. The older app was very good, I could manage to see live updates, general results and news. With this new update I have to pre-select each tournament, league or app in order to follow it, it is time wasting and not user friendly at all. Please revert back to the earlier app on the next update, this one is a complete no no!!!
Brett Murray
Dec 10, 2020
Much preferred the old app. This upgrade is actually a downgrade. You have to wade through sports tou dont want to see to try and find the results you want. A huge disappointment.
Craig Porteous
Dec 6, 2020
So confusing and user unfriendly. I just want an overview or summary of results in the various sports, as previously and not go through 20 steps to find what I'm looking for. Rubbish
Jan Koudstaal
Dec 6, 2020
Prefer the access to all info of the old app, this new one is not user friendly, once you have chosen a certain set of options it is difficult to change or search for other sports results
Thingahangwi Malotsha
Dec 2, 2020
I want to be able to easily access highlights, news, fixtures, live score updates etc. I humbly request that you please remove this update for me, it's too complicated I regret ever upgrading. Can you atleast please bring back the option where I choose a specific league to read or watch highlights for? I'm very close to deleting this app now. I find it disturbing that you ask me if there's anything specific I want to be assisted with whereas I just specified what I would like to see.
Khaka Mganu
Nov 21, 2020
I really really miss the older interface of this app. This new interface is not nice at all. I wish I could revert back. Update. Trying to use the live match update feature. It's showing me theatch is 21 minutes in and the score is 1-0 I tried getting more information. It says there is no data. That's when I check under the heading of the actual club. When I check the heading of the premier league it says there are no live matches. It only shows results and upcoming matches.
Russell Simmonds
Nov 21, 2020
The new app is a disappointment. All I want is to log in and read rugby news and results. I've set my interest/filters accordingly but my feed is spammed with irrelevant sports news. Also, I logged in today to look up the aus arg score, it wasn't there. Perhaps I am missing the right filter? Too complicated, i prefer the old app.
Gerhard Theron
Nov 16, 2020
Not user friendly, but I will give it a two star rating. I have browsed the app and also realised that the tables, scores etc. aren't up to date even a few days afterwards. It is almost like certain sports get preference
Adriaan Lausberg
Nov 15, 2020
I really love the app. It's great to see scores when you don't have a TV to watch it on that moment etc. BUT I really love my sport. I'd like to have unlimited favourites. I love so many tournaments, and then it tells me that I've reached my Favourites limit. Please make that unlimited Edited: I thank the SS team for their reply. I didn't knew that before
Greg Beyers
Nov 14, 2020
Have to keep changing preferences just to find results. Thanks for the response but that is exactly the problem and no summaries to scroll and different pages for results live and upcoming. Big tiles on stories looks great but difficult to navigate on a phone.
Jonathan Bell
Nov 14, 2020
Horrible. Navigation is not intuitive. I could not find the Super Rugby Unlocked table. Very difficult to find fixtures and results not related to the teams that you don't support.
Phiwayinkosi Mungwe
Nov 14, 2020
I hate the new update of supersport, its looks like it was designed by an amateur. The old version was way better, way organised, way appealing and simple to the eye. Please revert back to the old version.
john sue
Nov 13, 2020
Upgrade is terrible. Can't move around as before. PLEASE bring back old app. Changed to 2 star, just because you contacted me. F1 racing. I go there nothing about practise,. Just tells me there is a race tomorrow. No detailed information. Your platform on old app fantastic. Schedules was comprehensive
Louw van Wyk
Nov 10, 2020
Oct 2020 version is terrible. Articles don't load, not even the thumbnails in feed. Worst of all - can't filter out sports you don't want even when signing up & signing in. Had I known they messed it up like that I would not have upgraded. Uninstalling. Edit: results, live and upcoming also faulty, loading slowly or not at all. Ads now very prominent and obtrusive. Edit II Nov: suspiciously many recent 5-star ratings with little or no comment - company/developers cheating for better rating!!
Project 420
Nov 8, 2020
Ever since you guys updated the app to this new look, it has been absolutely horrible, false information, missing information, slow, just plain terrible, there was nothing wrong with the old version, stop trying to be fancy when u obviously don't have the right programmers for the job
Den Heun
Nov 8, 2020
No freedom to select by sport only. Screen now to busy with all sport in the world. People have preferences and preferences are also seasonal. For that you need to unselect everytime as seasonable trends changes. Not good
William Lake
Nov 7, 2020
I have missed so much sport since the update.. Would have loved to watch the Aus vs NZ game but when I searched the app to see if there was rugby this morning.. The only fixture it showed was a Mitre cup game!! The apps user interface is terrible. I literally used to use your app more than any app on my phone.. Now I'm forced to delete it and find another app. WORST UPDATE EVER FROM A LOYAL USER
Henry Chiramba
Nov 4, 2020
I like the direction you guys are going. Change was bound to happen at some point and so far I think the idea is good. Only giving 3 star because of the usual issues with any "new" app that everyone is also complaining about. I trust you'll polish and improve then I'll update my rating. Update: This is a great app. Old users, I recommend you sign up first and play around with it for a few days. App is much more user friendly than it seems at first.
Jacques Scheepers
Nov 2, 2020
Utterly useless upgrade! It use to take me 10 seconds to navigate to the sport news I am trying to reach. Now I can't even find a news tab! Don't tell me I need to login to set my preferences, I could setup the old app with NO login. With no quick sports news to read, you are loosing yet another member. Poor!
Mathew de Smidt
Nov 1, 2020
Old app was much better. Difficult to find info and you have to scroll a lot to get info you want. Videos also don't rotate when you rotate your screen. Should have done more user testing before releasing
Eddie Mabitsela
Nov 1, 2020
The old app was way better than this new one. In the new app there's no live commentary, no starting line up, no live statistics. Finding what u want it's an uphill battle, especially cup games. If there's an option to use the old app I would gladly do it
Chris Groenewald
Oct 31, 2020
The new "upgrade" looks like something a 2 year old has designed. It is extremely user unfriendly and finding relevant news stories is impossible. The old app was where I got all my sport news and scores. I will have to find a new app now. This one is getting deleted.
Shaun Botes
Oct 30, 2020
This new Supersport app is a waste of time. I used to religiously use the old one but since the update and new layout it has become useless. It never shows match data and sometimes doesn't even show fixtures or results. There are better apps around that work properly
Boet Matthews
Oct 30, 2020
This app is not good it's BRILLIANT. It keeps you updated with the latest happening in the World of Sport. I love it. Thank you SuperSport for you input and your interest to bring sport especially the big ones such as Football Rugby Tennis Boxing Cricket to name a few to us on the roads on the streets etc. Never a dull moment moving with this app in my pocket. Keep on doing what you know best. BRINGING SPORT TO THE PEOPLE. I'LL GIVE YOU 10 OUT OF 1O.
Rowen Petrus
Oct 29, 2020
If there was an option to provide zero stars I would rate it zero stars. This upgrade is a definite downgrade. Putrid usability and the navigation is atrocious. There is no live feed information concerning calling the action of football matches. Bring back the old version!!!
Keenan Whitebooi
Oct 29, 2020
Was happy with the old version of the app but the new updated version app is just not working for me kicks me out all the time ,used to be my favorite app especially with reading and getting up to date with all highlights. Just not happy with the new version. The app don't work on my phone
Gerald Williams
Oct 28, 2020
The video viewing experience needs major work. It was better in the previous version, now it's slow and painful to find the content you're looking for. Rather just link me to YouTube if you're going to use their platform? The aesthetic of the new app might be nice, but overall it's a drop in UX. With a monopoly on decent sports broadcasting in SA, please at least ship out decent software. Edit: Thanks Karien for the response. Hope you guys manage to come right.
Martin Viney
Oct 27, 2020
Old app was so much better.. you cant find a thing you are looking for.. I have used the app for many years and was a pleasure.. but this up grade is anything but. Terrible guys.. just In football it never has stats, lineups, commentary.. you cant find the league table.. really really bad. Think you should can it and go back to the old version.. thanks.
Darren Bruce-Brand
Oct 25, 2020
Zero stars. I deleted this app 2 years ago as it was pathetic. Thought I'd give it a try again, but alas. It seems worse. Can't even complete the favourites section without it throwing me out. Come on guys, we pay a ludicrous amount to watch sport, sort this out, it's nearly 2021, it really isn't that difficult
Victor Uchuno
Oct 25, 2020
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Words cannot begin to describe the abomination I have just witnessed. I'm not sure what this "grand" update was meant to achieve but this is "hellish" to say the least. All I can do is have a fit of laughter to keep myself from smashing my phone right now. I cannot believe you would deprive me of viewing my highlights, which is the most important functionality of this app to me!!
Eugene Bester
Oct 24, 2020
The supersport app was always bad, but at least it was intuitive and things were where one expected it to be. But hey they've outdone themselves, they've gone from bad to worse. Congrats to the intellectual giants that designed this nightmare of an app(post recent update) Please bring back the old app it was much better than this latest attempt.
Kyubi Shinigami
Oct 24, 2020
The old Supersport App was more informative, instead this one seeks to address the individual based on the teams and not for the love of open sport and getting exposed to new teams. It is hard to find *"All competitions"* if one is in the market for football viewing. It is no longer diverse
Siphelele Edgar Mkhize
Oct 24, 2020
This updated version is very bad, even the look and feel. Not consistent with live updates & goes blank intermittently. It's disappointing experiencing such underperformance from SuperSport. Looking at alternatives. Waste of data usage.
Kinly Calvin
Oct 24, 2020
The new update has been really frustrating for me to use honestly. The app keeps saying error and when I'm looking for match data there's nothing to show. No line ups, live stats, nothing. I miss the older version
Dawood Damon
Oct 23, 2020
Extremely poor. Did you guys even do user testing before implementing the update of the new interface? It is completely different. I am not updating my app. I will stick to the old interface as it is way easier to navigate through the app. I experienced the update on another device. I will definitely not update the app on my device until I feel comfortable with the new interface. Please have a look and get users (from the public) to test.
Gerald Ebuka
Oct 23, 2020
Why can't i access older highlights from one week older. This new upgrade keeps hanging and makes my phone reboot automatically. The supersport website is no different. To access match highlights with calendar doesn't work. Search bar is a mess! Fix it
Christo Kruger
Oct 23, 2020
Sluggish, live scores slow to show, crashes when you turn off notifications. Which means the only way to disable notifications is by uninstalling the app. Worse than the last Supersport app in almost every way.
Warren Rielly
Oct 21, 2020
This app really a downgrade from the previous one. Most time when i go on like last night to check the Champions League scores it has no data attached. I didnt even install this one it just ran an update. Can the old app still be used?
Asher Symons
Oct 20, 2020
Great to see such app development that makes you wish they never changed a thing. Certainly the most pathetic excuse of a sports app. Great to see a score board but no detail to elaborate what transpired. You selection criteria leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks for the degression on this application you doing a great job.
Ted Low
Oct 20, 2020
My advice is DO NOT UPDATE. At least with the old app, you could choose your sporting interests & block what you didn't want. With this you now have to scroll through pages & pages of soccer kak before you get to any proper sport! Terrible upgrade, I will be deleting this after trying this upgrade as it is of no use to me. I also don't approve of having to sign-up but still getting hammered by annoying adverts.
Julian Da Silva
Oct 20, 2020
New update is horrible, no stats or commentary available on any match at any time. Can't see any new information on any team for any sport either. Tried using is on WIFI as well as mobile data and both give the exact same problems.
Muhammed Khan
Oct 20, 2020
The old app was far better and much more user friendly. To navigate and understand. The current app is terrible. There are no live scores, no line-ups or commentary. Please go back to the old app.
Dan da Cruz
Oct 18, 2020
I was undecided about this app till this morning when i woke up to check the premier league table, and realised it hasn't been updated even with yesterday's games, so i had to google it, what is the point then. Also, i have personlised my feed but yet im getting news articles on leagues i have not selected to follow cluttering my feed with stuff i am not interested in. You guys released this new app far to early should have kept both versions for awhile longer.
Oct 18, 2020
New app is irritating and limits what I can view. Old one was way better. App still rubbish. Commentary, no data available. Stats, no data available. Line-up, no data available. Please go back to the app that worked. This is garbage
Willem Andreas Smit
Oct 18, 2020
This app is terrible compared to the previous version. It regularly says "no data found for event". It does not update live scores. Supersport went from good to bad with this app.
Joseph Rom
Oct 17, 2020
The latest updates make the app less than useless. It is confusing and not user friendly at all. Stop trying to be a social media platform. All I want to do is check the Stormers line up and I can't find it. It says there is currently no live sport???? What is going on? The old app was occasionally a bit sluggish but for the most part you could find what you were looking for. As a broadcaster Supersport is amongst the best in the world. The app is a disaster.Please simplify and go back to basics
Francois Marais
Oct 17, 2020
The new update is really a bad one. Like I dont even know where to start... please delete this and take us back to the start. I miss supersport...but for real this new one really is not good. I literally just want to see when the next rugby game is, without having to go and adjust 1000 settings just to lose interest and google the fixture. Why did you change the interface? It was simple and easy to use, even for someone that does not know the slightest thing of sport. Please change back😭
Lesego Moroeng
Oct 17, 2020
This is a terrible upgrade. The old app was easy to navigate. The upgrade comes across as an unfinished product, it is a mission to find what you want. It was easier to watch games linked up to your Dstv now app. Now finding news about different leagues has become a chore. Hopefully the next update will simplify our lives. There's something new each day. Now we can't view stats or line-ups. This truly hurts for us that considered the app a "go to" for sports updates, highlights and news.
sibusiso matukane
Oct 17, 2020
Very bad app upgrade. The previous version was much better and usable Here's what I find annoying. 1. We are forced to see all sports updates on landing page. Im only interested in football updates, football only. Don't show me cricket and boxing I'm not interested. 2. Once you open the football page, why is there not a filter like the previous versions to remove leagues I'm not interested in. When I go to scheduled matches I see even English championship, how is that relevant to me? You don
Aron Lusiba
Oct 17, 2020
This app update is bad, useless and a waste of our data and time. There is live soccer right now but there are no live updates, no current or upcoming fixtures. The user interface is also bad. The last app was the best but This one is a bad update. It doesn't even deserve a single star. Just bring back the old app please. We need to rely on this app for convenience and incase one is not home so we can check for live scores.
Gaositwe Tlhale
Oct 17, 2020
It is just a terrible app now. The original version is better. It is just difficult to use and not worth it. It feels like a sports newspaper and you don't get what ypu want until a story has been written about it. Sorry but previous versions were definitely better.
Nonto Mtshali
Oct 17, 2020
Frustrating to use there's just too much going on (I agree with the other reviews), I personally prefer the old one, there was absolutely no need to revamp it. Waste of time.
Brian Rogers
Oct 16, 2020
Supersport used to be such a convenient go to for sports info. Quick and informative. Maybe not pretty but effective. Now it's super pretty and trying to navigate around it is a mission not worth the time.
Peter Adrian
Oct 16, 2020
Very poor app. Want to get rid of it. Absolutely useless. The previous app was perfect. The new app does not give me the information / overview, tables, rankings, news etc of all sports that interest me. Cumbersome to get quick information. Please let me use the old app. I will appreciate it. Thanks
Gud-One Van Tonder
Oct 16, 2020
Initially I thought it's me who's not understanding this app, but reading through the comments it approves that indeed this app is not user-friendly. I can't log on with any of the 2 existing accounts I have, when I sign up it does take the credentials. I don't know who gave this app greenlight without testing it. Im forced to download alternative app to see what's playing where and when... some1 attend to this or will stop using this app. But in the meantime just revert back to the old app.
Levasan Naidoo
Oct 14, 2020
Absolutely poor attempt at an upgrade for this app. The need to register an account just to personalize the filters and preferences on this app is definitely not worth the hassle. Majority of sports based apps let one personalize the app without the requirement of an account. Add in the fact that live matches says 'scores available at full time' is a slap in the face for an avid fan. So even though the matches are shown your app doesn't have rights? Very difficult to believe
Kith Dennis
Oct 13, 2020
This app saw it being advertised but its actually suspect, unable to personalize anything its unable to log you successfully into any account it tells you it has logged you in successfully but it hasn't tried several times no joy will stick with Fotmob pro, might have to delete this one it won't serve me well
Neval Singh
Oct 7, 2020
Would rate the update 1 star but because of how great the previous version was, I will give it 3 starts. I preferred the older app because the layout was very simple and convenient as compared to the new app which appears bulky and showy but not making the information easily available. I am hopeful that the new app will be perfected or I would recommend simply returning to the old app. I haven't been upto date on my football proper since the update.
Marnus du Plessis
Oct 5, 2020
The latest update is not user friendly for me at all. I find it very difficult to get the things I want and the app takes very long to load! Previous app was much better and was working perfectly. Don't know why you changed something that was working perfectly. You can always just add and improve the old one but this new one is completely different and difficult to use.
craig tarr
Oct 5, 2020
The new app is terrible! The UX designer should be fired! This new app is a mission to find anything! The old app had everything you needed and easy to find info across various sports. This is really shocking! Took something good and broke it. Please don't give me the reply about getting used to change... I'll sooner delete the app. Change is supposed to make the users life easier... Not harder.
Jc Kruger
Oct 3, 2020
The most useless app! I downloaded it to keep me informed about the times certain sports take place. The app gives me everything except the sports I'm interested in (mostly rugby). After I've selected my favorites. Don't download! Google helps more than this app!
Oct 3, 2020
Not user friendly. Difficult to find tournaments details, results are outdated, news not correlated to interest. Previous app wasn't perfect, but much navigate than this one. Is there an alternative app for SA and international sport?
Liam Cadle
Sep 30, 2020
I absolutely love this app. Use it all the time. My only negatives is that the reminders aren't quite accurate and if you read a long article the whole page reloads if you go back. Also can the Dev Team not put in more sports? I mean SuperSport plays the NBA on TV now, should the app not show us what's happening on that front? Would be great if it could 😇
Pegasus 20
Aug 13, 2020
Terrible! The app opens, then crashes, so it has become useless! Had always been informative but something must have gone haywire with the coding. Please fix this urgently as sport is coming back. Uninstalled!
Godwin Chikanko
Jul 21, 2020
Its a nice app. I like it so much becoz it brings sports news and results to my finger tips.I could have give you 5 stars but you need to add on service where I can pick even just two teams and compare their previous performance and results by just typing their names in searching space .
Kein Sithole
Jul 11, 2020
This app is completely useless for Android users. You will never watch live sports on this app. The app will redirect you to DSTV Now and currently DSTV is having a major issue which seems like no one actually working on it. Which means downloading this app is a complete waste of time and space. The app isn't independent as it just the redirects to another app or to the internet to download the app.
Feb 1, 2020
Very disappointing to see a app with great features, but not being able to make use of it properly due to constant lagging and in app bug's, not supprised that something designed by Multichoice is not working properly tho. Supersport is the only thing keeping this company alive and you can't even get the app to work properly.
Jan 6, 2020
So disappointing for an App that's supposed to provide me with access to sport info on the go yet the scores are sometimes incorrect & certain sport highlights aren't available, I then have to open my DSTV Now to watch these. I still wonder how is it that so many other sports' highlights are at an average of 5mins each yet the Absa Premiership is a min of 10mins as this includes replay after replay of a missed opportunity & interviews, considering that the games hardly produce goals.
Jan 1, 2020
The experience was good not until I updated it. When watching football highlights it keeps saying download YouTube. Then what's the use if when watching anything you will be redirected to another app. I just downloaded the old version on apkpure coz it better than the update
Dec 21, 2019
This app is getting worst by the day. I like to watch different sports, from football to rugby, cricket and golf, but can't always watch games I like do to being busy. I always used this app to keep updated with the scores, and what happened in the game but the information it gives have lost it quality, most games doesn't even give information, not even live scores, where others the information is inaccurate and scores are wrong.
Dec 15, 2019
This app is pretty much useless. I don't know if this problem is with Rugby only but they don't update the news up until a whole week almost goes by. They also don't post the current score, they only show the score when the match is finished. No highlights either
Dec 8, 2019
This app just keeps getting worse and worse. What lazyness motivates your posting youtube links in the app? So basically we must just delete this app and subscribe to your youtube channel. Please bring in people that actually understand sport in your team because it seems like y'all are losing it. What happened to Caf Championship? And your filters are not effective I keep getting highlights about the damn Europa league of which I don't give a f*** about. Bring back the Caf Championship!!!
Aug 10, 2019
After 2 - 3 years of using this app i gotta say im disappointed. With time any app is supposed to improve, yet with this app its like cancer. dies with time. I wanted to follow the rugby as i was out with family. the app says it cannot retreive data after restarting and refreshing. i then needed news24 to save me. Il be deleting this app after this review. thanks but no thanks
Aug 3, 2019
A great app. All the major sports avaolable at your fingertips. Would be nice to be able to click on a particular event and go directly to DSTVnow and watch directly on the device.
Jul 24, 2019
Scrolling doesn't work properly (hiccuppy). App keeps saying that there's an error in connection. Delays in scores. This app just hasn't kept up with innovation. And it shall now be deleted from my phone.
Jul 5, 2019
You can get more complete information on live sporting events on Google. Your app doesn't show minutes played during the soccer and neither can you get straight forward info on who scored goals without having to scroll right down the commentary imagine the hassle 1 has to go through if you're looking at multiple games going on at the same time. Also it would be amazing if you could show results of games of other major sporting events like copa America although you don't show it.
Jun 26, 2019
Always kicks me out. Whenever I try to access the Supersport app for updates, the app just closes. I follow my sport religiously. Most sport. And especially during weekends, I have encountered that when you open up the app, it closes immediately upon opening. We have DSTV full bouquet but sometimes when you travel then the app is very useful. However, recently it has become a big problem. Also, during weekends it does not update scores. Hence, we are forced to go to the internet to catch up.
Jun 22, 2019
In general, a good app. On some devices(my new devices), the home screen sticks when scrolling. But once you click on what article you want to read, then it is fine. Good to catch up on sports news.
Jun 21, 2019
I get an uptodate program of fixtures & matches that are in progress. it is comprehensive in a way that it covers almost all the games & tournaments. Am not sure though if log standings on tables do appear somewhere. otherwise its a wonderful app!
May 25, 2019
Great App! talk about ease of access and simplicity. no need for use website search engines for previous, current and future sports updates, news, scores, results, you name it. I love the filter function as it gives you more control of exactly the type of sports you're interested in, the regions and types of leagues..perfecto 100%
May 14, 2019
most of the time it doesn't update and it takes more than 24 hours to restore, over the weekend on 11th May 2019 to 12th it was only showing 0:0 scores for all the matches, so basically no one is monitoring, i had to open soccer24 to get latest score and accurate results.
May 11, 2019
App is okay for day to day reading of NEWS. But when it comes to match days, the app is useless. It duplicates the team line ups, the live match commentary and match updates is non existent. Its nowhere near as good as Goal Live. The log standings shown on supersport also duplicate. The app is only good for reading articles and that's it.
Mar 17, 2019
I still keep getting "unexpected error occurred" message when trying to view video highlights. this has been coming on for a while and despite numerous complaints, to which admin keeps responding with a generic: "uninstall and reinstall the app" message, the issue still persists. it is as if the supersport admin is more concerned with increasing the number of app downloads than it is with actually fixing bugs.
Mar 16, 2019
This has always been my go to app for international sports. However in recent times it has started to slip. Checking individual golf scores crashes the app, the video section that was unique and brilliant has old videos with no new updates, the new articles continue to be excellent however, it's saving grace for now. its been 6 weeks since its last update, perhaps Supersport is reducing support due to costs, who knows. I'll update my review if its high standards return.
Mar 7, 2019
So I managed to connect my supersport to my dstv now app on my phone and the are working well besides the small problem I complained about yesterday. The other problem is that the same is not going through with my PC...if I open a channel in supersport it is redirecting me to my dstv now via the Dstv I'd thing but once I enter my details it keeps saying "404- File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or its temporarily unavailable
Feb 21, 2019
The app doesn't allow casting via big screen on sound the video playback shows paused and nowhere to allow the play back it dictates you to install Dstv Now app for it to show and it's a must for you to have an account with Dstv and you be on compact, compact plus and premium bouque for you to stream yet you have to use bundles again and all these restrictions i see it's an exploitation to install such an app if they will fix all these bugs will give a 3star awaiting to scruitinize it further...
Feb 9, 2019
I've used the app for a few years and it was a decent app. Recently when I open the news articles none of the content is shown, just a white screen.
Feb 8, 2019
Having been ad avid Supersport App fan for a long time, it is now highly frustrating that only white blank screens appear when clicking on News. This is a recent bug but needs urgent attention to avoid losing interest and followers.
Feb 5, 2019
this app has the potential to be great. but it has to many bugs constantly... cannot read any news... opens the news feed but is blank always. that's very frustrating.... not impressed
Feb 5, 2019
Really love this app. but the last few weeks when reading the headlines once you click on it the screen is blank and you cant go into the whole write up. uninstalling now and hopefully it will once u reinstall
Feb 4, 2019
Score updates are great thanks but for some odd reason whenever I go into the news articles to read it, a blank white screen appears for the last week or so. Are you aware of any technical issues with that? It's really frustrating.
Feb 4, 2019
The app was working fine, but for two days now the news page won't load the news. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, logged out and logged back in and it's still not working. Shows a white blank screen when I open te news
Dec 9, 2018
Some highlights do not always run after the game especially in cricket. Otherwise not too bad. Can you also allow boxing to be excluded from the selection. Thanks
Nov 17, 2018
The app can be frustrating, seeing that you can't see fixtures/races/tours/sporting events for say the entire season, but only on the day it happens. I would also expect a sporting app to show more stats on whichever sport for example top goal scorers of the league, or most wickets taken and all the stats surrounding individual performances, etc. The app has great potential, but it could be more user friendly.
Nov 6, 2018
Something is missing, some game scores are wrong on the app. I would like be able to view team lineups on the app. It would be nice also if I can see goal scorers on top instead of scrolling down.
Nov 4, 2018
The app is virtually useless as it is now. Important sport events does not show up at all under fixtures, the starting times are always wrong if you are in a timezone other than in SA and you have to refresh the feed multiple times before anything shows up. Most of the time you only see errors. Come on supersport you can do better than this.
Oct 6, 2018
This App becomes very expensive if you haven't got a good data deal, and all of the channels are only open for Premium subscribers. It's cheaper to stream the same sport for free on other channels and only pay data. Sorry not worth it!
Sep 18, 2018
Personally this is my favorite sports app, especially when you have Dstv now on your phone as well. The two apps work great together. What would be cool is if yall could make it possible to speak to the commentators or analyst from the app
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