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Joshua Mora
May 29, 2022
I have no clue what happened to the Apple music app. I have used this app for over 2 years and I've had zero issues and then all of a sudden I've had nothing but issues. There are so many bugs in this app it is so ridiculous. The app keeps crashing, songs that show load don't load or take forever to load, and says I'm offline when my phone is connected to internet. Not sure what happened at all this app used to have no problems whatsoever. All these problems started all of a sudden.
Paul Nagy
May 24, 2022
While I had an amazing experience with it when I initially downloaded it years ago, somewhere along the line something went wrong and this has become one of the top 3 worst apps on my phone. It is borderline unusable with constant connectivity issues, song download/addition errors, music that "hiccups" at random points during playback, irritating messages, the list goes on and nothing short of phone restarts, if you're lucky, help. This is sad, Apple, and you need to fix this. Shame on you.
Nathan Mays
May 23, 2022
Can't go wrong with this one. I've found Apple's music archives to be much more extensive than that of an Amazon or Play Music. Has all the music I've bought from iTunes over the past several years and finds anything I'm looking for. $9.99 a month is a steal. Having one minor First World Problem- the widgets don't accurately reflect what's currently playing. My device anyway.
Mark Gray
May 23, 2022
I look in library for my music... it won't load any of my songs to it. Ever since Google play music decided to go belly up, finding a good music program to sync up with my car has been next to impossible. Sure, they will play the music, but won't repeat or shuffle when the car tells it to do so. But $9.99/ month and I can't add my music... get lost.
Shard Of Magic
May 19, 2022
Literally listening to it right now, definitely the best music app I've used, only improvement I can think of is it being free to use. You can search lyrics and find songs with those lyrics (perfect if you've got a song stuck in your head) and my favorite part, if you want to sing along or just know the lyrics it shows them when you play the song, and highlights the one your on!
Vibhav Srivaths
May 19, 2022
Worked fine on Pixel 6, until the app completely broke. Now it no longer seems to detect network on both wifi and mobile data, and refuses to let me log in or see music at all. No amount of reinstalling this, clearing data and cache, nothing seems to help. Lost all my downloaded music. It can't be an account issue, since my login works perfectly well on my iPod touch and desktop.
Arthur Newby
May 12, 2022
It works decently. It has all the songs I want and I like the ability to pre-order albums The big flaw is that it stops the shuffle playlist of you go a few hours without listening to it. When I stop the app it makes me start over. Also a lot of explicit songs aren't marked. This app is perfect on the iPhone but terrible on Android.
May 12, 2022
Horrible. Not only does it not load my library when I logged in, but it continues to give me this error code 300 thing. When it doesn't, it says it's my internet when I have 4 bars and 5G on my phone. The app is a liability on android. And I thought spotify was bad. Spotify wishes it could be this bad. Update: I've done everything that's recommended when Apple music libraries refuse to load and still nothing improves. I'm canceling my subscription and highly advise anyone against subscribing.
Gregory Garland
May 12, 2022
This app is so disappointing. The one thing that REALLY annoys me is that every time I make a playlist It won't let me name it. Every time I try it just makes it "untitled playlist." Also it buffers more than any other music streaming app. Considering it's made by apple you would think it's a great app sadly though that couldn't be further from the truth.
Nick Hansen
May 9, 2022
The only positive is that it's not Spotify. No ability to favorite/follow artists without adding a song to a playlist. Randomly stops playing at least once every time you use it, requiring you to "pause" the already paused song and then resume it. Occasionally that isn't enough and the entire app needs to be restarted. The worst part, however, has to be the station/similar artist algorithm. One out of 3 songs was OPERA on a DRILL RAP STATION.
Tabbycat Bryson
May 9, 2022
Absolutely nothing will download. Tried & tried to download a playlist, nope! Tried multiple times to download a single song & it won't do that either. What's the point?!! Update 5/8/22 was listening to a playlist when all of a sudden it stopped. And I cannot get it to work/play ANYTHING now. No music/ playback. Not on wifi nor phone's data.
Spotify Throwbacks
Apr 25, 2022
It works flawless with Shazam!! Easily import your music using "Soundiiz." The only thing I don't like about Apple is, there is no Roku app!! I'm not buying an Apple box just to stream my music. Customer service is exponentially better than Spotify. So far, I have not experienced bugs on Apple's android version. It's hard getting used to after using spotify for so long, but it's worth it!!
Kellic AnonymousTiger
Apr 23, 2022
Loses 2 stars as system does not resume playlist in Android auto. I have a playlist with 140 tracks. For whatever reason Apple music resumes playing but it doesn't resume playing the playlist. It starts playing items that are not on the playlist. Resulting in me having to scroll through 140 tracks to pick up where I left off before I start driving.
Samantha Collins
Apr 18, 2022
Always something w/ this app. Recently it's not just an Android thing, lately songs do not play w/full audio. Every other song loses bass or sounds muted while connected to the car. I thought it was my Pixel 6 or the android auto app. But the same thing occurs with family members who have iPhones. It definitely can't be a good for people like myself who have after market speaker/sub-woofers. One minute the music its muted then the next come full blast. This was not occuring 2 wks ago.
Jason Fox
Apr 17, 2022
Unresponsive app used to be my go to for music even with my android device. Nowadays it just freezes and won't start until I clear my entire phone history and perform a force stop. Constantly getting app not responding box and sending feedback does nothing to address or fix the problem. Guess Apple does not need my monthly subscription money. Months later and the app still sucks. Constantly freezes, unresponsive. And yes, I often clear out the Cache, log out, etc. Can't put lipstick on a pig...
Stacey Abidi
Apr 14, 2022
Switched from Spotify. Best feature is the lyrics are almost always included and accurate. However, the Android app is a nightmare. If you use Apple Music on another device (like a MacBook), none of the updates to playlists sync accurately to Android. Spent 2 hours with apple support and was told the android app is "new" so the capabilities are limited (meaning there's no way to ensure Android syncs correctly). With so many alternatives, that's not a great excuse.
Scott Callas
Apr 9, 2022
They need to play a lot of catch up with Spotify. The Android version of this app is not super responsive. Hiding the like button in a sub menu is terrible design. I shouldn't need to wait for a song to load in order to skip it. The personal radio is sometimes excellent and other times it seems like I'm getting the recommendations of a very different person. Dolby Atmos is amazing, though.
Roberto Solitaire
Apr 6, 2022
I installed on my HP Win 11 and spare phones for around the house use, a Note 8+ and Note 10+. When it worked it was great, music recommendations were good and a great selection. When you have a good pair of headphones sound is great. 9/10 for content. Sometimes on cellphone the song would cut out midway and play the next track, others it would skip over a song(s) completely. On android you CAN'T access your movies and tv shows. Didn't bother to install on new phone. 9/10 on Win 11 6/10 on cell.
Apr 3, 2022
I love the UI/UX so much, it is so easy to navigate; Highly appreciate the option to integrate it with Shazam so that I can directly go to the jam; The playlists that are curated for me are amazing & precise according to my taste & music I've listened to before; Lossless Audio & Dolby Atmos are everything!! They're the reason why I keep coming back to Apple Music, that clarity is unmatched. The recommendations for me are also unmatched! Thank you Apple for such an amazing service!
Mark Attas
Mar 31, 2022
Songs stop playing constantly and only fix is to close it out completely and restart sometimes I need to restart my phone to get it to work. This is unacceptable especially when it happens while I'm driving. The track counter will continue to tick off the seconds of the song with no music which causes me constant frustration. At first I thought it was an issue with Android auto but no this happens while playing in every situation. Fix this app.
Dylan Wing
Mar 30, 2022
Playlists duplicate like a glitch. I accidentally added a new song to this older (unremoveable) duplicate playlist. Because the duplicate was just sitting not having songs added to it. I accidentally added a song. And lost a month worth of songs I added. So now I'm too exhausted. That playlist was PERFECT. I'm sad and stressed. I'd really like this inquiry noticed please
Brett Grey
Mar 21, 2022
It's a bit buggy for android and seems to be the only reason why people are giving this app a low rating. The fact that it hasn't been updated in 3 months is alarming to the effort put into this app for Android. Especially given the fact that it gets updated regularly on Apple devices. However... Selection, audio quality, Playlists and stations are great. Hopefully Apple will put forth the effort to make this app great on Android as well.
Mar 16, 2022
This app has gone downhill. 1. Once selecting "Shuffle Library", I am unable to un-shuffle and re-shuffle the music. This used to work just fine. 2. Notification for some random download keeps popping up. 3. Consistent issues w/Android Auto. Album artwork does not load, songs cut out after the first few seconds (have to pause/play for them to play again). 4. Playlists do not save where they are when minimizing the app occasionally. 5. Have to select one song at a time to add to playlists.
Trenton Brendel
Mar 14, 2022
The widgets for this app could use an update. They don't fit the allocated space on the home screen and leave lots of unused space. Also, if Spotify can connect directly to my Sonos speakers, I'm not sure why Apple Music can't. Airplay isn't a valid answer as it's proprietary. I understd that Android users aren't your target market, but you could try to make this app more useful.
Elliot Hirsch
Mar 10, 2022
Terrible experience on Android. Only casts successfully 20% of the time (just sits there and hangs, loading, most of the time), and when it does, more than half the time it complains that "Apple music is being used on another device" and it tries to get you to sign up to the family plan for no reason. Also, it just randomly decides to stop playing many times - in the middle of a song or most frequently after a song ends. I have been cooking, hands dirty, countless times and then song quits.
Chad Nason
Mar 10, 2022
This thing is hard to use. I really wanted this to be a good option in place of Spotify, but I've have had such a hard time making the switch. There are seemingly no folders for playlists, which makes navigation a nightmare if you have more than 5 or 6 playlists... Especially on Android Auto. No way to delete a song from a playlist once added?? Just... Just awful. Really awful. Seemingly no integration into itunes for pc. Definitely a miss. Wish this was better, but it's terrible.
C.J. Fox
Mar 9, 2022
This is a part of my Verizon account, so it was a great addition. The song selection is vast, and pretty comprehensive. I wish that the interaction with Android Auto wasn't as disappointing, (voice requests for specific music doesn't work consistently,) and I would really like the ability to have my own non apple music or be able to coordinate previous apple purchases...but all in all, I use this app every day, so even those complaints are minimal.
Sean Turner
Mar 9, 2022
Had to leave the service because it never gave me my 2021 Replay. Saying it was lost. I've been using apple music since it launched, and i like to look back on how my taste in music changes. One of the main reasons i never switched to Spotify because of what i built. Now i see no point and I'd rather just leave. Doesn't even show up on PC either, unless it pop ups. I'm moving to Spotify.
Anthony Roberts
Mar 7, 2022
I like the app but there's flaws that hold it back especially for the price of the premium. With premium you're supposed to be able to play songs offline if they are downloaded. If I have slight service/spotty signal, the app prioritizes searching for the song through the service provider instead of just playing the song from my downloaded list. Also when out of service for significant time, the app doesn't allow me to access my library even tho my songs are downloaded until I have service again
Joe D
Mar 6, 2022
Only been using for a day. So far, seems to have a great song selection. Not a fan of the player though. It's not great on windows pc, but it's terrible when trying to use it in the car on an android radio. Controls are tiny regardless of using the player or it's widget
Rudi Dollenberg
Mar 1, 2022
User interface is not great, no way to favorite artists, only songs and albums, pressing back from some places takes you all the way to the start rather than one step back, the search is terrible, there's no way to know how long a song is and once you start listening to a song it exits the search meaning you can't listen through your search for the song you're searching for.
Yessica B
Mar 1, 2022
Got a notification saying that I had a subscription from another app (not from iTunes) that was renewing. Thought I canceled it. Turns out I didn't. Downloaded app just to cancel the sub. Ends up not being able to. So if you switch from iPhone to Android, be aware of this situation. I tried canceling online, but no way that worked. It HAS to be canceled via iTunes.
Jesus Pardo
Feb 27, 2022
Used to be great but the app can't get through one song without pausing to load anymore ,, so frustrating and so annoying when this app starts to act up. I've tried on multiple wifi networks and mobile connections and diffrent phones. App always lags for some reason. Will most definitely unsubcrive from this service. Thanks for trying.
Rich S
Feb 25, 2022
1. Only seems to be able to cast to Google speakers and Chromecasts. Did not work casting to Sonos which is my primary use. 2. Support is atrocious. Transferred from one person to another without warning and no carry-through so you need to repeat yourself constantly. Then I got the answer, yes they support their app, but casting from their app isn't a feature of their app that they support. If you use Android, best to stick with either Google or Spotify for music.
Jeff Gatlin
Feb 24, 2022
Can't get it to play any music. I start a playlist or radio station and it just starts quickly skipping from track to track without playing anything. Using a Note 8. Update 2/24/22: using an S22 Ultra now, app still glitchy. Music stops playing randomly with error "content not authorized" and if the phone disconnects from Bluetooth while playing music it doesn't pause, it just starts blasting music out the speaker. Poorly designed software, typical for apple. Only using it because it's free.
Roman K
Feb 19, 2022
When I go to manage subscription, it just shows blank screen. Tried killing the app and clearing cache, didn't help (as expected). Obviously, I don't want to clear data or reinstall because I'll lose all my downloaded music. Didn't expect something like this from APPLE.
Austin Graf
Feb 14, 2022
Severe bugs and clunky interface. Frequently skips songs, stops playing songs, and fails to download certain songs but not others. The app takes much longer to perform tasks than Spotify, and I find it more difficult to navigate as well. I will cancel if it is not improved in the next month.
Danny H
Feb 12, 2022
Great music app. I really wish the search function for the library worked like it did in an iPhone though. There needs to be an option to select artists, albums or songs. Not just mix them all together in the same search. Also, not everything shows up for any given search. There's no option to "show more". I'm only getting 10-15 items coming up when i know i have more songs that match.
Feb 11, 2022
Incredibly annoying to use and not user friendly. Everytime I used this damn app I just get angry, on both of my devices there's an issue where it doesn't let me add songs to my playlists and where it takes AGES to actually play a song. This is whether I'm on data, my own wifi, at someone else's house or whatever. It's not an issue with my devices, nor an issue with my wifi. It's a problem with the app itself. It seems like it should be simple but it's stupidly difficult to use.
Dyson Treaster
Feb 11, 2022
Could be better. Once the trial runs out, I don't see myself paying for a subscription so long as the weird glitches persist. Randomly refusing to add an album to a library, randomly refusing to download one song on an album or playlist, messing up the song order when adding an album to a playlist, etc etc. Same sort of weird, unaddressed-for-years issues you'd get with Itunes.
Vaughn Gregg
Feb 9, 2022
Good app. But if you're gonna pay a monthly fee, there are some issues. I'll start with the bad. 1st, I tried looking up some songs I have on a free app, and they weren't there. 2nd, during every song, or every other, sounds like the song skips like it's playing from a record. Annoying. Good stuff, great sound quality. Easy to edit Playlist, moving songs in the order you want is very helpful. Nice how they blend the songs together with transition to the next song. No ads, huge plus. Good app.
Ben Schiffer
Feb 8, 2022
Frustrating experience to listen to good quality music. This is the ONLY app that has frequent crashes, hangs, and weirdness. Total lock ups and force closures. Playing a different song than the app is showing. Songs being skipped in batches. Complicated way of creating playlists (let alone offline playlists). Plays random songs on random Google speakers around my house (songs I wasn't listening to/requested). @Apple We're paying customers too. Treat us like your iPhone users and fix this app.
Dizzy Disco
Jan 31, 2022
I have been an iTunes user since 2005 at least. I've had all of my music stored there for years so I've always used Apple Music even when I got a Samsung phone. I have several family members and friends who use it as well and we all have noticed lately how glitchy the app is. Also the shuffle algorithm changed and its horrible. I have tried other streaming apps trying to get away from Apple but haven't had great luck yet, but I want to cancel soon because its getting ridiculous.
Joe D
Jan 29, 2022
Switched from Spotify. Only drawbacks: * Library is annoying: Marking music to add to library, or download, or Like takes two taps each. There are no icons for this. You have to go into the submenu. That also means you can't tell at a glance the status of a track or album! That's lame and a weird choice. * Radio is mysterious: When a Radio station is generated for an artist, a list isn't made. You can't see what's coming up next. You just have to skip thru and 🤷.
Ethan Janson
Jan 27, 2022
Unfortunately, Crashes a Lot There are a handful of specific songs that cannot play all the way through without the app crashing and having to start over or skip. Very frustrating. I like certain features but the instability is ridiculous. Is Apple doing this on purpose because it's their Android app and they don't like Android?
Roshni George
Jan 26, 2022
They added the scroll bar and you can search within each playlist, which is nice because you can see if you added a song within a large playlist. I could also view the playlists of people I follow. Sometimes the song keeps buffering for a while or just doesn't play if I press skip a few times. So I have to keep restarting the app until it does work.
Michael Hadley
Jan 23, 2022
Garbage for podcasts unless you're on WiFi. I downloaded this exclusively to listen to podcasts. The app will not let you listen to long songs, like a podcasts, over cellular service. I have unlimited data and it won't let me turn this off. So was annoyed then I downloaded it when I got on some WiFi and started listening to it. Then left my house and it wouldn't let me listen to it cause it's too large! Even though I selected it from the downloaded section. Fix you app!
Chilly Galactic
Jan 23, 2022
meh. the quality of this app depends. sometimes it doesnt work for the life of itself, crashing all the time and never working, other times it works fine! it does do this thing where it will just keep a song going on and on and on and it never ends. no music is heard, and it says that the song has been going on for like 40+ minutes when its like a 2 minute long song. it has a few bugs, but its usually ok. i wish you didnt get rid of the playlist of suggested things though. that was a bummer.
Brett Galarneau
Jan 20, 2022
I love the app but recently my audio over Bluetooth sounds awful. I have tried with multiple Bluetooth devices which causes distortions. It also sounds like the bass is about to blow out my speakers. The Bluetooth issues only happen with this app. I've checked to see if it's an eq issue, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and even factory reset my device to see if it would fix it. Sadly, nothing has worked. Wired headphones work just fine which is why I left a 3 star review.
Jan 7, 2022
I switched from Spotify to Apple Music cause Spotify still has not introduced HiFi like Apple did in like June. The lossless audio is great. Apple Music is also very good on my MacBook too, so I am definitely keeping this streaming service. But I think the android app needs the sound check feature because it really annoying me when songs have different volume levels. But overall, very good streaming service. Update: App is still performing well, but I still think the app need sound check.
El Jay
Jan 3, 2022
Not at all what I was hoping for. Spent several minutes curating music preferences but the app doesn't reflect that at all. Genres I don't like are prominent while those I do like are buried in search. Tiles displayed are less than 10% relevant. I'm going to stick with Pandora. Thank you for the free trial, but I no longer have a need for your services.
Serrius LeDamaged
Jan 1, 2022
Just too many issues. Overall it's decent but far too often it just seems to want 100mbps internet. It buffers with full bars, won't load lyrics to songs that actually do have lyrics on apple music. Skips songs that aren't blocked. I hope it's not this horrible on their own devices. Otherwise I'm unsure why anyone would want to use it. I use it because my kid had an account and my library is too large to migrate to Spotify or another likely better functioning service.
justin kaufman
Dec 31, 2021
it would be nice if we could get a download all button for the main library. I personally don't have 4 hours to scroll through and press download on every song. airplay doesn't work and gives the same error everytime. yes it worked before yes the device I'm streaming to is in fact airplay compatible. I can't believe a multi-billion dollar company could release an app with this many bugs.
Christina Green
Dec 28, 2021
Love the app except for one thing: after playing music continuously for a few hours, the app won't play anymore songs. I have to close it then relaunch it. It will show the loading bar where the songs trying to load when it shouldn't. There's also times it does this after a short time, like an hour or so. My connection isn't the issue I don't think because it only does it with this app, not any other music app.
Kyle R
Dec 26, 2021
The music player in android/android auto needs the like/dislike buttons on the main screen. I'm trying to get apple music to learn what types of music I like so it knows what to play and having to press multiple buttons to do that while I'm driving shouldn't be necessary. Also, the algorithms they use to play suggested music is seriously flawed. I'm trying really hard to like apple music, but I feel like they're trying to push certain songs on me instead of playing what I might actually like.
Dec 21, 2021
Was great when I had an iPhone. I switched to Android though and was surprised to see that Apple Music is on Android. I transfered my account over and though the app works well enough most of the time, it cuts out for no reason. Also, despite months of research and toying with the app, my phone and Android Auto, I cannot get the app to stop automatically playing whenever I turn on my car. It overides whatever I was doing and just starts playing music. Obviously this app was not optimized well.
Alfred Crumlish
Dec 20, 2021
Apple has the best catalogue, but the Android app is frustrating and i may decide to cancel my service as a result. It frequently delivers error codes or just stops playing on my S10. I find myself using a browser instead. A bigger problem is search. If you search for an album, and click on the result, the album is often missing tracks. If the same process on the webplayer gets you the full album. I have been unable to solve either issue. In the interim, I uninstalled to use the web player
Bri N
Dec 17, 2021
I love Apple Music, but I recently switched from iPhone to Samsung and the app is incredibly buggy. I downloaded all of my songs but they wouldn't play when I was disconnected from wifi/my phones data. I switched over to Spotify because it plays my downloaded songs without a connection. However, I still enjoyed my experience with Apple Music a lot more, so please get these bugs fixed so I can switch back.
Bailey Tmann
Dec 16, 2021
Honestly I've used apple music for years and have always loved it. Recently (the past few months), the app stops working every few days. Won't play any music at all and drains my phones battery. I have to Uninstaller it and reinstall for it to work for a few days. Why am I paying for a service that isn't even fully working?
Dec 15, 2021
Shows most music. Doesn't display album art, so grabbing a playlist in the car is more difficult. I do not wish to be advertised to so I refuse to indicate music preferences which it asks every single time you open the app, even if it is already playing. This can't be switched off, according apple site. Probably deleting this and going back to an android work-around when trial period is over. December: Worse than ever now! We're done!
Maddie P
Nov 22, 2021
Update: force closing the app when I have errors and downloading the music offline seems to have fixed most issues that I wish weren't there in the 1st place... Original review: I have to completely uninstall every few weeks because the app won't play music while I'm completely connected to the internet. No matter what I click the songs won't even load. Also, please let us shuffle multiple playlists at once! I am tired of combining playlists that I want to remain separate.
Kyle Bellamy
Oct 28, 2021
I thought I would try this app and service as they had a nice 3-month trial for free. They have a good catalog of music, probably as good as Spotify, but for some reason they seem to highlight only really happy music. Recently, another issue is surfaced. When using search, you can play a song no problem but if you try to select an artist to view their whole catalog, the app crashes. Every time. So if I'm looking for a song and I know the artist but not the song title, I'm out of luck.
Oct 27, 2021
Overrated. I have to routinely uninstall and reinstall because songs just suddenly don't play. There's playback lag, problems with pages loading, etc. I'll be the first one to admit though that it is nice not to have to use Spotify and listen to four minutes worth of ads every other song, and the library to choose from is pretty expansive. Overall, don't buy if you're into obscure artists or need to have songs played immediately.
mike banuelos
Oct 19, 2021
Great with a few quirks. Overall, I like it. Deep list of songs to choose and rarely glitches. Cons: It doesn't seem to matter If I click i dislike a song. It will play within a couple days. Also, the randomizer isn't great. I will hear the same few artist every few songs every day way more often than it should ever happen. The 3 or 4 artists vary every day which is the only saving grace.
David Bowman
Oct 19, 2021
The app doesn't run very well at all . There are lots of clips in the music even after adjusting the settings. It's also lacking in some very basic features like volume leveling and the UI needs some work. The auto generated playlists are a big disappointment. However when it is working the music sounds great!
Oct 14, 2021
It was awesome. I've used it for years. But something about the last few updates destroyed this app. And I have a brand new 2021 release phone. It's not like I have a bricked phone. It started buffering to play song, skipping from one track to another, shutting down or freezing randomly, refusing to load song... you name it. Every bad thing a music app does, apple has started to do.
Lo M
Oct 10, 2021
Terrible!! Please fix this app. The non existent shuffle was already annoying lol but now the songs don't even change. I change the song and it will show a different song but the same song is still playing. It won't even pause. I have to close the app all the way for it to stop. Music randomly plays by itself. So annoying when I'm in a quiet setting.
Anonymous User
Oct 10, 2021
Great when it actually wants to work properly, shuts itself down whenever it wants to, so not very reliable if you dont want to try getting it back up and running when on a long drive, created playlists dont show up right away, even after restarting the phone, so its definitely an app issue, not a phone issue, even after many updates, they still havent fixed the real issues, and im not surprised, it's apple after all 🤣. Giving a 1⭐because there hasn't been a day where something didn't go wrong.
Levi Fricano
Oct 7, 2021
I usually love apple music, but ever since I've had the app on my Android I've had nothing but problems, and it's really tempting me to switch to a different streaming service. Sometimes my library won't load, but I can still search music and listen, just not in my library. It also has an issue where when I add music to my library it does not show, and it does not download. But like I said, usually apple music is awesome, so I hope it gets fixed soon.
amber stanton
Sep 29, 2021
Update is trash!!! I have it on android. I previously had an iPhone. So. I kept the app. Ever since the recent updates most of my music doesn't play. And sometimes I can't listen at all. It won't even let me click the song. All you hear is the clicks. This is beyond frustrating and making me want to cancel my subscription
Strelitzia Wynter
Sep 22, 2021
Runs a lot better than when it first was released for Android. Saves to external storage, syncs my play lists, and so on. I can't manage my account very well from it, but at least I can have a good listening experience on my work phone. It works just as well as Google Play Music used to, and has a really good selection of music with only a few works annoyingly missing. I really do love it.
Jonathan Bishop
Sep 19, 2021
Either it's just louder or the sound quality is noticeably better than Spotify, at least in Android Auto, and I do like the lyrics and music video features. But outside of that I can't recommend this app or the Apple Music service. It doesn't have robust recommendation or playlist-making algorithms like Spotify or (formerly) Groove, and it's full of bugs, like never working with Google Assistant and getting stuck in my notification center after I've closed it and stopped playing anything.
Eric D
Sep 17, 2021
So this thing bought Primephonic. The tracks are listed alphabetically (!!!) in the albums with large number of tracks. Yes, it's all mixed up. Navigating in the app is bad as well. You won't easily find basic things like Go to Album. The only good thing I can tell about this app is that if you go to Library you have a category Composers. Other apps don't have it because they don't store that info.
Tina Stewart
Sep 15, 2021
I have sent numerous emails regarding the recent update to the Apple music app for Android. I really really hope you are seeing the comments on Google play! The recent update of 3.6.0 is a mess!! You can't add sounds to your library, songs that once played seamlessly no longer do and have a HUGE lag time between songs even when crossfade is on automatic, sometimes songs will have dead air in the middle of the song, it stops playing songs for no reason and on and on.
Zayed A
Sep 13, 2021
As sacrilegious as it may seem to be using an Apple service on an Android device, I can't really knock this one. It's one of the best music services I have ever used. The UX is sublime, clean and appealing UI, easy to navigate, operates pretty quickly, it's hard to find fault in this one. Not to mention, spatial audio AND lossless audio both at no extra charge? Highly recommend.
Tyler Jones
Sep 13, 2021
Apple, why do you insist on making your android versions so bad? You won't convert people with poor service. Apple Music constantly just forgets the Playlist. Sometimes the app will just skip a song after playing part of it, and other times it will restart the song without restarting the progress bar, so now I am into a minute or so into a song but it is at the beginning. All of these things happen anywhere from multiple times a day to once a week.
Logan Conner
Sep 6, 2021
I love Apple music. I subscribed when I had an IPhone and I downloaded it to my Note 10 Plus when I bought it. Apple Music itself is a great music app, my favorite by far. HOWEVER, it is very buggy on Android. I haven't had a whole lot of issues until recently. I logged out of the app to try and see if it would fix it and it did fix the issue I was having with it now showing my recently added songs. Please fix the issue in these recent reviews because I was/am having the same problems!
Aug 30, 2021
INCREDIBLY irritated. Lately I've noticed apple in general has been slowly getting rid of songs that I paid for separately, outside of the subscription and will refuse to play them even if they're downloaded to my phone. Today I tried to get music to play at all through the app, both via speakers and my phone and it wouldn't play at all. What the heck, apple? This app and the service it provides has gone downhill over the last few years. Honestly considering just switching back to CDs.
Tweety Bogany
Aug 20, 2021
This app has the potential to be great. However, all of these glitches are ridiculous and make it not worth the money. All that buffering from song to song, shutting down here and there, and not being able to replay a song or fast forward without issues, is for the birds. I'm not too frustrated with the new blending of the tracks feature, but hopefully it's something you can turn off. I'm going to give them two more weeks to improve and then I'm out.
Mark Archer
Aug 4, 2021
For all of you who's having the problem where the song overlaps, I have the answer for you! It's actually a new feature apple music has added, but there is a way to turn it off. Head over to settings, crossfade and set the option to, "off." That's it! Overall, Apple music is the best music app out there, I'm one with Dolby Atmos. Anyways, have a nice day to whoever is reading this. :)
Xenobia `
Jul 27, 2021
Since the recent update, the app is completely unusable. Everything I listen to pauses and unpauses repeatedly throughout every song. I've tried changing all the settings with no change. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, then downloading the over 10,000 songs I have again, which took hours. I've tried it with wifi and mobile data and it does it with both. If this doesn't get fixed soon I will be canceling my subscription.
Jonathan Cristell
Jul 27, 2021
Does anyone else seem to be having issues with the newest update? 7-27-21 Note 10. Every full song and 1 half song, it stops playing and shuts down the app. Every time. It hasn't failed to fail yet. So as of using it to drive gets annoying real quick. That and I can't play downloaded songs when I lose cell reception. Upon further evaluation, if i try to play the same song that just stopped on me, it keeps doing it, but if i skip to the next song. Fixed. Back to last song, cuts off half way in.
Brianna McCarty
Jul 26, 2021
This app before the update was 5 stars for me, now? My music doesn't even play properly. The songs sound like shot, they play really low and sound like they are being played on cheap speakers. I will be canceling my subscription and will be moving over to Spotify. I'm really disappointed. Your Dolby atmos sounds like garbage, and the crossfade is very annoying. Do better.
Sean McNear
Jul 26, 2021
The latest update is terrible. I spend hours every week traveling either on a plane on in my company vehicle and I can no longer listen to the music I have downloaded. It skips or plays really slow and then skips. I have never had an issue with this app until now and have had this since it was called beats music. Please fix as I need my music especially when I'm on my flights.
Bryce Sylvia
Jul 24, 2021
This latest update sucks beyond description. I have songs on playlists that start before the previous one has completely finished playing. I had to skip back, then forward to get a song to play, because it was doing the loading. Yesterday, it was working perfectly. Today, when it updated, it was buggy and frustrating. And, in the play store, it now says that the app might not be optimized for my device, despite my device being completely up to date. Ugh. It is beyond frustrating.
Anonymous Rodriguez
Jul 24, 2021
Overall ok. Just OK The song selection is ok, not great. It doesn't have a good 1/3rd of the music I'm looking for. The search for music is just ok, it'll give you the same songs 3,4, even 5 times on a list with an artist search. The download feature is completely pointless, as you still need to be connected to the internet to hear them.
Charles Thistlethwaite
Jul 23, 2021
Just wow. The combination of high resolution lossless and Dolby Atmos audio is breathtaking. A good pair of headphones and a capable device is needed, but the difference on my Samsung S21 is amazing (even without a separate digital audio converter). I recently switched to Apple Music from Spotify and there is no way I'm ever going back.
Matthew Ninfo
Jul 22, 2021
Switched to this on my Android phone when Google Play Music went away. The selection of music is great, but the user interface is really lacking. It's better than YouTube Music but still pretty awkward. There's no capability to just keep adding music selections to a queue, or simply just clear the queue to start over. I don't want to always have to create a playlist just to add what I want to listen to next. I'd give it another star if they would just fix that.
Eric Schmid
Jul 8, 2021
No way to play songs by an artist (can only choose albums by artist and play songs within an album). No way to resume listening to a podcast I was just listening to minutes before. Instead, the app erroneously presents a diff. podcast as "the one I'm currently listening" to. I'm not sure what the difference is between the Search function and the Find function. The song titles don't show up right. Instead they are showing the song's "grouping" data. The app is cluttered with all sorts of garbage
Jul 7, 2021
The app is almost unusable now. I cannot play playlists. If I select one, the app shuts down. I have to listen to the entire library. Deleting the app and reinstalling restores playlists functionality, however, it simply repeats. have to delete and reinstall EVERYTIME you want to listen to a playlist. The search function is also inferior to other apps such as Spotify. I could go on, but there's a text limit.
Only4 1purpose
Jul 2, 2021
Like everyone else has said. Was great and now its clunky and stops or pauses all the time. So if you like breaks in your music say every 10 to 20 seconds this app is for you. If it works great just give it some time and you will get all the stops and breaks you want added in free of charge. Looking for alternatives after using for over 5 years.
Jul 2, 2021
Best music streaming app w/two glaring jssues, hence the 4 stars. Apple Music for Android cannot be used to play other audio files & won't allow you to import non-Apple Music audio files saved on your phone. As a result, anytime I want to add a mixtape or lecture to my library I'm forced to connect my phone to my computer, copy the files to desktop, open iTunes, copy files to iTunes, etc. Super inefficient & frustrating.
Grace Smith
Jul 1, 2021
Really good app! Sometimes I have problems where the songs won't play, or the music stops, which is annoying. But otherwise this is my favorite music app. Streaming quality is great and the lyrics are provided in-app for most songs, which is a feature I love. Edit: Scroll bar issue is fixed and you can now swipe a song right to add it to the queue. It sometimes doesn't work, but its much easier than queuing songs on Spotify. Would be nice if we could group playlists like Spotify
Gary Bak
Jun 29, 2021
App crashes a lot, I search an artist, click on the essentials link and kaboom. Disliking a song seems to do nothing at all. The song can show up again on a station, and it still has the dislike button selected, that really pisses me off. I use this only because my wife and kids have iPhones and a music subscription. I'm going to suggest Spotify when the year is up.
Joel Naren
Jun 28, 2021
Works for a bit, but there's always an issue. Every time I try to open a playlist the app crashes, even after clearing cache and data. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get the app to work. After a couple of days this issue will always come back though. The equalizer also doesn't work. Changing presets does nothing, and the user preset does the same. I hate this app.
Jun 22, 2021
It's fine, but I don't like how, most of the time, when I choose a song and want similar tracks to play, it has so little relevance. It's a major turn-off😕. I'm just waiting for the three-month trial period to complete before deleting this app. Also, it's kind of hard for me to find good new music. But the music options, the categories, and playlists(feeling blue, workout, meditation, 60s music, etc.) are awesome. If the similar music issue wasn't a problem, I would've love this app.
Ariel O'Neill
Jun 16, 2021
This is my main app for music because of the huge selection and great sound quality. After the recent update, it won't play music in my car either on Bluetooth or aux after the update. Now it's not playing music at all. This is incredibly disappointing since this is my favorite app even on Android. I hope this gets fixed!
Aaron B
Jun 16, 2021
I have premium account and the downloads are constantly not in my library even though they show up as downloaded. It will say I'm offline when I am connected to a strong wifi connection and every other app works fine. There just seem to be a ton of errors and glitches that weren't there before. I will not be renewing my paid membership if these issues are not resolved.
Eli Harrison
Jun 12, 2021
Good sound quality and good music selection, but since one of the most recent updates, the app crashes whenever I try to use other apps/browse other things while listening. This is unacceptable, as it just happened 3 times within a 5 minute span, so I'm canceling my subscription. If this gets fixed maybe I'll be back, but at the moment it is legitimately unusable for me.
Laura McLaurin
May 27, 2021
I'm having a ton of issues since the most recent update. Never had any problems with connectivity before, but now when I am streaming an album it'll play through a few songs and then just appear to be loading the next song but never play. If i close the app and restart, a lot of times it's very glitchy and won't load at all. It's frustrating, because i've used Apple Music for a long time and it's the paid streaming platform I prefer.
Timothy Holliman
May 20, 2021
Absolutely unusable in its current state. Will not allow you to sign in, constantly drops connection even when connected to wifi. The only reason I stayed with it was because I already had a subscription from before when I had an iPhone. I just canceled because if I'm paying you 9.99 a month just to listen to music, I should at least be able to do that.
May 19, 2021
I've used Apple Music for over three years at this point and while it's very good most of the time, I've recently been having issues after the latest update where the app refuses to play music. Everything loads perfectly fine, but it just refuses to play. I've restarted my phone several times, exited out of the app, but the only thing that seems to fix it is reinstalling it. This is very irritating and I hope other people who are struggling with this will file reports to Apple. Please fix it!
Kami Web
May 18, 2021
As someone who has a very wide range taste for music this app is nearly perfect..except for the part where it won't actually play music half the time. I open the app, select a song and it just does nothing! Doesn't matter how many song I can find if I can't play any of them. I've had to uninstall and put it back twice now to make it play anything. I'd dump all my other music apps for this one, if it only worked..
May 15, 2021
Works great for being an Apple app on Android. No real issues with offline playback either, unlike some other apps. I've only had it force me to connect twice in nearly a year, others would do that every other day. My only nitpick is that it doesn't keep song titles that are not in English in their native language. Everything gets romanized or translated once its downloaded. It can be a pain for Japanese songs at times, especially for someone who can read the kanji and is expecting to see it.
Chellie Chelle
May 14, 2021
I recently updated the app and now I cant find shared playlists. The app doesn't work well on android. It does not allow users to modify or delete playlists. Also. When you make changes to your account while on the phone you can see the changes on your computer. BUT when you modify or delete a playlist on your computer, the changes are not made on the phone. For some reason the account does not sync.
Bag O'Chips
May 7, 2021
The music you're playing randomly just cuts off and disappears for apparently no reason. It has happened so many times when I'm driving away from my house and my phone switches from wifi to my mobile network so the app glitches and removes the song it was playing and the ones in the queue and then i have to stop somewhere and unlock my phone to be able to listen to music. It had also randomly occurred. Other than that this app has a pretty great selection and it's easy to navigate.
Faith 11
Apr 14, 2021
i❤️HeartRadio is a much more stable app. I've switched and haven't had any of the problems that I've had with Apple music. This app is fantastic when it works. It stops playing songs at least twice per week. I've contacted customer service and nothing has changed. I constantly have to force stop or sign out or delete the app and reinstall it. This is really annoying for a paid service. Can this be fixed?
Apr 1, 2021
Too much work. No way to easily tell it what I like and dislike. No real tips on how to use too, everyone who uses it acts like I should know the three menus deep to remove a song from a playlist. Stuff like that. Music selection is Apple, obviously it's amazing. But having used many other music and streaming apps the amount of effort and learning curve has officially turned me off of this app. I get this free through Verizon, still won't be using it. It does play music though, 2 stars.
Jake McSweeney
Mar 30, 2021
Let's be real, the app works about as well as an iPhone 3G on a 4G network. Forces me to keep my Spotify subscription. Never just loads when you tell it to, won't play you the song you select until it's been open for minutes. I should be able to have a MacBook Pro AND an Android phone without being punished. I don't carry my computer around with me for music so I have to use Spotify 75% of the time. The sound quality is great, but is 100% not worth the hassle!!
Little Miss Libby
Mar 27, 2021
Not sure if it's from a recent update or what, but it won't even play music now! A little redundant for a music app, isn't it? Thought it might've been just my phone, but I restarted it and it still has the bug. Even tried using the feedback option to let you guys know about the bug and nothing has happened yet. I'll change the rating when it's fixed!
Tiffany Davenport
Mar 26, 2021
The only reason I use this app is because my fiancé has an account and added me onto it. It deletes songs, albums, and sometimes all of the music I have of artists'. (I'm not counting when an album or song becomes unavailable on AM.) I've also never been a fan of Apple or it's products. So, since I'm kind of biased against it, I'm giving it an extra star for that. There have also been times where "Apple Music keeps stopping", or I would be playing music, and it would just shut down completely.
Cie KL
Mar 25, 2021
It's made for an ios device, so if you have android, although it works, it's more headache than its worth. The issues are it has a mind of it's own and sometimes will play and sometimes just stops playing in middle of song. Then there's the annoying part where it will keep track of which sing and or Playlist you are on so that when for example you exit your car it will pick up where you left off. Actuqlly its any Bluetooth device. It just forgets and your back to square one. Not worth it!
Tony Eaton
Mar 25, 2021
It's ok. Sounds good, has more uncommon music than YouTube music, but it doesn't work great. I'm hoping the quality of this app will be better when I switch to iPhone. It has trouble when switching networks and seems to quit more aggressively than your average app. If you're not stuck using Apple music, I would recommend using another service on Android. Also: "Something went wrong. Try again later." This happens every time I try to add specific albums to my library.
Madonna Pan
Mar 20, 2021
I will always use Apple Music because I have over 30GB of music bought and saved in itunes and I can take it with me anywhere as long as I have this app. When it's working well, I love it 100% and would rate it a 5/5. But this app has many issues and errors (which everyone has complained about for years) that haven't been fixed in any of the updates. My rating will remain low, as long as errors continue to occur multiple times a day.
Mar 17, 2021
This app was working fine, but today it decided it wasn't going to play ANY of my music. It's done this twice now, and I've had to reinstall the app both times. What sucks about this is, whenever you uninstall the app, it does not save your downloaded music. I had to re-download over 500 songs, twice. The app NEVER gets updated, so I doubt this problem will be fixed. Be weary with the app, as it never works when you need it to.
C Prince
Mar 10, 2021
This app is so buggy. It's constantly auto downloading all the music from all my playlists onto my phone, even though I have turned this feature off. No matter what I do, whenever the Apple Music app is open and I connect to the internet, it immediately begins to download songs. I've even deleted the playlists that I don't want downloaded and it still continues to download the songs from these playlists. Something has happened to this app, it just started doing this a day ago. It's useless now.
Ethan Patchen
Jan 27, 2021
Nice to have, but there are occasional bugs. I like that even though I don't have an iPhone, I am still able to listen to Apple Music, since its way better than their competitors, even though there are some occasional random bugs that I notice which usually gets fixed in the next update. I do have a feature request though. It would be nice to be able to pin a certain playlist. My home screen is the "recently added" screen, and if I could pin a playlist I wouldn't have to scroll to find it.
Hans Blake He
Dec 23, 2020
The previous version was good. But after I updated to this version, some problems came. The most unbearable one is about the lyrics. When I click the button for lyrics, sometimes it loads for a while and then automatically jumped back to the cover page, with lyrics button still on. Sometimes it says "We have no lyrics to this song" while they in fact have the lyrics. The previous version didn't have this kind of problem. Please fix it ASAP 'cuz it really gives me a bad using experience.
Michael Ferrandino
Dec 18, 2020
Highly Disappointed. I'm not an Apple user, but I have/had a high opinion of their products. Not anymore. This app is buggy and convoluted. I've tried practically every streaming service available and this has, by far, the worst song recommendations and artist stations I've ever seen. Here's one (out of many) examples. I listened to the Tool station and three songs in was an Eminem track. I wouldn't pay a dime for this app or Apple music streaming.
Justin Bidal
Nov 20, 2020
Update: I'm still getting Error code: 8612 for my music, which up until the latest update has never been an issue. Songs on shuffle will skip if it fails to load even if the song is downloaded, and if it doesn't skip, it sits there and buffers forever. I don't know why it's doing this when I literally have all my music downloaded, so if something can be done about this, that would be great. I've never had problems until this latest patch, then the app just broke...
Cesar Charles J.r.
Nov 3, 2020
So I'm not sure what happened with the last update, but if I'm listening to an artists mix, every other song, the volume will be significantly lower. It's only via Bluetooth. Headphones or speaker. But if I play an album, it's fine. Pixel 4, Android 11... Also why are some songs still greyed out on artists best hits albums, but it's not the song, because you still have it available on the original album. That's weird.
Nov 2, 2020
The newest update sucks. First of all, the library tab now falls second farthest to the right, and is no longer the default tab. Not the end of the world but highly unnecessary and very annoying! Also, why the fade in and out of the music when pausing/unpausing a song?? Mildly infuriating, at least give people the option to turn that feature off. I would switch to Spotify if I weren't subscribed for the year.
Michael Beauchemin
Oct 31, 2020
Was an amazing app the for the past year. We have a mix of Apple and Android devices in the house. Swapped from Amazon Music tAmazon. Last year, felt it was worth the money until this month's update. Wow, it is an incredible step backwards in design and functionality. Playlists cannot be re ordered, it takes extra clicks to do any task...they have until Christmas to straighten it out or I'm back to Amazon.
George Michael
Oct 30, 2020
I've actually been a huge fan of this app for awhile now. Got a free 6 month trial thru Verizon & have continued paying for it. However, I HATE HATE HATE that you changed the widget to red. I'm not even that big of a fan of red to begin with but I've set my phone up so that things match/look good on my home screen. I've had to delete the widget bc I think it's ugly af. if you are going to change from black, give the user am option if they want to or not.
Corinne Newsome
Oct 29, 2020
I hate the new update. The new UI sucks, though that isn't surprising. The thing that actually pisses me off is the fact that I can't change the order of songs in playlists- the app keeps randomizing the order as soon as I try to move something up or down in the list. Absolutely horrible. Spotify is more expensive, but please, buy it anyway. Apple Music isn't that great.
Elizabeth Feb
Oct 28, 2020
Good for listening. Can be a pain to get music to download to my device and I really wish I had access to podcasts within the app. The latest update is stupid annoying. The listen now, browse and radio option are all basically the same thing, put it back. I hate having my main menu on the right side now. If you're going to do an update make podcasts accessible. It also randomly will pause my music for no apparent reason.
Brendan Owen
Oct 21, 2020
Been using the service for years, mostly love it but the app stops when it's on random and hits some song that's no longer available. I don't care, just play the next song, I'm driving and can't unlock the phone to hit "ok." Maybe replace it with the remastered version if that's why it's no longer available, that would be nice. But don't. Stop. The music.
Danny Myers
Oct 4, 2020
I used to absolutely love this app for my music. But recently my biggest issue is whenever I have a song paused too long (like if I get out of the car to get gas) it completely forgets the song that was playing and I have to reset the shuffle. That's a huge bummer when you are in the middle of a song and you're looking to get right back in it. Please fix this! I have been with Apple Music for a few years now, and Spotify is looking real nice about now.
David Salinas
Sep 22, 2020
I wanna say the app itself is wonderful. It has a wide variety of music too select from, which is nice since some remixes sound better then originals. Very user friendly in the fact it's super simple to utilize for any music lover. The only draw back I do have with it is, I don't have the actual shortcut icon to get in too apple music. I have to go to my settings and search out the app. I've tried redownloading but with no success, searched thru my phone settings and the app but no luck.
Benjamin Is Noice
Sep 12, 2020
They say you can listen to music on here. No unnecessary adds. And you can easily make playlists. The thing is, listening to music offline is tricky even though they say if it's in your library you can listen to it offline. When you have no connection or signal, when you click on a specific album or playlist it won't let you choose the music. You just have to click random or play, but when you click on a song it will play an estimated 3 minutes after it was supposed to play.
Matt Pierce
Sep 7, 2020
Far too often, if I leave it paused long enough, despite the player's insistence on staying in my taskbar, the app will forget the song I was listening to, how far I was into it, and every song I had queued up, which is especially annoying if I was listening to something on shuffle. Please fix this; I'm considering sticking with the subscription past the free trial, but this is so annoying that it may be a dealbreaker.
S. Angleton
Aug 18, 2020
I get this subscription free with my phone plan through Verizon. Which is good, because I wouldn't pay for it, certainly not $10 a month. The app itself regularly stops working. I will get the "App won't respond/error" pop up. I'll put on a song & it won't play, or it will pause in the middle of the song. The sound quality fluctuates constantly, even mid song. Shuffle plays the same songs, so it's not a true shuffle. It's not a terrible app, it has a wonderful selection, & but it's very buggy.
Jack W
Aug 9, 2020
The app won't update my playlists. I've been making some pretty big playlists on my Mac, which work fine there, and I know for a fact they sync to the cloud. But for some reason, I can't see them on my phone. Also, there's no "download all" button for the library! Seems like a huge oversight! Album art doesn't load sometimes. Adding music to my library sometimes fails multiple times. This app feels exceptionally unfinished.
Sean Malloy
Jul 26, 2020
Great music app! I love apple music. I am glad it is available on Android now and also the ability to chrome cast is fantastic. The one thing I would like to see is the volume slider added into the interface like it is on iOS. Also it would be great to pick-up where you left off from one device to the next like in Spotify. One more thing to mention, sometimes it is hard to find music in other genres because the options are dug deep into software. Would like it to be first instead of last.
Trust T. Process
Jul 12, 2020
Ever since the iPod I've loved how Apple does music but for the last two months this app has disintegrated. The Bluetooth connects and disconnects as it pleases. Now the play button doesn't do anything. I've deleted and reinstalled the app a few times and updated as many times as I can. I'll check back in a couple weeks to see if things ever get better.
A. B.
Jul 8, 2020
Used to be great but last update messed it up. Used to remember what it was playing last every time I opened it, got back into my car, put my earbuds back in, etc. Now every time I go to use it, the "now playing" is blank and it wants to play random "music" that has nothing to do with my play lists, preferences, tastes, or half the time even actual music. I've actually gone back to listening to FM on my commute because I start my vehicle and boom, it's always playing the station I left it on.
Armando Dominguez
Jul 5, 2020
This app get worse with every update. It used to be that the only problem was that some songs wouldn't fully download and they would simply stop during certain parts of said songs. Then the app would just crash pretty frequently while listening to music. But now in addition to the problems listed above, I cant even add any music without it crashing the app. I've been very patient with this app but I'm near the point where I'm going to cancel my subscription unless this app gets fixed.
Jul 1, 2020
The songs won't load most the time. Takes forever to get to start music. Then it'll start playing and then again have to try to load the song. Gets so frustrating and is getting worse. Sometimes the song will never work and I have to skip it. Sometimes it doesn't even try to find the song. Press play and it pauses right away. Can't play it. Really sick and tired of it. Guess iTunes just doesn't work for androids. Maybe I need to look for a new app.
Mikayla Ross
Jun 30, 2020
It's a great variety of music, radio, etc. But I had playlists duplicate and no access to delete the 17 copies of them. I contacted the help team, they fixed the problem with one of my playlists but when I went to make another one it copied and I can't delete them. Can't sign out of my own account. Couldn't ever sign in without changing my password either. Overall, just not worth the time.
Jun 23, 2020
Unfortunately, Google Play is being removed and I figured I'd give Apple Music a try since I'm with Verizon and I'm thinking about getting the new 8th Gen iPod, eventually. This has not been a smooth or easy transition as I've had to download 2K+ songs individually and now 2 weeks later, I'm still having issues with being able to update playlists and or remove songs from my device entirely. Please fix this issue soon. Thanks.
Dan Seward
Jun 21, 2020
I enjoyed this app for a few weeks until the latest update. I can no longer play music when casting to my Google mini from my Android phone. I'm very disappointed since the sound is surprisingly much better coming from the mini than my Android phone. My options are limited. I can stop using the mini or I can stop using Apple music. Spotify works great and doesn't have to be cast from my phone. Updated 6/21/20. I forgot to add that this was fixed. I can cast to my mini now.
Mary L
Jun 21, 2020
Can't use the playlist feature anymore! I went to go make a new playlist today for the first time in a long time and even though it let me create the playlist, I can't add music to it! I hit the "add songs" option, selected 30+ songs, and then it just took it's sweet time loading, with no progress. I even tried to add songs to the playlist directly from my library, but the "add to playlist" option is gone! As an added bonus, the app won't let me delete the playlist either. 🙄
Marzouk A
Jun 16, 2020
Apple Must be Joking. The music takes a while to load even though the wifi is good. Downloading music takes a very long time. The app sometimes crashes when loading albums or playlists, and when the app doesn't crash, loading the songs in the album takes a while. Apple is a billion dollar company, what are you guys doing!
Shea Love
Jun 3, 2020
I decided to try this after a mishap in billing with Google play music. I've had this app for less than a week and I've already had to uninstall it twice. The app lags. It also doesn't allow me to personalize. Nine times out of ten when I attempt to love or add a song it tells me I can't due to my library updating, even after the app has been opened for a prolonged time. Looks like I might have to suck it up and go back to Google play music.
Tiffany C
May 24, 2020
I've been using Apple music on a Android phone for years and had no issues. Lately it's been acting up, won't let me add songs to my library or playlist because it's "updating my library" or it won't simply give me the option. The pictures I add to my playlists aren't showing when other people see my playlist. I spent so much time creating a playlist and they deleted most of the songs. Very annoying!!!!
Stephen Shockley
May 22, 2020
Its a shame really. I love apple music, have used it for years. This app is atrocious though, on Android AND Apple phones. You would think it would work on its native phone but I've found it to be just as buggy. Skipping tracks, not displaying the correct song, and the list goes way longer than this review will allow. Unfortunately, you should stick to Spotify.
Jim Smillie
May 14, 2020
Overall my favorite music streaming service. Works great on my Mac, and this app works well, usually. The Chromecast support is pretty brutal. It will usually play about 1/3rd of my library, and the other 2/3rds it just skips and stops playing. When casting to a speaker group, I'd say there's about a 90% chance that it won't play, and if it does, it might just be one song, then won't play again. Very frustrating. Please try again with your Chromecast implementation.
Anonymous User
Apr 24, 2020
I love apple music as a subscription service only! The process of adding music that I already own to my account is excruciatingly annoying and tedious. Even music I have purchased directly from Apple music, turns into such a frustrating ordeal. Whether on my Mac or iPad or Android phone. I don't think it should be this confusing. I have read so many tutorials about adding music to iCloud. Tried to get the devices to all sink up. There is always something going on to hinder those processes.
Anonymous User
Apr 15, 2020
I really wanted to like apple music. Looks good, sound leveling is a great feature, has all the music I'm looking for. The biggest knock against AM is the streaming algorithm. It's horrible. Never fails to kill the vibe. Throwing country music in an ambient mix, pop music in with classical music. If you like to make your own playlists, then AM is for you. Once you pass the quirks, it's simple. Fix streaming issues, add save the queue feature and roku app and I'll actually pay for it. Thanks AM
Anonymous User
Mar 23, 2020
I used an iPhone for years, so I was excited to see I could still use Apple Music if I switched to Android. Unfortunately, even setting aside the awful UI redesign, the app on Android is a glitchy mess. Every time I open the app, something goes wrong. Songs refuse to play, or skip halfway through. Album artwork doesn't download. There's a song that I cannot add to any playlists, because when I try, a completely different song is added instead. There's much more that I can't fit it into 500 chara
Anonymous User
Mar 15, 2020
Doesn't work well with my Galaxy S7. Maybe it's because it's an Apple product, I'm not sure, but there is always a lag time when the first song plays. The app constantly freezes and has to restart. One thing I wish they could update is the search bar. Once I click the search icon, it should automatically allow me to type but instead, I have to tap on the box and THEN tap. Too much time spent on one easy upgrade.
Anonymous User
Mar 7, 2020
3/7/20 ETA: App doesn't work on the Galaxy S20+. Will not allow you to sign in.: I'm not sure why this app is so horrible, but it is. And every update seems to make it worse. i switched to Apple Music from Spotify because i like how you can make smart playlists to listen to songs you haven't listened to recently. But, the songs I play on my phone don't update in iTunes which would make it useless. To make matters worse, the playlist that's in iTunes won't sync to my phone.
Anonymous User
Mar 6, 2020
Worst UX ever. Why is the shuffle and repeat hidden? Even after pressing the button to reveal the shuffle and repeat, it's still hidden! You have to do some other action to reveal the repeat and shuffle. It's completely unintuitive. Oh yeah you also can't shuffle all of an artists top tracks? You can only play one at a time. What is the point of this?
Anonymous User
Feb 26, 2020
This app seems useful, but no matter the device I use (phone, chromebook), but it crashes continually on the payment screen and seemed incredibly buggy. I couldn't start a trial. All I wanted was an app to share my music across devices, but I'm not paying $10 a month for something that I can't even play music on. I guess I'll stick with Google Play.
Anonymous User
Feb 2, 2020
With GPM's lack of support and Spotify's mountain of bugs I was in need of a new app. I wasn't sold on this service when I last used it 2 years ago. Now I see it has many features I get with Google Play Music like the ability to edit songs' details like genre and album art through itunes and the ability to add your own songs missing through the service. As someone who has always been pretty 'anti-apple' I can still say this is the happiest Ive been with a music service in quite some time.
Anonymous User
Jan 18, 2020
Overall this is a great music streaming app. Unfortunately there are still some bugs - the main one is that when I click on an album added to my iCloud library through iTunes (ripped from CD), it will show me a completely different album in place of what I have opened. All of the songs are still there, just at the top of the screen it shows a different album name and artwork.
Anonymous User
Jan 4, 2020
I downloaded this app so I could listen to my favorite songs on my phone. I had iTunes years ago and had approximately 25 songs on it. After downing the app I was hoping it would link my itunes music. No matter what I tried to do, I couldn't download any new songs or find my old songs. Thank God it was a trial! I kept checking back daily and it always said the same thing. "This action is not available while your library is loading." It's been 3 weeks! I am over it! I uninstalled!!!
Anonymous User
Jan 4, 2020
Music loads slow , it takes sometimes 30 seconds to a minute for a song to start and I know it's not my Wi-Fi because I have no other problems with any of my other music and you need spell check cause if you dont get rhe lyrics, artist or song exactly right it dosen't show. Somtimes songs skip but has ALL the music i want. And just a suggestion, you should be able to access your songs while offline. Because unless you're online and you can't listen to any of your songs that you have downloaded.
Anonymous User
Dec 26, 2019
Works well enough if you have a consistent wifi/cell service, but certain "downloaded" songs are not actually downloaded and wont play if there is no service. But it does keep my library synced between my phone and my desktop which is nice. There is a page in the app though that implies my movie and TV library would also be available but none of the shows or movies that I've bought on Itunes show up which is disappointing. For what ever reason it just says no music when I open that page.
Anonymous User
Dec 14, 2019
I spent several hours making playlists that were showing up as being saved in my account...But after a few days of smooth sailing, about 100 songs disappeared for no reason! My most recent listening history as well, so I can't even remake the playlists. After googling for a solution, I found that this is a common problem for subscribers, and has been for YEARS—with no fix! Only came here for the free trial, but I'm going back to Spotify before mine even ends. Never had issues over there.
Anonymous User
Nov 20, 2019
At first, the app was great. It rekindled some old love for music I had not heard in years thanks to my old iTunes account. Within a week, it stopped loading songs when I would tap on them, it would play different song instead of the ones I clicked on, it would add the same album about 4 times to a single artist (it would duplicate EVERYTHING) regardless of only being able to add it once. It would select things about a half inch higher than where I clicked, it went South fast. Keeping Spotify.
Anonymous User
Oct 15, 2019
For an app that's has a high basis of promoting and playing music, it's HIGHLY disappointing that there's no way to view a full title of a song if it's long enough. Rap songs are consistently cut off as a result! The play experience is fine, but it's a personal high priority for a solution, such as scrolling song/artist titles on the player page! Let people know who they're hearing!
Anonymous User
Oct 14, 2019
Frustrating! The music library is good, but adding music to new playlists is a huge pain in the neck. Too many buttons to click, and it doesn't hold the same position when I go back to add more songs from artists. Such a clunky process and system, and doesn't save music in playlists! Spotify is so much easier to add additional music to playlists. Apple music on Android needs lots of work.
Anonymous User
Oct 6, 2019
This app constantly crashes and pauses for no reason on my Samsung. I have zero issues with any other app but for some reason they still have not figured out the problem with Apple music on Android OS. Whoever needs to work to fix this isn't doing any. If you're thinking of downloading this app for your Android, see if there's almost any other option available.
Anonymous User
Sep 30, 2019
This last update in September 2019 made it extremely inconvenient to use. You cannot select to repeat songs or shuffle a playlist without having to click a button and then tap the tiny icons to shuffle or repeat Playlist. Also, when you want to adjust the upcoming songs of your playlist, instead of swiping down and moving songs to the upcoming slot of your preference as you could before, now you have to click a button & adjust. But you can only see like 5 songs when u scroll up. Hello Spotify...
Anonymous User
Sep 26, 2019
Sadly, just nowhere near as good as spotify.9.99 per month and Apple cant even add the feature to automatically notify you if you are adding a duplicate to a playlist 😒...I guess I am spoiled by spotify. If this feature isnt added soon I will be cancelling my membership. Also, I would like the ability to Buy music in this app as well as stream. Please just give us an App that can do it all.
Anonymous User
Sep 26, 2019
As an Android user, I waited longer that iPhone users for the full Apple Music experience, but I've enjoyed the app regardless. The interface is easy on the eyes and simple to adapt to, and it works seamlessly with Shazam, which has been a blessing to my library. I've been an Apple Music user since its inception, and was happy to be able to keep my music library when I transitioned from iPhone to Android. It's been a great experience on both iphone and Android platforms.
Anonymous User
Sep 24, 2019
This app sucks, it constantly freezes, offers you songs and albums no where near what your looking for unless your a top 40 and pop music listener. Like pulling teeth to find friends and their music. Maybe it's better on IOS devices, but on echo, android it's a mess, hardly usable. Every page takes ages to load. Premium is free from Verizon and so I really wanted to like this service, but amazon and spotify do the same thing way better. Sometimes music just stops, pages will infinitely load
Anonymous User
Sep 19, 2019
Pros: Apple Music has a great Kpop selection which is why I use it. They always have the new songs as soon as they come out. There is also an option to include my account in my Verizon plan which saves me a little bit of money. Cons: This app can't be rotated to use in landscape mode. It stays in portrait mode even when the phone is rotated. Also, there is no option to download podcasts. Finally, you can't view the album art in full size. It's very annoying because I like to look at the art!!!
Anonymous User
Sep 15, 2019
For someone who genuinely loves anything Apple related I have been severely let down by this app for the Android. Though it is true some of us do not have an iOS device, we still pay for the music service monthly. I have found myself giving a harsh rating of 1 star for lack of competent user interface. All of a sudden the music has stopped playing much less responding in general. I wish they were more responsive to fix this issue as I can see a numerous amount of cancellations to follow suit.
Anonymous User
Sep 11, 2019
The android version of this app is like a cheap copy of the apple app. The most frustrating part is I use my playlists to teach classes and I need to see how long a playlist is. Anytime I open the app the banner from my last song played pops up on the bottom and you cannot make it go away. It blocks the info on any playlists, mainly being the length of albums or playlists.
Anonymous User
Sep 6, 2019
Good for finding music, but so many bugs in the music/iTunes software that never have fixes. I can add music to manually created playlist. It will instead add random songs, or just not add songs. Also, no longer is play order and play history followed anymore. If I'm listening to a set of songs, I will often times get one or two songs playing over and over again throughout the day while other songs are skipped over. I've tried turning repeat on and off but this still happens. App freezes also.
Anonymous User
Aug 28, 2019
It is exactly what it says it is, Apple Music on Android phones. The application works really well as you would expect from any Apple application for the most part. There are some distinct differences between the iOS version and the Android one though. The flatter design affects the lyrics view on the Android version and the application just seems to feel a little less smooth then the iPhone version. Otherwise this is a great application.
Anonymous User
Aug 23, 2019
I am glad to have this app on android. However I don't expect a flawless experience like in IOS I expect a decent one. The one bug that really annoys me is that the album cover do not download completely when I add them to my library. Also sometimes is stuck playing a song and does not let me change it unless I close the app and open it again. Fix this things and it will be a much better app.
Anonymous User
Jul 30, 2019
Painfully slow. If you play songs from a playlist it seems to work OK but if you select an individual song to play it can take MINUTES to start on a high speed wifi connection. Many times songs won't start at all - you just sit there with a looping loading scroll (reminds of the spinning wheel of death). Apple music is great platform but I wish they could embrace Android a little more. It certainly doesn't meet the standards we come to expect from Apple.
Anonymous User
Jul 25, 2019
I understand that the android experience for Apple Music app is not a priority by any means for Apple. However, the number of bugs and UX flaws is simply embarrassing. Whenever there is an error nothing is communicated to the user, we are just stuck there tapping on our screens over and over trying to see why the app is no longer responsive and the song just won't play. Last 2 months I've been charged but haven't been able to play a single song on the app. Sent bug reports but no fixes yet.
Anonymous User
Jul 24, 2019
Clearly don't focus much on their Apple Music customers who don't have an iPhone. Ridiculously slow and clunky app that crashes often or just doesn't play a song when you click on it. It's not completely unusable like it was 2 years ago, but it's not much better either. If small developers can create fast and excellent Android apps, I'm pretty sure the wealthiest company in the world could come out with a decent app if they cared to try. But Apple doesn't care if you dont have an iPhone.
Anonymous User
Jul 22, 2019
Maybe it works well with other Apple products, definitely not with Samsung. No matter what kind of connection it buffers. If I switch to another song it buffers, even when it's allowed to play on its own it buffers. When I unlock my phone during a song, there's an interruption. The enjoyment is lacking. The platform is not particularly user friendly. No dark mode. The only things I like are being able to see lyrics and videos. Spotify is WAY better.
Anonymous User
Jul 22, 2019
Wow! This is just stunning! I love this app! It works with Androids, Samsungs, Apple products! I find this app very useful! when you want to listen on the go, download the album, song and you can listen on the go! I can find my favorite songs, albums, artists very fast and easy. I would 110% recommend this app! It dose cost money per month, but it is 100% worth it in my opinion! 😁
Anonymous User
Jul 15, 2019
It's a good app, until you search more than 2 or 3 artists/songs in a row. If I go on a music spree and start searching a munch of things in a row, I get an error message to try again. I love the app besides this. I'm just tired of having to restart my app and hope I can search for what I want to add without continuously getting a message that says try again.
Anonymous User
Jul 13, 2019
Unnecessarily Dysfunctional I love apple music, and think it's one of the better streaming services, however this app is extremely slow and clunky. Downloads take a century, even over WiFi. This might be a classic case of Apple purposely making a bad Android app to encourage users to switch to iPhone. Anyway, I am still going to stick to apple music for the time being because they have great playlists and a pretty good user interface.
Anonymous User
Jul 7, 2019
Gave 4/5 instead of 5/5 from the "For You" changes. I don't find this feature nearly as AWESOME as it was. I liked the playlist and album suggestions based on my listening, which I have spent a lot of time customizing, since the app has so much depth. Please consider reverting back to the previous? The For You section was something i looked forward to, and now it's rather lackluster.
Anonymous User
Jun 28, 2019
After reading the bad reviews I was considering using a different app to bring my iTunes library to my new Galaxy S10. However, I decided to give a shot and I am glad I did. It works just as good as it does in my iPhone X, and it even lets me customize the equalizer, which I can't do on my iPhone. It was easy to sign in with my Apple ID and so far no issues downloading my whole iTunes playlists. I am very happy and pleased with this app.
Anonymous User
Jun 27, 2019
This app literally does not want to play any of my music. Great on my iphome but switched to Pixel and it does not work at all. App doesnt freeze it simply does not let you listen to music. I click on a downloaded song and it does not play it no matter what I do. I restarted my phone 3 times and nothing works. What a huge waste of time downloading music just for this not to work.
Anonymous User
Jun 23, 2019
Can't save music. All the "add to library" buttons are greyed out for whatever reason. I was planning on switching over from Spotify since I was sick of their pages taking several seconds to load, but don't see how I can when I can't add anything to my library on this thing. Deep down, I'm kind of glad because Apple has absolute trash music recommendations, and they're really persistent about it - you won't find a screen that isn't trying to shove the newest Lil Nas X song down your throat.
Anonymous User
Jun 12, 2019
Apple music does not play songs without skipping or shutting off. I understand we aren't Apple users but why give us a mediocre app? Either give us the same quality or don't give it to us at all. The app was working fine for a month or so but consistency is key. I don't want to subscribe to a mediocre music app especially when others are free. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks!
Anonymous User
Jun 9, 2019
Ok. this was working a moment ago. I could listen to songs. Then when activated the "Lyrics" option so I can sing along, the music stopped and it won't come back on. i tried turning off the app and restarting but it won't play a sound. The app says the music os playing but there is no sound. i opened my Amazon music app and it works. I opened my android music player and it works fine. It's only when I use the Apple Music app that there is no sound playing. I've subscribed to Apple but no sound!
Anonymous User
May 26, 2019
I was once a very satisfied Apple Music app user. But now, in the last few months, I have been experiencing playback issues. Songs will stop in the middle, sometimes 2 or 3 times before the song ends. I downloaded the most recent update, all in the hope that it would remedy these issues. But, nope. And now, I am reading through quite a few of these reviews and seeing that I'm not the only person experiencing this. PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES, so that I can go back to having a quality experience.
Anonymous User
May 26, 2019
I use the Apple Music app bc I used to have an iPhone and my collection is still in Apple Music. While I'm very happy that there's even an Apple Music app for Android, I've been very frustrated with it. Sometimes things don't appear as downloaded after I downloaded them. Other times I can't find songs that should've been in my library and have to re-add them. I've only noticed this on my android phone so I don't think it's a server side problem, but I'm not sure. The app in general is just buggy
Anonymous User
May 24, 2019
About half the time I come back to pick up where I left off in an album it starts over again from the beginning. This is only mildly irritating when it's a ten song album, much more annoying when you are 3/4ths of the way through Hamilton. It crashes, and occasionally doesn't stream music I physically own. I'm giving it two stars because it does at least occasionally play music.
Anonymous User
May 23, 2019
I am a spotify fan, so I was apprehensive about this app when I bought my Verizon phone. it doesn't have quite the music selection in its library, but the music quality is decent enough. Most people don't realize that sound quality comes from the phone itself, and not the apps it using! I give it 3 stars in comparison to Spotify so far...maybe I will find some of the rarer music I enjoy, with the Apple App, that don't already have with Spotify, and then, I can gjve it another star!!!
Anonymous User
May 15, 2019
I managed to get this app free for 4 months from Groupon. It works when it wants to. Some songs start up right away and some take minutes. It may have a few songs that are not on Spotify, but Spotify runs a lot better on Android. I'll probably give it another chance if you can fix the issues/bugs with it. Going Back to Spotify.
Anonymous User
May 13, 2019
The streaming quality is nice, and it has a lot of popular music, but I've had one major issue. I dont know if this is just something that's happening to me, or if it's happening to others as well. Recently, apple says that certain songs are "unavailable in my country or region" and are greyed out. This would be frustrating, but understandable if it were like this for everyone, but I have friends who pay the same exact subscription price and plan that I do and those songs are available to them.
Anonymous User
May 9, 2019
As an Android user, I was hesitant to say the least. But I'll be God damned if I don't give massive credit to Apple for what they've done to my ears. $9.99 is nothing to lose compared to the benefits of this app. My ears have been blessed with outstanding quality, stellar playlists, and fantastic personalization. The app is a bit touchy sometimes, but it's not enough to dock a star off (at least for me). Could definitely use some work in that regard, but other than that it's smooth like butter.
Anonymous User
May 7, 2019
It's always been buggy but had worked just fine for about a year and a half. But recently it has been horrible, not playing music even when it's downloaded or playing music on data even tho the setting is turned on to allow it. That was the final straw and finally switched to Spotify. I only kept AM because I had an iPhone for years and couldn't be bothered to transfer my music. But I'm glad I'm finally switching. Giving 3 stars tho because it did somewhat worked for a while.
Anonymous User
Apr 15, 2019
Changed my rating due to the fact that my music cannot play more than three songs in a row without stopping, which forces me to unlock my phone just to push the play button again. Forget trying to listen to music through your car's speakers while driving, as it'll stop playing every 5 minutes - sometimes even in the middle of songs! And picking up the phone to unlock it to then go into the app just to push the play button simply ridiculous. Fix your app. I'm canceling my subscription.
Anonymous User
Apr 15, 2019
This app and experience is terrible. I have never had to sign into something so much in my life before. Just setting everything up has caused the app to freeze and have a loading screen forever. My connection isnt the problem either. How anyone puts up with this terrible product is beyond me. Apple should learn from Spotify. At least their app works.
Anonymous User
Apr 14, 2019
Horribly laid out. They tried to cram three apps into one and what came out was an illogical and non-ergonomic app. On top of that, they push their radio services on you to no avail by not letting you remove the tab creating a useless button AND (get the nerve of this) every time you re-open the app while using it, the app will default to the radio tab. What a wonderful combination of force-feeding and product placement. It's just desperate at this point. HIGHLY considering Spotify.
Anonymous User
Apr 13, 2019
This update tends to have a problem of not properly updating playlists. It will not save my playlists and revert back to an older version. It's very frustrating. I also can't update the pictures on select playlists. It will not save as well. Would appreciate if this would get looked at. It crashes all the time and just has troubles running on really powerful hardware that matches or exceeds iPhones
Anonymous User
Apr 7, 2019
Since a week ago I havent been able to listen to a single song without the app crashing. Usually the app works well but this past week It has crashed more times than I can remember. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, checking for updates on both my phone and the app. Nothing works. No matter what source I play it on (phone, car, wireless earbuds) they all crash. When you check the notification it appears as if the song never stopped playing but there's no sound. If you open the app it crashes.
Anonymous User
Apr 5, 2019
the app has improved a lot since it first came to android but there are still problems. I recently switched back to android from iPhone and I'm invested in the apple ecosystem so I need apple music. With that being said the app is less than enjoyable it constantly crashes, it's slow, and when I put an album into my play later or up next it plays the whole album and not just the songs that I added to my library like it should. This app needs work I cannot reccomend it at it's current state.
Anonymous User
Apr 4, 2019
super frustrated with app. just when I was almost done transfering my play list from Napster to apple the song will either stop playing, stop in the middle of the song, also sounds like the song is skipping like a scratched CD. I like it because it's cheaper than Napster also iam able to find more songs. but if this doesnt get fixed soon I will go back to Napster that I have been with for 7yrs. please fix issues
Anonymous User
Apr 3, 2019
This App is way too buggy on an Android. It works well most of the time, however I experience problems on a daily basis when trying to listen to DOWNLOADED music on my phone. I'm not even streaming and I get an error saying that it can't connect ti the server. Then it completely deleted all of my downloaded music off of my phone. I used to love apple music, but I'm definitely switching to Spotify, hopefully their app is better.
Anonymous User
Mar 30, 2019
The UI and animations are nice but you cant queue up downloads for later and there is no way to use Chromecast or AirPlay (but you can tell Google Assistant to play something "on Apple Music" even though you can't set it as your default music app with Assistant). it's nice to be able to add an album to your library before it releases, though.
Anonymous User
Mar 20, 2019
2 things I think could improve this app: a. On android, it would be better to let the user set preference for artists to get a better curated experience, especially with new music. more than half of new "music" i dont care for. b. It would be great if it had a on/off toggle for continuous play feature where you can play a song and it continues to play other songs of that same style/genre. Lastly, since the last update, there has been some noise in the album covers for some albums. Please fix.
Anonymous User
Mar 17, 2019
I like android more than iOS but my majority of my music was bought on iTunes. So when apple came out with an app for android I switched back. The app is ok but it stops playing music randomly. I notice it happens on the same songs or when I don't have a data connection (I downloaded all my music onto the device). I really wish Apple would fix this issue and actually allow an offline mode for when you're traveling and may not have a data connection.
Anonymous User
Mar 13, 2019
I have almost zero issues with this app. I know its getting a lot of bad reviews, but on my Pixel 3 XL it has been fantastic. My only issue is with the latest update they changed the widget to 4x2 which is insane. It doesnt need to be 4x2, it was perfectly fine at 4x1 and now takes up half a home screen with useless padding on both sides of the widget.
Anonymous User
Mar 12, 2019
Was working perfectly up until a couple weeks ago. Now the audio stops abruptly, but the song timer continues to move along. At first I thought it was a headphone problem but it continues even when playing on bluetooth and on the phone's speaker. I have a S9 and before this Apple music has been rather good to me. I hope this problem gets retified. This rating is a reflection of the problem im facing not the app as a whole.
Anonymous User
Mar 8, 2019
I switched from Apple to Android not too long ago and decided to keep apple music since I couldn't find a 1:1 option for transferring all my music over. This app has me seriously considering abandoning my 10k+ library of music, however. The app constantly crashes, shuffled playlists will suddenly stop playing even though there's more songs in the playlist, and it frequently takes 5-10 seconds for music to buffer even though I have them downloaded to my phone. I can go on. Terrible app overall.
Anonymous User
Feb 27, 2019
alright. this app was working fine when I first downloaded it. having been an iPhone user for years, apple music was the streaming service I used. when I switched to a Samsung phone a few months ago, I was stoked to see apple music was available on the android platform as well. however, its reached a point now where songs I've downloaded will not play. it skips as if it were a scratched CD, stops mid song and resets itself. and frequently will just stop and. ot continue at all until I close it.
Anonymous User
Feb 25, 2019
love this streaming service, but your app is trash. I switching to Spotify until you guys get it right. the app crashes. it continues to play the same song after its end point. I would have restart app constantly. the songs stop playing right in the middle. get it to together. trillion dollar company and you can't figure out android software. that's ridiculous.
Anonymous User
Feb 22, 2019
I'm a fan of this app because it allowed me to keep utilizing all my itunes purchases even though I switched to a samsung. But this latest update has caused my music not to play continuously. It stops every few songs and I have to manually start it up again. It's mostly just a problem when my hands are busy or if I'm running, but it shouldn't be a problem to begin with.
Anonymous User
Feb 22, 2019
I liked the app even though it was lacking in a lot of songs from my favorite artist Juice Wrld and they kept removing songs that from my playlist saying they were no longer available in this country. But as of a few weeks ago I can no longer download music at all! I am super disappointed in this. Now I can't even use the app! I am stuck with just sound cloud now. I personally think even soundcloud is better than apple music if I can't download my music anymore.
Anonymous User
Feb 20, 2019
I tried Apple Music on my new Android because I have thousands of songs from years of iTunes and iPhones. But apparently, Apple Music won't access those mp4 files - which are on the phone already - so I'd have to download them again via the app to listen offline with Apple Music. Even more frustrating, the app won't download any songs, and hours of research, reinstalling, etc hasn't provided a solution. So, I'm sticking with Google Music, which doesn't have those problems.
Anonymous User
Feb 19, 2019
Cannot play music half of the times despite having the songs downloaded locally, the app crashes or does nothing. Yesterday it stopped playing music completely, and only reinstalling helped. The 50+ song recommendations I've tried so far were a miss, like all the radio stations. I'm surprised that this is coming from Apple. I would have already moved to Spotify if it weren't for Apple Music's UI and its smooth sync across iTunes.
Anonymous User
Feb 16, 2019
Its good to see that Apple has a version of its streaming service on the Android platform. As a long time iPhone user who just switched to my first Android (Pixel 3), this app has made the transition seamless. Unfortunately i have experienced major issues: 1. Sometimes when I play a new song, it stutters and I have to restart the app for it to work. 2. Sometimes the music that is listed as downloaded won't play w/o internet. 3. Sometimes, music won't download. 4. Battery drain!
Anonymous User
Feb 6, 2019
This used to be a good app that i recommended, now it is junk, cant download anything, sometimes i can instantly see my songs and playlists, other times, it takes minutes before anything shows up, playing music is iffy, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing changed, everything i had downloaded is gone and now cant get it back. the only reason i still have the app installed is so i can reference my music selections while building the same list on a new service.
Anonymous User
Jan 30, 2019
While the app look nice, there are several major problems with this app. No controls in the notification area, all other apps that use audio have this and it really stands out that it is missing. Closing this app will not actually kill it, so it will still play music when the phone connects to the next bluetooth device. Sometimes the controls in the app doesn't work, usually trying to pause it, other parts are still responsive, just can't pause. Playback loop setting never saves. More issues...
Anonymous User
Jan 27, 2019
I have so many songs with iTunes so I want to keep using their app. But lately the app is acting up. I can't access a playlist for some reason. I can add songs to the playlist but it wouldn't show when I go to playlist. I have like ten different playlists but the one I want isn't populating, please fix this issue!!
Anonymous User
Jan 20, 2019
I just switched to Android from iPhone and was worried that I would have to switch to another music service. I was surprised to see Apple Music on the Play Store. The app is exactly the same as the one on the iPhone, and unfortunately suffers from the same occastional lags and crashes the ios app carries. Apple should fix this. Other than that, I'm happy to have my music library on my Android phone. Maybe Apple should also bring iMessage to Android (although I know that will never happen)...
Anonymous User
Jan 19, 2019
I always hear from Apple loyalists how amazing Apple is. This is my first try and the app is terrible. Won't play the music in playlists you choose. Sometimes if you uninstall it then add it it will work for a session. Won't let you manage your membership within the app. It may be the worst app I've used. I expect things to be reliable, intuitive and easy. This is none of the above. plus no fingerprint entry. Just awful.
Anonymous User
Jan 19, 2019
This app is so unstable that it feels like a joke. It crashes constantly and there's a ton of stuttering when scrolling through songs, albums, and playlists. On top of that, there is no trace of a button to download all songs. you have to scroll through and download songs one at a time. It is extremely frustrating and stupid that there is no quicker way to download things, especially when some users have existing libraries on other devices.
Anonymous User
Jan 15, 2019
While I'm not having any of the issues most people are talking about, I do have one. And it's bad enough to make me give it 2 stars. When I download music, I expect to play from my phones memory. No. When I try to listen to a downloaded song, it uses data to stream it anyway. If I have 1 or 2 bars, it buffers. I have to disable mobile data when I'm away from wifi so i can listen to downloaded music. No other app does this so please fix it, and maybe I'll subscribe again! for now, not worth it.
Anonymous User
Jan 14, 2019
Was hoping this would be better ans since I'm a long time Apple user I was pleased to see I could use this app on an Android device but it's actually worse than Spotify. Tracks aren't correctly shown on car display via Bluetooth or at all with the aux cable. Shuffle is ridiculously slow, skipping songs weirdly. And I can't seem to get the red notification number indicator to go away when I'm using the app. I'll try it a little longer but will more than likely continue to keep looking.
Anonymous User
Jan 8, 2019
I have been using other Music players prior to trying out Apple Music and its not bad. There are definite pros ans cons. Pros: My music automatically syncs to my cars Bluetooth, or at least faster than other music players that require you to have the app open. Smooth design. Has More music choices. Cons: I wish there was an option to add a song you like directly from the notification bar. There is no gapless play option to smoothly transition to the next song.
Anonymous User
Jan 5, 2019
the only serious problem i have encountered very occasionally is not being able to download music unless I manually reset my phone. that got old really fast and i hate it and that bumps it down a point for me. other than that i have encountered only one very minor problem where the app would like freeze for one second then the song would restart but it doesnt really matter. the ui is fantastic overall. I must acknowledge however its not perfect and although i love it spotify is probably better
Anonymous User
Jan 2, 2019
I used to love this app, but it stopped actually playing music on 12/24. I have spent the past week uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as trying different things to get it to work. The app opens and loads, allows you to select a song, etc., but it does not play. It just keeps going back to showing the play symbol. I'm really disappointed that I can no longer enjoy my music. *Editing to add that I use it on a Note 9. in case anyone knows of a fix.
Anonymous User
Dec 27, 2018
I have paid for subscription and now unable to play any songs that were not previously downloaded, nor download any songs even after adding to the library. cannot even play songs from the "For You" list nor play from "Radio". Data is on, Wifi is working well. In settings...Data Settings are on for all, including Download. Pls fix this issue or refund this month's subscription.
Anonymous User
Dec 18, 2018
inconsistent streaming. full data and songs cut right in the middle. spotify does a much better job at pre-loading songs in queue. nothing is more aggravating when you're jamming to great music, and it stopping in the middle of the chorus. if you're going to have a music app, keep it consistent. you could at least get rid of that annoying loading bar, it doesn't even look like it's loading anything, just emphasizing how terrible this app is edit: I didn't pay money for a crappy experience.
Anonymous User
Dec 10, 2018
The app used to work fine with a few minor hiccups. Over the past week it has not been capable of playing a single song on wifi or through my phone data. I've already paid for Apple music this month so I'm going to hang on to the app but might have to switch to a different service afterwords. I would prefer to keep the app because I've enjoyed it's design over other services but if the developers don't want to take care of it I'm just waisting money.
Anonymous User
Dec 6, 2018
I don't know if it's because I have a pixel or not but my main gripe is that I can't download music. It just acts like it's gonna download but it never does. And I can't cast my music to my Echo. I can with any other music app. Other than that the app is fine. Not great but it's usable. It crashes every now and then but it allows me to finish listening to music exactly where I left off so it just requires me to press play again.
Anonymous User
Nov 30, 2018
On paper, Apple music would be the best music streaming service on every platform. However, the Android version is a terribly buggy mess. I can't even download songs anymore despite trying absolutely everything. Please fix this, Apple. I don't feel like copying my library over to another streaming service just because you're too lazy to fix your app.
Anonymous User
Nov 24, 2018
I have used Apple music for the past year with an iPhone six and had no issues whatsoever. I loved the app. After an unfortunate breaking of my phone, I jumped on a Google pixel 3 because of the great camera and competitive price. I want to keep Apple music, but this app is so buggy I can barely listen to music. It constantly glitches out if I try to lock the screen even with all other apps closed. If I open a browser it ships and glitches. It's really disappointing. I really don't want to switch to Google play but this is ridiculous. Please come up with a fix for this!
Anonymous User
Oct 28, 2018
As someone who went iPhone to Android, I really didn't want to find all of my music on spotify or any of that so I went ahead and got apple music. It's just as good as it is on iPhone with the exception of a few bugs. The one that really gets me mad is when I open apple music for the day and hit shuffle, the first song that plays starts at 50 seconds in to the song. Overall, the app is decent and provides a good user experience.
Anonymous User
Oct 15, 2018
There are several bugs within the software including, but not limited to: occasional failure to que/ play music even when download when you're not on wifi or data (or even if you are). Sometimes when a song is on repeat within an album, the song will layer over itself when repeated. Occasional failure to load an album that has been downloaded, even after several app restarts.
Anonymous User
Sep 30, 2018
Literally the worst music app I've used it of this, Spotify, Google and YouTube music. Transferred over from an iPhone, but Apple music deleted about 1/4 of my music (which a long time ago, I had paid for on iTunes) without any notification or indication it was doing so. Luckily, Google music had automatically backed up all of my songs and had them all, even the rare ones you can't find in stealing services these days. Also, the app is constantly giving me an error message that it can't play the music right now. I'd recommend Google music if you have a backlog of music already, or Spotify if you're looking to start a new collection. Apple is trash.
Anonymous User
Sep 28, 2018
I've had so many issues with this app. One being that every time I play a song it will randomly stop playing and tell me that the song is no longer available on my country of region. Then it won't play any other song at all with out any error message. It's absolutely tiring having to uninstall and re-install. Seems these issues won't get fixed any time soon.
Anonymous User
Sep 24, 2018
Overall, not fantastic. Very long load times for searches, rather bad radio playlists, and frequently crashed. At times it just wouldn't let me play music by pausing it every time I hit play. However, the GUI is quite nice, and it's rather user friendly. Due to it's flaws, I will be switching to Spotify shortly.
Anonymous User
Sep 21, 2018
Thanks to the newest 2.6 update, Apple Music finally runs super smoothly and works better than ever! Apple Music offers an amazing full-feature streaming service for a great price. Despite not being an Apple platform, Apple Music on Android shares nearly all the same features that you can find on an iPhone making it a great option. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music actually allows you to upload your own music from your computer and listen on your phone too. Pricing is also very competitive with other apps, so I definitely recommend giving it a try if you're looking for a subscription based music service!
Anonymous User
Sep 20, 2018
Waaaaaaaay to many issues. The app constantly crashes, even just switch app to app itll crash. My recommendation playlist have been showing the same album covers for the past 6 months, until I actually click on a song. When i add songs from a certain album to my library then later go and add the entire album the songs will duplicate or in most cases cause the song to say this "song is available in your country". I have found work around BUT I SHOULD HAVE TO. These are my main issues there are still some that are minor. The app would be great but these update seem to only add features and not fix issues.if this keeps going I'm going to switch to spotify. Running on a note 8. Well switch to 5 star once app is updated but for now 1.
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