Transact Mobile Ordering

Category Food & Drink
Developer Transact Campus Inc.
Platform Android
Package com.blackboard.mobileorder
Mobile Ordering is a simple, super convenient way to order, pay and pick up.

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Reviews (85)

Joey Howell
Jun 27, 2022
Very simple interface and easy-to-use. It's a straightforward app and has the decency for stores to let you know if it's a day in advance order even which I thought was pretty cool.
Cassie Dalton
Jun 16, 2022
The app is easy to use and it shows all the places you can order from and times they open! I use it almost everyday.
Calum King
Apr 12, 2022
Pretty simple to use and works for most on campus dining options. Integrates well with my ID card for payment.
Hunter Snyder
Mar 7, 2022
One of the restaurants is brojen in my app, and I have 9 orders in the order queue, stuck at "Almost Ready" since September 2nd, 2021. The email the app gives for help and support is also broken, so you can't actually ask for help.
TC Lowe
Jan 25, 2022
The online ordering app for my school. It does exactly what it's supposed to, and nothing else. That is 5 out of 5 for a utility app in my book.
Michelle G.
Dec 2, 2021
Using this app on an Android. Not sure if that is why I had a very challenging time installing it and linking my University ID. I kept getting an error message for weeks that my university username and password was wrong. One day it just finally connected. Don't know how or why. I also can't log out of it & that is really annoying. I just end up "closing" the app when I click on my phone's "close all apps" feature.
Bill Powell
Nov 27, 2021
Why wait in lines ?? So good to sit watch the game and walk up to your order Only way to enjoy the experience
Bonnie E White
Nov 14, 2021
The best mobile ordering app for Ohio University ever. So easy and convenient. I get my food quickly. They have tons of contests and rewards. Love this app!!
Ben Laube
Nov 10, 2021
When ordering food from Selleck, once the countdown timer for your food ends it'll say "Almost Ready" for easily 10-20 more minutes before finally saying "Ready". Just make the timer longer. "Almost Ready" makes the timer obsolete.
Alessandro Pilaia
Oct 28, 2021
Hello. When trying to add my credit card to the app, it gives me an error message all the time that states that bambora failed to tokenize the card. I cannot submit an order through the app because it is not accepting any of my credit cards due to this error message. I've restarted my phone and reinstall the app to no avail.
Rajan Saini
Oct 25, 2021
Nice UX, but underestimated time estimates are a major pain point for both me and my classmates. It is not uncommon to have orders delivered half an hour after they were estimated. With good analytics, this shouldn't be too bad to fix and will greatly benefit your customers. Much better to underpromise and over deliver.
K. Mac MacKenzie
Oct 20, 2021
I've tried adding a new credit card, different ones, multiple times, and it keeps reporting an error. Frustrating.
Denis Koush
Oct 18, 2021
The sign in doesn't work. It sends me to the school login and just says there's been an error after I enter my info.
Dulce Knight
Oct 11, 2021
The process to setup the payment method is very confusing . Aside from that i am very happy with the app.
Oct 7, 2021
Awesome! Will order before leaving class, get to the restaurant, check in, and will be leaving in no time with my food.
Rowan B
Sep 29, 2021
The app is doing the best it can do, the wait times arnt super accurate nor are the calorie estamates. Could really use some pictures too.
Harold C.
Sep 28, 2021
Works well overall; wish it would apply campus staff payment card discount I get when ordering in person.
Sonia K
Sep 23, 2021
If you create an online 'mobile' ordering app, you may as well make it also downloadable on PCs and not just mobiles. Please make it also available to download on PCs!
Joe Braun
Sep 20, 2021
A decent option for on-campus dining, but could be better. It integrates well into payment systems, and the home menu's "re-order" is also great for those who just want "the usual." However the rest of the UI is clunky at best. The entire app is nothing but text menus and sub menus. Absolutely no guides, images, or charts to actually show what you're ordering, and a lot of the screen is unused wasted space. Granted these may be issues with my school's deployment, and not the app itself.
Pamelina Lo
Sep 20, 2021
Very easy to use and super duper convenient. You don't have to wait in line to order. You can order from any dining hall. So you have a lot of options! It's great!
Catherine Clayton
Sep 11, 2021
Really easy to use and convenient, just wish a delivery option was available for when I'm sick or something happens. Otherwise it's great!
Kayla Crowson
Sep 2, 2021
I love the convenience of ordering online! I like that it gives you and estimate of how long it will take for your order to be ready. So far it's been correct. Love it!
Mya Patel
Aug 31, 2021
Allows you to view what places on campus are offering without having to make the trip there, as well as showing hours. Makes trips faster too
Tommy French
Aug 24, 2021
Very neat app for ordering food. They took everything off for my school though, so I cant order anything close by.
mauli ewalu
Aug 5, 2021
The Terms Of Service are ridiculous. Make sure you read the TOS and Privacy statements before you use this app. There is no "accept or decline" option. By using this app you automatically give your permission for their ownership of all if the data they collect for them to use as they please. Also you agree that all of their terms can change at their whim. Would you give any stranger you met in the street all of your personally identifiable information (ID and banking information for example)?
Nicholas Fogne Appiah
Jun 24, 2021
Fast and reliable. However, I think there should be a swift way of checking in an order within the app without having necessarily to have to go to the restaurant first.
Chris Laughlin Sr
Jun 12, 2021
It may be facility dependent, but this app advertises that it accepts payment methods that it does not actually permit. Perhaps it would be wise to remove the American Express logo from the Add a Card /Payment Methods portion of the app. PaymentExpress lists it as acceptable in the BlackboardPaymentGateway; It's not. Account deleted.
Ritwik Mukherjee
May 24, 2021
The application is quite brilliant. Linking all university restaurants with a single click of a button. Easy pickups too. The next upgrade should involve customers being able to put in their review. There have been times when I may have not enjoyed the food, but I didn't have the option to select the same. Restaurants can use this feedback from Transact to build a better experience! Just saying!
Sergio S. Foronda
Apr 9, 2021
It was great, you cam order anything (well based on what they got) without the hassle of having to wait at the place and just pick it up as you go for the time told.
Hanuk Kwon
Mar 26, 2021
Are the developer volunteers? I cannot believe this is the outcome of those who are earning incomes.
Johnny Tex
Mar 18, 2021
Once you've received your order, you can't add funds to your meal plan bc the receipt replaces that function. This is unacceptable; there are plenty of things I can only buy at the dining location.
Maryam Ranjbar
Mar 11, 2021
It is easy to work however payment is kind of hard if you dont have trion cash. It took me a week to get the payment method set up. Other than that it is user friendly
Jihan Al-Turk
Mar 2, 2021
Got it because I work on campus. So far the ordering process is easy and uncomplicated. I just wish it had the possibility of complete customization and not just a single way to order.
Chase Davidson
Feb 20, 2021
Won't show places that are supposed to be open while they're only allowing orders placed online. How about instead of a point system that does nothing we make an app that works. Edit: I wish I could rate less tgan 1 star. This is a terrible app offering terrible service. I order food, my order is different from what I clicked on. I order food, I wait forever for my food to be ready only to find out they stopped accepting orders BEFORE I placed my order through Transact. Get it together please.
Nathaniel Oyakhire
Feb 18, 2021
Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't......alot of other reviews say that even when a restaurant is open it doesn't show its menu but instead shows a blank page which is very true...its annoying
Abbey Gajtkowski
Feb 10, 2021
Love that I can pre-order my meals, and that I can figure out the equivalent to a meal swipe without having to do it in my head.
Feb 5, 2021
This app is terrible. It'll just randomly not show the options for certain locations even though that location is open and available. No matter how many times you refresh or close the app it will still do this. The places on my campus don't allow you to order in person so this is the only option. It's infuriating when the app does this for no reason.
Jacque Loghry
Feb 4, 2021
Love this app! Overall works great & saves so much time. Only had one issue with one order not getting placed ok, but the Chick-fil-A staff were awesome & filled the order fast. Have used it mostly at Moo Yeah's and it has worked very well. Food is always ready on time and is paid for in the app, so there is never any wait time. You get in & out in a snap!
Elijah Wheelock
Feb 3, 2021
Works great, when it works. Pretty buggy - sometimes fails to load the menu, sometimes fails to notify when order is ready.
chasdog 101
Jan 30, 2021
There are times it works and dosnt work with different food places like Champions Chicken where it says its open and should be but the page is blank.
Lily A
Jan 26, 2021
The wait times on this app are incredibly inconsistent. It also doesn't allow orders at campus dining places if the wait time exceeds the hours of operation. This is worse with the inconsistent wait times provided by the app.
Jan 25, 2021
I attempted to order food and when I got to the burger customization section there were no options. Could not go forward until one of the "options" were chosen. Trying to go back left me stuck on the screen with option to customize the burger terrible.
Darek Hollis
Jan 23, 2021
Pretty straight forward to use. I have had issues with the timing, but that might not be the apps fault
Josh Petit
Jan 20, 2021
Works great! I do have a few recommendations and do occasionally see bugs. Is there an issue tracker somewhere that I can submit ideas/bug reports to? One big thing that would help would be drop downs for the different sections, that'd make navigation a lot easier. Overall awesome app though.
Courtney Miller
Jan 19, 2021
Really easy to use! My only complaint is that there are long lists of food choices for a dining option that would be easier to manage as expandable lists.
Mythic Sage
Jan 18, 2021
Simple and easy when ordering and picking up! For on campus meals I actually prefer this to the other apps we used to use. Point & level system seems fun & interesting though all Universities may not utilize it, which would make it kind of annoying with all the push notifications it sends you.
Lydia Sowles
Jan 18, 2021
Needs a menu accessable when I am not grabbing lunch as I run from class to the bus, or bus to class!
Kade Peden
Dec 9, 2020
Gets the job done. There are some aspects that are just mobile versions of the website, but they still function fairly well.
Scheccid Alayola
Nov 5, 2020
Pretty quick and simple to use! Only issue is it says it accepts discover but I always get an error when I do
Jimothy j
Oct 28, 2020
Works great in every way but the order time is sometimes off though this may have to do with the restaurant
Mollie Labeda
Oct 23, 2020
It really helps, especially during social distancing, to have such a great app to order and easily pick up without contact. I'm hoping some of the sticks around even when COVID finally leaves.
alex cruz
Oct 16, 2020
Love the convenience of the application I just don't like how you are unable to see the images for certain meals or items. Due to this, it's hard to choose something new to eat if we don't even know what it is.. Despite that this app is overall great for college students.
Isabella Bennett
Oct 14, 2020
I really like how easy the app is to use. It's very straightforward so far and user-friendly. Good for when you have back-to-back and need food.
Isel Honorato
Oct 14, 2020
It is clear and organized to use. So far the app is working properly. However, I do not know if future gliches may occur as it did previously.
Kai Smith
Oct 13, 2020
Super easy to use! If any menu options are missing or need to be modified, that's something that dining needs to add to the app. The app itself works flawlessly.
Brentney Reynolds
Oct 6, 2020
It doesn't list the ingredients in the food so if you have any special diets you won't know. It would also be nice if app said what was vegan and vegetarian because life would be a lot easier. You can't see the ratings of each order which sucks. Some positives, the timing of the app is accurate however "almost ready" can sometimes mean another 15 minutes so if that could be changed to literally 2 minutes away from being almost ready that would be nice. Not horrible but not great.
Oct 6, 2020
It is super helpful to be able to order food on-campus and pick up to avoid wait times. This way, I don't have to go wait in line for an hour.
Ian Chang
Oct 3, 2020
Gamifying ordering food online during this pandemic is pretty smart. There are some issues like it can't seem to handle ordering things from different restaurants at the same time but overall pretty good
Michelle Foreman
Oct 2, 2020
The app itself seems to be easy to use and can feasibly save some time. I think (new implementation) there are still some areas to strengthen the notification system going to the food preparation teams.
Kiera Crawford
Oct 2, 2020
It's pretty decent but I wish you could see how much money you have left on your account. It gets the job done, though.
Chloe Thai
Oct 1, 2020
Convenient to see what is available on the menus at certain times of day. Hard to use without internet and exploring campus. I dont know if it is the app or just the dining halls but my order has been incorrect twice now.
Sean Perry
Sep 27, 2020
Use for school during covid. It's works as a ordering app. Sometimes can be glitchly when leave app then reentering but it's functional ehough. I did this for points.
Angelina Le
Sep 27, 2020
Easy to understand and use. But I haven't used it much so time will tell if it's going to be as good as I expected!
Randy Duong
Sep 24, 2020
UI Issues I cannot use the back button on my phone and thus I need to restart the app to go back. Navigating this app is a pain.
Panda King
Sep 19, 2020
This app is actually decent I am surprised. It works well with my school system and my orders I haven't had any issues at the moment. Not bad, very simple and easy to use while looking clean and professional.
Lilith Holmes
Sep 19, 2020
It is a helpful way for students to maintain distence while being able to order, it also help students that dint have a lot of time to grab food, with being able to order in class and pick it up on your way to your next class.
Tim Drake
Sep 18, 2020
Works just as one would think it should. Order what you want, then pick it up and enjoy. Simple and effective.
Jersey Hudson
Sep 17, 2020
This is a really we easy app to use. Now all the need to do is hook the washers and dryers up to this app so we can get a notification when our laundry is done.
Steven and Zachary
Sep 9, 2020
I was very skeptical with the app, but i am actually enjoying using this application. During a pandemic, its a very safe way of dealing with dining on my school's campus
Alexandria Indovina
Sep 6, 2020
There needs to be a way to contact the customer if something is out. Several times I've had to ask for a replacement.
lizard guy
Sep 4, 2020
Certainly gets the job done. Not a huge fan of the gamification aspect (i.e. getting points and "leveling up" for various actions), enough that I docks 2 stars. Other than that it's easy to use and convenient.
Steffi Kokkelink
Sep 3, 2020
Only been using for a couple of days, but so far no issues. Great for ordering food at college. Only issue is not being able to track the money and points from the school cards used through the app, have to go through the student website or keep track yourself
Kevin Eid
Sep 2, 2020
sometimes the menu just doesn't appear for no good reason... then 5 minutes later it will just appear and nothing changed... and when it disappear it wasn't my phone only..
Matthew Pickett
Aug 25, 2020
I go to National Park college in Arkansas and I wish there was a way that you could order later then when you place the order not ASAP and also more customization on food items
Thomas Schnaible
Aug 23, 2020
It seems simple enough. I wish you could change the restuarants that appear at the bottom. The only options im seeing are for The Fresh Plate, which isn't bad, i like it there, but i want to see other things. It makes seeing your balance easy too.
Tekhira Francis
Aug 23, 2020
I think the interface is easy to use. I would give it 5 stars but I wasn't able to connect my debit card as a payment.
Bianca Lange
Aug 21, 2020
Its an interesting app to be using during this pandemic. I like it better than waiting in dining lines going one by one with a worker for each options of food. Needs some more food options but thats just cause its hard to fix food for mass amounts of people. Also with my school, this app cannot keep up with orders and actually fails some peoples orders.
Aug 21, 2020
It's an app alright. Seems navigable. Won't know how well the service works until campus opens up but they incentivize ratings with rewards points.
Nov 14, 2019
There should be a way to write a short message along with your order to avoid confusion with the staff.
Nov 5, 2019
Good if you need to order ahead and don't have much time. But an extra 25 cents per item can add up.
Oct 22, 2019
Is been a great experience, had no issues using it and times are accurate. Love to be able to order ahead and not have to wait in line to order. Is a must have if you spend your days in campus.
Sep 24, 2019
Makes it very easy to place an order while walking to a location, thus saving time. Ideal for campus life.
Sep 20, 2019
This app is well-organized, and I like the fact that it keeps track of how much time you have to wait for your order.
Sep 20, 2019
It''s pretty good. Easy and actually tells you when they're out of something. Happier with this than the last app.
Feb 27, 2019
No line for me tonight during halftime. I ordered from my seat. Waited for the text. Got the "order is ready" text. Got my fiod 30 seconds later. Finished eating before the guy sitting next to me, who left before I ordrred, returned with his order untouched.
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