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Developer Netflix, Inc.
Platform Android
Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies.

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John Thornton
Jun 7, 2022
I would give 5 stars if the subtitles matched the dialogue of programmes. I use netflix to learn other languages like french and it is a source of constant frustration that the subtitles do not 100% and sometimes less than 50% reflect the dialogue of the programming. I would hate to be deaf as i would always be reading a dumbed down version of the script.
Kevin Petruzsan
Jun 7, 2022
I had no issues with the app himself. The movies (series) worked fine. One thing that is a bummer that you cant change the profil picture to whatever you like. Or at least you should have more pictures to pick from.
Xhesca 07
Jun 7, 2022
I've been using this app for almost months, also I'm playing some movies in my tv using this but one day, when I open Netflix the Netflix says that there's an error occured then when i clicked the details and about my connection it says that Netflix server one to three were ❌ also the same with my internet even though my wifi got a load and signal and it's almost been a month still I can't open my Netflix on my tv saying again there's an error occured even I clear the whole app and uninstall Ud
0-0 ._.
Jun 7, 2022
Ever since the last update and now in this new one again, i cant use the app. It just gets stuck on the title area of Netflix and doesn't load. I tried turning my internet connection off and on, i tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling.. nothing helps. Netflix stop going against my phone.
Liv Barreto
Jun 7, 2022
I can't play Netflix anymore if the WiFi only have 8mbps or below on my Smart TV and my mobile and smart devices. Sometimes our internet connection goes down to 8mbps if there's tech issue. But before the Netflix update, I can still watch Netflix eventhough I only have 8mbps. Now the minimum requirement is 15mbps. I just hope you put it back to atleast 8mbps because we live in a province where the internet connection sometimes is not stable. Pls, look into this matter and consider my request. TY
JustD JustD
Jun 7, 2022
The app is fine. The content for the price is too much. I paid for 1 month to see what the big deal is and they literally had the exact same stuff they had 2 years ago.. NETFLIX is no longer cheap and they lost another subscriber because they now basically suck. 20. Is not worth it and anything below what they offer just sucks.. NETFLIX is the new snap, yahoo, AOL, Facebook... it's just not worth it anymore
Jefferson Graves
Jun 6, 2022
Tried to reset my password but the email it keeps sending is in a language I can't make heads or tails of. I was just trying to see how Netflix has changed over the last few years when I left and so far the prices are up there and I'm sure my entertainment will be laced with virtue signaling, plus I can't read the email sent to reset my password so I guess Netflix isn't concerned about members when you can't even read their emails.
Dino Bailey
Jun 6, 2022
This I amazing, I previously used watched TV off a controlled service provider that was way to expensive and only gave us the opportunity to watch TV shows and movies on their Schedule so eventually I switch to Netflix on all my platforms and I'm loving it, they're so many interesting things to watch where I want, when I want and it's amazing, they're even more shows than I thought, I felt like I was living under a rock.
Jayda Whetstine
Jun 6, 2022
I love Using netflix to watch Movies or TV shows with family or friends. But there is one problem, When I go to try and Log out of an account to Go sign Into My personal Account I made On My Laptop, It won't let me. So if there is a chance please add a Log out Button when you first load into netflix. But overall It's a really great App!
Adam Douglas
Jun 6, 2022
Search doesn't even work, some shows avail. on desktop PC, & don't show in app, horrible design choices(clutter), selection has become nearly all dumpster tier B content while their algorithm pushes their mostly garbage "originals". Both my Continue Watching, and My List is now gone from app ...AGAIN... Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! that goes at the TOP! ALWAYS! (Keep It Simple, Stupid.) In a service I PAY for, I cannot stress enough how much I do NOT want you to "Surprise Me"....
Majella Mc Caffrey Dunne
Jun 6, 2022
It's good for new series out like star trek etc. But I thought the subscription would include movies etc, I didn't expect to have to pay separately for some movies or TV shows. Has anyone else experienced this,
Jeremy Taylor
Jun 6, 2022
Ever since your update on my LG TV the app won't even open. Apparently this is a problem that happens so much there are entire forums and YouTube videos about the matter. I've already tried everything imaginable and suggested, so PLEASE don't come with a suggestion or another "mAyBe TrY tHiS". Just fix it. I got 85inches of TV in my living room that I can't even watch. Maybe this is why you're losing subscribers 🤔.. it's called quality control. Everyone else's app is working fine.
Ivan Kalinov
Jun 5, 2022
Incredible app and nice experience for both android and Samsung TV. (Disney plus need to learn from you guys) But in my opinion there so many movies and the platform its show only the one you are "interested" in, which is not always the case. I would like to see a Library option, where you can find all the titles of the movies from A to Z.
Tony Mark
Jun 5, 2022
5*****This software always works no matter how screwed up a device, hardware, monitor etc are...truly amazing. 2** SEARCHING for unseen Trying to find using the various search options to watch or getting suggestions are poor and dependent on your ratings. No INMB ratings, suggesting shows in weird languages, no CC options etc.... IE TUBI eze to find something never seen before.
Elizabeth Richardson
Jun 5, 2022
I love the fact there is multiple films and series you can choose from but I do think k its unfair that there is only an Internet option otherwise you have to download the movies but apart from that the quality of the movies and series are really good and I live all the movies there really good but you could add a section where there is new releases so we can watch them xx
Derk Snijders
Jun 5, 2022
Among other things I Really hate the pretty much instant auto play of some random trailer when you just want to watch the credits. Clear anti user behaviour with the sole intention to have you stick to using the app. When you have to resort to tricks for user retention instead of just quality you have lost my respect and with that, any good words about this app.
Mike Pavlis
Jun 5, 2022
After uninstalling and reinstalling, still says "can't reach Netflix service". It's not an internet issue, tested on multiple different networks. Also, stop getting rid of good movies and shows.
Kyle Traum
Jun 5, 2022
Netflix has so many unfinished shows, that's it's not worth getting a subscription. Don't get attached to any TV shows or movies they produce, as they'll cancel production after the first or second season/movie.
Jun 5, 2022
Netflix, I've been with you guys since before the streaming age. I was with you when you were sending DVD's in the mail. Before Blockbuster made the embarrassing blunder of not taking your once-in-a-life-time offer when they had the chance. I've always enjoyed all of your high quality content, original or otherwise. Please continue to be the best damn streaming service there is. You pioneered it, and deserve it. I just thought I'd finally give my thanks for the years of top notch entertainment!
Jun 5, 2022
Netflix is pretty good. Just make sure to download before they take the show you want to watch off. I'm honestly disappointed. All the good shows are being canceled and taken off. Criminal Minds is the last straw. That show is amazing. You better be glad I wanna watch stranger things or I would get rid of it.
April S
Jun 4, 2022
Since the latest update, when using on my phone, I'm unable to actually search for anything. The same message repeats that they cannot show any results. Also, my watch history is gone, so I have to scroll through the auto-suggested and hope the show I want to watch is on there. Otherwise I have to search for the show/movie on separate browser and be asked to sign into my account, each time.
Lacey Grace
Jun 4, 2022
I think that Netflix is a really good app to have as you can get a selection of movies and series to choose from. I have only given four stars as it can be annoying when you have a movie or series that you really like but it is only on Netflix for short amount of time. Also, the price keeps going up (like all thing at the moment) and it gets a bit annoying after a while. Apart from that, it is very good.
Becky Sapp
Jun 4, 2022
Never had any problems with with app or using it . easy to use there's a verity of thing to watch. I also use on roku. Been with many years now I think I opened account not long after they came out. GREAT JOB. only thing is the coast has went up more in the last 2years then all the time before need to chill out on price increase. Thanks
Dillon Anderson
Jun 4, 2022
Remove all the intrusive brightness options you have now forced to be in app. Your about to lose a customer over something that small, simply because I'm sick of my brightness, contrast, and blue light filter settings overridden by your app exclusively. Perhaps you wouldn't be a sinking company if you didn't pay people time and again to come up with and design horrid additions to your UI and app.
Navid Shaikh
Jun 4, 2022
The quality of audio and video (full hd) is impressive but even my phone is capable of playing hdr+, 4k and 8k videos, till from the launch of this phone, Hdr playback didn't came into existence. I am eagerly waiting Netflix to workout on my flagship device. :(
pabitra roy
Jun 4, 2022
The app is good, but there's a glitch. After paying the subscription for 30 days, it still shows to update payment. Instead of 30 days, I am only able to use my subscription for 20 days & then my account is on hold.
Adelaide Caseday
Jun 3, 2022
I honestly love Netflix because it is a great place to binge-watch some of your favorite movies and TVShows, and, It has NO ADS!!! Although it can be a little laggy or slow, maybe a few times where it logs me out of my account or doesn't want to open app, but it is very helpful and I dont know what I would do without it! so withour further-adou, please put your hands together for ; NETFLIX!!!
Hinal Vekariya
Jun 3, 2022
Latest update is not working on one plus device. App is not going further from splash screen. I was watching series and suddenly the video gets paused and I've tried to reopen the app but couldn't able to go further from splash screen. And this is very serious issue. I won't able to use app in mobile.
Patrick McGuirk
Jun 3, 2022
Now that I know that there's a cheaper basic plan for $9.99 I'm very extremely happy with Netflix I'm able to save probably more than half the money I used to pay not a great streaming but still very impressed and it has all the shows that I love to binge watch. Thank you so much Netflix now let's keep all these awesome shows going.
Jessica McNeil
Jun 3, 2022
I love the app I always have but I really do not like the change in the coming soon section. It use to be great when it had all the new things that were going to come out and not it doesn't show as many and shows are slipping through the cracks that I would like to watch but I didn't know they were even coming out because of the change to the coming soon section of the app. Please change it back to the way it was.
Trayc Wilson
Jun 3, 2022
Love the low monthly price, love the customer service, love how easy it is to navigate and use, and love the movies. And of course they can't have every movie that would be greedy LOL. So there is some movies I wish they had that aren't on here but there's tons and tons and tons of movies that are on here!! More than you can watch in a lifetime! Definitely love this ❤️ movie watching app.
Jun 2, 2022
This is happening only after the latest update. Everytime I pause Netflix and open another account like instagram, and play something and stop playing it. Netflix gets unpaused and played in the background. This is very annoying.. it starts playing automatically. Even when I receive call and pick it, it starts playing in the background. Please fix this issue.
Ishita Dutta
Jun 2, 2022
Netflix has less content than Prime Video. I was watching "The Originals" after completing all the seasons of Vampire diaries. I got so close in completing the 2nd last season and anxious for the last season of Originals. But suddenly after one day(31st May) I never got to watch it ever again while not to mention I was already missing "Legecies" at Netflix.I struggled so much for the subscription of Netflix itself now again I have to for Amazon Prime subscription.Netflix-Worst expensive app ever
Caty Faurie
Jun 2, 2022
My front page loads, with all the videos, but as soon as I click a video to watch it just shows "loading". Problem only on one device, tried it on other devices and it works fine. I'm sad support has suddenly been removed for my main device for watching Netflix though.
Johny Troy E-Sports
Jun 2, 2022
Not too bad! It's really good if you wanna experience lesser known or distributed stuff, because that's exactly what Netflix does with jts originals and MOST of the time they are really really good. Some have been getting cringy lately but, all in all not a bad gig for watching TV and movies.
Brett Reynolds
Jun 2, 2022
Why can't I adjust the brightness for the video that I'm playing. I turn up my phone screen and when playing a video it immediately goes back down to nil... I can't turn it up because it's being controlled by the Netflix app 🤦
Daniel Padilla
Jun 2, 2022
I have a lot of problems with Netflix! one that is there, even though my internet is strong, I can connect to the 5G wifi network but the error always comes up and it's just loading! and the video resolution seems to be in standard resolution even though my phone is supported by widevine L1 Full HD, please fix it immediately and work out a solution! Please fix this issue!
James H
Jun 2, 2022
The pricing model is crazy. The base package is 480p, meaning that you're forced into the more expensive options just to avoid the Minecraft resolution. And they keep increasing their prices without changing their services. And they've lost a lot of content as Disney and competors pull their content. Why should I pay more for the same service with less content?
Rob Morgans
Jun 2, 2022
An OK app needs a bigger selection and even more so if they are going to put the price up. A lot if old films and some seem to never leave the app they are always there.
Michael Okonji
Jun 1, 2022
Netflix is home. Trailer notification popped up on my phone and I clicked to watch it. The Netflix app launched full screen, didn't ask me to choose a profile to view with, auto played the trailer to completion and exited by itself. Awesome experience there. It's the little things that matter. First time reviewer and happy giving a 5 star review. Kudos and looking forward to how high you guys raise the bar in the next 10yrs. 👏
Mishell Rodriguez
Jun 1, 2022
This review is only about the app not the lack of good movies. The app's good. I like how I can look for movies based on categories I can switch easily to another profile, I can see previous for movies, and the mini info that you get when you click on a movie that let's you quickly add the movie/show to your list, watch or even share. The one thing I DISLIKE is the subtitles! At least on my galaxy s21 the subtitles occupy the whole screen! I wish they give us the option to modify the size of it.
Adirah Soriano
Jun 1, 2022
I love Netflix! I've been using this platform for over 10 years! Sense I'm a border liver I cross to Mexico and the USA very frequently and I love how I can download these movies and shows for when I'm on the go. The only default is that there isn't always the same content in both countries (which is understandable).
Matt Pasciuto
Jun 1, 2022
Every time I try to log in to my main profile, it tells me "Can't connect to Netflix." I have logged out of all my other devices, to no avail. I had to create a secondary profile, which magically can connect for some reason, but all of my profile info has obviously been lost, and I now have to rebuild my watch list from scratch.
Andrea Crenshaw
Jun 1, 2022
I don't know why but with netflixs newest update, the app just keeps crashing on my roku. I can sometimes watch 5 minutes worth before it crashes but lately it hasn't made it past me trying to make a selection. I've tried reinstalling the app and checking my network but all my other streaming services work. So frustrating.
Naomie Igashi
Jun 1, 2022
This app was good in the first month , now after my second subscription I can't seem to view the images on movies not even my profile image is visible, I have a strong network connection and I have tried literally everything including uninstalled and reinstalled still to no avail. I'm also rating it 1 star because it's customer care assured me it was only network issues. I am very disappointed and will not be subscribing next month .
Elizabeth Conlon
Jun 1, 2022
Good, but often the app says there is no internet, meanwhile nothing is wrong with the internet nor the phone ... It also loads alot and takes a while. Other than those minor details, it is a great app and i definatly recommend 👍 Great for on the road watching to as you can download shows and movies 👍
Ádám Molnár
Jun 1, 2022
Very buggy. Every time I open something to watch my phone freezes. It plays the audio, but the image just freezes and I can't do anything about it. I have to force reboot my phone. This happens every time I open something for the first time that day. Please fix this Netflix. I have a Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G.
Kamal Raheem
May 31, 2022
Such a terrible application. Could not load movies or see a preview. It was working fine then suddenly became unacceptably annoying. Tried everything. Uninstall and reinstall, updated. Still performance is well below the bar. This made me cancel my subscription. Though great movies. You can stream from computer but consumes more data.
Maddie 123
May 31, 2022
I loved Netflix at first, it was always my favourite streaming app, but not now. Prices constantly going up, changes being made to the plan and shows being removed half way through watching them. It's not even worth half of the monthly payment never mind the premium. Its an unsubscrive for me!
Beth Nichols
May 30, 2022
Use to think netflix was the absolute best, with the best price, the best movies. Not feeling the same lately with the types of movies being put on. The quality of the movies has seemed to be lower. The price has increased, not happy. The rules are not the best for what we have to pay for. Still watching for the time being, but have been looking into other options due to pricing.
Ali555 Atkin
May 30, 2022
Yeah it's good in parts. But alot of slow response from app lately. Loading pages for instance! It needs regular refresh for new movies. And I would like the movies in a bundle if there is parts 2/3 etcetera. Lots of series but currently I only watch 2 of them, and guess which ones are the most popular! Please keep the prices down. This my only luxury.
Prallad Shetty K
May 30, 2022
From last 2 days I'm only seeing start screen just 'Netflix' and then an error device failure occured. I pay you every month so I can watch whenever I want it. If I can't watch what's the point. First of all the the collection of movies and tv shows in india are garbage. I really hope your competitors run you out business for being incompetent.
Agust Dee
May 29, 2022
I have no problems with the app as it's functioning well. However, the selection of movies have become worse these past few years. There aren't many good ones to choose from (especially in the horror genre) and most of their new movies aren't that great too. The only reasons I still use it are the documentaries and Stranger Things.
Prachita Arora
May 29, 2022
I used to love the app but I am changing the rating because almost 2 weeks ago I uninstalled the app from my device. And when I re-installed it, it didnt work at all. I am getting errors like device failure or app failure. Have contacted the customer care as well and nothing seems to fix it. Extremely disappointed.
Glan Matan
May 29, 2022
The app's design is perfect I like everything about Netflix except the price. The price is a actually not really affordable 7.99$ for 480p resolution, it's kinda dumb. I know the originals and all the movie library Netflix gives you, worth so much more, but the price is not user friendly. 10.99$ for 1080p and 4 devices is too much and if you want even more you can get 11.99$ plan which is a total scam 1440p and 4k resolution. You won't even feel a diffrence, that's why.
Penny Ford 1234
May 28, 2022
I love Netflix. But 2 things that are annoying are 1:On my continue watching list random things like "Squid Game" keep showing up even though I didn't watch it; and 2:It's annoying how they remove AMAZING movies and TV shows(in my opinion) and then I go to find it and it's not there. Netflix does not have ads witch I like. All in all, I like the Netflix app.
May 28, 2022
For some reason shows and movies keep popping up on my continue watching list that I haven't even looked at let alone watched. The shows will be 4 or 5 episodes in and the movies will be 30 minutes to an hour in. So far only 1 show that's popped up I've watched before. Also a lot of the shows I did have on my continue watching list are no longer on it. This has to stop. I'm already dropping apps due to funding issues. If this continues I have no problem dropping this one too.
Gerard Villaverde
May 28, 2022
Interface is a mess. It's so hard to scan tv shows and movies. You keep scrolling right then if there's something interesting you tap to watch a clip then if it's not good you tap back and it brings you back to the start and you keep scrolling again. That's 1. Second, I rarely use the app because of the choices available. I find the list of tv shows and movies no longer interesting. With a premium subscription fee, it's no longer worth it and not entertaining. I just cancelled my subscription.
Ash coral F
May 28, 2022
I'm getting real bloody fed up of netflix having shows where they only upload some of the actual series. Multiple times this year, I've started a series ,got into it ,only to find out the rest of the series wont be coming to Netflix. You're literally pushing me away from your platform! If you want people to stick around maybe provide whole series, or else you're forcing me to look elsewhere. Or just delete those series altogether. Stop being a massive tease. Makes it hard to like netflix
Creed Spratt
May 28, 2022
On Netflix, you get to watch new and old movies. It is the best thing ever. You can also get disney + and thats pretty good to. Their are variety of shows and or movies you can watch. It helps me and my friends stay up late. There is also a kids setting where your kids can watch non-intence and violence movies. You can also lock your account.It is an amazing program and really fun to watch. It is awesome and really creative and amazing. Idk how many times i can say those words in this statement.
May 28, 2022
When trying to play a vide on Netflix app launched in Samsung DEX, screen turn dark. The captions are visible and audio is fine but no video. All other apps such as Disney, Amazon Video , iPlayer work fine. Netflix app is useless for me if I cannot use it to watch on monitor from my Samsung Note phone.
Tobu Rae
May 27, 2022
If you are a netflix user, this exceeds needs for the app version. Also gives a playback speed option (which I have not seen on any other streaming service than YouTube which really isn't a streaming service as we know them). Have less time for a movie? Set it on 1.25x or 1.5x speed and give it a couple of mins to get used to it before discarding the idea. I do, however, recommend that for 4k streaming on a large TV for family night should be played at 1x and as loud as you can get away with.
Yuliy Peace
May 27, 2022
Netflix was good but Now we can't watch it on more than one screen so me and my family have to take turns watching or pay an extra £4 a month for only two screens. It might not be much but with other bills and rent it's not something you can pay. They also transferred everyone to premium without telling the users and we had to switch back. All they care about is getting more money from people honestly has ruined it for me
Helena Harrington
May 27, 2022
Mostly garbage aside from the (very) occasional good show, the app sucks, the subscription keeps increasing (to cover their huge debt and sinking share price) and the company is run by scumbags. Better services out there, soon to be the next "Blockbuster" due to poor management and lack of innovation; I can't wait to see it.
daniel lopez
May 25, 2022
Awesome app for watching all kinds of shows. I understand the fact people share their account to different houses with friends and family and Netflix is working on that, but in my own house you can't watch Netflix on two separate devices. It's an inconvenience and the fact I have to upgrade to be able to have Netflix on different devices isn't the way to fix it in my opinion
Chris Karagiannis
May 25, 2022
In concept, I like the download feature for being on the go; perhaps the most compelling use case for this app. In reality, it seems the app often wants to "call home", getting stuck on the preloader indefinitely. This issue can sometimes be resolved by restarting the source device but when it's being stubborn, I'm left with a nothing more than a fancy watchlist. A lot is left to be desired when it comes to audio quality too, IMO, but that's more a criticism of the service, not the app itself.
May 25, 2022
Listen, Netflix can be good. Keyword: can. There's a lot of shows, but you wont watch most of them because you dont like them. Also, because the cost keeps going up and up, it's harder to keep up with it. I feel that, sure, it's okay, but there's WAY too many flaws for the price. 2/5 stars, wouldn't reccomend outside a couple exceptions.
Wallace Michael
May 25, 2022
Very good app, with great content 💯. But I'd love it, and I'm sure many millions of users would, if you could allow a screenshot option in the app. It's so disheartening i can't take a capture of a very captivating scene in a good movie. Very disheartening! Pls do something about this. Thank you!
Tracey Shuttleworth
May 25, 2022
I have been accessing Netflix on my tablet for months. Yesterday I could not access the app. I then rebooted my tablet, only to find the app has now disappeared all together. Now it won't let me download the app again. It looks like it's loading and then goes back to the load app screen. Very disappeared.
Jerry Wang
May 24, 2022
Great app, but whenever I connect / disconnect a bluetooth or USB input device like mouse or keyboard, the app refreshes and takes me to the timestamp where I started watching when i opened this app. Sometimes I've been watching consistently for 2 episodes (via smart download), and when my bluetooth keyboard is connected or disconnected, it takes me to the previous episode where I started. All experience except this has been great. Thanks Netflix team!
Anna Skaggs
May 23, 2022
I'm not having any issues with the app. If your trying to watch a movie that's in your saved list and it disappears then it's been tooken off and not available as in discontinued. It has nothing to do with the app. And if your having issues seeing the movies it's due to your phone and not the app. Every phone is different.
Tushnim Gangopadhyay
May 23, 2022
The app has gotten worse. Used to be you start a show, switch tabs, and open something else while it runs on windowed mode. Now you have to press the middle button, minimizing everything, then open another screen to have the windowed mode work. Just switching tabs pauses it. Why add steps to a process that was simpler before? Also, sometimes the screen goes black and only sound plays. Only restarting the app fixes this. Also, brightness doesn't self-adjust if you come in from another tab.
Sabi Bibra
May 23, 2022
I've been facing this issue more than usual now , Netflix comes pre - installed in my OnePlus 8 . Every now and then , when I try to open the app , tha app just hangs with the Netflix logo and nothing happens , it remains stuck . I've tried downgrading and re - updating the app , clearing cache and memory storage for the app , disabling and re - enabling it , but it still doesn't work .
May 22, 2022
I like the movie/show choices by there are bugs. Recently the sound will not come through and I have to change the setting each time I watch something for the sound to come through. (Imagine having to turn off closed caption everytime inorder for you to hear or show. It is tedious like that.)
Wah Wah
May 22, 2022
I Love everything about Netflix! I've never encountered any problems, on our phones or any of our 5 tv's. I am a compulsive ⏸ and rewinder and no matter if I jump from phone to tv back to phone my place is exactly where it should be. You can save and keep or delete list, add or remove history, tons of movies for every liking. I expanded my movie list with foreign hits and more. I am a faithful subscriber and I take Netflix over any other!
Albert Chung
May 21, 2022
App experience is horrendous. Continue Watching lists can appear at the top some times and then 15 categories down at times - and my shows disappear from my lists randomly. This makes discovery difficult and a horrible chore to find shows that I just want to continue watching. It doesn't seem like anyone at Netflix cares about the user experience.
this star
May 21, 2022
I just installed Netflix again after months, and now this app keeps crashing on me. It says error every few minutes and makes me unable to watch videos too on other apps. I checked my phone in case it was bcs of my phone, but everything is good! I just want to watch Netflix in peace and not frustrated every single time I use it. Please fix the bug immediately, thank you.
Maranda Curry
May 21, 2022
I cancelled my membership because of rising prices. I contemplated getting it back because of all the new progressive content..... and then they talked about raising the price again, as well as taking away password sharing. What happened to Love is sharing a password? Netflix was awesome when it was a way to save money. Now it seems all they want to do is become the next expensive cable option.
anabel darrull
May 20, 2022
I've used Netflix for years and loved it but recently encountered a problem when using it on my phone. When I want to watch something it will say screen limit even though no one else is using my account. Then it will start working but only for a minute and then pause again. It's very annoying, Netflix please fix this for me.
abhinav singh
May 19, 2022
I've been facing this issue more than usual now, Netflix comes pre-installed in my OnePlus 8T. Every now and then, when I try to open the app, tha app just hangs with the Netflix logo and nothing happens, it remains stuck. I've tried downgrading and re-updating the app, clearing cache and memory storage for the app, disabling and re-enabling it, but it still doesn't work.
Mosetsana Mathangwane
May 17, 2022
So I downloaded a couple of movies to watch later. Next thing I'm trying to watch the movies and I'm being told they're not available in my region!! I downloaded the movies Netflix!! And they were playing just fine!! So how come all of a sudden they're not available!!??? I wish I could give you a zero honestly!!! Lately Netflix has just become a bit shifty.
Cheyenne Martinez
May 16, 2022
Whenever the app is open, I cannot adjust the brightness. I watch movies doing the day but the screen is at its lowest dimming. Anytime I've tried to adjust it it states "brightness cannot be adjusted because another app is controlling it" it is only when Netflix is in use. I can't watch any production unless I'm in the dark? Please remove this from the app! My phone settings does not let me turn that feature off!
May 16, 2022
Tried to get help from the live chat, my video kept stopping but audio continued. First guy was nice but we disconnected unfortunately, connected with someone else who was really bad. Lots of writing mistakes, didn't regar any of my messages. Just repeated the same question again and again. Tried to ask them if they're gonna send an email and the dude just said okay. Really confusing and made ne super upset I just wanted to watch Chicago med :((
Tricia Tarwater
May 15, 2022
Video freezes while sound keeps going. This app is ridiculous. For how much we pay for Netflix there is no reason we can't have a functional app. Nothing I do solves it. I have plenty of free space on my phone, plus an extra memory card. I've un-installed, reinstalled, signed out, signed in, tried downloading things to watch them, cleared my cache, you name it, I've tried it. This app doesn't work.
Nora Noonan
May 15, 2022
The app works fine, it's good in all aspects, except that after I've been watching for a while the picture starts to get really juddery. I've tried using the app, clearing the cache/data, clearing memory on my phone, removing any data/wifi limits, removing battery- saving features... nothing seems to fix this problem. I'm not sure if it's my phone or the app but either way the viewing experience is spoiled.
sydney hope
May 15, 2022
im annoyed that im paying premium prices for mediocre services. charging more because someone outside my home is using it, even though i cant even use more than 2 devices without having errors in service when im paying for 4. constantly cant play titles or forces me to skip an episode in a series to continue watching it. also the play from beginning option RARELY works. this is a "premium service", im paying about $27 a month for something that is more inconvenient than anything.
Brian Taylor
May 14, 2022
Autoplay is annoying and can't be disabled. Makes it frustrating when you just want to find something to watch. Too much woke stuff, most of the watchable content is older and there are other ways to see that, or I already have it from the DVD days. I just want to be entertained, not indoctrinated. The new anti censorship stance sounds like they got the message to stop with the trash programming, but we will see if Netflix ends up just like the blockbuster they replaced.
Josh Graves
May 13, 2022
Netflix has a great selection of shows and movies but I can no longer watch it on my phone because it is constantly lagging and freezing while the audio continues to play. Being able to watch it on my phone is one of the main reasons I subscribe, if this doesn't get fixed I will be canceling my subscription and moving on to something that actually works!!!
May 13, 2022
Being a leading streaming platform , it should be on top when it comes to bug resolution but it's not. I've come across so many bugs in so little time, like Widevine version changing , only audio no video , 10 sec continuous skipper, etc. I mean , I'm paying a damn lot for it and this is what Netflix provides with.
Siddharth Shrivastava
May 12, 2022
Everything seems good, quite some suggessions of points. Such as focus more on reigional content, keep the price that you have quoted as stagnant and introducing some discount coupons, unified subscription price for any type of content that makes people engaging for longer time. Hope it might help in many ways. Once a netflixer always a netflixer Regards
May 11, 2022
Usually good but not tonight because I tried to open the app on my phone and I got a message saying "Netflix says "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. (-420)".". Apparently it means your server is down for maintenance. Shame Netflix can't send out an email to subscribers saying that the server is down. Also why doesn't Netflix realise that the phone I sometimes use to view Netflix is always the phone I use to view Netflix?
May 10, 2022
Really nothing good to watch. When it was just Netflix and Hulu in the game was plenty of classic and modern TV. But since every distributor has a subscription service all the shows have been split up and you need to subscribe to 5-6 different streaming platforms. So I have gone back to the one place you can get them all at a great price of free.
Pinal Kotak
May 10, 2022
Netflix is not working on my one plus 6 after factory reset and I have an active subscription for mobile only. The error is device failure occured (500-150). I have so many times uninstalled and installed the app. I also restarted my device like 20 times. Please help and fix these bugs or whatever. This is not how such one of the leading ott players app works. What's the point if one cannot use it
Will Gegg
May 10, 2022
The good: ad free streaming of a lot of classic movies and fun TV shows. Exactly what you hope for. The bad: constant suggestions for Netflix original programs that are built to be binged and forgotten with little to no longevity. Bad marketing and bad faith production My summary: Netflix as a service is great and worth the money if you know they have a few shows you like. Netflix as a producer is headed down the drain. I hope they correct course and revive some of their older shows.
May 8, 2022
Great for devices it works on. But for some reason it stopped working on my Samsung galaxy tab A7. It was working perfectly fine up until a few months ago. Suddenly started getting this error "sorry we couldn't reach netflix services -172". Not sure what the deal is but its completely unacceptable.
Brian Keebler
May 8, 2022
In App: Having brightness controlled ONLY within the app and not by your device is not a feature I like. Thumbnail viewing for fast forward/rewind is terrible. Other UI layout and functionality is fine. Casting: Functionality is one of the worst for any streaming service. Slow to load, no thumbnail scanning, volume control increments are +10 only, doesn't recognize when your TV turns off and have to force an app restart. I mainly cast streaming apps and casting Netflix is my least favorite.
May 7, 2022
I'll give this app a 1 star now because they still haven't fixed this. Nothing is ever bright enough. The app is brightened all the way, yet it's still dim. I have contacted them and they said they're working on it, but this was back in September 2020 and still nothing. They couldn't tell me the fix, but the fix that used to work was on Reddit: on the app, go into your settings, your profile, go into the playback settings, hit medium, then save. It doesn't work now. I emailed again. Let's see.
Ben Sitzmann
May 6, 2022
It is so fun to watch movies on this app. It works great! There are never freezes or any bugs. If you want to watch movies bug, freeze, and add free go to Netflix because it is great. It has a bunch of great shows and movies. It also as great recommendations just based on one movie or show you watched. It's one of the best movie apps that I know of. Highly recommended!!!
dan of boro
May 6, 2022
It's ok, literally it's only ok considering the price. I think Netflix has become more of a trademark and a booming business which is fine but we pay for all that boom and trademark so I think netflix needs to start focusing on the content and capabilities. The whole system is way too basic, it works but improve, get newly released movies and add all sports for godsake!.. Just remember we are paying for your house and the food inside the cupboard.
Navi Saha
May 6, 2022
I am using Vivo x70 pro and not able to use Netflix whenever I play anything it start lagging, video getting stucked and audio keep on playing. Can you please see the issue and fix bugs. It is happening from last 1.5 months if it does not get fix I may stop using recharging Netflix cuz I am just wasting money without being able to use.
Junis Milori
May 5, 2022
The experience would be very great if it wasn't for Netflix switching to SD quality after about a month of downloading it on my phone. It has become easier to pirate the shows I watch on Netflix then use it on my phone. This has happened on three different phones now. I don't want 720p when I'm paying for 4K
Favour Chamberlain
May 5, 2022
I'm rating it 3 stars because, it's a good app for streaming movies/series, has a good number of movies, but majority of recent movies aren't there, same thing with some series, another thing I've noticed is my downloads tab disappeared, I don't know why, please resolve it, if it's an issue, and I don't know why if your subscription finishes, the movie you downloaded will no longer be available?? Please do something about it.
Nilo Ni
May 4, 2022
Very good experience it's truly amazing if you want to watch something worthwhile than other apps. It's been a great experience having been using it. Variety and good quality goes a long way. It's worth it for everything I'm paying. Since, it's satisfied customers tastes. Constant new things are released. Never ran out of watching something exciting or educational.
Michael Beld
May 4, 2022
There's more to like about Netflix than dislike, but there are issues. Too many shows debut in a month and are often lost in the shuffle, doomed to cancelation. The mobile app specifically is trying too hard to be like TikTok with the "funny clips". I never liked the "algorithm", services like HBO Max and Disney+ are proof you don't have to have Facebook's algorithm to work, nor do you need to spam so much with so little breathing room. I'm still rooting for you, but you gotta read the room.
Natalie Hanrahan
May 3, 2022
This is so amazing I can't handle it! But, there has been a bug. This bug only happened 4 times luckily, the screen freezes but the speaking of the characters continues which is very annoying! I was watching "The CupHead Show" and it froze but the speaking continued. I think it happened on another show so if it did then the bug happened more than 4 times then. Anyway, Fix this and I will give you the 5th star.
Baharuddin Baso
May 2, 2022
I had two worst experiences with the new update. When I wanted to watch a series, it suddenly lagged when scrolling other apps were smooth. But, I thought it would be temporary. I was wrong. The crash went on even when I closed the phone. Then, it couldn't be open anymore, not even forced shutdown/restart. I had to wait for the battery to drain first before charging it back. Please fix this bug immediately, thank you
Bernie black
May 2, 2022
The app is super awesome,it's got like millions of movies and series all put together, and with the introduction of free plan it got even better but there's just one problem though,some of the series'and movies are missing like for instance Under the dome alongside others . I've tried searching for this series but it's not available on Netflix dude fix your app
S Gib
May 2, 2022
Terrible update. Cuts out when watching a show and when I close and open app it tells me that the show I was just watching is unavailable. Seems to happen when I get reels of games in the app. Also I don't want games in my Netflix. Please Netflix, fix bugs in this.
Joshua Varghese
May 1, 2022
App is overall pretty good . However there are a few defects. For example, sometimes when you're watching a video you'll just skip to a different episode even if you haven't pressed anything. Also, if you're on a flaky internet connection, it won't just buffer and wait for the video to load. Instead, sometimes it'll just skip parts of the video. Would also be nice if you could allow people to view videos in portrait mode.
Aditya Singh
May 1, 2022
Netflix there is a serious issue that needs to be fixed . From the last 4 days when i am watching a movie , the screen gets stuck and only the audio continues . I thought the first it was it just for '365 Days ' . Maybe the movie was corrupt or the scene was stuck or something . But this happened again . It's making the viewing experience really bad . It gets stuck at one scene and the audio continues . I tried closing the app and fast forwarding it . But that particular scene remains stuck .
notty not
Apr 30, 2022
Thank you for going up on your prices! It has taught me and my family a lot about not being afraid to explore the unknown. My family wouldn't have explored other streaming apps if it wasn't for Netflix's influx in prices. Thanks to Netflix I have found the beauty in looking at shows nearly instantly due the Hulu and the premier movie showings with Paramount plus. All which are significantly affordable compared to you. Thank you Netflix for opening our eyes!
Manna Banana
Apr 30, 2022
Gr8 app 💗 forever a fan of Netflix . . Gr8 choices , gr8 shows & movies ... I only say 4 stars though , because after so long I wish the variety would switch up a bit . Too many of the same things stay on for too long - new stuff should get put on more often is what I'm trying to say 💯 other than that , Awesome 😎 app. Recommend fully if looking for an app to watch good stuff for the right price 😊
Apr 29, 2022
More than UI, the selection of movies from hollywood is going down in Netflix. Some user friendly UI tips: 1. Anyway to avoid who is watching screen at the startup ? Each person in household has a mobile nowadays. Prime has such a user-friendly interface compared to this. 2. Avoid the brightness settings option in watch screen unless user selects it as an option ? A volume slider will be helpful. 3. Take cue from competitors. See Amazon Prime app and get ideas.
Jared Swanepoel
Apr 28, 2022
Personally I think it's a great app. Lugging around a laptop can be tedious so being able to watch on the go is a tremendous help. Some people comment about outdated movies but what exactly did they expect? It takes a while for newer movies to become available, on any platform. But all-in-all its a great app, very convenient.
Z-COM Soldier
Apr 28, 2022
Okay, thank you for the brand new "New & Hot" section, it was useful. Make sure that movies & TV Series on "My List" that are going to be removed for the month (the ones with the "Last Day to Watch on Netflix" label) gets some kind of priority at least about 30 days before they're permanently removed. Make even Netflix's algorithm to recommend those titles so that I can be notified & watch them before they're gone forever. Though Netflix is still slow at granting specific titles requests😔😞😓😩
Nathaniel de Jong
Apr 27, 2022
This is getting a one star for changing how I am able to delete the app from my phone. Namely, I have to now go into google play, instead of just using my phones settings. I had to search how to do this online. It's my phone. Don't try to sneak your way into staying on it. I won't be getting the app back because of this. It's not surprising so many people are dumping Netflix.
Theo Stclair
Apr 26, 2022
There's nowhere near enough space here for me to show you all the problems with this app, but heres one that's recurring and extremely annoying: the frames will freeze up for about 10-15 seconds, with the audio still playing. Whenever it does decide to start working again its skipped 10-15 seconds, and whenever I try to rewind it or skip its lagging it doesn't work. It will make the time it freezes longer by 5-10 seconds. Im extremely annoyed. Please fix this issue. It's ruining my experience.
jxa _
Apr 26, 2022
It's still my go to choice when it comes to streaming content simply because of its great amount of shows and movies that vary in genre. They're selection of original content is also unmatched. It may not be perfect but I do want Netflix to succeed and go back to its ideales of promoting ideas and producing content that currently isn't the priority for many studios because its also something I believe in.
Amar Deep
Apr 25, 2022
I think that the price should be cheaper. I think it is pretty boring because out of all of those choices you have to choose from most of the stuff is not new or really are that entertaining I believe they can advertise high number of options because they fill it in with grade b and grade c movies sometimes even grade d I feel. The most interesting things on there are hard hold but you are probably already seen before or TV shows most of which that come on regular TV not worth the price.
Apr 25, 2022
Considering cancelling!! Payment gone up, which im not best happy about like most customers... I've paid my bill but no choice to change my plan, really confusing as I've not had a problem in the past with changing my plan if I want to. It feels they aren't giving the option so Netflix can get the higher Payment! Sort it out Netflix or I'll be another customer gone soon. Also, please try putting new things on because it's the same old movies over & over. Feel I'm not getting my moneys worth!
Sine Shezi
Apr 24, 2022
I'm a new subscriber of the network, was enjoying it first month and I have been having issues with the app since I had defaulted a payment. Now it's been 10 days since I paid but haven't been able to watch anything. Had a chat with one of the customer service staff via the website. She couldn't figure out the issue and she escalated it but I have not heard from Netflix since. I am extremely not happy ajd would really like to have thus issue resolved so I can get back to streaming.
Apr 24, 2022
The subtitles can only be at the top or bottom of the screen so when there is something written in the show in foreign languages even if it's important they don't bother translating it. This is important because it impairs fuctionality. Not to speak of the all around bad UI/UX
Calista Rabold
Apr 23, 2022
Some things I'm watching disappears from my continue watching and don't show up when I search for them. When I click on some shows it doesn't show the episodes and so I can't choose the episode I want to watch and can only watch the very next one I was in the middle of watching or about to watch. Other than that everything else works perfectly. But please fix those problems.
Apr 23, 2022
If only the price was less, I would've loved it even more. An improvement I can envision is if there was an option for people to request shows/films, then the company can decide whether they want to add it or not. I wish they updated the selection of things to watch more often (like monthly because all the good things have been watched). Other than that great, I love the games too but it would be nice if you could compare your scores with other ppl using the account or app.
Ste Sne
Apr 23, 2022
It's working fine and I don't have any problems with the app in itself. My problem with Netflix is that you are removing many good films and series. It's a shame that those are exchanged for some shows you would expect to see sundays on free-tv when you can't find anything better. I'm disappointed.
Casey Grantham
Apr 22, 2022
It's great for watching on the go, It's great for TV shows It's Netflix. But 1 problem is with it. They put a movie of a series, and don't put the other movies in the series with it. If you put a movie in Netflix and they don't put the rest of the series how to train your dragon 1 and 2 is in Netflix and what about 3 or 4 (idk if there's a 4 because Netflix doesn't have the other movies!). Please fix this mess its killing me, I have to keep going to hulu and prime video to find em not there.
K Whit
Apr 22, 2022
Well....let's just say I am seriously considering dropping my subscription! Another price hike 😡😡... I have been a faithful subscriber since 2012 and prior to that had an account under a different email. We never get discounts for loyalty. I know of 3 friends who in the past week have canceled saying Amazon Prime and Disney are available at a combo price of what I am paying for Netflix. Last month with taxes my bill was $23.30... that's $279.60 a year! THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE CANCELING!!☹️☹️
Kyle Humphries
Apr 22, 2022
MAKE AN APP THAT WORKS. Every time I load up this app it just sits on the Netflix logo. I have tried everything. Uninstalling the app, clearing the cache. Resetting my phone. Does not work 9 times out of 10. The one time I can get it to work I watch around 3 minutes of a programme before it kicks me off with an error. Netflix occasionally put out some good content but this is far and few between. They are getting too greedy now anyway so I would much rather spend £7.99 on prime or Disney+
Apr 22, 2022
Went through mths of not being able to add films to my list. In the end, I phoned them, and was told that you have a limit of 200 movies (I "think" it was 200, I can't remember now). The system doesn't let you add any more if you've come to your limit, but it doesn't tell you about the limit, or how many films you've added!! Was advised to split my list up under different profiles. Today, I have the opposite problem. I can't delete films! Phoned up, to no avail. Way too expensive too!
Minh Huu Nguyen
Apr 21, 2022
The app is good in general however it could be made better in some area. First is the subtitle; there is no setting to choose the subtitle color (default to white). I found the white text on clear background is hard to read on light colored movie scenes. Yellow text with black outline or with light opaque black background will make the text stand out more on any movie scenes. Second is there is no setting for the font size. The larger text that I can choose is another big help to see the movie from a distance. These should be included in the setting for the subtitle where user can choose to set up. I would have given a 5 stars had the app allowed me to do the above.
Lianne Bayliss
Apr 21, 2022
Weak content, too expensive. When it was around £10 a month it didn't matter if I wasn't always watching something, I'd still pay it. Now?! Not at that price! The Netflix Exclusives are so bad, teenage drivle. The documentaries can be good but not enough of them. Do what I do, get it for the 3m of winter and binge watch the good stuff then cancel it for the test of the year. Didn't realise quite how weak the content was until I got Discover Plus and it's way cheaper than Netflix!!
alex riveral
Apr 21, 2022
Very amazing app. But, it would be more better if it's free and you don't need to pay for it. There are so many people who wanted to download Netflix but, they don't have enough money to pay Netflix.. So please, make Netflix free so all of the people will be able to watch it happily on their gadgets. Thank you so much in advance Netflix. ☺️❤️ (PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS SO SERIOUSLY. BCZ IT'S MY PERSONAL OPINION.) Thank you for reading my feedback peoples!, Have a nice day Netflix & You peoples !<8
Egon Bence Gábor
Apr 20, 2022
The app is great. Scales well, the sound quality is amazing. What is not amazing is that there are movies from 1980 with no local language. Not for more than double the price of HBO. This is why we canceled the 15$ 4k option and went with the second option for 9$...
Nessa Vee
Apr 19, 2022
Ive enjoyed Netflix as long as it's been out, have been a loyal customer. hardly ever had issues but lately, since I updated it I can't watch anything without it lagging or freezing while audio still plays halfway through. I've Uninstalled & re-installed, tried using it on only wifi or only data, nothing helps but to back all the way out of the app then open it back up to return to what I'm watching but it still does it after a few mins, makes me not want to use it anymore 😒
lavleen jaggarwal
Apr 19, 2022
Cheater and Worst app ever.. It has an auto payment option. For instance if I have purchased a subscription for 1 month, and dont want to continue another month or will think of it, the next month the app will automatically deduct the amount and you will receive a message for the same. It means people who use Netflix only sometimes, it's a total loss for them because without their permission, amount will be deducted and they won't be asked about it. Wow what a disgusting app it is!!!!!! Hate it
Hannah R
Apr 18, 2022
For the content they are providing, the plans are rip-off. Lifehack: if you have a cheapest plan for 1 device at a time, but want to use on more, just download the episode on your device, and before you start playing it, put your phone into the Flight mode. After you start playing the video, you can turn it back off.
Vivek Singh
Apr 18, 2022
Netflix is very easy to be hacked. My account was hacked recently. I was unable to access the account with email or mobile number (both were changed). I came to know that someone had requested to change it. Both mobile and email were changed without any authontication code. I did not receive any sms or alert on the App which was still logged in. It's very unsafe!
Damona Tracy-Walker
Apr 18, 2022
Have been an avid watcher and user of this fantastic app for years. Just now re-subcribing after loss of cell phone use and getting a new upgrade. I am going to enjoy reaquainting myself with old favorites and watching new stuff I have missed out on! Thank you all @ Netflix for all the great movies, series and animation options! Keep up the good work 👏!
Apr 16, 2022
After using this app for several years now, everything went fine. Using it on different devices, I had no problem att all - except for my phone. I'm using the Galaxy A10 from 2019, and the video player constantly freezes at one frame after starting to play, lags massively, shows no picture at all and freezes my phone or simply doesn't play the video and gives me an error 5.10. Re-installed the app, cleared cache, and all support can tell me is: "get a new phone". For what am I even paying???
Apr 16, 2022
Some users have reported that while viewing a Netflix video the screen goes very dark. There are many ways this issue can pop up, such as simply rewinding 10 seconds. The only way I have discovered to return the screen to its normal brightness, other than closing the Netflix program, is to downsize the program to the small size window that sits off to to side, then tap the double ended arrow icon to return the small window to full screen size. Works every time. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note8.
Christopher Slager
Apr 15, 2022
The fact that the app overrides the brightness control on your device is not helping my review of this app. I just started to notice that while watching something on Netflix, the screen is so dark, you can barely see anything! If you're watching anything outside, forget it! Let the customers control the brightness with our device controls!
Subramanian Sethuraman
Apr 14, 2022
Right now I have one major problem with the app. It automatically plays the next suggestion once the end credits is reached, with no way to skip it. Some movies still have content even in the end title, and yet others I would like to hear the end title music sometimes. Please give a provision to skip the autoplay of next suggestion or time it to the actual end of the movie.
Apr 13, 2022
I like the shows and amazing things you can watch (like Arcane👀), but I honestly don't get why whenever Netflix has something new, they removing something else. It confuses me, and it's kind of annoying. Because one night, me and my friends were planning on watching a movie we saw on Netflix, but when I tried to look for it it wasn't there. Basically telling us it was removed. Which I wasn't the happiest about. So you know... You could have at least kept Sharkboy and Lavagirl...
Fatima Farooqi
Apr 13, 2022
Love Netflix and comfort of streaming directly from my phone. But since the start of the day, i am facing issues with the Netflix app. I have tried many times, but the notification pops up that the app is not responding. It's quite frustrating... Initially it was just my phone, but now the application on my PC has also stopped working... They say "Sorry, there was a problem communicating with Netflix. Please try again."
Auds Alcid
Apr 13, 2022
I've been using this app for years but lately, rather, somehow, the way the movies are displayed or shown changed and it's VERY annoying. It says it's not available when in fact I was just watching it on my computer minutes ago. And please return the "Continue watching for..." tab. It's really time consuming for anyone to scroll through the list of series/seasons and then fast fwd to the scene where you left off.
Kimberly Samuels
Apr 13, 2022
Honestly the lists could do with some work, sometimes I randomly see a movie I didn't know existed on Netflix that I love, but the movie never comes up in recommended or in searches of the genre. That's being petty though as it isn't really a problem. I hardly have a problem with the interface, selection is HUGE. Biggest prob is settling on something to watch 🤷🏽‍♀️
Mel Baiocchi
Apr 12, 2022
It's fine. But it gets quite boring after a while. Nothing interesting to watch and they removed a lot of shows and cartoons. Slightly disappointed. Also when I watch something, it glitches and lags my phone. I had it checked out and it's not my phone that's the problem. It's only when I play something on netflix that it happens. Really annoying makes watching things impossible. It started happening after the last update. Also the image will freeze but sound will continue. And theres a new bug
Amanda gamble
Apr 12, 2022
In one year, the price raised **twice**,for a total of $6-$7 more/month! It's now more than double the cost of what it was when I first got it! From $10 to $25/month within a couple years is crazy price gouging!! Most of its old videos and not really worth it. Amazon and Disney still cost less together than one Netflix sub. Might cancel them all and just get cable at this point!
Rick M
Apr 11, 2022
I've been watching Nflix struggle with this app for a few years and it's only gotten worse. Downloads stop for no reason and won't resume without a reboot. I've seen this behavior on multiple networks and it's frustrating and inconvenient. The new "We'll dim your screen to 1/2 whenever you try to watch something" is a "feature" no one asked for, Ever. The should call a feature freeze until this app is debugged. The first company that gets the download right will get my business.
Teela Morissette
Apr 10, 2022
I really dislike that you can not turn off auto previews completely. I no longer go to read descriptions of movies or shows because of the auto previews. Which means, if I don't already know about it, or the picture doesn't look Interesting, I skip it. Also sucks that the descriptions that are on the home page are about whatever actor are in it or the director, and not the actual product.
Codey Adam
Apr 9, 2022
Pretty garbage lately. Unable to watch on my tablet. I go to sign in, it then sends me back to the let's get started page and then sends a "app crashed" error. This has been happening for months and I'm upset Netflix hasn't bothered to fix this. Might cancel my plan. Why pay for it if it won't work? App won't work on tablet and they make you think you can watch it on the website but they force you to use the app that doesn't work.
Lisa Sweller
Apr 9, 2022
Love the app easy to use. How ever what is up with the weekly updates? Every time I go to use Netflix I need another update. Either way I really enjoy the app. Hopefully the new seasons for example Witcher, the last kingdom, briderton all get aired in a timely manner next year. Covid caused most of the long delays. Thank you for the new content. Maybe you can start start series on the Mallory. Johanna Lindsay is the author. Another fun series. Similar to bridgertons.
Arthur Zey
Apr 9, 2022
Really annoying and unintuitive UX. Contributes an already watched movie to the Google TV "Continue watching" section (claiming only part has been watched, though in the app, it doesn't give and such indication). Only reason it doesn't get 2 stars is that the content selection is pretty good and worth it. EDIT: Reducing to 2 stars because can't Chromecast to a friend's TV (because signed into different accounts, obviously), and app keeps asking me "Who's Watching?" each time I launch it...
Apr 8, 2022
Netflix has plenty of great shows and movies to watch, but lately the app has been giving me a lot of issues. Primarily, shows will just disappear from my "continue watching" list and it won't show up when I search for it. If I access Netflix from my PC, the show will still be there, but not on the mobile app. Nothing seems to fix the problem, but the show does eventually reappear after a few hours/ days. It's a really frustrating problem that I hope will be fixed ASAP.
Erin Britz
Apr 8, 2022
Love Netflix and the ability to stream on my phone. Recently that has changed. For some reason now the screen darkens so much that it is difficult to see anything unless I'm in a dark to completely dark room/area. And not just for shows/movies that have lower lighting already. I'm unable to adjust the screen brightness because the app controls that while in use. Tried updating but the issue persists.
Apr 8, 2022
On the home screen, this app does not support landscape mode. This is a big problem for me, because my phone is mounted in a phone mount beside my bed. Rotating the phone a quarter turn is not easy..... At the end of each episode, the rewind button disappears. This is very annoying to me, because I use the rewind button a lot..... Whoever made the choice to have the app programmed this way, should be sent to an insane island, and should be banned from ever working for Netflix again.
L. Favorites
Apr 8, 2022
Works like it's supposed to. Has a lot of trashy stuff I don't want to see but most video apps do. However, when finding something to watch if my kid is around , I have to be extra careful, because they shamelessly play trailers and auto play TV shows/movies etc that are super inappropriate that my kid my accidentally see, even stuff I Do Not want to see. The auto play feature is horrible on Netflix and completely annoying. That's why I rate this as a 3 star. Only has errors when update needed
Jennifer Beemer
Apr 7, 2022
Since the newest update, Netflix is difficult to view. The video keeps freezing while the audio continues to play. When the video starts playing again, it skips way ahead. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but it didn't do any good. I had to update the app again after the reinstalling before I could use it. Don't waste your time trying to watch anything, until Netflix fixes the issues.
Adam A
Apr 7, 2022
I'll add stars to my review when you give us the (basic)option to turn off automatic previews and again if you give us the option to remove shows/movies that we don't want to see or have already seen so we don't have to sift through a mountain of content we don't want. These are very basic, easy, and doable requests that would benefit every consumer. Honestly makes me want to cancel when companies can't do the most basic and obvious things for quality of life and quality of product..
Charlie Osborn
Apr 7, 2022
Only only issues with the app would be the following: 1. Poor responsiveness relating to audio adjustment and control (I often find the app decides to auto set the volume to 100%, and has a substantial delay in allowing me to adjust it, and at times will not allow me to adjust at all, I would say this occurs roughly 4/10 times, so seems to be somewhat random) 2. The most frustrating is the reliability of the app, expect constant resets and reinstalls due to unresponsiveness
naincy saxena
Apr 7, 2022
The new version is really good, better hi and recommendations. But there's a bug. everytime I play it in small screen (in the background) and use another app, it stops playing after a few seconds. Please fix this. It's really irritating
Khalid Hussein
Apr 6, 2022
I have had a decent experience with few glitches, but shows have not been streaming smoothly for a couple of days now. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but the issue is still there, putting in mind that I connected to different WIFI networks and my own mobile data. I cannot watch any show right now!
Apr 5, 2022
Netflix is amazing, I love the variety, crispy audio, and the option to watch shows offline. Everything about it is amazing, although I don't like how shows get taken off every week or two. Most of my favorite shows have been removed off Netflix now, which isn't the coolest but I'd buy it anyways for everything else.
Nicola Winterton
Apr 3, 2022
So I've had Netflix for years. Always loved it. Over the years I've seen the various changes. Some good some not. I've also seen the price increases. Every 2 years it goes up by at minimum £1. This time a year later instead of 2 it's going up again. With the cost of living crisis I find this pretty bad. This is my only luxury but afraid I will have to maybe cancel now. I'm barely surviving eating once per say and wrapping up. Alot of people are looking to cancel due to cost. Shame really.
Run Sunny
Apr 3, 2022
This app has serious issues where the audio is playing and the video is stuck. Initially I thought the issue is with the title and tried on other titles, still the issue remains same. As per their help centre for Android phones there is no troubleshooting steps. If you guys can fix this then it will be great. If not then you will start loosing customers. Contact me if you want to get this issue fixed.
Apr 3, 2022
You fixed the resizing issue, but there is still no way to disable or reset the brightness slider. Every single phone already has one, and the fact that it overrides the system brightness makes it the most obnoxious thing ever. Also, please fix Seinfeld's aspect ratio. You screwed up the whole show by cutting out content. It looks better in 4:3. And changing that makes Netflix look like a bunch of incompetent dummies.
Damaris Martinez
Apr 2, 2022
Love this app! I have seen a lot of shows and movies here. It's very easy to use, however recently I've noticed a lot of glitches when I see shows. The screen will freeze but the audio will still continue and sometimes it will glitch to a different part throughout the show. I hope this can be fixed, but overall , I love this app!
NightOwl Kyon
Apr 2, 2022
Netflix managed to become one of the most frequent streaming platform there is in the whole world. But that does not excuse the lack of dedication into managing their platform's performance. Subtitles for foreign shows, they don't display them correctly or at all. Show/movies with lack of information in description. Been years yet still, Disney plus is better.
Martina Veselá
Apr 2, 2022
DOWNLOADS SHOWS SECRETLY & WASTES YOUR DATA! They added a feature called Downloads For You which downloads shows "based on your viewing history" to your phone. It's automatically on and there are no warnings so if you have a data limit on your wifi, this app will burn right through it with stupid shows you don't even want. I only found out it was a thing because I happened to be looking at my phone as it began downloading, but it has already downloaded more than 1gb in the past apparently.
S. Richards
Apr 2, 2022
I'll start with a positive, it's easy to navigate, and has an array of choices. However the one irritating thing is if you've been like a normal person that's worked all week had no time for TV (hence why I purchased app TV) then you finally get a day to yourself to watch what ever you wish only to open a show and it's already at Season 2 and no possible way to start it from season one because they don't allow this. So it's a close call to uninstall!
Apr 2, 2022
Theres been many bug lately with the latest update, it took forever to loads and its not because of my connection, and the fact that theres many movies/series that are not available in all countries is kinda disappointing, and i wish theres a watched history for movies/series that i had already finished, sometimes i just want to see what movies/series i already watched, also a A-Z search option would be nice, so we can see all the movies/series that available by alphabetical order
Albert Muriithi
Apr 1, 2022
Very good app. However, I would recommend adding a category for shows and movies that are scheduled for removal in the next month. It would really beat going through my entire list every month to see when my favourite shows are scheduled for removal, or meeting them gone without warning as I was planning to watch/ rewatch them.
Erica Heyer
Mar 31, 2022
Well, my netflix was working up until they said they were going to charge me $20 a month. Then, when the switch happened, ALL of my devices were locked out, requiring me to open an account or sign in. But when i tried to sign in, it was all in Spanish. One would think that if they were being charged monthly, it would actually be in the freaking language they speak and have used throughout the whole time they had Netflix. Not sure how my ENGLISH account magically changed to spanish over night.
Ankit Verma
Mar 31, 2022
Serious issue with Netflix last 3 days. After latest update my app gets stuck whenever I open it. I can only see a screen with Netflix written on it. I've tried to reinstall update multiple times but it doesn't fix the issue. Please check if the application is properly working as a mobile application. Facing this issue for the very first time. Please provide a stable update or roll back the patch you've provided.
Sonu Khan
Mar 31, 2022
Netflix there is a serious issue that needs to be fixed . From the last 5 days when i am watching a movie , the screen gets stuck and only the audio continues . I thought the first ' . Maybe the movie was corrupt or the scene was stuck or something . But this happened again . It's making the viewing experience really bad . It gets stuck at one scene and the audio continues . I tried closing the app and fast forwarding it . But that particular scene remains stuck .
Mary Corrie
Mar 30, 2022
Love Netflix and all the content the provide, but it's almost completely unwatchable on my devices because of how dim the screen is. My phone and my TV both have OLED screens, and shows are just so dark that I can barely see what I'm watching. I wish they would give you a way to disable the HDR settings in the app until technology can actually catch up.
faith achieng
Mar 30, 2022
Loving the smartphone version and the free shows are amazing. My only wish is that they should include a place in the app where we can write reviews of the TV shows. I know that they have the like and unlike button but I prefer writing reviews of the shows I enjoyed watching on Netflix. So please Netflix, consider my request.
sakshi chandrol
Mar 28, 2022
I have been using Netflix for years now and most amazing feature in the app was filter option, which has been removed. I don't know what was the reason behind it but it was a really good feature, it allowed users to search based on language, dubbing language it made searching for shows much easier and I think it should be brought back.
Colleen Walsh
Mar 27, 2022
Being back split screen, please!!I You used to have it a long time ago and with every update I keep hoping you will bring it back. A ton of other streaming services do, but you don't. Why? With split screen I can binge watch a whole series while cleaning out old emails and doing my online shopping. It's annoying not to have that ability with Netflix anymore.
Loved by France
Mar 27, 2022
First of all, some shows or movies are not available, only the famous ones or lame ones, but still I'm still satisfied using the app. My main concern: the app is so laggy. It freezes multiples times in an episode then sometimes skips forward a few minutes. Even if I rewind the scene, it still does it. This didn't happen before, I don't know why it's doing it now. Please fix it asap.
Capella Yuna
Mar 26, 2022
I don't know what's wrong with this apps. This afternoon I wanted to watch movie on Netflix but suddenly It said there's problem with the apps. I did clear cache, rebooted my phone, rebooted my wifi too and I did many ways but whenever I click title, it keep the same thing, black screen and just "Loading.....". Please fix this problem immediately!!! I really love watching movie on Netflix.
Annarielle Andrews
Mar 25, 2022
netflix has some great content. too bad there are some terrible glitches that affect you from watching! 1. captions are missing on half of the screen. 2. my video will refresh randomly and restart at the beginning of the episode or to the last scene I paused. sometimes it will refresh several times during a stream. 3. shows labeled as having "new episodes but don't". this happened to me yesterday with mad men. I will raise my review when Netlflix fixes their code!
Key Aturhead
Mar 25, 2022
The prices are going up so that's a problem. Not only that, I can't stream all of my devices on the app. If they are all logged in, and only ONE is streaming, it won't work. You would think if they are continually raising prices, they would make sure their app works. Seriously about to end my subscription after being a loyal customer of a few years. Do better Netflix.
Woody Woodwolf
Mar 25, 2022
I use swipe gestures on my phone. In this app when scrolling through what to watch, swiping often causes the back action to be performed rather than scrolling. Why won't this app stay in landscape mode? Being forced to go back and forth between portrait and landscape is total BS and unnecessary. Provide the option to browse what to watch in landscape mode! Maybe it is time to cancel the subscription.
Isabella Millauer
Mar 24, 2022
Happy for the service, I mostly love the selection, languages and subtitles are perfect, but the app starts to get buggy, sometimes without reason there is no sound, and lately the next episode won't play, although the app is up to date and the settings are correct. Another thing that is irritating is that you cannot change the settings directly in the app.
The Pale Horse
Mar 24, 2022
Prices keep going up. However I haven't been bothered by that so much as the frequent "We're sorry. We're having trouble playing that title right now. Try again later" messages. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, account is current but can't load Black Crab, can't load Human Resources. I was sick all day today and had to browse HULU. Starting to get frustrated. Your updates aren't working.
Dara Koper
Mar 23, 2022
Content great. The app is almost great. My suggestions for "Search": 1. Option (to toggle on and off) to select movies/TV shows only with the spoken/subtitle language I prefer (and not show the rest). 2. Too many movies/TV shows, difficult to understand what is available at the moment. I suggest adding a "Simple search," click on this and choose from 4 simple alphabetical lists: Movie title, director, the male lead, the female lead. Such lists, even if only in English, would be helpful for many.
Brian Tranter
Mar 23, 2022
That's it for netflix. My credit card expired and they immediately blocked my account, but nicely gave me the option to update it. Which I did. And saved it. And verified it. Only to have thw card number revert back to the expired details...4 times. It was sweet while it lasted, and my kids will be upset, but with no other options , it looks like curtains. 🤦💔👎
Mar 22, 2022
Whatever the price it's well worth it!!! Movie selection is always better than any other platform there is and their always having updates to improve the quality and the movie selection, I swear you can always find something good to watch and it has chrome cast support. It also has 4K Movies and never buffers.. I have them all and always choose Netflix over the rest.. Plays on TV computer, android, IOS basically on any platform or devices.. Get it you won't regret 👍👍🇺🇸
Mar 22, 2022
Not the worst selection of movies. Pretty good interface. One standard down side, no imdb ratings for the movies (no one does it commercially, i know). Another down side, lack of sound normalisation. Huge dynamic range. So unless you're watching in ear plugs, is pretty bad and scares to death. Quite low sound level as well. But the worst, about 80% of movies/shows freeze up after first 15..20 min when casting. This is why i considered unsubscribing several times. Just finishing watc some seasons
A straw hat and Sage
Mar 22, 2022
The play something option should be something I can turn off not something forced on my mobile. The second option window that pops up every time I select a title should also be optional. They both force extra data in the stream. And take up way too much of the viewing screen. Make these features optional on a toggle I get to choose in options or settings. This should be as easy to set as captions. And get rid of the quick laugh that is a joke. If I wanted tictoc I would download it.
Bessie Stanford
Mar 21, 2022
The app randomly decides when it's going to keep track of my watch history. The continue watching option is never on the right episode and after scrilling through all the seasons to find where I left off it restarts the show from the beginning even if I only had 10 minutes left on the episode. I've tried everything to fix it with no luck. This is the exact reason I stopped watching netflix a year ago...sad to see the problem still persists.
Liar With All
Mar 21, 2022
Used to be a beast of a service. So many shows and options, so many originals. It's a ghost now. Barely remnant of what it used to be. And even worse, they jack up the price while cutting even more content? You'd think that's where they decide to stop shooting themselves, but oh no! Now they're testing out an additional '$3 per screen" fee? Good God, you started as a good solution to combat piracy, but now you seemingly want us back on the high seas. It's a shame what you've become...
Graham Lanini
Mar 21, 2022
What's the point of forcing a brightness setting that's different from the one on our phones if almost all of your shows are virtually unwatchable on this app? I have a Galaxy S22 Ultra which has an incredibly bright screen and good HDR, but the image on a lot of Netflix's programming is so dark I can barely make out what's going on even with full brightness. I don't have this problem on my smart TV or Xbox. What gives?
Mar 16, 2022
Great app for a lot. Anime, movies, shows, animated shows & movies, it even has the full Naruto series! This app performs amazingly and has very rarely ever let me down. A huge range of everything, almost every genre, it can be used in every device as well! (Not your fridge or microwave) Issue 1: Resolution dropping to 240 - 480p on TV Issue 2: On some very rare occasions, Netflix thinks I'm using a VPN and I have to redownload and restart my router. Totally suggest it, worth the money!
Agustina Clara
Mar 15, 2022
This past 4 or 5 days I literally can't play anything. I thought there was an issue with my network but turned out the wifi or my data cellular were absolutely fine. The screen went black with "Loading..." on every title I click. I tried rebooting the phone, rebooting the wifi router, reinstall, sign out-sign in; still can't play anything. Didn't share account to others. Went to live chat with CS but still no way out. Sorry but I have to unsubscribe. Will be back subscribing maybe months later.
Sara Cutcher
Mar 14, 2022
I have been a member of Netflix for 10+ years, and with that said i have just about ever streaming service thats available and this is my fav. So I have to say one of my "now" favorite features about Netflix is that they don't show you a ton a shows or movies that you HAVE to have a premium subscription to watch, or this "add on" and that "add on". Yes it does cost a little more but in the end the frustration is less and the $ in the same if not less. Keep it up Netflix!
Kevin Ross
Mar 14, 2022
Used to be awesome... Latest update on my chromebook has made it completely unwatchable. The video lags and glitches and twitches crazily. So much so that it actually hurts to look at. Also, with the recent price increases, coupled with the content that's being/been removed, I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription. Please fix it before you start charging more.
DeRosset Myers
Mar 14, 2022
The display goes past the camera lense on my new phone which means the lense obstructs some of the screen in some videos. It's really annoying and there's no way to zoom out enough so that the lense doesn't get in the way. I'd just watch it on my old phone, but the resolution is really low on that one for some reason, which is not a problem with other apps like Movies Anywhere. Fix these problems and the rating goes up.
Kan Kan
Mar 12, 2022
Was great, no ads for my shows. Now it decides it wants to show me a trailer for a different show, after I finish am episode of something I have watched before. Also the price just keeps getting higher, and I don't feel like enough content is added for the upcharges being added so often recently. Honestly considering ending my subscription. Fix your stuff. I don't care if you make shows "in house" or whatever, if they aren't good stop wasting money on stuff that isn't gonna help your business.
Erik Vincent
Mar 9, 2022
Awesome App, I love that I can watch all my favorite shows ony phone as well as my Fire stick(TV)! It's easy to use (almost Identical on home and TV) and has never had any problems, for me at least. And, the AI or algorithm they use even does a good job picking out shows for me, that it auto-downloads (which is fully controllable in settings). I love it!
Sara West
Mar 7, 2022
I usually really enjoy Netflix, but recently they added a "Play something that's..." button to make finding content for people more "convenient". I have looked all through the settings on where to disable it, (but to no avail) as I do not need an engine to search for content for me. It is very inconveniently placed as, when casting, it covers up the pause button as well as the play and stop buttons depending on if you have the show you're watching's window minimized or not. Please fix this...
Alberto Duarte
Mar 6, 2022
I've been a Netflix member for 6 years and the prices are still the same. I could watch Netflix on my phone and on my tablet perfectly. I don't even have to change the brightness on either device. I even hook it up to my Bluetooth, the sound is impeccable. Like any app that you download you will always have ads that is a given. All I do is watch movies I don't watch any TV shows, and I have never had a problem signing in. So for me personally I give them five stars. 5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Anastasia Kallah
Feb 27, 2022
IDK what's happening, but I'm no longer able to view content other than written descriptions of movies. Not even icons are visible. I haven't been able to watch movies in over a week. Idk how long this has been a problem, bc I seldom use Netflix- it's been about a month. Like other users, I've updated, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted phone, checked my connection...still doesn't work. I'm cancelling today. No point paying for mediocre, unviewable content.
Feb 26, 2022
It's the best, notice all other sites have copied many things except that you can preview most of the movies, and no other site has that great feature. One thing I would change is the intro N, when you binge on Netflix, that sound, ug! That should have a mute button. Other than that fabulous; also if you get buffering a lot, check your Internet, I did, with minor corrections. No buffering at all.
Eliza Imhoff
Feb 23, 2022
I love Netflix, especially the original pieces they create. Recently whenever I've tried to watch it on my phone I get the sound, subtitles, and warning that pops up in the top left corner. But I get no visual! I've tried everything. From uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my phone, and even emptying the Netflix cache. Nothing is working. Someone please fix this.
Alex Sherman
Feb 21, 2022
Netflix was awesome until here recently. I've been having a lot of issues that everyone else has also been having. I especially don't like being in the middle of a series and I come back later to find out it's disappeared but it's on someone else's Netflix account. Also, when I rewind or check to see how much longer is left in the show, I have to wait for the buttons to disappear instead of being able to click to screen and it goes away.
Feb 21, 2022
Doesn't consistently work I've had so many issues where I go to watch something and the screen is completely black but it's still playing audio Even when I have things downloaded I've tried force stopping the app multiple times, re-downloading items, even re-installing the app. It just doesn't work Other than this I think it's a great app but it's too big a problem because I can't always watch things when I want to
Kyndal Dillehay
Feb 18, 2022
So, overall great app. Good content, smooth interface, user-friendly recommendations and control. 10/10 would recommend. Of all streaming apps, purely based on quality of user interface and ease of use, it's my favorite streaming app. I do, however, wish we could manually select video quality the way YouTube does. I'd rather wait for a video to load than watch it in lower quality. Netflix just plays the video however it can. For someone picky about quality, that's very annoying.
Vimal Shah
Feb 17, 2022
As far as streaming app goes, Netflix is head and shoulders above everyone else as far is the user experience goes. The app loads fast on all devices I own including my Sony smart TV and streams flawlessly for most part. The interface is nice and clean and very easy to navigate. The other streaming services still have a lot of catching up to do in this area!
Feb 12, 2022
This whole company has gone down the drain since the days of dvds. They had a high point when they started letting multiple people use the same account, but now requiring an additional fee for each screen that is using the app (not to mention their ever dwindling selection of shows and movies) has squandered any viability in the competition of streaming services. It is both cheaper and smarter to get Disney+ at this point.
Sam Fisher
Feb 12, 2022
It used to work on my phone just fine but for the past 3 months I can't watch movies or shows on my phone at all. No matter where I am or what internet service I'll connect to the service is always "unavailable" or "can't connect". There is no update for me available so I have the current version. I don't recommend for phone usage, only for larger devices like Xboxes and laptops.
Dakota Robinson
Feb 12, 2022
I love Netflix. I do have some problems though. 1. Sometimes my Netflix will stop working. So I went to the online help. And made sure I had wifi. And even mage sure I paid the bill. So I have to uninstall it so many times and redo the account so many times. I would really appreciate it if the Netflix company can fix my issue.
Josh Vogler
Feb 11, 2022
Increasingly irritating user experience. I wish you could turn off their algorithm that's forced upon you. Between the constantly changing thumbnail pictures, and no true rating system, it just feels like you're part of an experiment to train an AI rather than a customer. Also, Android has a perfectly fine brightness control that Netflix hijacks. The onscreen slider never works, requiring the app to be closed, resumed (usually at the wrong place) just to change brightness. 2022-Nothing fixed!
Ashley Dunlap
Feb 10, 2022
Fix your app. The only way I access Netflix is the app and I've not had access to Netflix for over 2 weeks now. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times, it doesn't work. I keep getting "sorry we can't reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. (-1009) Well how much longer would you like me to wait, cause I'm cancelling if this ain't fixed and I am requesting a refund for the month I paid with no service.
Sammeh Sadler
Feb 8, 2022
For 3 months now I have been unable to warltch Netflix on any device (phone, tv, laptop, etc) I have followed all quick fix options. I have written the support team for help. I even created a whole new account. And still when trying to watch/use Netflix the app will come up but EVERYTHING is black so you are unable to make a selection and if you try to click on ANYTHING it just loads on a blank page. But I'm still paying for the services every month
Ever Weaver
Feb 8, 2022
Very little to watch that's good. Most shows and movies on other platforms for cheaper or free. Exclusives are hit or miss and take to long to come out. This service used to be 10 bucks a month and now it's 15 bucks a month. This is unreasonable to me since the price is raising but not show quality or quantity. Will be canceling soon once price change for another better service.
Da doomslayer
Feb 8, 2022
What on earth is up with Netflix? I thought it was just a syncing problem on my firestick as to why the audio and the their mouths didn't match at all, but it's not just that. I tried it on my laptop and my android and no matter where I log in from, the audio and their mouth don't match at all which makes it not very enjoyable to watch. Which is ridiculous being that Netflix is raising prices and its worse. Soon it won't be worth paying for when most of the new stuff is Korean with subtitles!
Ashley Cobb
Feb 6, 2022
Last update says it was Jan 27, 22. I do hope yall are working on another update! It won't even load up on my phone. Also, Netflix on the Xbox has been super stupid for awhile now. It gave me some error that I can't even find out what it is. I have to Uninstall it and wait days till it'll actually reinstall, otherwise when I try to reinstall it just keeps stopping. So, I have to either watch other streaming services on the TV or watch Netflix on my computer. It's super annoying!
Demi Havok
Feb 3, 2022
No good shows coming out lately. I feel like netflix is too spread out with their projects, and started focusing on content no one really wants or asked for. That or they abandonded most of the good stuff they were working on, and started uploading loads of modern B-rated films and show for some weird reason. There might be one good show or movie out every other month, if we are lucky. Not what it once was. Even then, one week later, and there isn't anything good to watch again.
Feb 1, 2022
I've had Netflix for a while now, but recently, maybe the last few months, any time I try to watch something, the show will start glitching. I don't know how to describe it. Its like the frames slow down so the picture looks like it's jumping? It's strange and annoying as hell. I'm getting really sick of it. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but but didn't help. I'm pretty damn disappointed tbh beacuse this shouldn't be happening.
Robert Lee
Jan 29, 2022
Royal screw up in last update. The video plays in less than full screen. You lose an inch on the sides and an inch on the top and bottom. Plus glitches keep kicking Bluetooth device off in the middle of playing. Please offer a revert update. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Gerald Sanders
Jan 29, 2022
I have owned my Galaxy View since 2015 and the Netflix app has always worked seamlessly. Now, I have to uninstall and re-install simply for the app to boot up. After reinstalling the app, if the app closes for any reason an error message displays, "Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. (-9)" Please fix ASAP. Thank you.
PanicMose M
Jan 27, 2022
Price too high for high definition. Latest movies are subpar. Movies have become too politically driven. Can't filter out non-English or foreign language films, and don't want to watch an entire series/film forced to read subtitles. The captions are not adjustable (size, timing, backdrop opacity, etc) Then, for years, we watched standard definition because the only way to switch to higher definition is hidden from app users. You must go online through settings and make the adjustments!
Candce Mosley
Jan 23, 2022
Customer service is AWFUL!! I had a black screen with audio. They have this absolute useless new feature that if you need any technical support they open a chat and lie saying it's a problem with your phone rather than going "we have no idea." It's obvious they know it's the app because they have a whole troubleshooting page devoted to it with the standard update the app and restart your device. If that fails it must be your device because it can't be them. Eye roll. You're on your own.
Katherine Hedrick
Jan 20, 2022
I've had Netflix for ages but I've notice more and more of the removal of some of the best and most popular searches while leaving a lot of the very least. While there is no shortage of variety. It's just -very disappointing- to find the best shows and movies gone especially when ➡️ Netflix hikes up their prices on a -regular- basis. ☹️
Jan 19, 2022
3 reasons for a 3 star review. 1.)There's a few originals that are fantastic but, of course, Netflix cancels them after 2 or 3 seasons. That's pretty frustrating. 2.) No picture-in-picture. Which is why I usually use Prime instead for my go-to streaming. 3.) Content vs Price increases vs functionality way off. Pros: Watching Ozark's last season. The end.
stephen stonge
Jan 18, 2022
I would love the ability to turn off or on autoskip for opening and closing of shows. Most times I'll like to watch the full episode at least once, but in case of cowboy bebop it's almost a crime to force viewers to go back an episode to hear "The Real Folk Blues". You can't just cut out such a beautiful memory.. at least make ending sequences a button skip like openings.
Sylvia Clark
Jan 12, 2022
Since the new year I've had so much trouble with Netflix. I pay monthly never late and have unlimited viewing so why does it keep kicking me off. I've contacted Netflix and was told someone tried to change the email login but when I asked to what they couldn't share that information with me. Netflix has given me so much stress in 2022 and in the 4 years I've been paying this has never been issue, now every time I'm watching something it kicks me off. Why pay for this app if I can't use it.
Juanita Proctor
Jan 11, 2022
I really like Netflix, but I get tired of going on their App and seeing the same thing all the time! I would like to see more of the older classic movies!! Not much to choose from. But I do appreciate the fact that I have never had any buffering issues, or technical problems! And that's why I give Netflix a good score! 🙂🙃
Caitlyn Browning
Jan 6, 2022
While I love Netflix and it's content, I hate the update. Netflix being able to change the brightness on my phone just means I have to adjust it back every single time just to be able to see the show playing on my screen. The "are you still watching" feature is so out dated and inconvenient idk why they haven't put in an option to turn it off. Also, I'm not going on netflix to play mobil games or watch knock off, netflix content only, inst story/tiktok and honestly don't know why anyone would.
Kelly Tillman
Dec 30, 2021
In my opinion, Netflix IS NOT WORTH IT!! They get your money each month and you can't download or view what you've downloaded. This happens ALL THE TIME!! I'm sick of paying for a service that DOES NOT WORK most of the time. I pay for 2 devices to be able to view and download Movie's/TV shows. I am CONSTANTLY getting error messages and also an error message that says I'm downloading on too many devices! Just have the 2 and it hasn't changed. Definitely a RIP OFF! YES I have used the help offered
A Ninja Warrior
Dec 27, 2021
I have had Netflix since the beginning of the Netflix company. I've had it on my phone since it was an option to do so. Suddenly today, it won't let me into my profile. Was told to uninstall then reinstall the app. Did that & now get the message that Netflix service cannot be reached & to try back later (-1000). Why am I paying for something that isn’t working? You need to fix this immediately!!!
Aiyanna Irvin
Dec 26, 2021
Netflix have very good shows. But it needs more. They could get a very good movie or show that is very popular but then delete it a few months later. Which is annoying. For example, they kept twilight up for a few months ( which is a very well liked and popluar movie) and now they are removing it January 15, 2022. Which is complete nonsense.
Winter C.
Dec 25, 2021
We have had Netflix for a while but it seems like every year the subscription price goes up. Where it started out we were paying 10 a month for some reason it changed 15 a month last year and now 19.25 this month. I'm thinking of cancelling the subscription because it keeps going up. I love watching Netflix but I can't keep letting the price jump every year like that especially unexpectedly.
Marilyn Burnett
Dec 24, 2021
I simply love Netflix. I can't afford DirecTV or other TV services like that but for $17.99 a month I get so many movies and series to watch that I can't watch them all and I have them on 4 different devices so anytime I have to wait somewhere, like I am right now, sitting in a bar in Atlanta waiting on a Doordash order, I can catch a few minutes of a favorite show. The only thing I don't like is that when I watch it on my computer, it has to stop & buffer pretty often and that's annoying.
Dec 22, 2021
Exceeds expectations. Couldn't ask for more. Streaming is flawless 99% of the time. And the 1% is minimally problematic; I actually think the prob is w/my tablet! Zero issues on Android (& my phone has probs w/everything!) Picture/resolution is fantastic. I only wish they included the year the program/movie originally aired/was released. Otherwise, I could not be happier.
C Mey
Dec 18, 2021
Thanks for completely changing and ruining the search result tab for mobile devices. Having a bunch of movies repeated over in the results in different catagories isn't helping me find what I'm looking for. It's actually making it much more difficult. It was better before when it just showed you results. I don't need all these breakdowns of catagories. Trying to log my new phone and the password is "wrong". Really? It was correct literally 5 days ago when I used a temporary phone.
Rahul Jain
Dec 17, 2021
Great content obviously. But subtitles settings are buggy. My smart TV keeps switching the settings back to default -- which is basically like a bright white neon light at the bottom of the screen. Glaring white subtitles are really really bad. I'm watching Witcher S2 and the nice dark room lights up with each line. Had to turn them off it's so bad.
Erika Power
Dec 15, 2021
I appreciate that Netflix got a lot better with faster downloading, espeically when it comes to downloading multiple titles. When ever I'm on a plane, Netflix has no problem accessing the downloads page, unlike HBOMax. The one thing I can think of that would make Netflix even better is a built in group-watch feature without using a third party website.
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