YouTube Go

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Developer Google LLC
Platform Android

Introducing YouTube Go 🎆 A brand new app to download and watch videos

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alex kariuki
May 21, 2022
Bad application, phone inbuilt application that can not be removed from phone, prevent installation of original YouTube from Google play, do not allow posting of video to YouTube channel, doesn't show trending video. Poorly made application. Google failed in this application. Please buy phone that have original YouTube not the one with YouTube go. Have disturbed me for long. Advice to Google is to improve this application
lisette riverosa
May 19, 2022
I really like YouTube go i wouldn't like it if it goes away i don't know the reason why the taking down this app but I'm not happy about it, the app itself is unbelievable easy to use is amazing because you can use it to download videos if you don't have enough signal to watch full on live in YouTube
May 6, 2022
Download video for wiew when not connected or in an area with bad coverage,. Do not remove this app, need basic apps light on resources the once using more features better head over to the Web page instead, need no eye candy making my phone even slower, thank you
Jayvee Esplana
May 5, 2022
Hello to you developer, I just want to share my experience upon using your app. So with my first 1 year of using this app,I can describe it as excellent and uncomparable experience because your app has everything, less data, no hang, can work even with slow network, and the feature of having a choice of how many MB will I use in downloading or playing a video, but recently I received an email from YouTube Go telling that your app will be stop starting August, so I am very upset with that.
May 4, 2022
Bro don't do this 😭 my phone is too low , 1GB ram and 8GB ROM, processor also. I use this from last 3 year and I don't have money to buy new one. I can't use any main version of app because it's android go. I try a lot of time to use main app but I failed, they doesn't work well... My phone gonna be heated by it's processor and battery. So try to use low version app to avoid those problems. I use YouTube more than Facebook. I requested you all don't off this app please please please 🙏😭😭🙏😭
JoJo's DeGree
May 4, 2022
YouTube Go is really a dope app I can decide how I want my Quality to appear in the video thus saving me Data And Storage same thing for download and eventhough it doesn't have full features like the main app it's still gives huge advantage for those saving up on storage and data.
Tomiwa Olaleye
Apr 29, 2022
It's a very good app that works well, but it has just one problem which is, when i back out of a video, I'm always taken back to the top of the download list, which is kinda stressful for one that has a lot of downloads, but apart from that the app is perfect
Joyce Kawee
Apr 28, 2022
I hate this YouTube version the old one was better .This one is complicated and some of the tools are difficult to find .There is no minivideo player ,there is no tab for subtitles , the trending section is not even there , the comment section also is absent man it sucks. YouTube go should be the older version
Thalasophile Fashionista
Apr 26, 2022
I prefer this app over the main YouTube app because it is simple and less glitchy. But the recent update is horrible. All the videos in this app are playing on low quality even if I have selected the high quality.
Kemipraise Faromiki
Apr 22, 2022
So informative, Illustrative, educative and impressive, it helps every individual person in this Newest version of Artificial Intelligence Age, it has great positive impacts on this robotics generation. You did a great nice job, I used this app mostly as an instructional aids to teach my students and gain more knowledge., this app should be upgraded to fix both the present and future problems and to meet the Global demands and recognitions. Thanks to YouTube developers.
Patrycia Falcao
Apr 19, 2022
Tops to have downloaded YouTube videos which go straight to the video with no ads plus no need to have internet access to view them whenever wished! I use it daily for my meditations and reflections. I'd love to have the VR version access! What I don't get it though is that I've recommended but my friends haven't been able to download it.
Anay Kumar Mohan
Apr 7, 2022
Best for low devices but one problem is that after switching from data saver to standard it still open videos blur like data sever and same when switching from standard to data sever and one bug is that it shows wrong uploaded time eg: a video had uploaded one week ago it will show that it was uploaded under 1 to 24 hours ago. Please fix them.
Rachel Angelica
Mar 22, 2022
The app is fine and all but there's a problem with choosing the resolution. When I choose the standard quality one it'll play the media saver quality so the resolution will be very bad. I keep pressing the standard and high quality but the videos keep on playing with the lowest quality. Please fix this 🙃
Daniel Báez
Mar 13, 2022
I love this app but it's causing me a lot of trouble. It appears for some reason the developers think that all videos on the download list are to be downloaded, that they're not to be there for long. The app itself starts downloading them without my consent. Who's bothered by having those videos in the waiting list? -- nobody but me it's supposed to. I'm not able to download them anytime I want bc I live in poor country, plus I can't watch them in the moment because I'm busy. So FIX THAT!
Wisdom Dangude
Feb 21, 2022
I truly love this apps and it is also a good apps that has a complete high quality of almost everything that you need,izt Video,or Audio you need the are all there set according the best way you want or desire. It contains things like movies, information,Ideas, Good News that are happening all over or around the hold worlds in it, you want to buy or to sell it can help more and more to move or motivat what you need.It give room to all people search of the ideas beat on what the need,it contains.
Her Majesty
Feb 2, 2022
Can't like, can't subscribe, have to type EVERYTHING instead of just going to your subscriber and seeing all the videos they have posted, what is this? I've seen many reviews with similar complaints but there hasn't been any form of improvement. I can't even download the original YT for some reason. Do yourselves a favor and fix this. (0 stars should be an option)
Samuel Ogaranya
Jan 13, 2022
This app very annoyingly takes you to the very top of the downloads list anytime you exit a video instead of leaving you where you left off. Also all my videos suddenly inexplicably and mysteriously stopped playing. They a said "Can't play video." I had to delete more than a hundred videos because this happened.
Anna Gumbu
Dec 29, 2021
This app is great , it is easy to understand it . I won't mind recommending it to others. I hope and wish you can add more important things to it so that we only use it . You Tube Go is the best of all/ most of all. I've seen most people they like and recommend it.We might be grateful if maybe you add more things that have lots of skills so that we know that we can learn some of the things from it. Like nails , hair planting, how to find information quickly, computer skills and basics on life.
Never Give Up. Ever
Dec 9, 2021
I live in a remote village with no network and YouTube Go was my only form of entertainment. But I have lost that privilege in the past four weeks due to YouTube Go's mandatory new update. I have spent countless # of hours trying to download the app. to no avail, the darn thing keeps going round and round and wouldn't update. And the most disappointing issue is that it wouldn't even allow me to watch my old videos. Could anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
Nondumiso Rangana
Dec 2, 2021
Easy to use until it blocks all your channels only for updates that took decades to be updated. I 've been updating for almost a week but no luck always pending until when because I want to watch my channels. I will rate it 5 after the resolutions. Developer help me to find all my downloaded video's because this app is no longer working and no longer updating. What can I do ?
RBC Arhin
Nov 27, 2021
It really isn't complete. It's great because it allows you to choose the amount of data and the quality of your videos but it doesn't show much, it doesn't show likes or comments. I wonder if it's a problem I'm the only one facing or it happening to all Android users . Please fix it
John Malulu
Nov 24, 2021
Yes, I personally enjoy and appreciate this app as it provides clear images, fast and flexible. Big up.The main hindrance is difficulty on downloading videos from youtube go for permanent accessibility in the devise. Most of the videos are restricted- why???!!
Francis Ekongang Nzante
Nov 20, 2021
It's simply awesome. It takes care of most of my entertainment needs. Just any type of video that I want to watch is available. My views range from movies, news slots, shot documentaries on a variety of subjects. This app is indeed very helpful.
Oreoluwa Oladele
Nov 18, 2021
The app as no subtitle downloader,most videos aren't always found on it like youTube and no room for like and comment. No watchlist and the likes. It really need a lot of things. the downloaded videos also deletes after a while and its so annoying to keep downloading the same video
Leonard Campbell
Nov 18, 2021
Very good. Have no problem with using it. Only have a audio problem while watching some download movies. My sound turn all the way up. It goes on and off. Could you correct that. Thanks.
onyeoke clement
Nov 14, 2021
In the past, it's easy to access YouTube and and also download. Presently, I have attempted to update this app about a week now and it is completely impossible. It has also become impossible to access YouTube. Kindly fix this error.
Edwin Jennifer
Nov 12, 2021
It's a very good app. I'm able to download videos and have them stored on my phone and I also like the fact that it consumes less data but the disadvantages are that; one can't like , comment nor open a YouTube channel.
Mosea Jacob
Nov 5, 2021
I could give it 5 but I'll give it 4, cause the search on video is not appropriate. When seach video you want it shows useless content. Most videos which are on YouTube are not in YouTube Go. And most importantly is if you search for English only it still mixed up the content. Otherwise is great apps, miss contacts only problem.
yewande Olowolafe
Sep 26, 2021
I would have loved to give 5 star but due to some difficulties that I have been experiencing with the app this past few days. I noticed that I can't download videos and can't even watch the previously downloaded ones. Please fix this, it's really disheartening
Fatima Ayad jd
Aug 22, 2021
This app is cool, I like it, but now it's not working it's stays loading all time , but my phone is connected to Wi-Fi, I just don't know how to fix this , and I'm downloading a video but it stopped downloading and wrote in a notification "1 out of 5 notifications categories from this app", and I really don't know what to do
sowunmi elizabeth
Aug 15, 2021
You Tube Go seems very reliable and dependable, but recently all downloaded videos are just wiped off without opportunity to watch. To update the app is another problem on its own. But through goggle search, the problem is solved.
Aug 15, 2021
When u go on youtube go it does take long to show home page dont know if it jave bug please fix it thank you. And when watching a downloaded video when you finish watch it and come out of it i does just show with and you go have to come out of the whole app. And sometimes your download videos does be locked . I sont know what else to do with is app. When post notifications turn on for the channels you watch sometimes you dont even get the notifications. Just a waste of time . cant take it
Ubonabasi Obot
Aug 9, 2021
1. Whenever you go back after watching a downloaded video, it takes you to the top of the download page. 2. You cannot search for "downloaded" videos without internet which is so irritating. With these two points, you cannot navigate through downloaded videos easily which is VERY annoying. Having over hundreds of download can be really stressful for us. Please do something.
Tanaka Chidziva
Aug 9, 2021
This is a good app but it is consuming my data unexpectedly in the background. There are no settings that helps me manage my downloads. I use wifi to download but sometimes the downloads may not be completed when I'm away from wifi and the app will start to look for the incomplete downloads over my mobile data which is disgusting. I always want to download over wifi not mobile data but this app just start downloading large files in background and you can't even stop it unless you turn off Data.
Kabuye Kevin
Jul 23, 2021
Its a very great app and helps you view videos according to your data plan but it also has alot of downsides like no dark theme, can't like or comment on a video, sometimes the downloaded videos don't play even if u have data and so much more but if u could fix those bugs then I'll give the app 5 stars.
Jaymes Guiher
Jul 22, 2021
It's really not what you would expect. Some videos are "not availiable" on the go version, this also annoys me. The normal YouTube app, in comparison, doesn't even take up that much storage space.
Pawan Pande
Jul 6, 2021
In such a lite size i will say, it has all the important features to be a perfect app. Everything is cool except for one thing that it sometimes do not download videos( could be my device problem of course) I'm not talking about those particular special videos that donot have download option but those videos which actually have download option and do not download. However, if i would try to download it after a while it will be downloaded. So if itsn't my device problem, give that a check!
Jun 21, 2021
So to those ppl who need a PERFECT review - It's ACTUAL INTENT is to(SAVE DATA)and IT DOES. So to those ppl who want features like COMMENTS,LIKE, UPLOADING, GOING LIVE, etc this isn't the app to do so. Go download the original YouTube APP. Then there r those who have the problem of re-downloading after a few weeks which it does to check if the owner has deleted/privatised/copyrighted, if so it will remove it. What I want is simple - Playlist download,Search Filter option,Better Recommendations.
Oluwafemi Aringbangba
May 31, 2021
I'd like a scroll bar to get to the bottom even faster Also after a certain time any slight connection to the internet triggers a screen with a button which reads "retry download" on all videos . Many times downloading new videos most especially with old videos still available causes the video to be unplayable displaying "can't be played" in place of the video. ➕ It does not actually download on slow internet
Hope Harrison
May 25, 2021
It's good but it's not that "Go", this is as heavy as the YouTube app and there are some problems, when selecting the quality of the video the app doesn't display the chosen one, I mean, if I select the data saver quality, the video may be displayed at 360p, it also downloads a previously downloaded video, why? But everything else works well, though it'd be amazing if you put the dark mode and let the app show more videos in the subscriptions part, so I don't have to check every channel.
Malique Powell
May 16, 2021
App was great, but, it's so bad now. Videos are at 480p although I have a 1080p screen, not even at 720p. I can barely read anything on the screen. YouTube is laggy and I tend to stay away from it. From yesterday YouTube Go has been showing me 144p videos, so blurry. Please fix
Apr 4, 2021
This app was brilliant before. I could save a few truuly valuable youtube videos and watch them offline when i had no internet available. Now they all disappear in a week for no reason. Please fix this issue. Maybe place a limit on how many videos can be saved.
Molefe Motloung
Mar 31, 2021
You Tube shows fake videos yesterday I was trying to watch movies called wrong turn 5 and spawn it shows something that I was not interested in it and it was not first time even if I want some music videos it shows only photos from the beginning of the song till the end that is not good we use data for you tube stop doing things like that is not good
linsy kaimenyi
Mar 23, 2021
The app is really awesome...saves data for sure...but there was a problem recently once i turned my Wi-Fi on and all my downloaded videos stopped playing so I had to download them again...Please fix that...and enable dark would be great for the app...but other than that the app is really great
Andile Mashinini
Feb 26, 2021
This is a 5-star app but the latest update doesn't respond to the video quality chosen. Even if I click on data saver it still plays the high quality version. This is VERY annoying because it uses a lot of data. Please fix it in the next update!
Jason Calderon
Feb 12, 2021
Good if you have a tight dAta budget. 1. You have to pick each video one by one protecting you from wasting data by auto playlists that continue automatically like regular you tube does. 2. You have to click on the version of video before it plays by data sizes. You usually have 3 choices to play the video like this A data saver 10mb B normal 100mb C high quality 1000mb If u pick a u only use the least data Great for cheap phones old phones
Alaine Hallen
Feb 7, 2021
This app is amazing and all, but can you please add a playlist feature? It's kinda frustrating that I have to manually select the downloaded video after the other ends. Or is it an auto-play? I'm pretty sure it's the playlist. Whatever it is. Thanks.
Patience Mwenyekonde
Jan 24, 2021
Easy way to downlod videos....the only thing i diskike about the app is that it is impossible to transfer the videos to my pc or share them with my friends😑 they are only stored in the phone thats all and to make matters worse they get deleted as junk files when i try to clean my phone.....i wish if you fixed this up
Shirozumi Hachibi
Jan 16, 2021
Please add dark mode, please fix the video quality changing problem (it happens when you click on the video even tho you choose the data saving video quality it still goes to the medium quality, to change the video quality you go to the next video and then it changes the video quality), it really eats my data eveytime that happens, about going to the next video (going back after two videos and it returns to where you start) please make it like the original youtube. Thank you.
Abraham Nelson
Jan 16, 2021
The app is ok except that, I was downloading a video and then i ran out of data and the video was paused, i later came back to continue downloading the same video but it was still paused and there was no way for me to resume downloading, Admin how do i go about this, pls fix that error.
Arleen Gardose
Jan 4, 2021
I like this app cause it's way faster and lighter than the usual youtube app and I understand that it has lesser features but what I don't get and my only problem is that it's huge "SHARE" button just below the currently playing videos and there was a time that I slept while playing a random video that was accidentally sent to my facebook friends through messenger as it's the very first option when the "SHARE" button is tapped, and that's quit embarassing as the video is senseless.
Kaami's World
Jan 3, 2021
This app is really good for watching any type of video including, listening to music. Although it doesn't have a like or dislike button this app is still good. I can't uninstall it bc it's a system app but it's still good. But it takes but space if you don't use it. So I recommend going to google play store, pressing the uninstall button and and message comes up (Well it came up for me, I am not sure if it will come for you) the message says would you like to uninstall all updates. Say yes.
Stephanie Mukururi
Jan 1, 2021
It doesn't automatically play the next song, doesn't have like buttons, I can't save to watch later, doesn't have a library, I can't find my history, and worst of all, I can't uninstall it and just keep the better YouTube on my phone instead!
Elvin Evaden
Dec 9, 2020
This new version update isnit good as the old one it does not download videos, like for me always download movies to watch later but this doesn't have that option and the screen is not that wide its too small do one to see clearly. Will be very happy when you fix these problems
Mike Kongani
Dec 3, 2020
No landscape mode while scrolling through search results, can't change resolution once the video starts, can't multitask, can't access my playlists nor search for playlists or tweak search options, it's terrible in my opinion. Not fitting for a "smartphone" experience no matter what reason.
George Mokaila
Nov 20, 2020
Love this app for saving data by compressing the video files. If only I could upload videos and access my uploaded videos with ease as well. Or maybe this app is made strictly for viewing stuff on a budget. Which it does brilliantly. Still not happy with limited content finder though. Please fix that!
Konstantin Kobzar
Nov 16, 2020
I have yet to find a single video with a download button. I like the minimalism, but I guess for times when there's no reliable network around, I'll have to download content manually, and nobody can stop me, if it comes to this, I'll record my screen with a physical camera.
Chiefmen749 Aris
Nov 9, 2020
Its good i think but it's missing alot of fetures and i think you should fix the like 1. Adding the like and dislike buttons 2. The ability to comment (this is really important please fix that) 3. Notification it gives less notifications when someone post 4. The ability to post videos it's almost impossible to do that sk please fix it.
Meet Eunice
Nov 4, 2020
The only thing I seem to like is the option to download using less data. But all the great features of YouTube like search for other videos, suggested videos are missing. Not impressed at all. But if you can, pls fix
Rebecca Van Rensburg
Nov 1, 2020
This is a good app it allows me to limit the amount of data I use and it has good quality Unfortunately it doesn't have very many series on it but it does have some very interesting channels and really nice content I love exturb1a and a variety of others There can be some dark turns in it but as a public viewing and posting app it really is good
Paul Kei
Oct 29, 2020
Great app but it's missing several important features: 1. A scroll bar. 2. A way to categorize downloaded videos into folders within the app. 3. A way to re-arrange the order of videos. 4. Showing the number of downloaded videos. Would have given 5 stars otherwise. Please tell me you're looking into this
Chiamaka Eze
Oct 28, 2020
I don't like the fact that sometimes my downloaded videos would turn out to be "not downloaded" It's really sad 😓 And a lot of fake videos are posted and made to look same therefore making you download the wrong thing When videos are posted, they should be clearly titled (given a title), if it's not the real video, it shouldn't be made to seem like the real video I would give it "a star" only.
Eleven Four - History & Politics
Oct 25, 2020
Great if you are into watching videos only without consuming too much data, even for downloads, yet the videos are high quality. This is also good for you if you are not into likes, dislikes, comments, etc. This app is for video watching only. It is designed for watching only.
Nitin Rajvanshi
Oct 22, 2020
Please! provide a speed increasing feature for offline videos too that will be much usefull, The app is good but I have rated it 2 star because I use the speed increasing feature many times but it's not there for offline videos, Please! provide that feature either I have to shift to any other video streaming software.
Oct 17, 2020
Kinda great app, but it also needs the feature to keeping a video in a separate playlist to watch later. Also, it needs the feature to like or dislike a video, or we need a frickin' miniplayer feature so that we can even search for another video that we can watch after the video gets over: it's disgusting to again quit the window and then search for anything.
Peace Akpe
Oct 13, 2020
Its nice that it has a data saver option, you get to decide how much data (in a way) you spend on the video except you cant like the video and if you exit the app while watching a video, you might loose the video and will need to go looking for it again and start from the beginning
Danial Fitri
Oct 2, 2020
Preferred this over the regular YouTube app since it's simple and does it job. However, it keeps on recommending me the same video even though I pressed Remove Video option multiple times in a single day on the same video across multiple months. Like I don't care about NFL. Nobody in my country cares about NFL. Why it keeps recommending me NFL vids instead of stuff that's related to my search/watch history? This doesn't happen in the regular YouTube app at all!
Marius Petit
Sep 22, 2020
It's the only app on my mobile that gobbles up the most data ! I use it THAT MUCH ! The plethora of topics is so varied and wide , that it has something for every taste and interest. The only thing I regret is, it should have been available much earlier ! But better late than never! Don't you DARE ever stop !!! Thank you You Tube , from the bottom of my heart !
Aasmi Kamble
Sep 22, 2020
It's very convenient apps for sure. If you are a person like me whose phones storage is always full this app is best. Honestly I deleted my youtube and downloaded this app. It's soo awesome. But the only problem is that you can't see your history though. Like it happened with me alot of times I forgot to download one video or show it to someone soo like that we can't. But overall it's a great app soo loving it💙
Yardley Godswill
Sep 11, 2020
I enjoy using the app but the only issue I have is that it doesn't give you the right to choose which video to pause or resume unlike the usual YouTube I'm used to where you can choose to pause one download and resume another of your choice, instead the pause and resume is general. Please I beg of you to create an upgrade where each download has it's own personal pause and resume, thanks
Rana Sen
Sep 8, 2020
I use a very old phone (2015) and the latest youtube version does not open here and crashes. So i installed Youtube go and this runs perfectly, a few things are missing surely, but overall it is quite nice. You can see all your previous subscriptions ,etc, just like in the original app.
Ace My Friend
Sep 5, 2020
It doesn't eat up your data, this is practical if you go to a remote area. But, there are two annoying problems; the first is that every time you open the app you have to wait a little untill the videos are loaded, the second is that you wont be able to access your playlists which is so bad.
feranmi alfred
Sep 3, 2020
It is a great app, save data and good to download. But the problem is, the video downloaded can't be share with any other. And once you go back, you start scrolling from the top again. Please update the app for easier use. Thanks
Emmanuel Nwaorah
Sep 2, 2020
Its a great app... Like i really love it... But the only issur i have is that you can't like or dislike and if you are watching a vidoes and you have to do spmething else in another app, when you come back ,it takes you back from the beginning to watch the videos you were already watching before, it is little frustrating because you have to start finding the videos agian among the many you have already downloaded. But apart from its a great app, it reduces data consumption. Thank you..
Ladie Mae Aguilar
Aug 31, 2020
At first, I can easily use the app anytime anywhere. But, as days passes by, there's a changes with my browsing experience since the app can't refresh the content. I lost also my saved videos even though I updated it.
Delamar Hamilton
Aug 29, 2020
It's great to have and use but the most frustrating thing about it is when you download videos and while watching one you exit it, it jumps right to the top to the one that was downloaded last, I haaaatttee that, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes, and I loooovvveee when it doesn't, so please fix that and why does it keep redownloading some of the content I already downloaded, it uses up my data can it please ask first, thanks, others than that it's great.
Jayant Saini
Aug 29, 2020
You guys really have to do work in the download section. My daily 4G pack was exhausted so I was on a 2G connection with just the speed of ~10 kbps and then I started downloading a video in least quality but it showed my internet speed is 3 to 5 mbps but didn't showed anyting like my video is even downloading or not. The downloading process is not continuous. Eg :- It shows me first 201 kb/ 38.8 mb and then after 20 to 30 seconds it suddenly showed 599 kb / 38.8 mb, it is not continuous.
Viral videos hub
Aug 28, 2020
worst video streaming app that ever lived, and the fact that this app comes with Android go editions is even more unbeatable. YouTube go does not even have the latest videos, I refreshed but nothing, only a repeat of old video, I have never seen a video streaming app that have brought out videos made 7 years ago. And the fact that this app received no update is just a fact that Google does not care much about this app.go edition phones have no option, YouTube go you can't get youtube. A shame
Jazel Carlz
Aug 25, 2020
It's one of the best apps i hv ever downloaded. If you want to watch movies , series , music you can as long as you hv DATA , you can download and watch later . So I recommend it to you guys . Especially the one who likes Movies , Series that are not translated .
John M.T
Aug 20, 2020
It's great, but what I don't like and I find it a nuisance, is that when you go back it is located until the last downloaded video and this is wrong for those of us who download educational videos that we want to see several times, because we have to go back down passing dozens of videos to get back where you were and follow a sequence from old to newer, it would be great if they would fix that.
Deno Wainaina
Aug 17, 2020
I used to love the app, it's great for watching 10min videos at a reasonable quality. I used to be able to download videos and watch them later but when I try to watch them again, it indicates that "can't play video". Please fix this bug.
Shakshi Sanya
Aug 14, 2020
It is best to save data but it just keep showing same videos again and again even if you marked a video as not interested. feed only shows 6 or 7 video then we have to refresh which means no new suggestions we have to search exact what we want to watch. No likes, comments option. Comments really helps to know whether the video is real or not especially while watching a movie. I didn't like it unfortunately it is pre installed in my phone and I had to download the original version of YouTube
Frances Camero
Aug 8, 2020
I am so disapointed. I always used this App for 3 months to watch movies, but 3 days ago while I'm watching, the movie forced to stop then the connection got lost but I have a strong Signal and Data. I tried to close and reopen the App but it says 'The home is not available'. I did it many times. I tried also Clearing the data but it doesn't really worked. Please fix it for me. I love this App before because it works faster than the similar YT apps.
Aug 6, 2020
Ok so ive been using youtube for years now but my phone for 3 years has finally gave up on me(RIP) so now im stuck with a low end phone and 1st time using this app and i have to say it missing a lot of things, the links for the vids are not present, video quality is now on auto wether it may be on low, medium or high(its still better for us to choose on our own, its hard to watch if the video goes from 360 to 144 almost constantly) comment section is gone but not much of a problem, account is not present but not much of a problem but seriously the links and the video quality is the only problem, please put the vid link and the vid quality back amd not on auto...even tho its more efficient this way its really hard watching vides if its going from 360 to 144
Alanna Wint
Aug 2, 2020
I live this app it's amazing all you have to do is download videos and keep them in your do Downloads then when you are going somewhere with out internet you can just watch YouTube videos without any problem☺......but one thing that I think they should change is that you can download music videos but other than that it's a really great app☺😋
teddy bell
Jul 30, 2020
The app needs a lot of improvements, sadly it came pre-installed an my device and i don't like it, most of the time the Autoplay will not work, whenever you refresh the main page you keep seeing the same video's that wah there before you refesh the page, i don't see why there is a download option and when you download the video it is not saved to your device, you don't even got the option to minimize the video you are playing to search other video's and you can't do much in settings.
Androgynous Monk
Jul 28, 2020
Why does it keep downloading videos I had already downloaded not only is this redundant. It has caused me to force stop this app and disabling it is next. If this keeps happening uninstalling it might be in the cards. One other thing that bothered me was the fact that I cannot comment or like videos. I used it because it came pre installed on the phone I am using. Also the content doesn't refresh enough plus suggested content tends to be stale. No suggested content from the channel subscriptions
Jul 25, 2020
The youtube app is fast in downloading and good at keeping your downloads for some time. I love the app because it does not slow down when you are watching your favourite programs. Also it saves your data whether you are downloading or playing on line. You can preview what you want to wash or download before you do it. The app saves space on your device memory. It is good for all devices,especially those with low storage capacity. I love it well.
Chrono Ch.
Jul 21, 2020
This app is good but the way that it every time I open it, it'll always redownload some of the videos I previously downloaded from scratch. like somehow the video download just goes missing and you have to redownload it on slow internet, but on fast internet it doesn't, it just checks to see if the files are there, it kinda beats the reason why we needed to download the videos on the first place we want to save it to watch it later, if you're on slow internet you have to redownload some video
Zintle Mvana
Jul 20, 2020
Exceptional App. This is the best App out there, and it's quite useful in a context like South Africa where mobile data plans are on the pricey side. Being able to watch my favourite videos but monitoring my data usage at the same time is a perk
Junior Tlhape
Jul 19, 2020
No. This app is downloading the videos that I've already downloaded. It suddenly starts 'redownloading' and messing with my data plan. I'll stick to the original Youtube, because this looks like something put together by a bunch of teens on a low budget. Overall, it's stupid. No trending videos; no comments; no catergories; channels are arranged hapharzadly with no playlists; videos sometimes play LQ when I clearly selected high quality.
Josphine Gathii
Jul 11, 2020
The problem with this app is that if you select four videos at the same minute to download , the rest of your videos needs to be downloaded the second time.Then another issue is that you can't comment like dislike or even save to wishlists .Developers of this app fix this problem
Young Man
Jul 9, 2020
Whenever I'm browsing the internet, I'm using mobile data plans and in the past whenever I'd try to watch a YouTube video or two that would mean the end of my data allowance. Though since this app, I've been more able to not only manage my data but also save a lot of it whenever I'm watching YouTube videos. Basically this has allowed me to start binge watching YouTube videos to the point that I'm quite sure it's turned into an addiction.
Abraham Chifunda
Jul 8, 2020
The app is cool, especially if you're on a data budget. The only thing that turned me off was the period within which the videos expire and not all youtube videos can be viewed...weird.
Ehimen Ohunyon
Jun 25, 2020
There has been some improvement on the previous interface with options that make usage more enjoyable, however the videos downloaded for later viewing, tend to randomly stop being available for viewing, this makes it very inconvenient . If this issue can be rectified it would be a great application ,all round .
Jason Nichol's
Jun 25, 2020
This YouTube Go app got me annoyed 😨😨. initially I thought it was my fault but now I realize that there's something wrong with this app.. I wonder why someone will spend huge allocation of his data's to download videos only to realize that the videos has stopped working. The most annoying part of it is that videos suddenly stops playing, get stucked in the phone and still occupy some space on your phone memory.. I advice you don't download this app it's totally disappointing.🤔🤔🤔
Chanchala Sahoo
Jun 25, 2020
Nice app for data saving. But the problem is that we can't see the live video in it also trending video. And can't see the comments in any video. Please fix the problem. But this is excellent and brilliant.
Ikechukwu Raymond
Jun 23, 2020
This latest version of youtube go is unacceptable to me! How can you restrict movies to only streaming no more downloads to watch offline? That's greedy as well as crazy! I'll soon uninstall it! I believe many will do so too. You should add downloading feature like the former version. I used to enjoy the app then but no longer now because of this missing feature.
Onwudiwe Goodness
Jun 21, 2020
The you tube Go I used to have is better than this updated one...I can no longer share videos with my friends and get videos from them. Secondly I found someone with the unupdated one I sent it to my phone and it refused to install...the app should be improved on but it was made worse and yet I can't even install the one of my choice, aaah it's very annoying. It doesn't deserve even a star.
karthik shivani
Jun 17, 2020
This is a good app to watch all videos. But there is a problem in this app. The audio connection is very low if i put in the full mode of sound. If i wear ear phones, still the sound quality is vwry bad. Exept this all others are very good.
Alif Akhmizan
Jun 15, 2020
An okay replacement YouTube for devices with small storage but suggestions in Home section just limited, around 15 videos. I found that you could get less ads while playing YouTube video using this compared to regular one. Unfortunately, it doesn't have dark mode last time I'm using this. Not so great option for those user that likes to play random videos in YouTube.
Sub Freeman
Jun 9, 2020
The downloaded video randomly undownloads itself, the pause feature on the download doesn't work, I've downloaded over 400 videos and I've seen 200+ but rn 300 of the downloaded videos are now undownloads 😠, and many more dumb things it does. I updated the app but still the same problem. I'm going to delete it right now. Chao
Siva kumar
Jun 7, 2020
Couldn't able to Change the quality of the video while it's playing which feature has been available in youtube not available in youtube go. The issue comes here for dramatic video it's OK to go with already selected quality but while watching some coding stuffs at some points we need to go with better quality to get clear with the author screen, please make a note of it
Jun 5, 2020
This app comes in handy with the data saving and all but it is actually terrible to use. It has much less features than YouTube and it shows that clearly. I mean, you can't even view PLAYLISTS!!! I don't know about you but it is not the YouTube I would go for.
Jun 4, 2020
More worse than I expected. It is a great data saver but downloaded videos are only viewable for only a week. When the 15kb security check comes in , u lose almost every video u already downloaded offline poping up as a new download which will never be accomplished despite the fact that u had already downloaded it earlier and I already utilised your storage.
Farooq Baloch
Jun 1, 2020
I loved this app. I have given 4* stars because it's amazing app you can choose quality of video before starting and you also can preview the video before downloading and watching. But it can be improve as to add more recommendations and trending videos. I suggest that you should add trending option and also more recommendations
Gloria Anita
May 24, 2020
The app good, bu my only problem is that, if i am downloading a video, some other videos that i alredy have will start downloading again, and if my data runs out, theres no way i csn wact that video, and for some reason, most of my video(s) stop playing, it shows (cannot play video), now almost all of my video(s) are gone, u should realy fixs this problem.
Jen Morse
May 21, 2020
This app needs to be banned. It has no features like the original app. You can't like or dislike videos. The most irritating thing is, once you press the home button of your phone and you try to resume the app, it opens all over again to its homepage. It never resumes to the video you were watching. What's worse? Videos don't play over Wi-Fi. I always have To GO to my browser and to the YouTube website to watch videos over Wi-Fi. I guess it's why the app is called YouTube GO Don't download it
Sanjaya Dhanushka
May 14, 2020
I like the feature where it shows the video space. Edited: After using few months i realized a bug. After every few months, app automatically uninstall it self. This is the fourth time I'm reinstalling this app after three times disappeared.
Anonymous User
Apr 24, 2020
Best for saving data and watching videos without stress but recently the app kept crashing and whenever i am watching a video the sound moves faster than the video so i have to make sense of the is really annoying and i hope it gets fixed,maybe then i'll just give five stars.........
Anonymous User
Apr 22, 2020
This app is totally amazing!! It helps me find an easy answer to my assignments and projects online!! And this app also helps me to understand different topics and lessons that I can't sometimes understand in school!! Especially with math and science subjects! It gives me the best answers!!!!
Anonymous User
Apr 12, 2020
For normal videos seems to work fine but NOT for any music videos!!! False advertising on that part!!! As a person needing the lyrics on the music video it was a HUGE disappointment to NOT being able to download it for the little kids. Fix that bug and you will have 5 stars.
Anonymous User
Apr 7, 2020
All I can say is NEVER EVER E-V-E-R, buy a phone that comes with ANY GO app already installed! I had UMX phone. That sucker immediately went down the road! Actually wanted to rate it zero stars. Here's a thought, perhaps it was the phone and NOT the app. Unfortunately I'll never know because I will NOT EVER E-V-E-R have anything to do with either one again!
Anonymous User
Apr 7, 2020
A nice app but would really appreciate if I downloaded a video, it would remain that way, not that after 2 days I have to redownload the videos again. Damn boring. I was supposed to keep the videos for as long as I want, so that's not the case. No comments as well. Do something as I'm about to uninstall it. Remain with tried and tested way of keeping videos for good on my phone using other app outside of play Store. Just pissed off. I have more than 50 which can't play, but I downloaded them.
Anonymous User
Apr 7, 2020
Nice app but I don't like the fact that I can't search other videos while playing a video as well.. hope you understand me.. secondly I'd like it if I could play a video without taking two steps..clicking on the video and still choosing whether I should play it or download it..I'd prefer if you just clicked it and it played the goddamn video!!! Thank you😊🧡🧡🧡🧡
Anonymous User
Mar 23, 2020
Youtubego a total rip off. Took all my data I downloaded a whole lot of movies to watch the following day only to find everything locked down with a blue lock. Couldn't access none but they took all the data. Would not recommend. I had to give 1 star in order to post this review.
Anonymous User
Mar 16, 2020
Misleading description of what the app realy does. DOES NOT realy alow you to fisicaly DOWNLOAD VIDEOS, instead saves them on a hidden cache for off line viewing. After a wile offline, it will redownload all the videos saved for offline viewing when going back online, defeating the purpose off data saving and this takes a long time on slow conections. Can't watch videos untill it finishes redownloading them again. Overall experience is very good minus the redownloding issue.
Anonymous User
Mar 16, 2020
Its a nice app. However, anytime I try livestreaming a program, it always says, "This video is no longer available for you". Even when there's space and working internet. Please help me!!!! I also think there should be a way to download videos to your phone's file manager.
Anonymous User
Mar 14, 2020
It's a good app to watch and see video and download them without using a internet page or other app, but it could be better if it have a music downloader feature to download also music. I would appreciate it to add that feature.
Anonymous User
Mar 12, 2020
A very good app. Saves more data than the original app. I just hate the way once you exit a video it always returns back to the top of the video list meaning that I'd have to scroll all the way back down to find the video I was watching . Pls this problem needs to be fixed....aside that , it's an amazing app
Anonymous User
Feb 26, 2020
I don't like my experience with the app, it only works with wifi connection. Every time i connect with mobile data it doesn't work, other apps on my phone works. I even check my phone manager and saw the youtube go was granted data access. Please fix it
Anonymous User
Feb 19, 2020
While playing a video it plays for sometime and then stops and the losding icon keeps showing. After that you cant play any video, every video will keep loading. Then you need to clear it from cache and reopen the app again. It is disgusting.
Anonymous User
Feb 12, 2020
Love this YouTube GO app. Saves a lot of data compared to the major YouTube app. I just hate that you always have to scroll up or down to where you had reached on the saved videos list after returning from a viewing a saved video.
Anonymous User
Jan 16, 2020
I would give 5 star rating however i wish the option to choose "data saver" would be done in the settings option. Also the download feature be enabled/disabled be done in settings as well. That will save a lot of time when i watch a lot of videos when i just keep on choosing the same options anyway.
Anonymous User
Jan 7, 2020
Please add features such as : - something to costumize our subtitle (captions), like the size, color, location, and transparency. - add setting to costumize our seek time, 10 second is too long... - a feature to Add to playlist like in YouTube. So we don't miss any video. Also add "Download later" or bookmark please dont make us see the same video that we have deleted on offline mode, it s***s. What is going on with the "recently updated" text, is that only a text that mean nothing?
Anonymous User
Jan 6, 2020
It's cool that you can download YouTube videos on your phone. That alone is great! Still it's kinda annoying to be obliged all the time to choose the quality of the video before watching it (it would've been better if you could set that in the settings or something). Being able to reorder your downloaded videos should've been possible. And here's a suggestion for the editor... Why not make it that you can set the app to download vids (if possible) from a certain youtuber whenever he uploads?
Anonymous User
Jan 6, 2020
The app is extremely okay and seem to save data when downloading a certain video. But the problem is everytime I switch on the data, my downloaded videos will eventually start downloading again, like the heck is this. Kindly fix this bug or else I will rate this app lower than one star😔😒
Anonymous User
Jan 6, 2020
Video-to-mp3 application cannot locate the downloaded video to be able to convert to mp3. Apparently the video is locked away in the app's vault. Is there a way around this? My main purpose is to collect audio recordings as music collections.
Anonymous User
Jan 5, 2020
Too many missing features, when the one that should be the "selling point": saving the videos... No I cannot find a way. Also where is the history, or my playlist.
Anonymous User
Dec 27, 2019
Yeah it might consume less data but it sucks. It takes away all the fun on the YouTube app like commenting and liking a video, worst off all, if I switch to another app while watching a video it doesn't resume from the video I was watching but instead takes me to the very first video I watched when I opened the app. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Anonymous User
Dec 23, 2019
For example say you have 3 pages of downloaded videos and you decide to view one from near the bottom of the queue. On completion of that video you are positioned back at the top of the queue is the downloaded videos. i would have liked to continue viewing from where i left off instead of being forced to scroll 3 pages down again!
Anonymous User
Dec 21, 2019
Above irritation that when people I know send me links to listen to it doesn't use the regular YouTube. Have tried disarming (forcing stop) and it doesn't matter. I HATE having to choose each time they send a link I have to choose which quality!!! I don't care either way since I don't like the program. I so wish to uninstall but it's not allowed 😠
Anonymous User
Nov 17, 2019
It's awesome the interface is clean and simple to use it's not just best for slow connection but also for devices with slow performance. A feature suggestion: Please make this app usable in landscape mode it would be convenient to use it in tablets. Bug: When playing video by tapping on notification the video plays with a distorted colour. Please fix that.
Anonymous User
Nov 13, 2019
At first this was my go to app to replace YouTube after it became infested with ads, today this app is beginning to walk through that path so if it is going to be ads at least the original YouTube app gives you more video results when you scroll down however I am not using both apps. No more ads!!!!!😡😠😤
Anonymous User
Nov 4, 2019
Auto play does not work........I have close to 400 downloaded study videos (plus entertaining videos).After watching a video at the bottom, going back to choose another one next to it(since there's no arrow for next video), it then goes to the top and you'll have to scroll down, scroll down and scroll down again to click on another video which is stressful. Prefer the original YouTube app Which can't download on my pop 2 power because this useless youtube go is present Zero star😒😤😠
Anonymous User
Oct 23, 2019
Could not save to a library and comment or share videos. You can give a button as play audio(mp3) only so audio only can download and play in background and can minimize the app so that a user could do other task while listening audio only mode. Also a user can save battery life.
Anonymous User
Oct 16, 2019
I like YouTube Go, it's very nice and easy to use, but when I tap a Video, the download button pops up and automatically disappears out of no where and when I tap it it still disappears and nothing happens. And I would also like if you could comment on Videos Developer. Please fix this problem and please let me and people that use YouTube GO be able to comment on Videos.
Anonymous User
Oct 14, 2019
Great app. Downloaded it, open it, choose a video to download. Got to the play/download option, hit download, than get pop up that says i must login, which i did. After that no option to download, only choose quality and play, oh yes and no option to logout again. Like i said great app, i'm deleting it right now.
Anonymous User
Oct 6, 2019
What is with your updates? Do you even read the reviews and try to work on it? After the recent update, the only option you have after you watch in fullscreen is to press back and go to the main page. You can't go to portrait mode and continue watching related videos. I thought the latest update was supposed to fix this, but it hasn't.
Anonymous User
Oct 6, 2019
Good alternative to main YouTube app... Annoying playlist manager. Please create an update to remember the "last played file" on the downloads section, instead of reverting to the first file each time the app is switched or a video finish playing.. It is super annoying for those with many videos downloaded.
Anonymous User
Oct 1, 2019
Something weird happening recently after the update in the app. When you try doing a fullscreen mode, and try minimizing it again into a mini player, it's stuck up from there. Now your phone will pretend like it's in a landscape mode even though it's actually not.
Anonymous User
Sep 26, 2019
don't waste your data getting this app, it completely stops working whenever it feels like it, and dont even try to download videos offline, because even though your videos are downloaded, YouTube go won't even save them so that you can be able to watch them later, so you'll have to re-download them, just stick with the original YouTube
Anonymous User
Sep 21, 2019
It's a great app,helps you save alot of data cz u either select the best quality,standard or low a music fan I select low quality and enjoy music with Little data available. The only issue is each time you exit the app to do something else,you have to go back, search for the video again and restart.
Anonymous User
Sep 13, 2019
Missing so much . I am stuck with 8 only choices. resolution quality again before every video? Recommending 1 vid for months? Obviously paid for. Cant see vid that follows, eg Colbert, Madden. No history. i cant share. I NEED to be able to copy the url. I cant even get the url in messages Using me for QC on the -beta relwase? Eh boys? Am disabling this one.
Anonymous User
Sep 9, 2019
I had liked this app but it's limited that you can't like or comment on videos but only either play or download them, Now what made me hate it is that the downloaded videos stay in the app and can't go in your gallery or file manager, in that after some times the downloaded videos can refuse to play when you have no data, or even it most often says " video missing" requiring you to download again. I nolonger need it but can't UNINSTALL coz it's inborn in my phone. That's me.
Anonymous User
Aug 28, 2019
Amazing app but I would like to see them add split screen support when my phones in split screen and I tap on the second app the video pauses so I cannot do other things and watch a video at the same time. With the original YouTube app I can watch videos and chat to someone on whatsapp at the same time without the video pausing so please add that feature.
Anonymous User
Aug 27, 2019
My experiment with You tube go was very interesting n enjoyable but there were two things that i found that were discouraging. 1. the downloads of vedios are very slow(about two to three days to download.) n viewing of previews is telling that an error ocured every time i tried to view the peeviews.
Anonymous User
Aug 14, 2019
There is no search or sort option in the downloaded videos which is very difficult to look through especially if there are lots of downloaded videos. Also it will be great if there is an option to Have a folder or playlist for the downloaded videos to make the categorizarion easy
Anonymous User
Jul 16, 2019
This app broke my youtube account. Since its automatic download I no longer receive any notifications on my desktop or phone. I have the bell on for many channels and would get 10 new videos notified a day. Now I get none. I believe this is due to within the app, you cannot turn on the bell properly. It only allows you to get occasional notifications. You can not set it to notify you of every video for a channel. Even when I make sure its done properly on my desktop, I believe this app is blocking my whole account across platforms. Since I cannot uninstall or sign out I'm completely screwed. I only have the option to clear the data and cache and disable it. I don't even use youtube on my phone.
Anonymous User
Jul 14, 2019
Every time I open the app and watch a video for the first time since I opened the app, it always plays in mf'ing FULL HD even though I've set it to the lowest quality or DATA SAVER. It happens for every first video I've watched since I opened the app. Please fix that, or data saving nuts isn't going to be happy with it.
Anonymous User
Jul 13, 2019
Great app Google :) but I'm not satisfied with lack of captions on most of my videos. Sure subtitled videos are fine, the captions are still useful, even if it's mostly on the original app. This is something I would like to be improved. Lastly, dark mode, I watch mostly during the night, and without dark mode, this app does not satisfy much (even if it's lite weighted). Also, pausing a downloaded video should be on this app.That's all for now, and thanks for adding data saver😁💛.
Anonymous User
Jul 13, 2019
They only let you download rubbish videos they select on their homepage, if you search your own video/music, there's no option to download, you can only play it. This app was made by the department in Google with the lowest IQ!
Anonymous User
Jul 12, 2019
honestly its great that you can control how much data you use on this app, but the app it self was severely cut down. This was obviously done to save download storage, but i personally think it wouldnt hurt to at least add the feature to comment on videos. if they do add more features to it, ill probably rate it higher.
Anonymous User
Jul 7, 2019
GREAT App & CAME IN HANDY as compared to IT'S previous model but it's lacking bcs none of the downloaded videos can be sent without referring you back again to themselves for another download. That's a clever move & that's where it failed. Every download should be made to run free without backdoor reference to them. In that sense, I'll always prefer "Vidmate." "YouTube" is just a BIG NAME with COCKROACH MIND. "Vidmate" trumps them. YouTube is selfish & that's it's greatest undoing!
Anonymous User
Jul 2, 2019
I can't decide to view later on the app, choose to download on the app, or access my watch later videos. What I like is just the ability to download into SD card or phone. Please add these necessary features. Thanks. Uodate: scam. This is the same as the main YouTube videos downloaded are neither in your gallart or accessible in your rom. 0 star
Anonymous User
Jun 23, 2019
I was not even able to download it. I had downloaded it in the past and it worked so smoothly I loved it. but it's just saying saying that it's not compatible with my device. I very dissapointed and it was not just who suffering from this stupid issue. there was sooooo many people complaining in your help centre.Now I can't even videos great thanks for ruining my day.
Anonymous User
Jun 23, 2019
I like app. This app occupies less space and uses less Internet. You does not have to connect to Internet to see your home. Not in more than 10 seconds the result of the search comes. One criticism of this app have been found that it does not include like and dislike and comment option.
Anonymous User
Jun 22, 2019
YouTube is a great way to entertain yourself and learn new things, with videos only a click away. But my experience with this app has not always been very enjoyable. Sometimes when I open the app, the home and download screens go completely blank! Of course I've tried closing and opening the app again, but that only amounted to the same result. I am really disapointed that such a useful app could contain such a problem, qnd I really hope they fix it.😐
Anonymous User
Jun 17, 2019
This app is pretty good if you're going on a road trip or traveling. It takes a bit too much time to load and it has no captions. It's also a bit blocky and I would like it if you could create playlists or add book_marks. Other than that, it is really good.
Anonymous User
Jun 12, 2019
downloaded videos can only be viewed with the app, they are also nowhere to be found in my device, and worse of all is that they become greyed out after some time, even inside the app. The pros: its good for steamimg videos at different qualities, notifications, no adds.
Anonymous User
Jun 7, 2019
Better than the bigger one but still downloading videos is not really considered as true download because it will refresh & update the videos you downloaded (everytime I connect to internet it refresh but when not refresh/update for a long time it will renew/redownload) & you won't be able to export/transfer the videos you downloaded to any devices. so yes its just a download for offline view & nothing more than LITE version (smaller, faster & my experience on this one is lot better thank you).
Anonymous User
Jun 5, 2019
Works well mostly but there's something I noticed recently. Videos lag, and the audio plays faster on downloaded videos. There's a disconnect between what I'm hearing and what I'm seeing, and it's totally annoying.
Anonymous User
Jun 5, 2019
i would like to see a dark mode and pitch black mode with the regular white theme, as that saves my battery when scrolling and It adds to the very goal of this app so that there is more optimisation and we can enjoy vedios i low battery and lower end devices and I would like to see an optional support for fullscreen mode in the settings.
Anonymous User
May 28, 2019
Worst app that I've ever seen. It is not able to show live videos, recent videos, or related videos. I don't recommend to anyone to install this app in their Mobile at all. I just hate this app. If by mistake we pause the video and come to homescree then we have to play the video again from beginning. please don't install.
Anonymous User
May 27, 2019
when it works, its great, but 90% of the time, for no apparent reason, downloaded videos will be impossible to watch. Even if you're conected to wi-fi. You have to delete and re-download, and at that point you might aswell use normal youtube. Also, the devs of google in general dont want any kind of communication, they put a no-reply account as their developer contact info!
Anonymous User
May 22, 2019
I am using Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 edition). Its reciver or trasmitor is damaged so my phone is stuck on 2G network. I was having trouble to see YouTube videos. Thanks to YouTube Go. I can see all the vedious. But I can't see them in High quality. Few days ago when I start one vedio the more vedious section was not loading. I would have given it full star but please solve this problem. Edit(Wed 22 May 2019) : I updated it and the problem was solved. I think that was just a bug.Thanks YouTube go.
Anonymous User
May 22, 2019
It did downloaded videos in main gallary. But the most exhasperating thing herein is that the videos which are needed to be purchased, actually are not getting downloaded. So, u just cant compare it with the features of vidmate. Vidmate even allows us to download mp3 of video and many more. Its not actually appereciable.
Anonymous User
May 19, 2019
Superb app, well worth installing, provides all necessary information for downloading, data saving, standard and high quality data flow levels for any video, normally found on YouTube! Extremely, well developed system for downloading videos on weak and unstable Wifi, easy to use, and informative, at the same time! I wasn't certain about what to expect with this app, but, I was pleasantly surprised about its capabilities, many thanks YouTube, well done!!!!!.........
Anonymous User
May 17, 2019
I was glad that I finally have the app after reading some positive reviews. But, I can't believe that it wasn't that functional. Yeah, it was fast after searching videos but when I want to download it, there was only a display of 'play'. I went to google and asked multiple times and follow the instruction that everybody would understand, but the problem was, Youtube Go will not cooperate with you.
Anonymous User
May 15, 2019
I like the idea of a liter app, specially since nowadays all apps starts to weight 200mo on our mid/low range phones. However, if we can have back functionalities like history, the possibility to reduce the video like in the recent updates and i similar home/feed page all of the WITHOUT the fancy transitions, the preloaded videos and all the makes YT heavy, it would be great.
Anonymous User
May 13, 2019
What's happening to the apps, The beauty of YouTube go is to be able to watch downloaded video later without having to use network or data, I discovered that I can no longer watch my old and recent videos without putting on my data, Whenever I turn my data off the downloaded videos will not play as it did before. Please do fix it if it's a problem. 👆 the above problem has been fixed but created another one, the download video option has been removed from videos, thats the beauty of youtube go
Anonymous User
May 12, 2019
Brilliant app, uses low resources and makes it really easy to save data watching youtube videos. I especially like the ability to save videos in my own library. My only gripe is the 3dots menu is hit and miss, maybe make it a square instead.
Anonymous User
May 12, 2019
idunno why people rather put lower star insisting the fact that they cant rate neither comment (and reply) the videos. But I find this (base in my good intiution ) that it was not a error yet it is just a fewer exception for an adjusted app like this, there are few apps that changes consisting that current state of their data alone (i.e. Messenger when in free data mode lacks the potentials to view medias) Also things that lacks this app has a programming reasons.(cant explain Im in 501 words).
Anonymous User
Apr 24, 2019
Very light on resource usage. Works very fine with very low memory requirements. It gives upfront both the options to download video or watch it online. Also it gives video quality options upfront both to download and watch. There are three video qualities one for low speed users and then medium quality and then the high bandwidth HD. So no matter whether u have a high end phone or a low end phone. A high sped conection or a low speed, ur entertainment is guaranteed. A must have non bloated app.
Anonymous User
Apr 19, 2019
It's not bad. What I like: It doesn't GUZZLE data like the non-lite version. What could be better: I miss the video play/speed changer feature found in the non lite version. As a working professional musician, Youtube is a lifeline for learning the tunes I'm expected to know. Being able to change the speed to 1/2. or 3/4 speed makes it so much easier and quicker to learn material. I really wish you could add that feature to the lite version.
Anonymous User
Apr 9, 2019
Great idea, but each video must be selected individually instead of just playing like a playlist as well as no way to set downloads to wifi only. getting to subscribed channels is not easy and finding new ones needs to be done by searching specifically. Disappointing.
Anonymous User
Apr 9, 2019
Its not satisfactory! The downloaded videos are not in the sd card, its in the app itself. Moreover we cannot browse other videos except those given in the same page while playing one video, and we have to click the back button to download the video which we view (cannot download while viewing that particular video) and while clicking the back button we need to scroll down the page to access to that particular video which we wanted to download.
Anonymous User
Apr 7, 2019
This app is horrible. You can't search for your previous videos, like or dislike, write or view comments, minimize, select the bell, view channels properly, receive notifications for your subscriptions or click on the links in the descriptions. Why are you forcing us to download this app? The old YouTube was better. This one is just plain dumb and useless. Stop trying to fix things that aren't broken.
Anonymous User
Apr 7, 2019
I tried to download the original app but it says that the latest version is no longer compatible with my phone? Now I won't be able to watch videos again. I don't prefer Youtube Go since it's UI is something that I don't like. Please do some app update or patch on this please. I'm using an Oreo android phone which I believe can support it.
Anonymous User
Apr 5, 2019
Please bring back the old version back again. The app keeps lagging like the play and pause buttons. I couldn't even share the links that I need for work. I also have to keep refreshing whenever I scroll. It's also hard to search in youtubers accounts as it's option is only to subscribe and scroll down to search videos. Please look into this. I will update more if something feels uncomfortable.
Anonymous User
Apr 5, 2019
The original version was a lot better to this one. I can't comment or like some videos because of this app. It's already installed on my phone when i first bought it. I can't download the original version because of this. I disabled it but nothing happened. It kept saying that youtube isn't compatible in my phone. THIS IS SO ANNOYING.
Anonymous User
Apr 3, 2019
Nice interface for a YouTube lite maybe but not as a quality flagship. It's responsive and good on data but it's missing things the made the app useful, originality and customization. I had a black theme on my original YouTube app and if I wanted to look up another video, just pull the current one to the side while browsing for another. Otherwise guys what's stopping me from just using Chrome to go on YouTube. Everything the app has I can just get in my browser.
Anonymous User
Apr 3, 2019
The original you tube is much better. You can't like videos, view playlists (or even make them) which means there is no watch later. You can't comment on videos or even view comments. No minimising option and it is very difficult to view and moderate subscriptions (comparatively) Very disappointed, please fix these issues and I'll fix my rating
Anonymous User
Apr 1, 2019
Good idea, weak interface. I can get by with what I have. Searching for new channels is very difficult. All of this I can deal with. What I can't deal with is the "Show notifications" option enabling itself whenever I open this app. I don't care to be sent push notifications from this app EVER! If I disable the option, who the hell do you think you are by enabling it again? This app would've gotten three stars for the idea and the effort, but Zero for being spammed with push notifications.
Anonymous User
Mar 30, 2019
It has nothing like the normal YouTube version and is outdated in features .It shows a dialogue box before opening any video which has an option to play or download ,which is annoying for me.No like, share, trending or comments option.Needs much improvement.I 'm not sure about other hidden features it may have
Anonymous User
Mar 28, 2019
I really liked the fact that the data you will use is shown, and the preview. Nevertheless, I could not find the option to save videos, I found it one time I used it and then it just dissapeared. I searched for help in Google but it did not work either.
Anonymous User
Mar 27, 2019
Not like normal YouTube.very important thing when i am doing multitasking its start from the beginning everytime. there is no option like YouTube(like,dislike,bell icon, comment section). there is no hot contant ,always shows old contant not update the latest news frequently. when drag down nothing works.there is no next option or playback during offline videos. totally its ruins my interest on YouTube. totally waste.
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2019
Horrible. About 90% of songs are not available for download. Why even have this app is beyond anyone's comprehension. I liked Microsoft Windows Phone's third party music app in which I could download almost all songs and videos to SD card. Also, after downloading update, songs' videos are again being saved in phone's internal memory despite the fact that I have changed storage setting to SD card. And, no response on feedback I had sent on YouTube go app. Deliberate manipulation!
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2019
Not a bad app. I hate that most times, leaving the app means losing the page/video I was on, and that I have to look for it all over again, if I left the app to answer a whatsapp message, etc. I also hate the frequent occurrence of the video that I'm watching getting stuck randomly, despite being on a strong WiFi connection.
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2019
Definitely a bad app! On the first version, I could download videos and watch them later WITHOUT HAVING TO HAVE MY MOBILE DATA ON! I updated the app and when I want to watch a video, the app says "No network coverage" meaning I can only watch downloaded videos with data? That's more or less the same as watching the video without downloading! Useless update on what was a good app!
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2019
this app is more faster, also allows you to select video quality on video playback, but I rate it 3 stars because there are bugs, such as it stops working randomly, you lose control of video playback. sometimes download stops working, fix these bugs and I'll give 5 stars.
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2019
Worst drawback of the app is that All Videos downloaded to sdcard are lost permanently if sdcard is used on another device and reinserted in the original device . This is my experience , I feel very bad about this. Let me know how I can prevent this data from being lost permanently. I need to keep changing sdcards on my devices regularly.
Anonymous User
Mar 23, 2019
I really really really dislike this app the old youtube was way better. For one there is no way to access your playlists and you cant save anything to watch later ,NOT THAT I'M AWARE OF!!. The only good thing so far is that you can download videos but that doesnt really serve a purpose for me.
Anonymous User
Mar 18, 2019
Would love if i could lock the screen, sometimes i have to look for the movie all over again if i was just streaming, ans finger touched the screen. Also if maybe it was easier to find all parts of a series together instead of having to scroll through long lists of the channel. (so search in the channel itself also). All in all i prefer this Youtube to the original. Especially because i do not always have wifi. Great work guys!! Good for parents to pick in advance what their kids are to watch.
Anonymous User
Mar 17, 2019
I think this new app is ridiculous. I'd been quite happy with the last one until forced to get this one. You can't close a video; you have to go back through each one to home. It asks you every ******* time what speed you want or whether you want to download it. I don't know anyone who wants to change speed etc for every video. You can't see your history, so if you watch one on the computer and want to share it through whatsapp etc on your phone, you can't now. Why change something unbroken?
Anonymous User
Mar 17, 2019
The old one was so much better. Can't pick up a video from where I paused with this app. Can't give thumbs up to my favorites and can't access my history or the comments on the videos. It seems so much to give up for the new downloading option, which, to me, is not even a big pro.
Anonymous User
Mar 17, 2019
once you uninstall this app, all your download videos are gone. And you can not segregate into folders. Also does not download in SD card, it always moves to phone ram. let me know if I am missing the tool option. however a good app.
Anonymous User
Mar 16, 2019
Love it. I need the option to share a specific video with someone via whatsapp or via their youtube go app. My daughter and i share similar interests in videos and i have to send her screenshots of my fave videos.pls play while my screen is off.Its annoying because i listen to talks while i work so i don't even look at the screen.The screen takes unnecessary battery life.edit:i want to be able to categorize or favourite the videos that I like.that way I know which vids I like more
Anonymous User
Mar 14, 2019
I suppose this app is good for ordinary daily users and saves a lot of data and is easy to use, but for YouTube creators it sucks. Not having the features you want and not being able to upload videos as you would like to, but that's expected seeing it's made for the majority of people and not creators or power users.
Anonymous User
Mar 13, 2019
Its great at low speeds and helpful a lot ... so ya gud job at that.. but my play button keeps getting stuck. if I'm watching a video and another apps notification comes,the video gets paused and can't be played again. i have to start allover again. its annoying 😒
Anonymous User
Mar 8, 2019
Loved the app but now it only plays a minute or less of each video and after that the video stops playing, looking as if were paused, and the vid screen goes black. I have a stable internet connection , and this only started a couple of days ago.
Anonymous User
Mar 5, 2019
It'll be much better if the dates to when a certain video is uploaded is specific (Ex:rather than saying 1 year ago, it puts the exact date) and also if we can somehow manage to see the comments and how many likes/dislikes are on a specific video. Other than that the app's great!!
Anonymous User
Mar 2, 2019
Youtube Go is a very downgraded, bare boned YouTube app for mobile. There is no resume function for videos, and the navigation makes it extremely non user friendly. Unless you want to run YouTube in a hurry, I do not recommend this app. Just stick to the original.
Anonymous User
Mar 2, 2019
BE AWARE it is a big PARASSITE. I tryed to uninstall it but instead of disappearing from my phone it MADE DISAPPEAR ITS "UNINSTALL" BUTTON.!! Stays in the memory and doesnt have "uninstall" tap anymore- gives only 2 choices - or "update" or "open". Besides the fact I NEVER installed it. Bought the phone (brand new! and a Samsung) with this already in. Now they sell phones directly with trash. only waste a big memory space. Buy a phone & hav to put it in quarantine or what?? YouTubeGo, GoTFkY!
Anonymous User
Feb 27, 2019
1) While I watch a vid ir pauses and I have to back space then go click on the vid again. 2) Some downloaded vids give trouble to playback. They either take multiple retries to play or they give a playback error message 3)The app only shows like 20 videos on the feed from which I can download. Everyday I see the same thing 95% of the time.
Anonymous User
Feb 25, 2019
As for watching videos go, this is actually much better than the main one. For a low-end phone it doesn't buffer as much, and the interface is extremely simple. One thing it lacks though, is playlist. I want to marathon a specific playlist but this app only shows the Youtuber's recently made video. I hope the playlist option will be added, and of course the night mode as well.
Anonymous User
Feb 25, 2019
Great app. It's however annoying to start playing previously played videos from the beginning (download videos). Also would appreciate if one didn't have to scroll down multiple videos (downloaded videos) to pickup on the last played video.
Anonymous User
Feb 24, 2019
Simple interface. Does exactly as advertised. A bit disappointed that I can't sync my downloads between the original YouTube app, and YouTube Go (SAME Google accounts, SAME device, SAME storage). I feel it's redundant having both apps store /download content separately* on the same device. Future updates should be able to sync downloads across the two apps, atleast.
Anonymous User
Feb 19, 2019
i would have given 5 its a good app but problem No.(1) sometimes when you have videos downloaded two days ago it shows blank and when clicking on it it just shows video size and its downloaded but won't open and starts downloading the same videos again Problem No(2) sometimes downloaded videos won't play it just shows blank screen with no run time bar and after few seconds it says can't play video i had to delete once 2.5 gb of data ,2nd time 3.2gb and re download the videos again.
Anonymous User
Feb 18, 2019
It was useful at first time, but later i found it is cheating me. I downloaded more videos for watching offline when i'm getting free time. But when i play that down loaded videos it stops automatically in the middle or some times after 2, 3 minutes. need to on data connection again to see it again. Solve this problem then give you 5*😐🙄
Anonymous User
Feb 13, 2019
It is fun to use. The only problem is that sometimes some vids we have already downloaded tend to go missing. Meaning we have to download them again. This problem needs to be fixed. Also, for some reason vid players like vlc can't detect and play them. I love this app and hope the creators will fix this.
Anonymous User
Feb 2, 2019
The only problem i have with the app is when you open data on the phone it loses some of the downloaded/saved files and it redownloads them. That's a waste of Data bundles and I'd like it better if it didn't do that.
Anonymous User
Jan 30, 2019
Downloaded video is getting paused again and again and the bad thing is that it is not able to resume playing the paused video. need to start it from the beginning. this is happening with the interval of every 15 - 20 seconds.i downloaded movie having size of 811 MB.
Anonymous User
Jan 16, 2019
I really love this app, but one thing that bothers me is the fact that when you minimize or quickly minimize to check or reply to an email or whatsapp message, when you minimize back it starts over and whatever you where doing or watching gets lost. And also when you play offline videos, when you done watching a video it goes up to the list again then you have to scroll down to go look for what you are supposed to do next. Please fix this at the next upgrade.
Anonymous User
Jan 14, 2019
was good at first, but as the weeks go by there are more and more videos that can't be downloaded to watch offline on the app. Some videos I can download and watch one week and the next week that same video can't be downloaded anymore. All the videos being downloaded I watch on this App, but I do not see a use for it anymore if I now need to steam it again. Can just as well just use the normal YouTube again.
Anonymous User
Jan 12, 2019
After the recent updates from YouTube go, the app became annoying and i feel like uninstalling it, you can enjoy watching a video without it unnecessary pausing by itself and it would jus freeze and when you try to play the video, it starts from the beginning again. Google do something about this youtube GO, mobile apps are meant to be improving & getting better not to be deteriorating.
Anonymous User
Jan 9, 2019
at first the app was good until it started jamming and now I can't play a single video without jamming. then I have to go back and start over, but still won't play the whole video. I'm even thinking of uninstalling but I've downloaded so much. what a waste of my data
Anonymous User
Jan 6, 2019
I love the app but I wish downloaded videos could be organised into folders/albums and the videos in each album can also be rearranged and listed according to my playlist order. Not according to download time because I might want to watch a newly downloaded video before an older downloaded video in a video series.
Anonymous User
Jan 4, 2019
this app it doesn't have an autoplay if you want to watch offline even when you're online .. 😢😢 this app is kind of a little bit incomplete when it comes to options to choose.. pls give us options on the setting area.. thanks!
Anonymous User
Jan 2, 2019
Playing videos is fast , there's no problem with it , one thing that makes me discourage and led to uninstall this app is, because it's suddenly crashed and came back to my homescreen multiple times and whenever I open the app again , the problem is still exist and doing the same thing. I hope that you'll fix this problem.
Anonymous User
Dec 27, 2018
It has been ever since using this you tube. There is great advantage and quick acess to all possible programs or I term you may want to reach and its very easy and fast. No frustration along the running of the features chosen . It's always clear and straight forward. Less effort is required for everything you may need.
Anonymous User
Dec 21, 2018
I don't like that it doesn't resume the video. If I stop, go to another app and come back, the video start from the beginning. Huge con. another one is that it doesn't diplay subtitles.
Anonymous User
Dec 18, 2018
I will give it only 4 stars because I found only few videos that were also repeating when we go down. But I think that was a good idea of creating it because it has preview facility I love that one. I will recommend this for the people who wanted an app which is smaller and easy to download videos,priview facility . Not bad but some minor problems and they were not taken into consideration. Good one for less data users...but buffering... all the best YouTube.
Anonymous User
Dec 14, 2018
I hv used the app for a very long time but one thing I hate about it is that, most at times u download videos jst a day or two then the video refuse to play, u hv to re download it again, which is very bad. Because is a waste of bundle and credit. Better is is a good app, hope u guys works on it very soon!!
Anonymous User
Dec 8, 2018
The app isn't bad, but the fact that the downloaded videos expire after some time is just total thrash. I think this is because the app doesn't let you store videos on a phone's gallery; rather, it stores the videos on the app itself. This then requires you to download them again. If the videos can be stored in the gallery, no one will worry about their expiration. In any case, it's a great app.
Anonymous User
Nov 29, 2018
The application does not allow one to multitask. I have two YouTube accounts and its difficult to switch to a new account especially for someone who has two YouTube accounts. I have tried switching to a new account and the app does not allow someone to do that.
Anonymous User
Nov 22, 2018
This app sucks compared to YouTube. Opening a video on the app always asks to weather play in which resolution there's a dialogue box. Everytime, when I open a video. Which is too annoying. It doesn't directly plays the video similar to YouTube.
Anonymous User
Nov 22, 2018
Good idea, very bad execution. It's good but the original YouTube is better even if you consider that YouTube go can download your favourite videos, if Google sees this I want them to change the entire app, make it like the original YouTube app but with downloadable videos. Btw whenever I press a YouTube link on my phone I get sent to this app and I hate it because of how unorganized the app is.
Anonymous User
Nov 21, 2018
This app does not have sharing options, I can't change speed of videos while playing, I can't even copy the url for sharing with others. It's better to give change video quality option rather than prompting data saver option.
Anonymous User
Nov 18, 2018
Best platform to view free content, but recent updates have made my offline videos refresh and redownload so frequently to the point where its beginning to really negatively effect my overall user experience. Please fix this, I really dont like seeing recently downloaded videos ask for wifi whenever I turn on my cellular data.
Anonymous User
Nov 12, 2018
App was working fine but a while ago it started to try to download the videos which are already saved. And when this process begins and you forced the app to stop these files are seemed like paused so you can not play. So you have a fully downloaded file which seems paused and youcan not play.
Anonymous User
Nov 10, 2018
I love this app, after I downloaded one video I turned of my data and I could watch the video. This app is one of the greatest app that have ever been created in humankind. Oh if you don't know how to download videos just tap on the video and you will see the button on the down right corner of the screen.
Anonymous User
Nov 6, 2018
This app tricked me . Something REALLY weird happened to this app.I saved a number of videos, completely downloaded.After some time, it's saying "waiting for internet" while it's on, "download paused"(what the heck happened) and there is no way to get my videos back, unless I have to DELETE THEM ALL and download again! I will never trust this app again
Anonymous User
Nov 3, 2018
The app is described as "data friendly", and it has plenty of nice features that can help you save on your data consumption - in theory. In practice, you cannot pause, control or block the videos you downloaded from "renewing". So in the end of the day, you end up spending more then you would if you were using the standard app.
Anonymous User
Oct 23, 2018
Great app, but would be better if it showed the same thing as my original YouTube app feed, keeps on showing same videos over and over again and doesn't show recent videos. A fix to that would perfect it.
Anonymous User
Oct 21, 2018
Useless app. I can't view my own profile properly. I can't see my playlists, liked videos, the trending page or likes/comments on a video. I wouldn't recommend throwing away all those features just so you can download videos.
Anonymous User
Oct 20, 2018
Downloading feature already available in YouTube App then why they implemented different app just to transfer videos to one device to another. They could have easily implemented those features into the existing YouTube app. User do not have access (or any provision to access) to the own playlists in YTGO app. I would like see one feature that can auto play downloaded videos one by one.
Anonymous User
Oct 11, 2018
It has great potential. By the lack of playback speed control is a deal breaker. Ideally it would allow adjusting playback speed up to 3x. Hope this will be added
Anonymous User
Oct 4, 2018
It is bad. I downloaded some videos to watch after school and when I opened the app all of the videos were gone. There is tons of Youtube Video Downloader out there. Download one of them it will be better.
Anonymous User
Sep 21, 2018
The app does not work as advertised. Most videos will not allow download to view later. And worse of all, videos that tell you the size in the basic view, still use huge amounts more than what was stated on the app. I watched what I thought would 100mgs worth of video only to use up 1gig worth of data!
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