Category Puzzle Game
Developer 1bsyl
Platform Android
Free Mahjong game !

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Ann Davis
Jun 5, 2022
Not played this for years, so thought I would give it a go, I am enjoying it, but now I am older I can't see it as good , I think I need a bigger
Andrew M
Jun 4, 2022
Great version of the game; a takeoff on the kde version for linux fans, with gorgeous graphics and great logic, not too hard or easy. Ads take up a bit of screen on my phone, but are tucked away nicely on my chromebook.
Sunny Chan
Jun 4, 2022
I love this game , challenging and easy to manage , good option to replay and find alternative ways to tackle the puzzle . Good design .
Phyllis Moore
May 29, 2022
This is the BEST version of Mah Jong I've ever played. Very challenging. I recommend this game for everyone!!
M. Quon
May 26, 2022
Love this mahjong game. No ads to interrupt. Very challenging n relaxing. Can play over n over so you can challenge yourself to beat your time.
Randy Jackson
May 13, 2022
Challenging, only wished there were some instructions as some have never played before, or even hints as to where to seek help if needed as can only quit and begin a new game as no other options, unless there is something I don't know as hence my problem.
Carmen Harris
May 8, 2022
Excellent game! Challenging but not impossible. Heaps of different layouts. I don't even see ads. That's a relief.
Sandra Villeneuve
May 4, 2022
Wish same tiles do not stack on each other. Lose too many games because of this and get discouraged.
Margret Girgensohn
Apr 30, 2022
I like it very much. The old original tiles. Same game to play again. Resume where you finished last time. All in all nice.
User1 User
Apr 23, 2022
Lots of fun. I wished it showed how many matches are available when the game opens and as the game progresses. Still, quite enjoyable.
Cathy Lewandowski
Mar 25, 2022
I like this version. You can see all the tiles. None are shaded out. There is no help button, for me that is good. You have to pay attention. There are several different patterns in this game
Jodi Ritter
Mar 20, 2022
I have been playing Mahjong for a long time. There are so many ways to play with the amount of Apps and the games within the Apps.
Ian Kench
Mar 14, 2022
Very enjoyable app. Enjoy playing this on the Amazon Fire Cube too. NINETY SIX layouts too, NOT only one as someone said. Very challenging. The ads are not intrusive and are barely noticeable most of the time. You can highlight the free tiles too. Lots of flexibility in settings to get it just the way you'll like it. Thanks for a brilliant little app.
Janet Patterson
Mar 7, 2022
This is by far my favorite Mahjong game. I just uninstalled my other ones. Very relaxing and you don't have to watch ads. Ads are small in the top corner and don't interfere with the game. I love it!!
deplorable me
Mar 3, 2022
Lots of challenging layouts; simple and clean display makes it one of the best mahjong apps available.
Michelle Post
Feb 18, 2022
I like this, just wish the tile layout would not scoot about the screen while choosing tile sets. I have to move the tile layout back in place each time. If no one else has that problem, maybe it's because I have it installed in my Note 2 android. The game functions to play, though.
Jerry Kraft
Feb 15, 2022
Love mahjong and the layouts. Tile colors are too dull, and tiles should have more 3-D effect. The old 24/7 Mahjong game had vibrant colors and much easier to distinguish. Would rate this 5 stars if those qualities were evident.
Gorham Maine
Feb 5, 2022
The best mahjong I've played. It's a lot like native mahjong in Windows and is my benchmark for mahjong on other devices. I prefer the turtle layout which works very well in this app. It fits and functions very well on all my Android devices, no matter which size. Highly recommended.
Gerry Wimpenny
Jan 30, 2022
Very difficult to finish this game,there are no instructions, so I am playing blind,the features figures a re very hard to understand,but I am batting my head against a brick wall but I am getting the idea now,i try to keep going on the same game, some I win, but others no go, but I keep going.
Caroline Hansford
Jan 30, 2022
Limited fun to be had in this: it doesn't show the number of remaining matches and there's only one layout available.
Melvyn Harrison
Jan 24, 2022
I played this game some years ago and achieved success on all 96 levels now I am going to do it all over again. This is an even better game now it has been improved.
patsy stitz
Jan 17, 2022
I prefer this version of Mahjong because I get to pick my moves instead of having the tiles in a shadow, and the tiles highlighted. Thank you for that.
Deb M
Jan 8, 2022
Enjoy majong while waiting for one thing or another. Fun to race against the clock. This app is my favorite because it has a variety of tile layouts and skill levels for just about everyone. Got my six year old grandson hooked!
poss liselotte
Jan 6, 2022
I think this is a new app for me, I enjoy mahjong and this game keeps the ads in the corner of the page not the middle blocking your game. So I like the game.....I have reinstalled this app after trying some of the others. Still love the game. Only after I installed the app and started playing I found that a line keeps flashing across the screen alternating from top to bottom of the screen every time I use the mouse. If there is anyone out there that can solve this let me know.
Victoria MORTON
Jan 5, 2022
This is a Non invasive , straight mahjong game, meaning not a ton of advertising to interefere with the playing of the actual game! I have played this game for years and enjoy it a lot! It is a single player game!
Glenn Suits
Dec 24, 2021
Best Mahjong for seasoned players. Winning isn't guaranteed and the tiles are large enough to see well. Characters are classic Mahjong so familiar and easy to recognize. I don't like the games that basically make losing impossible and highlight the active pieces automatically. This game gives you the choice for that setting.
Dec 15, 2021
Solved all 96 units twice. Went into settings and cleared memory to start over. I have 5 games and this is by far my favored followed by Game of UR... Wish this one would keep score as to how many times a puzzle was attempted. Just played number one 5 times before completing...
Fernando Gonzalez
Dec 9, 2021
Well pleased with the game but I'll take time here to add a little suggestion. Would like to see an auto zoom to fit remaining tiles to screen. There's times when 2 sets of tiles are separated by a desk space so I have to manually zoom out or move desk space around to touch other tiles. Thanx. "Onward: Thru the Fog!"
Olive Pook
Dec 2, 2021
Love this game. Keeps me occupied for ages . Particularly like the fact that the ads are up in the left corner, and don't put you off at all.
Marilyn Winkler
Nov 28, 2021
Played many different games this one leaves you in charge relax and play at your own speed then go back and beat your score
Kathy Hubbard
Nov 25, 2021
Winnable games in each pattern; some more than others. No cutesy joy-wows with each pair matched; this game is purely about growing speed and strategy skills. My favorite Mahjong. Thanks for the great design!
Mary Monk
Nov 12, 2021
This is my favorite mahjong game. It is challenging, i lose more than i ein. But it is not boring. I play nearly every day.
carol hajicek
Nov 2, 2021
Changed review from a 4 to 1 as games not worth playing as screen keeps flashing on and off with each ad that pops up in the upper right corner.
jennifer sampson
Oct 28, 2021
I love this game and play it every morning. However, now it "glitches." The screen goes dark then comes on and it keeps doing this! I have removed and reinstalled but it is still occurring!
Erich Homsher
Oct 28, 2021
I tried three apps and this was the best because it did not make me start at level one. It feels like the right level for me.
Mary McCullough
Sep 16, 2021
Pretty good game. Would love the option to change the pieces. Would also like to have the game layouts in difficulty order. So I know what I'm getting myself into. Would recommend this version anyway
lynette canary
Sep 14, 2021
I dont like it that this game dont shuffle like the others. Game over happens so quick at times while im into the game.
Bob & Trice Miller
Aug 23, 2021
Game play is not bad but adds have become a real problem when they cover half or full screen. The first week I had this the adds were not too bad, but suddenly I have been getting full screen adds that cover the board for 30 sec. and new adds were poping up every other minute making play impossible. I will uninstall this and look for another mahjong.
Fiona Perry
Aug 16, 2021
Once you get your head around the matching tiles, that is, the flowery ones, I was getting quicker. Good game to play as it keeps you alert and makes you want to keep playing without it becoming addictive.
Julie Himes
Aug 5, 2021
Enjoy playing. Easy Start, pause, resume, play at anytime is a plus to pick up where you left off and continue.
Aug 4, 2021
I would like much more lay-outs. I play everyday and playing the same ones over and are really getting BORING
Shawn Carroll
Jul 28, 2021
It's standard solitaire Mahjong game. The backgroung and designs work well, and the tan one is very good for gaming at night with the filters. My son has been playing with me since he was four, and now at 11 I thnk he can beat, but a coop games are blindingly fast We due frequency analaysis with the games, and it has gotten into advanced math.
Kathy Amaducci
Jul 25, 2021
The biggest pain in neck is the chips move all around each time I touch them to play!!! Have I missed something? Is there a way to lock the screen after enlarging the chips so they're big enough to read?????
Alf Key
Jul 25, 2021
great !!!!!!! really enjoyed , would like to see hints and how many matched pairs left ,,. thank you
Cassi Day
Jul 24, 2021
Good Majhongg game. Been playing for -30 yrs. Like that it has no games within the game. They can be fun, but they want us to spend a lot of money, and that's not what I want. This let's me play.... just enjoy playing
Thomas Kowanda
Jul 18, 2021
A simple classic mahjong game. No blings, no beeps, no coins, no rewards, no ads. Lovely symbols, loads of levels, minimalistic design, sometimes very challenging, sometimes easy - just the thing
Joan Klock
Jul 14, 2021
I love this Mahjong game and I have solved each puzzle at least 25 times but I upgraded my phone recently and lost that number of wins. Could you please reinstate those wins on my new phone?
Marilyn Sharp
Jul 9, 2021
I think i'm doing good in the game and the next thing , i know , majohn has won , i still like to play , anyway !!!
Annette Gilmore
Jul 8, 2021
If you made options during play smaller, also clicking onto a tile moves the whole puzzle. Only my 2nd round on this app., we'll see.
Ronnie Vanderhoof
Jul 2, 2021
Best Mahjong there is! I like the timer and play fast to challenge myself on beating my best score. This version doesn't have tiles animating, clapping together, spangling or any other silly nonsense, and for that I rate it full marks.
Diane Allman
May 27, 2021
The layouts are difficult. There are only 96 games and I have only been able to complete about 75 of them. I think the others are unwinnable. The ads are out of the way and the timer is there but it does not add pressure. The fastest I have finished a game is around 8 minutes. If you want a challenge, this game is for you.
jane smith
May 25, 2021
Very enjoyable, calming and challenging, Only quibble is that it is a bit hard to manage when the tiles wobble up and down on screen . Needs to be fixed please. Discovered later that the settings can be altered and fixed using the settings button! Ads are not as intrusive on a tablet as they are on my phone so have uprated this to a 5 -star game. For a little mindful moment in time, this is the one.
Robin Rolt
May 25, 2021
By far, one of my favorite games to play. No gimmicks, no intrusive ads. The only thing I would change? Add a shuffle feature.
Alyssa Griggs
May 12, 2021
Awesome! This is the game I have been looking for, nothing flashy and you don't always win - the best version!!
Pam 4062
May 10, 2021
I like this game very much. I appreciate that the ads are off to the side (thank you) and I actually do check them out.
John Manning
May 10, 2021
This version of the Mahjong Chinese Tile game is the right way of playing Patience or Solitaire game. 🙄
Anthony Nunnally
May 6, 2021
My favorite Mahjong (tile game) app! It works without data/internet and has tons of puzzle options!😁 👍5️⃣⭐'s❗ 👏👏👏
Thea Drury
Apr 29, 2021
Through the years I've played different versions of Mahjong but I always come back to this one. It's a simple puzzle game, no distractions having to go on tours or winning some artifacts. But it has plenty of variations and it's difficult enough to keep me interested. I just love, love this game.
Joy Henriques
Apr 24, 2021
This is one of the best Mahjong! I like the fact the tiles dont move. Its one of the hardest games i have.
Diane Tremblay
Apr 19, 2021
I love this making game!Each. Level is challenging. I always played Yahoo's solitary mahjong. This is the best I've found since that time. I spend hours sometimes doing the levels which always change. Good job!!!!
Gregory Ross
Apr 19, 2021
I've played this game more than any others. I am glad that the little advertising is gone because it prevented a larger picture and other things.
Annie Blue
Apr 18, 2021
I rarely win with this game - it's very frustrating when you get almost to the end & are told no more moves! Are all the games winnable?
Alfred Scamman
Apr 10, 2021
I was looking for a classic mahjong game with a small footprint and no frills. This is it. Thank you.
Shannon Gray
Apr 5, 2021
Can play this game for hours. Just wish it had a back or undo button so you can change the last move if needed.
Colin Baker
Mar 30, 2021
Great way to spend a wet afternoon when there's nothing on the telly. Been stuck indoors for three months dues to the lock down and this game helps keep me sane. Love it.
Glenn Weinstein
Mar 28, 2021
App updated 7 hrs ago. Now when I try to open it, it is a blank screen. Galaxy on Sprint. Thank you for the quick fix. Reinstalled and works great now!
jorik cadelago
Mar 28, 2021
Game is great, but as today i cant open the app anymore. Playing on Fire 10 Edit:thank you! Really kind and ready to help!
Diama sparkles
Mar 25, 2021
With all the compition this one is the best mahjong 🀄 and I'm glad you're finally able to add more. It was just a few I play long time ago now it's 95 blocks. Continue to add more. It challenging and amusing. Love it. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mar 21, 2021
Love these simpler ones! All the clutter of most just turns me off. One thing I need is hints on occasion because I hate when I have to quit if my old eyes can't see the next match. Keep up the good work!
Lydia Verhaegh
Mar 19, 2021
Fun and relaxing. The game is pretty standard and simple to play. Some features are lacking (does not show how many moves are left for example) but it makes up for that with a wide variety of spreads and no advertising shown at all.
Sabryna Groves
Mar 14, 2021
This is one of the greatest games I've downloaded onto my phone. There are tons of levels, offline play with no ads or changes to gameplay, and the game is very fun for passing the time. I wish I could offer more stars.
Debi Hallum
Mar 11, 2021
This is the mahjong game I have been looking for for a very lon time. It's a real game of mahjong. All the others start with super easy games and build up to impossible. This is the real thing I Love it!!!
Diana Stevens
Mar 8, 2021
It's the best Mahjonh I have found and I tried a lot of different ones! And it's always updated and gets better and better!!
Jeannette Sauyer
Mar 5, 2021
You can move the board to play easier, no time limit, andI love they do not highlight. Recommend much fun.
Jackie O'Doherty
Mar 5, 2021
Well.....I didn't intend to like it, but Yes, I do seem hooked on it now . I like the traditional blocks design but, the flower designs are a bit confusing...
debra powell
Mar 4, 2021
I like this game but I don't think you can win every game. Sometimes the last 2 tiles are on top of the other
Richard Dixon
Feb 27, 2021
This is very fun and a bit challenging. Pay attention to multiple choices as they can leave you with no matches later. LOTS OF FUN!
Feb 24, 2021
I like it. Its straightforward but the flowers and bamboo that don't match sometime play together and sometimes they don't. I have never seen that before.
Harriet O'daniel
Feb 21, 2021
I have loved playing this game for several years now...never get tired of it!! I still love playing Mahjong!!
Secundus Maximus
Feb 20, 2021
In an App Store full of bloatware, this game is a very welcome surprise: Small and lightweight, simple, no bling, no run-at-startup, no public leaderboard, yet it is visually appealing, and at least I don't see any ads. I thank the creator for that! The game has some classical boards and many, many funny looking board variants. What would be nice to have is an indicator of currently possible moves, but the game is fine without. For my taste, a close-to-perfect mobile implementation of Mahjong.
Juliet Florence
Feb 10, 2021
Very simple and straightforward! Good tile contrast. No highlighted tiles or flashy movement. I wish they only used simplified Chinese characters.
Feb 9, 2021
Very entertaining game. I prefer this one to other majong apps I have tried. This is because instead of working through levels that have long pop up adds in between, you choose the layout of the board you want and play. More challenging and the game lasts longer, very minimal ads. The app runs really well in general and I'd give it a 10/10 😊.
Mateusz Las
Feb 9, 2021
Play often, a welcome relief from hype and flash. Quiets the mind. Find winning to be no more satisfying than an unsolvable outcome. Teaches acceptance of what we have and don't have control over.
Carol H
Feb 3, 2021
Great game. I like how it doesn't insult your intelligence by highlighting tiles available. The ads are unobtrusive, which is a big plus. You can undo if your game is "over" to figure what different pairings are needed to win, or you can restart the game to choose different pairings. Very challenging!
Bev Goudreau
Feb 3, 2021
I enjoy this mahjong because it's just quiet, plain mahjong without the silly bells, whistles, fireworks, bombs, gifts and other wastes of time that have plagued others I have tried and deleted. It doesn't have those annoying highlighted tiles either! Pretty much perfect.
Denise Martin
Feb 3, 2021
I could use a different Mahjong app, but for now this fits me pretty well. I have been playing for years. I might change if I come across a better one. But for now this is it.
Feb 1, 2021
I enjoy mahjong but now old and find it very hard on the eyes and could do with shuffles or clues etc
kay emerson
Jan 30, 2021
This puzzle is challenging and it makes me think, and, try to figure it out!! Sometimes I do, and win...sometimes I don't. Either way, it holds my attention and anticipation. It's fun!
Cassandra Karpinski
Jan 28, 2021
Good game, wish we could have different tile set choices (the flowers in this set confuse me) the same way we can choose backgrounds, and more than 1 undo would be nice
Powthip thananetapon
Jan 28, 2021
Confuse at first. Get it after play 2-3 times. Still don' understand how it related to table mahlong.
Mike Petersen
Jan 26, 2021
I like it because it is hard. It would be helpful if it had a tutoral, but you can figure it out on your own it just takes a while.
Jane Carver
Jan 21, 2021
I really love this Mahjong. It is definitely a high quality game. The tiles are exactly the same as a true high quality Mahjong set. This Mahjong doesn't highlight the tiles to be matched next, and I'm pleased it doesn't insult my intelligence in this manner as most Mahjong games do.
Deane Ireland
Jan 17, 2021
Have been playing this game for the last couple of years absolutely love it have to play it a couple times a day
Grant Dyer
Jan 16, 2021
It's basic and that makes it perfect. No coins, flashy gimmicks, shops and upgrades. Just the game that you were looking for.
Martin R
Jan 13, 2021
Nice game but would be nice to know how many pairs of tiles are to be found at the start of the game.
Rose wilson
Jan 10, 2021
I do enjoy the game is very relaxing and keep my mind Focus it helps build my eyes skill as well as my Mobility focus in my fingers I would very much enjoy it if you would think about adding a few more different obstacle games this is the game I do not mind playing everyday I don't need a partner even when I'm stressed it calms me down I enjoy the game I think you so much.
Gordana Stanković
Jan 5, 2021
In my view, great set of layouts, beautifully drawn pieces making up the game. I am really enjoying it. Thank you for it!
Paula Porter
Jan 4, 2021
I love the game I just wish you could adjust the contrast on the tiles, like you can adjust the size of the tiles. I'm 72 years old and my eyesight isn't what it used to be...lots of fun though. I just switched from iPhone to Samsung A51 and must say the games I had are hard to compete with on this new devise but this one is right up there. Thx
Tamara Hendrick
Jan 3, 2021
Nice controles, menu options, game layouts, and brilliant addictive factor. In short, everything you really need to play an old fashioned game of mahjong
Dec 31, 2020
Won 1 game out of 4. It doesn't allow reshuffle like some games so when there are no more es left game is over.
Pegg Kewell
Dec 30, 2020
Had a game like this years ago , been looking for a similar one . This is awesome ! I found the other ones too easy . Good brain workout !
WJ Berean
Dec 26, 2020
Interesting how the game was fine after several games being played and now the ads have all of the sudden become ridiculous.
Jonathan Landrum
Dec 25, 2020
One of the best mahjong apps available. Doesn't annoy you with hints or daily tasks, it's just a game of mahjong.
Sheila C Charles
Dec 22, 2020
Mahjong. If you enjoy this game, it can become extremely addictive. It has been upgraded to another level. Must have been upgraded recently. You can find yourself staring at the board for ages and suddenly find there is no match to continue play! Common sense makes one 'restart' game or go onto 'new game'.
Eda Sullivent
Dec 18, 2020
Great game...challenging and fun....few ads and that makes it fantastic..I would definitely recommend this game.
Steve Sands
Dec 14, 2020
I have played this particular game on my desktops, laptops, tablets, & every cell phone I use and have used in the past. I found this Majhong game many years ago and have played thousands of games on it. It is always challenging, but not so hard to discourage further play. The many variations offered give good repreives to the main board.
Beryl Sims
Dec 14, 2020
I'm far from an expert in this area, however it seems to me that this simple ad free game gives my brain a good solid workout. Highly recommended, particularly for senior citizens who want to keep sharp.
Eugene Vaughn
Dec 12, 2020
I do not like it when you clear a screen another screen comes up that you can not do anything with. You have to start a new game to move on. Very annoying!
Jeanette Mehl
Dec 12, 2020
Love this game but adds interfere in the middle of the game. Makes it impossible to play because its a timed game.
Carly Goodwin
Dec 11, 2020
Kind of small on the phone. It's the only one I've found that doesn't highlight available tiles, and I like that because it keeps it from being too easy.
Chuck Braun
Dec 11, 2020
Was okay at first, but I didn't rate it after a couple of boards and denied it net access. So now tiles are less sensetive and too precise (I mean really....dead center guys)? So Aloha oe! CB3
Bryan Carrubba
Dec 4, 2020
Wonderful game. Keeps you alert and observant. Have played it thousands of times. Never ceases to entertain.
Anne-Marie Ramirez
Dec 3, 2020
I used to play mahjong on the Shanghai server. This one is the closest to it. There are 96 boards to download so you do not need internet to play it. I am now on my sixth time through it. Perfect game to wake up your brain. I love it.
J Pratt
Nov 29, 2020
It is addicting. I play other games that allow you to shuffle but this one is over when there are no more moves. The stacked tiles are easier to detect on this game than others. It does not have hints. There are ads that show in a small portion of the top left screen, no pop ups. After a while I don't even notice them. I even got my husband playing & he doesn't play ANY computer games.
Bonnie Rae
Nov 29, 2020
Simple, clean design. Undo to backtrack is great. Layouts are complex enough to be interesting but not frustrating. Restart as many times as you want. Great little app!
Peggy Graham
Nov 29, 2020
I really enjoy playing this.lots of my friends just don't seem to get the gist of it. I keep telling them to wake up it's so much fun.
Stephanie Gabel
Nov 28, 2020
I have been playing this version of Mahjong for years. I really like the challenge and it is very relaxing and easy to play which makes it enjoyable. Oh and you don't have to buy anything!
Eric Johnson
Nov 28, 2020
The game often hides tiles under their matches buried deep in the stack while leaving the other two matches loose on top making a win impossible.
Connie Deane
Nov 27, 2020
Great version of Mahjong. I appreciate being able to play it offline. Only thing missing is a Hint feature.
Heather Woodring
Nov 26, 2020
Simple and perfect. No ads, no weird story lines. Just majong. The only problem is that some of the layouts are not winable
F Coffey
Nov 24, 2020
Requires a keen eye for free tiles for matching, unlike others which highlights the free tiles. This is more challenging, not boring. There are many games to keep your interest.
j s
Nov 24, 2020
Excellent version of this game. I like how simple it is and that there haven't been any advertising interruptions. I only wish there were an option to shuffle the tiles when you hit a dead end. Still, really great job. Thank you!
Nov 24, 2020
There are many mahjong Solitaire apps. I stick to this one because, for some reason, the ads disappeared. ☺️
Betsy Callicott
Nov 23, 2020
This mahjong app is a good exercise for the mind. It is the only version that I play on a daily basis. In fact, it is the only version I have downloaded
Bunny's, Bunny
Nov 23, 2020
Great game. The mind is really working to get everything in the right place at the right time. It is not timed. I don't play those games. Thanks for a good game
M Crook
Nov 21, 2020
Not always very positive. Sometimes nothing happens and I have to go to settings and tell it to "Resume" before I can move on. Otherwise quite entertaining.
Laura Clatworthy
Nov 21, 2020
Proper Mahjong! Doesn't have any annoying ads or silly effects that make it lag. Just pure simple fun that works really well.
Herk Marsella
Nov 19, 2020
Challeging with many different patterns. Every game is winnable and you can restart to try again if you lose. Also you can replay to try and better your time. Has kept me occupied for months!
Roy White
Nov 16, 2020
As with all versions of Mahjong it can be very frustrating especially when at the end to have only 2 tiles piled on top of each other, but this version is excellent in every way, not least in it's presentation and speed of play and setting up.
Susan Wimperis
Nov 16, 2020
Excellent playing. One or two tile combinations didnot work well as I could not touch the tile and get it removed. A glitch
Brenda Goebel
Nov 16, 2020
I like mahjong and have played this for years. However, I would like to see some different and more layouts to play.
Michael Smith
Nov 12, 2020
It take a couple of plays to attune you eyes to the tiles but once you have done that you have hours and days of opportunity to play this wonderful version of mahjong.
Pat Fuller
Nov 10, 2020
I like it very much I have been playing Mahjong a long time and yours is the best the the layouts is the best that I found.
Delores Wesley
Nov 7, 2020
This game is fun and challenging. It makes you size up a situation then use strategy to figure out what matches to make before you get beat.
Susan Decker
Nov 6, 2020
I like that there are a lot of pattern options and no ads. The tiles are aesthetically pleasing, not tacky or cartoonish.
Debra Johnson
Nov 4, 2020
l love this game. I have been playing for some years now. It really challenges me. Really relaxes and frustrate me at the same time but I don't stop until I win.
Liew Chung Yin
Oct 31, 2020
Very interesting game, I love it. That's why I have played for about 10 years. I almost play everyday. I found relief and able to relax in my busy schedule and also at this boring MCO.
Sue Axtell
Oct 31, 2020
Challenging not always winnable,but fun to see in you can go back and change the outcome , and you often can.
Jill Smith
Oct 27, 2020
It's fun some are challenging but I am getting better so I can get them done fast I've played them 3 times over now and I keep on going Everybody likes this game they tell me they play it too
Susan Marais
Oct 26, 2020
Most enjoyable game I have ever played. I am now playing the game the nineteenth time. Says a lot doesnt it.
Caitlyn Prien
Oct 25, 2020
No music, no hints lighting it up and giving unnecessary oversensory. Just the game plain and simple, like it should be!
Jana Ripp
Oct 22, 2020
Just when you figure out one puzzle, you find you are lost in the next one. There is a lot of levels, so it keeps me interested, .
Bill Doss
Oct 22, 2020
This is my favorite Mahjong game. The tiles and background are in my ipinion the best out there. And it has the tradional layout, which is the inly one i care to play
Matthew Laszewski
Oct 21, 2020
Very good layout. Enjoyable fun working out possible solution with deep concentration. Love that some games cannot be solved. Keeps me humble.
Darlene Skidmore
Oct 21, 2020
No frills, straight forward, keeps you thinking...LOVE IT! MY MOST FAVORITE MAHJONG GAME OF ALL TIMES.
Tess Koe
Oct 20, 2020
Excellent game. Trouble is, l'm bloody addicted to it and my wife sometimes has steam coming out of her ears! Love it.
Merrill Davie
Oct 19, 2020
Have been doing this game for several years and have never tired of it I have passed on this game to many work and family members who also enjoy thr challange
Susan Adams
Oct 18, 2020
This game doesn't show rates of wins & losses. That's ok - I do both. It takes some strategizing so it makes me think. I like that. 5 stars.
michaela kucerova
Oct 17, 2020
I love this game. The app is really good, pleased to see adverts have disappeared. Many different options/levels to choose from. Game looks as it always have, classic version. Top marks from me.
Oct 17, 2020
Some what difficult to solve, but with some strategy applied solution can be found. Would like to see more of this level of games. Thanks.....
Pam Morrison
Oct 17, 2020
I enjoy this game very much, no video to watch, and no scores to keep, just the game. It's the only one I like.
Vimalakumari Govindasamy
Oct 17, 2020
Very interesting and brain storming. Good entertainment and timepass for the people like us ,i am 72 years old.thank you for keeping us engaged.
Bernice Nmai
Oct 16, 2020
Very entertaining and fun to play. It makes one speed, common sense and playing like refreshing my imagination.
Richard Willerton
Oct 15, 2020
A constant on my phone. Although many of the tile arrangements are not worth bothering with, a number of them have just the right level of challenge and I play them repeatedly. Worth taking the time to find the ones that work for you.
Jim R
Oct 14, 2020
If it wasn't for this game I would have killed my partner by now for all the times I have had to wait on them taking care of their businezs.
Robert Sweeney
Oct 13, 2020
Can play this for hours. The only negative thing is it doesn't tell you total games played. Only games won!
Gary Olson
Oct 11, 2020
I have been playing this Mahjong for over 30yrs, it has 96 game boards. Fantastic APP. None of the other Mahjong games can even come close.
Janet Elfring
Oct 7, 2020
Thank you for the explanation of the different placement for the panel. It's not as clear but ok at the top. This game is beautiful for its simplicity. All the other mahjong games are gaudy and full of gimmicks. Nice game.
Kevin Shaw
Oct 7, 2020
For me, extremely addictive! There are 96 boards (levels?) and you can play each one as many times as you like. I started at board 1 (about a year ago) and moved onto the next board each time I reached 16 wins. Today, I am on my twelfth win of board 57. Lovin' it!
Tom Hudson
Oct 6, 2020
It does take soom luck,, but also a lot of rhought about which moves are likely to help you find the tiles you need or open the most options.
Brenda Nicholas
Oct 6, 2020
If you like Mahjong then you'll love this game. Most of the mahjong games out there are way too easy this one is challenging and it doesn't have a bunch of ads
Ed S
Oct 5, 2020
I've played every board and beat each one at least once, some as many as 10 times. Just wish it had it would show a list of top 10 best times & by which game.
Peter Szabo
Oct 5, 2020
I love that there are over 90 game configurations. Lots of good settings for audio, background, and tile clues.
Heather Robinson
Oct 3, 2020
Very satisfying. Like it because it tells you when you can stop looking for matches because there are none remaining.
Sandy Charette
Oct 3, 2020
You are not given any indication as to when you are out of choices & the game is over. You have no option to request a hint. Not a fun experience at all.
Karen Vuckovich
Sep 27, 2020
like so many have said, I uninstalled because you play and play levels and can't win, frustrating I did the suggested update and game is much much better
Jess Robins
Aug 20, 2020
Nice game, would be good if it could be played in portrait as some of the decks don't suit landscape
Aug 19, 2020
This game is broken. Basically I installed this and i.tried pressing the matched cards, but it doesn't work. It's just does nothing.
re lir
Aug 12, 2020
I like the challenge wining, the record of wins, 96 picture tile choices, the vlear tile pictures as well as the option to make the board smaller or larger. Its helpful to be able to view the tile stacks so the player can have a better view in picking tiles ot how many are left to play with. I appreciate reminder that the game is over that signals yhe player to re play the game or choose another one. Over all, Im content with most of the games features! Thank you.
Charles Conlon
Aug 9, 2020
Once your eyes adjust to the graphics, it's almost impossible to lose, except when the'Game Over' message arrives - no explanation.
Lily Wolford
Jul 29, 2020
I absolutely love that there's no animation in this app. Too many mahjong apps are very brightly colored and have so many little animations and flashing colors, they are obnoxious and they trigger my migraines. This game is simple and lovely, nothing unnecessary, and it is the best mahjong app I've found. It would be better if it had a dark mode where the tiles had inverted colors or something, but it is good enough for me that at least I can change the background.
Lorraine Dougan
Jul 22, 2020
I love this game! The two things that I think would make it better: Not all layouts solvable, like real life. Of course, I don't undo the game to change the outcome. A hint button. The tiles are small on a phone and on the large complicated layouts sometimes it's hard to find the next move. This is the best Majong game offered! Thank-you for making such a good game!
LIEW Chee Kong
Jun 13, 2020
The game is very interesting and easy to play. It. really test your memory especially when you play back the same game which you have 'lost'.I enjoyed this game very much.
Valerie Henderson
Jun 2, 2020
Wow. Thought this would be at least a 4 star game. Lets see, most tiles are left unmatched, can't shuffel tiles, either restart game or start new game. After 3 days of play have only matched 1 pair of flowers. Have not completed one game. What am I missing? Oh, and the flower tiles block other tiles from being matched by sitting on top of them. Uninstalled!!
Mar 26, 2020
This is the one ive been searching for!! I love the bright white tiles. Most ive seen are a yellowish icky color.
Mar 4, 2020
I like the layout, and that there are alot of tiles to play with.It's amazing so many of these mahjong games have been available ever since 2009 or 2010, and there are many awesome ones but those use too much MB for androids & are best for computers.Some of us only have smart phones or tablets, though.
Feb 3, 2020
Love this format! I had to search a lot of games to find it. So many of the mahjong games out there, take the fun out, by highlighting viable matches, with the other titles greyed out. ??????!!?!? Those games are Mahjong with training wheels I guess. So THANK you for this real game that leaves the point of the game, IN the game.
Jan 21, 2020
Great time killer & mental exercise. The ads takes some screen space otherwise I'd give it a 5 star. Enjoyed this for years!
Jan 17, 2020
I have been playing mahjong for years, but this is one games tha defeats me EVERY time. Tiles are always hidden under the game finishing moves
Jan 13, 2020
Like another reviewer, the game is no longer challenging. I've been playing it for several years and while it was frustrating to never win, even once, your recent upgrade has taken it too far to the other extreme. It's rare now that I don't win, regardless of which game I choose so the fun is gone because there is no challenge whatsoever. How about a happy medium?
Jan 8, 2020
A great game before the Dec 2019 update - now all games are automatically solvable. I liked the older version that was not blind find the pairs too win. Before update you had to work to solve the puzzle now you are guaranteed a win Everytime so this is no longer a challenge!
Jan 5, 2020
I love this game! Thank you for all updates you have done to keep game interesting. But the fact that its so simple now a bit frustrated. Firstly I thought that I suddenly became a genius, lately after 5 victories in a day I understood that it's just impossible and something happened with game. If you please consider to make it a bit more complicated, I would be very appreciated. Good to keep brain works.
Jan 4, 2020
It keeps my mind active and alert. Fun to play! I am always telling my friends about, the game. Try it before making a comment about the game. Now they want to borrow my tablet, so they can travel with it and play Mahjong. I think I started something. When we get together we play and time one another. So much fun.
Jan 3, 2020
I loved the game. My challenge was to get each board out. There are 99 different ones. I had about 10 to go. Unfortunately they changed it and suddenly I completed the remaining boards within a day. There is no challenge, they have made it too easy. I have now deleted it.
Dec 28, 2019
Just finished the game in the sense I managed to solve all the layouts once each. The game is frustratingly entertaining - some puzzles are deceptively easy and one may have to redo them until the desired "win", and some that look "impossible" can be solved in one go (maybe two), the added frustration stemming from the fact one may get blocked and have to restart the game having removed just a pair of blocks or fewer more. Considering another round. Also, best looking mahjonng game ever.
Dec 26, 2019
This was an excellent game ( in my opinion) suddenly it's changed, smaller, easier and banal. Don't bother, play snap... about as exciting.
Dec 2, 2019
I really enjoy mahjong and this one is a KIS opportunity. However, on my side, I'd prefer the menu bar on the left instead of top. Easier to zoom. Or no black bar for the menu.
Nov 26, 2019
Hopefully the update took care of the problem of some of the games ending after only one or two moves. And when you try to play that games again it does the same. Irritating.
Nov 25, 2019
Still the best Mahjong here on the app store, but the last update (1.30) brought "minor user interface updates", which resulted in the control buttons moved from the side to the top of the screen (in a landscape based game!). I guess the developer accidently used a hammer instead of the komb in the morning when he had that idea. Reverted to 1.29 to move them back and use the space for gameplay
Nov 24, 2019
Why wete the home/help etc tabs moved to the top. Put it back to the side it makes the board smaller and harder to see when on top. Gawd why change stuff
Nov 22, 2019
I really like it. It isn't that easy like another apps where you just need to move a finger. Here you need to think. Probably I'd add a notification when you can't make anymore movement in a game.
Oct 25, 2019
Love this game! Been looking for a version that is challenging forever! All the others are just too easy. I don't clear every board right away but when I do I know I earned it! Thanks!
Oct 16, 2019
I Agree With Mary, You Can't Go Wrong With This Game Or Even Get Bored From It With All The Many Different Tile Games To Choose From. I Love It
Sep 6, 2019
Tiny, non-intrusive ads, solid gameplay. Way too many unsolvable games though. That can be rather irritating. Still, a good game overall.
Aug 20, 2019
i love mahjong but i would much rather have my original game back that was titans that was a brilliant game fast but really relaxing these new types are rubbish
Jul 20, 2019
this is the best majong I've ever played. the only thing bad I have to [email protected] about it. is that is so addictive, that I go. oh no it did not beat me again . 1st board got 3/5 close, 2nd board got down to 6 titles and I think the board that's has 2..I won. still going at the 1st 2. Kudos to this eyes are red and the sun has came the sun has came up.....any other players. ..don't judge....I am totally ...well just totally........
Jun 1, 2019
Nice game and just like real mahjong. You don't get any shuffles, go backs or hints. But on the plus side neither do you get any ads or timers to bother you.
May 29, 2019
This game has just started to close constantly in the middle of games. It just closes. Fortunately it restarts where I left off but it's annoying. Also some of these games can't be won. It's impossible to see some of the tiles even though they are playable. Wish there were hints.
May 23, 2019
On one hand I love it. Its challanging and makes you work. but half the layouts wwill let you get to the last 2 bones but one is on top of the other and there is no way to win. This happens very frequently and it isnt fun or fair! I don't know if there is a setting change but either way, thats not fair. Otherwise Id give it 4 or 5/5. 4 because there are too many quick "no win"s. 5 if both these problems were fixed. ps, it is still my favorite mahjong game.
Apr 18, 2019
This game is impossible to do anything with. The tiles are way too small. The pairs are not in the places thatvthey are supposed to be in.
Mar 28, 2019
boring as ads cover the top & bottom of the screen and you have to keep shuffling to see the letters
Dec 13, 2018
If you like difficult, this game is for you. There is no reshuffle, no hints and some are impossible.
Nov 21, 2018
Its a great game apart from i would like a hint when am stuck for long and dont like ad hanging above and would love a reset . But all in all it s wonderful small size easily handled love it simply and choose it above hundereds of other mahjong games available because its worth it.
Nov 12, 2018
It's boaring, game. It's not like the other games that are interesting. Sorry but it needs to be upgraded.
Oct 13, 2018
I liked this because its minimal but thats also the rub. the tiles are nice but itd be better, i tjink, if the shadoes or frame around each was darker. it just gets so hard on the eyes staring at them and they all blend together. a hint would be nice, an "undo" would be nice, a reset would be nice. you know....some options. played 4 games over a week and got tired of staring and staring and not seeing a move but supposedly there is because it didnt say i was out of ,oves. or, you dprnd a long time playing a game only to find the last 4 tiles are on top of each other. backing up a few moves could let you win but you cant
Sep 17, 2018
I'd like to play a game i at least have a chance of winning. While i appreciate a challenge i do want to win eventually.
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