m365 Tools for m365/Pro/1S/Pro2, G30, ES and more

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Jun 6, 2022
I tried connecting my scooter and it worked. Although everything on the menu was N/A, I tried re-installing, resetting the app - nothing. I would be happy if it would be fixed.
Јован Аксић
May 26, 2022
Application worked awesome until i updated phone to miui 13(android 12) now i cant split screen it, it just shows speed and i can scroll down like before, maybe it doesnt have full android 12 support yet. I wont do 1 star because app was awesome before android 12 but fix it and make it supported
Marcus Cheyne
May 26, 2022
Don't download they take ur money and the app don't work then ignore you when u ask for a refund trust me save your money
May 26, 2022
Best app for xiaomi,ninebot scooters Easy to connect andFast to lock/unlock scooter 1sec. Delete mi home and ninebot app lol
Alex Op
May 17, 2022
Sadly the app is not working anymore (mija pro). As soon as it connects to the scooter, it force closes.
Простой Проект
May 17, 2022
Перестал работать после обновления ninebot mini под mecha kit, master control: 1.7.9, ble: 1.2.1, bms: 1.2.4
May 8, 2022
After using it for 1 day it seem alright but i cannot find where i can update the firmware of my scooter mi pro 2
Carpe Diem
Apr 29, 2022
Latest update crashed connectivity. Scooter keeeps disconnecting. Hope it will be fixed ASAP. Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, 0218(2-1)
Ramzy Benar
Feb 27, 2022
I paid for the app but one thing REALLY annoys me, tilting the phone resets the chart, fix this and you'll get 5 stars. Also set the app to respect lock orientation from Android
Mister See
Feb 14, 2022
If you have a Xiaomi scooter, you have to have this app! It's so good I'm going to actually buy it (pizzas and coffee on me lads and ladettes) and I never buy apps. Question : what do the crossed out light icon and speed arc at the bottom of the dashboard do?
Solomon Paul
Jan 2, 2022
This is absolutely the best substitute for your mi electric scooter control app. Easy to use and connect immediately you open it.
George Kizos
Dec 31, 2021
it keeps me disconnecting..... was working fine ... but now i cant connent ... is there an issue?? Poco F3 phone
waleed khaled
Dec 25, 2021
After the last update I cannot connect to the scooter the app connect and disconnect immediately I hope it will be fixe soon
Gergő Oláh
Dec 11, 2021
If you have a Xiaomi Electric scooter you should have to use this app instead of the original app. It's just excellent and the ad free version is not expensive.
Murat Hamderi
Nov 22, 2021
Everything seems to fine, expect the way it calculates the remaining mah. It calculates it through the voltage. This is not right, because the capacity degrades over time. However, it is possible to calculate it by summing the consumed mAh. It shows the instanteous Ampere, that is why I think counting and finding out the real capacity is possible.
Nov 15, 2021
I was able to take my Xiaomi Mi 1s from 13 MPH in "S" mode to 16 MPH with this app. Genuinely so much better than the official app this should be your go to for all your scooter needs.
Christoph Fuchs
Sep 17, 2021
good app overall, especially the free version. some complaints: - i paid the 10€ for the silver support level, but still get the popup to pay on launch - offlinemode works very inconsistently, most of the time it doesn't - manual adjustment of battery capacity is not possible afaik
Raven Darkfur
Sep 17, 2021
I only have one concern, but it is sort of my own fault too. the scooter can have a speed limit set and this is fine! but when someone changes the speed limit in the app when you are in cruise controll,... your scooter will shoot forward! Be careful!
Aug 31, 2021
Useful, but reports lower battery capacity and cannot be modified. This distorts many calculations and it is not exactly right.
Modding God922
Aug 3, 2021
The app is incredible it gives me useful information when riding the scooter it works much better than the official xiaomi home app I love it.
John Frizell
Jul 17, 2021
Very informative and has different pages , graphs for recording, imdepth battery info etc. Better than xamomi original app.
Carbune Constantin
Jul 15, 2021
Bought the Standard Premium Version useless. The only reason i did it, was because i though you might unlock the settings button to fix my battery capacity shown incorect. I just bought a New Mi Pro 2 with obviously 12.8Ah but it shows 5. Can i get a refund then as it did not help me?
Taha Alçiçek
Jul 12, 2021
App is great. It shows much more information compared to official Xiaomi App. But visuals need to improve. It looks bad and outdated.
Jul 8, 2021
I rated 5 stars before, but Android 11 seems to break the GPS tracking for me. Are you using in the manifest? I really like the app and it's tracking and would be happy to see it working again!
Jason Kish
Jun 20, 2021
I used this app and the app that came with my scooter. No comparison. This app is WAY better. More detail, easier to read, better info about battery and more accurate in regard to gages and real-time info.
Charles Craig
May 24, 2021
Would be 5 stars but I figure I payed alot for scooter why should I have to pay extra to Access and change settings in it
May 22, 2021
I purchased the app on my phone, but its full of ads on my other phone (the google account is the same)
G Fnch
May 20, 2021
Flashed my scooter first day I bought it.up yours manufacturer limits.made me keep my pro2 365 a lot longer than I should've.now it's all mods.thank you xiaoflasher.
Novac Dalibor
May 9, 2021
One of the best app you can have. It basically shows you EVERYTHING that is important. And it's free. You are not forced to buy it to unlock some important functions like some other apps. The payed version is just cosmetics. So if you are looking for an app that shoes you everything you want to see,don't hesitate and get it.
Ragnar Erikson
Apr 16, 2021
You can use this app to shut off glow lights and brake lights on the es25d after removing the regional restrictions. Glow lights need a constant glow, though.
Mindaugas Jocionis
Mar 27, 2021
Just unboxed my 3 xiaomi 1S, strange that battery capacity is indicated as 5200mah. On mi home app designed capacity shown as 7650mah. Other 2 scooters show same designed capacity on both apps.
Michael Kmiecik
Mar 27, 2021
Great app. Recommended if you owe Xiaomi scooter and want a little bit more info about your scoot. Thanks
Chris Barth
Mar 26, 2021
Using on a derentalized ES4 running ESMOD firmware. Logs all electrical,speed, location parameters you could want. Also gives me the ability to turn on and change the "disco lights", something not even the ninebot app can do from android. Invaluable app in a easy to use format.
Clark Andreasen
Mar 23, 2021
Liked it initially but right after I paid extra to do custom range modifiers it started crashing every time I left the app and switched back. Edit: yes I tried clearing the app's data. That only fixed it for one use (I am able to connect to my scooter again, everything works, but if I leave the app and try to open it again, it says "m365 tools keeps stopping." I'll try again tonight.
Richard Jacobs
Mar 20, 2021
Great app nice and easy to use whilst riding. Shame about the advertisement's. Keep up the good work
Benny The Cat
Mar 19, 2021
Fantastic M365 App. I use the paid version and it tells me everything I need to know about my scooter w/o ads. Well worth getting.
Seb Morgan
Mar 13, 2021
Paid of premium and app is disconnected with my scooter after 30sec every single time when my display of my phone is turn off. Any suggestions?
Mar 2, 2021
I recently got new Pro 2 and this app says it's battery capacity is 5200mah. And I only get 10-12km with full charge which is terrible. I'm 90kg though and temperature is around 0-5 C. Anyone else own Pro 2 and use this app?
Daniel Wale
Feb 26, 2021
Great app that I use exclusively with my Segway Ninebot MAX instead of the segway app that constantly wants to update the firmware.
Marcin Błaczkowski
Feb 19, 2021
Up to last update the app was brilliant. Since last update the app shows speed incorrectly. It always raports 34. 5 km/h regardless of the scooter speed. I already reset the app and all the settings. Could you please help me with it. My scooter is m365
Tyr Kohout
Feb 12, 2021
Awesome tool for getting a close look at your Xiaomi or Ninebot scooter. Nice interface and lots of great features.
Dope Lapira
Feb 8, 2021
Hi..i just want to know before i donate to this up do this up work on citysports electric scooter model no:CS2 . Thanks in advance I will give 5 star when i ise this up but first i want to know if will work on my scooter
Dave BG
Jan 31, 2021
could have the flash option integrated, and links to librarys with Mod FWs, I can't seem to record the the way (in a map or google maps) I rolled. Other than that, pretty good app :)
Jan 27, 2021
Pretty full-featured app, I use it much more than ninebot's one that needs an account The layout is a bit strange (at least when using an ES2). The KERS mode, taillight, and cruise control settings are in a weird place among a lot of statistics. Also, the "Customization" section should go below "Lights" and "Speed Limit" so they can be together with KERS mode and the other settings. The app is only missing one feature and that is setting a charge limit.
Peter Morris
Dec 19, 2020
App works fine but after use the scooter is still connected to the app and cannot connect to mi home app I have tried to reset the scooter but no avail
george kastanza
Nov 27, 2020
Easy to use. Connects with no issues. Reasonably responsive gauges. I suggest paying for the $5 one. Wish it would function tilted horizontally. Not sure if it's just my incompetent phone or the app itself
RashidAyesha Arts
Nov 11, 2020
There is something only problem for my scooter until now i didnt resolve it. Its look like its breaking when i am on running. Then the brake light is sometime is beeping.
Csongor Szíjjártó
Nov 5, 2020
Tried GPS tracking but my whole track became a straight line on the map. I set GPS track to always on but apparently still no intermittent points were recorded during my trip.
Oct 24, 2020
It does what it says it does. It's much better than Segway's app for my ES4. The only downside is that m365 Tools is a battery hog.
Alexandru Tuțică
Oct 16, 2020
Running ads on a premium app is lame. I paid to get rid of ads. My premium is not high enough for you?
Chris Collins
Oct 5, 2020
I couldn't get the underglow to come on or work with my segway es4 even with their own app so a friend recommended that I dload this app and within 2 mins I had the underglow lights working and could customize them 1000 different ways. 1000% satisfied with this app and will recommend it to everyone I know with segway scooters
Boop Doop
Oct 1, 2020
This is Soo good I'd recommend genuine love goes to the ap it's so good for the scooter seriously I get cruse controll speedometer speed controller ECT ECT it does have premium for some of the features but still 10/10
Henning Nilsen
Sep 20, 2020
Great app. Works wonderfully on my Xiaomi. Please consider adding support for Kingsong scooters as they desperately need an alternative to the "official" app.
Dmitry Tsirulnikov
Sep 18, 2020
Hello! Thank you for your application. There was a time when it was not able to connect to my 365, but now it is gone, and I am using the app instead of original one. It is really cool. I have one suggestion for improvement though. You know, according to an official research, the battery lives longer if it is charged to 80% max. So if I have such optional alarm in Pro edition, I would buy it immediately. And it would be easy to implement, right? :)
Timelapse Traveler
Sep 4, 2020
Great app. does everything you wish it could do and then some! Ironically this works much better than the official Xiaomi app!
RujdiYT 8
Aug 16, 2020
Hello i need some help so i locked the scooter and it says on the app N/A and i cant unlock it can you pls fix this i am in a hurry and if you fix this i am ganna give it 5 star reveiw
Igor Samokysh
Aug 11, 2020
Shows no data with 1.4 firmware for m365. Hapens after ugrade of this app Problem remains with the lates update!
Tj Regrnwetter
Jul 30, 2020
If ur segway led lights wont come on or the option isnt in the segway app this is the solution. Now my underside leds on my es4 are super bright and customizable!
Anthony Thomas
Jul 26, 2020
App works awesome with my segway es4. And its the only app that i can control my lights under my scooter because I use an android phone.
Daniele G
Jul 25, 2020
Great application, very useful and professional.... Would be nice to decrease Regen braking, still too strong .
Heyo Jayo
Jul 24, 2020
Great tool. Better than official segway app. Edit: Just updated today and it crashes everytime I connect to my scoot. Used to work fine before update. Using a NB Max G30. Please fix this.
Iman Salehi
Jul 21, 2020
Hi Seller Could you please add the OLED mode for other theme colors. Currently it is only available for dark green theme. Update: the developer immediately applied the requested feature. Very responsive! Thanks developer.
Peter Vilcov
Jul 15, 2020
Very useful app for monitoring your scooter. In the last year of constant usage I have encountered 0 bugs or unexpected behaviour. Solid 5/5.
Jul 14, 2020
The app stopped working in the latest version (I have the paid version). Apparently it connects to my m365 but after a few seconds asks me to turn on the scooter to be able to connect and gets stuck on that menu. This version of the app is at fault 100% because other similar apps work just fine. Wrote to the app support 2 days ago... Unfortunately no one answered. I will come back and modify this review if things evolve. Later edit : So it's been 18 days since I've wrote the author and I haven't seen any reply from him... not even an "I'll look into it"... nothing. That forced me into buying another app that works. On 5 July he pushed an update that unfortunately did not solve my problem and since he does not wish to work the issues out with the users (see the lack of email feedback from him) I will move on and forget about it.
Jul 14, 2020
Does the same as the Xiaomi app, but without the connection issues. You can still set the cruise control, rear light etc.
Chris Culley
Jul 8, 2020
As of the July 7th 2020 update the app will not even open now. It did before but now it starts to load then crashes, crash data sent
Coxy Android
Jul 7, 2020
P30 Lite .. instantly crashes on launch. Tried to clear cache, data, reinstalled. Nothing. Hope the Devs who seem to reply to reviews can look in to this. Really need it. Thank you.
M Aasim
Jun 29, 2020
Phone heating up when this app is on. Means this app is gathering data from Phone. Uninstslled already!
Mel W
Jun 23, 2020
Constantly stuck on a box saying I need to connect to my scooter by pressing the power button, even though its connected!! It then disconnects. Cannot get out of this loop. Shame as I paid for the upgraded version
Paul Franz
Jun 20, 2020
Forget the MiHome app. m365 Tools should be your first installation after buying an M365. Gives you maximum flexibility to run the firmware that you want and has all the same features as the Mi app anyway. Worth at least the $4 upgrade
Hugo Estrada
Jun 19, 2020
Perfect app for basic information and options regarding your scooter. If they added es2 light support this app would do it all.
rich mag
Jun 14, 2020
Great app liked it so much I bought the standard premium version and I don't buy apps. Great work by developer
Pavel Cimbál
Jun 12, 2020
Not comparable to official useless Xiaomi Home bloooatware. This one is perfect. Bought it, worth it.
joe Williams
May 28, 2020
I made my electric scooter into gas,solar power electric scooter.Didnt want to make it gas so I stuck with solar,batteries and solar panel that charges the batteries and runs well charges as it runs. My 87 year old grandma can run faster than this scoot. Hahahaha😅
May 7, 2020
12/10! The best app for your e-scooter! Very customisable and user friendly, with many great options and features! It shows data for everything! (Battery mAh, Amps, Watts, Maxum speed, Battery Voltage, Vehicle Temperature and many, many more...!) By buying the premium (which is almost 5€) you get some customisation options no ads and some other useful stuff. That way, you can make the app fit your color theme and your needs. Would recommend to everyone over the Xiaomi app or the Segway app!
Anonymous User
Apr 26, 2020
Paid for premium have a highly modified phone and has annoying error saying my system is tampered to use unsigned apps....
Anonymous User
Apr 22, 2020
Been saving net logs of the app and it seems that a should be private vehicle app, trys to connect to Facebook multiple times every time you open the app. I wonder what kind of data they are selling them? funny that you say that because i do have premium... still stealing data
Anonymous User
Mar 17, 2020
EDIT: The problem was caused by the delay of reporting the total mileage to the app and pressing the Rec button before it is loaded. ORIG.PROBLEM: Doesn't count the distance traveled by trip correctly. It takes the last recorded odometer. So if you forget to record one trip, the next trip you make will show the distance calculated from the last one. Result me driving 7 minutes for 26km and 584km/h average speed. Otherwise the app is good.
Anonymous User
Mar 13, 2020
This app is absolutely brilliant! Connects first time without issue, unlike the Mi Home app. Provides access to all the info and features required and works flawless. This should be top on your list of Apps if you own a Xiaomi M365 Scooter (inc. M365 Pro).
Anonymous User
Mar 10, 2020
I have to jump thru hoops to get it going but this is the only app that i can get rid of my ext batt temp error, increase speed, and switch on sport mode on my chineese dashboard, all without flashing. (ES4 btw, your app also lets me crank about 850 watts to my old school 300w motor... Was a rental , no fold, lower spec motor, throttled down... Not anymore)
Anonymous User
Feb 21, 2020
I actually don't have that much experience with the app, but I can already tell it's better that the 'official' app Mi Home from Xiaomi. It connects faster to the scooter and is simply more reliable. I would want it to be cleaner though, it the sense of showing less info on the main screen.
Anonymous User
Feb 4, 2020
Great App! I paid for premium. One request. Can you please make battery life more prominent on the dashboard? There's a lot of stuff given equal prominence that doesn't really belong there, and can happily live on another back screen. While I might be curious about how many total kilometers I have ridden, I absolutely need to know my battery life left! A bargraph would be best. Thanks!
Anonymous User
Jan 27, 2020
This app is a gift what keeps on giving, helping me monitor my M365 Pro scooter and keep a good record of its cycles, milage and cell life. This is my go too app!
Anonymous User
Dec 22, 2019
Great app, constantly being improved, not only providing valuable scooter information, also some functionality mod s. If only every scooter had this
Anonymous User
Dec 4, 2019
Probably the best pay for play m365 app out there. Most dashboard apps share the same featuresets and dashboards, what sets this app apart is its data logging. The CSV output file is packed with data, and if that's up your alley you'll like this. One feature request is to change the filename structure, have it be year_month_day versus day_month_year, helps with organizing.
Anonymous User
Nov 29, 2019
Yes, I have internet, also I clicked the banner PREMIUM, then click to pay Standard but then it don't go anywhere. Same with silver or gold. 2019-11-28: still with the issur. I go through the banner (PREMIUM), then in the next page when touch to pay Standard, didn't happens anything.
Anonymous User
Nov 21, 2019
Great app i even recommend go premium on this one give hell alot of options :) 4 stars because i sent a massage 2 weeks ago(no response till now) its about the miband-miwatch time option since the last update i cant edit or even see the hitbox "send notification every x time" its a poor UI bug pliz fix it <3 *galexy a50 user*
Anonymous User
Nov 8, 2019
Would have been 5 star if you wasn't charging to switch to miles. Just restarted and was now able to make changes. Thank you
Anonymous User
Nov 5, 2019
Bought pro version. After 31 october update the app stopped seeing the scooter... While other apps do perfectly... Your app It still works however in my other cell... Something weird...
Anonymous User
Nov 3, 2019
M365 dashboard is better for Americans. M365 tools defaults to kph and you need pay for an upgrade to switch to MPH. Not too bad otherwise.
Anonymous User
Oct 18, 2019
I have the Bullet XCT 85 and this won't work with the scooter. It finds via Bluetooth but won't connect, I think it's the wrong app!
Anonymous User
Oct 12, 2019
Pro:The app shows you all what you need to know about the scooter. Against: Sometimes it's pretty hard to connect the scooter with the app.
Anonymous User
Sep 27, 2019
It works like a charm and shows you all info you need. Compared to stock Mi app, this just awesome. After update to latest firmware Mi365 pro 1.6.1 it doesn't show no info. I hope that developer soon update really usefull app.
Anonymous User
Sep 23, 2019
Great App! Can you update the layout showing all the info (except the back light and cruise control buttons) when the phone is flipped 90 degrees? Thanks!!
Anonymous User
Sep 13, 2019
It's a brilliant app free version is good but to get that bit more info and adjust that bit more pay for full it well worth it happy scooting all😂😂
Anonymous User
Sep 4, 2019
Great and very easy to use from the first time. But it would be great if you don't need to turn GPS on to run the app.
Anonymous User
Sep 3, 2019
Very good app! Quick question to the dev, what can happen if you use it on a higher firmware ( e.g. 1.60 )? Can you brick your kickscooter or will simply the changes not be ineffective?
Anonymous User
Aug 28, 2019
Would have given a 5/5 if the app would permit a previous view without connecting with the scooter via Bluetooth.
Anonymous User
Aug 27, 2019
This app is fantastic! This solved my problem with MI Home app when It couldn't connect my scooter. I'm always using this app and it's been very useful.
Anonymous User
Aug 26, 2019
Great app that works well & full of customisation in premium mode. Had no issues using it with M365 pro with updated firmware.
Anonymous User
Aug 16, 2019
Pls update this app to work with 365 pro as has firmware 1.6. Would love to be able to use with the 365 pro
Anonymous User
Aug 8, 2019
Usefull app. Specially to monitor every battery cell. Should be usefull to generate motor sound by speed.
Anonymous User
Aug 7, 2019
Very practical app overall, my first 365 had a battery issue and the app made it easy to track and diagnose, it also help knowing how to ride to minimise battery consumption. a must have if you have a 365.
Anonymous User
Aug 5, 2019
Easy to use and nice features in the payed version like correlation between trips usage speed temp etc.
Anonymous User
Jul 26, 2019
I would like more speedometer types/designs. maybe one rounded etc.. some material design or similiar one :) also ability to automatically backup to drive every x days or hours will be nice. + tapping back button 2x should disconnect and close app completely but after next start connect to same scooter automatically
Anonymous User
Jul 16, 2019
Thank goodness for this alternative to the terrible xiaomi app. No problems with the bluetooth disconnecting every 5 minutes, no problems with the app firgetting your device with every reboot, this is the app that xiaomi should have made. Excellent. Bought the pro version to support devs.
Anonymous User
Jul 15, 2019
app works with my Jetson Quest, i assume theyre basically the same scooter but it seems like full functionality isnt quite there. would be sick if dev could make it work, would def buy dev a big beer and slice of pizza...
Anonymous User
Jul 13, 2019
hi is there a password lock for ur scoter. anyone can log on if im not around.... for other staff , works as it should. one week tested , no problems.
Anonymous User
Jul 9, 2019
works better than the crappy xiaomi app probably would make the odometer more minimal and with less info but that is just personal preference
Anonymous User
Jul 7, 2019
first version was better, than updated to a gold version cost was over £12. now this complicated all. i cant do anything with this app.
Anonymous User
Jun 30, 2019
Awesome. Remember to turn on Bluetooth AND location (gsp) before turning app on. I found it works best that way, or else if done other way around, it takes a few times to connect properly. Ive tried couple of other apps, one is veey similar to this one. But for everything you need (w/o having to pay extra, unless you want more) and user friendliness, this app is best suited.
Anonymous User
Jun 25, 2019
It would be nice to store the total power consumed for recharge + cycles. It'd help knowing how many cycles the battery holds before degrading and, using the totale power + milometer, you get a precise consumption of Wh/km, which an important data for electric vehicles. Thanks for this app.
Anonymous User
Jun 25, 2019
The application is awesome Update from developer: this might be a oneplus issue - but it could use a setting where it would stay running in the background when I lock my screen on my phone (oneplus 6). Android kill this app after like 3-4 minutes and it stops recording graph data
Anonymous User
Jun 22, 2019
DoPe idea. Needs a lil more work tho.. My M365 starts to "putt putt" on me when I turn on the headlight.. Brand new at that, on full charge... Ur welcome for the extra star..
Anonymous User
Jun 19, 2019
great! i tried this because the mi home app didnt work but I'm glad i did! works well and easy to use. even upgraded for a fair price
Anonymous User
Jun 15, 2019
Wonderful app that makes the m365 even more interesting as a daily vehicle! Not sure about battery measurements yet will have to so more of my own testing.
Anonymous User
Jun 5, 2019
great app. especially helpful was mr Peretti polite and knowledgeable in his product. i used this app first and tried some other ones which ended up deleting.
Anonymous User
Jun 3, 2019
Much more complete than the official App. The design could be better but thats a question of personal taste.
Anonymous User
May 24, 2019
So useful! All the info i need about my scooter (odometer, battery, power usage) also has a handy speedo :-) and can log to a file (if you're interested)
Anonymous User
May 22, 2019
it's a great app. the only one that works for my m365. other apps have issues with 1.50 firmware like mine
Anonymous User
May 15, 2019
Any way to fire an intent when 100% battery has been reached or any way to retrieve battery level or speed via intents? Trying to import into tasker for alerting purposes
Anonymous User
May 15, 2019
Great app, much better more detailee info than the Xiaomi Home one. Still work to be done but hopefully it will get there eventually.
Anonymous User
May 14, 2019
Mine keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, but I don't think it's the app that's causing it. I'd like to be able to reliably capture the data from my rides and the data stops recording each time it disconnects. Everything else is on point.
Anonymous User
May 4, 2019
Perfect. It logs your route, also it logs the telemetry during your trip like amps, ways battery usage etc
Anonymous User
Apr 26, 2019
Really like this app and the GPS tracking is helpful, but it would be nice to be able to export GPS location as part of the CSV and/or export to google maps for looking at later.
Anonymous User
Apr 23, 2019
I'm using this app "M365 TOOLS" MORE THAN 6month now. Really good and convenient app to monitor/set up your Xiaomi mi365.
Anonymous User
Apr 19, 2019
Easy to use and almost all features for free, thank you & for sure I will buy premium in this month to support your hard work dear DEV 🍕🍻.
Anonymous User
Apr 15, 2019
é una app perfetta, scusa se chiedo, in english maybe, i updated to 1,5,1.. im so sad... i did it day one.. when there will be a way to downgrade, or just make it work with the 1,51 ver??
Anonymous User
Apr 13, 2019
Finally an app which works great with version 1.5.1 of my scooter. Any chance to add a button to turn on the front light? Thanks so much!
Anonymous User
Mar 23, 2019
Your App is awesome like no other,I never intended to upgrade the firmware to 1.5.1 so please make it 1.5.1 compatible. I should've never listen to the store manager when I bought my Xiaomi Mijia M365. The App "MI Home" really screwed everything up for me because it doesn't have a gauge like your and doesnt tell you enythin about the battery health and all your App does. I signed up for your Beta program in an effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the App
Anonymous User
Mar 23, 2019
This software is the best there is in the world, I just had a mishap. But please make it 1.5.1 compatible. I should've never listen to the store manager when I bought my Xiaomi Mijia M365. The App "MI Home" really screwed things up for me because no other App has a gauge like your and doesnt tell you enythin about the battery health and all your App does. I signed up for your Beta program in an effor to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the App
Anonymous User
Feb 5, 2019
very good app and love the export to csv to allow for some good metric comparison with different custome firmware. one improvement I'd suggest is the ability to get i to the app without connecting to the scoooter first. it's a bit of a hassle if i jusg want to see the graphs and export them to then jave to go turn the scooter on first to connect, then get into the app. hopefully that'll be resolved in the next version. keep up the good work. fair price to pay for the app.
Anonymous User
Dec 28, 2018
Great little app. Works very well. Pity the premium is a bit much otherwise I would buy it not that I really need it. Maybe have a sale :) Needs to be like $1.99.
Anonymous User
Dec 3, 2018
Please consider to provide access to the app without the need to connect to scooter. I would like to view past recorded graphs but you have to connect first.
Anonymous User
Nov 5, 2018
Locked my scooter with this all and now I cant unlock my scooter.it was working fine all this time until now.maybe a bug?
Anonymous User
Nov 4, 2018
This is my replacement app for the bloaty Mi Home app which always seems to demand your location before connecting, this app just connects via Bluetooth without any waffle and has usefull battery info which is good fault diagnosis etc. 5 star App. *****
Anonymous User
Oct 19, 2018
Can be made better by having imperial units option as well as graphics showing power usage and energy recovery etc...rather than just numbers, otherwise a good app for this scooter that shows everything the official Mi Home app does but more easily, hence 4stars not 5
Anonymous User
Oct 10, 2018
Simple and easy to use. Gives you all the pertinent specs you need to know about the state of your scooter.
Anonymous User
Oct 2, 2018
Amazing app if you could add a little bit of customisation would be even better or if you did paid version with configurable HUD colours layout etc for like 2usd I would be happy to support your work :) thanks for an amazing application
Anonymous User
Oct 2, 2018
Just perfect, it gives you all the information and gives control over the scooter. You might add the possibility to copy the data to the clipboard.
Anonymous User
Sep 22, 2018
I love this app much better than the original one provided by the vendor. Few questions and requests. 1. Are you planning to release a light theme. Might also include an option to switch from light to dark theme at sunset. 2. Is it possible to record and export telemetry data for analysis? 3. Any plans for making this app open source? This way we could contribute more effectively. I would also be glad to join your beta program. Thanks in advance. Attila
Anonymous User
Sep 22, 2018
Well, you just keep improving everyday! This the app i use for my M365 since it's first appearance. Thank you so much
Anonymous User
Sep 16, 2018
Love the app, it just needs some finishing touches like bluetooth search only at first start, then use the MAC address of the scooter, max speed for current trip, ride logging ie. speed watts, gps and battery level. I'm confident you will make it perfect since you are already on the right track.
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