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Developer Dear U Co., Ltd.
Platform Android
Package com.everysing.lysn
Lysn: Private messages between me and my favorite idol

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un waltz
Jul 4, 2022
sometimes I still have delayed message even though my connection was great, overall the app features works well for me.
reenie laffey
Jul 4, 2022
am I the only one who's app isn't working? it says I have replies and messages but nothing will show up? what do I do?
Jul 3, 2022
this app gets my money automatically twice a month not once a month, and i have no options if i should pay it by myself or automatically, cancelling the subscription won't be a refund for me too, only the artists updates and community is good, but the app is totally SUCKS
Jun 29, 2022
bring back the screenshot option for android!! this is so stupid that only ios users are allowed to take screenshots.
losmarvel rensly
Jun 27, 2022
This app so good but I can't translate Mandarin Chinese to English. Can you guys fix the translator Mandarin to English, please. Tq
Jun 1, 2022
I can't get register on lysn and i sent emails to them but they didn't answer I can't get the verification code!!!!!
Abdul Salam
May 30, 2022
I don't like developer of Lysn Why you don't update it 😡😡😡 I said update nowww I need to update please My battery draining At least every month you have to do it For our device protection
ES Gray
May 28, 2022
This app does basically nothing to stop hateful comments/images against artists. You can't even block a user. Reporting an image or post is useless. I don't even want to use this app because I never know what kind of garbage I'm going to see on the fan board of my favorite group, but I like Bubble and the updates from my favorite artists. Something should be done about the spammers tho. It's very disgraceful 👎
snow drop
May 28, 2022
notification not function well. it does not pop up so i should open the apps first. please fix these. other than that, i love the apps!
Hi Youtube
May 27, 2022
We give 3 $ . But we can't type whatever we want becuz you limit words for new users . PLS REDUCE THE PRICE.
novia ramayanti
May 24, 2022
I use this app since the beginning. There is also error and limited chat character etc. But today, there is notification chat from artist but when I opened it the new chat not appear. I try to reboot my phone and still the last chat I received is this afternoon even if I received notif for tonight. I try to uninstall and reinstall the app but now I can't log in. Checked my network and there is nothing wrong.
May 22, 2022
I love this app so much as I can get updates from Giselle lol, but the only thing that I HATE about it is the chat limits. I understand that sm(?) doesn't want the fans to spam the idol(s), but come on. They did us dirty. We can only send like four-six words and only text three times. At least expand the word count to at least 15 words or something 😭😭
Kristele Sarcia
May 19, 2022
This app is not perfect it's not working i try to sign up for exo cause i want to be updated but it's not working i wanna report this app
May 13, 2022
The messages that I sent before reply was included after reply so the maximum 3 replies chance was considered as used. It happens when my internet connection is fine which makes me conclude it as bug from this app or problem with your server. But I'm sure everyone will agree that it's not fair to people who pay for this to happen. Would developer even read reviews here? I know it's an app which is set for fans to send message to favorite idols, but please don't be arrogant & ignorant to fans.
Ka mila
May 11, 2022
I Renewed my subscription on April 30, and i thought it will automatically update my bubble. But no, and i just knew it today that my bubble still not update. That is why i haven't received any notification from the Idol that i subscribe. And i missed all his update in that current time. Please do better. Thank you. Also why can't we see their latest update? So little benefit for that expensive price.
May 10, 2022
This app cannot screen shot And it automatically transfer my money without any thing for me just take my money away but don't have any subscription 🙄🙄🙄
May 10, 2022
After the latest update I am unable to use the app. I did receive two message notifications from the artist but the message cannot be found no new message came in even I received the notif, and now the app logged me out and I cannot log in anymore because it keeps prompting that an error has occured.
May 9, 2022
overall it's ok, but i hate that android users can't screenshot, while iphone users can. like, either allow us to screenshot or block it for them too. otherwise, it doesn't make sense 😒
May 8, 2022
There is no filtering , or controlling for hate, or inappropriate content, no matter how much you report those things are always there.. which is worrying cause there are a lot of minors there, there should be a more strict policy about it.....
re gh
Apr 27, 2022
Absolute useless app. An unsecure environment for spreading hate toward idols without any appropriate monitoring.
TAB tab
Apr 16, 2022
I've been trying to update this app all day...... It has been clocking the entire day which means I am not able to view any messages. Wow SMH Are the developers even working on on this issue?
eri eenah
Apr 15, 2022
I'm not receiving any notifications for the bubble messages. I'd only have notification if I open the app before the artist sends a bubble message. Please fix this!
Apr 15, 2022
MC Vargas
Apr 14, 2022
I hate it when I send messages, then I would receive a reply.. then my message disappears and be moved at the end of the chat. Instead of being able to send more messages, I can't. And the subscription is quite expensive for members who doesn't send bubbles. So from 4 tickets, I'm down to one. Edit: I opted to just cancelling my subscription. Thanks anyway..
Alis Suraya
Apr 14, 2022
When i tried to register an account,i need to verify my email first and when i opened my mailbox and verify my email and opened the app again it keep asking me whether I'm above or below continuesly..AND NOW I CAN'T EVEN MAKE AN ACCOUNT..SHOULD I JUST UNINSTALL IT BACK OR WHAT.. I'M GIVING YOU A ONE STAR RATING CAUSE IT PISSES ME OFF. LYSN ADMIN OR ANYONE REGARDLESS WHO CAN HELP ME UPON THIS PROBLEM??!
Fiqueah Nami
Apr 14, 2022
I'll only change my rating after your team fix the app. I updated the app as asked and still couldn't use it. Edit: thank you for fixing the app.
Thalia Mae Donesa
Apr 14, 2022
I noticed that I did not receive some of my artist messages but others did. Pls fix it ASAP. Thank you
Tina Phan
Apr 14, 2022
This app sucks. Wanna speak to aespa or any group but can't figure it out. Tried multiple times. Oh well.
Wendy Koh
Apr 14, 2022
Even though it is a way to communicate with the artists, sometimes the comment field is literally a cesspool of hateful comments from some anti users. It is as if this app is incapable of doing even basic moderation. Giving one star is only for the sake of the artists.
Apr 13, 2022
Getting a notification to "update to the latest version" when the app is already up to date. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing changed. It makes the app completely unusable because I can't do anything while that notification is up. Hope this gets fixed, because other than that it's a fun experience. Very disappointed.
Mousona Biswas
Apr 13, 2022
Hello Lysn Developer/Developers, One bug has been found in the app. I've updated my app today morning only and now in Google Playstore, there is no update option available as expected. But whenever I'm trying to restart my Lysn app after this, "Update to the latest version is required." error message is showing. Please fix this issue ASAP.
Stefania Tigulea
Apr 13, 2022
When I open the app it says last update required, even if there is no new update. I even uninstalled and installed the app again but the same error occurs. Please fix it!!
Shiang Yi Lim
Apr 13, 2022
Everything is okay but can you make an option to let us change the video resolution? cuz i find it very hard to watch a video smoothly even though i have a strong and fast connection of wifi and mobile data...
Apr 13, 2022
App is very delayed and laggy, chat bubbles are sent twice without my control For a paid feature, this is absolutely dissapointing.
Apr 13, 2022
I've just updated to the lastest version, but when i open the app its always shows to update app. How?
sarafikaaa ss
Apr 12, 2022
I can't even download it. I uninstall all the apps and still can't download this apps. It soo frustrated. I do this and keep trying to download it but nothing happens. Yesterday i keep doing it until now. Please fix it as soon as possible . All the fans can't wait for this problem.It always said ( No internet connection ) BTW I use the limited WiFi so there no thing to said no internet 🙄
Apr 11, 2022
Idk what's happening but everytime I try to go to the store, it says that the store is temporarily busy. I have been trying to purchase yesterday but the waiting time keeps going up, the last time I checked, it says I have to wait for 87 minutes. I don't have time for that😬 :Just figured it was because the app did some changes, it's good now😆
Free Yah
Apr 10, 2022
It's been days but I can't purchase a ticket because the store had delay in connection and is temporarily busy. I tried waiting for the estimated for me to get connected but it won't reconnect.
Sha'mya Davis
Mar 30, 2022
No point in getting this app if all the bubble messages and pictures will be on twitter, Instagram, and other apps in 5 minutes after the post. Leaks happen all the time so guys just save your 4 bucks. Go on Twitter and find your favs content. The app itself I had no technical difficulties with. Just not necessary.
Abby Gaile Garcia
Mar 28, 2022
Please let us take screenshot, its for memories! Like this is only gonna happen once for me because I'm broke And please let us message them longer i know y'all just don't want us to spam the artist but please at least make it longer? Idk like 200 words? Idk Just make it longer
Mar 22, 2022
Not a user-friendly app for non-Koreans. The English translation is terrible and when there's a problem you do not know how to report it. I sometimes don't receive bubble messages from the artist (SNSD Yuri) i subscribe to. I feel cheated for a service i am billed for on the dot every month yet do not receive and have no idea how to report the issue. Don't open the app to international fans if you can't cater to them efficiently.
Christer Mari
Mar 22, 2022
I hope too that they'd enable screenshot to android users. We'd like to use it for personal use such as wallpaper and we can't even do that even if we paid for it.
Syaziana Bakar
Mar 13, 2022
These apps are great, I can communicate and make friends with people from different countries than me and have cute stickers. But for some reason recently I couldn't see what pictures were sent by the artists I subscribed to. I also couldn't download videos and pictures. Also, to download a picture takes a very long time even though my internet connection is actually fast. Can you fix it?
Danuta Lemma
Mar 12, 2022
Plagued by antis. No customer support. Edit: it has been a year, we were told the app has 2-3 employees and they are behind everything. I pay for some services in this app. They just know we will pay any way because there's exclusive contract between them and who contracted them. START KICKING OUT MALICIOUS USERS, FINALLY!!! One year later, and you have guts to ignore customers. Ridiculous
Danica Agaid
Mar 6, 2022
i love it so much but i would like to take a screenshot of our convo but i can't 😭 i would like to treasure it bring it back plss
Mar 3, 2022
I already had 487 days with the artist, I also delay the payment about 1 day and I can't update my payment method right now? can you fix this?
Daff B
Feb 28, 2022
I really like the app. I can talk to idols and that's cool! Would there be a possibility of adding a dark mode though? 🤔
Feb 27, 2022
I have nothing else to say but to let android users take screenshots! It's frustrating that I cannot even have a copy of the conversations. I did not literally evaluate the app since I only check BBL messages when something comes so I cannot give a thorough feedback. I just wish the screenshot function for everyone.
Abygail Natasya
Feb 26, 2022
Describe my experience?! Except of receiving the artists bbl & met some online friends. Everything bout ur app is just suck :) Just fix everything bout your apps especially THE BUGSSSS!!!
mkxtyosh _
Feb 22, 2022
Please bring back my bubble anniversary. My google payment is problematic and it delayed the payment and my bubble anniversary just gone like that. I've reached 622 days with them please make a feature to recall the days im begging
Feb 20, 2022
enable the screenshots in bubble chatrooms. i didn't pay this much for "nothing". the app is a bit laggy, sometimes my messages aren't delivered. also please monitor the fanclubs according to the policies.
Feb 19, 2022
Awfully terrible!!! I bought 1 ticket for Super Junior Heechul. It's on processing at the time I purchased until my connection got lost. When the connection got back on, it got deducted from my account. A worth 3.99USD and YET I don't got the Bubble/LYSN ticket I purchased. So dismayed with LYSN for this. I have Bubble for JYP, still subscribed to artists with NO hassle on my payment and tickets. PLEASE GIVE ME MY PURCHASED TICKET OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!! I'm so disappointed with this.
Miana Kitty
Feb 17, 2022
If the app has many death threats and racism, please report it to Google, dear users. There are not many official K-Pop groups there, and it has less posts. Instagram is better than this app.
Na Jaemin
Feb 6, 2022
Can you at least add some features like recall previous day ... I already had like 250+ days with the artist ... I delay my payment like 3 or 4 days from the due date and after I make a payment, the days change back to 1 days :( ... it's so annoying since the character count based on the number of days you have subscribed with the artist
Alif Sabilla Azzahro
Feb 6, 2022
why i keep getting NO notification when the artist send message????? please fix this asap. i didn't pay for nothing
Jan 31, 2022
I am so disappointed. First the app accidentally made me pay 2 for a 3.99$ ticket and i lost bonus 3.99 dollars. And second i don't receive any messages from the idols and the app doesn't let me chat. All it tells me is "Check your bubble anniversary with artist". I downloaded this app yesterday.
Amani azaha
Jan 29, 2022
It's a very nice app but it always lagging and sometime make me feel irritated to open it...please make it not using to much data and battery...i do not know how to make it become faster...please fix it...i will appreciate that
Jan 28, 2022
If you have to disable screenshot for android users then you should do the same for ios. What is this double standard? After all we're paying for the service too. Also the translation is awful. Do something about it. Idk if it's only me but the official websites for SNSD and each individual SNSD member where i could previously check their schedules have this error message "HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found" and the page is blank. What is going on?
Fer C
Jan 4, 2022
-The app is having a lot of glitches, I have to press the application icon at least 3 times so that it finally opens. -Another problem is that not all the messages arrive, I see them from the notification bar but when I open Bubble they are not there. The truth is, I wanted to buy another 2 subscriptions but with so many problems I think I will stop using the app.
Valenny Bonny
Dec 25, 2021
There's no notification alert when the artist are messaging. It's so frustrating, already open all notifications setting, but still didn't received any notification.
Gayle Peñaflor
Dec 17, 2021
I am happy being updated with the artists I subscribed to but I might consider unsubscribing since they removed the screenshots feature. I really want to have a screenshot of our bubble anniversaries so bad, but i guess capitalism says no. Mis-translations were also evident so i hope they should consider working on it. For the expensive price of it I dont really think it's worth it anymore. I cannot receive new bubble updates from the artist, what service am I paying for then??
Nur Amira
Dec 13, 2021
I don't get any notifications from the artist that i subscribe even though i already turn on all notifications. -update!! It's been 2 month since i wrote this until now i didn't get any notifications from the artist pls do something ASAP!
Iles Tiani
Dec 11, 2021
I don't like you guys take the ability of take a screenshot of the chat on the android phone!! And now the notification pop up is suck, because it is written "bubble has arrived" ! We don't want that! we pay to get the experience to talk with our idol. I want the real time text like we receive text on the normal chatting app! PLEASE FIX IT!
Madison Erickson
Dec 9, 2021
Lately, none of my Bubble messages will send unless I completely close out of the app and open it again and then press the "resend" button. This really interferes because I hadn't realized until just now and I've had to previously just delete my messages because my responses would have been awkwardly late if I resent. I'm paying to use this it should be working better.
yvonne yeh
Dec 6, 2021
the app require me to update to the latest version but when i opened Google play store, the update button seem to not appear. why is that? i really wanted to see the idol's messages. i hope this issue can be resolved as soon as possible.
nelle ss
Dec 6, 2021
After the update there's no more option to which message you want to translate, instead all of the messages are already translated. It cramps up all the messages and make it longer imo. I'm not a fan of it and I hope it comes back since I only want SOME messages to be translated and not all of it.
Dec 6, 2021
it tells me i need to update the app, but when it brings me to the google play page i don't have the option to update. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn't work. i only have a subscription for 1 idol but if i can't use the app then i see no point in paying for it anymore.
Liza Pulido
Dec 5, 2021
I like the concept of getting messages straight from the artist. However, I really wish you do something with the translations. Since we cannot do screenshots, I can't use a third-party app to translate. I would've given 5 stars if the translation is good. Bad translations can lead to misunderstandings and harm to the artists.
Gia Nghi T
Nov 2, 2021
I understand why you won't let us screenshot in app but not even the anniversary pop-up??? At least add some feature, or something for us to save and share our anniversary day please. It's my 1-year anniversary today and i just had to let it slip because cannot share anything about it :| please take this into your consideration. I don't give this app 1 star because Jisung told me he like it and not to :) so i gave 3.
Oct 8, 2021
We pay a lot for this sh. Yet we can't take screenshot, chat that have been sent suddenly beind send again. I wanted to show off that I can pay for chatting with my fav artists. The fact that we have limited amount of words make it even worst. I'm okay with 3 chats at times but li.ited words? Meh. Should do better. ALSO I DIDN'T GET SOME PIC FROM ARTIST WHILE OTHERS DID
Stacy Ishbelle C. Pepito
Sep 23, 2021
5 stars~! This app is not perfect, but it's good. I actually subscribe to nct bbl. I'm satisfied because I receive the messages at the exact time... It works. The downside, however, there are certain times that lysn doesn't give you notifications. And whenever the artist spams messages, there are times that 1-2 messages are missing. Good thing tho is you can fix it by clicking chatroom settings -> recall previous conversation. Moreover, Let us take screenshots please~!!!
Sep 18, 2021
I have the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and can no longer send messages in bubble. It keeps saying check my network settings but I've looked everywhere and can't find anything I can change. Please take a look at how it works with this phone please.
Dinda Ramadani
Aug 29, 2021
very bad at displaying photos with dark light or dominant black color, the image becomes broken, and when I sent one text, it resent two or three times by itself, when i tried to say something else it's failed because of the limits,
Huang Renjun
Aug 27, 2021
Always late in sending messages even if I replied immediately. They removed the screenshot feature when I want to screenshot it for memories :'( also, you keep resending my messages at the wrong time and this app sends the artist's messages late too. Please make this app better because I'm considering in unsubscribing lol.
쓰까 쓰까
Aug 27, 2021
the problem is : 1. too expensive, why? because the artist only send a two one word. Almost didn't send it for weeks. And what my money for? 2. If it's too expensive, why can't we take screenshot? What's the point if we can't flex? 3. The messages that I replay keep sending back 4. The connection was fine until I use Lysn it's all change. I thought my internet but Lysn is problem. Don't make it too expensive ;)
I drank tea too much
Aug 22, 2021
First with the increasing price, the quality doesn't become better. It's expensive but somehow the app still lagging. When we send message, sometimes it duplicated itself (which is bad because it took our messaging quota forcefully) or even sent late. The translation still need a lot of improvement too. Second, the latest update doesn't allow us to screenshot. I won't feel bitter if all devices can't do this but somehow ip user and some android still can ss it? This is such a discrimination.
Chan Soo
Aug 12, 2021
Not sure what y'all are doing but these days, it's lagging so badly and sending my texts twice and sometimes even sending it hours later?????? Like... if I wanted to get pissed, I would have just talked to my extended relatives. Please fix it- respectfully.
Kelly R
Aug 7, 2021
I liked this app a lot more when it allowed screenshots. I like to save the meaningful messages I recieve in bubble and also its helpful for korean study to be able to screenshot messages and save to look at and review later instead of trying to scroll through the chat. I've also had some sever problems with bubble messages recently even though my connection is stable. Messages take minutes to send and sometimes even send out of order or not at all. At the worst times it can take 10+ minutes
Anis Athirah
Aug 4, 2021
It works really fine before this until 2 days ago my message was sent late (like 10-15mins) despite i already replied immediately after the artist send the message. Also my message was sent twice and i don't receive any notification of the artist new messages. Please fix this asap thank you.
Lydia Andriana
Aug 1, 2021
Well so far everything worked perfectly fine for me. But lately why it keeps sending my replies like twice with the same content. When I replied immediately to the artist, my messages got delayed and got send after like 5 or 10 minutes. So when I want to respond to the next message, my 3 chances to reply to the artist already gone. I hope you could fix this immediately so it doesn't happen again in the future.
Quynh Le
Jul 31, 2021
The messages are being resent. While chatting, the messages were already read (no1 disappears) and I even received another message from the artist but after a few minute, all my messages are deleted and resent at the end of the conversation and ofc no1 appears, and it happened before. Now becuz it seems like I sent 6 messages after the last one from the artist (which doesn't even make sense, cuz 3 is max), I can't send anymore mess even though I haven't sent any.Pls fix it asap, it's so annoying
Jul 25, 2021
Haven't been receiving notifications lately. It's quite frustrating because it's a basic feature and who wants to miss their idol's text? Hope this will not be permanent issue. It used to work just fine.
Aleksandra Renae
Jul 22, 2021
okay. i think my review would be reasonable. first, the tickets are so expensive. then, i have this constant problem that, my idols are receiving my messages SUPER LATE, even though i replied back immediately to interact with them. for example, my idol sent me a message around 10:35 in the evening, i replied immediately. then, i checked if my message was sent, it was sent BUT it's 10 minutes late. i also receive messages SUPER LATE, despite having a stable connection. translation sucks.
YhiXuan Hoe
Jul 18, 2021
There is no real time or even no notification alert when receiving artists send messages. Keep missing out the chance to chat with them as this feature is the main propose if the app. Please improve the feature. Price wise, it is also quite expensive and same ticket can't be purchased for 2 times and it causes problem and waste of time and money to change subscription from one artist to two artist. I have to wait till the end of previous subscription date. Lost the accumulated ❤️ bcuz of that😔
Amie Mora
Jul 18, 2021
I wish we could keep taking screenshots from the artists' chats. Sometimes the translation is not accurate and I'd need to screenshot it and use another app to translate it; also it was really fun to have save when your idol read you.
Lisna RJ
Jul 17, 2021
So far, it's a good and beautiful app. But, please check to fix the translator, it sometimes translate the message incorrectly, even totally different from the contex. I give 5 stars bc Jisung said to give this a good review. 🙂
Chai Wai Shan
Jul 16, 2021
The bubble function is really good but it always duplicate my message...My message was sent before artist, but the time for my message will keep changing and become new message.The 1 will disappear and re appear again. Hope it will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you.
harshitha baddam
Jul 16, 2021
The app is great but the problem is with the korean to english translations which can lead to misunderstanding between the idols and fans. Fix this issue. Please block all the negative words in the app and bubble.
Daniar Lailarahma
Jul 16, 2021
I'm having trouble with notifications esp community notifications, all the time. Could you fix that? I'm not the only one, others czennies had this trouble too. Also, idk why it keeps sending messages multiple times. It's already sent but sudenly it'll send again (my internet is ok, so i dont think it's bcs of my internet) It's sad because i've been subscribe to bubble lysn for a long time but i always get the major troubles Hope u fix that soon Sorry jisung, i love you but I have to be honest:(
Diana M
Jul 15, 2021
Please, fix the app. I'm paying for 5 subscriptions and there's a lot of trouble with messages coming in late, messages not being sent in order or the same message disappearing and being sent again after it already showed as read. It's really weird... Thank you.
Dianne Amor Galman
Jul 15, 2021
I cannot open the app. I keep on getting the "upgrade to the latest version required" error eventhough my app is up to date. I even uninstalled then installed the app again just to be sure but it did not solve the issue.
Theresia D. F. Hapsari
Jul 15, 2021
despite the expensive price the app's translation are so bad and not accurate, oftenly error when sending messages, and guess what?? we can not screenshot something we paid 🥴✋ if u gonna take away some features at least fix the goddamn app first.
karina prilia
Jul 15, 2021
Excuse me, but everytime i wanted to open the apps, it keeps poppin "update to the latest version is required", but i already update the apps.. could u please fix this? There's no problem from the first time i used this apps, but it's suddenly like this. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.
zati aeri
Jul 15, 2021
Well Jisung Nct ask to give this a lot but this supposed to be 4 stars coz....WE NEED THE SCREENSHOT BACK PWEASE >< and also why it always send back my old messages after the artist messages i hope this will be fix ohh and also why not we can buy 1 ticket twice i mean if suddenly people change mind to subscribe 2 person but they need to unsubscribe first this is waste so yeah hehe that's all :)
Jul 15, 2021
keeps lagging and i get notifications only after 30minutes.. as for bubble my messages were not in the order and time when I send my messages and somehow they kept resending them too?? there were even times where my messages were repeated. pls fix it 🙃
Nur Afiqah Hazirah
Jul 15, 2021
Been trying to register but didn't get the verification code then I sent the email numerous times but still to no avail. I've been reading the reviews and most of their problems were the same,so please fix this as soon as possible.
Fatimah Azli
Jul 10, 2021
5 star actually because i can communicate with the artist. But, somehow, lysn sending repeated messages. And I can't send the message bcs it already reach the limit, i just send a message, and suddenly the older message being sent again, like what??? Plis fix this error and I'll give higher rate😔
Jul 7, 2021
if the price goes up, the performance of the app also goes up but your app not fixed and always error in sending messages. how can i only message once but your app sends three times🙄
Tiên Tiên
May 28, 2021
This is a friendly-easy user interface. The app is usually lagged somehow. Like when I tried to download the FREE stickers in Store but it just told me to check internet connection even though my connection did be strong and successful 🤷‍♀️ Regarding this internet story, my messages sent to Artist were quite delayed and duplicated... Please help to fix this error, thank you.
daisy aera
May 28, 2021
I like this application. But, I often have trouble sending or receiving messages. my messages are often sent late even though the internet network is good, and i sometimes receive messages late too. even so I still like this application, because with this application I can make more friends. advice from me, please improve about sending messages
Angeleen Palmones
May 14, 2021
Hi please fix the signal in lysn it's so slow. I can't keep up with message that I chat with my artist. Also I don't receive any notifications about the messages even though I made sure that all notifications are in priority and on. My messages get doubled and I can't message the next That's all. 감사합니다.
May 10, 2021
It won't let me sign up. Whenever I go, immediately by the way, to click the verification link in my email it says that is expired. Edit: After reinstalling it worked but still sus
Apr 30, 2021
The application is really good, we can find international friends too. I just often get errors. I don't know it's just me or the others - !!! but everything is good, ok ^^
Safira Nabila
Apr 22, 2021
When i send a message to the artist, it's always send twice automatically, then it makes me couldn't send a message anymore. It's really annoying for me. I did nothing and the message was sent twice 🥴 Please fix it ASAP 🤧 I pay it monthly not for the bug 🙄
Glea Canoy
Apr 20, 2021
For now, it'll be a 3. Lysn is a nice app but it would be much appreciated if you fix some glitches in the app. The messages we're sending are a bit delayed despite having good internet connection. For that matter, we can't maximize the maximum of 3 messages to be sent per message of the artist. Also, I hope you can provide more accurate translations so we won't read the artist's messages out of context. Hoping for your kind attention regarding this matter, thank you!
Nurul Nadira
Apr 20, 2021
It's good actually can chat with idol.. But.. This app ..its not good chat is slow.. I mean when I sent my chat .its response it's to slow.. It's weird when I already sent a message.. But automatically message I already sent.. Automatic sent back.. What the hell.. Please fix it.. I didn't know if they already read my chat cause my message before...sent back automatic
Yasmeen Salam
Apr 15, 2021
Useless app!!! I got a bubble ticket. And the subscription was going to end in the next month but it ended in a week. And the idols send the same messages to everyone. It is waste of money because they don't even reply and don't see your reply. So don't waste your money in this. I hope it won't happen with others in future at least.
Syaa NMZ
Apr 5, 2021
Despite stable internet connection, replies kept getting delayed, and when sent they would be in the wrong order. Sent them earlier, but they moved down to the bottom causing a stack up. Some replies tended to be sent repeatedly. The errors caused the max 3 replies to be used up at the end of convo, other than inhibiting real-time interactions with artists. 1-star because; one, it's a paid app that failed to meet expectations; two, devs yet to fix these errors that persisted for several months.
Rosulschi Katiusha
Apr 5, 2021
This app is really nice and well designed, but there is some problem with it that I hope you could sort this out. The problem is that I have send messages as answers to when the idol was writing and after a while all my messages come back as pending and unread, while first were showing read. Normally you can write 3 messages after one by the idol, but how come I have like 16 messages after the last message the idol sent? I do not pay for 3 send messages in one day. Thank you!🤗🙏
Stephanie Matokokepa
Apr 5, 2021
Great so far! No problems (knock on wood) ..... Was a little disappointed with the 3 message thing but it's understandable, company don't want the fans to overload the system. Keep it short and sweet. Which is just fine. Love the idea of being able to just say hello and how are you today. Idols are extremely busy, please don't expect too much of this. But why can't I purchase EXO-L Ace? 🤔
Apr 2, 2021
I love using this but it's just too expensive besides that you can only send 3 messages to your idol plus it also have a word limit. I'm okay sending them only 3 messages but please give us more words to type in. And my message keep on repeating sent to the artists or getting delayed I don't know if it's the connection because I don't have any lag problems. PLEASE FIX IT SO THAT WE FANS CAN HAVE AMAZING EXPERIENCE AND COMMUNICATING WITH THE ARTISTS 🙏🙏
Rha Daily
Mar 28, 2021
The idea of this apps is actually good. However I found many troubles whenever I try to send the messages/reply artist messages. It always delay even when my connection is stable and the messages sent with the wrong orders. So that, the purpose of the apps become unfulfilled.
Mar 23, 2021
This app is great, but it seems to have some bugs😓 because the messages that had been send and read become multiples...I hope you can fix this problem..
Syafiza Fazna
Mar 22, 2021
Since i pay for this service i need to complaint. The message aren't s3nd in order and all the message are resend after some time passes which make me unable to send any other message since it is only limited to 3 messages after the artist reply. I found this issue very annoying. I hope you can overcome this issue then i'll rate full star :)
Laura O'Brien
Mar 19, 2021
After last update messages don't get sent in order and then all of them get resent after some time passes which results in being unable send any other message to artists due to an internal error. The issue hasn't been fixed for around 3 months, I don't recommend using this service for anyone.
Mar 15, 2021
I love this app and found in the good way to communicate with artist . But the developer need to fix part from this app . It's really annoying when your internet connection was good enough but have a lot problem occur on the apps . I can't even register and log in back to my account . The reason given is always ' An error have occurred , please try again later ' but when i try a few hours after that , it's still remains same . Please fix this , thank you .
hina sagheer
Mar 3, 2021
Hi, the app was working fine till last week. Now I'm unable to save the voice messages sent by artists. I get the notification that it is saved. But I can't find it in my saved files. I can share the Screenshots as well if u want it. And I have confirmed it from my frnd.. she is facing same issue. So there is no problem from our end. Kindly fix the issue. We are paying to avail all the options. Otherwise, I will have to unsubscribe it. Waiting for your solution. Thank you.
Fangirl EXO L, 5SOSFAM, Daisy, etc
Feb 24, 2021
Very nice app! Allows users to really converse with their favorite artists and allows us to make new friends. Personally, from dealing with EXO-Ls on the board and group chats, it allows you to see everything that's going on. Plus, you get all the updates in the moment.
Sarah Kong
Feb 21, 2021
So buggy, notifications is not proportional to actual updates, it kept ringing when there was only 1 or 2 update. The messages are not in chronological order, the replies get duplicated after artist's messages. This is not even a complicated app but its so buggy it doesn't make sense.
Crystal Dee
Feb 13, 2021
This app is so so. I do enjoy it but have a few issues. 1, 30 limit on chat bubbles is not enough for the english language. Most times i cant even write a complete sentince. 2, 3 messages at a time sucks. I know you dont want them spammed but maybe up it to like 4or 5 please. And 3, the most imprortant issue is translation from korean to english. Most the time your translation makes no sence and i have to try and translate my self. By time i find the corect translation its most the time to late.
Anggih Intani
Feb 7, 2021
Well, I've been using this app since 2019 if I'm not wrong and everything just fine, the messages send on time like usual. But this year after I subscribe for new chat, why the messages are delay ? The delay gosh it's annoying af, sorry to say smth bad but yeah that's what I feel. Can you explain why and can you fix it asap ? This bothering me so much
Riya Vashisht
Feb 4, 2021
Although the app allows to talk to your idols the messages never get send on time. This had increased with the recent updates. Rhe messages don't go until later and because you can send on 3, yoh get stuck! The messages are sent later, sometimes long after the artist leaves! The glitch is getting worse and worse and worse! We are paying so much money please work on your bugs seriously! It ver frustrating that our messages dont go when we intend to send it but later! Like seriously!
Feb 4, 2021
it's great tho but i have some complains - it would be great if they can lower the price- it's kinda expensive sksk. besides, it's not really worth it because we only can send them about 3 messages whenever they chat us. i mean yea, i knew that they doesn't want the idols to get spammed but at least, don't give words limit tho (if u guys knew hangul, i recommended u guys to type in hangul instead of english). so yea that's all for now, i'll edit this later when i'm not lazy to type in the probs-
Feb 4, 2021
At first I tough i will love this app because of some reviews here, but this app were really suck! I already put my phone's number for the varification code and im waiting for 2 minutes, it still didn't send. I've tried it again after checking my phone number but it's still the same! Even tough i already ask it for resend it, the same situation keep repeating! Just wasting my time. I would give u 0 star if i could. It's so anoyying
Aprilia NK
Feb 3, 2021
Since i paid for this so i've to give comment. First, this is great app to keep in touch with idol. But the problem is first i always didn't get notification when they send messages. I have stable connection but why my messages always delayed and also it tooks too long for cancel the message. Then the most annoying is when i already send the messages it always moves down and it's so unfair since i only get 3 messages bubble in one time. Please fix and resolve this. Thank you.
Feb 3, 2021
It would been better if the message doesn't repeat the old text over again and cause me not able to text my idol with the remaining chance i get. Cause it only allows you to text 3 times at once when i text only 1 suddenly the remaining 2 got use by the old text that the idol have seen.
Yasinta Romadhona
Jan 30, 2021
since i paid for this, i should give it a comment. the very first thing is about delayed time, which is very annoying. i have stable connection but my messages always get delayed. i don't know if it's bcs of too many people accessing this app at the same time or whatsoever. even sometimes, it also took so long when i tried to cancel a message. i think this is a huge problem for a global app. so pls consider to resolve it. oh, and does it have dark mode? will be greater if it does. thank you.
Kirsten Razzaq
Jan 30, 2021
I purchased a subscription in the app (bubble ticket) and I'm unable to cancel in app or in the play store. The play store does not have the subscription registered under any of my google accounts, and the app does not allow me to cancel the subscription either. I have contacted the app as there is obviously a problem when I signed up for the subscription, but they have not offered any help or service. *Update I cancelled my bank card and no longer use the Bubble service.
Jan 29, 2021
I love this app but why I can't add sticker whenever I press it.. It will say "the connection is not stable. Check your network connection and try again" Even though my Wi-Fi is fine.. I've been trying again and again but still same.. AND NOW THE MESSAGE WE'VE SENT TO THE ARTIST ALWAYS LAG.. Please fixed it. FIXED IT!!!
Jan 29, 2021
i don't like how every time I send a message and the artist did after, my message bubble moves down so it's unfair since we get three message bubble at one time. also, the limit of characters make me uncomfortable because then I would have to continue to the next bubble. I'm so disappointed because it's some sort of a business technique
Spt Ashley
Jan 27, 2021
I was forced to use this app since EXO is under SM and SM force us to pay money for this trash!!! Total waste of my money (except for the part that I get to talk to and get messages from my bias)! It sucks when the sending messages are stuck in waiting line for ages, messages from the idol are also delayed. I sent out the messages yesterday morning and it's still pending now, it's been a day already!!! If it's able to give this app a 0 star, I'm on it! It's ridiculous!!!
Jan 25, 2021
Please just fix the bug already. It's so unfair how this is a paid service yet we have to suffer like this. It's not just the delay is messages anymore, you guys very well know that we as users only get 3 messages per reply but because you haven't fixed the bug, all the message which I had sent earlier are being send twice-thrive and because of that, without sending any messages, I lose my chance of sending three replies. Do you not read what the reviews are saying? PLEASE JUST FIX IT
Maulidya Namira
Jan 24, 2021
The message delay is such a disaster. I always reply the artist message right away, but then I found that all of the messages were not sent to the artist until 2-3 hours later. This happens all the time, and they never fix it.
Janica Aseo
Jan 23, 2021
To the creators and admins of this app please fix the problem of sending the messages late. I have a good internet but the thing is my messages to the artist are getting delayed. They are not sending at the right time as when I send them. Also the messages are sometimes getting duplicated. Ever single time I had to "recall the conversation" to see if my messages where sent but turns out sometimes my messages are gone or the messages I sent hours ago turns out getting sent just now.. fix this pls
Blesselle Fiel
Jan 21, 2021
My experience with LYSN and bubble in particular has been okay so far. However, I am absolutely frustrated at how I don't get notifications for new bubble messages. The only time that I received a notification was when I opened the app a couple of minutes before an artist sent a message. Other than that, nothing. I really hope you can fix or improve this. What's the use of the notification feature if it won't let me/users know that there's a new message?
Aishwarya Ravichandran
Jan 21, 2021
The bubble messages i send are very much delayed and get accumulated at the very end of the conversation even when my internet connectiin is good...and then i'm not even able to use my 3 messages limit properly. If this is not corrected then using the bubble feature is completely useless & a waste of money. I will definitely unsubscribe.
Ika Yasin
Jan 20, 2021
I had the same experience as others. Max 3 chats per time and have to wait for the artist to reply then only you can reply. The count of words seem unfair as different language may use different length. And we cannot share pic with the artist as well. It is until to the extent that the artist thought we haven't reply to them. Whereby we already did but it wasn't sent properly. Please get it fixed as we are paying you to use this app. Thank you for your consideration.
Lailiatul Zahro
Jan 20, 2021
I don't know why. but the messages I send are always late and at the end of the conversation. even though I always reply to messages one by one. limited messages and a maximum of only 3 messages in my opinion it's lacking. all good. it's just that I complained about my message being late so I can't reply to more messages
Elinor Marquez
Jan 15, 2021
I really hate this. I can't make an account. When I verify the email on another tab(cause you can only make an account on phone). The app gets restart or start on home again. I really hate this. :((
Preawnet Dhanakoses
Jan 12, 2021
Delay when sending msg so the count of 3 msg per 1 artist msg is often wrong. So it is unfair. Network error happen often. And these are not because of my mobile or home wifi network stability. Always send my msg late so it miscount or resend it after the artist's msg. So bad and never fix the issue. Whoever in chagred doesn't do their job proper and injustice. But have to keep using this app cuz it's the closest I ever get to the artist... 💔😭
Danielle Aira Historia
Jan 12, 2021
I really love how can we communicate with our idols but, everytime, as in everytime that Im able to reply to artist as soon as he messaged, I thought my replies had already sent but then later on, it will be on the latest message that I've sent tho Its not! So instead of keeping the chances to reply with the artist, we cannot due to this error. Everytime. I hope that it will be fixed! I've experienced this same problems these past few months but I didn't say anything, so now, its just too much!!
Heleina Padilla
Jan 11, 2021
I love the app! I can send my messages to my favorite artist and they even replied to it! I had the problem that my messages were sent multiple times but I tried to uninstall and install the app and now it works perfectly! Thanks Lysn!
Mirela Slavcheva
Jan 7, 2021
I don't like how the app works. My internet connection is always good and I either don't get the notifications for bubble messages or can't send any messages in the chat because it always takes a lot for it to be sent or it never sends it and just marks it as an error. It has been like this for a while now and it makes the subscription useless since it doesn't work properly. I love getting the messages and everything, but I'll most likely unsubscribe because I'm paying monthly for nothing.
M Jae
Jan 5, 2021
The bubble feature keeps saying my network isn't smooth enough. I can't view the chats and can't send chats to the artist :(( it keeps notifying me about received messages but I can't view it.
Fadila Zain
Jan 4, 2021
I don't get all the notifications when the artist sent me messages. the app ke resend my messages, so actually I have 3 times to reply but because the apps keeps resending my previous messages I only have 2 🙃🙃🙃
Ginevra Alberta
Jan 3, 2021
I love this app because it gives me the wonderful experience of chatting with my favorite artists but too often it happens that when the artist sends more than one message I cannot reply with the promised 3 messages because the system resends my previously sent messages... lately the server doesn't even allow to answer if the artists write at the same time because it is overloaded. I hope you will fix this problem soon to allow us fans to enjoy a better experience!
nina andrea
Jan 2, 2021
ive noticed that the limit per message is very inconsistent. some days it's long and other days it's really short. also something that has been bothering me so much is that my messages are double sending ?? I don't know what's wrong or how to fix this 🥲
Scarlett Dingivan
Dec 30, 2020
I used to love bubble ! But recently it doesn't work properly. I get messages late , it doesn't send my messages on time , it shows the artists messages before mine even if the timestamp shows I messaged first . I don't even think my idol is reading my messages it's that broken . And on top of that the translations are always a mess. I will happily give 5 stars if these things are fixed .
Chelsea Joyce Viran
Dec 30, 2020
The app will notify you the message but cant see the message itself plus even if you send the message it will go down and will consume your reply to the artist it sometimes will double send your message so frustrating they need to update or fix the app our payment is being wasted :(
Nurul Izzati
Dec 29, 2020
The app is so laggy and slow. When i was trying to purchase the bubble the app crashed and it lost the ticket i purchased. I tried to reinstall it back but it was the same. Do better Lysn.
Lina Halaw
Dec 29, 2020
Ummm? It worked well for a month but then when I pay for the next subscription, the app said the connection doesn't run smooth even though there's nothing wrong with my connection. How's that? Please help.
Gee Spotlight
Dec 27, 2020
The app is great but first, when an idol texts me, I don't get the notifications. Second, I try to send someone a message but then it says "Wait for the message from the artist when it takes too long."
Dila H
Dec 26, 2020
I have tried to register many times, but still haven't received any verification code.. I had even uninstall and reinstall the app.. I have tried for several months.. Then I have send several emails for the past few weeks too, but lysn never bother to reply.. do you even check your email? Edited: I'm glad now it works.. finally.
Divyasana Rk
Dec 20, 2020
Please upgrade the speed and fix the bugs. I'm unable to access the free stickers with a pop up "unstable network connection" frequently coming up when my WiFi is working just fine. The messages artists sends are also delayed and the number of messages I send are also all mixed up because of this. SM please fix this, this is frustrating considering the amount of money you're taking from us. Please upgrade to a better UI
Frances-Lindsey Gibert
Dec 18, 2020
Continued glitches, lost messages, messages never received, unable to send messages Notification Delays. Messages don't get to the intended target. Perfect internet connection and error messages saying "connecting please wait" All around disappointing. This app has not had an update in months (at least not one that I've seen)
Dec 18, 2020
after the new update I cannot see the bubble message, I cannot input any message and I cannot get in to the community board. I've been changing the connection from wifi to 4g but nothing works. all said that the connection is weak, but the notifications are coming in. please fix it. I am literally paying for the messages I cannot see.
Dec 18, 2020
The chat bubble is super lacking. I tried to respond to the idol's text but it's not sending immediately. It took a long time. I switched to different connections but it still works the same way. Please fix it.
Dec 15, 2020
This app is nice but If u want to save money, don't buy the tickets because it's not worth it. It's because most idol just post like in social media & most of them are too busy to chat with us (unfortunately but understandable because of their schedules). So yeah...
Trisha Marie
Dec 5, 2020
It's a great app with a lot of potential. My only problem is that whenever I send messages, some of it gets sent again multiple times that it looks like spam. I hope this can get fixed. Thanks!
Shella Rany
Dec 5, 2020
Thanks you so much SM for bubble artist ♡ but the messages i send bubble are always late .. I've updated this application .. but there is absolutely no change .. the messages I send are always delayed for 1 hour ...
Nov 16, 2020
The idea of the app was supposed to be good. But I hope you start taking the issue on the leakage seriously. Protect the artists on the service. Maybe add a feature that will automatically put watermarks of the user acct once they downloaded the media files from the app. Please improve this part of your service. We are begging.
dana xol
Nov 12, 2020
The whole procedure to buy fan membership was pure hell, too complicated! Many fans don't have credit card, that makes everything more difficult for then and they give up. I receive the notifications late, so late!!
P CeeY
Oct 30, 2020
I love this app BUT! I am unable to see the emoticons in the store. Every time I click on one emoticon pack, it gives a message saying "Unstable Network Connection" but my WiFi is working absolutely fine. Please help me out, I would love to use different emoticons in my posts and comments. Please fix this problem soon Edit: I have emailed you about the same with a screenshot attachment. Please resolve this problem as soon as possible.
Pnd T
Oct 28, 2020
After updated, the problems are solved. I'm really happy with the app now!! -------------------------------------------------- Please make the app more stable, artist profile picture keep changing back to the original set up And when I send messages it keeps lagging
mridula gopalakrishnan
Oct 28, 2020
The reason I rated this app 5 stars is solely because of the fact we can actually talk to the artists but there are some issues. Bubble notifications don't pop up most times and I only see the message if I decide to check the app myself so please fix this bug and also,some messages get sent super late there's a lag with the artists messages and my messages that makes it kinda hard to have an actual convo cause before I can type something I wanna say things I've already said take up space :(
Carla Reyes
Oct 28, 2020
Still can't give a full mark. The translation is not accurate, encountered bugs sometimes when sending message, can't download stickers evwn we have stable connection. But I'm still glad for this app. cause I was able to communicate with my Idol.
Oct 28, 2020
Rolling out an update for iPhone but not Android... They updated the app especially for bubble subscribers only on iPhone, so, the rest of the world can basically go screw themselves and the fact that they expected non iPhone users to never find out about it? It's a huge middle finger to anyone who pays for a bubble subscription
Oct 25, 2020
I never knew artists can actually read replies and get marked read. The only thing I don't know is whether they actually read each and every reply as the replies get sent to their reply inbox and when they open it that's when the messages get marked read? That's my guess. The character limit (30) for a single message makes sense if the artists are actually just scrolling through all the replies in one go. But then that means your reply might not have been actually read :(
cleo coleen
Oct 8, 2020
The notifications sucks as hell. Whenever an idol posts, i receive the notifications an hour or two later. Also whenever I try to send photos or videos, I have to wait for half an hour. And no, it's not because of my internet. 🤮
Oct 2, 2020
Honestly the app is so much trouble. I'm paying almost 4euros every month but the app is full of bugs and it's annoying, I'm sure I'm not the only one having a bad experience with Bubble: I don't always receive notifications, the messages are sent in the wrong way and sometimes the messages are sent with a delay, which makes it impossible to use Bubble in the right way. Please try to provide us with an update asap to fix all these bugs for people who are paying for a Bubble subscription.
Ummi Awang
Sep 25, 2020
I cannot even go past the Purchase section when I want to buy its dear Bubble service. I can only see the Purchase button but everytime I tried to press it, nothing happens. I have been contacting them to help me in the matter but they cannot give a solution to purchase. I'm disappointed because I can't even buy its bubble tickets.
Sep 17, 2020
I really like this application . but, why aren't there notifications lately? Is there any problem?LYSN does not display notifications, other than post notifications and comments from artists😔 Always missed the bubble delivery time, so if the chat notification doesn't appear . Please fix it again y🥰☺️ That's all, thank you for the rest❤️✨
Fina Smith
Sep 16, 2020
I cannot give a rating, I have tried to get a verfication code loads of times but I am not receiving it, I have emailed them and they have not replied, so they have really bad customer service. I am very disappointed, they need to sort this out because it is very frustrating and annoying 😡
Kirsten Razzaq
Sep 4, 2020
In app purchases do not appear in google play so subscriptions can't be cancelled. Neither Lysn or Google could solve the issue so I will need to cancel my debit card and get a new one. This is a bug that needs to be looked at.
Your Highness
Aug 29, 2020
So far i use this, the problem is just the push notifications, need to be ace member to see nct 127s posts, the bubbles not working well (like i just sent 1 msg, and it stated that I've used 7 bubbles already) and it quite boring hehhe😅I'm not a BTS stan, but my friend is, i envy her using weverse, the apps really smooth, the notification is really good, and everything, i hope lysn can be like the app too😭😭😭 good luck!!!
Aug 27, 2020
If anyone has trouble getting a verification code. Try changing your cellphone language to Korean during the registration process. I also used to experience the same thing. Difficult to get a verification code. But after trying to change the language of the cellphone to Korean and restarting the registration process, I immediately received the verification code. Good luck 😉
Aug 21, 2020
Why can't I use this in huawei nova 3i phone. I already purchase the ticket only to realized I'm missing almost all of options in the more tab. No wonder I find it odd that I had to search for the store in the notice section. I thought my account is the problem but when I logged on to my mom's ipadmini2 all the missing icons are there. To think that the phone I'm using was just released more recently compared to the ipadmini2. I'm really disappointed. Im not sure what configuration to adjust.
Aug 18, 2020
First time installing. It keeps telling me that verification message was sent but I recieve none. I tried using different mobile numbers and switch wifis and networks but it still doesn't send. Hope to hear back.
Cipta Uli Mediana
Aug 13, 2020
well, this is a very stupid app you know. I tried to register but instead of receiving the code I don't get anything. tried to reach via email and didn't work too. for anyone who haven't download it yet, better don't. waste of time and storage. B.Y.E!
Aug 11, 2020
I can't deny that this is such a good app for me to interact with the idol but why is the notification didn't pop up. Like I need to open it first then the bubble or the other notification will pop up, why? It make me sad bcs I always late for the news.
Franscine Artuz
Aug 9, 2020
dont listen to the other reviews. its an amazing app they just dont read the policy and just hop in. before joining here make sure to put the number your using it may take a long wait but its worth to wait. i communicate with the fans over the world especially indonesia and it has translator so its not a problem when your talking in your language. watch some videos about how you can register to the app. if you have patience you will register in the app. thank you for reading
Vhie Anwar Leman
Jul 15, 2020
push notification is not working. Please fix this problem. Notification is not working , sometime bubble message delay. C'Mon we pay for something and we expect better service. Don't blame the network. My network totally fine. This delay happen all the time. Give us a better server. I expect more from developer team. Thank you
Jul 10, 2020
Struggle to register. Firstly didn't receive any verification code. Been trying it for days. Suddenly get an idea, i had to change my phone setting language and region everything to korea. Then i get the code. Really troublesome. You need to fix the problem.
Annisa Sulaeman
Jul 9, 2020
I cant download the sticker i want, it keeps saying that my connection is unstable,while my connection is perfectly fine 😩😩😩 And also..where i can find the answer of 'why my fav artist never send me message on bubble?' i just waste my money to extend the service, jaehyun is rarely send message on bubble, i think you have to inform the artist to at least send a message once a week,, i will end the service next month,its really not worth of money
Jul 9, 2020
I am so sad that i don't get the verification code for my phone number since 3 days ago. I try about 5 times, but the app tell me to wait for 1 hour, it repeat in 3 days. Some videos on youtube tell that i have to change my phone languange to english (my phone's languange already in english), it still doesn't work.
Hana Dnl
Jul 6, 2020
Why i can't purchase anything in the lysn include the bubble? I have tried many times to click the purchase button but nothing happen and when i want to purchase the sticker, it keep saying that there is no internet connection, then how can i open the app if there is no internet connection? I keep turn off and on my internet, but it still the same. Can you help me solve this problem?
Ritchel Ann Torteo
Jul 6, 2020
It was good at first but lately my messages sent late and I can't download sticker and it always says my connection is not stable. When in fact my connection doesn't have any problem at all. I tried to email the lysn help but I didn't get any reply yet until now.
Jun 26, 2020
There is something frustrating in this app. For bubble messages, we can only send 3 messages in a row and I'm okay with that. But sometimes the app resends the message I sent before and that's why I can't send again. Please, fix this.
cloudydoongie naaa
Jun 20, 2020
I've tried several times to sign in, but no verification codes have come in, I've uninstal application and reinstall apl turn on off my phone and everything I've done but nothing happened, very frustrating please fix it immediately thank you
Callista Aurelia
Jun 9, 2020
overall, it was a really nice app. but since the newest update where we can reply to the artist's bubble, i have met a lot of issues. my chats keep being double sent automaticly, so i lost the chance to reply more to the dear u bubble i've subscribed and have to wait for another bubble. also, the time stamp sometimes messed up and the order of the chats are disorganized. this issues already happening for one and a half month so i hope this will be fixed as soon as possible, thank you.
Vanessa Mariñas
Jun 9, 2020
I'm from PH. So, I registered with my phone number, but it only keep on saying that "verification code sent" when there's no code being sent to me. Please fix this problem, many international user wants to use your app. thanks.
Rindi Pandaran
Jun 4, 2020
Im glad the developer team made this app to connect the idols and fans, but as long as i use this app ,it made me frustrated, the bubble message always delayed, and it keep saying that something happens with my network, but i'm sure my network connection is okay.I hope the team can fix this problem and we can get a better service.Thanks
Aimee Henrietta Hong
Jun 4, 2020
good to have connection with idols but messages are delayed, eg. duplicated sending, delay messages and connection problems. please fix it, we all paid for it so should deserve a better experience.
Maisarah Aisyah
Jun 3, 2020
This app is really upsetting. It keep saying to enter the verification code that has been sent to my phone number but everytime I checked my message, nothing came up. I tried to resend the verification code many times but I got nothing. The verification code didn't pop up to my notification. Please fix this problem or you will only get more 1 star instead of 5 stars.
Haifa Rasheedah
Jun 2, 2020
I love this app and all but something isn't right. soo one day I accidentally uninstalled lysn and it also unregistered my account so I used another phone number and email to make a new one and the verification code just doesn't get sent to me, even though it say "verification code sent". please fix that
Lee Taeyong
Jun 1, 2020
I can't even register an account because I can't receive the verification code no matter how many times I try. I also emailed for help with my phone number, but as of now there's still no response. I'm keeping this 1 star rating until that problem gets fixed.
Shameen khan
May 30, 2020
It won't let me register, it said verification code is sent but I didn't receive any. I tried to reinstall app, turned off my phone, everything but nothing. Reaching out was also super unhelpful i just got reply contact wirh your service provider blah blah. Common guys i am using many apps and got registered without such issue. Also in Reviews i saw many people facing some problem. You really need to check at your end and sort out this issue.
Hidaí Sánchez
May 26, 2020
Edit: So I was able to register but honestly this app isn't worth it. I was paying for bubble but the messages are generic and you don't even get all the content from your artists if you don't have an ACE membership. It is supposed to connect you with artists but you can't see their posts unless you are paying.
xuxi skrrrt
May 26, 2020
I downloaded the app and i've been trying to login so many times that i cant even count the code takes one day to be sent on my cp number and when i tried to put the code that was sent on me is not compatible that's why i tried logging in again and again but nothing happens 😞 i really hope that you can fix it i'll look forward for your actions hope you can upgrade your services
May 25, 2020
It won't let me register, they didn't sent the verification code to my phone. I've tried many time and it still didn't sent me the code. I've sent email too three time, and nothing come in reply. I hope the developer can fix this soon
Bookie Anifowose
May 24, 2020
Quite frustrating trying to login. Kept saying details were wrong, which wasn't correct. I changed password but got same message. I wonder if app is only meant for South Korea and not internationally. It'll be nice to know so people don't waste time downloading the app, filling out profiles but then not being able to log in afterwards. FYI, I registered yesterday and was able to use it then. Also, link to verify says it's for 24hrs but almost immediately, you get link not valid or expired🤷‍♀️
Marielle Caguioa
May 22, 2020
I can't register because it doesn't give me the verification code. There was no message that I received the code but it keeps on showing that it was sent to me already, I already sent like 4 emails so that I can register but nothing is happening. I tried installing the app again but it's still the same. So please fix this already because it's really frustrating
Dribelly Gunalen
May 22, 2020
I can't register, i can't get the verification code. already sending email three times to the help desk, there's no reply at all to solve the matter. A bit dissapointed, never thought the customer care could turned out like this.
Lubomira Sakalieva
May 18, 2020
I love the whole idea behind the bubble messages. Its really innovative and sweet however the messages have been glitching.I purchased my first ever ticket yesterday.Today when my bias texted I replied, he sent more messages so I replied to those as well.But then after awhile some of my messages duplicated and were sent again which was really odd to me. Later on my messages disappeared..on their place was "the chat got canceled". Since I'm paying for this I want everything to be as it has to be
muzic laber
May 17, 2020
I've tried many times registering but still have no luck. I haven't received any verification code from my mobile number. I've tried sending my problem through email but still no response coming from them. Hope you will read the reviews to improve this app.
Myziel Tito
May 15, 2020
It's great how the idea of the app is to connect with other people all over the world but, it's been over a month since I've been trying to register. I've never received my code. Even uninstalled and reinstalled it many times but, it still doesn't work. No matter how many times I've sent an email, there wouldn't be any response. Please do fix this.
Ferah Ann
May 14, 2020
I think this app is good but the problem is that sending with the artist is only a short message. I wanted to say something but couldn't because only short orders were allowed, and i want to add, can put other artists like seventeen, got7 or something.. Okey tq
Lanny JTH-WR
May 11, 2020
Hi dev! I hope next update, we can have words blocklist/filtered posts/introduce mods, etc. It will be good for the artistes so they don't have to see bad/hate words whenever they are online to reach us. And oh! We don't get a full notifications from our artists whenever they are on and replying message too.
Emmie Berania
May 10, 2020
it's great because we can interact with our idols but not the best app because some users aren't that responsible enough with their posts. I hope users can have an option where fans can actually vote on an inappropriate post to get rid of it immediately. it will help us and our idols to have a great experience with the app
C Higgins
Apr 28, 2020
This app is a great idea and it's a good way to keep in touch with your favourite artists. However I have a problem with the stickers, they won't download and every time I try I get an error message saying that my connection is not stable. This happens all the time no matter how I connect, it's obviously a problem with the app. I do like the Dear U Bubble new feature which lets you send a short message back to your chosen artist. Please fix the problem with the stickers.
Apr 13, 2020
I emailed and raised the issue of not being able to purchase Dear U tickets multiple times but they still haven't fixed it. I provided all necessary information but the last time they didn't even respond to my email. This is seriously pissing me off now. Why create a platform that lets artists interact with us closely if you cannot let your customer base make those purchases? This issue has gone on for over a month now.
Apr 8, 2020
an app which can be easily be misused and taken advantage of NOT for the greater good. may cause a lot of harm and damage to not only the artist's but their true fan's mentality. unless security is piped up and tightened in the correct way, this app must go.
Mar 24, 2020
I enjoy the app, however there needs to be more done with protecting the users (the idols) who use this application. There have been hoards of disrespectful and threatening comments left to some of the artists, and little done to fix (or at least attempt to) it. I want to love this app because it allows us as fans to connect with our favorites, but I cannot support it or put money into it until some further action is taken to protect the idols.
Mar 18, 2020
It was a great app at first for idols to interact with fans but then a few months ago, other "ace" members started sending actual death threats to a certain artist because of the artist's personal reason/s and that may lead to mental health problems. It saddens me because no one paid attention to this serious matter, even the developers of this app. That alone violated one of the app's rules and regulations. Take this app down for us to avoid further circumstances happening to other artists.
Mar 16, 2020
Taking too many space plus lagging. Take too many time to open. Oftenly crushed and hard to use. This app is also promoting/allowing bullying of artists and fans. Already uninstalled and might reconsider if better improvement both in app functionality and safety conduct is implemented.
Mar 16, 2020
It was meant for EXOLs to have good interaction with EXO but instead it became a platform for some people to directly and actively target EXO member CHEN. And even after months no actions are being taken against these negative posts and people that are posting it, which I believe Lysn can easily do. They could remove or suspend those accounts I believe.
Mar 16, 2020
The staff here doesn't follow their own rules, they don't take action to protect artists from antis in the app. There's a lot of antis in the app and the staff is not doing anything to wipe them out. What's the point of the rules that the lysn staff implemented when they can't even take an action where antis slander and defame idols there, specifically Chen. Please improve this app to show that it's a great platform. Also, I can't even use this app because it can't send a verification code!
Feb 15, 2020
I purchase a ticket for bubble to talk to the artisr. But it not work properly. I can't send any text. So now waiting for the developer to help me fix unless i need to refund. But i not sure I can make a refend or not. Anyway, i didn't get any benefit from bubble coz i can't send anything to the artist.
Feb 8, 2020
I've been dying just to get the verification code for a whole year!! I still didn't get the codes to this day. Too bad cause there are so many fans around me who faced the same troubles eventhough we're willing to pay for the membership :/
Jan 30, 2020
The app is ok. But it would be nice if i could check my feed, like the things i've posted, without having to go to the notifications and scroll all the way down. I would appreciate a 'download' button too so I wouldn't need to screenshot to save a photo posted by other fans.
Dec 31, 2019
I Love it so much, but at the moment its lagging and not allowing me to send messages, which is really weird because it usually is fine and not a problem. But otherwise its good to have updates from staff and Idols real time before its on Insta and others.
Nov 23, 2019
When I downloaded this app, it started to drain my battery though I'm not using it. It's a good app though, you can interact with your fellow fans and idols well. The draining of battery is the problem though, so if it could probably be fixed or something, I'd give it 5 stars. 😊
Jun 14, 2019
i was logged out from my account and didn't find it as a big deal. tried logging in, couldn't, so i thought maybe i entered the wrong password so i changed the password but then i kept being prompted that i entered a wrong id and/or password even though i already received an email for the password reset earlier which means that is the registered email. i'm not sure if this is a bug and if i'm the only one experiencing it. hope it will be fixed soon thank you
Jun 12, 2019
Not easy to use or easy to sign up to ace membership but I like that we have a way of doing so now. Please make it easier to use for foreigners and on Mac. I shouldn't need to get out an old PC and download internet explorer to sign up to be a fan.
Mar 13, 2019
I have been trying to get a a verification code for hours now. Received it the first time yet it said it was wrong, retried and even though it says it has been sent I don't receive anything at all. Please, fix this or find another way for us to register.
Feb 15, 2019
I'm confused about the permission requirements to use the app. its to sign up for fan membership, so why is it asking for permission to use and make calls, and for storage. i might not exchange numbers with any other members, so phone permission should be optional. and if I'm not saving any pictures or files, storage permission should be optional too.
Feb 15, 2019
this app not working on my phone ! everytime i input my cellphone number when i try to sign up, i always got "incorrect phone number format. please check and try again later". even though i have filled it in correctly (include code number +62) and setting my phone with English language 😐
Jan 26, 2019
i will give five stars if the appearence looked better. add settings to change the theme, and maybe it will be easier to us if write a post with attach some photos than attach files. it makes us easier to see the photos without press the file before (without wondering whats in it). thank you for the hard working.
Jan 26, 2019
I'm trynna sign up but I can't. It says 'verification code has been sent' but I never receive any code! Are you kidding with me? And I saw that it's not happened only to me but to the other users as well. This app is useless. I really really disappointed with this. I'm done.
Jan 22, 2019
Despite my best efforts to create acc, I am not able to receive the verification code the apps sent. I install and re install apps so many time. I also turned on location. I aslo checked in apps setting to allow the apps tp send messages. It is so disappointing 😢
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