Tata CLiQ Luxury

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Developer Tata Unistore Limited
Platform Android
Google ID com.tataunistore.luxury
Reviews (209)
Lovish Singh
Jun 6, 2022
BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Ordered a 6k timex watch from their app. When I got the package I was shocked that it was an empty box!! There was no watch inside! I clicked the pictures ,sent them, and raised a complaint 06457406 . After a month of follow ups, they decided on not returning the money as the seller (TIMEHUT) is saying that he sent the product. When I asked for proofs, they said that they cannot share internal investigation details. I hope they flourish on stealing my hard earned money.
Gautami Tripathi
Jun 5, 2022
Horrible experience logging in the app. It keeps asking for mobile number and then email and this keeps on going like a loop.....just not possible to log in.
Dr.Nikunj Patel
Jun 3, 2022
Search is not as good as it could be... When search with brand name I.e. cerruti 1881 It didn't show When searched in watches found the brand in filter Somewhere i found coupon LUXE1000 But not in list
Rohan Dodiya
Jun 2, 2022
Too slow ! Can't place order Can't go through products It just gives one error "Something went wrong try again"
Jun 2, 2022
singa kutti
May 28, 2022
Unable to open app. It keeps crashing..I have e updated, Uninstaller and re- installed but keeps crashing. Kindly rectify.
rupesh raj
May 28, 2022
Having the worse experience. Even after 1 week of picking the goods, refund has not been made. Not expected this type of poor service from a Tata company. No option to connect with customer care in App. Not sure how you would compete with other online company where they do prompt refund. There is no option of cliq care suggested by you. And in support their is no option to raise complain.
Zaid Ansari
May 28, 2022
Selling fake Zippo items. Ordered lighter fluid and flints. Recieved blatant ripoffs and they don't even provide return option so sucks to be you :) My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
May 27, 2022
the search button gets hidden behind the status bar and is almost impossible to tap on. Please fix. Edit: I already told you the issue, I assume it was read before I got a reply. So why ask me to report it again through a different method. Just use this review and pass it on to the appropriate department. Edit 2: NO.
Prajwal Sundas
May 26, 2022
The worst experience i ever had. I had to wait for my order for almost a month yet it was not delivered. Regardless of the complaint to customer service multiple times i didnt receive any positive response ,yet i had been lied to by the executives and all of them could just say was "wait for two business days" and had to wait for a week and yet my order wasnt delivered. The luxury is just in the name but not in the service. Very Horrible.
Shubham Gupta
May 24, 2022
I am saddened by my experience with this app. I returned my order due to size issue and didn't get my refund for the next 20 days even after lodging 7 complaints. After that today I got a call from their representative saying that we won't be able to refund your amount as the product didn't pass the QC. And the product has to be replaced. Even after trying to explain them that I had size issue and replacement doesn't matter as that would also not fit my size. Amount is more than 6000.
Ankit Sharma
May 24, 2022
The app is really unprofessional. I ordered a t shirt worth rs 11500 and they cancel it after 5 days stating out of stock and the weird thing is they send me refund of just rs 6065 instead of rs 11500. This is nothing but fraud
Sujata.1167 Suj
May 23, 2022
This app has no proper channel to Return defected goods... Dont buy.. They have disabled goods return.. Very unreliable and cheating money is paid in defected items... Dont trust... Looks like fraudulent Rivaaj brand.. Brought a clothing.. Its fully defective and returnable.. Pl dont buy
Abhishek Sharma
May 22, 2022
First they accept orders and later declare it is out of stock even when they are showing it is available in the site at the present date
Mr. Nobody
May 22, 2022
It is very disheartening to know that there is a "normal tata cliq" app and another one with the word luxury.Whats that supposed to mean?
Anahita Katyal
May 21, 2022
Stay away from this useless app. Selling bangladeshi and local made clothes in the name of Luxury... Moreover refused return of the articles and blocked my account when I raised this issue with customer care.
Atul Malhotra
May 20, 2022
Some bug!! Cannot view my bag!! Profile details all wrong. Complained on your helpline but your "customer service" executives are clueless. Apropos your reply, please read my review carefully this time. I have already called your helpline but they could not help me. That's the problem of having bots churn out automated replies!! Missing the human touch here. Finally uninstalled. Bots 😞😓. Cannot edit my profile. Cannot find cliq care in my account. How can you guys run an app with this attitude
Fazal Ahmed
May 19, 2022
The worst experience with this so called luxury app. I ordered one Micheal kors tote bag and it was supposed to be delivered within 3-4 days. Was eager to recieve the bag but i did not recieve a single call by tata cliq or the delivery partner to deliver the product. Today its already 12 days and now they have returned the bag to its origin without delivering the bag. Better to opt for the original showroom and buy rather than just fool around for weeks and get nothing.
Prerna Agarwal
May 19, 2022
Favorite luxury brands at my doorstep with great care... Would like them to add other International brands as well...
Krishna Vnair
May 17, 2022
Delaying shipping and then cancelling the order without any notice as to why when the package was packed and ready to be shipped as per order status.
Arka Banerjee
May 10, 2022
Terrible UX. The navigation buttons overlap with the phone's navigation buttons and made usability a nightmare. Installed and uninstalled within 10 mins. Sure as hell not gonna trust to buy luxury items from an app that couldn't have bothered to QA their CX on even the mainstream Android OS versions.
Zinia Fernandes
May 9, 2022
Pathetic customer service and redressal of issues. Be prepared to be literally harrassed, while following up with their after sales service / customer care, regarding issues or problems ( which is very common after purchasing from Tata Cliq ).
May 9, 2022
Just what the hell is there ad system I came here by an ad which was showing this app have adidas football Jersey's at a discounted price but when I downloaded it and searched the same nothing in it why the hell ad took me to this when it doesn't have that,directly uninstalled
Shirish Deshpande
May 6, 2022
If you have a complaint, there is absolutely no way to contact the company. There is no phone number, no email listed on the website. Customer care dept doesn't exist. The 'Help & Support' link leads to a list of standard questions and answers. TATA should be ashamed.
Kapil Pant
May 5, 2022
The app has a big drawback. It doesn't have any customer support, no customer care number. Even you cannot raise a complaint. I had ordered a timex watch from this app and when i got the delivery the watch doesn't seem to be working. The crown of watch is not working too. I want to know, are they check the product before shipping? It is a pity that a big name like TATA provide awful experience to their customer.
Payal Sinha
May 5, 2022
Had lot of issues making payments. There is no option to write a sender name on flowers or gift. Tried sending gift but not able to write the name.
Karl Fernandes
May 3, 2022
Tata Cliq Luxury sold me a used / tampered product ( Casio G-shock watch ) and, after 15 days, have still not provided a resolution. Selling, or facilitating the sale, of a used / tampered product, which has been advertised as "new", amounts to cheating a customer and is an offense. Further, Tata Cliq Customer Service Management has keep me hanging, for the last several days, by promising a resolution. Beware of purchases from Tata Cliq. Update:It's been over one month now and no response
Foram Dedhia
May 2, 2022
I have to return a garment * I have Been told some technical issue will be resolved & your account wil show the return option but still it failed
May 1, 2022
Best products at best prices. However, don't place gourmet orders in cliq luxury. It will be forwarded to bigbasket for delivery and bigbasket don't care about the cliq luxury orders. They take a week or more to deliver eventhough it's a next day delivery or sometimes they mark your order as delivered without delivering it and you have to go after customer care for refund.
Priyanka Mehra
May 1, 2022
This is my second purchase and I really admire the products, prices and quality that is delivered. Being a person from Dehradun this app is a boon.
shubham dudhat
Apr 30, 2022
Its not a luxury its a very poor app ,liked products are always out of stocks. Week after ordering they canceled the order.
Yatharth Raghuvanshi
Apr 28, 2022
Tata needs to work very very very hard on the tech and customer interface part..there are apps which are far far better in terms of ease in end to end user journey...If you dont have products what is the point of listing it? If your delivery partner does not have items what is the point of accepting orders? Just getting good brands on board does not ensure a happy customer...Extremely disappointed..
Rashmi Agarwal
Apr 26, 2022
Worst App.. Still same login issue. I am so surprised that a big name TATA can create such a nonsense app.. People are complaining about login issues from so long but that small problem is still not resolved. What kind of people are sitting behind the desk Now one automated response will come after my review.. Pathetic
Mohammed Kashif Ali
Apr 25, 2022
Reliable place for branded products... Good product quality, decent discounts and affordable prices. Trustworthy place for online shopping.
Nangbia Ania
Apr 23, 2022
Useless shopping app ever encountered... this app doesn't deserve any star rating... disgusting..not recommended to any one . waste of money waste of time.
Apr 21, 2022
Useless app.. I order ..it say refund successful and then cancelled order.. when I tried to reach customer care...they are say Tata Cliq Luxury team will be able to help you better.Told me to note down a number which does not work...what kind of app is this.. useless really disappointed
moonmoon bhalotia
Apr 20, 2022
Very bad experience,I have ordered a show piece of Rs.7000 and it was broken,when I am returning their is no option of broken items,then also I have mentioned in the message block and returned the product. 1st the executive has collected the product and again returned me as the reason is not matching and also in the app their is no contact no.So please think and order.
srprogression .09
Apr 20, 2022
Thanks guys for the reviews. I was considering this app but your honest reviews helped me to not fall in the trap. Even the supposedly good ones like Myntra are so bad at times, imagine the headache one would have to endure if you transact with these upstarts lol. These guys probably think they can disrupt a 15 year old market without burning cash just because they have the Tata brand. You're not taking my money boys. Lol.
Raghvendra Parihar
Apr 19, 2022
The app data is not consistent. On two different occasions, the orders were placed, but never delivered. The customer care says the product went out of stock. The offers displayed on product page are different from payment page. Sometimes the description says 10% discount, and 20% discount is calculated. The app crashes and loses all filters when pressed back button. Overall a very poorly designed app with an extremely incompetent business team, with little to no coordination.
amith sai
Apr 14, 2022
Awesome, the 👌 best Thank you. You should add more brands like Gucci, Versace, Gianni , zegna suits, mens and jewellery bring in some old school tackle too , expand your inventory just saying not trying to tell you how to run your business .All said I like the idea Thank you for bringing big international brands to the commoners . ✌️ ☮️ 🕊
Ojasvita Arora
Apr 12, 2022
Horrible customer support. Pathetic policies. They absolutely SUCK. They just dont understand how to operate. They really wanna sell Luxury goods with this horrible customer support. I mean seriously. They want to sell luxury goods with this user interface? Who has landline number for customer service these days ? The network is always congested so u cant reach them. In the app, in support section there are bunch of FAQs. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. No such option to submit concern.
Remo Rajan George
Apr 11, 2022
Are you kidding me... What luxury products do you have..? Searched for dior perfume.. Udv.. Nothing is here.. Always showing some handbags as result...
Aanisha Si
Apr 9, 2022
Pathetic App. First it took multiple trials to place an order. Finally when the product came it did not meet my expectations. I opted for return to the seller. It has been 4 days & I have received no confirmation. My money Rs. 12000 is also stuck, it's a huge amount. I am trying to reach out to customer support. The website/ app has no provision to reach out directly to Customer support. They have pre-selected options. That's it. I want my money back &I have no clue when/ if it will return.
sharath p
Apr 9, 2022
This app is so annoying that when you click my account option on bottom it stands right behind the close all option on phone screen. The momen you click my account by default it clicks close all option in phone and boom the app closes. Dint expect such a cheap UI from TATA luxury app.Hope you guys work the flaws on the app.No option to attach pic, Else would have done it.
vijetha p
Apr 8, 2022
I have ordered 17000 product and returned. They have accepted the return request and not returning my money. Please don't order from this app or website
Rahul Ranjan Singh
Apr 7, 2022
Utterly useless. Biggest catch is they will give you promo or discount code....fill it up...you wait wait wait (buffering and it keeps on)....again go for payment without promo code....bill will be generated...voila...."gotcha you stingy miser prick with full payment & 👎 discount", that's Tata Click LUXURY
Michael Sanderson
Apr 7, 2022
Appalling ..no service after being told to cancel on app. Text replies unanswered.. but still holding monies
Aakash Deep Bhalla
Mar 30, 2022
Oder a product, it was confirmed and in progress and after few days cancelled. Such a waste of time. Don't recommend to shop here.
gaurav kumar
Mar 29, 2022
Can't believe you intend to operate a luxury shopping app and can't get the basics right. It is a nightmare to even login into this account. It keeps asking me to enter both email and mobile number. I mean who does that these days. It tells me both already exist for some reason and I have just not been able to login even once. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. Immediate uninstall !!! Update: Stop asking me to call you on xyz number to explain my issue via an autoreply. Solve it for your own good.
Mahima Waghmode
Mar 29, 2022
Don't buy products from tata cliQ. I have ordered GC WATCH on tata cliQ it's cost 47,500 Rs. Product was damaged when I opened my order. I was out of station so I couldn't open my order, I spoke with tata cliQ customer care but they were not helped me. Must say don't trust on tata cliQ products. I spend big amount but that is my bad investment ever!!!! I spoke with tata cliQ customer care also they were not helping me out very bad experience with tata cliQ.
Dinesh Adwani
Mar 14, 2022
Worst ever UX I've experienced. Image doesn't load. Any click takes ages to load. Should hire some experience developers to fix it.
Tejasv Bhargava
Mar 8, 2022
Difficult to login in the app. There are some bugs because of which i am unable to login with my previous email and mobile number. pls fix it
Vishy Viswanathan S
Mar 6, 2022
Very difficult to use. Cant edit profile, filters dont work, keeps logging you out, all selections in bag keeps vanishing....
Rajendra K Saxena
Mar 5, 2022
Nice services varieties of products,quality of items is very good in all range, but different items is insufficient.
Rohan M
Feb 28, 2022
Pretty poor service and interface. My order had a estimated delivery date of 27th February. Today is 28th,neither i got the product nor any update. Even when i track order on their, it still shows estimated delivery date of 27th Feb. The Dilemma is this is Luxury app.
Bavneetkaur Dang
Feb 27, 2022
My order has been delayed and cash on delivery was not available for the item so I have paid in advance. I am concerned .
gaurav khandelwal
Feb 26, 2022
I had return request one of the my item i had purchase on this app. Till now no responce their side and not picked up. This is wrost app ever i had buy product .
Hemant Parmar
Feb 25, 2022
Gives hard time while trying to log in. Please upgrade your log-in mechanism to the basic level. Even after entering the OTP, it keeps on asking endlessly
Gunjan Kanojia
Feb 25, 2022
Absolute delight to shop for designer clothes, home items and jewellery. Easy to navigate and lots of offers.
Vamsi Krishna
Feb 25, 2022
I had lot of trust on the brand Tata so that's the soul reason why i used to choose their products and service but this app is so terrible so many glitches,bugs and the app hangs in the middle of payment so disappointed pls rectify is asap
Abhi Kumar
Feb 23, 2022
I had returned one of the product bought from the app. Till now there is no sign of refund and worse part is you don't know where to contact about the problem.
Ankush Singhal
Feb 22, 2022
no customer support whatsoever, they only have faqs, worst app experience, i ordered something and it logged me out , why does it keep logging out
Anju Jha
Feb 16, 2022
I brought an ormonde Jayne perfume set of 5 but it contained only 4 vials and the outer cap of 5th vial only but put so cleverly that looking from outside it looked 5 vials . My fault was I noticed it few days later when I actually tried to use this perfume . I tried but no complaint could be lodged. It was costly. I ordered trusting the brand. It was my 1st purchase through this app.☹️☹️
Manoj Kumar Aluvala
Feb 16, 2022
Worst experience, don't order any product from this app, i have placed an order and after 3 days the product was cancelled by them saying the product is out of stock.
Jaya B
Feb 16, 2022
Outstanding experience. The packaging is so good.. I am very excited.. I will buy all my premium products from this App only..
Subhash Narula
Feb 14, 2022
You are just wonderful , all items shown are reasonablely priced & your selection is very good......
Lionel Correia
Feb 11, 2022
Love the app. And you get genuine products unlike certain online apps. Delivery is also timely and there are multiple options for payment.
jixie george
Feb 11, 2022
Ordered and paid something and waited for 5 days just for the order to be cancelled on one day before I was supposed to gift it to my friend. And their reason was that the item is currently sold out everywhere. It was not when I ordered it. Such bad management from tata cliq luxury. I'll never buy anything from here. Wasted my time and money and that too 1 day before it was supposed to be gifted to someone.
udaya mogaveera
Feb 9, 2022
One of the worst app, i returned product 10 days back, still now i didn't recived my amounts, don't hv any options to discuss about this. Worst experience
Kaajal Bhansali
Feb 8, 2022
The worst app ever which promotes many promotional codes but when u want to use them during check out they just either get timed out, or a refund in your account or it just won't accept the promo codes applied even with all valid details put
Shaily Bothra
Feb 7, 2022
Not the right choice of website to shop from. Their customer care team is the most terrible team where they would never bother to respond back or resolve your issue. Please never buy from Tata cliq. Specially their customer care head @Shweta is least bothered to respond back to customer service emails. Shopped for the 1st time and highly disappointed
Radhika kakade
Feb 3, 2022
Superb. I always like to shop with u..n tata cliq. Lovely packaging.I am really impressed.love to shop again.The best app.
Rammi Marjara
Jan 26, 2022
Everything is fine but why shipping charges extra for every purchase.....Pls if you can erase this though not a very big deal but as a customer I will be more happy if I am not supposed to play this.
Jan 23, 2022
The collection & the concept are good but the execution!!! I placed a total of 6 orders on the app, none of them came through some got cancelled & some I was asked to cancel by the customer care when I inquired about my orders. The confirmed orders were cancelled after 5-7 days, the prepaid money doesn't reflect in bank account till 5-7 days, so all in all around for 15-20 days your money will be sitting idle. I really to use more of homegrown apps & concepts but it's hard with such experience.
uday baxi
Jan 19, 2022
Smooth,un complicated . The app is smooth and uncomplicated. Order is confirmed on 11/01, packed to be delivered on 18/01. Never received, am still waiting
Susmita Das
Jan 19, 2022
Bad experience. Had to follow up few times and then finally cancelled the order after the snail customer service and no priority response! Absolute waste of time.
Chandika Gupta
Jan 18, 2022
Hi can someone from customer service please contact me, I have tried several time to get in touch them. The 'raise a complaint' feature is not working. UPDATE:I have called your number & it is completely unhelpful. I placed an order for 3 items. Of that order 2 things have been delivered. For 3rd item, your logistics team printed an incorrect phone number on the package & the delivery guy came, yelled at me & left without delivering the product. He has listed me as unavailable. What now?
Chaitali Doshi
Jan 16, 2022
There is no support from customer care. Order would cancel by it's own.. Address can't be changed either.
Ankita Goswami
Jan 15, 2022
I received a box inside my package with a car company product inside it. I'm trying to initiate a complaint but the app doesn't function properly. I'm unable to upload a photo of what I received and hence, it is difficult for me to file a complaint. it's utterly unacceptable that on top of sending me something like that, there is no scope to place a complaint or ask for support.
Mrinal Bhutani
Jan 15, 2022
Disgusting experience Refuses to identify banks correctly for credit cards and hence refuses to apply accurate offers. Have tried this app multiple times over years. Never got a smooth experience
John's Connectivity
Jan 14, 2022
First Time Exp Good Start 😍 Hope all the products were Genuine with Good Condition Since its a Luxury Web site lets see the difference in Packing and Product
Quadri Mohammed
Jan 6, 2022
why my review got removed am unable to understand. this is the third time am reviewing this app for 1 star. these people sold me product other than I have ordered now not even letting me to post it. no dispatch information nor delivery intimation on app. even delivered still showing track order.
Jan 4, 2022
Highly stupid app. I placed 3 orders in a row and all cancelled saying not in stock. I saw it was in stock like 2 in stock when I ordered. It's like never will receive your items... Never... Highly disappointed
Karan Rawal
Jan 3, 2022
Tata Cliq is the most trusted window for online shopping. authentic and transparent, high quality in low price.
Santosh Hambarde
Dec 31, 2021
Great App for shopping. Great Brands, quality packaging, every order I got was fulfilled my expectations. But One thing they lack is there aren't greater deals as compared to other shopping sites.
jaya bhargavi Kasineni
Dec 31, 2021
I ordered a bag as a wedding gift for my bestie. Just one day before the estimated delivery date my order was cancelled.Pathetic app ever!!! I recommend others not to purchase through this app, u will be disappointed.
Mahin Faliha
Dec 30, 2021
Pathetic UX, updates random name and email id on sign up using mobile number. Also, the option to update it is not actionable. P.S. Don't tell me report the same via the app, rather you lemme know when the issue is fixed. I am uninstalling the app for now.
Emirilda Thabah
Dec 29, 2021
To put it loosely, it's a nightmare to order anything from TCL. They don't seem to even have proper coordination with their delivery partner. A return that was suppose to take 3-4 days ended up being 6-7 customer support calls and 10 days, still without anything substantial coming out of it. PATHETIC
Dec 26, 2021
Service and reliability is a concern. Orders getting canceled on their own on the date of delivery. No mention of refund. Not able to raise ticket.
Anirban Chakravorty
Dec 19, 2021
If you're buying on the app, its fine. The ordering process, delivery etc is seamless. The wierd part is no matter how much you shell out for a luxury item, you still need to pay for delivery. Why??? The trouble begins when you return a product. The refund process takes days, even after the seller has received it. The reason : Quality check takes 2 days. They can assure you delivery in a day, considering the quality should have been checked prior dispatch. Instead, the return product is checked.
Nilesh Purey
Dec 19, 2021
The APP is a kind of vague in various aspects , the overall experience has been pathetic, it won't accept the promo codes , will not recognise cards , if no stock then say currently we dont serve this pincode , if u buy ..there will wrong supply and wrong sizes ...not worth Tata name ...they need proper Quality and ethics check for this APP ..too bad experience...
Dec 13, 2021
I'm unable to add my details in my profile. Nothing is happening even after clicking on it. As my profile is not working I can't manage my notification and i may loose some good stuff. Please resolve this issue asap. Thankyou
Dec 12, 2021
Pathetic user interface! On Android the bottom menu bar coincides with Android's home button. I can't even go to my shopping cart since clicks (for this app)in that region don't even work.
Pooja Punjabi
Dec 8, 2021
The app is only luxury in name. Interface is pathetic but the worst part is customer service/support part. It just exists in name and there is really no support. You can raise a ticket but app doesn't allow to actually write your complain in the ticket. Not sure which dumb developers were hired to make an app for 'luxury' buyers. An app doesn't become luxury by just calling it luxury. Learn basics of e-commerce first.
Davinder Johal
Dec 7, 2021
I just can't sign in to the app.i had an account but all of a sudden I found I was logged out and couldn't log in again. I tried getting in touch with cc department but of no use .I'm disappointed as I did a lot of shopping here. I still do by logging in from my house helps number....which means I'm not independent to shop .... pl help
Vin Sharma
Dec 4, 2021
Not a good experience with the recent purchase, you don't get to know the status of delivery unless you call the customer care and when you reach customer care they are not updated about the status of parcel , we call ourselves as a luxury app which for me is all about experience but sorry to say it looks basic without any urgency for a customer satisfaction forget about delight .. Pls fix the logistic side ahhh
Shobana Ojha
Dec 2, 2021
The app is OK but I had a very bad experience with my purchase of clothes from this app. They not only sent the wrong size forone dress but its quality also was not upto the mark. Another dress which I have ordered they are saying it will take more than 40 days to deliver. Why should it take so long to deliver a dress from an Indian brand? I believe their branded clothes are fake. Buy at your risk
Abhishek Singh
Nov 11, 2021
Pls dont make a high cost purchase from this stupid place, i placed order for a guess dress and i returned it as size was big and now they are telling me i returned a wrong dress which is not guess even tho i showed them correct photos of the dress, the sellers who sell to us using tata cliq are all scammers, and these tata team do not even verify when returning the dress so the seller can tell them anything and they beleive it. What a shame.
Yogesh Khalatkar
Nov 3, 2021
I ordered Earnshaw watch from this app. The watch movement is much abnormal so I returned it, now its been 3 weeks from my return I didn't get any refund. I called customer care they just reply that we are sorry and I understand your problem. I am not getting any help from the care team I used this app for the name of tata. But the service is very poor and too slow I never recommend anyone to purchase any product from this app👎👎👎
Himkalyan Bordoloi
Oct 28, 2021
I don't even understand how they can call themselves "luxury". The service they provide is pedastrian at best. Small scale retailers will give you a better delivery experience than this app. I was supposed to get a delivery by 13th October. 1 week and 5 calls to customer service later (On each call they reassured me that the product will definitely be delivered by "tomorrow"), they simply cancel the order. People order items for occasions which get missed because of thier antics. Stay away. Update: They did not even refund me the whole amount. They charged and never returned the delivery charge of Rs 150. Despite the fact that no delivery was ever made. I called customer service multiple times to ask for my money back to no avail.
Rajnandini Singh
Oct 18, 2021
I placed two orders, they have been streched for 8 days now and it is still showing that the order was is delivering 'yesterday', how is that possible? That's why I cancelled the order and NOW IT IS TAKING TIME TO EVEN ACCEPT CANCEL REQUEST? What the hell
priya bindal
Oct 16, 2021
I ordered a coach bag on 10/10 sale where I got an additional offer of 10% but on expected date of delivery I found the order was canceled without any communication though it was still available in app. I think that was fraud scheme and the customer care is asking me to order same bag with increased price. I suggest not to trust the offers. Customer care executives are only sorry and they just say I understand and give no remedy.
Oct 10, 2021
Terrible experience. Product shows availabile and just after completing all process, it shows out of stock. And that too repeatedly. Concept of luxury goods e retail is great but if you can't back it up with robust systems, what's the point?
Gurjeet Walia
Oct 9, 2021
I am a fan! I bought a large MK tote in June'21. Initially, I got a text alert saying that delivery would be delayed. Then, I spoke on the helpline as I was going out of station, and everything was handled so seamlessly. I received the consignment on time. It was beautifully packaged, a delight to unbox. I loved the experience overall and have just re-ordered. I hope they will live up to my expectations.
Kriti Kumari
Oct 2, 2021
Half the time the app doesnt work,everytime i update it logs me out. I have been trying to check my account section in the app where i have saved my items but it keeps on saying something went wrong.
Kaushal Chopda
Sep 30, 2021
I have had a very bad experience with TataCliq for last one month. I had ordered a Emporio Armani watch and i got a defective product. I had to follow up thrice a day for almost a month to get the issue resolved. Torture it was. I have not seen such thing for any ecom transaction in my life and that too where i am the victim. It does not take a month anywhere in the world to solve the issue. I would not recommend buying luxury products from this app. Instead go to exclusive showrooms and buy.
Rohit Arolkar
Sep 28, 2021
The user experience of this app is just for up to the standard, you need to fire your current UX guy. The sign up process is tedious. I'm sure half of the drop rates are thers. It's not seamless. The filters are not easy to use. That alone was a turn off enough for me to close the app.
Rupa Raghavan
Sep 26, 2021
Very bad experience..no notification regarding transaction... very poor customer service. The app interface is very archaic...not something you expect from a luxury brand.
Ankita Jha
Sep 23, 2021
Pathetic service. Do not recommend this app at all. I have tried all ways to raise a complaint, including via the app, email and phone. Nothing works. They are super slow and even if their product comes damaged, they do not give refunds. They claim they will send u another product, which again, may turn out to be defective. So the cycle continues forever.
vishaka h
Sep 21, 2021
Worst service .. they don't deliver the product at all... they take more than 20days just to say the warehouse isn't working... n dey ask us to cancel the order... very pathetic service... worst experience.. I dont recommend this app for shopping
nishmita fernandes
Sep 20, 2021
Worst Online shopping app. Utter waste of time. I had ordered two pairs of shoes- both which were confirmed and processed and on the date of delivery , they status says refund initiated- reason: product is out of stock??
Salman Yaser
Sep 14, 2021
Product variety is good but app needs to improve alot for example I having trouble seeing my order list in detail and I'm not able to look what all I have order recently. When noted this feature is working well in Tata Cliq but not in Tata cliq Luxury. Please note and update your premium software. This will really help rather than create panic in customer.
Google User
Sep 12, 2021
I don't like the way the search is limited with indie and west global. Also searches have to be specific or you can't get "close to" items. Can be categorized with more keywords.
suparna saha
Sep 9, 2021
App needs update with stock availability. Post payment after few days they send email saying product not available but it still shows available in app. Something to look at and update. Other than that Thanks for the luxury shopping experience!
Shruthi Chandrasekaran
Aug 30, 2021
They sent me the wrong product, never sent anyone to pickup, and acted like I was the one trying to exchange products when I spoke to them. Now they spam me with endless phone calls. Absolutely the worst online shopping experience. Please avoid.
Vishal Sonkamble
Aug 23, 2021
First Impressions, Bad Impression....I ordered a Zippo lighter and it arrived in the morning and it doesn't even work. The webite says that the product is non returnable. Now what do I do with this brand new Zippo lighter that doesn't even work in the first place. I want this to be sorted as it's a Pathetic experience I had with this website. I'll never order another thing from you guys if this is level of service you provide. Can you not just atleast check if it's actually working or not before
Shridhar Rangarajan
Aug 21, 2021
Happy and satisfied with the range and quality of products. But you should seriously look at the way u display products, it's very confusing at times.
Tanveer Sait
Aug 12, 2021
Not user friendly enough. Most items are priced higher than on other websites. Hardly any bank offers and EMIs start at 5k whereas on other sites it's 3k. No COD and from what I've read, after sales service is non existent. Thankfully I didn't make a purchase here after browsing. Sadly, Not expected this quality from the house of Tata.
Balaji Netraganti
Aug 11, 2021
This review is about the online store but not about just the app. One stop shop for Top quality premium products. Bit expensive but the products are from high-end producers. I have bought many items here but never disappointed. With the current sale on, some products are worth the penny. Also, the app and the coupons and bank offers make it even more worthy.
Vibhas Mehta
Aug 9, 2021
Downloaded the app to buy a product they had advertised. Checkout process didn't work. After filling all details including payment details it gives an error message on submission saying "something went wrong, please try again later". In this age of e-commerce that too for a luxury brand app. AND they have no live help. They list email id and phone number and expect client to call or message them. App for a luxury brand and problems on check out page??? And no help???
Eldhose Issac Erumala
Jul 31, 2021
I had faced a worst experience in my first purchase. I purchased a Michael Kors watch from this site cost around 13k , the watch were not working when I got it. I contacted the customer care they are very supporting to our concern but I didn't get any result. Now I returned my product 4 days ago. I need to wait 15 + days to get the refund . My money is stuck in their account because of their fault.
debashis mitra
Jul 26, 2021
weird app. impossible to sign up. Going to uninstall it. When putting in my parting review, I notice: The replies one gets from one's bad review is a canned one. Just go through the critical ones and you will see. They have asked people to follow their steps and resolve the issue.. hahaha..as if we have nothing else to do
yelstyn dsouza
Jul 23, 2021
Very poor service.. I had ordered a set of flip flops for this app.. 11 days have become and my order has still not arrived.. no proper update as to where my product is. Made several complaints as well. The team keeps saying it will take 2-3 more working days and nothing happens after that. The call support gives the same replies. Disappointed and frustrated at this point
Himanshu Bhatnagar
Jul 15, 2021
There's a decent range but the login system is horrendous. It's such a pain to get to your account that you might decide to buy from somewhere else. Just unbelievable.
Abhishek Roy
Jul 13, 2021
Ther is no doubt tht it provides th bst quality products, they r genuine & th packaging is gd. It gves u a feel of purchasing premium thngs, hwevr, the app itself is very slow, the search engine is pathetic, products r not updated & in case of return, it stops responding!! One fine morning u wl find tht your previous orders r vanished frm yr a/c, thn i sent an email to return a thng & they evn refused to respond! Wl gv thousand thoughts bfor purchasing frm it henceforth.
Satya Narayanan
Jul 10, 2021
The app only shows me what IT wants me to see. There is no navigation to products that I am looking for. No categories such as electronics etc. A bit disappointing UI.
Naina Santani
Jul 9, 2021
I would give it zero stars for 1. Taking a week to realise the product was not in a condition to be delivered 2. Not having the courtesy to inform about the cancellation 2. Not handling the communication of the issue well 3. Not providing a good enough resolution except throwing a refund back I should have stuck to the regular ecom vendors
Yash Dubey
Jul 6, 2021
It charges shipping fee which is not acceptable considering the fact that all of its products are already very expensive. The app UI is also not up to the level of Myntra.
Karthik Niranjan
Jul 5, 2021
The app is totally non usable with payments not going through. The site is even worse with no option to login and password reset where it keeps telling the OTP expired that too practically seconds after getting the reset mail.
Shubham Keche
Jul 5, 2021
App is good. But I accedently put up wrong email id while signup, now while editing that, an OTP is being sent to wrong mail id only. A design flaw.
max khatwani
Jun 30, 2021
Worst experience.the app is just a waste they take back d return product very next day but didn't bother to give my money back. It's been a month and i haven't received any refund. So plz don't buy their products.
Arashgeet Kaur
Jun 26, 2021
One good reason to write this review - Product packaging! Loved how the product was packed in Tata Cliq Luxury box, with a ribbon bow on the top..what a nice experience while unboxing. As of the product, good quality & timely delivered!
Govind K Saji
Jun 24, 2021
Pathetic login settings. Complicated password format. No proper OTP system, OTP for password reset wont load at times, and finally when all done, user restricted for multiple requests. I could rather easily book an Air India flight than merely logging into this app.
Akshay Srinivas
Jun 22, 2021
The app is good, no issues. The prices need to be a bit more competitive. There are better prices offered by others in the market for the same products; however, I like the approach of the app on the whole, showcasing some very good products that have logistical challenges otherwise.
Pallab De
Jun 17, 2021
A bunch of scumbags. They confirmed the order. Confirmed multiple times it'll be shipped. After making me wait for over 2 weeks, cancelled it saying out of stock! But guess what the listing still showed it as available. No apology. No compensation for the trouble and the delay. Luxury app that's shittier than commodity apps. Edit: Seller didn't run out. I managed to place same order again. Seller directly confirmed availability. And Tata Cliq phone support is absolutely clueless.
shyamal sarkar
Jun 1, 2021
The products are best amongst all ecommerce sites in India. The prices are lucrative. The delivery package are the best. Delivery time is prompt. Everything excellent. But I gave 3star rating because of the search engine only. If you write women's skirts in search , you may get shoes, handbags or watches, attrocious. They have a set menu, you have to go by that. This is not tolerable for a class 1 site.
Abhishek Dube
May 27, 2021
Awesome app !!! Stunning ease of use and stability !!! Wonderful range of brands !!! Competitive pricing for the kind of luxury items it offers !!! But the advertising could have more aggressive of this hidden treasure of which I came to know only through facebook !!! 😃👌
Mohammad Sadiq
May 26, 2021
The app is pain. When you signup and you enter password, it displays wrong password format and does not even give a hint about the right format. You have to hit an try to set the right password.
May 22, 2021
The session expires in few days, it's really annoying. Also I forgot my password so I setup new password but nothing was working. I literally tried everything thing and it keeps on saying "invalid password format" . I sure it's more tedious than logging into my bank account. That is the reason I stopped using this app.
Gayathri S
Mar 11, 2021
Please don't buy anything using this app. I had bought a bag using this, they delivered the wrong product and I returned it. It's been 6 months and I still haven't gotten a refund despite repeated mails and calls. The worst app to shop on.
Rajendra Mahla
Feb 27, 2021
Every time shows a different amount for a particular item while viewing and bills a higher amount from that shown. Every single time! None of the shown amount is legit. Always bills higher not even a little bit higher, twice that of the shown amount is billed!
Sneha HR
Feb 23, 2021
Worst app ever.Had horrible experience. Not once but twice.Please don't trust this app .They generously say sorry hundred times without solving problem.Not worth your money and time for this worst app.Not once but twice I had bitter experience. They make promises to be authentic,premium packaging etc but will not keep up their promises. Wouldn't recommend anyone this pathetic app. Undoubtedly worst app ever.
Kimberly Coutinho
Feb 2, 2021
I was super excited to shop here, but will never do so again. They marked a product as shipped, and have not shipped, and it's past it's due date. They have no revised delivery date either and are asking me to wait to refuse it at the door, because they refuse to give me a timeline, saying they can't get in touch with seller, this could take months. Very very sad service for something that's supposed to be Luxury.
Jan 31, 2021
Worst Customer Support. Branding themselves as TATA, they have senseless staff and very careless logistical team. They don't care about the customers at all. My order has to be delivered in 4-5 days but it's been more than 15 days I waited and when I was in continuous touch with the customer support, for 1 week everyday they told the order will be delivered in next 24 hrs. And after 1 week they said the product is returned to the seller. I should have filed a consumer case on them.
Urvee Agnihotri
Jan 28, 2021
Very very bad experience. I have to give 1 star because no low rating is available as want to give negative rating. Tata Cliq Luxury is giving local roadside watches in the name Of expensive brands and even after contacting so many times they are just ignoring my problem. They are not changing my watch just saying that go to repair center. This is even after I am having problem within 15 to 20 days.Very poor service. Dont waste your money to such kind of roadside Shopping store.
shubham jangid
Jan 17, 2021
1 star only because there is no lower rating available. Received Incomplete order with few items missing. Charged for all the items. Delayed delivery by 15 days. Most horrible shopping experience till date. Even small brands and shops are way more professional. Way Way below Tata standards and to top it it's a luxury app selling luxury products.
Jan 10, 2021
App is horrible. There's always an issue while entering the address during checkout. The updates also don't seem to work.
Angel Bora
Jan 8, 2021
I wanted to purchase something for the first time and was not even able to save the address while checking out. Tried dozen times. It doesnt even accept pincode while checking out. You cant even add address through account details. Pathetic!!
Sambit Patra
Jan 8, 2021
I placed 3 orders in last couple of months and experience is really luxurious. Never able to buy so easily unless untill I waste substantial amounts of time n energy. Application interface and purchase are totally seamless process.
Aayushi Singhal
Jan 4, 2021
My app is not working. Everytime I open it shows something went wrong, try again. Have tried opening it with other accounts as well, but the problem persists. Have also reinstalled the app.
Dec 26, 2020
Not recommendable. Worst experience. I searched,selected and about to set everything final. They said they can't deliver to this pincode. What rubbish?.didn't they check my pin? Sheer waste of time...no stars. I won't try this app again.
sanjay shah
Dec 25, 2020
You start a refund process. The guy will come next day to collect amd pick it up. The app will not reflect anything about that, even after a week , not even that they have collected the product. Third grade efficiency. Got refund now after 22 days and i don't know why 200Rs has been deducted
Samarth Dhawan
Dec 23, 2020
Although the delivery is fast but exchange/ return is a pain. The site is not user friendly. There is no direct option for return/ change. Called the customer service. They were polite but not helpful. The only way to communicate is via email. The mail is not getting thru.The policy lapses in48hrs. This is frustating!
Ankit Mittal
Dec 22, 2020
Worst place to shop I have ordered a gift prepaid order for 8 days they have not dispatched after putting complaint on social media they have initiated the process but I got mail in afternoon it has been cancelled so went out to purchase other gift and in evening got another mail that it's in transit. now I can't cancel too. Don't buy anything guys waste of money, time & energy. They are ruining the Name of TATA
Rishabh Jaisinghani
Dec 11, 2020
Worst customer service, I've ever experienced. I've been trying to exchange the size of my product from 6 days and they haven't gotten back to me. I have written at least 5 emails and called their customer care twice. Horrible experience.
Dec 10, 2020
Please do not install this app. They have no clue of their products. It is a dummy and waste of time. Once your product is packed at the time of delivery it will cancel as out of stock. Such things happening multiple times cannot be a bug. Instead go for Amazon, darvey etc
Satyam Swaraj Mohanty
Dec 5, 2020
I purchased a pair of loafers from Aldo which was around 13k. I placed my order on 22nd of Nov and got it exactly on 28, I have not faced any Kind of problem regarding their delivery. After getting the product I felt little bit uncomfortable in size so that's why I initiated return on 29th of November it was picked up on 30th November and hence reached the seller on 2ND DEC and they refunded my money on 5th of December. So guys don't believe on fake reviews on the internet. Give it a try.🇮🇳
Dec 5, 2020
Worst customer experience. I had ordered for a salwar suit worth 5k on Nov 13th and haven't received the same till date. Every time I call customer care they say it's been handed over to courier it will be shipped in 5 days bla bla bla. I have requested to cancel the same and asked for refund but each time a new service guy receives the call and says it will be initiated and refund will be done in 7 days. This is story since past 15 days. No one buy anything from this website. Very disappointed.
anju jhamb
Nov 25, 2020
I purchased one toaster. Packing / manufacturing was five years old. August 2015. I returned the product. Even after 2 and a half months, didn't receive refund. Though they are showing refund successful. But in my cliq cash it is 0.
Anjana Arora
Nov 18, 2020
I ordered lots of stuff at TATA CLIQ LUXURY.all of them to good . Except a few things like my Steve Madden shoes size order I get wrong size , when I noticed the return time are gone . Of course my Jimmy Choo perfume , I have doubt of that product.
Bhavya Khanna
Nov 17, 2020
I had a horrible experience with this app. I had ordered a watch on 11th November (with full advance payment) that was to be delivered today 17th November. When I called the call centre to check the status, I was told my order has been rejected stating that the product is out of stock. How was any payment accepted if the product was out of stock? It was bought as a gift for my fiance and I must say it's a horrible experience from a 'so called' luxury app.
smita choudhary
Nov 17, 2020
No option to return dresses/ clothes even if the fit is just not good enough..and in original condition and tags intact! This is very important when buying clothes..or else they should have try and buy option at delivery. Just be warned and don't buy clothes here.
megha shree
Nov 6, 2020
I had purchased one orange stevemadden bag which was very dirty which looked like used or displaced item and was damaged had to return it ,got a refund but delivery charges which was added was not refunded that was not our fault to pay delivery charges which they put on us so please be very careful while purchasing on this app
Rajiv Bhatia
Oct 29, 2020
Unbelievable experience. Women's sports shoes are being pedalled off as men's sports shoes. The width was stitched together hence unwearable for men. Upon return it was claimed that the shoe box was not provided. Would the picking up person take a return without a box ? Got calls which when answered were not spoken back . I was told that it was being sent back to the vendor. The calls still kept coming. A photograph was demanded of the return.So much for a luxury brand. Amazon is much better.
sneha baldewa
Oct 28, 2020
Reverse pickup service is terrible. Delivery partners for such luxury products should be qualified to handle timely delivery and returns. Delay in product delivery, delay in return pickup, delay in refund. Highly frustrating process. Customer care is absolutely of no help.
Patel Priyank
Oct 28, 2020
I want to buy for my fiancee and its available on this app Top brand of india and out side of india with very authentic collection , good app, top discount, delivery of product is before date which shown on app. Good experience of purchasing with tata cliq luxary.thanx a lot.
Oct 19, 2020
It is difficult to navigate through this app. Things are not easy to find unlike some other apps we are used to. I was thinking of ordering something but I've read the reviews about bad service post-sales. I hope people involved Iive upto the expectations and trust that is inspired by this name.
Maharshi Vaishnav
Oct 18, 2020
It's the one stop shop for luxury brands in India. The UI/UX could definitely be better....but then the collection makes up for the sub-par UX.
Oct 18, 2020
Tata cliq is one of the best app for online Shopping specially electronic items like pc, laptop, mobiles ... Also great offer are always there along with fast delivery and return process also easy and fast . Items are in Tata CLiq is best branded with wonderful offer ....
Manaswita Bisht
Oct 17, 2020
Kindly mention clearly that there are no returns for certain brands. It's a nightmare to buy something so expensive and not being able to return it. And to say Easy returns in big bold letters is highly misleading. This a blunder from the side of the company and the website. I don't see why I or any other customer should pay for it!!!! Kindly look into it and do the needful.
Thrishla K
Oct 17, 2020
It's a game changer for the ones who like quality over quantity. You can add more brands like DKNY, Ck, Tommy Hilfiger, Ted baker, etc. Otherwise love it. Also has to be more open to delivery at alot more locations
Rajeev Dhanker
Oct 16, 2020
Bad experience on first purchase, I wanted to buy the goods, the balance was cut, but the order didn't place, cash on delivery option should also be there.
Abhiraj Bhal
Oct 12, 2020
Broken returns process. App is good, products aren't always new (often clearance sale quality of top brands), but if something doesn't fit you, you are left with it since they have a returns program that doesn't work.
Garima Diwan Sawhney
Oct 10, 2020
It's a horrible horrible app. The UI is extremely bad, you can't purchase the product. Whatever pin code you may put, it says that you are not in the serviceable area. On top of that, one keep getting calls from the customer service for thr screen shots and videos to br sent via emails and whatsapp. The company needs to understand the category of customer they are dealing with vs. the time one has to spend to order a simple MK bag. I have deleted this app for good.
shefali dhakad
Oct 7, 2020
Worst service...tata is big name and they are fooling us on the name of "TATA". Your customer care executives are not professional at all...They are good for nothing. i have been waiting for my refund from last 2 months but haven't received yet. Even, local grocery stores provide much better services than you.
Shadab Ali
Oct 3, 2020
Most of the products are not available for my pincode even though I live in a state capital. If that wasn't disappointing enough, your app is barely functional. No matter how great your products are, if they are inaccessible then they're of no use.
Kiru Sonu
Sep 18, 2020
I never expected the brands and subsidery of tata will treat customers this way. Guys I am using tatacliq from long time like more than 16months. I am also using flipkart and Amazon too but due to tata is an Indian e-commerce site I preferred to use tatacliq more. I have ordered Titan unisex watch for my sister and the dial was big so I sent return request the person picked up product next day and he checked everything about the product and product was as same as I received. I didn't get refund
Prashant Behl
Sep 10, 2020
This is a review of my overall experience as a customer. I would have given 0 if that were an option. Placed an order for a Kate Spade Bag on 20/07 paying in full. EDD was 30/07. When I did not receive the product and contacted Customer Care I was informed that the bag was out of stock! To beat it the executive wanted me to cancel the order to initiate a refund ! Treated pretty shabbily. I doubt if I will be shopping on TCL again.
shobhana mittal
Aug 28, 2020
Unreliable app. You may place an order, spend a big amount of money, wait for 10 days for delivery, only to have your order cancelled at the last minute. Happened with me twice. Not worth having your money stuck and order unfulfilled.
Magesh Kumar
Aug 28, 2020
Awesome shopping luxury collections.. but expect even more brands in the list. Good to see some discounts now and then.. Also they credit some gift coupons onto ur for a surprise. Need to improve app UI for sure 😊
Kirk Armstrong
Aug 28, 2020
I ordered Addidas shoes.. it showed available and vl be delivered within a week. A day before the delivery they have informed me that the shoes are out of stock. Currently as view it, the same shoes are still showing as available. I doubt it is a luxury app..
sam ur
Aug 8, 2020
Dissappointed with the app UI, it lags and shows error messege while loading the main page . Please make it more user friendly and lag free
Kumar Rishikesh
Aug 7, 2020
I am trying to add my address in the app. But it is showing an error since yesterday. When I check the availability of the product at my pin code it says available, but while using the same pin code in my address, it says pin code not available.
saumya singh
Jul 13, 2020
I really want to buy products from your app and also want to recommend it to others but the UI is so frustrating and screwed up that I want to delete this app forever. Please ask your app tech team to work on it as you are losing customers. Every penny spent on Marketing of this app is going down the drain. And please don't ask me to lodge complaint or ask for help from the app because the stupid app is not letting me go to that page too.
Praveen Umredkar
Jul 11, 2020
Premature launch of App - it looks like they have launched the app prematurely without proper testing. Features not working and every menu you try to access, you get message Something is not right. Launched for luxury products but basics are not rights.
Pramila Agarwal
Jun 28, 2020
I never thought The brand of tata and luxury e-shopping will do not stand by with their command. Dont buy dress from tata cliq luxury. They are cheater. I wanted to exchange my dress because it was unfit for me but they did not receive my call messages email. I tried for 3 days but they are not responding.I am very upset with this app. The return window was of 48 hrs and i tried returning in 12 hrs. They should be attentive to customer's reviews. I did not have this expectation from them.
Ateeba Zoya
Jun 27, 2020
I am sooo disappointed with this app since more than a 3 months. Everytime I try to search for a specific brand it shows some error. Like I am typing some wrong name. And the main page keep on buffering. I have been using this for more than 3 to 4 years but earlier it was much better. The new updates is nothing but pain. Very disappointed
Manish Sharma
Jun 18, 2020
Booking experience is top notch, but the delivery process does not live up to the expectations, agreed the present situation may cause delay, but how can two products leaving from the same courier agency on the same day to neighbouring places show different timelines. Also, the product delivery delay was the product ordered a day in advance than the other. Customer service was also of no help.
May 15, 2020
Just shifting from Amazon to tata cliq because of pm modi's appeal of local to global and i really want its advertisement on YouTube and television. I think many peoples don't know about this app. If you will advertise for this app this app will definitely become greater than Amazon and other online shopping apps. Please do that for india... Great app ..
Sumit Kathuria
May 4, 2020
There is some problem in the app , I tried it on different phones but always there is a error "something went wrong " even my friends are unable to use this app thats the only reason most of them shift their shopping point to Amazon or myntra
Anonymous User
Apr 10, 2020
The products are fairly good, but the app lags alot and takes alot of time to load, even the filters don't work properly.
Anonymous User
Mar 5, 2020
Buggy app At a time when market is full of apps and app developers... Tata still hasn't figured out a way to develop a bug free app. I keep getting message... Request timed out.... When I try to scroll through the product list. Disappointing.
Anonymous User
Mar 3, 2020
The products and services are best in class. But i dont understand why the app search is so pethetic, i tried to find a apple watch it takes me somewhere else the app is slow i cannot get the full potential of the nice stick in Tata inventory...google searches directs to the right product in this app but the app search is not precise and heavy app. This is my second complain to CliQ
Anonymous User
Mar 2, 2020
Laggy app with lots of issues, filters don't work, sorting of products doesn't work. Whatever I try, the app shows "Request timed out". Need lots of improvement.
Anonymous User
Feb 5, 2020
Extremely heavy app which takes a lot of time to load. Opening My wishlist becomes a constant number of retries. They should have a lighter version.
Anonymous User
Jan 14, 2020
Very bad service ... they accept order which is not in stock and then don't even delivery it on given timeline ..... I ordered twice and both were very bad experience!! I deleted the app because of highly unprofessional attitude.
Anonymous User
Dec 22, 2019
The price wise is exceptional no denying the fact. But sometimes the colors don't match the orders. Make sure the orders are perfectly matched as 0er the customer's requirements. This further will help us in shopping with Tata CliQ with utmost trust.
Anonymous User
Dec 21, 2019
Do not download this app, its a waste of time, it's very slow very buggy, its takes forever to show pictures of the product
Anonymous User
Dec 3, 2019
I am extremely disappointed with this app. I have ordered products twice in sale and both times the product has been reported as being out of stock after the payment is made. Why put discounts and sell things online when there is no intent of completing the sale!?
Anonymous User
Nov 23, 2019
Great app. Stops at times to update but the products here are genuine and new products are also available. No need to buy directly from international brands which take $10 for shipping.
Anonymous User
Sep 22, 2019
Your app have promising appealing menu But it's frustrating shopping here. It keeps crashing every single time I click Brand and gosh it just crash my shopping spirit too. Upgrade your site and you will surely give any other shopping site in India a run for the money . I like to shop here only if you improve service
Anonymous User
Jun 24, 2019
Worst one ever. The product ive ordered is completely different and the product which I got is completely different. And on complaining I getting to know that, there's no return policy. When it's the mistake of the firm.
Anonymous User
Feb 17, 2019
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER (This was my first and only purchase) I purchased a Watch from Tata CliQ Luxury. After the order was placed, dispatched and even shipped, it was cancelled from their side without prior information. The reason they stated for cancellation was the lack of availability of the product. Although, even after the cancellation, the watch continued to be sold on their website. I took forward my point to the customer care. There was no help from their end as well.
Anonymous User
Feb 5, 2019
Worst company & maybe sells duplicate products, I've ordered couple of pieces and none of them were upto the mark. I got pair of Disel Trackpants which got bubbles and got torn and got Dune London Slides whose sole got apart, can surely say that luxury brands doesn't dissatisfy a customer. Neither any reply has been given on calls as well as on emails. Also I showed the proof via pictures still didn't get any revert back from the company. SO DON'T BUY & WASTE YOUR MONEY FROM TATA CLiQ LUXURY.
Anonymous User
Jan 31, 2019
one of the worst online I have ever seen. they take orders and later send a notification stating as per your request we have cancelled the order. when contacted with customer care they say the product is out of stock and we promise your next delivery . last week I have ordered 3 products and all have been cancelled. why do guys even take orders to cancel . worst application
Anonymous User
Jan 7, 2019
my first ourchase from the website was made a fee days ago, after making the payment of over 10k and order being processed, i received a message on the day of delivery that my order has been cancelled with no reasoning, after contacting the helpline and being put on hold for 30 mins it was infrmed to me that the product was out of stock. extremely dissatisfied with this website and app.
Anonymous User
Dec 20, 2018
There are several online sites selling high end brands but have been cheated with duplicate products. After being cheated intermittently I gave up luxury brand shopping online. Finally now -For high value shopping-TATA Brand gives me more than required mental peace that I will be sold a 100% genuine product. Although available brands n offers are still not as exciting as desired But it's the way to go. Respect for TATA.
Anonymous User
Oct 21, 2018
Please TATA group, give me an app that doesn't crash. Just when I was beginning to like it, it crashes. After I click brands, it crashes. I love the fact that you highlight the product instead of the models face, like what your competitors do. Fix it, IL give you 5 stars and recommend this app.
Anonymous User
Oct 1, 2018
All the 5 star ratings seem to be fake because its really frustrating to use this app as it keeps CRASHING ALL THE TIME! Its impossible to shop from the app as the moment you open it, it crashes and gets shut!
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Finance 3212
Food & Drink 1001
Action Game 842
Adventure Game 949
Arcade Game 841
Board Game 516
Card Game 605
Casino Game 95
Casual Game 1187
Educational Game 912
Music Game 140
Puzzle Game 1913
Racing Game 234
Role Playing Game 1299
Simulation Game 1005
Sports Game 445
Strategy Game 1098
Trivia Game 193
Word Game 550
Health & Fitness 3101
House & Home 271
Libraries & Demo 61
Lifestyle 2531
Maps & Navigation 956
Medical 1033
Music & Audio 2303
News & Magazines 1203
Parenting 247
Personalization 1549
Photography 967
Productivity 2795
Shopping 1368
Social 900
Sports 1476
Tools 4452
Travel & Local 2092
Video Players 615
Weather 645