Ocean Is Home :Island Life Sim

Category Adventure Game
Developer Birdy Dog Studio
Platform Android
Package com.birdydogstudio.oceanishome.islandlife
Island life simulator with elements of strategy, social life and house building

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Reviews (240)

Marchelo Ramos
Jul 15, 2022
I love this game it is very relaxing. But I do recommend some things. Maybe more interactive jobs. Oh and in the future I would LOVE multiplayer to play with friends. Also if it is ever a possibility I would be soo greatful to see this game come to virtual reality. This game would be 100x better in vr. Great game though. Keep up the good work!
Bikram Xetrry
Jul 14, 2022
This is the best open world survival games i ever played.i really love the game. I definitely recommend this game to play. Note : main problem is electrical things are useless even though we have electricity.😐 Its good when we use washing machine for wash clothes, make own tea, make more variety of food on oven or microwave, or listing Device song on speaker. And its better we have pet for free like rabbit, deer etc. I request to we get new update asap..! 🙂
Ferny Avina
Jul 12, 2022
Well the i accidentally deleted so I try to get it back and I got to my to another savefile can not find my progress like I spended money for just a brand new car and the car is a "tornado gt" and also bought guns like the "ak rifle" and "berret sniper with like 2 stack of bullets" and also "desert eagle" and also the "garage pack" and and also have a small house with garage and also have a Rottweiler dog
Parmar Chetan
Jul 10, 2022
Very good game but no any missions. that's not good. You need to make easy this game because its so hard to buy anything and make a house and much more thing's like buy a car and only one work you can do is just send a box and nothing you can do in this game. so please game Maker's can you add more work's and task.
Manish Agrawal
Jul 10, 2022
I like this game but I did not like zombie so please remove them from the game and the game should be made like a city in which people can talk to each other and go to each others house more ways to do business I wish we could fly airplanes ✈ too after buildings a house 🏠 there is nothing else to do in it sothis game should be made more enjoyable 😉 I give two stars 🌟 to this game if this game turns out like I said than I shall give 5 stars 🌟 to this game thanks 😊 😀
Satya ranjan nayak satya1233
Jul 10, 2022
What a amazing game . I never see any game like this. This game is such a god for my mood. But it has some improvement like racing cars i.e. hell cat , srt, Lambo like this . Please sir in next update add these cars. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Finn Vinci
Jul 8, 2022
Pretty good game, fun and enjoyable to play, the reason I give it 3 stars is because 1: it's to hard to make money, they need to make more jobs, and 2: it doesn't give you any warning when your tires are about to break and after they do its impossible to drive anywhere. Over all the jist of the game is fun but it needs some work. Ps I didn't get that far into the game.
Can't think of a name
Jul 8, 2022
The game is good but gets pretty boringn quickly and feels pain after sometime...There should've been more jobs or works..and also there is a lot less and limited number of plots you can buy which doesn't feel fun, would've been better if We could buy more Plots and specially if we could buy the showrooms or a place where you can create a business like buying the car showeroom etc..which would add more intrest and and also make it easier to earn money and less boring..deleted it for boredness
Youssef Britel
Jul 7, 2022
Great game it just limited like not much to do it would be great if you add other jobs like taxi or bus driver. For the navigator definitely need improvement to give more details
Maranda Mbuelo
Jul 3, 2022
This game is absolutely awesome. My only concern about it is the Controls. They're fixed And they are not in a perfect position for some of Us. After a while of playing, my thumb will be in pain ... Developers, give people the authority to Change where they want their controls to be
Siphesihle Maseko
Jul 3, 2022
It's quite a good game but the vehicle controls would do with a bit of improvement,everything else is amazing.
Gerard Johns
Jul 1, 2022
Great game and room for improvement as the time goes by too quick and could you possibly add customisation to the cars like upgrades, tuning, body kits etc. But overall great game and definitely recommend it
Cubic Pixlgaming
Jun 21, 2022
Could you add more cars to purchase and more guns to choose from not a limited amount that's trash. desert eagle does nothing windchester rifle is ok but add it to the guns store and add a radio station tv broadcasting station to work at and to actually watch real shows on the tv. I purchased the tv set but it was not interactive add a computer that works and add more jobs like swat units and sheriff's add a police cruiser which is free and add online players not npcs , this would help the game
Lukas Colf
Jun 20, 2022
This is a great game for someone who is looking for a survival type game. This is like Mincraft but more realistic. TIPS: Don't fix the truck when the engine light comes on. It does not effect the top speed, just how long it takes to reach top speed. It's not worth fixing if you are really trying to make money. EDIT: There have been updates to the game so I am not sure how accurate the tip above is anymore.
reniel rafanan
Jun 18, 2022
nice but its lag in my phone ,i think my phone is low ram or low storage but its okay and i want you to add can buy lot with house and items inside ,so i don't need to make house and i want the locomotive train can travel in whole map and add two trailers for train that can deliver parcels in whole map , thanks for the new version im satisfied in this game ,good job.
Nick Barldson
Jun 16, 2022
This is such a great game and I loved how it actually felt like real life.But I have been getting lag problems with the pick-up truck.When I drive the truck it sometimes turns over and rolls.Please this is a great game I'll also like to say that you should add a arrow to point where you should take the parcels.Because it doesn't show where I should take the parcels.But it is great anyways.
Mehebub Alam
Jun 12, 2022
Wow, I ever have seen 3d open world game in just 123mb . Good game we'll make graphics and the control are also good where some glitches are there in moving ,there are many jobs but please add more jobs as its is very hard to make money make a option for business like making stores etc. Make two gender overall make multiplayer. And yes I am waiting for the update. Thanks
Brijbhan Sharma
Jun 9, 2022
It is really amazing 😍 I like this it is a open city for traveling lots of thing we purchased place to build house. I request you to make this game multiplayer. That why we can play with our friends and make a system in which we can transfer money and thing to aur friendsb. I really love the game but it is so lagging plss fix this problem. And make some more shop and bank and cloths shop. And one the most plss make workers for us. That we can have bodyguard If there is zombie bodyguard kill .
Fluffy Cupcakes
Jun 5, 2022
The premise of the game is nice, and I had a lot of fun playing it. However, I feel the island is a little bare, as in the options of things to do is not varied enough. It eventually gets a bit tedious when there is only 3 or 4 ways to make a good amount of money, and the vehicles are constantly siphoning off savings from repairs. I would suggest more additions to the island towns, such as, maybe: functioning hotels, restaurants, house deliveries, driving the train, etc. Looking forward to more.
Paulo Ganha
Jun 4, 2022
The text is too small, cant6 read at all. The control are sluggish. The idea is superb but the execution is poor and inconsiderate. Uninstalling, will keep on checking for improvements.
Angel Mwanakatwe
Jun 2, 2022
This game is very good 👍👍I like it , fill like I am I game, but It needs a lot of update like plasma TV's, new cars new plot's at beautiful places and police to!! . The game has a lot of space on the land, it could be good if there are workers that work at the house. This is what I can say for now
UrMo mmycom
Jun 2, 2022
Amazing, just a few stuff, put more jobs, like working on the gasoline station, work on the train station thing, or the airport, and please make it easier to get money, also open the apartment thing, and make it easier to build a house, and put more stuff as well
Musa Mahlaule
May 31, 2022
I love the game, awesome graphics and realistic weather effects. Loads of activities too. However I'm concerned about electricity bill: Whenever you open the game, it shoots to 2100 regardless of how much you spent last time you played and saved the game. It needs to be paid before you can use the lights. Please fix this
Agoraphobic Weeb
May 30, 2022
It's really fun, and less broken then the first, I wish we could vist different islands using the airport. Having an offline and online or private online option would be cool too, with in game voice chat or text chat, still fish we can have our dogs get in the car with us or have an option to make them follow us like in the first game. Also another thing taht I wish could come back is first person mode in the car, with mirrors so we can see behide us, also add a streaing wheel control option.
Rhiannon DeGray
May 27, 2022
This game is pretty neat other than the numerous bugs I've been running into. The last one I experienced was being flung across the map and killed :)
Soha Sadaqat
May 19, 2022
It is very cool game 👍. But i want more things in it like LED other big cars more designs or decorative items other family members and also please remove the enemies like zombies, theives etc 👍
David Bunting
May 18, 2022
5/17/22 Edit after 7 months: STILL no update, you barely make any money and the truck you get at the start is a money pit; constantly breaking or needs new tires. Dont waste your time guys. Another survival dump abandoned by its developers. 10/19/21 Cant hear barely any sound, volume all the way up. No labels on the map. Cant change/rotate camera in car. Great potential, but needs some fixes.
May 9, 2022
It would be really nice if the character could have a family or a friend they go to places together, I'm satisfied with the games new updates dwg but me and my friends would really like if you Add Snow to the weather Climate Thanks for creating an amazing Game such as this Man I really enjoy Killing zombie Soldiers wild animals like bears etc and I made a million I have been playing since 2021 I'm #Purp
melissa jose
May 6, 2022
This game is the best!! Some things you could fix are maybe lowering the cost of fuel because i need lots of money to fill my car. Also maybe make the starter car a bit more good looking and conditinal, finally, due to the house at the start you cant really build a full house so maybe make 2 seperate plots. Otherwise 5 stars!
Joe Portorsnok
May 4, 2022
Love this game. It's everything I've been looking for. Sandbox type game do what you feel like, you can be an outdoorsman and limit or even eliminate the need for money or you can earn money in many different ways and buy what you need. Love the freedom!
Lando Will
Apr 30, 2022
I've taken two stas because even though I like this game, you are taking forever to provide an update to fix the problems the game have, as well as add something new from our many suggestions 😩... the game is getting boring
Retrovice City
Apr 29, 2022
Love this game but didn't get very far until I installed it. It keeps going to settings menu. Whether my hand hits it or does it on it's own everytime I'd get anywhere it would go to settings menu then respawn me all within a second. Just got too annoying. Otherwise great.
Rodney Oburu
Apr 22, 2022
Great game love it but it needs character customization, a small city , multiplayer, cars until the year 2005 , car customization and a realistic map. Still it's a good game, best life simulator I have seen ...
Mehebub Alam
Apr 15, 2022
Amazing game in a very low storage .The game is really very good the graphics and control are really amazing. But there are very few jobs to do there should be more jobs . There should be a more option to do business ,and to be millionaire in this game.And there should be more bogy in train . And there are very few people in island ,people are found only in western beach and in other side there is no people , the map should be more large it fell bore after playing a month please fix thank you.
Arthur Aqualine
Apr 4, 2022
I give you 4 out 5 guys your game is amazing, bus I can't see the busses in the game as they are displayed on the picture, again I want to drive the car whilst I'm inside (3D driving) so that I can protect myself from danger and again more jobs as the expenses are more but I advise that one of a bus job or transportation BUT BOVE ALL, THE GAME IS👌
Apr 2, 2022
It's good concept but it is tough for beginners to play you must add some tutorial and intro about this game improve map 🗺 quality it's harder to see map while driving... If these things improved then this will be a good game to play 🙂👍
Chiri Chiri
Mar 30, 2022
Just now I downloaded this game in 2022 and everything in the game is perfect just please 🙏 add GPS line thing and also please if there is somehow you can fix the right analog stick from remote controller so it can turn better that would be perfect thank you and great job on the game 5 star rate
Devesh Joshi
Mar 24, 2022
I appreciate the developers of the game for giving us such an innovative game! This game is enjoyable and I had fun playing it but I will do suggest the developers to add new features as recommended by lots of people in the comments. I personally feel the need to have more people on the street to interact with in the game, it can be guys and girls of all age groups.. Thanks for your time. I love this game!!
Joe Mar Closa
Mar 19, 2022
Great game. Except, (1) other actual objects dont apear on the map like the railways, (2) most map icons are just the same despite being different establishments and types, (3) map does not have name of places.
Cole Fincher
Mar 16, 2022
A good game especially for being on phones. Would be nice to see more of a story line to it and some work with the help menu it is a little confusing to figure out how to get started and what to actually do but once figured out really injoyable
Victor Isaac
Mar 15, 2022
Nice game to play with five star but there are some changes that need to look into it like the coust of the land in other to buy is too high, second they should at least make use of the airport to travel with, to other island or country and please add another highland that is will develop and if possible a working stations or jobs to en money and please add some boats in other to travel to close islands by worter in other to sach for resources, and please try to add fine car's too.
Esther omukuba
Mar 9, 2022
I like this game alot coz it has alot of adventures and some cool stuff but i would also like to suggest that you add the man a family,kids,a wife and a friend so that the game would not get boring faster and also add some easy work to do and build social facilities like hospital school a fancy supermarket and lastly add some fashionable car because im not a fan of vintage cars thank you
nathaniel villar
Mar 5, 2022
I just recently found this game because my cousin and my brother are crazy for this game and they got disappointed since it's very lag😂😂 don't worry it's because their phone is very low on performance,I can say that the game it self is very fantastic or by means (outstanding) very fancy and HQ rendering,their are tons of things to do and many trucks and cars to buy🤩🤔. Oh! I forgot to mention that I played the first ocean is home last year.
Feb 28, 2022
I love this game, really do. Tho I would like to add a towing service if you have a severe problems for your car (running out of fuel/all tires flattened/engine condition is severe) and send it to the car service. Overall it's a fun game.
Cjay Calugay
Feb 20, 2022
This open world games is really cool, but little bit laggy pls fix it, and you should add more job , furniture that can use , more neighborhood, every place must have name in map, in setting pls put controller adjustment than adjust the controller, I like this type of game , I make it 5 soon
Stephene Onyango
Feb 18, 2022
Best survival experience ever. That map is huge and adventurous. But I want to fly next time. And a more interactive trade centre.
Marti Boswell
Feb 16, 2022
there's not many games out there like this one, its one of a kind and very awesome! my only complaint is that the vehicle is VERY hard to steer. its too sensitive. when i barely tap the steer button, sometimes it does nothing, other times it sends me flying off the road. pls fix this and ill give 5 stars :)
Feb 15, 2022
no complain so far the game it self is simply the best where u can just do what ever you want plus the grinding or farming mechanic of the game aint really bad.. even the map is huge it would be nice if you put a bigger fire place , more paint , new motorbikes ,and some little islands so that the boat would be a little bit more usefull but just take your time with it i know how hard it is to do the coding and to lessen the lag
Mark Lloyd Relatorres
Feb 9, 2022
I love this game!! This is the game I wanted to play. But could you please add labels for every stations, stores, or places so it's easy to find in the map.
Sk Parvej Alam
Jan 31, 2022
Hello Devloper I can't tell how much I love this game this open world consept game I will find this type of game all over internet for Android but no good results found found some dirty graphic games but u can improve this game just point to be note down 1. Graphics -- should be improve lighting try some REALLASING lights 2.-- animation u should work some animation 3.-- if game size increase than u should increase the map work on map streets trees reallastic wather trafic people on road
Schrödinger's Pussycat
Jan 30, 2022
Wish we could save the progress on Google account! This is the third time I'm starting all over again with a new phone :/ I'm getting tired a little bit... 🙄 The reason I never spend money even there are things I want to buy! Like the big backpack with that armoured set and some guns! Because I will lose all when I get a new phone again. That's frustrating...
FIRE 205
Jan 27, 2022
Amazing graphics and controls. The plot is very addictive, there are tons of things you can do in this game and you can play for hours without getting bored. Question: Can I access my saved progress on different devices?
simond bantug
Jan 23, 2022
This is one of my favorite games. I hope you add more equipment and vehicles such as armored vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and many more. The map in second island please add more details Thank you for making a good game and I hope you can make many more good games.
Jan 22, 2022
This game is very good but the thing is that there are only four ways to earn money. So, pls add more ways to earn money as the parcel and the garbage collecting job are very boring. Also, pls decrease the prices of cars and increase the selling price for selling things like logs, stones for making cement ,etc.
Juniorlinzenge Ebwa
Jan 17, 2022
I like the the game very much and i the that u can build your own house and have jobs but i like taken the trush out because it pays u a lots of money then the their jobs it also fun but one problem some of the furniture cannot use it it would be nice if we can in the next update i would like to watch the TV it also would be nice to play with another players in game mode. Can you also add rain fall because when it thunders. Rain didn't fall please add this in the next update
Théodore Hood
Jan 4, 2022
I'm addicted to this game! The only problem was the overpowered enemies, like drones, and zombies. You can't easily kill them without a proper gun. Secondly 'The Money' is so hard to earn, like delivering port by port by 50-200 per box coins aren't enough. Please make it 100-500 per box (can be escalated the farther the port). Thirdly we can't enter those neighboring houses, please make it possible to enter, and fix the bug about pedestrian on sidewalks, lot's of them are having some freeze bug
Kush Ch
Dec 21, 2021
I've been playing this game from the start and I must say this game is just super awesome. But I would I like to give some suggestion, 1. Add relationship like marriage, having child, just like a family. 2. A bigger map 3. Fun places to spend money like a club, amusement park, holiday island or something like that. 4. Add some Bike and Public transport like bus, metro, taxi 5. And improve the controls a little bit. That's my 2 cent. Wish you guys Luck !
Collen Masete
Dec 15, 2021
This game is nice, graphics are right everything is perfect but why i gave it 4 stars is because of the cars and the island . Starting with the cars there must be cars that we know them like bmw ,vw, Audi ,benz and many more...... and the island is too small there must be urban and rural areas but there is only one thing i would be happy if you can change the cars and fix the island
Five Crew Gaming
Dec 11, 2021
It's a fun game however it would be nice if there was more was of earning money, also adding more controls for vehicles or being able to interact more like how you can take the wheels on and off the car move items around I love that about this game
Dec 8, 2021
Best Simulation game I've ever played on my mobile phone. The maps & roads take a little getting used too, but once you get that down it's easy to get around the island,& Electricity is VERY EXPENSIVE. Other than that, I LOVE the new updates. Excited on what new jobs & stores are to come. I wish this game was available on Playstation4, or even in the Quest VR games, now that would truly be amazing!THUMBS UP, & I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ALL WHO LOVE PLAYING SIMULATION GAMES! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dec 7, 2021
Giving 5 stars to appreciate the devs for keep on updating the game. I hope they continue to do so since I already spend money on it.. hopefully they'll improve the car controlls as well as add police stations and banks so that we can have an option to be bad sometimes and do illegal activities to add more thrill.. additional clothes and styles which is visible on a third person view. Add some hunting rifle and improved controlls on gun like we can walk while aiming. Add more luxurious car.
Sidharth Rao
Dec 5, 2021
Latest review 🤗🤗🤗 All the problems I was facing seems to end . I restarted the game and I am sorry for myself cause All the progress is gone . I had three van Two cars . A large house all is gone And now I am starting it all again . It's very hard to earn money ,like very hard .Please make more jobs .
Dunquan Smartkeed
Dec 4, 2021
I've had this game a long now and it's quiet a very interesting game, i gave 3 stars cause of some few things that are not there i think. I need a tilt control to enjoy this game and also some few jobs that can earn a little more salaries. Then also vihecles should appear reality even. The camera control is needed in some cases throughout the game... i think i can then give 5 stars. It's a #1 life simulator I've ever got known. Otherwise just improve on the above mentioned...
Kamwanga Martin
Dec 2, 2021
Yes the game is very fantastic i like it is th best simulator i ever played before but the problem is the control when you are driving at list you have to change the control setting and th interior of the car please try to update thre
Gino Regal
Nov 29, 2021
We will install this again if there's a new job added here. It's boring when you can only deliver parcel to earn money, plus other job that allows you to collect trash to earn money too is too far away. BUT this is a Good Game ❤️ I LOVE IT. Me and my siblings love it. (1) Please put some pet that we can just buy with silver coins or just put some ads so we can earn golds coins there. We can't afford to buy a golds coins online so pls pls... 🙏🏼
Amir Awokoya
Nov 28, 2021
I like the game but i will need some updates on the sofa and if you can make the game a multiplayer game. Interact with friends online. we should be able to choose our career like contractor and others and more lands. And also updates on the cars like benz,lexus ... I will appreciate the game better this way.
Lachlan Mackintosh
Nov 25, 2021
I will just add on what Mustang said that you should add a patrol car but also interactive houses that is not a 3d model with a picture from the internet of a house stuck on to it I know your tricks developer.and make sure that when you get close to the train it slows down so I could board it and make the inventory space bigger cause I have to eat or drop a item to save space which is a waste of food and resources and is pathetic.
Nov 25, 2021
This is a great game, I'm also a mobile game developer myself but I have not been able to create anything of value. I love the packed gameplay and the open world aspect. I'm apart of the modding community and I've modded a version of this game adding more vehicles but overall great game. :D
Lydia Ndemera
Nov 22, 2021
I love the game very much but I've been playing it for a year and I'm still on level 1 some building equipment like the shower, toilet and sink are nowhere to be found around the island. Also make the car easier to drive like putting other options to drive while inside the car and also driving using buttons, steering wheel and tilt
leku amos
Nov 22, 2021
The game is good and have been playing it for some time but it needs more house items like for bathroom items. How come the eletronics can’t be used like the tv and more jobs and careers have to be placed un the next update. Plus curtains too then the 5⭐will be given thanx
Nov 10, 2021
First of all great game! Only issue is I cannot level up, tried mining , cutting etc absolutelly nothing, still lvl 1. Could you please tell me how to fix this problem. (Gave 5 stars because i really want to see the game grow, even if my problem is pretty big.)edit: 1 star till someone notices my complaint. Edit again: back to 5 start, thx for answer.
Naꜰɪsa Bᴀʜ
Nov 3, 2021
Good graphics and casual game play, good if you like stockpiling things or building your own home.i wish there was a bit more info on miscellaneous items that you find. Also more to do on the islands, mauve maybe more modes of transportation like a paraglider or hover board, motorcycles, more interaction with people or a bit of a story driven plot even, I can imagine how much hard work n time went into this game, it shows, just suggestions
Maharatu Rafidah Mohamad
Nov 3, 2021
I'm really love this game. And maybe, you can make, adjustable floor or ceiling that can be raised, high or down. So we can put half staircase. And make also living room furniture. NPC not just walking but do something like eating at diner, at supermarket. adding cashier. But yeah, I know, it's will be long to finish, still I can't wait.
Monique Clarisse Arabaca
Nov 1, 2021
This game is good. But could use: -More information. Gradually, not overloading vague info that confuses players IF they do read it. -Details on the products on stores and what they're for. Like what's the navigator's use when u have a map? Does it have othr use? -Upgrade the map at least highlight the bridges! Its confusing! That's it for me for now. I like the game especially the building aspect but its so tedious and the players are basically blind on what to do from the gameplays ive seen.
Kevin Troyer
Nov 1, 2021
This is a very good game. It's graphics are decent. I like that you I drive cars and build houses. I wish there were more functionality with the airport. I personally wish that I could be able to fly a plane or a helicopter. I also wish there was a creative mode. Overall this is a great game.👍
Arlyn Andrea
Nov 1, 2021
The game is good and I actually enjoy playing it but I'm having a hard figuring out where should I go, especially when delivering a parcel because there's no indicator on the map. I hope you can update the map, label it or something. Thank you.
Malwandla Manzini
Nov 1, 2021
This game is amazing I've only had it for two days but it's so fun it's a console in your pocket that's how good the graphics but I wish there were more jobs and online mode and car customizations but all in all it is a very great game that's why I'm giving the 5 stars if could I'd give them a 💯
Trever Kirby
Oct 30, 2021
Haven't been playing for long maybe a week, but I absolutely love the game. It is an awesome concept, the only down side I would say is that fact that you cannot buy trailers, and paint to repaint a vehicle after you've bought it. It would also be cool to have some other job types, I understand that takes time so I'm willing to be patient, but if I could add anything it would be jobs, trailers, and vehicle customization/modification after being bought
Leland c
Oct 28, 2021
Changing to 4 stars. Its a good game. Takes a little getting used to. Dev team responded to me quickly and genuinely. I believe in them to make this one of the best games. Rotating camera, maybe an online server, I think tire and engine wear is too quick, but its not so bad you can't play and earn without spending real money.
Oct 21, 2021
This is such a wonderful experience! The game is packed with activities to do. But one problem! I don't think theres a way to level up in the game. I have delivered and cut trees and did everything but no exp.. I don't even know a place to get the blue prints! I really hope the game developers fix those things!
Angie Baker
Oct 21, 2021
Apart from better loot and graphics and the car repair pack at every petrol station, and wheels, what else is new? Could you add the dog and the kennel to buy for silver coins and add the blueprints for the workshop please, and things to craft with the extra loot please, hope to hear from you soon and make an update soon, absolute brilliant game still
Foxy Gamepro
Oct 20, 2021
Game is good but when it's night time I can barely see my way, as a result I keep crashing and I keep getting involve in a accident. It would be better if I can drive the plane for air transportation. Also having your own family and people like you run a business, and a farm as well since it's kinda getting boring if everything is just limited. Also fix the water physic, my car sinks way too fast and why can't I put a corpse in my boat? It keeps sinking too. New clothes as well, multiplayer too.
Oct 18, 2021
It be epic if we could have first person view in car, some may like third person better so I don't want to be selfish so if you can add both first and third person view then sure, also add eating animation, as well as sleeping, waking, and let us be able to interact with NPC and our pets, add cats as well please, add hobo npc that you can see going through garbage bins every now and then, it makes the game realistic, and also let me s be able to sit in the chairs, and turn on sinks and pipes.
PartyTime XXX
Oct 7, 2021
Has potential but lacks any way to track your destination, lacks map key for locations, and lacks quest line. Tutorial is very vague. Needs work. Probably more fun on PC
Art Lif
Oct 2, 2021
This is one of the best games i ever played. I always loved the GTA San Andreas mod where u can just sit on the train and travel around the map. Well..its in this game bu default..and 1000 more. This game is The Forest xombined with GTA and My Summer Car...and a spice of the Sims 3. And its still unique and its own thing.
Sep 26, 2021
Super i like this game and its my favourite .But i have some questions .1 there is not any blueprints in military island .I went to all military bases in search of blueprint but i didn't got any blueprints .2 what is the use of navigator .when i clicks on it i can only see the normal map.
Sumant Singh
Sep 26, 2021
Add more working items like more cars to buy some house blueprints so tht we dont need to build all horse can be a game changer and give more modifications for cars i love this game but can be better you can add bikes and more things new maps i bought every car a big house and everything and got bored so give more and more stuff so that people can play more endlessly thnkyou for reading it
Nick Franecki
Sep 25, 2021
I've played the first one for literally years and it's been my favorite app and was so happy to see a second one. This new update is 🔥. The graphics got better, the loot is awesome and makes it worth going to now. The new cars they added are amazing. Makes me enjoy playing this game even more. Without a doubt the best game in the app store and deserves more credit.
Evolution Mania
Sep 22, 2021
I love this game but can u add more buildings... and add more cars like sports car etc... and put colors on radar like gta sa because as u have to open radar to look at the map and... add a waypoint system too. Thnx And bring back bow too as it looks amazing in your previous game "ocean is home"
WeAreGames Channel
Sep 22, 2021
This has been a very accomplishing game over updates but I am looking forward for the same quality of graphics as OIH1 currently have which is really smooth. Also, pls fix the pawnshop cashier error. It would be much better also if on the next update, save slots will be added. Thank you
Sep 22, 2021
The game is amazing and very addictive, just a suggestion, the game dev might consider making the game online and multi-player, this is a perfect potential competitor for gta. I would love it much better if they made this a blockchain game and made the builds and resources nft hehehehehe😁, overall i love the game very much and taking a dose of it every single day ❤️
Wes Garcia
Sep 21, 2021
Love the app great game it's a little bit different I'd love to be able to craft as easy as you could in older version the music is awesome in vehicles would love to hear some fleetwood Mac Kansas maybe some scorpions all the good oldies no complaints absolutely love it
Msd Smti
Sep 20, 2021
It's an excellent game. 100/100. well done! please add: 1_a simple flashlight. cant see anything at night. 2_option to zoom out the camera when driving vehicles. very difficult to drive the big trucks. 3_a female character? 4_option to zoom out/aerial view when in house building mode. 5_a sandbox/free build mode where we can build house and experiment with different builds without consuming materials.
dream hacker x
Sep 17, 2021
This game is my favourite game and please add flying vehicles and friendly human with cities, showrooms,big building,more railway station, factories , multiplayer systemand android phones for taxi and others like a gta 5,can you make upgradable and modifyable with skin for cars please make this games for pc/laptops.
Game_Life _1
Sep 15, 2021
The controls is not really good including the weapon aiming I thought it would work flawless but no it is horrible also add couch and sofa on furniture because it is too boring if it only have a wooden chairs and tanks. But my main request at least allow us to interact on planes. Over all it had a lot of things that should be fix including the movement of character. I enjoy it a little but if it becomes smooth on the next update I might enjoy it
Your Cricket Guy by R.K
Sep 15, 2021
Well this game is so interesting, easy way and nice to play. I love this graphics, simulation, control and designs. But some things needs more update... 1) Increase working ways, 2) set passengers in train, 3) increase shop & houses towards road, 4) make farming ways include cows & chickens, 5) when drive truck or car set camera angel as steering wheel... Good Work 👍👍👍👍
Mr Zyrhk
Sep 13, 2021
This game is the best!! gathering resources and stuff is so damn fun! especially falling resources from your truck when you suddenly brake🤣😭 1.Can you add upgradable cars? Like making uncle joe's car hold more resources and stuff. 2.Also when you get hurt the sound is so loud. 3. Can you add different and changeable engines? I want to upgrade uncle joe's pickup truck.🤣 4. Does next update sell animal corpses? I've been keeping them at the yard.🤣 looking forward on the next update!!🔥Hyped!🔥
mustangboss 383
Sep 10, 2021
Game is good few things personally i would like to see added 1) a multiplayer mode added where I can invite friends to a private world (this is the most wanted )2) more work where I can earn a large amount of money 3) sofas and more furniture and 4) banks and the ability to rob people and banks (and of course police to patrol and catch you ) , thank you for such a great game when these are all added it will get 5 stars
Sifiso Gumede
Sep 9, 2021
I loved this game the moment I started playing it, I always anticipate new updates and I really wish u can add tilt control when driving Betsy( yes I named the pickup truck) to me it would more real feel when playing. I really love this game u guys are geniuses.
Tariq ssebagala
Sep 2, 2021
Game is good,i like it.But would be better if there are more sources of income and if you would show the character am controlling it would increase the view and i would easily walk in places also i wish the joystick was fixed it would ease mobility.plus u should may be put a board on stations showing time scheduled for trains arrival and departure
sapna tambi
Aug 28, 2021
Its very hard game its also very interesting but there should be some more thing like trailer and more air port and the player can ride plane there should be this option so that transportation can be easy and you should also low some things cost So that we can buy thing to made home easily if this thing will be in our game so this game will fantastic
Khotso Letsatsi
Aug 22, 2021
I love this game it's awesome and I know with more updates it's gonna be even better. I love the pickup truck but I wish you'd add the steering wheel view, I feel more comfortable driving in that camera view, take a look at the game called PickUp I love how they did the interior view of the pickup truck. Also the map please include information on the map so one can know where they are supposed to deliver.
Angel Madrigal
Aug 22, 2021
Best game I've played and I play it every day, there are no complains but can the dog be more useful like in ocean is home 1 where the dog follows you and hunts for you, because my dog keeps getting stuck in the walls also if you can fix the problem where the rain goes through roofing and the light through the walls, and I liked the guy that was at stores and you can sell and buy things from him but I haven't seen him I am looking forward to seeing more people you can buy and sell things from.
Nilam Singh
Aug 18, 2021
Its is very good game.I have some tips for game .Please make game in multiplayer mode so friend will play togethere. Another make graphis ultra level and some bussiness of shop so earn from that also and it makes vey execllent game. And make save game in multiplayer mode so friends play game.Another day come to play a game so it save whatever it done yesterday
Erika Lytle
Aug 2, 2021
This game is very fun a few things that could be added tho is two icons on the map one for where the train is and another one for where your car is just in case it's lost and u don't have money for a teleprlort. Also some more ways to make money closer to the original plot. One last thing is add more furniture that u can interact with or mabey a place to get a dog without paying with gold coins because I don't want to pay real money for something in a game but it's a really good game to play
Me Fone
Aug 2, 2021
Extremely frustrating the map SUCKS! Why isn't everything labeled?? Game says can be medic & firefighter jobs NOT true. Settings will NOT save! Traffic resets to 100% every time. Driving sucks you barely try to turn & car jerks off the road! No Park or Reverse as promsed in directions! Game said its a "social game". Lies! Why can't we talk to people? Why can't we knock on doors? Why live in a city if you never interact? Game says you can loot. Lies! Houses are just empty shells can't go inside.
Farhan Akbar
Jul 29, 2021
This game is very awesome but there are many problems. Some of them are:- 1.Traffic of cars is very low even after maximising the traffic density 2.Roads are narrow, please make it 4 or 6 lane 3.Only me is using the public transports, petrolpump etc, I think others in the game also should use these resouces 4.Add more railway stations. Also my suggestion:- 1. Please allow us to make railway station and lay tracks wherever on the map 2. Allow us to fly and ride on planes
Pranay Mondal
Jul 26, 2021
Thanks for your reply, and I was able to start a new game this time. I would suggest to replace the new game option in the settings menu, atleast to make it accessible anytime, as we people tend to find it in the menu or settings option. Also one more thing, can you please add a little more info to the map, the icons are confusing at first, so please add a note to help new players understand which one indicates which. Thank you.
Jul 20, 2021
I was expecting to delete it within an hour, but it's surprising well done for a w.i.p.. Obviously still needs a bit of polish, fixes, and interaction added to it, but really has potential. I especially like the realistic car functions and how I can easily start a new game without reinstalling. Maybe in future updates there could be some character customization, more jobs, etc. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing what's new after the basic mechanics are finished.
Yatharth Adhikari
Jul 20, 2021
Really a fantastic game to play,all controls are good and what i like the most is that the sound of starting uncle joe's Pickup truck,cool graphics,we can travel in train but i preffer that you should alllow us to travel in other island with the help of planes,there is only airport and working planes but there is no entrance for airplane.
Alexander The Great
Jul 17, 2021
can't wait for all the new thing that will come in this game . downloaded it today and already loving almost everything on it.my issues: lighting inside the house is not really good, you literally cover the place only with walls but the ligh of the moon can still pass inside even with shadows on. light in the left side of the wall light the other side too even if it's two separate rooms. that's all for now. can't wait to see everything fixed alongside the new things.
Black Sniper
Jul 15, 2021
This game is painfully great! However, I want to add some things. Paints for roofs Sewages Flower pots Etc. And another is the zombies can damage you even if you're inside the vehicle. I hope you read my thoughts. Thanks.
Thulasikan Saththyananthan
Jul 14, 2021
I appreciate your work developers and artists. 🙂 The game is awesome ! I like the concept. But needs some Update. Then I will give +1Star *More interesting jobs to make money *improved navigation. *and some others You Can do It! Come on And I found a glitch in my game! My parcels In the trunk or train Sometimes Disappear after I came back to the game. That was painfull😖 Thank you.
Austin VanWert
Jul 13, 2021
Please add wasd controls for when driving and walking around please so I can actually play the game without having to take forever to do one thing. Thank you. Also please add some more trucks like make a extended cab version of the square body pickup truck please and some more wheel options and ability to change the wheel color. Love the game though. Thank you for your time. and effort into the game keeping on rocking it.
Loni Pro
Jul 13, 2021
Wow that's awesome men,I like this game, it's very nice. But the map should be improved men , some new features should be added which would be very interesting men. Otherwise we like this game at my side it's really like GTA 5, Wow. And guys please how can I buy gold coins using cash on a simcard (MTN Uganda) because it is not working , thanks guys.😀
Jul 10, 2021
Hi, Iv'e played this game and I loved it the graffics are good and the gameplay but there is only a few problems the mobs is the first one it's just so anoying everytime I encounter a deer or rabit they just run away but in one spot they are not really running they just sprint and do the same action all over again as if they where running but they actually arn't and also with other mobs like robots, zombies, mutants, boars, bears bassically mobs that chase you instead of running away!
Official Sagittarius
Jul 10, 2021
Hi,please add more stuff like:1:modern house materials,like recess lights,marble floors 2:supercars,I am not a huge fan of vintage cars 3:things are so pricy,could you please reduce prices of stuff like land 4:not running out of resources,I hate building and running out of materials in mid-build.Anyways 5stars.
ARUN Mathiyazhagan
Jul 10, 2021
Please add game saving option in cloud storage. Killing zombies and mutants is boring after a long time if you can add bounties for zombies and mutants would be nice. Over all good game. Waiting for more updates 😍.
Jul 9, 2021
very good game, but why i can't place wooden triangle on second floor but i can place it on first floor. i wonder if it didn't designed to put on second floor. and also bring back old driving physics, it's harder to drive since the new physics at previous update
rhyan lumilay
Jul 8, 2021
Honestly, I freaking have no idea what I have to do when the game starts. I tried chopping trees but the knife won't chop a tree, I picked up a random twigs and stones thought it will let me construct but when I returned home it's not even the right material that I have no clue where to get the materials to the house and the car it takes me a while to put tires and fuel but it won't move. Lastly have an option to arange the u.i. the pickup button should be in the right side not below the left.
Ashes R
Jul 8, 2021
I love the idea of this game but there are so many issues. Nothing is intuitive, it's impossible to know what you should be doing, the map doesn't actually help you find anything, and driving the truck is crazy. The controls are awful.
Jeevitesh S Rishi
Jul 5, 2021
This is how I experienced the real world very tough to get money, i would be very happy if u could change the vehicle controls from arrows to a steering wheel .But your game is awesome i play it everyday.
Jul 2, 2021
Trees cannot be cut down. After collecting the stick, I didn't know where to use it. Gave the car but no wheels. I could not put the wheel after getting the wheel. Lots of money easily from the money booth. There is so much more .... See how much fun you have playing the game. It is better to give a few seconds tutorial. graphics & control very very good.
Avik Mukherjee
Jul 1, 2021
5 stars because you guys are giving your best,This is one of my favourite game, I would like to ask you guys to take a look on some these points. 1.Main character's control could have been a bit smooth. Vehicle control is soo bad. 2.People of the Island are not interactive at all. 3.Stores are so far away from home. 4.Packed items are hard to get rid off,make some way.5.let us modify uncle Joe's pickup. 6.Only found some basic differences from the last Ocen is Home game.please add somethin new.
Chorus Guitarist
Jun 29, 2021
Need more jobs so it don't get boring and if possible make it a multiplayer game(hotspot/wi-fi) and I hope I can change the camera to first person too when driving. I change it to 5 star because really, this is the best life simulator game I ever played in android, I hope the admin will remain active because this game have a lot of potential of getting better :]
Khodani Netshivhumbe Kd double e
Jun 26, 2021
This game is good but please add some vehicles with different sounds, different camera view on cars add more jobs,add more plots to buy,and extend the map. Any way excellent game developer
Sathyajith. V
Jun 25, 2021
Wonderful experience I have feeled. Good game and intresting. Two items. I had like to come are a pig or cow farming and we can pin a place so we don't want to look map several times. Plzz add some intresting works. Also. Can you plz add the option for respond any our plots after death
Evander Prodigo
Jun 24, 2021
Great game but a can you add an rotation button while bringing some package cause its so stressful when you trying to arrange the package back at your car also can you add a more guns in gun shop or more guns can be craft in guncrafting bench because i have lots of bullets 7.62.68 but i dont know what gun that can use this bullet but anyways great game keep up 😁 Edit: im looking forward to it keep up 😁
Fanyio Mobile Gaming
Jun 22, 2021
This is amazing.. However I dont like this fact that animals can flip the cars if they bump into you. Secondly you guys should add stuff like couch, WC, TV and curtains.. And also add details on the map, more jobs, add options to look around while driving and if possible add first person view on the cars.. Please put inner light on the bus. other than that this game is great and you are amazing. I gave you 5🌟 multi-player multi-player multi-player plessssssssse add
Cmdr. Meiloorun
Jun 17, 2021
Interesting open world game. Not hard at all to earn enough coin to keep going. Only one thing I really don't like. The 'navigator' shows city names but no text associated with individual landmarks, like postal drops. All you have to go on is the cryptic address labels. Thus it can be tough to find places like 'city pawnshop' or 'city beach' to deliver a parcel. I never have located either of those places.
20. Muhammad Fikri Al Fathin
Jun 15, 2021
Overall, this game is good. But can you add indicator light for the car wheels turn yellow when the durability is under 25%.And also fix the wooden triangle roof, sometimes it bugged
Lone Wolf
Jun 12, 2021
Amazing game. Loved it as soon as i activated the radio. Tho the radio often loses signal. Not sure what effects that. Also id like if there was a tilt control for driving in game as the left/right arrows can be wonky, Also cruise control. Maybe lable the post drops and the minimap is next to useless atm only showing the way to propertys, Maybe include other icons. Other than those issues :3 great game keep up the good work! shows promise.
Blaze YT
Jun 12, 2021
Game is great but pleaseeeee add or improve this will you ? Improve the Map Area, Because Dang the minimap ain't helping much. But at least add like showing what's best route when pinpoint to an area and zooming in to the map, you can see more text labels like city jewelry and stuff. And also, a must, which is to undo tumbled vehicles but with a price from the service.. and when a player is getting package, the game should show best route too to get the destination
Retro Gamer
Jun 12, 2021
Probably the best open world for Android..but i got some issues...First, please add more loot bases that are more challenging with different hostile characters..also add varied job types and there is no purchasable bathroom equipment . . please check on it:)
Jun 10, 2021
This game is great ang have a very good and smooth graphics and i love this game but i have somethings you can add in the next update like; first add more NPC's walking around and some animals, second some houses are pretty far away from each other just make them a little bit close to each other, third make it more simulated like you have to take some missions from other characters, fourth improve NPC's animation of their walking like more alive and i want to say this game is great thank youu
Bhavya Garg
Jun 5, 2021
It is very great game but one thing is very frustrating that we have to repair car, filling fuel and also we have to feed player very much. So please do if you can fix this. Otherwise, the game is very good and addictive.
Broken Glass
Jun 3, 2021
Its an amazing game. Great concept and execution. Im having an issue where some packages and resources dissappear but everything is so well thought out and i just absolutely love it.
May 28, 2021
New update: The sound is low, can't hear it even when volume is up at full max. Where's the rain? The storm clouds still appear and you can hear thunder and see lightning but there's no rain yet you can hear it. Some of the roads are missing lol. Not bad for an update but can't wait for more jobs. Maybe a pizza delivery job?
Alex Girshbein
May 25, 2021
Amazing game! The physics, the atmosphere.. just great! Only thing i can suggest is making engine/wheel more expensive to repair but to last a lot longer, seems weird fixing the car every two days. Also the respawn button is cheaty. Anyway keep up the awesome work! Cant wait to see what you'll come up with ★★★★★
Cory Andersen
May 24, 2021
Very promising game. Looking forward to future updates. Nice new map and icons. Needs more audio for foot steps and doors but im sure you guys are working on that. Excellent job! 👍👏 Edit! You guys are awesome on keeping up on this game! Very impressed! Thank you. Still 5.
charlie partosa
May 23, 2021
A great game. Just one request to the devs, please give us an option to customize our own button layout so that it would be easier for us to control the game.
zzede milckey
May 7, 2021
I really love the game and enjoy playing it. But one problem the cars are very expensive and the distance from percile transportation is very long. please fix that.
Apr 26, 2021
Game seems fun. The controls were hard to work pit at first and I still get confused. The map is also terrible, can't tell what is what. Other than that, it seems fine
ashlee bussey
Apr 21, 2021
Great idea for game but very glitchy, often can't get the buy menu up in shops (particularly for furniture) and car often throws all parcels out for no apparent reason. Please fix because if I can't buy things there's not much point to the game.
Prajwal Pachgade
Apr 20, 2021
Its a very nice game , but it still need to be upgrade , as you can see there is less houses in the city , no police , no hospital and restarunt , please dev add some things in it and please add more furniture and more jobs as well. And also use interactive peoples in game so that it will be the complete game and no one gets bored. Hope you get my point and please make those changes in the next upgrade.
loinoobgamin g
Apr 17, 2021
Great game i wish i could give it 5 stars but but theres a few problems 1: when you save and quit sometimes the boxes disapper 2:the map is too long it takes you 30 minutes to earn 3000 3: car speed i think the cars are way to slow It would also be great if you could add a bank where the players can loan money, and add a racing feature where the player can earn money
Tracey Bergeron
Apr 15, 2021
I really love the game, everything about it, until I accidentally ran my boat on the beach bc I gotten distracted by a house member lol and now Im stuck and can't Get out the boat, if I have to uninstall the game then reinstall and start all over again, it's useless and with never play again, I worked really hard getting all the things that I have, I need help getting out the boat, then I can figure how to flip the boat back into the water
Aidan Ioan M. Ilumin
Apr 15, 2021
I love this game but they should add more and fix the game the problem is that the map to add names because i can find what i need like to sell wod. And the places i can find because its have no name. Now for the car the car is good but i can look around me. And i wished that they can add first proson view and multiplayer. And 3rd proson view and player customisatoin and gender
Angelo Dela Cerna
Apr 13, 2021
Game is good.. I mean there's some annoying parts of features like the amount of time to hold the use key just to pickup things would be better if its a lot quicker or better yet change it to just tap... And also the logs has annoying physics aswell like they keep on rolling and rolling i cant pick them up i literally need to wait for it to stop rolling from big bumps.. And the map needs more work at first i didnt know which was which because theres no name or adresses.. And Mini map is empty...
Game Dude
Apr 13, 2021
The game is awesome and I could have rated it five star but there is no other way to make money than delivering parcels and some location are to far and gas might finish on the way and the train dose not stay for more than a minute and not timer and other bugs needed to be fix are be able to pinpoint pin point place,be able to sit and laydown,interact with more things and other things with silver coins or cash,to be able to swim,to be to respawn anywhere and to be able to respawn your car to
Celadon Residences
Apr 7, 2021
Hello. This game is fun and all but the boat is a little bit odd. Can't access the map while riding on it and it would be better if you redesign it and put a light so that we could navigate clearly during night time. Also, can we have a house lot on the military island above the Pier Part so we can have an accessible space there. Thank you and hoping you could consider this.
Avi Dewberry Sakura
Apr 7, 2021
Great game but add like some info about the other island aswell so a newbie like me dosent run into the "killer drones" and make it so you can costumize the car and upgrade it like replacing the engine, the oil, like in ocean is home survival island overall great game. P.S Like attaching the engine like how u attach the wheels And pls fix the plots next to the pond i cant find mailboxes Hope this isnt too much keep up the good work!
Apr 3, 2021
I love it but I have a few suggestions as a game critic, it is a good game. Well built but it is lacking a few things, it could use more of a money making system, needs a police and fire system to add more feeling of being a life simulation, the car physics is pretty decent I will give you that but could use more in depth feeling like car body damage and motor damage, offroad tires look like normal street tires and make no sense. There's alot I feel that could use some fixing but it's good 👍
B. W.
Apr 3, 2021
I guess the devs expect us to be able to automatically know how to play their game without instructions? No tutorial and not intuitive in the least. Controls are clunky and sometimes major feels like it's missing from this game. Gave it a try and played for about 15 minutes before it became unbearable and I uninstalled it.
Uzzma Saiyed
Apr 2, 2021
I will surely try this game. But please update your ocean is home survival island. We where waiting for the update for 2 years. You guys abandoned us. Its very sad. Please update the game. The big multiplayer you were talking or atleast add cloud storage. I am waiting to transfer it from my old phone to new. And now its so long and frustrating. Please solve it. Hey i played your new game and it was amazing. It covered all the flaws in ocean is home. Yet miss that tree chopping a lot. Please add.
Zrage VII
Mar 30, 2021
The game is absolutely amazing. It has surprisingly good controller support, though the controls for looking don't seem to work with the xbox one controller.
Michael Almodovar
Mar 29, 2021
This game has alot of potential, I played for about a month but once I had almost a whole house built it stop being as fun. I wish there were more way's to make money. The gravity in this game can be kinda annoying trying to pick stuff up and putting it in the truck. You can never set things down without it being all weird. I don't really get the point of the other island but I guess this game isn't completely developed. It's better alot other apps that are similar.
Rose Walker
Mar 25, 2021
Constantly Losing Game... Everytime I start playing this game I get about 24 hours into the game & everything I've managed to accomplish just disappears. The game won't load or anything. It says its loading but after hours of waiting on the loading screen... ZERO. Within the game I've noticed that no matter what I do, there is no leveling of any kind. Chopping trees, hunting, mining, etc. Level remains at 1. I even destroyed everything in sight that was possible. Still nothing.
Tina T
Mar 25, 2021
Items keep disappearing. Deer walk through walls and run around in house. Uncle Joe's truck automatically spawns to first house for no reason. Many glitches. Not much information on game. Could really be an awesome game. WHY DOES MY STOVE DISAPPEAR? 4 TIMES ALREADY. I'm not spending a dime anymore.
Chimaobi Solomon
Mar 23, 2021
Please, add more guides to help is play the game very well. There is no guide to help us play the game and it's not fair for those who keep losing their valuable items and trying to figure out new and helpful things. Enemies are supposed to sense your car and stay around and alert, not to be able to attack you while in the car! It makes that island very dangerous. Robots and zombies take up much life and they are very accurate. Add a pause in the robots ammo so we can at least have a shot.
Chimas Nwosu
Mar 23, 2021
Please add more guides to the game. The game takes time to understand and it makes ignorant people lose so many items. Every tool should have a note on how to use it, even the safe should have it to a note on how to use it. This makes it easier for others to understand the game at the very beginning. Please reduce the damage of our enemies. They should only be able to hit us when they are very close.
Chima Nwosu
Mar 23, 2021
Please I love your game. Please add the online backup option. Please add more loots, like in grand theft game. On buildings, in corners. Put some in trains. Add more means of transport, add more pawn shops. Also very important, add people on their stores so that we can resell their foods to them in case we don't need them anymore. Also, the pawn stores should also ask for other items like bags, clothes, random wares.
Junre Dragura
Mar 20, 2021
Its a good game but theres are some problems in the game,first, when i was killing zombie by using a car they can kill me,second,it added more predators and their too small it cannot see in the dark,it is a good game.thank you
Ruben Cabatay Jr
Mar 15, 2021
It's good, but needs to fix the following: Range of each melee attacks. Physical behavior which is hitting the persons, but that will become consequences. example is: The person that you hit or kill is the Salesman of Restaurant, so that person will never revive, unless you add Ambulance. Add 3rd person button, Rotation while driving, & add officers which will catch you since you hit some persons or kill you because you kill someone. Add Crouch Button, & Add Button Settings. Add other maps.
JM Whemster
Mar 13, 2021
Keep it up keep updating and also optimizing the game because sometimes it lags ,This game and the first one are amazing it because player won't get bored easily, it has many things to do, though delivering parcel is tiring and kinda boring if we keep doing it I didn't mean boring but it would be nice if there is another way to earn money like add new job, like driver or kill zombie and bandits to earn money. this game will be popular I know it will. :)
Mar 12, 2021
Please update your map, it's very confusing without any indication of of delevery point, also in map I can't find out railway station, post office, anything. For a me frist time it was really confusing to find out delevery adress or any indication related to delevery point. Also please fill details on the map, which one is the fule station, where is area post office. I have downloaded this game many times but lack of information I uninstalled it.
James Illingworth
Mar 10, 2021
Really good...just one thing to make it better....INSIDE VEWIS IN VEHICLES. The game is in first person so why arnt the cars. Or at least have the ability to change camera views. If that happens It will be a 5 star game
Lorie Grace Fernandez
Mar 9, 2021
For me, this is the best survival game I ever played in my entire playing of some survival game platform. There's one that I would like to suggest for the devs, can you add more sounds in the sorroundings. Like if you are near the lake, it would be nice if we can hear a breeze sound from the lake. But all in all it's a really nice game. I love it.👍
Stephen Joshua Namol
Mar 5, 2021
So far so good. I'm looking forward to more updates on this game. Edit: Somehow the switch doesn't work. I connected several switches to some of my lights but none of them turns on.
Mar 4, 2021
It's really a good game, but I don't recommend this to thos who don't read the instructions. It's quite difficult to understand at first, but when you start to get the hang of the mechanics, it can totally grow more and I think lower the prices a bit or maybe raise the job payments more and it would be really great if there we're cashier's and maybe police officers and customers cuz whenever I enter the city mall it feels like I'm in a apocalyptic place, and thank you I enjoyed it. great job:}
Anthony Curreri
Feb 26, 2021
I want to live this game. But it is a bit boring. Yes you're in an island "city" but the only thing you see of other people are cars driving and people walking. There's no interaction with them at all. The only thing I see to do is drive around delivering packages for money and building a house. It would be great if there were interactions with in game people to make it interesting. I gave it 4 stars for the concept. I'll try it a bit longer.
Larry Domaruk
Feb 25, 2021
The graphics look really nice but unfortunately I cannot figure out how to play. even with detailed instructions it's difficult to try to figure out how to use the controls after spending 25 minutes trying to figure everything out I gave up. Need to make more detailed instructions or make it easier for people to be able to play I guess I'll find another game to play.
Nanu Ooty
Feb 18, 2021
What a wonderful game but with only two problem I can't throw all parsels in side the train in peace full island so please put any kind of switches to stop and run the train as we like because there was only one person in the train Soo I don't think it is a problem to other passengers if any are in there and also please add any kind of ways to get inside the aeroplane if we. Can't enter inside the aeroplane then why is there a need of air port
Sadiq Abdulrahman Tanko
Feb 17, 2021
Seriously i only removed that one star for one big reason, NO ONLINE BACK UP, once you loose your progress then its gone for good. As intresting and difficult as this game is but to loose all that. And i live the game seriously you guys tried so damn well, there's a lot of reality, but you missed some things, no couch, no AC, no desighner frindge, no TV, no bikes in the city, and the poeple density in not enough even at its highest bar. But other wise this game is an excellent time killer.
Kappa Gamerz
Feb 15, 2021
As a gamer this game is nice as it give us crafting, driving, shooting, amazing graphics and much more.... But as a user I need update like increase traffic, add people activite place like beaches, introduce new mission to earn money like food delivery, add new modes of transportation..... As my final thoughts this game is good but it can be great so please give us update..... ........ Love Kappa😸😸
John Leesi
Feb 13, 2021
This game has potential and it is really good you have a lot of things to do like craft your items build your house or go shoot some zombies but I'm hoping that you can add some other options for jobs also add someone we could talk to or accompany us in this game cause it's boring to be alone , bit other than that this game is good and im looking fo r the future update . Keep it up .
Shemar Campbell
Feb 11, 2021
Good game, been playing it a while now Love the new update. Need more car, job and wheel options. and the engine sound needs to be updated. Also the acceleration of the vehicles should be different.
Ronel Delicana
Feb 10, 2021
I really love the game! this is a great game for city life simulation and it is very detail, such as in crafting weapons and other stuff. Hopefully, in the next update there will be more jobs, like taxi drivers, fishermen and please add to the weapon shop a sniper weapon, just like in survival island ---to kill enemies even in far distances. More power to the developer!
Sakshi More
Feb 10, 2021
So much difficult to survive and collect money .The game says the easiest way to earn money is delivering parcels but it is also the slowest way. When we go to industry area it is compulsory to return quick because the tires will pop out while working and your car will stuck. But 5 stars for map 🗺️ , gameplay, graphics and logics.
Thomas Magda
Feb 7, 2021
I recind my previous review. I went back on and figured out how to navigate the entire tutorial. Now that I've actually figured out how the tutorial works, it's actually quite fun. I thought it was a simple home building simulator, but there's a lot more to it. I'll give it another chance.
Jason Ninios
Feb 6, 2021
Really a great game. Definitely room for improvement, the overall fit and finish is kinda rough, needs more sound effects, visible collision damage, etc. Plus I think this latest update has opened a memory leak as performance degrades over time until I close and reopen. As far as _free_ sandbox style rpg's, this is probably one of the best out there.
Diesel 1994
Feb 4, 2021
It's a little difficult to grasp how to do things when you don't read the intro stuff lol. It's pretty fun though. One thing I'd suggest to the developers is the mini map having roads and such listed on there. And the possibility to set a tracker for the destinations your parcels go to. That would help a lot.
Warwick Watt
Feb 4, 2021
This game is great. Just what I was looking for. The tires are great but need longer life and the stationwagon really needs to have better tires cause they go out when you have a full load of wood in the back. Also the vehicles need to be cheaper, cause the delivery truck can come in handy. This should have a online server for friends to join cause having help around the place will he very great. Also if you run out of wood its ok it will respawn when you close the game. Your progress will save
Bandana Roy Chatterjee
Jan 30, 2021
This is a very creative and beautiful game!I am in love with this game , spending a lot of time playing Ocean is home🤭.New updates are awesome!😍But I have some suggestions.There needs to be some more interior decoration items for the living room (e.g-Tv,sofa,table lamp etc) and for the Bathroom as well!😌...and last but not the least can you make it multiplayer??🥺🥺pleaseee!!it would be so much fun!!❤️
Bhagwat Bodkhe
Jan 29, 2021
The game is good all features are amazing I can suggest you to please adding a bus feature in game always going around the island and passengers are traveling with them like a train one station to another station traveling to air port and post offices, shops etc. Think about it thank you 🙂😊
Emms Franks
Jan 27, 2021
It was very very very glitchy. I somehow got stuck in a building after getting out of the truck. Unbelievably hard to grasp. Had a few minutes of driving after hours of trying to figure it out. I had to keep looking in the "tutorial" menu to figure this game out. Very poor.
Ramses Graves
Jan 25, 2021
So I was playing and wanted a new game but there's no main menu. So I went to delete the app data to start a new game and then went back on the app. But, once I went on, the game froze at a blue screen forever so I uninstalled the app and installed it again. But then, it was still frozen on the blue screen for about 7 minutes. Can you please fix this?!
Dave Wellings
Jan 23, 2021
Turned the truck on its side putting on the tires, lost my clothes when I got killed on Military island, nothing in the tutorial even comes close to these issues. Don't like having to restart more than once. Cool concept but no real in game help.
Jenel Lhouiz Quizan
Jan 22, 2021
I like the game and the 5 star in the graphics but like any other comment I can't understand the controls,on how the game works and the map is very inaccurate. I'm waiting for the next update. :)
Jan 18, 2021
I do really love this game. It is fun and exciting and realistic. The only thing I found odd were a couple of bugs. When I ate raw venison, fair enough, I died but the game told me where I died is where my stuff would be. I died inside the mechanic shop. When I went back there my stuff wasn't there. And when you simply walk into any random person on the street they knock half your health even if you fight back with a knife. Also couldn't find how to start a new game.
Afizi Azizi
Jan 18, 2021
This game is so good, the simplicity is on point. But pls make it easier for us to mine resources, make the trees and ores scatter around the map and respawn quicker. And make a label for the item in the inventory
Brandon Caldwell
Jan 17, 2021
Its a great game with many different things. However. I have to deduct stars as; the game becomes a grind for money or items. If you are going for items, you spend a ton in vehicle maintenance. Tires do not last and are unavke to cross the map, otherside and back, without going through a set of tires. Should be able to do it twice for the extraordinary cost for them. Money making options are also limited and is a grind. Its a fun game, but after so long becomes a grind to accomplish anything.
Jan 17, 2021
I really wanted to play this game but my phone has a crack in the screen and so I could not get the car into drive and therefore deleted the game from this device....if the controls could be customed/moved around to a different part of the screen rather than fixed, Id be able to play the game...perhaps devs could make that an option? (Different control/button positions)
Rick Houston
Jan 16, 2021
Good grindy. I definitely will eventually spend money with the game. It is fun and deep, just a little lonely, I would like to peer-play with someone, because everything is here. I love the game. 10/10. Please add gamepad support. Driving is great, but I definitely prefer gamepad driving. On par with GTA. Why isn't this on PC?! Man, I really like this. Good job.
Brenden Hobson
Jan 16, 2021
Great game. I mean like 10/10 game. Great graphics. Great everything but one thing. When you use the joystick and move a little to the left/ right it basically stops you. Also I don't know how to get coin. I got money just not coin Can you please tell me how to get coin without ads
Ayshah Abas
Jan 16, 2021
The game is fun but the problem i have to complain about thi game is,even though i did as many job as i possibly could my level never going up thats one of a problem, second problem is you only have handmade gun and only can used for handmade ammo ,its not enough power to killed the animal or the zombies ,third one is when i enter any building to hide from the zombies or the boar and else that could possibly kill me ,they still can reach me from the outside. So far i like it but need more fixed❤
george lucas
Jan 13, 2021
Walkthrough is unhelpful, map is large which is nice, but some of the stuff you really need is very far away. Definitely not enough ways to get decent amount of money. Good concept with lots of room for improvement.
Mrinmoy Roy
Jan 11, 2021
The game is interesting. But you should improve the driving feature with a front view while driving and with a stearing wheel. And the map should be improved too with name of the places.
Gabriel Moore
Jan 10, 2021
Are y'all still working on ocean is home:island Survival. Also btw I've. Sent a email a couple months ago The email is called "ideas to improve ocean is home" if you need any more ideas read. the email It could save time and money. I also spent hours worth of time to write the email and research some things I think some of the Ideas could help the first game and hopefully the new one y'all just released. There might be some errors because I did this email at 2 or 3 am.
Lady Lopez
Jan 8, 2021
This is a pretty cool game. I played the first Ocean is home and that was pretty cool to. But I rated this 4 stars because it was good and all and the graphics were great but I just wanted to know if for the next update we can have like a job and earn money that would be good. And also it would be good if we can go on planes,like you pay for it and when you get close 2 the plane a door would open up; just ideas.
Charlie Baker
Jan 7, 2021
The game is fun but... The city needs to be more built up. We should be able to enter houses and have crime as a career. Therefore, you could also add police. But apart from that, the game is amazing and with tweaks has very serious potential
Rose Pinkian
Jan 7, 2021
For now 4 stars only as the game is still new. Theres nothing much to do for now that's why I'm still waiting for the updates for this game. Well created , Great job . I suggest, maybe make the wheel more durable and also the fuel. Pls. Add cockpit view for the car and more shops around the island. Anyhow, great game on my list👍👍👍
Michael Pienau
Jan 6, 2021
Great sandbox game ! The controls could be improved for driving. Too small buttons and making lots of accidents because they are hard to hit. More ways of earning money would be nice. Packages get reset when logging out which is annoying. Does the offer of pawn shop owner ever change ? Do I have to buy everything to make it change ? For the early stage it is a great game and already fun, so 5 stars :) Looking forward to updates.
Marno Joubert
Jan 5, 2021
I love the game. But can you please add a map legend and put all the places on the map like the showroom. Other places also like the workshop and pawnshop and so on. I actually found them by accident. And maybe tilting controls when driving. Further i love it. Great game😁
Abdul Malik Rahim
Jan 5, 2021
Where do I start? Hmmm! I give this game 6 stars. It hasn't cost me a dime, plays like a PC game, there's so much to discover that I constantly drop my phone from exhaustion, not boredom. I can't put it down. I ran out of gas, had no gas can, so I walked to the gas station and hit the use button on the gas pump and got to buy gas to walk back to the truck. You guys thought of just about everything. Hey! Make the seasons change and the player adapt. Or the moon go through it's cycle. 7 stars!!!!
Jan 3, 2021
I know this is #2 of OIH but to me it's still the first game with new assets. Ive seen this game go from a single island,then a larger single island after that the two island version with a boat, and now playing this version I have to say I'm impressed just wished there was external controller options. Still a little buggy in current state but all in all Good Job Development team👍
Hartley Ibardaloza
Jan 3, 2021
I love this game, but my gameplay experience is hindered by the control locations, It would be awesome and more enjoyable if we players could move buttons on our prefered possition. Thank you.
bha Nu
Jan 3, 2021
There was too much lag in the game I don't know wheather this problem is happening to me are to everyone I have adjusted everything like graphics ,draw distance and etc, to low but no use of that . Can you please elaborate this . And iam fan of ocean is home 1 since from 1year there is no update. we are looking for a new update (new places ,new maps etc .., ) i have emailed you many times for update .
Jan 2, 2021
Phenomenal!!! I cant believe how good it is for mobile. This is actually a game I come on here to play like my pc games . Theres so so so much potential here , I really hope the dev's stick with it and keep updating and adding to it . Iv always wanted a open world game to build a house and work , in an actual community. But always ran I to violent players, or never completed games. I can actually work and build in this game! Please please continue adding and updating this game and keep going!
R. F
Jan 1, 2021
Good job this really one of a kind, keep on making it good today and better for tomorrow. I can't wait for future updates! Some ideas would be: multiplayer, more jobs, a membership with benefits, more vehicles like planes etc., and extreme weather. As well can you put a legend on the map.
Dec 31, 2020
Good games...But,first you need to make multiplayer lan wifi. Second you need to make creative mode, that make player free make their own way like do base attack by zombie and everything...I hope you accept my recommend.☺😊
Tebwebwe Tionatan
Dec 30, 2020
Been following and playing this Game and I love each update. I love building realistic houses, building houses defences and I do love running away from Zombies, mutants. I do wish I could place lights on the ceiling beside placing them on walls. But the whole contents and concept of the game...... JUST AWESOME 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️
Casper Wood
Dec 28, 2020
It is in my personal opinion that this simulator seems to be truly one of a kind and I feel like this simulator has huge potential something great. My characters are limited, so a virtual steering wheel for driving would is recommended, a variety of jobs such as a bus driver, a helicopter pilot, a airline pilot, a captain of a ship, other islands that connect to this island, law enforcement, construction happening and multiplayer sounds like exciting features to be added this growing sim! 🖤
Yoel Badi
Dec 27, 2020
This game is one of a kind, it is truely amazing. I would love to see more things added to the game though; for example, being able to steal, police, customizeable controls (especially for cars) and just some features to liven the environment up a bit, like more ai interaction, more radio stations, etc. Also I feel like there should be an incentive to buy a house, Right now if you just put a bed down and a couple of boxes you dont really need shelter.
SeTo MoDe
Dec 25, 2020
Good concpet but the game definitely needs some improvements first of all the places on the map (shops,railway stations etc.) Should be named and the minimap should have roads not only W,E,S and N and it takes so long to go from one place to the other for example from one railway station to the other one so cars should be a bit faster
Dianne Maydak
Dec 24, 2020
I think this is a great game! I also enjoy the original Ocean Is Home. However, my level meter doesn't work and I am still at level 1 despite chopping trees, minerals, and picking up stuff off the ground. Is this just something wrong in my case or is this a general flaw?
Ethan Stewart
Dec 23, 2020
It's a great game, however, I have one issue. The tutorial doesn't tell you how to get to the "Military island" I've visited the airport a bunch of times, started new games and cruised with the boat to no avail, please make a tutorial tab for how to get to said Military Island.
Sebastian G
Dec 22, 2020
Very good graphics but the map doesn't help to much and I was like one hour trying to find where to craft and I think you should put a opcion of tutorial because for me all were so confusing but everything is just fine but really nice game I will wait to play again in the next update because there's a lot of things the I didn't understand in the game but I say again great game it just need a little more of work.
Dustin Bryson
Dec 18, 2020
Pretty fun so far, my only complaint is like others have said, navigation, but I see where the devs have said they were working on it. One other thing for the devs if ya'll haven't thought of it yet that would be great for the navigation as well, is it needs a location indicator of where your backpack dropped at last place of death.but I'm sure ya'll already thought of that. P.s I can't wait to see where this game goes in the future.
Claire Softley
Dec 17, 2020
Love the game. Best open world game on the app store. Would give 5stars however i seem to get lost alot the map is not great for helping me navigating around the world. It needs to have main locations pin pointed on the map so its easier to find places. I also have some lag when i am moving quickly but not a major problem. Only recently started playing this game and im enjoying it so far.. Will be back to rate higher when updates improve my gameplay. Thankyou
T. Sean Morse
Dec 15, 2020
I love the game, but there are some issues. For one, it is hard to navigate, as the map has no icons (although I've seen the devs say they are working on this). There's not a ton of stuff to do aside from grinding cash to build a home and buy food and drink, and there's only one way to make cash as far as I've seen, which involves a ton of driving around. Its also difficult to pick up items, as you have to hold the interact button instead of just pushing it, and often times it doesn't respond.
Colton Wooden
Dec 12, 2020
It's great, but one thing is missing. The navigator should have icons to show where shops are on the map. It's hard to remember which road is where, and I don't like running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. And the ever requested gun store. I also recommend a flatcar behind the train on the war island, to help move resources and materials around.
Cleric Norse Gaming
Dec 12, 2020
It is a good game. Seems to me like a lot of it does go fine. Materials for crafting are hard to receive and the map is extremely hard to navigate. If you can label the buildings on the map that would be amazing
Maru Shard
Dec 11, 2020
I like this game so far but controls are a bit difacult, and the way you turn around is a bit annying to have to keep swyping rather then just swipe once and it will keep turning for you tell you remove your finger, not sure what to do with the boxes scatered at that pst ofice box thing and I am having trouble finding the dead trees and sorry for my spelling I try my best.
Dec 10, 2020
The game is fun and all but there are a couple of things I had problems on right off the bat. One of them being the crafting... While the tutorial screen said you can craft it didn't say how to craft like where to use crafting or how to do it. And a second one is the controls, I always accidentally tap the hand button when I'm trying to move and kinda wished I knew how to change it. Course this game is still in development I can't really argue about it but I just wanted to point those out.
Daniel Cross
Dec 9, 2020
How Do I Restart??? The game seems okay, but I can't get anywhere as the map is not yet fully developed (been watching the game in the app store, waiting for the map update to continue playing.) To combat no map, i decided to drive around figuring out where places were. I found no places. Wasted all my money on gas (like i planned to,) and decided it was time to restart and do it again. But I cannot figure out how to restart. I tried dying, I just respawn. An easy restart option would be nice.
Sherlock Holmes
Dec 8, 2020
It's a cool game, i like the concept and the graphics but it still needs improvement, it constantly lags even when your graphics is set to low, so i think you still need to work on the optimization of the game, but all in all this is a great game, and I look forward in the new updates.
Taktus Cat
Dec 7, 2020
Very unoptimized game. I have Snapdragon 450 which play games pretty fine but this. It cant even push 24 FPS, while the game graphics isnt look like that good. Textures aren't HD so its nor the 3D objects and yet its laggy. I can't think of any reason for this just the unoptimized nature of the game. Make it playable to lower end devices optimize it coz you can!
ZombiePie 045
Dec 4, 2020
THIS GAME FUN AS HELL!!! First I went and got some packages to deliver for money (never found my destinations for any of them) then I hit a deer with the car and then proceeded to put it's body in the back of the truck. After that I drove around with a dead deer trying to figure out where to drop the packages off at so I went across the bridge and found this military type base and went inside it (btw while I'm doing this it was night) and the game went all horror mode and ZOMBIES attacked me!!!
Danielle Miles
Nov 28, 2020
I love the game so far but my only issue is that I cant find anything. Where in the world is the airport? The map is extremely confusing and I cant find any instructions on how to find places of mark and save them on the map. Thats my only issue, make that clearer and Ill give it 5 stars
Lou Try
Nov 26, 2020
Hello dear programmers this is nice game but you should add some more things like a gun shop you should make the map to look better like where is everything in the map, you should add more vehicles and helicopter, zombies would be a great choice and last thing add more islands in the future thanks for the good job
Random Boxes
Nov 25, 2020
I really wanna give 5 stars but... I almost died because I couldn't find the super market and stop the train. Navigation is REALLY hard but other then that, it's great! The other game you guys made was kind of easy to navigate through, but, this is better as there is a system which can actually make you realise how hard it is to make money if you think this in a real life situation. and why can't u stab people D: This game is perfect for people who get scared of the enemies in the other game! :D
Larry Spicer
Nov 23, 2020
I've played the version of this game where you're alone on a island left to survive.a good game.but version blew me away! And that's not easy.the level of detail is astounding, everything from gas stations to grocery stores,to pawn shops and food trucks. Even has moving traffic and pedestrians. So hang on to your GPS and jump in Uncle Joe's truck and learn to survive in this highly detailed game!
Tayski Love
Nov 21, 2020
Love the game. Only a few things i didnt like. ... Ok. The map should show you in like a tombstone of where you died so you can go get your stuff. Also. Love the truck. But i have no idea where to shop at wish there were lables on the map of what stores sell what. Lastly. How do we turn the silver coin into gold without having to buy it. Ive sold my plot to pay for my truck. And ran out of money eating lol. I deleted the game but addedit back cause it really is a great concept. ❤
Chris the Froggy Nerd
Nov 15, 2020
I think this game needs more of a story to explain what is going on since the first game where it was left off with the bunker nobody got inside of and maybe send the ai to school to become smarter and not get into crashes as much as it lags the game with all the colisions other than that the game is actually addicting good job.
Pushplata Singh
Nov 11, 2020
This game is good and there are great graphics. But somehow this game is not as good as Ocean is home.I want to request you that please there must be an update of Ocean is home and please add more big islands with beautiful landmarks such as waterfalls ( I am knowing that one is there on farmer's island), caves, etc and it must be having snowfall and more animal both herbivores and carnivores. And we can have beautiful plants having beautiful flower with them . Please Upadate ocean is home
Nov 7, 2020
This is a good sequel to the first game. the enemies are very rare, you can run a business, all in one island. The only problem is the lag. Even on the most uglyist graphecs possable, my max fps was 29, 5 stars if you fix this.
Ovulating Grashopper
Oct 25, 2020
Need more guidance starting out, I have to restart my game several times because there just isnt enough access to food and water, theres no real guidance! Start out with a truck I cant drive and easily getting lost. I almost wish the towns people could talk to you and give little tips on where to find things. Love the game but Im always lost and confused. Can't find any walk throughs because the game is still new. Cant even find a work bench. We should get more food and water to start with.
Oct 9, 2020
Many option missing. Character is so slow. No map option to see which island i am. Compare to old version, this game lacks a lot in every aspect. Guess it new and updating.
Charlize Wait-for'it
Oct 8, 2020
I love OIH and have been waiting for over a year for the second one to be released. I know the game still needs a few updates but I already love it. Besides the missing map I can't seem to hear the sound of me walking and swimming and I miss it. Also could you perhaps add a option to save your game progress to an email account that would really be great. I'm also still struggling to make my own planks at the saw mill and struggling to add my wood to a storage container. THANKS FOR A GREAT GAME!
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