Bosch Smart Gardening

Category Lifestyle
Developer Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH
Platform Android
Control your Indego Connect

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Reviews (54)

Martin Pagh Goodwin
Jul 9, 2022
The "Smart mowing" feature is unable to handle that mowing is interrupted by events, say that the mower is blocked. When placed in the dock in the evening, without having completed the lawn, it does not schedule mowing on the following day. In general the app looses connection to the servers after some time, and any events are then not pushed to notifications - making it difficult to "save" the mower. Most recently it has started hitting the dock at an angle, causing it to become "lifted". One ⭐
Marian Zgebura
Jun 15, 2022
Uncuted spots. Poor manageability with application. Unable to send to specific location to finish uncated spots. Cutting scheduled manually for every day cutting cuts every second day.... etc... too expensive product with poor performance. I have many Bosch Professional tools and i expected much better performance from Bosch... I almost forgot M700+ cuts 260m2 within 5-6 hours... what if I have to cut 700m2 as intended?
Roberto Giorgi
Jun 13, 2022
Smart mowing is very good. However I'd have liked to see more basic settings. Let the user to unblock the Indego from the app (not only from display). Show the area that has been mowed in the app. URGENT: please add a command "pull back 1 meter": this may solve a lot of stuck-at problems!!
Christian Brauchli
Jun 7, 2022
We have a m+ 700 and the 'intelligent' moving mode is unusable. Lot's of unmowed spots, even after several 100% complete sessions. To get them mowed you have to manually spot, which you cannot do via app. We already were in contact with the official support, without success. Therefore I only have one feature request for the app: please add the random mowing mode as a permanent setting in the app.
Lee Gorse
May 21, 2022
Does exactly what it should. However it does limit the ability to schedule cutting to 3 sessions a week, and could do with more.
Nicolas Suarez
May 16, 2022
App stability has improved since the last update. However my Indego is constantly missing some spots, which is very annoying. I have updated the map with same results. It would be great having the option to just mow the lawn in a straight line, up and down without over complicating the mowing pattern.
Paul Hausemer
May 16, 2022
always spots unmowed. cannot send the robot out to these spots but need to redo the whole lawn and hope for the best. connection to the mower very unreliable.
R. Dallie
May 12, 2022
Still a single star. Yes some bugs have been fixed, some new ones introduced. One that made the mower unusable, it was not able to steer in to the dock anymore. It always steered to the left. Needed to move the guide wire from the tunnel to the middle under the ramp. Also it keeps reenabling the schedule when I disable it. Sigh... Come on Bosch!
Adrian Șulumberchean
May 5, 2022
I've had lots of software problems with this mower and it seems that everything's working as expected now. The problems seemed to be from the fact that I am located in Romania and I had set my country to be Germany (there is no Romania in their list). As soon as I changed my country to UK, everything worked perfectly (smart mowing remained connected). Unfortunately customer support was not very helpful in this matter but hopefully they will get better as now the mower is quite perfect.
Richard Roberts
May 4, 2022
Pretty easy to set up, once perimeter wire installed. Coverage a bit hit and miss, so I've moved to 3 per week. Instructions vague on some features e.g. cut height adjustment. And app difficult to get working e.g. saying no next cut planned when it clearly is. All mainly teething problems, when it gets going it is a joy.
Paul Gabbott
May 4, 2022
Edit v3.4.0 still doesn't fix "no indego paired" & no new features. :( Edit2: 1 year later, login issues still not fixed. Edit V3.3.0: Logon issues are still not fixed but map display seems better. App is basic, just Mow, Stop & calendar. It doesn't have any history or heat map to show where it has already mowed. The percentage complete is always wrong. Must open the app twice every time, first time always says "no indego paired". Pretty poor for a 1000€ mower. The mower firmware is even worse
Vincent Vaerman
Apr 26, 2022
Very good app. Stable after initial setup & garden cartography. Seems accurate although my robot is only in his second full mow and lacks yet some accuracy. Would love to have a visual of the zones already mowed... Update after 1 week: if I launch a manual MOW instruction, it keeps mowing out of the agreed time frame! This is wrong behavior. It should stop and continue the next day!
Apr 20, 2022
April 2022: Unbelievable! Still just as buggy and bad as last year, ZERO progress! C'mon Bosch, it's springtime fix this! Edit August 21: still no improvements, constant sign outs, alerts repeat Edit July 2021: still many bugs: - constantly asks for sign in - only sign in via Bosch web portal works - the mower/server can get stuck in "offline" mode until the Indego is manually rebooted - randomly deactivates smart mowing, resulting in mowing sessions outside of planned hours and in the rain.
Willem Hubrecht Waaijenberg
Nov 10, 2021
Edit: app works stable now after update. Was: Loses login info during run. But returns well after restart. Also alerts sometimes do not get through. Would like to see a progress on the map.
ludo pingnet
Oct 22, 2021
some functions dont seem to work. asks too frequent the password, did not want me to logon today. ...
Richard Chivers
Oct 19, 2021
Very good, only down side is you can't re set the machine over the app, so if your on holliday and it hits a windfall apple and stops, your stuffed. As you have to re set via the screen
Jean Martin Hemmi
Sep 26, 2021
The user experience is E2E a total garbage. Starting from the connectivity issues, the enormous lag between app and robot communication like start mowing, status notification..etc, the calendar scheduling setup on the app constantly failing to save (no matter if you use the intelligent or static one) and the fact that anyway if something happens you need to go back to you robot and use the tiny screen entering your code first... What is the purpose to have this app?
Cristi E
Sep 24, 2021
V easy 2 setup. Sometimes nothing works in app: schedule&alerts not shown, map shown incorrectly & no green color -server down? Smart schedule has bugs: before/after not working ok. If remap started on robot app still shows old map.Nice to have: Show mowed area with diff color on map &trail of last 3-4 points. Show time till session finish, no of charges. Show robot batt %, time till resume mowing. Robot to map obstacles app to show them on map. On next sessions to go around them.Show google map
Sep 22, 2021
Garbage app. As other users have said, you need to start the app twice for it to find a paired Indego. It doesn't show areas it's already mowed. I find myself logged out after 20 seconds of the app being closed - it's more 'secure' than my damn banking app. The Indego itself mows inconsistently, the lawn is patchy after every now. Absolute trash.
Singaravelan Thangavelu
Aug 19, 2021
Good app provides a good view of the robot, the location, completions, schedules etc.,. , but still could have more inclusive functionalities. And everytime we need to login and enter user/pwd which is a pain.
Peter Lenjou
Aug 17, 2021
While we were on holiday the mower got stuck. A neighbour put it back into the loading station, but now the code needs to be entered. This is only possible using the screen on the device itself. It should be possible to be able to sent this code using the app so the device will start working again. Also the Smartmowing schedule often disappears??
Steffen Heinrich
Jul 22, 2021
The intended features are good, yet, implementation is poor and way below what you would expect from Bosch. 'Smart mowing schedule' does not deserve it's name. Very buggy - currently I cannot even "exit/stop" it. The devices (mowers) are great. Bosch, you need to focus on software and clean this up if you want to keep up. Also the UX feels like a heartless corporate app.. people love their 🏡, this app does not add to this joy 😉
Tim Rice
Jul 22, 2021
Never remembers boarder cut function. Never connects always have to log out to get it to connect again. Misses grass all the time and I have to send it round 2 or 3 times to it cut it all.
Adil Kazmi
Jul 16, 2021
Lots of wasted potential, disappointing. Map shows a random grey boundary and not the garden, no way to reset this. Settings like border cut changed in app do not stick. Alerts are buggy. It just needs a heap of development
Philippe Cher
Jun 19, 2021
Absolute junk! I pissed a grand up the wall on a rubbish mower that just digs holes in my lawn, disconnects from the cell network at random and an app that can't even render the garden map properly or show what the mower is doing. Take the thousand bucks and plop it on the bonfire. It'll give you way more pleasure and a lot less work! Bosch, you should be ashamed of yourselves for this dev work! The shop replaced my Connect 400 with the new S+ 500 and it's even worse! Pffft
Mark Temple
May 29, 2021
I love my Indego mower, but this app is the 2nd to worst app I've ever experienced. It crashes constantly (like every 2nd time I open it), the error messages are useless (just random codes), I can't see where its mowed, the position report is never correct.
Francis Deweirdt
May 26, 2021
Despite the recent june 23 update I do not see any improvement in map or position updates. Most of the time the app report that position updates are not supported yet, while they randomly do. The previous app was much more precise in this regard. Developpers please get the job done! Updated end of May 2021, even worse now, shows a only half the map and no map position or mowed areas updates anymore. Ah, after a stop/start mowing the full map is back with updates.
Shiro Kurita
May 10, 2021
Good hardware, terrible app. Random errors popping up all the time. Passwords were not recognised anymore. But it was the right one because I needed to change it because of the same error just a day before. To reset the password often the hotline needs to called. Often wrong information is displayed, server issues all the time, and a general lack of features. That's not bosch quality as you know it.
Apr 28, 2021
It is not showing where the mower already cut the grass, it should leave a sign on the map where the job is done. Please make this change and the app will be ok.
Michal Kosorin
Apr 22, 2021
Dissapointed not only with the app,but also with the mower robot as such :-( until last week facebook authentication was working,today I just cannot start my robot remotely. I do not understand,why the app is so user unfriendly, one example for all- why cannot we see the lines in the map where the robot already went?With the robot I always have to use PIN even after a small hiccup of it,i.e. cannot be used remotely at all. It gets often stuck at even surfaces without any obvoius reason.
Hans van de Braak
Feb 25, 2021
After the winterperiod reinstalled (mower was stored insite my garage) he picks up well. Still a pitty that in the reviews speaking of a small capacity of battery: however not speaking of a mower with high efficiency mowing and is not to compare with randomly mowing mowers! Great product, now waiting for a 3D efficient pool robot from Bosch ,🤗
David Rutland
Feb 23, 2021
Won't let u log in says wrong email password updated password still same rubbish app now can't access at all needs sorting out was good app be fore
shriram sampat
Nov 6, 2020
The app and the robot are disappointing. Gets stuck at simplest hurdle. The garden has to be absolutely smooth and dry for this to work. App leaves a lot to desire. No spot mow, no way to see how many days it has mowed. The status update is not fast and immediate. Learning effect seems to be zero, even after weeks of runs with same map. Support is very friendly but no solution at end possible.I give up. When you are used to roomba, this is a step backwards. I can only hope for an update !
Mathias von der Decken
Oct 20, 2020
Unstable app. Worked fine initially then suddenly all sorts of errors displayed in a row, app became unresponsive and showed indego docked and charging while it was roaming around mowing, then Play Protect signalled having.blocked it because of access violation/risk..decided to uninstall and reinstall. Fourth attempt.downloading worked, now the app seems to be functioning again
jerry ludig
Sep 24, 2020
Permanent server unavailabilities/incorrect feedback and lack of usefull tools: - why is there no way to let the user decide to decide on the mowing lane length, why is the length of a lane limited?
Sep 18, 2020
Terrible app. Worst I have used Keep displaying errors. You need to quit, log out then in again, sometimes multiple times. What's going on with the developers
Jul 27, 2020
The app is slow and often gives 401 and 429 errors. I use it just because this is the app to control my Indego. The one star is because the weather forecast is pretty accurate. The mower itself always misses a few large areas (>5m) which means smart mow effectively only does 1 full mow in the week. When there is good rain and sunshine you end up using a traditional push mower at least once a month to have a nice lawn.
Paul Wilson
Jul 18, 2020
Great when it works but a nightmare to try to connect to the machine and then when its eventually connected more often than not you yet an error message on the screen and can't control the mower anyway
Vedran Sabol
Jul 11, 2020
I use it with Indego 1000. Right after robot starts to mow it almost always goes to 'obstacle in the way' error, when there is none and then this app goes to amok with errors. This is just an insignificant step forward compared to legacy app. Support is none existing. Will never recommend this product to anyone .
Martin Longbottom
Jul 10, 2020
Very clever but does not give me the option to set my own schedule. Normal schedule does not cut enough times.
Adam Hall
Jul 2, 2020
Not yet as good as the old one! Some moving images added to the app does not improve functionality- my mower has been confused all day, whereas previously he was fine. Now keeps circling trees. Why not address these issues or change yellow position dot on map to red- yellow is v hard to see with green background. Why not show area cut? Come in these mowers are over a grand each, let's get it sorted out! When it works SUPER! Does steep swerves, dozen trees automatically and I am a believer!
Arno Parlante
Jun 30, 2020
Great app (especially for the smart calendar) but important functionalities are missing such a tracking of cut portion and logbook of activities (start/stop, duration, etc). When such options will have been implemented, I will give 5 stars.
Jun 18, 2020
Nei prisijungti galima nei slaptažodžio priminima gaunam. Kosmaras ne programa. Negi sunku nusamdyti programerius kurie žino ką daro ir padaryti normalią programa. Geda tokiai korporacijai
Shriram Sampat
May 27, 2020
Disappointing. Lots of obvious missing features. Cannot see which portion of garden is completed. Cannot ask it to spot mow via app. Cannot even see a log of completed mowing events(when, how long). Don't even see a point of buying a smart robot, when basic feature set is missing. Not to mention the new m700+ model is not even in the app list. I had to connect it as m400+.
Frank Schliefer
May 27, 2020
Moin Bosch, also die App tut was sie soll. Leider fehlen in meinen Augen diverse Features. - Rand Mähen auf Knopfdruck - Position während des Mähvorgangs, gerade bei großen Grundstücken wichtig. - Areal mähen da der Rasen ja leider nicht überall gleichmäßig wächst und ab und zu eine Areal besonders behandelt werden sollte. - PIN Eingabe in der App -Regelmäßige Updates wären schön, die App ist ja nun seit einiger Zeit unverändert. Danke und bleibt gesund. PS. Und wann ist mit dem angekündigten Updates zu rechnen ?
Brian UK Heasman
Apr 29, 2020
Missing function in the old application. The old application gave information on what areas of the lawn had been mowed. It also gave information on the run time per mow and total mow time. To know when cutters needed replacing. Also the older machine gave option of how frequent the machine did a border cut. A useful feature would be:- to remotely reset alerts. Had the old machine fall in the border when on holiday. Neighbour put machine back in the Dock. Had to guide neighbour through reseting.
Mar 29, 2020
The app is mediocre but the mower itself is simply terrible. I loved my old Indego 800 but the 400 Connect is junk. I constantly gets stuck and leaves huge parts of my lawn unmowed. I'm talking 20cm high grass. Bosch service took the mower for a month and returned it with new motors which improved nothing. I want my money back but they refuse. The engineers agreed that they have issues but couldn't do more until a new version of the hardware is released. Can I swap to that please??????
Dec 30, 2019
Generally very happy with my Indego 350 Connect. App it's a nice add on to it. Five star is still to be achieved. what I miss is setting a time in refference to sunrise and sunset.
Nov 10, 2019
Will the Indego still 'Connect' in CH after 2G GSM network switched off? + 7 months after purchase and 27 emails, telephone calls, replacement device + a service return of the replacement device to fix the GSM module, Bosch finally got my Indego Connect 400 to pair and be controllably from the smartphone app, but did not inform. I would regrettably rate my customer experience as very poor. So it's working now, but for how long (2G GSM in CH will be turned off by Swisscom end 2020).
Aug 30, 2019
Feels like a betaversion at best. Very unstable and lacking elementary functions! 😑 *Edit* Since you replied that you would like to help me, I'll elaborate my answer and suggest missing functions that definitely should have been included: - There is no battery status - There is no mowing history - There is no mowing path - There is no zone function where one can choose to mow a limited area - Frequent error messages when starting and checking status
Aug 14, 2019
App is okay, but still a bit buggy and missing some features. App crashes often on startup and I need to start one more time. Also alerts seem to randomly repeat when opening the app and create a list of duplicated alerts. Also the timestamp is wrong in my app. Seems like time is set based on language on the phone, which is not correct in my case, as I have my phone set to "English (UK)", but I am using it in Poland. Also the accessories tab doesn't show anything for me. Just blank white. Also when some error occured and pin needs to be entered, the options to mow should not be enabled. Because now I click the mow button and get an "pin error"' message, which is not very clear and doesn't really tell me what to do. In sense of ideas for new features I agree with things that were listed before: - show next planned mowing time slot ( as you already had in the old app) - show progress in different colors on the map to see, where the mower already cut the grass and where not. - Show percentage of progress as a number - Show estimated time to finish (either time left or time at which it will be completed) - Show and allow to reset usage timer for the blades - show battery status
Jul 14, 2019
when i enter serial number it says "a mower with the serial number on this account could not be found". tnk you
Jul 5, 2019
This is a useful app but as others have said it could usefully do more. I hope battery level comes soon, and things like next planned mow and last completion date and time. What would also be nice is a history log including recent significant events. Perhaps some kind of graphical view of the history of activity would be nice. Oh, and colouring on the map as progress is made. All this would be useful and also help sales!
Jun 25, 2019
much much better than the old app but there is still much more the app could do which some of the competitors do. The app isn't useful when something goes wrong with the mower or to send the mower to a specific part of the map (like a missed spot), or have information on the battery charge or mowed % etc ... the ability to tweak the overlap over the wire would also be really useful. Come on Bosch, one more push you're nearly there!
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