Alexandra Scary Stories Chat 3

Category Books & Reference
Developer Sasha Selyakov
Platform Android
Package com.sashaselyacov.alice.horror
Read scary stories about romantic girl offline. Horror chatting game after dark

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Reviews (64)

Happiness Owalum
May 25, 2022
Actually a cool story But the tapping and starting afresh to read the story is annoying When I'm supposed to read the next story Will be wasting my time tapping Can't even view some of the pictures and voice note from Alexander 3 That so uncool
May 24, 2022
I finished the first one and I already love it so much yeh it's really a good story it grabs ur attention so bad and u cannot let go lol so yeah I'm pretty happy and like this one
Sakshi sinha
Apr 10, 2022
If has a really good story line but hate the way it asks for the allowance in your gallery and if you want to see a pic then you will need to either watch a Ad or give access to the history and the other things it kind of make me feel uncomfortable with either way it is a nice narration work done..
Ashley Olsen
Jan 25, 2022
Some of the ads even after being watched doesn't count as watched. So have to keep on watching ads with no effect
Jessica Mckay
Dec 18, 2021
Loving these Alexandra stories. Hope to be able to read some more like these. Hopefully they make more!!!
jonathan alee
Nov 15, 2021
i liked it cause its creepy and i like creepy stories but not real life ones cause i hate creepy stuff when they are real so yea
Princess Nadly
Oct 22, 2021
it his so good but you guys should put more spice into it but great job im waiting for number 4,5,6 ect
Javed Iqbal
Sep 14, 2021
Hi my name is haniya and I am from class 2 and I Love this game can we texts in the story and I play the story bye
Tajma Johnson
Aug 16, 2021
I love it 😍 it's a little scary my baby sister wanted so fast she was scared but I let her under the covers and when she fell asleep and I was still reading the
Mihajlo Savkovic
Aug 15, 2021
Sasha... im impressed SOOO COOL i was little scared in alexandra 2 when it talked to me SOOOO COOL😀😀😀
Cj Balisnomo
Jul 11, 2021
I have tried alexandra 1 and alexandra 2 and this is the finale alexandra 3 😊😊 i love the game even it has a timer it was fun but can i suggested can you update the game with an auto tap coz its like your tapping a thousand times ? It will be good just like in the game ( you seem fine )
Robbie Mangaran
Jun 26, 2021
This is an awesome story I really love how u made the story alittle scary and cute. This story made me keep reading when I first started reading it because it was really good and the story made me feel like I was the main character. This story is unbelievably awesom!!!!!! 😄😁😆🤘😍🤩
Alphonso Fred
Jun 23, 2021
This is a great game. It's scary but not like horror scary and it's really interesting. I'm done with the one and two but u guys need to work on the sound system make it more scarier. I really like how the two ended, u guys trying to mess with us. I nearly dropped my phone. I recommend putting a crime scene short video or voice recording to add horror to it. Good game.
Bj Hardigan
Jun 15, 2021
Even though I figured out the disassocitive a.k.a multiple personality angle ( Tho I think it's just an excuse to be evil and blaming.. it still holds ones interest want to know how it ends. 😂... The best part of the story was Me as Gregory. ❤️ Yeah! I'm Ready for a Part 4... Please be Free. Love you Alexandra, Anatsia, Alice, Matt, Greg, and Gregory... Who's Next 🔪
Inabat Tassaduq
Jun 2, 2021
After she says kill her it comes a sound mmmmmmmmm and then there comes a girl but i got scared so i closed the game
Anthony-william Hammond
May 24, 2021
I just finished the first and second episode of Alice. Its pretty intense but not too scary! Yall should do effects like the game the sign. I wasn't able to finish it it was too scary! They use ur name and it looks like a real phone screen and the ghost messes with the screen alot. But fun game overall! I like this one cause it uses your real picture in the game. Its fun! Download now! I gave three themes room for improvement.
Angel Corke
May 14, 2021
I love it , it was so creepy at frist then I was like this is so cool I live it can u do chat 4 and 5
Heleena Helton
May 6, 2021
It was amazing ok just AMAZING a lot of ads when you want to read one early but still a AMAZING ok install now!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Amanda Price
May 1, 2021
Your apps have changed my perspection of medical diseases I love your games and by the way my real name is Anna my Google account is my mom's name 😍😝
Chrystal Jacobs
Apr 11, 2021
I like this game but it's scary because it take a selfie of you and that's so scary like a super scary LOL
Biman Roy
Mar 12, 2021
This app also is really really really amazing and we we can chat in the what to say in particular basic f caping manner that to help her and what to say more chatting crazy that what is the platform of the chatting we don't know but it is really really amazing this deserves and thumbs up..!!!
Pvdi Tharangani
Mar 8, 2021 make me crazy. I can't feel time is really horror . I've got 1,2,3 .every thing. I can't wait for that another one .what happend to 4th one .make it fast. I love all of them. I can't wait for the 4th alexandra 😚👧❤
Maribel Dadlis
Feb 17, 2021
Jusko nakakatakot mahilig naman ako manood na horror movie then favorite kopa pero sa apps nato dito lng talaga ako na takot na para bang totoo
Anvika Dhiman
Feb 2, 2021
It's a great suspense and thriller story line.......I recommend this app to those who like this genre 😁😁😁 But I still have a doubt, dear developer what about us ......... we were also trapped😢😢😢 Plz free us too .......
Heykarl Nick
Jan 8, 2021
Waaa I managed to finish all this series chat 🤓 now its 2.04 am. What a great psychology thriller game. I enjoyed every second of it. Hope there's more of this in the future. Great work developer !! But then again, Alexandra is still cute 🔪💞
Edsal Salcedo
Jan 2, 2021
Again i love its a ... A god movie make more please the most five star apps in the world hahaha bye~
sçhoøl shøøtêrs
Dec 28, 2020
Ive reading this once again now also i loved to read cos its adictive once u read u,ll go on reading cant without finishing tank u to develobers we need chat 4 :)
Owen Lange
Dec 22, 2020
Michill gamer
Dec 19, 2020
then the ending is so manny ads but wat ever....the ending is like a puzel...end then i obtained the killer is max and alexandra then greg the three killer and i obtained anastasha is alice tank you for this app im glad to this horror story
Igboke Marvellous
Dec 12, 2020
I mean , its soo fantastic and scary for d feeble minded , although for a minute , i thought it was real.
Nandhana Mohanan
Dec 11, 2020
This is awesome..I like the story it's little confusing but good...So many ads..but it's okk....Superb story...
Freedom Smith
Dec 2, 2020
This story was really good at points, but somewhat confusing. There were some scary notes in it, but altogether it wasn't exactly scary. It was a decent mystery and I like how all 3 parts were tied together but I hated the ending. It seemed forced and the author didn't quite know where to go with it and just slapped on an ending. All in all, it was decent and a great concept
Azung Jmr
Nov 28, 2020
Its so good for me and little confusing but i like it so much 🥰 so i give five stars its soooo good
Dania Batrisya
Nov 17, 2020
I love this game so much because all the exprience it had😁😁😁😁😆😍😍😍😍😍and i loved the storyline ❤❤❤❤❤
Favour Ibukun
Nov 2, 2020
So the app was fun until I saw my self on my phone,I was scared wen I saw that buh I really enjoyed it👌
Fiona oboyle
Oct 30, 2020
Very good but the only thing is it's not scary. I might be saying too much because it may be hard to make it scary for all but not for me. The ending was beautiful but all I could think about is - what if I said no? I will try to do it again idk if u can but anyways this was very good and the details like the cockroaches and lightning. Keep up the good work! Now I'm off to play with the cat
boombastic girl
Oct 20, 2020
I loved the story it's like ,in starting of all three section of alexandra story there is no connection looking with previous story but with the end of that story it's totally intract with the previous one and I love it very much after completion of all three version I checked alot of app that similer like this one but I wasn't satisfied with any of them and I m waiting for another chapter also pls make another version also as soon as posible it's a humble request pls 🙏🙏🙏
Molan Pabillore
Oct 20, 2020
L Emma Solomona
Oct 19, 2020
Omg that was scary when the cokerocks was on the phone😂😂 but the other parts were scary even if the phone craked😦
Brighty Glows
Oct 13, 2020
Is it only me or ?🤨 I've tried all the apps "Alexandra scary chat 1,2 & 3" and still yet didn't get any emotional feeling
Akanksha Pandey
Oct 8, 2020
The stories was nice and creepy but the last story end was ununderstandable when he asked will you marry me and then three option came and I was very scared. By the way goid job!
Terry Roylance
Oct 7, 2020
This game keeps you on the edge of your seat but at times it hard to follow, and at times it don't make sense but over all it's a game worth playing.
Lee Y/n
Oct 4, 2020
Best chat story app this application showed my selfie i was surprised and got scared for a moment but then the flash and the cockroaches and the phone vibration all seemed so realistic the concept was very nice loved it ♥️👌❣️
real life tragedies
Oct 3, 2020
Such a great story i just wished we would have to choose from 3 optons what to answer by ourselves and it would be a 5 star game
Godly Zeus
Sep 30, 2020
OMG this is the most awesome app I have ever seen... Superb plot which kept me hanging in the app for hours!! I started from the prequel and ended the whole series today I haven't seen this good an app since PUBG 5+ stars
Hope Murimi
Sep 25, 2020
The game is awesome addictive....I love it.... Is there like another one like this....coz I'm dying to play another one
Jiban Jyoti Kakoti
Sep 22, 2020
It's very nice game I have ever played I mean it's a real mind mess. I request the author to make a part 4 with the name Sanjeevan from India. Thank you ☺️☺️
Hussain Khan
Sep 18, 2020
Hey I love it again but the only matter is plzzz I beg u guyz to let me see the photos and voice messages without ads it doesn, t work I cant see them maybe u should ad some adds in nxt part continual and remove them frm the photos and voice msgs .overall superb
Christina Philip
Sep 8, 2020
Wow.......i loved this app alot now i dont know wheater i will sleep today or not but downloaded this app today at 10:00 and ended all reading parts within 11:45.........really loved the stories alot thank you alot thank you very much
Hide Seek
Aug 20, 2020
So yeah the app was fun not until I saw my self on my phone without taking any selfies. It's my first time to play a game like this. The game was very complicated but in a good way it confuses me for a bit. I really enjoyed playing it. I'll give this a 4 stars minus 1 because of my pic. Hope you could make it more like we the players will reply to it by ourselves. 🤘
Wambui Josphine
Aug 13, 2020
This is a nice app ....the stories are very interesting .... I have rated a five star cause I like horror 🤣
Md Mehedi Islam Nahin
Aug 12, 2020
Woah you definitely know how to write a story with so many plot twist. It could've been better if the grammatical mistakes weren't there. When is next chapter coming by the way ?
Lovelier Cord
Aug 9, 2020
Good job for a game like this, has some typos here and there. Could use some fixes as well, but over all, good. Most of the ads are optional if you want to see the pictures sent to you or not. Personally, If a game like this has typos it is hard for me to get into the story and characters. I look for a smooth reading experience... If that makes sense 😅. That's just me though idk about everyone else lol.
My life as Ruth
Jul 29, 2020
I love this app. It has an amazing story. But I really freaked out when the app too my photo and involved me in the story. But it's a good app.
Patricia Jankey
Jul 26, 2020
I had no idea who was evil or who was trapped. Interesting story though. Surprised the heck out of me when my pic popped up. Ik I gave permission but phew scared me. I'd love to see more of these.
Steven Sandoval
Jul 16, 2020
This is cool and I love misery's too and so if you like misrtreys then this is right for you. I recommend you read this
The Punisher
Jul 14, 2020
Very awesome game it honestly made me feel like someone is going to come after me when they took a pic of me
Aaron Mareko
Jul 13, 2020
I love the game but the fact you guy's hacked my phone and used my camera i did not like but the game is cool and scary oh and one more thing nice work👍
Zamand Sheikani
Jun 2, 2020
well, the app glitches alot, when i started the game it strait away went to the middle of the story and there was sooo much advertisments
Apr 4, 2020
Well I'm not a cat lover so I just decided to write you lmao😂 You did a great job with the whole plot I've enjoyed playing It and even gave me goosebumps! *gives you a high five* and so the stars are
Apr 2, 2020
It's very good game. I am a ghost lover but I was surprised at first . Really nice and keeps suspense. Only if you could lessen some of the ads
Jan 18, 2020
Thank you so much for this game, i highly recommend it. It's so much fun for me and I love all your stories. Please definetly make more!!!!!!
Jan 11, 2020
OMG I LOVE IT! It was actually quite creepy at the start and I didn't really understand it but now that I finished it I am sad because It was so cute at the end but At the end you get a choice and I picked yes to marry me although I wonder what would happen if I said no..
Jan 1, 2020
It's the third part and it is getting better and better. I really like the game. You are the best chat story game writer I have ever come across
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