Cheerly: Daily Self-Care Game

Category Health & Fitness
Developer Hippie Inc.
Platform Android
Package com.hippie.hippie
Daily motivation and tips to live a healthy life - improve your focus and mood

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Reviews (74)

Momo Tekuri
Jun 23, 2022
There were so many issues. Screens are placed weirdly on the bottom left. I found the paywall and couldn't see any exit or X button to proceed with the free plan. In the end, don't know what I even tapped to get to the home screen. Kept getting some message about 'no subscription found' layered by a message of 'no internet' almost every time I opened the app. Only thing I found interesting to do is the personality quizzes, the other features weren't appealing enough to keep me around.
Alicia White
Jun 8, 2022
I love this app, it helps pull you out of bad days and reminds you of all the things to be grateful for. It helps boost the feel good vibes with activities, meditations and stories ✨️
Joanne Toner
May 15, 2022
I just love cheerly it really does help me and keeping me and my mental health in check but if I am honest I'm kinda annoyed that I have to pay premium to do some more stuff on cheerly can you not just get rid of the premium stuff and do it for free instead please? it would be much appreciated if you could x
Zephyrus Leif
Apr 2, 2022
very cute, easy o use be interactive, like the tests a d results and simple ways to build and track habits
Sanarica Katsu
Mar 31, 2022
It really didn't appeal to me and I thought I would like it,with the cute animals as motivation, but for some reason the layout and functionality threw me off. It's a good app and can definitely help someone with mild symptoms. Maybe my MDD is too advanced?
Chad Wipplinger
Mar 28, 2022
10 days in and the app froze and won't work anymore. Very disappointing because I was using it and enjoying it.
Angela King
Mar 14, 2022
This app is truly amazing I am very happy about my experience with it. Thanks for this app you did an amazing job with it. I'm sure it has helped many people like myself.
JS13 ivey
Mar 10, 2022
This app is amazing! I have been struggling with things for a long time and didn't realize how trapped I was by my own thought patterns. Of course I thought I knew how to think, I'd been doing it for 47 yrs lol.. Thank you! Your program is fun with an excellent healing factor behind it. The story line is cute with humor and a thinking twist. Perfect! It's engaging, positive, encouraging, and thoughtful. And I LOVE playing with the fireworks celebration! Great effects!
Brittany Waterman
Mar 9, 2022
love this app!! helps me keep track of things I need to do for myself care. it also has great little meditations and good information!! very helpful for me, go ahead give it a try!!
Squiggles theRecluse
Feb 23, 2022
I didn't get very far before I was asked to pick which plan I would go with after my free trial. Not saying it isn't a great app, what I saw was nice, and I enjoyed the sound effects, but I'm not looking to sign up for paid apps, so I uninstalled before I got too attached. Just an FYI.
Stupid Lama
Feb 14, 2022
It's a very fun an open app that can easily help you find your way when you can't find the right app to organize your life.
excel click
Feb 10, 2022
awesome...changing the world in positive way..making us real human... thanks for making this type of app.. proud of u guys u making world better n great...
Kathleen Marme
Feb 5, 2022
Amazing! I love this app so much and I just started using it! I'm already feeling so much more gratitude and my mood has improved tremendously! I'm looking forward to tomorrow and what new adventures I can start! This app is everything I was needing and I didn't even know it! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful way to self reflect and improve my daily life! I'm literally so grateful for this app! Try it I promise your mood will improve immediately!
Amber Brown
Feb 5, 2022
very cool app! I like how it doesnt spam u to get premium account like most self help apps..and it's so kawaii!
Feb 2, 2022
Yea this is supposed to be free to use but once you're in the app you can only use certain areas and then you have to pay for them
Samira Tadak
Feb 1, 2022
Downloaded it thinking there would atleast be some free features to use. Instead it went straight to subscription. Just another cash grab under the guise of self care.
Melissa Robinson
Jan 27, 2022
I paid for my subscription and I can't use it every time I open the app it says no internet connection. I want a refund
Katherine Newman
Jan 16, 2022
Its super productive but they should definately make the community chat a COMMUNITY chat. Not all of us are in positions to connect (especially with covid) and the people eho downloaded the app only want positivity in their lives. You guys could do all sorts so stuff if you moderated a positive social media. Only people who would find it would be the people looking for it:)
Jan 10, 2022
Just started using this app but so I'm so impressed. The art is lovely and the activities are fun and thought provoking. Looking forward to continuing exploring the features.
Jaideyn Asè
Jan 9, 2022
Would love to play this game and it was suggested to me, but I cannot actually play the game as it says "no internet connection", but my wifi is fine please fix this, I would love to play this game, thank you.
Christopher Butler
Jan 2, 2022
I have just begun using this app and I find it refreshing. The interface is colorful, easy to navigate, and very unique. I have not purchased the premium membership yet, but I am thinking that i will in the next week of so.
Drea Young
Dec 13, 2021
its cute, different then i exspected, and now i feel like im gonna have bad karma everytime i get a notice to do something and dont have time too do lol
Dr Ananya Hazra
Nov 25, 2021
I wanted to subscribe to premium but the amount being displayed in Google Play is in USD. However the app show the amount in INR and I would like to pay in the same!
Stacy Yerby
Nov 17, 2021
Its a good idea but it should be free. Its like a story about self discovery. Anything mental health related should not cost us any dime. We should get any help for free.
Brandon Parker
Nov 8, 2021
Cute app and does actually help - reminds me about things I usually remind people about and I can appreciate it.
Jennifer Barnes
Nov 8, 2021
God has blesimgs for me and I am ready to receive them and claim them thank you God and Jesus 😇🙏💯💯💯❤️👫✈️💒
Saige Woolf
Nov 5, 2021
Amazing app. I've only been using it for about 3 days but I love it. Good graphics, and it makes your journey fun so you don't lose motivation. Everyone should have this app :)
Na Na official
Nov 3, 2021
This app is good but my phone memory can't take it😫will get u back when my memory have Enough space💪🤗
Starlight 01
Oct 26, 2021
This app is so good. Deserves 5 Stars. I started my self love journey with this app. It is just so good. I'm so grateful for it.
Oct 23, 2021
I don't have the option to see which days I have set my habits for. so it really becomes inaccessible and uncomfortable for me. New Edit: Thanks for your help, I have reconsidered and given this app 5 stars now.
Dz Rocks
Oct 22, 2021
I loved the app and how it looked. Looked like a lot of fun. But it's too costly for me. I'd buy it if it's a lifetime subscription, but I can't afford paying it yearly. Uninstalling with a heavy heart 🥲
MLove 604
Oct 21, 2021
@ users: Don't install it if you expect even the smallest feature for free.Hitting a paywall immediately after the intro which consists of few questions and a suggestion to practice gratitude.I am grateful that i was able to uninstall it. @devs:no try only buy? Is your company expecting people to buy your app blindly? This is the least customer-friendly way i can think of without including hackers and the like. I can hardly believe this is your intention.
Glydel Navarro
Oct 15, 2021
Wonderful App 🤧 Love it! Wishing that it don't needs internet connection so that I can still use it offline
Brianna Cowin
Oct 9, 2021
This is awesome. I never, ever write reviews but as someone with BiPolar, chronic depression, and crippling anxiety lol, this has helped me a lot and really reminds me to be more optimistic and appreciative in my every day life. I highly 10/10 would recommend for people like me, struggling to get through each day.
Laiken Lynn
Oct 8, 2021
Its hard for me to give a fully 5 start review to any app... but I really really really do LOVE the simplicity, the fun, and the easy navigation and layout. There's so much fun stuff going on in here, but not SOOO MUCH that there's trouble with staying focused and directed. The app will guide you in somewhat of a linear path, so you don't get to overwhelmed and give up trying, but it leaves enough wiggle room to explore without getting like there's too much to process. Love love love it.
Ms.Mariya BOSS
Sep 27, 2021
interesting/constructive advice, based personaly analysis via my answers to the quizzes, other tasks given (etc.) Insiteful I really appreciate! I myself am grateful for, app capability accurately analyzing, quiz answers on point ☑🦄 close to exactly where criticism reacting, thinking& actions habitual, suggests a direction 4healthy mentality&habits bettering my self worth and goals daily taught tools abilities to be present& accountable for present responsibilities, feel living my life best
Sep 24, 2021
Absolutely loving this app! After reading the reviews I had to dl it & went ahead purchased full version. Not disappointed at all ! You guys have provided us with a much needed app in today's world ! Thank you ! 💕
Christine Todd
Sep 15, 2021
I liked this app way more than I thought I would. However, my one week trial was up and I can't afford the whole subscription but I will definitely purchase it as soon as I am able to
Psychedelic Alien
Sep 11, 2021
The most amazing, yet colorful app I've ever had! It helps me make improving myself so much fun thank you so much!🙌🏽🥰🥳 P.s. I definitely will be telling others about this app!🤙🏽👏🏽
Nancy Reynolds
Aug 31, 2021
i love this app. it makes you stop and think... to slow down long enough to think that Life's to short, it's an any minute thing. call on God
Kristal Moore
Aug 13, 2021
I love this app. It works .I earn crypto,cash, and gift cards to invest in trying to better my life. #right now
Hellen Papadopoulos
Aug 12, 2021
I'm new to this app and I'm loving it so much. there are activities I can do as well as small goals for myself. it really makes me happy And I'm enjoying doing small tasks. At the moment where I am we have lockdowns and restrictions and this app really helps and I'm having fun. Thankyou 🙏 for this wonderful app.
Te Rama Kerr
Aug 4, 2021
I like this would be nice if the mood tracker could be used multiple times a day, with a daily average as the week and months shown mood, or something similar.
Leo Gagnon
Aug 3, 2021
I think so far it's a good concept and app... but would love to try it more and more and see if I really like it... I am really difficult I realized in to do or organizer apps
Aug 3, 2021
It's a cute app and fairly easy to use and navigate but unless you add your actual friends or know someone else's username you can't add anyone and the social tab is useless. You also need to upgrade in order to use all features and benefits.
nick thomas
Aug 2, 2021
The stories are really fun. I don't know how much it will differ for people with different characteristics but I'm finding it helpful to pull myself out of negative headspace.
Sarienn Horror Narrator
Aug 1, 2021
5 stars for the work the dev put in. Not what I expected. It's cute but more for a young teen rather than adult. Tried the 7 day free trial and canceled it 10 min later. I'm sure this is great for younger kids/very young adults 23 and under but it's not for me. The app itself is very nice so I'll give 5 stars for that but in my personal opinion it's a 2 star.
Lisa Gilham
Jul 27, 2021
Just started and I really like everything about this app.I just hate having another Bill.It would be nice to just be able to buy the app outright.I don't like having to deal with Google play and I know there's alot of peeps who feel the same.Still this app is different and you can tell me the developers care about the app and it's a labor of love. A subscription is affordable and I think it's a keeper.Keep up the good work.
Jul 26, 2021
just started using this app today and I am really enjoying it already. I love the design and colors along with the art and pictures. it has allot of options for things to be reminded about for you to do to add value and joy to your life. I am looking forward to continuing my use in this app. the only downfall is you have to pay to upgrade and I haven't seen much difference between upgrading and not. I don't understand what I am paying extra for. ???
Ruth Simmons
Jul 19, 2021
Many times when I'm in a rough spot, I tend to wallow in self pity which doesn't really help anything, this app really, genuinely helps me stay positive. It's so helpful to realize my life is not beyond repair, there are so many things I can DO to help form good habits and change my lifestyle :)
Selianne Mythrakiir
Jul 11, 2021
Just started, but it seems like a good app and it isn't filled with adds if you don't choose the free version. Seems like a great way to gamify self-improvenemt!
Bianca Reid
Jul 9, 2021
I love this app so far its interesting fun and actually helpful. it helps to see that their is a bigger side of all things in a more positive aspect and helps to look at things in a negative side to. Both very very helpful. Thank you creators
Skye Laark
Jul 8, 2021
I've only been using this app for a day, but already I can tell that it's going to be amazing. It takes the most helpful self-care exercises and compiles them all into one easy-to-use and engaging interface. Clearly a lot of love and work was put into creating it, and for that I believe this app deserves FAR more recognition and attention than it currently has. Great job! P.S. I can spend all day tapping on the level-up screen.
Nikita LeBlanc
Jun 26, 2021
😭😭 so sweet I don't normally leave reviews, especially on stuff I don't have a big problem with or whatever but this is such a good little app. If you're having any kind of trouble motivating yourself, struggling with mental health, or just want a more fun way to organize your day, this is it. Would leave a bonus star but I literally can't.
Kayla Brown
Jun 22, 2021
very interactive, correct in the analysis, gives good advice and helpful tips and it keeps your attention and interest while on the app for an extended period of time. I just started this all today, but within completion if 2 tasks, I can say that so far I think this app will be more beneficial to me and my life than the countless others that I have tried! I can't spend the money to buy the pro version, but I would if I could! Thanks for the hard work you put into the app and continue helping!!
Jun 22, 2021
Just give it a try. I promise you will get something positive from the self exploration. and major sloth is a cutie!
Jun 21, 2021
It's been very helpful in making me organize what I need to do and helping me do it! I'd recommend this to anyone who needs to work on healthy habits for themselves. This is an absolute 20/10, fantastic app :D
Mary Jane Jarvis
Jun 21, 2021
The app is asking me to send an invitation to another user to move ahead but I'm confused about how to do that. I don't know how to find other users to send an invite to and I don't know anyone else personally who uses the app. I need some advice on that please. I love this app by the way.
Laura Barns
Jun 20, 2021
I really like this,I've opened it up had a quick look,now I've opened it again and enjoying a longer look 🤗💜💚❤💛
Sarah Elward
Jun 20, 2021
i absolutely love this app it helps with my bad problems like now I was upset till this app and I'm really happy this app is amazing
Lieren Cavanaugh
Jun 17, 2021
This app is like an embrace. The things it shows you about yourself are surprising and accurate. It's a feel-good app that I wish I'd found sooner!
Vera Kaye Chartrand
Jun 15, 2021
Just downloaded the app today I dont know yet. We will have to see. Thank you. So far it seems to be ok. 😀
Jun 10, 2021
this is an adorable app. the ui is incredible, the sounds are perfectly soothing, and the graphics are absolutely precious. this is a cute and creative way to get to know yourself and develop happy habits ♡
Hope Shields AshleyWallsPoptart
Jun 4, 2021
I've took one quiz so far I enjoyed the questions, but it asked me to share it before I could read all the outcome of my choices, then now it's asked me twice to rate it, but just an open opinion and thought on making it not so much a hassle at the get , and more efficient rating, I would recommend switching it's notification or whatever on the rate it now option for after one or two quizzes or when it's ending and the share I'd let that be like a tutorial type deal cuz sharing is a known option
Sora III
Jun 2, 2021
Day one and good advice. I kinda want to be an author, I've written 1 story and that's it. This app tells me to be consistent.
Miss Kay
May 31, 2021
Helps give you that extra little push and also gives you the option to set reminders to keep you focused and on track!
Darcey Ayers
May 27, 2021
It's positive however creating a name is not working right. Helpful would like to pay for it. Please fix it thanks.
Soledad Garcia Vasquez
May 26, 2021
Its very lighthearted and fun. It has alot of good graphics and its very innovative and entertaining! A whole lot better than most apps!
May 17, 2021
Haven't tried much but I love this app so far. Beautiful visuals, short, sweet, and to the point. Clear and concise. I love it
Lynn Leopard
May 14, 2021
Love app. Full of love for fiance in California. Am long-distance relationship with love of my life for eternity. Marriage soon. Thnx so much😍🌷🌹💐🌿🌄🌈💋
Karrissa Marie
May 4, 2021
so far I am finding good Karma to be a great app, I'm enthusiastic to see what I can learn about myself and better myself.
sheri fenton
Apr 25, 2021
I just started this app but so far I love it. Very happy and fun feel with great information. I just went through a tough week with loved ones in the hospital. it lifted my spirits a lot and has me motivated for positive action
Kelly Lynn
Apr 23, 2021
I really like this app so far & it is only day one, but I see the potential for growth & the benefits that will come along with being involved more!! Great job to the creator!
sarah holloway
Dec 23, 2020
I love using this app and applying the strategies it teaches you to life everyday. My favorite thing about Hippie Quest is how it provides you with the different categories you may like to improve in. Would recommend to anyone looking to discover themselves.
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