Category Health & Fitness
Developer YC co.,ltd
Platform Android
Package com.zhuoting.healthyucheng
SmartHealth inspires you to fall in love with sports, enjoy healthy lifestyle.

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Jul 17, 2022
App does not sync with smartwatch. A week ago everything was working normally. Now the sync error message keeps popping up. Sometimes the message that the server is under maintenance appears. I don't know if there is another app that I can use for the F800 smartwatch.
Alejandro De La Cruz
Jul 7, 2022
It takes ages to sync with the watch, not the Bluetooth but to load the data from the watch. It just keeps failing to sync until it do it.
Angela Angela
Jul 5, 2022
If the weather part in my watch worked I would give it 5 stars but it dont and I can't find where to fix it
Michael Lavie
Jun 28, 2022
Big problems with the synchronization Most of the time the the watch is not blututh connected The app. must be revised at all
Kristi Cordray
Jun 19, 2022
This app will not open. It'll download but refuses to open. It is absolutely ridiculous. This is the app that goes with my smartwatch, but it will not open on my phone. It will not connect. This is the only app for my smartwatch...
vi ko
May 29, 2022
Can you change the current heart rate measurement interval of every 10 minutes to every minute. IS IT SO HARD TO DO ???
Shibu Vadaketh
May 28, 2022
It fails to sync very frequently with the watch. It's fails on its main use, should be discarded for a better app
Lorcan Adrain
May 28, 2022
Lots of good info. Missing walking from the activities but include ping pong and basketball????? Very strange.
May 2, 2022
Is it possible for you to add watch face available to download? Because it only have 5 built-in watch face and i hope there are more watch face to download the same with other brands of smartwatches.
Brad Porter
Apr 11, 2022
Can you please provide instructions how to calibrate the BP in the APP? ..... This is making the APP& Watch NOT ACCURATE! Sleep time monitoring failed again last night. Some watch faces are too busy - cluttered to read. Please assist with BP Calibration instructions - Now, After 2 months, this app keeps losing connection and Doesn't update... Please fix
rod ico
Apr 8, 2022
Very limited watch face choices.. would be better also if you can control/start various watch functions (temp, hr, bp, rr) via app(phone)..
Sjoerd Osinga
Apr 3, 2022
Generally a decent app. It is apparent that the text was machine translated out of Chinese. Recommend to use an american programmer to clean up the english text. Also a locate phone feature would be nice. 8000 steps is the lowest goal. This should be changed to alot lower. Eliminate the high goals. Few people need them. Update the temperature screen to also change the graph to Fahrenheit .Overall the idea of the app is good. It is just sloppy. Need some good QC. I have a model E88 watch.
huzy ni
Mar 28, 2022
Hi admin. Can you please add WhatsApp business to the notifications list. I'm really need that. Thank you
Chris Olonzo
Mar 27, 2022
This app is off to a great start. Add some watch faces and some more detailed info / history on some functions and it'll be great. Loving my $50 Bakeey E88 watch so far.
Douglas Mccraney II
Mar 26, 2022
Good overall functionality but would like to see more choices in the settings to make "more" + "specific" choices
Pamela T.
Mar 20, 2022
Power consumption is above average in similar apps. Weekly and monthly report should be able to generat as files for user to download or print. Hope new version will make improvements.
Abdulrahman Mustafa Nahoda
Mar 19, 2022
I love watch app with plenty of dial app in its market. This has no dial up market. Hence you don't have much personalization.
Attila Vass
Mar 2, 2022
Absolute rubbish. Does not connevt reliably to an ECG watch ("electrode shedding"), and can't invoke important featues. WearHeart is a 100% better, too bad the watch can't connect to it...
John Horton
Feb 28, 2022
After updating won't sync. Picks up messages from other phones, very concerning. Now having problems re installing
Rene Cibrian
Feb 27, 2022
Limitated faces options, no walking on sport option, unstable exercise get lost after recording some few minutes, no tracking map (even if it's taken gps from Phone).
Ian Elsdon
Feb 21, 2022
Great app but needs a few extra functions. One i would like to see is the option to change the screen time out. Also I have just noticed its 8.30 pm and we have storms in UK but watch is says its sunny. Please help.
armarw warmar
Feb 20, 2022
Developers fix the disconnection issiues but still this app sucks. Very poor translation. Only few basic watch faces. Measurements are also innacurate - so what's the point to measure anything?
Vasilis Vas
Feb 20, 2022
The app crashes many times. I am on android 11 galaxy s10 plus. I wish I could change more watch faces. No option for this. Please fix it
Alexander Ivanchev
Feb 7, 2022
Biggest problem. Loses bluetooth connection and sync fails. Have to restart the watch every few days. A great app and gives me all the tracking I need. However, the step counter is completely inaccurate - e.g. registered 150 steps when I was in bed. The English is just horrible - please pay someone for real translations. Also, please explain why you need all these permissions! You know people are quite sensitive to sharing information with China. Finally, not clear how to upgrade firmware.
Ka M
Feb 5, 2022
Dial market is not updated and doesn't even works many a times at least custom dial but that too works only 7 out of 10 times, could not be sure of the reading as well. There are reading for the period when the watch was not in the wrist how's that? Anyways ui is not the best but at least you could have given the functionalities to cover for it. All in all its just a app with very little to do for us.
Jeerawat Kulsapudom
Jan 29, 2022
Use with E66 band, everything is good except sleep tracking is horribly wrong. Can you fix it with firmware update, please?
David Terrell
Jan 15, 2022
This is the worst app I have ever used. I would not recommend it's use as it does not work. I can not use my smart watch with this app!
Gregory Fox Douglas
Jan 14, 2022
Watch came with no instructions. I don't know who to contact for help. I have no idea how to calibrate blood pressure. I know the readings are not correct because I've checked it against my doctor's readings. I fear all of the readings are not correct. My temperature frequently falls below 91°. If that were truly the case I would be in hypothermia and probably be hospitalized. They sleep function is rarely correct. Most days it doesn't record sleep at all. I bought the watch on sale.
Blake Wetterman
Jan 9, 2022
CAN ANYONE PLEASE Help me with the whole checking the weather on your watch plz? I can do everything else and have allowed all permissions on app and my settings but it won't even do anything when I click Weather on my watch for some reason! If anyone could plz help it would really be greatly appreciated!! Thanks 😊🙏🤘
Mark S Burgunder
Jan 5, 2022
Works reasonably well. Particularly like the hourly check of vitals. Unfortunately does 'loose' connection often and stops downloading of data from watch. Disconnecting in app and reconnecting generally fixes it for me. WISH I'd love to be able to export data as a CSV or json file, so I could do some more analysis of the data.
Bradley Worcester
Jan 2, 2022
The watch doesn't have a option for walking. Is there a way to add that or will this app be updated?
Chris Dolan
Dec 27, 2021
Absolute junk! You need a system code which is sent to your phone but no code do can't register or usez!!
Llew Bailey
Dec 19, 2021
App is generally accurate but blood pressure reading never matches professional readings but close enough to be acceptable. Sleep monitoring stopped and shows only zeros for past 2 nights even after app reloading 3 weeks ago. App generally reliable. I have not utilized all it's features
Gareth Atwell-jones
Dec 16, 2021
Just purchased, all set up but doesn't vibrate on notification. Even though I've set it to vibrate on the app. So any one can help me
Sha Zam
Dec 11, 2021
New Watch faces option is missing in the app. It just says theme and shows just the 7 pre loaded watch faces in the app. How can new watch faces be downloaded and installed ?
Stan Yap
Dec 10, 2021
Thanks for the cool app, but can you add more option on the customization on watch face/ dial like battery dispaly, heart rate, etc. And add more watchface selection please. thanks
Bogdan Parvu
Dec 8, 2021
So far ok after 2 days. To the issue of not syncing, just open android settings - apps - smarthealth and select force stop. Did the trick for me. Other than that, everything works smooth, and i'll write again after a while
Carlos Prugue
Nov 30, 2021
Very frustrating to use and operate to synch to my new iHärz watch. The tutorials go to fast to make the right choices to connect the watch to this App and iHärz' customer service only operates via email and I've wasted already 3 days trying to synch the watch to this app.
Archie Escondo
Nov 30, 2021
All the test seems accurate. I share the comments of other users i.e. limited dial design selection. It always gives push notifications for chats even if I don't have chats. I hope you fix this bug.
Thomas Plunkett
Nov 26, 2021
In a SGS 10, go to "apps" in settings, click SmartHealth then Battery and ensure Allow Background Activity is set. This will allow notifications when the app isn't open and it remembers your watch do no need to keep reconnecting.
SuGi Harian
Nov 25, 2021
I don't understand why many give 5 stars. Except for heart rate, the rest of the numbers is RANDOM. You give a accurate range for blood pressure(BP) during calibration, it will predict within that range. You give inaccurate ones during calibration , it will predict your BP using inaccurate ones. ... I let my son (25), daughter(10) wear the watch. The results? Every single number comes from calibration, no matter who is wearing it. I can predict your BP, too. Surprise? Garbage, no?
Aron Somodi
Nov 24, 2021
Works fine, but automatic connection to the device would be better than having to click on device and select it each time. Another issue is when the location is set to use only when app is running, the app asks for more at each start, but I don't allow any app to monitor my location in the background, so please, stop asking it each time!
Nov 17, 2021
The EKG does not work or I do not find the trick to get it working. The calibration for Blood pressure is a mistery. In both cases there is no information on the manual how to fix the problem. The app is very close to be useless.
Mukesh raj
Nov 6, 2021
Please add custom and cloud watch faces, screen wake time option in app. Then give an software update for watch with music control option. It lag these features compared to other competitive smart watches.
Roberto Salvatierra
Oct 30, 2021
It seems to work with android 12 if you give precise location, however I have no idea how to sync the data with other apps , it needs an upgrade
Patrck Otoole
Oct 14, 2021
I have found this app quite useful. There are just a few issues, which I have been able to resolve, by referring to the reviews and just by sheer luck. Love the app and watch. A+A+ A+
Agnes B
Oct 8, 2021
It keeps disconnecting from the watch all the time. Yesterday I had to reset the watch and reinstall the app 3 times. Extremely frustrating
Pankaj Gupta
Oct 4, 2021
I don't know why some people giving bad ratings coz i didn't found any problem using this app, i think whether they don't know properly to use this app or something else but i didn't found any kind of issues after using 2 months of this app.
Kyriakos Tryfonidis
Oct 2, 2021
When closing app the connection with watch is being disconnected. Although there is a pop up message that says the app is still running. Also when I open the app again, I have to manually select and connect, which is frustrating.. I have already paired with phone's Bluetooth. Apart from that everything looks normal.
MIke Fullmer
Oct 1, 2021
Waste of time and money for the watch. The app and watch quit pairing after two days so now the watch is useless since they have to pair. It doesn't even rate one star, POS
Terrence Tuso
Oct 1, 2021
All I can say is it is not worth the purchase would rather save up and buy a 300 dollar smart watch from reputable names
Mihajlo Mihajlovic
Sep 27, 2021
Only a few remarks... It should have a screen always on option, I can't login with my Google account, the alarm only vibrates the watch once and it could have more watch skins. It's not a proffesional ECG machine, but it's ok, and it looks nice. If you could fix or add some of the things I mentioned, it would be a Super Cool watch.
Talib A Al-Ajmi
Sep 27, 2021
Good application to control the smart watch. However, needs Arabic language to read text SMS and other social media
Linda Clay
Sep 24, 2021
App does not give continuous readings. The 1st 2 days were fine but now nothing. The readings are not accurate for BP and 02 Levels
Kawee Kaweewongprasert
Sep 22, 2021
My wife uses this app. on iPhone but I am on Samsung Note 10. My Note 10 can't get all data of my wife but my wife's iPhone can get all my data. Both of us wearing E86 watch. How to correct this?
Holly Lindsey
Sep 19, 2021
The connection is a bit better now. It does not show that it is connected to my Bluetooth devices on my phone.
Daniel Melchionno
Sep 15, 2021
App is pretty good, I saw that the firmware update was optimized, is there instructions on how to do a firmware update?
Alvin Lee
Sep 11, 2021
The activities recorded in watch like running & cycling won't sync to SmartHealth apps. Please correct the bug
Brooks Odell
Sep 9, 2021
The items purchased for parents are basically used in the app, rest assured and responsible, very good, very interesting! ! !
Donald Ware
Sep 6, 2021
This appears to be a good app except the Manage permissions page is written in Chinese characters not English. Will this be fixed? If it is fixed, I would rate it higher.
Gaming Warrior
Aug 30, 2021
this watch does not connect to the phone application. The price does not make the value of this watch. I had others cheaper and they were better than this one.
Gustavo Ringler
Aug 26, 2021
Please connect this app with Google Fit, and fix the need to link the smartwatch with the app each time the app is launched
Chris Smith
Aug 19, 2021
Worked perfectly then after the last update randomly looses data measurements, earlier 13400 steps check later 5651 and it has now lost all the data for 5 hrs, either go back to earlier version that worked or fix the problem
Albert Vulcano
Aug 9, 2021
SMARTHEALTH does not give me advanced notice that there is a time limitation on completing registration before blocking access. I also could not find a customer support phone number to figure out where to go from here. I am contacting the seller of the watch for instructions for on returning my purchased watch.
Ruth Sprague
Aug 3, 2021
This sucks great 8n theory but doesn't work properly waste of time energy and $$ darn shame it could have been good !! Disappointed need it for health monitoring
Manny Binaday
Jul 14, 2021
The information is too basic for me. I'd like to see daily, weekly, and monthly averages and sleep apnea detection.
Roman Kopp
Jun 23, 2021
This app is real tragedy! Where start... 1. translation into Czech language is ridiculous. Please add language set options. 2. Only 2/3 features are really functional. 3. Synchronization is like weather in april... Please is there any public API for this device? Today I tried the measurements while working out. The result - nothing was recorded! I'm using the return policy. Hands off!
Con Carlyon
Jun 16, 2021
Works well, except for sleep which disconnects for 8 hours every night. Have checked phone time and all OK.
Barb James
May 29, 2021
Works well, but does disconnect often. Would be nice to have the option to change the screensaver / watchface in future updates.
chris wise
May 25, 2021
The watch doesn't take accurate measurements. They're fake. Every time I take my blood pressure, it always comes out almost exactly what I calibrated it to. I have screen shots of how literally 1 minute apart my results were as high as they go and then a minute later as low as they go.
Tony Cossu
May 22, 2021
So far not too bad. I'm still gathering more data to check accuracy. One thing I've noticed is the battery icon display is not accurate on the watch. When you open the app on your phone then the indication is correct. Eg. My watch says 3 bars 47% the app shows 2 bars 47%.
Alexandra Sevostyanova
May 22, 2021
I waited for too long for Google Fit here. Never happened. I don't recommend this watch and app, better save some money and buy something better.
Christopher Campos
May 21, 2021
App frequently fails to find device despite multiple attempts. This has been happening ever since last update.
Jorge Paulet
May 17, 2021
It is a nice app but it lock my 3 diferent brands smart watch by telling they are "illict devices"... I used this SmartHealth app for 1 1/2 years and it was great. Luckly I found another app for replacent and it works well.
Rob Fell
May 11, 2021
Great App with the functionality of other wearables costing 5-10x the price. BP readings were originally high, this seems to have been corrected in the last software update and the device now correlates well with cuff measurements. I wear this 24/7 and find it really useful - the sleeping quality and SPO2 functions work well for me. I read that other users have had problems, but my device has had no issues other than it very occasionally 'hangs' and the App needs to be stopped & re-started.
Ilias Hilaris
May 4, 2021
Hi, can anyone help. The ECG file cannot be saved. When saving is selected, the answer is: [save failed]. Otherwise the application works. If the measurements are reliable, who knows?The ECG file cannot be saved. When saving is selected, the answer is: [save failed]
Teddy Samara
Apr 30, 2021
Mostly it works just the step counter is off with the GPS extra steps. Also no walking exercise, not enough activities.
Nicola Balderston
Apr 23, 2021
Seems to be working since last update. It would be a great app if it did and even better if it connected to Google fit and also more watchface choices.
Lisa Walker
Apr 22, 2021
ZERO STARS - woeful APP. From the moment you try to connect it is SO you go to the HELP every single step there is and still nothing. Watch purchased is basically useless because the app is useless. Thanks for nothing.
Sharon Yap
Apr 14, 2021
YEAH! 4 stars for the latest update v1.24.65 that works well so far. The sleep tracking finally recorded my wake up time correctly at 11plus today! Hopefully it will record afternoon naps too, no chance to try out yet... Is it possible to include yoga/pilates into the exercise tracking? Or is there a mode I can choose when I do yoga/pilates?
John Broxholme
Apr 8, 2021
Latest version 1.24.65 is just broken - doesn't monitor at all. I found and installed 1.24.54 at APKpure and this seems stable (doesn't need the palaver of 1.24.56 see below). New review since last update (1.24.56): The band (E66+) stops monitoring after a sync. The only solution I can find is to keep it unconnected, then connect, sync, then go into settings, change monitoring period, wait for 'success', change it back (I use 30 mins), then Disconnect after 'success'. Which is messy but at least it sort-of works.
Gail Thiel
Apr 7, 2021
Learning how to use this. No place to change the time nor do they have steps lower than 8000 along with no volume for the ecg. It stops taking all readings and will not record it. Not happy. Updates for nothing makes things worse.
Adrian Blaszczak
Apr 7, 2021
Is there an option for data export? It would be very helpful to be able to save this data in either a json or csv file? Could somebody reach out to me around this functionality?
Limitless Dreams
Apr 6, 2021
The watch and akso the App misses functions that the watch e80 is advertised and sold with. So the watch is kinda useless, because the primary functions i needed are not on there. Then it often does not synchronize with the app, resulting in missing measurements. You can only download an picture of the ecg reading. But no data at all. No al kinds of life reminders. This function does not exist. No 🆘 etc. Firmware of watch should 1.0 but is 0.9. No up/downgrade available. Usermanual incomplete.
Apr 6, 2021
User cannot create a new account if he lives outside China! And the google map is not supported so that your running/cycling route cannot be displayed in smart phones properly!
Georgi Hambarov
Apr 4, 2021
the current version v1.24.56 doesn't work properly. I'm using the previous one v1.24.54 and still waiting for new one!
Aniruddha Ardalkar
Mar 27, 2021
Lots of bugs. Absence of many necessary functions. Maps not working. No cloud storage facility for data. Band disconnects frequently. And lots of issues. Developer please solve the issues.
mishu d
Mar 27, 2021
App syncronization problems. HR/BP: no records since 10days. Bluetooth issue outside of home (no records being done).
Angela Garcia
Mar 24, 2021
I just got my watch and the app will not download after reading the reviews, I think I just waisted my money. Great!!!!
Handoyo Mulyo
Mar 23, 2021
I use with skmei e66. It works very well. Sweep down on dashboard menu when wanting to update your watch data into app. All sensors work, pb, spo2, hr, ecg.. But.. disadvantage is watch face (theme) has 4 themes only.. Please add more theme with information of time, date, month, step, calories, HR, & SPO2.
Frans Houben
Mar 22, 2021
The app has a lot of potential. But google maps isn't working when you choose for activity (IOS it does, android not). And the sleep analysis are very basic. Suggestion, look at the possibility that H Band has to offer.
Catalin CIONTU
Mar 20, 2021
Really poor app, disconnects randomly, has no means to export data or integrate w other better tools like google fit.
Nik Raf
Mar 17, 2021
Good watch. Very bad app after sloppy update again. The Bluetooth in the app drops out and comes back and repeat. App is now a p.poor app
Onel Carmen
Mar 17, 2021
Nu mai merge . Vă rog să reparați erorile din ultimul update . Îmi arată doar pașii . L-am cumpărat pentru monitorizarea tensiunii . Cine îmi dă banii înapoi ?
Lise Fortier
Mar 13, 2021
Received my watch yesterday. Was anxious. Set it up now, it disconnects alot. Won't save information, says that you have to download the app and you already did. Do not recommend this watch, very disappointing.
Clint Fondren
Mar 11, 2021
I bought this watch I have downloaded 2 different apps per instructions it WILL NOT CONNECT. VERY FRUSTRATED IT SHOWS CONNECTED BUT IS NOT DO NOT BUY
chavin kalayanamitr
Mar 6, 2021
I wish it can call out automatically to a preset telephone number in case no heart rate or abnormal heart behavior.
Marian Man
Mar 5, 2021
After update HR and BP are not sincronized anymore. Previous version was better. Please fix this asap or downgrade.
dimiter tarpanov
Feb 28, 2021
Since the last update the app is unusable. It shows Success and Synchronizing non stop and actually does not work at all. Please revert the old version or fix this one.
Olah Andrei
Feb 25, 2021
Overall it's good, but needs improvements. Just some sugestion: 1. Please make posible to triger a vibration (alarm) if any measured data X (tempetature - with decimal, oxygen saturation, heart data) will be >= a preseted value Y. 2. Please check regularry with the aplication code, if bluetooth conection was lost, and reconect automaticaly if necesary. 3. Make posible whole data export, make backups regulary if the user need it (setup option). 4. Make posible notification for Telegram, Signal.
Michael Parkes
Feb 23, 2021
Useless fails to synchronise with watch. Records nothing! This App should win a prize, for the WORST App I have EVER used. It constantly disconnects from the watch (E80) and will not synchronize with the watch in any way at all. Therefore the App is totally redundant as you will get no information from it whatsoever! Perhaps they should consider changing the name of this App to something more appropriate, such as DUMBHEALTH. The only useful purpose this App serves is that it enable s you to set the watch to the correct time. Other than that it is useless!
Paul Wojcik
Feb 14, 2021
My phone sees the watch and the watch sees the phone, but the app doesn't see the watch. How do I get the app to connect to the watch. Nothing appears on the page when I click on connect device. Help? Hello, does the developer ever read these comments? Does the developer have any ideas? Why is my old data from the smartphone disappearing? It appears to delete any data older than 3 months. I want the old data!
Louis Comerford
Feb 11, 2021
Why does it need access to phone,SMS, location ,camera and contacts . Also cannot force stop . Thanks
Michael Werle
Jan 29, 2021
Nothing too fancy but works ok with E66 health band. Temperature, heart rate, ECG, blood pressure. To download ECG requires entering the ECG screen, it's not automatically sync'd with the other. data. Live ECG makes a really loud beeping noise - can't seem to disable that. Doesn't appear to have a data export function. Some graphs have much too large ranges on the axes making it difficult to see any variation (Temp, SpO2).
Fred Hoette
Jan 29, 2021
The app wouldnt connect to the watch first day; acct setup was no problem; login fine; bluetooth on, recognized device, but the app showed no devices. As i set up to make a video to send yhe watch back the next day, all worked flawlessly. No clue why it failed at first.
Iva Savic
Jan 22, 2021
After a number of daya managed to connect, although the ECG did not register on he app. Just after I wrote the first review being semi satisfied, now it cannot connect at all with the smartwatch. The phone is connected to the watch but the app simply does not connect nor can I search for the device on the app...i will probably delete this app if this is not fixed soon.
Anas Nader
Jan 11, 2021
Very good. Monitoring blood pressure, ECG, body temperature, HR and SPO2 in addition to the normal steps counting method. I am using e80 smart watch and working fine except the fact that you need to reconnect from time to time during the day but it connects quickly. Overall good
Lori Taniuchi
Jan 9, 2021
The watch keeps disconnecting from my phone and it takes a frustrating amount of time to get it reconnected.
robert piggott
Jan 2, 2021
Ok,my first review was poor and it appears that after a few hours, the notifications are working.... plus each health measurement buzzes after its fully finished and stored on the watch. Then next sync with the phone and bingo...reconnection after out of range is dodgy but not a deal breaker Update lost a star as now keeps on saying an error has occurred...!! Further update keeps saying something about no more notifications..😟😟
t3 carruth
Dec 31, 2020
It worked for a day or so, now I can't get it to connect to the watch. Or, more correctly, it doesn't even see the watch any more. And creating an account? Really poorly done. To hopefully save others the pain, your username is your registration email. And try at least 5 times to log in...
Dec 25, 2020
You can only choose between 7 watchfaces, some display functions that others don't, only one face displays the battery status. No user made faces. The watch keeps disconnecting from the phone randomly and continuously. Both app and manual of the E80 are in badly translated English and German, I'm guessing other languages are similarly strange. No messages or call display functions, though that might be an error on our end, messages only over third party app, that I didn't bother to try.
Marjory Whyte
Dec 15, 2020
Phoenix-Jade Rein
Dec 12, 2020
Just received watch, downloaded app and neither the text nor phone notifications work. The app has authority and multiple uninstall, reinstall and syncing has occured. This approached changed nothing.
László Mészáros
Dec 11, 2020
I've the bracelet since a time. At the first time it was not easy to refresh the data, because there is no word in the manual about. Now I've questions: Why could the user not change the faces, because in one the minutes are nearly unreadable, in the other I have to watch an octopus instead the time. Why is the sleeping interwall so short? When I sleep at day, it do not recognize it.
Charlie Chadless
Dec 5, 2020
This app is just OK. It would be a lot better if improved in these two respects: (1) It should auto-try to regain connection with the band. It's too troublesome that you need to reconnect every time when it's disconnected. (2) The Y-axis range of Temperature and Oxygen charts are fixed to 0-100, so the plots are mostly flat - you don't see any meaningful changes. Please reconsider the Y range settings so that the actual ups and downs are more visible.
Connie yau
Dec 1, 2020
The app kept stopping and couldn't be re-installed for 5 days. When it installed it again finally, the language changed to like Spanish?! The developer was so slow in answering my queries, so frustrating
Mecca Sanders
Nov 25, 2020
Garbage.. For entertainment purposes only.. Completely inaccurate. Sending the watch back to amazon and deleting the app..
Savior Faire
Nov 22, 2020
You can adjust how the app categorizes blood pressure readings into low, normal or high by tapping the Settings icon on the lower right corner of the app’s main page, then your photo at the top of the next page and finally BP. If you change a setting, be sure to tap Confirm, then Save and refresh the app. On the E66, the weather screen is supposed to appear after the Sleep screen. If it doesn’t, turn on GPS/location on your phone and in Settings on your phone (not app), be sure that the app has permission to access GPS/location when the app is active. The same weather info will appear in the app when you tap the Activity icon at the bottom of the app’s main page. It will show your current location, weather and air temperature as well as the forecast low and high air temperatures. According to the specially printed card that came with the box, the proper ECG test method is to use two fingers together to press on the dial, one at the top of the dial and the other at the metal plate at the bottom of the dial. There is a key “secret” feature that gives a report card on your heart’s health. On the EGG detection page, tap the icon with the three dots at the upper right corner of the page. This will take you to the Records page. Tap on the Trend tracking button. A big circle will show the proportion of the color-coded “grades” on the left side of the page. Further down the page, you can see the records that were graded normal. Tap on the Abnormal button to view the records, if any, with the symptoms in the color-coded scheme. Note that a record graded as abnormal here might be marked as normal by AI diagnostics. If you reach a personal target, like steps, the E66 will vibrate and light up with a icon and the word "completed."
Oneni M
Nov 20, 2020
Unable to connect now. Previously i can. There is nothing wrong with my bluetooth as I'm able to connect with other devices.
Anthony Smith
Nov 20, 2020
My workplace isn't allowing wearing of any watches etc at the moment, so imagine my surprise to see after 5 continuous days of not wearing the watch I have regular readings that cannot be real. Need i say any more.
Vit Hnilica
Nov 18, 2020
chce to uplne zbytecny prava (sms? volani? pristup k souborum?). nedal sem a stejne dal nez k tlacitku "zadne prihlaseni k uctu" sem se nedostal, aplikaci mazu, zarizeni vracim
Samir Yazid
Nov 1, 2020
It is OK app. The most poor thing is the graphs scale, e.g. temperature changes is all time just straight line because the scale starts at zero, the normal scale for body temperature is between 30 to 42 C.
Dov Zamir
Oct 26, 2020
I work nights and sleep days but the app/device does not recognize my daytime sleep. The app does not save my details po so I am now a 20 year old instead of 72, 170 cm instead of 178 and lost 30kg without a diet.
alistair veitch
Oct 26, 2020
There is no connection between watch and phone. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. Ended up in Irish Gaelic.
Oct 24, 2020
I cannot create an account, there's no link for that and therefore I have to skip the initial login. It's never update fully between watch and tablet night sleep pattern or SpO2, BP, HR. But ECG works perfectly except when AI manipulate the waves, it's default in all hospital ECG devices. So no worries, I've got sinus arrhythmia time to time strange waves and all good. The stepper is perfect even overnight counts movements rather than steps and displays the equivalent in walk. App * Watch ****
Michael Walker
Oct 24, 2020
HR monitor only works manually. No weather data, not in app at all. Room for improvement. Hi Improvement of the app by allowing all parameters to updated every 10 mins automatically
Juan Figuereo
Oct 22, 2020
My watch keeps disconnecting and it never stays connected to my phone.... This is the only smart watch that has ever done this with my phone!
Scott C
Oct 17, 2020
This app has so much potential. I am really happy with this app. The latest update corrected all my problems with the app. Great Job.
Raywat Siri
Oct 16, 2020
Great potential app. Waiting for more useful features like sleep apnea detection and warning, adjustable graph scale, etc.
Sep 24, 2020
Not great... If you're checking this out before buying your fitness tracker move on and get a different one, this is an unpolished attempt with poor English translations and inconsistent performance.
Thomas Müller
Sep 17, 2020
works now. if you deny specific permissions, the app just doesn't work. bit of a lazy programming. functions are ok so far.
Nik Raf A
Sep 15, 2020
Just got the update now it does not record BP. .bpm.o2.temp after update . Pity can't give zero stars
Phil Boyle
Sep 14, 2020
Last update has caused the language to default to what appears to be Gaelic. Uninstalls and subsequent reinstall has not rectified the issue. This is the only app of 349 installed that is affected. The linked smartband is now useless and accrued data patterns lost.
David Blaen
Sep 11, 2020
Was fine until last update. Now in Gaelic (I think) and I cannot work out how to switch back to English! Well the developer replied, but in Mandarin? Not so helpful! However, new update seems to have solved the problem! Credit where it's due. Prompt attention. Thanks
D Don
Sep 11, 2020
Quick reply and fix from developer. Deserves 5 stars. Not a bad app. Also tks to Google lens I translated the developer reply 👍. The weight of user profile is off sync with numbers shown, so so 39kg choice is showing 75kg. Tks for quick fix.
Johnny Renella
Sep 9, 2020
Language has changed to mandarin no longer in English, went thru every link and no selection to change language. Even tried reseting and uninstalling . Nothing works
Jagjeer Singh
Sep 8, 2020
Initially was working fine now app keeps closing and cannot do any settings and check my records. Suddenly the language also appears different and no settings option to change. App need improvement.
Valerie MacLaren-Reid
Sep 8, 2020
had app and this am started losing data. so reinstalled app and will only open in another do i get english?
Marius Stoica
Sep 7, 2020
Up to today's upgrade was ok. but now after upgrade its not even opens anymore on Huawei Mate 20 lite. Just do something about it becaue the bracelet its nothing without software
Cheryl Dennis
Sep 7, 2020
Nothing but trouble phone updated now app in foreign language can not find how to change back to english or get dashboard.
Cioaba Mihai
Sep 6, 2020
I'm sorry I invested in this bracelet, it's basically a spike, it loses the connection very often, reconnection errors, notifications only when it wants, phone calls don't show them to me, there is no notification in the mail, no notifications can be brought from other applications, practically just some images and show you the time.
Ray Martin
Sep 5, 2020
Suddenly useless. Maybe it updated but now it doesn't function at all and just displays a green start screen in an unknown language. It tells me it is running but doesn't even show an icon at the top of the screen. I have reinstalled it and no change. Very disappointing, and also makes my watch virtually useless now.
Rob Hawkes
Sep 5, 2020
I loaded this app to my phone when I had new health watch. It was very inconsistent I contacted watch supplier who said "uninstall app and reinstall" I have tried only to load a foreign version that keeps stopping and does not even run long enough to connect watch. Very frustrating avoid this junk and pay for recognised brands.
Angela Thomas
Sep 5, 2020
To try to log in is difficult when it is another language whivh i don't understand. Could be better. Why is the app not in English
faze 12 your boy faze
Sep 1, 2020
How the heck when u first get the watch,, sign up and get the code from your email?? Anyone elsd have trouble ??
Phillip Raper
Aug 22, 2020
This app is absolute trash. It only connects when it wants to. I'd be embarrassed to put something so sorry out to the public like this.
Bedő Levente
Aug 21, 2020
Cons 1) Drains battery, takes a lot of time to charge the phone since I've installed this app. 2) I have to turn on location service, otherwise the watch doesn't connect to the phone. 3) You can scroll the functions on the watch only in one direction. If you skip a function by mistake, you have to go through all the menu again. Very frustrating. 4) After the 3rd time I went swimming, water got into the watch, a portion of the display isn't working as a result. Pros Measurements work.
thomas mccarthy
Aug 20, 2020
Difficult to get instant readings and to look at and compare days/weeks of data. Hoping for improvement.
Isabelle World Traveller
Aug 20, 2020
Works unevenly , the sleep function has rarely worked although I wear it every night. Recently it doesn't sync well.
Charles Rollins
Aug 19, 2020
Blood pressure measurement changes to the following day at 12 noon instead if 12 midnight. The other readings are correct. Only the blood pressure timing is messed up. I agree with John. BT is not stable. Everytime i walk away from my phone i have to manually reconnect BT every single time. Need another update to app to fix these problems. Teally unnerving to have blood pressure readings on the following day .
Been to 40 countries
Aug 19, 2020
The app keeps losing connection with the watch. Some days I have one entry for all the steps taken, but no heart rates or blood pressure. Other days all data are there. Very strange.
Patrick Ng
Aug 3, 2020
Poorly designed UI. On a Galaxy S10+, some commands are too near the top of the screen, and can't be tapped. Rotating into landscape mode causes all uset profile settings to be reset! Unstable BT connection with E66 watch: loses connectivity and tries to reconnect continuously. Basically, unusable.
Bill Schrantz
Aug 2, 2020
I tried many watches & tracking apps, this was the easiest to set up & most informative for my smart bracelet.
Dave Howard
Jul 29, 2020
Blood pressure locked to Hoch time zone, firmware at 0.87 (beta) and will not update to 1.0, the software will not link/work with Google Fit.
ockert simonstown
Jul 27, 2020
The app has great scope to be developed further. For instance when you share data it only shares what is on the screen. Not even the whole day. You should be able to share data dayly weekly and mothly at least......Hope the developers takes note
Danail Delchev
Jul 6, 2020
Relatively OK. Problems by registration. It will get another plus if optimize battery consumption with a new version.
Tamara WR
Jun 29, 2020
I would like for the developer to tell me how to get the weather on the watch It has not shown up once i received it last week
Václav Pinkava
Jun 19, 2020
It works, but has glitches. The blood pressure monitoring part is fixed to China timezone. The app keeps running in the background, has to be force stopped. The English version is poorly translated.
Juan Castro
Jun 11, 2020
La aplicacion funciona muy bien es estable y el brazalete me ha dado muy buenos resultados. El control de temperatura funciona muy bien. Mensajeria , alarmas, recordatorios y cuenta pasos funciona muy bien. La recomiendo
Jeffrey Mallchok
May 22, 2020
Overall, it works! Lots of details and clear that effort has been spent. Needs more refinement... Language isn't grammatically right everywhere, and some pages are in Chinese. I'd like to see a timeout setting for the screen, more online help, more themes, and other refinements... But, importantly, the foundation is there and functionality is working. @dev, I'm happy to help with translations and user stories of you want some free unsolicited advice ;-)
May 7, 2020
Terrible app. Registration ridiculously difficult. Looses contact regularly so you have to reinstall. This is not fit for purpose.
richard Alexander
Apr 28, 2020
Band/bracelet tried to update and is now stuck in DFU mode and nothing in the app seems to be able to do anything about it.
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