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Jun 2, 2022
Gets disconnected again and again. Have to uninstall and install the app again to connect the watch again. The app is so rubbish that I regret buying the watch now which is a good product. Someone has to work on the issues addressed by the users. These are even addressed by many users on social media platforms as well, but no actions yet taken to improve user experience.
May 26, 2022
Just really poor implementation, every week or so there seems to be a day that no steps get counted, despite wearing the watch all day. It mostly connects to Bluetooth ok, but I leave it off on the watch, wish it was simpler to turn it on and off instead of being buried in a menu. I wonder if the app has ever been tested on real users, it is quite bad compared to Garmin Connect.
timothy mathis
May 25, 2022
Can't connect to this app.. I've tried all kinds of ways but there something blocking me from login why?
May 23, 2022
Bad!!!!! Im taking this watch back....got the gba-900....no info for it nothing....the time was off on the anolog hands tried to adjust them...and it doesn't even set to the spot you put it...so now my watch has 2 different times...what junk. You set if for 630 and it will only move in uncontrollable intervals. So it just lands where ever it wants...not happy with the app or the product....yeah you need to fix adjusting the home position...been sitting here fighting with it...all day..pretty BS!
Black Cross
May 21, 2022
Its a good app. Some functionality is a little broken sometimes. For example the auto light setting always turns off when i disconnect my watch from my phone.
3 Arsoniz
May 20, 2022
Just let me customize which notifications i wanna see. Not all notification necessary need to pop on my watch.
Denis Shevtsov
May 18, 2022
Watch is good, but what with this application? Main concern is that You can't select apps to recieve notifications from. You will get all and every notification from phone (even service ones, like "wifi is disconnected". All You can do is disable it completely, but in that way also forget about phone calls notifications. Really disappointed with this app.
May 18, 2022
It always disconnect my gbx100. Bluetooth is always on and I keep my watch always on and near the phone. Yet, everyday I find it is disconnected from the app. When I try to connect it doesn't work and I have to force stop the app and repair. It is very impractical.
Wessel Schaart
May 15, 2022
When there is no 2.4GHz interference and power saving on the app is disabled, it does a good job at staying connected and reconnecting. In contrast to the watch the app is locked to the wrong time notation format and start of the week. There are quirks to that make reaching goals and achievements harder, but this is workable. Aside from that the app works well and after getting used to the interface I can find the options easily.
May 13, 2022
The daily step goal cannot be changed from the default value, the app is not giving possiblity to set it. Can you please update this bug? Thanks
Will MacBas
May 11, 2022
Very bad app. Very useless. We're talking about casio g-shock. Very unprofessional the way they do an app. They need to improve so bad.
sakshar ray chaudhuri
May 8, 2022
Very poor interface and it gets frequently disconnected with GBD H1000. There is hardly any support available and it becomes very difficult to track activities and notifications. Notifications start working abruptly and stops working abruptly as well. Very poor interface - time for a fresh now replacement application. Are you guys listening?
Syabil Khalid
May 7, 2022
1. Notification not shown in watch after a few while. 2. Bluetooth always dc, even my phone near with my watch then hard to reconnect. 3. Technical support not very helpful.
Chris C
May 6, 2022
After last update the app freezes on startup. I no longer have connectivity with my phone. My watch is now useless and very hard to set settings without app.
Craig Thompson
May 2, 2022
Casio G-Shock gbd h1000. Constant disconnections where the watch doesn't auto reconnect is not good enough. Poor support from Casio blaming phone when I have now tried 3 phones and all replicate the same problem. Only resetting the watch makes it work properly again for a few weeks Seriously thinking of going to Garmin
Prateek Prakash Hegde
Apr 29, 2022
I'm using this app for GBA-900 which is having facility of step tracking and so on.. but it shows inaccurate calories burned and step count. It shows 2300 Kcal burnt for just walking of 936 steps which is not possible..so please correct the app.
Amirul Hafiz
Apr 29, 2022
Sometimes notification from phone not show in the watch .. always need to reinstall this app if the notification not show up in the watch . Please fix the apps ..
Veiko H
Apr 27, 2022
Connects every setting, Some people who like Apple or Garmin SMART watches may complain but it works for me . Just one thing I'd like to see , please get a sleep monitor onto the watch and app GBD-H 1000 ✌️
Robby Portwood
Apr 26, 2022
Bluetooth connection sucks!! MY watch will not stay connected to my phone. Basically I've been using my move watch like a regular G shock because of the connection problems. If I had known this I would've just bought a regular g shock and saved a few hundred dollars.
Apr 25, 2022
After last update(s), the watch can be seen on app "add" section, cannot connect. İ tried all of your suggestions. Reset the phone bluetooth settings. Since, never see the watch.
Devon Swafford
Apr 22, 2022
The app is not near as intuitive as comparable products, but does have excellent functionality. I try to manually push an sync only to find to read that it's set up to sync at certain times under specific conditions.
Mehdi Benmekhbi
Apr 21, 2022
A better notification control has to be implemented to differentiate emails, SMS and other notifications. Right now it's all or nothing, so it's useless.
Al Mahabbah
Apr 18, 2022
This app is nothing but wasting my MB, always stocked at information within 3 days until i uninstall it
Apr 17, 2022
This app is o.k. but that's about it. The Bluetooth takes far too long to connect to my watch which can be annoying. I'm a huge fan of Casio watches and their G-Shock line but I can't say the same about this app. C'mon Casio! You seriously could do better than this.
Julian Edwards
Apr 8, 2022
The app staying connected to the watch is very hit and miss even when they are both very close together.
paul snape
Apr 7, 2022
App and watch constantly disconnecting from each other surly it should connect automatically, it's a nuisance as it takes quite alot of attempts to connect again once disconnected.
amit shedha
Apr 7, 2022
Use it with gbx-100. Worst app. Does not connect most of the time. Of late,seems sync issue is also hanging the watch and the step tracking is not accurate (less by 10-20% in recent runs)
Ron Sanchez
Apr 6, 2022
I also use the VO2 max with a stationary bike. The GPS feature wirks great. And with the training plan the app keeps me motivated with a goal.
Ben Cantrell
Apr 5, 2022
This app is mostly garbage. Notifications won't stop beeping despite setting it not to make any noise. Deleted
Ivan Ovcharov
Apr 1, 2022
Could you add more detailed settings for vibration alarm in notifications. For example, while incoming calls the watch is vibrating only ones and I missed them few times.
Max Grouette
Mar 29, 2022
Seems others are having problems depending on the watch. Works perfectly with GBD-200. Lots of value for a watch under 200 dollars
Ahmad El-Houri
Mar 23, 2022
Horrible, I've regret buying a GBD-H1000 because of this app, it keeps on disconnecting and I have to force stop it, and reconnect manually multiple times a day. I was thinking of buying gsw-h1000 but not any more. I advice everyone not to buy Casio smartwatches or Bluetooth watches until they care to fix their app!!!! What a waste of money!! Update After the 2.6.0 version of the app, it refuses to connect to the watch and as usual Casio doesn't care about user feedback and problems.
Mar 22, 2022
Was unable to pair, had to reinstall app. App itself cant be used without creating a casio profile, which requires a secure password. All that to adjust time over bluetooth.. Abysmall experience.
Andrew Powell
Mar 22, 2022
Fine if you're just a runner. I was hoping to monitor my sleep and log my cycle rides with this watch. I perhaps should have read up more about it. You can log cycle rides if you connect it to Strava. I'm sure the watch is capable of the things I want, it's probably just the app letting it down.
Alistair M.
Mar 21, 2022
Just bought a GBD H1000 and it seems to work fine with the app. Lots of settings can be sent over to the watch. Connection is stable (Samsung S20+) and notifications are coming through. As others have said, it would be nice to differentiate which notifications go on to the watch beyond calls/ everything else. It's clearly a lot better than it was though. Can also do OTA updates of watch firmware, though mine seems up to date on V9.
Sorrows Taylor
Mar 19, 2022
From time to time having issues transfering data from watch (GBD H1000) to phone (Xperia 5 II) after a run, even though they are connected 100% of the time. Some kind of Bluetooth problem I guess. In the morning everything is fine again. Otherwise great app.
Lucas Jackson
Mar 19, 2022
Constantly disconnects. Glitchy. Will be returning the products due to the unintuitive and poorly made app. Disappointing.
pawan valluri
Mar 12, 2022
App is of no use, None of the notifications are ever notify on watch. Bluetooth fails to connect all the time. Personalised settings always reset to default settings. Please fix the issues, if not this model is useless.
Raul Herrera
Mar 12, 2022
Not good enough. A "smart" watch that cannot connect to the phone automatically, but has to be manually connected every time if you want to receive any notification. Speaking of the devil, the notification system is simply awful. It cannot differentiate between a message and a phone call, hence calls vibrate for a millisecond. The vibration in the watch is just dumb. Not only the strength is minimal, but it also lasts a ridiculously short time. Please make this configurable. Edit: still sucks
Dylan Berwick
Mar 8, 2022
No notification controls. Your watch goes off for everything your phone does. Spotify playing? Notification. Next song? Notification. Email? Notification. News update? Notification. Let me pick and chose what I want to receive notifications for. This all or nothing approach is absolutely terrible.
Gerald Indra
Mar 3, 2022
Getting worse. Watch has Bluetooth connection problem with phones. Auto connect doesn't work most of the time. I'm wearing GBD-H1000 and Samsung S22 ultra. Strava synchronization doesn't work well, sometimes it doesn't upload at all, sometimes the data is not accurate. I've been a G-shock user since 1990s. But this "Smartwatch" and "G-Shock MOVE" is disappointing, the worst part is Casio doesn't give enough Support and improvement on the OS. I'll definitely switch to a more reliable Smartwatch.
Gaurav Prabhu
Mar 2, 2022
App is very bad! Keeps disconnecting and can't get any notifications from phone. Only can be used to set watch otherwise it's a waste.
Tra Tenchai
Mar 2, 2022
at 1st, i also facing the same problem like others. but after a while i found out that instead of removing apps and reinstall it again, i just go to Apps SETTING and push FORCE STOP.. after that the watch will auto reconnect and notifications begins to appear.. hope that my solution to this problem will help others too..
Feb 28, 2022
Poor connection with the watch. keeps on disconnecting. Everytime either have to force stop the app or re-connect the watch. Not much user friendly.
Cris Slauter
Feb 27, 2022
Please improve the notifications user controls. The watch is obviously built like a tank, and works as reliablas anyone could want. But where it lacks is in the app- give users the choice which notifications to receive, not just turn them all on or off (email, texts, app notifications). That would make this 5 star for me
Jorge Luis De Leon Arana
Feb 26, 2022
Even with the update, can't connect easy. Disconnects frequently. When it works it's good. But you don't know when it's gonna be.
Dustin Hilliard
Feb 24, 2022
So far haven't had any issues. Syncing the app to the watch took a few minutes but it's been rolling right along since. Automatically syncs the current time and date, as well as keeps track of workouts and steps. No real issues so far, will update if need be.
Ashwa Faheem
Feb 22, 2022
I don't receive notifications after a few minutes. I uninstalled and installed the app again then started to receive notifications until it stopped sending notifications again after a few minutes. In addition to not receiving notifications the watch disconnects also randomly. This is very disappointing. I have had this watch just for 24hrs! I hope that Casio does an upgrade on this app!
Rusdi Iskandar
Feb 22, 2022
Works pretty well, in my opinion. Often disconnect from my GBD-200 (e.g. left my phone in the bedroom while I'm at the kitchen) but it gets back in action once they get back closer. It is not a hassle, just a matter of logic. Just follow the instructions and it will work as it was made. No worries, just don't expect too much from this simple app and hybrid watch. As a daily user, I am happy and satisfied 👌
John Joshua
Feb 21, 2022
Very bad App, disconnects often and upon recconnection the notifications stop. I have to add the device again.
Benjamin Patino
Feb 16, 2022
Please allow auto save when ending a workout. There is no point in asking to save a workout every time. If I track a workout by accident it does not have any critical data that will ruin my weekly step/run count(a zero step workout doesn't matter). Also it can be deleted later from the app.
Rodney Todkill
Feb 14, 2022
Very disappointing Watch and the app is only made for running. Got a GBDH1000 as a gift to replace a Fitbit and hasn't got half the functions. The watch is impossible to navigate and the online instruction manual is useless. The Garmin Zenith seems to be the ultimate.
Kid Deceased
Feb 13, 2022
After disconnected and reconnect, watch (GBD-200) can not receive notification from phone anymore, need to uninstall and then reinstall the app but the problem still persist after a while ... disappointed
Radoslav kefilev
Feb 12, 2022
I wish there was a option which app notifications to pop-up. Since some watchs have simple notifications, it is good to have a option choice only important ones from the app.
Matt Tse
Feb 9, 2022
Watch disconnects very frequently and the only way to reconnect is either delete the profile or reset my phone. The notifications is all or nothing. Can we include an option to have selective notifications?
Rex Ludwig
Feb 2, 2022
This is a terrible app for a good watch. I have had to redownload the app 5 times since I have owned this watch to get it to update properly, it will work for a few days the way it should but then just stop updating with mo changes made to the app or the watch. I love G-Shock watches so when I wanted to get another watch that could count steps I wanted a G-Shock, but this app alone has made me rethink my decision.
Robert DiMcNeal
Jan 31, 2022
No Bluetooth connection. Will not connect to my S21 ultra nor will it connect via this app. Pointless no matter what I do.
Ziad Haroun
Jan 26, 2022
The app as a whole is OK. Easy to navigate and use. My issue is the lag. It takes forever sometimes to connect to the watch. There is no clear reason why. 5 stars if ever fixed.
D_ C
Jan 25, 2022
The smartwatch G SHOCK 900 it s great but the application for this watch it s bad we need a updated for watch
Jan 24, 2022
App doesn't sync with Google fit. Also have to force stop the app to connect the watch to phone when it disconnects. Other than that, it's a solid app.
Edward Smith
Jan 21, 2022
Trying to get the training part of the app and watch to work is a WASTE OF TIME. No matter how much cardio or running I do, neither one works. I come to the conclusion that if you aren't running long distances, then the training just will not activates. The G Shock company needs to go back to the drawing board on both watch and application. I also noticed that this app covers only the GSW-H1000, not the GBD-H1000. You need to fix that before people buy the wrong watch.
Jan 14, 2022
Good when it works but half the time it won't connect to my watch. I'll restart my phone and turn Bluetooth on and off which will sometimes help but other times this makes no difference and I just need to wait for it to randomly connect.
Alex Foong
Jan 1, 2022
Good app. Gave me all the core health info. However, not able to sync with other apps like HPB to gather other points. Room for improvement. Still cannot sync with HR to my amdroid HP.
James Purnomo
Dec 26, 2021
Casio has so much benefit from selling the watch worldwide, but they can't even make a simple app for their watch. Poor app, useless at all.
Cyborg 2105
Dec 25, 2021
Love the watch but the App needs a major update for the Bluetooth connection and phone finder needs to be majorly updated as it does not always connect so when my phone is on silent I may or may not be able to find it as the app does not stay connected
Robert Jeżewicz
Dec 24, 2021
Ok. I've just bought a GBD200 1ER. According to what I found in the internet I have to use this app (Casio Move). But after accepting the region it asks me for Casio ID which I created and when I'm trying to click on that Casio ID app starts to think about 1 minute and than it says that we error occurred 1 (1/14). No solution, no anything. Come on Casio! I can't believe that you become so bad! Any help?
Jeff S
Dec 21, 2021
gshock gba-900 FINALLY connected to bluetooth. App continues to show "scanning" with a red circle. I tap the "next" bar at the bottom of screen and nothing happens. I cannot use this app to set time. I tried to skip the select watch menu but get a message that watch is not connected. I forced stopped the app and restarted. Same result. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same result. App will not take me to the next step as it just continues to stay in scan mode. I see the bluetooth icon on watch and my phone recognizes and has connected with the watch. I am using a google pixel 6 which is android.
Paul Coussa
Dec 19, 2021
App is horrible. Doesn't make sense half the time. Connection issues with the watch and app is very slow when navigating around. Come on Casio, you're better than this. I've got other apps made by Casio for other Bluetooth watches and they're great. This one isn't!
glue shoe
Dec 17, 2021
Terrible. Avoid. Will not reliably sync, and now won't sync at all. Uninstall/Reinstall, unpair/pair, reset, etc. Will no longer sync. Can't even log into app. Login valid but it just spins on login.
Ting Loong Lau
Dec 17, 2021
GBD200. Unable to receive notifications after watch goes to sleep, have to reinstall app to fix. Help sections link to online manual in Japanese, can't you just put more text inside the app? Weird and lazily done.
Nov 26, 2021
Keeps saying waiting for connection on phone screen. Many times gsw-h1000 won't transfer data to app. How the hell do you delete history from phone? Casio don't seem to care about faults to an expensive watch that needs this app.
Jay B
Nov 15, 2021
Using it for GBD-H1000 and it's an awesome watch and App. Smartwatch for minimalists and productivity. Although as pointed out by many users, features like choosing which app notifications go through, muting or rejecting calls etc can be easily supported by updating app and watch firmware. Not a big deal for Casio if they put an effort into delivering such features.
Jo G
Nov 11, 2021
It's OK, even thought it links up to Strava and Google fit, it doesn't sync the info regularly, or even properly. I had a Fitbit, and my steps were tracked on other apps automatically. The GPS is very slow at connecting a well, so when you want to track something, it doesn't capture everything properly.
Sami Eltamawy
Nov 11, 2021
Ideally, i expect the app on my phone and the watch together track my steps which seems that is not the case. The phone itself doesn't track my steps so if I don't wear the watch the steps don't get counted which is something google fit offers. So now I see different data on the watch and the Google fit app. Guys this is very disappointing. If you test your product with athletes you will get proper feedback on it instead of relying on product managers who don't use your product. Please fix it.
Joseph Branda
Nov 8, 2021
I've been a lifelong fan of the G Shock brand and would love to give this review a five star rating... I love the watches and will continue to buy and use them for me and my 2 sons, but the apps that connect to the Bluetooth system leaves a lot to be desired... it is consistently not working and is always trying to update in which a failure happens... the watches themselves are fantastic and prove time after time how durable and reliable of a product they are... I just wish the apps were better
Khanh Nguyen
Nov 1, 2021
I love the toughness of this watch but it's not really a smart watch. It's really dumb compared to Samsung Gear S3. If I could combine the two, then it would be the ultimate watch to have. Get a G-Shock if you want the ruggedness but do NOT get it for the 'smart' features.
lights- darknes
Oct 31, 2021
I like it... very easy to navigate and very intuitive, only thing it needs is better notification options meaning I'd like to pick what notifications I get when it comes to text, emails, etc. All and all great app.
Ganesh Prasad
Oct 29, 2021
I'm giving 3 cause the app can do better with UX There are few features if added will give real value for the watch. 1. Let me select which apps can send the notifications to my watch. Ex: I need just call notifications to come to my watch not anything else. 2. Can I cut a call from the app or silence it that would be really good if I can do that from watch I know this is firmware request but if you can pass on the message that would be cool as its a software thing and watch can update.
Zachary Zebrowski
Oct 27, 2021
Functional. Every watch menu item in app. Keep notification on to ensure that it doesn't drop bluetooth connection. A little learning curve but not terrible.
Taufik Tatjuddin
Oct 23, 2021
Intermittent connection. Unable to auto connect. I'm having a hard time connecting it too. Besides that, I am unable to put the app to sleep when not in use(too frustrated to use it anymore.) My G-Shock "Smartwatch" is as good as a normal G-Shock now. :(
Jan Kořán
Oct 23, 2021
It can't automatically reconnect after disconnection. Watch randomly disconnect all the time on android. Clunky, slow, typical g-shocks digital experience. You should really get your thing together, what a joke.
Fabio Basile
Oct 22, 2021
Useful mostly for running. As others have pointed out, this app will not offer any workout feature, nor sync with other apps for that purpose, such as Google Fit or FitBod. Other than that, it's easy to use, and I had no issue with my Pixel 3.
Damian Mayhew
Oct 12, 2021
What a rubbish app!!!! connection issues constantly ( I have to keep 'force stopping' it so it will re-connect) why are my steps that I record on my watch massively different to my phone apps? This is the 21st Century learn from other app providers, fitness tracking apps and watches and up your game Casio. I bought this watch as I loved the look of it and the features it provided......the tech support is atrocious.
Wayne Mac
Oct 7, 2021
Poor options compared to fitbit etc. Only set up for running, no options for circuit training, cycling, swimming etc. No sleep tracking and a bunch of other features I would expect from a fitness tracker and app. Could be great if they took some lessons from other trackers and apps but right now is the poorest I have experienced. Shame as I love Gshocks but will be going back to fitbit and selling the H1000.
Muhammad Bin Jamil
Sep 30, 2021
Initially it worked as usual. Currently facing issue in which my LG V40+ volume control is adjusting "phone call" volume instead of media volume even when I'm not in a phone call, during which my bluetooth earpiece won't work as well as audio will come out from the phone call speaker. Uninstalling the app restores it to the working state again. Developers, please help to solve this.
Sep 27, 2021
This program still not smart enough, the watch shows all phone's notifications, the app should filter them before send to the watch. I hope this app can be fixed soon. An addition, can we customize the watch face in the app by drag and drop widget? It should shows the weather infor also. Pls fix it soon.
Richard Martinec
Sep 27, 2021
The watches itself need to check every once in a while whether the phone is nearby once disconnected. I have to manually reconnect them everytime my phone gets too far away / I restart bluetooth. (Model: GBD-100)
Damian D'Amato
Sep 26, 2021
GBD200 bluetooth connection issue. Everyday without fail the watch will randomly disconnect from the app/phone (samsung note10+ 5g). Having to delete the watch from the app and reconnect it is the only way to connect the watch as the "time adjustment method" suggested by casio has never worked for me. When the watch is connected there is no way (at least from I can see) to delete notification bubble without going through the watch itself and "reading" each of the notifications.
Tadeusz Zasepa
Sep 26, 2021
Not bad! Sometimes the bluetoothe is pushing my patience to the limits but overall is a good app. Would be nice if the interval trainings be more integrated with the watch and update the HR as it's in the Plan.
Sep 24, 2021
The display of data and usefulness of it is great (for running). The app acts as if you will stay connected/paired via Bluetooth forever/at all times though, and this is a big problem for me. Essentially, it makes it so that I have to add a new watch every time I want to connect to my phone because I always turn bluetooth off (on both my phone and watch). This is very annoying. Despite this, I love the data, the formatting, and the planning capabilities.
Stef Man
Sep 23, 2021
Software is "ok" but it desperately needs the ability to select which app you want to receive notifications from. Until then, I have to turn off the Bluetooth! Way too many "beeps" for system notifications. Shouldn't be hard to implement. Galaxy watch has this ability.
Mark Churchill
Sep 8, 2021
If it did the job it needed to I could forgive it for being slow and clunky. But, it doesn't sync steps with Google Fit. This is a pretty basic functional requirement considering how terrible the app is - you want to spend as little time using it as possible.
Juan Rodriguez
Sep 3, 2021
Very slow and difficult to connect with my Casio watch GBA900. It's almost a trial and error endeavour. Not the best app; should/could be a lot better coming from this amazing brand.
Viktor R
Sep 1, 2021
Notifications are not customizable: either take them all or take none of them, so you can't select apps for notifications. Notifications does not respect Android "do not disturb" settings. It's weird because Xiaomi and Huawei have done that for their cheap bands. So software part of G-Shock sucks.
Chun Cheung Yim
Sep 1, 2021
App works ok but it takes awhile to connect to watch when starting an activity. Would be good to add setting to change the colour of the route when viewing the GPS map. The grey route is very hard too see especially on the satellite map.
Franck Alcidi
Aug 26, 2021
Absolute garbage. The app consistently crashes now. I have a GBD-H1000. Fix the damn problem as I specifically purchased this phone for the bluetooth functionality. I feel like I wasted a lot of money on this watch as the app is pathetic.
Aug 23, 2021
My G-Shock GBD-H1000 connects slowly to the app, almost all the time I should go manually to connect the watch. Plus I really need to have the option to have light staying on while pressing buttons on ths watch or at least keep light for 10 seconds. This options should be added to the app. These might be mainly about the watch but i still see watch and app as package, cause the watch without app is loosing so many uses.
Aug 15, 2021
The app is quite slow but nothing to complain about you just have to be patient at times. This is a fantastic brand/company. This is by far the best sport watch I have ever had (gbd-100) at such an affordable price. I would dream to have the more expensive watches at the £300 mark.
Anton Homjak
Aug 13, 2021
No notification filter, getting all the notifs from google play services from syncing and a lot of other useless system notifications. The app does not check do not disturb, even at night i get a lot of notifications when do not disturb is on. The app is bad and except of sync is useless
Gliese 4
Aug 12, 2021
The app is just bad, tried the app on Samsung Note9,XiaoMiNote4, iPhone7Plus, iPhone X. Due to the nature of my job, i got to bring different phone depends on the circumstances, when come to pairing the watch with XiaoMiNote4 & iPhone7 Plus, attempt uninstall many times, restart many times on the phone as well, close account and open new account as well, It just keep prompting FAILED from the watch, sometimes not even a prompt, can't pair at all with this app on certain mobile phone and O.S.
Hubert Cumberdale
Aug 10, 2021
Its a lot better than it was! It connects everytime now, its a bit annoying it doesn't do it automatically but apart from that it now does everything I want it to. I don't feel like I've been ripped off any more and can now use the watch as intended
Jul 26, 2021
From day one of using this with my gbd-100 it always shows the move banner on my phone and you cannot swipe it away so it is always there. Had to reinstall the app as I lost vibration notifications and my watch stopped connecting to my phone via Bluetooth automatically. The watch is amazing by itself but this app and the "smart" features they tried to implement are useless. It's 2021 Casio, why are these things even an issue? Either fix the problems or stick to making good, normal watches.
Darin Johnson
Jul 25, 2021
Most reviews have already touched on plenty of the issues I've experienced. Having only running as an excersise option is somewhat useless if you don't run and seems terribly shortsighted for something touted as a fitness watch. My biggest gripe is when I track a walk 50% of the time I only get the time and distance recorded and no map of where I went or my route. Does the app need to be physically running? App needs a ton of work. Almost not worth buying the watch.
Jason Buseman
Jul 17, 2021
Decent app. Slower connecting than some others but not bad as long as you understand it takes some seconds to connect. Made primarily for runners and walkers but I use it for cycling. It's ok but I would be really happy if I could set it to know I was on a bicycle.
Alfred Moranti
Jul 16, 2021
Lots or room for improvement. The main one, for me, is to implement fitness tracking capabilities for Indoor workout (elliptical crosstrainer, rowing, static bike). A must have for us living in zones with 5 months of deep cold, freezing winter conditions.
Jul 14, 2021
I have gshock gbd100, i am having a hard time reconnecting the watch to my phone, i always add new watch and then in notification even though its always allowed, i have to change it to not allowed at then change back to allowed again, i do this everytime single time when i want to connect my watch to this app. Its reconnecting issue i think, its like i have to link a new watch everytime
Anonymous User
Jul 9, 2021
Totally useless. Cant change anything in ur profile. Have to go thru watch which is difficult. Keeps everything in metric. I have analog digital watch and display on watch is so small and app doesn't help u do changes as above.
Cantemir Pop
Jul 6, 2021
Great app. It is working fine. No crashing. It does what it promise. But I hope for more improvements and features. I does reconnect automatically. I do not know why other reviews says it does have reconnection issues.
Jul 5, 2021
Edit : Edit : eh no, day after still not reconnecting... Edit : just need to enable "location" in phone setting (I disable it for use just indoor exercice) Nice before. Today with the last update, July 4, my GBX-100 disconnect and can not connect again. Update destroy instantaneously my connected Casio watch :(
Robert Balansag
Jun 28, 2021
Terrible connectivity issues...it takes about 10 tries to get the watch to connect to my phone. The app force closes when it wants to. I really love G Shock watches but the connectivity issues are really killing my confidence in my brand new GBD-H1000. Also, I am connecting my watch to a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. As I am writing this, the app just force closed again.
Peter Boyle
Jun 12, 2021
Terrible app constantly having to delete GBD 100 watch & reconnect it. What's the point in providing an app to assist with exercise when it isn't even capable of keeping a connection with your expensive watch??? The more they update this app the worse this issue appears to get as well as never had anywhere near the same issues when I first started using it 14 months ago. Sort it out please. Its 2021 so surely the technology is out there to make this a simple fix? Surely???
ValdiTravel ValdiTour
Jun 7, 2021
Unfortunately I can't say anything good about the app. Bluetooth pairing almost always fails on any phone... Performance charts are poor. Overall app layout is very poor... Casio do something about it! Update: app still crushes and has some difficulties with pairing... Watch still does not have full time beep sound after system update
Jun 7, 2021
So I just purchased this watch, and I like others am have the same problems with the watch and Android platform. This was the reason that I purchased this watch to begin with to replace my Samsung Smartwatch . I have reached out to Casio about this problem, and am still waiting to hear back. I had high expectations for this watch. I was hoping to stop using my Samsung watch since they seem to not last more than 2 years time for me. I am hoping that the software will be updated soon.
Jun 4, 2021
Seamless connectivity is a distant dream for GBD H 1000. The watch itself is overpriced. It doesn't show the callers name etc. The text on watch is hardly readable because of its too small size. Only run/ walk is measured and all other activities are missing in the watch. A samsung watch on a much lower price has loads of features when compared to this watch.
Afiq Ramli
Jun 3, 2021
Casio!!!! First, PLEASE upgrade pairing stability with GBD-100.. Bluetooth already connect, but NO notification alerts coming!!! Second, so many times trying to pairing, but frequenty FAILED!!!
Cahya Wijayanto
May 31, 2021
Average apps, the GSD H1000 and its Just overpriced watch with Average apps. There were alot Smartwatch, comes with more reasonable Price & great Apps, better Than G-shock Move. Can't always be connected, poor battery life of the watch, always asked to turn on the gps, while the watch has its own. I Hope Casio pay more attention to the Watch and the Apps. Please stop making mediocre apps, altough comes with great watch feature. Huawei, Realme watch have better Feature, better apps, better Price.
Samuel D Robinson
May 28, 2021
This app, and $700.00 watch in awful!! The software is half baked, it doesn't hold a connection. Can't use my mic to send texts. The apple/ Samsung watch isn't nearly this expensive but do so much more... And all the bacis functions work. Why no sleep tracking?? This paper weight is going back.
Deepak Pathania
May 26, 2021
Inaccurate and inconsistent data recording in normal mode or non training mode. App changes number of steps etc. Very unstable and literally useless app. I thought Japanese technology was the best. However, poor quality in one of the most expensive G SHOCK Watch. I have GSW H1000.
Mark Bayley
May 26, 2021
Won't connect Horrendous app, just purchased the new gsw h1000 smartwatch and can't get it to connect to the app at all. Just continually searching, been trying to connect to it for the last 3 daysWatch is getting returned. Avoid watch as you won't be able to use most of the features without the app
Joseph Ball
May 24, 2021
The bluetooth does not seem to hook up to my phone very easily when coming back into range. Notfications are not coming through at all, have checked all permissions and unpaired and repaired the watch to the app and still no joy. Would be nice to have the option to change the run to cycling or activity. Just an idea.
Happy Chappers
May 24, 2021
Since the up date the app has now lost the ability make a training plan, which is kinda the main point of this app. Training effect has also gone along with god know how many other parts of the app. The new GSW-H1000 is as good as useless as it rarely connects to the app even when the phone and watch are next to each other. When it does it quickly drops off again. It was up dated a couple of days ago connection is better as it wouldn't connect at all before but still not good.
May 24, 2021
Editing my 1 star to 4 star. The app is great, i think the updates did the trick. Although a lot can be improved.... but the main point is, the apps getting better, faster and most importantly getting the right measurements from my watch.
May 22, 2021
I do not keep my phone on me all the time so I am consistently moving in and out of BT range.....app occasionally has trouble reconnecting ...it always reconnects eventually on its own, but if I want to make it happen instead of waiting I have to turn phone BT off then back on...no big deal really, but annoying...and you need to disable power saving and battery optimization for the app....so I think Casio needs to clean up the programming a bit...hopefully updates will continue to come.
Unos of Manila
May 17, 2021
Some problems and improvement ideas (1) Once the app connection to the GSW-H1000, there doesn't seem to be an option to connect to the watch manually. Not even on the watch. You have to wait for it to recognize the watch again. (2) Can't find where the indoor workouts go, after you record an activity. (3) Biking (Cycling) is registered as running when transferred to Strava. (4) No option to view per category of activity. All activities go to one list.
Bojan Bosnic
May 16, 2021
On my samsung note 9 app have problem to update watch and incoming notifications from call, text, email dont work. To much money for the watch that dont comunicate with app with 100%. Fix this things! After update, after 20 attempts, on incoming call wont appear the name of caller just few points and I dont know in moment who calls me...
Samrat Singh Chauhan
May 14, 2021
The watch has so many sensors..and the sensors work so well and accurate the only issue is with this sub standard application for such classy watch. It Does not have anything for sleep, anyother workout except running or walking. Seriously Casio has to work on the application more to make its watches worth the money. Giving three star only for the respect I have for the watche otherwise it would have been 1 star
Greg Doherty
May 6, 2021
I have a GBD-H1000. The app is pretty basic. It only works for running. The app connection to the watch is painfully slow. The heart rate sensor is only on or off. There is no sleep or recovery tracking, so I have no idea what the recovery time is based on. There are so many great sensors in this watch that the limited functionality of the watch and app are disappointing. Hopefully more features will be added.
dave mitford
May 4, 2021
Terrible app. Bluetooth connection constantly drops. Life log doesn't register anything from watch and I'm getting a stupid notification about no data plan set every bloody minute. Had this watch a week and spent hours every day trying to get it to work properly. This will be the last G-Shock I own. I've had a few over the years but NO MORE
Graham Heald
May 1, 2021
Connection issues will not connect to Bluetooth! it paired on first set up but now when I try to pair it will not connect also says I need an app to pair this device (HELLO) I've got the app!! Ps I've not had my Gshock HBD1000 24hrs and I'm having problems already! these watches are not cheap so if they cannot connect they are virtually left as just a very expensive timepiece
Gary Pettit
May 1, 2021
The app is rubbish and works intermittent, for a £380 watch id expect the app to work better, most if the time it wont connect, ive always loved G Shock and was super excited when the GBD H1000 came out but the G Shock Move App totally lets the side down, nowhere near on the same level as Fitbit
Tiago Gonçalves
Apr 28, 2021
Doesn't show notifications. Everything checked on the app settings, every permission, and still no notifications coming up to the watch. Only fix? Uninstall and reinstall the app. Works for a few hours, them it stops again. I had an amazfit that worked notifications like a charm. Cost me 1/4 of this Casio. I live g-shocks but I need one with notifications. Help. Update 28/04: STILL DOESN'T WORK. This watch is a shockingly worthless smartwatch.
Mr Bru
Apr 27, 2021
Please add a feature to filter notifications. This is useless without it. I bought this watch (GBD-H1000) in order to set up reminder and get notifications on the watch.. I don't want to receive all the notifications..
John Harris
Apr 24, 2021
Good overall. But there needs to be greater similarities to the Garmin app, which seems to have significant advantages and accuracy over Casio's app. A couple things in particular would be 1) a sleep mode to guage quality of sleep and 2) an integration into food apps (specifically MyFitnessPal) so that calories from MFP can be brought directly into the Move app. Then it's much easier to have an idea of how calories burned match up with calories consumed. That would help a ton!
CY Lim
Apr 24, 2021
The app has difficulty pairing with the phone automatically. Need to connect from the watch manually. The heart beat seems much higher compared to other watches.
Apr 23, 2021
Well, the app is truly SHOCKing. G-Shock watches are great, they tell me time and stuff. The Bluetooth functionality allows me to see notification without taking of my phone. Good. BUT. The app ruins the overall experience of having a G-Shock Bluetooth watch. The stability is hit or miss. Most of the time it would reconnect fine. But when it doesn't want to connect. Good luck trying to make it connect. Lifelog. I can have the app tell me that I have hit my goals and when I go to the Life Log page. Nothing is displayed. Notification. Please i have a Network Speed indicator that would constantly update so please add a option to filter the apps that i don't want notification of. Vibration is pathetic. Especially on calls. Who could have caught the call notification on a single vibrate. So again, let us have the ability to customize. If you ask if I would recommend a G-Shock Bluetooth watch. I think my answer is a SHOCKing no. Simply because it is way too unstable. So dear Casio. You are a Japanese company and this is not a standard of a Japanese product. I can have a Chinese replica and it would better than this. And if you didn't tell me this is a G-Shock app, i would have thought it was developed by some high school kid writing the app for his entertainment purposes. Disappointing. If you can make changes to the app and overall functionality of the watch and app. I would gladly give the stars back. But for now. 1 star for the high school level app.
Dan Ghete
Apr 19, 2021
Far away from other apps. Map just basic , routes with wrong lines path... Bad connection with the watch... The watch is even worst: Slow GPS , innacurate , only one activity. Heart rate sensor not good. Too high. Altimeter sensor must calibration daily. Waste of money to buying Casio GBD 1000. Should I go instead with Garmin or Suunto.
David Stewart
Apr 18, 2021
Wants to be something but it lacks consistency. Let me explain. Initially it will find your phone and pair, great....this is where the problems come in. Not only will it consistently disconect with your phones bluetooth ( galaxy s20 5g fe edition ) you have to constantly go back remove the watch start the process over and over again. It was working fine until around March of 2021. When you pay for a watch that costs around more than $300 I would expect the companion app to atleast connect.
Stephen Sim
Apr 10, 2021
The only thing consistent about the app is it consistently loose connection. On days that I wear the watch, I doesn't register the steps. On days that don't wear, it clock steps. It also does not automatically sync. Super disappointed considering the status of the watch and the super suck apps.
Apr 9, 2021
After the last update, the gbd h1000 watch won't recive any notifications from the phone. No calls, no messages, nothing. There are some major issues with the functions... Horurly beep is missing, multi-training functions are missing, and the filtering system for notifications is also missing. Come on Casio, you can do it, the watch is amazing but the problems that are software related can be fixed or improved. Also the bluetooth connection is not the best. I'm waiting for some big improvements.
John Taylor
Apr 9, 2021
I am a 74 yom and am using the app and watch for walking, not running. I am learning how to use the app, and find it not too difficult with just a bit of patience and checking the manual. It easily gives me my distance and heart rate, and afterwards a map.
Wayne Bradley
Apr 8, 2021
Great watch for running and tracking fitness. HR is a bit iffy on the rowing machine to be honest. I don't use it as a smart watch at all. Make sure your location is on when trying to connect!
Balázs Tompos
Apr 6, 2021
PLEASE ADD NOTIFICATION FILTERING OPTION! It makes the otherwise awesome watch (GBD-100) useless. There is no option to choose which apps are allowed to send notifications. ALL IS SENT. Most cannot be deactivated in OS. Including: The camera app saved a photo. The alarm has been put on snooze. Spotify was sopped. You have made a scree shot. These are all stuff that I just actively and consciously done. I don’t need a notification of that. Best one last: Battery warning at 15% than at 14% 13% etc
Muhd Rashidin Mohd Rafee
Apr 6, 2021
Bad Experience. After the app update, it is no longer able to detect the bluetooth on the watch. I can't pair my watch to my phone now when it was working perfectly prior to the update.
Apr 6, 2021
It pairs once in probably 25 attempts. Extremely rudimentary app features. Can't even pair with the only watch its supposed to work with ( GBD 1000) . Such a pity because the watch is great but the app is such a let down il probably return the watch :(
Muhammad Iqbal
Apr 5, 2021
Horrible app, it does not connect to the watch most of the times. ****THIS IS AN APP CASIO SHOULD BE ASHAME OF ****** Running is the only feature this watch offers, we wish this watch can track other outdoors and indoor activities, such as cycling, gym workouts etc. 2. Watch does not connect to the App after I update the application. I need to uninstall and than install it back. This bug needs fixing ASAP.
Mark Angear
Apr 4, 2021
If I could leave minus stars I would, actually the worst app I've ever installed, constantly disconnects and will not automatically reconnecting, I have to do it all manually if I actually want to use my watch fully. Worst customer services to
Chow Hong Yip
Mar 24, 2021
First pair and connect, all work fine. after disconnect few time, now all the notification not work any more, and also every time connect also need to reset back the settings that i prefer. worst apps i found, pls update asap
Bitey Dog
Mar 3, 2021
Completely useless app. Not only does it not sync properly with Google Fit or Strava, now it's not even tracking my steps. For almost two weeks I show zero steps taken. No support from customer service on any issues either. If you are runner, it might be useful to you, but otherwise it's an expensive solar powered watch
Aaron Johnston
Mar 2, 2021
The app is constantly causing issues with the Bluetooth on my phone, constantly getting notifications telling me this app has turned my phone's Bluetooth off, annoying when using my phone on the car kit as it drops out mid call or turns my music off due to being disconnected.
Ferdinand Florentino
Feb 19, 2021
I hope there's an option to choose which notification you only want to see on the watch instead of seeing all of the other non important notification coming from your phone. My other smart phone app has those options i don't understand why you guys never thought about those basic features like that. I'm looking forward to that update.
azrimhaizam Aznan
Feb 15, 2021
The apps function is lacking compare to other brand. Only available for running. Not flexible enough. Need to add more workout type. One more thing, please allow data to export in the standard format. Other than that, when I want to share my workout and select picture from library the apps is close automatically. Only can used either default picture or using camera.
Paul Charlesworth
Feb 12, 2021
Awful app. This app continuously fails to connect to the watch, meaning you have to delete the watch and pair it 3 or 4 times a day, giving inconsistent readings. Not worth the effort
jc g
Feb 3, 2021
Nothing works with this app, barely connext with the watch and doesn't collect fitness informations from the watch. It is unfortunate that we need this app to connect the watch to the phone in order to get phone calls, messages and so on.
Roberto González
Feb 2, 2021
The notification management is bad: I have to activate the notification in the App of my Xiaomi M10 Lite every day to make it work. The notification text font in the watch is very little. It should take advantage of the screen space. Constantly you must reset the notification in the watch because the synchronization is not good. On the other hand, the size font text of notifications is very small.
Craig P.
Jan 21, 2021
Love my gbdh1000, but not app analytics. As with any data, garbage in = garbage out. App UI is ok, but could be more flexible. Activity analysis is awful however. My runs result in "Unproductive" whereas in activity measures state improvement in VO2 max and anaerobic conditioning. Could all be function of faulty watch readings (HR readings are one stat that seems to be periodically faulty.. downhill pulse @ 220). Overall, not accurate enough for serious training analysis.
Aydin Selimov
Jan 20, 2021
Worst app! It doesn't even see my watch! First of all, dont buy GBX-100 if you want bluetooth watch! Notifications and calls dont come, despite bluetooth is connetced and all notifications are turnd on in app. So apparently software of the watch is awful. Secondly, this app is worst application i have ever seen. Nothing works, really. Casio owners, you made me throw away my GBX-100 and buy normal bluetooth watch of another brand.
Simon Waterhouse
Jan 19, 2021
Very good, smooth and well layed out but the notification settings should allow for just phone calls and messages, not every time a photo is taken or music is paused and I would love to see an hourly chime. Besides this, a very good app from a great company.
Shurraj Rao
Jan 13, 2021
Not sure why Bluetooth can't recognize the device automatically without having to go through this app. As well, once paired, why do I always have to connect my device manually?
Dec 28, 2020
I'm very angry , the Maps/ Route doesn't appears in the apps since I purchased on June 2020. The worst part, I contacted the Casio distributor in Malaysia for help but to no avail. What's the point of buying this watch but the apps doesn't shows the maps. & After service support is bad.
Ievgenii Kolesnyk
Dec 21, 2020
I enjoy device much. And missing a lot usability and features. Is there any plan for upgrade? I'm looking after: - AGPS. It's really required, waiting for ages to start receiving coordinates is not cool. - hour signals. As in other casio watches. - Sun raise/set. - notification. That's most horrible part of watch experience. - tracking other activities rather than running
Nathan Gannam
Dec 17, 2020
Notifications need to clear when I answer the phone, as they automatically do once you read texts/emails on the phone. You can answer phone calls, but then you have to cycle through menus on the watch to clear the call notification. Also, on the watch I would prefer to have the option to read the notification as soon as it pops up. Currently, it previews them , then you have to click 7 times through menus to get to your notification. Step count is also very inaccurate on the watch
Cristian Constantin
Dec 8, 2020
It has a very annoying feature, which is the reason I uninstalled it.. Every notification on the phone goes to the watch.. I don't want that. Only when I receive calls i want the watch to tell me.. Anyway, since Bluetooth is valid only in 2m, it's quite useless gimmick.. Android phone.. Ps: i blocked the notifications of the app on the phone, and still sent them to watch. So.. uninstalled..
Azad Onur Kekilli
Dec 4, 2020
Gbx-100 user's complaints: 1) We can't choose which notifications we want to see on the watch, 2) there is no hourly signal... My 12 years old casio protrek has it... 3) we can't block bluetooth connection for notifications and just use it for time corrections, we can only block the app from seeing the notifications but the watch still wastes energy... 4) we can't change to the day/month type display 5) if we have the same alarm both on the watch and the phone, they cancel themselves out
Doraemon Buncit
Dec 2, 2020
When disconnect from phone try to reconnect its still connect but the main problem is when phone is receiving the notification, the watch did not receive the notification but from the applocation its saying the sycronize is success. So lame. 3 times already this event happened
Dec 1, 2020
Dont know how to Describe my experience with this app. Basically not fully functional, not consistent. Updated 2-12-2020: Failed to connect my Casio GBD-H1000 since last month. Have reset my watch and still not connecting. A piece of Shock Resistant Junk in the storage now.
Nov 28, 2020
Distance when running is not accurate, will add extra 200 or 300 metres. Notifications not coming in consistently (wish it wouldn't vibrate for EVERY notifications). Autolight keeps turning itself off every now and then.
Barry Roberts
Nov 25, 2020
Synch with Strava is unreliable (50% on a good week). No way to export gpx without export to Strava. No way to manually synch. Customer support doesn't even respond. Watch is great. App and cs suck.
Nov 23, 2020
App works as it should MOST of the time, but one of the biggest features it lacks is the ability to download activity data. The app didn't sync my most recent run to Strava, and there is no way to download the gpx data or manually sync the activity with Strava
Rohit David
Nov 21, 2020
Using it with the gbd-100, works perfectly fine.. was unable to pair initially as it was not showing the watch, later realized that phone location must be on, this msg could have been displayed in the app but it wasn't, it was there on the notification bar.. but after that worked smoothly.
Burak Firlar
Nov 18, 2020
Sometimes watch doesn't connect. Connect button on app is not responding. App is too complex. You can do a lot better Casio. Please experience "Mi fit", very easy and user friendly app.
Frh Mo
Nov 17, 2020
Been a user for gbd100 for 5 months. Large variation of distance (my gbd 100 clocked 6km, but phone gps detected 4.2km). Today the bluetooth signal (from watch) has lost, and i dont know how to retrieved them.. Reading here and there but still could not find the solution .. Really frustrated!!
Idris Ibrahim
Nov 7, 2020
Didn't show my running progress in map . Whenever I finish my run, after transfer data from watch (GBD H1000) to smartphone (Android), it only show the data in figures. No map of running route shown. And I believe it is not only me who face this issue. Please G Shock, do something. For your customer.
Moritz Drabusenigg
Nov 3, 2020
Tide charts are completely wrong. I bought my gshock specially for diving and surfing. The tide charts are very important for me, but the ones delivered by this app are off by hours... So my watch is useless
Vipul Khanna
Nov 1, 2020
Dude, The app is just not freaking connecting to the phone. Tried to see all the videos. Also my phone has connected to the watch through bluetooth but app is just scanning .tried the same method so many times.
nizam miah
Oct 25, 2020
Casio makes great watches with its GShock line. But the new G series are pretty much just useless in terms of bluetooth connectivity. The user experience was awful the one time i managed to connect my watch - but all i got was a million random and pointless notifications which you have no control over. You have to sign away unneccesary app permissions to use the app and even then you have limited use: pretty much just tracking steps. Thats it. Your watch becomes a glorified stepcounter
Stanislav S.
Oct 23, 2020
It's not possible to select applications which will be sending notifications to the watch so the watch is constantly beeping and showing unread notifications. Even after disabling notifications access for the application I'm still being notified about incoming calls.
dama dama
Oct 22, 2020
CASIO it is time to wake up! It is 2020 now and this app can't connect to the GBD-H1000 via BT unless the location is ON. Really? I am not able to remove the app from the notification area even if I kill it in task manager. Pairing the watch and Samsung S8 is a nightmare, most of the time the watch just says "failed". Please don't ruin otherwise great watch with such a bad app.
Ross Allan
Oct 18, 2020
App itself counts steps and workout data well, but falls down badly syncing that data with Google Fit. It only seems to transfer data once or twice in every 24 hour period, and at random times, leaving exercise data unaccounted for in Google Fit. Being able to set sync frequency is a must, as is a much stronger data transfer protocol between G-Shock Move and Google Fit. I paid nearly £400 for my watch. I expected better. EDIT: App is STILL NOT passing data to Google Fit. Totally Unacceptable.
eno cepa
Oct 14, 2020
The app is ok, but, it doesn't have notification option for every individual app on your phone like the smartbands have. So it beep for every notification you receive on the phone. You have to disable app notifications from your phone, which is not a good idea. I want to see on my watch only the notifications I need, like messages, not everything which may consume the battery on the watch and I need to spend time to delete all notifications on the watch,which is another problem 6 clicks away...
Cheng DongHao
Oct 10, 2020
Always having connectivity/syncing issue with my H1000 and need to unpair and pair. No added data syncing / sharing function with Samsung Health. Hope Casio can be looked into this (if the backend technicality permits that is?)
Leonardo Maldonado
Oct 9, 2020
Needs to be more customizable. The watch interface seems clunky, out dated, almost 70'ish... end user should be able to completely customize what they want on the watch face, and not be forced to choose from preset options only.... big money spent on a watch that I never wear anymore. ...boooooo
Mr. West
Oct 8, 2020
It's functional and interacts with my watch. When it wants to. I don't expect the app to be ultra polished, Casio doesnt make apps. But I do expect it to be as reliable as the watches they make. Needs a lot of work but it's functional.
Mohd Saifullah Najimudin
Oct 8, 2020
The standard of the apps performance is not up to G-Shock standard. The apps is laggy and not style at all. And bluetooth keep on disconecting. Everytime it got disconnected, I have to remove the old watch and add new watch.
Sep 29, 2020
GBD-H1000 software update not possible.. I get a notification about new software version. I click 'begin update' and later info that 'update not completed'. Update: new app version 1.8.1 and still unable to update the watch software. For me, MOVE app is the integral part of this watch. My watch has been returned. It will take me some time to even consider buying Casio again, if ever. BTW. I tried MOVE app on 4 different phone devices, without success.
Juan Cañizares
Sep 28, 2020
This app is an insult to the Casio customers. It crashes on my phone randomly, the login process if you change your phone is a nightmare and the functions are very limited.
Andreas L
Sep 26, 2020
Edit of 1st 1* review.Not perfect but it's functional.for 1st setup all data/battery saving phone features must be turned off,after watch is paired they can be turned back on.allow all permissions at first and then adjust after. re-pairing if connection is lost involves forgetting the watch within the app and then adding it as a "new" watch.not a huge deal.GBD100.I think with continued work this app will be AOK.however first impression was very frustrating.love the watch, accurate/well designed
Sep 24, 2020
It really is not a good app calorie counter is a little on the lean side. As for the recovery time calculation is the most inaccurate. In comparison gshock move states 78 hours recovery while a more accurate reading would be 11 hours.
Flavio Recchia
Sep 20, 2020
As stated in the app description this is still a basic app for connecting the watch with your phone. I hope this can be improved especially when it comes down to the trainings functionalities. Which, as metter of fact, are lacking of flexibility in the creation of training plans. On the other hand I have appreciated the user interface quite simple and intuitive to use. Not sure about the connection with other health apps like Google fit, as it will not see the watch even if linked through Move.
Rizuan Tapar
Sep 17, 2020
There's only one thing that always bothering me. I cant disconnected bluetooth between phone and watch. Need to provide these function just like we connect to bluetooth earphones. No need to unpairing and delete it. Every time when i want to connect it to the phone. Need to delete the old one first before connect it again. You what i mean?
Taylor McAnally
Sep 15, 2020
I love the watch. However, the app... its not the worst but Laggy interface (phone and watch) with clunky in app menus. It took me a couple hours to pair the watch because of location, bluetooth and other settings that needed to be turned on BEFORE you launch the app. Samsung galaxy s10. I LOVE the retro look and feel but not the compatibility.
Adrian Tiong
Sep 13, 2020
Buggy and laggy. Why would they come out with an unpolished app like this? Not even one star I would wish to give for this trashy app. Firstly, software update can never be made on the watch. Notification is intermittent and delayed on some instances. Training data is not always synchronized, and somehow the data is lost at some instances. Synchornization takes ages. Login takes ages. Pairing takes ages. Please don't ruin the watch due to this trashy app!
Sep 12, 2020
App is terrible, but some reviewers are even worse! This app is for Sport / Fitness oriented GBD-H series. Not for Rangeman or others, so moaning about tides not available is out of place here. Wrong app. Bye! Now about the 'Move' app for GBD-H1000. It just shouldn't be offered to general public yet. Not even in 'alpha' phase. Notifications on the watch cannot be moved to anyhow useable location and none of the app updates addressed that. Still no way to adjust which apps' notifications should appear on the phone. Literally ALL competitors have that, as ESSENTIAL must have. Until those 2 are fixed, there is no point even writing about the whole rest :)
rodri calvo
Sep 7, 2020
Not as intuitive as I though.... I hope it will get upgraded with new functions. By now would be helpful to choose which notifications do you want to show on the watch, not every notification that shows on the phone. Please Upgrade!
Guillermo Arbeiza
Sep 2, 2020
The whole point of the watch is tracking tides, and it's just not working. Automatic tide time is always wrong outside of UTC because it doesn't account for different time zones. Manual tide points are more than an hour off in less than a week after manually setting the high tide time. The tide function is useless right now.
derek carter
Sep 1, 2020
Not bad at all. Does what you'd expect. My GBD-H1000 is at least as accurate as my old Garmin Instinct without as many sub-menus. Just make sure all Bluetooth permissions are on when you try and connect it first time!
Ray Burgemeestre
Aug 27, 2020
Disappointed in the app. Tide graph doesn't load the map anymore, only worked in the first few days. And since the last update I cannot even login to the app with my Casio ID "an error has occurred" I tried deleting all data/app storage and cache but it didn't help.
Simon Tiney
Aug 26, 2020
To be honest a bit of a letdown. The watch is great, everything you'd expect from a G Shock but the app is rubbish! It's not user friendly at all and only ever updates when you log in so if it's been a week or so it takes ages before it actually shows your data.
Kit H
Aug 25, 2020
Please add option to choose what notification to show on GBDH1000 , it's all notification or nothing right now. Please allow option to modify the watch button for quick access to notification.Having to scroll through 7 menu to check a message on my GBDH1000 is so painful. Sleep tracking should also be included since this watch can last so long on a single charge. Step counter is extremely inaccurate, it's over counting every movement of my body.
Adriano Fernandes
Aug 4, 2020
I got a GBD-H1000 and I'm really enjoying this watch. I haven't liked a watch this much in years. The only thing I really wanted to see implemented is a menu in the App that would let me pick which App notifications I would like to receive. When I'm driving I use the phone to play Spotify in my car and I receive a notification each time the music changes. It would be awesome if I could select the Apps from which I want notifications on my watch.
Chris Kwan
Jul 31, 2020
Overall the app works for me. I have a GBX100-7 and I did notice that autolight feature turns off by itself even when I did not want it to be turned off. I am wondering if this is a bug. Overall, the app has been working well on my phone and is easy to use.
Jason Beland
Jul 30, 2020
The biggest weakness I'm experiencing with this app is its lack of control over notifications from various apps. Right now it's all notifications, or no notifications. The developer needs to allow control of which ones it will push to the watch as well as a do not disturb feature for nights.
Jul 28, 2020
Tracking of activities is quite good. However, why activities recorder by the watch aren't synchronized with the companion application upon opening it? Synchronizing activities between watch and companion app at 12 (midnight) of each day only without an option to autosynch upon opening it is not practical. I turn Bluetooth off before going to bed to save battery life. This and more improvements have to take place soon otherwise the beauty of G-Shock and smartphones isn't a smooth experience.
Adrian Mihail Raduta
Jul 24, 2020
Issues pairing. Just got the GBD H-1000 and I cannot connect it to the app. I keep getting the failed message on the watch, although the bluetooth connection is established.
Giorgos Bozionelos
Jul 22, 2020
When bluetooth is disconnected it is hard to reconnect. I have to go through the watch's menu and request to connect. To synchronise the data (which is upon request) it takes ages. Some of the problems are inherent to the watch. For example what is the purpose of notifications when in order to access them I need to go through a series of button presses? I'd rather pick up my phone. Also, and is it only me? Where are the gps coordinates? I cannot locate them either on the phone or on the watch.
Mark Rothenberg
Jul 18, 2020
Dismal coming from Casio. I can't believe how useless this app is for monitoring my activity. First off all I see is a plan and I see my steps at the moment on the watch. When I attempt to locate history for what I have done on a daily basis...NOTHING. Where is my data. I login online. Nothing. To me, a 30+ year user of Casio watches and this app and the the watch are a failure.
Eric Gordon
Jul 16, 2020
Latest update causes pairing issues. Pairing was a little flakey before the update, but it worked. Now, it won't connect and I tried to delete the Bluetooth pairing and repair, but that isn't working
Bruce Peters
Jul 16, 2020
Needs to have an auto light function as some of the other gshocks do. Also needs to have the light stay on when scrolling through menu/functions. Quicker/more accurate data transfer from watch vs app display would be great.
Nikolas Nikolaou
Jul 12, 2020
GBD H1000 owner. Ok, I get that you don't buy this watch as a smartwatch. But still, you expect the few smartwatch-like functions to deliver the basics at least. First of all, the notifications worked only the first day. I tried re-pairing the phone and still nothing. It shows as paired, the app works but no notifications. Also, you should be able to read notifications when they appear. Cycling all the way to the last mode is just pointless.You should at least have the option to cycle backwards
Paul Jackson
Jul 12, 2020
This app isn't worth a star. I bought the watch knowing it would be a great product, which it is. It would appear casio have a lot to learn about the world of wearable and paired tech. The android app is appalling. It's like a kid has developed it in their bedroom. It doesn't work, and after uninstalling it to try to fix it, now it won't install. I expect far better from a global company like casio. Sort it out people, you're losing a good reputation.
Lord Nemesis
Jun 23, 2020
For GBD-H1000. Please provide the option to read notification as it pops up on the watch. Also allow the option for the notification vibrations to be longer or able to vibrate 2 or 3 times instead of just shortly once. Also, please make the notification font larger, its way too small. Lastly, allow us to rearrange the modes cycle on the watch.
Omid Hadaf
Jun 21, 2020
Love the watch, but the notification really need some work, I get notification on my watch even when taking photos, doesn't make sense.. everything you do sends notification to the watch also would be better if you could choose which apps to send you notification, and heart rate.. the watch should read the pulse every hour or so, having an option for always on nor always off isn't ideal..the workout function on the watch also doesn't record the training activity and all when you use it.
Joe Diestel
Jun 12, 2020
Really not the best app, but the watch is awesome. To be expected really. Current issues (cannot find where to log these on Casio website so posting here!) 1) deleted workouts in app, show up again after watch sync. 2) sync with Strava and Google fit has stopped working since 07-Jun. Interestingly at same time activity appearing in watch and app is not showing up on Casio website either. Previously was.
James Bunyan
Jun 9, 2020
Hate the fact that you can't choose which notifications you receive, it's all or nothing so I've had to turn that function off as I really don't need to know every time my phone is connecting to WiFi. Please fix this so I can turn the smart functions back on. Can you also fix the fact that if I've seen & cleared it from my phone my watch recognises this so I don't have to open msgs twice (might be a watch software update required)
Byung Ho Lee
Jun 6, 2020
App works fine. Pairing for me not an issue. But it is linked to my google fit app, but does not send data (step counts, body weight, etc). Also when I change my profile on my watch, it does not update the app. And also cant choose which notification, I am getting everything my phone is getting. Galaxy Note 10 plus and GBD-100-1A7ER
Martin Entwistle
Jun 5, 2020
I had one issue at the start on that the app didn't ask me for permission to write to the device, so it wouldn't sync. After I manually set the permission it works great! I like the style and information it gives me, although the settings are sometimes not obvious. All in all a great motivational tool!
Jun 5, 2020
When paring gbdh1000 with my phone realme c3 sucsess and updated the apps. But when I try again paring it with my phone failed to paring. Try it many times and failed. Compare my experience with Garmin instinct and gbd 800 this one is the worst and hard to paring. Try using Samsung note 9 and it failed on the first time paring when registering. Switching to realme first time paring sucsess but second time failed. Pls improve your software.
Vincent LoVico
Jun 3, 2020
This app works really well on my S20. Offers a lot of great features and actually stays sync unlike my Fitbit app. Another great feature, you can sync the watch without having a internet connection, also unlike Fitbit. I wish I could choose what notifications I receive on my watch; currently any notification your phone receives, your watch will too. I would also like to see a sleep tracking feature added. Overall, I am very happy with this app and watch.
Eloy Blanco Jr.
Jun 1, 2020
Biggest issue is there is no ability to turn off/on notifications by individual applications. Notifications are either all on, or all off. Only allows link to Stavia and Google Fit apps. Would like to see link directly more of the most popular fitness apps like to MyFitnessPal. No ability to set synch frequency with your phone. However, you can update immediately after changes and refresh step count manually. Would like more customization to change/delete screens to limit button clicks.
Vincent G.
May 28, 2020
Application works well. Used yesterday to track a bike ride, syncs are working fine. Feature requests that would be nice : "Clear all notifications", "Timer Profiles" so that we don't need to always reprogram the timer, and instead just choose a preset, "Multi Timer Mode" as opposed to "Workout Timer Mode", "Manual Start Timer Toggle" so that we can decide when to start the next set, "Quiet Time" set at night, and "Adjustable Vibration Settings" so that we can have different vibration patterns
Matt Preston
May 28, 2020
So far, so good. The App does what it should do and is fairly easy to navigate and use. The information (Eg HR and Running Pace) collected is presented in a good format and allows some interesting analysis. It's early days so I do expect upgrades as time goes on. My main gripe is the Bluetooth connection to my phone doesn't seem to automatically reconnect when signal is lost and I have to re-connect manually? Also there appears no way of changing the layout of run data when sharing the activity
Ishan Joshi
May 28, 2020
I am yet to try all the features of the app with my new GBD H1000 but it's astonishing how the app does not have the feature to select which apps notifications I want on the watch..Not just that, It even sends out the transient 1sec silent notifications over to the watch so by the time you check your phone they're gone because they were irrelevant. This is a glaring miss that's even supported in Huami Amazfit which costs 5 times less.
Ryan Gubler
May 23, 2020
I'm using the GBD H1000. There appears to be no alert notification for text messages at the moment. This is very disappointing. Also the app itself makes it very difficult to access your messages. It's more than a dozen clicks.
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