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James Fitzpatrick
Jun 6, 2022
They are generous. I think they are a responsible organization. I'm not a developer just an applications interest hobbiest and google has helped me learn. I just wish I could keep my credit card charges down, all I have to do is look at it and it jumps, I guess it has to do a line of credit. But one must keep on top of that. It takes a lot to understand learn and control your subscriptions. So buyer beware. I never got my rebate on my old phone from Google, they don't have to give back $.
Jun 6, 2022
"ok google" and commands not responding as quickly. also not hearing audio when connected to Android auto and my car. Not sure what y'all changed but I don't like it. I also would like to turn off the G of the day in the search bar and at the top of my search results. I really don't care what Google thinks is worthy is celebrating on this day. Especially when their viewpoints don't align with mine.
Chaitanya Narang
Jun 6, 2022
Absolutely horrible app. Images don't load most of the time. Says disconnected even though device is connected via mobile data. Voice input barely works for both, assistant and search Video previews not playing even though the option is selected to play on wifi and the device is connected to wifi. "Edit and share screenshots" feature has disappeared. The recently opened websites and searches don't show up in the recent area of the app. Get rid of all these bugs Google.
Jun 5, 2022
No matter what the voice match only work, when I specifically open google assistant, and when I try to go under voice match to add a device, it just fails not even a second later, do to it not find Wi-Fi, even though I'm sitting right next to the router, and the iceing on the cake, the router is a google nest router, so google can't seem to find its own routers Wi-Fi.
Verena Biber
Jun 5, 2022
Extremely annoying and fickle app. Upon update just deletes all bookmarks and saves. Deleted all my profiles so I'm logged out from all adjecent accounts. Forces you into connecting all email addresses used over multi platform but then won't let you stay logged in if they are different ones due to profiles. I recommend other browsers if you are using more than one email address on homepage profiles. Horrible app really
Collyn Falzitto
Jun 5, 2022
Constantly crashing and constantly re allowing itself to have permissions that I do not allow it to have. Disabled it off my phone for good. Well here is a funny thing. Google LLC replied to my review saying its all clears up zero issues. But when you deny google the permissions of your call logs, phone calls, and access to you text messages Google will just give itself the permissions back behind your back.
Devin Vikturek
Jun 4, 2022
Never had a single issue with Google and all of the products Google offers......until I came across the Go Edition phones and things are going just horrible. Most important thing that is gone is 90% of voice assistant's capabilities. Was doing some research to see if I could somehow get rid of the Go versions of the apps on my device and found out that I can download all but the Google app which is the only one I need!!!!
Alora Rae Johnson
Jun 4, 2022
Assistant can't be disabled. Pops up to tell you to turn it on when you adjust your ear buds. When it picks up navigation instructions, when your listening to a book, just constantly interrupts, even when every attempt has been made to disable it. Only time I ever wanted to use assistant was to change Map voice. Make it go away.
Franko Lukis
Jun 4, 2022
1 Star specifically for its auto integration. Since Google took the option to use the Android Auto app on its own and integrated auto functionality into their Google app, experience has been subpar at best. Google voice decides to ask questions on its own without prompting, Apple music not natively recognized as a music option, like it was with Android Auto. Instead, I have to open Apple Music first, start playing a song, then swap to the Google car app.
Bonnie Berry
Jun 3, 2022
Assistance was working perfectly until they told me to upgrade!! Now I can not get out of the app store and assistance is Not there!! What a mess. I received an email that Google would look into this matter, and to my surprise they really did! My Assistance voice is back to normal!! I loved this feature and so glad to have it back up and running..Tysm for your attention to this matter..
David M
Jun 3, 2022
Like other reviewers have described, it broke a couple updates ago and now when I want to set an alarm or something via voice, it just says that it needs to be updated even though it is completely up to date. Previous to that it was pretty awesome. Hopefully it gets fixed. I can still set an alarm using the microphone icon in the search bar but the assistant no longer works.
Roger Antworth
Jun 3, 2022
The Google Assistant no longer works from the app. Voice commands do not work from the app either. To get the application to work I have to go to the Google Play Store and load the application. None of this works handsfree. I have updated the app and reloaded the app. None of which has fixed the problem.
Tom Daniels
Jun 3, 2022
Google Assistant is getting worse with time not better! It's search by voice feature does not comprehend what's being asked on semi simple questions. The speech to text app is half-deaf, I think English is at second or third language, and it's failed spelling an app s k o o l. See what I mean? Whenever text is corrected manually, the app doesn't learn with time, but gets consistently worse. Now, after the most recent update, Google assistant, won't respond to Hey Google.
Divia Sookdeo
Jun 3, 2022
This app fails to update many times and often results in my phone heating up and restarting. Also, it takes up a ridiculous amount of space. Thank you for the feedback. I can now update the app but it's still annoying because of the steps. My phone still heats up and restarts. This is sometimes an inconvenience.
frank rose
Jun 2, 2022
I am so tired of everytime I chose to use the voice input that it has it right the first time and then changes it about 15% of the time and about 85% never getting right what I said at all. That is so disappointing considering how user friendly and broad you claim that product to be. Yes it is fully updated. Yes I have done multiple voice inputs of all types. I can give a better review if it listens to me better until then it's utterly useless garbage taking up important space on my phone.
Jun 2, 2022
Google Assistant is not working! Super frustrating. An update a couple hours later after an email from Google. One of the suggestions was to force stop the app, restart the phone, and then open again. That's what I did and now voice match works and OK Google is working. Thought this might be helpful for others who are having problems.
Kelly Ross
Jun 2, 2022
Schools have to have Google. My e-mail is always taken away from the initial password and user name. My phone& my regular e-mail is run towards updating Google e-mail addresses too much! I only have a certain few. It's the Google receiver, Wi-Fi, that takes new e-mail but not really keeps tract of the same,because as a e-mail person who types in messages for vehicle payments, insurance payments, job hours, and secure places for verification of identity. It seems like it wouldn't change often.
Erik Koski
Jun 2, 2022
I agree with the rest of the reviews. I just got this phone and now I want my old one back. Verizon is going to get an ear full from me. I am not happy! If there ever way a reason for overtime crunch this is it. This app is unusable and It casts a spectre of incompetents over the whole company. Whether incompetence or by design, it needs fixing. If it had a star of less than one it would get that.
Nicholes Steele
Jun 2, 2022
App is broken. You can still use it by long pressing the square that exists on the bottom of an android devices screen' but pressing the icon will ask you to update or download the app. While the icon is nothing more than a metaphorical paper weight, I will emphasize that I can still actually use the app. I just have to navigate to it in a different way than I am use to.
Rob V
Jun 2, 2022
The Google search widget does not work properly. I used to be able to touch the mic icon and tell it to open an app on my phone. Now it just goes to Google search website. I have been forced to uninstall and go back to the basic version. Please help! Update: Issue has been fixed
Parikshit Nath
Jun 2, 2022
I have been using Google for a long time and it was going fine until after some updates i am now unable to reach any of the sites using google(everytime when i visit any site it shows "site can't be reached") thus i have been using Chrome these days. Also when I open images from Google it show only the half part of the image and i am unable to download images from it. Chrome is working far better. I hope you can solve this problem.
Old White Hair
Jun 2, 2022
What do I need this app for? It doesn't seem to do anything I can't already do with my browser. Is it just a less functional browser with voice search and a weather icon? After the developer reply I tried to find out what it's for. It's apparently required to enable Chrome to search but it's dressed up as an app in its own right. What's it for?, well, it occupies a huge amount of memory (798MB!), so as a basis for Chrome its purpose seems to be to hide how much memory Chrome ACTUALLY uses.
Jun 2, 2022
EDIT:6/2/2022 Really love Google but there is one problem in the Google collection why my images is not loading even though I did everything I cleaned up catha, reinstall the app, and even sending feedbacks nothing works even though I see the image of the outside the collection but not in side it even though my collections never did this before. I got this issue on May 5th 2022 so please fix this problem. And also I can't see all images of the when you go to the bottom.
Bobbi Rushing
Jun 1, 2022
Google assistant has not worked in over a week on my Android phone. When selecting the assistant, a screen appears telling you to update the application. For several days there wasn't an update button to do that. There was an update button last night that appeared to update and install but still no success. Today that button to update is missing again and it's back to the screen saying an update is needed, and the only options are uninstall and open.
Daniel Warburton
Jun 1, 2022
It has been over a week now and no fix to the assistant app. I got the voice part to work finally, so I can use "hey Google". However, when you hit the app to open it it just keeps telling you to update... Which I already have. Every fix that Google has provided on these reviews only refers to fixing the hey Google part. What about the rest of it? When I do uninstall the latest update, it does work... But it keeps reverting back. Pretty weird that a company like Google has not fixed already.
Jun 1, 2022
I have noticed some crashes when I try to search something on google. I am facing this problem since the last update. The screen goes black and then back to normal. This usually occurs after typing the first word. Please fix this problem, it is very annoying. Another issue occurs while turning on the WiFi. The app uses a lot of WiFi in the foreground, last time when I turned on my WiFi it consumed 7.8 GB in the foreground. I don't know why this happens. I have reinstalled the app several times.
Jason Lorance
Jun 1, 2022
Without capacity to customize activation phrase, when I am with friends all our phones and devices try responding and often do so. Sure... It doesn't give personal info, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't want a room full of phones to respond with general results.
Linda Winter
Jun 1, 2022
For 5 days now it's been telling me to go to the Google store too update the app. Yet the Play a and phone indicated that I was updated already from may 27, 2022. Tonight for the very first thing t this airspeed when I went to the Play store, it gave me the option to actually do an update. I've now had to do that twice this evening! And still can't get the app to open. This makes me very suspicious I possibly four and hacking!! So will uninstall &see if reinstalling makes any difference.
Jonette Brazier
Jun 1, 2022
Google assistant isn't work. Everytime I open the app it says to update it but wasn't give the option to do so the pass few days. Today I open it it said to update gave me the option after I did that I closed out all apps to reopen Google assistant and it said to update it again. What is going on I've always been able to use Google assistant. Now it's very annoying to not be able to and to keep getting the same response. Fix the issue please and thank you!
Chris Moody
Jun 1, 2022
Everything is broken with Google Assistant now. Whatever update was pushed had ruined Google Assistant and Android Auto. I've reinstalled tons of apps trying to get voice functionality back for Spotify before realizing that the latest update broke everything. Terribly disappointing and makes me look dumb for continuing to embrace the Android ecosystem and Google. 💀
Charles Jones
Jun 1, 2022
I have enjoyed using this app for directions, maps, making phone calls, weather. Just simply push the button and tell it what you want. That was my opinion before a current update. Since the update when I push the app button it sends me to the play store for an update that isn't there. I have sent feedback to Google, but they haven't responded. So, for now the app is basically useless. Fix it. I may come back.
lisa spence
May 31, 2022
No longer works, which is an issue since android auto no longer works either. I keep being told to use this instead, and get looped message that the app needs to be updated. It is up to date. So now hands free is no longer available.... Not that I use it often, but there have been times where it was necessary. Sad that the auto doesn't work anymore... Liked having the mini map and ability to skip/pause songs since my car is a 2015 so the handsfree features are not fully compatible to phone
Milton Berkley
May 31, 2022
Assistant problems. Since the last update. Instead of how it worked, now it brings me to a page offering cancel or play store. I select play store and I'm at the page for Uninstall or open. I use open and it works, but it's not the same. Ok Google is not responsive at all. What happened to being able to tap Assistant and ask a question? A correction to the update is needed.
зvзlіηα .:
May 31, 2022
I frequently use the Google Search widget on my homescreen. They messed it up again so you can't delete your past searches. Long-pressing on a search item brings up the menu but pressing "delete" does nothing. I am not talking about my Google Chrome browser history as I never delete that. This has been happening a few months ago as well, it was fixed with the update before the most recent one, but it is broken now again.
John Reggio Sr.
May 31, 2022
I don't understand how Google can allow this app to be placed on the open market. The same problem that everyone else seems to be having is the one that I have. You press Google it tells you you need to update the app, you go to update the app and it sends you to the Google app store but you can't download the latest version. So you're in a conundrum floating around the internet trying to get a simple app to work, but it doesn't. How can Google not test this extensively before they release it??
Ben G.
May 31, 2022
Unusable and won't finish loading my voice profile so ok. Google is unusable unless you push a button. It looks like you guys are working on this. How long can we expect for this to take to resolve. I just bought a Google 6 pro and it doesn't work at all on this phone and it did work on my Google Pixel 5 and probably still does. I'm probably going to have to go back to using that. Are there any other ways to install previous versions of this so I can get this to work on my phone?
Cruising With Cyndy
May 31, 2022
Not working. Yesterday, 5/30/22 this app pulled up a message that says I need to update it in the play store, but when I press continue, it takes me to the playstore where there is no update available, just the option to open the app. If I select "cancel" I get the same two options. Update or cancel and either way it doesn't work.
Eli T
May 31, 2022
I've a Pixel 6 (my third Pixel) and I have mixed feelings with the Google App. It works well most of the time. When it doesn't it's annoying. "Sometimes" for no apparent reason when Google responds to my questions or enquiries there's no sound. I have Media, Call, Notifications & Alarm volume all on maximum but no luck. Google responds with her text responses but that's of no assistance to me when I've my hands full. Ironically my two Google mini's respond verbally without issue.
Christian Nunez
May 31, 2022
Several other people have posted this, so I'm absolutely APPALLED that the almighty Google hasn't fixed this yet. This app has rendered my Google assistant unusable. When I click on my assistant, it tells me that my Google app needs an update and gives me a link to the Play Store. Clicking it does NOT give me an option to update. My only options are to uninstall or open. Uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing. I trust Google with my children's smart devices. I expect better.
Christopher Hord
May 31, 2022
Google assistant is now broken. It will not respond to hey Google or OK Google. And when I tried to open the app by double tapping it it tells me to upgrade Google app but I have already done so. If I hit the button for Play store it only gives me an option to open, not update. And, if I click cancel assistant just quits. Very frustrating!
Information Fractal
May 30, 2022
There are some permissions it doesn't need like my files, data, and phone log but won't let me get rid off, it tracks you every where the phone goes even when location is turned off. It auto allows permissions like open in other app. you can't uninstall a app that you don't want or need that was preintalled with out your promission. Its hard to find and sometimes won't let you use alternatives to use a function on the phone that doesn't need google.
May 30, 2022
For some reason, the app now goes into a loop and I can no longer access Assistant settings. Looking at reviews, this has been going on for over a week or more. All of the responses by company are not helpful. Obviously, there is a problem and Google hasn't addressed it in a timely manner. Either send out an immediate repair or remove the last update. But to have everyone not be able to use this correctly for this long is NOT an acceptable response.
Tierney Stanley
May 30, 2022
This last update is horrible!! Google Assistant no longer works properly. I've tried to reinstall and update Google multiple times only to receive the same message stating the app is not operable without an update that apparently has already occurred. Very frustrating. Clearly the tech team did not fully troubleshoot this last enhancement and failed to forsee the problems it would cause. This is an uncessary inconvenience to your customers.
James Daiker
May 30, 2022
It makes using other apps easier. For instance I use the alarm settings every day to remind me of my medicines times. A great help since I am always ingaged in something. I would miss taking the meds at their appropriate times. Therefore I am able to get the most benefit from them. The voice app enabled me to activate the alarm app and make the timings entries quickly and simply. I have some meds I need to take at set times so the voice app helped me set those times along with the variable ones.
Dawn Wilkerson
May 30, 2022
Assistant was working wonderfully for me. Then the update came. I installed it and when I click on the icon, because it no longer responds to "hey Google", I get the same update notice and am redirected to the Play store. I have uninstalled it twice and still get no response from "hey Google" and must go through Play store to open the app. The good news is I didn't realize how much I used to use assistant. Could be user error but it doesn't seem so according to comments here.
Brian Coates
May 30, 2022
Malfunction? Like many other of the reviews below, the latest update in late may of 2022 has rendered the assistant app non functional. It takes me to the play store and it updates and then it still doesn't work and it doesn't function it just gives me a screen full of full of videos to watch or some other garbage. It sounds like Google is aware there's a problem but right now the assistant is just not gonna work. Tragic.
May 30, 2022
Use all the time for searches, etc, that I don't want to open a chrome tab for. However, if you are on a page and hit the back button on your phone to leave and go back to the results, it will often boot you back to a previous search. You need to hit the back arrow at the top left (Android), which is annoying and not the way you usually do things in Android and in Chrome.
Sarah Barnes
May 30, 2022
Was brilliant. These days I have to restart my device 2-3 times a week because it has stopped working. A request registers but produces no action. On Android Auto, connected to the car, "Hey Google" only works 50% of the time. Is it a bad update or is there a long slow degeneration of Google products? Maps is worse than it used to be, so is Contacts.
Jacob Andrews
May 30, 2022
My Google assistant shortcut bubble is broken and say to update the app. However when I go to update the app in the Google play store like prompted there is not option to. I have a moto g100 and my phone has a built in button that is bound to the Google assistant feature. When I press the button google assistant works as it should and there are no issues. It's only when I try to use Google assistant thought the shortcut on my home screen that there is an issues. I hope this info helps the devs.
Samuel Sloan
May 30, 2022
Assistant app says to update Google app in order to continue using, so now Assistant isn't working because Google is updated and it's still telling me to update. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I've cleared cashe. Restarted the phone. Everything. Assistant no longer works. Such a big feature to just break... I'm officially done with Pixel phone. Going to the store today! WAY TOO MANY ISSUES!
Howard Cates
May 30, 2022
I updated this app on my Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra and suddenly all of the Voice features stop working. I followed instructions on one of the earlier reviews and it restored dictation but Assistant simply instructs me to download Google. This is what I did to get dictation working again by nothing seems to revive Alexa or any other aspect of Assistant. HELP!
May 30, 2022
The latest update has caused my Google Assistant to no longer work if I press the button manually like I normally do. Instead, I get a message telling me that I need to do an update but when I check the status of my account, it says that all my apps are up to date I have to say "Hey Google" to access my assistant and even this doesn't always work as it should. I rely heavily on my Google Assistant and I'm hoping the issue will be resolved soon. Please help.
Dan Hobbs
May 29, 2022
Google assistant app no longer working after latest update. I get a message to update the Google app to use the assustant. I have tried several times to update and it will not update. This is very annoying. Maybe it has something to do with an android update that just rolled out today. Not sure. Regardless I have tried all suggestions. Google assistant is not loading or working. I can't even get to the settings. I just installed Google go and can use it now in place of Google assistant.
Mitchell Ross
May 29, 2022
I don't know what is going on I just got a brand new Samsung ultra 22 phone been setting it up the last two days. I went into my Google assistant app. To search and it doesn't work. I keep getting this page that says cancel on the bottom left hand side. And on the bottom right side is says go to the play store and update the app. So I uninstalled the app and then it says update. I press that it is in motion going round and round. Then it says open. I press that and I don't get going assistant.
Contina Pierson
May 29, 2022
Same as the others. My assistant was not available when I opened. I clicked to update but it only allowed me "open" as if it had already updated. Nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing. Help! I've come to depend on my assistant for numerous things. Guess it's back to pen and paper.
Diane Sorey
May 29, 2022
Doesn't do update. Until today it worked fine. Now when I go to the Google assistant it tells me to go to the app play store and do the update. When I do it shows the current items on review and no key to press for update. When I go to settings, and try to update, no such luck. Please return to previous update as this new one doesn't work at all. I find that rollbacks are always best when you've screwed the latest update. Please go back to the one that was working fine. Thanks
Chris Surname
May 29, 2022
Has been fine up until now, but suddenly started demanding that I used something called Discover, which won't allow me to search for anything. I've tried following online instructions to switch of Discover, but nothing works, so now Assistant is totally worthless to me. Will probably uninstall and reinstall, in the hope that might work, but not IT savvy, so may end up causing even more grief..!
Khemraj Naik
May 29, 2022
I have noticed some crashes when I try to search something on google. I am facing this problem since the last update. The screen goes black and then back to normal. This usually occurs after typing the first word. Please fix this problem, it is causing a lot of problems while surfing the internet. If possible please add material Ul to the search bar on google app, it would look more better.
May 29, 2022
I think it's broken. Like the entire Pixel 6 experience. When you attempt to open assistant, it tells you to go to the play store to update, which also has a prompt to open the same app that keeps looping you back to the play store to update an app without an update.
Ashten Knight
May 29, 2022
Was working excellent beforehand. It said to update it and I did. But it still does the same thing faulty stuff. Everytime I try to use the voice option. This makes it exit the app. I can't even use the keyboard because it does the same thing, or won't load. Please fix this it's very upsetting.
May 29, 2022
Everytime I click on Google Assistant now it gives me a screen that says "Update Your Google App to use you assistant. Update the Google App in the Play Store....". I open play store and the Google app, as well as every other app and my OS are up to date. I've restarted my phone, cleared my cache, nothing works. Why does it seem that every couple months it's always 1 step forward, 2 forwards with Google or my Google Assistant?!?
Pazzy Dn
May 28, 2022
All the constant unnecessary 'updates' every other week are completely unnecessary if my phone's working right the first time and the updates keeps saying the same thing then obviously I don't need any new updates from Google sometimes they mess up my phone! Also anytime I change one setting it messes up again and if I go back to change that setting back something changes. Ex. Turned front page discovery now it's constantly reminding me to turn it on on the front page and I can't get rid of it.
Casey Lalaine
May 28, 2022
I'm in the same boat as Jessica Mathison: I cannot access my shopping list because the assiant tells me to update the app in the store. Apparently though, I already have the latest version, so the only options are to open or uninstall the app. Furthermore, before this latest problem, the shopping list still did not have the option to rearrange and prioritize items like it did earlier. Please fix this by bringing that function back! Thank you.
Sheila Gilmore
May 28, 2022
I haven't installed the new app update, and don't plan to, based on the terrible feedback it's gotten just recently. When the feedback is (much) more positive, I will probably install it. Right now I am without the Assistant because each time I try to use it I get the update screen and the only choices are to go to the App Store or quit. So I quit.
Deb Cataldo
May 28, 2022
Google Home App is not very good. I like to listen to music on one of my speakers. I set my default selection for music to Pandor a but, whenever I ask to hear music, Google goes to YouTube music . YouTube music plays o e song and then has a commercial to they and get you to sign up for their premium. (NOT happening! ) Other problem w Google, I ask it to play soft rock and it tells me that s for premum members only. I'm about ready to throw Google into the trash can!
Raeann Korpela
May 28, 2022
Will not let me use the assistant now ~ it tells me I have to go to Google store to update which I have already done. I reinstalled and still have the same issues. I have to go to the play store to open the assistant which then opens with all the ads. I loved using my assistant in the past but now it's more work than it's worth. U RUINED IT!
Dave Seidman
May 28, 2022
When Google Assistant on my phone still isn't working after a week, I feel like I'm dealing with amateur hour. ("Upgrade your Google app to use your Assistant". Hasn't helped. is a dud). This kind of thing happens all the time with Android. You're a pretty big company last time I checked? It shouldn't be that hard for you to test new releases on a couple dozen phones. This would never happen with an iPhone. I haven't had an iPhone since my iPhone 3. Checking out the 13.
Peggy Crandlemire
May 28, 2022
Normally I love the Google Assistant. But this latest update has made it EXTREMELY buggy! It has disabled ALL voice commands on my phone. When I go to the help section, NOTHING it suggests fixes the issues, and it won't even let me in to the Assistant settings. Google really dropped the ball on this one!
Aami A.
May 28, 2022
Ridiculous! not getting any score updates at all in the status bar. Have done all kinds of resets and restarts, deleted the secure folder too. Still nothing, utterly frustrating and highly inconvenient. Please fix or reply. Thanks. Update. Previous review was 2019. It's 2022 now and nothing is fixed. No sports updates whatsoever but irrelevant tech and movie updates galore. Good job, you utter idiots.
Barbara H
May 28, 2022
Got a new phone. Although I'm not a Google fan I thought the Assistant seemed cool and would give it a try. After initial setup, it hasnt worked since. It asks to update daily which I'm suspicious of but when I click update, Im taken to the open button and thats it. I still cant talk to the Assistant. Disappointed but the last one on my other phone didnt work too well either. Off to the trash this app goes.
Vishal Gupta
May 28, 2022
I've really had it with Google and the ever-shifting relaibly of its apps and services. Yesterday my assistant worked and today it's demanding I update the Google app....but it's already updated. Now I can't set reminders for myself. An iPhone might cost more, but at least the software experience is better.
Jodi Rutledge
May 28, 2022
The most recent update has screwed up Google Assistant. I get a screen that says I need to update my Google App. I go to the Play Store and it only allows me to open the Google app. I have gone as far as uninstalling Google and reinstalling but that doesn't help either. As of now, I can no longer use Google Assistant on my phone because of this.
jason stock
May 28, 2022
Google doesn't respond on my phone anymore after the latest update. I say "hey google" and get no response. When I go straight to the app it sends me to the app store to download an update but my only options are "uninstall" or "open" when I get there. When I click "open" it sends me back to the app that says to go back to the app store and I get stuck in this loop.
Mohawk Warrior
May 28, 2022
I want to use my Google Assistant as usual and got prompted for an update, when I click on the link it took me to a Google page which did not update the Google Assistant but did mention something about a newer product called Google go. Would not let me update and the app is now not functioning even after I uninstalled and reinstalled started and restarted my phone several times. Also if I follow through with the update process it takes me to a Google splash page, be happy to send screenshots
Darren Michaels
May 27, 2022
It's slowly getting worse. It used to work great but now it's like talking to a 3 year old. When utilizing hands free mode to send a text message Google will decide it doesn't want to listen to you or anything you said and will close out. It will skip words, completely misinterpret what you said, or decide not to send your message at all. I spent 20mins just trying to send a simple message since Google wasn't cooperating. Very dangerous to use on the road.
Stuart Murray
May 27, 2022
Once again stuck in a constant loop of being told to update this app to use it and there is no update available. I uninstall and reinstall, only to be met with the same notice. Once upon a time Google was the height of software, now you're stuff is maybe 50% reliable at best. I have grown tired and frustrated of the constant headaches your "services" provide.
Ay Pi
May 27, 2022
I generally love everything this app does, but I'm currently stuck in an infinite loop between Assistant and Google. It won't let me use my assistant without updating Google, but Google is updated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps, restarted my phone, checked through everything I can find in settings, but nothing is working.
Nathan Alexander
May 27, 2022
Google assistant is very cool. It responds quickly, but sometimes has mix ups that I will list below. 1. It's not as "fun" as Siri 2. It should register "timer" and "alarm" the same. For example "set a 7 minute alarm" it sets a 7 minute timer and "set a timer for 7 pm" will set an alarm for 7 pm 3. If you say "open YouTube" it opens the YouTube app Thank you for reading this and I hope these changes get implemented.
Jessica Mathison
May 26, 2022
The latest update has made it so that assistant no longer works. I try to say 'Hey Google' or 'OK Google' and nothing happens. So, I click on the assistant button to see if I can make it work manually and it shows a screen indicating an update is needed by going to the Play store to use the assistant. When try to go to the Play store, it only opens the Google app. I am in an interminable loop. Consider this my feedback form as I can't seem to locate one of those either.
Pasquale Lorusso
May 26, 2022
The update has stopped my Android Autoplay from getting voice commands. I can't make call or make any voice commands. Today, the app disabled all voice commands. I had to go in manually again and turn on Voice assistant. I don't know what is happening with this app. Latest update has broken the app. What a mess you have created with this one!!!
Tea D
May 26, 2022
I'm not sure what happened but every since I did the update, my apps are crashing and I've been having trouble with IG, FB YouTube. Every time I go to either of those apps, it either freezes and kicks me out or it won't allow me to post videos or pictures. I was even having trouble with even my Gmail app. I have no idea what to do. It looks like tons of other people having the same issues. Perhaps I should uninstall it. But where do I search if I uninstall it? I'm so frustrated.
Rachel Lewis
May 26, 2022
Great app. Don't like the search box outline. It would be better with a thin black outline rather than a 3D outline. The microphone and camera icons are now colour. They look better in dark grey. There are too many updates on this app.
Kris VN
May 26, 2022
since last update: when I do a search and find results & read one, if I minimize it, it will not let me re-open/maximize like I was able to before. It says "app isn't available". I have to close it and search all over again. 😠 (I took a screenshot)
Ryan Bey
May 25, 2022
This app does entirely way too much to ever possibly write a thorough review about it. Everything from Google Search with text and your voice, (Lens) search using your camera and saved pictures, setting reminders, GPS, calendar, events, tasks, customized news, customization and organization within the entirety of the Google ecosystem, you need this app for everything and it does everything extremely well. It's everything you could need from Google.
Angie Camacho
May 24, 2022
I am having the same problems as others. When I search I can only type 1 letter before the page refreshes and goes to the bottom of screen. Then I have to click the search bar again so that I can type the rest of my query. So annoying! I've updated the app and nothing seems to fix it. I will be using a different search provider until this is fixed. There's other issues as well but this is the one that drives me crazy!
Paris Jaye
May 24, 2022
Samsung Note20U. When I use this app to search, hotels for example, I will click on the "view map" option. This opens google's web map -but- not the actual Google Map app. My stylus works fine on the actual Google Map App in terms of clicking on hotels. BUT my stylus is no longer working on google's web map. Google's map no longer recognizes it. I have no other issues with my stylus on any app. SUPER FRUSTRATING
May 24, 2022
The update has been lacking the former ease of access. It repeatedly freezes. I have to shut it down, clear cache, reboot my phone and that doesn't always fix the issue. The past twenty four houra I have been met with "error, Fortinet was not installed properly". I haven't installed anything and cannot find anything by that name in my phone. I am currently searching for a new search engine because this defeats the purpose it use to serve.
Candice M Martin
May 24, 2022
I just read another user say how they miss the days when they could hold down an image for Google lens. Well, I agree but not just lens, I miss the days when google worked at all and also when I had a choice whether or not I used it if I wanted to. Now, this app is built into the phone and can't be deleted or ignored without consequences. I miss the days when Google was Google search, and not Android.
Veronica Butler
May 23, 2022
One star is too much!!!! I am truly frustrated with the upgrade. When I type the first letter, the screen jumps to another search page where I start to continue typing the word. It will let me search sometimes, but other times I haven't been able to search at all, the app closes.
tyler mclean
May 23, 2022
Discover feature is broken. I have tried to remove a source using the "Don't show from ..." option on multiple occasions, one of them I've done 5 times now in the span of 2 weeks. If I say not to show news from a source. Stop showing me news from that source. Simple
Rachel Storkel
May 22, 2022
Pop-ups & Viruses........For whatever the reason my Z-Fold is having MAJOR issues with Chrome. I have random pop-ups and bogus virus detection messages when I haven't opened Chrome. This has been happening for the past 1.5 weeks now. I stopped using Chrome and started using a different internet platform because of all the pop-ups. This only occurs when I put my phone in rest mode and when I open my phone up the pop-ups open on their own. HELP!
Jenny Holmes
May 20, 2022
Suddenly yesterday when doing Google searches, the font on the information was tiny. Tried several ways to fix it but ended up having to uninstall updates on it. That returned the font to what I had previously. I tried allowing it to install the updates later and at first did not notice a problem, however, overnight it went back to the tiny fonts. I've uninstalled updates again and returned to normal but this is a bit annoying. Any suggestions Google??
May 20, 2022
Can't Fill In Forms. Says Form completion not enabled. But JavaScript IS Why is the Google update every 2-3 days 59mb? Every time once a week. Every other 59mb update causes crash issues. "App not responding, force close or wait". That's what keeps occurring on every piece of Android devices. Different brands and different android versions but Android 11 and 12. Crashes! Troubleshooting doesn't help nor does wipe cache, delete app and reinstall or power down/up. It's bugs in the 59mb updates.
Kristin Lawrence
May 19, 2022
(Update) I uninstalled the updates and it's working again, so it has something to do with your update. (Original) Usually works perfectly but not good lately. Everytime I click on a link it opens up to a black screen and freezes. I haven't been able to open any links through Google in a while. Not sure what's going on but you guys need to fix it. I'm going to try uninstalling it and reinstalling it to see if that helps.
Jamie DiCicco
May 19, 2022
Google is great although I'm having an issue since upgrading to an Android 12 device where Assistant app doesn't open, says I need to upgrade my Google app in order to use Assistant, but my Google app is updated. I uninstalled and reinstalled updates, no change to Assistant. Some of the functions work but not all. Hoping I don't need to factory wipe and start over again without copying my apps or something - I hope you'll find a fix!
Jamie Crowther
May 18, 2022
Keeps telling me to update and when I click ok, it sends me to the play store and only gives me the option to either uninstall or open app. Why is it telling me to update while giving me no option to do so? I wanted to use it to navigate to somewhere while I was in my car. Had to pull over and type everything in manually. If it ain't broke don't fix it!
Dana Walker
May 17, 2022
Google Assistant is COMPLETELY UNUSABLE: When I click on it, it takes me to update the app in the Play Store (can't tell you why it brings me to the app for Google itself, and not Assistant), but when I get here, the only option is to Open it or Uninstall. This has been going on for a 2 weeks now. Uninstalling/reinstalling does not fix it. With the tons of crud people complained about here, it seems Google needs to completely overhaul the app, clean out the bugs, & get it back to us fixed. Blek!
Jermy Singleton
May 17, 2022
After setting up my Google pixel 6, I can't use Google assistant. One of the reasons for getting the phone is because of other Google products I have and thought it would be a smooth transition, I can't even use this feature. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but does nothing.
Lori Musack
May 15, 2022
Google assistant not working. Tried reinstalling, tried to go back and set it up and it says no connection. I am connected to home internet with strong signal. This was s on a Google Pixel 6, which I would NOT recommend to anyone. I have nothing but problems with it. Already exchanged first one I got. What a nightmare that was. FedEx lost it and was almost out the $650.
Phillip Zaphiro
May 12, 2022
Nothing works like it used to. Reminders is straight up broken and the app doesn't work anymore nor does it allow editing; voice match is absolutely abismal and barely works; app performance is terrible and constantly loads black screens which needs force closing to work again.... It's plain garbage. What happened??
Dustin Randall
May 11, 2022
Won't connect to network. For about a month, and after at least one app update, the app says I am not connected to a network. All other Google apps are working without any issues. Just this app has the error. I have uninstalled all updates and refreshed the install. No change.
Akhil KK
May 10, 2022
I don't know how many times I'll have to click not interested in the news feed to turn off notifications from specific sources, seems like app doesn't understand basic things. And if I completely turn off the notifications reminders set using assistant wont work. Really disappointed, been using the app for a long time, I was really happy in the beginning because it was showing me what's relevant.
May 9, 2022
I sure do miss the days when you could long press on an image and simply do an image search in Chrome. The "google lens" option they have now is so abysmally bad that it's pretty much unusable. Not only is the search algorithm itself much worse, but there is now no option to save the images found, and I can't even view images in landscape anymore!
Tim Turk
May 9, 2022
As soon as I start a search, the screen flashes after the first character is pressed, then it "flashes", and seems like a different screen, yet the character I pressed is still there. Using an A32 5G. This was a problem some time ago, according to advice in your help section, and to update the app was the solution. If no update is available, it said to wait a little, and the update would suddenly show. Nope! Wasting 30 mins seeking to fix. Many probs lately, others found!? Please help..!??
Lorraine Haskell
May 9, 2022
I have to dot pass, I prefer pin number,this just changed & as far as I know I did nothering to change it myself. also I can not do a surch in bar. I'm not a computer expert far from it. I do not under stand why programs have to change when they are working well. It is so hard to try and keep up with the changes that are so different and things that were in sight are now hidden!!!!!
Christopher Michael
May 8, 2022
Never had a problem with my Pixel before. Now since the updates the weather from my main screen under the date is gone, can't find a way to get it back. The main button in the middle of phone doesn't work at all unless I hold it but that just bring ups the Google voice which I never use. I hate updates. They always mess with the stuff we have grown to use and love.
May 7, 2022
Yes, I've been experiencing the same issues as others. It often freezes when I open it and requires me to constantly close and re-open it. - The biggest issue for me is when I open it and I tap the search bar. When I begin to type it bugs and requires me to tap the search bar again to continue typing. - —It's very bothersome and I've just now resorted to DuckDuckGo (another browser). - Conclusion; there are a few bugs with opening the app, and using the searchbar but other than that it's fine.
Chase Poore
May 5, 2022
Assistant Unavailable, Can't completely uninstall to even attempt to Clean reinstall. Voice activation isn't available most likely due to the "Update" I am told I need. But even after Updating, restarting, "Uninstall/reinstall" and then restarting my phone I'm simply out of options. Noticed the issue a few days ago and tried multiple times a day since I've noticed. (I use my assistant pretty often so I know it must have been within the last week or so)
Sami H
May 4, 2022
Update broke everything. Used to listen to podcasts every morning but after the newest update, nothing works. Restarted my phone repeatedly and no more updates available. No help available for podcasts. Just awful. We joke about how terrible the "talk to search" feature is yet they're listening to our conversations and recording all of our information. Seems like they're advancing the wrong departments. 😕
Pete Lattimer
May 4, 2022
I keep getting alerts to update my google app as its out of date, but when i try i just get 2 buttons. 1 to uninstall, the other to open. No way to update the app. Alerts are pointless! Glad i use a pc mostly for web browsing etc. UPDATE. Still no change in the situation since i originally posted on here. Any issues and it seems google just point you to a forum rather than actually do the job theyre paid for via all their data collection and actually FIX THE ISSUES. Glad i dont use it on PC.
May 3, 2022
Crashes unless I remove YouTube app from my phone. Great feature 👌 1. Temperature always goes back to farenheight no matter how many times it is set to celcius 2. Calendar goes back to Hijri no matter how many time it is set to Gregorian 3. Assistant routine has a personality. It will sometimes works but most of the time broken 4. Alarm screen used to show on top when triggered but now I have to use power button to see it.
Jennifer Joseph
May 1, 2022
You people make everything so difficult instead of it just being intuitive I can't even edit one of my routines because there's no edit icon at the top of the page when I go into it through Google Assistant. It should be easy I tap on one of the routines I see that there's an edit or an option to remove it and I touch one of those done but no you have to make it as hard as f***
Jacob Lynch August
May 1, 2022
The whole Google ecosystem has become extraordinarily unreliable, or working from home has forced me realize how bad Google's products always were. Google Home is practically useless in managing the little details of my devices in my network, eg changing the names of Chromecasts to match the brand-name of the TV they're connected to. Even the process of adding devices is fraught with issues, like Device Utility, requires me to search for other users with exactly the same problem.
May 1, 2022
I love this app but unfortunately for the past few days I have been having a lot of issues with it. Every time I look something up and click on the link to open it the screen goes black. Nothing loads it just then goes back to the website suggestions and the website closes on its own and never appears. I uninstalled the app and then force stopped it and it still doesnt work. Very frustrating!
Marc Felman
Apr 29, 2022
App keeps forcing voice only searches on the home screen search. There is no way to turn this off except uninstalling the updates and reinstalling. Then it works again for a day before once again forcing voice search as the only option. The setting to prefer keyboard input does nothing. Very annoying that I can't just type a simple search anymore.
Mickie Harris
Apr 29, 2022
It crashes/profile picture disappears/have to hit search up to four times. I've emailed the issue and nothing is being done so I have to switch to chrome just to view a website/the Play store is questionable when it comes down to updates with dates that don't make since even when I updated an app yesterday. Just got a notification that apps were updated today before I got up when in fact I did this yesterday and I don't have it on auto updates.
Miss Wanda
Apr 28, 2022
New Update messed EVERYTHING up. I have used this for YEARS, I loved it. I could always set a timer from a lock screen & the assistant always got everything right. However, for weeks now the app won't load & is black. It just freezes (just like everyone else lately). It no longer recognizes my voice commands despite being set up. I tried for a few weeks just rolling back your updated & that DID help but now not even that works anymore. What did you do??
Apr 28, 2022
The Google app has become very unstable. The app crashes every time I try to use it. Clearing the cache, and updating the App does not help. The App has become fatally unstable and is very difficult to uninstall for a clean re- install. This instability has been occurring for about 2.5 to 3 weeks and does not appear to be being addressed by Google.
Beverly G
Apr 28, 2022
Google has always been my go to search tool. I loved it. Not anymore. The last few weeks it won't load. The google name shows but I cannot do a search at all. It will only work after I've used *force stop* then reopen the app. Then it might work 2 times and it stops again. It's a vicious circle. Its extremely annoying. Please fix whatever you broke Google!
Kimberly Sprout
Apr 28, 2022
Just recently the google app stops responding on my android phone. If I get the message that the app has stopped responding. I can close it & then it will open. However, if I don't get the message nothing else seems to work. I've rebooted my phone. I've emptied the app cache & data. The app is updated, but yet it still stops responding.
Margaret Hall
Apr 27, 2022
I've been having problems similar to those reported recently by other users. This used to be the absolute best search app. Since a few weeks ago, however, the app opens but doesn't allow any entries, and sometimes even crashes my phone. I've switched to a competitor with less comprehensive results but with the benefit that my searches aren't tracked. Very disappointed in Google. Update 4/27/22: I can fix this by uninstalling all updates. But I have to do that at least once per day. Um... nope.
Yoshi Ram
Apr 26, 2022
The app is just broken. It used to be great but now nothing works. Doesn't load anything in the discover tab and constantly says no data connection when using the search tab despite being connected over wifi and cellular data. Clearing cache and uninstalling updates used to make the app work for a short time but now even that does nothing. Did not expect this from a company like Google.
h h
Apr 26, 2022
The app no longer works. It stopped working about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Crashes over and over. No more voice command or Google Assistant. I tried some fixes but it just no longer works and now I see it's everybody. It needs to be fixed. The links they put in other responses don't go anywhere.
Amy Dickerson Ireland
Apr 26, 2022
I usually love Google but the past week or so it freezes up my phone when I try to use it. It will eventually tell me the app is not responding and when I try to send feedback it freezes also. Super annoying because I use Google ALL OF THE TIME!! (I've already restarted my phone a billion times. My phone is not even a month old)
Apr 26, 2022
It's Google, some features are missing in comparison to the desktop version. Also, I have been recently experiencing an issues where Google freezes when I try to open it, it says the app has stopped working and I close the app, if I open Google again it works without issue. However this only happens sometimes, sometimes I can open Google without any issues at all. Please fix this random freeze, it is quite the annoyance.
Matthew Ribas
Apr 25, 2022
I have no idea what's happening but it sucks that Google isn't working anymore. I've had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE others are reporting in comments: open and it freezes, open and it freezes. Obviously, there's something going on with Google and I look forward to an update, allowing me to once again enjoy this useful tool. Till then, I guess it's Microsoft Edge for now.
Bea Viver
Apr 25, 2022
Lately (past month or so) I've had lots of intermittant glitches in the video playback on Google. The video plays a few seconds then stops! I must hit hit play again. The video continues and then stops again. This repeats, requiring me to hit play 15 to 30 times to finish the video, which I refuse to do! I get the same problem with three different video players. Please fix this.
Rami Shqerat
Apr 25, 2022
After last update, the page won't load. No news feed, just white space. Can only see the Google icon and the search bar. But when I tap the search bar, it won't recognize that l'm tapping it, so no keyboard pop ups and I can't search for anything. Tried uninstalling, which I can't actually do, it just takes it back to original factory settings and still doesn't work. Re-do the updates. Still doesn't work.
Stuart Laing
Apr 25, 2022
In the last 2 weeks my Google apps have started crashing on my Samsung S10+. Every time I try to open the Google app, I can't click on anything. I have to close and reopen the app about 3 or 4 times before I eventually get an error message saying the app has stopped working. Then it forces the app to close and finally the app will work the next time I open it. When it crashes, I can't access Chrome, Gmail or any Google apps. The reviews suggest other users are also being affected by this issue.
James D
Apr 25, 2022
In summary awful, I'd rate it zero stars if I could.Seems every time Google updates something they break it. Attempting to update dates or times in your reminders freezes the app & you have to force close it with no way change your reminder. After a week of useless email support I discovered the answer on forums myslef. Turn off any accessibility settings & voila, it works fine. Apparently Google's been aware for nearly 2 moths but hasn't fixed it! Everything they touch, they seem to break!
Apr 25, 2022
It was quite good before but now its totally worse!!! Very bad experience... Whenever I open it, it shows a blank white page only with search option and when click on the search button it doesn't works. It's showing a pop up window within few mins that this app is not working, after closing this app then it's started working. Chrome is working much more better than it!! Please help me by solving this error .
Rick Zobus
Apr 24, 2022
Sometime in the past few months they've changed the default location of the app to search in your most common location instead of where you're at even when you expressly State near me as part of the search. Well this can be corrected by clearing the cash, not only does that mean sitting through the stupid welcome screens again, but that's not a practical solution while you're driving. It is rendered the app all but useless went out and about.
Alyssa V
Apr 24, 2022
I used to love this app, but something happened where I can't use the app at all. I assume a bad update. It either refuses to open or opens and refuses to work. I have to strip all updates several times a day to use it despite turning off auto updates. It crashes when I try to send a feedback report. I used to love this app, now it's just super frustrating to try and use.
Suzanne Carter
Apr 24, 2022
For the past week this app has been freezing! I have to force stop, clear cache, force stop again to get it to work. I also have tried restarting my phone and uninstaling the app and reinstaling it. I have a Galaxy S10. This happens several times a day. I posted about this on FB and others are having the same problem. What is going on???
ethan chiu
Apr 24, 2022
After recent updates, it has been completely unresponsive. Just by launching it, it freezes up and it's very frustrating as I won't be able to even tab out of it. I'd have to wait for it to crash to even open up another app. Y'all should really fix this issue as it seems that others are experiencing it as well.
Saima A
Apr 24, 2022
Recently my Google app has been 'not responding' and I'm unsure why every time I open the app it doesn't load the search bar and it shows no feed only the Google logo and then the app closes and a message pops up saying its stopped. I'm very frustrated as I have cleared cache, data and restarted my phone countless times and still with the same issue. Please for the love of God fix this I am in dire need of this. It would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.
J Garcia
Apr 23, 2022
App used to work perfectly about a year ago, then whenever I begin to search something, as soon as I type in the first letter, it stops typing and I have to click the search box again to continue. It's very a annoying after so many times. I've tried everything to fix the problem but it persists. I've since removed it, but would love to use it again.
Dannie Riot
Apr 23, 2022
After the update, it's unresponsive often when I open the app. Often, just the name and an unclickable search bar, nothing else. I have to close and open a few times. I know y'all are so busy, when you have a minute, I think that little bug would be a good place to start!
steve lake
Apr 23, 2022
What's happened to Google ? Used to work fine up until a couple of weeks ago, I tap to open it, the search bar at the top opens but nothing else, just blank and can't even type in search, I have to keep closing it and trying again, been taking 4 to 4 attempts. I thought it may of been my phone but just the other day I had my upgrade phone , transferred everything over and Google is still not working right , just downloaded the lite version to try that but I don't like how it looks at all .
Erina Garcia
Apr 22, 2022
I used to love this! It was saved on my homescreen and was my go to for searching. But in the last 2-3 weeks it has stopped working. The screen pulls up and then freezes. I can't input search data, I can't exit back to my homescreen, it just completely freezes my entire phone. I tried troubleshooting but nothing is working. I hope Google will fix this so that it works again. For now I have stopped using it. So sad because before I would have given 5 stars.
Apr 22, 2022
Google, please update this app to make articles persist after switching apps. As it works now, if I'm reading an article I find in the Google app, then switch to another app, for example to respond to a text, then try to switch back, the article will have disappeared and I have to go find it again. This makes the Google app extremely annoying to use for anything news related and I usually just avoid it.
Simon Maduxx
Apr 22, 2022
The new layout as of April 22 is not great. All it does is make the pictures a lot bigger but it doesn't serve any other purpose. I know the developers need something to do with themselves, but this wasn't it. It always had a solid look and functioned well, now it just looks kind of goofy and doesn't do anything different. If you guys need a art director, feel free to reach out. I'm very sensitive to application ui, and Google just tends to do a really bad job at this stuff. Cheers
Michael On.
Apr 22, 2022
Hello, I would like to report that the Google app lately is crashing and does not let me search and does not show me relevant news articles below the search bar. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ from 2018 and this happens every time I open the Google app after I closed it. In order to work, everytime I have to go to settings and force quit the application in order for it to work once again. This has been going on for about one month. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
Kathi Miles
Apr 21, 2022
Isn't reliable anymore. Won't open, can't type in it if it opens, crashes. I never had a problem with it for many years, it was always my "go to search". Loved it now looks like Im going to need to figure something else out. Also lately "news feed" that used to be really informative, isn't "news", just junk. Really disappointing.
Apr 21, 2022
My experience in using google, I've never had any issue with it till update comes out. Everything works perfectly fine until, for some what reason, when I opened the app, it just shows blank page with search bar. I can't even do anything with the search bar either cause it's frozen. I have to reopen the app in order to use google for my school. Please fix this issue 🙏
Dan Muller
Apr 20, 2022
By far the most important use for this is to use the phone hands-free while driving. But I can't do that, because the app doesn't work if the screen is off. All I get is "Sorry, I didn't understand that." Every time. Before the last update, it would tell me to tap a notification every time. They "fixed" that so now it doesn't work at all. And when I manually turn on the screen (while driving) and try to run a routine, guess what? Those fail most of the time as well.
Andi Vein Lee
Apr 20, 2022
Google keeps crashing, and it wasn't like this before. It just stopped working one day, and I didn't removed or download anything that could cause it to hang and crash. All my other apps seems to work fine and very quickly, and my phone is working at its best and peak performance too. Why is my google app, the only one that keeps crashing. I'm a bit certain it must be a problem in the app. I can't even search how to deal with this problem because I can't use google.
Afiqah Ahmad
Apr 20, 2022
When I click on the app, it just freezes and only displays the search bar. I have to exit and rexit the app a few times for it to be ok again. Multiple times I'm receiving the message saying the app isn't responding. I'm noticing I'm not the only one who's facing this issue, so please fix it, thank you.
Madryk Nobyle
Apr 19, 2022
Can't use it anymore, it's always freezing up and crashing. The last update ruined it and it seems like there's more than just me having issues with it now. I enjoyed being able to open it got a quick search but now i have to open, close, open, close, open, close... App crashes and will finally open and work. Inconvenient...
Brenda Evangelista
Apr 19, 2022
This app keeps crashing every single day, multiple times a day. It's ridiculous. I open it, it freezes. I can't type anything and i have to wait for the crash notification to pop up before I can close and try again. Sometimes it works, mostly out doesn't. I've tried going to the link they put in their responses to others reporting the same thing, and it doesn't work. How frustrating!
Saul Saenz
Apr 19, 2022
Your drive mode is ridiculously annoying. It automatically goes to "Do Not Disturb" every time I am moving fast, like a bicycle, golf cart, or a passenger in a car. I find myself having to disable it each time but that also means I'm missing calls and messages. 🤦. Fix this, Please! Your last update was horrible!
Apr 19, 2022
I have been using the Google app for years with no issues, recently every time I try to open the app it will not open at all or it will open and will only display a blank white screen with the google logo at top. This has been very troubling due to the fact that it is an app I need to use a lot but have not been able to use at all for the past week. Please help. I have already tried app fixes, and nothing worked, I've also submitted a feedback report a few days ago, with no response yet.
Christopher Cook
Apr 19, 2022
After a recent update, "Hey Google, play the news" no longer works. It replies with "Here's the latest news", and then nothing happens. Was working fine before the last update. Galaxy S9 plus. UPDATE: The support link was not helpful. I ended up deleting a few of the news sources from the feed settings in assistant (it could be that they are no longer be available and it was causing some unhandled error?). After doing that, "hey Google play the news" started working again.
Howdy Howdy
Apr 19, 2022
I can't be the only one whose having issues, but whenever I open Google, the whole app just crashes on me. It usually takes about 3 tries, (closing and reopening the app) until it finally opens up for me. Please fix this issue, Google! This is getting really frustrating, and annoying at times.
Joey-Lynn Ewald
Apr 19, 2022
Used to be able to use it fine, even with a small glitch, but now I can't even use the app. Everytime I click on it it freezes and my keyboard doesn't pop up. If you have a solution, it'd be wonderful because this was one of the easiest apps to research quickly and without hassle.
Korrin Falck
Apr 18, 2022
I love google! and I will change my rating once bugs are fixed. I cannot load into google from my widget. It just freezes I have submitted many Error reports. I have even downloaded bing because of it. Please fix this so I can go about using my favorite internet explorer service again. Also I have tried ALL the troubleshooting from the previous messages. None work. Definitely freezes more after the recommendations of your trouble shooting. Then it did before. Please Fix this bug.
summer days
Apr 18, 2022
I like it 👌 but I give it more of a 4 and a half for lags. Bad translations of languages on Google translate, Some things are not correct, sometimes the page is blocked, some bad things come up on searches like inappropriate. Luckily I have a child filter on that filters the bad things like blurs it. The photo's will come up as blury, they have some bad words that come up when using the search bar recommendations lastly the things can get disturbing for people with phobias. But its good.
Leo Leahy
Apr 18, 2022
I usually give preference to Google apps over any other. It's usually good enough experience, "free", and I get consistency across devices. However, the Google app and the Google assistent have been constantly buggy and laggy. What's most disappointing though is the response from the support team to other comments I've seen here. Come on, guys, don't sent people some automated response with a generic link. Fix the app! Roll out updates. If anyone have the means to make the best apps it's you!
Sami Hicklin
Apr 18, 2022
New android 12 interface is terrible. Everything is rounded which is fine but also a load bigger, so there is a lot less on one page, I absolutely hate going to the system tray and only being able to see 4 options at the top (WiFi & data (because they combined that for some stupid reason) , Bluetooth, system lighting and vibrata) why not keep it the old way with smaller icons and more showing, There is also no way from my knowledge to at least have the choice of old or new
Dr. Atul Batra
Apr 18, 2022
It was quite good before but now it's totally worse!!! Very bad experience... Whenever | open it, it shows a blank white page only with search option and when click on the search button it doesn't works. Chrome is working much more better than it!! If there was an option, wouldn't even give it a single star!! Very much disappointing!!!
Tom Lawrence
Apr 17, 2022
Update: the latest update of this app has made it so that the Google assistant can no longer give you lock screen results when all of the appropriate permissives are turned on. I have contact Google support and their help has been limited at best. Good most of the time. Although... The at a glance weather is constantly disappearing- very frustrating. Update: tried all of Google's suggestions. Assistant is still very buggy. Now it will only send messages from the lock screen to random contacts.
Pharma Kon
Apr 17, 2022
Just great. Now this app, along with the excuse of a map app they have, barely works anymore. So much for convenience. The app will open, but its dead. I can't type anything and no news loads. Google will comment blaming my device or the cache, but this is because Google does not want to take the time to correct these issues. They're too busy tracking our data 😒
kj wilson
Apr 16, 2022
Voice typing has an ongoing issue that has been persistent but intermittent for years. Instead of giving an actual punctuation mark, it is spelling out the word (period instead of. comma instead of ,). I constantly have to edit everything. This has been going on NON-STOP since Dec. Troubleshooting measures DO NOT WORK. 2nd edit. Still having the sane issues. NO help, no solution
Ashwin Kumar
Apr 16, 2022
My search widget has gone for toss. Looked at options to fix. Cleared the Cache & doesn't seem to help. I have switched to Bing since there is no way I can make this work. (After trying 2 to 3 options). Suspect is it conflicting with work profile and ideally these 2 should mix up. (Search widget on personal profile)
Nilesh Kumar
Apr 16, 2022
I'm very frustrated with the search results. Because of previous two faulty search results, I wasted my time and money both. The places which I visited were not at all existed as shown in the results. This happened consecutively for last two different places. Look at the current petrol prices, I drove to the places for around 8-10 kms and those were not even existed at that location. Very very bad experience with google search.
Apr 15, 2022
I loved using this app since it was easy to use but lately, as in the past week or so, it's been having continous issues. When I go to open it, it sometimes just sits on my homescreen without opening. Other times I'll open the app and all I see is the search bar and nothing works. I can close it multiple times and sometimes I'll get a Google is not responding and I'll have to click close. I don't know what happened but it really needs to be fixed.
Matthew Strumpf
Apr 15, 2022
I'm enjoying using the driving mode on my Android device. I have two issues with the app. First it doesn't integrate with Google voice. You will read my text messages, my Google chat, my Google Hangouts, even Facebook Messenger, but won't read text messages going to Google voice, or play Google voice voice messages. The other thing I would like in driving mode is to not have to set a destination. Sometimes I'm fine with just having the map up on.
Rhea Edwards-Cammenga
Apr 15, 2022
Open the app, get the Google logo and search bar and it freezes. Close it when the screen pops up for the app being non-responsive, open it and it does it all again. In the past I've had intermittent issues with it being non-responsive but never like this. Practically unusable.
A. M.
Apr 15, 2022
Firstly, the application itself lags sooo much (I open the application to find some information, Google writes to me that "some error has occurred, you are temporarily unable to use the search." But it's been like this for half a year!) Secondly, you try to find any information, immediately bugs. Either a mistake, or you can’t TEMPORARY (that is, six months) use the search. The only option is to switch to Google analogues. Dear developers, hear me, many people have this problem.
Balamurugan Souppourayen
Apr 15, 2022
Good but irritating experience when i open the app in the morning to read the news. It allows me to read a title for few seconds but auto refresh makes the title to disappear from where I was reading by loading with the latest titles. I've to scroll several pages to find it and read again. But sometimes it shows the same unwanted title for a week.
Shagun Singh
Apr 15, 2022
It was quite good before but now it's totally worse!!! Very bad experience... Whenever I open it, it shows a blank white page only with search option and when click on the search button it doesn't works. Chrome is working much more better than it!! If there was an option, I wouldn't even give it a single star!!🤬 Very much disappointing!!!😤
Kelly Broadbent
Apr 15, 2022
App crashes as soon as I open it ever since the last update. Totally unusable. Edited to add: The app fix steps did not help. I can't send feedback from within the app because it's completely non-responsive. A quick search on a different device shows that this is a common problem that's been reported to Google many times but there's no reliable fix yet. Further edit 15/04/22: I tried uninstalling the Google Pay app and now the Google app is working fine.
kayleigh bb
Apr 15, 2022
I'm annoyed that this is one of the best search engines to use as it is extremely inefficient and causes severe issues, the results from your search are never what you searched for or just a YouTube video of a 6 year old with a terrible camera and his microphone turned off and when I press an image, I do not want to enter a website, I want a better view of the image which should be obvious since I'm I'm the IMAGES section. Please improve your app.
Diana Martinez
Apr 14, 2022
I love this app but unfortunately for the past few days I have been having a lot of issues with it. Every time I look something up and click on the link to open it the screen goes black. Nothing loads it just then goes back to the website suggestions and the website closes on its own and never appears. I Uninstalled the app and then Force stopped it and it still doesn't work. Very frustrating!
Sade Ola
Apr 14, 2022
It's been nearly a month now that I can't edit or delete my Google Reminders. It just freezes and comes up with an error message. I've cleared cache and disabled & enabled the app all to no avail. I've sent several messages to Google with no response. Google please help me. Thank you. I have done everything I was asked to do and it still doesn't work. I have sent the feedback and I am still waiting for a response. Thank you.
Saber Yusuf
Apr 13, 2022
I have always been a fan of Google for the obvious reason. But it seems a lot of the simple things are very difficult to do. Such as going through your Google search history; having to click on your profile picture and go to manage settings and then from there it is a giant cluster. At least that's how I feel personally.. and so many settings, that are alot to list, are found through there which annoys me. Also, finding bookmarked/hearted cards in the Google app was very difficult to figure out.
Bruce Wilson
Apr 11, 2022
Another person posted about this issue on 4/8/22 about the most recent update to the Google app. Under one of my accounts the Discover feed option mysteriously is missing from settings. The result is a blank page after launching the app showing none of my interests. Clearing the cache, purging data, and restarting my phone doesn't correct the issue. Only removing the update corrects the problem.
Apr 10, 2022
I have used to accept the Android Auto bugs for years now but with my Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12, I have to use Google Assistant Driving Mode instead. OMG, what a service degradation !!! 6 app shortcuts that we cannot configure like Maps, spotify or podcast. Not possible to use Waze as the default nav app. Google, seriously, what the hell happens to you? You deliberately degrade the user experience with an app that is worse than the previous Android Auto... But why?
William Grveles
Apr 9, 2022
Everything else functions okay, but I have submitted multiple feedback reports over the years about a bug with the weather functions of this app, and no developer has ever come in contact with me about fixing it. Also, notifications sometimes don't bring me to the news article which can be irritating when it's something I want to read.
Thehoneybadger Bobbi T
Apr 9, 2022
Google keeps stopping, even when I don't use it that message comes up. It's unusable and when it is enabled on my phone, it renders it unusable too. If I could give 0 I would, because of how intrusive the "Google keeps stopping" messages are, in a space of 10 minutes there were 45 messages that popped up, all with the same thing even when I wasn't trying to use it. I tried to update, it wouldn't work
Risha Sarkar
Apr 9, 2022
I'm having a very bad experience with google. Whenever I click to open an image in google it always shows half of it, I tried many things like switching off my mobile & then on it and see if the image comes fully. I've also updated the app, but nothing helped. I thought that my mobile is not working properly,but after reading the reviews of other people, I came to know that most of them are suffering from the same consequences. Please fix it, I even can't download a photo.
vardata j
Apr 8, 2022
The app simply won't open when I click on it and this started a day ago. I reinstalled the app, force closed, wiped cache and data, restarted the phone, and absolute nothing would work. When I managed to open the app, it was completely blank, just a white screen with the google logo at the top. After that the app crashed and wouldn't work again.
Dr Kizzy
Apr 7, 2022
This has been an exceptional app... Until a day I connected to my WI-FI I noticed my data got exhausted. I was surprised and checked my data usage only to realise google app was sucking data and bandwidth in the background, I tried to restrict it all to no avail... It does this onlly when I'm connected to my WI-FI, but not on mobile data.
Brian Bloom
Apr 6, 2022
Update: Now the news feed just loads to a black screen. it's been doing this for a couple days. UPDATE 2: I followed your instructions, now I've got a constant "Downloading" notification from the app as it uses up my cellular data plan, downloading who knows what. I've about had it with Google products and the constant downhill slide the quality is on.
clark villalovoz
Apr 6, 2022
My wishes of you vs competitors. Seeing what they will offer. Seeing some of your users leaving, not using your Assist. most wants it simple, less cluttered. It's mixed messages of Assist says loves you & feels awkward. In the lens it was nice to have a double cover in the camera, it was better to have the search results first. Dislike current phone contact when I didn't asked.
Mark Bonine
Apr 6, 2022
1 word/1 sentence reviews? Origin? What are all the permissions for? I read the description and the only function I want is voice interface, yet the permissions "needed" especially location are not needed for anything I use except for navigation. The underlying interfaces for the phone, calendar, contacts, core functions I need and expect stability from. Most everyone needs that. What we don't want is an app that examines our wants, needs, contacts and more to exploit for their own use.
Aurora S
Apr 5, 2022
Browser is not working correctly, When I click on the search bar and start typing the keyboard disappears and then it goes back to the search bar with something I didn't even type in there only with the 1st letter. Click on a story and it takes forever to load. Now 4/3 it's either showing 2 stories or a ton of stuff I keep saying I'm not interested in and none of the things I want to see
Jonathan Collard
Apr 3, 2022
Google app opening new instance of the app when tapping a search result. I use the Google widget and search. Tap on the first result... I now one instance still showing the search results and a second instance showing the web page (still within Google). How do I go back to having the selected page open in the same instance of the app, where the searcu results were, instead of ending up with multiple google 'windows' open?
Apr 2, 2022
I don't know what the hell you did, but after the last update it now starts searching automatically on the second key touch. At first, I thought it was because I was touching too close to enter, but then it happened when I touched an A. Then, it was after 2 numbers. That's when I realized it would do it after the second keystroke. FIX IT!
Apr 1, 2022
Google Assistant no longer responds to Hey Google or OK Google. It never worked while the screen was off, despite the settings, and now doesn't work at all since the most recent update. Between the trashing of the Timeline and the overabundance of extraneous information on Maps, the 'stuck' voice data download on the Text to Speech services and the poor usability of Translate's new interface and YouTube absolute smothering by ads, there's not much left to enjoy in any Google apps these days.
Robert Myrick
Mar 30, 2022
This used to be my favorite app. Especially the hey Google part of it. With the recent update, I can't communicate with it when my phone is locked, (Samsung). The google settings are setup for hey google to work with my phone locked, but it doesnt work. It used to work flawlessly. I've tried all suggested fixes, and all settings are as suggested. I guess I have to move on......
Sagar Ramachandra
Mar 30, 2022
I want to be able to use Google assistant more, but the voice activation constantly stops working, usually when I'm driving. Sad to say, but I actually used this more back around 2015-2016 vs. now because of how unreliable it's become. I also miss the old Google now functions when it used to show useful info like boarding information or tracking numbers. Now it's all just clickbait articles from bad news sites
4 psw
Mar 28, 2022
Don't directly use this, but have to keep it for at least Maps to fully function. This reminds me of HP's installation of 6 plus almost useless marketing apps when new printer software is installed on a PC. Figuring out which extras have to remain is certainly fun (really no), then the couple kept are mostly fancy (or ugly) bricks in a wall. Simple really does tend to be better.
Christopher Crosby
Mar 28, 2022
It's always running a keepalive service for a search box I don't use or have anywhere on my phone. It's always running in the background despite being in deep sleep. I have a screen shot of it accessing my location every minute for 8+ hours. The only reason I have to have it on my phone is for assistant in android auto. I wish this app would just go away and quit wasting my battery.
John Harris
Mar 28, 2022
The discovery links in the notifications are a cool feature, but there's is this intensely frustrating thing it does where, half the time when I click on a notification, the app will load it, then immediately refreshes and completely changes the pages offered, and losing the link that I wanted to learn about! PLEASE FIX THIS IT ANNOYS THE HELL OF OF ME
Mar 28, 2022
Really bad, quality control at Google has gone absolutely to hell lately, sad to see this from the most reputable company world wide for most of my life. This really needs a real history, actually showing the pages we've loaded through, not just providing a new search for things we searched previously. Also really need an 'are you sure' prompt before closing active pages for a new instance of opening the search, so often I lose progress on a form or completely lose track of page I reached.
Dan Flores
Mar 26, 2022
Love the "Discovery" feature to explore a variety of interests, but it's too bad there isn't a dark mode option within the the app itself (not tied to my device settings). I have to set my phone to light mode in order for my Samsung theme to apply correctly, so I can definitely appreciate dark mode options within other apps that I use frequently.
Christina Roach
Mar 25, 2022
I have so much love and reverence for the thoughtfulness put into this app. There are no words... I can search within an article for the definition of a word without ever leaving my page. I love the simplified view because I have a learning disability and I get easily distracted and overwhelmed with certain page layouts and ad placement. I certainly love the topics and it feels tailored just for me. It's always on point to what I need to read to better my life. Thank you! A million times ty
Sarah Serrano
Mar 25, 2022
This is a very good app. We all know it, it helps us from reaserch. But the problem is, everytime i plug in my earphones. The GOOGLE ASSISTANT keeps showing. If my phone was on landscape. It would stop for a moment and the gopgle assistant would pop up. I tried to disable all permissions including microphone but it would still pop up. Now i can't focus on my gamr because it would quit
Mar 24, 2022
Seems Google just can't get their act together. When notifications for Play store are off, Google thinks it's appropriate to create a notification that says content is hidden in a secure folder, with nothing that then displays. It was bad enough that Speech Services was constantly trying to download, but now I have to contend with this. Please hire competent programmers or engineers that can correct these problems.
Mikaela Lozano
Mar 24, 2022
After 2018, Google search just stopped giving accurate results. I don't know what changed, but had enough of using it to look for anything, since I have to spend too much time scrolling through results to find something related to what was actually searched for. Even with their tips of using symbols like " "" " and/or "~".
Mar 23, 2022
The app continuously installs itself without my permission (malware). The app also spies on you every second it's active (spyware). It's virtually impossible to stop corporations from spying on you these days, but I'd at least like to have some measure of control by being able to uninstall an application and keep it that way. Thanks Google, you really know how to behave like an obsessive girlfriend.
Bobbie Wilson
Mar 23, 2022
Just got the latest update and now it's only working less than 5% of the time. The other 95% of the time when I click my app button, it goes to a black screen and freezes up. A few mins later, and when you're in a hurry those are excruciatingly long minutes, a message pops up on my screen and says Chome is not responding. It asks me to either, close the app, send report, or I think try again maybe. Anyway, I am NOT satisfied with this app at all right now.
Brenda Hartstern
Mar 23, 2022
Ever since Google tried the bells and whistles of punctuation it has sucked. I thought you would have fixed that by now. I say a word, and only have the word comes up on the screen. So I type in the rest of the word, and it adds a space in the middle of the word. Also, if I move the cursor to a different area in the paragraph, Google puts it right back where it was again. I have to do it twice every time.
Nicholas Minarik
Mar 22, 2022
Just got a pixel 6 pro. At a glance is a broken mess that not only doesn't work, but also forces you to have unnecessary and potentially duplicative information on your home screen. You cannot remove it, you can select settings but they don't actually apply any changes, and there is still no fix. Your only option is to use a custom launcher.
Karen Beuning
Mar 22, 2022
This pertains only to Google Voice typing. Interpreting words correctly has degraded significantly. Other people I have talked to have the same experience. As I am typing this the microphone goes on and off as I am continuously talking. What is up with this why is it getting worse? Very much a problem for me! Like I said it is getting worse and worse over time recognizing words.
Kyle K
Mar 17, 2022
Been pretty annoying that for the last 5 months you type one letter and the keyboard dissappears, then you have to tap the search bar again to continue typing. Just a waste of time, especially when I'm in a hurry. I keep hoping that it will get fixed with the updates but so far it hasn't. About to just delete it. I have a Galaxy S10 for what it's worth. Update: Changed from 2 stars to 5 stars because the keyboard problem has finally been fixed.
Alexander Mohr
Mar 14, 2022
Was a cool idea. Never really payed attention to it until it started offering news recommendations. Funny, every time I select one from the notification shade it starts to load the article, then the main feed refreshes only for the original article to never be shown again. Pointless app. Probably another content feature that will be abandoned.
Angel Kiahl
Mar 14, 2022
Can't install. I can download it fine but once it attempts to install I get the error and so I click to troubleshoot and I've followed all the steps , clear the cache from Google play services and so on, nothing. Judging by others and the fact that google support rarely replies to anyone's problems; and when they do they direct you to send feedback about the issue after it's clearly stated they already did. What a joke ! I'm not even going to bother with it. 🍎 Apples sure sound good to me!
Cora Perry
Mar 12, 2022
90% of the time I use the search bar, I get an error message, "something went wrong try again." Of course I hit the try again button literally about 10 times and nothing. So I have to open the browser. I've sent feedback a few times. Nothing. Search bar is useless at this point.
Freddy Peters
Mar 9, 2022
*** UPDATE *** The app is working perfect after the latest update. My thanks to the developers for a quick fix. Didn't realize how much I used the voice capability to set timers and alarms until it wasn't working correctly. Getting 5 stars now! The latest update on Feb 25, 2022 broke the ability to set a timer or wake up alarm using the small mic in the Google search bar. Now when I press small mic and say "set timer for 10 minutes" or "wake me at 6 AM" the app opens a web page with search results for "set timer for 10 minutes" etc. Have to now open clock to manually set timer or wake up alarms. Tried uninstalling and then updating the app luck. Yes, I can press and hold the home button and get a timer to set using voice. But timer often errors out or resets to zero when you hit timer stop button. Also does not automatically display timer. Now very clunky, hard to operate, and buggy. Loved the prior ease of use. Hope Google fixes this soon.
Kell W
Feb 27, 2022
As I am typing a search term, the auto-complete will too often glitch. The "timing" of auto-complete feature of "trending searches" is maddening..slows down my being able to even enter the search term I trying to enter. I like to see the trending searches and don't want to disable it altogether but it's too annoying with the timing and I end up having to retype SLOWLY.
Michael Dawid
Feb 26, 2022
Hopefully they'll get this will get me the feedback I've been looking for. How do I stop autoplay from playing the last thing that was on my phone every single time I step into my car. I've looked on forums, I've looked for direct help from Google and there doesn't seem to be any way to do it. Essentially even though I shut down the application completely and restart my phone my phone automatically starts playing as soon as my car connects it to Bluetooth. It's infuriating.
Beau Hilbig
Feb 25, 2022
Ever since the integration features were added to allow web browsing via the app instead of using Chrome (yes it's been a while), my productivity has greatly improved. However, I would like to see this app have the same settings/options as in Chrome to Turn off 'Sites can ask to send notifications'. This feature is a must have in Chrome IMO and adding the option to the Google app would be well received.
Stephen Kaminsky
Feb 17, 2022
I type a single letter in the search window and everything goes blank for a second or two and then comes back up? Very annoying. Also speech to text recognition adds a question mark after every sentence as you can see above. Lastly, after I finish one sentence speech is no longer recognized and I have to press the speech to recognition button microphone twice.
Sara Zayyad
Feb 16, 2022
Keyboard disappears after first keystroke. Sometimes you can get 2 letters in, but never more. Then you have to click the search bar again to pull the keyboard BACK up. Not the end of the world but still an unnecessary inconvenience. This seems to be a problem for users across the board and I've seen posts about it going back to at least 2020. This issue would not cause me to cease my Google usage, but it does dampen the experience.
Gideon Falls
Feb 11, 2022
Although I've relied on Google for many years I've noticed that with the Samsung A32 you can't search for anything with ok Google while the screen is idle. Just got this phone and I was expecting not to have to pick it up. It's pretty anoying. I've got all the proper permissions and settings for lock screen searches on but it just doesn't work.
Feb 7, 2022
Over the years Google search has gotten worse and worse. The layout is atrocious to the point of impacting usability. It lacks basic funcionality like being able to copy links. Downloading images has become more of a hassle. And search results have declined in quality and usability, particularly for research purposes. These days I'm consistently getting better results, a better UI, and a better experience with alternatives. I don't understand Google ruining their product like this.
Pamela Beaver
Feb 6, 2022
This app keeps closing on me. Every time I try to use it, it notifies me it's searching, then just as it's going to show me results, the window closes. After a few tries, I get a notification that the app keeps closing and asks for me to send feedback. I've sent so much feedback, Google should have resolved the issue by now. It used to work at first. I have a Google Pixel phone, so you would think this app would work great.
Mary Wolstenholme
Feb 2, 2022
I am having the same issue with the font being huge as some of the others on here. Every time I try to search for something, I can only see half the page. This has been ongoing since the last update. I've tried force stopping the app, restarting my phone (Samsung Galaxy S21), messing with the text font in my settings...nothing works. So irritating when you have to go to the desktop version all the time just to read the page! Come on, Google, I expect more from you!
Edward Victor Martin
Feb 2, 2022
Today's "upgrade" to AndroidOS 11, overdue by over a year from Google and Nokia, makes it more difficult to make screen photos, makes it difficult to view all installed apps, got rid of the onscreen back button and swiping doesn't work, the recent apps view from sliding up doesn't work either, and obvious ongoing hackery happening targeting against me and is now worse, to a bunch of other software problems. Only thing so far that's actually useful that I'm seeing is the screen record part.
Yahusha ben Moshe EliYahu
Jan 31, 2022
android 11, assistant doesn't respond 75% of the time on lockscreen. I have to pick up the phone and open it to the homescreen before it will respond. even though I have "respond on lockscreen" setting turned on. did the same thing back sometime ago, then an update made it better but still would do it at times. now with Android 11, its even worse than before. I use assistant most of the time when I don't want to pick up my phone. But this problem pretty much makes assistant useless to me.
Jan 29, 2022
Having the same experience as everybody else on here with the reviews it worked fine one week ago and now it doesn't I reset my voice twice now I have to push power button for to even start ...fix the bug!! I've never had issues with this before. And I don't want to hear any excuses on this issue most of us have done the reset on our voices and it makes me wish I had Siri. Oh yeah this app has been updated twice
Lois Heichberger
Jan 29, 2022
I like Google and many of Google's Apps. However, today I cannot add my account to my older device. Just 2 years old, only. I removed the account as I was having trouble with a game. Thought that might help. It has not. Now I am stuck w/o use of my 2nd phone, as well. Not only that, all updating is very slow. And search is unavailable. What a mess.
Galen W Britt
Jan 28, 2022
Not sure what happened, but in the last 2-3 days the browser is acting weird every time you try to search. As soon as you start typing, the keyboard disappears, page refreshes and lists things that beging with the first letter you type. Sometimes it will get up to 2 letters if you're fast, but never any more. You have to click back up top in the search bar to bring the keyboard back up to the surface and then you can continue typing. I've cleared cache, deleted/reinstalled, etc. Nothing works.
Jan 28, 2022
Searching for images is a pain now. Before if I selected one of several images I would get the image I clicked and then below would have more similar down below. Now you get the image and the other ones are slowly revealed one at a time. Please change it back to how it was. New things are supposed to be better not worse.
Erica Gibson
Jan 27, 2022
Almost every single time I type in the search bar (app or page), the page refreshes, the keyboard disappears and the search bar only has the first letter that I situated to type. I've tried to uninstall and re-install app, clear the cash, and the data, but nothing has worked, even after the system updates. I'm hoping for assistance, my phone is not even a month old and it has been happening since I got it.
FarmerBill25 95
Jan 26, 2022
Widget microphone does not work after the latest update. As of 1/26/22 it still does not work. This post from november. Please fix this issue. I have to uninstall the Google app; which which takes it back to original settings and works fine. I unenable the auto updates and it still will update itself. It is absolutely maddening. A multi billion dollar company should have the compacity to fix its issues in the matter of a day or two. It has been an issue since November. Please look into this.
Matthew Kielar
Jan 21, 2022
Cannot click on search result "images, news, videos, maps, shopping, books". Core function is broken... Reinstall did not help. Very disappointing. Edit: just received a notification that the developer (Google) responded, and I can't even see their response. If it's anything telling me to submit a help request, they can go F themselves. Fix your apps, Google.
Jan 19, 2022
UPDATE: I absolutely hate that we can no longer have more than one window open at a time!! Originally, I could open several windows quickly without having to use Chrome and tabs, & keep the search results page open as well. Only one page open at a time is unacceptable - and not even the search results stay open!! Useless. I was able to fix it by uninstalling updates (factory version), but that doesn't seem like a secure solution long-term. PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION FOR MULTIPLE WINDOWS AT A TIME
Mike Neel
Jan 18, 2022
I just got a new Samsung A32 phone and the feature to allow Google to work with the screen lock turns itself off...I give up on this app. That app sucks!!. Voice access is disabled when the phone is turned off. It requires three restarts for the setting to be an active button to be turned back on. Very aggravating and basically useless! I would give you zero stars, but your app won't allow it... Imagine that.
Michelle Clark
Jan 16, 2022
Irritating! When I open the search bar, after typing the first letter of my search, the keyboard disappears. This is new as of a few days ago after a software update. And prior to that, when opening the search bar, after typing the first letter, the screen would flash and then I would have to tap the keyboard to re-start typing rather than just being able to type out my search in one sweep. So itritating!!
Kimi Ozu
Jan 11, 2022
I enjoyed using the app where the browser opened on the Google app, but now it just redirects it to Google Chrome when I haven't done anything to the settings! At first, I thought it was a bug or I probably did do something to the settings, but after checking and a few buttons later, it still happened. I only noticed it today, and it's annoying.
Cian Chatten
Jan 10, 2022
Normally, the app is fantastic. However, along with seemingly everyone else on the internet, I'm unable to open internet pages within the app, and instead, every single search opens a new page in the separate Google Chrome app. Hope they fix this, it's not the first time this has happened with a new update and it's incredibly frustrating.
Joe Pea
Jan 9, 2022
GARBAGE. Destroys your work as soon as you make a new search. Opening a website on Google, doing some work, then doing another search from home screen and opening another site, will replace the previous site with no way to get back to it. All work lost. This is really bad UX honestly, and surprising that no one has fixed it for so long. BTW, turn off the "Open web pages in the app" feature to avoid this issue.
Angela F.
Jan 9, 2022
Was great for over a decade, until the latest update. Now after using Google to search it opens my selected site in Chrome. I use the Google Collections tabs to organize things I want to save and can no longer add anything to Collections. If I wanted to open in Chrome I would have searched in Chrome. It is frustrating, I enjoyed Google Collections.
Nathan Daniels
Jan 3, 2022
After a recent update, the news notifications have been terrible. I will see a notification that I want to read, click on it, the app opens with that story and then immediately refreshes the screen and the story is replaced by other stories no longer in the list like a bait and switch. Very frustrating!
Dec 31, 2021
My assistant won't work. It'll work once when I restart my phone, and works when I say "hey Google" if i have the setting on, but i don't want that setting on. Anytime i use the bottom corners of my screen to activate it, my phone notifies me that my microphone is on, but it doesn't register any audio. I cleared the cache and then it activates and does respond to some audio, but it registers 2-3 words out of a sentence.
Linda Brewer
Dec 26, 2021
For a week now, I'm constantly getting a pop up that Google has stopped working. I've sent several reports, but no fix yet. I'm not even having a problem with Google working except that my feed bar to the left of home screen won't come up. The pop up every few seconds (literally) making me press the buttons on it instead of what I was actually trying to open is more annoying than the feed bar being unavailable. Once this is fixed, I'll change my review. But maybe this will get a response.
Paul Nagy
Dec 21, 2021
When it works it's wonderful and very helpful...however, that's where the problem lies - this app/software is now utterly broken and borderline unusable. The Search widget crashes constantly, the Assistant is now an unresponsive mess that I have to keep recalibrating, only Maps is still marginally reliable. It's just frustrating and I'm embarrassed for this $1 trillion dollar tech giant of a company. It used to be great - Google please, please fix your software.
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