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Google Play services - Google services for Android apps

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gary westby
Jun 4, 2022
I had to do a hard reset on my tablet because Google play services kept showing an error message and now I have reloaded it and it won't update. It keeps showing that the update is pending. This is extremely time consuming and frustrating.
Joseph Delana
Jun 4, 2022
I haft to get use to things, slowly some times. I get impatient to fast and give up or get rid of some things fast, and find out later it's a good thing actually. just now getting to understand phones, PC's.
Jacqueline lynne kelley
Jun 3, 2022
Love the Google play store, has great apps and easy to use. Although, it would be better if you could find a way to stop or block deceptive apps, like the ones that say they pay real money rewards but don't. If you could add that feature in, would be the best app ever!!!😁
Jim Hill
Jun 3, 2022
Auto update & update all no longer available - have to select & update each app in turn although "Play" suggests that no updates were available at all! This is simply unacceptable.
Khen Ramos
Jun 3, 2022
As a system service, I've never encountered any issues or bugs with Google Play services. But there's one thing that I'd like to be taken into consideration. Please give more transparency on what data is collected, for what purposes, and what data is shared.
Jakob Pires
Jun 1, 2022
I recommend you just don't download this it takes a lot of space and you can't delete it once you download it and I'm pretty sure it watches you because my webcam suddenly just turns on randomly and I'm not even on an app sometimes so just don't download it it's a very bad app
Quinn Crawford
May 31, 2022
I would give it a zero, but it doesn't let you do that. Every minute I keep getting a pop up saying "google play services has stopped" or something like that. I have tried changing things about it and tried closing the app but it keeps coming back. It irritates me so much that I am on the brink of insanity after only one day of this happening.
May 31, 2022
They offer fantastic choices for offline play. Many hours (perhaps too many) of joyful but challenging play. Purchases are easy, accurate and safe. Thanks!
May 30, 2022
I need to OPEN the Google play services app, it's the only app that rings my earbuds when they're lost and even locking the app into my recents won't let me open it after a certain period of time. Please fix this so I can open the app to force my earbuds to ring
G.T Redding
May 29, 2022
Battery draining single point of failure. Cannot wait to get an iPhone and ditch Google once and for all. One year later and still garbage. Why can I not just disable without the prompt for return to factory settings version? Beyond stupid. And it keeps turning on settings I have turned off. Sneaky and despicable.
Obikwelu Chisom
May 29, 2022
I bought my phone newly and when I downloaded WhatsApp on it started showing me that WhatsApp won't run on my device without Google play services, which is missing on my device but I have downloaded it and its still showing me the same thing I don't really know where the problem is, am pleading if there will be any solution about it. THANK YOU.
L Altamirano
May 28, 2022
That decision of suspend the updates is the worst decisions Goggle could make! My Android is way behind in updates and following the instructions received from Help Services are absurd. You need to be at least astrophysicist or IT to be able to do it. Now, my phone is failing BUT Google keeps charging me for apps that I can't use properly. Well done, Google!!!
Samuel Wistrand
May 28, 2022
I have to applaud you because of the WONDERFUL GAME that you have when you're offline in the play store! Hot Air Balloon is the best time killer in the world!Oh yeah, and the Play store has gotten a lot better than it was, with it's reliability and selection of games and apps!
Kimmie Sliger
May 27, 2022
I would give the five stars review except I have been experiencing difficulty with one app/one game. I try to play a game, that I have been playing for years, to be blocked. You must update to continue. But, It Won't Update! Try again later for over a week!!!!!
kurves Boutique
May 22, 2022
Terrific!!!! I use google everyday for many different daily tasks. My experience has exceeded all of my expectations. Google play allows me and my friends to interact in games and other activities through the app. Just yesterday my friend and i competed in a game of archery and i was blown away by the amount of fun this app is great for many reasons itcan help you find many ideals you can look up just about any every day life i would like to use google play for any problemi may need answerd any
Tudor Boca
May 19, 2022
Drains the battery on S22, its using 20% of the battery when everything else is at 5-10% and all the battery drainage happens in the background without even using the app plus it can't be switched to an optimised mode. This app should be renamed the phone destroyer
Kevyn Mcquade
May 15, 2022
Kept trying to do things in the background without my permission. Tried to disable it and apps wouldn't work. They have no right to control your tablet functions.
Alex T
May 14, 2022
Awful. Please fix this glitchy issue with this app. Trying to fix this has caused me to lose my contacts and many of my apps struggle to function. I cannot uninstall and cannot use the service I am paying for as this app is crashing others in the background. Update needed.
May 14, 2022
Have been getting slammed with "Google play services keeps stopping". LITERALLY all day today. My phone is up to date and the cache has been cleared amongst other methods. It's irritating as all hell. Once was enough. But in between texts etc every 2 seconds. Jesus. Please fix whatever is up with this app.
Martin Duckett
May 13, 2022
This app has rendered my phone unusable as it drains the battery so fast I had my battery replaced at a cost of £99 as it was depleting so fast but that made absolutely no difference I have tried all the fixes I can find on the Internet and managed to slow the drain for a couple of days but then suddenly I'm back to where I started with this situation and battery drain in 4 hours even when I hardly touched the phone (Samsung S9) Looks like I have to ditch my phone and go back to an IPhone
Lalit Singh Negi
May 13, 2022
I'm facing problem with Google Play services app when I'm using my device the app gives pop-up message again and again 'Google Play Services keeps stopping' after that I'm unable to use other apps. I'm very disappointed.
Heather Armstrong
May 12, 2022
This app moniters your physical activity, body sensors, sleep schedule, camera, microphone, location, etc. Look at the permissions. I was able to turn off most except for physical activity. I do not like most people to watch me, especially an app. Please give an option to remove it for personal security and privacy. You are worse than tbe government.
Kaiden Tipple
May 12, 2022
The app literally takes up 50% of my storage and I don't even use it. What is it even for? All it does is increase the storage every time I do something so now I can't download a single app on my phone. Thanks Google for your useless and unused app that breaks my phone. Your the best! 🙂
Haider Hassam
May 8, 2022
Absolutely perfect in my experience. Have always had swift and positive result each time i've had to upload an App. it is also fairly user friendly for someone like myself who may not be totally proficient on these modern gadgets 😕☺
Allison T
May 5, 2022
Google Account sync issues since Android March 2022 patch. Im so angry and frustrated. For Gmail, Ive cleaned cache, app data, uninstalled, reinstalled, removed and readded my google account to my phone, gave unrestricted data and battery access, and verified notificatiins were set properly. I even FACTORY RESET my phone and still the same issues. Similar but not as bad on Samsung Email. Google Play Services are at fault and disrupt syncing. I deleted and use only stock service now. Horrible!
Marie Claude Barsa
May 5, 2022
After bugging my phone for at least 3 days by constantly popping "google play services keep stopping" i thougt about factory reset. I dont know what i exactly clicked (turned off all device administrators) and disabled google services to at least click on my phone without it bugging. Im actually now updating it because i can finally acess google play store. Really bad experience. It is actually the 5th time the same problem and I did 2 factory reset. The first time it worked now it won't down an
Addy M
May 4, 2022
something has been popping up on my screen saying, "Google play services keeps stopping" and it is almost to the point to make using my phone unusable because of this. almost on my last nerve with this app. Update: Had to swich to a different device as to my phone is to the point it is unusable. This better get fixed.
Gitter Done
May 2, 2022
I'm okay with the app and it's possion of being a app that I am not real familiar with the activation of every day use. I don't use the app enough to make a decision on it's proformance. Yes it's has the English language to the app itself. I'm of the understanding that the Google enterprise is ready and able for their apps functions and I am not concerned about the apps that are in Googles control. So big round of applause for the commitment Google demonstrates their business here and abroad.
Chrys Conner
May 1, 2022
This app is always running in the background killing my battery and constantly trying to use my location when my location isn't even on. It's an app we can't even use and never needed this app before to run basic phone features but now when you turn it off, the app goes crazy and constantly sends notifications about it needing to be on. Pretty useless app
Cindy Mullen
May 1, 2022
Tricky, at best. Won't play videos for games. Keeps saying it can't play them. Also seems to refuse some of my requests. Do I have to give permission to pry into what I do on my phone to get access to any google stuff? Whats the point of privacy, when there are people spying or censering what you do on your own phone, or in your own "private" lives? Maybe I should rethink ising your app at all.
T. Trevino
May 1, 2022
Takes up too much memory, constantly running, updating, and redirects to google apps and not what I actually want. So I believe my opinion is that even though I like Google, it should be up to me who or what internet + server that I choose to use and activating my phone service. Please stop forcing me to use Google and let me make my own decisions about how I use my phone, computer, or internet service. Loyal Customer
Bennett Kunert
Apr 29, 2022
Your games are ok but when you have to watch 1-2 minutes of ads for 30 seconds of play. Also a few of your games do not let you do moves when you want resulting in one has to watch an ad to keep play. Unfortunately this app affects other apps. If I had the choice I would not waste the space on it. Which if I find an alternative, I would without a doubt try the alternative.
a.L Mhy
Apr 29, 2022
Sooo. This is why my phone battery dies after an hour and countless other issues!! Guess what on a samsung galaxy 10 i didnt get any notifications... but something was really wrong with my phone and couldnt turn google photos off and that was draining battery so i come here to find a solution and boom the whole apple is rotten. Any updates on a fix??
Mya Poe
Apr 29, 2022
Literally won't gives popups saying "this app has stopped running" constantly and they won't go away whenever I click "close app". I have nothing open and it's constantly and I don't know how to get rid of this stupid app.
mike summers
Apr 29, 2022
Verizon's unlimited data plan only gives you 15gb of high speed data then shuts you down to slow speed, which really shuts you down so slow it won't update any app. Causing me a lot of problems using this app.
Sharon Wright
Apr 28, 2022
Google play like Google itself, holds you to ransom if you do not update, install or do exactly what they say. I have had trouble updating a game I have been playing for at least 3 years all because google play refuses to connect to the internet, although my device is 100% on every other app, page or search engine. Its just a shame that I cannot remove google and use a completely different engine on my phone and tablet.
Rubens Furbetta
Apr 27, 2022
The last automatic update (to version 22.12.15) ruined my phone. Endless error messages saying "Google Play Services has stopped" occur every second preventing us to use the phone. Restoring my full TWRP backup (containing Google Play Services 21.30.14) solves it, but we see that on the very moment that update is automatically forced again the problem immediately returns. None of the commonly mentioned actions we find over the Internet do help. It's a shame that Google does not fix this.
Apr 26, 2022
Very fraustrating, after resetting my phone, I am not able to open my installed apps after two days. I received the same message when I try to open an app " Update Google Play Services, Gmail etc won't run unless you update Google Play Services". For two days now Google Play Services is not updating.
Khuram Arabian
Apr 24, 2022
As with all the recent reviews I am appalled at the lack of customer recognition of the Google play service fault. It causes the battery to drain super fast, and pop-up messages keep appearing. The problem has somehow disabled my main mic which is a key problem! Can someone pull their finger out and sort the issues quickly!
Apr 24, 2022
From reading description of this app it's a must have for a phone to operate correctly but it keeps filling up my storage space. I clear it and it comes right back. Whatever the reason I'm tired of messing with it so new phone here I come, I need more storage space!!!
Charles Stewart
Apr 22, 2022
Battery burner. All my other apps together don't equal the battery usage from this app. Yo can't disabled it out the phone will literally scream at you until you turn it back on, up cannot optimize battery usage, it is greyed out, and if you force stop it, it immediately starts again. If this was a horror movie, this app would be an invasive alien which everyone would be rallying against too eliminate, but it isn't, it's just Google.
Jean Manalo-Supillo
Apr 22, 2022
The download speed dropped from the usual 1.5+mbps to approx. 170kbps. It's been going on for a few weeks now, and clearing data or cache or clearing cache of any other related apps isn't working. Using this app is a pain. I'm using the same wifi and there's no problem with other apps' connection, only the google playstore download speed. Please fix.
Mark Johnson
Apr 21, 2022
Google has let us down with this setup, i pressed no and i had to go back and press ok cos i had no real choice, it's disgraceful leaving customers without any other options, if i delete this app i lose almost everything, there should be an app to give us better service and respect cos after all we are the ones who made Google billions but don't get a thank you,,just more problems, very unhappy with this app controlling so much even my wifi, 😡
S Love
Apr 21, 2022
Constantly having storage issues with one my phone's and don't understand why I need google play services running all the time as it's the app that takes up the most space and the app with the most data usage.
Bren Andrei
Apr 20, 2022
The latest update sucks. Whenever I play a video it automatically stops whenever an empty notification pops and then disappears. What was that? Fix this notification issue.
E. E. Quansah
Apr 18, 2022
I need to update this Google Play services app. Several attempts to do that with my network data isn't working. Its always waiting for wifi and I'm having problems with wifi connectivity. Huh! This app is a mess
Rhian Evans
Apr 17, 2022
This app is constantly telling me it's stopped working. It is causing pages to crash & wont allow me to do anything about it. Can't disable, switch off or remove it. When I reported this to Google the reply was that it's working perfectly. Battery life is being gobbled up & charging has slowed so badly what used to take a short time has become hours. Please inform me how to get rid of this junk.
Kathy S
Apr 16, 2022
I have same issue as everyone else by the looks of things, keep getting message saying google play services keeps stopping and it's also causing google and chrome to continually crash. Please sort it out.
Robert Schmoop
Apr 14, 2022
Freaking awesome i love google. Fellow googlers instead of complaining about the app performing poorly after updates try this, uninstall updates and use previous version. I can bypass googles factory reset protection in 3 minutes without adb or downloading anything. I can do this on motorola, tcl, and plenty of others. Tutorials coming soon, unless i decide to allow the buganizers one more chance to admit its googles flaw and not the phone providers.
Pakistn Ali
Apr 14, 2022
There is some problem with Google play services. It can't load any page or website of my search. Everytime I open the app and search something then app will close automatically and they say Google play services is not working. Please fix it as soon as possible.
Jacobson Vosper
Apr 14, 2022
I have not had a single problem. The play store and services are great apps. It makes me wonder how some people have such glaring and jaring problems with this app. Do people just complain because the option is there? It reminds me of people who have a problem with the police. Sure they are the bad guys. But man when we need them they sure can't get there fast enough can they?
Helen Redshaw
Apr 13, 2022
I am getting a message continually saying that Google Play Services has stopped working. I cant stop it. I cant delete it. I cant uninstall it. Its interfering with whatever I try to do with my phone. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And people DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP ON YOUR PHONE EVER!
Naufal Hisyam Rabbani
Apr 12, 2022
I don't know how, but a bug in services caused my entire contacts list and the play store to disappear, along with massive amounts of data from Whatsapp. Thank you so much Google, now I have to work hard recovering everything. Edit: I managed to update services and now my phone won't even turn on anymore. Good job Google, now I can't check for school work or interact with anyone easily anymore.
Parth Asari
Apr 12, 2022
This app is terrible in it's inconsistent user interface, resets some settings to the benefit of Alphabet's (Google's parent company) and is hard to navigate, since there is so much settings that you need to change to protect your privacy as much as possible.
Kayla Warren
Apr 11, 2022
This game is highly underrated. There's nearly always something to do and the auto function makes grinding while away easy. The soundtrack is beautiful, the art even better, and there are NO unwanted adds. While you can pay to win, you don't have to. It's easy to see this game was made from love and is a passion project.
Michael Miller
Apr 9, 2022
I never approved of having my app permissions turned off just because I hadn't used an app in a while. You never even told me that was a feature or gave me a chance to decide if I wanted to use that. You just made it default. I also am getting SICK of being notified about Covid updates. If I want notifications, I'LL SEEK IT OUT! Stop telling me about it just because I change locations. I don't care! It's not your job to patronize me.
lancelot klm
Apr 8, 2022
Great experience with the service delivery and also rendered. It's great using this app and I will likely recommend it to friends colleagues and family. Actually it's been a great experience and I really appreciate the services because it's very convenient and easy to access
Eryn Kurdys
Apr 8, 2022
Constantly pops up as unresponsive. Tried going back to factory version then updating, but updates won't install. Gets to 97% and freezes. So frustrating. Now none of my google apps are working properly
D M Gmail
Apr 6, 2022
I just don't get it 😕. Before the Play Store update, I could go into the app settings and clear the data and the cache. It would fix these recurring crashes for several months. Now, it wants me to go to the play store (actually, it takes you there) and press the "deactivate " I press it and a message pops up saying "You must first deactivate the admin. before uninstalling it." Well.....that is what I am trying to do but it won't deactivate!!! I can't get back.
Buck Rogers
Apr 6, 2022
Every 3 or 4 days every app has a new update and the details for them always have the same details and there are time where none of them have any details at all.. there is more Data wasted on updates then anything else. Perhaps TracFone is the culprit and figured out a way to create a update revolving door suck up Data so they can capitalize on the sale of $10.00 add Data revenue times 7 million customers as Verizon's transitioning takeover is happening. All I know is that it ridiculous!!!
Apr 5, 2022
This has only just started 30th March phone was fine all day no problems at all. Then around 7pm a message came up Google Play services keeps stopping. No matter what i do it just keeps showing up. Did a search and tried all the fixes Restarted Device, Update Device Date And Time, Clear Cache, Google play store update and even tried to remove the Google play service app. This will not even allow you to remove the app or even try and uninstall the latest update. You can not even disable the app, no matter what you do. Tried a reset on the phone and also removed Chrome browser but this did not work and lost pictures of my phone, even the ones in Google photos have gone missing. This has ruined and made the phone unusable unless Google have a way to fix this problem they have caused. Well done to Google for making life even harder than it is already without having to look to buy a new phone.
Jan Marie
Apr 5, 2022
Wish it made it easier to know which apps are all the way free or they're free just to download but then cost once you try to go into it it should say free if it's all the way free and if it's not all the way free don't put it on the free because you still have to pay with your credit card to play some of the games when it says free
Alana Cunningham
Apr 1, 2022
The new update has ruined my phone. The battery is draining super quickly because this app is having reoccurring problems. Every few seconds I keep getting a pop up saying that 'Google Play Services' has stopped. There's nothing I can do for it. Please sort this out as quickly as possible, my phone is becoming unusable.
Goody Noneofyourbuz
Apr 1, 2022
"Google Play services keeps stopping" keeps popping up on my Samsung Galaxy Tab E every 5 seconds and it will not allow me to go into Google Play store anymore because it keeps closing down. What is the problem with it. I am at the point I am going to do every thing in my power to deGoogle my all devices because Google is more of a problem than it helps me in my everyday life. I have done everything I can think of to fix this on my own (yes, I have Google how to fix it). This problem start after I installed Chrome. BIG MISTAKE I am thinking.
Sean Kellar
Mar 31, 2022
Instead of resetting permissions of unused apps for us, how about you give us full control of permissions?! That was one of the major reasons for rooting an android OS before it became too ridiculous to do so. It was so we had total control over our portable computers that conveniently make phone calls and send text messages.
Mar 31, 2022
I found a bug this week on android 11, i'm using aosp rom and i have tried all gapps that available such as opengapps nik and bitgapps but this bug is cannot be fixed, this google play service keeps consuming my mobile data everytime for "system updates" but i'm not doing any update at all, and this only happens on android 11 roms, please fix this. I've try every way to fix this and i found that i have to uninstall play services or disabling it through root, please help
Desi Ellis
Mar 30, 2022
Allows too many of Google algorithms to control phone, storage, and access to apps and privileges. What's in the clouds never deletes. Too much reading for simple functions. Google constantly changes the ways to access certain areas when attempting to make corrections.
Gaurish Dookhit
Mar 30, 2022
Same as others, i get the "google play services has stopped", why?...i updated my apps but every 5 to 10 seconds i get that little pop-up that makes the device un-usable.When i'm on youtube, messaging, searching on chrome it will always pop up at any moment .Honestly this is why i gave 1 star rating and even when i'm typing my review it pops up.
Mar 30, 2022
Its an essential app for device. However that doesn't mean it should take so many liberties just because you can. Exposure matching services? Worthless. As are many of the other 17 services the software is constantly running and immediately reinitiates immediately after being told to stop. Between Googles nonsense, and samsungs nonsense, it makes for an irritating user experience. We are all aware your the devil. But you don't have to be so homosexual about it. Eat your vegetables, BLM hoe.
Mar 29, 2022
Devouring battery via 'background data' but when i click the app, it says 0% background battery used. Also won't allow optimization. Not sure what is going on with this app, but I am afraid if I disable, my phone will stop working. Its very confusing. I think my phone is gaslighting me at this point. Don't you know, sending mixed msgs isn't very nice, Google? Please fix this.
Mar 29, 2022
It's so intrusive that I can't even close the notifications, I deleted the alts of my Google account and now it thinks someone hacked them or something, and I couldn't get rid of the notifications without turning them off. It's a important app, but it's very intrusive with notifications.
4 psw
Mar 28, 2022
Well, today I learned that turning off auto app-permission-killer also turns off Play Project app-safety scanning. Though I use some apps less than once every 3 months I prefer to retain their "permissions" to avoid repeat and repeat and repeat, ..., reauthorization. This new feature fails my simple test for customer value. At least allow us to choose to have one, or both, or neither on.
Tad Ballard
Mar 28, 2022
Same as others, suddenly a -5 app shows up under battery usage that points to this app. Battery will NOT stay charged, dropping from 100% whenever it decides to actually charge that high, then drops to the 40s and even plugging in the phone's factory fast charger, will still not charge properly, and even lose charge while plugged in this way.
Thehoneybadger Bobbi T
Mar 27, 2022
I woukd givr 0 stars if i could. The app itself is unusable, and it keeps popping up with "Google Play Services Keeps on stopping" no matter what I am doing. It has rendered my phone unusable now. It has taken me 20 minutes to write a short review because of these poxy messages. There is no way to install it either, I have tried. I have deleted all google softwares from my phone and it still has not helped.
Mar 26, 2022
is this the thing that made my phone stop doing that dimming thing when I'm idle on a game with the app still running? used to be it would just dim with a screen overlay which i had to swipe to unlock to access the game again... now it just locks completely where i have to put my pin in to get back in. old method had the game continue to run as if i were playing, new method has it reloading the game as if i left it because it locked. THANKS I HATE IT
Mar 25, 2022
Usually this app works in the background without me even knowing, but the past couple of days I have been getting error messages pop up on my phone, sometimes every couple of minutes. I've tried restarting.
Mar 25, 2022
Unable to update the app and barrage of warning messages pops on the screen for long duration. Please provide a definite solution and beacuse of this previous time my ohone died. It took me like forever to bring it back. 12gb of files got deleted previous time.
Guadalupe Arevalo
Mar 25, 2022
It doesn't let me update or install any new games. I don't know what happened but now I can't play a game because it needs updates, when I try to update the game it just says update pending but it never updates anything. This new update is absolute garbage most of the 1 star reviews are about this. Maybe actually read the reviews and fix this.
Joe Martin
Mar 23, 2022
Ever since I've started using this device regularly recently, this play service continually crashing throughout each and every fricken day of the week. If you're not going to stay on top of having an up-to-date google play service app for older android versions? Then I honesty can't understand why you won't allow customers the freedom of uninstalling it off *their* device. We pay for our hardware, we should have the fricken right to choose what we bloody well want on it...
Masel Mascadri
Mar 23, 2022
Ok , since the last update. My phone has become useless. I have a Samsung note 20 ultra. My phone constantly get an error message saying. Google services has stopped working. Then it shuts down my phone to home screen. So my question is why hasn't this been fixed ? And when will it be fixed?
Keith Bell
Mar 23, 2022
This app has suddenly started draining all my battery power in the background. PLEASE SORT IT OUT AND SOON!! Phones are not cheap so please take this seriously and send out a fix. Surely you should be testing your updates before release. It's an absolute shambles.
Alireza Shiasi
Mar 22, 2022
It seems with new updates comes new consequences! There are people reporting crashes, phone abnormal behavior, phone resets, etc. For my [HTC U Play] having old version [android 6], last google play services update made phone unstable. suddenly phone restarted and stayed in reset loop (always resets and never boots up). I had to hard reset the phone and yes another update which made same problem again. I find that the problem arise when I enable the location. Think might be app or java vm bug.
Constantina Conrad
Mar 22, 2022
The new update is TRASH. It has kicked me out of every app I've used since the update. EVERY. DAMN. APP. And the annoying "google play services not working" notification that REPEATEDLY keeps popping up is INSANE. It has popped up 5 nope 6 times since I started typing this. Is there any way to un-update it?!!!
Sarah T
Mar 21, 2022
Not letting me ot my husband purchase apps all of a sudden. Messagae says to add another form of payment to Tmobile (our carrier), which we did, and it still isnt working. Called T-Mobile and it's not their fault, it's you guys. Saw on Down Detector that we're not the only ones having this issue with Google Play Store for Android. So please fix it, ok?
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
Mar 20, 2022
Always changing my system settings. Always lies. "Soso App won't work unless you enable Google Play Services" but the apps work just fine! Why do you lie? Constant barrage of those notifications. 0/5 stars. You don't deserve 1 star. For being generally annoying and extremely intrusive on my device. Not even TikTok or Facebook are this malicious!
Tony Tiger
Mar 19, 2022
This app is very slow and doesn't work so good it's a shame that the developer can't get this app to work the way it once did this is just unacceptable from Google and Verizon two tech giants that can't seem to get their product to work as advertised for almost two months
Mike Lanier
Mar 19, 2022
Since the last "update" this has become an INCREDIBLE battery hog!!! Samsung S10 + used to have fantastic battery life before but now I'm LUCKY if I get more than a couple hours of battery life if I'm using the phone, maybe 6 hours if it is just laying on my desk. Had this same issue many years ago with a different galaxy class phone and it took several updates before the battery life returned to somewhat normal. THIS NEEDS FIXED GOOGLE! Seriously.... this isn't a wind up toy phone!
Wendy J
Mar 17, 2022
For a week now I keep getting "Google play services have stopped" and I can't figure out how to fix it! It is SUPER annoying, I've cleared cache, I've updated, I've tried everything. Help!!
Muslim Sunni
Mar 17, 2022
I can't use my phone cell! Google Play services bothers me with this message "Google Play services keeps stopping", it keeps repeating notifications so I hardly can use my phone, it closes any app I open. It became a Nightmare!
Charles Chang
Mar 15, 2022
Updates automatically, updates automatically, updates automatically, as long as I'm doing something important, this damn stuff must be updating itself automatically background, and stops ALL of my apps at any time. Despite it updates anytime and anywhere, I cannot figure out where my device has been improved, that makes it much more disgusting.
Cynthia Wade
Mar 15, 2022
I have been having extreme problems accessing anything that involves getting anything but headlines and topics. I feel that my service has been throttled and slowed to the point where I can not get my aps or services such as Disney or Netflix or articles on Google itself, or access websites. VERY FRUSTRATED!
John Smith
Mar 15, 2022
It's a good app but the Chinese saver there off as it likes when you connect it in your phone. Immediately after the screen of your phone off it will disconnect itself. And it stops the network of your phone when you connect it in your phone . You people should try and work on it so that it will stop disconnecting when the screen of cell phone off and you should work on it to make sure that it is not seizing the cell phone network when it is connected .
edu marcelo
Mar 14, 2022
I can't seem to understand why, after I must have finished updating this app as requested, it still doesn't fix the problem. People can't receive my mails because my Gmail keeps saying : gmail-requires-one-or-more-google-play-services-that-are-currently-not-available. Please I need tips to fox this as I am missing out on a lot of incoming mails, thanks.
Suléne Brand
Mar 14, 2022
It eats your battery. I have put my phone on aeroplane mode during the night and still I woke up to a dead phone - it drains your battery!!! Not impressed. Used 2 hours 40% of battery during the night and cannot disable it, despite most apps not allowed
Broken Clock
Mar 13, 2022
Horrible. Just Horrible. I attempt to update this app and it says I don't have enough space. 22gb is not enough space? Someone has their programming completely screwed up. Thanks for nothing, Google, you worthless, self righteous, morally corrupt, and now completely incompetent corporation. Can say enough bad things about ABC corp. Well, they fixed it. I was able to download it without issue. Proves even us broken clocks are right twice a day.
David Eason
Mar 12, 2022
Many other apps and services depend on Google Play services. When it begins to report that, "Google Play services keeps stopping", a barrage of repeated notifications makes it nearly impossible to do anything, not even report the problem since the on-screen keyboard becomes unusable. Following random advice from kind Internet strangers and restarting liberally eventually got my phone back, but this is an unacceptable way to build a software architecture. Someone at Google should failsafe this.
Marcellaus P
Mar 9, 2022
As of late. To be more specific. I haven't been able to update or download any apps over network data. Also apps like YouTube wich is owned by Google, performance has been on the decline. Videos seem to forever be trapped in purgatory. Just continuous buffering. I tried it on wifi and everything seems to work fine so I figured maybe it was a T-Mobile issue. Well that was debunked because every other streaming app worked flawless on the network. I even tried the Samsung app store. No issues.
Dustin Mackie
Mar 9, 2022
For the Google play services that was installed on this device when I unwrapped it, it continually crashed the moment I turned it on so I had to reset the phone back to factory again to get it to stop. I've had other off and on issues with play services app in the past but overall it's been pretty reliable and consistent.
Mar 8, 2022
Works great when it actually works! I (like many others) have been unable to load or update apps for several days now. Every single "fix" up to and including a factory reset has failed to resolve the issue. I now have a $700 paper weight. There should be absolutely zero reasons why the core service would be unavailable to even one user for so long... and even less of an excuse for giving NO response, in general or on tickets. I left Apple for this...
Rosalinda Maria!
Feb 24, 2022
I wish I could give a review but my whole family has tried to get past the first level and even with hints we just can't. Then I went back into the app and I have to do an update, fine that's alright I can do that. But I can't even get my phone to update and my phone is fine with all my other apps. I'm just getting annoyed but I have tried everything to get mast just the first level. Other than these issues I think it is a good game the graphics are great and it doesn't have many ads.
Riley H
Feb 8, 2022
There is a reoccurring problem that myself and many others have run into, it's where the application will keep refreshing / reloading itself and make it virtually impossible to download anything. Even once the application is closed down it will re-open itself and not stop refreshing until the phone has been restarted. Please fix this in an update soon.
JaminandShara Mills
Feb 4, 2022
I'm so tired of this mess... It keeps eating up storage, it's the largest app on my phone. I frequently have to go clear it's data to give my phone some space. It also freezes, crashes, or gets stuck eating up the CPU and battery, and I have to go clear the data again to fix it. For some reason it is attracting a lot of parody reviews... Unless Google is paying for fake reviews.
Feb 4, 2022
This app is used to run and update google play applications, period. The other reviews are very confusing - often referencing different kinds of apps or games - or claim it is some sort of malware put on their phone. But it's just a background program of some sort, making sure your phone is functioning as it should. I think it's working since I haven't had any recent issues with my google play apps.
Ryan Perkins
Feb 2, 2022
Terrible since the last update. I've had the same experience others mentioned. App requires unnecessary permissions. I've disabled ALL notifications, rolled back to previous versions, and still get constant alerts that "action is required." The last one woke me up at 2:00 this morning. There should be an option to disable this.
Mel F.
Jan 30, 2022
Major battery drain ever since the recent Android update. I haven't changed a thing w/ how I use my device before or since. Just checked battery stats and this app is listed at 88%. That's insane. There are endless posts about this problem right now and we're told to give the update time?? I've never seen an update drain battery this badly. Wiping cache partition doesn't work. Clearing data cache for the app doesn't work.
david tydor
Jan 29, 2022
To be clear this program is built into the phone to run applications. it does not have any games any features it is a system utility and the fact that I find reviews on it that make it sound like a game are hilarious. it's only function is to run programs and it is not accessible to the standard user! it does not have an icon for you to launch the app it is constantly running and it launches every time you turn your phone on and again it's purpose is to launch other apps on your phone.
Brandon Kaczor
Jan 28, 2022
Has Play Services always been Malware? I have had android phones for going on 10 years. And this has been the case on every phone. Ever notice you can't search and find Google Play Services? You have to search it from chrome and when you click on it, you are brought to the play store and it is magically available. But when searching for it in the play store itself, you can't find it? Seems like malware. Can't auto uodate, or even update over mobile data. Whole thing seems like malware.
Monica Fulton
Jan 24, 2022
To deactivate this app, you must remove the device administrators. I have 2 managerial security points with administrative permissions. Find My Device and another one. Established (on/off) the choice of the user. Tap to turn off NEVER WORKS!! Tapping brings the pop-up that there is a problem in the system try again. Try again and it stops and closes the window all together.
Marty Atherton
Jan 19, 2022
In previous versions of android we could go into this app and disable android system update. That is no longer an option. I like my pixel 3xl. I tried the OS12 and it broke a lot of stuff I liked. So I put the phone back on OS11 and now it nags every day to update. You took away the external finger print scanner too. Not a fan of the new pixels. It's a huge waste of resources to toss this perfectly good handset for something less useful and more buggy.
Jan 5, 2022
The app wouldn't load or open unless I update it but it wouldn't open. Tried all the troubleshooting solutions and it didn't work. Turns out I was logged out of an old email account of mine that was still on the phone. Anyone else having this problem, you could try removing emails you're not logged into. That worked for me.
Terry Harris
Sep 13, 2021
Very poor downloading, updating should be all automatic. Completely unnecessary struggle. This is not an app but part of the op-sys. Data charges should be off/on switchable right on the banner. The entire Android 10 and above is off the rails. Old popup apps won't work, etc. I've been looking at other op systems for a while. They're pushing people away on so many spying fronts and reducing operability in favor of spying upgrades. Think Ubuntu.
Me llamo Panda
Jul 2, 2021
For one, there's no way in the Play Store app to review or send any feedback. I had to open this on the computer. The recent changes to how my apps and updates are displayed are incredibly frustrating. This is a vital area and it's just buried in multiple submenus, when it should be easy to access. These unnecessary changes have brought me to the point I am considering rooting my phone and putting a true open-source,
Schteeven Saucedehates'
Jul 2, 2021
Well, I don't appreciate how if I don't surrender all control to this app- I can't do basic operations. The price we pay for convince. Maybe a flip phone would better serve me. Seriously frustrating!!! I do appreciate the app's features, but last time I checked- I paid for my phone. There are no free app's. The info that is harvested and sold should cover the cost of. If it does not, send me a bill, * would like to have control of my own device please.
Josh Marker
Jun 25, 2021
Nothing but problems after the lastest update. App list won't populate. Constantly stuck in a loop. Battery drain is crazy. Revert the changes. Whoever decided this was a good idea should be let go. What a waste of time and resources making a necessary service worse than ever before.
Chris Cartes
Jun 24, 2021
So very disappointed at the updates to the UI of the playstore. It makes absolutely no sense that finding a button to update all apps is more challenging now. "Manage apps" doesn't allow you to select all apps you have to do them individually. Even then the options you have for managing apps are terribly obscured by icons that don't resemble anything of use. Each update they've only made the playstore more challenging to navigate without any actual improvements.
JW Caddell
Jun 4, 2021
I started using Google in 2001. All has been fairly easy. There have been issues with rewards for Google paid surveys and acquired rewards being taken at one time instead of by the one year date back to the rewards being earned. I had went thru this before, I called we got it corrected and all was well. The last time it all was taken at once. There was no talking and fixing it. They took it. Refused to be involved with any corrections. I stop doing paid surveys. Just not worth it any more.
John DiRienzo
May 16, 2021
I am, in general terms, satisfied with these requisite services that provide functions to the Android OS and the Google Play ecosystem. There have been occasions, on various devices, where these services ceased working properly, for reasons not readily apparent or clearly explained. In all of those cases (that I can recall) uninstalling (or deactivating) the Play services and then reinstalling (or reactivating) them fixed whatever issue was present. Also, this page can be very hard to find.
Megan Cody
May 11, 2021
Of course Google, and all the various diffrrent apps and services related with it, have proven to be quite dependable in the past - until my phone became virtually worthless after suddenly losing any and all ability to utilize a very large percentage of my apps, email accounts, the playstore, ect. It basically ruined everything, and forced me into getting a new phone. Now, after months of confusion, extensive frustration and undoubted inconvience - I give up.
Gary Shelton
May 3, 2021
Until recently this was my "go-to" set of apps. But now I cannot access anything dependent on Google outside of basic search and maps. I cannot access my personal email, my church email, portable files and much more. Have tried updating on my phone and tablet, but discovered that both brand new devices are no longer compatible. This is one disabled veteran that is unhappy. I have so much that is not locked up and away from my reach. Evidently, the so-called improvements to Google only work for future devices and they must be trying to force us to buy them.
May 1, 2021
Horrible. Had no idea what I allowed them to have axcess to till I noticed something was turning on my bluetooth every night so I finally looked in the app setting and they have axcess to basically everything and anything you could imagine on your phone and they can change anything they want to at anytime and that can use you camera and make phone calls and delete stuff. Our phones are no longer our phones. Makes me sick.
Michael Baber
Apr 13, 2021
Although the app works well on performing it's tasks. I feel I was too generous in my giving 3 stars. The app is divided into several pages of functionality when installed .One page for display ability one for tracking use . And there's only one a00 icon and page displayed to try and monitor the proceedings. I was only able to see different pages and permissions after great stress . This app has total freedom and accessibility .It has cast ability and write settings ability on every page
Renee Carl
Apr 2, 2021
As of 30 March, my device has entered into an endless crash loop. I cannot force stop Google Play, and it is making my device all but useless. No Google-based apps function. I see that Google Play has updated the app but it has not updated to my Samsung. My phone is completely useless until this get fixed. How long will it take to get an update to fix this? [this is on top of the previous round of crashes the week of 23 March.]
Vanessa Heaton
Apr 1, 2021
Normally its great. I've only had a few scratches my head omens that led to rip my hair out incidents lol. One of wich . Pairing two audio devices , both pairs but only one plays . While both paired .happend on both sets I have wichare completely differnt color brand and shape from the other set. And it workes phenomenal the 1st time I used it. Went to use again same thing a 5 days later and that when it started I can't find info on the problem and It took so long to find that its Google toask
Rob Doughty
Mar 25, 2021
I was having the same crashing issues as everyone else. I eventually uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it which returned the phone almost to normal. However, all the notification settings for all apps had to be reset. I still get an error notification for Google Play which is annoying but at least the device is operational again. It is hard to believe there has been no communication from Google on this.
Truth Teller
Mar 25, 2021
I'm experiencing the same problem that the lastest reveiwers are having. All of my apps keep shutting down, then it says to leave feedback but I cant because the feedback market keeps shutting down. My google play services icon has totally disappered. I Cant even access my email, and I dont remember the password. This is really BS how could you allow this to happen?I want a solution to this problem pronto. I have never been closer to moving over to apple than I am right now.
Eric Moraign
Mar 23, 2021
I cannot open my gmail, it tells me that the app keeps stopping, well no kidding. When I click on app info it takes me to Google Play services app and the disabled and the fourth stop areas are greyed out! I have everything on auto update so that's fine. My Google search as soon as I type in anything it shuts down and goes to my home screen. I don't know about this man I've never had this problem before I have an Android 10 so it's not like I have an old phone, of course Android is Google.
Joshua Peterson
Mar 23, 2021
Not sure what's going on with this app but it's literally messing with every other app on my phone. It keeps force closing everything I open. I find that I have to uninstall and reinstall all apps that it's happening to. This one in particular is the biggest problem cause I can't deactivate it to uninstall and reinstall. It's getting harder and harder to use my phone. Please fix as I can see that I'm not the only one with this issue! I'm due for an upgrade,which I don't think is coincidental.
Scott Henrie
Mar 23, 2021
This app has recently been crashing repeatedly, it's nice to see there's now a way to uninstall updates to the app, so I can download new updates. In the past, I've had to find the installation file for it via a Google search. I know my data connection is good, so it isn't from any lossed data while downloading the files.
andrew kelzer
Mar 23, 2021
Since it has to touch everything, and have its fingers in every app that's installed, now due to it crashing constantly half my apps won't open. I've had to uninstall and reinstall over a half dozen apps because of this. Also been restarting my phone like it has a pacemaker. The best part is, I can't UNINSTALL this broken thing because it's essential for other apps to work. Or so it tells me when I try to uninstall.
Mar 22, 2021
I have recently been trouble with this app crashing. Its been incredibly frustrating, as its also been effecting the apps I use. A message appears on my screen and it states like every three seconds, "Google Play services keep stopping." Its also been happening to the apps I use, like tumblr or amino. I've tried everything I can to try and fix the issue, but nothing seems to work. It could be internal issues with the phone itself, but if anybody can help me, please do.
David Grossberg
Mar 17, 2021
Often a crash repeats about every 3 to 300 seconds, including as I type this, and the ONLY thing that I have found can break the loop sometimes is a reboot. But rebooting also triggers it more often than not, even if it wasn't crashing before the reboot! (Full shutdown or just reboot doesn't matter) When it's crashing the CPU usage is high, the battery is drained rapidly, and the phone becomes very hot.
Feb 26, 2021
With more than a year of this server error in trying to redeem points for play store credit, google has yet to put forth a satisfactory effort to rectify the situation. Unable to redeem points for play store credit, gift cards, or rewards, many people are disgusted. As am I. The only thing remotely put out to supposedly "fix" the issue was a long, drawn out list of actions that a consumer would have to go through. For a majority, this list of actions still fails to rectify the 'server error'.
Feb 19, 2021
I don't even know how this got on my phone! It's eating through a fully charged battery in about an hour, keeps popping up with annoying notifications to change settings that it blocks me from changing. I understand it's in beta, but I should be able to have some control over notifications and instal. I'm glad it says beta is full already and will save people hopefully from this app.
Polite4 Canadians
Jan 24, 2021
No thanks. It will give you lots of error messages saying other apps won't work with it disabled, but most of them work just fine without it if you aren't signed in to a google account. The only tricky part is disabling the notifications to stop the error messages, you have to also disable notifications in the app sending the error message. I like getting rid of this because I like getting rid of it, its my phone, I don't owe you an explanation.
Brian Kirk
Dec 4, 2020
Automatic updates run at the worst possible time. Windows Phone had the courtesy to wait until the phone was plugged in and the screen was off to start running updates. I have to run updates manually so that my phone doesn't become completely bogged down and unusable when I'm in the middle of doing something important. But when I run them manually, I have to babysit the updates and keep the screen from going to sleep. As soon as the screen goes dark, the updates stop. Its highly infuriating, especially when I get updates every 2-3 days. I feel like I spend more time maintaining my phone than using it. Searching for apps is also a pain. There are too many layers between search results and detailed information about an apps features. I have to go several layers down to find out if an app might do what I want, then several layers back up to go check another app.
Benjamin Davis
Nov 29, 2020
Whatever is going on with this app is a shame. I paid $1,000 for my Android phone and now can't even use it because of this app. All my other apps say that Google play services must be updated in order to run, yet when I go to Google play services the only option I'm given is a deactivate which doesn't even work either. Can't update, can't deactivate, just stuck in a loop. I've even tried factory reset - the same thing happens. Get it together Google - or I'm going elsewhere with my business.
marie carolynn
Nov 8, 2020
If I need certain apps that I can't get on Amazon. I can come here and lownload it quickly. It's the best thing. From ebooks, games, music, more apps. It's the best to use. When I have issues downloading apps on my Amazon Tablet. I can get them on my smartphone quicker. I Enjoy rating on these services. To show others yep, they do work. Try it.
Cristy Marlow
Nov 1, 2020
As others have reported, my play services also continues to constantly pop up that it isnt working properly then shutting down. It is seriously irritating making it impossible at times to even make an outgoing call or send a text, as I do have mine set to run over other apps; shouldn't need to alter my personal settings or leave my phone unable to work properly. Obvi something is very wrong with the system and you need to let your consumers know what's up???!!!
Janet Wheeler
Oct 24, 2020
I have also been having the same "Google Play services have stopped" message popping up constantly. I have tried every suggested solution but still have the problem. I also get a message that "...MailMigration Application is having trouble with Google Play services. Please try again" so I cannot get emails. This problem is being ignored by Google. The only answer is to buy a new phone which is exactly what they want you to do!
Cindy Walls
Oct 22, 2020
From the looks of reviews it seems that a lot of people have been having the same exact problem for DAYS! The non-stop pop up about Play Services. After trying every thing I could possible think of and it not working I had thought it was my device and was ready to buy another. Thankfully today the problem has finally been fixed and I didn't go through the expense of paying another tablet. A heads up that it's a GOOGLE problem would be nice and also considerate!!
Megan Nerison
Jun 25, 2020
App has developed a bug in the last month or so....if I install updates it will continuously have a pop up that's says "google services has stopped working" and you can barely navigate around the phone as it just keep popping up. This is a known issue among users but there has not been a response or solution! I found a fix that has you force stop and un install...when you reinstall you can NOT update the app or the issue will return!
Jun 24, 2020
Maybe work on password security. Also, if you could keep ads in a designated area in your window. I know there are settings that keep pop up in windows blocked, but some of us are easily distracted and forget. Other than that, super super helpful! Reliable and when I've had other experiences i always come back to you! Easy to use.
Rudy Ramirez
Jun 16, 2020
Great app. It tracks everything you do. Look at the permissions and click on them.and controls even when and if you can make outgoing calls. It says under phone that it can change contacts numbers and the frequency which it appears you've called. Brings to mind System of a Down. They're trying to build a system, another prison system...for you and me.
China Mike
May 15, 2020
Automatically updates itself even when "Automatic Updates" are turned off. Had an annoying bug in which every link that loads a mp4, HTML5, or any video file in any app would have a high chance of crashing the Android OS. It's infuriating when it's frequent, and it wasn't until I uninstalled the update to the factory setting that fixed the issue. However, now I can't access most apps without updating "Google Play Services". It's an absolute paradox.
Apr 15, 2020
Everyone is having the same issue with the negative comments basically every 5 seconds a report comes up saying Google Play Services has stopped, it won't even let you close the app because it just keeps coming up. It's very annoying because I can barely type, but the weird thing is sometimes when I'm sending feedback it stops or for example it hasn't came up once while I am writing this review, but as soon as I go into a different app it starts again. Another thing is the owner hasn't replied
Mar 19, 2020
I dont know what this app does, but it constantly crashes and puts an error message that I keep accidentally tapping and opening up a settings menu while I'm just trying to type on my phone. It will happen over and over and over again within a period of a few minutes and it is aggravating. It's getting super annoying and there is no way to disable or reinstall the app
Mar 3, 2020
For a month now, I get a notification every ten seconds to "Get Google Play services" because "Photos won't run without Google Play services, which are missing from your device." This is obviously false because photos runs fine, I can download apps and everything is running fine except this INFURIATING notification that pops up literally hundreds of times an hour. Nothing has ever made me want to switch off of android til this madness. Those windows phones even look better than this nonsense.
Feb 15, 2020
Problems with location tracking and network connectivity for me seem to be the main cause of this app crashing EVERY FEW SECONDS. If I turn off location as well as my networks (phone AND wifi) and I can use offline apps with little to no trouble due to the obstructive "Google Play Services has stopped". I can't disable it so I am unable to roll it back. In fact the ONLY way I'd be able to resolve it would be to factory reset my ENTIRE phone right now. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this issue soon.
Feb 10, 2020
Fix the crashing!!! I can't use certain apps which makes no sense because they have nothing to do with Google services... I open them and they just immediately crash with a pop-up for google services has stopped. Can't use them at all. Clearing data and cache doesn't work. Uninstalling all updates (because I can't disable) doesn't work.
Feb 4, 2020
I keep getting an error code saying something like "Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped working...". This happens constantly every day and I have to hit ok for it to go away (and then it comes right back). I can get rid of it by uninstalling updates on the App but other Apps won't run without this App updated. Very annoying!
Jan 25, 2020
I get a notification that the app has stopped working. It gives a choice to close the app. If I click on that (sometimes it needs me to do it three or four times) the notification disappears and I can use my phone for 10 or 20 seconds before the same notification reappears. Rebooting my phone made no difference.
Jan 24, 2020
It kept notifying me that it needed to be updated. When I clicked on the notification, I am assuming it decides to update itself. Who knows? Clicking the notification opened the app to this rating dialogue. I found this to be annoying. Otherwise, I it functions well. Edit: Apparently clicking the notification doesn't do anything, but bring me to the rating page. I subtracted another star. How do I update? It's definately not obvious. I'll search to get the answer. I'll use bing for first time.
Jan 24, 2020
I bit the bullet and factory reset my phone. Now I'm not sure if it recovered all my data and configurations from my Google account. Because there's no way to verify or check or run the Recovery process manually. I have to download all my apps again, configure them, and rearrange them. Probably 4+ hours of work for a bug that Google is failing to address or fix. WTH.
Jan 23, 2020
I would give 0 if I could. The past several days I keep getting a notification box popping up saying "Google play services keeps stopping", I clear it and it pops right back up 3 seconds later. Can't uninstall and can't deactivate it. How do I fix this??? It's extremely irritating and affecting everything that I am trying to do on my phone.
Jan 22, 2020
I keep getting this update notification for the Google Play Store, yet the only option is to deactivate it. Well, I did that and then restarted my phone. That ended up being a terrible idea and I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to get it back. I got the notification again, but I'm not going through that a second time. I'm on notification 9, please fix this. I chose a pixel because you guys are on top of glitches and knock them out, but it's still glitching! 1/22/20 still happening
Jan 22, 2020
Fantastic service as a whole but as of the first update new year. Myself and Multiple people I know personally or online keep getting this notification, "Google play services won't run properly unless you update." Multiple people are experiencing this bug without any updates/notices from Google about a resolution. It's nothing bad but it's annoying seeing that once or twice a week. The notification link takes you right here.
Jan 21, 2020
I'm having the same issue as Rachel. I keep ignoring it because I won't deactivate my account!! Nothing has changed apart from the constant notifications for updating. I emailed for support but received no response. Even my carrier tried to help. Thank you Verizon!! To add..I just had ANOTHER update or it won't run notification. Please respond. do something. I just had ANOTHER notification telling me that nothing will run, if I don't update. And yet again, the only option is deactivation. C'mon
Jan 19, 2020
Continuously getting "google play services keeps stopping" notification. Literally every 5-10 sec. The only options are close app, which does nothing. App info which takes me to the play services screen & send feedback. It is so frustrating. It pops up all the time, when I'm texting, on FB, Offerup, ect. Even when just on the home screen. My phn is useless because of how often it pops up. Took me 6 min to type all this! Get it together google play services!!!!!!!!!
Jan 18, 2020
Doesn't work and the error message says that I need to upgrade the service before it will sync. When I open Play store I only see an option to deactivate play services. The deactivate button fails each time I click on it. I have tried emailing Google for support and have not heard back from anyone. At this point I am frustrated with the experience.
Jan 18, 2020
The app needs an update, since the 12/24/2019 the app is keeps stopping, and when I use my phone a message at the bottom of my screen pops up. This message dosen't let me type without me pushing 3 options (app info, close app, and send feedback), I see this message at least 20 times in a minute. I sent two messages about this issue on send feedback, and I will like to have an update like everyone wants. Edit 01/17/2020: I had a software update(around 01/15/2020), and it fixed my problem.
Jan 15, 2020
Impossible to uninstall, impossible to revoke location permission. Neither this app nor any of the related ones that I use has a need to know my location, and yet it makes more frequent location data requests than any other app. This makes me very uncomfortable, and there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it apart from disabling location services entirely (which I'm seriously considering, even though it would make weather and maps apps useless).
Jan 13, 2020
This pop up for google play services "stopping" is the most annoying thing I've ever had to deal with. I use my phone a lot for work purposes and whatnot. This is very frustrating to have to keep exiting out of the pop up. I have sent in a complaint but still nothing is done. It just started happening yesterday. Idk how to fix this. Any ideas?
Jan 13, 2020
This pops up every now and again and says it needs to uodate. However, the user has no way to update the service, so you click the notification and it takes you to the"app" in the Play store, and presents you with a deactivate button, no message about what it does and no way to update. I know it autoupdates, but the average user may not. Also, this shouldn't pop up messages saying it needs to be updated if it can't be by me.
Jan 11, 2020
I rarely leave reviews- good or bad. Which is strange because I rely on them a lot for deciding on what apps to download or what products to purchase. However, Google, I don't know if you're being stubborn or ignorant or both. But I agree with everyone else who's saying- if you don't fix this update/deactivate thing soon, you're gonna be losing a lot of support. I know I'm getting close. JUST FIX IT!!! And if you're working on it, TELL US!!!! But I doubt you are. So disappointing.
Jan 10, 2020
App suddenly started pressuring me/trying to trick me to install gaming apps that I do not use or want. Then when I refused, that logo you see, (puzzle piece) set itself up on my app bar and would not move off. Would not open, either. Just sat there. Had to restart to get rid of it, but then I started getting notifications for what looked like real issues and when I clicked on them, back came the puzzle piece. Rogue app. Cannot uninstall.
Jan 9, 2020
Keep getting notifications that this needs to be updated or the Google Play Store won't work. Clicking the notification brings me here with only one option, to deactivate it. Is there an update or not? Is it the Play Store that is messed up? Somebody at Google needs to figure out which one is to blame and fix it because I'm tired of getting the notifications! 12-28, still getting notifications, pop up every time I try to install or update an app. 1-8, again, but first time in a week.
Jan 8, 2020
All of my android devices, Pixel 3a XL phone, chromebook, tablet, wife's Moto phone, constantly show 'google play store will not run unless you update google play services". But when you click, there is no update, just deactivate. And the play store seems to run just fine. This has been going on for a couple months. All of our devices have different versions of Android too.
Jan 7, 2020
Needs to be updated. I keep getting this bubble telling me I need to update or it won't work. It brings me to hear where my only option is deactivate not update. I'll change my review Once this issue goes away. I see everybody else is having the same issue so I won't go into extreme detail about it. Just making sure you know one more account it's happening to.
Jan 5, 2020
For over a month I have been prompted to update this application on my phone in order to run other programs. I'm notified of this every hour of the day but the app only allows deactivation. This is annoying! It also seems to be occurring with all devices and nobody has addressed it. This is why I m switching back to an iPhone.
Jan 4, 2020
Would you guys fix the bug that you can't continue without updating, but updating requires clearing data and cache. I had this problem on several devices, so it's not rare. I was apparently able to fix it, but with no help from Google. I had to search 3rd party websites for the answer, and all my settings were changed and had to be fixed. It was a big pain for several weeks until I finally found the answer
Dec 31, 2019
This app is overwhelmingly annoying as its "Update" pop-up notification activates nearly every 15-20 minutes. When you attempt to update it, the only option given is to deactivate the app. I am unable to use any aspect of my phone without this pop-up and itnis highly frustrating. At this point I am seriously considering replacing my phone with one that does NOT utilize Google anything. Google is becoming far too invasive these days and its glitches have become a customer experience nightmare.
Dec 31, 2019
I'm. It sure how I feel about this app. Never knew my phone needed it. But. I am having problems. I keep getting a notification to update this app in order for play store to work. So Im trying to update this app and in order to do so i believe I need to push the deactivate button above but When I try to deactivate. A notification pops up and then I press ok. And that's all that happens. Try again. Same thing. Repeat process.
Dec 30, 2019
The app itself is probably the best app store layout on the market but it seems like it takes forever for new options that are basic for ecosystems like these. How am I just hearing about play points this year? Either it's new which is such a massive ball drop for a company this size it's embarrassing or it was never advertised properly, also a no no. Still my favorite, keep it up, be less evil...
Dec 30, 2019
Like many users here, I've been having trouble for about a month, pop ups when installing and occasionally playing telling me to update Google Play Services. However, when I check updates, it isn't listed. I tried clearing Google and Play Services' cache and storage, then rebooting, but that didn't solve the problem. It doesn't seem to currently cause any issues playing, but I play mainly offline games, so that may be why.
Dec 27, 2019
Hello! Update message stopped; what worked for me was to make more room in storage. Almost full message was also showing up constantly, even when 1.6GB was available, which I thought it was Ok. I made 6.6GB available, and both messages stopped. So, make sure you have plenty of storage available, and let's see what happens. Hope this help at least someone. Best regards,
Dec 27, 2019
Requires update but no update available and continues popping up for the last few days. Extremely annoying and needs to be fixed. Update: Over 2 weeks and still nothing. Pops up constantly now & is draining my battery much faster as a result. I have tried all the user "fixes" and nothing gets rid of this notification. Thanks Google for ignoring us.
Dec 25, 2019
Same issue as everyone else. Constant error message saying my apps wont run unless this is updated. I emailed them about 2 weeks ago requesting help, and nothing. No response, no acknowledgement, nothing. I've searched online and I've tried everything from restarting phone, clearing cache, and deactivating and reactivating, and it's still giving an error message. Can someone please give some guidance? Holy hell this is frustrating and your customer service is absolutely awful!
Dec 24, 2019
Okay for the past few weeks this app has been bringing up notifications that state the it needs updating, but there are no updates to install. The notification also seems to come up and signal when other apps fail to update. Trying to email the devs has not resulted in any kind of response from Google. This is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed. Unfortunately I can't remove the app without crippling the functionality of my phone's ability to run apps and suchlike.
Dec 24, 2019
Usually I love Google. Lately, I'm not much of a fan. My phone battery will drain in a matter of hours-even if I'm not using it-several days in a row. Then it will stop. I'll get a notice to update but then can't find an option to update. Videos will autoplay suddenly despite autoplay being disabled. I've emailed Google about this & got no reply. I see none of these reviews have a reply either. A fix would great, but even just an acknowledgement would be greatly appreciated!
Dec 24, 2019
This app is suddenly using boat loads of storage and causing flashing on the screen, can't even keep up with the clearing of either, Ive even tried to uninstall so I could try and reinstall to see if that helps, but it won't let me do that, the only option it gives me is to deactivate, but it won't even let me do that...please address the problem..I've been a loyal Google customer I would like to see Google play services fix the problems....thank you very much in advance folks
Dec 19, 2019
The notifications to update multiple times a day for weeks now is beyond frustrating. If there was even an option besides "deactivate" when forwarded to the app to update then perhaps that would relieve some of the annoyance, but there is no option. As a supposed leading tech company, you certainly are not inspiring much confidence in consumers with your inability to respond to or address the issue head on. At least have something posted to the app alerting users of your awareness of the problem
Dec 19, 2019
It used to be fine. I used to be able to get games and download them without any problems. I just got a new phone a year ago and it's not even an old model. For some reason, a pop up keeps coming up saying "you need to update..." And I go to the screen and all it gives me is the option to deactivate this app. And when I try, it says it's an "administrator" and it "needs to be deactivated first" which is exactly what I clicked on it to do the first time. It's frustrating
Dec 17, 2019
I've had my phone for about a year and everything has been fine until recently when I keep getting these pop up messages that tell me "Google Play services has stopped". It gives me the options to close the app, go to the app settings or give feedback. I click "close app" and it pops up again and again. It won't allow me to disable the app, force it to stop or uninstall. Until this is fixed my rating remains.
Dec 15, 2019
It's constantly saying my device is almost full. I've already managed my files and changed the account to another email so that I can continue storing my files without the constant pop-up. But when I tried to deactivated it with my account that I originally activate it with, it says that I have no access to. I tried all the email, and it still won't allow me to deactivate it. It won't stop popping up the message saying that my storage is getting full.
Dec 10, 2019
Notifications are taking over my phone, home screen, pop ups, as well as when I open several other apps all prompting an update. But there's no update. It's draining the battery. The notifications are very disruptive. I contacted Google and ended up talking to the Philippines on a very wordy, redundant, long winded, yet pointless and useless conversation with no help. I asked for an escalation ticket to go to the developers. There's no excuse for the duration of an issue that is so widespread.
Dec 6, 2019
Recent glitch with app. It is continuously telling me to update Google play service in order to have the device health update. I've done that, and still having notifications pop up every few minutes throughout the day. It is irritating because it's draining my battery. I love my phone and have had it over a year and a half and this is the first glitch that I've experienced. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
Dec 6, 2019
I have had some issue, s. Mostly the issue, s aren't that bad. I am very please they check all apps for bugs. Also like you can turn permissions on or off at same place. Joining beta testing and able to send feed back and leave if you want or join it if you want all in same place . Having apps that don't need to be installed. Plus I'm still learning features in Google play. I have always been a fan of Google's. Now there's more.
Dec 6, 2019
Tired of the stupid problems this has where it keeps sending notifications to my phone non stop, even after I turn off notifications in the settings. The notifications are about an update can't install unless I update the app, which there is no such option when I try to do it. If I ignore the notification, it will keep dinging my phone! Annoying!
Dec 5, 2019
Google Maps won't run because I get an alert: "Maps won't run unless you update Google Play Services." When I click the "Update" link within the alert, I am brought here to Google Play, where there is no option to update Google Play Services. Instead I am presented with a button for "Deactivate" - and even that doesn't work. Dead end in this user's journey. That iPhone I've been eyeing is mighty tempting.
Nov 29, 2019
It may be a core part of Android but it is effectively spyware. There is no reason for most of the permissions required. I will NOT enable access to my microphone, body sensors, or camera. I only wish there was a way to disable the nag error messages whining about not having all those permissions turned on. I think my next phone will be an iPhone.
Oct 31, 2019
This app stinks. Multiple notifications that Google play services had stopped, so I forced stopped and disabled it, uninstalled it. Notified that other apps like email, NBC, photos won't work unless updated. Updated twice. Shouldn't have to do all that stuff if the app was built right the first time. And yes, I sent multiple feedbacks in the popup, with no response.
Oct 31, 2019
Getting the "unfortunately Google play services has stopped working" error every 2 seconds to the point it renders my phone inoperable should not be happening. Head supervisor in charge of the app; if you're reading this, work on it please. This is Ridiculous. I should not be uninstalling the update and reinstalling it because of the frequent error message.
Oct 21, 2019
Very frustrating when it stops working (even after you clear all the caches) so that you can't log into your account anymore, which means the phone won't update, rendering it effectively inoperable after a while (and making a factory reset necessary!). I've had this happen times on my HTC. Such a waste of time.
Oct 20, 2019
The Google play services app keeps coming up saying that it's stopping and lists messages below it, like app info, feedback, etc. I've tried numerous things to fix the problem and nothing works. I've sent feedback several times with no response. It's preventing me from using my phone and has been going on for at least three days. I can't take it anymore so will try to Uninstall it.
Oct 15, 2019
I have no idea why Google Play Services keeps crashing. You would think if there's all these problems, maybe just maybe someone would fix it! It's highly annoying that I can't do much of anything when it keeps popping on my screen that "Google Play Services keeps stopping". I continue to hit the close option. It should stop after that...PLEASE FIX THIS! Or let me uninstall it!
Oct 15, 2019
Every few seconds, a notice keeps popping up saying that "Google play services has stopped working" as well as "Google play services keeps stopping" and the messages keep prompting me to close the app or refresh the app along with the option to send feedback. Just in the short time it took to type *this far* that message box has popped up 12 times!!! This is rediculous! Please fix this!!!
Oct 13, 2019
Normally, this app runs very smoothly for me. The last 2 weeks, I can't get the Redeem link to open so I can input a google play card code. I've cleared the cache, restarted my phone, & it still won't work. Now the app itself is freezing & I don't know if it's from a recent update but it needs fixed. I will change my rating when it works.
Oct 12, 2019
Constant problems!! Out of nowhere "Play Services has stopped" error messages pop up as fast as you cam close them. None of their easy fixes work. I have to download a mirror copy APK from third party site. Massive versions within versions to chose from and you've got to figure it out because only other choice is factory reset of phone. Try their easy fixes first but more often than not, no go. If the "mirror/apk"stuff sounds doable for you-it works. Great App not but not worth the trouble!!
Oct 2, 2019
Was lost in endless loop where Play Store required update, which required login, which I couldn't perform, ad infinitum. Couldn't reach help or send feedback as offered while in loop, much less use Maps, Alarm, or other Google apps. Finally found non-Google help on my laptop while home, cleared all my data (not just my cache), and seems to be working again 2 weeks later. VERY frustrating.
Sep 28, 2019
It has allows too much spam in your email and easy access to your personal information. It is also not user-friendly to help protect the elderly from becoming victims of scammers, in which I became victimized. I'm trying to find another secure and safe browser. I use to think this was a very helpful browser but not anymore.
Sep 11, 2019
Love the fact that you get notifications such as missed calls (even when you're logged out or your phone runs out of juice). Something a regular wireless company phone # doesn't provide. Plus, all your calls/texts pics, etc. keep saved in the app. As long as you don't go M.I.A. using your number, the app is great for these situations. Never have an issue with it. Useful over data or wifi only. XO
Sep 3, 2019
if I could give 0 I would. this app makes me want to switch from android to apple. "app has stopped working" notifications constantly and especially when using email. literally every thirty seconds another pop up notification to tell me that Google play Services have stopped. and I cant delete the app and I can not stop the notifications. I'm going insane.
Aug 27, 2019
What's going on google? I get a pop up box that it has stopped working and I cant fix it. I has to be deactivated before I remove it but I cant. There is no update to do on it so it just spams the box. I can barely type on the phone cause it pops up over the keyboard. So I have to constantly exit out of the app page. I had to do it over 10 times while writing this review
Aug 15, 2019
It is very convenient using Google for just about everything I am researching, kind of reminds me of the old Yellow Pages ads;"Let your fingers do the walking." I do have an issue with the number and frquency of adds which are very disruptive. At my age (67) I don't need to purchase much and if so, i'll search for it.
Aug 15, 2019
Same as everyone else here, the app keeps crashing and eating up a TON of battery and data usage. Consistently top 3-5 battery users, and at least 1GB/month background data usage. Any time I try to do anything, i get a pop up that it's crashed. I actually got on as I was typing this that pulled me out of the review screen and took me to the app setting! Sending the info doesn't help, no good sourced for how to fix, and can't uninstall the damn thing because Google won't let anything work w/o it.
Jul 25, 2019
Commercials Suck! you think with all these commercials that the prices of things would go down. but it seems like it just makes things more expensive and we see more commercials commercials are the problem not the solution. The games are mostly great. till the game gets obscured by commercials or you get cut off by commercials. It happens so much that you lose attention of the game then you just don't want to play the game because....commercials!!!!!
Jul 15, 2019
worse than a virus this app does everything in its power to prevent you from turning it off,even though at times it uses a ton of memory. it requests location access for no reason even if you deny its access to your location. It has complete control of your phone whether you like it or not.if you disable it,pop up notifications will appear randomly numerously throughout the day saying there was a problem with google play services. It can do that but not see it was turned off intentionally?creepy
Jun 28, 2019
I keep trying to update this app but it won't do it. This error message saying that Google Play services keeps stopping keeps coming up on my screen. When I try to figure out a way to fix it it keeps the message keeps coming up on the screen. It's up right now as I'm writing this. There are no options to fix it all the options are close app or send feedback. The app hasn't been fixed yet. This app came installed in my phone. I have tried everything I can, getting rid of extra cache, updating,etc.
Jun 25, 2019
I'm so annoyed with this app. I've complained 4 times now that it keeps popping up when I write emails. Every 10- 20 seconds it tells me that it's not working. no matter which button I choose, it keeps returning. To top it off, I get no reply when I report it. I've tried turning off all permissions, I've tried to turn on all permissions. Neither works, it still pops up when I reply or compose email.
Jun 23, 2019
this is such an annoying app. every single time that I tried to do anything it's a spamming stupid notifications on the top saying how it can't work because I don't have all of the settings turned on so that it can monitor everything i do. I've been trying to deactivate this stupid thing for months and it will not allow me to deactivate. I click on the deactivate button and it does nothing and just keeps spamming notifications at the top of my screen.
Jun 16, 2019
I've had almost no issues with my phone up until now, after 6 months. My phone died one day (nothing new) and I went to charge it and ever since then I've gotten notifications every 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Its obnoxious really! My phone has been fine other than those notifications. I've tried turning my phone off and letting it reset, I've tried clearing my history, I've tried clearing my cache, I've tried force stopping but it wont allow me, and I've also tried deactivating the app but it wont
Jun 10, 2019
too much control over the basic operations of my phone. i just want a phone, I have a laptop to view other interests. I wish I didnt HAVE TO have it. all kinds of ads cover screen as Im trying to send a quick text. i have to wait seconds before I can even dismiss the interruption.
May 31, 2019
No idea what this does that the regular Google Play doesn't do. If there is even a difference, period! Believe I have it controlled now, but holy hell did the ad interruptions piss me off-by overtaking my phone and cutting off my music every 5 minutes, mid-song, while streaming music in my car. I love the apps & games, but have reached my breaking point if it pulls that nonsense anymore.... Speaking of nonsense-->what's with the reviews having nothing to do with anything? Dumbness.
May 27, 2019
This is the most helpful feedback I can manage to give. 1: updated on its own (when I don't have auto update active) and repeating that it needs an update when i can only deactivate. 2: deactivate doesn't work due to "the administrator has to deactivate it, not you." 3: takes up too much battery thanks to said notifications of being stopped and keeps stopping/needing to be updated. 4: can't clear data on any apps thanks to this app alone. 5: interrupts my experience with my phone as a whole. no⭐
May 27, 2019
HELP!! I keep getting notifications on my phone screen that tell me that google play services keeps stopping. the only options are to close the app or send feedback. but even if you press close app, it still gives the pop-up. I cant force stop or disable the app. and the notifications stack on each other... what do I do?!? restarting my phone, turning it off, turning off all its permissions and then turning them back on.. I even sent feedback
May 11, 2019
since the auto update the app has been draining my battery and keeps alerting me that services has stopped and crashing my phone. As a truck driver, I heavily rely on the apps that are installed on my phone. It is extremely difficult and illegal to keep having to restart my phone while in transit. No option to force stop and I'm kind of scared to completely uninstall the services because I'm not sure what apps or services will be effected. please advise asap.
May 10, 2019
Can't stand it. It hijacks your screen with advertisements and the list of permissions is just unbelievable ( take a look sometime). Since the upgrade the ads are ridiculously disruptive and intrusive. I think Google has become kind of like our government-over reaching, controlling and totally disregarding our individual privacy. I uninstalled Google Plays updated ver. Don't like it.
May 6, 2019
does not allow me to connect to wifi networks when enabled. disable the app and wifi works fine except, oh yeah, nothing on the phone functions when play services is disabled. really awful to require that google "middle-man" the updates and performance of multiple apps, allowing this one app to ruin so many people's experience. I wish i could give it 0 stars.
May 3, 2019
Google Paly Services has been having issues for the last few months. Saw an update come through last week or so and things seemed to be working well but sure enough not yet. Cast icons keep disappearing in cast enabled apps and can only assume the I formation is not being relayed correctly by Play Services (otherwise some apps would work fine while others don't). Google please fix this...spent too much time and money setting up Chromecast devices that I'm now not able to use effectively.
Apr 23, 2019
I hate to be critical but a lot of the apps that you offer have nothing but commercial after commercial after commercial that pops up every minute or or less in that sucks. it would be very helpful if the Developers would give the option of how often the advertisements pop up while you're using their software. the majority of the the problem is that you have to download the app before you can try it and I feel like that puts my phone and my computer at risk by leaving my devices open.
Apr 22, 2019
I've tried many many apps like this one but other than the annoying ads, its the best app by far for free calls and free text messaging over wifi. I'm actually considering getting one of the plans they offer that I dont need wifi to call or text. Just about all the major companies offer the same but not as low as $9.99 per month, which benefits someone that never ever goes on the internet, therefore why pay for something you dont need? I think thats great!
Apr 3, 2019
Battery Hog. I know it's silly to have a smart phone without data but I do. If I don't turn on airplane mode the battery is dead when I leave work. It won't let the phone sleep and it tries to use mobile data when you don't want it to. I did revoke the data saver override permission. But took a while to figure out what was causing the problem since this runs in the background. On my current charge this has used 43%. I hope Google will optimize this core app.
Mar 16, 2019
WHY IS THIS DRAINING MY BATTERY SO MUCH?!!! I have this app on my phone by default. I have the Google Pixel XL, and ever since my most recent Android 9 update (about 2/9/19), my phone has been dying extremely fast. I looked into the battery usage, and found that this app is using 24% of it, with apparently none of it in the background. I have to charge my phone twice per day with only an hour of usage. This is insane!
Mar 14, 2019
Almost as bad as Micrsoft... App's, that continually show up, when not required, or requested. Sim chip, doesn't hold enough data. MetroPCS/T-MOBILE, might as well be oversea's, support. but they're not even that good but you can tell overseas text port at least has a book to go through to try to find the answers MetroPCS / T-Mobile doesn't know a thing about the phones they only care about selling you a new one. I I don't know about anyone else but I have but almost a phone from MetroPCS
Mar 8, 2019
I enjoy Google Play. You can find things from shopping, tv, music, and coupon+ discounts. I can spend a lot of time looking for apps I want, think I want, or just look interesting, but then sometimes I can't go back to another one that I seen . Maybe I'm just not "with it" hey my 7 yr old knows how to do things on this phone better than I do. I enjoy learning about other languages, refresher course's + downloading apps for my young one. Thank you.
Feb 22, 2019
I have tried several times to update this app on my phone because every time I use the other apps it says that Google play has stopped working. I reset it to factory settings and attempted to update it. The download went fine, but after it began to install, I got an error message that says, "Can't install Update" Three tries and nothing. crappy service as far as I am concerned. when you go to tools, you don't get tools to fix it, you get apps recommended for you that have nothing to do with help.
Feb 20, 2019
I loved the early androids but having to have this app on your phone is a serious hastle. It does nothing but constantly cause my phone to pop up "Unfortunately Google Play framework has stopped working." On top of that it doesn't give me any option besides the close app option. Which does nothing besides close it and then it pops up in literally about 1-2 seconds, if that. I ens up having to restart my phone because I cannot do anything besides that.
Feb 13, 2019
Locked out of using my phone because "Google Play Services keeps stopping". And yes, I restarted my phone and cleared the cache. There is no update available, nor a way to uninstall the updates. This is the 2nd time in 6 months I have been virtually locked out of my phone because of the incessant pop ups. I'll switch over to iPhone or a phone that doesn't constantly break.
Feb 11, 2019
I can no longer use my Password!!! My Smart Phone keeps rejecting it stating that it is incorrect! This is the same Password, that I've been using for the past year! I have tried every Password that I've ever used, but to no avail. I've also on three separate occasions used System Reset, without any good results! To fix this Problem I am going to need your help! You have access to the commputers, that enables you to correct this difficult to believe Problem! I will now identify the Smart Pho
Jan 29, 2019
Very frustrating. Constant pop-ups every time I use my phone. Cannot close the app, restart the app, deactivate, or uninstall the app. When I try to send feedback, I get no response from Google. I did not order or install this app, so I presume it came already installed when I got the phone. This is effectively keeping me from using my phone.
Jan 24, 2019
The pop-up ads are constant, and annoying as Hell! Pop-up video ads will play even when I have phone on silent and/or when i have it set to "alarms only" and am trying to sleep!!- I want them gone!! When I have my phone on silent, it is for a reason...I don't want any sound to come from it!! Not happy at all :/
Jan 16, 2019
It keeps stopping and once IT stops all kinds of other stuff stops too! I get flooded with notification saying that this app has stopped or that app has stopped. So many one right after another that the ONLY thing I can do is to shut my phone down completely! I'm SICK OF IT! Also, when it shuts down i can't get into play store to try and uninstall the update and stpp it that way. I'm sorry but it SUCKS! 😠😵😬
Dec 4, 2018
Very disruptive app. I made choices in setting and now it continually requests me to change my settings. The worse is it does it in Google maps while driving requiring me to reach and swipe the message out of the way of maps. Which causes me to be a distracted driver especially at night when the message comes up bright as hell and really distracts you.
Nov 9, 2018
This app is garbage! The apps that have been uninstalled due to being corrupt and nonfunctional on my phone still appear here. That means that they cannot be reinstalled. One app is for BJ's Wholesale. The app is no longer on my phone and doesn't appear on the phone's Google Play Store list. It still appears here. THERE IS NO WAY TO DELETE THE APP FROM THE LIST HERE!! I cannot reinstall the app because of this. Better apps have been written by high school kids!
Nov 6, 2018
Very upset about this! Constantly have to uninstall to factory settings, and then reset backup and other accounts otherwise continuously pops up we're sorry but Google Play services has stopped error messages! I can't do anything because it pops up every 2 seconds! Would love Google if you would show a little more attention to the problems that people are having with your UI platform. Please do something about this problem and I will reupdate my star rating
Oct 16, 2018
Easy to use. Has search bar so you can search the app you are wanting to install. Great selection of free content available, including apps for almost anything imaginable, ebooks, games. In my opinion, the layout is perfect.Well organized. I have no complaints so far with it.
Sep 30, 2018
At random times I'm just doing my own thing and then suddenly a message pops up saying "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped." And that's when I know, that the spamming is gonna start. Yes, you heard me right. The app spams me the same exact message over and over and over again. I try to stop it by getting into the settings app and going to the app and killing it for a short period of time, but the message just spams harder and harder and eventually I have to reboot. And when I actually disable the app, it just KILLS google, everything google-related dies and I have to re-login to every google account I have made. But even as the minority of google accounts I have made it takes longer as well. This makes me hate android and everything android-related as well. This happenedon the Android tablet before this one too, though it was much worse. Google play services disabled ITSELF on my other tablet. I officially hate this app please update it to make it stop.
Sep 22, 2018
Way too much relies on this service. It's horribly unstable, and it focuses more on sending ads than it does actually running the apps it's made for. It crashes when you breathe on it. An even bigger problem is when I go to disable it. I'm sick and tired of random pop-ups saying something is updating, and I won't recognize what it is! When I do disable it, some of my apps will go in lockdown, not budging until I re-enable and update it. Horrible design flaw, but it still delivers ads, so Google will never fix it.
Sep 21, 2018
I keep getting Error 506 when I try to update Viva Slots. I can't play the game because of an update box that comes on the screen. When I try to update, it downloads and installs, but it goes to the error message. I can't get my daily and hourly bonuses. I have built up my points so high that I don't want to uninstall. Please help if you can.
Sep 16, 2018
It has been said that it is necessary in enabling vital functions on the phone. ..however, I have to go into settings to disable because it runs continuously downloading something to do with English.I can't read the entire message. I have to go into settings and enable it to download photos or videos others send ME. I talked to tech support and theycouldn't help ME. I have now tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, to NO avail. ..IT SUCKS!!!!! It's a pain in the ass.
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