Google Play Games

Category Entertainment
Developer Google LLC
Platform Android
Play games instantly, save progress, and earn achievements.

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Paul Daily
Jun 7, 2022
Meh, I like the free solitaire, however it would be great if it would stay muted. I click "hard" and then have .5 seconds to click mute before it blasts out my speakers. Also snake is broken entirely. The balls and things to get work, but visually the field is blank for me. Possibly the background is drawn on top of everything.
Tyler Monteiro
Jun 7, 2022
This is a good app but I have one issue why it's not 5 stars. Sometimes when I click the profile button it doesn't load and won't let me see my profile so when I try to play games like Madden 22 mobile and I use Google play login and won't let me play it says my Google play login failed please fix this
milind tapse
Jun 7, 2022
Today I play my game global city and I see all my game erase and my all level gone. I uninstalled the game and install again but again the the game start ftom level 1. It's very disappointed me 2nd time I face the isse 2nd time I loss my game mh all level
ritima vishwakarma
Jun 7, 2022
I like it very much because its free of cost and we can play thousands of games without any charge ....... Thanks for making it
David Arundel
Jun 6, 2022
May not be right place - it's Google so will do. The Playstore has refused to update one app 7times in 3 days - NOT Acceptable when Playstore keeps telling me to update. All troubleshooting has been done, feed back sent & still no update. 6-6-22 ; many apps updated which aren't used , despite Auto update being OFF . The OS of this pH , has been changed to overide user preferences . Not impressed .
Jay Outlaw
Jun 6, 2022
You guys have problem at fixing progress. I transferred my progress to another phone. Now, I wanna have my progress back in this phone. My present progress deleted. I can't play it anymore (The game). My progress suddenly resets.
Jun 6, 2022
Do you guys even bother to check if you program is working or not ....i cant get achievements in mcoc, clash of clans and if i have made progress in any game without linking to play games then I can't get the achievement for things i have already done and there is no going back. Many games have problem with your software do some research and fix your app.
amber sargent
Jun 6, 2022
This app just poped up on my screen and wont allow me to download a game with out going throw it so i did then all my games where taken from my home page where i had them and are know in this app so now i have to open this app just to play any of my games. Cant figure out how to change it back.. very upseting
Nina Sophia Gorospe
Jun 6, 2022
This app is great! But I need to know how to transfer my account into my new phone cuz I don't want to lose my progress in the games I play
Howling Reaper
Jun 6, 2022
Jill Redd
Jun 5, 2022
Forgot password for existing email so hard to start over. Love this app there's a glitch with color pixels, you only get so many pictures and then it stops saving completed pictures.glitch still in game. Please try to fix would like to finish all categories before starting over. The glitch in color pixel is that you can complete four full categories before it stops saving completed pictures. Pleas look into fixing it.
Kaylee Taylor
Jun 5, 2022
Google the fact that u made it so u can no longer by books from Amazon is very disheartening. Looks like I will be switching everything to Samsung store. This is the second time u guys have screwed a bunch of people out of money. First u take the Google music away ( after I spent thousands of dollars on music btw ) and now I can't even read books on my kindle app. If I could I'd give u -5 stars.
Alex M
Jun 5, 2022
Great if you love notifications. Turning them off is easy enough, but then you get another set of daily notifications to turn them back on. Harassment is the name of this game.
1k xSGxCF
Jun 5, 2022
Goggle Support is very poor when it comes to refunds and you,ve purchased an item 2 times. Keep telling me to contact developer and getting no help. Hard to receive your money back for duplicate chargers.
Barbara Groombridge
Jun 5, 2022
Freezes all the time. Wont loAd system have to close down and wait a few minutes then turn tablet on again really sad will never buy an RCA again
Jun 5, 2022
I installed it so much times on my smartphones and i wanna say that it's a really great app with no bugs . KEEP DOING IT !!!
Jackie Skywater
Jun 4, 2022
Wiped my Subway Surfers data. I went to go sign in and once I did, I lost 6 odd years of progress and I can't get it back. Fix this Google, I mean come on. Your app isn't very trustworthy for storing peoples data and it needs to be fixed.
Saheed Shittu
Jun 4, 2022
Honestly I don't understand why there are some low ratings. I have been going through the comments and some of them are just mean because I have used this app even though it was only a month, I never had problems with it and it never game any to deal with. Maybe some of you just need better electronics . I advise anyone who reads this comment to install Google play. Thanks Google play ☺️
Aruf Sewa
Jun 4, 2022
The app is so nice that every games data is stored and even if u deleted the app sign in with google play games id it will give ur progress back from where u left but in some games im not able to connect to google play games games like clash of clans and clash of titans in this apps im not able to sign in if u solve this problems the this app is the best
Pushpendra Singh Yadav
Jun 3, 2022
1.Please also display the size of cloud saved data in each game. 2.Cloud save game is not working properly, with each save the size of the save data (User data) got doubles from previous size. Especially for the game "Duels rpg text adventure" The original size of user data is 6.6 MB but in my phone it has reached to more than 160 MB and now it takes more than 20 minutes to load my first character and around 5 minutes to load my other characters.The fault is in the saved data of my 1st charcter
M Burnam
Jun 3, 2022
Why is this app installed twice on my phone. It makes me hate Android Phones even more. Why am I paying twice? I do not live in the UK quit charging me. I use this phone purely for junk. I love my new IPhone 13 Pro much better and would never put on my real phone. I need it to play a game can't I transfer it and get rid of this hacked phone. Lovely Denver the most penetrated state for hackers
Johnathan and Sarah Rathburn
Jun 3, 2022
This app has been taking money out of my account without my permission. I have cancelled the cards got new numbers and routing numbers but yet they still take money from a CARD THAT IS NOT EVEN ACTIVATED IT IS STILL IN TRANSIT TO ME.
Leon Joseph
Jun 3, 2022
joystick is wack it delivers too many miss passes the game experience has not been at the level it was , you guys need to do something about the joystick good game though
Marcia Enax
Jun 3, 2022
Whoever decided we can no longer buy books on the kindle app is a total jerk. Nothing like being caught in the middle of nowhere and not being able to buy a book to read. Thank you very much
Catherine Ciin
Jun 3, 2022
It really helps to save your data on most games and you can still play offline! It is for sure the best way to save your progress although it doesn't work on all apps/games It will still work with other apps/games. Recommend
Joey McNeill
Jun 3, 2022
We have to go through this to get to my games now? I can't find them otherwise. Why does it seem to be that your goal is to take the most simple beautiful things and make them almost unworkable?
Red Sword
Jun 2, 2022
I'm having an issue with the app which is causing a massive problem with making videos, the issue is that when i start recording and then after it finished counting down it then immediantly ends the recording and no footage was recorded. I'm not sure why but it's been happening a lot and I'm starting to get annoyed by it.
Mian Zeeshan Shaukat
Jun 2, 2022
I can't play Pac-Man or ANY Games on this! Please fix the bug!!! But, the good news is, I USED to be able to play SO LET ME PLAY!!!
Covy Brize Fulgar
Jun 2, 2022
Useless why I can't even use the recorder and I do the task in achievements but I didn't get badge and I stuck in level 2 I download this since 2020 and I just realize this stupid play game is not working PLEASE FIX IT😭😭😔
Mr. Kirkybéar
Jun 2, 2022
There should be a payment methods other than credit cards... For example, in Bangladesh lot of people do mobile banking....using, bkash, Nagad, etc.
David Carver
May 31, 2022
I've used Google for several years and I've always had a positive with using Google and Google Play I've always been able to rely on Google to assist me recovering things and within 24 to 48 hours usually whatever problem I've had haven't text that's why I enjoy working with them and Straight Talk
Ashley Oestreicher
May 31, 2022
Waste of space. Couldn't find my games for months because the last update made it so the only way to access your games is three their app. I disabled the app and was able to access my games again. Wish I would just delete it from my phone so this doesn't keep happening.
Alex YouTube
May 31, 2022
This is an interesting game. Shadow fight 2 was always good and entertained people a lot. The issue is the update button from the starting screen it's buggy.
Dennis Kuhn
May 31, 2022
So far not bad .. but I have some good free games. With in app cash option but can still play without. It's easy to get stuck playing.. lol anyway there u are having trouble recovery my older data on mortal Kombat i got a new phone and it didn't save my data on Google
Lily Augustine Yong
May 31, 2022
I'm giving this a 3 stars bcz when I downloaded this app and then I can froze❄️ for me to unfroze it u have to turn on and then turn off is this my phone 📱 problem or is it your app try check it
Jenny Walker-Short
May 30, 2022
I saw this app & decided to try it. With other games, I immediately find numerous significant discrepancies: the avatars are nothing like the description/ad, nor is the game so I uninstall immediately. However, I've been playing from the start (like a drug addict) 🤣 - can't get enough! The avatars are beautiful, makeup, hair & clothes r fab & trendy, & just my style! I want them for real! Of course the fact that I've only lost 1 game out of approx 60+/- doesn't hurt! Your team is brilliant ty❤
Cryseyde Tanner
May 30, 2022
For a supposed gaming app it lacks a core feature - the ability to quickly switch accounts and lock the right game account to the right google account. I'm not getting a kid an expensive phone just so we can play the same games, but there's no way to switch to hers so she can play her own and she definitely doesn't want to share mine. Fail. [ETA] I know how to switch google accounts, but the game doesn't lock to the account, it locks to the device, so switching accounts overwrites my game.
luo juncheng
May 30, 2022
This is a fantastic app with inspiration and obviously every opinion comes with a but. This app can be more integrated. Instead of having another standalone app that has similar purpose to Google Play, i feel like the app can be moved to within Google Play, where one section would be saved for all the features of Google Play Games into a smaller package. The UI can be changed to suit the app and the experience would be far better.
Mkhuseli Mazungula
May 29, 2022
The app needs to have better tracking of achievements and playtime (show achievements earned and hours played for each game in users library). Also the addition of community features will keep users interacting with the app outside of games. It helps the games to grow. Discussions, screenshots , guides and review sections for each game. The app could be more then just a games launcher but a social platform for mobile gamers just like Steam is for pc gamers.
ALN stories
May 29, 2022
i can't login in many games like (duskwood.) it shows login failed and i really need to save data in many games..... please find a solution
Sbeve Loaf
May 29, 2022
I came here to report a bug if you delete enough data to download an app and try to download it asks to delete more apps till you close out of it
Breeze Whatley-Miller
May 28, 2022
The only thing it's good for is wasting space on ur phone! The "achievements" don't get u anything, there's always tech issues, and I can't count how many times I've lost all progress on multiple games by logging in using this app & not my FB! Not to mention the preloaded games are trash, unless ur 5yrs old, Lol. Yet another useless Google app I I'm forced to have on my phone taking up memory I could be using for games I actually enjoy & use. Thanks Google!
Megan Dineen
May 28, 2022
Love that it saves my progress & achievements for each & every game on each of my email accts I have on my device & every game I've ever played(attached or synced w google play games svcs &/or downloaded thru Google Play Store). No intrusive ads, nothing to buy/pay for. And even allows/helps you find friends who play games as well if you allow contacts to be synced(permissions)! I definitely recommend *gpg* to everyone!
Yared Rafael
May 28, 2022
I like the app honestly, but it has a HUGE problem, last time I signed in on an online game it was fine, but when I came back today I was signed off of Google Play Games in that game, PLEASE fix this Google and don't be idiots who have a love for money.
Debbs Ledo
May 28, 2022
The worst ever not sure if it's just me or you people hate me but I've spent more time and money for you to wipe my accounts from years of playing and tons of hours just to get a reward an achievement or even a call back when I asked for help and this was hours days months of frustration loss.
Alex Constantine
May 27, 2022
New interface is confusing, blocking you to connect with Gmail just because you need to search through the Android to turn on the automatically sign in to supported games, when the app should have this automatic. Make ur app easier to use, fix this and return to automatically consent for the games. Incompetents!
Shuttitt Uppitt
May 27, 2022
(2022.03) You MORONS should let us (optionally) use the SAME login information that we use for our facebook account. That would make it easier to remember them both, because only morons WANT to remember several thousands of different, complicated accounts' login info (especially for accounts that DON'T have any bank/credit card stuff).
Your friendly neighborhood disappointment
May 27, 2022
Wanted to update a game I had been playing and it wants me to delete 1.8 GB of storage... For a 252 MB update. To clarify, I literally have 1.4 GB left on my phone, and the update does not state 1.8 GB it statez 252 MB, no reason I shouldn't be able to update.
May 27, 2022
I've Found A Bug In One Of The Build-in Game Called Snake, The Problem Is Occurs When You Trying To Play It Offline, And The Problem Is That, Face Of The Snake And The Apple Doesn't Appears On The Game.
Toffee Crisologo
May 27, 2022
This app is so good because whenever you delete your game and reinstall it it won't lose your progress that's why I love using this app that's all I want to say
Jeremiah Lusajo
May 26, 2022
I really like this app no doubt but one of my games' progress was not saved despite it being connected to my Google play games account and when I tried to reinstall that game, my progress was reset. The name of the game is shadow fight 3. I managed to finish all chapters in the game and now my progress has been reset.
May 26, 2022
The app is amazing. The instant games, the cloud saves, the achievement system and profile customization. The only bug I ha e found is that in some games even though i login with my google on 1 device, it doesnt sync progress to the other device.It may be the game's problem but if its not ease fix it!
Trevor John Hopson
May 26, 2022
Still have trouble with elex wireless and clash of kings, keeps logging me out, and when changing accounts in clash of kings. Other games I have, no trouble, except sometimes glitches and slowness playing.
Mausum 10 B 18
May 26, 2022
It's a very good app to Play all types games at one place. You can play infinite no of games online in this app. It is also useful when you are offline. You can play built-in games either offline or online.I liked it very much
Paul Thuo
May 26, 2022
Looks like this app doesn't store games progress,I have to begin as a newbie everytime I change a phone. Total rubbish.....
The Voice Of Reason
May 24, 2022
Only downloaded this because I have a number of games that require one to have this in order to play them. Otherwise I rarely check this & only occasionally play the games on offer that don't need installation. Haven't had any problems with it though & always keeps my progress correctly with the various games that are saved on it.
Storm Ryder
May 22, 2022
Try to synchronize my progress for more than 10 hours, and pop up "turn on location" every minutes, even after I have agree to it. Stop it. It so annoying. 😡😡
Zayn Bloodwind
May 21, 2022
I'm writing this review hoping to get your attention. This app is one of the core Android apps. It's very useful for saving my game progress and allowing me access to certain features on games this is exactly why I believe you should pay more attention to it. The app is very buggy(if that makes sense). I can't even get past the loading screen to use it and others have mentioned that other problems such as it randomly closing. I'd appreciate it if you could check on the app and work on this.
Just Games
May 20, 2022
For years I depends to it for all my google apps, failed a few times to send my purchased into my apps but took my money! And so complicated to get refund, need to contact apps customer services and google customer services too, took days! You better responds my emails and refund my money from today purchased, asap! Also I disappointing with prices in my game getting raise €5, Amazon could give better price! Edit: Finally Google refunded me. I raising your stars, thanks!
Brianna Garcia
May 18, 2022
This app is garbage but you need it to run almost all other apps SMH Google and the games can be fun if you've got nothing else to do but a few won't load and it gets annoying after a while it also constantly closes out and deletes some of the progress I made before it shut! Google you are rich and have thousands of employees yet one of them couldn't fix a simple thing that runs a lot of our stuff? Get your act together!
Alison Siska
May 15, 2022
Unacceptable... this is refusing to let me pay for anything until it "verifies" my identity, and it is asking for a totally unacceptable amount if information. Y'all aren't the damn DMV, I'm not giving you all that, STOP BLOCKING MY ABILITY TO PAY APPS DIRECTLY. I can't even make purchases now, because the creepy identity pop-ups are all I get now, I can't even enter my own credit card and pay for things directly because it isn't an option..
Oren Troyer
May 15, 2022
This app is unfair to the player because no matter which side you choose the other side gets so many more advantages compared to the player. The player gets very little resources and the enemy does more damage to the player than the player does to the enemy
Rebecca Bowman
May 13, 2022
Constant connectivity issues on most games stating there is a network error. Only happens when loading games, network is running fine and supporting several devices just fine.
Oleg Bovin
May 11, 2022
Keeps updating applications over wi-fi which is actually hotspot from another device!!!! If you want to suggest to turn auto-downloading off - it doesn't work!!! Consumed most of my mobile data in few minutes! Fighting everyday to stop it from downloading!
Sue Greenstreet
May 11, 2022
I never use it and have no intention of doing so yet it has been stuck syncing for 2 days. There is nothing to sync but it is still doing it, over data too.
Captain Flameface
May 9, 2022
I keep having this problem when I try to buy a game using play points it tells me that I can't purchase it outside of the U.S. when I haven't even left my state. I thought it might be my VPN but I tried disabling it and deleting my cache but it doesn't work. The last time this happened it fixed itself randomly and I have no idea what happened. Cmon, just take my money already, I really want to play part time UFO. This is probably the reason piracy is popular.
May 9, 2022
Doesn't even work, shows connected at the start of every game even though it does nothing, tried connecting a old id through this app but it acted like i had never played that game and was playing it for the first time, happened to me before but i ignored at first now it actually does nothing. years old save just lost. Literally does nothing except for show connected at the start and gives pointless achievement.
May 9, 2022
I've had problems with it. The problem is that when whenever I open my play store app, it just keeps going green screen and it has a logo of old app and try to share-it. I tried installing back and hoping it will return to normal but it didn't. I tried restating my phone but it didn't help. Please help.
Goldwyn Balila
May 9, 2022
It's decent for the small amount of things this app does. Without it you can't play some games and every time you play a game a prompt comes up with stuff such as "please download Google Play Games" or "pick XYZ account." It would have been better to just combine this app into Google. Also runs slow on old phones.
Amaar Hassan
May 8, 2022
I would reccomend this app to other players who like exploring different games without downloading it it saves up your progress and you don't have to download it but now when I tap my profile it keeps on loading and never appears for how long you wait and when you search something it says "we searched all the kingdoms but found no result." Im sure others might also have this problem as my device is very good thankyou.
Dr. Samuel Nathan, PhD
May 8, 2022
I do NOT like the fact that you have no choice but to let this app run in the background. And if you attempt to uninstall or disable the app, it requires you to delete all of your Google data from all of your apps and games and such. I spent nearly 3 years building up my characters in 'Marvel Contest of Champions' and "Injustice: Gods Among Us'...and now I have to start over from scratch.
May 8, 2022
Works great except for inj2 as the game can't connect to server and I have to clear all data every time I open the game which takes an already time consuming opening even longer. Other than that it's a fine and necessary app.
Mohamed Faaz Fazal
May 7, 2022
Excellant but woud've been EXTREMELY awesome if it had the feature of loading the particular game's data by the last time it synced or the previous synced data. More clearly, we should've been able to load the particular game's data manually from the first and to the last time it synced. If this feature was available it would've been extremely, awesomely, wonderfully damn good!
Joice Anbarasi
May 7, 2022
KEY FEATURES • Instant play: There’s no installation needed – look for the "Instant play" button to instantly play full games. • Built-in Google games: Play Solitaire, Minesweeper, Snake, PAC-MAN, Cricket, and Whirlybird – even when you’re offline. • Save your progress: Your progress is automatically saved to the cloud when you see "Progress saved by Play Games." • Gamer profile: Create a custom gamer ID, unlock achievements, earn XP, and level up.
Vishwaksen Reddy Dhareddy
May 6, 2022
I have a problem with this. The quick play games that I play are permanently stored on my Device and wasting my phone storage, I am unable to delete them. Please do something Google. If you do I'll rate this a full 5 stars. Thank you 😊 Edit: they've solved it within minutes. Thank you so much. I love Google and their services
May 2, 2022
Hey! I've had an issue of enabled games running down my phone, so what I wanted to talk about Is a categorized menu with installed, uninstalled and enabled. I would also like a select all feature so I can uninstall multiple games without trying to painstakingly go through my gigantic list, which also includes games I didn't install, so I can delete the enabled games. Thank you dev team. Best wishes, your fellow user.
Jemmy Oti
May 2, 2022
I turned 13, made my Play games account and link it to sonic forces. The account was on level 8 when it was created. But when I came back form school it asked me to make a name although I fully remember doing so. When i re entered the my name it put me back on level 1. And when i tried to reconnect to sonic forces it kept saying it was connected to another account. Then when i went back to it, my data was gone. So that's everything I've worked towards deleted. Thanks a lot Google😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alex Morine
Apr 30, 2022
I don't like a lot of the updates lately. You guys have made it harder to share apps with friends. I used to be able to hit the dots in the right corner and share. Now the only share option I can find is through Bluetooth which doesn't bloody work because if we were that close, I would just take the person's phone and search it myself than use the stupid share tool. I should be able to get a link to text out. Why are you using proximity share when life still isn't what it was after covid
Dei Smith
Apr 24, 2022
This is probably my favorite thing to do when bored and no internet connection. Also when I am bored on a plane and it is a very fun time playing some of the options for offline games.It was very fun when playing all of them. Wanna have fun on the bus,plane,car, etc? Try this app to help cure boredom!
Promit Chatterjee
Apr 20, 2022
It was great till Android 12 was launched.. after that auto login permanently disabled.. don't know why.. and when you play a progressed game after a longtime it's unable to restore the account... Releasing Android 12 base update would be helpful....
Raghavendra Rao
Apr 18, 2022
The app by itself is great to record achievements. But when you play the game again after a long while, it doesn't update achievements. You're stuck with the old achievements forever. You might be level 80 now, but it still holds you as level 30 which you were when you last played the game.
Lukram Khilchandra Singh
Apr 18, 2022
As per the new updates. There is an issue in switching accounts. For us who used multiple accounts we can't switch accounts. Plzzz fix the issue. I have tried all the way u have insisted us. Clearing storage and all.. But it still don't work so plzzz fix the problem as soon as possible. Still not fix
Apr 16, 2022
This isn't a problem with this exact app but google play store. I keep getting content hidden notifications and they are really annoying. took away another star due to google play saying I need wifi to complete large download even though I changed the settings to download over data since I have unlimited data.
Kid Cat
Apr 14, 2022
So annoying! Every time I try to download an app, it either stops at a specific percentage or 99%. Plus it can be really laggy sometimes and stays on pending for ages before I can finally download an app.
Katrina Walker
Apr 14, 2022
I really was enjoying this game. I had made it to the 4th generation. All my little people had been to boarding school. And I made sure to get all the job advancements I could. I bought heath insurance and even adopted a child. But no matter what I did for my little people it wasn't enough. I have a life and work. So I can't be playing games all day long. Also this game stated ripping me off. I had heath insurance but kept getting charged for doctors visited. My credit card got over charged.
Jamie Bloomer
Apr 13, 2022
App not working correctly. Email sent no response. When you open app, if you can get it open, it's blank. Lot of games say there's Google play achievements and leader boards but when in the game, there's nothing, not even able to connect to Google play.
James Royce Rostata
Apr 13, 2022
Please fix the problem on changing account in games. It won't let me change account directly on the game without changing the settings in "Change account for games" to anything. "Ask each time" isn't working. It has been two months now since this happened. I think its because of the update. PLEASE FIX ASAP
Cal Perry
Apr 13, 2022
Messed up in game accounts. If you have multiple characters you won't be able to switch after this update. Still happens, I'm logged into my account using the only email, but yet it says within a game it's required for.. not logged in
Corissa Christine
Apr 12, 2022
I've been playing and playing it keeps glitching each time I try & play. So I have to uninstall & re-install. It also keeps glitching to not keep my progress. I've been upset about that, I would appreciate if someone were to help me to fix this problem, I would be more Happy if this gets fixed. These games are stressful. Please change them and make them easier if you wouldn't mind, Thank you.
Clarice Saw
Apr 12, 2022
Every time I play a game like Clash Royale whenever I start a game it makes me log into my account over and over again and it takes so long to load the "Log Into Account" screen so I always lose because my opponent places down cards I couldn't defend myself from yet.
Takudzwa Vengai Mratu
Apr 12, 2022
Good app but then I have not given it all 5 stars because my game achievements are not being recorded on my profile. I have been playing MK Mobile and Fifa for over a year now but my profile still indicates that i haven't earned the first achievement i.e playing the game. Please work on this issue
Bro. Paolo Lipio
Apr 11, 2022
Very hard to change account. Even when I did try to use the " Change account for games" it doesn't really work and still says " the account is already connected". Even tried using "ask each time" but still the same. It had been a year since I rated this app 1 star and I still think you really deserve it.
Apr 10, 2022
Once again, after an update, I can switch which account is displayed in Google Play Games, but starting Games that use it to save, I am only able to use one account. This leaves other accounts, without access and is effecting a sizable community on a specific game, for which we use outside communications. Please look at what changed for signing into Games with different accounts.
Apr 10, 2022
The f-ing app is sync-ing in the background everytime i was playing any games (yes, in the middle of playing session) it's lagging my device harshly. Put an option on when to sync the game progress, that's all I'm saying
Johan Brons
Apr 9, 2022
It's annoying because it doesnt open full screen and it'll give you a snapshot of where the games are placed but will later shift them once it updates and most of the time I go to tap on the game I want to play but it shifts to the one underneath and I'm suddenly trying to back out and play the game I intended to.
Charles Smith
Apr 8, 2022
I'm just wondering if it is possible in 2022 to maybe get a bit more serious with your mobile gaming efforts. Like, I believe the Android store in general should show an push controller support as a requirement. More people want controller support. Achievements should also be a standard, like Xbox, playstation and Google stadia. Speaking of stadia, I'm a bit confused that Google even created Stadia being that Android already has a big market share with gaming being the biggest category.
Vincent Granville
Apr 6, 2022
Game progress never syncs with play games, the progress bar just sits there seemingly doing it's thing (been 4 days now and I only have 4 games I play). I have to restart my Xiaomi Pad 5 to get rid of the synching progress bar until the next time it appears. Then I just repeat the process. It drains battery.
Apr 6, 2022
Sir please solve a problem which I'm facing . I had this app , one day I tried to download another app but that was put in pending , so I searched for the app which was always downloading or updating . I found that Google Play games is showing "pending" . Only this app was showing this , I already had the current version. So I deleted this app . But surprisingly it is still showing "pending" . If I try to cancel is , the whole play store gets hanged . It's been three days since then .
Apr 4, 2022
Oh my goodness, no words can describe how awesome and incredible this game is. First off, the detail on this game is beyond good, also the story line is so suspenseful and crazy good. The only issues about this game is probably the lack of ads. I just recommend the developers, or the people that made this game could please shorten the ads, cause it does get annoying, but other than that, it's amazing. Also, the fact that it's free is shocking to me, the point is I highly recommend this game! :)
Apr 1, 2022
This app is the reason I deleted Homescapes. I loved Homescapes (the only game I had on my phone) but Google Play Games kept bugging me to sign in. I had no desire to do this, but I finally gave in. This was a big mistake as a lot of issues came up, so I tried to turn the notifications off, including background data and permissions but couldnt. Tried to delete the app but that didn't help. So I gave up. Thanks Google. Thanks for ruining a good thing. I am truly disappointed.
Tarteel Mohamed
Mar 30, 2022
This app is the definition of horrible, first of all, I can ONLY choose a profile picture from the ones the app gives me, IT'S SO STUPID, did nobody think that some people won't like the default pictures and would like to choose one from their personal photos, second of all, the app doesn't count a lot of my achievements, god it's so annoying
Criddle Diddle
Mar 30, 2022
For a while now when I tap the PLAY icon for any of the games in my Google Play library it makes a half of a second attempt to open the game then back to nothing after that brief pause (ie. EVE ECHOES). It's been some times now. What gives? My phone is a brand new LG Thinq Dual Screen. Please fix this.
Too True
Mar 30, 2022
WARNING!!! I bought a new phone and all my virtual beggar stuff has been lost. I bought a golden piggy today for 500 virtual cards. I have spent money on cards, extra floors, golden workers etc... It's all logged in my purchase history. I had 36 billion coins today now it's all gone. I have spent about thirty quid and can't get in touch with anyone from Google. It makes me not trust Google and makes me not want to make any more purchases and warn others that there is no support whatsoever.
John Cornwell
Mar 29, 2022
After updated I receive constant Network errors. (this app only) 2 of my apps I had to abandon, just could not get back on. (ever) I have seen a lot of complaints about this same issue and from the looks of it nothing is being done to fix this issue.
Mar 28, 2022
Paying for advancement in games is super lame. If the game is a buy to play game ok, but these freemium games are just pay to cheat progress faster and take advantage of players who can't or don't pay. It's super lame and it's paying to cheat, plain and simple. Thanks for allowing us grinders to be used as fodder for the payor player cheaters, it's always evident whom they are.
Renee Powell
Mar 27, 2022
Been playing Dice Dreams for a couple months maybe, and in ONE DAY they charged me for the $14.99 "keep rolling" pack 20 times!!! I DID NOT purchase all of these! And a $26.99 package on the next day that I didn't purchase ANYTHING in the game! I contacted customer service through the game and NO efforts have been made to contact me for the well over $170 they charged me! I noted to them that this is causing me financial issues, and interfering with with medical costs for my disability. UNHAPPY
Mar 27, 2022
garbage app on it's own, garbage "games" (or rather time and money sinking products disguised as games), and also "syncing games progress" for 18 hours already, and last time it was sitting in notifications for around 3 days, what's wrong with you, Google? Overall irritating inconvenient useless and meaningless joke of an app, -5 stars out of 5
Mar 25, 2022
I tried to figure out possibly what a Technical Issue is with a Google App from the Google PlayStore with Play Protect. I tried, what's worser. Is contacting you at Google (What Dept.) or Email Response from you or a Reply from a Feedback is not Rated Good or Fair. Take a Message as a reminder to get up, then set up Emails, Messages or Feedbacks as Priority for Billions of Downloaders. You might not know what's going on without me saying. My Sync Cloud Games Tab is missing, Where is it, fix it.
Kyle Birr
Mar 25, 2022
Save your money, it's only concerned with making $$$$. They say it's free to play but getting 5* from f2p is almost impossible. Been playing for over 4 years and they've seriously made it not worth it. Don't fall into the trap, get into another game.
Brandi H.
Mar 24, 2022
Some of my game achievements aren't being given to me. I contacted the support at the game itself (G5 Entertainment for the game Hidden City). They say it's not on their end. I have cleared the cache, data, reinstalled on this app and the Play Store but no joy. It constantly says it isn't installed & takes me to the Play Store where it says it's updated and installed. It doesn't log me in when I open my game, it happens like 20-30min later & interrupts my game. Not much more I can tell you.
Srijay Mandal
Mar 24, 2022
Giving one star because there is no option to mute the sound of games in play games as pac man, I cannot play it while listening music as it makes sound. But in other games there is a way to mute the sound effects and music so it should be updated. By this user can keep the sound on or off as his convinience.
Tony Almeida
Mar 23, 2022
This suppose to be a hub, so some control over the games will nice. Like cache cleaner, ram optimiser before start a game, temporary muting notifications while playing, uninstall/reinstall option, direct access to Google play game section only. To bring some order to the chaos, the installed games must be visible only in the game hub. I also spot a problem within the app. The section "Profile" is not functional. There's only a black screen with endless loading animation.
Lincoln Coolgamer
Mar 23, 2022
Every time I try to sign in to my Play Games account on my Google TV with Chromecast, it just says "This app is not supported. Please try again later." I suppose it probably isn't getting updates anymore since the app no longer appears on the app screen and the interface hasn't changed for a while, but now I can't sync my game data with my TV...
Mar 23, 2022
I would lie if I said that this app is perfect. The recommended apps are pure trash most of the time, but the fact that it shows you your achievements and backs up your progress for most games is enough for me to rate it 5/5.
Mar 23, 2022
With gift card country I'm unable to use in app purchases. It worked fine last January. A message on two games Cafeland and Cookie jam says: must be Canada but I lives in Canada and all locations are set same country. I have contacted troubleshooting and I haven't heard from weeks ago. I need it on phone. On my laptop works fine only. Service doesn't help me at all.
David Taylor
Mar 23, 2022
Uninstalled - never even used the app but recently had a persistent notification from it saying "syncing game progress with play games". Could not get rid of it, & it's from an app I'd never even opened! Not happy.
John Causey
Mar 23, 2022
This is a normal app that sometimes is already installed when you first get a device, but I'm here to talk about the terrible but good app named 'Play store'. See, it's not available to rate on itself. So, I'm rating it here. It's the place where you get all the apps N' stuff that you have on your device, I mean, what else could you use do describe it?😃 But, when you find an app that looks pretty nice 👍, its a glitchy, ad filled, stupid game🤬🎮
Will Leader
Mar 22, 2022
I don't like how in the play store, the top left picture icon you are unable to hold the icon, and add it onto the electronic home screen. If some of you programmers could fix this hold and drag onto home screen.
Mar 21, 2022
For being a core android app, this app is complete garbage! I get network issues all the time, not because of my network that works for everything else, JUST this app. Some downloads freeze halfway, no matter how many times I restart, and other times I get a image of a sad satellite saying Try Again. I also have "auto update" turned on but every time I check there's like 20+ apps waiting to update. It's also just a bad, confusing interface. Come on Google, get your act together!!!
sara muthugala
Mar 20, 2022
Google is a social network. Google helps to do anything with the internet. Play games are one of them. The status of the app is the same as Google Chrome, Drive, Photos. Wrong? Maybe Google? Wrong? We can never think so. Why? Google Play Store also helps us to download an app. Now think about it.
Tobias MacRobie
Mar 14, 2022
Mostly cash-grab apps. There are not many good games. Google does not screen their apps for content quality. They require that developers charge certain amounts for their premium services, and games must have a premium. It would be much better if Google Play had a waitlist where a committee screened and play tested games prior to listing them on the service. Filters are a joke. Google Play prioritizes paid advertising from large companies, so you rarely see anything original.
Maria Claveria
Mar 13, 2022
Hi there! Its really a good app, it helps me save data, butttt.... One problem, its not really a problem, i just wish i can pick my own costume avatar, like just select your new profile picture from gallery, crop it, and there you go! I found this idea improving, can you put this feature? Pretty Pleaseee? I will change my rate to 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 if you will! Promise! If you will, then im waiting! Thats all i want to say, Goodluck and StaySafe, Google! (I change the old review cuz its pretty rude heh)
Adrian Mason
Mar 13, 2022
So this claims to be syncing for the past hour and there seems to be no way to stop the bug. It could be playstore or google services? It is unclear but it says "Google Play Games" but force stopping it doesn't stop the broken syncing.
Jolin Karrick
Mar 11, 2022
Seriously pissed off right now. I tried to make a few different purchases and I kept getting An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-RWE-03]. So I figured it was an issue with the system, I then look at my bank account and realize that I was still charged for the purchases even though I didn't receive anything and now I'm out $86. I will be having my bank force refund from Google Play
Joshua Marans
Mar 10, 2022
I was given an offer to use my Play Points for an Angry Birds coupon. I did not realize that the game the coupon was tied to was not in fact an Angry Birds game that I was actively playing. (To be honest, I know that I am playing Angry Birds. When I click the icon in the Games Launcher, it does not even say the name of the game, so I have little awareness of which version I am playing.) I asked to have my Play Points refunded since the coupon I was offered was not useful to me. I was told that they could not help me, and that I should try to be careful going forward when making purchases using my points. Frankly, the whole experience has soured me on the value of Play Points. It also makes me think Google is not that interested in customer service.
Katrina Ituarte
Mar 9, 2022
I like to play the Food Truck game and angry birds. But lately the last 5 months I haven't been able to purchase gems from either game. It tells that an error has occurred on Google side. PLEASE FIX IT!!! It does get annoying when I want to purchase things and can't.
Nick Cronin
Mar 8, 2022
There is no option to turn off auto sign in for games. Regardless if you have this app or not. Google has been aware of the issue and knows this is a legal issue as well, but has done nothing to date. This rating may change when they fix this issue, but it is not a high priority for them at this time.
Gerry A. Colanggo
Mar 7, 2022
So that lesser apps problem might arises, we must get updated to the latest version of every apps. Everytime we're noticed an available new version, we take time to update it. Especially to the Software update of our device. We must regularly give more free memory to favorite/more used apps and free some space, slim photos, videos, movies. If our phone reaches full memory and we do not want photos, videos, songs to delete because for us it is valuable. Then maybe it is time to buy a new phone.
Jessica Lynn
Mar 7, 2022
I have never had a bad experience with this app. Some time last year while playing Board Kings I realized that my Google Play Games account didn't flash across the top of the screen like it always does with every other app that I play. As time went on and I progressed in the game, it was an on going issue that my Google Play Games account wasn't saving my progress. Well here I am almost lvl 100 in Board Kings and in Google Play Games, it's as if I never even started Board Kings! HELP!!!! PLZ!!!!
Mar 5, 2022
Recently I'm encountering problems on this app. The app suddenly quits. The Help button here was quite useful. I hope we can change the default account to automatically sign in because we have to do it manually in settings.
Adri Erasmus
Mar 5, 2022
I made an in-app purchase in one of my games, which I do often, the money was released from my bank, but I never received my purchase. Tried to follow up in the game, but so complicated! I am not tech-savvy, so it is utterly frustrating. Will never make any in-app purchase again!
Donna Day
Mar 3, 2022
everytime google play updates my apps i have problems for days. everything crashes. the last two times it has updated anyway. used to be an awesome app until you decided to come out with all these new things instead of fixing the glitches in the current apps. i mean seriously...send various requests for help and when i was answered back it was to say check my internet connection. my internet connection is fine. but whatever. thats why 1 star instead of the 5 i would have given it until recently.
cҼsarin ғɊshіon
Mar 2, 2022
The app is completle garbage after the latest update. The auto sign in should not even be a feature. It forces you straight in your face to use it and you cannot get rid of it. Now there's no way to switch between accounts when playing a game. Specially if you have to make purchases on different Google accounts. Nobody likes it and nobody asked for it either. Get rid of it!!
Nate Graziotti
Feb 27, 2022
I really like it and it's really cool. Also if you have your account on there. And you delete an app with your Google Play Games account on it. And you delete the game. And then you reinstall it with your account on it. It will save your progress!! 🙂 And you can get achievements. I don't know what they really do except for level you up and give you XP. If the achievements do other stuff please let me know. Thank you. 🙂
Feb 27, 2022
This app crashes all the time. It makes every game thats attached to it crash.. Some of my games wont even load the level i was on. I play diner dash and have since it came out, and have spent money to progress in these games but the app wont let me load my progress to the level i was on. This app is trash.
Patricia Julian
Feb 22, 2022
I have the latest updates. But for some reason, even playing the games that are connected to this app, I've been stuck on level 15 for 2+ years. Even though I move up on levels on the games themselves. HOW does that happen?!?! I think this app is screwed up and not moving like it should be. Which is definitely disappointing. Why have it if it's not actually helping me?!
Robin Iwamoto
Feb 16, 2022
How does Play Games work? I have been playing games since my Samsung Galaxy S II and I am still level 1. Do only certain games count? These games all show in my library and show recent updates. Yes, I have had the same Play ID for years... e.g. Bit City: I have a level 15 city but don't have a level 3 city achievement... I have no achievements in any game.
Feb 16, 2022
I have followed all of googles steps to allow all my games saved and it still does mot save all of progress. I've clean cache, followed every single feedback and it does not work. Google has no way of helping all they do is send the SAME links for steps already previously taken. Im at a lost for words.
Daimon Wheeler
Feb 16, 2022
A fun game. Ive installed it on several devices, and had similiar experiences on all of them. Overall, the only complaint i have is having to repeat the same missions to level up.
Luciel Katsuki
Feb 12, 2022
I've updated it multiple times but Everytime I try to save my game data it says it's never been updated?? It tells me to update from the game directly and when I do it says to just try againg and that I can't. Which means I can't save my game data so that I can reinstall the game onto my current device because my old one is so janky and terrible.
Nabil Yusuf
Feb 11, 2022
I utterly dislike this app... and my explanation is that it interferes in my game play it randomly pops up on my screen while I'm playing my game.. while im in the middle of something important... and then I'm either stuck waiting for it to load or I die in the game... but sometimes it even kicks me out of the game... fix your app goddamn it... I even tried turning its notifications off but it still comes up on my screen I literally give up.
Andrew Birkett
Feb 11, 2022
A great app to enjoy games on or offline. It has a very large selection of games to choose from and some games have achievements which you can unlock and show off when completed. ❤️🙂
Serena Suprawoto
Feb 8, 2022
Doesn't do any cloud save at all. The option for that disappeared from account sync options (was visible once but suddenly disappeared). Automatic sign-in from game apparently worked, when I open a game it shows the Play Games icon and my username. This option is also not visible in the settings of Play Games itself. No solution for these issues can be found on Google help pages. I installed my games on my new phone, and none of my scores are carried over. Totally useless app!
mario reyno
Feb 8, 2022
I stopped playing Townsmen a year ago and it was saved in my google play games account. But when I started to play it again why is it whenever I load my previous game data, it always says "error loading the game from the cloud"??? Can you fix this problem?! I have alot of achivements on that game so it will be a shame if its gone forever.
Morag Martinus
Feb 7, 2022
It's an okay application to save games but it can be better .The interface can by made better and the customization can be improved . I dont like the AI that much and it is not smooth .All the way this application is appriciable ! : ]
Jason Kaze
Feb 6, 2022
Super annoying! How many times do I need to get notified it "keeps stopping"? Surely not every 5 seconds. Couldn't even get through this review without closing 20+ notifications. Can't even disable it for a while, because everything else stops working
Zombie Sithblade
Feb 6, 2022
Ads will not close. Lots of grea t fun games and apps but they all have ads and some will not close. The ads with the two arrows that take you too the black screen, will instead take you to the Play store. Then you lose the awards for watching ad and game closes.
Reikon Royo
Feb 5, 2022 save achievements, this should be a choice in the Google app. There are now more Google apps for each different features. it should be more functional with an app that in itself downloads what you want. as find device, games, mail and / or similar. Anyway. Thank you Google. Best!
Ben Liston
Feb 4, 2022
So I have a few credits owed to me by Google play. I redeem some of them, go to a game I play a lot, I then use my debit card for a purchase, however google play charges both my card and uses my credits for the same purchase. When I finally get into contact with Google, I am told that if I'm not happy with this outcome then they will refer it to an AUTOMATED system to determine if I can get a refund or not. Talk about industrial scammers
Stephen Coghill
Feb 4, 2022
On the Verizon Network it sometimes works, sometimes it opens and closes continuously. On wifi it opens and closes continuously. I have cleared cache and data in Google Play and Google Play services. Followed what was told in the YouTube video. Does no good. POS now.
Addison Carter
Feb 3, 2022
Oh my goodness, no words can describe how awesome and incredible this game is. First off, the detail on this game is beyond good, also the story line is so suspenseful and crazy good. The only issues about this game is probably the lack of ads. I just recommend the developers, or the people that made this game could please shorten the ads, cause it does get annoying, but other than that, it's amazing. Also, the fact that it's free is shocking to me, the point is I highly recommend this game! :)
Smiley Frown
Feb 3, 2022
Fix the syncing please. I haven't even played a game for months but literally every 5 minutes I get the notification "syncing game progress" that disappears after 5-10 seconds. Only happening since like December. Can't stop it, fix please. Will go back to 5 stars once the incessant notifications stop
Amber Porter
Jan 30, 2022
I like this app. I wish that there were more options offline, like a mahjong or jigsaw puzzle, or suduku. My favorite is seeing new games. There is so much out there that the average person can get lost. So glad I downloaded this. The quick play option means I try things that I otherwise wouldn't. Good job!
Angela Miller
Jan 29, 2022
There appears to be an issue the last few days. This app is struggling to sync games. It is always running with the message "syncing game progress" I keep looking for an update, in hopes the developers see nothing is actually being saved. Onanother note, I love this app!
Yassin Amr
Jan 29, 2022
It was all good until 3 days ago (January 26th 2022) and then it started signing me into games with accounts that weren't even mine and weren't on the device at all, please fix this issue, I tried to change the default account a couple of times but it still does the same thing, Please fix it, other than that, thanks for making a good platform
Michael Gaudia
Jan 29, 2022
Remove the automatic sign in. It's quite annoying specially when you use play games to switch account in some games, and the turn off feature only in your main account but it will auto sign in in different account which has no automatic on/off feature. This feature is [email protected] I am really annoyed as of this moment.
Elite Gaming
Jan 28, 2022
So as much as I love this app I've had it for many many years and now all of a sudden I'm having problems like one of the games I play is WWE champions but even when I uninstalled the play games app it still signs me into my account through the game even though I have it deleted and it's messing up my progress please fix this problem or glitch so I can go back to enjoying the app
Raymond Roman
Jan 27, 2022
I have been using this App for like ever. I just noticed that It doesn't log me in automatically to the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem game and never received the achievements for that game because of it. I am a little disappointed because of it, is there a way to get them still? Please reach out to me if you can fix that. Over all it's good.
Jan 22, 2022
The Google experience is one of scamming and intentional overdraws of accounts. I will NEVER trust them with my credit card information again. The payment system on Google Play will make it appear that it's going to charge your gift card first and put the rest of the amount on your credit card (there's a slider, known in civilized times as a checkbox), but then it'll just charge the full amount to your credit card without permission. And they have NO support system. It's all automated. FU, G.
Elvis Alcala
Jan 18, 2022
This game is highly enjoyable and includes a great wealth of detail. This game full of mystery and puzzles has no equal match in quality and graphic beauty. However, there is a slight lag that would make the game a wonder if fixed, but everything else, including graphics, sound, and development, is highly recommended!
Curtis O'Dell
Jan 15, 2022
Best Ever!!! Only thing I would change are the prices. Some games are great in the paid section, but most are either a waste of time or just glitch ridden and full of ads. Nobody wants to stop playing every 30 seconds to watch an ad for another game thats filled with issues as well! Other than that Google is the best place to find what u need and the correct information. Thanks google
Kimberly Hansen
Jan 15, 2022
I don't mind the ads, but today they started popping up on the game board/play area & will not go away without either ending the game completely & shutting it down or your forced to buy from the ad. The ad was Wishlist & another was FB. You can't X them out. There's no option for that. Not even an "I'll get you later". Just right there in your face. Update: Google is the best. Can't go wrong.
Jared Gilman
Jan 8, 2022
It's getting better, but this is barely a 4 star rating. Some quality of life changes are needed for ease of game play...fleets...and we need more non-capital ships. They are pumping out new characters, but really too many. Overall, rewards seem to have gotten marginally better, but if they take crystals away from fleets, then this rating will go to 2 stars. Too much taking away from these people. Only add, do not reallocate crystals when some peoples strategy was to own fleet battles.
Jonathan Santos
Jan 5, 2022
I played stickwar games before. Early before help encourge changing it. To what it is now. Awesome game and graphic style. The music and sound was great too! It seems using the "archer" is easier than before. Hey what happen to the firework arrows from before times? What shame to disable such options in the game. Lets summon enough to restore it. Heres some remedy and 500+HP. Thank you so much. Peace.
Dec 25, 2021
For me, the only thing I need this app to do, is save my game account and login for each game I play that allows Google Play sign-in. However, the major flaw is if you want to delete the Gmail associated with it and a game, you cannot save or store that progress. Seems like an easy fix but it has never happened. So you're forced to keep the Gmail account associated with a game or lose all of the progress in-game.
Nov 27, 2021
I love the app because I can save my progress to many, many games and I love earning achievmenrs. However, some of the achievements on some games don't work. I have done the required task and don't get the award. Please fix that and please fix some of the crashes. Otherwise, I love the app!
Abigail M
Nov 12, 2021
Used this app for many years. Over Level 60. Never had issues with it... until the auto sign-in. The option to turn it off either resets itself randomly or, worse, vanishes completely. I've written three reviews of this so far (all of which have been deleted) and I'm tired of it. As of today, I'm done with GPG until the issues are addressed.
Jaymes Guiher
Jul 22, 2021
I wish it wouldn't be necessary for apps, but that's the other app's faults. I love this because it gives you an account to get achievments on, which gives some mobile games a more gaming console feel to it. I just don't like how much space it takes up, and the amount of memory it uses.
Jul 17, 2021
I don't know what has gone wrong with this app, but it went from running more or less normally, to constantly popping up messages about it stopping. It can happen while using other apps, even ones that dont require net access, and while using YouTube or browsing. It's been going on for days. It's become a serious problem that needs a fix.
Sus Bee
Jun 17, 2021
Why is there now an extra step involved to look at one's apps through Google Play, and more importantly, why doesn't it work properly? It takes forever to "check for updates" and even if that gets done in a timely manner, clicking through to get to the app list results in a grayed-out list in a constant state of loading. What was the point? Thankfully the search feature hasn't been messed with so I can just look up whatever app and see if it's been updated but I'm annoyed that it's necessary.
Alexandra Bruno
Jun 8, 2021
I love being able to download apps for free. If I ever did have issues it was due to a coding issue, Not Google. My issue with Google Play is that I can't add funds to my account for some reason. For years now, or longer, I cannot load funds through the app or by purchasing a Google Play GC. I have 2 gift cards, valued at $80 total, that will not transfer to my acct. I can't get refunds so it's just wasted money. Customer serv is a joke, NO HELP AT ALL. Fix that and I would give 5 stars
Stephen Schafer
May 17, 2021
App keeps telling me it needs "an action" but won't say what that action is, so is just an annoying notification every time I open a game. Also, the app keeps switching my profile to a different email, and then all my settings switch and it's difficult to switch back. I have to delete the email address from my phone repeatedly, meaning I can't check that email address easily on my phone like I want.
May 3, 2021
it works sometimes, other times it doesn't. i really could live without it, and honestly prefer TO live without it. now, i'm not allowed to play any games without this app, which is quite frustrating, especially considering that i have a device that can't handle many apps running in the background, as well as little storage & memory.
Luis Gonzalez
Apr 18, 2021
For as long as I've used it, has been totally reliable for backing up my game data and profile for compatible games. Sometimes it's a bit wonky with auto sign-in, and I feel like it doesn't always tell me when an achievement is earned. Also fun that it comes with some simple games like minesweeper, solitaire, and snake that are available offline and can play anytime. Overall, a well rounded gaming app 🖒
drizy warmachine
Apr 10, 2021
I almost cant do anything on this app anymore because it tries to play every video on the screen when I open the app. Like go to type in search and it's gets cut off trying to play a video for an app. I don't even have to touch the screen and it just tries to play every video no matter where I navigate. I literally have to run through screens and videos still get me. A FIX: Disableing the YouTube app fixes it. Enableing it back stays fixed.
Anonymous monkey
Apr 2, 2021
When I record videos like on YouTube it won't record the audio. I really didn't mind this foe a while becuase I wasn't in the mood of making videos. Then when among us had a new update and I had to sign in to Google plays to chat it keeps saying error. I have tried updating uninstalling both apps but nothing seems to work. Will make it 5 stars when this issue is fixed
Callie Brown
Mar 26, 2021
I'm not sure of the point of the level system and game achievements. You literally get nothing in return and theres no benefit to leveling up. Most the time I dont even get my achievements accounted for until I open it through the game. Just kinda pointless and stupid. Also I have a hard time updating the app as frequently as it wants me to without the developer providing any information whatsoever as to what the update is even for, other then taking up more space on my phone that is.
Laura Soular
Mar 14, 2021
Really like it and all, but i do have one problem. When i try to download it, when it shows me the little screen with the "Accept" button on it, in the background, the stuff that would normally appear after you click "Install" disappears and makes it impossible to download! Please try to fix this! I really wanna play the games that require this to work!
Feb 14, 2021
I absolutely love this app & it's pretty useful because most games need to have the app "Play Games" which is this) one) for you to play their game, I'd give it a 5 star review but there is this glitch/bug where when I try to change my profile picture my screen turns black for a couple seconds and it just exits me out of the app. It's really annoying but other than that it's amazing!
Patrick Eversole
Feb 14, 2021
Will not install, have tried dozens of times, tried all the tips, everything. Sometimes it will open for a second and then immediately close. It will show as installed on my phone, but I can't open it and I can't clear the cache or data. I have reached out to Google multiple times with no response. Update: After reaching out to Google again with still no response, my review still stands. I wish I could give it zero, just for the horrible lack of support.
Feb 11, 2021
It is a great app! People keep having problems with the app because they have a older device. Older devices may have huge issues with this app because they aren't updated anymore. The app works great for me and allows me to transfer all data perfectly on my Motorola G Fast. Don't try and fix anything. This is why people should list they're devices. This is the experience I want to have.
Dec 14, 2020
The app is great. I love the achievements, and the fact that you can save your progress is awesome. One issue I'm dealing with is gaining a simple achievement in Fifa mobile. I must play a VS match (which I've done multiple times) but for some reason I wouldn't see the achievement completed. Whenever I got on, it always showed me that my google play acct was signed in. Can u guy help?
Cub W
Nov 29, 2020
I am doing this to report a bug. First off, great app. I love the progress tracking feature and the friends feature. The bug, whenever I hit instant play on a game, it loads the game but then it just takes me back to the homescreen. I would give it five stars if you fix this. Thank you for listening.
Oct 10, 2020
Play games really helps with saving my progress on all that i have. However the login and progress save bar is the most annoying thing in the world. Not only is there no way to turn it off but it freezes my entire device and sometimes it will appear multiple times and it will stay there for several minutes. I just want the ability to turn it off
KeyriSweets Payne
Oct 9, 2020
Okay, so, I hate rating apps so low, but all I am trying to do is record, and it's not fully working. It'll record for a few minutes and then save on its own and shut down. Then leaves a huge white circle sitting on the screen that can only be removed by restarting my phone. I've check storage space and deleted and re-downloaded the app and still no change. Until it's fixed, I'm gonna have to let this one go.
Frisky D.
Oct 8, 2020
I have problems with the google play store, but there's no option to write a review for that, so this is the best option. Quality assurance doesn't exist, the character limit for reviews is too strict (and moving down a line counts as a character, despite it not being reflected in the posted review), there's no dark mode, you can't disable that "turn on important notifications" notifications that send when you launch the app, and there's no option to review it.
Sep 20, 2020
It's a good app, I just want to say that when you play online games back to back in the playlist menu there's an absurd amount of input lag. I "played" call of duty mobile through it. I put "played" quotations because aiming was impossible since every time you aimed it took 2 seconds to catch up and by then you had basically done a complete 180. 95% of the game mechanics are broken if you play it through Google Play. It's something that will happen when you stream games.
Dave Rusinski
Sep 7, 2020
For other apps more coloring with less by numbers , I'm an artist so when I can't do painting on say an airplane or in a waiting room, those are times when I really appreciated the old app with options to choose your own colors & application. If you still have one of those .let me know , it gets old download, only to uninstall it two minutes later because you either need deep pockets or it just stinks because you mindlessly tap away at your phone or tablet. Thank you for asking .
John Wayne
Aug 28, 2020
It's great if you want to play your game on multiple devices. The con, it doesn't automatically sign in to your saved game when you log in. I have to manually do it after the game loads, then the game has to reload, and guess what It doesn't work the second time or the third. 15 minutes later I'm in. I spend about $300 a month on this app, I shouldn't have to deal with this.
Charles Nishi
Aug 23, 2020
It's not instant nor is it faster. It will delete all games and progress when uninstalled. Most games so far do not work with the app. It still takes the same time to load and that"s after loading play games. Maybe putting some of the really cool 80"s games on the app e.g. gauntlet, pole position, defender, , etc... It also needs an optiion on what not to uninstall. Thanks for responding.
Brienn Riley
Aug 9, 2020
Don't know what is going on, but when I try to open the games app, the screen does not load & I am forced to closed. When in games with ads for bouses or to play levels most ads won't load & I am forced to close & restart game. Have already cleared the cache, all history from internet & have tried changing settings for ads & pop-ups. Nothing is working. Don't want to delete anything, as not all of my games can be saved & I don't want to restart them.
Jeremy Brauer
Aug 6, 2020
This game could be amazing, but like all mobile games, it is stuck behind a paywall... sure, you can play a hole right away, but you play the same hole over and over head to head vs another person.. you can't simply just play a course, you have to wait for one of their tournaments which have a entry fee. Once you played it you have the option to replay it but usually it will cost you real money to do so...the reoccurring theme is everything that you want in a golf game will require real money
Jul 31, 2020
Annoyed that the screen lock stops my phone from sleeping and saving battery. EDIT: the fix is to "uninstall" on your phone. Actually reverts to the factory settings, and change the setting in THAT version. Then your choice carries through. Didnt change my rating because of the tactile feedback when you start a game. No need and no way to change.
Zach Stawicki
Jul 7, 2020
It's broken! I can no longer sign into my profile on any game or app. Can no longer look at any achievements or play any instant games. I can sign in on my secondary profile and it works fine but my main won't. Uninstalling play store and this won't do a thing. Many others are complaining of the same thing. Please fix this ASAP!!!!! Update: still broken after update on 7/7
Sarah Hughes
May 22, 2020
I've been playing since Jan 2020 (I played perviously a few years ago but had to reinstall) and I have to say it's super hard to collect the momentos if the rarer cats. I don't have about half of the rare cats... And haven't had a momento from any cats in 3 weeks. I really enjoy this game, but I don't know how much longer I'm going to be collecting gold for nothing. The only thing I'm waiting on is a momento every once in a while. Very addictive!
Jaclynn Hopple
May 20, 2020
Update: Google helped me immediately and their instructions helped fix the issue. Thank you, Google! I just looked at this for my AC Pocket Camp game and it shows I've only met 2 achievements, which is absolutely incorrect. I am at a much higher level than is required for the other ones and it isn't reflected. Super disappointed.
Mar 7, 2020
The app itself is a grate way to save progress in games and is very easy to use. Definitely a top choice in my book. However the app asks for permission to access my contact list but does not explain why it needs access in the first place. Like most people these days our contacts have more then just a name and number so why are you requesting that kind of info when I can just add other gamer tags/ID's in the app myself. It's basically a big security risk. (DONT DO IT)***
Feb 22, 2020
I played the earlier versions of the game (because let's be honest, it's just 4 versions if one game, they probably could have just updated the game and kept it as one version with multiple large updates) and this is definitely the best version. Its challenging but not impossible, however it is almost necessary to invest 20 bucks in the game if you really want to get anywhere. The amount of hours and success necessary to earn the in game credits is tremendous and buying officers definitely helps
Feb 21, 2020
It's okay, I enjoy collecting dinos but the game always freezes when I switch menus, especially when getting any sort of achievement awards. I wish it didn't freeze so much. Reload the app gets annoying with the second adding up to minutes that could have been spent getting dna or fighting. Makes traveling to stops not worth it if is out of my way to try to have fun. Other than that love the models (dino cross cat rare is my favorite) and very much enjoy playing passively in free time.
Feb 14, 2020
Used this quite a bit to record and share gameplay. The latest update keeps that functionality, but it is more awkward and gets in the way of gameplay when not using. Still working to get it figured out, but I'd prefer the old way as an option. It appears in order to get to the recording feature you have to launch the game through the app as opposed to accessing it through the game. Not a fan of the change.
Feb 3, 2020
I tried out a new game and it now says that I need to install this app to save progress. From what I've read, this app does nothing but create or compound problems. I only played the game for one day, so have not invested any money, no great loss, but I enjoyed because it was not a straight up cash hog. You could play without investing your life savings. Now Google has come up a way to get more $$ via 3rd party software from a game they initially offered/sponsored, talk about dbl dipping.
Jan 28, 2020
Like this app alot mostly because it lets you record game play what says alot when you are useing flight simulators and such as well as several other multi player games on line on realistic games and apps though the water mark makes it difficult to work the controls and takes the realistic aspects of the app out. Or at least keep it out of the users way. After all every one knows about Google play games, thank you so much for all the service you provide. Yes I am very happy with the service
Dec 21, 2019
Service keeps stopping with no explaination and locking up my phone. Nothing I've tried has fixed it. EDIT: Cleared cache now I'm waiting to see if it continues to give me errors. I've never had a problem with it until now and I hope it's going to start working again for me. EDIT: It keeps saying to update it but I can't find an update anywhere since it's fully up to date. I've even tried deleting and reinstalling but I still continue getting the error even when the app is not installed.
Dec 15, 2019
The Google Play Games account makes this game unplayable. If you the screen turns off or if you have to leave the screen at all you are confronted with a "select game" screen that doesn't go away no matter how many times you click select. You have to actually close the app and lose all of your progress to get out of that screen. I really love the game but I reccomend that people buy it on the Switch instead of on Google (their save system is full of bugs).
Nov 21, 2019
Very difficult to get diamonds needed for upgrades. Also you can't fire unless you're in zoom. Some stuff isn't realistic, I blew a man's face off and he still ran away. The game needs to be tweaked a little more, but in the all in all it's a great game. Very graphic
Nov 16, 2019
The interdependence between this and Google Play Services are two of the most cumbersome and counterproductive elements of the Android operating system. Sure there's a few flashy features, but to require something that most games ran perfectly fine without is ludicrous, especially from an efficiency standpoint. Anything that either app does could be more efficiently utilized through libraries that could have been accessed as needed, rather than applications that run constantly.
Nov 1, 2019
I've tried using this app specifically because it has the built-in screen recorder. Android does not allow third-party apps to record system audio. (You have to root your device for that.) But the recorder doesn't launch. I have to uninstall the app then reinstall it to get it to work once, and that's all I get. If this is what you're using it for, look for other screen recoding apps (and consider rooting your device). Pixel 3 XL
Oct 31, 2019
I can't review the play store apparently, so I'll just say here that it is a nightmare to find a sub-genre of games using the play store. Examples: searching "beat-em-up" or "metroidvania" gives you pages upon pages of games that are not what you're looking for. Even the top results are misses. The algorithm is pushing recommendations too hard. It also allows devs to mislabel their games easily. The play store just doesn't fundamentally understand game genres - not yet. Fix it!
Oct 13, 2019
It's free and records most games. But the app button for controlling it is always visible in the recordings, so if you want a clean capture, this won't work. Also, you can't move to to the edge of the screen to blend it with the surroundings and make it less noticable, there is always about a 1/4 inch of a gap. if you plan of sharing any recordings, expect the button to be blatantly visible.
Oct 12, 2019
I have noticed that when I try to play the game it tells me that my network is unstable... even though nothing is worng with my network. It would be a big deal to me if you would fix this! I would love to start playing the game again. But when I used to play this game it was perfect! The graphics were satisfying and amazing at the same time. I loved the event and the movement was perfect! other than the issue I would say that this app is perfect!
Sep 25, 2019
Looks nice and has plenty of useful features. Leaderboards, recording, and achievements are nice to have built in. Glad that data can easily be deleted from any game. Problems come mainly from the "Hub" tab. Leaderboards and achievements are very focused on friends, so I'd rather see the ability to see what other people I know have done. The Hub feature ends up being full of clickbait and adds nothing of value.
Sep 15, 2019
I loved playing games and recording it to show off to my friends to be competitive but ever since I upgraded to Android 10 it doesn't work anymore! It just keeps popping up the new statement about sensitive information and it doesn't record when I click "Start Now". I had to delete the app because the message kept popping up even when I closed out of it!!!
Sep 11, 2019
I've just switched to a new device and I'm currently downloading apps that were on the previous. I would like a way to prioritize the download beyond simply turning items off on the download list. There are applications that I need for work, but the games are downloading first. A little more user control would be nice, or if there is already a way, more direction towards options may be needed.
Aug 22, 2019
Upon installing on my new phone, I discovered that none of my games saved. So all of the money and time spent, is just gone. I have reinstalled the game and connected my play account several times, but to no avail. Super Disappointing...... Makes you def not want to play any games. *****Update to developer: Communication with game developer already completed, as well as I am familiar how to restore the data from Play games. The issue is the play games never saved my progress to begin with. So restoring it is not my issue, the fact that my progress on my game weren't saved, was the issue. The games still shows up on my account, but my progress and history didn't save. It's like the play app deleted it at some point, because it was there months ago when I last checked.
Aug 16, 2019
Its a built in app for games. what's more to say on it. one thing i could say is, needing an update for one kilobyte of difference is, for lack of a better of a better word, completely idiotic. I'm a Tech student, graduate 2008, ive seen the ins and outs for games, animation and computer tech and web design. Not a grade A student, but i got the basics. so any reasons for such things are just excuses. i see it comes off as whiny and bitchy... but the world itself gives me enough of a headache
Jul 5, 2019
Trips all over itself. Constantly asking to be installed. Poor game, at least the simple one I tried. Asks too much of identity. Why can't someone just want to play a game on their computer. I don't want to be online with a bunch of people, i don't want a catchy username. Worst experience yet on my Chromebook.
Jun 28, 2019
I am a gamer and I wished that it has a switch that can mute or block unwanted notification while playing your games. I can be very annoying when a notification pops up while playing and you can't see nothing while that is happening. But overall the app is pretty good. Samsung has a app like the one that I was explaining. Thanks 😊
Jun 17, 2019
It's great, I like it because it lets me see all of my achievements & update news for games I have, but it has stopped working completely after the last update on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. It refuses to even start up after launching & just automatically closes itself. It's not blocked by any security applications or anything, I've restarted the phone & reinstalled this application; no matter what I do it will not work anymore, so I have to use the default Game Launcher application instead.
Jun 8, 2019
It seems that after this app latest update I have started to receive pop up ads. My phone could be in sleep mode and there it is an ad....I could be in another app and there it is an ad overlays the app. So I removed the app and so far have been ad free. I don't like that Google forces this app to be installed to play games. I'm thinking of reporting to the BBB.
Jun 1, 2019
I keep getting an error notice roughly every 5 minutes from Google Play Services saying it has stopped working. I have tried numerous things to resolve the issue but nothing is working. It is stopping me from being able to use my phone properly, everytime it comes up it takes away what I was doing. I have contacted them and have gotten zero replies.
May 7, 2019
This app has great integration for games. It even allows you to launch games from it, making it my go to app for opening games and viewing achievements. I only wish that the app loaded faster. I wish I could use it as a replacement to a folder with all my games in it, but it's so slow to load that it makes opening the last game I played take a few extra seconds.
May 2, 2019
I really like these games and would like to play more, but the ads are too intrusive. I don't mind ads (I actually try to watch them because I'm grateful for the free games), but I like to listen to music when I play and the ads cut out the music. This wouldn't be such a problem if there weren't ads every minute, or if there was an in-game mute function. I play the game "Colors" and a noisy ad pops up every other game board.
May 1, 2019
My game is constantly going off and I watch ads and don't get my double or nothing. The ads some of them are to much for the game. half of them don't even show us the game but a blank black screen and some of them you see they are trying to load but don't. When I played this game the first time was a whole lot better than now. I m lucky I can get the girl dressed before it kicks me off. 4 times being kicked off on one episode, so that should tell you how it goes trying to do 3 .
Apr 30, 2019
it was a great and helpful app at first that held all my previous gaming experiences if i ever want to redownload them, which was awesome, but lately, there's this error that keeps displaying the opening loading screen over and over again. I tried clearing the cache already but it doesn't work. I got desperate enough to uninstall and reinstall it too but that didnt work. i can wait for over an hour and it still wont load. If that bug xan be fixed, itd be great!
Apr 27, 2019
Can't turn off autoupdates. Randomly updates even when auto updates are off, consuming mobile data, interfering with what my internet usage, and then shutting down my apps to finished the update I lost data. Again, I LOST DATA because of this unwanted behavior. Google apps are trash now. Google used to be the cutting edge of technology and user experience but now they exploit their position to be lazy and awful. Absolute trash.
Mar 31, 2019
This needs a better system on saving games. I hate having to restart my games over especially Cooking Fever. I was almost Level 50 or 60 and the game didn't even save it. It only saved where I first started the game. I think it needs a button on each of there games in the settings saying where you want, your current position is in the game, saved in the cloud or the phone. And we should physically be able to press the word save kind of like how you save a word document to a computer.
Mar 28, 2019
Basically I have a game. Every time I open it, this app just signs me in like it should, but then just HAS to show every achievement I have unlocked. Every time. Without fail. Really annoying. Blocks the screen and won't let me get past it, so I need to wait for the thing to stop before I can play with access to the full screen.
Mar 26, 2019
Completely worthless, superfluous app. Totally unneccesary. And it lies to you. It tells you that it is "required" to be installed in order to play certain games. That is a lie - it is not required at all. Unreputable filth and not worth the space. What a sham by (what has become) a sham corporation. It uses mafia tactics to try to force you to download it. Like a protection racket, you will be constantly harrassed; interruptive pop-ups appear every time you load a game, asking you to download.
Feb 15, 2019
This is a good apps for levels but I'm rating it 4 star because this app used to be able to compare specific achievements people had to each other. Ever since the updates that changed the layout this is no longer possible. It's also worth noting that as far as I can tell people can't even see achievements that others are earning anymore either so it's become much worse in that sense compared to how it was when it was simpler. Not sure why they removed those features though. 5 star if restored.
Jan 10, 2019
I thought this was supposed to let me "pick up where you left off from any device". I just got a new S9. I never had any problem transferring any of my game progress from any of my phones in the past using Play Games. For some reason the game progress for ALL my games made by many different developers was lost when I transferred my games to my new phone. When I called Google support they didn't help and I'd explain more but I'm at max characters.
Dec 2, 2018
It's a little annoying because it keeps popping up and I don't really know how to use it but it's pretty good at keeping all the scores. Before I had this app I had a bit of a problem of the data for my apps randomly disappearing I kept losing my save files. This app helped me finally stop that.
Nov 15, 2018
I don't know if it has anything to do with the amount of storage on my phone, but the app wouldn't let me click on any other apps to look at. I also haven't been able to update any of the games that I currently have. Even after I deleted some things, it still won't download. The only thing that worked were the smaller games that came with the app. Then again, if could be my lack of storage but it would be helpful if I got a notification that it wasn't able to download instead of having it say that it downloaded, then not letting me play it. Thank you! The problem shooters worked!
Nov 8, 2018
No problems with the app itself. Just wish it allowed transferring as much of it as possible to an SD card. Have an older tablet where Samsung is not upgrading the OS past version 5.1.1. This version won't see the entire SD card as internal storage. This issue is not exclusive to Google Play Games. It's just a pain when the tablet's internal storage can't be upgraded beyond 32 GB and it's running out of space. Am doing everything possible to disable unused Samsung apps, move all data files to the SD card, and much as other apps as they allow to the SD card. So every app that doesn't allow this is a problem when trying to squeeze more life out of a 4.5 year old tablet.
Nov 5, 2018
Its annoying. Everytime I disconnect from a server in Ultimate Sandbox it keeps popping up in my face and I have to keep "downdating" it so that it's less annoying and it would load faster. But it keeps "updating" itself and I just want to uninstall the whole thing but it won't let me. It just makes me mad.
Oct 30, 2018
Stuck in loop. On open, it says "install latest version", but that then loops back to "open" and there is no way to get past this. Edit: Thank you for your prompt response. The link was not helpful. Instead, I re-installed the app, cleared its data, and now the app appears to be working correctly.
Oct 9, 2018
To be honest it takes too long to load, too long to finish each scene and it kicks you off and you lose your energy. This is the only game that causes a loss in your internet connection And when you make a purchase it may say successful but you do not always get your purchase. I love this game but you should not have to use all your energy on 1 scene of the same frame. And should be getting more coins and money for the purchase price.
Sep 19, 2018
This app is great. It takes the screen brightness well below normal. It seems to clash with some apps and, oddly enough, websites, which can cause it to crash occasionally. My biggest gripe is that on the notification controls, the buttons for +/- are quite small. Making it easy to hit the background, causing the app to open instead of adjusting the brightness as intended. Otherwise, great simple app for what it's for.
Sep 15, 2018
I'm not sure if it's this app or the Google Play sevices that keeps stopping are crashing but I have attempted to uninstall the app and it continues to flash this stupid annoying notification saying that Google Play services have stopped working even though it has been uninstalled!! I have left numerous reports about it and Google does nothing to fix it! I am getting sick of Google!! They don't fix anything and their products are getting worse!! There are too many other companies out there that will do a better job at fixing what needs to be fixed! I'm thinking of switching!! Hell I could barely write this review because it keeps doing it every 3 seconds!!! Not worth the frustration!!!!
Sep 12, 2018
Well, I play on the Samsung Chromebook 3 and ever since the last update before this one... I haven't been able to play Pokemon TCGO, it like took away the ability to tap on the screen from my trackpad, and so it's pretty much unplayable. Either than that, this app works great but I really wish that could get fixed.
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