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Category Health & Fitness
Developer Synergy CHC Corp
Platform Android
Package com.synergy.flattummy
Get customized workouts & personalized meal plans for any diet - always free.

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Reviews (98)

Toepiee The Unicorn
May 22, 2022
I find this app very helpful and legit so far I have nothing to complain about I really enjoy this app. I also really like the recipes on there as well that comes very useful when being on a diet.
Samantha Amick
May 7, 2022
Love this app so much. They make working out easy to follow. The workouts start out simple for a beginner like myself, and slowly get harder.
Barb Maisonneuve
Apr 23, 2022
I just started the app and am very over weight. I am doing core only to start. As I'm jot able to do all the moves yet I have just modified. As my core gets better I hope to be able to start beginner day 1 again so I can master that level and add a new beginner item.
Sarah Minen
Jan 19, 2022
Flat Tummy App is such a fun and easy app! Mostly body weight exercises that are getting me more and more toned all the time. I've been using FTA for 2 months and although the scale hasn't moved much, my clothes are fitting me better and better every day. I plan to keep using it as I'm seeing the gains!!
Your_girl Shaneal
Dec 10, 2021
The exercises on this app are great, they really challenge me. Kinda new to it so my muscles are adjusting but I feel good about this and in due time I hope to see my results
AlexisAnn Hehir
Oct 16, 2021
So far I love the set up of the app it's easy to use, I love how they have 30 day work outs ready to go, I am the one to scroll just to find the " perfect " video. Meal Preps Looks yummy! I am super excited I found meals that I will love and my family will even enjoy. I have read ALOT of reviews and seen a ton of before and after pictures. I'm really excited to see where my weight loss journey will take me! Hopefully this is something I can hold on to for the rest of my life!
Yangchen Doma
Oct 11, 2021
The best part of this app is that it has music option...like u will not get bored if ur doing the workout listening to your favourite songs...hope to get the best result
Heather Feissner
Sep 21, 2021
Really enjoy this app for the workouts. They are amazingly helpful down to recipes and any support on a journey for weight loss, or building muscle , or just health in general to give helpful advice and information along with the tools to do them! Love this!!
amanda Bryan
Sep 19, 2021
I like the way the app creates good food ideas in a healthy way that actually taste good it don't seem like I'm eating healthy. I love the fact that's it's a free app as well. All I need to do now is get the energy to do the exercises
Joanna Oyedele
Sep 6, 2021
I really am surprised by how well this app worked within the first few days I saw a difference and the food section and meal plan was very good. My only problem is that the app doesn't allow for a break between workouts and makes it a little tricky to change positions.
Julia Payne
Aug 11, 2021
I have only been using this app for about 3 weeks. I only have good things to say so far. The excerises are so convient I can easily turn on the app and take 5 to 10 minutesto workout. I'm already seeing progress being made. In 3 weeks I have lost 1.8 pounds which is not much but it still is good progress for me. This app is so easy to use and the covience is unlike so many other apps. I can excerise at my own pace.
Krystal Lockerlar
Aug 5, 2021
So far so good really good things to help you on your weight loss journey I really appreciate it please never change a thing...
Kaosarat Akinbode
Aug 3, 2021
It's so amazing like there's this feeling that just comes with the app oops fore I forget my core and clothes are also testifying😍😍
Tonya Jones
Jul 29, 2021
I have the FLATTUMMY TEA and I'm excited to try it but I love #1 that this app is FREE and it has so many tools to get me back on track. Thank you 😊
Jul 7, 2021
My experience wit dis app is amazing✋🏾✨. Shud def install💃🏾💕 . Hope whoevers reading dis has a gud mornin/afternoon/evening/night💗😋 hav a cheat meal once ina while😉(i'm jk,but if u want)I hav not done da meals yet but soon😔👌🏾
Lessedi Lexi
Jul 4, 2021
Ive completed day 2 and already getting comfortable with the diets and exercising I've rated you five stars because i feel like you can help me maintain exercising
Kloi Walker
May 8, 2021
This app is absolutely amazing all of the delicious breakfast items that are so healthy for you that you could still eat and the workouts are pretty hard but when they just motivate you to push through then you have to do it and you feel great after cuz you know you're going to feel stronger but have a little bit of pain but you are going to notice that you want the body you really want 😄
Veronica Ahern
May 6, 2021
This app is fantastic! I am by no means a gym rat, I feel like these are simpl3 and to the point. I have 4 kids and run my own business I don't have time to waste on guessing what to do.
Apr 16, 2021
I wish there were breaks in between some of the harder work outs but and motivates me to push through and I absolutely recommend this app.
Madame D
Apr 10, 2021
Top notch 👌🏾, minus a star because I'm petty they stopped hair, skin,and nails supps they were a hit!! 🥲
Michaela O'Rourke
Mar 9, 2021
So far I just started this and i am so excited that they literally already have a meal plan prepared for you. That is goals right there. I struggle with cooking so the fact i have everything right there for the week is amazing!
diane Cross
Feb 9, 2021
Sux..was charged the subscription price right as i went to cancel and will not give me refund....im pissed ..want to give zero stars but just like the refund ..i cant
Latrice Taylor- Brown
Jan 30, 2021
Great app I love it but it cost too much money for me especially in the time we are in right now and need because it is crazy covid-19
Kayla Hutton
Jan 26, 2021
I'm not a person to pay for a subscription for anything ever, but this app was definitely worth every penny. This really helps me break a sweat and I'm already seeing results after less than a week:)) Thank you for this
Mahealani Kuamoo
Dec 9, 2020
Don't recomend purchasing or doing any type of business with this company. I ordered from them on oct. 8. Over a month later I received a package with missing items. I requested a refund they denied me the refund, when it was the company's fault. They also refused my request of not shipping the rest of the order because I didn't want to wait another month. They sent out the shipment 2 days after I had requested for a refund, and then stated they can't issue a refund because the order is on way.
Ella McKendry
Nov 6, 2020
This is app so good.. a community of supportive women hyping u up and u see great results from tips and tricks... really reccomend this app :)
Bs Shan
Nov 6, 2020
I just downloaded the app but by the stuff people saying in the app im actually gonna try it amd tell my opinion later on
Joelene Case
Oct 19, 2020
This app is much needed!! I'm the type of person that needs motivation 🤦The videos are great and the products actually work and are affordable. Thank you 💖
Valencia Barnes
Oct 8, 2020
I went on the app and I was not impressed I already paid for the flat tummy product why do I have to pay talk to other people on workout I think you should make this a free app because people are buying your product they should be able to use it for free and I really cost over $80 for your product that's something flat tummy you need to think about I'm sorry I can't use your app just going to have to go It Alone
Oct 3, 2020
Don't even bother.... you have to pay for literally EVERYTHING. Sure they have a free trial but there's about 900+ other apps that you can use for free.
Wendy Saget
Sep 23, 2020
It is not even free. It is so annoying can they just put down the purchases so we can workout!?! Gosh it is so annoying
Elizabeth Fields
Aug 24, 2020
To access any of the features you immediately have to pay for a subscription. Disappointing. All I want is a free work out app
Winter Allen
Aug 21, 2020
This app isnt for me. I was in search of a supportive community with like minded people who want to improve their health. I already have a fitness and workout plan that works for me. Back to the matter at hand not many people are active in the community. They will ask questions but people barely response. Then when someone does they never follow up. It makes me feel like I am talking to myself. This is just my experience and not what I was looking for.
Clarissa Mariscal
Aug 18, 2020
I hat with because we have to pay and even if it's cheap or not I hate it 🙄and go ahead and put 👎no because it's my opinion
Mei M
Aug 15, 2020
Amazing app to get fit or stay fit. This app makes it easy with workout routines and meal plans i love it
Nina Tailor
Aug 10, 2020
Now a days nothing is for free, not even trying to work out at home. It's rediculous, it's so hard hard to find a decent app that doesn't ask you to pay or subscribe to use it.
Aug 5, 2020
I'm not giving you money to watch tutorials or read healthy recipes that I can find online for no money.. This app should be free. Period. But just like everyone else, you're after that almighty dollar.
Samantha Y
Aug 4, 2020
This is stupid. You should be able too look at the workouts etc without having to subscribe. I can see if you're not able to start a workout because need subscription. But not a look around before seems suspicious.
Aug 4, 2020
DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! 7 days free... and cancel before 7 days are up or you will be billed... NO THANKS! Post Ads with true info. Also, your app shouldn't be considered free with in app purchase. Can't try anything without agreeing to possibly be billed if you don't cancel in time. Back to YouTube for me! BYE!
Katlego Mphahlele
Aug 4, 2020
a s t r i s m o f f i c i a l
Jul 27, 2020
This is a Scam so i show the ad and it said it was FREEE so i got the app then i signed in and i pushed the exercise button AND IT SAID START FREE TRAL!!!!!!! what the heck it rhe ad said it was FREEEEEE!!!!! I HATE THIS APP DON'T GET IT!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠
Stargazer In a trance
Jul 25, 2020
Very easy to do exercises thay get increasingly hard over time. My only suggestion would be to not rush making ky harder too quickly. Some of us are really out of shape and keep up. Lol. But besides from that it is a pretty good app so far. Makes me want to exercise in order to feel accomplished
Halle Henry
Jul 23, 2020
I really don't understand how this has a 3 rating overall like this app is absolutely the best. The food rationing like the options you have for your diet is just beyond amazing and the workouts are just 😘I really just love this app and I love how it's also helped other people lose weight whenever I see others using this app it gives me like more motivation 💙💙 love this app highly recommend to lots of people looking to lose weight..
Lorena Villalpando
Jul 21, 2020
I got really excited about this app and when it finally installed I have to buy monthly subscription and i was upset because I thought it was free
Rhylee Keane
Jul 17, 2020
this app is amazing it has helped me figure out and understand how to keep my health in check the keto meals look so good and the workouts are both fun and push me to get me where i want to be
Middle Tms
Jul 16, 2020
Don't get this app you cant do nothing unless you pay money if you dont have money your not gonna be able to workout.
Chell Smith
Jun 23, 2020
Every thing I saw said free. You cannot so anything except look at comments for free. Everything else you must pay a subscription for. Waste of time
Isher C
Jun 17, 2020
Great exercise but not worth the money. Although the app has various different areas you can work and suggested meals with recipes. I do think it's over priced for what it is. Loads of better apps and you tube is also super helpful if you have the time
Marnita Hayes
Jun 13, 2020
My flat Tummy package came yesterday, Shake, Lollipops, tea, cleaning tea, and Shaker cup. I started drinking the Shake but add almond milk and it was delicious. .. can't wait to see the rest of my journey using Flat>Tummy Lifestyle!
Jun 11, 2020
WE HAVE TO PAY?! This is ridiculous. Paying is a tiebreaker for me. Unless you have money to spare. I don't recommend this app
Annie Starcher
Jun 5, 2020
I gave this app 1 star because you have to pay to work out. You can not do anything until you pay.☹☹
Cindy Spencer
Jun 4, 2020
I just signed up for this and I am super stocked for my 7 day trail. And I hope to join... I need to be the best me... I need to get my but and legs some muscles my skin is getting crappie skin cause I am going to start dating again.. I need a butt legs and I would be great I am 56. And I need to keep me going... I am Cindy Help... lol
Danielle Horn
May 26, 2020
I got on hoping it was free but you have to pay a membership and to start your free trail you have to be subscribed you could easily find a free app that does the same or a better job.
Brooke McGinley
May 25, 2020
Helps keep me motivated! I enjoy using the app because it's a great starting point for a beginner. I would suggest adding the ability to see how to do a workout DURING a session, not just before. Also, being able to pause a workout would be helpful. Sometimes I have to check a message or something and the workout starts all the way over (including the timer) so I have to skip to where I was and I'm unsure of the time it actually took to complete the session. Otherwise, loving it so far!
May 25, 2020
This is my 4th day using the app and so far I like it. Each day it gives me a workout and meal plan, which I find convienient and easy to follow. I can see my meal plan each day for weeks ahead of time, so that it's easy to meal prep and buy the groceries I need.
Cami Angeleri
May 25, 2020
the second tou have access to the app itself, you wont be able to do nothing. Really, nothing at all, you can start a free trial but obviously would have to pay. I do not recommend, there are many good apps which are free
May 25, 2020
This app is amazing the only thing i would like to change would be the payment. But otherwise its amazing.
Chloe M
May 25, 2020
You have to pay to use the app. If I wanted to pay to lose weight, I'd get a personal trainer! Not an app!
Chloe Campbell
May 18, 2020
You have to pay for the food plan, and work outs and I didn't come here wanting to pay for something so simple wish it was a better app 👁️👄👁️
Drea M
May 15, 2020
So far, I've enjoyed using the app to start becoming more active during COVID-19 & to start losing that stubborn bulge in my tummy. I tend to bloat a lot & have been using the Detox tea to help with that as well & have already seen a small difference after using it for 2 weeks! I plan on seeing even better results as time passes. I love how easy to follow the exercises are and how short & quick each daily workout is to complete.
Stella Tillya
May 15, 2020
Nice app, easy to use and I love the meal plans. This app have help me drop 15lbs, love it. Honestly if you follow the instructions and eat right there no reason you should not lose weight with this app. If I did it everyone can, no more paying for gym fees while I get everything on one app. Thank you flattummyapp🙏
Juli Chio
Apr 30, 2020
The app is not bad, but would not worth more than a couple of dollars per month. The meals are nothing special and the workouts you can just find better for free on internet or other free apps. Sorry, looks more like an excuse to make money and sell the products from the app webshop...
Dharma Barr
Apr 30, 2020
Its so easy to use and makes it easy to get in a workout whenever and wherever. No workout equipment required! Their shakes, teas, clothes, vitamins and meal suppressant lollipops are awesome too.
Apr 23, 2020
This app is helping me keep on track with my goals. I have started with the beginner level and am working my way up. Love that I can take 10 minutes with this app and feel like I'm accomplishing something amazing! Definitely a worthwhile purchase.
Apr 20, 2020
Can't even see how the app works before creating an account and doing the paid subscription. I'm not doing a paid subscription without seeing if the app is any different from the FREE ones. I want to cancel my account but the app won't let me do it either.
Apr 19, 2020
Worst app, and i have cancelled it before and was still charged $32 so I had to cancel it again because somehow I apparently didn't cancel when I know I did. Don't waste your time on this app.
Apr 15, 2020
Easy to follow and you really feel you've worked out even though they're quite short at beginner level , thumbs up from me
Apr 9, 2020
Apr 8, 2020
So now when I signed in it cost money so I tryed to go back to my home screen and it asked if I wanted to go back I said yes and it deleted all my apps😠!!!!!!!!
Mar 30, 2020
Sooo good to keep on track while I'm stuck at home. Not wanting to lose the progress I've already made. Recipes are great too, recommend for anyone stuck at home right now!
Mar 23, 2020
Hi This app doesnt working in my phone My phone is galaxy A30 samsong with android 10 I live in Iran.
Mar 20, 2020
Amazing! This app helps keep you motivated with a ton of fun workouts. Easily done at home without having to feel uncomfortable!
Mar 18, 2020
This app is real helpfully.. Its helps you how to workout at home with no excuses.. Helps you to eat healthy and the receipes are very easy to prepare.. In just one week i can see the different and my body doesnt feel heavy no more.. Thanks a lot!! Flat Tummy!! #teamflattummy
Mar 17, 2020
It's ridiculous having to pay for this App when you are a Flat Tummy customer. This App should definitely be FREE!!! (like most apps are)
Mar 16, 2020
I love it! I am already sweating😂 This is a really good work out!!! 5 star for this Flat Tummy work out❤️😙
Mar 13, 2020
The only way I could find to cancel my subscription is by emailing them. You pretty much have to cancel on day 6 of free trial because the description says you will be charged 24 hours before the end of free trial or something like that. So yea it's a 6 day trial, and super complicated to cancel.
Mar 11, 2020
This app is really confusing to me. I really would like to talk to costumer service to get a better understanding but there doesn't seem to be a phone number to speak to a live person.
Feb 27, 2020
I just downloaded the app. I have skimed through it and i will say that it is full of things that will help me to lose my weight the right way.
Feb 20, 2020
Why when i click on manage my subscription nothing is there i would like to cancel my subscription before the 26 of February the app do not work properly on my phone some please contact me regarding this i will be seeking a refund if i get charged the 19.99 because i have did my due diligence to try an cancel
Feb 20, 2020
Horrible app. They stole money from me and refuse to give it back. I would not recommend this app to anyone unless you want money suddenly taken from you and hear this run around BS on why they can't.
Feb 19, 2020
When I started I didn't think it would work for me. 3 weeks in and there is visible progress! Not only am I sticking with it but I so excited to see even more progress. If you want to feel better about yourself give this program a try.
Feb 12, 2020
I downloaded the app, signed up by filling in the necessary details and after that the app refused opening. Went ahead to sign up with my Facebook account yet the same issue still occurred. Please what could be the issue? Kindly look into it so as to enable users like me have a better experience. Thank you.
Feb 12, 2020
I like it. I'm doing the 7 days free trail now. Hopefully I don't have to pay for some of the things I'm doing now because I can find something similar for free if so.
Feb 7, 2020
As a new mom I love workout from home and this app provides me with the best no-equipment-needed exercises
Feb 6, 2020
This app is not for me.. tried to contact you via email a few times and just get automated response.. I signed up for 7 day trial.. but I knew after day 1 that it wasn't for me.. and I'm hoping I get a response before the trial is up... I don't want to get billed for this.
Feb 6, 2020
Its a lovely app, you'd really enjot it if you're looking to lose some weight. Its very effective. I give it 5 stars!!😍🙂💛
Feb 4, 2020
App is very easy to follow. You can take with you of course, you can choose your intensity level, and no equipment needed at all. I love that the meals are based off you diet type. I love the choices for the vegan meals. I definitely recommend it!
Jan 30, 2020
Can't even sign up without adding payment details so that's a bummer. I don't even own a credit card to sign up with but seems like a good way for them to steal money from you since the free trial requires you give credit card details.
Jan 22, 2020
Disappointing. Lists no membership, yet the first thing asked after you sign-up is how and what type of subscription you would like.
Jan 19, 2020
Keep getting charged and they won't cancel. I did this for a free trial. And never used it and there is no way to cancel I've looked and sent emails. Not a worth the timei would not recommend downloading this app
Dec 30, 2019
Too much for an app. Yes, I know there is a free 7 day trial but what's the point if I can't keep it?
Nov 15, 2019
You have to pay. Losing weight is hard to do. You shouldn't have to pay to feel better and more confident about yourself
Nov 13, 2019
Saw the ad on Instagram thinking n.v g that u can join for free. And then boom they want a payment plan also your card information just to start a free trial. Not everyone has it like that to make payments. What's a good app that really help others out without wanting payments all the time.
Nov 10, 2019
This app is trash, the videos wouldnt load up I've taken it off and reinstalled it, closed the apps and it still wouldnt work. It's too many free apps for me to pay for an app that doesn't work.
Nov 8, 2019
Cost too much for what it is. There are free apps that can do this. The workouts start too simple but it wont let you advance till you go through the whole easy ones which im just standing here trying to get through them. Not for everyday people.
Nov 8, 2019
Cuando persona descarga una aplicación gratis, es porque sencillamente no quiere o no puede pagar un plan. Me parece una perdida de tiempo el que para acceder a su contenido tenga que obtener un pago obligatoriamente. I wasted my time.
Oct 25, 2019
No gym, no equipment! That's awesome opportunity to work out at home or anywhere! So convenient! Thanks
Oct 22, 2019
There is huge selection of meal options with the calorie breakdown included which really helps with meal prep. There is also a good variety of workouts to choose from.
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