Eyes: Scary Thriller - Horror

Category Adventure Game
Platform Android
Package com.eyesthegame.eyes
Horror game with school, mansion, hospital! Scary thriller with creepy jumpscare

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PigeonSlapper SuperSmacker
Jun 3, 2022
Ads are annoying and open your browsers and send you to a bunch of different apps. When you use your eyes it's no help because it doesn't reveal anything about the monsters position. If you're looking for a real thrill or a fun horror game.. this ain't it.
Jun 1, 2022
Multiplayer Please! 😭 I hope every horror games has a Multiplayer, I like this tho since im 10 yrs old I've been playing this and so on, but it's unfair there's no multiplayer i hope you will add some new update like the other game that has multiplayer but it's not purchasable because all we need is for fun, Playing fun, having fun, and laughing 😌 i will change the star if you'll make us fair 😭♥️
May 28, 2022
The best thriller game I have ever played! The ghosts aren't that scary, except Krasue :'( But I love her. I would say this game is 100% thriller game and no need to find a lot of stuffs to survive. Just grabs the bags and escape. In short, this game is simple and easy to play but it can still chill down my spine. That's why I love it! This game deserve a lot of Downloads 🔥
Emily Meyer
May 25, 2022
Fun and awesome game! With 4 different ghosts to chose from, 3 different maps, and multiple different modes! Endless excitement and terror... best horror game I've played! The only irritating this is when i wanna revive ill watch an ad and the screen freezes... which sucks but I usually just retry the level until I succeed so It's not a big issue for me.
Sahtya Thompson
May 24, 2022
honestly i like playing this game because I unlocked one level but um only use to the regular chapter because this chapter is scary but not really I like playing the creepy and scary chapters and other scary game's but for me to continue to play the game without getting scared is that I have to be used to it when um not I'll just get scared and be afraid to move along and go to a new area but anyway I like the game please updated it if there's a update I'll give it 5 stars
Dominik Pieloch
May 21, 2022
This game is the most terrifying game which i played in a while. And the graphics are great and the monsters are horrific, love this game you should play it 10/10
esharive Joshua
May 19, 2022
It is cool, at first. It is not that scary after playing it repeatedly. I think those coins should be put to good use like purchasing. Make a way to make her scarier next update please.
Akamakam256 Plays :D
May 19, 2022
Very funny/scary, game. This game has been my childhood since 2013/2014. So it's really a funny game. Hope y'all find this horror game scary too! And I am also very happy, that they still update it. Mad respect, from me!
May 18, 2022
I like the game, it's very suspenseful and creepy would recommend this to my friends. Also please add multiplayer mode so me and my friends play together.
Just Fabs
May 18, 2022
Before you install this game just want you know that when you press play to play the game you will get an ad when you beat the game you will get an ad everytime you start it ad when your done ad and they give you an option to play ads for free coins you have to grind to get coins to unlock more games to play. And these ad have about four steps to exit the ads. If you want to get rid of the ads it cost me about 6 dollars. 6 and i paid cheaper on another game to remove ads.
aly omar
May 17, 2022
I liked the game very much, krause was so scary same on charlie, but good boy isn't really that scary, I didn't find any bugs in the game, but the biggest proplem in the game that chapters cost( In-game) money and they are so expinsive you need to play too many times too unlock them, i wish that when you complete a chapter the next chapter gets unlocked, that would be really cool, the graphics are so cool compared to a mobile game, lastly i just want longer eye time, but i really enjoyed.
May 17, 2022
Just 20 bags to collect. In standard easy mode it is really easy. Maybe in hard mode it may get more difficult but the gameplay is okayish. Doesn't have much
May 16, 2022
A fun cat and mouse like horror game, especially for mobile devices. If you're looking for a game with a couple of good scares, well designed environments, and decent replay value, then Eyes is the game for you.
Hiroshi Suzuki
May 12, 2022
Very great horror game tbh, the reason I give 4 stars though is because, there could be a little more added in. Such as new chapters or maps, maybe some more bonuses
Anupam Pramaik
May 10, 2022
The game is great but it takes an hour than a minute but this game is really cool and I appreciate it anyways I wanna salute to the creator of the game he is actually good at making games thank u very much this is an offline game to play when ur bored or u don't have network worked greatly in this game I'm suggesting u that u will become more and more famous...but I only gave 4 stars cause it takes time but anyways thank u for this game..
Luis Junior
May 1, 2022
The game is great! The graphics are really great and the journal and Main menu. The one thing is the chapters, they cost but I understand why they cost, its probably because of the difficulties in the game, where you get more coins the higher the difficulty! Also the reason I rate a 4 star is because the game does not save your progress on other devices or reinstalling it, I found other games that require Google play games and then it saves your progress, please fix this!
Ιωάννης Καΐλης
May 1, 2022
Beat the first in normal mode... Didn't know you could change modes, i swear whenever i go down and look with the eye she comes down💀💀 nah my heart can't take it mobile horror game ain't made for me XD PC games though i feel like i have better control of my character
Ephraim Inda
Apr 27, 2022
Well,not to brag or anything,but this game got a bit...., to childish for me,I mean, I won all levels of it and I paid for the next level,and for all levels,and yet I'm still back to level 1?! I mean they, I can't spend my time wasting money on a game! I've got a life out of this,this is just a message to everyone, don't rush to much or you'll be out of money for nothing
seleana frakes
Apr 23, 2022
tried playing but it kept throwing me into random google play store apps when I was being chased. Witch would result in me fumbling to try and regain my direction. I only played the game for 15 mins and it happened 4 times. After the 4th time I got kind of annoyed and uninstalled it. But from the little bit of play that I got I was spooked and running for my life. It was fun .I don't see anyone els who was haveing this problem with the game frome the reviews so maby I just had a buggy download
Levi SoStax
Apr 19, 2022
It was great . There's this one girl she's really scary all she does is scare you pretty much . N apparently it was my first time ever playing this game apparently it was great . I really like the graphics n uhm im from 2 different towns 2different ones . N I thought it was greaaaat
Apr 17, 2022
Wow, very nice! Really keeps u in your toes. I have played some similar ones which I thought was great, glad to have found another to partially quench my insatiable thirst for nerve chilling horror settings, aaaaahhhh, the hell was thaaaaat.... Oh sorry, backflash, moohahaha.... OK, played the first stage, then fortunately saw a tip for the sandbox, which severely and greatfully (for my heart) allows u to explore rooms without spooks. Hilarious customization option to add own face and voice:))
Apr 13, 2022
Game is really good. But the ghost cannot enter the room, that makes the game boring. There should be hiding places on the map, the ghost should be able to enter the room, once it see or feel you, that is when the hiding places comes handy. And there should be "a safe room" on the map where the ghost cannot enter, no matter what. (Hiding places can be anywhere, inside or outside of the rooms)
Apr 11, 2022
Personally I love this game! Me and my friends play all the time taking turns and such! It has the perfect blend of fun while also being scary, I recommend downloading it.
Sapphire's Logo
Apr 8, 2022
This is amazing, it's scary but not too scary. The first time I played this she scared me but now she isn't scary I wish that the eyes we're longer and clear but overall I like it. My cousin beat the game bc he kept reviving lol but after that,you can't play a different level because they cost money, which makes me unhappy. I would give it a (5 stars) if it were free or you could be at a level to go to the next one, so beware if you beat it because you have pay for the next level. Thank you❤
lewis 's channel
Mar 30, 2022
I personally have a lot of good memories with this game, but it's recently fell off a little. Here are some changes I'd reccomend: Change Ursula, her design doesn't fit with the game. Also, the jumpscares were SO much better in update 5.5.38, I have no clue why you'd change it, but please change it back. Last thing, PLEASE give Krasue some sort of way to get around a shut door, it completely ruins the vibe when you can escape her by simply walking into a room. Other than that, this game is great
Lyndsey McComb
Mar 8, 2022
Seems like it could a fun game but every time I tried to play, the adverts that opened were the wrong size format for the game, so the close ad button is off screen -meaning closing the game after every ad -and there are lots of ads. Yeah, no.
Mar 1, 2022
Ive been a fan of this game since 2014 and ive recently came back to it to find out its been updated massively, to new ghosts, new modes, new difficulties and new locations. There is so much fun stuff to do in eyes and is still a scary experience ever since i first played it all those years ago.
Sector Z
Feb 27, 2022
This game is definitely my favorite horror game I like all the monster they have and I'm definitely interested in the story plot. The only thing I would like to see more of is more updates more level's the witch was good,but she didn't continue with the story so im not that pleased with it. I'm hoping we get a new update
Nathan Iric Inciong
Feb 27, 2022
This is scary and good! I always scream when they chase me and I really liked it, but I only rate it 4 stars because It will be more good if I can play it with friends. So please do multiplayer in next update, that would be good and much more fun
Emily Bennett
Feb 22, 2022
I love this game so much! its so fun to play with friends or by yourself! It would be awesome to be able to play in multi-player. it would be so cool if you could make it optional who your characters were and how many characters you want in double trouble to tho. but other than that its so fun! the graphics are good and it would be so cool if you could add new places and characters like if you put a mall. that would be so cool or for a character you could put a haunted doll. Love the game🖤❤🖤❤
Josh Spirk
Feb 14, 2022
This game is scary but fun the is monsters that chase you you have to collect money bags and eyes to see where the monster or monsters are. And there is modes like trick or treat and endless. And if you just downloaded it just pick easy or newbie.
Feb 9, 2022
The first time i played this was way back 2015 the game atmosphere was all black and white and had a plain story, but this year 2022 these game changed. The rooms have colors now and the story has changed too. It's good to play this game again after so many years.
Shane G.L
Feb 9, 2022
This game is the most iconic horror games of mobile and a nastolgic for me cuz of how they didn't change alot of the map and only add more details of the map but i was hoping there would be a co-op/multiplayer gameplay option in the future....
Feb 8, 2022
This game is the best horror expierience i've had. The only thing i would like is like triple trouble, quadra trouble and maybe another map. But dont outwork yourselves, you can do whatever you want, but don't make it too bad (you probably won't). As well i'm asking you to make the jumpscares more scary. Like the krasue eating you or something like that. Either way this is a very fun game. I highly recommend this game to everyone!
Aaramya Gupta
Feb 6, 2022
Boy oh boyyyy... This game is EXACTLY what it says it is. It's really creepy and it has many jumpscares. I highly recommend downloading it of u want to experience something extremely challenging and adventurous!
Atalia G.
Feb 1, 2022
I really like this game. Unlike the other games I've downloaded this game doesn't bombard you with ads. You do have to watch adds to get more eyes, coins, and to revive yourself. But other than that it's a good game. Also the jump scares are nothing to be exited about. They are just a bummer, I think they should be more scary.
J Murphy
Jan 28, 2022
After some time you realise....they need new maps, new updates, new scary things, the ability to actually control the run button and perhaps level it up. It's a brilliant game but it feels like the makers have abandoned it. It's just boring now...
Chelsea Webb
Jan 25, 2022
This game is amazing you can revive yourself by watching a 30 second add (however many times you want to) you can watch 30 second adds to unlock more eyes so you can see where they are and to unlock the next levels you can either pay real money or you can watch adds to gain coins and unlock them it's a completely FREE game I've never had a game that was actually free and didn't make you pay for new levels or extra stuff. It has Jump scares and it's a really fun game! 100% recommend!!!
rituraj koranne
Jan 16, 2022
This was my child hood game I use to play it after slot of years this game changed alot. The graphics were good in the old time. With flash light looks even nice. This is the best horror game I played since 4 years old. Why changed this game it already good with flash light and cheap graficks. New ghost are also cool. Also the edit mode my favorite mode
Seiege vantedeth
Jan 9, 2022
Best horror game i like how the penanggal appears but please fix bugs! Cause sometimes charlse and Krasue stuck in one place and the eye power can't see them because they are stuck and when i pass through game over....but so far this game is truly amazing and creepy the hardest part to avoid is the good boy damn can't hide from him! Hehe
Lia Camel
Dec 31, 2021
I really like this game because it is hard and really horror. The most thing that I like is the hospital bottles which make you invisible. It's more easier for me on nightmare. Something that I would like you to do is to add a new map like a big space ship or a big under ground base.😄 Can you make the jump scares more creepier? And can you even add like custom mode like to build your own map?😀 And when we run can we run like for 6 seconds instead of 3? And can you add another ghost pls update
Something Gacha
Dec 31, 2021
It's a great game don't get me wrong, it's just I bought the hospital MAP w/ the pumpkin, and I can't play the hospital in sandbox mode. I can't explore and I have no clue how to play the hospital, so I barley want to leave one room. Otherwise, like I said, it's a great game. 4 stars😛💖
Lani Owen
Dec 30, 2021
I LOVE the game is sacred me a lot but I like scary games it has me trembling but I love it. I like the design of the game but u dont get much stamina and you have to wait to get more stamina so that's the only thing I think that should be changed but I love the design of the monster👌👌👌
Lukas Hopkins
Dec 28, 2021
It's a very smooth game, it doesn't freeze up like most games and there are only a few ads between each level but I kinda wish the game was darker, it would make the game even more scary
Paulina Ucotich
Dec 27, 2021
I'm a coward I can't do it lmao, but the experience was AWESOME !! I didn't saw if you can play it with 2 or 3 players if you could make it multiplayer it would be awesome like maxim 5 players, I have 2 cousins that I would like to play with in this game so I'm not scared, just that recommendation, the grafics are good to be a phone gamr and there's no lag, I experienced no bugs and its easy to play, the history is so cool and I 100% recommend it, OH! And about the monster, it's so well done👌👌
absorber is amazing
Dec 21, 2021
I love this game! When I get really bored I start playing it. My sister's have the game but doesn't play it that much but she plays it sometimes. But when the doors slammed, it actually scared me!🤣🤣 I start playing and playing it everyday. So this is why the game Eyes Is my favorite Scary Thriller.
Ally Plays
Dec 18, 2021
The game was very odd and it wasn't properly working when I tried to play it. The game made no sense either, it was just really random. It was probably just not working right for me, but I really want to know the backstory of the monster, and just the story in general. I'd love for this glitch or whatever it was to be fixed
Alexis Hernandez
Dec 12, 2021
I always play this game when I don't have wifi and stuff. it's entertaining and can be scary at times. I just don't like that unlocking takes so much effort for a game that does really have much game play to it. other than that, its fun
Nov 15, 2021
I love this game! It is very immersive, and very good quality. I love the concept of the eyes, as you collect them and use them to see where the monster is. I like the three maps and their explorability, but I wish they would add more. Can't wait for the next big update!
Milah Bear
Nov 8, 2021
They don't give out enough coins to buy the stages. nobody is wanting to play the same level that many times. Plus they charge 5 sdollars per stage for the other option. The ads are very aggressive. You can't really play the game unless you watch an ad to make you run for 2 seconds extra. I can Only find 29 bags in nightmare. And if thats because I revive myself (with an ad🙄) then that's kinda dumb.
I am Mubanga
Nov 7, 2021
I'm not into horror games much..but this is really a good game. It's got fantastic controls, amazing sound quality and isn't just an excuse of horror. It's fun and the story develops beautifully 🙌🙌...
Artemis Willøw
Nov 3, 2021
Really suspenseful, and anticipating gameplay. When you first start off in the game I really love the graphics, and the sounds in the game. Also how you feel terrified when the word RUN comes on the top of the screen and you panic hilariously. Interesting items and intriguing backstory. Overall very interesting to play/explore.
Tiernen Anderson
Nov 2, 2021
okay its a good game but thats coming from a player that plays on the switch the mobile version is way worse BECAUSE there are too many ads the switch only costs a few bucks and has no ads and is only missing the witch stage so waht im saying is change the mobile version to be more like the siwtch version and add the witch to the switch but still keep up the good work
lucky lemon
Oct 28, 2021
This game looks good from what I've seen (which isnt much). The issues is as soon as I open the game it just constantly flashes. The screen is always flashing black/white, and this isn't the same for anything else just this game. Is there anything that can be done to help? I've searched on the internet, restarted my device, etc. but it won't stop.
Anthony Biggar
Oct 20, 2021
Absolutely LOVE this game!!! The ambience is great (although it could have been nice to have some more variations other than persistent wind and creaky doors). I think Krasue is probably my all-time favourite. Takes a while to rack up coins, but worth it. Nightmare mode really IS a freakin' nightmare! Almost NO chance as the ghost/monster is way too fast. Hopefully next time they do improvements they might make it even more horrifying ('specially the jump scares!)👍🏻😱
• Tristanity •
Oct 15, 2021
I love the story, it's not too complicated or too simple. It's a fun game, and a blast from the past. My only problems was that the game might be too easy for some people, but it makes up with it's first impression scares, and the jumpscares, although surprising, aren't scary, and get repetitive. I love the game, but I wish there was a little more challenge in it, and it could do that by allowing monster to enter rooms, and only being able to stop them from coming in would be a lock or something
Aufiero Clan
Oct 14, 2021
i really enjoyed just because it not only made my heart race but it made me feel i had to hide in a room and never leave which is why i loved it and the only bad thing was the controls on pc for looking around which made it harder to run away but also added a feeling that this creature had more advantage making it more scary. great game and love the little subplot to it made the game more fun.
Oct 10, 2021
I consider it to be good since it doesnt have that much bugs in it and ads, but id like to ask if its possible for the developer team to add up a multiplayer feature which possibly could build up the tense and fun that the game has:))
Austin Keenan
Sep 26, 2021
I know this is a game that's been out for a while, but it's still quite fun. Scavenger hunt with patrolling monsters. It is especially exciting when you are spotted and make a dash for safety, just barely making it. A game to revisit as we enter another Halloween season.
Logan Lessard
Sep 22, 2021
This is great! The only problem is the fact that Krasue changes directions upstairs or downstairs REALLY quickly. But other than that, this game is actully an adventure game to me! Oh and also, before i leave the game store, make nightmare mode have a little more money bags, though i dont play nightmare mode, it would be good to at least add a little more money bags. Also maybe make a multiplayer version because that would be super SUPER SUPER excellent! Also make another room in the basement!
Sep 6, 2021
I love this game so far, noises are chilling, the graphics are perfect, and it certainly adds a bit of fear when you can see where the monster is.
Rían Malik De Cleir
Sep 1, 2021
Ok hear me out : I managed to run past her (caught a glimpse of her going opposite way as I was opening the door)and started climbing the stairs with the speed boost just ending. SHE WAS ALREADY UPSTAIRS! Teleportation?;Also got stuck at 29 bags in hard or nightmare whatever. Impossible to find. And you can't leave or you just start over again. That part sucks
candes gem
Aug 30, 2021
I love it very much. But I been having some issues. Like when I try to run the game freezes. And like when I watch an add to get more eyes I have to log out and log in again. And the main reason I uninstalled this game is that I know the ghost spawns in the basement but as it does it rushes up the stairs and waits around the spawning room. And as soon as I step out and take a turn to go down the two ladders it kills me so I basically can't play it anymore. But still recommend it. THANKS 😇
Someone Unknown
Aug 28, 2021
Theres one major issue: I can't enter endless mode because Everytime I get to the continue button my device blocks and I have to restart it. And once when I did manage to enter endless mode it was so laggy I couldn't do anything. But overall great experience. (Please fix this)
Mr. Bro
Aug 26, 2021
This is a masterpiece of a horror game. Great plot and very cool mechanics. I really recommend it if you like horror games. The other chapters should be free but I still bought them. I hope you are working on updating this game and adding new chapters and possibly new game modes. Multiplayer can be cool too but i dont know how that would work out
Aug 25, 2021
I played a lot of horror games , but this one is on the top of them all , everything in it is just perfect the audios the graphics the characters, and of course the story it's so deep and mysterious Now that's what I call a horror game!!
Aug 13, 2021
I've played this game a very long time ago. It is very good game. I wish there was at least co-op or lan multiplayer. I'd pay with real money for that. I hope this game keeps updating and evolving too! Thank you for making a wonderful game. It's also fun to play multiplayer like I hoped for Granny 1-2. Again thank you very much! :D
Okijubt Defdtc
Aug 11, 2021
When they said "horror game" they didn't lie, this game is the top over all horror games. Quality, 10/10. It's so realistic, like when the ground shakes to aware u that "she" is coming. I've played this with my cousins and damn, it gives alot of jumpscares which is what makes it FUNNN. But the thing is, I really wanted a chapter 2 of this game for so long, and it hasn't arrived. We👏need👏a👏chapter👏2👏. But considering the game, it's a 5/5 <3
Skulldaddle Man
Aug 5, 2021
A classic...truly. I like that they updated this infamous game. I wish more people would come back to this gem...for nostalgia...you know? Edit: I miss the old music, and the new modes are paid if you don't have the patience to watch a hundred ads...
Shawntay Ervin
Aug 3, 2021
Addictive, love ther jump scares. nice adrenaline rush. only reason for 4 starts instead of 5 is it takes so long to buy with coins earned in the game to get more monsters and locations. i would also love to know the backstories on the characters: how they died, how was Good Boy hurt, why they haunt the locations they do, ect 😁
Kenna Nichols
Jul 29, 2021
I'm the kind of person that needs to be able to invert the looking mechanics. Basically I need to be able to slide my finger down and the camera moves up and vice versa. I've always played games that way. It's difficult to control it the way it is now. If you added that function, I'd rate this five stars. Because I've always thought this game was creepy and fun
Kriti Thakur
Jul 24, 2021
This is very scary game but I gave it 4 stars because when we play this without network connection we can't play it without disturbation a note again and again come that best experience in network connection and the way the witch come I always get very scared but by playstore it is the best horror game on it so I installed it otherwise I was not going to do it so thank you and sorry also playstore....
Jul 21, 2021
Saw this game when Markiplier played it when it was a PC game. Love it as a mobile game, although I think you guys should consider remastering the PC port or atleast improving it from the rather poor state it is in nowadays, even if not a lot of people will play it there. Regardless, very good on both.
Depressed Squidward
Jul 2, 2021
If you play it for the first time its really good but if you finished the game it becomes boring, all you need to do to win game is get the bags of coin and leave. I wish you would put easter eggs, multiplayer, more interactive stuff and a deeper story to the game not just a rich vampire ghost that'll kill you. Its a great horror game but it needs more to do.
Alpha Jman
Jun 30, 2021
Hey devs . Nice game . Can you please fix that sometimes story may have 1 missing achievement (usually last achievement ) ,please ? I looked everywhere for it but can't find it .it's either an item that was there before updates or a text collectible
Marie Leigh
Jun 25, 2021
I actually enjoy this. I wish there's more different places to explore. More complicated places/rooms. It would also be nice if there's a multiplayer available, and if you add more items to solve/investigate but still getting the money/treasure is still the objective, I bet it would be more fun.
Sean Hoghna
Jun 23, 2021
Very fun and suspenseful! Not exactly terrifying but the thought of a monster chasing you in the claustrophobic and dark corridors can really be nerve wracking. I do, however, wish that there was an alternative option that would alert players of the presence of a nearby monster instead of just flickering lights and haunting noises. Still, it's quite enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who has a knack for suspense and creepy gameplay.
hailey wessley
Jun 15, 2021
This game is very scary! it's a very fun game. Though I don't think that there should be like hints on much things like we're the monster is, because I k ow around it now and I know we're that place is, I feel as if it should be a challenge to make sure not to get caught and not know we're this monster is. But other than that I really love this game!
affan Ali
Jun 13, 2021
I love that this game doesn't beed wifi at all, it runs so smooth on many devices and it doesn't lie this is full on horror 🥶 the only reason i have done four stars is the ads. Sometimes i glitch due to the ads. Please Fix This
Alishaa Amin
Jun 1, 2021
💁🏻‍♀️ This is the best horror game I have ever played. Simply the most scariest game I have ever seen, I love the game really much! But I'm so scared and I don't wanna play bt I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.😊 My heartbeat increases at the witch's scream. I'm a little scared. That's the only reason I uninstalled the game, but it's really fun.
Jessica Tucker
May 25, 2021
I'd like it more if it would stop freezing right before I am about to get my coins for finishing a level. I get all the way through the nightmare level and it stops at the wait a minute screen. It sucks and makes me not want to play.
May 20, 2021
I play this game since September 2013 it was super scary when its my first time. The graphics is HD smooth its like a HFR. The nightmare mode is super extreme and its super hard for me and I loved this game and i miss it :)
archana Pandey
May 18, 2021
Although the game is very horrible 🥶 but I liked it.. it's nice but I would like to give only 3 starts because it's not very much interesting.. you should make it more scary and the thinng is we cannot play with friends as it happens in free fire but it dosen't happens in this you should add an option and that option can help us to play with our friends but okkk this game is also very much fine I have played it only 2 times but I am giving it 3 starts ok please make it better..
Baby booon
May 12, 2021
It's eyes a classic game but it's just a grind and a half to play different levels nothing really stands out as important except it flashes. The witch (spoiler) is also in the mansion? So I'm paying 500 coins for the same map just a different character skin instead of klause. Even still with that this game is quite enjoyable and thrilling. The controls are easy cooldowns are a pain watch an ad though and you'll go faster when you Sprint and it lasts longer. And use an ad for eyes.
Rinna Cakes
Apr 30, 2021
The game was very awesome but the problem is.... When I enter the hard and nightmare mode... She is so fast and the second problem... When I start the run mode. It has only 5 seconds... You should update this to 10 secs.
Shore the 2nd
Apr 28, 2021
Very fun! The expert mode has useful modes like sandbox mode aka YOUR HOME MODE, and custom ghost mode, sadly the old jumpscare is gone, but in custom ghost mode, try sticking your pets face on and if you have a dog, ask them to speak, then there you go! very fun but in expert mode put the old monster and the old jumpscares as a option, but 5 stars
Elmeri Arokanto
Apr 27, 2021
A really good game! Highly recommended. And for those who complain about how long it takes for the speed to load, i beat nightmare without even using speed. It shouldn't even exist in my opinion.
William Eaken
Apr 8, 2021
It plays well the first day. But get to the 2nd level (or not even this time) and it keeps kicking you out. I was thinking of going no ads. But as you lose how far you were when you reinstall. I am glad i did not waste the money.
MWO Jeonmaham
Apr 2, 2021
It's sooooooooo great, I Luv it! It's been so long that I've been searching for a game like this. Not gonna lie, I almost got a heart attack when it said RUN! and that body less head came my way. And I dropped my phone😂. And I just love it! It's better than everything! And the sound effects seem sooo real. It's just the best game! Totally recommended! ㅋㅋㅋ
Delaina Richmond
Mar 31, 2021
This game is AWESOME, when i first opened the game i got a few minutes in and Krasue got me without any warning. I saw the "RUN" at the top of the screen but i didn't know which way to go and i turned around and there she was, I literally screamed😟. My brother won't let me play it by myself😠, but I'm really happy with the game I highly recommend for horror lovers!😁
taskin ahmed
Mar 20, 2021
This is my favorite game ever!!😀😀😀😀😀 I love this game....along with the scary sounds of those monsters( specially krasue..😨 that creepy, kinda girl singing voice). And their chasing, in nightmare mode..it gets too hard and also fun to escape the game. The eye runes made it more fascinating and exciting. Escaping the school is the toughest, where the door opens automatically!😨😨 Dances my heart!😨😨
Matthew Greige
Mar 20, 2021
Graphics were good and controls were for the most part but lack of explanation and tutorials for necessary features and game play in addition to no where to run when youre supposed to run led to an uninstalled game.
Cam Eseehc
Mar 13, 2021
I did find this game very intriguing, however it would lag just enough for me to not be able to run when I needed to, and the tool to look around was hard to use (that might just be me though). Regardless, it's a pretty good game! I liked the atmosphere, story, and the graphics. (The jump scares aren't some cheesy ones, they actually kind of got me)
Vixy Shaw
Mar 10, 2021
Good game, fun to play and lots of different modes. For some reason, remove ads doesn't work when pressed? Improvement suggestion; the option to purchase a permanent Sprint boost (extra 2 seconds run and the 40 second cooldown instead of 60 seconds).
Faraz Shuja
Mar 6, 2021
Amazing game! It is definitely a very neat horror game with amazing jumpscares and fantastic visuals! Only if they make the game's graphics a little better and turn the ghost's appearance a little scarier, believe me, this game will be on top!
Enzo Carpineta
Feb 26, 2021
I loved the game, but it can sometimes be too hard to pass some levels, like in school hard mode the difficulty is yes high, but still I find the challenge quite impossible, and it's super hard to achieve all journal entries, there should be something to help you achieve them. And I believe the game should have more chapters, I know it might not be easy to make one, but please, make new chapters. 😊
Matthew Bracken
Feb 26, 2021
Nice details in graphics Did not play long enough to give a thorough rating. Character movements are difficult even after tweaking the settings. This is on a tablet. Not sure of other devices.
Raziel leizaR
Feb 24, 2021
I love this Brings Back Many Nostalgic Memory and Moments from Past Games From Console to Pc. Graphic 5* very simple sharp and vivid. Sound and Music 5* Ere And Really Heart pounding. Gameplay 4* Simple Good. the Motif the story the mechanic the whole Game is Well made many Bug and Glitch but you will not Notice it if your not a Very Critic Person. overall the game is Great Horror Genre Nice to have in every Game library I give it 5star* for it's Great Concept and Simpleness of it Good Job Devs
cecilia garcia
Feb 19, 2021
I love this game and I've been playing for a long time now but I have just one minor glitch. Every time I try and play on sandbox mode for the school map, the game crashes. Please fix this.
Feb 17, 2021
A very good game!!! I love it i just want to say that it a bit dark so if you would put it a bit lighter that would be great! And i also want to say the thing that annoyed me is i get stuck in lots of things when i try to run away from her i get stuck so she gets me and u could add a bit more to the upstairs that would be good and u could add ghost mode if you dont know it means the killer doesn't see you that would be great i love the game it just need a bit detail
Ismael Martinez Dominguez
Feb 14, 2021
There are a lot of bugs but they don't effect the gameplay that much. Keep up the good work. But I wanna know do the potions change the out come because in endless mode the way to go invisible it red then green but in standard and pixel it's green then red? Also can you add like chose different mobs like I wanna play with karasu and good boy.
cassiopeia 2000
Feb 10, 2021
Good graphics but it was very laggy.... unlike before. Please fix it. It's hard to look around and when i move forward then try stop, it doesn't. Please fix it. Thanks.
Dakota A
Feb 7, 2021
Amazing app, good time killer, no problems, little ads, and good made. Never experienced lag, and full of excitement. I reccomend this to anyone seeking a good horror, or time killing app for sure!!!!
Feb 4, 2021
Probably the best horror game on mobile. It's so fun, good, can get annoying sometimes but it's full of scares, customization, and all around a great game.
Stein Giesler
Jan 30, 2021
Excellent game! I HATE Jumpscares, but this is presented in a fun way. The only complaint for me is that I like to play offline, and when I do, I'm constantly interrupted by go online prompts. You have togo online to download different scenarios. I don't need bombarded by online prompt while I'm playing. Great game nevertheless!
Marc Dolloff
Jan 30, 2021
it is it is a really cool game I love the graphics and I love the jump-scares. my cousin was scared when I got scared of the game. LOL. but one thing they should fix up is that the Killer should not be camping the stairs or the door. But other than that then I Love the game.
Anthony Helmick
Jan 28, 2021
I love it the best horror game ever.But every time I wanted good boy on mansion he'd be stuck 😩 and I would die because of him and I got him unstuck but he kept doing it for the intire game. After I got killed I realized that he was stuck again 😑 and it keeps happening to me no crazy other stuff but can you fix this also what does "uploaded files required" mean? I feel like I should know but I'm only 8🤣🤣🤣also add more characters to the game i played them all!😁
Rose Belinti
Jan 27, 2021
I love the game. My horror lovingness and my love for jumpscares loves this. I love the option of watching an add to get 3 free eyes. I would have given it 5 stars if it didn't take a lot of trys go get coins or pay real money to get to anoth level. I also love variety of monsters.
Rob Dux
Jan 23, 2021
OMG YOU SHOULD TRY THIS HORROR GAME IT IS SO GOOD!! IT GIVES YOU THE CHILLS AND MANY JUMPSCARES!! AND IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR PLAYING AT NIGHT!!THE GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING AND THERE IS A BUNCH OF MODES!! Like trick or treat, endless mode, pixel mode. And you can also make your own ghost with your face or a picture off Google!!! And the beta includes immersive mode!! You can play with two monsters as your choice!! A bunch of fun levels and really scary. I DEFINITELY RECCOMEND THIS GAME! SO SCARY
Theresa Chandler
Jan 21, 2021
This game is amazing! I have been playing it for years. I cant think of any flaws! But i do have some suggestions. Maybe make it so you can disable flashes? That way i can play this with my friends that have epilepsy. And add a 'newbie' or 'practice' mode! So newer players can figure out the map and objective without the monster chasing them!
Nijiel Jude Delarmente
Jan 17, 2021
Good App!!! It justs like the old update before 2019! And you should not play alone in the dark with this game or in 3:AM!!! AND THAT'S A WARNING!!! Because if you do that,you will get a nightmare! Eyes the horror game for more information! And krasue is just an old like thai women! Ursula the witch's voice can kill you're heart! Because it can make a nightmare to those who are scared of devils! And my problem is,I saw your viewers telling you that theres too many bugs and glitches,fix it all!!
Jan 9, 2021
Quite scary tho...😁 but I love the graphics and the controls. It is very easy to play. I can escape many times but its not too easy its just normal..😎 Cool game and recommended app💟💟
Tony Ireland
Jan 2, 2021
I like the game a lot but ran into a couple of bugs and problems 1: all the monsters can go through closed doors (especially charlie) in school and the room in the hospital basement 2: charlie now doesn't need his paintings to get around as he came through the wind knights banner near the stairs in the school main floor 3: I was playing double trouble and both of them were chasing me, I got into a room and they left but the RUN! thing was still flashing as if they where right next to me.
S Sharif
Dec 22, 2020
Very well made horror game, however I wanted to point out a bug. There was a moment when I was in the basement against the new character Ursula, I had collected all money bags, and after using an eye, Ursula glitched near the stairs on the middle floor. This happened twice. Also, it would be nice if the player could collect bags and eyes with their right thumb while moving straight.
Michael Krueger
Dec 12, 2020
I always enjoyed playing this game! And the Immersive Mode is a major challenge especially on Hard or Nightmare difficulty. I really want you guys to make another mode! I will love to see Triple Trouble mode being made to make it one heck of a challenge for anyone to play! You choosing your 3/4 ghosts of your choice as what Triple Trouble should be. I will love to play Triple Trouble mode if you can make it, please and thank you. That'll be interesting for so many to try.
kaio leandro
Dec 12, 2020
I love this game, great graphics and etc... but every time I finish a mission, the game crashes. It shows in the screen "please wait" and I wait and wait and nothing happens. At first I thought the problem was with my cellphone, but it is not.
Surendra Kushwaha
Dec 2, 2020
Hello developers ! I downloaded this game again and I have to say it is an amazing game. Lots of jumpscares, cool story but, if I would be able to play it online can be fun . And more stuff to the monsters like collectibles for them as hats and this game is good. Thanks for entertaining us people with this game. ;)
Nov 29, 2020
This game is really cool. The graphics are amazing and it gets your heart pumping. Although the game is good it gets kind of boring after a couple of times you play it. It would be cool if there was a setting to where she's not there because when you go to see where she is it's confusing for new players since you have to go through rooms to get to new places and it can be loud so she's attracted to you where the sound is.
Jooe Momoland
Nov 29, 2020
I really like the game a lot and it always gave me jumpscares but the problem is,there's always an ad popping up when i'm going to play,i always like to give this a 5 rating but....i turned it 3 bc of the ad,please help or fix it.
Gaby Páez
Nov 27, 2020
It's a good game overall but when I want to find all parts of the story bugs since I can't find 1 thing to have all notes. That's with all levels. Without that, a pretty good game.
Nov 26, 2020
This is a pretty cool game ngl, I like the fact that it indicates that the monster is nearby. It lacks something though, it NEEDS multiplayer and a bigger map!! It would be a very fun experience to play this game with your friends😄. <3
Nov 23, 2020
I think that this game is really fun. Its also amazing that it still gets tons of updates, even though its an older horror game. The one problem I have with it is that there is no multiplayer. I think that this game would be really fun if there was a multiplayer mode with open and private lobbies. It would be cool to see one person as the monster while the others have to try and survive for a time period. Just a suggestion though.
Callie Callie J.
Nov 22, 2020
Nice concept, but horrible game controls. Takes forever to maneuver to objects and then when you get to the target object, it doesn't even respond when you click on it. Uninstalled this quickly. No use playing of it is going to be overly annoying and if you cannot even interact with anything. Just a bunch of wandering.
John Luis Yahot
Nov 18, 2020
Downloaded this again because i want to see another improvement. As i expected it isa very good improvement again, every updates of this game has a lot of feature and bug fixes...which i/we really liked. I know it's alot of work but can we have a Local multiplayer in the next update? where we can play multiplayer by connecting on wifi or bluetooth? If so that will be really appreciated. :)
Mehdhi Hassan
Nov 16, 2020
I Love it!! I enjoy playing this game, this is the most horrible and creepy game I have ever seen and it's a really interesting game. Thank you so much for adding a new character. I've been waiting for a new monster to release. Keep on making new monsters, and make new locations. The new monster (Ursula) you added, is when if it's on the same floor as you, I can't hear the sound of it, the lights just flickers and the sound of things shaking is all I hear. So could you fix this problem. Also can you add a multiplayer mode and a VR mode. Thank You.
Mr BrownYT
Nov 14, 2020
Very good quality horror game, especially for a mobile game. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay keeps you on your toes. The sound design is decent, and overall I really like this game. Definitely worth a play
Nov 12, 2020
I Like this game good gameplay good grafics and good controls. Love the new update about the witch. The Problem is that when the monster caught you and then trying to get another chance to be able to continue playing the game. They Will Kicked me almost out of the game. But when I play It offline I Can Continue playing this game But Still when I press to get another chance they will still kicked me almost out of the game They will say ( Eyes: Scary Thriller Horror game) And then restart again!
Mai R.
Nov 11, 2020
It's sooo good what's more fun if you add more ghosts and you should add multiplayer mode for more fun, my friends wanted to but there wasn't. Please update! I want to play with my friends for more fun! If you update it with multiplayer mode I'm very happy ( ꈍᴗꈍ) and thank you if you update it. And you should add characters and new maps, you can choose whatever I don't mind
Kunal N.C.
Nov 8, 2020
This game is very scary and awesome. The first level is very easy to play and from the next it becomes more harder. The double trouble and the endless levels are that hard which are very very hard. The mosters are also very scary and 2 of them are very fast too which make the game more hard. But the eye makes the game somewhat comfertable to play. I would highly recommend to play this game and I guess this is the most scary game of all.
Nov 7, 2020
I love the new update but the problem is when the Monster/Threat is on the same floor as you I can't hear the sound of them the lights just flicker and the sound of things shaking is all I hear Maybe in a update or something you could fix this problem. Thanks. 😀😀
Salisa W.
Oct 25, 2020
I loved playing this. It seems this game has multiple locations you can visit and play them at different levels; there are 4 levels. The 1st location is free. While the other locations are not. You need to buy the rest of the locations. In-game coins make this easy. The one thing that i did not like is it is not a completely offline game. Some of the perks needs internet for you to use it. I don't know if it was just mine. The hand drawn maps was only for the 1st location.
Oct 21, 2020
I miss the old classic Eyes - The Horror Game. This new one feels very different and worse than the old one. This new one really does feel like a mobile game where as the old one feels like an average indie pc game. Also the new title “Eyes: Scary Thriller - Creepy...” makes it sound like one of those rip-off games. The way how you open doors, the graphics, the map design everything feels different. And I mean it's worse than the old one. Should've just added a new map instead of making a new 1
That Creepy Uncle
Oct 11, 2020
Dear developers, this game is one of the only horror games I loved to play when I can't do anything, so keep up the good work! I also recommend adding a LAN/Multiplayer mode that's up to 4 players, because I've always wanted to play this game with my friends and family.🙂👌
Za_ Lettuceman
Sep 11, 2020
This app is great I used to play it back in primary school which was 2016/2015 I ended up deleting it for some reason but I finally found it again and damn has it changed it's a great change! With the back story connecting to every ghost and the dog (aka buddy) I can't get over it and u can make it own ghost!!! What! It's amazing and it's one of the best horror games I've ever played so five stars 😜
Bob Smith
Sep 2, 2020
Can't play it. I'm essentially barely shuffling from room to hallway mostly looking at the floor. I managed to get a couple of bags of gold and I think 2 eyes Off the Wall. This is with nothing chasing me. I don't know how to work this absurd controller. I tried to get to an instruction and wound up in a menu section being forced to choose some other part of the game where ghosts will be chasing me. I can't even navigate an empty room. This will be getting uninstalled real quick.
God Of Conquest Estosane
Aug 28, 2020
Its a wonderful game but there's one thing that make me unsatisfied. The ads, it keeps popping while your playing, even when your running. It pops like crazy. But the rest its fine.
Eugene Y.
Aug 22, 2020
One of the first horror games I've played in my childhood, which is great. The only problem is just Charlie which is actually a bit hard to play with. Overall good game, with a bit of a good ol' day feeling at the old times where the mansion map was different.
Aug 16, 2020
Why did they change it???? It used to be black & white with a short draw distance so everything seems dark. Now everything is in color, rooms are fully lit and the scale actually seems smaller. It sucks. Loses all atmosphere. I also don't mind paying i.e. $5 for an ad-free app and to support developers but paying to unlock levels and bosses is a horrible move IMO.
Aug 14, 2020
This app is the scariest game I've ever played and the sounds of the ghost makes my adrenaline rise. The graphics are really good and the joystick is really easy to control. (110 percent)Try this game 😁😁
Caitlyn Elizabeth
Aug 11, 2020
I was excited to try this game. But I'm disappointed. Whenever I try to click on an object it won't let me (even when the object is glowing indicating to tap it) the controls are kinda annoying but that's just my opinion. Just disapointed. The graphics are awesome and the concept is fascinating.
Jordan Hill
Aug 7, 2020
I'm so happy with how far this game has come. I used to play it In middle school and I'd get so mad because I would just continuously die but I played it so much I had every single room and door memorized. The graphics are better, the lighting it better. Eyes has come so far in the fast couple years and it's awesome!
T S Isaac Yurthing
Aug 1, 2020
This is a great game but the problem is that when we try to like turn it ..that time its slow.....😅if that could work well then it would have been perfect... cause it was so slow that suddenly the demon came right behind me and i was like running backwards somehow i escaped that 😁😂but nice game😉
Jul 29, 2020
This app is amazing. Im playing it first time in my life. First when I played the mode was on simple and I had to find 20 bags of money I got scared and eaten two or three times But then I chose Newbie mode and found 6 bags at last I had to stay in a room for sooo long and wait for her to go away. I kept saying (please don't eat me, please don't eat me) inside my mind😂😂. But I have a confusion🤔:- did i only go there for MONEY? I want AnSwErS NOW!!!!!
John Smith
Jul 20, 2020
Your "running" on the game lasts 3 seconds. Your running speed is barely faster than the demon spirit thing looking for you. So, its almost impossible to get away from a demon that can pop between floors instantly but move slowly on each floor. With the terrible controls and limited run time, this game needs a decent bit of work to be scary and fun like granny, emily wants to play or 5 nights at freddys. With improvents to controls and get rid of limited run times it would be a good start.
Jul 15, 2020
Nice controls!! And the first time I played it I got HUGE anxiety. The story was very tragic 😥😥😔 with the clues about the main character being trapped and unable to help his wife as someone seemingly killed her and the graphics where very good for mobile game!!
Robert Payne
Jul 14, 2020
Was 4 stars now 1 star since ads started appearing at the top of the screen which blocks the clock when invisible or running fast. Have no problem with ads between games but during game & partially blocks screen while playing! Enjoyed playing for a long time time to uninstall 😠
James Gregor Valino
Jul 12, 2020
Great game i have played this game, i already memorized the pattern of the ghost and that damn dog and one thing about it was once u finished a map u keep on going on that same map to get coin to buy another map and does it make sense to buy the damn monster i suggest remove the damn coin earning stuff and make it more like a story line so that players wont get sick of going on the same map all over and over again and feel progress on their gameplay just suggestin devs its not all bout the money
Maryam Sadiya
Jul 5, 2020
Good game 👍 if ur finding a horror game it is perfect 👌 and the graphics is very good. I gave four stars because it starts playing ads after each game and if I put the internet off it ask to put on for full game experience. 🙄 But this is nice and the music adds more horror feeling 🧟
Ben Kent
Jul 3, 2020
This game is an excellent horror game on the go. Just two problems. ONE- In the map "Mansion", there are wierd glitches where the drawers and boards are missing or in the wrong place. TWO- I personally play offline to reduce lag, but there is one thing that bugs me more than anything...THE "YOUR OFFLINE SO YOU CANT TO THIS" bubble that pops up in the middle of your game...and always at the worst time possible. Either make a setting to turn this off or get rid of it completly. So many deaths.
Faraz Ali
Jun 28, 2020
Love it! The story is just amazing and the feature of notes and journal makes it even more exciting and thrilling. Would have been really nice if there would have been more monsters and new places. Overall, its a chart busting game. Good job, devs.
Jun 22, 2020
Been playing this game for 7 years and seeing it evolve with time is the best! This game turned from that simple game into this scary one that makes you feel creeped out from the atmosphere and makes you tense up whenever the ghost is near. Even the story, the small puzzles, and everything else is just amazing. I've always loved this game and will always love it!
Abhiraj Dewangan
Jun 11, 2020
The overall game is good but the reason why i am giving it 3 stars is because It's story...The story doesn't make sense at all. The story line must be clear and interesting but the usual walking is boring. The game should have objects that can be used by the player to interact with other materials.
Jun 7, 2020
This is a really good game😆. Its really exciting and it gives an option of playing other monsters. Although it does cost alot of coins to get it, i dont mind, cause it gives me time to improve. Im up to hard mode now😼 and im ready for anything. I also love the monsters and techniques of the game. I luke how you can adjust brightness, sensitivity. E.t.c. live this game, and i hooed this review helped
Sniggity Snack
May 28, 2020
I used to play this 3 years ago on an iPhone when there was still the flip your vision around and end up on the roof glitch. That was honestly the funniest glitch ever because I loved walking around on the ceiling. I ABSOLUTELY love the first monster design, I dont remember her name. I'm excited to try this app again, I'm excited to try to make the James Charles monster lol. hEy sisTers!
Logan Romig
May 27, 2020
A very scary game scarier then granny and a lot of others the feeling of paranoia that you don't know the location of the creature knowing that one turn could be your death. And one cool thing is there are more monsters than just krasue. There are charlie and good boy. And more maps like the hospital and scool. And the cool mode called expert which lets you play with monster like good boy and charlie on maps like mansion and the others.
Nur Haliza
May 23, 2020
I started play this game when its named Eyes The Horror Game and the monster only Krasue. But, i think it might be more awesome if you guys add features where the player can switching as the monster and catch up the thief, and multiplayers (online). Thank you.
Elizabeth Sundermeyer Van Houten
May 21, 2020
This game is a great thing to play. The horror element actually makes it scary. There's a lot of varying game modes as well, like chasing a pumpkin, surviving with 2 ghosts, or playing with an 8-bit filter. My only reason why it isn't 5 stars is because all the difficulty does is make ghosts stronger and more money bags to get. Maybe other things could change, like the amount of eye runes in a level?
Pandora's Actor
May 21, 2020
The best game to commit suicide by getting a heart attack. I don't recommend you guys to kill your self, just recommend this horror game to kill your pride call yourself a so called brave. This game way better if it also get release in VR mode and have more story line. The jumpscares, the music, the sound effects and also the graphics was the best. Don't believe? Just try by yourself.
Rachelle Wilske
May 15, 2020
This game is amazing!! I love all the new characters,i use to play this game when it was only karasu,but now theres more!!..i love the different type of layouts and the way each character has a backstory (my favorite story is good boys) Although..i do think that karasu needs to be remade..she has that same design as years ago..but i do think its a majour update the way she went from a sexy ghost to a horrorfying head haha!.. This game is a small bit glitchy every now and then I Still love it ♡
The Despair Puppet
May 13, 2020
I have no words on how amazing this game is! The plot and story is well written,jumpscares are well done The only thing I would love to have is a mode with Krasue,Charlie and Good boy in one mode! And maybe the map could be school or hospital 😉. I don't know but I would really like this mode! Would you consider adding it?
Sushmita Roy
May 11, 2020
I love this game😀 it's obviously really scary but I wish my running duration was a bit longer like I wish I could run more......and also I wish there were more coins in the bags because I work so hard for escaping the demon and at the end I just earn 20 coins or something Overall it's really good and challenging sometimes the eyes don't help like they show the demon is in the basement but somehow within 5seconds its on the top floor!!
May 7, 2020
So i used to have version 1.0.8 but i lost it recently bc of the new updates, so i tried my best to look for version 1.0.2. I gotta admit, the old ghost girl was a lot better than krasue bc its a lot easier to run away just by double tapping the screen. Her only problem is that she could go in any room literally. That's what makes her scarier and harder to play, if she comes back to the game one day in the future i hope that she will be the same as the beginning like her going in rooms. 👻👀👿
Annalyn Lazo
May 5, 2020
Great game! Really had me screaming. If you guys can, please add a LAN game. Why? This game is really enjoyable and I think it would be much more fun if my friends and I can play as survivors and just run around the mansion. To make it fair, once someone died, they lose all their progress. Meaning his status resets, it would be a race to whom can do it faster. Please do this then I'll rate 5. It would add a new experience to game.
Rajeev R
May 3, 2020
I liked this game very much because it has Good controls and graphics.there are so many kinds places to explore as well as a beast also guards the places.the best place I like is mansion and hospital because those places are scary and more interesting to explore.I was so close to escape double trouble in nightmare mode but that two were so fast that I couldn't win.but anyway it is fun to play the game because it is so scary.I hope for more updates . thank you. dvlopers for making this game.
Apr 24, 2020
One of the best horror games! Scary thriller with creepy jumpscare You break into the mansion at night. It’s huge and built like a maze. You're trying to escape, but the monster is after you! The chase begins. RUN!! Escape ghosts and endure evil jumpscare in this free yet terrifying survival horror game. Discover heart-thumping terror, chase and scary creatures in this free atmospheric horror game. But no matter what, never play alone in the dark. As you explore decaying rooms in search o
Apr 19, 2020
The game is excellent. Best graphics than the other horror games out there! You could make your own monster and have the sandbox mode/practice mode (wherein there is no monsters wandering arouund) plus the Double Trouble Mode.
Apr 8, 2020
The game idea and over all concept is fantastic. It will definetly get ur adrenaline. Just that pop up that is annoying when ur playing every 30-40 sec. I so far dont like the hard level the monster is too fast where in it definetly needs some adjustments. Buggy too. And i would like to recommend earning point maybe too much hard to earned.
Apr 6, 2020
I'm just 10 but i can play this,kinda scary,other than that its amazing!, for me the 'make your own monster' is kinda a glitch, i cannot add the face somehow... i can only add the voice and when i try to add the face it says ' Galtlery Has Stopped. Try Again in 1 Minute ' after one minute, it keeps doing that. Other than that it is a really awsome game, but i hope that only happens to me ☺
Apr 4, 2020
I think... the best horror games in the Play Store. The only problem is there's no Multiplayer option, this game would be 100% complete if it has a multiplayer option
Apr 3, 2020
The game is really fun, but there is a glitch in the option "double trouble". When you get caught by "Eyes" you have to start the game all over again instead of reviving. This is because when you revive, Eyes will still be next to you and you can't move. I had to start the game over multiple times because of this glitch. But other then that the game is wonderful. I hope this is only happing to me.
Mar 31, 2020
Great game, the jumpscare gets me each time. The only thing I would ask the developers to change is the amount of coins you need to unlock a new map. Otherwise a great game.
Blayne Bettes
Mar 31, 2020
The reason I gave it a mainly 4 stars is because I just c ok uldnt find all of the clues and stuff for the story line and I didn't know how to get full stars and how to get coins to go to the next level and iij just plainly didn't know what the potions where for. My overall was a damn well good game, just a tad confusing to me.
Mar 29, 2020
This game is awesome! It's so much fun and super creepy! The graphics are amazing too and I love the different monsters and environments you can choose from.
Mar 27, 2020
I really enjoyed this game it looks like just another item search game but as you go it turns out there's a deeper story. Sscrets to uncover. Trying to figure out whats going on increases the replay value over all it was a good game and well put together
Mar 26, 2020
Really fun game, been playing this since 2015, but I have a few suggestions 1. I think bringing back the old Krasue jumpscare would be a better idea, it startles me more than the new one 2. Remove Krasue's jumpscare sound on Charlie and Good boy and make them each seperate different sounds. Theyre not females. 3. For a new ghost, I think it Should be Emily 4. Saturate Krasue's color, I miss the red eyes and red organs, she looked scarier
Julio Gonzalez
Mar 22, 2020
The creator of this game did an amazing job if you're looking for horror games you should really download this game just beware that there is jump scares you can just be walking and then the next you'll be running for your life I really love this game it's so fun the only thing is in the mansion in normal mode if you stay there for more than 10 minutes the ghost gets faster but other than that I really love this game.
Mar 15, 2020
It's a really fun horror game to play, and I enjoy the challenge that nightmare mode brings, despite me never actually managing to beat nightmare mode yet. The story is cool as well, bringing some amount of history to the character you play. Overall great game to play in your spare time
Mar 15, 2020
probably one of the best horror games i've played yet . thanks for making this game , i overall really enjoyed it ! :) i used to play it with my cousins and friends at nightime . we used to turn off the lights and hide under the blanket and play this game . and once krasue or charlie came , we screamead our lungs out ! this game gave me lots of memories and i would totally recommend it ! thank you for reading this ! this game just gets better and better with new updates ! keep it up guys !! :D
Feb 25, 2020
This is a scary game for a mobile game. The only problem is that you should make it so when you click on the eyes. It would last longer. Because I've died from that a lot of times. And it is very annoying but except that this horror game is great. Please make some more so I can play them for YouTube videos.
Feb 25, 2020
Scary haha But overall really nice layout I love the story line and everything surrounded by it. It gives chills and it makes you second guess yourself to play it, challenge: play it in the dark!🖤🤍
Feb 19, 2020
Best horror game ever!!!i found this on my friend's phone!it has modes like newbie,easy,normal and hard and other places and ghost the modes help you like if your like who is easy to be scared do easy mode but if your hardcore use nightmare mode and the best part is they have a mode that your the one who's gonna make your ghost and a mode that you can just explore!!play this!!!
Feb 15, 2020
A basic PC-original game ported to Android that somehow feels a lot better than it did, despite little having changed. I like that they seem to have expanded the story and game with new monsters to fear, albeit for a price. A decent game to give you a decent jump.
Feb 13, 2020
I honestly love this game! It always gives me chills hearing the sounds thst mean the monsters nearby. I've been playing for about 3 years now, (uninstall and reinstal, i just keep coming back) and i honestly loved the choice of which monster to which stage. Like Good Boy in the Mansion. I rate it 4 stars because if that feature was here, and the shop seperate, it seems a lot better! If the issue is that you (developers) wanted it to tell the story better, than why not have a seperate story?
Feb 10, 2020
I've been playing this game since it first came around and there was only one map and beast (the floating head!) Am I amazed to find that this Indie game has progressed further and am not disappointed with the new cool stuff that were added. Well, you can spend money to support the game, and it's all worth it. :) I would like to request an offline LAN multiplayer mode, though, if possible. Just imagine if you could play with your friends, and one of you was controlling the beast. Epic!
Feb 8, 2020
Not so scary, but it can get real tense. I absolutely love the crying noises that play whenever the monster is near. The gameplay is great, and it feels like there is so much more to explore
Paul Easten
Feb 8, 2020
Early days for me and this game BUT so far so BRILLIANT...great graphics,great controls and gameplay mechanics. VERY creepy and weird. But a lotta fun...my advice is approach with caution but approach ya definitely should. KnowwhatImean???!!!
Jan 28, 2020
It was an honestly a horrifying yet challenging experience. It also includes lore to these creatures but the best thing about this is how customizable you can make the experience and challenge yourself in different ways to combat the AI. Truly fun game and will always play it when I want to burn some time.
Jan 27, 2020
I love the customization in this app. You can select pictures to have your own ghost. And that's i did, it's really funny to scare my friends with their epic faces. 😂 But ofcourse the graphics and everything was good. I recommend this one, it's really interesting.
Jan 26, 2020
Amazing game! I love the graphics, the music, and the mind puzzles! I just earned level 2 and cant wait to play it. I'm giving three stars as of now because I've only played level one. You can watch ads to boost the running skill and get more eyes. You don't even have to pay money to unlock the other levels, you just have to play through levels to earn coins in game! You have the opportunity to buy other levels if you choose! You can even earn coins if you fail the stage! So worth the download!!
Jan 24, 2020
Theres a bug in this game pls fix it: So i was playing the good boy level and got 300 coins! So i bought charles And played his level too until the expert Levels acted weird the characters the good boy and charles were locked??!!! I bought em! But now therelocked i cant pick which level to put the monsters now i tried resseting but google play would save it anyway i tried restarting the game no use just locked Pls reply cause this is a really frustrating bug but anyway the game is reallynice
Jan 22, 2020
Really enjoyed the game, controls easy and precise. I only wish for more levels and it can be easy to get lost in the hospital section downstairs. Definitely made me a little jumpy and on edge.
Jan 21, 2020
My classmates and I used to play this horror game back in 3rd grade,it was the first horror game we've played that we couldn't sleep at night just by thinking of the monster..Here I am 6 years later downloading it again only to find out there are new monsters and new features,it's not as scary as before but I still recommend this one,5/5!
Sourav Prasad
Jan 17, 2020
It was a great experience,i mean it really made my heart pound with the sound effects.mainly the sound effects😂 but it should have had more stories u know,it was kinda short.
Jan 10, 2020
Really good game. But after the second level you either have to spend some serious time relocating levels top ferry in game money or you have students real money to progress any further.
lxsy_ Dxisy
Jan 6, 2020
This AMAZING!!!! especially the newbie part where she floats so slow I walk past her a lot, but sometimes it's to riske 💗💖💗💖 keep up the amazing work! Plus my favorite part is that there are NO BUGS!!!! thank you for making this game 🤗 I'm not borad in my car anymore because of this fun game!!!!! And plus this scared the hecks outta me!! ♡♡♡♡
Jan 4, 2020
The game is good by itself. It is sorta nerve racking for the first few plays (2-3), and it is a small time killer. But it does have a lack of enemy designs, and they all seem to be the same gameplay wise, which makes the game turn bland very, very fast. Also, I've seen the floating head model in several other games, and I could tell it was ported from some sort of store.
Jan 2, 2020
One of the more underrated games. Other games such as granny never let games like this grow... But this game is outstanding! I have been playing it ever since it has come out on the play store and I have watched it grow! The developer has come so far and has even left a tear on my face... If the developer is reading this, thank you for making my teengage years awesome!
Dec 27, 2019
One of the best horror game ever! Oh, and i really hope you could add a multiplayer mode so that we can play together with friends and family as a team. I think maybe like five person in a team. Each person should find 10 money bags to get out from the place. That would be thrilling and fun to play! Just a little suggestion from me. Thanks!
Eng Say Kian
Dec 26, 2019
The Eyes game is the best horror game, I really like it. It has many different side you can go and also need to escape a ghost, the ghost is always surrounded in house. The places was awesome!!!! Hope more horror places.
Purple Tiger Lover
Dec 24, 2019
It's a really good way to pass time when I'm bored especially when at a loud place where you can't hear very well which makes to game more intense because you can't hear when they're nearby so you have to take a risk going from one place to the next.
Dec 23, 2019
Extremely horrifying! Amazing graphics especially for a mobile horror game, I love the story! Chapter 3 scared me most, but for some reason I unlocked every map and monster yet on expert mode all I have is krasue and the mansion, please fix that. But this is my favorite horror game, Paulina did an amazing job! This game is a must-play!
Dec 18, 2019
I left this game for a loooooong time and find it to be A LOT DIFFERENT than before! More maps and more settings means more challenge and more fun! I love Sandbox mode as it let you explore the place first before trying the actual gameplay. Good job, even though I'm still quite scared to try even on easy hahahha
Dec 16, 2019
Game had a good general idea. I enjoyed the concept but not much content. Originally thought the game had more options and more gameplay. Suspense and horror on my first time playing was ok but fun kinda went away after a while.
Dec 14, 2019
You need to fix some problems: 1.) The "INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED" tab keeps popping up on the screen. 2.) Make meat respawn in endless mode too. 3.) Fix the the languages which is not working on mansion and krasue. 4.) Fix a glitch in which monsters are passing through the walls when they are already so fast in endless mode. 5.) Some texts in journals dissappeared. 6.) Make the sprint upgrade permanent. 7.) Make the joystick a little bigger so we can control the game easily.
Nov 18, 2019
This game is quite scary and I enjoy playing it. Also for the developer of eyes, will you guys add more creature or a ghost in this game? Cause I would like to play the game filled with a lot of story chapters not just three chapters fighting krasue, Charlie and good boy all at once or one by one. But I want to know if you guys would add some more new opponents?:v
Nov 2, 2019
Honestly it's more like 3 and a half star game. It's a pretty decent game that the average player might play for a week or 2 then uninstall. It is good, especially for a mobile game, and has somewhat interesting lore, but the main problem is way to many ads. Its honestly insane how many ads it shoves down your throat. Another thing it could improve on is more maps. I do recommend installing this, but avoid sinking any money into it.
Oct 21, 2019
It can freeze blood by game play and UI. But only level one is available for free 😟. However the elements and sounds makes chills inside room! I would like to say all the best to players. And thanks to creators. 😋
Sep 11, 2019
Alright, so, this game is awesome. The graphics are cool and the monsters are cool. The only things that bother me are the following When charlie goes through tha paintings right next to where you're walking The introduction and the wait to play the game
Sep 2, 2019
This game is really good but i wish there were more levels and monsters and. The detail really good too but there's still some bugs but i think the is really good pls make a 2nd. By the way can you make some more horror games i love horror game you did a really good job on this anyways ive been talking for a very long time so bye. :-). :-D. 😂. Yeah i know i said some words wrong and i dont care so bye. 😂😂😂😂 :-) :-D:-):-D
Aug 31, 2019
This game is amazing the jumpscares,the characters,the places really really good I think you should get alot more veiws good rates and 1 thing is it ok if you can add triple trouble where all 3 come after you and add a few more places besides all that if I could rate 20 stars I would me and my friends loved it
Aug 22, 2019
One of the best Horror games I've tried for mobile. This games has easy controls and is Actually scary. When the killer is near by it makes a noise that tenses up the situation. Love the map layout and graphics of design. I like how you have a choice between levels,game models, and killers. I highly recommend installing this Game.
Aug 22, 2019
great game, I love the gameplay. So much to do. Its not repetitive no matter what anyone says. This game is unique. It has its own way of rolling with the game. This game is definitely scary. Which I love, cause of course it's a horror game. I mean I have seen people rate games bad just for being scary. I love how much monsters there are. And the maps. You definitely worked hard on this game. Keep up the updates.
Aug 7, 2019
This game is wonderfully scary and has great visuals. I don't recommend this to younger audiences but this is a great game with many possibilities. I would love if you add another couple of levels, as the current ones are awesome and having more awesome levels would be great! Overall, best mobile horror game (in my opinion, anyone else can think otherwise.) Keep up the great work!
Jun 28, 2019
everyone who thinks this game is a cash grab is impatient. the game is super generous and will give you every level it can offer after playing for about two weeks or so. the plot is amazingly puzzling! makes you theorize and truly brings back the old golden years of internet horror. for a mobile horror game, this is beyond average.
Jun 1, 2019
I love this game. It's really entertaining, and it stays scary throughout the game. I think that the only thing to be improved would be the number of characters and places, as it gets a little repetitive, but still a great game!
May 30, 2019
I love playing this game. It's not that scary to me and even if the monster catches you, you can watch videos to revive yourself. I love the app granny and after I found this I struggled to decide which app I preferred. They are both fun apps. I rate this app 3 stars. Not recommended for young viewers!
May 9, 2019
Was playing it from when I was 7 or 8 years. Now I'm 14 and I still like it so much. It's the scariest game I've ever played. I still love it. And also the 2nd best free game I've installed. Keep going Paulina and Pabis. Wish you good luck. I've found a few bugs like Charlie getting stuck in some places. Also fix them.
May 6, 2019
I like it, it is fun to play but i still cant figure out the whole back story to it.If anyone cpuld help me solve all of it, that would be great. I have figured out the story of all the monsters but i want to find the one missing piece that i need left to find. I have seen how the things flash so you can click them but in the mansion i cant find the last missing piece.I have also seen how in the room next to the stairs where the exit is, inside there is a big cabinet and it seems to have a hole.
Apr 25, 2019
It was really good and really detailed into both graphics and the story I play this game almost everyday on my phone. But when I try it with my ps4 remote there begins to have issues. Like the looking R2 just goes up and down that means I have to go up to it and move I at least want to touch the screen as little as possible. But if you could fix it. Like I would give it 5 🌟 if you could take the right joystick to look around so you don't have to use 2 controls to look around.
Apr 24, 2019
this game is superb but if yall can add more items or like weapons you can find or randomly get such as if you go looking around and open like a closet or something there could be a revolver or a rifle and have random objects around the house such as kitchen knife in a kitchen and like a bat or something possibly and like if you hit them enough times they stop but you still have to collect everything giving them time to recover also make it so the melee items can break.
Apr 19, 2019
for a free game this is amazing , the tone , the story , the ambient, i love it . although it has its downs , like when the ghost catches you it was not as scarry as xpected and the volume keeps turning down .. but it doesnt ruin the game ..
Star Wilson
Apr 18, 2019
This game is great! It runs real smoothly and the controls are easy to use too. I love the levels and the story so far. Really interesting! Please make more
Apr 5, 2019
The overall tactics of the game are good, I like the story and challenge, the background is pretty cool and the house itself gives a scary and terrifying look but the development of the ghosts and demons is very poor, the sensitivity is poor and the joy stick is too small which makes it difficult for us to run from the demons, but Overall 3 ☆ 😊😊😊
Mar 30, 2019
I love this game and always will. I do just wish that there'd be more monsters, maybe even side monsters that could be added alongside the main monster(s). I can't wait for the new maps coming. I'd also love to see a story mode or something, because a good story in a good game is always nice. I really do love this game and can't wait for there to be more stuff added!
Mar 24, 2019
I remember this game when I was younger, it came such a long way! I enjoy playing it. The only complaint I have is, everytime I play a mode and then make it to the exit, I get an ad (which is fine) but the fact that it loses my progress and I have to re-do it all over again is a real pain. I do get my award when I complete the second time though, just sucks having to start over.
Mar 3, 2019
this game was ok but the reason why I only rated it 4 stars was because that there's only two maps mansion and Hospital map and It got really repetitive I still have the game of course but it has gotten very very boring I can now beat nightmare mode without using any eyes in Charlie Krasue and Good boy this game has gotten very repetitive because it only mansion in hospital map I hope that you guys make more maps in the future because you don't then I'm going to uninstall it.Sorry
Feb 10, 2019
the controls are terrible. took me 20 min to highlight a item to use and go through a door or something like that. I couldn't deal with that. So I uninstalled it. But the rest of the game was fantastic. fix the controls and I'll finish the game.
Jan 27, 2019
It is a thrilling game with an extremely twisted and abstract story. The game is a beautifully forged mixture of both horror and a little inkling of romance. The only possible thing I would changed in this game is possibly to add a enhanced story mode, to explain of this all happened.
3 RandomTrippy Colors
Dec 30, 2018
Tooooooo many ads, non scary monster and boring overall. Overused audio clips. Poor controls. Only gave it a 2 because of the temporary rush when barely escaping from the thing, but it should really be rated at a 1.
Dec 25, 2018
This is an awesome game. I can't get use to krause jumping out and scaring me just when I think I've out ran him. My only suggestions are to add more meat for goodboy or add the ability to buy it and the eyes ruins Its annoying sitting through ads to buy them.
Dec 7, 2018
When first I think this is just a normal Horror map. But now everything change, last time Krasue and now Krasue, Charlie, Good Boy, you also Made a Hospital. It's huge, it's unbelievable. But I think you Should Made another New map 'The Asylum'. I appreciate that. And anyways your map was so cool.
Dec 1, 2018
This game is quite scary!! The noises are amazing and frightening. The controls are goos and the graphic quality is perfect. I definitely recommend this game if you like horror!
Nov 16, 2018
May not have the best controls, graphics, and also isn't scary after the first times playing it, but sometime your goal just is to win, which can be fun! All in all a Addictive and fun game!
Oct 31, 2018
So firstly, I'm happy that this is the full version of EYES and it has improved. It's a great gameplay, with clues and so on. Secondly, graphics are simple it's okay, at least you got great textures. Love it. 3rdly, it's challenging. Keep up the great work on the next update! 💕 Excited for the next level soon. Lastly, challenging for opening cabinets and drawers cause you gotta be near it lol. Additional: The ghost's hair glitched through the walls in the music room. That's the only bug I've experienced.
Oct 30, 2018
I give it 3 - 4 stars cause of bugs hopes it have been fix :) (like when watching add for 1 more chance, krasue get stuck somewhere and last part of code is nowhere to be found,just found it once it its missing and i cant understand the globe thingy, hope the update fix it all, nice game.)
Oct 29, 2018
Loved the dark texture. There were no glitches or crashes. The theme of the game is dark Western, which actually makes it more unique. One of my personal favourites!
Oct 22, 2018
Fun game with controls that actually work. A lot of horror games on here tend to be lazy made, cheap graphics and no time spent on the little details, but this game is far better and with smooth controls it makes all the difference. Sound is also key to creating the perfect spooky atmosphere. First ghost you nailed it, the last one could do with a bit of fine tuning. But over all, well worth the download.
Oct 20, 2018
Love the game. The graphics are getting better. Contains some new features which is making it totally much better. There is no bad comment for the advertisement coz the placement is just right, no blame at the ads. But, it's not really scary I guess. The first you play, it's probably gonna spook you, but for the third time, forth time it's just like easier to beat the game. And I found that the 3d sound of the monster is just not right:) and my idea is how about in nightmare mode, you can't have some clues like no shaking stuffs, sounds and light errors, so that we have more challenge to beat the level.
Oct 2, 2018
This game has an amazing concept and it is a potential concept for a full game for consoles and pcs. Its controls could improve... I just hate touch screen. Still a solid horror game.
Sep 12, 2018
Its pretty good, but would be a lot moe playable if you could see more than a yard in front of you, and had a stamina BAR rather than 3 seconds of sonic speed, before you slow down to 2 mph, and get ded.
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