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Developer handyCloset Inc.
Platform Android
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Jun 7, 2022
This app is very amazing, it made me shook when i tried it. This app is also very useful for editors, artists, and Youtubers, i am a editor and i really really love this app ! No wonder why they sometimes rate it a 3 or a 2 😆
Preston Mullinax
Jun 5, 2022
This is actually become one of my favorite apps. It does exactly what it described it would do and the ads are so unintrusive I don't even know they are there.
never visits a luthier
Jun 4, 2022
This app is amazing! I can't believe it's this good. The interface is so plain, and it's amazing! Background erasers need to be plain and easy to use, and this one REALLY hit the jackpot. You literally just pick the image, click auto, pick how much you wanna trim the excess from 1-5 and boom! Done! I have never seen a cleaner and nicer background eraser. I usually don't leave reviews on apps because I don't feel like it, but this one DEFINITELY deserves it, it's perfect for anything. 5 stars.👏⭐
Jun 3, 2022
Shockingly good app. Don't let the cheap-looking preview images and sparse UI fool you, this app is everything you could possibly want out of a background remover app, FOR FREE. This app is a godsend.
Martin Mendoza-Elliott
Jun 2, 2022
This is about the best way to remove a background on Android if you're not able to find a good physical backdrop. So far everything has worked better than I normally expect, even the magic tool!
Payton Olechnovics
May 31, 2022
this is defiantly the best background remover app out there, I've tried many other ones and all of them are either payed for with an absured amount of money, scams, or just straight up don't work. I needed to customize my homescreen and I needed some transparent backgrounds, if you need them, this is the place to go.
kesar singh
May 30, 2022
This is the best app for removing background and using the image as a sticker . It's auto mode is very good and works smoothly. 😇😇
Rynn melon
May 29, 2022
It's a good app but it would be better if the developers could add a rotating function in it so that i can rotate the picture to make it easier for me to erase manually as some pictures aren't suitable to use auto or magic.
Shannie-Leigh Vance
May 28, 2022
Super easy app to use and does a great job removing the background from all kinds of images. Highly recommend.
Albert Martin
May 27, 2022
Super awesome app for erasing even the tiniest details out front the picture you want. Love the zoom level, draw to repair option, and the ability to change the pen size so much. Also love the back button arrow when you make a mistake. So great for doing fun projects like cutting just the hair from one picture and putting it on someone else. Highly recommend this quality and well thought out app!
Kaleigh Carpenter
May 26, 2022
I absolutely love this app, I use it for everything (well background removal related). It's super user friendly and I recommend it to all my friends with background removal needs
Nick oakley
May 25, 2022
I had this app on my chromebook,and it worked fine but recently it has begun glitching out and causing a black screen to appear all over my chromebook when using it.
Chad Tippie
May 23, 2022
(I would like to see a Mode for a SAME COLOR CUT OUT. Imagine being able to hand click that color then confirm and bam! All that color is gone.) I make desings with the same color as the background inside the Designs to. So that being said I have to zoom in and click around 100s of times so I can have that clear cut on any background color I want. Overall the App is 10/10 I dont mind the ads either. There's very few ads compared to these back to back apps.
Rick Chojnacki
May 23, 2022
Great app, useful and well-implemented features. With it I can make memes on my phone more effectively and conveniently than I ever managed with a laptop.
Heart & Soul Concerts
May 22, 2022
We like the quality and simplicity of this app. The built-in logic of the tools makes this background eraser function very well, especially for those who don't know how design and editing software actually works.
Hannah Myers
May 21, 2022
I'm new to this app but I love it. I've quickly discovered myself how to navigate and edit photos/pictures and I love the results I get. I especially like that I can alter the curser offset; it makes erasing intricate areas effortless.
Peter Cumby
May 21, 2022
This app is AMAZING. I looked at some of the one star reviews and people were just complaining about how when they saved it to the gallery the background was black.... THAT'S HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK HOW STUPID CAN PPL BE😭😭. But yeah it's a really good app and I would definitely suggest using it :)
veri dox
May 20, 2022
I have never rated an app before, but god this one is great, so simple, powerful and just perfect. It is super accurate and is a semi-manual background eraser. You don't have automatic ones doing horrible cuts or trying to aim with a manual one, it's just the perfect mix. Great job devs, use this all the time, love it.
Joshua Wilton Brian
May 20, 2022
Love it. Fast, efficient, & convenient. I use it all the time. Wish they had a pro ver. To stop ads & some sort of save location settings + others would be nice. Thanks.
Khosyiin Muhammad
May 20, 2022
Great apps... easy and quick..!! very like it. - Not many ads like others. - Fit the purpose just for background removal.
Solaire Astora
May 20, 2022
It does exactly what I whated it too. Very good over all, interface could use a little work, but not bad.
Aln T
May 19, 2022
Very disappointed. What's happened to this app? I used to load a pic and the app would automatically remove background but it doesn't anymore even if I select auto, think I'll be deleting it
Fish Fish
May 17, 2022
It's ver simple to use the ads are super bearable they're not a problem, it functions really well 100 over 10.
Talha Saleem
May 17, 2022
Mind-blowing experience, Great app to easily remove backgrounds accurately on mobile without the need of Adobe Photoshop.
Benedict Domingo
May 14, 2022
It is a great tool for who want to transform from JPEG into a permanent PNG.! It is not very hard, removing some backgrounds make it easy. Best suit for applying some photo editor.
lps Turtle girl
May 14, 2022
This app is great!I make weirdcore edits and this really helps.although,I dont know if you can put a picture on the picture that your editing.I haven't figured that out
henry stickmin
May 13, 2022
This app is so useful for my animations, now i don't need to crop so hard thank you for creating this app👍👍👍👍👍 Btw for you wondering why you get a black background its because that means its transparent, like what do you expect? A brand new color? The edges being cropped to be an outline of the image?
May 13, 2022
Coming from someone who has removed countless backgrounds with GIMP and photoshop, this app is a godsend. Minimal ads and very good at what it's supposed to do.
Diana Alvares
May 11, 2022
Its awesome. Once u figure out how it works, its very easy specially with the auto mode. Great app for photo background removal!
Cheri Noble
May 10, 2022
Does exactly what it says it will. The brush tool that detects similar pixels to erase is great for quick edits, and the manual tools are great too. Love that you can offset the brush to not be directly under your finger so you can see what you're doing better. Also has a feature that feathers the edges at the end. Love it.
Chioma Eze
May 7, 2022
🌌It's not a mistake it's a M A S T E R P E I C E🌌 No ads, easy to use and auto tool! The app is So great, If you need a background deleter I advice you to use this one. And it works like MAGIC! espically when using auto! but, It's taking so long. I used to have it BUT it got deleted for some reason.
Marilyn Smith
May 6, 2022
Really great! I had planned to try multiple background transparency apps, but I lucked out on the first try with this one. The "magic eraser" tool is fantastic, and I love the repair tool, which is able to be hair small, in order to add back in the tiniest details if you erase them. Very easy to use, with great results! No bells and whistles. It just does what it's made for very well.
May 5, 2022
Got to say this is one of the best app for mobile phones. really easy to use with minimal ads. what more it don't interfere you with ads in the middle of editing stuff. they also provide app for other functions like background adding and all. quite a hassle to download them all but hey. its work really well.
Allyson Joy Sacdalan
May 2, 2022
Effective app! I have not encountered any problem at all while I'm using it, the functions are clearly labeled with what it's suppose to do. It takes a while for you to get use to it, but if you have a background knowledge in photoshop, i'm sure you'll be able to maximize the app. Cheers!
Sarah Jacobs
Apr 30, 2022
Honestly the ads don't bug me because they're short and easy to skip. Straight up PERFECT app to create PNGs. I'm in love with it.
Apr 24, 2022
I have read a lot of other reviews complaining about too many adds and such. There are adds just not the ones that cover the while screen, only the pop up ones. Plus it's super easy to use and self explanatory. But if you are confused it does give you instructions if you need them. It works just as it says it does!
Apr 14, 2022
10/10 This app is spectacular in my opinion, I mainly use it for removing the background on some photos so they become somewhat like stickers, its a great app, it has good editing options, I recommend adding like a magnifying option, so you can be a bit more precise on the small details.
Paul Thaxton
Apr 14, 2022
No watermark, and nothing is locked behind a paywall. And, very few ads! My only issue is that depending on where you tap, sometimes, your cross will jump up a bit!
Mahendra Nahak
Apr 14, 2022
It was the best app of its kind. But now perhaps the worst. You cant edit anything as it zooms automatically while dragging your finger with a tool. Annoys like anything.
G.E. Flemings
Apr 13, 2022
When removing unwanted parts of an image the edges are somtimes jagged, "A REALLY IMPORTANT ASPECT OF USE, NOT TO BE LEFT OUT" FIX IT PLEASE! Otherwise I love the the app.
okunlola faozee
Apr 12, 2022
Amazing app. Highly recommended. I've been able to extract lots from images. The auto mode works perfectly for me and most times, manual mode's just for finishing up. The app does a lot. Thanks to the developers. Kudos
Logan Spain
Apr 9, 2022
This app is incredible it has many options of cropping out prices you want and don't want and is free to download there are also very few adds so they don't get in the way the only thing keeping me from giving it a 5 stars is the brushes are kind of hard to use.
Anika Namisu
Apr 9, 2022
Works so nicely! It's a bit hard to find the image you want to edit, but the tools provided are awesome! Simple, easy to use and effective. Would recommend!!
Phoebe Fay
Apr 8, 2022
At first it was great, easy to use and simple. I made 1 or 2 things with it and if was fine. But now, I'll be half way through removing the background and it will take me back to crop.
Hindy productions
Apr 5, 2022
The eraser keeps cutting out and not picking up my touch, and when it does it keeps zooming in and out. I don't know if this is a problem with the sensor in my phone, or faulty coding. Probably both.
Samuel Allizwel
Apr 5, 2022
This is so far the best background eraser I have ever come across, with almost all the necessary tools to erase at different angles and lighting. Would recommend this to anyone. This isn't your regular apps it can make you a pro
Apr 5, 2022
This app sure pretty good good but don't you think it might be better if we had better resolution after cutting the whole stuff like.. so i was cutting a 6 mb photos or stuff like that and then the app gives me like around 800kb or stuff cringier like that... Man.. Please do something devs, I don't know where to cut backgrounds on this goofy smartphone anymore this is the only way i knew and i... Please man give us the whole package please devs u got the power to do that please devs...
PMMols Mols
Apr 3, 2022
Easy to use. One the best of it's kind. It's just that the app lowers the resolution of hd photos after removing the background.
Kevin McCraw
Mar 29, 2022
Without a doubt this is the best background removing app I have found. Multiple tools can be used with a pretty good degree of accuracy as well as pinch and zoom and then a final fine-tuning after you're done with your trim work to get rid of any of the extra rough edges that are left behind. I've tried at least 15 other programs on Android and Windows platforms and not found one that's compared or has everything this one does.
Your friendly neighborhood disappointment
Mar 27, 2022
Magic and auto erasing options always leave the edges of the photo looking messy and jagged, I have to manually correct a lot of things because it leaves my images poorly cut out. I had been using this app and it has worked for a while, but I think it's time I look for something else.
willowglim doodls
Mar 26, 2022
One of the better apps Ive used for background erasing, minimal ads (only shown after you finish your work, usually shippable) and pretty easy to get what you need done
cereal milk
Mar 24, 2022
Works fine. The only problem is that when I send a transparent image made with this app to someone, the receiver gets an image with a black background instead of a transparent one. Other than that it works great
Jonatán Róka
Mar 23, 2022
Good tool, does what it needs to do. Ads dont pop up out of nowhere, which is great. But you still have to watch one after each pic u edit.
Wattson's Nessie addiction
Mar 22, 2022
This app is honestly Really good. Just took some getting used to. I really like it. It's also fast to load up so it's not a burden to open it. I don't like how it saves every single bit of progress as a picture saved on the phone though. Wish that it would just be saved to a built in history feature in the app. Other than that it's a really good app. Would highly recommend.
Noodles Yum
Mar 20, 2022
It's amazing in my experience, very helpful if you edit. I recommend it very much!! Also it's nice that the ad only comes after you finish instead of before you start.
Cariaga Kenchi M
Mar 18, 2022
You can smoothen the edge of the picture and its very helpful since google pictures sometimes downloads you jpeg pictures even though you want it png and this apl is perfect for it. I don't mind the ads as long as it does the work. Also please optimize the buttons and controls to have a better editing efficiency
Kelly Waite
Mar 17, 2022
Cursor for the Eraser jumps around, so trying to do precise edits is really annoying. Also pretty sure you used to be able to add backgrounds after you erased your background... Not sure why they got rid of that future, also really annoying.
Eiman Khalid
Mar 17, 2022
Its amazing! You can easily remove any background with out any extra effort. I was really worried about my youtube thumbnail this application helps me a lot.
Zero Identity
Mar 15, 2022
It's smart.... I was surprised with the tools. Not sure how it does what it does but the dev is clearly no joke. This app solves problems. It may not be easy for someone with zero experience. It has ads but they are easily stopped. This app makes background removal therapeutic. Great job.
Mar 13, 2022
This is very useful! It helps you in your projects and edits... but sometimes it doesn't know how to move it and I think that's already my problem HAHHAHHAHA but in the end the app is very good
Mar 12, 2022
This app is really amazing,I really love it unlike the others there's so many adds i use it alot to remove background while editing plus it doesn't show too much adds, i can use it for literally 10 or even 15 hours without adds! I recommend you download it!
Stephen & Allison Jenkins
Mar 4, 2022
I love this app! I use it to make templates for my Cricut. I simply select the image/screenshot that I wish to use. Erase the background and any other areas I want cut out. Upload it to my Cricut software and cut with my machine! The only thing I would suggest would be to allow a project to be saved. Sometimes an intricate image, like a Valentine heart doily, takes a long time to erase. It would be nice to be able to save my progress and finish it later if I run out of time.
Mar 4, 2022
This app is so perfect!!!! When you cut out the background, it is VERY good quality, there are no pixels and the Auto erase also works as well! Guys, I swear, I do not write reviews, but i'm in math class rn and im writing this while teacher is taking roll. I love this app a lot.
Baran Ashrafian
Mar 3, 2022
This app is great! I make videos n animations and ur app really helped me with it. It is also a grrrreat app for removing background n making stickers. And... for the ads, no prob! I use this app without WiFi! Anyway, thanks again for making such a fantastic application.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Keith I Myers
Mar 1, 2022
Amazing App - I wish we could pay to get rid of ads. I just want to be clear and say that this app works flawlessly and I love it but the ads are overly invasive and annoying. It has a mix of full screen ads, video ads, banner ads and static ads that can't be dismissed until the timer runs out. I would gladly pay for a version of this application that removes the ads.
No Shadow Skeleton
Feb 24, 2022
Very good background eraser. Lets you zoom into the photo and lets you offset the eraser so you can see what you're doing. Only problem I have is that it takes a long time, but that's really my fault.
Roblox Gem Squad
Feb 23, 2022
This app is AMAZING! I love it...I'm simply a beginner and I have to works like magic! This application comes with a quick tutorial in case you're struggling. However...I hardly needed it as the app is so simple to use! I hope that the creators do not change anything about it as it is FANTASTIC right now! Install it!
Jes Playz
Feb 22, 2022
Wonderful app! It removes the background in a few seconds! It can make the picture smoother so that the part you removed from the picture isn't shown. It has many options like auto, magic, manual, repair etc. Auto can detect the part you want to remove. Sometimes 'Auto' option cannot detect but it's not a big problem as you have more options. So try this app once!
Maria Pandolfo
Feb 19, 2022
THIS APP IS SO GOOD! It has so many options of how to get rid of the background, and is so easy to use! It is an understatement to say that this app is perfect for background removal. The app makes my life so much easier and in no doubt is so much better than any other app that I have ever used for removing a background!
Doreen Z
Feb 15, 2022
Please include a DONATE option. Highly recommended! Works seamlessly in a flash! Amazingly removes backgrounds as fast as 8 seconds! Thank you so much! 1st Review October2018 :Absolutely Fabulous! Intuitive, user friendly! Does its magic easily! Faster than Photoshop! Thank you very much, Dev, for your fantastic app!
Lie Meher
Feb 12, 2022
It has Excellent tools to remove background like smooth, eraser, magic tool, crop and etc. The main feature of this app is it works in offline mode. If this app can make a video background remover then it will give a good feat8to the customer. Thanku
Saturn Saturn
Feb 10, 2022
I'm not into reading instructions or following tutorials, I normally figure stuff out on my own. This app, for me at least, has been very intuitive, I figured everything out on my own in a while. I gave it 4 stars due to the adds.
Sly Synthesis
Feb 7, 2022
5☆ Amazing app for making your own png images. (Stickers) Most of the background can be removed automatically but If what you're trying to cut out is too detailed - and fine grained - you have to go in and do some manual surgery to get it perfect but it can be done.
Feb 5, 2022
This app hit all the criteria I would have for it. It is really good for cropping out things and making things overall more transperant. I would suggest this if your looking for a simple transparency app.
Jonathan Hawkins
Feb 4, 2022
Very first app since the birth of android that I have ever written a review for, so please know that this app is impressive for sure. I have tried many diffrent methods to remove stuff from puctures on Android Mobile devices, and other methods and wasnt as nearly as good or as quick. This method is definetly quicker and much easier and even a individual with very basic art skills can make very high quality finished images by using this application. This app is what you need for sure.
Reese's Cups
Feb 2, 2022
Great app for small content creators or people just wanting to have fun with no cost. It had a premium feature as always but it doesn't mention it often and it has little to no adds. I am now seeing that this looks like the developer is promoting there own app but I am not.
Luq Hakim
Feb 1, 2022
Amazing app. Please, DO NOT change anything about this app. It's perfect already as is. It has multiple options to erase the background, the resolution is still the same without being deliberately decreased like other sites. This is one app you will never go wrong with
Feb 1, 2022
It's just EXTREMELY easy and simple to use. It honestly depends on what the image is. It will react differently depending on the color and contrast and such. Overall. Great app!
Madison Medley
Jan 30, 2022
It only takes about 5 seconds to remove the background of anything. That "auto" thing really comes in handy. I love this!! And there's barely any ads!
Cori Corbett
Jan 27, 2022
Brilliant app does exactly what it says it does. Used Background Eraser for almost 2 years and never had a problem. Kudos to the Developers nice work
Jan 26, 2022
I like this app. The only thing I would recommend adding is that there would be a tool that would automatically remove the background without us having to erase it. Otherwise, I definitely recommend downloading this!
Anrie Koorsen
Jan 25, 2022
I can't even state in words how effective and easy to use this app is! I highly recommend this app. I'm a professional graphic designer and when I need to quickly remove a background on my phone I use this app. Not one day has gone by were I have ever looked for something else! Thank you creators you have succeeded in creating one hell of an awesome app!!
Jan 25, 2022
If you are into art making, logo designing, or just want to make your images look better, get this app. It has like no adds, the tools are easy to use, and it allows you to smooth out edges you might of missed
Sung Jin-woo
Jan 25, 2022
Been using this for almost 4 years and it's a really good app. The tools work perfect, not many ads so it doesn't hinder you at all, it's great. Definitely recommend.
Jan 25, 2022
Simple and Effective. Exactly what I needed! No rough edges when clearing single colour backgrounds. Instant results.
Vyshnav K.nair
Jan 24, 2022
It does what it's supposed to do for removing background; however, the ads are awful. During editing, they do not interrupt, but some of the ads show very suggestive images/videos, which is kind of annoying at times.
Vera Rei
Jan 22, 2022
Honestly this is literally the best and easiest background eraser I've ever used. I have tried so many different apps, and while some like Picskit have similar functions this makes it so simple and the Smooth feature at the end is genius. Auto and Magic work like a charm and the size and cursor offset are must haves which this app nails! I don't leave ratings often but this app left me no choice but to lament it's greatness. Amazing job 💖
Emily Beresford
Jan 21, 2022
Perfect in every way. Not too many adverts, does exactly what I want and can export it easily. I have recommended this to friends and would continue to do so :)
Jan 19, 2022
Great app that works like it says it does, I love that! Some suggestions, add a tool to outline/select the area you don't want removed a button to clear any unselected area away. Another tool that would be appreciated greatly would be more varieties of brightness and/or colors on the changeable backdrop pattern to help better reveal any missed spots. Those kind of additions would be fantastic but, still a great app regardless, thanks for creating it! 🤘😝
Keiran Tinkelemberg
Jan 19, 2022
This application helps me a lot to erase the wallpaper from different fan arts or something just random. So, i give five stars. It's not difficult to use, easy, and that.
ermir alliu
Jan 18, 2022
Very good app, by far my first choice for a background remover. Though sometimes the Magic and Auto tools are a tiny bit sloppy, but that doesn't happen very often with simple pics. Overall, very good 👍
Mark Nikai Maven
Jan 18, 2022
First of all ADs aren't that intrusive unlike the other apps. Second this is one of the best portable app that i can use on the fly without problem. Third its simple and easy to use. 10/10
Al Nafiul Islam
Jan 17, 2022
This is a fantastic app. Seriously! Just you need some days of practice and you are good to go. And don't blame the magic or auto tool if it doesn’t work properly. Try to do the same work with the manual tool and you will get the best result (if you have enough practice).
Cathleen Tiffany
Jan 16, 2022
HONESTLY, best eraser app EVER!! Barely any ads, clear instructions, simple to use, and very satisfying results. I have been using this app since 2017 in many different devices and it always never fails <3 those bad reviews are probably because of their device but this is 100% a recommendation!
Jan 4, 2022
Absolutely great app! This is very recommendable to download to whoever is wondering how good the app is. First of all , the app is free to use and it doesn't have any pop-up ads. Secondly , the cropping accuracy and the tools are well-made and simplified for users. Third , there's a lot of optimizations and adjustments freely to set to easier users to cut. Keep up the good work developers you deserved 100 stars!!
Olakunle Francson
Jan 1, 2022
The app is okay Please update this app. Make it possible for users to be able to come back and work on the already saved works if they want to make adjustments. It's not easy to start all over again after mistakes have been made. I mean, do a "saved" feature where users can always go back to the works they've finished but want to correct a mistake on. So, they won't have to back to the gallery to pick the picture and start all over again. I believe you get what I'm saying. Thanks
Blessed Zulu
Dec 23, 2021
I was considering paying a subscription for a background removal service until came across this app. Just minutes into using the app and I could tell with immeasurable certainty that this is the very best mobile background remover app to ever exist. No wonder it's been downloaded this many times. Intuitive controls, features and tools, a really powerful smart magic eraser tool and plenty of export options. Not to mention unobtrusive ads. Keep the great work up. 6/5.
A.T. Official
Dec 18, 2021
This app is very useful indeed! Like when I am making my own flag map and need to crop the background, it does it! The tools' abilities helps alot! Even when I am done with it, I basically smoothen it do the small pixelated outlines to be removed! Also, when I am making an animation in FlipaClip, pasting the image won't work. Well, this app just solves this problem. It even helped me get my look back! Very useful but I want to say more but I'm running out of space! Anyways, this is the best app-
Dec 12, 2021
This app is awesome. Thank you! It has saved me SO much time on editing. I love it, and it's definitely the best eraser app i've tried so far. Ads are always short too.👍 Just a couple things I believe could make this app even better are... •A square shaped eraser option. •It would also be really great if there was an option to swap the erased parts with the filled in parts so they're reversed. This app's amazing either way though. Thank you and great job!
Kristóf Esztergályos
Dec 12, 2021
The app is amazing! There are four tools at your disposal (+a fifth I don't understand), all of which are awesome! First there is the regular brush ofc, but you can drag it with your finger not laying on where you draw! The auto function is simple, you aim and it clears a patch of familiar colors. You can set the sensitivity of this to be more accurate! The magic brush is the combination of the two, allows you to be even more precise! And the repair brush, which returns areas you cleared.
Catalinia Francis
Dec 3, 2021
I gave three stars because I feel like there could be more kinds of sizes and shapes to remove the background and that when I am fixing the removed parts that I could see the whole picture like as a background to use for when I don't know where the removed part exactly is. Overall, the app could use a bit more work, but it is really nice to easily remove backgrounds.
Nov 28, 2021
This is probably the best android background eraser app there is; You can erase parts of the image, and or repair them (unerasing them), and there's different eraser tools: Manual, just a normal eraser, it erases anything you tap on. Magic, can't really explain it but try it for yourself, it's awesome. Then there's auto, tap on a color and it automatically erases everything matching that color! And if you don't like the offset cursor, you can change it! Definitely download this.
Heather Snedigar
Nov 16, 2021
I really loved this app until today. It brings another app that does overlays and layers pics together. I launched it by accident and decided WTH, I'll give it a shot instead of my go to app. I was pretty happy with how my picture turned out except for one unforseen factor which I needed my original copy to correct. Turns out that app overwrites the original saving it as the background removed copy in my overlay. It didn't ask me or have a setting with a choice. I'm very disappointed in that.
Nicky Drummond
Oct 7, 2021
This app is nothint short of grand! NEVER has crashed (NOT EVEN ONCE)! There aren't many ads to begin with. When there are; it only appears when I finnish an image. Staying on the topic, the ads are ALWAYS noninvasive and easy to close. On to the performance of the app; very smooth and manageable. No snags or lagging. I have NOTHING BUT GOOD things to say about this app. The PNG files always come out crisp and clean.
mika loress 2
Sep 6, 2021
I absolutely love background eraser! It's easy to use and usually doesn't have much problems. Though recently after I erase one background and go to pick a new picture it just crashes. It's like I can only erase one pictures background then that's it until I wait for it to reset. If its somthing to do with the app maybe you could possibly fix it but then again it also might be my phone. Other than that though I love this app so much!
Sarah Keane
Jul 21, 2021
This is the best app for making stickers. Definitively. It has only unintrusive ads displayed on the bottom of the app that youll forget even exist, and occasionally an ad after completing an image. The only thing that has interrupted my use of this app is being asked to review it, which I gladly want to do! This combined with LINE camera is the best way I've found to make collages with images cut out perfectly and painlessly, with barely any advertising BS. Whoever made this deserves a medal.
Samuel Santaella
Jul 11, 2021
This app exceeded my expectations. It's the easiest tool I've ever used to remove a background. The automatic detection works pretty well. The touch cursor/control-thing takes a little getting used to, but I'm glad there's an understanding that you can't see what you're controlling if it's directly under your finger! It's not perfect, so undo and redo is welcome. Finally, changing between white and black backgrounds and choosing a final smoothness level when you're done are great as well.
Ronda Bernstein
Jul 3, 2021
I use this app all the time. Wish I could support developer by upgrading to a premium version. People should know that ads are not intrusive at all. Banners then full ad after you save. It doesn't save your settings though so for each new picture I have to adjust the cursor, sensitivity & size options again. It's easy to undo/redo. My favorite is the restore pen so you can manually undo an area without undoing all the way back if you realized later you removed the wrong thing. Def recommend.
Nate Rizzo
Jun 26, 2021
The tools are amazing.. I wish they would update the UI to make it look better but I'm keeping it at 5 stars because it's so easy to use. Also, the ads on it are placed well so you won't misclick/ annoy you. While you're editing a picture there are no ads as well, just a small when at the bottom of the screen when you finish, but it's easy to ignore. I hope they bring this app to PC as well.
LCTapps / 1994 STUDIOS
Jun 25, 2021
This app does it's job and does not eat up ram. It also doesn't shove ads in your face and there is no annoying premium stuff. Will use on other devices. One suggestion though, could you make it easier to use with mouse and keyboard. I cannot zoom properly with mouse & keyboard and I'd also like to use this on ChromeOS.
Asana Greenwood
Jun 12, 2021
This app is actually AMAZING. It makes background removal very easy. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 Stars is because I've only used it on pictures with solid background, so I'm not sure how it works on pictures with very noisy backgrounds. Aslo, I don't really like the fact that I have to download an entirely different app to see the pictures that I've altered. Outside of that, the app is great.
Sharif Zaky
May 5, 2021
This app works really really well. I've always struggled to try to manually remove the background of something, but it is so easy in this. What I really like is that when cropping something white it allows you to change the little "checker pattern" (the little squares that appear in the cropped away parts) to a dark color so you can crop. I really like this app
Soraya Rodriguez
Apr 29, 2021
This app is very amazing, i give it 5 stars because, it erases the background so easy, its beyond of what i was looking for. Especially when you click the (magic eraser) it legit does it's job. Also, it almost has no ads, only 1 or 2, I love this app 😊 The only thing that will make this app look fire is, the design of the app when you go on it, maybe change the colors of it 😊 make it look like (Magic) 😌😇
Micah Thomason
Apr 27, 2021
It does what it says and it does it well! Simple to use, has good versatility, is quick to learn, and is quick to work with. I also have almost never gotten ads from the app; it's only happened on the rare occasion once I finish/save an image. Highly recommend as a useful tool! Special shoutout to the smart Undo/Redo system, more programs need that.
Kate Marshall
Apr 18, 2021
Fantastic App! I've used it daily for probably 2+ years and routinely recommend it to others! Unlike any other app of its kind it gives you the ability to fine tune your work, working closely along lines and even allows you to work with shadowing. Many others don't even allow you to save as a png without adding a new background like this does. I have yet to find another free app that allows me to get a clean enough removal of the backgroud to create an image that doesn't look photoshopped like I can with this. Only drawback is that its not available for pc. Id love to be able to use it on my laptop as well. Any hope of that happening at some point? Also to those that complain about ads... They really are minimal for a free app. Really just one that pops up after you finish each image... And if you simply use your back button to go back to the beginning instead you can avoid it... Not that its all that lengthy anyway but if your really in a rush you can work around it.
Theodora Mavrikiou
Apr 13, 2021
It might take a solid while to erase all of the background in specific images, but I love the fact that it also makes it prettier itself, if you select the complete background eraser when you're done yourself. I've rated it 4 stars mostly because it's really difficult for an application to be perfect, but I think that they should make it a bit easier to erase background by making more than 5 options to make your photo better after you're done.
Apr 6, 2021
I love this app. There are very little ads and the cursor offset was an amazing idea. With the cursor offset, i dont seen to worry about making a mistake because my finger wont be in the way! The auto part is awsome too. It saves so much time and it doesnt take long! I recommend this app a lot. You can even smooth the edges for the last part. Its awsome.
Monique Odetta Nathanael
Apr 4, 2021
Great app! Really easy to use and really useful for erasing backgrounds. The only problem is, there are way too many ads. Everytime I'm done with erasing the background of a photo, there is always an ad. The ads are quite long and annoying. Sometimes, I'm in a hurry of making something, and there is an ad. I hope that the amount of ads will be decreased.
No That's wrong
Mar 31, 2021
There may be other apps that significantly utilize the cropping tool, but it gets the main point across. It's rudimentary- from the picture upload to the cropping to the finishing touches- it's not something that belongs to a big company littered with tons of ads and an email newsletter, but you can count on the app when you need a quick crop.
Feb 20, 2021
This app is GODSENT! I couldn't do my edits without it! First of all, it has a cursor offset, which allows you to make precise edits with your finger because your finger or a stylus, and you can change the background colour so if you're doing something white you can change the background to black so you can see what you're doing or vice versa. This app is 100% free and contains no ads too! Once you finish you can auto smooth your designs and see what it looks like done, or go back and fix it!
Bruce Moffatt
Jan 31, 2021
A really nice app. Streamlined and intuitive interface BUT entirely hamstrung by a lack of a save/load function. This fundamental operation is essential to productive use. I have lost work on several occasions when I received a call while editing. I returned to the app afterwards to a clean slate! Until you add that, it's just a toy.
Natalia Deras
Jan 25, 2021
I love this app! Very useful and I could not find another app like this one! I love the cursor offset function so that you can see where you are erasing and it's simple but effective. I would give it 5 stars but I'm only giving 4 because you can't save anything as a draft! If you could add that feature this would be a perfect 5-star app! I hate how you cannot leave the app and go to another one or turn off your phone, and then you go back and have to restart everything.
randy vrastil
Jan 13, 2021
Pretty easy and straightforward. Just click and erase. Has a nice zoom function and allows you to adjust where the bullseye shows up which is pretty cool. Ive been using it on tiny pictures with lots of detail and as tedious as it is this program makes it easy... just drag the cursor and let go. Files save as .png which is good because now i dont have to get a different program for that too
Jan 11, 2021
I must be dreaming. I found an app this good that's FREE! I love this app so much. It's so easy to use. It saves your pictures almost immediately. The editing is SO EASY compared to other apps I've tried. And if you make mistakes a lot, like I do, then download THIS APP. It is so easy to fix a mistake with the repair tool or back arrow. If possible I would rate this 10,000/5. Absolutely amazing! Highly suggested! I can't fit all the amazing features in this.
Vaughn Rio
Jan 10, 2021
Wow! Finally, I've found it. An app that removes BG's simply, quickly and efficiently. No quality loss, controls are simple and powerful, and the UI layout is perfect. To other Devs, THIS is how it's done, take notes. Beautiful! Do you guys have a premium version or paid upgrade of some sort, to remove ads? I immediately went to purchase one after using this but I can't find one. Hell, even a donation link? This is genuinely a great piece of work, I'd love to support it a bit more if I can.
Right Wing Courier News
Jan 6, 2021
This is by far the best back ground easer. I do a lot of professional image editing and have experimented with at least 15 different products and none compare to this product. Beware there is a certain amount of experience required to get the results You are looking for. Please don't get frustrated all art does take some patience however, in time You'll be amazed in Your creativety.
Lucian A. Curtis
Dec 31, 2020
Easily the best photo editor when it comes to erasing the background. I've used tons of editor apps like Pixlor to Adobe and etc. This app gives you little to no adds, take up nearly no space, and is really easy and clean. Even if you hardly ever use it the app takes so little space that it's not even worth deleting. Great app, very clean experience.
MrFixit USA
Dec 27, 2020
This app does everything it says it will, and it does it well. I'm very new to this type of editing and unlike most apps, this one was very easy to figure out & very easy to use. It's been very helpful for many tasks, including converting pencil and ink drawings to a digital format. With this app I'm starting to see a little bit of what people are talking about, when they say "your imagination is the limit." The potential for creativity with this app, & companion apps like it is pretty amazing.
Emani Manuel
Dec 23, 2020
Love it. Just two things that knocked one star off for me: 1) need to download a sister app in order to save the edited photos to my phone, and another one to layer images. These should all be on one app 2) the smallest size for the eraser tool is not small enough for extremely fine editing jobs, and the magic eraser tool has even less adjustment in size.
morine edokun
Dec 19, 2020
Best background eraser app! I have used this app for my thumbnails and Discord emojis. Everything runs smoothly and there are no bugs at all. It is easy to navigate around and its straight forward on how to use it. Only ad i've seen, was the 1 ad that popped up after I finished doing everything I had to do :) I highly recommend
Megan Sonnex
Dec 16, 2020
It removes backgrounds from images. It does what it's supposed to, what else can i say? The tools are alright to use, not to difficult, and the sensitivity slider is especially useful. The extra step for adding a slight blur to the edges to remove slight imperfections is something I didn't know I needed and I love it. It could do with a fine slider instead of set values, but I'm not bothered.
Red:Sky:Delta Echo:Red:Sky:over
Dec 13, 2020
I have had it on my phone, but haven't used it until now. Its smooth on my phone. A couple of small glitches. Nothing that can't be corrected with the undo or repair buttons. Automatic works good, with a slider control for variances of similar color. Manual works great. Magic didn't work well. I'm not sure what It suppose to acheive? And the super impose took me on a short journey to nowhere land. But 5 stars for what it can do. Thanks developers!
Bisun Ji
Dec 5, 2020
By far, a great if not the best app i've used for removing backgrounds! For those people who are too lazy to use their common sense, the eraser has different modes "Auto" and "Manual". For auto make sure you adjust the bar into a lower number not to remove a portion of the photo you like to keep. And for manual, zoom the photo, first. That's the trick!
Marley Akers
Dec 4, 2020
This is a super easy app to use! It's so useful when editing pictures when you don't want the background. It doesn't have to be manual either-you can do auto and change the size of it and it can ease the background in one spot depending on the size. For smaller spaces, you can do manual-and its super easy to save the photos into your albums or files, dependingoon your device, reccommend this to anyone!
Nov 30, 2020
I have been using this app for a couple of years. It's great! I wish I could buy an ad free version. I also wish I could save files, so that I can go back and edit them later and restore "repair" areas where I cut too much. I tried to complete an email using the mail button, however you do not auto populate the 'to' box with an email address. I would buy an integrated version of Eraser, Layers, and Perspective, if I could revisit files after saving. This is the only major flaw.
Smita regal
Nov 30, 2020
It's a really great experience with this app It works smoothly and doesn't hangs unlike some other apps. But there is some space for improvement in the auto erase feature. It can be better if the face is detected and the other part is cropped automatically. Well good because it is free we can consider some of self efforts for editing as we don't have to pay for it. Just for the auto feature 4 star or else everything is awesome.
Nov 28, 2020
I love it, it works really well. The background erasing tools are the best I've ever found in a free app. You have to download at least one other free app - the PhotoLayers~Superimpose, Background Eraser app - to use all the functions, like superimpose on a different background. But these two apps together are amazing, I think. Especially considering that they are both free.
Nov 22, 2020
Having tried a number of apps designed to do the same thing this one is hands down the best. Quickly and cleanly backgrounds are removed leaving just the aspect of the photo I desire. Over and over I am quickly able to ready my photos for great looking creative presentations. Hats off to the devs this app does what it's meant to and does it superbly. I know I've tried many and I work with a lot of photos.
Giselle Ramirez
Nov 11, 2020
You are limited to how much you are able to zoom in, so I have to put my phone right in front of my eyes just so I know the spots I am erasing. You do have to erase some areas manually if you want a clean cut, but that goes for any erasing app. Overall, I do reccomend this because it does work very well for a free app!
Nov 6, 2020
Honestly, this app is great. Says what it does on the packaging. And quite well, might I add. My only real complaint is sometimes with a background that has texture or a lot of shading the auto remove mode gets mixed up and either deletes almost nothing or most of what you're removing, depending on the settings, but that's normal. And the ads aren't completely obscene, something I was surprised by. I expected a lot more than there actually are. All in all, this thing's worth a peek. Try it out.
Rohan Shah
Nov 3, 2020
This is an extremely underrated application!!It's so perfect for cutting things from pictures. At first I was skeptical about the app cause the UI looks cheap in the pictures but the reason for that is too make the app light and easy to use. Features such as auto remove allow you to choose a particular colour so the entire background can be eliminated easily! Overall very easy to use and does exactly what it says. I have no seen a single ad as well till now! Overall I love this app!
Exotic Seduction
Oct 27, 2020
..I just realized this app cuts out simple pictures pretty good and then it gives you the option to soften the edges before you save it which helps with the jagged edges that come from cutting the picture out..I took a star away because this app didnt cut out a tree limbs w/o leaves, blowing hair, or complicated fur/beards very well no matter if you used magic, auto or manual. But if you have simple pictures that aren't full of detail around the edges of the picture this app will do a good job.
Tonya Key
Oct 18, 2020
I use it every day to turn all types of images into svg's for use with my cricut. It's extremely easy to maneuver and definitely saves me a lot of time. More cleanup features than acces. If I miss a spot I can go back at any time and fix it with repair. Light and dark grayscale background. A merge/ splice feature or drawing tool for customizing extractions would be AWESOME!
James Gentry
Oct 8, 2020
I have been through many apps that said they were background erasers and they were not. But this app i plan on keeping. It is fantastic. To the point and so easy to erase backgrounds. It is unbelievable. I promise you will love it and you will never look for another background eraser again.
Amaru Eclipse
Sep 30, 2020
I honestly have never found an issue with this app, anyone saying "it's complicated" is either lying or smooth brained, I've deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times (for space reasons, the app is great) I'll admit it's somewhat difficult for small bits of background, but background eraser makes it much easier than some other apps I've tried. 👍 10/10 would download again.
Sep 27, 2020
I used to own an iPhone, which this app wasn't available on. I lost my iPhone at a watermark when it just vanished out of thin air ;w; but back to the point. I figured I couldn't find a background erasing as good as the one I used to use. But I found something better. My old erasing app had trouble recognizing light colors next to a white background. And my animations always looked really choppy because of unsmoothed (?) Edges, which you can clean up with this app.
Sunlit Dance
Sep 24, 2020
I LOVE THIS APP! It's amazingly simple and easy to use for someone with former experience*, very effective and just what I was looking for! It's great to have if you want to edit out the background of images on your Tablet, as I do! I highly recommend this App! [*Note: You may find this somewhat confusing or difficult if you've no experience with similar applications, like Photoshop or GIMP. I recommend a Photoshop background eraser tutorial if this is the case!]
Sep 10, 2020
This app is my favorite background eraser out of all of the apps. I use it to edit gacha pictures and obviously it's not perfect, it's free. It doesn't annoy you asking to rate it or spamming you with ads. I went through 6 edits before it gave me a 5 second ad, so if you don't mind an ad every now and then this is a good app. I would recommend to try out the app and decide for yourself.
Ren Alpaca
Sep 8, 2020
I use this app constantly for different edits and making stickers, it has helped me with everything I need. It's easy to use, straight forward, and gives you clean up options as well. There is manual, and auto options, as well as a repair option for when you take away too much. 10/10 absolutely recommend ❤ there are adds, but they're not abrasive and only pop up after you are finished editing your photo and they don't have timers on them. This app is golden!
Sep 7, 2020
By far the most crucial tool I have for editing images on my phone! Any other app can be replaced, but I've never found another one that performs this exact function this simply. To be fair, I've never looked for another one, but that's because this one has never given me any issues! There are ads, but they're very unobtrusive. I don't even notice them at this point. I've used this app across 3 different phones, for over 3 years now. I literally could not recommend it more.
Jill Christensen
Sep 5, 2020
When the ad comes up between image edits, don't get frustrated, just look at the empty square in the upper left. Numbers will appear and count down from 4, then change to an X so you can close the ad. Oh, you should also look at the ad to support the developer :-) personally I would just as soon pay a few bucks and get rid of the ads... Love the app otherwise.
Lydia Fernandes
Sep 5, 2020
I love it! I used this app to make transparent background images to add into book covers and posters I make and they've turned out pretty well. My favourite function is the magic tool because it removes that little bits that don't belong at the edges and then the smooth finish at the end is the cherry on top. The only thing that could be improved is moving functions because you can only move the eraser tool with your fingers and sometimes it messes things up.
Sep 5, 2020
Soooooo This app is really good! It works perfectly but... It's pretty hard to get rid of you extras left when you use the auto fill. I know there is a option to make it get rid of that but it's not the best. 5 is really bad becuase it can get rid of some of the picture. This app still is good and I still love it for editing. It is great with IBIS paint. Is great! :D
Jason Murphy
Aug 21, 2020
This app is fantastic ans I use it daily. I downloaded on every device... laptop, 4 tabs, and Note 10. Its so easy to clean up photos and posting for my job. One suggestion... Can you have a photo file or a que for a multitude of pictures instead of having to go through the whole path each and every time I want to edit a series of photos.
Aug 19, 2020
i have made my own transparency app with the same concept behind it for Windows. Point blank this works better lol...sad but true. I only give it four stars for the kind of sad controls and no options to move, scale without using two fingers and sometimes accidentally putting the target on your picture (which you can undo, but its a real pain to move and enlarge), and the limited undo count with no option to save inbetween. It really is the best background eraser I have found. End of story.
Demon's Human
Aug 13, 2020
It's great and easy to use. There is no need for tracing and stuff. Especially with the magic tool i can get rid of backgrounds easily. I use it to make stickers and i have no problem using it. Definitely recommended! I hope you guys would add a way of removing the ads for a small fee though. I wouldn't hesitate to pay for it.
Aug 12, 2020
AMAZING APP!!!! I use this when editing allll of the time, it works absolutely perfect, never lags for me or anything!! The tools are soooo easy to use, and I love the repair tool because it makes it a lot easier to fix mistakes. The only thing I would ask is that they allow you to turn the picture. For me its easier. Other than that, amazing!!!!!
Aug 4, 2020
Great app, incredibly easy to do exactly what it says it does. I just wish there was at least a way to pay a small fee to remove ads; if I'm editing several pictures in one go, the pop-up ads after every image saved really kill the momentum of it. I use this app so much, I'd have no problem supporting the developers!
G̵̐̉l̴̈́͒ǐ̷̪t̶̍̅ĉ̵̘h̷̓͋ :D
Jul 22, 2020
This has got to be hands down the best background earser ever! Before i used ibis paint cause i thought that was the most effective App. Then i saw this one. I downloaded it and at first i wad confused because it didnt earse where i clicked. But then i realized that it was genius. If you use your hand you cant see what your doing so the way it works is actually genius. But if you do use a stylus or just want to be able to tap you can change it. Best part next to no adds!
Rebekah Ramsey
Jul 21, 2020
I have been trying other apps such as Sticker Maker, but they cant compare to this app. I totally recommend it. You can zoom in and out, arrange the size of the manual and repair, and if you make a mistake, you can go back and fix it. I fell in love with this app when i first installed it. Now my edits dont look like trash. Five star🌟
jason iron moccasin
Jul 14, 2020
Has easily ignored adds, but I would gladly pay for an add free version. The app accurately erases backgrounds and runs smoothly on my Note 9. Don't expect magic. A high quality background removal still requires patience and time on your part, but the tools are here to get it done nicely.
Kt-Meep Wilson
Jul 2, 2020
Good app for what it does. Which is all it does. So if you need to isolate part of an image and want to do it relatively easily, it can be done using this app. But if you want to do anything else you will need an additional app. The best feature is by far the offset curser so that you can see what you are working on insteascof having it obscured by your finger.
Zeta Ethan Debbie Forever
Jul 2, 2020
So, this app is great. I usually save pictures to my album and erase that backgrounds, because I am a Wattpader, so I use these for my book covers. However, there is a slight problem. You see, there's a warrior cats design by someone, and it's in a video, so, I've been trying to find a screenshot app so I can get the design, but every single one I find, either doesn't screenshot at all, or the screenshots are just a series of black pictures.
Medina P. Oliver
Jun 30, 2020
This app is not very annoying with the ads. They haven't ever gotten in the way of completing my edits, which I really appreciate! The magic tool is literally almost as good as using Photoshop. The smooth feature really cleans up the image really well after you're finished. I never write reviews, but this is one of my favorite apps. I use it all the time.
Jun 27, 2020
This. Is. The. BEST!! You don't even know how great this app is. This is my first 4 days and I'm obsessed with it. It may be easier with pc, but still.. The magic effect is my favorite. It may act up a bit, but you can fix that with the manual and repair effect. I'm obsessed with this and if this is on pc or if this review gets it on pc, please someone tell me. I love using this for my thumbnails. And that's it. I may have wrote alot, but I'm speechless..
Jun 25, 2020
Great app that focuses on doing one thing really well. I have tons of image editing apps that *can* erase backgrounds, but Background Eraser is the only one I have that consistently works for every image. It's basically like a souped up version of the magic wand tool in Photoshop, it even lets you feather the edges of the selection when you're done so that your cutout looks smooth and natural. If you want to seamlessly combine images on your phone then you need this app.
Baalf Games
Jun 1, 2020
Can I just say how clever it was to have a Crosshair above the point where you are touching? Instead of erasing where are you are touching, it erases where the Crosshair is. I didn't get this at first, but it actually makes perfect sense, because otherwise the location you're trying to point to would it be obscured by your finger. The way they did it makes things surprisingly easier.
Agent Glasses
Apr 28, 2020
Great app! It is very easy to use, doesn't take up much space, and works really well! I was able to figure out how to use it really fast, while others I've tried took me a bit. You also almost don't see ANY of the original background color by using just the auto tool (of course when the backround is a plain color) the crop feature really helps it too! I HIGHLY suggest getting this app!
Purple Woofle
Apr 28, 2020
It's really great for erasing backgrounds of pictures (GachaTubers, pls) but there'd be situations where I'd have to erase multiple picture's backgrounds. So I'd like a feature where you can choose multiple pictures and after you finish one, the next one opens up automatically. I really need this feature, especially when I make videos!!
Anonymous User
Apr 28, 2020
Love this app so much! It has a simple, clean interface and you know exactly what your doing. It has lots of tools to get the job done wether it be manual of automatic. It works best on photos with a background of completely one colour, but with a bit of work you can use it with other colours too. I use this for making edits and memes and such, and I would 100% recommend this app. Very satisfied!
Anonymous User
Apr 21, 2020
Works surprisingly well. Not quite professional level but almost, and if you're doing your photo editing on a phone or tablet then it's probably more than good enough. Very intelligent auto select and magic selection. Very pleased with the results. Never really expected to remove backgrounds this easily on Android.
Anonymous User
Apr 21, 2020
This app is so amazing, as if it was from heaven. I've just used this app and I'm already loving it. It helps me erase backgroud easily, unlike the other apps I've used. It also can repair back if you dislike the way you just did or you can click undo. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars due to the ads, its not a lot of it, but I find it annoying because after I've done with a project, the ads always pops out.
Anonymous User
Apr 15, 2020
This app is awesome!!! I am now using it in some of my editing! It is fun and easy, once you understand the cursor. The reason behind it being like that is simple! It is so that you can see where you are erasing instead of your finger being on it! You can adjust the size, and how far your finger is from the eraser! I suggest this app!
Anonymous User
Apr 8, 2020
One of the best apps I've ever used. This is clean, easy to use app which has a very user friendly UI. It's really good. The auto feature is the best. Also in manual you can get smallest cursor, so you can clean your image further. Finally it has an Edge smoothing feature which gives you a preview and lets you clean the edges, which saves a lot of time for people who value detail.
Anonymous User
Apr 6, 2020
4.5 - Was somewhat hard to use for the first few minutes but once you figure it out, it's absolutely perfect. Tips for it: use transparent photos; it recognizes them well when erasing. Use the 'Magic' tool; it certainly is magical. (Lol.) Last but not least, start editing on the outside of the photo because the tool kind of hovers and doesn't go to the places under your finger but rather above them. (This is actually a good thing because you can't see well under your fat fingers on the screen.)
Anonymous User
Mar 27, 2020
I absolutely love this! I've used it for years as I edit videos quite often, and it has always been reliable. I love the cursor offset, alot of apps dont have that! It is very reliable, and you can even use it to smooth out all the edges your to lazy to do by yourself! 10/10 would recommend.
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2020
Ive never used a photo editing app before but this is perfect at what it does. Amazeballs. (One tiny suggestion tho, would be cool if the background color could be switched on and off. Sometimes its hard to see leftover flecks because of the background, and you dont even realize it till you save)
Anonymous User
Mar 6, 2020
Really great app! Doesn't do much, doesn't take up much space, it's perfect! I use it to make gatcha videos and it's so good for removing the background, (i suggest using grey as a back and erasing it, other colours leave outlines) it's really useful for making videos! Works super well, not that many ads. I highly recommend it!
Anonymous User
Mar 1, 2020
Ads are minimal. Has a few features that make removing a background fairly easy, though it would be cool if it had a sort of magic wand, like photoshop, or the ability to select something and then invert your selection, I feel like that's a lot to ask from a free app, and the auto tool comes close enough anyway, so it's pretty good I think
Anonymous User
Feb 25, 2020
I wanted an app to assist me in getting rid of backgrounds for Discord emotes, and this app does a really good job of erasing backgrounds. However, I don't think this is the app to help with making Discord emotes, as it ends up adding too much data to the image after all the work you put in to fix it up. Example: I took a 38kb image and worked on it in the app, and it jumped up to 400kb.
Anonymous User
Jan 31, 2020
Very useful app that I use whenever I'm not at home and can't use Photoshop for a meme. Has a FEW limitations but that's just due to it being on a mobile touch screen platform, and is not the fault of app itself. Very user friendly, and makes photo editing on the go a breeze. Also the offset cursor feature is extremely useful, and I wish more apps used it.
Anonymous User
Jan 15, 2020
Its mainly good at removing the background, except for all those tiny spots of background you have to get rid of unless you want your picture to be soft edged ( the effect gets rid of it some ) . Doing this takes about 5 - 15 minutes depending on the crop, picture, and time you have. Other than that its a decent and timesaving app that I would recommend.
Anonymous User
Jan 11, 2020
It's a cool app! Very useful for a YouTuber or an editor like me! But the thing is that sometimes the app doesn't function at the time when I really need to use it. Really frustrating and annoying if you need it to edit a video and it will not even work! But all the bad things aside, It's a cool app, and not a lot of ads come across. Just hate the fact that it doesn't function sometimes and it will take a while to function again. But it's cool answer not really hard to erase.
Anonymous User
Jan 8, 2020
Love this app for removing the white background from images. With just a little trial and error period, I was able to master all the tools and features. Only drawback is if your image itself is white, it will erase parts of the image along with the background. It's possible that I don't understand yet how to remedy that.
Anonymous User
Jan 2, 2020
I use this app ALL THE TIME and I absolutely love it. I mostly use it to remove backgrounds and edit images for use with my cutting machine and it saves a tremendous amount of time and effort. The only things I would add PLEASE are different selections for background colors of the working area. Other than that it's super useful. Thank you!!!
Anonymous User
Dec 30, 2019
For removing backgrounds from vectors and illustrations, this is great and 99% of the time all you need is a couple of clicks of the auto removal option, but for photos this app is HORRIBLE. The manual and magic removal take away too much or too little and they along with the repair button are far too unstable to make smooth strokes with, even with a stylus, & the auto tool usually causes the photos to come out awful and patchy. In short, AMAZING for graphics, horrible on photos.
Anonymous User
Dec 22, 2019
I love this app. It is user friendly, easy to fix mistakes, and it airs on the side of helping you remove the areas you want. I've tried some where it's frustrating because you are always going over areas you don't want and spend forever going back and forth correcting. This auto notices the colors you're choosing. You can still go over them if you want, it's just sensitive to the colors, which is great help. In the end you can select to pull the edge even further if you need.
Anonymous User
Nov 30, 2019
I'd rate it 5 stars, but the cursor does not move as smoothly as I'd like it to and that alone hinders the accuracy. The app also restarted while I was in the middle of a project. No, it wasn't because of my phone. My phone is incredible and never restarts apps. Other than that, this app is surprisingly amazing and I highly recommend it.
Anonymous User
Nov 21, 2019
Lite app that does what it claims to do: erase background! I love the different modes like Auto, Manual, Magic and Restore. They're very effective on different types of image backgrounds, even the tricky non-solid color backgrounds. The ads in this app aren't annoying either and not all over the place.
Anonymous User
Nov 13, 2019
This app delivers every time! It doesn't bombard you with ads at all and it gives a great result consistently! You have to get used to it but once you do it a couple of times it's really easy to make beautiful transparent background pics! Love it! It has helped tremendously with our YouTube channel thumbnails. (OurKindredLife ...😜 shameless plug check us out! 💕)
Anonymous User
Nov 10, 2019
Great background eraser, I use it to make emojis for Discord and honestly it works great. However, you're going to want to disable its background use in the settings so it doesn't sap your battery life when you're not using it, I suggest looking up how to do so on Google. Besides that, really is a great and useful app with great tools to get rid of even complex backgrounds.
Anonymous User
Oct 29, 2019
WASTE of Time!!! I downloaded this to simply get rid of the background on the photos that I edit, just to find that it does not let you save it to your device without downloading more apps to load the images to before you can actually save it to your own device! I took my time to edit a photo for an advertisement that I am creating for a client and this thing really pissed me off! UNINSTALLING!
Anonymous User
Oct 19, 2019
I use this app to create stickers and it works well for making one sticker then I finish and go back to the homescreen. I then chose "load photo" again and that is what lead me to only rate this app 2 stars. It starts getting buggy on me and just shows me a black screen and crashes. I love how easy it is to erase the background but I don't love how it crashes after using it the second time. Please fix this asap!!
Anonymous User
Oct 13, 2019
Background Eraser by HandyCloset Inc. is the most versatile background remover I have found for Android so far. It takes some patience and practice to achieve the best results possible but it's totally worth it. Being able to switch between background colors while working is a huge help, as is being able to choose how much tolerance to give the margins prior to saving.
Anonymous User
Oct 3, 2019
Really, super, amazing, powerful eraser. I can speed through 30 pictures in 5 minutes. The auto is very powerful. Changing the soft edges is powerful. The manual brush is powerful. Honestly, there are a ton of ads, but none of them get in the way, even a couple of the pop up ones. This app is done surprisingly well. Bravo.
Anonymous User
Sep 30, 2019
Fantastic!!! I love the "magic" brush option that detects edges automatically. It lets me make png clipart images out of any picture I can find online. And no invasive ads! Yeah there's ads, but it doesn't affect your experience. I have no complaints about this app at all.
Anonymous User
Aug 24, 2019
Alright, Let me get straight to the point, This app is AMAZING. But I checked the 1 star reviews and all everybody said was that "the background was black when you save it in the gallery". What the heck! Are you guys that stupid to not know that the gallery CAN'T save transparent photo? The background becomes black, yes, that happens to me too, but when I put on a painting software or use it as a sticker, The BACKGROUND IS TRANSPARENT. I don't think they even TRIED to test it out. But good app
Anonymous User
Aug 12, 2019
So fun I didn't know how to photoshop but I installed this for fun and it really helped. You can change the size rub out so you just have the main focus and if you accidentally rub out something you can use the repair tool and it has connections to other apps to finish your work with a background of your choice. Five Stars. Absolutely amazing.
Anonymous User
Aug 8, 2019
I still have some difficulty getting the edges exactly how I want them, but I'm certain it's a personal issue and not the app! 🤣 Overall, I truly love this! The options, when cutting, really help make it easier for me (a complete techno doofus) to get pretty clean results! Even just for fun homemade birthday memes or yard sale ads, it gives you that choice of customizing.
Anonymous User
Aug 4, 2019
This app is AWESOME!!! Hands down 1 of my 2 favorite editing apps!! And the other one could not be anywhere near as good as it is without this one!! it has changed my ads, logos, business cards, letterhead, everything forever!!! SO glad I found it!! If you are on the fence... I'm telling you... YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!! Yes there are some ads but very quick and easy to dismiss and they dont pop up until you are done editing. no waiting 15-30 seconds before you can "x" them. SUPER AMAZING!!!
Anonymous User
Jul 30, 2019
My experience with this app simply gave off the impression that this app is like any other editing software. The recognition of objects is mediocre at best and most of the time, you are just manually selecting the background to erase, which can be irritating for mobile users. Not recommended, maybe try your average editing software instead.
Anonymous User
Jul 28, 2019
its been years and its all I'll ever use, even when on my computer, i turn to my phone just to use this app. it does not show pop up ads unless you hit "finish" in top right corner, which i often do just to support the app, even though you don't have to to save your photos; you can edit multiple pictures or even leave the app without ever having to hit that button and see an add, but I do it out of respect. they have created an amazing app that does exactly what i need it to without annoying ads
Anonymous User
Jul 26, 2019
I discovered an app capable of everything my floating back key app can do, and more. So I wanted to switch, but I was fond of it's customized look. To keep the look, I had to figure out how to turn my floating back key into a tiny, mostly translucent icon saved as .png. So I did. /Button to MAX size->Position over white background->Screenshot&crop. NEXT....this app. It worked wonders, removing all four corners of white on the outside, then all of the white background inside. It's perfect.
Anonymous User
Jul 11, 2019
it does what it says. More control of the cursor would be nice, like an easier way to make The tools active or not. Also, the "cursor offset" tool, while a very nice touch, could use a more detailed UI for easier control. So, while not perfect because of the issues mentioned above, it does come close. if the developer could make the UI a bit more user friendly, this would earn 5 stars easily.
Anonymous User
Jul 2, 2019
I like it better than the new backround esaser and i ilike it more that phote layers. The reason why i like this app is because you can smooth out the edges from the picture. I also like it because it does not duplicate the phote. For example, in phote layers when your done eraseing the picture it duplicates. Its not very helpful but you get out of storage quickly. So thats why i rate it a 4 start
Anonymous User
Jun 29, 2019
So far, the best background eraser with the least annoying ads. This one works well and gives the best balance of control and ease of use. I've tried several others and uninstalled in under 30 seconds due to constant, intrusive ads and less functionality. I rarely leave reviews, but this app deserves notice.
Anonymous User
Jun 27, 2019
I honestly love this app it's really easy to use and super efficient. Once apon a time I got a new device and for some reason I couldn't find this app to use for my pictures so I tried other similar apps, literally none could compare. If i could change/ask for a few things it would be to (A) Make there be a way to go back to past pictures that were worked on and fix things. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally click 'Done.' (B) Please add more colors for the backgrounds. ♥️
Anonymous User
Jun 19, 2019
Really great app! Overall a 5 star... Why 4 stars? - Smooth option at the end doesnt really smooth out anything. It more acts as if its pushing out the selection, but doesn't really make the selection edge any smoother, in my experience . Spend large amount of time doing it manually. ----- Would love to see tools like "line" and "ellipse". to easly work with wall/object/element removing. Rather then removing background around people pets and such for which the current tools work like a charm !
Anonymous User
Jun 3, 2019
I love it when people don't read directions and go off on a rant on how bad an app is. It makes me feel better about myself...LOL! Always go to "How to use" or "FAQ" before you trash someone's hard work. The article clearly states "Transparent color is shown as black color in the preinstalled 'Gallery' app or 'Photos' app." Your photo will not print or transpose with a black background.
Anonymous User
May 21, 2019
Great App!! Easiest to use out of any Background Eraser I've seen. Best used with a stylus, cant imagine using only my fingers! I wish it had a "move" button so that you don't accidentally erase a portion by only one finger touching... or maybe a "clone" button so you could use that to fill in the missing area after saving. I had to redo the entire photo because I didnt catch the one finger erased spot. :( Overall, it's still a 5-star rating in my book!!
Anonymous User
May 19, 2019
Super easy, very user intuitive. You may need to download load a 2nd app to layer your edited photos. Otherwise if you insert your edited photo directly to Word (for instance) you may have a black background & will waste ink. I primarily use this app for isolating artwork to print & use as templates for painting. So I usually keep a screenshot of a white background & use built-in collage features to layer "background erased" photos (just saves a little space on my phone)
Anonymous User
May 17, 2019
Does exactly as it claims to do, erases the background and leaves you with a transparent image (which APPEARS black but is not). Different methods of extraction increase accuracy, as does the sharpening feature once you're done. Even complex backgrounds can be removed using the masking tool. As mentioned by others, low-star reviews are coming from clearly confused users. I have successfully used this app to produce countless professional images, with no problems at all.
Anonymous User
May 3, 2019
This is a great app for making memes. It makes it so easy to remove backgrounds. I would recommend this app. 10/10 Geostore inc., the background was removed but it was still black because they couldn't just replace the background with a void. If you go into texting and text your edited picture you will see the background is the same as the text bubble. Just make sure the text bubble color is anything but black. It won't be helpful if the text bubble is black. Make it white or grey or whatever.
Anonymous User
Apr 3, 2019
This is pretty neat! I use it in conjunction with a parallax wallpaper app to create "2 1/2 dimensional" wallpaper. Sometimes a bit tricky, other times straightforward, I usually am successful at isolating a subject and remove it from the background. Whatever ads there are, are very non-evasive. They only pop up when you finish and save a project.
Anonymous User
Mar 23, 2019
it's good! It met most of my expectations but, I needed some new feature you're allowed to erase multiple pictures instead of doing it one by one. It's an amazing app but one feature should be added! I have more than 100 screenshots to erase so, I can't do it one by one. So the limit could be around 10 picture to erase? Hope you read this!
Anonymous User
Mar 13, 2019
Surprisingly adequate for a mobile image editor. The automated and semi-automated tools work quite well, even if the mobile interface can be somewhat cumbersome. The ads aren't too intrusive either, which is a plus. Don't pay much attention to the one and two star reviews, as they seem to be coming from generally incompetent users.
Anonymous User
Mar 8, 2019
I create a lot of photo collages and montages. Being able to easily erase parts if not all of a background of a picture makes the layering SO much easier. Background Eraser is so easy to use and it actually works the way it says it will! Wish you had an app for Windows 10.
Anonymous User
Mar 5, 2019
I literally wanted to cry!! I have been searching for an app that could simply help me make my photos transparent fot a long time and this app didnt just do that, but highly profrssional looking and extraordinarily easy!! please dont just go by the negative comments. I'm a beginner and my photos were perfect! I'm creating a magazine and when I laid my first transparent picture on a page for the first time, it was magical. Thank you! a million times!!
Anonymous User
Feb 26, 2019
This app worked very well for me. I had to make lots cat posters and I tried a few different apps. None of the other apps of were very good at isolating the cat's black fur from the shadows. Some of the apps also didn't save the image with a CLEAR background which is kinda clutch for a background erasing app lol. ICYWW the cat is back home.
Anonymous User
Feb 24, 2019
This is an amazing app! It gives you an option if you'd like the tutorial, instead of abusing you with you unwillingly wanting it showing you a tutorial! It's very easy to use. I use it for ALL my edits. It has gotten me very far. The only thing is, they have way to many ads, other than that it's amazing! I hope they keep updating it so everyone can enjoy it on android, iOS, and maybe even PC?
Anonymous User
Feb 24, 2019
Really great app. Extract mode is super intuitive and fast! The other modes work flawlessly. If you're a budding product photographer on a strict budget use this. If you don't have time to learn photoshop use this. It literally will take you less than 10 minutes to master it. All my images both transparent and white background have saved easily and perfectly. Ads are not an issue. I highly recommend using this app.
Anonymous User
Feb 22, 2019
Awesome app. For those of you familiar with photoshop editing, this is a convient app for your phone. It takes a little bit to get used to and of course is not perfect (you have to do some of it by yourself) but it seems easier than photoshop editing by hand and certainly has a sort of intuitive ability to it.
Anonymous User
Jan 26, 2019
very easy to use. has a full tutorial to explain what is what, but it's not a mandatory run through which is nice. only reason giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because the "magic" option can still take out part of the image that it shouldn't. but since there is an option to "repair" it is an easy fix. overall GREAT app!
Anonymous User
Jan 15, 2019
Best background removal app I've found in the Play Store so far and I'm pretty sure I've tried them all, at least as of the posting of this comment. I'm not a fan of the green blob, red blob removal apps. With this app I have more control over more precise tools, granting me nearly pixel by pixel zoom capability. I do a lot of photo editing and, therefore, use a lot of the apps, both paid and free, that are on the market. I'll only use this app to pull images out of photos. thanks devs
Anonymous User
Jan 10, 2019
BEST BACKGROUND ERASER EVER! App allows me to zoom and crop photos, and erase the background with an adjustable tool. Best of all, I can switch between white and dark backgrounds to double check the erasures and even smooth the edges transitionally. A lot of these apps force us to use one of their backgrounds, not this one.
Anonymous User
Jan 8, 2019
This app is my go to😎yeet no annoying watermark when you save the photo, and super easy editing. The only things i wish there were were a different color background previews to better see the spots i missed in the photo im editing, and that there was a corner view of the cursor like they have in a few other editing apps to better see the spot that im editing. i am very grateful for this app! i can more easily create shtuff🙏💯
Anonymous User
Jan 2, 2019
I absolutely love this app... I have had NO technical problems and it is SO easy to use. I would love to see the designer create an easy animation /gif app that's easy to use with photos especially if they've been cut out using g this app first. just my opinion tho. :) Brst cut out app I've found. Hoping to find it on the regular computer when I get the new computer set up.
Anonymous User
Dec 18, 2018
I use this app daily for my eBay and Poshmark businesses to remove backgrounds and make eye catching cover shots for my products. It's easy to use, not bombarded with ads, and it's free! You occasionally get an ad after you save a photo, but it's easy to navigate away from and you're not stuck on it forever. I highly recommend this app.
Anonymous User
Dec 4, 2018
This is certainly the best background remover I've ever used. It's easy to use, and effective. Obviously, dealing with more complex photos would be more of a challenge, but that's to be expected with any background remover. Even the auto-remover is.... semi-auto, I guess. You just point to the part you want removed and it automatically gets removed. All in all, I recommend this app.
Anonymous User
Nov 27, 2018
It's very basic, but word what it says, able to undo and go back to repair something you did without having to start over or clicking undo a bunch of times and undoing a bunch of stuff you don't need to. Makes you install a few apps for things that should be included in the app to start with.
Anonymous User
Nov 15, 2018
Thank you for making a no-nonsense, simple-to-use tool for removing backgrounds that doesn't unexpectedly warp my photo or change the colours slightly or introduce random artifact noise or other frustrating things I encountered on my journey to find your app. If you had an option to pay to remove ads, I'd gladly do so, just for doing exactly what it says.
Anonymous User
Nov 14, 2018
Does exactly as it says. Cuts out whatever you don't want in an image and very efficiently too. You can do it manually for any detailed spots. Or use the auto cut which cuts out any similar color all at once which can be very helpful. The"mouse" can be offset so the "eraser" isn't right under your finger, but above it, so you can better see what you're doing. All in all the best image cutout tool I've used yet.
Anonymous User
Nov 1, 2018
This app is exactly what I've been looking for! Not even on my computer with GIMP and a lot of time have I been able to remove backgrounds so quickly and easily, with great results! I love how you can smooth the edges afterwards so there's no pixel-y outlines. Now, this app is much better for images with solid backgrounds than it is for more complex ones in my experience, but it still gets 5 stars for being perfect for me!
Anonymous User
Oct 8, 2018
Great app! Not too many ads in it. Just a minor improvement on the lower bottom part of the screen where all the tools are, it would be nice to have a button to hide the tools bar while fix an image or erasing the background of one. Other than that, great job, guys.
Anonymous User
Oct 6, 2018
I've used Eraser for years. It was the best. Now its WAY better! Thank you! I love the addition of magic. It is Photoshop's content aware on mobile. I could never find an app that had this, and I do a lot of photo shopping on my phone. Magic works great. I don't have to do much, if any, fine tuning in those hard to get to areas. It wipes them out easily with one touch. This will save me loads of time. Loving it.
Anonymous User
Sep 28, 2018
can't use my stylus. only option is the finger option, making the cursor not where it's actually editing. almost impossible to use on small, detailed work. great idea, but now I will have to find another app with a working cursor. there is also no way to move the cursor without making marks like selections. very disappointed
Anonymous User
Sep 22, 2018
Great little tool. I like using this tool to make fake posters and stuff like that as well as school projects that I feel like overdoing sometimes. It does exactly what it says it does and I'm honestly not bothered by its ads. (The ads are the ones you can instantly back-button out of.) Overall very good app. 4.9 stars rounded to 5.
Anonymous User
Sep 17, 2018
This is the easiest and best app I have ever used to remove backgrounds. I'm a graphic designer, artist, and illustrator. I have access to and use a lot of graphic programs to create my work. Since discovering Background Eraser this is my go-to app for background erasing. I will grab my images from Dropbox, modify them on my Android, save them back into Dropbox, and then use the modified image on my computer using one of my fancy big-name graphics program. It's faster and more efficient for me to work this way. Love it!!!
Anonymous User
Sep 16, 2018
This app is impressive for being free! I love the new feature that they added-it makes it so much easier & faster to erase a complicated part of an image. The design of the app is also cleaner in the new update. It impressed me enough that I had to leave a review. No complaints so far. :)
Anonymous User
Sep 16, 2018
BRILLIANT! PERFECT FOR COLLAGE/PHOTO MONTAGE! I use it all the time, combined with vector PNG's and backgrounds, I've made some stunning music art, logos and stamps. This was the first one I've tried, haven't needed to use anything else. Works a treat, easy to use, you can undo mistakes or heal them. In the bad old days, had to use a scalpel on photos, this is so much better! A small advert banner at the bottom, not a problem, and an additional ad at the end of the app, again, really not a problem! I give it 5 stars, 10/10!
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