Driving School Sim - 2020

Category Racing Game
Developer Ovidiu Pop
Platform Android
Package com.ovilex.drivingschoolsim
Get behind the wheel of you favorite cars, play Driving School Sim 2020!

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Reviews (211)

True Newtype
Jul 17, 2022
Can you guys fixed the turn speed for view, it's hard for me to look around the environment. This is the best driving school game by far.
deny dobra
Jul 16, 2022
I really like this game it's just the graphic that is the thing.The 3rd camera view needs better graphics other wise the game is fantastic
Maula Maulana
Jul 15, 2022
Good game but too bad experience about the ads. I've been playing for a minutes and the game was close and im in the popup ads.
f park
Jul 15, 2022
Very good game. Everything is good but There are electric cars but no sound it is boring. Electric cars have some sound in reality plz add this electric sound in electric cars. Add more cities, shanghai, dubai, tokyo etc. Also add new york city thanks
lesedi letshabo
Jul 14, 2022
What I like about this game is that there are big maps and multiple cars but the graphics are not that good The trailers make the game look amazing with console graphics but when you open the game...😐
Aimster Playz
Jul 13, 2022
Graphics experience everything amazing! I have a suggestion,can you make car crashing physics realistic, and also make the AI car damaged as well? Other than that the game is amazing
Gøp-Hacker YT
Jul 13, 2022
It's good just wish there was more things to modify the cars with like suspensions and more but overall lovely game
Karl Peronilla
Jul 11, 2022
Great game but the arrow controls are just not good. The wheel takes way too long to turn and center. If you for example make a left turn you have to wait for the wheel to center to turn right right after making you just crash. The steering should be instant and more predictable instead of waiting for the wheel to turn slowly
shraddha shrivastava
Jul 9, 2022
I have alot to say about this game,first of all the steering wheel turns back sooooooo slow,second of all the vehicle automatically goes on '0' when you hit something making you have go on 'R',then go and also while your doing that cars are already going on that road which mean there is a chance it might hit you,please fix the steering wheel issue it is very hard to control.
Jul 9, 2022
This app should be 1 star rated. The sound qualities are soo bad and don't even sound like real life cars. Also I hate glitching out of the world after hitting objects on high speed. You don't glitch out of world irl. also make NPC ride supercar
Zion Graves
Jul 9, 2022
Best we ever had best we will ever have out of all games this can be like the second best game so I think I should keep this game because it actually help people learn how to drive from one and it's very fun so you should keep the game forget whatever people get saved this game mother f
Kosana Vasu
Jul 9, 2022
What is this game when I put steering mode it is going but. When I put gear mode the car is not moving even a bit of 1kmh you need to improve some in this game
Derrick Abakah Nyarko
Jul 8, 2022
Ummmm. First, I don't like the controls. Secondly I think driving school 2016 is better than this game. And also if you could use the 2016 style of driving it would be an Elite game in my opinion. But for this I'm giving you one star. Ok let me make it 2
Conner Gooderham
Jul 7, 2022
Not a good game. You can't switch from high beams to low beams without turning off the headlights first, and if you take too long to turn them back on, you'll lose xp. And the game doesn't let you make a right turn on red (or left turn if you're driving on the left side of the road), and when one light is green, the light for the opposite direction is still red. When the child chases the soccer ball, after she has fully crossed the street, it still takes points when you cross. Pls fix.
A7 Ahf
Jul 7, 2022
Nice i put this 5 because is this the most nice game. star 1.nice graphic 2.nice car sound 3.free car bmw 4.tutorial driving number five pls update traffic car and more people plss but the 5.you can change sport and sport+.nice😉😊⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
archibald mclean
Jul 7, 2022
The game is good, but the steering needs to work on. I'm playing it on a Samsung phone. Is it the phone could have a issue?.
Clarence Antonio
Jul 4, 2022
It's a great game the only prob is the car always turns off after i break so when it's night i always get deducted points bc the lights turned off. Please fix that
Tyler Wentzel
Jul 3, 2022
I love the open world experience but the fact that there's a limit to the world makes it boring but it's very very cool I recommend downloading it 😜
indro jite
Jul 2, 2022
this is soo good game but the gold coins are so costlly pls we car buy the coins with money in future that will be great. this is 5 stars easlly
Aayush Tyagi
Jul 2, 2022
Very good game but you can can't cross xxxx road then how it can open world game over all good game add plz more levels
Mary Aby
Jul 1, 2022
Really love the graphics of this app . There are some things you should do from me to improve this . First this reaction of driving and changing gears make the car some times go back and breaks suddenly which is annoying and it really teach me how to drive , awesome app and GB kinda lot but still worth it . Not laggy and clean driving of all cars
Caden Brown
Jun 30, 2022
The steering is WAY too loose and I hate it. Unless the graphics are less than high, it's fine, but it takes away from the game. The graphics are fine but need improvement, and the NPCs need upgrading. I would give a higher score if the steering felt tighter and you could actually manage to stay in your lane. It is very hard to steer. This is still a problem when the steering sensitivity is all the way down. Plus you can't sell your vehicles.
It's Your Girl Kgali
Jun 29, 2022
The game is amazing BUT, it says that you get the best experience when you connected to the internet but i get the worst honestly, it freezes a lot when i connect it to wifi but when I'm not it's great, so i that i think needs to be fixed secondly the cars in the game crash a lot and me as the player lose points even though i did not crash into other cars so please fix that to, if you can do that then I'll give you 5 stars but now I'm giving you 2
Andrei TikTok274
Jun 29, 2022
Is this supposed to be just an image that is staying on your screen? When i open the "game" it shows me an image that says "driving school sim ovilex software". I tapped everywhere on the screen to get off of this image and proceed to the game. Nothing happened. I've been doing this for hours. Please help.
Cara Cervantes
Jun 27, 2022
I love this game you should make something that you can get out and inside of the car graphics are amazing
Parth Jadhav
Jun 26, 2022
Nice skjiejejdndxnxnxnxnxnnx CAD do dil do that again for a few weeks and we are not the only thing is I can't do that again for a few weeks and we are all good though I was going on in my head and the other side is that I was in a bit late but I'm sure it is absolutely amazing how fast the 💰 for it and then we went on the 📱 and the other one was the best for the next time you want me there and back on track for a few minutes late for me and you are so cute together with you in my head hurtsaa
L4LIT Sing
Jun 26, 2022
Graphics and visuals are perfect but steering wheel is not works properly it has some delay like half second
Mrinmoy samanta
Jun 26, 2022
It is so nice gameplay.. There is open world 🌍 graphics system.. U can download and enjoy the game yourself 🥰🥰
Jun 26, 2022
Amazing app but they should add some trucks for it can be better and also give more money in career mode for we can buy better car
Ermen Dosado
Jun 25, 2022
This game has been around for a while and to this day, I still use it to practice driving. Some of the major features of driving are there. Like indicators as well as the side mirrors. However, when checking the blind spots, it is very difficult to turn the head since it take a few swipes and it does not fully turn at the very back window of the vehicle. Because of that, when given the players task to reverse park or changing lanes, most players relies on the mirrors instead. Hope this helps.
JuanK Balanta
Jun 25, 2022
For me the best game ever, because of everything, but my suggestion is adding the classic cars because it will make the game more complete. Also fix some of the sounds of some cars, thx and recommended
raheem bishop
Jun 25, 2022
Upgrades and tunes makes a slight differences but sound is important and I wish I could hear the turbos whistling and the supercharger whining
Amit Awasthi
Jun 24, 2022
First very nice game and graphics are vrey nice and give some new cars in update lovely game and this is a nice feature we can add over friend by link and this game have some mistakes like speed limit is not visible in first person and the traffic needs improvement because the opponent cars are suddenly stop that you can't stop your car thanku
Thembokwkhe Ngcobo
Jun 24, 2022
This game is great it seems absolutely real every car features are there, however one more upgrade is left from 2016 to 2020 the's nice version upgrade we.ar looking forward to the next upgrade
Mubashir Shams
Jun 24, 2022
Its a good game. Great graphics and car prices are good i never played like this game before I really appreciate those who made this game
Arachchi Hewage Mihin Senath
Jun 23, 2022
This game is super. excellent. the graphics should improve and the realistic should come. add more maps. offroad,beaches. for an example like the game forza horizan 4.
Balwinder Kaur
Jun 23, 2022
Graphics and controls are very realistic 👌 , various modes of the games and levels make the game osom
Akhona Hlaba
Jun 23, 2022
I totally love the game and graphics but the only problem I have is the driver being a male , I think we should get an option where we choose to have a male or female driver but all in all I love it
Bhupesh Kumar
Jun 20, 2022
This game is good and realistic graphics . I have played this game in this game , we get to cross the level by driving a car in other countries . But his steering controls are not good because we turn steering less but it turns more , and car lasts too long even after unlocking and the car comes only after the time is over , and we give car speed less but speed gets more , all these things should be improvement . Overall i am giving only 3 stars of this game 👏👍🤘🙏
Nickoy Williams
Jun 20, 2022
This is the best car game like this ever played but why I give it four stars it's because if u could make the driver came out of the car and walk around in the game,i think people will love this game more but still the best car game ever
H Penguin
Jun 20, 2022
As great as this game is, this one glitch gets to me the most. I get flagged for driving over 30mph although I JUST drove by a speed limit sign reading 50 or 70mph. Soooo annoying.
Naeem Hashmi
Jun 20, 2022
This game is nice but I don't like this because There is no fun I mean no any off-road mode only normal street that is boring.
Kgotso Rams
Jun 19, 2022
This game is really awesome, the graphics, the cars are so great and I love the routes and everything but it's just one slight problem, in the next game can the routes not hav those thi gs that block the road nd can u make different cities but they must all be in one map all of them (all routes nd cities must be all together in one map)
hadriel belson
Jun 19, 2022
One of the problems is that the cars literally don't have any ABS u khow when braking in high speeds the car does not turn!
Oupa Godfrey
Jun 18, 2022
Perfect game I really like it...I started to play it since 2016 until now and I like simulator because it improve every year
Tobey Q
Jun 12, 2022
It's cool how it has parking sensors and a back camera but the thing I don't like is that the cars don't come with automatic emergency braking 🙄😒
Mell_ Lennox Beulah
Jun 12, 2022
It's really nice and all but the speed limits makes it hard for one to arrive fast which also makes it hard to make money
Gaming Aryan
Jun 12, 2022
Really good game love it playing but if u could make the mirror more perfect like when the cars will come and all it will be really nice
Glenda Delgado
Jun 11, 2022
Love this game. The graphics, the ai that has the soccer lol. The dog that comes out of nowhere and disappears lol. I am not a good racer but i love the driving levels and the exam. The cars are great. The only thing I would say is that some cars don't like to driving behind me and crash into me like I am not even there lol
Hlumelo Gamnca
Jun 11, 2022
I love this game and the experience that its giving me . I also like the fact that there are better visual play and new exciting car to drive
Mohammad Hussain
Jun 10, 2022
It's a really good game but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because of inaccurate top speeds for example Bugatti Chiron, Lotus evija and almost every single car and u should add character customization just like car parking multiplayer and u should also allow the character to get off the car and sit in other player's cars and if we could lock the car no one could enter it and u should also allow us to sell car, exchange car and send money and add more cars like Toyota Supra or Koenigsegg cars.
Daniel Caro
Jun 10, 2022
This game is amazing it has good graphics and works perfectly. The cars are realistic and there cool!
Rolingston Gomes
Jun 9, 2022
I would have given 5 stars if the game didn't have these issues: Over priced cars and very low earnings in carrier mode. Can't adjust the side mirrors . Nothing inside the car is usable for example the radio or lights it very simple no controls at all.. This are my personal wishes London map Option to adjust break sensitivity Buttons to look left or right from the driver seat .. Hope my review will be Considered. Over all great game .. Thank you ..
Swapan Kumar Roy
Jun 9, 2022
It is the best car simulator in the world. Graphics-Best quality, Controllers-Best for controlling, Gameplay-best game. But please add car's company logo and name in the game.
Hamza Masood
Jun 8, 2022
Amazing game, nice graphics, but this game is a bit glitchy, but mostly appreciated cause it has very nice cars and nice moods, I rated this game as 5 stars because It is good for time pass. The speed limit and others like road signs are very difficult to follow anyways, this game needs to have more stages
Joshua Sadowski
Jun 7, 2022
It's really annoying that it's extremely ad based like you can't go far without watching an ad or if you switch from free play to career or or go to racing you will be inevitably watching an ad
Mackenzie greenan
Jun 6, 2022
I love this game, but there are two things they could work on. One, there is a lot of ads when it comes to the challenges. Two, sometimes the game will glitch when you go in reverse, but it's not that bad.
Gerlyneda Telcy
Jun 6, 2022
This game is amazing I love graphics I love all the cars I love everything about this game something's wrong with this game if I were rate it I would give it a 100 out of 10
Path S*
Jun 3, 2022
Engine sounds are terrible, fix them. Edit: I just checked "Real Driving Sim" out. The sounds in that game is way way better and the gameplay in this one is better. The sounds from that game should be used in this one to make the game better. Sound is an important part about a driving game, it's what makes people play it
Jun 2, 2022
There are just so many glitchs I just hate it.from glitchs I can't complete the last level of Paris and other maps but interior and cars are just best but please fix the glitchs it's more like a rage game🤬🤬🤬
Farida Rahman
Jun 2, 2022
I love the fame but once I was playing a level but cars keeped crashing to me and it Said that I crashed and it's not my fault but cool game can you add like an lamborghini aventdor and an retention Best game you made😀😀😀😀
Pratham Bains
Jun 2, 2022
Good game graphics 😀 good but when you are in manual you need a steering wheel or arrows cause that helps
Amyoli Amza
Jun 2, 2022
It is one of the most best driving school game 🙂🙂🙂 just make it more realistic and put more maps 😉😉😉 ok bye
Akshat Jain
Jun 1, 2022
I play it and I am just like what a game in the industry the personal favrouite is 2 sports mode that is awesome and I want to say please add some more cars and the game will become infinite ♾ stars 🌟 and this is my honest review and I want to say one thing please improve sterring stability please
Dwayne Rains
Jun 1, 2022
This game is very interesting and I love the graphics, the driving feels so real and the traffic laws are on point, I have no complaints, I love this simulator
Tawfiq Ali
May 31, 2022
It's great just I wish you could customise the controls location on the screen so changing gear sequentially would be more ergo
Daniel Seguin
May 29, 2022
So here are some small things that decrease the quality of play. It tells me to stop way before the stop light. The steering is bad and trying to drive forward after reversing is a struggle sometimes. It takes away points when you dont signal in parking lots but doesn't give you point for signaling when changing lanes across broken white lines. And finally, the default speedometer unit is Mph when the signs are in Kph
May 29, 2022
Ive loved the driving school games since 2014 so I had to try this one. Graphics look just like they did in the past with little improvements and the gameplay buttons dissappear randomly so i cant play the game. Fix the glitches.
Lemohang Motsau
May 29, 2022
This is an amazing game. I love the concept and how the graphics have improved since the 2017 version. However, I have a slight problem with the game when it comes to the side you drive in different countries. In places like Australia and Japan, you drive on the left and the steering wheel is on the right. I don't understand why the side on which the steering wheel is at does not change but this feature was included in 2017 version of this game? I really hope this problem gets attended to.
Renjini V
May 29, 2022
The old versions of this game were also nice but they have an unresponsive steering. In this game, the graphics is far better, and the steering wheel is a MASTERPIECE. The best game
Bishorjit Thangsabam
May 29, 2022
Prev version was much better. It shows ads which cant be temoved and due to that cant see the traffic light signal.
May 28, 2022
ITS THE BEST GAME EVER but can you remove ads? Becuase it keeps annoying me? The graphics are good and the cars are good detail but make the cars cheaper of 2x pay us?
Chris Lubabalo
May 28, 2022
I've been having this game since last year. It's very good, I love the sound of the cars it's exactly like real cars 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Dal Chandr Suthar
May 28, 2022
This game nice but sterring is not a good i am turn right side and sterring turn left side so pliz improve the sterring and talk the graphic is so beter level and full game is best bus sterring is no good so improve the sterring ang game is so good i am give 5✨✨✨✨✨ rate.
May 27, 2022
Steering control is soo hard. Everything else is great. If you add bikes and trucks then it would be more cool(imo)...
Joseph Samuel Creations
May 26, 2022
Graphics are very nice especially while drifting. Just my personal feedback is that there would be an ESC button to prevent drifting especially when launching the car. Otherwise this is the best car simulator
Sapphire Elliott
May 26, 2022
I like this game a lot the only thing I really don't like is that there are x's that block your path and you can't get past it if you don't mind can you take them off thank you.
Aranna Dey
May 25, 2022
Ovilex's this Driving School Simulator 2020 game has much more options for controlling various game features, is higher, clear, and player-appealing in resolution efc. It also has among other amazing features, different countries, nations, landscapes and terrains, and different modes like learning, career and challenges which become quite difficult and thus exciting to complete, pass and achieve good enough scores in.
Aaden Yeo
May 25, 2022
While I was doing the max speed test, the roads were too short to drive and I keep on crashing into the buildings and failed the challenge. I hope that you can open up more roads to accomplish the challenge. Other than that it is a fun and good game
Craig Rohla
May 25, 2022
Took a few plays , put in sport & front view. Loads of fun. Close to reality as can be in a game!! Cars are fast,good torque before any upgrades. Rear in any game.
Raymond Walton
May 24, 2022
It is the worst game ever I try to drive but it wouldn't let me and everytime I try to drive every car keeps crashing onto me it also I bought a car but it wouldn't let me so by this is the worst game ever
Selby ARcher
May 24, 2022
Never played the game sure it's quit good as I have been playing the police sim which is great however I came to check this game out as it was advertise on police sim as Driving school Sim 2022 however on here it is called 2020 just very off putting
Lana Mclean
May 22, 2022
I. Like the game great verities of cars and cool levels and stuff even sports mode is cool but reason on 2 star is because its very lagy keeps crashing and when I'm looking at the cars it takes a minute just to change to the next car I wanna look at please fix that but apart from that it's a amazing game but please fix that bug thank you
William Darko
May 22, 2022
Really like the graphics. But the sound of the engine is terrible. The 2017 version sounds better. You need to do something about it
pol pe benito
May 22, 2022
the game is great there's multi-player which I really like 👍 I would give it a 5 but its kinda of hard to steering
Venkata Sandeep
May 22, 2022
Atleast a right hand wheel option is not given, its very difficult for a right hand person to olay the game.
Uma Sampath
May 21, 2022
Hi guys this game is great very enjoying. But it is kind of hard to get money in this game so that is why I put 4 stars. I wish the race reward money should be like 10,000 for every race. But overall the game is good 👍👍
Dunja Kadir Misljenovic
May 21, 2022
I had 2 hypercars, 3 supercars, 3Hatchbacks and 2 sedans. I saved the game but as soon as i loaded it in nothing 😭 All those HOURS for nothing!
Jacqueline Sweeney
May 20, 2022
3 stars cause when I stop at stop signs, it gives me a penalty anyway. Speed signs say 70 but if you go over 45 it's a penalty, a few glitches with cars and stuff. Other wise a good game.
May 20, 2022
I very disappointed to play this game i trying to play with gearbox mode but car is not acclarate and other mode is fine fix this
Saroj Tak
May 19, 2022
This is so so becaus e in this game there is so many issues 1. The sterring wheel 2. Graphics are so poor and please increase the speed limits 4. and give free money daily like 50 coins 5.
May 19, 2022
This game is very prestieen 1. Very good engines 2. Alot of hyper and super cars 3. The maps are wonderful 4. Graphics are great and last of all 5. Events
Chloe Hayes
May 17, 2022
I'm giving you this many stars because whenever I go in drive mode it won't let me make the car go I can do everything else I want it's just that I can't make the car go on My phone that's all. Oh I LOVE the maps and plz make more!... And maybe make a fantasy 😇 🗺️ map? Or maybe you could add all of the 50 States! If it's possible. people? More realistic and maybe u could add something to make people walk inside buildings and just walk. Plzz
Carl Anderson
May 17, 2022
It's a great game all around but it would be even better to be given the choice between tuner. Classic or muscle car to start off with .
Gichuki Nderitu
May 17, 2022
Great game. However, it could be much enjoyable if it has missions similar to Real Driving Sim, but more advanced.
Charl Native
May 17, 2022
It's great. I'm enjoying it although I'd like some adjustments on the car sounds but other than that. It's not bad
Filip Tabis
May 17, 2022
I like this game it is fun to play with a car you can choose what car you want and you have to buy the car you want with money/coin currency.
Lhasa Veasey
May 15, 2022
This game is about driving to school, well I think it's a brilliant game. Its got lots of cars to drive, the new update is here, the challenges, if you unlock all cars you can customize them, the thing i like about driving school is, you doing free roam, the thing i hate about driving school is all cars don't all have the same sound, the Mercedes doesn't look like having the same start button, every time you passing lots of speed cameras, it changes your number to what speed your supposed to do.
Talent Shipe
May 15, 2022
Nice cars and everything else looks great on this game too much for the big fan and the game of all that was played in a series was the first time that I was in a position that was in a position that was in my life I would have been able and not just as I would ever be with the kids to get to the first thing in a 5th century that has been the best thing for all ages to be a member in a family that has been in a 5th period for the last two months of this month so we are going through a lot and we
priya chakraborty
May 15, 2022
Best game i ha ever seen but you can add free cars and human can get out of the car and walk car should have stability Thank you. From Arka Chakraborty
May 14, 2022
Hi, Ovidiu Pop. I enjoy this game but there are lots of bugs that are putting me down. So in Las Vegas, You can't drive past the child without getting points deducted. He kicks the football onto my car and it takes away 100XP when nothing is my fault. And, when it gives me points for stopping, the kid is on the pavement and it takes away XP for not watching. HE'S ON THE PAVEMENT. And at a red light, cars just smash into me and again it takes away XP. Please can you fix this? 🤬
A Jay
May 14, 2022
So it was a good game but when it did not load i installed the game again then all my progress was gone and I don't have Facebook! So please fix your loading thing please:(
Jehangir azam
May 13, 2022
Okay from an honest point of view this is a good game one of the good ones I have seen on Android yes keep it up I would like it to have a driftmood if possible that would be a very nice upgrade if possible nice 👍🙂
Swayam Shukla
May 13, 2022
What a game, littelry what a game. Graphics are best in series and ultra realistic. Too good 👍👍👌👌
Gladiator Phoneix
May 12, 2022
Can you update the "every turn or accidental non-turn you have to turn on your blinkers" thing when you're in learn mode, carrer, and garage when you select your car? It's frustrating 😒😕🤬👎🤦 And also put the speed limit on when on 3rd camera? And can you add the REAL-LIFE car prices? It's a good game.
May 11, 2022
It doesnt let me download the game It stops at 99 Sometimes when it does download it suddenly stops working one day and when you delete it and re-download it again stops at 99 Game is good but game stopped working bug never got fixed Please fix it till them I am gonna give 3 stars
Robert Gurg
May 11, 2022
this is the most advanced series of driving simulation on mobile platform BUT its getting worse after each new release. the problem is that the simulation physics are getting more undeveloped and arcade which is just lame cuz 2016 2017 had great physics which was the key factor of the game. guys i really love this series but try working on the quality of the game instead of adding more cars, maps, modes, tuning options and ect. we need better optimisation, car model quality, better AI, PHYSICS.
Yonela Tose
May 10, 2022
I would give this 5 stars but on multi-player we can't hear the sounds of other cars and the fact that you can drive through other player's car is boring please fix that. Oh and add new cars please and new maps. And please improve the brightness of lights. Thank you.😊
Syed Iejaz
May 10, 2022
It's a brilliant game. But i'm having a issue with STOP sign bOard even if i'l stOp my car. i lOse pOint and Only by breaking that sign bOard i can get a number 😂 fix this nd there is a limit Of a map fix this One as well. I shOuld driver everywhere. In the end [ thanks fOr the creatOr Of this game i'm enjOying it
Toshiro Majosan
May 10, 2022
The game was completely fine but the gas pedal is too sensitive and uncontrollable maybe you should fixed up a littlle bit.
mandeep singh
May 10, 2022
This is very good game i will give it 5 stars the very good graphic is when is reverse the screen shows the backside
May 9, 2022
This game is very good, but please put the handle and gear together and make it a realistic game and I don't see any other car in the game, only my car is running on the road.😊😊
I am Gangster
May 8, 2022
Very poor experience . Lots of advertisements between gameplay. Just in single play . I don't wanna this game again .
Fleet Gaming
May 7, 2022
The game is quite glitchy. I was driving on a level and I only had one error and suddenly it said that I had failed because I had gotten too many errors. Like what the hell? Then I had to either pay money or watch an add to continue. I don't know if this was a glitch or if you guys do the frequency, if you do this frequency I will have no choice but to delete the game and lower my rating. Apart from that the graphics are great and the cars that I have are exceptional and I hope to earn more!
Stefan Vukovic
May 7, 2022
The best school driving expirience, cool driving,u can drive fast, real interiers, they created a good game and its really easy and good, i would recomend this game to other people who like driving cars and meet me in the multiplayer so we can drag rece!
Mthobisi Fanie
May 5, 2022
Fun game to play the graphics are the best there are real car features included and I very much like the sport+ mode It's best👌
Harveer Ghatore
May 4, 2022
Best car simulator ever with accurate graphics,however a few bugs when you drive the speed limit say 70 but the speed dial says 45. Secondly,Cars are over priced and in order to get a decent can you have yo pay real MONEY. Good game tho.
Savita Pereira
May 4, 2022
This game does not go past the loading screen. I waited for 10 minutes and nothing happened. Edit: I updated it and it works fine.
May 4, 2022
The graphics are amazing, I just have a problem with the gas and brake pedals. It's so confusing, having to pull them down rather than up. It makes it more difficult for me to play the game. I'll update my review if we get an update to change these.
Mohammad Shoyeb
May 4, 2022
This game sucks!! Cars are horrible and so is the graphics!! I think this is one of the worst game.I think the developers were drunk before they made this game.idk why they even released this trash game.and dumb me that I downloaded it.plz don't waste ur time on this trash game.🤮🤮🤮
Saroj Luthra
May 3, 2022
This game is very good. I love it but a 4 star cuz their are some glitches for example which I find the most irritating is sometimes when I stop at the red light the IA just rearends me. 4 to 5 times I went under the map. And the speed limits are very slow at some areas. Other wise this game is very good I like it alot. That's y 4 and not 5 stars
omar mahmoud
May 3, 2022
Thanks for this game , it's Good to play, but, I have feedback about it,Could you Increase the amount of money that you gain after each level because it makes me really dissatisfied.
nahlah ahmad
May 3, 2022
This game is the best also amazing graphics and incredible cars from the best ones with the most payable prices in the game.
Hassan shehada
May 3, 2022
It is very nice definitly 5 star but give us money when first download to buy cars and add more places like the uae.download it.
Neihimah Johnson
May 2, 2022
The game is nice it tells you things you have to do in real life. But the graphics can be better. This game really glitchy and it's not my computer I just got it for Christmas. I think that is unexpectable and should do more work on this game. The game is super still.
Jodie Dancer-farren
May 2, 2022
It is still an amazing game since I rated it in may 2021 loads of cars have been added in . But there is 1 downside to it why can't you add realistic car sounds to the game.
Nelson Tubiera
May 1, 2022
This game is very nice, the thing I like in the game is the graphics. You can also unlock a lot of cars!
Proxima Centauri
May 1, 2022
So I played this game from 2020-mid2021 roughly 1.5 years and after that I got bored and frustrated so I deleted it and at that time this game was running just becoz of community but the game had nothing entertaining like events,selling,trading etc.but yeah this game gives you many maps and an unbelievable quantity of cars even in series so that's a +point but except that,this game gets boring when you don't have many player to interact with and yeah I downloaded it again but nothing changed.
kristina Williams
Apr 29, 2022
It's a good game love the cars but I can't play it cause it skips and freezes a lot so needs to be fixed .
Vimarsh Khandkar
Apr 29, 2022
I am enjoying the game a lot but 4 stars because the back mirror view is very pathetic. If you are driving in dashboard view you cannot see vechiles on your back. So please improve it.
Emmanuel Harrison
Apr 26, 2022
This game is awesome and amazing.Thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 to the producers but I would like it better if there would be a steering wheel and button sensitivity setting for easy handling.What I'm just saying is that the steering should be stiffer than it is now because when driving at high speeds,I lose control
Sreehari V.Menon
Apr 26, 2022
It's a good game. Just 1 problem. It's ads. After every level they show you ads. Otherwise it is a good game.
Demilo Dixon
Apr 25, 2022
Um...this app is really nice when it comes to the interface of driving but damn can it quit crashing when I need to watch a video to continue? S22 Ultra. Thanks. 🥰
Laxman Parmar
Apr 25, 2022
This game is awesome but please cars cost is very high please down the price and add some Indian cars like thar,scorpio,i10,i20 and this game is very good game need some more inprovment
Divas B
Apr 25, 2022
Worst game ever I stop at stop sign and stop when pedestrian crossing but even after it cuts my exp for some reason pls fix it and I will change my review
king mythical123
Apr 25, 2022
Good game but this game should be like the money is so lower can you please do leve give as like 2,500ro something like 2k some thin like that but I should give as like 25k for level come on do like that please
Patrickfranz Diestro
Apr 24, 2022
Awesome game, Good graphics and realistic cars. But i have a few concern about this game improve the sound of cars.
Iwina Washington
Apr 23, 2022
This game is amazing. It lets you do anything you want the wheel is more better then the other games I've played. That one thing I would love that they would do is let us go inside of the buildings that are there
Anshul Sehrawat
Apr 22, 2022
Please add reward when some want to reattempt races or challenges . And increase reward in career levels , because all cars are costly and earning is very low . I am getting bore to collect money for my one favourite car and I want to purchase so many..... But how can I , it's so difficult with low rewards and there are no reward if i reattempt any race or challenge levels .
John Loo
Apr 22, 2022
tooooooo manyyyyy adsssssss, pls reduce it although you need ads to earn money but I'm just finish 1 round and then there is an ads, sometimes I haven't end the game and then the ads will come out too, speechless. However, the quality of the game is nice and better than others game, if the ads can lesser, it will become a nice game in 2022 too, and it worth 5 stars just ads too much, the player cannot open their Wifi and Data while playing this game.
Yenzile Nkiwane
Apr 22, 2022
Good game the only thing I'd like you guys to add is more cars more missions and make realistic car sounds
Grim BG
Apr 21, 2022
This is byfar the best game ever that i played! The graphics are amazing, the cars are sooo cool and good, but i have some things to add, like more cars and maps and also can u change the exhaust sound? It sounds raw to me because it is not the real sound, still byfar the best simulator game! EDIT: Can u add also refuable cars and more pls thanks!
Mayur Mudchawade
Apr 21, 2022
This is very nice game to play and one more things ...Must be check who's want to learn drave?? already there many things to follow that is i mean perfect driving school game...🙏
Tishan Thirukumaran
Apr 21, 2022
A fun game! A large variety of vehicles to choose from! Overall I enjoyed this game and I still am enjoying it!
Sabrina Paige
Apr 21, 2022
When I'm trying to do the challenges it won't let me move. When I press restart it plays an ad qnd kicks me off the game. And theirs alot more issues with it
Sthembele Myeza
Apr 21, 2022
This game went from bad to worse. The controls are buggy, the sound is horrible and the graphics are below average. I expected better, judging by the reviews here. It's just horrible.
Apr 20, 2022
I like it because they talk about how cars look cool and i really love it the only issue is the way you have to pay so u can buy some stuff the devs are super good at making this game and it rocks this is one of my best games that ive ever found and i like it
Apr 19, 2022
Ovidiu Pop, your game is excellent, five star rating game by far. It would be better if you could add the following: 1. Test driving vehicles you want to buy 2. PLEASE add the new Haval H6 2022 3. New places 4. Higher paycheck after every session played 5. Fix bright lights needs to more brighter 6. Paris should have underground petrol stations 7. MP3 player 8. Electric cars must have lane keeper assistance (Like real cars) but if you indicate it mustn't try to keep you in the lane.
Alan Rene
Apr 19, 2022
The game is good but there is no car company and name written on the car like real life cars and one thing can u add a feature where we can fill fuel or electricity for cars and also can you add the feature where we can make unlimited friends sell our cars and give credits to people and we can choose how much to sell the car for and add new maps and please remove the fact that we have to go a certain amount of speed while doing the moose test its annoying and I cant do it because of speed limit
he on x games mode
Apr 19, 2022
It's fun, there's lots of levels too. I only wish that the cars would go the right speed limit and that you could turn right on red when at a red stoplight
সপ্নের সঙ্গী
Apr 18, 2022
This game is very aswsome. Graphics wonderful❤️But Stiaring control sensitivity need some problem. The control is some hard. Please Solv this controling system,sensitivity very high,I use low sensitivity but doesn't perfect.If you solve this problem,then i told you this is one of the most simulator game in the world.Thank You
Tyler Hammond
Apr 16, 2022
Game is horrible, the cars are nice, but you don't have names for the cars, the car speeds are stupid, and way over priced, you need to spend like 2 hours just to get 60k witch gets you a horrible car, I would crank the steering wheel of the car, and it barely turns when you're going fast, with sucks because people like drifting, and also, you carear mode is rigged, it says I hit a pedestrian when they whwrnt even crossing the road, game is horrible, it would be a 0 star game, do not recommend.
Afshaan Modak
Feb 13, 2022
The graphics and the design of maps, cars and the interior is the best i have ever seen but the main thing which is driving the cars is a very big drawback. from my perspective the handling and the motion of the car should be a lot better as I am getting fustrated as either the car is going too left or right. The app is stuck on the home screen on my ipad so can't even play. I hope these issue gets solved.
Rohit Rawat
Feb 13, 2022
This is a very realistic and nice game to play. A few suggestions. There should be a section to select the cars you already have because in the list of all the cars there are lots of them and it takes much time to select from the cars you already have. Secondly need more LHD locales like from the UK, Ireland, New Zealand etc.
Jeremy Jamilla
Jan 28, 2022
Has a lot of room for improvements. Mainly, the controls. Everything turns off after I use the breaks. Then deducts my score for not following. Literally does it every time. I haven't gotten anywhere because I actually want to "have no deducted points". At least not deducting yet until I moved. I was trying to figure out the controls on how to use the clutch and it deducted me for not using the specified control IMMEDIATELY. 🥲
Jan 17, 2022
Looking at some of the incoherent reviews on Ovidiu-Pop Games I am very glad I don't use multiplayer. A few bugs, for instance if you tap the gas pedal to make small adjustments, the car jolts forwards then starts to roll backwards. It's annoying, I often find myself hitting things I don't intend. Also, when I drive fast, I find myself getting flung in the air which is cool but not really. Pedestrians are brick walls so it's pretty hard to do my vehicular manslaughter. Would recommend👌
Bengamez bro
Dec 29, 2021
The gameplay is top notch, the amount of cars are insane, the amount of levels is great (because I want to grind all the levels) the customization is OK and when I bought the supercharger, it said it would add 15% more horsepower but it just gave me 15 horsepower instead (on the starter BMW 3 series btw). Also, some ads need to be less inappropriate because there are kids playing this and I also have to play in front of my parents sometimes. Other than that, this game is awesome.
Arctic Wolf
Nov 8, 2021
I like this game how you're able to feel like you're really driving in real life but there are a few things that keep bothering me. 1. Everytime a car touches me, I keep getting thrown up in the air and land on a place where I'm not able to get out of (or makes the game restart). And 2. There's so many ads that's in the way and makes the game lag and freeze alot.
RafiurGuide Rahman
Nov 6, 2021
The game is good but the problem is the wheel on the motorway. The Ai can be annoying like when I have a turn a truck would pull up and an Ai behind would just smash into me. The parking can be annoying due to the indicator I MEAN WHO USES IT. Another problem is when trying to reverse it literally takes your points out. I mean. But the graphics are good and the cars have good handling and all those stuff. Keep it up!
Oct 12, 2021
The game is literally amazing I love the car physics and the game maps but the only reason that makes me give it 4 stars is the car sounds when switching gears. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I mean gearbox switching sound is not that realistic. So i would say to developers to improve this! Why all your other games has no bugs in car sounds? This is the best car simulation game in play store! Plz fix this and then It will DESERVE 5 STARS! Thank you so much!
Alex topakas
Oct 10, 2021
Game is fun to play, the speed limit says 70, and the speed next to the speedometer says 45. It says reverse in to park and it says wrong Indicator, trust me nobody uses their Indicator just to reverse into the parking spot. The AI can sometimes be annoying. When turning on the traffic lights as you turn the traffic hits you. Other than that the graphics , and steering sometimes can be difficult to steer at high speeds.
Alissa Morrow
Oct 3, 2021
The game is good but there are some issues: 1. The stop sign. I'll stop and wait, and it will still deducts points. Also, it sometimes delays the points. 2. The child playing. I will stop for (+) minutes and still get points deducted. 3. The headlights in tunnels. I noticed this while playing in Hong Kong. I wasn't in a tunnel and it was deducting points. 4. Speed Limit. Signs are incorrect. 5. I'm ignorant in knowing if it's legal, but turning right on red shouldn't be minus XP in US maps.
Matthew Glover
Aug 28, 2021
Overall l love this game! But there is one thing i would reccomend you fixing. Once i stop at a stop sign or a red light, it turns out all of the cars keep on hitting me! l reall dislike it. Also overall the problem, once they hit me they either keep on going or they hit me, stop, backup, then hit me again! I don't like it. Please fix it, its making me lost money and XP! HELP! Although the game is amazing. I love the graphics and the cars. But please fix the problem if you can thanks!
Alex Q. Tyler
Jul 30, 2021
I overall love this game! The graphics are amazing, the cars are great, and the maps are pretty good, but I've kinda found the Career mode a tiny bit worse compared to Driving School Sim 2017. Overall though, I am a huge fan of the games that you make and have played many of your mobile games! 9/10 would definitely recommend!
Oimates Idk
Jul 11, 2021
I love this game.Its my favorite driving game. But there's something that needs to be improved. The gearbox of some cars are slow to shift and don't feel smooth. The maps just feels small and not fun. It would be nice if the map is bigger and there's some fun places you can go to like a racetrack. Then there's the details of the car. Make the styling and interior look more detailed.Finally,the heads up display. Its quite annoying because it kinda blocks the view when I'm in first person.
Jun 29, 2021
I have always loved the Driving School games and I think that this is the best game they have made yet. Pros: Several different cars to choose from. The most I have ever seen from any driving game on mobile. The maps are detailed. There are cool new features such as ambient lights, parking sensors and rearview camera. Race and freeroam modes also available. Minimal advertisements Car customization (paint, wheels etc) Cons: Very strict rules. For example, yellow light counts as a red.
Albert Ocloo
May 22, 2021
Acceleration has a weird sound and transmission doesn't work well. It's even worse with the manual transmission expecially. Please fix that. I will like to be able to view both side windows and side mirrors at the same time when driving from inside especially to view oncoming cars at stop junctions. Please try to make the experience as realistic as possible.
May 20, 2021
Good game, I hate the controls. I wish you could move them to be more easier to handle. The buttons for the turning left and right to small I miss click and won't turn or I'll press the wrong button on accident. The steering wheel won't turn sometimes and instead moves the screen. The screen turns to slow and can't even see the stop lights. The screen tilt sensitivity button is annoying since you have to leave the game and go back to the main menu for an ad just to change. But it's an okay game
Aditya Narayansreejith
May 13, 2021
The best car simulator ever!!!!!! This is by far the best ever simulator I've tried! Each cars have different sounds and each of them feels considerably different from each other. The controls are great and the manual controls with the clutch is great except the fact that I'm not that great in steering the car while clutching in. And another thing I wanted to address is that electric cars just doesn't have any noice at all. But I suggest of adding a bit of the noice of the electric motors.
Muhammad Qadir
Apr 19, 2021
The game has not gotten any better from all the previous driving school game. The graphics are not that imprsive. There some bugs In the game. It says crossed red light when I clearly didn't. There are verity of cars and they have a somewhat accurate design. The revs of cars are absolute garbage. But there are ups and down but I think it could have been much better.
Callum Kang
Apr 11, 2021
Amazing game other than the obvious bugs and glitches. Like when you drive at a high speed and crash into a wall you immediately fall under the map. Other than that the graphics are amazing and the range of cars that you can get are incredible for a mobile game. There are a few things I'd like to see. 1. A way to filter owned and unowned vehicles. 2. A daily reward system that offers you free cash and coins everyday. ☆ Pls could you add the DeLorean DMC-12 time machine from Back to the Future. ☆
Patrick Ndlovu
Apr 11, 2021
Locations like Johannesburg or Cape Town would be nice to have. I'd also like to request the Mini Cooper GP and the BMW M135i. It would be nice to have a full 180° cockpit view from left to right, this is very useful for normal driving when checking the sides for traffic. One finally request a lot of people would appreciate is a Ghost car feature, which can be useful for racing mode. Nice feature to help beat your own best time by displaying how one was driving on the previous attempt.
Allidois Goofoff
Apr 4, 2021
So far so good, the only issue I have is that the cars will just slam into you even when you're stopped at a red light. Edit: I removed one star because the speed limit is ALWAYS at 30 mph despite what the signs read, which is misleading and causes you to recieve a demerit if you drive faster than that. Too many bugs, the graphics aren't as good as the previous versions, and cars are insanely expensive. Greedy developers on all these games.
Sankalp Mishra
Mar 18, 2021
The game is fine but needs some improvements- 1. Speed limit should be visible in the first person view. 2. The steering rotates only once, it should make atleast one and half round like real cars. 3. The traffic needs improvement. First of all the the traffic cars stops suddenly that you can't stop your car. Secondly, the car turns very sharply that also needs to be fixed. After fixing these problems, the game would be a perfect car simulator game. Hope it will be fixed soon👍👍👍
Ridho MF
Mar 10, 2021
The graphics were amazing, but there's still some bug. The biggest one is on the manual transmission that i can't switch to gear 2,4,6, and reverse. I've tried it so many times but still same results, also the game often penalized me on career mode for something i didn't do. I wish it would be fixed at near future.
Feb 25, 2021
Hey guys your game has been my fav game in awhile, I gave 5 stars bc I love it however there needs to be upgrades add some new cars and also new countries new challenges and add an option where you can actually drive race with someone and also we need to check a minor problem where I send multiplayer room links to a friend and it always says room unavailable which is not true. also power upgrades do not seem to do anything for the cars. The game is the BEST.
T jacob
Feb 23, 2021
The 2017 version has better features. Issues you need to fix. 1. Various sounds e.g. car engine sounds, blinker sounds. 2. Car interior 2017 version is better. It's more realistic with a clearer 3D view. I prefer the 2017 mirrors, they are the best. The key is way better that Start/Stop circle of yours in this version. 3. Improve car stability. It accelerates very fast, still 2017 version is more stable. 4. If it's not possible to do this in this version, just give us more maps in 2017 version.
Feb 22, 2021
This game is very well-done! The maps are all unique, there is a big variety of vehicles, which I like, and the overall gameplay is nice. Although, sometimes the traffic can be a bit glitchy. For example, a vehicle will randomly park itself in the middle of the road and will not move, causing traffic to build up; also their indicators are sometimes inverted, like if the car is turning right the left indicator is on- their turning could be smoother too. Other than that, it's awesome!
joselin montes
Feb 19, 2021
I love this game except the problem is when i try to play the vegas map it doesnt show the controls. No when i press on the vegas map and you know where you start in the car it doesnt shows the control like the start button the foward and reveres all the controls you need to drive and also when i try to get out of the vegas map its hard because it does not let me see the buttons and its just really hard i hope it made sense.
Geometryjosh 21
Feb 13, 2021
Campaign is not the best. Turn signals in many roundabouts are broken; AI vehicles accelerate too quickly and cause accidents; and traffic lights are only one-way, just like last game. Unlike the last game, there are finally correct car stats, but they are not actually accurate in-driving, as you can get gapped by a van while driving a supercar in multiplayer. Multiplayer chat is better than last game. Car sounds are poorly executed, blend the sounds more. Good effort but work on your weak spots
Arpan Sau
Feb 12, 2021
This game is just awesome. Show your driving skills here following the traffic rules. There is realistic graphics. The graphics are much similar to GTA V. Obviously, don't expect too much 😜. But there are some glitches in the game. Sometimes the car automatically goes back in the manual mode. And in some of the levels, the game does not end after I have reached the final parking area. You need to move your car back and forward and check where the game ends. Otherwise, just download this game.😎
Multi Mission TV MMTV
Feb 11, 2021
The same problem in every ovidiu pop games. The difficulty controlling the car and the smoothness. It's feel like you drive a plane not a car. a small touch in the steering wheel causes a terrible traffic accident. and i really hate the sounds specially the engine sound. This is a car not a truck dude. The sounds are annoying and unrealistic. The graphics are not bad. The other details is really wow You do great. specially The hands movement when rotating the steering wheel. i really love it.
David Walter
Feb 10, 2021
So this is my first ever review on playstore.. but i would say, this gàme is great! I really recommend it. But please we would like you to add a feature in which we can be able to hear the engine sound from other players cars in multiplayer mode as we only hear the horn sound coming from their cars. Please i would like this feature. It's really gonna make the game more realistic.. other than that, the game is great!!!
Raymond Moric Kaplunovas
Feb 8, 2021
The game is so amazing and has new options, maps, cars and customization. But the transit van the big white van has a glitch. I can't say if it's big or small glitch but I hope it's fixable. Anyway when I put it in reverse and put a small amount of gas the van is going back and forward so you have to put nearly full throttle to go back. Besides that I hope 2021 will be a good year and they will make a better game in 2021 and years go on.
Jan 23, 2021
This is an amazing game with a big map, a lot of cars and a lot of missions to never keep anyone bored. It even has a Sport Mode which allows the car to go very fast for people who wanna do that but when in normal mode the car switches gears too fast when using automatic which makes the car very slow to pick speed. Also when in sport mode the crackling noise is too repetitive and VERY annoying at times.
Jan 1, 2021
The app exposes one to the variations in v8, v6 and small engines which is mostly noticed if manual gear mode is selected, 2ndly the inherent characteristics of each cars gives one an idea to be choosey when buying a real car_ know what you want, 3rdly the engine sounds; some smooth, some noisey especially at high speed while others sound like a post war motobike, I love that really. flaws, 1) las vegas stage has no control so cannot be played, 2) cars turning into adj street does it too fast.
lydia brown
Dec 7, 2020
It's a nice game and I love it. But you guys keep adding more cars when there's no more level to play except the previous ones.The career mode is too short, I completed all the careers and unlocked all locations with just 3 cars, while there's still a whole lot of cars unlocked and no more career mode to play, please work on adding more career mode and locations. It will also be nice if you could make it possible to sell already owned cars to make the purchasing of new cars easier.👍
Nov 30, 2020
Ain't playing long though a very good game till now except a few issues here and there like red light penalty sometimes even if the signal becomes green, pedestrian stop penalty sometimes even if there is no pedestrian at the point of crossing and tough to understand & crash penalty once till now (a vehicle coming out of the blue during a green signal and crashing🤔hehe) etc. There's always room for improvement. Loving it. Keep up the good work 😊👏👍
Siyabonga Majola
Nov 21, 2020
Well its an awesome game, good, enjoyable. But the problem is real mode(Manual Transmission with clutch), the car starts but it doesn't move at all,it keeps raving. And you need to fix many bugs. Like sound of the cars, they ain't realistic. Steering sensitivity, graphics and traffic etc. Maybe you should also consider activities like car wash and fuel station. Anyway the game is cool, enjoyable. Thanks.
Ryan Clifton
Nov 20, 2020
Good game. Best simulator around for mobiles. However, there's still too much wrong with it. You have to indicate for every tiny little thing? You can't drive past a child without getting points deducted. You can't go within a mile radius of a cyclist without having points deducted. Windscreen wipers don't actually work, the water just goes through the screen and its infuriating and thats why it only deserves 3 stars. Fix the bugs and then I might update my review.
Brandon Worthy
Nov 19, 2020
This game is awesome if is like the other driving sim except more advanced, I really like how the gameplay is when you start the game, and play it normally, keep up the good work, but I have a problem, is there any chance to where you can customize the controls, the buttons feel too small to where it feels like the game is not responding even though I'm pressing the buttons
Holly Williams
Nov 12, 2020
Best so far wit all the updates. I really enjoy the stops for saftey vehicles, like in real life! More pedestrians would be nice too and more points for switching lanes. Had to change my review. The biggest problem wit this app is the frozen screen...its not even frozen i can still drive but penilized for mistakes I cant see. None of the features are on the screen. I cant pedal, signal or see the map... I took a screen shot not sure how to attacth. Smh.
Nov 6, 2020
I like it, but there are some bugs to fix: 1. Sometimes, the water goes through the windshield, inside the car; 2. If you fail a level and decide to retry, the in-car navigation disappears; 3. If you turn on the wipers while being in 3rd person view, then switch to 1st person view, you have to turn them on again, as they seem still off. The same happens if you turn them on while being in 1st person, then switch to 3rd person and back to 1st person. Keep up the good work tho!
Oct 28, 2020
Honestly this is the best car simulator I've ever played (based on many that i've tried). But, there are many things you need to fix; 1. NPC's cars are drove unevenly. They broke the stop sign and did turn suddenly. You need to make them drive smoother when in turn. 2. Navigation screen turns black after you switched the gear to reverse and did a restart. 3. Please put a speed limit indicator in speed meter while using 1st person camera.
habib uddin
Oct 17, 2020
This game is pretty average, in fact I would say it is worse than the previous games (2017,2016). In my opinion, taxi simulator was the best game ovidu has developed in terms of driving physics, interior view, graphics and controls. What they should've done is take all those elements of taxi sim and put it in a driving simulator format. If we compare the two games (2020 vs taxi sim), taxi sim has better controls, graphics and driver physics such as the hands on the steering wheel and driving.
Zackary Rethati
Oct 15, 2020
One of my favorite driving games! The graphics are great, the cars handle well, and the maps don't feel tiny (which was a problem in DS 2017). There's a few bugs like the AI cars driving into each other, having to stop in front of the stop line, and the Speed 65 signs actually being 60 I'd like to see fixed. I'd also like to see an advisory speed system so unnecessary speed changes (like 50km/h on the spiral in Hong Kong or 20mph at Vegas railroad crossings) can be suggestions, not requirements.
Lewis Venable
Oct 12, 2020
This games pretty dope! I bought the ferrari SF90 Stradale and graphics were ok for a phone. Now the sound gets glitchy when driving a supercar. Anyone complaining about the controls needs to go to settings and adjust. i like to use the steering weel instead of touch pad or phone tilt. In reality you cant expect this game to be all out perfect like forza horizon. Out of all the simulators iv tried, this one is the best of the best! Finally a real freeroam simulator with real cars! Download now!
Jordan Robinson
Oct 10, 2020
Hi guys, I absolutely love olivex software games. They always knock the game out the park. Love the cars, different maps. It is easy to control. I would prefer more traffic on the roads so we can get into traffic jams and also add buses / coach's on the road so city are made real. Would definitely recommend the game to anyone who loves driving simulation games.
Violet Hamer
Oct 8, 2020
A few bugs or bugs or mistakes, the FB tributo or the 488 whatever it's called when you put the right turn signal on the back right blinks and the left blinds and the opposite for the left back and front right. And when you cruise for a little, the car gets stuck in first and can't shift, you have to stop to reset it. Other than those the game is really amazing!! As your other games
Oct 8, 2020
Game has potential to be the best driving simulator. Please add these following things in the game:- 1. Car physics needs to be improve. 2. There should be an option to customise the controls. Player can edit the onscreen controls like add a steering wheel or a six speed gear lever, move its position, scale it and also change its opacity. 3. The movement of on screen steering wheel and the steering wheel inside of the car should be same otherwise it looks fake. Please fix and add these things 🙏
crazycatlady 36
Sep 24, 2020
You guys have done amazing!!! However, there are a few things i need help with. In paris, after level 3 going into level 4 and to the level exam gameplay freezes and un freezes...badly!!! I have lots of memory on my phone so i know it cant be that. When it freezes and unfreezes i turn into poles, cars, and run red lights. The brakes are late responding which takes points off for running stop signs. Also you have to wait for a while before you get points for stopping. Please fix this xoxo
ray bob
Sep 24, 2020
Great game i love the cars and the sounds just one thing bugging me though. Most cars when you travel at 50km/h which is the most dominant speed limit through the game, they don't really drive well and it affects the gaming experience and the sound of the vehicle. I'm forced to put the car in sport which makes it ridiculous to drive at 50km/h. I hope you fix the bugs but it's the best car sim game I've played
Sep 18, 2020
Impressive but with a ton of glitches! I don't know if this phone is optimized to run smoothly on flagship devices but I'm assuming here that a Snapdragon 865 powered smartphone should be more than capable of running this. The game has graphics issues pertaining to displaying the in-game side mirrors. I'm pleased to see that this year's version of Driving School no longer suffers from stutters like the previous years. However, additional optimization is required
Jubal Osborn
Sep 6, 2020
1. The headlights turn with the wheels. 2. I would love to see a setting to disable hands in the first person view. 3. If you just tap the gas when at a stand still it will follow that input and then react with a heavier force in the opposite direction. For example, im backing into a spot and i tap the gas while in reverse, it'll go in reverse then jerk me farther forward then when I started the maneuver. Other than these three things, the graphics and gameplay are quite enjoyable.
Vlad Iones
Sep 4, 2020
Pretty cool game, but there's some work that needs to be put in. To begin with, the starting car, i.e. the blue BMW, has a bugged engine sound. On ultra graphics, there is an odd bug with the car's back lights, almost like they are surrounded by fog. The game seems to be capped at 30 fps, which is odd since there's no "save battery option" in the settings. One thing that I really hate is the fact that there's no option to turn off the hands inside the car.
Alessio Grosu
Sep 4, 2020
The game is good,It has good controls, an amazing selection of cars, detalied maps and it's a great simulation of a driving school. But there are two problems that piss me off a bit: 1. The interior of the cars are really low quality, and they don't offer a really immersive experience. 2.The traffic is not really intelligent, they only stay on one line, they don't wait for you if you reverse from a parking and the traffic cars aren't detalied. Pls fix. Overall a good game, didn't find many bugs.
Hemo Sul
Sep 2, 2020
Ovilex you're the best!! -I think it's well optimized, I can run it on high, without lag at all which is the most important thing to me -Car list is amazing, I haven't even had enough time to complete it!🚗 -Controls are finally, back like it was in your older games, much much better than your latest games in my opinion -Graphics are amazing, with good optimization that's perfect for me -Traffic is good so far in my opinion🚓🚕 Can't wait to charge my phone and play more!!
Sheldon Bennett
Sep 2, 2020
Great game, nice cars. I wish the controls were better. Have to be driving slow to control the cars properly. There should be a balance in controlling the car & driving carefully. The most annoying thing is having another driver crashed into you & you end up losing points, something you have NO control over.
Raslan Rizvi
Sep 2, 2020
Overall the game is incredible only Driving School fans know, how much incredible this game has become. 💯 worth downloading, Next Gen graphics, awesome effects, great new features like blind spot, sport plus, Ambient lighting and many more. ❤️❤️ But still there are few bugs to be fixed, Developer please fix them as soon as possible. ✳️ If possible please move the head light close to the hand brake. Thank you so much for the pice of incredible.
Amir Uhde
Sep 1, 2020
I was playing this at the same time it was send to the world. It looks like a good game, but I have an issue. I am playing on a 4 GB RAM tablet which stands harder games than This game. But when I load the game and start driving, the graphics are very bad. Even after multiple settings. I hope someone could answer my question, because the game seems good, but the graphics..don't work for me.
Razqa 21
Sep 1, 2020
For me this was the best Driving Simulation game i've ever played. But, it's a shame that they didn't improved the graphics. The graphics was HORRIBLE "what's with the Pixelated Pictures and stuff?" You know that this is not a 1980s game right?, so please do me a favor Ovilex Software, in the next update i want u to fix the graphics please. Coz, i've tried to change it into Ultra graphics & resolution and it doesn't work, please fix it.
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