Category Health & Fitness
Developer Smart Wear
Platform Android
Package com.yc.dayband
DayBand is a stylish movement sleep monitoring Bluetooth low energy products

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Roger Harris
Apr 30, 2022
✴️Data mining, battery chewing app. Only used it to set the date on the smart watch then uninstalled. As others have noted, don't try to register, it doesn't work. Just skip all the way...all away from the app.
Bruce McNeil
Apr 29, 2022
This app is not working at all right now. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times without success. This makes the Kore watch useless because the time does not sync. If this is not fixed soon I will seek a refund on my Lifetime Warranty.
Natasha A.
Apr 29, 2022
Nothing works right. I take blood pressure every day n everyday it says 120/73. I know that is incorrect. I take 10 steps n it says 172 steps. updated 2 days ago n now the blood pressure icon is gone. No customer service n can't get any feedback from reviews. I wish they would do an update to fix everything! Once the watch was sold we're left to fend for ourselves, and of course can't get a refund! They knew these watches didn't work when the sold them. They are purposely ripping customers off!!
Kay Crouch
Apr 7, 2022
When I try to sign on, I get a message my email or password is wrong. When I try to reset my password, the app will not give me a Captcha saying I don't have an account! I used this smartwatch last year, but due to illness & surgery put it away for a while. Now I want to use it again. But I'm so frustrated trying to bind it to my phone, I'm ready to scrap the whole thing.
margarito sandate
Mar 30, 2022
The app was working as I would like it towork but now the band will not sync with my app. This is so disturbing. It really didn't do as much as I thought it would do. Very disappointed with the band and app.
Brenda Rivera Wolford
Mar 29, 2022
Unable to set app. Log-in has been difficult. Still able to log in. Uses up a whole lot of power. Not sure I'm going to keep phone. Sending it back to Kinetic. Almost the same watch as KoreTrak.
David Lammin
Mar 24, 2022
Bought to replace current one that strap broke at connection point. Seemed the same but had to reload app a couple of times to get time and date to set. After using a couple of days I've found it records steps by just using arms which my other same quality/priced tracker did not. I now do not know how many true steps I've done, I might as well just wave my arms around...a bit pointless. 🙄
The Parker 5
Mar 17, 2022
The app isnt syncing with my watch. I have manually update some things on the app myself like my blood pressure. The counting of my steps and my sleep pattern isn't working on the app at all. This app needs to be fixed asap!!!
alan sulik
Mar 9, 2022
This app does not work well with my Kore health watch. The weather function stops updating on its own just about every other day. I have to delete it then reload it again in order for it to update. It also is not very accurate it says I am in a city 20 miles from where I am located. The other feature that doesn't work is the sleep monitor. It never works no matter what I do with the watch.
Teresa Mondragon
Feb 22, 2022
Very inaccurate....on top of all that at least 33% of the time the app doesn't sync to the watch so app readings don't even match the watch reading. Also highly at random whether the sleep app is going to work on any given night. Sometimes caller alerts will work sometimes not.The only thing that works 100% and accurate is the watch alarm. They really need to do something with this get rid of it and start fresh!
Nik Heath
Feb 15, 2022
Had trouble connecting to my samsung, but then i got a new phone and it worked. No sleep recording, not sure how you open that, which is annoying as i struggle with sleep, and was looking forward to seeing hours slept. Unsure about BP, or if any of the readings are accurate? I think this tracker was a good idea by the manufacturer,to offer a value tracker, but they have nt followed through with what was promised. I would nt buy now, please update app so we can use properly.
Dave Kensler
Feb 11, 2022
The app works fine but speaking of apps, my problem is with the watch company itself...Kinetic Pro Smartwatch. They are operating a HUGE SCAM whereby they will charge you $39.99 a MONTH for their "fitness app." 😲😲😲 I don't know if DayBand is involved in any way(see kickbacks) or it is an entirely separate app. When you buy the watch you are "automatically" signed up for the paid fitness app even if you decline it at the time of purchase. Billing begins the next month. Call to decline.
Linki Bee
Feb 11, 2022
Basic smart watch/fitness band. Good value for the price. Sleep function does not work - data completely wrong, but heart/oxygen/alarm/BP & steps easy to use & read. I'm still happy after 2 months. Lasts 5-6 days between charges.
Mary McNulty
Feb 4, 2022
Not happy that BP was deleted with upgrade. HR taken on app higher than taken on wristband, besides being inaccurate even in continuous. O2 and calories burned should be visable on app along with graph. Could be a much better product if these issues were met
George Hepple
Feb 3, 2022
Since changing my phone for a decent one app seems to be working better but still doesn't always record sleep data properly, tells me that I have slept 6 to 8 hrs and sometimes doesn't even record my sleep data. App has improved since I changed my phone.
Sarah Schoolcraft
Jan 31, 2022
I have to go into the app for it to sync every now and again but it's no biggie. I really like that when I get too far from my phone that the app alerts me. That means that nobody can steal my phone...or my watch. It stays charged for a long time and it allows me to read my messages at work without having to pull my phone out. Plus the watch was a gift from someone that I really care about. I couldn't not appreciate it.
Ask Me
Jan 27, 2022
App is very buggy. I don't recommend the watch to anyone at this point. No reply on reviews I seen. I tried to do a heart rate test and it says one is already in progress but the screen is frozen. I had other problems where the continuous test wasn't showing my heart rate even thought it was working fine on my watch and showing on my watch. The app and watch were both working fine on day 1. Today is day 2 and already all of this is happening. I tried to troubleshoot it myself but nothing works.
Mark Stubbs
Jan 20, 2022
I've experienced some annoying stuff to sign in & get up and running but it ain't massively difficult with patience. After that it is easy to get up and running so to speak & very configurable with loads of options. All pretty positive from my perspective. Is so easy to criticise stuff as if it's cool to do so. For those people, get a life and simply move on if you ain't got the nouse to use or sort out you own lack of abilities to find a way to get something working which clearly does work.
Mary Gara
Jan 16, 2022
This looked liked a good fitness tracker but what a let down it was a real struggle to set up and when I eventually managed to sign in to the app it would not sync with the tracker it's going back to the shop I got it from
Scott Drolshagen
Jan 11, 2022
1/11/22 - app is back to reporting incorrect weather/temp for my home location of West Allis, WI. West Allis is a suburb of Milwaukee, WI. Older - The app now reports the correct weather for my location. Thank you for fixing that. However with a recent change the tracker no longer reports Blood pressure. It used to report Heart rate, blood pressure and O2. Now it only reports heart rate and O2. Would sure like the bp report returned. Why was it removed?
Michelle A Perez
Jan 1, 2022
Works but doesn't! Time, HR, BP seem to all be in line. But steps and sleep are way off, sensor counts steps by waving your arm & sleep/awake times are just wrong. Can't get phone, apps, standup, photo or messages to work. Connecting to app, but not Bluetooth. Needs more work but for the value, good to use for it's basic features... HR, BP, time, weather.
Kristine Anderson
Jan 1, 2022
BUYER BEWARE! The login page has something called captiva but doesn't say how it works or what it is. The sleep monitor has never worked. The bp monitor only works when you push the button. I bought this for the bp & sleep monitors. Since I am disabled this watch is only that, just a watch. Buyer beware. DayBand is not what it's cracked up to be.
James Gates
Dec 30, 2021
So, I mean it reads your personal metrics and stuff, that's fine, but the app pulls the weather info from your location, but it's way off. It's like 30 degrees Fahrenheit in my city, but the app and therefore the band is telling me it's 64 degrees. There is no way to change it. Where is it getting this info? Lol it says the high today December 29th is 78°F lol no, it was like 33°.
Dec 30, 2021
I have a Kore Trak Pro and it has been completely unusable since I got it. Device shows up in Bluetooth settings and the day band app but does not connect. There is no way to set the time manually on the watch itself which makes it useless since it also won't pair with my phone... Or any phone for that matter (tried Pixel XL, Note 10, S10, LG G7, Axon M) save yourself time and money by not buying any product from this company.
nicolas puccio
Dec 15, 2021
Does not work on my Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018). When i finish my account the App tells me to activate Background activity settings. So i click "go to settings". I'm in my settings of Dayband and it's allowed but i still cannot connect my phone to the smartwach. It keeps telling me to allow the setting that is already allowed..... Really annoying.
William Hawkins
Dec 9, 2021
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU MAKE A PURCHASE. I purchased this watch, ONLY because it stated (very clearly) that it would measure blood pressure. I loaded the application, everything worked as it was supposed to, and still does EXCEPT it does NOT read your blood pressure. The field is in the application, but it never shows any data. I have asked (why) several times and never received an answer and I check regularly and there is nothing updated about the software. They need to honor their ads!
dave respecke
Dec 8, 2021
Was working fine on my phone untill Motorola sent me a replacement after reinstall of dayband app won't work at all.went thru all trouble shooting but nothing has helped Once again cannot get this device to sync. Lousy tech support if there is any at all????? I see Kore products all over the internet ...don't bother with them . Not worth the time and Frustration.
James K White
Nov 15, 2021
What I don't like about the app is I could not register it with my primary email account that I use regularly and I could not sign in with my primary email either I had to end up using my Facebook account to sign in and out with. They need to fix that problem. Also it will sometime fail to sync with my fitness watch and I have to re-start my cellphone. Other than that it works okay for the most part. I only giving it a three star rating
Judy Poll
Nov 10, 2021
Everytime I walk away from my phone, the tracker pushes the volume on my phone from mute to maximum volume and plays music. So annoying!! I have blocked notifications everywhere. I tried getting help from my provider, Samsung couldn't help, and the developer doesn't respond to emails. Can't find a phone number for them. I tried community forums on Samsung's website. I even unpaired the tracker from my phone and it's still doing it! It's possessed!! Uninstalling it!
Sandeeh Sola
Nov 4, 2021
This stupid app cannot be connected through my phone and it literally gives me impatient by trying to connect it in my phone. It says add device but it doesnt go through, just the bluetooth that's connected like seriously😤 that one star means nothing, waste of my time installing it.
Buta Yyo
Oct 19, 2021
This app really needs an update. Sometimes when I open the app to sync it with my watch certain things just don't pop up, or it takes a ridiculously long time to sync. On top of that there's still no blood pressure option put back on, even though when you Buy the watch it says that there is. It feels deceptive. On top of it all the watch doesn't lock at night for Do Not Disturb, so my watch will randomly light up and wake me up and change the clock display. The Watch is great the App is NOT.
Fred Stephens
Oct 16, 2021
This thing just puts out random numbers within a normal range. I can take the watch off and have it "measure" my blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen. It is not pulling up most recent historical data. It appears to be just making it up. I was using it primarily to monitor blood pressure. Now I do NOT trust it at all. This is very disturbing.
Nicholas Schmidt
Oct 11, 2021
Well I am adding an update and adjusting my star rating to a 2 as the BP as Advertised, has disappeared, not Happy about that, I was a little hesitant due to the reviews but never the less I decided to try it out! I am very happy I did, I bought 2 one for my wife and her iPhone and one for me on my Samsung GS9! I absolutely love these watches and the software works flawlessly! We didn't try creating a login but the options and features work perfectly except for BP!
Charlie Rosewarne
Oct 2, 2021
Okay for the price - the Koretrak Pro is a good sports watch for the price. The app is a wee bit fiddly, and it doesn't automatically seem to pick up on exercise, but as it is somewhat waterproof I am happy with it. I really wanted an inexpensive watch to swim with, and this does the job. When they add swimming to the sports options it will go up a star.
Sep 26, 2021
So far, this watch isn't any better than the one I replaced, because it broke. Same brand, just bought it at X-mas time. First Kore Track didn't even last 8 months. The prongs to charge watch had a tiny piece of plastic broke off. I've been having issues with new watch, with connectivity between phone and app. App really hasn't worked for me either. Guess I am just stuck with watch that doesn't even do blood pressure. Maybe that would be inaccurate, too! My husband tried tried surprise replace
Janan Dean
Sep 23, 2021
Worst watch I've ever had. It's overpriced, excessively long ship time, MUST HAVE INTERNET FOR IT TO FUNCTION and can't register an account, even thought support talks to me through this account. Been trying to work with support, not working. Will take MONTHS, if at all, to get a refund. Should be pulled off the market. I'm always a minimum of 5 minutes slow. Don't buy the watch. Spend the same amount and get a better product.
Benjamin E M
Sep 22, 2021
The watch keeps zero steps to the app. Stop the restarting from deleting all of the day's records. -- Please provide an option to delete a slection of recorded steps, for corrections. Please fix the following, also: -- Your Java/Python firmware is a huge bug!! Now it is only counting 50%, OR LESS, of my steps. UACCEPTABLE! -- Whenever I fully charge it, it then always measures steps incorrectly. Why? -- You never fix the application to follow users' default language (utf-8/16: 1033). Why?
Heather Bowman
Sep 21, 2021
How can I set the weather to farenheight instead of Celsius? Other than that little glitch, it's a great fitness watch. I can get my vitals, msg and call notifications, find my phone if I set it down somewhere and play my music. It's pretty great!
Sep 20, 2021
Bad app makes watch unusable. Crashes constantly, and as soon as opened. Watch does not tell correct time unless synced. Does not track sleep well at all. Made me go thru registration info every time it previously opened when it was working despite already having the info saved. Does not sync with Google Fit.
Sep 20, 2021
The app would have been good if it did not disconnect from the watch so often. Reconnecting is a hassle because throigh trial and error I found out that I have to restart the phone. This makes monitoring my heart rate every few hours impossible to do.
Yatana Ellis-Dennis
Sep 10, 2021
Unable to register. The antivirus you are forcing me to get before I can complete registration is preventing me from registering. I can get no further because every time I click get, it counts down but nothing happens. What the hell!?? Did I just waste my money on a watch that doesn't have a functioning app?!!!
K Hebb-Arnold
Sep 8, 2021
works well for steps, workout, heart rate, blood oxygen. blood pressure isn't auto like you can set for the others. your phone will go off if you go more than 10 feet from it even after turning every notification off. if you like to be constantly hounded that basically have to hold the phone or have it on you at all times it is great. however because of that annoyance is the reason for the rating. fix that and i'll change the rating to 4.5. fix the blood pressure auto set and you will get 5.
Sep 5, 2021
The app just will not work on my Samsung s10 constant shutdown as soon as you try to start it up. I just did an update on my phone it worked before but was a bit unstable. Hoped the update would help but just finished it off.
Maggy Traynom
Sep 4, 2021
This has been the most difficult app I've had the challenge of setting up. I'm still not able to open the app on my phone or set the time on my watch to make it a functional tool making it at this point in my mind a huge waste of my money! All the other stuff works but I have no idea the time!!!!
Cheryl Fishman
Sep 2, 2021
I've watched the video of how to change km to miles several times, but my app doesn't show where you can switch to miles. Can't seem to change my height in inches or my weight in lbs, either. Not important, but it should allow me to change them. I was able to change other things. I would like to be able to add different types of exercises. Be cautious of it being near water as it's easily receptive to water and sweat. It scratches easily.
Daniel Watson
Sep 2, 2021
Not user friendly. Extremely hard to understand instalation instructions on app. Very hard to get it to work. Had to Uninstall and reinstall multiple times. Then had to re-register my email address when installing on my new phone.
Eileen Craig
Aug 15, 2021
I bought it mainly for the blood pressure. It never changes much. I know mine is higher. I also use it for oxygen level, it's different on the device I use on my finger. I had a massive heart attack. I can't seem to be able to get the sleep option to work either. I have to go to the app to get the weather to update during the day. (No big deal, but would be nice.) It keeps time, unless battery runs out. Now that's understandable.
Clyde McFerdafoss
Aug 12, 2021
LOOKS pretty. But Even the watch won't keep good time, without re-sinking all the time. The sleep tracker - Doesn't; the Blood pressure tracker - didn't (so they removed it from the advertised software all together); the software is VERY BUGGY; their Customer Service - nowhere to be found; And it can't even hold papers on a desk, so it's not even any good for a paperweight! JUST A BIG FAKE, WANNA-BE tracker, cheating us out of good money. BUYER BEWARE! YOU have been warned!
Al Botti
Aug 10, 2021
The app works well for the most part. Getting the weather to work was difficult on my particular phone. I would like to know from the developer if there is a way to change the location as it fixed itself on a city that's about 20 miles away from me and appears to be no way to update it. The watch itself works fine except they remove the blood pressure option. I would also like to know when that will be put back or fixed.
Vincent Hall
Aug 8, 2021
One star for telling the time correctly when synchronised to phone. Aside from that, sleep tracker is wildly inaccurate, and won't connect messages. Steps do seem fairly accurate though. I suspect it's the loss of regular synchronised contact with the phone that may be the issue. Wouldn't buy a Koretrak watch again though.
Jul 30, 2021
It's not the easiest thing to set up but after wearing for a week: 1) battery lasts really long time. I have yet to charge. 2)I had had medical issues that have been followed for a long time and the values are a very good match for what my Dr. gets so it's very accurate on me. 3) I attach a lot of importance to knowing what my health is doing any time I want to see how I'm doing. 4)I am still trying to figure some things out but haven't had to seek extra help So far! It needs better instructions
Micheal Schneeberg
Jul 29, 2021
Would be awesome if i could sync all this too google fit. But to be honest a whole rework of the app would also be awesome theres so many other apps that have many features i wish this one had. But still love the watch!! Also i don't know if it has to do with Android 12 beta 3 but the app no longer opens it always force closes since beta 3 but it didn't do it at all through the whole developer previews
Traci Carroll
Jul 24, 2021
Overall an interesting app. Doesnt track full sleep though and I like to keep track of this (insomniac) and I am also a night shift worker, doesnt let you change your steps (adjust to your step). The sleep side of things isnt accurate and misses and hour or two and onve you get up for loo stop it stops tracking your sleep, cannot edit or add your own sleep.
Raymelle Greening
Jul 21, 2021
Cannot log in after an update. Before update got blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxidation level. Also was able to log into app. After most recent update no more blood pressure which on my case was very accurate , and cannot log into app and cannot reset password.....dial just spins and spins. The lose of these functions makes this item almost useless. Really expected this watch to work for more than 10 months. Have contacted company who just keep sending me emails with no info.
George Taylor
Jul 14, 2021
I have written to this developer several times with no response. While the item is stylish, since the last update - the Blood Pressure reading disappeared - Why? Also the location function is flawed. It selects a town with the same name in Florida. I'm in Iowa, I've reset, uninstalled, reinstalled, same results.
Kate Black
Jul 13, 2021
Absolutely dreadful. The app randomly deletes my account forcing me to reinstall. Then once I have, it tells me I have no account despite numerous emails from them to the very address they say does not exist. Once you reset passwords and everything it then refuses to open. Pointless.
Martin Goldberg
Jul 13, 2021
App is easy to use but unreliable: 1. Does not always sync with the watch. 2. SMS and call functions keep dropping. 3. No BP 4. Reporting of outside temperature is never correct (compared to Weather Network).
Clive Rogers
Jul 7, 2021
First time using this type of device. Takes a little time to set up whilst becoming familiar but now works well thus far with good displays. Alarms are very useful and body function data is interesting. Haven't checked accuracy yet nor developed training features. I like the sleek design, is comfortable on the wrist. Would consider a different strap if I could find a source for the claret option.
Wanda Willeford
Jul 7, 2021
Watch works fine, but app doesn't work, so what's the point. As a package it's a piece of junk. Worked great until update, now I can't log into app. Have uninstalled and re-installed, but still cannot get into app. Also, no response. Gave 1 star because that's the lowest it goes.
Jack I. Adler
Jul 7, 2021
The App does NOT allow you to "Login." While wrist band is recognized by Samsung 20+ which lists it in its Bluetooth devices attempting to connect results in a message that says: "This device needs an App to connect." Obviously App is NOT recognized by phone. Wrote developer about problem. Still waiting for ANY response.
Lucie Kendrick
Jul 1, 2021
The tracker itself is good however the app is awful. Since the last update I have not been able to log in. If you can't log in the tracker loses time and i have noticed that without being able to connect to the app the step count falls off as well. For those having issues with the bp feature if you are able to login to the app and check the bp from therebit starts working on the teacker again. It messed up for me last update. I have tried everyrhing to get this to work again.
Happy Monkey
Jun 29, 2021
I almost didn't buy the Koretrak watch after reading so many negative reviews about this app but I did so... The app paired ok and updated date/time and my physical details. The blood pressure function still works though not bothered and it is 90% accurate at best. Best HR result was watch on inside of left wrist or finger tip. Best O2 was on a finger tip or outside of either wrist. Haven't had any ads yet, though I do 'force stop' the app when not needed. No complaints and watch ok for price.
Jim Froman
Jun 28, 2021
The app is not dependable. Can't log in most of the time. The vital readings are not accurate. I've had it replaced twice. Once it stopped functioning, once the band broke off of the unit. Now the latest unit is missing features. Still can't log onto app. Its pretty useless. Except to tell time.
Darlene Stamplecoski
Jun 26, 2021
This watch Koretrak is a piece of garbage worked for about a month then all of a sudden cannot keep track of blood pressure it has just disappeared tried downloading app again still nothing so what next to disappear.Sleep app is not accurate as it states that I don't go to bed before midnight the is not true at all doesn't ntrack properly when I'm up in the middle of the night.
Neil Cagle
Jun 26, 2021
Watch is great but phone software watch loses about 10 minutes every week or so and when you connect phone and watch it corrects watch time if you leave watch and phone connected battery on phone only lasts 3 days otherwise 3 weeks. About every 3rd connect software wants you to log in thats a pain if you don't remember, and wants a capsa which I have not seen yet. I am going to get new watch with different phone software. Beware!!! Ok
Checkher Koolchick
Jun 23, 2021
Update: The sleep monitor is not accurate and no way of resetting any stats. App Developers are not responsive at all. Previous: The sleep time should be programmed by the user. Shift work requires different times and many people are on a variety of sleep times.
Cathi Brown
Jun 18, 2021
Everything was working fine. Although had to keep app connected to watch for it to keep correct time and the sleep function never worked. I got a new phone and updated app and now I can't even log into my account to access data and have my watch keep correct time.
Leonora Nicolaysen
Jun 18, 2021
This app is just about WORTHLESS. I am ao sick of it randomly changing my settings from imperial to metric. And according to the app I get a year older once a week. It stopped reading blood pressure and I've exchanged countless emails with the people at Koretrak. They've been "working on it" for weeks. My watch is under warranty. Replace it, fix it, or deal with a consumer complaint!
Dangin Randolph
Jun 15, 2021
I wish I found these reviews before I bought the koretrak! I didn't know I have to install an app for it to work. After connecting, pairing and allowing this app on literally everything on my phone, it didn't work. I missed many calls because there's no alert/vibrate, means it doesn't connect to my phone. This app is bad.
karen kastler
Jun 11, 2021
Meh. Sleep not accurate- should be able to tell it when you are sleeping. Neither is Blood Pressure. Should be able to add sports as who does badminton and table tennis? Its difficult to charge as the adapter is loose on most USB ports. And today it just stopped working.
Deb Stevic
Jun 7, 2021
I updated the app now my Day Band and my phone will no longer connect and also lost EVERYTHING in my app! I am updating my review - DO NOT UPDATE YOUR APP TO THIS! It will destroy your Kore Trak! I received 2 emails giving me 2 different numbers, no instructions on what to do with the numbers and when I contacted them by email is when they sent another number - NO HELP whatsoever! My band was a very appreciated nothing! If I could rate them a -10 I would! 😭
Mark Chaney
Jun 4, 2021
This slows down your phone, eats battery power, if I uninstall then my watch loses time! No sleep recorded! Waste of time really! Watch needs to synch with phone to work and the phone needs the app to do that but the app is using data without permission, to much power in background, plus can read everything on your phone?!?
Elaine Hickling
Jun 2, 2021
The Koretrak Pro band arrived today, I couldn't register on the app apart from using Facebook which I didn't want to do, then the app wouldn't pair with the band. Looks like I'll be sending it back by next post. Very disappointed with it.
Kelly Tittle
Jun 1, 2021
Always having to reset my watch to sync with my phone. The sleep is always off. Says I'm asleep when I've actually been up for a while (or visa versa). BUT when it did an update it did away with the Blood pressure.. That was the main thing I bought the watch for. NO WAY TO CHECK BLOOD PRESSURE. I need it working ASAP.. OR need a refund. Ps. I bought 3 of them... I was some what pleased before. Now I dont care for it at all.
Rose Mary Mayfield
Jun 1, 2021
Changing my review of this app, worked ok in the beginning but then became very inaccurate and i don't recommend this watch at all. It would say that I was high when I was actually very low and it didn't give the very high reading that I had. This is too dangerous to use. Actually no stars but Google Play makes you now have to give stars when they shouldn't get any
Walter F Travers
May 29, 2021
Seems to work OK - Guessing the issues are more from the KoreTrak Watch than this app? BUT HOW DO I EXPORT THE DATA? I am constantly having to Reset or Replace the watch and update the app - thereby losing all the historical data on the DayBand app! Very Frustrating HELLO DEVELOPER? ARE YOU LISTENING? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
Ekua Akumanyi
May 22, 2021
this is my first buy outside Fitbit so try to not have any. There are so many different and new functions on this watch and app...only I've hit a couple of problems, like; the sleep tracker isn't syncing notification aren't appearing and an alarm I didn't set keeps ring at 5am?? And lastly icons are all caucasian I'm not occasion and would like one that depicts my image!! Can these be fix? I don't know!!
Laura G
May 19, 2021
I have this for about 1 week. I've told the developer I can't log in it won't help, but he just told me hit ignore and go ahead and use it that way. Then when I go to try and look at my weekly reports is it is not tracking that, why...because IM NOT LOGGED IN so there's really no point to having a fitness tracker that you can't track your fitness health with. I'm returning it. Super bummed.
Peter Lambrecht
May 16, 2021
Really like the app and the tracker. As far as I know the on of the only equipment with blood pressure reading even if it sometimes reads a little lower than actual. Would be great to see a simple BMI chart and be able to enter water consumption and food intake. Keep up the great work.
Collette Webb
May 14, 2021
The app itself is good, however it could do with more features, like cross compatibility with my fitness pal, an adjustable profile which has the ability to measure weight and height and accurately tell you how many calories you are burning versus generic calories. There are some features which feel like they are lacking. Adjustable clock faces would also be a great feature rather then the generic 3 on the korefit.
Sonny Stephenson
May 12, 2021
For the price I can't complain it's just as functional as the one my uncle bought me in 2015 and more efficient. It keeps track of your heart rate, calories burned, and blood pressure it's also quite durable and easy to set up, plus he saved $110 and the battery life is great I only have to charge it every 5 to 7 days so it's a great deal if you want to know your general heart rate or blood pressure or even want to figure out how many miles you're traveling.
Marsiella B. Dennis
May 10, 2021
I desperately wanted to love both the watch(Blumlody watch from Amazon)and app,unfortunately, both turned out to be a flop. I do not recommend relying on the watch to monitor your vitals the readings are not accurate at all and the app does not register steps or sleep. I compared the watches reading of 121/74 and HR 76 to my Withings BPM Connect reading, which was 155/102 and HR 118 the watch was way off. O2 and temp were dramatically off as well, for safeties sake do not rely on watch or app.
Jodi Goodale
May 6, 2021
I like the ability to take my BP and oxygen levels but now the app will not open on my Android. Also, the Capcha is actually an access code that they email to you - not a real Capcha. When the app did work, the sleep monitor was not accurate at all. 5/6/21 Update: Still cannot login to the app. I still get the spinning wheel of death.
Sonya Winchenbach
May 2, 2021
This app is ok.. But my phone keeps going off all the time!! I turned my notifications off and blocked notifications and it still is chiming every five minutes it seems like. I turn away from my phone and it's going off. VERY annoying. The sleep tracker does not work right either said I slept deep at a certain time amd I was awake at that time. Overall it's ok for counting steps but other than that I wouldnt believe the rest to be accurate.
Lee Marshall
May 2, 2021
Good ideas! Flakey operating system though. Vitals measured not accurate or dependable information. Better than nothing for step counting. Doesn't measure US miles accurately. I've worn it along with Fitbit Versa2 and Samsung. The step count and distance was close. Often steps are not counted. I will say that it has the best battery life. That's what I do like about it. Wish it told you what % battery was left. It goes from what looks like about 25% to dead without warning!
Ian P.
Apr 29, 2021
The device is great. The app fails it. For example, the body temperature warning starts at 37.3, but I would like the limit to be 36.7. Why? Because wrist temperature is 0.4 colder than actual body (forehead of ear) temperature, therefore it needs to be set lower for an alarm to actually make sense. Similarly, O2 has automatic testing, but no alarm. Why? These are two simple software issues that would make the entire package much, much better. Device is great, app could be 1000 times better.
Apr 23, 2021
I'M GUESSING NOBODY BOTHERS READING THESE REVIEWS OR ANSWERS THEM.. AT THIS POINT I DON'T RECOMMEND BUYING THIS WATCH OR USING THE APP I'm finding it's not recording the sleep pattern correctly Three nights in a row I've gone to bed at 9:30 at night but it only records 23:45 until 4:00 in the morning when I get up to go to work I've tried doing a factory reset on the watch I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the dayband app and nothing seems to change that I'm not sure what's up
B Yeo
Apr 16, 2021
After working as expected, which wasn't as well as the Fitbit App on my old tracker. It started to want me to login. Since I had never had to do that, I didn't have a password so I tried to register. That was different from any I had tried before and there were no instructions. Finally, it was down to flashing only my email. But it was spelt correctly. And it works for hundreds of incoming emails. Not for DayzBand...
Awesome person Videos
Apr 16, 2021
It deserves no stars as it's the worst app that was ever built for keeps crashing and so keeps resetting my steps even know I put it to British system it does C° not F° like I want it too bc I'm American. I have non idea what a kcal is. It's inaccurate readings for blood pressure ect. It was good with the watch alone...bad at syncing was like made in 24 hours and no improvements even modded apps have better stability than this and they have bad stability! FIX YOUR FREAKING APP!!!!
David Oshea
Apr 15, 2021
Really dissatisfied. As previously mentioned it does not sync in real time I have waited over 1 hour to automatically sync to no avail. I have to turn off Bluetooth and turn back on to sync. Very frustrating. Also the continuous heart monitor does not work now so I can see how effective my meditation is at lowering heart rate. The sleep time does not appear accurate. I will wake shut off Bluetooth and turn back on and it starts stating 5 hours sleep then change. The wake up is not accurat
Ray Metzger
Apr 8, 2021
I gave this app one star because zero stars isn't an option. Only takes manual readings on BP. Doesn't report blood O2 at all. Supposed to be resident in the background to keep phone and watch in sync but app is too unstable. Minimal support for all but a few android devices. Constantly forgets login info, and password reset doesn't work properly.
Pete Simon
Apr 6, 2021
It is absolute garbage, as is the watch. Several functions (notably sleep monitoring) don't work or are totally inaccurate. The app keeps failing and then when you reset it all of the data is lost. The app requires constant manual "synch". I wish I hadnt read the comparison sites that led me to this purchase. Waste of money.
Jj Johnson
Apr 2, 2021
A POS app! Locked me out after turning my phone off/on, cannot get the app to open, cannot read any of my past data, cannot even reset it to a new account, even after deleting and reinstalling it. the app's downfalls cancel out any positives the watch has. Too bad, the watch works fine by itself. Returning the watch....
Patty Barrett
Apr 2, 2021
After waiting for about a month I finally received my Kore tracker. Numerous attempts to register on the app, by myself and my husband, proved futile. I received a verification code but no place on the app to put it since I can't register on the app. I can't set the device to my Bluetooth since I have to download the app which I can't do. The phone doesn't even show the correct time. I'm going to try and return this Kore tracker. PIECE OF GARBAGE!
Michelle Goring
Apr 1, 2021
I can't verify whether all the readings are accurate or not but I know for certain that the sleep monitor is absolutely incorrect! I went to sleep after 4:30a got up about 11a and the reading showed that it was 12:30a - 9:45a. If I fall asleep during the day nothing is recorded. I have a fitbit and decided to try this for the BP and oxygen level monitor, but now I'm having doubts that it is worth the switch if I can't depend on the results as accurate.
Les Countryman
Apr 1, 2021
Finally got it to open and then they updated the app. How are you supposed to use the app if you cannot create an account? They ask for a Captcha code but will not send one. Tried 20 times and no reply. What are you supposed to do? I at least was able to get data from my KoreTrack before the update, even though the data was qustionable. Time to look for a new watch and associated app
Sean Yantz
Mar 31, 2021
Aside from not synching while It's running, the App crashes all of the time. It logged me out, and now won't let me back into it. It's kind of ridiculous. It just spins/thinks and never goes anywhere. I tried to set up another account with a different email address, and it still did this. The KoreTek watch works fine, but what's the point of having it if I can't track progress? I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still got nowhere. The app needs tons of work. I'm sorry, but if this doesn't start working, I'm going to have to return the watch and get a different system altogether.
Robert Greig
Mar 31, 2021
App was working fine and it was good to see steps and distances walked and most of the other features working ok. But after some sort of update or clocks moving forward i am like other reviews on here and it doesnt work at all with my password. I have emailed Koretrak but as yet had no reply. Very frustrated indeed.
Debbie Siperly
Mar 31, 2021
I am very disappointed. The app will not let me register!! It did sync with my Koretrack but I cannot track my data with no account. I am also dissatisfied with the Koretrack...there is no option for standard units, only Metric or British!? The display does not light up when my arm is raised, the sleep monitor does not work. Sorry I wasted my money.
James M Wilson
Mar 30, 2021
Just started using the DayBand, upon receipt of 03/27/21. The set up instructions seem to lacking or missing steps to fully match individual requirements. Even login is made difficult saying not registered or account. Have not been able to reset temperature reading to Fahrenheit. My old Fitbit was far easier to program for individual usage.
Eric Martin
Mar 30, 2021
The band is great but the app is terrible. The band works as intended but the app is just OK. It doesn't have a lot of info or setup and I can't use lbs. Every update causes you to log out and you can't log back in. The only way to fix it is to Uninstall and reinstall.
Mar 28, 2021
It needs a lot of work. Have to manually sync every night to keep my readings. Front display won't stay set to what I set it at. Sleep mode, do not disturb doesn't work right. When I turn over or move my arm the watch comes on and floods the bedroom with a bright light. It's just logged me out for some reason.
John Forsyth
Mar 27, 2021
Frustrating. I installed and set up my mother with an account without any problems. I tried to do the same on my phone and have had nothing but problems. It won't let me register an account, vibrating when I enter my email. I have tried multiple accounts. It always happens. I try to use it without logging in but the device will not pair even when it is physically sitting atop my phone.
Ian Munro
Mar 27, 2021
Hi. I have just upgraded to a Galaxy S20 phone and reloaded DayBand but when selecting Sports via the app it is not tracking movement even though location permission is on. Had no issues with old S9 phone and do love the watch and app. Anyone have a fix suggestion?
Melissa Hudson
Mar 25, 2021
Most of the software to device functions do not work, main screen on bracelet is constantly changing time format from analog to digital. Device location alert cannot be disabled and is constantly going off when I am only in the other room. Also was concerning is that as soon as I set up app and register with email, google immediately notifies me that the password I just created with the account is compromised. My phone has now become incredibly slow, freezes and drains the battery faster now.
Cathie Shultz
Mar 24, 2021
Love this watch and app! Finally, an app for a non-brand name watch that *actually* syncs on the first try! I've never experienced a crash in the 3 months I've been using it, and I use it every day. It keeps an accurate count of my steps, and keeps a history of steps, heart rate, and blood pressure. The only caveat - I wish it kept a history of O2 as well.
Samuel James
Mar 15, 2021
The function button doez not work. It shows the time when it wants to even with the raise your wrist setting. Switches from digital to analog time on its own. I want my money back.
Dana Mailloux
Mar 14, 2021
The tracker seems to work well. Still learning how to get around the app and device. Not having any issues with the sleep part. The pulse takes a few seconds to come up and so does the BP, but that is to be expected. Would like to have a choice for tennis. Three days now and liking it. To sync the app/screen pull down on the today screen. One more thing don't depend on any device other than medical grade equipment for your health. This tracker is close, but not perfect no tracker is.
Cheryl Reiff
Mar 13, 2021
The band is too difficult to take apart for charging; and the angle of the USB male makes it difficult to charge correctly. The angle makes it take up space from other charging items as well. Very inconvenient charging system. One shouldn't have to dismantle an item in order to charge it. I feel like I'm going to break it every time. It is equally difficult to put back together. The actual operations that I can find seem fine, but I have no idea where many of them are. Not user friendly.
Mar 12, 2021
Works pretty well tracking steps. I don't trust the BP readings. The text and phone notifications worked for a day or two but can't get them to work now. That's a feature that I really wanted. The sleep tracking I don't understand and it'll show I'm awake when I'm sleeping and sleeping when I'm awake sometimes. Depending on what you apps you're looking for, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this smart watch. Bummed I believed all the reviews I read online.
Nix 1
Mar 9, 2021
It's a shame, as I only started to use device 2 days ago and everything works well and accurate, which I think great, as its increased my motivation to walk more. However, the sleep function is yet to kick in but it has only been 2 nights, will give it a week and check back in. Similarly to other reviews , initially had problems logging in, all sorted now.
Gordon Thamas
Mar 6, 2021
It works very well paired with the band, but there are some errors in spelling within the interface. When my heart rate hits over 114, it states I am in a fat buring mode. Buring in not a word in my dictionary. I tried to look it up. It would also be nice if this could connect to other apps to share the results between them. Thank you.
Kat S
Mar 5, 2021
Seems fine. Had it a few days and most things seem to work. Sleeping hasn't been recorded though. Not too sure how accurate the BPM is but it doesn't seem wildly off. Would like a little more customisation when it comes to the length of notification buzzes. For example to change the SMS reminder to more than just one buzz would be nice. All in all the app seems fine for what I paid for the watch I got. I got my money's worth and nothing more.
kathy trujillo
Mar 4, 2021
So far (48 hours use) it does NOT monitor vital signs it only spot checks. So far I can not get sleep mode to work. It has no tracking for walking or hiking workouts. Customer service helpful and friendly but they can't change fact that this device does not perform as advertised. I want my Blaze back 🥺
Linda Graves
Mar 1, 2021
Love the watch, but I agree that the sleep track will not sync to the app or the watch. I get zero readings for sleep on the watch or the app. I will do some more research on how to set it up. Then maybe I can come back and give it the final star. I bought this watch for just the health tracker. I also would like to use and enjoy everything it says it will do. Thats what I paid for correct!
Rosalind Christie
Feb 28, 2021
Purchased 2 everything works well except the sleep data. The heart rate and steps are consistant with my fitbit. I messaged them on Facebook. Got a responce within a day. With some troubleshooting it was determined it was a faulty unit. They refunded within 48 hours. Great customer service. No issues.
Arturo Garay
Feb 22, 2021
The weather temperature is WRONG. It doesn't keep the set up of some features, the SMS notification only vibrates, sometimes and only sometimes it shows the actual text messages. Yes, I did everything as well, deleted, downloaded many times, reseted it, etc etc etc etc. Either the App, the watch or both are a real piece of garbage.
Janice Spence
Feb 21, 2021
Was very hopeful when I bought this watch. Very disappointed when I'm using it. Can't track sleep which was one of the main things I wanted, I appear to sleep walk as I walk anywhere from 12 to 20 steps when I'm asleep bit of a surprise and a bit worrying 🙃. Blood pressure nowhere near accurate and neither is heart rate....I appear to hibernate at times its so low.It also wasn't clear in set up but I managed in the end. Disappointed overall I'll probably end up binning it
William Holsing
Feb 21, 2021
I've had no issues, but what I would like to see that would make it a lot better is: 1. Have O2 level recorded every two hours. 2. Have BP recorded every two hours. 3. Have all three with a graphed. 4. Have a high and low alarm for all three. Would definitely rate the watch and program higher.
Michael Lee
Feb 20, 2021
Initially I was disappointed. Nothing was connecting or reading from the device. I requested a refund and was ready to return it. About an hour later things started to record. A week later the sleep started recording. Love the ability of all the functions to record. Would love it if I could export the readings to my Dr.
Linda Davey
Feb 19, 2021
Has good information on app, but I have to turn off and restart my android phone for it to synchronize, so that's not good. Also re sleep data, it never records Thursday night???. Also blood pressure shows lower than when I take it with my cuff machine. Don't get comfortable thinking your BP is super good. Its not. Overall its Good.
Kate B
Feb 18, 2021
Disappointing. I'd already bought the watch when I read the reviews of the app. I was optimistic when installed. The sleep monitor didn't work at all with Koretrak, but the other things did track to the app. Until the first time the watch went on charge. Now no combination of restarting bluetooth or phone or watch can resync, though they still seem bound, just keeps showing "connection failed" So now no tracking weekly steps at all. Shame as it could be great.
Robin Hilton
Feb 18, 2021
I haven't been able to get my watch set up. My barcode does not fit in screen & the screen won't adjust. The BIG PROBLEM Is that you are asking for my PIN. No one has asked for it before & I will not give it to anyone. So if that's a requirement then I've wasted $50 bucks on a useless watch.
Feb 17, 2021
Where did the O2 readings go?? Plus the blood pressure feature will Not register or sync any longer. My fitness tracker works great, but this damn App isn't working now. What's going on?? I don't know why I torture myself with these ridiculous fitness tracker Apps because none of them ever work Correctly.
God's Child
Feb 15, 2021
Have "argued"with this kore trak tracker for 4 months now. Contacted dealer, no response. Now I wonder, am I rating the band itself or this DayBand app. Which does not work. In 4 months, have read& re-read, tried& re-tried, directions/reviews/troubleshooting, installed&un-installed, turned on&off airplane mode... Not once has sleep monitoring worked, steps&distance - inaccurate, time keeping is inconsistent, now it has managed to read that it Friday - it is Monday. Useless band&app.
H Thorsen
Feb 15, 2021
Save your time. Can't even create a new acct in the app. Tried several times. Due to that fact, can't get watch to sync to my phone even though they are paired. I'm supposed to figure this out for my mil, who is not nearly as tech savvy as me. I won't be wasting my money on this watch, although the functions seem REALLY neat.
Stephanie McKinney
Feb 15, 2021
Doesnt work, set up is difficult if not impossible, no instructions, no support, help is not helpful, app is not syncing correctly with device, all in all, a waste of time, money & effort. Wishing you all better luck!
Rose Shaw
Feb 14, 2021
Was so excited to rceive my Koretrak watch. Have tried everything to pair it with my phone and the app keeps crashing. When I try to report it, the app goes back to trying to pair. Very frustrating going around in circles with no where to go online for help.
Jeffrey Wright
Feb 14, 2021
Heart rate, and blood pressure works great. Time & weather exactly right. Sleep tracker doesn't work at all?? I've tried resetting. Been researching & can't find anything to fix it.. Very Disappointing!
Tracie Brown
Feb 13, 2021
The only thing I can get to sync is the time and date to the watch. I have installed and uninstalled the app a few times. I have went into settings to give app permissions. Nothing will work as far as health on the watch. I have read comments where Captcha....GET is supposed to send something to my email but the app won't except either one of my emails. I noticed this app has a bad rating due to negative comments and all are similar to the same problem. Very disappointed!!
Sunny Sonnenrein
Feb 10, 2021
This app is a power hog, and it doesn't sync with the Samsung health app I have been using for years. Sleep tracker doesn't work right. Readings seem to be pretty accurate though, otherwise it would be a one star.
Randy Horton
Feb 10, 2021
Temperature on device shows it is 71degrees F. however it is really 35 degrees F. After reinstalls, resync's, still doesn't change to correct temp. After a few days, the time keeps getting 4 mins. Slow, have to continue to resync.
Tara S.
Feb 9, 2021
Have tried everything under the sun to get the weather part to work. And the sleep pattern part to work. Neither works no matter what I do. My friend bought one and has the exact same issues as I do. If everything worked it would have everything I could want in a tracker. Don't waste your money.
Linda Eskola
Feb 8, 2021
The TIME of the watch loses time every so often. The problem: simple charging does not fix the issue. The watch is really too wide for my arm. I would like to see a smaller watch on my wrist. The SLEEP part is not actual. Sitting still watching TV is considered that I am sleeping if I am watching TV in the evening. I find the heart rate, BP, and O2 parts are all accurate. Thanks for making a good product.
Kate Sweeney
Feb 8, 2021
The sleep tracking shows me falling asleep at 23:45 every single night, which is not at all accurate. Would also like to be able to choose U.S. measurements to see miles walked instead of km. Weird selection of activities, too! I guess I should have expected less from a cheap tracker like this. You get what you pay for....
Feb 7, 2021
Works well on my moto g6. Few issues like the bracelet needs synced. Random times the app is just off. The language is full of chinesium, do you have to guess what they mean. The shake wrist to take pictures only works on their app and their camera is terrible. It's cheap. Sensors are correct though.
GodFreeCharlie Franz
Feb 6, 2021
I got real concerned when I read some of the reviews on this page. Yet I can't retract my 4 stars because that is an accurate reflection of my experience with DayBand. I'm wondering what is up with all the negative experiences. It has performed without any of the stuff reported by others here. Yes, the Captcha in registration is a real pisser and had it not been for my mail notifications I might have missed it for a while. Two days until I was able to find and enter the number sent.
Danny Lavallee
Feb 6, 2021
The watch looks nice and has nice features but the problem is they don't work. Sleep mode does not sync, I reinstalled the app hoping it would make a difference buy no joy. The blood pressure monitor will take your blood pressure even if you are not wearing the watch, so the accuracy is questionable. So far not impressed and support from the company is lacking.
Matt Culpepper
Feb 6, 2021
Very limited use. Blood pressure is about 30 points low (useless) The app is constantly searching for the watch. (annoying) The sleep monitor stopped working after a month (useless) Does not allow remote use of the phone (useless). I would not buy the watch again.
Lillian kellow
Feb 1, 2021
I have been unable to register account. contacted company and was told this is a known problem which had been escalated already. I should keep on trying to see if the fix has been applied. !?! The watch did sync to the app. Records some but not all steps. Watch says 10k app says 4k. I did not expect the watch to 100% accurate on blood pressure and heart rate, did think a ball park figure would be near correct. As someone who has high BP and bradycardia surprised to see constant normal reading
Jan 29, 2021
Oxygen saturation percentage is off by around 3 points high and low. It might depend on the contact. Heart rate is fairly close. Sleep data function does not work. It does what I want it too. Not great, but not the worst.
Janet Kerchner
Jan 27, 2021
I've been getting an annoyingly loud alert jingle every 15 min to an hour. I turned off all notificationsand turn on do not disturb in the app settings and also on my phone but the jingle continued. I had to turn off the phone completely to go to sleep. I can't get any data from the Kore Trak watch because I have to turn off my phone at night. The watch seemed promising but its app stinks.
J McNamara
Jan 27, 2021
Very difficult to setup even for someone that understand Android apps and hardware. Why is there no support for the oxygen level? Why does the website have so little on the FAQ and where do you go for support. Come on folks you've got a good product but you have not got a complete product which is disappointing!
Sharon K Mathews
Jan 26, 2021
I bought two of these, and so far so good. The set up was a little tricky, but with a bit of patience and rebooting they're both all good. It was easy to change the time, once the app was in use on the phone. We went on the same walk to test if the km's were working in sync and they were. I'll be very good value if it keeps working as it is at the mo.
James Childers
Jan 25, 2021
This app makes me think it was written by someone that knows how to make something pretty but the finer points of function escape them. The location aspect that it pulls weather from is atrocious. It seems to take the city name, look it up somewhere and report that. The city by the same name it thinks I'm in has to be much, much further North than I am. It's been well below freezing there but here it's been above 50. Wife has the same thing, it does the same to her. Fix that and the sign on, ok.
Kenneth Zorn
Jan 23, 2021
UPDATE FROM FIRST REVIEW: Ok, after writing the 1 Star Rating a couple of developments have occurred. I got the watch synced with my phone. The Captcha is what threw me off. It will arrive in a email. I'm still trying to figure out how to access the Oxygen level segment. Any way the watch is working and after 2 days I still have 75% battery power left. 3 Stars! Wish I had read these reviews before hand. Like everyone else...can not get the watch to sync to the phone. DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH!!!!
Debra Porta
Jan 23, 2021
Some pieces are useful-reminders to get up, pulse. But the other parts are useless. I was super excited to receive a band for Christmas and have been using the full month since. I go to the doctor for a regular check and, lo and behold, my BP measurements on Dayband are SERIOUSLY under-measuring. A full 30 points difference. That is dangerous for someone watching their blood pressure. The device can't be counted on. Seriously disappointed.
Robert John
Jan 23, 2021
Previous review updated. I didn't realise that when you press GET, on the Captcha line, a code is sent to your email address. I didn't think this was possible until the device was actually registered. All sorted now and another lesson learned!
Christopher Houck
Jan 22, 2021
Im a truck driver who works nights. Just got the watch yesterday. I slept during the day and it didn't recognize me sleeping. I just got home from work after a 12 hour shift and most of the time I was driving it showed me as sleeping. So I guess it assumes everyone sleeps during a certain time frame and if your not moving much during that time then you must be sleeping. The weather was accurate all night but now says it's 55 and raining when it's 31 and sunny.
Steve G
Jan 21, 2021
Someone should set up a forum somewhere for this app so we can assist each other. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the BP and BOL but the rest of the features are working very well. I got this watch to replace a Striiv that became useless when the company went out of business. Once you get the captcha code(hint -check your junk mail) you can customize the app and the watch very nicely. Sleep originally didn't work but lately has been quite accurate. The message and phone call notifications are useful too. I wish the app would show the BOL history as well as be more flexible on the sports choices. For those of you trying to reach Koretrak look up Korehealth for assistance as they are the parent company.
Devi Safir
Jan 20, 2021
PS. THERE WEBSITE ERROR 404 Sleep tracking doesn't have a way to turn it on. Oxygen level tracking doesn't have feature in app as described in directions booklet Contacting them.. 🤔.. Well. Waiting Steps work. PB works. Notifications from text/call etc work.
Ted Ruddell
Jan 19, 2021
The Koretrak fitness watch is terrible! It won't show correct time. Readings are not accurate? I bought two, wishing now that I would have invested the money in a higher rated fitness watch. I tried to find help on how to set time and date. Found out most people were unhappy with Koretrak. Throwing both away......
Jan 17, 2021
I program computers, but attempting to use this app damn near drove me out of my mind. Started out entering email address & a password w/no problems. Attempted opening the app, but couldn't. Then noticed the "get" & after reading various reviews, clicked the "get" & waited for the code to arrive in my email. Nothing. Tried 4 more times, still no mail. Finally decided trying to get it up & running isn't worth the effort.
Gareth Vickers
Jan 17, 2021
The band itself I think is worth the money, it has some nice features. The registration capta was annoying as the email took a while to arrive. The heartbeat and O2 readings seem reasonably close but the blood pressure measurement is a long way off. Overall I like the CoreTrak.
BMW Wrege
Jan 16, 2021
Captcha - is a major fail. Sending the numbers to your email with a GET. I'm a programmer by trade and I had no idea what the (&%&^^&) they were doing. This is not intuitive. Steps - assumption is poor, need to be able to adjust. We are old and take shorter steps. Heart Rate - 112? really! I'd be dead if I alternated from 112 to 56 as often as this displays. BP - Sometimes correct, sometimes way wrong. So close. Sometimes it is great. Hopefully it will improve. Concept is good, design is good. Now get it right. Suggestion - for sleep: Link to sleep apnea machines software.
Chris Cowan
Jan 14, 2021
The app is pretty dysfunctional, very difficult to sign in. The watch itself does not work very well. The heart rate appears to work fine, but the blood pressure reading usually times out before registering and the O2 results are suspect. The controls are so small that they are difficult to use quickly. It's great idea unfortunately it fails to deliver. Give it a 1 at best.
Sharon Trotter
Jan 14, 2021
It is like a loop and for a novice, having a "Captcha" required is a frustration to say the least. I have spent too much time to accomplish little and it still isn't paired with my phone. Unfortunately I regret purchasing them for myself and Christmas gifts. In my opinion, the app needs to redesigned to be more user friendly.
Nuraini Laiman
Jan 12, 2021
The band itself is nice, but I have a problem with the blood pressure,heart rate and oxygen levels. I wait 20 and more seconds for it to scan but it does nothing! Such a silly thing calling it a fitness watch when it doesn't even scan properly. I used the app to do a BP test and it stopped every time about a quarter of the circle.
S Claws
Jan 11, 2021
Thank goodness I didn't pay for this watch. I have been unable to get the watch to sync to two phones. You can't put the app on a laptop. I only need it to count my steps for a work contest. But since I can't get it to sync, the time is wrong. Worried it will wipe my step count mid day. It will go in the garbage after the contest ends if it makes it that long.
Brian McCorkell
Jan 10, 2021
It's got a CAPTCHA security on it. The word GET shows first. Tapping that starts it to count down from 60 seconds to 0 and then shows the word GET again. When you tap that it starts counting down again! If you change screens and come back during the countdown it goes back to GET. How am I supposed to get around this? ☹️ Aah! Now I understand! They have sent lots of codes to my email address, I imagine each one relating to when I tapped GET! If only they had told me that! It's now 3 stars.
Krystyna Motyka
Jan 8, 2021
Nice that watch can read oxygen levels as not many do offer it, but there is no way to acces those readings (previous ones) same way as pulse or BP. If you did not look at screen as you were taking reading you will need to take it again. Sucks. I bought this watch specially for O2 reading and having possibility to monitor my vaitals and be able ro record them later as not always is possible to do it on spot. When you are in distress making notes is not priority. Can't understand that Pulse and BP even sleep patern ara trackable but not Oxygen levels. 👎 Very Frustrating. Also if you resting and reading book before you fall in sleep or watch movie while still in bed after waking up those times are being calculated as your sleep - not very accurate if you need to track your sleeping patterns. 👎 OutsideTemperatures do not synk ether between app and unit What is the point of having this finction if is not working. If I have to go to app to synk data manualy and press same function over and over I will be quicker to looking it up on webside. Not easy to charge unit ether - unit is falling off from USB port. Tried few diffrent ones - same issues. Overall : regret buying it. It was a lots of money for me. Do not recomend buing this product!!!
Kev Bonneville
Jan 7, 2021
Watch is good app isn't. Only records bpm and heart rate nothing else sleep tracker hasn't worked since day one and login is at best very annoying. Now after update my login is still waiting let's say. Password email all good just can't get in..have done all of the pre check what to do if..with no avail. My band on the other hand is very great...
Tammy Mitchell
Jan 4, 2021
Pretty disappointed! Thought this was a nice band until I spent the last two weeks trying to get it to register my sleep and no matter what I do , there is no sleep being recorded..... plus I bought the extra for $30 deal for my teenager for Christmas, and he can't figure it out either which is almost unheard of!! so we're both very disappointed
Sherry Harris
Jan 3, 2021
The band is good and seems to record body functions correctly. The sleep does not work on two Samsung phones and one Apple. I have tried everything. I bought the warranty on all three but wasn't sent info. Not really happy with my choice.
Peter Lemke
Jan 2, 2021
this app makes it almost impossible to get a login. I use a known email to get verification number ant it does not recognize it. The worst part is I used this email the fist time I set up a login for the app. It did not recognize the original password which i wrote down just in case.
Peter Stathis
Jan 1, 2021
Started out OK. Setup not user friendly and requires a trial and error approach to getting watch and app to relay info. Then comes the problem of where to you go to convert air temperature or weight and height measurements , readings. Not so sure about step count accuracy. Big discrepancy between the watch count and Samsung Health. Now latest update won't go beyond "pending" Uninstalled app.
charlie 749
Jan 1, 2021
Absolute garbage. Blood pressure off over 20 pts. Does not keep good time. Software is horrendous if you can even get it to work at all. Can not even get the updated software to work. The unit itself appears decent although the same watch is available on ali express from a bunch of different vendors for way less. STAY AWAY.
Kathryn Ray
Dec 31, 2020
Thought this would be a great alternative to my Fitbit that quit working after 2 years. I was wrong. Never could get the sleep mode to work. Got a very annoying alert when I walked away from my phone that I could not get rid of. Had to delete the app to make it stop. No response from the company after repeated complaints. Don't waste your money.
Dec 29, 2020
As with others that have made remarks about this app - the weather function is terrible - right location, wrong temperatures, no way to check where it is getting the GPS from. Sleep function does not work AT ALL. I wear both this product and a FITBIT - the FITBIT by far is a better product and the app actually works. I have attempted to make contact with developers, no luck. Save your money and look for an alternative device.
Bill Strickland
Dec 29, 2020
A great item with many features but a real problem for a non computer guy. I had all sorts of problems and it comes with no instructions you have to hook to internet and even then can't get a set of instructions. You have to play with it I've been trying for 3 weeks now and still don't have it set up
Bill Nicholson
Dec 29, 2020
Complete junk. I have downloaded the app which has no guidance. Apparently (as I found out from these reviews) when trying to register you must press the Captcha button, receive an email with a code and enter the code twice within 60 seconds. Even under the best conditions my emails take minutes to arrive. In other words this product is unusable. Don't buy it.
sequoia thom
Dec 27, 2020
The KoreTrak depends on this weak app. Distance tracking is useless. BP is doubtful. Sleep monitoring is way off. I returned the watch and did receive a full refund. It was a big waste of time. Support was very courteous which I appreciated.
Paul Cunningham
Dec 26, 2020
Looking good so far. Seems good value, lots of facilities your normally expect on an expensive watch. One thing is like to see it the ability to make the watch face on the display a little larger and easier to read.
Arthur L Teter 3
Dec 23, 2020
App is for the Kor Track (not so) smart watch. Watch is really a toy, and data it shows is not real (probably randomly generated based on averages). Sports are things like table tennis and badminton, things most Americans don't do on a regular basis. Supposedly records cycling and swimming, but cycling doesn't work and watch isn't even water resistant. My guess is the app is just a means for the Chinese gov't to gather data on Americans.
Rich Chambers
Dec 21, 2020
Koretrack watch is JUNK! This app may be ok but what good is it if the hardware dosen't work. It doesen't measure the body functions correctly, and then stops working on the second day. I also bought the warrentee. we will see if they honor that. I hope your reading this before you waste your money on that watch. I wouldnt give it any stars if i could.
Peggy Decker
Dec 20, 2020
The app doesn't update without turning the blue tooth on and off. So far, can't get the sleep part to work, I've worn it every night and it's close to my phone and no info is on my phone about my sleep patterns.
Robert Bailey
Dec 17, 2020
Dreadful couldn't registered the directions were hopeless in fact a total waste of money. I was going to use it as a replacement for a cheaper one bought sometime ago but I just couldn't get the app to download so I have reverted back to my cheap one which whistles and bells at least works.
Sue Fortney
Dec 12, 2020
Like the design but blood pressure readings have been unreliable and oxygen saturation feature isn't even on the app but is on the monitor. Very disappointing. I bought the koretrac to replace my old fitbit but I don't trust the data from the koretrac so I will be buying another fitbit. Great idea but very poor execution.
Susan Hughes
Dec 11, 2020
It won't keep time. I have to go on the app and reboot it to fix the time. The notification is annoying! Every time I move away from my phone that notification goes off and I can't turn it down or off. I work in an office and it disturbs my co workers. I would not buy another one.
Jessica Morris
Dec 10, 2020
For anyone wanting to get the sleepmode working you have to set the do not disturb time. Complaint is the blood pressure worked correctly first 2 days now it is completely off. The training mode is weird shows walking on the app and watch does not show walking as an option. Heart rate monitoring is spot on and so is Spo2. Step tracking is correct.
Debby Sillito
Dec 9, 2020
The app is simple enough but it doesnt let you keep track of blood oxigen levels. That feature is very important to me as I need to keep an eye on my BP, heart rate AND blood oxigen levels. Otherwise I love the watch and the app is almost too easy to use.
Chris Hollingworth
Dec 8, 2020
If like me, you have come to this app by way of KoreTraK, then like me, you are soon to realise that both the app and KoreTraK are rubbish and you will shortly be fighting to get a refund. I have sent them my refund request but so far it’s landed on deaf ears. These are my issues with KoreTraK 1) The blood pressure results are not accurate when compared with other devices. The readings are always around 123/74. 2) The heart beats are not consistent with other devices. 3) The touch screen becomes non- responsive 4) The on-screen time out is much to short 5) Raise hand to activate mostly does not work 6) Online account creation is almost impossible 7) Day Band android app is a third party app and not specific to KoreTrak. It is barely fit for purpose.
Janice Reid
Dec 7, 2020
DON'T BUY THIS! I bought three of each for my sister and I to become familiar with, so we could give one to our disabled brother who has epilepsy, to measure his blood-oxygen. I didn't do due diligence and read the app reviews...more fool me. The CAPTCHA requirement is beyond stupid - there is NO explanation of what to do, and I only happened to see the email with the verification code when I checked a different device. The email never came to my laptop at all, and they only allow 60 seconds to receive the email, enter the code and write in your password (twice)...and if you take longer, you have to re-send the CAPTCHA. After all that, I finally got myself registered, and looked at the settings on the app. It told me I have 90% pulse-ox, and then about a minute later it said 97% - which is right? Probably neither, judging by the reviews here. Worse, I can't pair the device with the app, which means I can't set the time, synchronise steps, or record the health data which is the very reason I purchased the device in the first place. Have re-set it. Have turned off and re-started the app. Have turned off and re-started the phone. Nothing works. Worst waste of money I have flushed in quite awhile.
Cam M
Dec 7, 2020
Sleep tracking does not work. It recorded light sleep at the same time I manually ran the heart and blood pressure functions. It's really hard to push the buttons while I'm sleeping. I don't believe the blood pressure or heart rate functions are accurate either. I would only trust the step counter.
Jo Ann Gregg
Dec 7, 2020
Doesn't integrate with Samsung Galaxy S10E phone. Have tried this with 5 different Kore Trak watches.. Sleep function never works on any of them. Does not seem to update automatically have to go in and do it manually. All body function areas are inaccurate. Works as a watch.
Ashley Holgate
Nov 30, 2020
Piss Poor Attempt, my Mom would say! The Sleep doesn't work. When I initially installed the app I got Heart Rate, BP and Sleep and not one of these updates. I have to manually do a test on the phone. Bluetooth is on, I've reset the watch and Android S9+ twice, wiped cache and removed installed the app and still doesn't work. I emailed the support in the app and there is not a valid email. "Piss Poor!"
Marie Wetzel
Nov 24, 2020
We muddled through the set up. Several features work correctly. Tracking steps, oxygen, hr, bp are good. Tracking sleep is not so good, it doesnot track wake ups, hard for it to track tv watching verses sleep, stops tracking after morning wake up for bathroom run from 7 to 9 am. The alarm/ norifications however are annoying.
Jacqueline Rogers
Nov 22, 2020
You have to have a cell phone for each tracker. I tried to make 2 accounts but it only follows 1 watch on both. I wish the had an online app for this like for bit does. Not happy with them at all. I wish I had put the money I spent on these towards 2 fitbits. Easy to use. These are not.
Kathy Whatever
Nov 16, 2020
Not very happy. Sleep monitoring doesn't work, weather is incorrect and won't let me fix location. Blood pressure monitoring doesn't work. Have to do it manually. Doesn't tell me if I have a message or phone call. It basically tells me my steps and a few basic things. Hey the time is correct. Lol
Dalton Fickes
Nov 13, 2020
App needs improvenent. Sleep function does not work. Blood pressure always reads in normal range. Step counts are not accurate. Time and heart beat seems accurate. Battery life is about 3 days Watch design and look are good.
Marietta Crews Crapps
Nov 12, 2020
Bought the KoreTrak watches for myself and my husband; they sync with app. Time & temp accurate; BP, ♥️BPM, and O² features stopped working after 1 day. It appears to be measuring, but never gives results. (This is all in re my own wristband. Hubby not wearing his enough to know.) I suspect it is not properly measuring my steps; I find it hard to believe I am walking as much as it says, though I walk the dog 2x day.
Ali Whiteford
Nov 12, 2020
The registering to sign up process should be way easier than it is. Fill out email - tick. Captcha click GET. wait 1 min ... nothing happens and the GET button pops back up. The stupid inspirational messages float in and out -other than that nothing appears for me to type. Can't register from my phone and your website is just one big ad with no way to register there either. Fantastic, I now own a fairly useless watch with the wrong time. Thanks ... I really should have read the reviews before I bought this
William Mcnair
Nov 10, 2020
Had the watch and this app for almost 2 weeks. Sleep monitor has never worked. Blood pressure feature always has about the same results, 123/72+-. Real BP Cuff around 135/63+-. Step counter does pretty good, as well as BPM feature. Basically just another digital watch. Would not recommend it. Would return it but KoreTrak won't accept returns.
Liza Elliott
Nov 8, 2020
Not all features work, for instance, the sleep monitor has not worked and I've only had my watch for 2 days. The no activity alert went on when I'm actually moving at the time the alert went on. When I woke up today, it showed that I've already made 400+ steps when I have not walked away from my bed yet. The text and call alert sometimes works sometimes it doesn't. Sent an email to the KoreTrak's support team and am yet to receive a response.
Richard Davies
Nov 8, 2020
Not bad. Need option to change date format (mmdd is only option). Setting up messaging is problematics (tried everything but no messages flagged to watch). Sleep tracker doesn't work. Usability is all over the place (some settings under Settings, some as icons on the main screen).
VS Harrington
Nov 3, 2020
Great Gag Gift DO NOT RELY ON THE READINGS FOR YOUR HEALTH TRACKING, !! The blood pressure readings are always within normal range even if your blood pressure isn't. I took a reading of my blood pressure with the coretrax and it read 122/78. I then used my blood pressure cuff on the same arm and location and it read 150/69, That is a significant difference. While doing the initial set up the coretrax was recording steps and I was laying in the bed. Other readings are likely wrong also.
Nov 1, 2020
I've only just started using this device and app, and it seems promising! My only issue is that I found the incorrect English to be somewhat off-putting; it reminded me of something you might see in a spam email. I would recommend hiring somebody who can proofread all the English translations, to make sure it all reads well and communicates clearly!
Laura Lee
Nov 1, 2020
Can't open the app. It asks for autostart which I simply can't find anywhere in the settings, so the app won't open. No phone number to call for help, you tube is no help, and I've done everything Google suggested. App won't open.
Michael Eadie
Oct 31, 2020
Pairing is a nightmare. It stopped al of a sudden. Went to repair. That was joke. Followed all of their instructions. Would not bind. You could see it contact the watch. The display would come on. Played with it for an hour and it finally decided to pair. The othe downside is it collects all this data but you can't get of the phone unless you transcribe it. At least i Have not found a way. Customer support doesn't exist. Save your money
Rosie Berumen Berumen
Oct 30, 2020
I am enjoying it. I had the fitbit since it first came out about 5 years ago, but only lasted about 2 years. So I am hoping this last longer, also this is much less expensive and I can use it to swim. Only thing I paid for xtended warranty and for extra colored bands didn't receive them and i don't or can't get a hold of you for these extra things i ordered with my watch. 😒
Erin McKelvey
Oct 29, 2020
Loved the Koretrak watch for the few days that it paired to my phone. Watch doesn't come with customer service # or support info. Tried reinstalling app, wouldn't bind again with Samsung S20. After weeks of frustration, I finally found a # on Google. After 20 mins of telling me to do everything I had tried, the tech said "it's a problem with the Dayband app and you have to wait for an update". No idea when the update is coming. Now past the 30 day warranty that doesn't come with the watch!
Oct 29, 2020
The app works ok but, the watch performance is about 2 stars. Nothing, is accurate except, for the time. It only, stays charged for 3.5 days and kills my battery. They are making a profit bc, it's worth about $20.00. I just use it as another watch. The unique charging only, works w certain types of usb charging devices. If, i could i would return it but, i'm not going to waste my time. I guess, you get what you pay for.
steven plaza
Oct 29, 2020
Early days but email can't register, will test the watches ability to produce accurate results when tested next to calibrated technology. Like every other app really, the good thing is the 'Bluetooth module' is not broadcasting on the watch when off on the app, so is suitable for people with EHS. Will update
Noggin Head
Oct 28, 2020
Not the best and surely not the worst. My watch never shows incoming calls. The heart rate is set to read every two hours, it would have been nice if the other two functions, blood pressure and oxygen rate, were set to read on a continuous cycle also.
Russ Burroughs
Oct 27, 2020
There is nothing good to be said about this app. There is the blood pressure which is always 120/70 +- 2. Taken on a genuine cuff, 136/80. The temperature is always 42, day or night. Heart rate is taken hourly, not continuously. There are only 4 sports that can be measured, which includes badminton and table tennis. My watch does not include walking. I won't use the word I'm thinking. Additional info: the watch/app just told me my heart rate was 90. By the old pulse and clock method it was 60.
Lucy Jackson
Oct 27, 2020
The first day I received KoreTrack was the best day. After that it was all downhill. It records incorrect reading for pretty much all setting, doesn't keep its charge long even after a whole night of charging. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. I'm glad I didn't spend much on it.
Steve Herndon
Oct 26, 2020
I had only one problem. Add 10 to the bottom blood pressure number. But what do you expect it doesnt inflate like a real blood presure band. All of this about the AP. Is wrong you can get it to change from metric to american etc.. if you play with it and have any experience with APs. Just touch everything you dont like and you might be able to change it. Then if that doesnt work go through the settings till you figure it out. Im impressed this thing does what it does for what I paid for it.
Jerry Campisi
Oct 26, 2020
Worked for several hours until I rebooted smartphone. Blood pressure and blood oxigen level stopped working. Also, the automatic hourly blood pressure reading never worked. The temperature is shown in celsius even though I changed the Google weather setting to show temps in Fahrenheit. I rebound the app and phone and manual blood pressure started working again although the accuracy of the reading doesn't match my BP cuff readings. This app needs serious attention.
W Guest
Oct 24, 2020
Randomly disconnects and won't let you sign back in. How many times will you have to use "lost password" to get back in, only to find your previous data truncated or entirely missing? All the time, it appears. The associated HW promises much, and sorta delivers, though the battery life will quickly reduce to about 20 hours. The monitors (heart, blood pressure, temperature, O2) are cleverly done, but are variable in response and only somewhat accurate. If it worked, it would be awesome.
George Larson
Oct 20, 2020
I don't plan on linking my Facebook with this app, so I created an account using my email address. There were no problems in the first month. However, it just sits and spins when trying to log in from the app now. can't get into my account and it's been over a week.
Oct 18, 2020
Doesn't do the one thing it's supposed to. I got this app because it is THE ONLY way to connect to a koretrak watch. It doesn't even do that right. Refuses to connect to the watch. Keeps telling me to move the watch closer, but when you set the watch on top of the screen after the 50th time you've tried to get it to sync and it tells you to move it closer, your app is trash. Do not waste your time with this app or any koretrak products.
Chris Chin
Oct 18, 2020
Sleep times almost non-functioning. While the accelerometer and hardware is what it is, i think you can update your software to make HR and BP more inclusive in the sleep monitoring feature. Using app with KoreTrak watch. Skeptical about accuracy of BP, HR, and O2 readings but they work. Syncs with Android phone easily and gives reminders, signals incoming SMS, shows text, (however small), 3 watch faces show weather, temp, and other useful info.
C Marsh
Oct 18, 2020
My order failed to include the lifetime warranty even though I checked the box. I called immediately asking that it be included but was told the order had already shipped - more than a week later I got a confirmation that it had just shipped. Love the extra features - just wish the watch/tracker would stay paired with my phone and it would sync without having to reload the app.
Charles Rollins
Oct 18, 2020
Good so far except there is no way to change the date format. For instance for 10/7/20 for October 7 the format is 07/10/20. Very confusing. Need a way to change it. And make the blood pressure and heart rate more accurate. Top number of blood pressure never goes above 123. Outside temperature is WAY off. App does not keep track of body temperature and blood oxygen.
Marianne Sansouci
Oct 17, 2020
Getting the thing setup was a hassle, I don't see any temperature indicator, and it won't link to Google fit. After reading the other reviews, I'm going to cut my losses and return it. The translation and instructions are hard to understand, maybe that's part of the problem.
Brian Smith
Oct 17, 2020
No I will not recommend this app to anyone. This is not a user friendly app. We you need help there is not a phone number to call. In trying to register on my android phone after filling in my email and password it ask for a chaptcha. It does not give me the possible words to fill in to be able to proceed. I tried to install this app on my computer and I keep getting a message that says it will install on your computer soon. I have been receiving that message for the last 24 hours. I feel in the adverting I was tricked. The visibility is small. I am truly discussed, saddened and dissatisfied. I would not recommend buying this product. It is a thumbs down and negative stars.
acura Kate
Oct 12, 2020
I literally bought this product for the temperature feature and the app doesn't display temperature. There is no history or data points. The reviews said you could set it to auto take your temperature through out the day and the app does not do this. You have to manually take the temperature on the watch and remember it. Will this get fixed? There isn't even a section for temperature on the main daily menu.
Kimo's Catfish and Carp fishing tips. Tips
Oct 12, 2020
Sometimes it records my sleep sometimes it doesn't. Which is why I bought it. Doesn't update weather temp without manually refreshing app. Watch and app need a few changes. I love the watch just wish the app and watch sync on their own better.
John Schneider
Oct 2, 2020
App simply does not work. I am unable to log on, cannot reset my password and the app provides no help to get going. I find the watch worthless without the app, can't even set the time. Total frustration!
Enigma Jade
Sep 27, 2020
It won't sync to my phone anymore. It falls behind on the time if I don't sync it daily, but now it won't work. I've restarted my phone, the watch, and uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing works. I haven't even had it a full year yet
Sep 24, 2020
Edit : Tried again reinstalling app. Every synced all features & functions are working on the app & with the phone🙂Hopefully it stays this way ! Only difference -phone & watch were close together & location on with BT . Very disappointed. Clock wont sync. Many features not accessible as app won't even open & always crashes. Watch and bands look very nice though ,good quality . Please fix app asap or sadly will have to return this . (waited almost a month for it ) Was so excited to get it.
M Reiffer
Sep 23, 2020
App works, sort of, but has bugs: Instructions for Captcha during registration don't exist; nothing shows a code will be emailed when Get button is clicked. The 60-second time limit to receive & enter the Captcha code is simply ridiculous. The weather feature does not work on my LG phone, but does work on my wife's Samsung phone. Date format is European (yr/mo/day) & doesn't show an option to change to US format (mo/day/yr). Fonts are very small and can't be zoomed.
William Oseles
Sep 22, 2020
The App does not work. My phone recognizes the KoreTrak Smartwatch but the DayBand App does not want to bind to it. . And that is AFTER fighting through the Registration process. What kind of ID10Tgoes with super TINY font and does not allow you to see your password as you type it in? . OBTW, trying to find FAQs or Help are non-existent.
Donnita Snyder
Sep 21, 2020
Just got my new fitness tracker today that is supposed to work with the DayBand app, but the app won't let me register because you cannot get past captcha. Tried it several times and have installed and uninstalled the app 3 times now. What a waste of time.....and a waste of money for a fitness tracker that won't allow you to review any info. Very disappointed after a month long wait.
Sep 19, 2020
Works pretty well. Have no issues with the time, syncing, etc. The sleep function didn't work on my Fitbit, so I didn't expect this one to either (it doesn't). I giving it an extra star just because it has many complaints that sound more like user error to me!
Joseph Weigel
Sep 19, 2020
I have downloaded the app for my Android (Samsung J7) phone, and have tried dozens of times to register the account so that I can use my new Kore Trak watch. This is most frustrating. I have the same problem many are having with the GET Captcha button. Pressing it starts a 60 second countdown timer, which times out and "no captcha". Look in your email Spam folder and if you have some, mark them to remove from spam. I never put them in there myself, an automated email filter did it.
David Woertz
Sep 18, 2020
So far everything seems to be working like it's supposed to except the sleep tracker. It shows I was in deep sleep when I was up moving around and packing computer parts. (Update) So it shows I was in deep sleep for 4 hours at a time I was not sleeping at all, was up a couple times doing things and the rest of the time messing around on my phone. Sleep function is totally useless.
Alisa Drury
Sep 11, 2020
It doesn't show stats, weight and height, in metric even though that is how it was setup and you cannot log in because of the captcha setting. Where do you get a dang captcha to enter?? So friggin irritated. Update: I was able to get the captcha code from my email. It comes pretty quickly. Enter that and you are registered but I really don't think it is needed because you can set your stats without registering. NOW how to reset the weight and height to the metric system!
Ms. S. O'dell
Aug 28, 2020
I don't have the issues of others - my band doesn't take my body temp and I signed in after getting code from my email. There are numerous useful features in the app and it perfectly syncs with my band for updates. That way I don't need to leave BT on like other app/bands require. Sync to Google Fit still missing.
Ken Meyerhoffer
Aug 18, 2020
New NTRA Smart Fitness tracker directs to this app. Needs O2 and body temperature sync and tracking. Blood pressure, O2, body temperature over time charting. Connection to Google fit might be nice. Tracker always reports in Celsius even when app is set to Fahrenheit. We're not talking about the in app weather temperature but the tracker body temperature is in celcius even if British units are selected.
Teito Art
Aug 7, 2020
I really want to like this band because of its affordability, but the sleep function calculator is really faulted. I got the band since I have insomnia and sleep around 3-4 hours a day, but since I sit at a desk for work it seems like the band assumes I'm sleeping and next thing I know, I've slept for "12 hours"... yeah, not exactly Dayband. It does seem like the oxygen and pulse work fine since I double checked it with a finger monitor, not sure if the blood pressure is accurate or not.
Piroska Keri
Jul 25, 2020
Love this watch! Once I got the Verification Code by email it was easy to set it up. (I had the previous version > loved it > ordered this one). The Temp is not working. Also: when I get a text it doesn't show Who sent it. I am happy so far.
phill smith
Jul 7, 2020
Dont bother trying to register as this does not work! Click on skip at the bottom of the registration page. Enter in your details and where it says add device you will probably see nothing. What I did was hit reset on the watch and the scan button on the phone. This time the watch appeared and could be paired... good luck
Kristine Anderson
Jun 30, 2020
I really wish this app registration worked. I also cannot get past the captcha. I hit the 'get' button it counts down to 0 and then the 'get' button shows up again. I cannot register because I can't get past that button. I have a samsung s9+. I tried the security suggestion, nothing has worked. Any suggestions?
SD Price
Jun 24, 2020
Mostly the app is ok. However: 1)You can't delete recorded entries, (I work nights & at times I sit for extended periods of time and it records me as asleep). 2) I set the do not disturb and movement reminders to reflect my nightshift hours(see above issue). 3)It won't let you save "workouts" if THE APP thinks it was to short. & 4)You have to think outside the box to understand the translated english (minor issue) So, for the most part all of the other functions seem to be recording correctly.
Ade W
Jun 19, 2020
Body temperature function does NOT WORK! Feedback function in APP also does NOT WORK!!! Took quite a while to figure out from registration to activating other working features. But body temperature dysfunction is annoying although said to be in upgrade & bugs fixed. Anyone can help, please? Technical assistance is zero from both developer & seller. My next tracker will definitely not be Dayband.
Agi Adam
Jun 17, 2020
If anyone is struggling with finding capcha check your email/junk. It should be there. But it has to be quite speedy process I'm afraid. App itself is not very good. Keep crashing and disconnecting. Then there's a problem to login again.
Bri Fav
Jun 15, 2020
I want to like the app, but two things: I am not able to register because I cannot find the captcha/none being displayed and I am not being emailed one. Also, even though the settings are set to "British" vs metric, home screen still shows temperature in Celsius. They are little things, but make the app much more frustrating than it is useful.
Tonia Aymond
Jun 3, 2020
Works great! It was also very easy to connect and set the app to all my preferred settings. No issues changing from c to f for the thermometer like some have mentioned. Haven't done too much with it yet, but so far am pleased!
Arch Yeomans
Jun 1, 2020
I can't register! Captcha does nothing but show a timer. Ok, I finally figured it out. If you want to get to specific functions like temp, keep long pressing til you see bp monitoring and then just tap until you find the feature you want. Wait a few seconds or more and you will get your results.
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