Ambient Weather

Category Weather
Developer Ambient Weather
Platform Android
Package net.ambientweather.dashboard
Ambient Weather connects you to our hyper-local weather community.

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Ed Hoffman
Jul 13, 2022
overall l like this app and Ambient products. I would like to see a smoother map navigation with added features including a satellite overlay. The webcam features is excellent. UV, solar, air quality and other add on features at reasonable prices make their products exceptional.
John Bettes
Jul 13, 2022
Hope i do not jinx it, but this weather station is the best one I have ever used and has lasted longer than any other prior brands I have used.
Jul 12, 2022
The difference between wundergrounds predicted 83 and the actual 90 is significant. Do not trust the servives, measure reality.
Derek Ditch
Jul 11, 2022
I've used this on my phone with my weather station for a bit, but it's really nice on the tablet. I'd say, even if you don't have a weather station, it has great local data!
David K Parker
Jul 11, 2022
New acct setup. Web site works fine. Mobile app login fails "Invalid password." Tried resetting password as well. Just cannot login via the app.
Dave Page
Jul 10, 2022
This is a very good app. No matter where you are it will give very accurate readings over all. You can edit addresses as well to your locations, works beautiful Great app.
Werner Gerstacker
Jul 2, 2022
In at least 1 of 3 times I try to look at the radar map the app freezes and I have to restart it before it actually shows anything. BTW: Why does the 'full screen mode' NOT actually show the map on all of the screen, also known as the full screen? Almost half of the screen is taken up by lots of white space and info that is useless when I want to see the radar screen.
Johan vd Westhuizen
Jun 30, 2022
Opens, but only displays a white screen on Samsung S21 Ultra.Want to purchase one of these weather stations, but a bit nervous if app not working on phone.
The Shop
Jun 28, 2022
Pretty basic and sometimes won't connect, but I'm satisfied in general. It's kind of the only option that I'm aware of.
Alex Ratchev
Jun 24, 2022
Last update messed up the app. Cannot update data from the station. Station works fine and uploads data to Weather Underground both website and WU dashboard in awnet app. Tapping on "refresh" does nothing. Last update - 6 days ago. Forecast tile weekly part is not formatted correctly to the screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled - didn't help. Cleared the cash - didn't help. Need a lot of work! Fix it!
Jun 24, 2022
My system works great! It's nice to be able to tell what's going on at home when I'm away. also if it sensors in the refrigerators and freezers so if one breaks I'll get an alert. I put a leak detector in a couple of places too.
Jun 18, 2022
we just love our system. although living in AZ we really don't have "weather" like other parts of the USA, but when we do it's nice to SEE what Ambient Weather has recorded for us!!!!!!
Allen Slocumb
Jun 14, 2022
I love my weather station, but the app could use a little work. I like it, but I don't love it, mainly b/c I want to customize it. I would give it 4.5 stars, but not 5.
Josh Goldberg
Jun 12, 2022
Do not buy these weather stations. The android app to configure them does not work. It's as useful as a rock on a string now.
B Hoef
Jun 10, 2022
far more reliable than other systems and apps that I have used over the years. it just works consistently. 😎
Amy McIntosh
Jun 5, 2022
I love that I can see more localized rainfall for my rachio sprinkler controller. It sure makes a difference when we get 2 inches at our house but the airport only get 0.02 inches!
D Mac
May 29, 2022
Keeps opening to stations not even in my state that I have never purposely looked for. Why does it not always default to my station? Edit: the check permissions did not help at all. Multiple devices
Lynne Frank
May 27, 2022
The stations alone are fine. The app is fine. However the communication. beween the two is always an issue. 3 people in my family have these weather stations (WS-2920c)and all 3 of us with different operating systems (Windows/Android/Apple) routinely (monthly) have problems with connecting and or updating our weather info. This has been going on for years with ambient weather. So as long as your willing to routinely troubleshoot and or re-add your weather station device, then your fine.
Ashman Dodd
May 27, 2022
find some of the navigation hard to use and odd point of getting stuck like switching between local weather stations
May 25, 2022
Great app. New update doesn't allow me to set all my sensors on the dashboard. Would love a widget that displays information on home screen for android devices.
CyKe-O Klown
May 15, 2022
Please add a user link and also make some widgets so I can view channel temps, Rainfall, wind, and the moon phases, basically everything in the dashboard.
Kenneth Rau
May 13, 2022
New update killed existing function. Update forces you to login to view favorite stations. New UI also pushes 'social' aspects hard. Not something I'm interested in and having to navigate through the map to look at stations I previously had saved is a real dealbreaker. I'm assuming this is a way to scrape and sell information on the users. Disappointing.
Jon Luksch
May 8, 2022
after a couple of months after the update it would only go to white screen. It now has been fixed on my Android. I thought it was a good app prior to the upgrade bug, it still is now
Anthony Link
Apr 23, 2022
I just bought and first time using ambient from lacrosse witch worked great. This is buggy.. Hopefully you guys get it working across all platforms.... maps won't load full screen and switching from page to page with tabs, it stops working and have to force close. Done all them troubleshooting things. Uninstall reinstall, clear this and that.. same. Plus wish could add temperature in notification bar for own station and widgets!! Good luck.
Apr 21, 2022
May be a 5 star app if it meets my long term expectations. But so far, so good! Update as of 4-20-22 Upgraded to 5 stars. All components working well. Best weather station for the $ .
David Dale
Apr 18, 2022
Had trouble getting the app to work on my phone the first couple months, the issue seems to be resolved now. It's great to have all my weather data with me wherever I go!
Tom Cornils
Apr 9, 2022
All weather is local and Ambient Weather gives me all my weather data right from my yard in well organized panels, graphs, and charts.
Ferretti Farmer
Apr 6, 2022
Good App. My wife and I use the Android and IOS version. We live on a farm and have many sensors and it is great to be able to check on things while away from home. I have 2 wish-list items: 1) Smaller tiles. With multiple sensors scrolling is a bit bothersome 2) Ability to add multiple email addresses to the alerts
Peter Brighton
Apr 3, 2022
Good app but desperately needs a dark mode. Update 2022 Finally got a dark mode now we need an accurate forecast. Forecasting is total garbage. I use this app to monitor my own weather station but have to use another app to get the actual forecast. Software seems to be the Achilles heel of ambient.
Tim H
Mar 30, 2022
After the recent update max/mins for the day/week/month/year are no longer loading. Kinda need that...
Russell Smith
Mar 26, 2022
Looks good. I've had this app on my phone for ages but seldom used it to access my wx station data. I tried it again today and liked the way it looks. I plan to use it more!
Andrea Gertsen
Mar 25, 2022
I had the app before and it was fine, but sometimes buggy. Just downloaded it again (desperate for somewhere else to look besides the weather channel widget on my phone) and I'm actually pretty impressed with what they've done. I get migraines, and my biggest trigger is massive pressure changes (obviously can't control that, but it helps if I know they might be coming). Lo and behold, there's a big chart now!!! I've got an android phone if that makes a difference?
Mark Shireman
Mar 25, 2022
Enjoying the app right out of the gate. Love the granular detail in local wind direction - haven't seen it presented in quite that way elsewhere.
Jim Duncan
Mar 23, 2022
The app works as it should to display the information from my ambient weather station. It really really really needs to have dark mode capability. If you open the app at night in a dark room it is like having a spotlight directly in your eyes. Please update.
Mark Chester
Mar 18, 2022
Nice app! I like what it displays and the access it gives me to historical data. But the back button is the worst! It navigates you to places you never were and it WON'T EXIT THE APP! So frustrating. Also, I can't arrange the tiles in the order I want, which seems like an obvious miss by the devs and is also a frustration point.
Billy Nichol
Mar 13, 2022
The dad's dream app. Paired with my Osprey weather station, I can see what's going on at home when I'm not there. I have 3 temp sensors in the house and they all work flawlessly.
Justin Bergman
Mar 4, 2022
Update 3.5.6 has returned the app to compete white screen of death again. Not functional on Google pixel 6.
Feb 26, 2022
Works great for me! Surprised by negative reviews based on connectivity. Followed instructions, it reports WS and 3 remotes including soil moisture, lightning, and the indoor temp/humidity. Use the app nearly daily for 2 months now. Love it.
Jim Warner
Feb 21, 2022
This was a great app until a couple of weeks ago. Looks like there was an update that broke something. All I get is a blank screen now. Uninstalled. Hopefully it gets fixed someday. Update 2/21: still broken. It was nice while it lasted.
Jim Sullivan
Feb 15, 2022
Love the app, although I don't often use it since I typically just glance at the weather station display. However, if I want to go to a specific period of time to look at the weather history, it's all available on the app for whatever date range I select, which is significantly easier than to try to hunt through the log file on the weather station display. The app has lots of ways to display the available information, from tables to graphs, for those who love data.
Ollie73 August
Feb 13, 2022
Second time I've had to uninststall and reinstall app becsuse I click on the icon and I get just a white screen..
Andrew Tiblier
Feb 8, 2022
Really wish the app would add alerts/notifications within the app itself instead of having to use IFTTT or SMS/Email to get alerts. Really the only thing I think it is lacking at this point.
Sharon S
Feb 5, 2022
All I have is a blank screen. It worked fine about a week ago. Uninstalled/reinstalled but still blank screen
Christopher Jayne
Feb 3, 2022
I have a weather station and 4 remote temperature/humidity sensors. I have the sensors in our greenhouses so I can make sure the heat is working. This setup is great - EXCEPT the Android app just goes to a white screen. Doesn't work at all with my Pixel 5. I'm seriously considering switching to an iphone because this is a critical situation. I emailed the developers several weeks ago and have gotten no response.
Reid Hobler
Jan 27, 2022
It was a good app until they updated it. Now it is impossible to connect just a blank screen. I have Uninstalled, rebooted, power cycled and re installed the app and it didn't work.
Alan J
Jan 27, 2022
Useless!! Blank White Screen. Was going to buy Ambient Weather WS-50-F007PF WiFi on Amazon, and decided to check the app out first. Sure enough just like others, all there is is a blank white screen. Glad I didn't spend the money to buy their product.
Jan 23, 2022
Updates clearing login cache? I don't memorize/write down my login info, so it's a bit frustrating. I dumped the app for a while but will probably reinstall so I can se the temps in my house: will have to figure out how to get my login credentials...
Cecil Paradiso
Jan 21, 2022
Was ok when it worked but my outdoor weather station bit the dust after 5 years so I was limited to my indoor information. That was fine as I could still get high/low temps, barometer & humidity info along with notifications that I had set up. Then, this past summer, we disconnected the little networking device while we did some home renovations & when it was reconnected, my login was no longer valid. The email I had used to register was discontinued so I am unable to reactivate it. Too bad.
Chris Boice
Jan 19, 2022
The new app is better, love the dark mode. But what happened to the option to see battery info on the dashboard? It was there with the previous version, but not the new one. Am I missing something?
Jan 15, 2022
Would like to see an option for displaying temperature in the notification bar. A very basic feature that nearly every weather app has, except this one.
Scott Freitas
Jan 14, 2022
Finally got weather station set up done and working. Its ridiculous that you have to use internet searches, 3 different websites, and apps to get the device working smh.
Jan 14, 2022
Not currect weather info on my location (at this time here is very fog but app is showing Clear). Unable to use without sign up. No widget in app. No option to delete my profile permanetly.
Brian Nichols
Jan 13, 2022
Updating my previous rating. The support folks got back to me, made sure the magic email came through and reset everything that allows me to get back in. Thanks so much. I really value this app and the equipment and this is the only issue I have ever had.
Don Bailey
Jan 12, 2022
Among the Best Tools I've ever Purchased, but ... No internet connectivity option on my model, and no data logging for me to export into apps where I can graph or go back and look at history. db ~ ✌️🤓
Jan 9, 2022
I have updated twice within about a month. First time, like others said, I had an issue logging back in. This time, all I get is a blank screen when opening the app. We have had the weather station for about 2-1/2 years, this has been our only problem. Update....Apparently there was an update to fix some bugs. That update didn't fix the bug for Samsung S20 because all I get is still just a blank screen when I try to view the app.
Garrett Princehouse
Jan 9, 2022
App works great, only downfall is it doesn't have a widget option that can be customized to show what information you want shown on the widget. Just sucks having to go into the app everytime you want to check your personal weather station.
Michael LaBonte
Jan 8, 2022
Still broken. Have to repeatedly Uninstall and reinstall to be able to log in once. Have recieved one responce from support then nothing.
Justas Santaris
Jan 7, 2022
Super buggy app. The recent update hasn't brought any changes to 'dashboard'. 'Forcast' tab humidity is always 0%.
Don Kaiser
Jan 7, 2022
Was 5 stars. It was working fine now all I get is white screen. Clear cache and storage then it works until I close it then nothing but white screen. Google Pixel 5
David Cluck
Jan 7, 2022
01/07/22 - still cannot log into my account on the latest release. 12/26/21 Still cannot log in after installing latest update.
Tyler Black
Jan 6, 2022
The app was working fine for a while. Now it shows on my weather status screen information was updated a month ago on Pixel 6. I have a screenshot I will send tech support.
Andrew Taylor
Jan 5, 2022
Seems to be working great again. Responsive dev! Dev says app was updated. I uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Less function now than before. Something is busted with this app. Happy to help the dev with more info as needed, but pretty simple set up here. I'm mostly sure the iasue is the app. Too bad, as the station itself is tops... The app makes it a brick.
Bruce Morris
Jan 4, 2022
App worked well until I bought a new phone (Pixel 6) and updated. Now all I get is white screen. Tried clearing cache, then data, finally un install and start over with power of boot... Same result. All works on my PC...
dan birdsong
Jan 3, 2022
The app has worked great for the past 3 years. App updated on the 21st of December and I can no longer get into the app. When I start it just has a blank white screen and never moves off of it.
Chris Guidry
Jan 2, 2022
Same problem others have reported for several weeks since the update. I cannot log into my station. Get it fixed!
Lance Davis
Dec 31, 2021
All I am getting is a white screen after the new update. Always worked perfect until now! Please fix this issue, I love the app and rely on it to view my readings from my wx station!
Don Reed
Dec 29, 2021
After latest update, the weather data would not upload to the app. Finally had to power cycle the ObserverIP. This seemed to correct the problem.
Kathy Heincy
Dec 28, 2021
App is not working. White screen. Contacted them, followed their instructions....still a White screen......and still waiting for an update Will most likely go to another provider/app
Dec 26, 2021
Revised review to 5 stars, as the newer versions are much improved. There is a lot to like about this app. The UI is very clean and easy to use. It is necessary to use this app to set up or customize your Ambient Weather site.
Kelly Treadwell
Dec 24, 2021
Ditto of the new problem since the update. It would not allow me to login saying that I never verified my email. I created a new account but the app will not connect to our station as the MAC address belongs to a different account. Pretty disappointed as prior to this update, we really enjoyed the app to monitor conditions when we are away from the farm.
A.J. Longnecker
Dec 24, 2021
Worked great until one day in December the app stopped working. Emailed tech support with all the details of what I had troubleshot and other observations. Tech support said I should just uninstall app , restart and reinstall. Didnt work and in my initial email I described that to them.
chris luckert
Dec 24, 2021
This app was good until your update now it won't open. Recommend removing the last update immediately. Then when you get it fixed relaunch it. I will not recommend a product with faulty apps to friends and family.
phil c
Dec 24, 2021
I can no longer open the app. Screen is just white. Can not back out. Wife can't open on her phone either. Been good for 2 years
Warren Wilderson
Dec 22, 2021
I'll join the chorus of complaints about the March 2021 update. Loved the app before and had a couple of years of good usage. Now have problems getting my own station, views sometimes in can't be reached and can't exit the application. Didn't you guys test this? Latest android on pixel2. After December 16 update app goes to a white screen and stops. No information. At least now you can exit app. Sorry to see what was a good tool become worthless.
Frank Petrella
Dec 18, 2021
Interesting, informative, and fun. Setup a little tricky but with persistence got it. Explore the word, pull up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, the Island of Guam in the South Pacific, etc......
Charlie Case
Dec 17, 2021
I use this app to check both of my weather stations. It has a clean interface, but also let's you drill down into the raw data.
Don Stier
Dec 16, 2021
Can't get the new version of the app to come up. Repeatedly uninstalled, downloaded and installed, and it's always the old app. Tried emailing the "[email protected]" address shown in other reviews but my email is refused. I really want to give a favorable review, but can't today.
Gerrald Mitchell
Dec 16, 2021
I reviewed this earlier today. I hadn't logged on since it was updated. Seems I was logged out, didn't notice (??!!?) And I gave the app 3 stars and said it sucks. While it is a bit "busy" it's totally functional in the new version. Sorry coders.
Nuke Life
Dec 15, 2021
Very nice update, glad we have dark mode now. Nice clean layout and easy navigation, one of the very few apps that actually have exceptional updates.
Dec 10, 2021
Locks up while using at times. Need to be able view rain totals on the map and not just hourly rate. Update 12/8/21: App at times will not properly display highs and lows when clicking on the + sign on a tile. Can no longer remove the map from the tiles. Buggy overall. I have the station set to upload every minute, yet the app sometimes only updates at a rate of 2-3 minutes. Bugs galore.
James Towle
Nov 24, 2021
Does not work with Android 12. It has always been weird. I have 2 stations on different sides of the US.
Aaron Mattison
Nov 24, 2021
Great app! Love my weather station even more!! Would like to see the ability to have my temp at the top of my phone like with other weather apps.
That Terry Guy
Nov 18, 2021
Deinstalled and reinstalled app and that seems to have fix problems with app locking/freezing up. Works well and able to exit by pressing back button on Android. Reporting all station as it should. Very pleased again!
Yea I Am Native
Nov 12, 2021
Really stupid question? How are you suppose to close this app? Since last update home button, back key, app manager does not close the app. You have to force restart device to exit. 31 weeks and still waiting on support to reply.
Micah Funk
Nov 8, 2021
This fit and function of this app does not appear to have even reached 'beta' release status. It really does appear to be a very early 'alpha' version. If you don't expect much from this app then you won't be disappointed. I do look forward to what a refined and polished version of this app will look like when it finally arrives.
Daniel R
Oct 29, 2021
UPDATE: Please fix this thing. Recent update caused bugs. The full Quick View does not load all data. Going to Graphs does not load data. You have to click on Graphs, the Tiles, then back to Graphs. Maps feature does not work right at all.
Doug Hunt
Oct 28, 2021
I agree that this app took awhile to get up and running. Not too user friendly. After an hour of 'this and that' and reloading, passwords etc, I had it up and running on my phone and lap top. After all was done, the results were as promised. Complete weather info from my unit to my devices. Pretty impressive.. That being said, Ambient Weather needs to work on making the app. 1-2-3 instead of 'what?'
JR Bob Dobbs
Oct 22, 2021
The newest version of this app does not reliably connect to the console, rendering it absolutely useless. (It last connected 6 days ago.) Also, the new social media page is very annoying for those of us who don't use social media. For those who do use social media, why would anyone want to post their local weather?
Linda Wawrzynski
Sep 26, 2021
Terrible trying to get the darn weather station on line. Ambient station is outstanding. The app deserves a zero.
brian kincaid
Sep 7, 2021
Downloaded App, registered my device and now the app won't open. Crashes every time I try to open it...... One of the main reasons for purchasing this was to be able to see and share my weather info remotely.
Mike Mullins
Sep 4, 2021
Ver 3.2 and 3.3 April 13 & Jul 15 2021 are terrible. It used to be good but now you have to wait while it starts with the map instead of just going to the dashboard. Thete used to be an option to start with the Dashboard but that option no longer exists! It really stinks now.
Austin Smith
Aug 30, 2021
Developers, focus on core functionality. We don't need more social. Tapping the graph button hasn't worked correctly for months! Buyer beware if you are thinking of buying one of these weather stations before they fix the basic app functionality.
Gregg Cunyus
Aug 30, 2021
What happened? It was running fine. Then the update killed my login. It just hangs up on the login screen.
Dwight Sumner
Aug 27, 2021
I can't believe, that supposedly smart people can make a weather station that seems to be well made... can make such a crummy app to access the data... I don't care if it's on FB or not... I can't pull up my weather station... it keeps giving me stations that are out of my area that I could care less about!!!
db beck
Aug 26, 2021
the weather station works pretty good but the app just sucks. it is hard to use at times, will not close out and has to be logged in every time.
John Schiel
Aug 19, 2021
The app is super slow. I searched for my station registered with Ambient , made it public and it couldn't be found.
Jay Vee
Aug 4, 2021
Aug 2021 update.... STILL BUGGY. Ambient seems to be committed to this social media functionality that few no one wants while letting the core functionality fail. Very buggy since last update to include some unneeded social BS. It was decent and stable prior. Now crashes randomly. Button to see graphs takes you to the map view instead! Returning to dashboard crashes. Very frustrating.
Richard Miller
Jul 26, 2021
Works well. Installed on android 8.1 and used awnet to set up wifi. A lot complaints about setup but follwed the manual and used awnet instead of this app to configure.
James Vaughan
Jul 20, 2021
Good for remote monitoring; I can check the readings without having to hike down to my radio shack, which is where the instruments are located. In the next release, please correct the spelling of "Pressure" on the tiles display.
I Jean Wylie
Jul 16, 2021
We had rain today about 4:00. The chart shows .33 inch but the table reports zero. Cumulative for the week is correct. Also the app has trouble spelling pressure
Sean Duffy
Jul 9, 2021
Constantly reloading my device to the app, either it forgets it or just doesn't reload. I have to add the device daily. As nothing shows up. Which I turn shows my weather start offline on wunderground and other apps. This app or hardware needs help
John Chadwick
Jul 3, 2021
I enjoy using the app and I just found out that I can download data from the app and don't have to use the card to physically move data to my computer. I am not a real weather geek but I'm interested in much of the information the app and WS-2000 provide. This was a gift from my wife and she really scored with this one!
Michael Graessle
Jun 28, 2021
May be nice but I can't even login to my account. The email input box does allow input (although the password one does) and when I select the saved password it strips special character when it autofills.
Steve Stark
May 12, 2021
NEXT UPDATE: v2.6 was very nice after several revisions. Unfortunately, v3.x is now totally non-functional, as summarized by several current reviews. Subordinate fonts too small to read, 20 days historical data failed to load in 20 minutes, can't kill app with back button. If anyone can please point me to an official .apk of v2.6 without using a non-secure mirror site, please advise.
Shane Koehn
Apr 18, 2021
Use to be great!?! Since last update doesn't load graphs, which I really miss. Also the other stations on the map use to show temps, wind, etc. Now you have to select them to see data. As far as my own station being able to see what is currently going on I love it, but I really miss losing the history...
Jim Ebert
Apr 8, 2021
App used to be great but now the sensors loose their names. All I get is the sensor numbers, no names any more. Now I have to guess what the sensors are for.
Diana Frederick
Apr 5, 2021
Can't get any weather station except Catawba 62, Rock Hill. Doesn't matter what location I search or which weather station I select. This just started in the past few days. I tried uninstalling and re-installing. Very frustrating! It used to work fine everywhere we traveled.
Glenn Corrigan
Apr 3, 2021
I'm surprisingly pleased with this app. Many reviews bash it, but it takes a while to get used to the way it works. Setting up favorites on your laptop makes it easy. I love that I can see every station anywhere in the US. Only issue is it's slow
Robert Wade
Mar 30, 2021
What in the world happened to this previously great app? Since the last major update the graphs won't load if you press the graph button, and when they ever do the time scale is either just month/day or if it shows time the scale is wrong. I can't be the only one experiencing this. Makes my weather station nearly useless now. Please fix!
Mar 29, 2021
Works for me. I would like daily, monthly, yearly max wind gust added. Also more than 7 day forecast.
Jeremy Nelson
Mar 27, 2021
Keeps sending me to stations that are 30 miles away or more. I've force stopped and deleted storage/cache and it's still doing it. It finds my location, I tap on a station, it shows it, I tap on view dashboard, it shows me some station far away instead. And keeps sending me to that far away station no matter what station I tap on. I was thinking of buying a new ambient station but if this is the experience I should expect, maybe I'll look elsewhere.
Pierre Hammond
Mar 27, 2021
Older versions worked OK, but new version installed on a new phone with Android 10 is unusable. Selecting to view the dashboard of a station opens a totally different station
Bryan Alexander
Mar 24, 2021
Good looking app, forecast rain amount is totally inaccurate. Adding forecast wind speed would be great as well.
Leah Ritchie
Mar 23, 2021
This app USE to work great. I've deleted and re-downloaded it and it takes me to the same weather station states away at some HOA in Wichita There is a weather station in my backyard and everytime I click on it, it will load but before I can scan all the info, it changes and when I scroll back up, low and behold I'm back in Witchita....smh
Jared j
Mar 23, 2021
Data is often stuck in a loading loop. Really needs to be a selection of widgets available. Not useless social media features. Charts not working for months. Fix it
Eric Ibison
Mar 23, 2021
Unable to arrange tiles and there are blanks. Must kill app to update forecast. Map with other stations does not update unless moved.
Tim Kingstad
Mar 22, 2021
Works for good for my own station and last stations viewed. But when I try to load dashboard for a different station, the dashboard I last viewed loads instead. So all I can see is temp for other stations. I have uninstalled and reinstalled app, but still will not load dashboard for any other stations.
Debra Houston
Mar 19, 2021
Used this app a long time &was easy to use to get info for stations near where I live. Now Can't find the stations near my location.. Keeps defaulting to area 40 miles away. Older versions worked perfect. Why do developers always tinker with apps that work fine and ruin them?
Mar 17, 2021
Very annoying sliding time selection pops in graph view every time the screen is touched. I have not found a way to get rid of it for good. 12-11-20. Developer says it was removed in latest version but it's still there. Update. Removed one star after using the app for 3 months. App will not default to your personal station. It goes to some one else's station. Charts in app quit loading. Touching the chart icon takes the app to the map section. Once another station has loaded, it's over.
Peter Wong
Mar 16, 2021
it's looking better than it used too, and there's lots of data. but it really needs a dark theme. that would earn 2 more stars from me. EDIT: still really really needs a dark theme
Michael Ellington
Mar 15, 2021
Horrible app full of glitches. The app get stuck in loading loops, randomly crashes, or becomes unresponsive every other use. Sensors that are renamed often reset to their default name. The graph button below the tile takes you to a map instead of graphs.
Jack S
Mar 8, 2021
Works perfectly for me--not found any bugs or glitches with the current capabilities/features (and I'm a former software developer so pretty critical). Not sure why all the bad reviews. My only complaint is sometimes the "charts and graphs" can be quite slow to load. Could there be some improvements and new capabilities? Yes, but it serves my needs for now.
Derek S
Mar 3, 2021
Hitting the "Chart" button under each tile does not take you to the chart section, it takes you to the main map.
Byron Collie
Mar 2, 2021
Put my weather station in, select View Dashboard, and it takes me everywhere but my weather station. Very poor coding and support.
Jannis Blohm
Mar 1, 2021
Seems like the latest update of this app is NOT user friendly - I cannot reach my usual and favorite weather site. Android problem it seems.
Richard Bauman
Feb 26, 2021
This app has come a long ways but the lack of ability to connect my station to the interney makes is useless
Lile Cremeans
Feb 25, 2021
Terrible support and follow up. I've had to email and call several times and it's weeks before I hear from them, if at all.
Kristi Pearson
Feb 23, 2021
Ever since the last update. It doesn't matter which dashboard you click on it takes you to the same one Westridge HOA Wichita. Which is in a whole different state
Tate sweetbrown
Feb 22, 2021
Overall the app has been good... But I accidentally deleted one of my tiles and I can't get it back uninstalled app and reinstalled nothing seems to bring back my temperature tile?
Steve Copeland
Feb 21, 2021
Meh..I try and view various weather station dashboards and it takes me to the same wx station 20 miles away from my house. I have a neighbor that I try to view his dashboard and NOPE I get a HOA 20 miles away. Overall it is a fair to partly cloudy app but definitely not ready to shine in prime time.
Feb 18, 2021
The web site works via a browser but the app does not work. The app says that it can't make a connection to a weather station, says that it's waiting for data to download.
Philip Robicheaux
Feb 14, 2021
Generally I was happy with the app... But now I can't view any other stations dashboard...I was able to previously. No matter what dashboard I select it brings me back to my own station. I've cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared Chrome browser history and cache etc. No change and no further suggestions from Ambient
Samantha V
Feb 13, 2021
It was great for about a month, now, no matter what we do, our system won't go back online. We've tried a hard reset and still nothing.
Son Nguyen
Jan 27, 2021
Was great but recent updates made things worse. Keeps disconnecting from pwsweather causing my rachio irrigation system to not get up to date data costing me money for irregular waterings.
Sean Powers
Jan 14, 2021
Great experience with my ws-200 but the app is slow when trying to get from quick vew to graph and Ambient database to access other people's information on their unit needs a update to computer and phone app and does always sync up with you're station
Dan Winn
Jan 9, 2021
It is great to have data truly personal to your own location. I appreciate being able view other stations and make them a favorite, but that is clunky in accessing the favorites and then viewing. A multi view mode would be great to have multiple stations selected and view them side by side. The app regularly states the graphs aren't available, that is annoying. This app needs dark theme support and a Widget badly to alow me to see my station data without having to open the app.
Danny Young
Jan 6, 2021
Was great until the last update. Hangs more often now and on the map I can't see the temperatures reported on the nearby stations unless I click on them. That's a backwards step and a sorely missing function.
Sabrina Crane
Jan 3, 2021
App worked perfectly until the last update in December. Now any attempt to click or scroll freezes the app.
John Graham
Jan 1, 2021
Great app. Fun to see my weather station information. If you could select your own local weather forecast site from within the app it would be great.
John Sheets
Dec 28, 2020
Not modern, user friendly, and doesn't show past 16:55 on the graphs no matter restarts, switching days, or anything else. Pathetic.
Dec 27, 2020
Pretty good overall. Would love to see a widget available to show my station information on my home screen
Michael Babigian
Dec 23, 2020
Super ugly app. My Ambient weather station console has a compact and beautiful display. It is hard to believe that this application was made by the same company. Can't resize the sensor blocks, hideous colors, useless - their web page looks the same.
Melissa Pitcock
Dec 10, 2020
Update: one suggestion for the developer: Make the ambient weather app two way communication so that Has the ability to fix Wi-Fi through the app rather than going to the panel. Recently had to search for why my ambient weather dashboard was not updating. Only fix was to go to the panel itself.
Edward G
Dec 10, 2020
Developers Reponded Quickly to resolve and guide user related GUI configurations. So far this has been running for a year and is doing well.
James Dugan
Oct 24, 2020
App installed easy but had a connection issue after starting add device process. Had to go and turn off mobile data as per ambient weather support site install wiki. Once that was turned off everything went smooth.
Richard Langlois
Oct 24, 2020
Great app. Has the same info and layout as on PC. I would love a phone widget but the app is great. Love it.
Scott Hopper
Oct 18, 2020
Can't connect to wifi. Not sure why everything can't just send a QR code to scan. Still unsure what the spring like item in the box is. Nothing in instructions about it.
R Peterson
Sep 15, 2020
I haven't been able to connect this weather station to this app since I've owned it. Not intuitive. It's like having a big waste of time on your phoneEmpty clipboard attempt #18
Sep 11, 2020
Great app. Would rate 5 stars if you add a widget for it similar to acurites widget or something similar.
John Mann
Sep 10, 2020
I like the app, but can't figure out how to restore dismissed windows/charts that were accidentally closed.
Kurt Rardin
Aug 30, 2020
So much potential here. Ever since Dark Sky was acquired by Apple I've struggled to find a decent weather app (seriously, I've tried probably 20 apps). This app lacks a status bar notification (temp at your location), a widget, and fewer taps/buttons to get to the map and forecast. Study the looks of Dark Sky if you need some inspiration, especially the rain animations. Your map with all the weather station data is fantastic. Please don't change that. I'll gladly be a beta tester.
Matthew Clarke
Aug 27, 2020
This is basically a container for the mobile version of the website, we can just as easily be installed on Android as a Chrome web app.
Scott Smith
Aug 22, 2020
It's a very nice app. I've used it for over 2 years with my personal weather station. I bet I've recommended both the PWS and app to over a half a dozen people who are also pleased. It updates every few minutes. It's great to look at trends, set time periods to review, etc. And see what's happening in your own backyard I would like to zero total rainfall each year, is there a way? Also I'd like to reorder the tiles on the app (Android) and I cannot seem to do so. Is this possible? Thanks
Jon Dorsey
Aug 17, 2020
Lost the connection so I can't see it on my phone or computer anymore. The device is connected to the internet and has strong connections. Nothing I do has made a difference. it was there one minute, and won't update the next. Prior to losing connection 2 data ago, it worked flawlessly. I would have given 6 stars before this issue!
Aug 9, 2020
I have an Ambient weather station. Things randomly dissappear on the app such as temperature, rainfall, etc, and the option to add them back is no where to be found. Need to get these glitches fixed.
Brian Mathews
Aug 3, 2020
"Weather Is Personal" banner interferes with the map. If the issue is not fixed, I will be deleting the app.
Denny Day
Aug 2, 2020
Terrible. I don't know if it works or not. I created an acct. But it never sent me an email confirm. So now I can't use my new weather station
18 wheeler
Jul 18, 2020
Good app overall for what I need, but the hourly breakdown in Forecast sticks and doesn't update until the app is relaunched which is frustrating. Running on a Vankyo S7 using Android 9. Would be great if this was fixed.
Dennis Mitchell
Jul 5, 2020
Nice app works great. Would love to see total rain as year total not from when it was installed. Or at least add a year total. Other then that I love my app and my Ambient Weather Station.
Mike Caputo
Jun 26, 2020
Great app for your PWS and best one out there that I can see. Could be even better with some widgets and temp on the notification bar.
Christian Dysthe
Jun 21, 2020
Great app for your Ambient Weather station now with all you need to use it as your go to weather app. It has forecast and even radar. Great to see all the Ambient Weather stations around locally and all over the country. I wish it wasn't so tied to webview since it makes it a little bit sluggish. Otherwise just awesome!
wainsley _
Jun 21, 2020
We've been unable to find the reading for total Solar Radiation for a given day in W/m²h. We are able to see W/m² as an instantaneous reading, but would be much more useful if we were able to determine the area under the curve. We need to be able to say for eg. that last week Sunday 6.25W/m²h of Solar Radiation was produced by the sun, in the same way we can say how much rain fell on a particular day. Thanks very much for considering.
Ted Van
Jun 11, 2020
App is constantly improving. Developers actually listen to what the customers want and do their best to implement it. New map feature that shows wind and rainfall from all nearby stations is awesome.
Jason Jones
Jun 10, 2020
If this had a dark mode and widgets it would be pretty much perfect with the new forecasts included.
Keith Tilford
Jun 9, 2020
Worthless. Asks me to log in after I just created an account moments before, then tells me the info is invalid. Set up the account again (didn't tell me the email was already in use...suspicious), and had the same problem. Can't see my own weather station and can't add it guessed it, creating an account.
Jim Cook
Jun 9, 2020
This app has worked perfectly for me. The data is presented perfectly. This app is a great adjunct to my weather station. I can see what is happening no matter where I am.
Larry Vise
Jun 7, 2020
Poor rain guage. The graph shows .35 of an inch for daily rain. The quick view shows no rain for daily. It makes me also wonder if the other measurement are off in their measurement.
Bruce Ginkel
Jun 6, 2020
Great app with minor zoom bug. Sometimes when zooming in/out, when you release your fingers, the map slings off in some direction. Other than that minor issue the app is fluid, easy to use, has great visuals and information, and makes it very easy to view other weather stations.
David Thomas
Jun 2, 2020
Amazing app. Love the improvements. It is great to be able to see the data from my weather station on a graph and in tables. Maps and forecast put this on par with weather underground. Really hope widgets are planned in the future. Would love to see a dashboard widget I could put on my home screen.
Lynne Whitehorn
May 23, 2020
Ok. No widget, which makes it annoying to use. No options to condense information, so you have to do a lot of scrolling.
Brian C
May 12, 2020
Ambient Weather worked with me on my issue. Because of my older Android version 5.0.2, it does not support the new mapping feature. My newer Android devices support the new pattern and the dashboard looks and works great!! Thanks for the great support!!
Dorf Sixtyone
May 11, 2020
These people created a great app and stand behind it. I incorrectly called them out for misspelling "Wind" in a title block. The cool part is, they give you the option of changing the words in the titles. I had inadvertently added a letter causing the misspelling of a word in the title. It's actually a nice feature.
Jasen Chien
May 11, 2020
If ZERO star is available. The unit perform seems ok for few months, but now is dead for no reason. Reset the unit, replace the batteries and nothig works. Indoor is 74 F and out door is 54F. RIGHT! The apps have no way to correct it.
Steve D
May 10, 2020
This app has worked reliably since I started with my own personal weather station in 2018. In 2020 the app and data infrastructure changed (I previously used the term "broke" which was as Ed mentioned caused by traffic). I still find the current user interface to be far less useful/reliable than before. I often ask "what is it doing now?" as now a sun/moon display irrevocably replaced my wind widget and resists resetting. The changes are simply less of a consistently rewarding experience.
Ken Becker
May 10, 2020
It is still helpful but not as good as previously. It now gives forecast information but it no longer shows the indoor information from the console. It used to and I thought that was very useful especially when not at home to be able to know the temperature to insure the heating or AC was working. May 10, 2020 Update I just received some guidance that helped me resolve the issue. Thanks 😊
Adam Butch
May 10, 2020
Ambient weather is great. Thank you Ed for setting dashboard as the default on opening. The Ambient weather team is very responsive and works hard keep improving the app and listen to user feedback. Thanks!
Dave R
May 7, 2020
Major upgrades. The app is awesome. If it doesn't already, its close to beating how weather underground used to be! Now get extended forecast and maps. Only had one complaint, the dev's were quick to fix it (thanks!). Great work! Really enjoying the new features.
Deane Gardner
May 7, 2020
Quite a step up. Ambient weather is rapidly building out both their app and website functionality while listening carefully to user input.
Nathan Chien
May 6, 2020
The app did not ask for location permission, therefore it thinks I'm in Anaheim which is in a different state from where I am. Plus, it defaults to location selection, when I want it to default to my weather station.
Christopher Roberts
May 5, 2020
Love this app. It gives me direct access to my personal weather station. If i could make one suggestion, it would be awesome if i could add the temperature to my status bar on my phone (or a widget). That way I can always check the temp at my weather station, without even having to open the app.
Geoffrey Kemp
May 5, 2020
Easy to use and read. The new map view makes it easy to see other stations and possibe incoming weather. Looking forward to additional features as this app matures.
Daren Jones
May 5, 2020
Great improvement in functionalities from previous version. Cleaner without ads, and other items to big down like other weather apps.
Cyle Stull
May 5, 2020
No longer works. Makes remote use of weather station useless. Have I tried? I spent hours on the phone with an Ambient weather tech with no help. Now the rooftop sensor on my unit has failed too-it is barely a year old. I will go Davis next time.
Aaron Geil
May 4, 2020
Even though the app is newer and lacks some features, the devs have been quick to fix bugs and add a lot of useability features quickly. I've been impressed. 5/4/20 Edit: A year and a half later and the app is so much better and feature rich. It has a ways to go but it has surpassed Weather Underground for me. Just need that widget.
Don Ferron
May 4, 2020
Loads fast, easy to switch from map to dashboard. Looks better in landscape than portrait. No issues with install on Samsung S9.
Shawn S
May 4, 2020
This app works well with my weather station. I like how you can also view others now from the app. It's always being updated with new features.
Steve S
May 4, 2020
Excellent app and a great way to access my weather from anywhere! Can't wait for future enhancements!
Marc Henshaw
May 1, 2020
Awesome! This truly is a Dark Sky replacement! Cudos to you developers! I've been waiting patiently for this update and it does not disappoint! Now, if there was a persistent notification of the temperature by the time and one for the lock screen, I'd pay for the app!
Apr 19, 2020
Not wanting to post my data for public consumption, this app provides my dashboard needs. For the past two years, I've used 8 temp sensors to monitor my ducted mini-split. With 24 hour graphs, it would be nice to add a little more granularity maybe 2, 6, 12 hour options ? This app has really improved usability of the hardware.
Mar 27, 2020
Hardware is good, app and database are trash. If you open the app, then reopen hours later, graphs wont update without killing app. Database server goes down, no history or graphs work anymore. Charts have ugly smoothing. Overall, just a lousy interface for a good weather station. Makes me wish I'd made my own server to log weather data, no getting it back from ambient.
Jan 3, 2020
The app works "ok". There is no means of selecting or deleting what it displays and it displays a lot. There are no widgets either. This is a time when ALL apps have widgets. This app does not have any. Furthermore, if for any reason whatsoever that you lose internet, the Display will stop sending data to the Ambiant WX permanently. This literally make the Ambiant WX app useless because we ALL lose internet from time to time as a result of various reasons.
Jan 1, 2020
(Was 3 stars, now 5 stars - the site appears to be fixed, and all missing data is present.) This app / website is a good all-in-one location for current and historical weather data. I haven't found many other Android one-stop shops for this, besides WUnderground. WUnderground is better at the charts and graphs aspect, but Ambient gives a little more detail (indoor sensors / wind chill) and allows you to download the data for your own review. --- This app basically sends you to the dashboard of Ambient Weather. The site itself does a good job with visualizations, plotting data, and downloading data as a csv file. (The last of which is something I've not found anywhere else.) The meh rating is because the site itself does not seem to accept data very well. There are multiple time stamps with no data, even though other sites I send data on a more frequent basis to are just fine. Too bad... This would be a good all-in-one app otherwise.
Dec 31, 2019
Well I think the rating says it all. To me anything below 4 stars developer should look at those reviews similar to the way a restaurant would use Yelp. Use those critical reviews to create a better app. The ones I'm seeing that I agree with say that the interface is clumsy and it's hard to find the data that you want. The dashboard should be condensed so all current info is displayed like the indoor monitor. That way a click could bring up the all stored details by day week month or year.
Dec 17, 2019
Great addition to my weather station. I needed to upgrade the stations firmware first bu that was an easy process. Much better than the Weather Underground app for getting individual station information.
Dec 15, 2019
What a great app very clean and functional and does the job well. A nice perk would be the ability to share the information with friends and family. Other then that; Well Done!
Nov 10, 2019
A good app. Works well with my station and gives me all the info I need. It would be really nice to have a feature added that allows you to add data to your notification bar and that data is then updated automatically without opening the app. Much like the Weather Underground app used too. I like to be able to just look at my phone and see what the temperature is without having to open the app. WU still has the feature, but it doesn't update anymore. You have to open the app to get the notification bar to change.
Jul 31, 2019
loaded on my phone. found it requires you to create an account. would be nice if had informed me beforehand. it was immediately removed.
Jun 24, 2019
Good app. Would LOVE it if there was a widget! I would also like to see a faster way to access all of my temperature sensors, including the time series plots, without scrolling down through them. Min/max on the outside channels (not just base) would be good too.
Jun 15, 2019
I love it. It pulls data real time basis if there is sucessfull internet connection. If ws2000 recorded data for every minute will be pull inside webs when internet connection re-established may be much good if possible.
May 25, 2019
Would be nice to have some widgets and more settings options. Does a poor job updating data. Alerts not being sent.
May 17, 2019
Why doesn't this have a home screen widget? What a pain in the ass to get my weather station on my home screen. Seriously, minus 3 stars for how bad it is.
Apr 21, 2019
like the app. Its alexa functionality could be improved. It would be nice to ask for the report on a specific sensor rather than to hear every one. Also when it goes through humidity it would be nice if it went by what the sensor was renamed to. ie. Alexa, whats the temperature in the pool. My honeywell thermostat all I say is whats the temperature in the livingroom and she tells me. I don't have to say ask honeywell what's the temperature in the livingroom.
Mar 16, 2019
Nor really an "app," just a web site wrapper that conveys the same information. The individual "panels" are far too large for mobile,, and *everything* is displayed which results in too much scrolling. The app needs the ability to format the displays (perhaps a 'full" and ""compact" option, and the option to toggle with a tap), to determine which ones are shown or hidden, and in what order. (Example: I'd like to have the summary be first.) Widgets and dark mode are also needed.
Mar 12, 2019
Awesome app!! But to make the app beyond PERFECT they could add a widget feature to veiw the temp/ huminidy from the home screen of your phone.
Jan 25, 2019
Awesome app, I'm really glad they offer this service since weather underground hasnt been so reliable lately.
Jan 20, 2019
Great app for quick viewing of my weather stations data. I'd love to see a widget where I could see current conditions on the homescreen.
Jan 4, 2019
This is a good app, but it needs to make a few more options. Graphs need to be on a separate page, tedious scrolling could be avoided. Graphs need to be "zoomable". Option to export to xlsx or pdf would be great. Any options at all would be appreciated.
Dec 17, 2018
Too much info on one screen! Let me pick and choose what shows! Let me have a one screen view of what I want to see.
Dec 1, 2018
It's ok, does the basics, only thing it's missing is widgets! It would be awesome to have a widget that you can add and have the humidity for example. I use this to wirelessly check my humidor humidity.
Nov 29, 2018
I love ambient weather app it presents my weather information in a highly digestible Manor, unlike Weather underground you can get lost in their website for eons. the only bummer is that the ambient weather website only holds your personal data for a year while Weather underground holds it forever
Oct 24, 2018
This Android App really needs to rethink placing the data block over the graphs. They block the ability to scroll through the graph as a function of time.
Oct 21, 2018
I wonder if there is a way to have there be a temperature notification in the status bar. It was a breeze setting up with the other app. I know you can do the temperature notification through Wunderground, however, it would be nice through this app which is from the station itself.
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