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Developer Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Platform Android
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Apr 2, 2022
Absolutely THE worst app I've ever used. Unfortunately, though, I must continue to use it to play uncompressed Amazon music on my 911 (cannot go straight bluetooth, because that compresses it.) The good news is that Porsche is replacing it with My Porsche app. But Amazon functionality has not yet been ported to it, so still paying an annual fee for the use of a bad legacy app. Very disappointing. If I had IPhone instead of Android, I don't think I'd have this issue. But not changing!
Mad Ryan
Mar 20, 2022
I have to admit this app is total garbage. I got the free year of service and didn't renew it...tried re downloading to show my son today...can't even bown load to install it...I only ever used the free porsche sim as a Hotspot in the car....thats about all it was actually useful for...the so called Apps...are laugha le in Australia....just a gimmick to suck in would be buyers..I was never really interested in it other than to try it out as my expectations of any car manufacturers apps 👎
Martyn Evans
Feb 26, 2022
Problems much the same as others. Occasionally works and then locks up. When relaunch just logo n screen so uninstall and reinstall. No point in trying my porsche app if just as bad. Bluetooth connection on my 2018 cayenne with android needs to be in place for a few minutes or drops out. Fine with iPhone. My android OK with other cars. Porsche should try and use the app developer then mercedes use as very good!
Robert Baker
Jan 28, 2022
Poor work and unreliable... Unbelievable that you spend 100k or more on a Porsche and more for online services, and the spend so little on a reliable app
Motty Chen
Jan 21, 2022
never had a car with such a hassle to connect phone... not only it requires dealer to enable it, even after that it never worked
David J
Jan 19, 2022
Comparing to Tesla app, it's little slow to connect and there is no real time location tracking function. Also, I wish Porsche would have control to move the car forward and backwards remotely. Something I use frequently on my Tesla.
J Wong
Jan 9, 2022
Nothing much, not impressed, every few weeks, the connection will crash, then wait for 2 to 3 weeks before it works again. It deserve zero stars. Just not reliable for daily use.
pankaj gorsia
Dec 26, 2021
Very poor connectivity, just given up with it. Do not recommend porche for its remote tech. Seriously needs major improvement for a prestigious car.
Clive Porter
Dec 22, 2021
Poor connectivity. Still improving functionality. Status and notifications confusing. User guide weak. This is a beta version surely? After much dialogue with Porsche UK and dealer : connectivity is more reliable but all the weaknesses remain. There have been no significant improvements to the app in 12 months. This and the software interface on the car itself (particularly music, charging and HUD) are major drawbacks to what is otherwise a fabulous car (Taycan 4S+). This damages Porsche brand.
joshua black
Dec 5, 2021
garbage. doesn't have work intuitively and after a year they don't care enough about it to make it work right. the problem with Connect is that most of the time it doesn't actually connect to your car. now I'm getting promoted by my car to renew everytime I get in it.
D Puorro
Nov 6, 2021
It took almost two weeks & countless calls to get the basics working on my 2017 CPO Panamera. Porsche had to call the previous owner to cancel his service contract. Imagine my disappointment to find most of the data & functions are worthless without everything on the car optioned. I ended up canceling the services required to use the app & given a full refund without any hassle. The Porsche driving experience & quality materials are superior to most brands. The app doesn't measure up.
Ivan Liu
Nov 6, 2021
Lots of times, the Porsche Connect app simply failed, even with numerous retries, to connect to my Taycan. Germans make fantastic cars, as well as stupidest software. On top of every unhelpful response I received, Germans simply don't seem to understand one simple thing: real-time customer support.
Jeff Davis
Oct 23, 2021
Would not accept my cell phone as a cell phone number, kept asking for a country code which I put in, useless
Steve Wertheimer
Oct 18, 2021
funky operation... inconsistent... And now, didn't work with my password... Had to do a password reset, and should not have happened. It seems that everybody's having the same issues with this app from what I read. Always says it can't connect to the PCM, yet the commands seem to work. Called Porsche technical support and even they couldn't understand why it always giving me that stupid message. Great car, garbage app...
Jonathan Benmayor
Oct 17, 2021
Waste of time , come on Porsche read the reviews, all say the same thing it does not work, sort it out or do not advertise it You are a prestigious car company, it's an embarrassment, unnecessary for one of your patranising , hollow replies, sort it or remove it Nu Stars
Adrienne Rowley
Oct 6, 2021
Dreadful. Had my Taycan less than a week and already want to send it back. The car won't connect via app to the porsche server more often than not (no I'm not parked in a basement!) it renders all timers and location charging absolutely useless. Unless I'm direct charging with zero pre sets running I can't get the vehicle to charge overnight and I'm missing out on my low cost, early hours electricity. It's really poor. Sort it out please!!! It's disgusting for such a luxury vehicle! Not happy!
Priscilla Munoz
Oct 3, 2021
Services poorly explained and always "unavailable." I'll be standing next to my car with it charging in front of me and the app will register nothing. It's awfully inaccurate all the time.
Chris Scarvell
Sep 29, 2021
App crashes every time when setting charging times in profile. Taycan 4s, pixel 5 phone, android 11. Worked fine on Samsung S10 with android 10
Kenn Soendergaard
Sep 26, 2021
way too many crashes and very slow to load. on top of that, you really cannot control much of your car with this. this app MUST be improved.
Jack L
Sep 25, 2021
This app is poorly designed. After struggling for days to set the charger to charge in the early morning hours, the timer is still not working. I have researched the procedure already. The app either doesn't work or is too hard to use. Terrible.
Serban Enache
Sep 21, 2021
Emailed the team as instructed by the team here, unfortunately no one replies. Car is now reverting back its interior surveillance, despite turning it off in the menu. Due to a bad solenoid (known issue) the alarm will go on and on and on.... Bad software, bad hardware, no support.
Kay H
Sep 17, 2021
Cant log in despite trying many times.Even tried log in without password but still failed.wasting customers time. I have uninstalled the apps.
Sion Richards
Sep 15, 2021
Frequently unable to connect to my car, I've given the benefit of doubt on numerous occasions and I'm now, unable to rely on it connecting. My Tesla app. does not suffer the same issues.
Aug 31, 2021
App is horrible. For a premium car they should hire some coders. My Ford app is light years ahead of them.
Ekaterina Ovechkina
Aug 22, 2021
Setup of a new car is too complicated, for no reason. Requires sign-in every day. Doesn't allow charging as secondary user. Address search is producing irrelevant results. Sending addresses to car rarely works (takes hours). Connection to car is flaky. If left open, drains battery crazy fast, phone gets hot. Fire your engineering team, and get a new one, Porsche. Great car with crappiest software. 👎
Costin Enache
Aug 18, 2021
How badly do they pay the programmers?! I need to log on again and again, at every 5-6 runs. Unusable.
Anthony Bucklew
Jul 5, 2021
Better off not using. Problem after Problem... New Porsche and New phone and my phone works better in my Maserati.
Trevor Townsend
Jul 4, 2021
Porsche should be ashamed for releasing this, it continues to crash and not work properly. We expect quality for Porsche and this app is definately not up to standard
John Pye
Jun 15, 2021
Since the update my mpg shows as US not UK, contacted UK support who suggested uninstall and ensure PlayStore is set to UK before reinstalling, it is but no different. Also as others stated Amazon music sometimes works for a short period of time, most of time doesn't. PCM should support Android Auto as well as carplay, all other manufacturers do, my Audi Connect did and worked much better. This is the same system with featured blocked as Porsche got into bed with Apple. Very disappointing.
Natalia Kafar
May 17, 2021
Rather pathetic in comparison to what Mercedes offers. Doesn't always connext with the car. not uaer friendly. I would suggest that Porsche takes a look at other car manufacturers and how their apps work.
Ronald Martucci
May 13, 2021
The app is incredible slow. Easier to get to the car tag turn on the AC from the application. Also the car should let Android to connect as well as apple. And add Spotify pls
I G Cameron
May 11, 2021
Does not connect since update. I have never been able to connect to the apps such as Amazon Music or the Radio app. Useless because I pay extra for service I can never use. Now it won't even log in.
Chris B
May 3, 2021
The app used to launch and connect automatically when I started the vehicle . Since the last update I have to manually launch it to get access to apps like Amazon music on the PCM
Charles Jacobus
Apr 25, 2021
I have driven Porsches since 1967 and have found them performance based in both hardware and software. This is the exception! simply said, it is worthless and in some ways seems to actually be a liability. It provides very little valuable information, may be a factor in causing the 12 volt battery to go dead (although) rumor says that has been fixed. The Porsche Intelligent Range manager is nearly as worthless, but fortunately not a liability. All that said, the Taycan is fantastic regardles
Dan Oechslin
Apr 16, 2021
App does not start anymore, after more than two weeks of failure free use and operation, my device cannot start the installed app anymore. Tried a lot of things - no success. Pity, bcs. the location transfer for Navigation destinations was really useful. Cheers, Dan
John Catherine
Apr 13, 2021
The app worked on the phone synced with my PC but does not sync with the car which makes it a pointless app The PC did not sync with the car either. Porsche when trying to solve the problem locked My Porsche account. I tried to delete the app and reinstall, the icon disappeared but my phone is now not compatible with the app, but suspect the app is still running in the background due to unidentified battery use on the phone. Do not install DANGEROUS. The initial lack of the interface makes the GPS in the car useless.
Joh Y
Apr 12, 2021
The app functionality works 90% of the time but crashes 100% of the time! I'm using an Android phone. Samsung galaxy Z fold 2. Needs an urgent update.
Lefteris Koutsofios
Apr 5, 2021
A truly awful app. I have 2 destinations marked as favorite but no matter which one I select, the car picks the first one.
Andrey Zarur
Mar 27, 2021
The app works as it is supposed to, but the battery drain is simply unacceptable. On a Pixel 4XL drains about 50% of the phone's battery in 2-3 hours. Once app is opened, must be hard-stopped or phone restarted to eliminate the battery drain. Unacceptable app to go with a $200,000 car! Porsche, spend some money and get some decent app developers to fix this! Unacceptable!
Daniel Rogers
Mar 26, 2021
it definitely leaves a lot to be desired and the interface is super basic. it will frequently make me sync another pin from my Porsche portal... having owned many Porsche over the years and now with the newer models that lean on the connect app, this really needs an overhaul and I would be happy to do it, if asked.
Andrew Knight
Mar 24, 2021
My family take great pride joking about this app. I agree with them, its terrible and only works sporadically. My wife's and father's cars cost less than a quarter of the price of my taycan turbo and the app's they use work perfectly and are so much better. We all joke regularly about how I've been mugged, LOL. Fortunately I did not buy the car for the app! It's a great car to drive and hopefully Porsche will update or release a better app soon?
Dirk Van Welden
Mar 23, 2021
I updated this review because they have been pushing out some updates which solved most of my issues with the app. QR scanning works now, car location is correct, quicker updates on car status and range. Looking forward to more updates and features.
Boladji A.
Mar 10, 2021
Good intentions behind the product, but stability and functionality issues make it challenging to use. For example every time a new favorite location is added, all previously entered entriesdisappear from vehicle and app...
An Onymous
Mar 4, 2021
The app doesn't work half the time, and when it does it has limited functionality. Per the note before from Porsche, I sent an email and never received a response. In my experience, this is indicative of the overall customer service of the company.
Dennis van der Voort
Feb 21, 2021
Since a couple of days, the app won't work at all. It closes immediately. Removing it an installing again, makes no sense. So...completely useless at the moment.
Brent Jones
Feb 14, 2021
The app is terribly buggy, does not retain session tokens and randomly requires reauthentication for no damn reason. Disappointing to say the least. Edit: the 17Sept release may have improved the reauthorization behavior. The app still did not see the car but that was due to a OTA module issue on the vehicle itself.
Andy Buckroyd
Feb 12, 2021
App crashes with no error messages. Support not able to fix the problem. A real pain as I'm unable to schedule and monitor charge status on my Panamera hybrid. Porsche really needs to do better.
Jun Guo
Feb 11, 2021
Updated review from my previous one, I think the app does what it can do, but again, it offers far less functions than a smarter vehicle like Tesla does
Lars Fuglsang
Feb 7, 2021
Time to update my review, ill give it 1 more star now and the opening the ad and logging in finally seem to work okay.. BUT.. Climatize my 2020 cayenne hybrid from the app, works 30% of the time :/ How annoying is that, you open the app at morning, ask it to climatize your car, its cold and snow outside, you finished breakfast, and are ready to go, you walk to car, and its ICE cold, no heat, all windows have snow and ice.. for 150.000 euro car, this is unacceptable.. Porsche as i always have said, you cannot do software! 2021 this still holds true! Sad ☹ (BTW, just ordered a 2022 Tesla Model X, lets see how it works out) I have 2 Cayenne’s im selling 1 of them now!
Feb 3, 2021
Update part 2: since the original 2 star review. I'd like to acknowledge the steps Porsche have taken to rectify this substandard experience with their app and ultimately service model. The steps Porsche took are... Do nothing... After I provided all the information they requested via email and received a confirmation of receipt of email, they did exactly NOTHING..... Pathetic...truly poor customer experience.
Owain Kelly
Feb 3, 2021
Constantly doesn't work. And why name it the same as the other app you need? Shame as it could be useful.
David Westfall
Feb 2, 2021
I am told by customer support that some, or many, features on this app do not work with Android phones. Really? Then why have an app at all? When will this be addressed?
Thomas Holm
Jan 21, 2021
This app has message that states No connection with PCM. It only worked 1st day and ever since it has not worked. very frustrating and have left messages at Porsche with no solutions. A very frustrated and unhappy customer. Car is great though.
Joe Kim
Jan 19, 2021
a lot left to be desired.. battery level never updates correctly, can't start engine only climates settings and even that doesn't work most of the time. also for music integration - amazon music ??? really and then apple music ? you guys heard of spotify ? the app is worse than land rover which I didn't even think was possible... bmw connect app is literally light years ahead as well as the idrive as I own both
Carlos F
Jan 13, 2021
Wow! The app is very disappointing to say the least. You can do better than this Porsche...get it together. I recently got a Taycan and like other reviews here, I've connected maybe once with the app. I expected a lot more from the app and so far it's been a huge let down. I hope they improve this in the very near future.
Adrian Hughes
Jan 2, 2021
Nice idea but can be slow to respond with vehicle and sometimes provides unexpected results. Fewer features and more emphasis on testing the app to improve stability and reliability would go a long way.
Ben Whitesides
Dec 12, 2020
Rarely work and connects Please add ability to turn on Seat warmers and steering wheel warmer. Disappointed in Porsche inability to provide an app that connects when Hyundai and Kia have no problem. Embarrassing
Douglas Pitt
Nov 28, 2020
Have to say that I love the Taycan but the app is positively the worst interface I have ever seen. Take a leaf from the Tesla book please guys and get your act together. Can I please get a What time do you want the car to start charging button!!!
Jeremy Butteriss
Nov 22, 2020
I've posted a couple of reviews. The app seems to have regressed. It's now crashing frequently, and functions are available sporadically. I really hope Porsche starts from scratch and builds a proper app.
Peter Allinson
Nov 13, 2020
Clearly the people at Porsche think they are doing their very best to make this app work. Their very best falls well short of world class manufacturers. I sincerely hope the car has been produced by different people than the app programmers. I have had the Taycan one day and I cannot believe anything the app says. Now it fails to connect to the car altogether. Please try harder than your very best. Please don't reply with your standard reply. Just let me know when you have fixed it.
Bernardo Huberman
Nov 11, 2020
Third time that I went to electrify america and the app didn't work. As a result spent 20' talking on the phone with someone who had to stop the charging station so that I could unplug the cable. Ended up paying for the charging every time. App does not work properly. Surprised that Porsche has produced such a shoddy product.
Rob Zienert
Oct 31, 2020
App throws an error (4_A_MMB) during login. Can't even get into the app, which makes me suspicious that anything will work once I connect it to my car.
Oct 23, 2020
Never works. This is ridiculous how poor this app works. Can never connect and Porsche service says I must contact them online, and they do NOT respond. Very frustrating that this cannot get corrected for the amount invested in these vehicles. Such a shame.
Ebele Chiemeke
Oct 21, 2020
Why can't I download the porsche car connect? This app is utterly useless. From Mercedes Me app, I can do so much on my Mercedes GLC 200 which almost the half the price of the macan brand new. Up your game ASAP please. This is 2020, not 1949!!!!
Steve Goldenberg
Oct 15, 2020
Embarrassed to think that Porsche would put out such a worthless app. Works about 10 % of the time and crashes almost all the time. Worse on Android 10. They only care about Apple users. Porsche was nice enough to respond to my review and ask for details so they could help. The email address they gave me doesn't work ...! Destinations never transfer to the car.
Shawn Benberg
Oct 6, 2020
This app is no good. Like all others you can't log in just get error messages all the time. Love my Porsche but they really lack on the app side of things. I dont know about my options but the way it sound if you can log in there isn't much. My chevy app was better.
Moe G
Sep 26, 2020
Does not work. Porsche West Palm Beach were the vehicle was purchased was no use. There customer service was horrible.
Sep 16, 2020
Paid Porsche Centre Reading £117 to activate this on my car and the app keeps crashing. A complete waste of money!!
Peter Durbetaki
Sep 12, 2020
Update 12 Sep 20. After much work by my dealership tech support and the engineers in Germany, it seems things are finally working. I think the German engineers learned a few things from this experience and hopefully the app developers will follow suit and reprogram some of the app to make it more user-friendly and stable. Half the battle seems to be a user interface that isn't too intuitive. Very happy to have things working!
Andrew Stephenson
Sep 12, 2020
Dubious about using this app after reading previous reviews However, gave it the benefit of the doubt but can only reinforce comments made. Unable to even get beyond the registering stage. Just not good enough for a brand like Porsche.
James B
Sep 10, 2020
Login constantly being kicked out. Even when fingerprint setting is activated it reverts to password on the browser. Rarely connects to the Porsche server and therefore cannot set charging profiles so have resorted to doing it through the charge point app. The car is fantastic, the app is not.
Pierre Bertrand
Sep 9, 2020
New taycan 4s. Even the dealer cannot get the phones connected. Porsche lte network connects sporadically. Dealer is clueless on apps and features on the build. First and last Porsche. You have a lot to learn in dealer service and dealer training.
Hisham Elzayat
Aug 31, 2020
They need to come up with zero star rating just for this app. Completely useless and the stupid basically non existent.
Mohit Jagota
Aug 29, 2020
WORST APP, PORSCHE NEEDS TO SPEND SOME MONEY ON THERE APP, Especially if you have a taycan no fun using the app. I would like to rate this app negative stars if I can.
Aug 23, 2020
Requires multiple registrations, does not recall previous login settings, once registered, shows my car, but usually cannot connect with car, so no up to date charge info, no last ride info. Very very poor. Luckily the car js great..
Lutz Eickenberg
Aug 20, 2020
Absolute shower. Receiving auth error 4_A_MBB probably because my vehicle has still not been registered by Porsche 5 weeks after I submitted my details. So now I can't connect Android Auto or install Map updates. Holiday not open top but in my banger. Well done.
Ian Standard
Aug 17, 2020
Hard to give a review as the app doesn't work long enough to see. Mine just keeps advising to change privacy settings I contacted Smart Mobility 7/8/20 via phone and email with screen shots and advised i would be contacted with a resolve within 3 days, its been 10 days and no resolve or contact
Fahmid Rahman
Aug 16, 2020
This app needs work. Keeps logging out. Very frustrating. Can't believe such an app is associated with Porsche, very poor quality.
james bowman
Aug 2, 2020
Can not get it to connect to the car and have data service. New taycan.. Poor instructions and no dealer support
Arron Edwards
Jul 30, 2020
Dreadful! The app is hardly in sync with the car. Creating a departure timer takes about 10 attempts with lots of app re-starts. Even changing the temperature fails 90% of the time. Log back in to the app ten minutes later and it has reverted!
Addhyan Pandey
Jul 29, 2020
I got a reply to my original review, did what was asked of me and haven't heard back from Porsche yet. My original review is below: """ Can't even login and got authentication errors multiple times. Porsche's tech in general sucks. Decades behind Tesla and other competitors. """
Shaun Baker
Jul 24, 2020
Improvement Required Picked up car from dealer all seems ok, ordered Tracker service to cover my insurance.... Still no go after 5 working days sent email to support no reply phoned support all lines busy we will call you back..... no call back, phoned again got support and 2 working days it is now working. After issue was fixed the whole app and Web interface changed. The app does have connectivity issues looks like the server is down today but still getting alerts. More info but ran out of s
Petri Kiikka
Jul 3, 2020
Keeps throwing my login credentials out on my Note 10+ Sometimes it tells me I have no registered vehicles. Sometimes no connection to the vehicle. I have also sent a report to the associated email through the app, TWICE, and only gotten an autoreply but nothing else. I would also very much appreciate Android Auto support. I understand these things take time. But come on, this is literally on the level of being very difficult to do worse, even if you tried to.
Richard Krug
Jul 3, 2020
This app doesn't work. Surprised Porsche would put this up I just sent you a lengthy reply, check your email.
Chris Bunyan
Jul 2, 2020
Like most others can't log in took many attempts to register, one of worst apps I've ever experienced. Not good supposed to be a premium brand
Rick Fisher
Jun 29, 2020
Difficult to set up and gives error messages. The APP seems unreasonably difficult to set up and the features like unlock and lock dont appear to work.
Phil McCabe
Jun 24, 2020
Awful App. Very rarely works when you want to do something remotely. Its now saying I have no car connected to it. However when I login on my laptop its there and useable. Absolutely rubbish and a huge let down compared to my old X5 which worked 100%. Hope they can sort this connection problem out in the future as its simply not good enough for an expensive car like this.
Ladislav Sedivy
Jun 19, 2020
Still 1 star. Latest update (6/19) stopped working all together and just says "No Porsche connect enabled vehicles found..."
Lisa Davis
Jun 3, 2020
I think this is one of the worst apps I've ever used. Others have had the issue of the app requiring multiple log on and eventually it just goes to my web browser and logs in via the internet. It takes several minutes for the app to update the status of the car and many times it just logs me out. It does not allow me to set profiles and the timer didn't work when set for charging. This is a waste of time to use.
Robert Tuck
May 26, 2020
100% useless. Android phone and I'm tech savvy. Absolutely worthless. You'd think if Porsche was going to invest in tech, then they'd try to get it right. Seems they might be too busy designing sunglasses to actually try to give their car customers something they can use in their expensive car. Whoever is in charge of this train wreck should be sent packing immediately. Who even uses Napster anymore?
Mohammad Sajed
May 23, 2020
Very confusing App could never use it, why don't you have simple log in password as Mercedez Benz, one log in password for everything and easy to use....😡😡😡
Rik Parker
May 15, 2020
Love my car, app and Android support are terrible at best, non-existent at worst. My car and phone are never able to stay logged in so the apps in the car hardly ever work... its sad. Porsche is about driving experience and needs to understand that for many that goes beyond what is under the hood and perfectly weighted on four wheels.
Lisa Bindra
May 10, 2020
The secret step (even the dealer rep is totally unaware) to get connected for the first time is this: once you put in your Porsche ID and activation code you get from the Porsche website, you have to connect your phone to the hotspot WiFi generated by the Porsche SIM card. Then the app will connect to Porsche server. Car locked/unlocked once within 5 mins of connecting. Then stopped working again. What a waste. I certainly will not pay a cent to renew this app after first free year. Shameful.
Henrik Ebeling
Apr 30, 2020
Embarrassing! Come on! The most basic thing is to be logged in all the time,. and you can't even accomplished that! Please change the provider of the development of your app, it destroys your reputation. Digital quality is important!!
Mike Fung
Apr 29, 2020
Very frustrating piece of software. Tried to register my Cayenne. It did not recognize the vin on my vehicle. Simply does not work.
Anonymous User
Apr 10, 2020
At last, it is stable on Android :) Would be great if now you could integrate it all to one app instead of handing over to Car Connect. Also, PLEASE support Android Auto in PCM. -- Keeps crashing on Pixel4 with latest OS. Only displays contact or calendar info if the address contains a county in the address. Crashes if you search for contacts where there are no country designation. Crashes on first mile navigation. Disappointed Porsche! Still an issue after Feb 2020 update :(
Anonymous User
Feb 16, 2020
Where's Android Auto? Thanks for the reply guys. It'd be great if you do integrate with Android Auto, because then I can change my rating.
Anonymous User
Jan 13, 2020
Like everyone i am very disappointed. It took me weeks to setup the app. But i find it useless. The temp control never works, charging setup , door lock or unlock ... extremely slow. Hope it get addressed.
Anonymous User
Dec 27, 2019
Setup was straightforward, and things seem to work. A couple of minor niggles: unable to change units of temperature from Fahrenheit to Celcius. App keeps asking me to log in every time I start it. Overall, app is a bit slow/laggy. I am an Android user. My phone and play store are set to UK, so can't figure out why the Farenheit only option! I see Porsche have responded to my previous comment. Thanks. Unfortunately I have had to downgrade my review again, as the App is very unstable.
Anonymous User
Dec 11, 2019
Terrible app... Connection is really unstable and app crashes continuously specially when I try to use amazon music. The whole PCM freezes and after a while will reboot itself. Since Porsche decided not to support Android Auto, it seemed a good alternative for Android users no interested in CarPlay but is far from usable.
Anonymous User
Nov 20, 2019
2019 cayenne owner here. Should've bought a Tesla if I wanted good and intuitive dashboard controls and easy pairing to phone. The Porsche app and in dash navigation are atrocious at best and non-functional at worst. Very clunky to input your navigation controls. There's so much red tape just to get everything connected up and running and once that's done it doesn't even work right. To thumbs down. My old VW was a friendlier setup than this. 🤣 Same Auto group too... ironically.
Anonymous User
Nov 2, 2019
Absolutely AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. Please porsche, bring this experience up to your standards. Update 11/2/19 - after calling porsche connect, was told there was a system wide outage for the app. As of this morning, it appears to be working. Still VERY disappointed that a engine start / stop option is u available. That is what I use the most on my Mercedes and Ford Truck. I could care less about the other functions and I suspect most people out there feels the same.
Anonymous User
Oct 30, 2019
It's a completely shocking app. When you manage to log in, it keeps loosing connection to the car. I have unlimited data on my own sim, and online info and radio are perfect. I only need the app to use Amazon music in my pcm. Why can't that be a loaded app that you log into, then I wouldn't need this useless app.
Anonymous User
Oct 8, 2019
App doesn't allow me to log in. I've called customer relations and they reset my password. However, I kept receiving the same error "cannot log in". They said to wait a day and try again to see if it sorts itself out because they have no way to troubleshoot the app I received the same error the following day. So the app is useless to me. After paying a premium price for a vehicle, you'd expect these little things to work. Note - I've never had any issues with my bmw apps. Best, Shaunt
Anonymous User
Sep 26, 2019
The app does not work. I have spent precious time trying to trouble shoot it with Porsche Customer Service without success. They left it with we'll get back to you with a solution. Still waiting but not expecting any fixes.
Anonymous User
Jul 2, 2019
This app is not working. I'm not able to login through the app even when I have created an account in my porsche and I have added my car. I can login through the web page but not through the app
Anonymous User
Jul 1, 2019
no clue how to use this app..no way to transfer destination to the car.. doesn't have any other functionality any way...what a waste. I email as suggested by the developer and never ever got a response... Update:I was finally emailed instructions on how to transfer POI to car. These steps were not available anyone else that I know of. But since the. A new problem has occurred. After I put in an address the app screen map area remains blank and does not display google map with direction. But I am still able to follow instructions sent to me to transfer POI So bumping rating to 3 ⭐️
Anonymous User
Jun 22, 2019
Useless App. When I got my new Porsche and installed this app, it was perfect, but recently it crashed every time after a few seconds even it was reinstalled.
Anonymous User
Jun 3, 2019
It doesn't do what it promises, the map destinations never send to the car and it's an overcomplocated. It doesn't work with Macan either.
Anonymous User
Jun 1, 2019
Really terrible. I'd give it 0 stars if I could. Pain to get connected in the first place but impossible to reconnect. Connecting via the pcm hotspot and inputting the password then requires login / authorisation from a webpage that cannot be reached. Audi app used to be the same but got good just before I sold it! Not that it really matters as it never found destinations or transferred them to the car anyway. Oh, a second app is required to see the car status, I kid you not. I've given up.
Anonymous User
Apr 24, 2019
i can sign in to My Porsche but Porsche Connect won't even let me sign in! Useless. Guess I'll just continue to listen to my music via Bluetooth
Anonymous User
Feb 23, 2019
Would give 0 stars if it was possible. How can something apparently as simple as connecting two devices be messed up so badly. Porsche, what's this about. no QC?? UPDATE 23/02/19 Despite appearing to care with their comment below, it's just for show. I sent an email to which the developer didn't bother to respond. it's a big F O to me and other frustrated Android users. Shame on you!!
Anonymous User
Jan 16, 2019
Setting up and pairing with my car was easy and without any problems. everything works as it should. We may discuss about some more functions we would like to have, but in general it's all there what you need. So - I really have problems to understand the negative reviews. (Car: 2018 Cayenne e-hybrid).
Anonymous User
Jan 8, 2019
Very limited and clunky app that's poorly integrated with other Porsche apps (which are poor too). Considering the quality of the experience behind the wheel of any Porsche, this is a major disappointment.
Anonymous User
Jan 6, 2019
wake Porsche your entertainment is way behind on the app and in the cars PCM really is outdated and overpriced (way overpriced)
Anonymous User
Dec 12, 2018
I love everything Porsche but this app really terrible. All it does is crash and all I ask of it is to stream Amazon Prime music. This is waaaaay below the level of performance and refinement that this brand is built on. Really it's terrible for any price point of vehicle.
Anonymous User
Nov 11, 2018
Functionality wise ok...But it takes ages to connect to your vehicle and further mire time to execute a command...So beep your horn and you are talking approx 90 seconds from starting your app to beeping! I only use it to check if I have locked my car and that's the only helpful feature!
Anonymous User
Nov 8, 2018
Being a software engineer it is frustrating to see how pathetic this app is. Come on you guys build great cars it's just shame that you could not figure out a cool app. I own Tesla too and it's a very slick experience. There is no excuse and please stop asking what's wrong. Everything from useability to speed is just terrible. Very limited functionality too.
Anonymous User
Nov 3, 2018
Really disappointing. 1. Have to re-enter my credentials almost every time 2. Connection extremely slow, most of the times it tells me car control is not available. 3. Sending a nav target does never work And don't tell my, I have to connect to the car directly over WiFi, that cannot be the intended use for turning on the A/C or sending over a navigation target. Coming from a Tesla I didn't expect the app to be as good as theirs, but not as bad as it is either.
Anonymous User
Oct 29, 2018
After using it for a bit I am going to have to reduce my rating for it. - It is slow. This is mainly noted when connecting to the vehicle to get it's location and when performing remote lock and unlock. - The location transfer function down not work as far as I can tell. App states that location was transferred to vehicle but I certainly cannot find it there.
Anonymous User
Sep 27, 2018
When I purchased my Macan, it worked fine, but at the same time as my 1st service in June, it stopped working. Had 4 visits to dealer, numerous calls to Porsche support, only to be told now that it's probs not compatible with my BlackBerry on Android 6.0, after their recent upgrades, usual excuse for something that hasn't been fully tested, very disappointed, thought Porsche would be much better this
Anonymous User
Sep 7, 2018
Can never log in, you would think after spending the type of money that goes into buying a Porsche you could have an easy to use and functioning app.
Anonymous User
Aug 28, 2018
Registered as requested by dealership using browser on Windows 10 but the App doesn't accept my login details.
Anonymous User
Aug 17, 2018
Terrible. Login loop keeps you out of using this app. Chevrolet has a way better, fully functional app. Porsche is not as good as Chevrolet?
Anonymous User
Aug 13, 2018
Terrible. Crashes almost instantly upon startup. Absolutely worthless AP. I can't believe this has the Porsche name on it.
Anonymous User
Aug 11, 2018
App is very poor. Constant crashes on all navigation related actions. Doesn't display correctly when you try to save a destination. Samsung S8 plus. Sort it out please Dr Porsche
Anonymous User
Aug 9, 2018
Experienced similar issues everyone else reported. To think this is what we get for the $1,700+ connect plus paid for...wow!
Anonymous User
Aug 3, 2018
This app is a bad joke. The amazing part is whatever works keeps changing with every update. It has destroyed the PCM experience. Incredible cars dont deserve this embarrassment. Porsche should apologize for this travesty.
Anonymous User
Jul 16, 2018
This app used to work very well. It was fun to be able to regularly check on my Panamera e-hybrid. Since update, the app closes itself quickly whenever opened.
Anonymous User
Jun 27, 2018
Update 27/06/18 - just completed an update which appears to have solved my problem. Im using an Andriod phone & also changed model. The app is now working. Just got to remember how to use it to its best now. Thanks for listening. Updated from the app installed earlier this year as it was working but not as expected. Now it doesn't connect to the car. Talk about frustrating? ! Glad the old app worked at the dealership. Hope this is sorted soon as there's no point having these functions available if you can't use them.
Anonymous User
Jun 15, 2018
Doesn't work. You can't log in. What a disappointment Porsche! We pay lots for the cars and this is the best you can do? This is appalling sort it out.
Anonymous User
Jun 14, 2018
First time to own a porsche. Unlike other exotic brand cars, porsche is the worst in handling tech issues.
Anonymous User
May 26, 2018
Can't believe this is Porsche App. So many client issues but still no fix. Who is handling your IT? When you try to login the app does not load at all. How could you still be in the job by developing this app? I am just surprised. One word "FIX"
Anonymous User
May 12, 2018
Can't get the app to work at all. Uninstalled, reinstalled several times now. Click 'log on' and the app 'whirrs' away but goes no where. Dreadfully disappointing. Porsche what are you doing?
Anonymous User
May 8, 2018
What in the world?!? I'm trying to connect to the app, and all I get is the repeating circle showing that it's trying to connect at the login. The bad ratings for this app are not leaving me hopeful. Calling my Porsche rep in the morning. Very disappointing.
Anonymous User
May 7, 2018
Rarely logs on, instead it just whirs, as others have reported. On the occasions that I can login successfully, it takes forever to do so. One would hope that with so many reviews pointing this out, Porsche would sit up and take notice, and do something.
Anonymous User
Apr 11, 2018
Can't get the app to work at all. Uninstalled, reinstalled several times now. Click 'log on' and the app 'whirrs' away but goes no where. Dreadfully disappointing. Porsche what are you doing?
Anonymous User
Mar 31, 2018
Since last update on February 2018, this app does not work on Androïd 6.0 or later. Contacted Porsche connect support 3 weeks ago , and have been said that Porsche software engineering is working hard to solve this issue, but after more than one month, this issue has not been solved. It is absolutely not acceptable that having payed a very expensive Porsche Connect Plus fee, this feature is not working on Androïd for more than one month
Anonymous User
Mar 14, 2018
The app doesn't comply to Porsche quality levels at all ! Difficult to connect and keep working, lost my personal POI list somehow, probably at the last update, and shows as connected when its not and not connected when it is. A bit embarrassing really ... I have tried hard to get it working reliably but its hard to accept this is acceptable to have a Porsche badge on.
Anonymous User
Feb 15, 2018
I can't really review the usefulness of the new/updated app because it crashes every time I open it. Needs to be completely redesigned.
Anonymous User
Feb 15, 2018
Horrible app. Crashes a few seconds after I open the app. Not surprised by this, did the same software developers also write the software for the PCM on my 2018 Panamera 4s? Love all of the software glitches on that also!!
Anonymous User
Feb 14, 2018
Update is awful. Crashes everytime I start the app. Last version was at least stable. Shameful for an $80K car to have a phone connect app that doesn't work.
Anonymous User
Apr 17, 2017
Latest before December 2017 when support for Google Earth and Street View will end, please add Android Auto support as a proper replacement, while it would bring world's best turn by turn navigation to the car.
Anonymous User
Mar 25, 2017
Yep major battery killer....hope you can find a fix so app is useable..great app just kills the battery
Anonymous User
May 15, 2016
You can watch the battery life decline rapidly when this app is turned on or running in the background, had to uninstall it.
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