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All the books you love. On the page or out loud. Anywhere you are.

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David Kriss
Jun 6, 2022
Not a great experience. My audiobooks require my phone to be unlocked at all times which causes major battery loss. Plus no ability to be able to contact the company to resolve the issue.
Niki Y
Jun 5, 2022
It's a great app, lightweight, cloud accessible, and the read aloud feature is great... My main gripe is the lack of choice when it comes to background and font colours. This is SUCH and easy thing to implement and will help dyslexic people all over the world! Please allow proper custom background colours like cool reader does!😁
Nartri S
Jun 5, 2022
I've been an active user of this officially generated book app from Google since a number of years ago, but how pitiful I am to find out that this app doesn't even let the reader to search for the intended pages just by typing down the page number right in the app. Have I missed something or do we really need to slide right or left in the page navigation?
Colton Beitzinger
Jun 5, 2022
Can't rate the play store app so I'll take this instead. Google is ruining competitor's apps by not allowing 3rd party payment processors. Hopefully Google will change course and not be like Apple. Hopefully all the affected apps are able to find a way around this.
Christopher Johnson
Jun 5, 2022
Google Play Policies Suck!!! Cannot purchase books in Kindle App as of v8.58...but, Google Play Books takes me right to the store to purchase. This change TOTALLY SUCKS, GOOGLE!! WHAT. THE. @#$%??????? I have no love, no loyalty, for Google/Android anymore. APPLE stopped tracking their users (they LISTENED and ACTED) at a HUGE loss of profits, but decided it was the right thing to do for their users; Google NEEDS to do the same. STOP BULLYING YOUR USERS, GOOGLE!!!!!!!!
Mellie H
Jun 3, 2022
Shame on you, greedy jerks! I've been reading AND BUYING from my Amazon Kindle app from the Google Play store for years. But with the new update, I can no longer buy from the app. One of the reasons I switched back to an Android phone, after a 1 year hiatus with Apple, was because they were greedy jerks that did what you've now instigated on your Play Store for the Kindle. I installed the Google Reading app just to give this review! I will continue to use Kindle and you still won't get my money!
Daniverzum Extra
Jun 3, 2022
the app is great, minor annoyances: - when I delete a downloaded book it downloads it down when I next launch the app, only stays deleted after the second deletion - on Samsung I have adaptive display on in screen mode but when I'm reading in the app it turns that off and the screen becomes a bit yellow (it's not the 'reading night light' but possibly connected in the background) - the page numbers are constant, because of formating i have to turn multiple times for it to count one page
Andreas Hoffmann
Jun 3, 2022
completely annoying. with every update either this app dimms or lights up the display for reading. just leave the brightness as is!!!
Anvari channel
Jun 3, 2022
A few days ago we could easily read the text from the online Google Books website after typing and searching, but now we can't read it, help us in this regard.
Patricia Hastings
Jun 2, 2022
Ok, it's clunky, but I was using it occasionally when i had enough Google rewards to buy a new release. Then I got a notice that, in order to comply with Google requirements, Kindle can no longer have in app book purchasing. Google has to squash the competition? Deleting this app.
Nihar Patel
Jun 2, 2022
There should be an option for smooth scrolling in google play books, just like the iPhone Books app. And just because of this only reason I had to buy an ipad to read ebooks and epaper.
Jonathan Froust
Jun 2, 2022
Garbage app I'll stick with the inconvenience of buying my e-books on Amazon's website so that I can read them on Kindle since google has made it so that I can no longer buy books through the Kindle app.
Craig Moon
Jun 1, 2022
Not being able to make purchases on my reader of choice because of Google's greed goes against everything I loved about Android devices.
Logan Parker
May 31, 2022
I love the new higher quality voice option for reading aloud... but I'd love to have other voice options like with Google Assistant. Male, female, accents, etc.
Simon Larsson
May 30, 2022
As an e-book reader this app is pretty good, with options to customise fonts and backgrounds and so on. I wish it was better at auto-adjusting the source content, though. The dictionary function is a great tool, but the offline download does not actually help if there's no connection available (it won't complete the search). The shop routinely suggests completely irrelevant books for me and the library is a bit difficult to overview on a phone screen.
May 30, 2022
Needs to improve, currently, I'm reading a book called the old monk who sold his Ferrari at some points the page is hiding the text for which I'd have to resize the text font so oftentimes to read the complete phrase. This is the most distracting thing I'm hoping to sorted soon. Interface design can more attractive.
Florin Slate
May 30, 2022
Good if you don't need offline reading. It is so unpleasant as well unusual to not be able export a book you already bought as acsm. In fact you pay for something that you can't have and if they close their bussiness some day, you won't be able have what you paid for. Not happy to see export optionnis missing... Bad experience that leads me to stop buying books from Google Play Books
Deena Baker
May 30, 2022
When I'm listening to an audiobook and my screen turns off, it stops playing the book. My screen has to be on the whole time for the book to play.
Christine Butler
May 29, 2022
Edit I have a new phone and the widget hasn't downloaded on to it and I can't find out hw to do it. I love this app. I use both audio and ebook. I have family membership thinking I could share/lend my books with my sister but that is not so, disappointing. Edit 16/5/22 I now have a new phone and the widget for play books did not transfer. I now have to open in Google Play which means I am limited to my access. How can I fix it. I have not uninstaller as I am worried about losing all my books.
Antriksh Kumar
May 29, 2022
Please improve the Dictionary , it should load the answer from google search and display it over the app as a card like the current one, but if a word isn't there in the offline dictionary, it doesn't pop up anything.
May 28, 2022
Good app but a suggestion. When it pops up w/ suggestions after selecting a book or comic (or just in general) it would be nice if in the "you may also like" search bar showed less books from the same series and more variety of books/comics of the same genre. I find most other books this way through other sites and apps but Google play book is the only one that will literally suggest if you like this here's vols 2-10 of this series. Rather than a simple here's this one book from this series.
Harish Nemade
May 28, 2022
The text selection is worst and was not expecting from google. Even the commas and other symbols get attached to the wordand hence it shows no meaning for it. Eg: abundance, Improve your text selection.
Denise Goodburn
May 27, 2022
Just updated app and still not working, I would give ZERO stars if I could. Will not open, only way to read is uninstall then reinstall. Sent feedback report and still nothing. Not happy, may switch to Kindle.
Vivek Kumar
May 27, 2022
Your app is not working properly . I felt very bad because its searching doesnot work . I think you must have to fix its bugs and errors.
May 25, 2022
I really like this app. It has everything I need when I want interesting reading. Wide choice of books, affordable prices. Recommend
Jason Brooks
May 25, 2022
Enjoy it to listen to audiobooks. Would like for them to expand the selection so I don't have to also use Amazon. Overall, I really enjoy it.
Rose Morad
May 24, 2022
the app was great, up until I installed the latest update and it didn't allow me to either download the offline dictionary or upload new books to the app; keeps telling me upload failed, check your internet connection, even tho I'm pretty sure my connection to the internet has no issues. what do I do to fix this? thanks
Renee Birdsong
May 23, 2022
Books wont fully download app continuously freezing. If these issues get fixed it would be a good app.
Randy Saderup
May 22, 2022
Impossible to work, won't let me download audio book I want. First install, I had reset all my Google passwords. You need to fix this app, there is something wrong with it.
Crystal Eastburn Berwick
May 22, 2022
Love being able to read samples of the books I'm interested in purchasing . Variety of selection for non fiction books at least.
May 21, 2022
This app is very useful for me as an e-reader. But, i suggest that you can add more colors (pastel colors) on the highlights so we can have more choices and we can enjoy annotating ebooks even more.
May 19, 2022
Really, really, REALLY feature-poor. Google just keeps putting out official apps that are worse than the worst free alternative. Can't change font, colors, can't change from pages to continuous scrolling. It's almost impressive that they've managed to make ebooks just as inconvenient and uncustomizable as physical print.
Arindam Maity
May 19, 2022
If there is 0 star rating, I would like to give that. Amazon Kindle is much more better than this app , Now I'm thinking why I uselessly spent so much money to purchase books from here. 1. Whenever I'm highliting the texts then trying to translate the same highlited part, it's translation is showing but after transliteration the highlighted texts suddenly disappearing. 2. While using from another device, if I'm editing something, it's taking a long time to upload in the other devices.
Nilambar Barik
May 19, 2022
It's a fabulous service of google. We are capable of reading many costlier book in very minimum amount. I would recommend this application to all, who has keen interest in the reading world.
Robert P.
May 18, 2022
One of the best apps I have. I've downloaded dozens of books over the years. An amazing access to copies of rare books from the 1800s and earlier and most are FREE. Recent changes to allow downloading to a SD card has saved me several gigabytes on my hard drive. I collect old books and this app allows me to review many of them before I decide to purchase.
May 18, 2022
This is horrible! I spent 15 bucks on an audiobook and it continually stops playing. Just abruptly stops. Unlock the screen and it plays again. Put phone in pocket, book plays for a minute or so, then stops, open phone it plays automatically, lock screen, put in pocket, a moment later it stops again and again and again and again. No answers from support .
Michael Flood
May 18, 2022
Useless as a bookreader. Turning pages one at a time is all it does. Payment from PayPal has been discontinued. Audiobooks overpriced and a series like Wheel of Time is impossible to buy. Google Books is not a good place to go for any kind of books or audiobooks.
Alimin Mazuki
May 18, 2022
I love the apps. The only downside is it is unable to highlight my interest paragraph from one page continue to the next page.
Robert A Noble
May 17, 2022
I would really like to make my purchased books into shortcuts to read at my convenience so I don't have to open the app each time. Otherwise, good app!
Tina Peck
May 16, 2022
I am an Avid Reader I've been a bookworm since I was a little girl. I love to read as many books as I can as long as they catch my interest from the first couple chapters I'm hooked. Just to see her alone I have read over 800 books. I'm still reading now another series.
Thomas J
May 16, 2022
Excellent. Only thing I would add is ability to choose what volume keys control; I would like to control brightness with them.
Barney Brown
May 16, 2022
A wonderful introduction to reading, even you are not that enthusiastic about reading physical books.
Blonk_ Blonk
May 15, 2022
It's a sutible app that serves its purpose well. However there's a glitch in the "Read aloud" when I close my phone and let the bot speak it sometime goes like " Grif ith and s am journ eyed on wit h". Basically it stutters. I've tried closing the app, the book, switching books, page color, etc. It eventually fixes itself but super irritating. Please fix this. When I turn on my phone the bot reads normally. But the moment I turn off the screen that happens.
stephen Noneya
May 15, 2022
Been using it for years n never had any issues with it working. Love the new search system it has. Nice to be able to search for the free books by genre now. My only complaint is I just don't like the notification stuff that pops up now when I'm on my home page instead of it being my usual library of recently read books
May 15, 2022
Please fix the search algorithm, I want specific title/author result. Meanwhile, some books has dull experience in term of transforming to "flowing text", there are randomized characters in the middle of paragraphs and kind of annoying to read
Bindu Nath
May 15, 2022
It's an excellent application for reading ebooks but I noticed that some of the books, also available at kindle, are charged a bit high as compared to the kindle price. Otherwise it is worth downloading.
Bob Pennington
May 14, 2022
Until recently the app would allow a single page in landscape mode but it stopped. Trying to read 2 pages on a small screen is uncomfortable. Is there any chance a toggle can be added to switch between single and double page views.
Discord Gaming
May 14, 2022
I've used it for years and I've really enjoyed. I haven't been on it for a while because of basic but I came back to find the offline voice reader doesn't work and to be honest it's kinda annoying. And the "realistic voice" is annoying to listen to
May 13, 2022
This app lacks the basic ability to access existing ebooks. It lets you define a shelf, but has no way to associate that shelf with a device folder or discover existing ebooks. If you're looking for a good reader for owned ebooks, choose something else (e.g. Readera is great) until Google addresses this major UX fail. 12/17/21: no change with update. Re reply: Basic UX fail, not a feature req. and *YOU* should forward this feedback to the team. 5/13/22 - +5 months and no fix for this issue.
Sarah Baldwin Horacek
May 13, 2022
Very difficult to navigate. For example, to zoom in on a page or move around on a page. The annotation is terrible. Not easy to use, highlights darker sometimes and is difficult to figure out how to change.
Igor Lemos
May 13, 2022
Whenever I'm listening to a book every 2 minutes it stops randomly. Making né pick my phone up and manually resuming the book, it's very annoying when working or driving... is there a fix for this?
Ted K
May 12, 2022
You got a 50/50 shot of the search icon showing up when you open a book. Synching is only reliable if you close the book back to the menu every time. Otherwise you'll be spending a lot of time looking for whwre you left off.
Jennifer Applebee
May 12, 2022
Update: Working with the external storage unit is successful. The formatting of this application is consistently good and easy to use. It's my favourite ebook reader. Most of my digital books use this application. UPDATE from 4 stars to 5 Google Play Books is my favourite reading application and works well.
May 11, 2022
Erm... There're NSFW recommendations which i genuinely wish to not see but there're no options to do that... Comes top at the "Top Sellers" list of books because they are unrated i suppose, coz most of it aren't and I'm 14 so not quite comfy with that , i wonder if it's only in india or smthing, anyway. Other than that, it's great
Jai McAlpine
May 10, 2022
I like using this app but the read aloud feature refuses to work. What do i mean by this? Well it only uses a default female voice that sounds like dogshit and despite other google apps using the voice i have set. google books doesn't and google support refuses to acknowledge that its a problem on their side and blames it on my phone. The thing is it doesn't change voices on any phones me or family own.
William Boyer
May 10, 2022
The app is too clunky. It takes me 10 to 100 times longer to find the book, purchase, and then download it then Kindle. Kindle does me and my authors right. I can in Kindle customize the reading environment to my liking.
Matthew C
May 8, 2022
Simple, clean aesthetic. Accepts e-pub and pdf, stores all your library in a digital folder which you can view and curate via the web. I wish the book shelves were better, I wish you could edit author details and series so as to be able to easily filter and search. Excellent dark mode and adaptive brightness with a blue light filter for night.
Angela Hammond
May 8, 2022
Buying and listening to audiobooks with this app is fantastic, however the automated voice for the read aloud option for eBook is awful! I would pay for a better voice but I cannot find a way to instill it to the app. The tinny horrible ladies voice gives me a headache and makes me feel seasick. Google please update a new voice soon.
May 8, 2022
Amazing app, however I do hope you guys add a scroll option. The page turning is not really my thing and it does bother me a bit. I also hope you guys add a place where we can see all highlighted lines in one place.
Amanda Gilfillan
May 8, 2022
I just love using this app. However, the last month I've experienced difficulties with the night reading setting. It stays dark when reading in daylight. Please advise how to change this setting 📖
Mark Rehberger
May 7, 2022
After trying out a few other apps, I ended up giving Google Books a chance. After all, how good could a free app really be?! I was very surprised how much better this app was for epub files than some of the for-purchase/subscription apps. The two pages view is flawless. I was specifically looking for that feature for children's picture books. Other apps struggled with that feature. I am very happy now.
Thomas H Cassella
May 7, 2022
When listening sometimes the emphasis of some words are not correct. Mostly I used this so I can know the correct pronunciation. Thanks you did absolutely great work. 👍
Courtney Christensen
May 5, 2022
Help section tells me I can do things like download books, but doesnt tell me how. I want to read the book I purchased, but the app is not working and keeps closing. I've already had issues with this app due to not being able to scroll while reading (makes reading harder for some of us with learning disabilities), illegible font, having to change layouts (which moved the text and made the book harder to read). I paid for my books, I want to read them but can't cos your app won't work correctly.
Jeffrey Smith
May 5, 2022
This used to be a fantastic app due to it's read aloud functionality on any epub book, but recent updates have made this feature use a default voice that can't be sped up despite my read aloud and voice assistant settings being set for faster speech. If I can't trust updates from Google's own apps, what updates can I trust? Otherwise the app is not nearly as easy to use as it could be and books rarely go on sale to warrant buying through it specifically.
Roy Young
May 1, 2022
Decent app but very basic. Frankly I expected more from Google. I like that highlights and notes are stored in Google drive so they don't need to be exported but I've found the highlighting feature to be very buggy. Half the time when I'm highlighting a sentence the app will continue the highlight onto the first word of the next sentence. Once a highlight is placed it can't be adjusted without deleting it, including any notes attached to it. Can't extend a highlight across multiple pages.
Nelmer De La Cruz
Apr 30, 2022
Folks, seriously in need of the setting that allows tp change the app theme. (Light, dark, follow device) cause right now my PDF books are just color inverted and are unreadable! I much rather the app in light theme so I can actually see the images normally
Aseel Sabbagh
Apr 29, 2022
I love this app so much. However is it possible to add more colors to the copying of the words. Blue, yellow, red and green are simply not enough colors for me i need more😂 but if you can then that would be amazing. Please think about this. Thank you.
Hirogaru yami
Apr 29, 2022
I LOVE the new update that you can sync your reading progress, now I can read on my tablet and resume reading anytime on my phone outdoors without having to memorize where I stopped .. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks.
Allan Richmond
Apr 28, 2022
Ongoing issue with cover artwork not being displayed on purchased audiobooks (Android 12). Continually fobbed off for months by Google support. No solution offered whatsoever. Now just being ignored. Yet another Google app not fit for purpose.
xy mae
Apr 27, 2022
I'm having issues inregards with the book covers. Some of the covers becomes small and when I tried to reload the app, it changes back to normal. But after opening the app and/or closing my books, the book covers were small again. It's fixed now thanks!
Richard Winslade
Apr 26, 2022
Translation is broken. This would be a great app to read foreign language books in, but each time you select a word it seems to make a random guess as to what language you are reading and gets it wrong at least 50% of the time, resulting in much scrolling to reselect the correct language. Not sure if this is a bug or a 'feature' to show off google's ability to detect languages, but it is incredibly annoying, books do not change language every paragraph, so pls let me select one fixed langauge
Andrew Yeager
Apr 26, 2022
Audiobooks pause and cut in and cut out. Even downloaded audiobooks pause and cut in and cut out. Have to close up and we start it to get start working again. Works maybe 5-10 minutes before it starts to cut in and cut out again. My phone is up to date the app is up today I don't know what is causing it but it is very frustrating.
David M.
Apr 26, 2022
I used to be able to start the read aloud function and it would keep on going until I would stop it manually. Recently it started to automatically stop after 2 min. I have to unlock my phone every 2 minutes so it continues reading out loud. This is an inconvenience because I often just want to start this option, put my phone away and just walk around the house doing chores or something.
Brendan Colgan
Apr 24, 2022
A large amount of playback issues. Restarting my phone usually fixes it, but the audio with either remain the same despite volume changes, or it'll cut in and out constantly. Other audio apps do not have this same issue on my device. Poor performance considering this is a Google made app.
Ashley Nemetz
Apr 22, 2022
Help keeps crashing! I'm in the middle of a read and it keeps closing! I did update and that did not help. I've been trying to open my book for 10 minutes. Not cool.
Selvin Guzman
Apr 21, 2022
Not designed to be used with android tablets. It would be nice to see 2 pages instead of only 1 when using in portrait mode to fill the whole screen.
Piyush Maheshwari
Apr 21, 2022
One of the things I like about reading is learning new words and adding notes. Even though the app has dictionary support, it doesn't provide with the facility of 'phonetics' or 'audio' support for a new word. I also would like to have an improved dictionary feature where I could copy the meaning and add it in the book, same as physical books. There are less background colours. Me and my family share books. This feature is missing in this online culture. I would like to share any read book.
Helen Green
Apr 20, 2022
I prefer this to the Kindle app, it's more user friendly. I wouldn't have tried it but it was on my Pixel phone so I gave it a go. I like the bookshelves for categorising my ebooks, I think the prices are competitive. The only thing I haven't gotten used to is bookmarking a page. It seems to be much harder than Kindle but I'm sure I'll get used to it. It doesn't crash or lag which is good news, not tried the audio yet but it seems to fit well into my Google Home network.
Ge Lin
Apr 19, 2022
really enjoy the natural voice reading! but the UX is not good, no quick button or similar for quick access of features like read aloud, font size etc. And no customizing of padding, a big chunk of screen is not used to display text. what a waste of the phone display space!
George Best
Apr 19, 2022
zero is not an option, this is a review of Google, do NOT buy the audio books, as someay be missing over a dozen chapters and one chapter is from another unrelated book. If you do they will waste your time saying something is wrong with your device, and yet never be able to fix 'the issue' and then hide behind a no refund Google Play policy - so as good as this book is you will never be able to listen to it in its entirety
Mia DiFelice
Apr 18, 2022
This app is great for reading. The web client is wonderful, the notes to drive is super super useful and the best feature, but PLEASE INTEGRATE LIBRARY EBOOKS. That is the one thing that would make this app perfect for me. I can't even read the ePubs provided by my library's Libby/Overdrive because they are DRM protected. Please include this feature.
Elizabeth Rogers
Apr 12, 2022
Best most straightforward reading app on the web!!!🙂 Finished books are purchased for one low price. Then you can binge read or finish at your leisure. Other apps suck you in then charge per chapter such as BRAVONOVEL which costs an average of $500.00 to $700.00 to finish a book. I know this from first hand experience. It is an average of $20.00 for 100 chapters and it adds up when there are 3379 chapters. I quit that app after spending $60.00 plus tax and still had 3079 chapters to go.
Apr 11, 2022
Okay app if you can tolerate reading on your phone. Wouldn't recommend if you prefer listening to your books instead. I would use it but the text to speech voice is so unnatural it's hard to listen to. Listening to books is much easier for me. I have so many books in my library but I don't use the app bc I can't listen to my books. If the voice options are ever changed I'd use the app but until then I won't really be using it.
gian z
Apr 11, 2022
Very happy that there's no ads but if there are ads I didn't even notice it. I love it! The only thing that I hate is the search function. The search is so saturated that I had to check the publisher on the official site website to find the other books that they have. I suggest that you add more search functions, and also like in the play store to be able to see the publisher's books that is available in the playstore.
Crystal Ptacek
Apr 11, 2022
It's good app just needs some tweaks, one make it so that if you upload books it tells you the ones you already uploaded and let's you choose whether or not to download them again. If the book doesn't upload properly save the notification, so I can go back and try to upload the book another way. Also I should be able to change the name of the book if I am the one uploading it.
George Sladkovsky
Apr 11, 2022
Just stopped syncing between my iPad and android phone at some point. Sometimes it syncs, sometimes it doesn't... Bookmarks do sync reliably, but the progress is random.
mark robinson
Apr 11, 2022
To read PDFs with this app I have to: Upload the pdf to playbooks app; I then have to redownload that same pdf to the playbooks app... I tried just uploading the pdf, it is unreadable without a internet connection. Incredibly tedious and redundant, there's no excuse as to why this app still functions this way in 2022. If I have pdfs already downloaded to my device, the playbooks app should function like a PDF reader or similar to Apple's Book App.
Apr 10, 2022
I used this for a research report on a biography I was reading and it kept misplacing, deleting, and not syncing my annotations. It was very infuriating to know I highlighted an important passage only for me to check back the next day and not see anything. Very glitchy, ate my phone's battery and all in all a headache. If you're doing anything beyond casual reading I would not recommend.
Marcond Marchi
Apr 10, 2022
Allows you to upload articles and books you've purchased in PDF. However, it's not good for academic research, because when reading the uploaded PDF texts, it doesn't allow you to highlight or copy any part of the texts. Only simple bookmarks.
Jeff Greenert
Apr 9, 2022
Worst books app EVER! I will never buy a book from Google again. App cannot keep track of your spot in ebooks and stops with audio book playback every few minutes. It once was great but Google has destroyed the basuc functionality. I have to bookmark every time I stop with an ebook and constantly have to keep waking my phone to continue audio book playback. As a user of many Google apps, I have unfortunately come to realize that Google doesn't care about users and their app experience.
kirk ragland
Apr 8, 2022
I was browsing through all the book and saved a good amount of book to my favorites since I'm not gonna spend hundreds of dollars right now for book I won't get around to reading for a while... I decide to purchase a few and there is no tab for favorites, not under your profile, not in the app.
Zulfalhie Mohamad
Apr 4, 2022
The enriching reading experience is turned down by the absence of a good-looking library (a bookshelf-like display would be very much pleasing) ... And the ability to jump straight away to a specific page... If play books is to be a versatile app for studying then this feature is a must.
martha john
Apr 4, 2022
Exellent app!!! Even though not all the books are free, the free books are also exellent. And many books are also at a cheap price; i was so not disappointed! If you are looking for book apps, you've come to the right one!! The features are also pretty cool, simple. Love this app.. ..i use it every day! 😊😊👍👍😎 The only slight downside is that i wish more ebooks would be recommended for me. It's like, 1 book in 2 days. It would be much better if it was maybe 3 or more books a day.
Apr 3, 2022
I used it for more than fourteen years and it worked great. My high-speed internet works perfectly, was well. Lately, reading books allowed started taking frequent breaks, mainly if 'more natural voice' is toggled. They are quite annoying as I'm not used to them. I should get what I bought. Put a refresh button or fix it one way or another, I'm sick of downloading several times each book I'm reading...
Kevin L
Apr 1, 2022
This app is useful, but it could easily be a lot better. What I love is that it saves my notes and highlights to Drive and syncs them across devices. Some things I hate about this app: (1) You can't adjust play speed in the app. (2) No pause, play, or skip buttons on the main screen. You have to use the pull-down menu. (3) You can't highlight something that starts and ends on separate pages. You have to make two separate highlights. (4) It won't read PDF books aloud.
James Gillis
Apr 1, 2022
You cannot change the rest aloud voice for this app even if you change it system wide. The voice that they give, even with the web upgrade selected, is so robotic and unnatural it's cringe. Not being able to listen to books with this app means it's useless. This has been a known problem for years, it's crazy they haven't fixed it yet.
Emmanuel Asbon
Mar 31, 2022
1 star to notice me! In the last update, the offline read aloud feature sounded really good and natural. But now in the most recent update, the offline read aloud went back to being really bad and buzzy. Please fix it.
Douglas Longbow
Mar 31, 2022
A little pricier than Kindle (of what I've seen) but much more (as much as 70% opposed to kindle's 35%) of the sale goes to the author, so that's great. I do wish that the S-pen had functionality as to turn the pages though. Then it would be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Em Hernandez
Mar 28, 2022
Easy to use. The new widget is awful and hard to use. It is clunky and the arrows are too much. The stack of books in the previous update showed off my reading list well and was easy to navigate. The current widget takes up just as much space and now does less and displays less books
Pixel The Walking Databank
Mar 28, 2022
This used to be amazing for studying because I could bookmark my spot where I want to take notes later. But now when I make a bookmark the white popup with the option to undo never goes away. 20 mins later it's still there. Tapping other parts of the screen doesn't fix it. Why would this be a change we needed?
amanda barnett
Mar 27, 2022
I wish you would've put the format for each authors book in order written it would save me so much time in having to do research on which book came first especially when I start a new series with a new author. Show both formats on one page with the price for the ebook and audio book other than that I love this app.
Mar 23, 2022
one of the things i really like is how visually appealing it looks & the way you can change tones, fonts, etc. & how smoothly it runs. suggestion: i think a lot of people would appreciate if we're given more colors for highlighters (preferably colors we can personally customize) & maybe even add an underline feature for when people want to use that alongside highlighting. also, scrolling instead swiping the pages feature pls.
Mas Majewski
Mar 23, 2022
I can't even open it, I installed it on my phone, and no icon showed up, I also searched my apps and it's not there, and 8 tried uninstalling it and trying again, but no dice. It is literally impossible for me to open it Good luck, even I would prefer to give money to Jeff bezoz just cause kindle is easier to use
Joey Casas
Mar 20, 2022
I liked the app a lot. I do both reading and the "read aloud". But after the latest update the "read aloud" is now too fast, and nowhere can I find the speed adjustment. A bit frustrating. Hope you can fix, so I can also increase the rating. Thanks.
Mar 20, 2022
Since last update I can't get more than 3 mins into a book without it stopping and closing completely. I have followed everything for trouble shooting. I have a road trip coming up and I'm tempted to download audible. This wouldn't happen with them and I need an app to work for 9 hours one way not 3mins.
Tara Chamberlain
Mar 20, 2022
I ove this app. But all the new updates have made me not use the app as much. It never loads anymore and when it does it will not load my library. This use to be a great app, but the updates have made it not useable. I have swapped most of my books to Kindle now. I wont make purchases on here anymore since it won't load. If these issues get fixed I will edit my review. But since this has been an issue since January I don't think it will be fixed.
sv mx
Mar 18, 2022
You shouldn't call it "books & audiobooks" when audiobooks are available to only some privileged people/nations/classes or whatever else you care about. The only hint about audiobooks is on the web version, but it doesn't even let you see the tab contents. Shame
Mar 18, 2022
The highlighting system is inaccurate and not practical, you must shrink the print characters to underline the desidered prhase! Sometimes leave out syllables of words and cannot correct the defect; moreover often the cross to cancel the highlighting does not appear. The sepia tone is too soft, consequently it is insufficient. It is not possible to read a title and writer's name without close the book.
Shannon Gerton
Mar 18, 2022
Base functionally works well and meets my needs, but recent updates absolutely trashed the widgets. Current widgets are clunky and unattractive on my desktop, rather than the simple, clean widgets prior to recent updates. For crying out loud, Google, quit "fixing" things that aren't broken, or at least, in this case, leave legacy widgets as an available option along side your new widgets and let me decide which is better. I'm really sick of technology companies deciding what's best for me.
Samuel Luther
Mar 17, 2022
I actually love reading so much, but I don't like turning pages is it okay if I suggest that Google Play Books should add scrolling reading mode? It's more efficient, and the pages number sometimes distract me, I feel like I'm not doing progress if I keep looking at the pages number. But so far so good this app has been so helpful.
Amanda Delp
Mar 15, 2022
The app has had significant library syncing / connectivity issues recently (and yes, my internet is great). new library additions don't show up in library, and since I tried deleting data and reloading it, now nothing shows up in my library. I can still read books I've bought by searching for them, but after reading app doesn't remember them. Also, it's super frustrating that search only really includes the store rather than being able to search my library purchases + uploads.
Patricia Arizo
Mar 13, 2022
This app is currently my fave app. Tho I have some concerns with the color shades from the highlights, I hope next update there will be more shades to choose from and also I'm having problems with uploading ebooks to my playbook library, it keeps on failing to upload esp when I use wifi to upload but overall experience is great just with minor issues.
Mar 13, 2022
It's alright; could do with more fonts, though. Also, the maps used to show when I highlighted a location but they don't show anymore, Idk why. Any ideas? Idk about the reading aloud, it's a function I don't use. Could make it easier to download the books to the phone ( or SD Card).
Fabiano Melo
Mar 11, 2022
It works just well for my needs, but it's not perfect. I use it mostly to read PDFs, so if the double-touch zoom feature could remove only the borders of the document and fit the text to the device's screen area instead of applying 200% zoom like it does now, it would be awesome. Similar to what happens with some web pages when we double-touch the screen (it fits the text to the screen area of the device).
yarmari mouton
Mar 3, 2022
Despite app updates for the last 6 months I have not been able to read the magazines that I have downloaded. After a successful download when I open the pub to read it the pages are buffering....non stop. I have deleted the pub & started over, then I closed the app to "refresh". All of my troubleshooting have proved unsuccessful. I even chatted with a Google representative. She told me that it was problem they were working on. I have a Galaxy Tab A7. Six months is a long time!
Lauren Hales
Mar 2, 2022
Laborious and frustrating. I mistakenly purchased an ebook instead of the audiobook, I asked for a refund and it was rejected. The refund process is vague and does not allow a dialogue or a specific reason to be entered, there is no clear way to communicate with anyone and you are sent round and round in circles. The whole experience has left me frustrated and confused. Perhaps Audible is the better option.
Niko Faershee
Feb 25, 2022
Read aloud is terrible after last update. I've used this up daily for years to listen to epubs through the Text to speech function. After the last update, I stopped being able to control the voice settings and it just speaks impossibily slow. I am forced to use the enhanced reading mode but it's unpractical. Changing the phone tts settings doesn't affect the app I've tried to clear and or reinstall everything, but nothing worked. Please help.
Alex Tolman
Feb 22, 2022
I have most of my library on Google books. The only thing keeping it from a full 5 starts for me is the fact that there are multiple copies of the same book. As an example, I bought the wheel of time series some years ago. Some of the books are from one series, some are from another. There isn't any difference in the books, but they show up as separate series, and shows my series as incomplete, which then in turn messes with the recommendations.
Just Some Fan
Feb 18, 2022
This is my go to app for reading books but recently when I've been trying to read, it keeps skipping around. Like I'll try to do something while I'm reading and it'll just skip through half the book. And then I'll try to go back to where I was and it either takes forever bc I have to manually turn each page or it just goes back to where it skipped to. It's annoying
Kerri-Anne Sheridan
Feb 12, 2022
Not Very User Friendly! Drains the battery extraordinarily quickly! Can't change colors to a night reading option. Black text on white background ONLY. Once app is running, other phone features are blocked or delayed. Generally speaking, this is the worst book app I have used. Which is pretty unimpressive in 2022, when the genre is well established, a there are plenty of examples out there of successful reading apps. Would migrate my novels to another system if I could.
Feb 11, 2022
Good Day! I am needing to get a better view of pdf and a better read of them when I upload. Unfortunately, when I up load it's tiny and if I tap it the zoom is too close rather than making it fit to screen like a book. In which the dark view is hard to read and the app does not allow light mode just in the app only. Please help.
apple lee
Feb 10, 2022
Basic reader. There doesn't seem to be a way to change dictionary languages. The highlighter only comes in 4 colors and page color only has 3 choices. There's always English books showing in the shop even though I don't read books in English. Why? Lastly it needs a feature to add a book to device home screen so one could quickly continue reading. Overall not my favorite reader but it does it's job.
Matt Oglevie
Feb 4, 2022
Audio keeps stopping, every few minutes, often every few seconds. Sometimes it "plays" but without any sound. I must keep hitting play button repeatedly while listening to audio books. Other book apps play without issue. I have stopped using the app and started to buy books through other, more useful apps instead of wasting money on things I cannot listen to. No, it is not my phone's settings. It is the app. Zero stars.
Johnathon Jobson
Feb 4, 2022
I love this app. I have listen to hundreds of hours of books driving to and from work. However, since my phone got the update to Android 12, it skips and stutters when reading my epub files aloud when my screen is off. When the screen is on it is just fine.
Pablo Morales
Feb 3, 2022
I cant undo highlights. I want to modify the highlighted texts but I can't , the options to add notes and select the color of highlights are not showing . Also. I can't see the highlighted summary from the book. MY app is up to date, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
William Leitzman
Jan 30, 2022
Great app for reading! Feature request: Show number of pages left in current reading mode. The page counter at the bottom is kind of useless as it is only based on the actual number of pages of the book. This means I have to turn two or three "pages" before a page at the bottom changes.
Jannatul Tashfia
Jan 26, 2022
It's so much more than just reading. You can sort your books, check your progress, keep notes, even customize font styles. But I would still like to suggest a few improvements: 1) An option to categorize the colors of the highlight. For example, if I use green to keep quotes, red for important notes, yellow for items I may have to re-read or thought-provoking ideas, and blue for new vocabulary, but I keep forgetting which color stands for what purpose. 2) Pls do the same for pdf files also.
Jan 24, 2022
I have a lot of genuine issues with this app. Firstly the brightness, we cannot set a customizable brightness while reading. Secondly we cannot resize all the pages at once. Thirdly i have read a number of books and due to an update, most of them vanished. I hope Google solves these issues and help me to get my books back and fix these bugs asap.
M Wang
Jan 23, 2022
Gbooks worked really well for me ever since I got it. I like the UI and the amount of customization. But the Read aloud feature suddenly broke, with a severe stutter when the screen is off. No amount of uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing cache, adjusting battery etc has fixed it. Read aloud works fine when the screen is on, but that's not a great long term soln. Hoping for a fix but we all know this is low priority on the developer queue which is a shame. It's a nice app otherwise
Jan 17, 2022
the payment method is easy to pay through debit card, Dana, even credit. Many popular and good books available. Sadly, i dont like the yellow tint. You should know that not all people like to reduce the screen brightness by using yellow tone. It should be ourself (the reader) who control the brightness by using the adjustment setting. The yellow tint is really annoyed me👎🏻 I just want the regular screen brightness like my phone setting, not the yellow one🙄. Please fix it asap🙏🏻 Thanks
hessdalen lights
Jan 15, 2022
Could be better. When I try to highlight a text, the dictionary pops up systematically when selecting the first word... Do you really think that one needs a definition for the article 'A' each time when one tries to highlight a text? Try to highlight a text located down in the page and the dictionary will systematically pop up.... This bad design is very annoying and surprising since it is a Google product. You mixed up two use cases: Highlight and Dictionary...
Angela Cornelius
Jan 13, 2022
Normally I loved thos app as I could find so many wonderful books to read and listen to when I'm at work. However over the last year I have been having issues with my auduobooks stopping randomly for no reason and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. The sad thing is I can't seem to find a solution at all. If this was fixed then I'd be happier and would greatly recommend this app again with 4-5 stars.
matt drzal
Jan 9, 2022
There is a yellow tint to the screen that stays on whenever even though night light and blue light filter are turned off. When I use the overview button the screen takes around a half a second to make everything back to normal. This only happens in app and ruins the colors of all the comics I have. This issue has been there for years and has not been fixed, even after contacting Google support.
chelsiee whoo
Jan 5, 2022
I loved this app until my last audiobook is missing SO MANY chapters! And I've tried everything to fix it and nothing has helped. I reached out to a live agent and he was no help at all. And said he couldn't escalate it bc its an audiobook so he couldn't get screenshots of the issue. I will update my review IF I can ever get help fixing this.
Sarah Abou Said
Jan 3, 2022
It's been more than a year which i use this app, and I love it! So far it's the best reader I can find. One thing to improve is: text recognition. I still cant annotate on PDF docs. I like to highlight and take notes but the reader doesn't have text recognition for PDF uploads, so annotation is not possible. In other applications it could be done. I hope you fix it for 5 stars!
Amanda Ford
Jan 2, 2022
Google Play on Pixel 6 Sucks. I love using this app for reading and preparing for my meeting lessons. But ever since I got the Pixel 6 this app runs extremely slow. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to open a lesson, it takes the same amount of time to go to the next page. I do not know what happened once I got the Pixel 6, but it is extremely disappointing especially because you would expect it to run better with the Google Pixel 6, the flagship phone for Google, but instead I have to use another app.
Vincent Trichon
Jan 1, 2022
Good overall. However there is a bug when "automatically read aloud" is on with TalkBack, it is impossible to navigate a book via its table of contents. It's really annoying. Because of it my mum who is blind can't fully use this app to read books: she can't go back to specific part of her books. When this is fixed, i can rate it 5 stars.
Dec 27, 2021
What an absolutely broken app. Always crashed with Auto and now does the same in Android 12s new driving mode. Get a call? Crash. Message notification? Crash. Paused playback and hit play? Crash. This is clearly a low priority app for uncle Google and they'll probably kill this off too. One redeeming factor is the ability to download my purchases for playback elsewhere.
Charbel Geagea
Dec 21, 2021
Wonderful application. Some features may be applied for a better experience: 1. A better homescreen that fits modern design and aesthetics. BG color would be black rather than dark grey. 2. Taking notes with bookmarks for a smoother organisation. Written notes can be found if pulling down the bookmark symbol at the top of the page. 3. Browsing the chapters would take you to the cover page and all the chapters listed below (portrait) or to the side (landscape). Thank you!!
Rachel S
Dec 16, 2021
I love Google books, I love that I can tell my Google home to read my book to me. Lately though my audiobooks keep stopping for no reason mid sentence and I have to keep opening the app to restart it. It drives me crazy, I want to set it to play and do my work or drive. This used to be the best app, please fix it!
NOthanks Google
Dec 13, 2021
Agree with Tim jackson, the latest updates have been terrible for this app. I don't want to see the page status at the bottom. That's fine if you make it an option but I don't want it on by default. They've also removed the night time reading function. Do not like having to rely on my phone's night time function. I only want it in the app. Edit: 5 months later they have added in night time function again, thank you. The text to speech still seems wrong compared to my old phone i don't update
Georgy Serga
Nov 29, 2021
It's limited and long due for an update which never happens. The reader is not the best (features, settings, formats), the book selection is not on the highest level, content which supposed to be free (books written thousands years ago) aren't free. And, well, as time goes by what's new introduced here? The app was like that for years.
Jessica Williams
Nov 28, 2021
App does not work well anymore. It takes 5 minutes to load every page. I've been using this app for years and the last three months I have been having issues. I have tried everything, uninstalled it, cleared cache, cleared the data, nothing works. I give up on this app. It obviously needs some type of update. It does not work on any of my devices.
Mary Boler
Nov 18, 2021
Same as most people. Having difficulty getting books to open. Just annoying spinning. Once it does open you turn one or two pages and spinning starts again. I've deleted playbook and reinstalled and still doing same thing. I've updated what could be updated and nothing works. Please fix!!!! I tried the troubleshooting you posted on other review and it hasn't worked
Tyler Bogan
Nov 1, 2021
The app overall works well enough. But a couple of gripes I like to read manga but I don't like light novels. the app makes it incredibly hard to find out if it's a light novel or manga so I'm constantly having to check using 3 different devices. Also some books don't get labeled into the same series on the app so It makes it incredibly hard to find that next volume when it's not labeled in a series which all the books should be. Next there should be a notification for when a preorder comes out as well as the email that occassionally gets sent out. Other than those problems the app works well you can upload your pdf and import them into the app from other services which is a great feature when you have books that are not on google play but are on amazon and others. The page turning emulation features and normal pdf like features are quite good. Just a shame that the UI could use some work to find your books and newer titles a little easier cause other wise the app is incredibly stable and does it job for the most part.
Karishma Ramnath
Aug 12, 2021
This is one of the worst apps I've ever used for reading books. To start off I couldn't even download my files. I uploaded everything to drive- didn't transfer okay. I went and painstakingly started to download the files one by one- after file three it tapped out and nothing else was able to get downloaded. Also there needs to be a better way to upload files than going into drive or Files on your phone and individually clicking on them.
Jul 31, 2021
I love this app, and it had provided me hours of literary bliss thus far. The only issue I've found, and the reason for my 4 star review, is that when I choose to make the text any other size other than 100% the text gets cut off at the bottom. Sometimes hiding full sentences. I can read the books at 100% it's nothing major, but it kind of is at the same time. Once the developers fix this I give it 5 stars. Also for the review of only being taken to audio books after searching. Click "e book".
Alainah Jeff
Jul 26, 2021
I wish there are more reading options. like turning off the feature when you click on the sides of the screen, it changes the page. and right to left/left to right/up to down reading modes would also be useful. as a book reader app, I am quite disappointed but hopefully my suggestions would be considered. there is also another weird bug (I hope) that when you have zoomed in and is dragging the page, the page becomes blurry. I believe this is also easy to fix.
Tim Jackson
Jun 30, 2021
I really HATE the latest update with the pages in chapter and percentage of the book finished at the bottom of every page. It's information I don't need to know and it's very distracting and pulling me out of the reading experience. It was simple enough to find that information by just tapping the center of the screen previously. Google Play books has always been about removing distractions so that I can just read. Now they've decided that they want to distract. NOT a fan!
Kristen S
Jun 17, 2021
I used to love this app but over the last few updates, books that I have owned for years changed format. I used to be able to scroll through the books without zooming in or out, I could change the font and text size. Now it is like they took a bad pictue of the paper version of the book that you have to zoom in to read because the font is so small, then zoom back out to turn the page. I'm guessing this is a way for them to get more money because they released new versions with different covers.
Apr 27, 2021
Bought an issue of a magazine so I could read a short story from it. Unfortunately, the text was too small, and there was no way to zoom it properly. It zoomed in like how it would a picture, instead of blocks of text, so instead of enlarging the text in a way that had all the words fit on the screen, it zoomed in by cropping other words out, so you had to drag it from the left to right to read a full sentence. An unnecessary obstacle for trying to read.
just diane
Apr 26, 2021
I love this app! Good prices and selection, even on the sale list. I really like how, in an audiobook, you can pause and when you come back, it rewinds a bit before playback resumes. You can also get free previews which are long enough to give you a feel for the book.
Mar 31, 2021
I absolutely love my Google Play Book app. I love listening to these books. I have vision problems and it makes it difficult for me to be able to read small print. They do audio play on ebooks not just audiobooks it's amazing app I love it. And a great variety of books to purchase and a bunch of free ones too. Thank you Google this is a great one.
Kathleen Knowles
Mar 21, 2021
This is a very good app, but I cannot give it a fifth star until you add a male voice to the read aloud. The female voice gets on my nerves. Also, the highlighted text as you read needs to follow you instead of finishing a sentence on the next page where you cannot see it. Make these two corrections and I will give it a five. Furthermore, why allow people to make suggestions when you never seem to implement any of them that would improve the application?
Tom Howard
Feb 8, 2021
I would like to change Read Aloud Voice to Male when reading a book written by a Male Author. It gets a little boring always listening to the same voice. This is probably due to a 2 hour commute everyday but it would be nice to at least have a choice of 2. Also have a button to Read Aloud or Not on the main page instead of going into the Hamburger menu to select. This is very cumbersome when driving.
Melissa Lovelien
Jan 4, 2021
Need more sorting ability. In both library and shop. I greatly dislike short stories, but there is no way to sort them out of recommendations. I HATE comics. Also no way to sort them out. I am currently only able to read English but again no way to sort out the Spanish (i think its spanish) versions. Also the series aren't complete. The missing ones are usually available but not attached to the series. Annoying.
M. Nice
Dec 21, 2020
This has been a frustrating issue for years but once you enable night mode in the app. It persists even after you close the app and won't turn off unless you go back in the app and turn it off within. That's absurd. We already have a the a blue light filter if a system wide mode is needed. Please address.
Chelsey Hartmann
Dec 18, 2020
The update didn't "fix bugs", it apparently gave it some. It is now constantly popping up with "not responding" messages. I can't go for more than a couple pages without it freezing. Rather reminds me of youtube, which does the same thing, and which also hasn't fixed their issues. Please fix this or I will be forced to purchase books elsewhere. The review will be redone and we can all move on after mistakes are fixed.
Don Robinson
Dec 14, 2020
The popup dictionary has been a pain in my groin since I began using Play Books. I love the simplicity of it and how it communicates so easily over all of my devices linked to my account so that I can make notes and highlights on one and see them on another one. However, there needs to be an option to disable that annoying dictionary without having to turn off my wifi and/or data.
Inf Blu
Nov 20, 2020
Most books read fine. There is an issue with certain book series that were not ported over correctly. In Flowing Text mode paragraphs jump from page to page and images that are colored in the original format (which you can turn on). However as the port was done improperly the original format displays both pages simultaneously on one app page. This might not be an issue on a larger screen but is annoying when read from a phone. (The page has to be displayed in landscape mode, zoomed in)
Berta Wilson
Nov 15, 2020
Very pleased. The only things I would like added are a way to sync my library with my pc. So far after many tries, no luck. Also i have not found a way to adjust the reading light level. Tried to do on my Android setting also but the two don't seem to sync, though that could be my ignorance on how to do... Otherwise I love being able to read a book wherever I happen to be and not have to carry heavy books everywhere as in the past( tho' I still love curling up with an actual books at home).
CM Lindgren
Nov 1, 2020
I love this app. It came pre-installed on my phones for years but it never caught my eye until I got bone-tired of all the bad podcasts coming out right now. I needed a break from those podcasts and since I'm an avid reader I figured I'd try this. This app is as close to perfect as an app can be: it's simple and intuitive and smart enough to do its job well and still stay outta your way. It even has dark mode, which should be the default setting of every damn thing. Love the app.
Travis G.
Oct 6, 2020
As far as e-readers go, this one's not so good. Only allows a certain amount of text to be copied and doesn't overlap onto next page (bad for research). Very few text options (color, border size, etc), doesn't re-number pages when text is changed, only some books can be read aloud... There is a good dictionary though. (Try Moon reader)
George Beck
Oct 2, 2020
Until recently I would have given it a 5. When I open the app now I get a blank screen. Everything seems to be working as normal but there is no book on the screen. The "pages" turn, a bookmark can be placed, etc. I have uninstalled and re-installed, the app and the individual books, at least 3 times. I have powerwashed twice. And yes, I have emptied cache. I've used Chromebooks almost since the day they came out. This is the first serious problem I've experienced having owned 7 Cromebooks.
Stacie Amazing
Sep 29, 2020
The readers foe the Auto read are absolutely horrible. It makes it impossible to enjoy a book. I usually listen on my way to and from work. But I had to delete the app, because upon trying to listen, the reader just made the worst voice acting and it gave me a head ache.
Ehab Albizri
Sep 7, 2020
I use this app everyday. It's ok with a lot of features. However it should be better. Some books I purchased lag and take forever to load, even after i downloaded them. Another thing, sometimes I highlight important words, however if there's another exact word in the same page, then that other word gets highlighted but not the one I need. Please fix. Thanks
Oleksandr Rivkind
Aug 29, 2020
Mediocre reader app, worse than most of the other free reader apps. "Read aloud" is buggy: 1. Every time you need to start or stop "read aloud" you need to go inside menu, which is very inconvenient 2. It does not remember where it stopped i.e. always restarts from the beginning of the page 3. If you start read aloud and then lock phone, it for some reason re-starts chapter. 4. If you pause reading and unlock phone, it for some reason restart reading aloud though not asked to 5. If you read several pages while phone was locked, then unlock phone and go to the book, it randomly reverts you several pages back i.e. resets reading to previous pages... This behavior is random - sometime happens, sometimes does not. I don't understand how google can afford having app like that. It almost as if nobody ever tested it or it is intentionally made unusable...
Ben Wagner
Aug 10, 2020
Its great to find books, use your play credits to buy books, and a good experience overall...if the text is the right size. I can change the text size on my computer and my phone, but not on my tablet. I would think that'd be a simple programming fix. Since I use my tablet more for reading than my phone or computer, it's really disappointing.
Jesse Hattabaugh
Aug 6, 2020
This app does not work well on small screens. Does not allow storing downloaded books on a SD Card, so it takes up a lot of internal storage. You can't change the voice, or speed that books are read aloud with. Given that Google is shutting down Play Music, it's only a matter of time until they shut down Books too. Better just start moving your files now.
Dori B
Jul 29, 2020
Latest update wiped out my ability to save books in my library. 🤬 Also does not restock the free books very often. Its getting harder & harder to find new books to read. Otherwise I would have given more stars. Edit: Just to be clear, I have no problem downloading & reading books. It's after I finish them that I can't mark as finished & save in my library like I used to. Now I can only delete them. It's maddening.
Meghan Dros
Jul 20, 2020
Love the selection they offer!! I have a busy life but still enjoy reading. So decided to give the audio books a try. I have listened to many, many, many audios on this app!! THE BIG DOWNFALL- if I get a text, email or any other form of notification my book stops playing. If I wake my phone up it will start playing again but only for a minute or so. Then it stops until I close the app and restart my book. Wish it didn't do any of that!
shweta sukumaran
Jun 8, 2020
The app is great, but there's a synchronizing issue with the app on my Android and my iPad. I keep alternating with reading books on the app on my phone and iPad, but the pages dont seem to be synchronized for when I read the same book(read where I left off) on both the devices. They used to be synced, but now its not. I even have the latest version of the apps.
Aaron Geisel
Jun 2, 2020
Keeps automatically downloading books! I know there's a setting to change it to only WiFi, but that doesn't stop them from downloading them when I open the app. This is especially annoying when you have multiple devices, as it will download every new book over WiFi without fail.
Shannon Kauderer
May 27, 2020
For me the biggest issue is that Google Books doesn't have Open Dyslexic as a font option. As someone who increases their reading speed by up to 50% with that font that's a big deal, and honestly should not be hard to add to the app. (The font is open source too!) They sometimes have good deals which make getting books here more affordable, but without them this is often more expensive so keep an eye out. Edit: I have submitted it as a suggestion. I'll edit this again if they implement it.
May 18, 2020
This app is pretty good, but it's missing one feature (at least, I can't find it)-- the ability to speed up the audio. I don't want to listen at normal speed after using another app to listen at 2X or 2.5X speed. 1X is soooooo slow now. 😒 I'd do more with this app is that ability became reality.
John Lord
May 10, 2020
It works fine and is perfectly acceptable as a storefront for Google Books. However, it doesn't seem to be able to view local files. I tried both epub and pdf and had no luck. That's a deal-breaker for me. It is possible to import them from a file manager with an "upload to play books" option, but that's not intuitive at all.
May 6, 2020
Recently moved from Apple to Android and started using this app out of necessity. I enjoy the ability to save the books on drive thus maximum storage, but it does not allow you to create folders. I understand that the ability is offered on desktop but it is a necessity on the app. Unfortunately this is the only other alternative to iBooks that I have enjoyed.
Apr 19, 2020
This app works well. And this app could be used for all age groups. The only suggestion I have is to add more colors to the highlighting option. And I also ask for the colors to be a brighter and not dull. I, too, hope that they add a feature where you and UNDERLINE a sentence. So you can highlight a word and at the same time, underline a sentence of choice with a specific color of our choice as well.
Apr 18, 2020
*Update* I accidentally realized, if you swipe the dictionary to the right, it hids the dictionary. It's still annoying when it pops up, but, at least I can highlight now. Can you please remove the dictionary while highlighting paragraphs, or add a "Dictionary Mode". It is very annoying and frustrating trying to highlight sections and the dictionary gui pops up covering what you want to highlight. Either have the option to turn on/off the dictionary or have it displayed more user friendly.
Apr 14, 2020
This app is becoming more and more of a frustrating disappointment! Notes and highlighted sections now appear across various devices faster and more reliably. The downside is the loss of a very useful feature. Viewing two publications side by side in multi-window mode is no longer available which is a step backwards in the usefulness of this app as a study tool when endeavouring to learn another language. My rating of this app has not risen. We are still NOT AMUSED!
Apr 5, 2020
This has been my favorite, go-to app for years. My tablet is practically glued to me, so I can sit and read whenever possible; my favorite activity since childhood. However, my books are suddenly showing multiple pages that have only 1 letter per page. Always starts at the 2nd page in a new chapter. Sometimes it's only a page or 2. Often I find myself trying to read an entire sentence 1 word at a time for several pages. This is the oddest and most annoying glitch. Update didn't help.
Mar 24, 2020
Books collections are good. But its nightmare to get it work in chrome browser. I am not sure its under same development team or different one. App is a downgraded version of other companies both in reliability and features. Kindle is providing many features and increased reliability. If you encounter any issues its nightmare to get it fixed. Someone please update google its 2020 not 2010.
Mar 8, 2020
ATTN: Samsung Device users. Something about the Google play app's night light configuration causes a permanent discoloration to appear w/ the displays for Samsung devices including the S7, which I have, and the S9, which I read about while trying to figure out how to make it to away. Sometimes it will go away for a short time, it always comes back - that's why I describe it as permanent. Clearing app data, uninstalling and even a soft system reset doesn't fix it. Ugh. I hate it.
Feb 24, 2020
It works ok most of the time, but is infuriating at other times. Frequently, books that are downloaded to my device take a crazy long time to open (over ten seconds), and frequently they don't open at all. I've been on planes (and in airplane mode), and a book downloaded for offline reading just wouldn't open until I restarted my phone. This has happened many times. Basically, the app often fails at its core purpose.
Feb 22, 2020
Almost, but no tomato. How is it that the largest search engine in the world can't even get a basic search feature in its apps correct? C'mon, Google, get it together. Some of the other annoying features - constant dictionary popup, no highlight drag (you need to select the word and then drag), not enough sorting features.
Feb 9, 2020
The app is great and allows me to access my books with no problem. However, I've noticed that after only two weeks of use, the page count is inaccurate. Typically, the app will tell you how many pages are left in a chapter and/or the page you're on versus the number of pages total, but it does neither now. It's "turned" a 500+ page book into 64 pages, and constantly says 0 pages left to the chapter. I understand it isn't a big deal, but I've enjoyed the little thing up until now.
Jan 26, 2020
Was enjoying this app immensely. Now there is an amber tint in the app even though I have night mode turned off. This is very annoying for me, and is jarring to the eye when transitioning from a white screen to an amber one. I dont like it, and frankly feel uncomfortable after reading for extended periods. This needs to be fixed. If there is a simple solution, I cannot find it.
Jan 22, 2020
It's a great, clean app. My biggest issue is that the brightness setting is independent of the phone's brightness. I hate that when I read at night and then open the app up during the day, i can't see anything until I adjust the apps brightness (or it's way too bright at night, if I use it during the day). Easily a 5 star rating if they can figure out a way to connect the brightness to the phone. *Update* Haha! Never realized I could do that. Thanks!
Jan 14, 2020
I love Google Play Books! Good if not great prices for ebooks and audiobooks. Simple pricing options, don't need a degree to understand what you're buying. The Audiobook software could be better. Not very many options, lose my place easily. UPDATE: Thank you for the Dark Mode option! That's huge!!!
Jan 5, 2020
Would be great if it could be used for text books. Being able to freely highlight, underline and markup on the pages for note taking would make this a more practical app for students. But if you simply want to read a book it's fine. The read aloud feature is terrible, it can't be used on uploaded text and the voice is so robotic and unnatural that you are better off without. So much potential but just falls very short.
Dec 26, 2019
Mediocre selection of manga. Books available without english as an option. Bundle prices are either the exact amount or more than ordering them separately. A book that I had saved all of a sudden is no longer available in the US. After spending a good amount of money and earning points my reward unlock was 1 point. Was going to move to complete digital with my new tablet but will be going back to hard copy.
Nov 21, 2019
My favorite feature of the book shelves was removed in a recent update. Trying to search vertical menu is terrible and now it feels like an unorganized mess. The book covers and texts are unnecessarily small. Bring back shelves! That feature alone distinguished it from other e-reader apps. The actual ebook reader is still functional. No point in using playbooks instead of other apps now.
Nov 18, 2019
Please update the read aloud functionality, which hasn't changed much since I started using Android many years ago. Google developed higher quality voice models for Google Assistant than the one available in the Books app. Currently, the only way that it sounds acceptable is if I change my TTS language setting to English(UK). These higher quality voices should be available as options for read aloud voices, and that could also be useful as part of a project to integrate reading non-audiobooks aloud with Google Assistant. While you're at it, add speed control, improve how it chooses where to start reading, and how it processes titles and other places where there should be a pause in the reading. You should also tell the Google News app team to work on something similar.
Nov 6, 2019
The app is nice if you want something simple to read your books. Other than that it's needs improvements. The "read aloud" feature needs some serious love. Her voice should have a higher quality sound because the one now annoys me more than ever. No reason she should sound like sounds bytes from the 90's. Your Google. Step it up! Also, you should be able to tell the voice where to start reading and it should be able to do it mid paragraph.
Oct 24, 2019
Everything you need plus all the essentials all in one app! That's great! If you are not a regular reader of books, get into it with use of this app. Nothing to hold a reader back, from beginning to end! You can go anywhere in the world in unlimited settings! That's how my mother described reading any book to me, when I was in my early years. She could complete any huge book in a day, lots in one afternoon! And that's a small way a person could put themselves into a book & be there!
Oct 24, 2019
The app isn't bad. It's a simple layout, which is nice. But I returned both books because they are split by short chapters and nothing else. So for an audiobook with multiple novels and short stories, you have to guess where to start listening. Same with the audio bible. Hundreds of chapters, nothing to guide you where to start, which might be chapter 987. Not very usable.
Sep 22, 2019
Most recent update doesn't allow books to open. I looked at reviews from others and saw the developers indicated that ALL data from app should be cleared. I very reluctantly did this (I keep quite a few books on my device, never know what you might be in the mood to read). Downloaded one of the books and it STILL doesn't open. Wish I didn't have automatic updates on for this app or that I could go back to the previous version that worked. Google has essentially locked us out of our books.
Sep 15, 2019
I used to never have issues with this app either. It used to work great for me. But since the last update I either have to turn off the continued text, which obviously it's a lot easier to read or I have to turn it sideways. Half the time when I turn it sideways I can only go forward a few pages before it messes up again. Please fix whatever bug this is.
Sep 14, 2019
The best feature is that your books are sync'd between all devices and are even readable in the web client and you can easily upload your own ePubs. However development of the app has been severely neglected for many years now. My top requests: (!) Create a way to organize books into collections or shelves. (!) Enable continuous highlighting, like nearly every other reader. (!) Disable dictionary lookups, annoying.
Jul 27, 2019
Very buggy app. Highlighting and notes get mixed up and overwritten when you switch between flowing text and original pages. Sometimes it takes a long time for the notes and highlights to appear when first opening the book. No ability to organize books into collections. Dictionary doesn't even recognize many common words. The Kindle is still by far a superior app to Google Books.
Jul 4, 2019
Really nice overall, with a good interface and support for various formats. But it does not allow for highlighting across multiple pages, and this is frustrating when I want to select a longer passage. Also, a magnifying tool while highlighting would be really useful. That fix would make the app pretty perfect.
Jun 30, 2019
having trouble uploading a 2.5mb pdf. on the page showing the progress bar, it stays at 28%. if i leave the page it starts back to 0%. i stayed on the page at one point where it got to 100t after about 15 mins and the shows that it failed. UPDATE: I followed the steps and after re downloading the app, the upload process was quicker but it still fails. I dont know what to do at this point.
Jun 29, 2019
I would give it 5 stars, but after redownloading it, I noticed a yellow tint to the screen when using the app. on every other app and the homescreen, the display color is normal. I am on adaptive display on samsung galaxy j3 orbit. there is no dynamic mode available. there is cinema, photo, and basic. however, enabling these turn all my other app screens and the homescreen a slight red or pink hue. it is very annoying and I would like all my apps to be correctly colored. please help
Jun 22, 2019
I bought a book and downloaded it just fine, but when I try to open and read it, I am met with a completely black screen that will not go away. None of the help articles have "helped" my connection is fine and fast, and ive reset my phone dozens of times and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app more than a few times. Will not be using this service again and my rating will most likely stay the same even if solved because this has been happening for over a day now.
Jun 19, 2019
Excellent in most respects, including text customization and immersive qualities. I do have one gripe, however. When reading in landscape on my phone, I prefer the double-column format to the standard layout. This is available for tablets; if it was added to phones as an option, 5 stars would be a no-brainer.
Jun 11, 2019
Totally frustrating. Bought a book and spent 2 hours to try to add it to the family library to no avail. None of the instructions on Google website works. What happened to Google! The user interface and integration of different modules have fallen apart so terribly and so quickly. Can't help thinking it's a result of programming for job security rather than innovation.
May 23, 2019
I have used this app for years and been disappointed for most of that time. I held out hope that eventually someday it would improve but it is almost as if it is abandonware. You cannot group your collection by author, you cannot edit or update book information. There are no "shelves" the ui for what little it can do is ok but really it is average. It is kludgy at nearly every task, including if you want to buy a book. The play bookstore is about what you would expect if 5th graders ran it. and just like the app, no apparent order, no way to sort or really do much of anything. I have 500 books in play books but to browse is just ridiculous. This is a 1-2 star app. It's only saving grace is syncing between devices which it does well. The app is terrible and if you ever try to read on a computer, just don't, it is terrible. unlike many google apps this one just never improves. if you upload a book to it, no lie, it then makes you download the book (even if you have it locally already) in order to read it.. I cannot stress enough how bad this app is. I tried another app, not free, but i am getting sync setup so i can just avoid this app from now on. it does not deserve my eyes.
May 20, 2019
Minus one star for not using the system brightness. Other than that its great. I really like the options to customize how the pages look. An option to disable the dictionary would be nice. When i try to highlight sentences at the bottom of a page i cant move the markers because the definition of the first word in the sentence is covering them.
May 1, 2019
I have been using Google Books for some time, however if i update past version 3.10 the read aloud feature does not sync correctly with three normal reading functionality. Once I exit the aloud it rolls my place back in the book, at times as much as half a chapter. I just installed the newest version again today, fresh after doing a reset on my phone, and it is still having this issue.
Apr 25, 2019
App automatically activates my device's night mode whenever it is running, even when other apps are in the foreground. However, settings still show night mode as being turned off, so there's no way to stop this behavior except closing out of the app completely. This seems to be a well-documented issue, i.e. plenty of time for Google to address it. Done waiting. Back to Kindle.
Apr 9, 2019
I really like this app. It's easy to use, and there are a lot of titles. However, it's recently started burning through a Lot of data, like a Gigabyte in a week; I only download on wi-fi. Not sure what's going on, as I've presumably downloaded four Gigs via wi-fi this month.
Apr 6, 2019
two items of feedback: 1) sometimes I read books in another language in order to improve my reading comprehension. It is very annoying to have to select the language every time I want to translate the word. The entire book is in one language, you should be able to figure out which one that is. 2) I like that you have the ability to highlight quotes from the book and refer back to them later. however, a lot of times the quote spans two 'pages'.
Apr 6, 2019
I FIGURED OUT THE NIGHTLIGHT PROBLEM!! I couldn't figure out how to shut it off and I was so upset. so I did my research. Here's the instructions on how to do it! thank goodness I figured it out or I would have been so upset but I really like the app otherwise ! here are the steps Once you have a book open in Book app. Access the menu by swiping down from the top of the screen. Touch 'Aa' and you will see the Night Light setting. Touch the toggle to turn night light on or off.
Mar 24, 2019
Google, I love you. And I want to use your products for everything. but this app needs some work. I need to be able to search my library--not just the store. I need to be able to organize my books from the app. Shelves are a great idea, they just aren't well implimented as yet, and need to be organized from the computer...overall, this just needs more options for organizing and navigating your library. Love you! Nick
Mar 14, 2019
I've loved google books for many years Until recently. Ebook prices are reasonable, easy to use & up to date with new books. However, recently i started having a problem with the read aloud option. I have everything enabled that is necessary to use read aloud, & it begins to read a few lines & stops. I uninstalled & reinstalled it, deleted my cache & app data, & purchased a new phone as i thought it was a storage issue. However, this did not fix the issue. Read aloud IS ENABLED
Mar 14, 2019
this app was my favorite book apps when I first started using it a few years ago. The only one that I found that would read the book to you, even though it's not an audiobook. Just came in handy while I was driving. the only thing that I don't like is that now, if I'm in the subway system and have no signal, the books do not open up. I don't understand why I need signal to open up a fire that's stored on my phone. also, the only books that I ever purchased through the app can't be read aloud
Mar 13, 2019
I love this app but the "Read Aloud" feature seems to be having an ongoing issue with the "More Natural Reading Voice" setting where it'll pause for a super long time in between sentences. I'm seeing this mentioned in several other reviews, however, Google hasn't responded to those. Google, please respond as to whether you plan on correcting this issue.
Mar 12, 2019
i love the app, but recently the "more natural reading voice" feature has become incredibly slow. the reading speed is normal, but it pauses between sections (the ones it highlights as it reads) up to 30 seconds or more. like the TTS api calls are slow/rate limited or something. makes the feature nearly unusable. I have good internet (fios gigabit), and I'm a software engineer if anyone wants me to run some debugging tools. would love to see this fixed.
Mar 8, 2019
Huge flaw with the reader. No automatic brightness adjustment. You go to sleep with the reader set for dim, black background. Following day you try to read in an airplane? Good luck. The screen is so dark it takes forever to hunt around and find the brightness controls. And you can't configure the brightness to the side buttons to my knowledge.
Mar 7, 2019
There is no option to adjust the night light settings once the app gives you the popup when you first open a book. It looks like it takes you into the device settings but searching settings for "night light" yields nothing. The only way I was able to go and change those settings was to clear data on the app to get the popup again. The night light setting does the same thing as the blue light filter but is a completely separate setting. I couldn't find anything in the in app settings about the night light either.
Feb 23, 2019
The app is so frustrating. it is never able to remember the reading position. it will loose my place if it is closed so i have to set a bookmark every time I turn the screen off. such a simple problem and they are unable to fix it. its been like this for years on multiple phones.
Feb 3, 2019
Can no longer choose a chapter when I swipe down. It still has the font size, but no chapters. I go back n fourth in some book chapters n I have to swipe page by page. I am not going to do that. I started down loading books because I have arthritis n carpool tunnel in my wrists and my phone is lighter n easier to hold. If this was removed on last update, PLEASE put it back. Thank You.
Jan 30, 2019
Doesn't appear to download the book for offline use. If it does, why the long pause every few pages? Doesn't work for books like field guides because you have to turn every single page. No way to use the index and click through to the appropriate page. Might be OK for reading a novel. Horrible for reference books.
Jan 21, 2019
i love it. i love being able to lay in bed reading a good book as i doze off. would really like an update cause i have been having issues with the app turning the page on its own. An would also love to be able to bookmark the last line i have read in the book as well as bookmarking the page. i hate trying to fimd where i left off when i get interupted escpecially if you have smart resume for audio books. otherwise i love it!!!!!
Jan 15, 2019
Well, it's prolly the best one, i guess. i use it for most of my reading because convenience is a huuge factor. I'd like to organize my shelves on my own; I'd also rather have it open to a saved view preference. But i suppose it's a market/advertising portal that enables the reading of the products being sold. It does, however, regularly remind me that my phone is their tool to sell to me.
Jan 10, 2019
This app really needs a couple simple addition. Downloads. Why on earth is there no "save downloads to SD card"? Any app that can download media files has to have this. It's for the exact same reason you found it necessary to have a "Download only over WiFi" option. Because these files can be large. Also needs to have checkbox for auto-download... I would get rid of the "home" tab. It just combines the other two tabs and makes them worse. should have have the app open to the library tab.
Jan 10, 2019
I love ebooks and the ability to mark them/take notes dititally, but Play Books is horrible with organization and navigation. There is no way to organize or group books together. If you're reading a series it really sucks to have to find the next book. The only ordering Google provides is by recently viewed/purchased. There are way better apps out there for reading digital books/listening to audiobooks.
Jan 3, 2019
I like the app. it allows me to get several books that I wish to read and not carry them around. the only thing I can say I dislike is the read aloud system Skip's sentences with an ellipse in it. which makes having it read very confusing at times when it skips several paragraphs at once. other than that it's great.
Dec 7, 2018
I like most google apps, and when I found out there was a books one I was thrilled. I have a ton of ebooks that I like to read and I assumed this would be a great app to store and read when I want. I was wrong. You cant sort uploaded ebooks at all. You cant add them as a series for easy binge reading, you cant make any "shelves" to sort them into groups, even though there is a shelves page that is pretty much a waste. All your books show in one long list in the library, and some of the names get messed up in the upload due to metadata, but you cant rename them to try and oranize them that way either. Im shocked by the terrible user experience of this application.
Nov 30, 2018
Please make the automatic read it loud engine better, at least keep up with eReader presdigio... Right now it can't change reading speed or pitch, and doesn't even have control in app, I have to first click twice just to find read it loud, then pull down to find control if I want to skip a few lines. It's just bad UI UX design. Please make it better, I still love it because it could automatically sync everything I have read or reading.
Nov 13, 2018
It works well for the most basic of use cases: reading. But it lacks a lot of features that other reader apps have. For instance, if you want to highlight text on multiple pages... nope! can't do that! Compare this to what Kindle app offers, or even some of the smaller apps offers, it's very bare-bones. At least the book prices are somewhat competitive!! And syncing books and progress across multiple devices works well.
Nov 13, 2018
You can't turn pages with the keyboard, at least on Chromebook, once you have clicked on the document with the touchpad. If you exit the book and reopen it, you can use keyboard until you click again, such as to highlight. Highlighting is almost completely unusable, because you have to get just the right gesture (I still don't know exactly) to trick it into highlighting, and it will only highlight a single word. Then it pops up the definition of that word, which often obscures the highlighted word. Since you have to use the handles to expand the selection in a separate step, this is QUITE UNUSABLE. And YOU CANNOT HIGHLIGHT ACROSS COLUMNS! For goodness sakes, get the basic functions of this app to work please!
Nov 12, 2018
I've been using this to read books for years. Recently I started to notice something strange with my phone's screen, it was really noticeable in the middle of the day and I couldn't quite figure it out. Then I realized it was tinted orange/red, this worried me as I thought something was wrong with my phone. My blue light filter was off, and as I said, it was the middle of the day. For some reason I thought about the Play Books app and remembered that it has a night light mode. I turned that off and everything went back to normal. THIS IS A HUGE BUG. First of all, this shouldn't affect my entire display when I'm not even in the app. Secondly, even if I don't open the app, it automatically adjusts my display anyway. Google. Please. Fix this, I like reading my book in the dark theme with the night light mode on especially because I enjoy reading before bed, but it's inconvenient if I have to manually turn it off and on when I'm wanting to use it.
Oct 30, 2018
For some reason my Play Books started to no longer highlight and we'll get stuck on one page but keep reading aloud. I didn't update and I am so sorry that I did. This recent update really sucks. The new voice is horrible. I prefer the old one. The new one is dull to me and I have a harder time understanding what she is saying. I don't like the way the books are displayed. Maybe that can be changed but I have not figured out how. The only good feature about this update is that you can have your display screen closed and the book will still play.
Oct 24, 2018
I used to absolutely love this app but suddenly over the past week or so, all the formatting on books I have is all off. Everything is squished together like there's not a single space used in the entire book. I've tried to redownload, clear the cache, and nothing has fixed it. It's doubly disappointing because of how often I've used this book for tabletop gaming. All my epub files are useless, jumbled messes now
Oct 10, 2018
This update doesn't work at all (September 21, 2018). My Bible doesn't even load at all. I removed all updates and went back to factory version. Now it works even better than the previous update. The reference navigation had been getting harder and harder with each update. It would only let me go to my previous pages. I ended up having to go to new/old Testiment books and then flip multiple pages. What originally took a few seconds, ending up taking minutes to get where I wanted to go. Fix the update and fix the navigation on reference books like the BIBLE.
Oct 10, 2018
I couldn't shut the nightlight feature off. Searched my entire phone to toggle it off, but it's a Google books thing. I was so put off by this that I uninstalled. So many features, yet nightlight isn't immediately available in settings unless you open a book. Three hours wasted looking for an answer. Instead of concentrating so much on how to take our personal information, try squeezing an off switch in settings in your next "update".
Oct 6, 2018
I love this app...... almost to the point of saying it's better than Amazon but I will continue to use both as all authors don't partner with both. My only complaint is where the app recommends "E Books for you" I keep marking some as not interested, the book returns to the "E Books for you" recommendation section. Why? I've already noted I am not interested in that book for whatever reason.
Sep 25, 2018
The widget is pretty cool, however if you finish a book it stays on the widget as the first book and the only book you can click on forcing me to re-download it and I'm now reading another book, but can't access it through the widget because the book I read last is in front of it and won't let me click the new one. The widget settings also seem to be nonexistent.
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