Mad Skills BMX 2

Category Action Game
Developer Turborilla
Platform Android
Package com.turborilla.bmx2
Pump and flow through super fun tracks!

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Reviews (223)

Emma Murchison
Jul 15, 2022
Such a good game. Love to see more non pro zone tracks tho. Otherwise, bloody good game turborilla. Love ya yt vids too.
Josh Sturgill
Jul 15, 2022
If you don't mind spending money to advance it's not bad but they make it almost impossible to not have to spend real money.
Jay Lobeezy
Jul 10, 2022
Great game, super addictive & fun! Everybody I know plays this game because we were all BMX racers when we were young but now that we're all old or way to old to be racing anymore, I guess this is the next best thing !!
Oscar Timms
Jun 18, 2022
You can't level up after finishing deuce twice. I'm stuck on lvl 39, and it's chaos trying to level up. Not even finishing vip tracks will level you up, nor versing online players on duel. Nor versing Non playable characters offline tracks or rocket booster tracks and backflips. Doing online tournaments take FOREVER, to level up ONLY when making personal bests. You Turborilla make it impossible for those who finished deuce twice to try and level up to get faster.
Flipie Viljoen
Jun 18, 2022
Its a fun game would be cool if there was more tricks and graphics in there but its still very fun tho
rock blade
Jun 13, 2022
The Game is good , I don't mind to watch some ads but I really hate when the ads get very annoying like the ads didn't show up
Liam Smiley
Jun 11, 2022
I LOVE THIS GAME!! it's amazing because I love riding bikes and just one thing the boss battles are pretty hard I got through though besides that I LOVE IT!!
Steven Tipton
Jun 2, 2022
The only thing worse than this game is Google play. If they could enact a suicide pact life would be better.
Nicola Gibbins
May 31, 2022
Its very good and challenging if you mess up you are most likely to lose which is realistic I know because I am a bmx rider
will heard
May 27, 2022
great game super fun i just wish that it wasnt as hard as it is to get money but other than that it is a absalutly greate game (im dislexic, sorry for my spelling)
Hayden Black
May 11, 2022
When ever i play the game i keep having like this little laggy thing going on when im not even playing online. it annoys me so much.
Sheeba Sebastian
May 6, 2022
Its very hard after a level and sometimes the AI bikes are way too overpowered and become virtually impossible. (Unless you pay, of course).
Shitnaan Remy
May 5, 2022
This game is very useless when u have upgrade bike u cannot beat the leader and u have to download the track And i can't upgrade my new bike I purchase
Taylor Mix
May 2, 2022
You shouldn't be slowed down from advancing to get a better bike each race should give u a certain amount that way u can advance easier IDK for the most part its OK good fun
Apr 28, 2022
This game has best controls,best graphics,best cycle and real speed so,overall best experience.😃😃😃😍
parupalli Naga mani
Apr 27, 2022
This game very good and install fast and play the game and enjoy .. Intersting game .... But one probelam want change bike and upgradeing the v have some time to learn about the game ... Super game.... Play and enjoy....😎😎
vincent guilford
Apr 22, 2022
this game is super fun but the opponents are really hard and the stages and the bikes they go up to 100s and 1000s of dollars why do people pay money for this.
Janice Jackson
Apr 20, 2022
There is no way to keep upgrading bikes unless you spend money on the game.. extremely disappointed. I loved the game before it became impossible to upgrade.
Sam Hunger
Apr 19, 2022
Once you get higher up in the game, the ai bikes become way unfair and outmatched for the bike you have. The game keeps telling me to upgrade my bike in order to win but I have to spend money on the game in order to do that. So overall not a good experience once you reach Hawaii map.
Julia Playz
Apr 8, 2022
It is the worst game I have ever played when I jump it doesn't want to jump it's not fair there are way to much ads I hate this game is just wasted my wi-fi on a game that dose not even work I wish there was a zero star my brother says it is boring to do not download this game it is the worst😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡
Nirolabegum123 Nirolabegum123
Apr 4, 2022
Best cycle game 🎮 but pls 🙏 I request you um.. The owners of the game pls add new cycles and give the new cycles more speed and everything and all pls
Blake Sindle
Mar 29, 2022
Good game but it cheats really bad, it's definitely a pay-to-win game...u can have a mile lead and ur opponent can literally come back and beat u in the last 20ft of the race, ur bike rides like it's dragging concrete blocks once u advance so far...Do better ppl!
Mar 24, 2022
Racist game man i had 13 speed and then the other had lowkey 10 speed and i was winning then he catch up like 30 meters man
Mar 21, 2022
Loads way better and less glitchy then Mad Skills Motocross 2, If you guys fix the game i would put more time into it.
Skyler Allen
Mar 15, 2022
I'm going to give it a 5star just because other people are hatting so much on fun game they not saying they trying to reinvent the bike game Industries by no means I believe what they wanted to do and this was able to accomplish there goal ur reading to much into it bout made skills and only have three controls for the guy said bots run perfect lines lol u mush need glasses r something cuz they don't not close I take level 2 bike and make it to Hawaii before I need rockets and up grade I could
Its Me
Mar 3, 2022
Its imposibble to beat track 5 round 9 i hate this game so much the tips is not even helping its about the bike i case everything i use BIKE 5 but how the enemy do the jump without casing!!!!
Mar 3, 2022
Good game try it best game but not that much because In this game cash are very less and cycles are of higher amount
Feb 27, 2022
For all the dumba## complaining about ads, it's 2022, don't you know that you can just shut down your wifi and no ads will appear? Like don't blame the devs for this. They gave you a free amazing game and you're complaining about ads, grow up.
Bernie Paul Grammatico Antonio
Feb 25, 2022
The ads on this game are horrendous. You have to wait to close them and when you go to close them they open up google play store.......
Kyle Heckenmueller
Feb 23, 2022
Fun game but an unskippable ad after every 30 second race ruins it. Thought about buying the game but definitely not worth $10
Oluwatoni Abimbola
Feb 21, 2022
Interesting but stupid, Using data to unlock the tracks and the money and gold is too small for each game that is played to buy a bike or a rider. Please Improve
Allan Garcia
Feb 18, 2022
You should make a new bike for the update and make a lot of new maps that would be really great that's why I can say five stars
Reggie Gecale
Feb 14, 2022
Every time I try to get free skins (by watching an ad) I watch an ad and then after, the game never actually gives me these skins
Ross Skrudland
Feb 9, 2022
Super fun game and 8t doesn't seem to ever get old. Keeps me entertained for hours when I have time to kill like on my flights and such. Great job to all the developers. Just keep updating it and making it cooler aka more dope each year like F1 has done besides their new mobile update this year. I can't wait for the next update or generation to this game and see what you guys do to it to make it better with the technology we have these days. *This game need to evolve with the rest of the world.
Sonam Jamtsho fyXjYiAlig
Feb 8, 2022
It's a great game. I have completed all the levels and challenges and competing in the jam is fun as well. Only thing is it needs a lot of money to upgrade you bike and need and update soon.
SaDiQ 420
Feb 5, 2022
It works well. I like what the bike can do. it's quite challenging at other times. I rated high on the Stars. Good job to the creators.
Richarson Cerrato
Jan 30, 2022
This is pay to win, is impossible to play this game for free, things are really expensive. Uninstalling.
Mark James
Dec 31, 2021
The game looks brilliant and is both annoying and satisfying. My problem is that it keeps taking me back to start again if I don't play for more than 1 day. It got to much had to stop playing
Elliot McNulty
Dec 21, 2021
One of my favourite games! However, when you finish all the levels, all you can do is earn cash and play against other players. Not many ads, and really good graphics.
Jack Stringer
Dec 14, 2021
This game is fun at first, remind me of the 'Trials' series a lot, but you quickly realise that attempting to play this game for free is pretty much impossible. Most items are simply too expensive for you to unlock one after another, unless you throw your wallet at the phone. Uninstall once you reach that point.
Mat MacDonald
Oct 17, 2021
I'd imagine most of the 5 star reviews are payed for by these scummy devs. the games progression is completely jacked, the amount of money you need to upgrade and beat the levels is stupid compared to how much you actually get for winning. the whole things set up to make you spend money on it. and the controls are infuriating at the best of times.
Z the Great
Sep 30, 2021
Game would be great if it stops glitching every round. Almost as if it was intentional. Poor optimization that ruins gameplay. I have a high end device more than capable of playing anything on here. More irritating rather than challenging.
Sep 15, 2021
This game is about skill, the whiners in the reviews don't have it. You can progress through all levels without spending a dime. Then when thats done, run the jams, and become the top in your state or the world while playing against other people. Ignore those that can't handle it. Definitely one the better games out there!
Shane Troughton
Aug 7, 2021
All the games by this developer have the same common thread, get to a certain point and it becomes so monotonous and grindy that all fun is removed unless youre willing to fork over cash for upgrades at ridiculous prices. Pity because up until that point it can be quite fun but as is usual with mobile games these days the monetization and microtransactions ruin it. It's stable, graphically pretty, easy to control but all of that is meaningless when this sort of methodology is implemented.
Oriah Imode
Jul 31, 2021
Very fun just some of the bosses are overpowered for example let's say wind. They can have 14 jump and jump across the whole map but... I passed it so I'm good. But besides that cool addicting game!!!
Navn Krky
Jul 20, 2021
Very bad matchmaking in the career mode (not sure about PvP though). Even though you are matched up against bots that are level lower than you, the bike they use are far superior than you have. They not only have better suspension (which is nothing) but the speed of their bike is 6 or 8 levels ahead of what you are using. Which forces you to consider about paying for better bike or playing the same level again and again. And also sometimes the up button doesn't make you jump at certain times.
Nympho 1
Jul 20, 2021
It's fun! I would like for the company to let the player choose prior colors and designs for the bikes. Once the player passes the stage you can no longer use prior bicycles, which is stupid brcause I paid the the upgrades and I'm not allowed to reuse my bicycle from stage #2 on stage #4. KEEP IN MIND WHEN SPENDING ON UPGRADES, YOU ARE LIMITED TO USES EVEN IF YOU PURCHASE. IT SUCKS!
Tracy Sprague
Jul 17, 2021
Great game. But really set up for youth spend real money to upgrade your bikes. And then when the bike is maxed out and you are stuck on a level you ha e to spend so much extra time on side tracks to get the money needed and then if you need gold bars then you ha e to level up so many times that it is not worth your time.
Jade Prichard
Jul 17, 2021
It was a fun game at first but then the second level was super hard and like I don't think if little kids play this that they'll even be able to get through that level and it's kind of in the title you'll get mad from it literally get mad I suggest not playing this do not download it waste of time and waste of your life so just do not play it it's a horrible game and if I could give it zero stars I would
Sakhawat Hussain
Jul 15, 2021
This game is so good! I like it's graphics. But after updating new version the cost of upgrading cycles , cycles color etc become more expensive. But this game is very good!
Sean Johnson
Jul 13, 2021
Why make a free game if you have to spend money to win? I got to the mixed levels and skill alone doesn't help, you NEED rockets to win. Go play the rocket challenges and you'll see what I mean. It's almost like they designed the levels that way. One piece of advice for the developers is to make the game like $5 so you they can make money and the customers can enjoy the game.
Karan Agrawal
Jun 25, 2021
The game is good but you will get very little amount of money at each level and the price of bikes are too high and upgrades price is also too high and without buying a new bike or upgrading the existing bike you can't won as your opponent's bike is better than your bike in all aspects.If you guys can lower the prices of bikes or if you will give more money for completing levels then I will give it 5star.
Jorge Castro
Jun 23, 2021
Love the game but the new update took away all the premium tracks. It was nice having a fresh new track to play every week. Not digging the new Jam interface either. The Career tier interface has been reworked and it's not as intuitive as it used to be. I can't replay a level without being sent all the way back to the main menu and having to scroll to get back into whatever track I was in. Very confusing. This is a fun and entertaining game which I have spent countless hours playing. I hope they at least reconsider bringing the Premium tracks back.
Esselloh Beebeewhy
Jun 19, 2021
The update ruined the game! All bike upgrades are now double the cost and the videos you watch are for less money. A good game ruined by stupid developers. The jump button doesn't work at points in time. Your speed slows down. It's all geared to get you buy.
Jeremy Pack
Jun 16, 2021
Another daily grind game and lags bad! Fun but held back purposely to much, wishing for a transaction! I can literally watch my bike slow down so opponent can catch up and then pass me! Also jumping is a problem the button loses response so that timing jump is off and then slows me down! Games are no longer games they are just get rich quick scams!
Ringed Python
Jun 3, 2021
Totally a pay to win game!!! like others you get to a certain point and no matter what you do your stuck... cant win anymore. And the ads are relentless but I got that figures out, once an ad begins, go to the home screen, then open app again and poof!!! skip the ads!!!
Daniel Cox
May 17, 2021
It was good. Until you added ads. The ads were manageable and you didn't need more money. Then you got greedy for more monetization. There is now also a limit to how many extra races you can do while making money. I still play it but it is insane to upgrade and A.I is too OP.
Kieran Vlahakis
May 10, 2021
Really fun game, would have given 5 stars, but it's very difficult to get the money or gold required for higher level bikes (as earnings don't really increase that much, if at all, as you progress) and there're just too many ads in my opinion.
Mark Lench
May 6, 2021
Money money money that's the name of the game for the developer. Good game which plays well! There is no way of progressing without spending money!!!!. You earn game dollars for minor upgrades for racing. However you need gold to buy most things like new bikes, and booster rockets and for this you have to spend a lot of money (if your not careful this could easily run into £100's). You can not exchange game dollars for gold. This has the potential for users to spend a lot of money be warned.
Roberto Valentine
Apr 23, 2021
The game is cool, but I anticipate that when you reach level 50 everything you win, as rockets do not give you, you can also reach level 50 and others of lower level are faster. otherwise it is fun.
Jack Mark
Apr 22, 2021
I was suppose to give more than 5 stars because I have been playing this game for over 3yrs now and it's the best BMX game I have ever played but after I finished playing all the characters I updated the game but nothing changed... I'm still playing the same stages and characters I have played pasted before That's very bad because I updated the game with internet so that was just a waste please do work on that
Jason Booker
Apr 18, 2021
Fun and addictive and minimal adverts. Varied courses and challenges. Would be 5 star but do reach a point were you feel it necessary to buy bikes to improve, but if you are patient you can eventually progress
Patrick Duquesne
Apr 16, 2021
The game is a lot of fun for sure. How ever. This is definitely pay to win or play ads... lots of ads. Graphics are fun. Colors are great. How ever. To get from one bike to another; you either play lots or pay lots. Highly recommended for those with that secret video game purchases and gamers alike. Not great how you have to purchase new bikes to get ahead instead of spending less to modify the one youcould use already. 3/5 for me and only for those peculiar gamers or the obsessive spending one
Apr 12, 2021
AWESOME Game App!! Literally uses alllll your Skillz Highly sensitive, responsive game play make This Theee Most addictive Game!! Awsome Simplistic Design. Very user friendly, Detailed cozy graphics Advancing in the Campaign or just Racing to Progress your skillz! Its all Dialed.!! Dont Change a Thing!. But always welcome New Tracks!
Apr 6, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! I absolutely love the idea of this game. My favourite part is that you can upgrade starter bikes all the way to 31 pump, jump and speed ,when you have progressed far enough, as the last bike doesn't have many good skins in my opinion. Also, the fun never stops because when you finish all of the pro tracks you can do Versus and Jam (at any time you like) which put you against real players!!!
todd jones
Mar 26, 2021
I would give this no stars if I could. Great concept, could be fun, but every time you start going the game shuts down. Reached out to tech support and they couldnt help. Disappointing. I'm deleting it cause you cant make it through a race without it crashing.
Ronnie Webb
Mar 25, 2021
Super fun game, great time killer. Only thing i would change is the amount you get per race and or the cost of upgrades and new bikes if it weren't for those few things would def be getting 5*****
Sam Stark
Mar 23, 2021
This game has kept me entertained for a year now. I love that after I beat the main timeline I can now compete against itherr players! Very relaxing hitting the transitions on the course.
Dai Gruffydd
Mar 19, 2021
It passes the time. Is okay. The levels are okay, can take ages to get enough in-game cash to upgrade bikes to be able to compete in normal play (unless you spend real cash which I didn't). The finish is an anti-climax, the developers for lazy with the last rounds.
Josh Thieme
Mar 4, 2021
Used to work great. Now it is glitchy and unplayable. I've even tried turning the graphics down and my phone on the highest settings but it still isn't working.
Russell Wiley
Mar 1, 2021
Was decent, but no real expansion since it's original release and now they've dramatically lowered the financials on quick play from an 800 reward to 20 and no way to earn gold bars. What once was worthy of 4 stars is now 2 stars at best Gameplay is good, but with the changes recently, it just doesn't hold up over time.
Brookylnne Schuetz
Feb 28, 2021
I love the game it's the only game I play on my phone. I've beaten the game and even bought premium to keep playing because I love the game so much. I have road every map. The only thing I have a problem with now being level 48 and have a lot of money I stopped getting my double $/XP all of a sudden.
Feb 25, 2021
Easily one of the best games on android. If you think you hit a pay wall you just suck and didn't learn how to ride fast. You can finish the game without paying a penny. Ads are not bad and easily bypassed if you just don't want to watch them. Fantastic job with every detail of this game. I'm sorry to say Mad Skills Motocross missed the mark entirely but this game is as close to perfect for what it is that I can't imagine changing anything.
Zwe Wint Htin
Feb 24, 2021
Really fun and addictive game. Even with a low level bike can win the high level opponent if u are smart. That's why i like it. Each level has different structure. Background are also relaxing.
Feb 20, 2021
I love the game, but when your doing offline practice races for money they evently dont give you money after doing like 30 races. I would start playing again if they fixed it because I couldnt get past stage 4-11 because I had no money and couldnt get any to upgrade my bike.
J'lance Floyd
Feb 19, 2021
It need a few adjustments involving the jump and the way you lose the lead as you progress, meaning if you have to get better you should get money faster or sum the way I lost made me delete the game and only in story mode
Nick Evans
Feb 18, 2021
Up there with top 5, possibly 3 phone games I've played! Almost no adverts, no pay to play (have not started playing online yet however) the story mode is challenging enough, provided you don't upgrade your bike (you are awarded plenty enough money should you want to though)! See how far you can get on 1st bike for best challenge, then 2nd bike etc. Once you complete the story mode there is a suprise afterwards. Just get it
Ed the red
Feb 18, 2021
The game is horrible in that it's insanely repetitive. The earnings needed in order to progress don't meet what is needed for upgrades that are a must in order to progress! It forces the player to keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Even choosing to watch all the ads and winning races isn't even half of what's needed for upgrades. It's ridiculous. Simply gotta pay money for upgrades just to progress. This game is absolute trash
Mike Smith
Feb 10, 2021
Fun game until you get to the pay wall. The option to grind it out and earn $ for upgrades "appears" to be available but it only lasts so long and then you have to wait hours for the ads to refresh and end up running out of challenges. Obviously the developers intended this, and I can't hate on them too much for it, but advancing based on skill vs $ is always appreciated.
Ed Shan
Feb 9, 2021
Hooked. To the point where I get so stuck on it I play for an hour, maybe 2 sometimes more at a time. I get super frustrated to the point of yelling out obscenities because I can not beat a level . The restart button is phenomenal. Only thing that sucks is the amount of cash and gold you need to upgrade. Especially once you hit pro bike #8. But it still rocks and I'll be playing it forever
Ryan Cheal
Feb 8, 2021
The game itself is fun, but i mean seriously, exactly how high were you when you agreed on the costs to upgrade the bikes? I am only at bike 3 on the Favela races and it is like 600 gold or 4550 dollars to get bike 4, and you win barely anything in the races, it is literally impossible to win that much, which makes it a neccessity to spend money Edit : after playing extensively, it is a fun game, but the prizes versus upgrades are completely ridiculous
Not the One
Feb 7, 2021
It's fun at first and the physics are "normal" for a mobile game. Eventually though, if you save your cash and don't use the hints (watch an ad) your rider will soon lose all ability to merely bunnyhop. You will start jumping rider first, front wheel down, legs locked, etc... ruining any chance you have of cleaning a rhythm section or winning. Busch league really, maybe spend the money, take the cheats, watch the ads, and your rider may not develop these strange physics defying habits....
The Oracle
Feb 5, 2021
I was enjoying the game yesterday, up to level 20. Prize money for each race was around $4000, which made it fast to progress. my phone must have updated the game overnight or something, the prize money now is around $60. the bike upgrade is $3250, so I need to complete 50+ races for one upgrade? the races are getting EXTREMELY challenging and with no sight of upgrades it's almost impossible. not sure if this is a bug or a new ploy to get people to spend cash on the game.
Jesse Smith
Feb 3, 2021
The game is a decent physics-based game where optimizing your route to go fast is your goal. It's fun for what it is, nothing special. Simple, which is great for the mobile platform, and fun in short bursts. What holds it back is that it's clearly balanced around microtransactions: costs increase exponentially while rewards remain linear. I was briefly considering getting premium until today's update 'rebalanced' the amount of premium currency you get to less than half of what it was before.
Keith Osmack
Jan 24, 2021
This was a great game at first. The prizes were adequate to purchase upgrades and stay competitive. Then wham, you advance to the level 7 bike and trying to get the level 8 bike is IMPOSSIBLE! how the heck are you supposed to by a $50,000 bike when you're awarded a measly $75 per win? Absolutely lopsided, ridiculous and irritating. I need $38,000 to reach the upgrade, that will take me 500 more gamea... now way. Deleting. Do not waste your time and download.
severin nilsen
Jan 21, 2021
The game is great, very fun except for some of the levels that have no business being as hard as they are. Fire example, the loco boss is so infuriatingly hard, it just pummels you into the ground when you get enough speed to finish the level.
Dom Bufardeci
Jan 21, 2021
Love this game, but... This morning I woke up and wanted to play. I went on to my game and it showed that I only had about 4000 dollars and that in order to upgrade my already upgraded bike it was over 3 million credits. Probably just a glitch but please try to fix this!!!
Rylee macfee
Jan 10, 2021
I love this game do much i think that it is amazing it really is there are so meany diffrent things to do i really recommend are different levels different Maps and you can choose a map and if you win some money and there's also Different Bikes in skins for your life and outfits I highly recommend this game 5 out of 5
Atticus Cyrcain Sejon
Jan 8, 2021
Love this game been playing for a few years now, but as you will see in many other reviews THE BILLBOARD ADS NEED TO GO. Or I would like the money I spent on being a premium user, so that I would not have to look at ANY FORM OF ADVERTISEMENT AT ALL, refunded. Thanks
hope armstrong_
Jan 3, 2021
Great game... Just CANNOT it is literally impossible to pass the 11/12 the last level of that level! I tried the headstart and white line to follow but doesn't help! The opponent is wayyyy too fast. The upgrade for the bike is on max for all three things of speed etc.. I really just can't pass. Please fix this. Also, it says to complete level three in order to get the bike, but when i try to get the bike it says complete level three but cant. Btw it is an amazing game I genuinely recommend this!
Fallon playzz
Jan 3, 2021
It's great. No ads except for when you want extra game cash and exp. The challenges and tracks are amazing it's challenging and also not impossible. The only thing is I wish they would create more bosses as you go on past the boss deuce.
Dawson Lacey
Dec 24, 2020
Very good game I like it but once you have fully upgraded all bikes and are well and truly into jam rounds your money increases heaps and there is nothing to spend it on so yeah that's just one thing i would like to see fixed. Mabey add some more bike or riding gear. Thanks 👍👍
Daniel Vancura
Dec 20, 2020
So Fun! I usually get bored with games very quickly but this one has me hooked it is really entertaining when you get the feeling for the rhythm of the jumps and you can fly through the levels so much fun!
Darrell Nutt
Dec 18, 2020
Added on-track billboard ads that kill performance and load times. Game is so choppy now that it's basically not worth playing anymore. For a game that relies on timing and accuracy to maintain the higher divisions, this is a dealbreaker.
Jude Khalil Darbouze
Dec 15, 2020
Great game and great mechanics. You learn by losing wich mean you might lose A LOT but in the end it makes it better. I still have a probleme with the getting back to a lesser division for not playing though.
Dan C
Dec 4, 2020
Increasing fun as you progress. Not a money greedy game. You can get all the cool items as you progress and with watching some adverts. The game is also not too difficult where you would get stuck and be coaxed into spending money to get out. The offers are there, but not overly money hungry. I would pay a small fee for zero ads.
Vivek Kumar
Nov 26, 2020
Cool gameplay It really keeps you attached. Contorl are awesome and gives goosebumps when you are about to lose. Really captivating. Nice to have played such a good game in the time when most of the games focus on graphics and ignore gameplay.
Dustin Spurlock
Nov 14, 2020
Fun. Keeps me busy during down time. Challenging. The only crappy thing is that its dam hard to beat the computer unless u purchase gold bars to upgrade ur bike. Other than that the game is pretty entertaining
Jacob Wilson
Nov 3, 2020
this game would be a lot better if the cpu's you go up against didnt do the track perfectly. they literally hit every jump perfect and dont mess up, it would be better if they had problems with the map instead of making no mistakes, it would be more realistic also. and some of the maps are way to long. and sometimes people with level 10 speed will be faster than me at the beginning while I'm a 27 speed, doesnt make sense.
Chandra Kala
Nov 2, 2020
Its really a game to try out but there is one glitch which makes me annoyed every time . It is that most of the times when I play any race then the back flip button automatically clicks even though I'm not clicking. I took of my hands from the mobile and I still see it is auto clicking I hope that they fix it
Neesha Fatmi
Nov 2, 2020
Pretty good game but If the cash you earn for the quick races or whatever they are were a bit more,like easy would be 900,medium would be 2,000 and hard would be 10,000.Im broke so It'd be nice if they did this and it would make my day better. Also if you want me to buy premium wait until I have the money instead of constantly saying "buy premium to get exclusive stuff". Sorry if I sound like a choosing beggar,I'm just kinda peeved that the cash is low in the quick races. Worth the buy though!:D
Kyle DeMontmorency
Oct 11, 2020
Really great game controls take a while to get used to but overall a decent game I would give it 5 stars if it wasnt for the fact that the AI are always perfect and dont make mistakes so it can be quite frustrating, but I would recommend this game.
Neil Jutras
Oct 3, 2020
I previously bashed this game but ive since beat it and am working on pro tracks as we speak. This is a game that takes lots of trial and error. Only reason for 4 stars is sometimes buttons dont respond, and it gets laggy every so often.
T. D.
Oct 1, 2020
Good game, easy to learn and hard to master which is how games should be in my opinion. You can have a maxed out bike but if you mess up a jump, you can lose. The reverse is true, as long as you can nail those jumps you can win against higher level bikes. Only reason it gets a 4 and not a 5 could potentially be just my phones fault and not the game, but 90% of the time performance is perfect. Every now and then though, there is a major lag spike and it gets unplayable until you reset the level
Roland Rider
Oct 1, 2020
simple responsive controls which makes the game all about your rhythm and strategy. lots of tracks, challenges and upgrades to keep it interesting. pretty good game to play for a few minutes or an afternoon.
Sep 29, 2020
Frustrating! Not fun after a while you're still slower than your opponent on a fully upgraded bike . Your opponent never falls never makes an error. Stuck on loco I give up it's impossible. Uninstalled!
JW Weakley
Sep 29, 2020
I like this game because your doing tricks and back flips on bikes and your racing a different player ever time you pass a level and the boss races are not to hard and not to easy it is perfect for this game this is the best game in the world
Jamie Daugherty
Sep 28, 2020
When you get higher up in the levels the bike attributes dont even matter. Your bike can be 4 points higher in speed and the computer bike will still be faster than yours. Its very noticeable in the start of the course. There will be no way to gain speed but the computer will be right there with you or even pass you.
Charl van Niekerk
Sep 23, 2020
This game is amazing. For all of you saying its rigged and it's too difficult I will say the following: you can have the best bike out there, maxed with all its attributes but if you miss time a jump and slam into a hill, a fast bike and a high jump cannot save those three seconds lost. Dont quit, get your technique down and you can win.
Deepak Garg
Sep 22, 2020
Game is good but i have found issue with the controls, up and down commands are palced on same side which causes great inconvenience. Up and down should be placed on either side. Else game is really awesome
Omoyele Ahmad
Sep 18, 2020
Interesting but stupid game. You need data to unlock the tracks after some time playing. I thought it was supposed to be an offline game. Once again, stupid game. And I think its like a fraud. You download the game with data and you still need data to unlock the levels. Stupid. Sorry but that's the best I could rate and say. But its a pretty good game though.
quinton wenk
Sep 17, 2020
I see a lot of people complaining in the reviews about "even if you have max stats... Etc blah blah blah." The devs arent going to be straight with you. You can beat it without spending a dime. If you cant beat it you just suck. For real. Love this game beat it decided id pay for vip. Great time kill and great challenge. Would love a 3d first person version of this game
Excited Hangman
Sep 17, 2020
Really awesome, but be warned it takes practice and skill, its beatable once you have a solid grasp of the controls. Play this game it's worth the time
Ryan Walsh
Sep 13, 2020
Good game. Physics are solid. Controls are simple but effective. To the one stars that say its too hard, they are giving up too easily or don't like a challenge.
P Wetherhill
Aug 22, 2020
Good. To a point. There comes a point in this game when you've maxed out all your bikes, you've got about 500k in the bank and nothing to spend it on, and yet you are physically slower than all your opponents. Its a shame because its enjoyable, but even with all the skill in the world you won't win. You can't even pay for upgrades with real money, so I don't even see the point. Its not a pay wall, its just poor game design.
Herick Gainey
Aug 20, 2020
Like the game, first few levels you can breeze through and after that it starts to get difficult. Wished there were different options to earn gold bars versus paying to keep progressing.
Mike G
Aug 18, 2020
I wish you could add crunching sounds like celery snapping when you crash, for added entertainment! Also, It does become difficult to progress without paying cash.
Betty Kirkpatrick
Aug 16, 2020
It's a very good game I wish there was more than just racing it gets boring after a while only racing also I'm stuck on the 5th world on the harder version the difficulty spikes on that world... other than that it's a great game and I'd suggest downloading it!
Kadyn Minnigh
Aug 10, 2020
I do like the game, however I have been stuck on one opponent for over a month. It wasnt even a boss battle, and all of the opponents right before that were much easier. Honestly there is no use playing a game you can't progress in.
John Grace Jr
Aug 4, 2020
Great game, although it gets very hard towards the end of career mode to win without rockets. I did beat career mode without them, I'm happy to say. But 4-5 of them i thought i never would win, evem with my bike maxed out amd their's not. U just have to be perfect on every jump, pump etc. And wait gives hints from watching ads, then it shows the best path on the track, if keep failing then it gives u a small headstart and then they are possible. Folks saying its not poss gave up to easy
Daniel Daugherty
Jul 27, 2020
I realy liked the game at first because it was easy to beat. But the it got to the point where I had maxed out my bike and the AI wasn't maxed out on anything, yet they still beat me. I was going to by more gold to get rockets, but no. The game is just a scam for your money. DO NOT buy anything off this game.
Nay Menner
Jul 21, 2020
It's a great game but the difficulty spike is so ridiculous I have a way better bike and better level then the npc but it can beat me with out effort and it gets to the point that I don't really want to play the game because it took me days to complete 1 level
lewis bourne
Jul 20, 2020
Great game, the addition of rank tiers based of new track times kept me playing for some time after completing the campaign. Likewise, the multiplayer is competitive unlike most games where it seems impossible to win
Morné Groenewald
Jul 15, 2020
I first gave it a 4 star rating because I really enjoyed the gameplay, but the game has come to the point where I am almost forced to pay to proceed, which I will not do, I understand it's supposed to get harder, but the difficulty spike is really unfair I feel, why did I spend so much time earning credits to upgrade my bike if some npc with a way less upgraded bike than mine can beat me so effortlessly?
Bryce Burk
Jul 11, 2020
Really enjoy this game. Great graphics and great controls as well. Easy to learn and fun to see how well you perform on the global leaderboards after every track. Ads are minimal and non intrusive.
Ankur D.
Jul 6, 2020
I love racing. And its graphics and controls are simple and clean. Multiplayer is the best can even beat urself. Challenge urself. Beat ur friend, beat ur past record, beat computer. Play offline. Needs a little tiny data while downloading its 2-3mb sized map. ! Awesome game for passing time. With rules of physics like gravity and acceleration!
Charlie Ailstock
Jul 4, 2020
Very fun and addictive, although some levels are hand and take awhile to finish but make sure that you are signed in so you can learn from top players, even play against them.
Aditya Padala
Jun 29, 2020
It was fun in the beginning but later it became frustrating as the game has increased the challenge so much so that you cannot compete with the other computer bike. If you're stuck at one level you cannot play the game anymore. Therr should be an opportunity to play other levels as well
Joe Garner
Jun 20, 2020
Great game especially for me because I can only use one hand backflips a little difficult. Wish you could set the buttons to be anywhere. Biggest complaint doesn't run smoothly. I can jump farther and go up and down much quicker when I change bikes orfirst time I login it plays really fast but then after that is a slows down
Jenson Hartmann
Jun 11, 2020
Playing now for about 2 weeks. Super cool. NO ADS, finally! A game without annoying ads that pop up every 30 seconds. I'm currently stuck on a level, a boss, Chico and I CANNOT beat him. Ive been playing him for at least 2 days now, and im using every hint. The rhythm must not be broken or you will loose. If you can't get a good start, you're F'd. If i made this game, an option for Haptic feedback because im tapping nothing at times happens then realize i tapped are nothing and I lose.
vanished account
May 28, 2020
I downloaded this game around the time it was new. Months later, I re-downloaded the game yesterday 5/26/20 and now I have completed the game, I done beat the career characters twice and have figured out that the track is the challenger, not the opponent. I don't have great intentions of doing jam and never did from the beginning. But all I can say is.. been a great run, with a great game, and a great job done by Turborilla. I really enjoyed this game, I may stay tuned on it. Awesome game, play.
May 28, 2020
Really this game is awesome... It's graphics as well as it's sound friction are also Awesome... However if i say truly, then i was going to rate this app 2 star , because after The boss battle Deuce ,there were no stadiums... But as well as i defeated the boss deuce ,there came all the past riders back with powerful skills... Thus, this is really a very awesome game... Thank you..
Asmita Kumari
May 26, 2020
This is the worst game i've ever played . If you want to cross the level 2 of the game you have to spend your real money and after buying rockets and upgraded bikes you will somehow get to 3-4 after again you have to spend money . Its full waste of time and money . I do not recommend this app.
Game Girl here
May 24, 2020
I like this game but the controls are not so advanced 😐 but the graphics is to too... coolllll😎. But whenever a new rider custom is unlocked according when level up it has an trailer option and whenever I am tapping it in online or offline it says that no trailer is available. But the competitive arrangement is superb ...... 😉 but unfortunately no stunts are available to increase our speed ...😯😯😑😑😣😣
Luna Flrczk
May 17, 2020
You can't get past level 3-12 with a fully upgraded bike unless you waste your real money to get rockets or another bike. I hated it.its a total pay to win and the game likes to randomize your chances on winning. They choose if its possible or not. Do not recommend it at all
zander Kelly
May 15, 2020
I just downloaded this game tonight (15/5/2020) and I'm already addicted.. i will be recommending this game to friends. P.S.i never leave reviews on games. The game play is spot on and very are amazing..sound is crystal clear and the menu and layout of the menu are very easily usable. 5 stars all the way.
Jenay Fourie
May 13, 2020
The game is a great time killer however it would lag like crazy making me slower than my opponent and then I also can't make big jumps because of the lost speed the lagging causes. So ultimately it completely ruined the game. Also, there are WAY too many adds.
dylan miller
May 13, 2020
The AI player jumps too perfectly. Also no way to select difficulty. Too hard to play when your bike is maxed out and you have no rockets left. Had to delete because of massive amounts of stress.
Aryaman Singh
May 8, 2020
Decent game but the AI is too hard to beat. It makes perfect jumps at the perfect times and it gets annoying after some time as your bike is maxed out.
Richie Monje
May 3, 2020
Best bmx racing game I ever played and the controlls are real easy to use... You just have to master your pumping and rhythm section skills on the track... You can also catch big time air. I would put 6 stars if I could
Apr 25, 2020
This is a really fun game. Great time killer. One thing that i wish they would add is that everytime you play an ai biker they run thw course perfectly. For example they dont time a jump wrong or they dont come down from a jump to early. So something Id like to see is that 1 out of 8 time you race an ai the ai has the chance to mess up or stumble
Apr 22, 2020
Great game! I think it would be cool if when the gate dropped at the start it did it on it's own without you having to click. Overall a great game for us bmx racers in quarantine.
Apr 21, 2020
Great game when it doesn't freeze while trying to beat someone. On or off wifi it freezes and it messes up the flow of the race. Very frustrating. If this gets fixed will change to 5 stars.
Apr 14, 2020
Fun time killer and I like that you can play and retry levels immediately without watching ads. However, they do a misleading thing in that they don't give ads to start, then they ask you for a review, then you get ads between levels after that point. Otherwise would have rated better. It also does get quite difficult... Some tracks require many attempts to get absolutely perfect, and it can get a bit annoying, especially when your bike is maxed.
Apr 5, 2020
I really enjoy this game but it would be cool to see more features added. Seems like a lot of repeat tracks in versus and no extra gold awarded to keep buying the other gear. A custom outfit and bike customization generator would be super rad. I'd buy it if those features were added. The jam rounds are fun and fairly competitive. Division is meaningless however.. no point to it except tracking consistency? Either way love the game! Keep adding things!
Apr 3, 2020
This game was fun at first but then it starts cheating you in-game. The controls start pressing themselves automatically and the bots you play against are so rigged that you have to pay to win. I'd recommend you have a strong phone case as this game will make you throw your phone for some reason😂 idk cuz I did I'm surprised this otterbox is holding up. I throw this phone alot, not the point. Just dont play for long periods of time it's very addictive and you'll get mad after awhile.RIP phone⚰📱
Mar 27, 2020
I give 5 stars because when I start playing it I stop only when my battery becomes empty. it's a very good game(perfect graphics, contols,...). Thank you to the developpers But i would like to ask to the developpers to improve multiplayer mode(play multiplayer live not to play and send results to friends) and add the ''Local Offline Multiplayer mode''😍💓💞❤💛 Like that the game would be perfect👌😎😘 Thanks again to the developpers
Mar 27, 2020
I give 5 stars because when I start playing it I stop only when my battery becomes empty. it's a very good game(perfect graphics, contols,...). Thank you to the developpers But i would like to ask to the developpers to improve multiplayer mode(play multiplayer live not to play and send results to friends) and add the ''Local Offline Multiplayer mode''😍💓💞❤💛 Like that the game would be perfect👌😎😘 Thanks again to the developpers
Mar 25, 2020
Fun game but the rocket stages are dumb. You can hit the jumps perfect but you always fall. Make it so the guy stays on the bike and then I'll rate it 5 stars. Especially the Favelas rocket stage.
Mar 23, 2020
High Purchase Price PLUS Micro Transaction Gouging. I decided to bite the bullet and pay the high $14 price tag to ditch ads and get other starter benefits, which I was fine doing. However, I quickly realized the Dev still price gouges you after handing over $14 by continuing to block skins/items behind expensive pay walls by way of in-game gold that is incredibly rare to earn and costs a damn fortune to buy. For this reason DO NOT SUPPORT THIS DEV BY PURCHASING THIS GAME OR IN-GAME ITEMS!!
Mar 13, 2020
I've only played it for a bit. Multiplayer doesnt feel like it. It should be live race like other racing games. Game is fun and challenging solo. Fix multiplayer and make it more exciting.
Mar 9, 2020
Great game i love it allot. Idea for the next game, if there will be a mad skills bmx 3. Bring in big customizations, from wheels, tires, bars to frames and everything inbetween. Character customizations aswell. Make it easier to get gold and focus on time attacks between friends and it would be unlimitaly replayable.
Feb 25, 2020
I love this game... Play it daily. In my opionion its the perfect level of difficulty and theres hints boosts etc for when you get stuck... Nothing seems too out of reach or hard to earn thus far... Good job guys! I used to race bmx professionally and the pump and jump feature is super on point! I love it!
Feb 22, 2020
I get what they are trying to do. Basically you think you can beat it on free to play, until a certain point where even with the most upgraded bike available, the opponent has higher stats on the bike and always wins. The only option is to conveniently buy gold bars to buy the next levels fully upgraded bike for 300 gold bars...
Feb 21, 2020
Terrible. I've been playing the loco level all day now. And it's been getting really obsessive after the 1000th time I pressed the restart button. Its stupidly unfair and evidently impossible to beat him. The game says my nike can go faster, but clearly it cant. Absolutely atrocious
Feb 19, 2020
I ran out of 'time' and wasn't allowed to continue racing a random opponent (unless I bought more time with real money), so I uninstalled :D I don't know when I could race again. And I wasn't even allowed to watch more adverts so that I could race again lol :D
Feb 18, 2020
I really liked the game half a year a go. It was challenging, but not impossible. Hence I downloaded it again, but it is currently unplayable. It is extremely laggy or choppy as others would say. A fix would be great. Cache from my phone was cleared without success.
Feb 14, 2020
This game has a very pretty concept . It's way too challenging. I learned what determination really is. I tried 40 times to complete some boss fights. And This really proves that hardwork is the key to success. Never give up✔️
Feb 6, 2020
Initially the game was totally smooth and the graphics were without any lag, but just after one week of gameplay and acquiring level 11, the game has got a lot of graphics glitch and as the game is speedy the characters aren't visible at all, kindly resolve, love the game for sure but now m annoyed since couple of weeks.
Jan 26, 2020
This game is so great, it hooks you and doesn't let you go, it has great mechanics, amazing gameplay, and doesn't push the microtransactions on you like other games In fact paying for stuff almost never gets you stuff other than aestheticly. Over all it's a great game and I would and have recommended.
Jan 25, 2020
It's a joke really I enjoyed this game until I got to the loco bike is faster and has same jump level but yet he seems to win every single time..I've been stuck for 3 days I've had over 200 attempts at this..rockets do nothing for you on this level but yet they want you to buy buy buy..unless you do every jump 100% you have no chance of winning..please help fix this
Jan 19, 2020
Semi decent game with huge control issues, obviously fine and fun up until a point. recently I've played and the controls barely register. Jumps don't register and suddenly all forward momentum is then lost. Not one for anybody who gets frustrated easily.
Jan 18, 2020
It takes some playing to get the controls down, but is consistently fun to play. A lot of variety in tracks and challenging.
Jan 13, 2020
Good at the start, but as I reach higher speeds my biker randomly falls off. I'm on a level piece of the track and then the biker is like 'alright I'm going to fall off now have a nice day'. Ruined it, I'll revise rating when this is fixed.
Jan 8, 2020
Great game but... I have a 2019 flagship phone and this game tends to be choppy. Sometimes it runs smoothly, but most of the time it is a little choppy. The longer I play, the choppier it gets, until I just can't play anymore without either restarting the app or restarting my phone. This is with no other apps running and graphics set at "smooth". Was on the border between 3 and 4 stars just for this reason. Other than that it's a very fun game.
Jan 1, 2020
Tiny Wings with 3D graphics and a bike not a bird. That's pretty much all you need to know. The game is tough and easy at the same time. The learning curve is perfect. You learn and you advance. The more you watch the replays of your races you can see where you can improve which is a nice touch. Great game and the adverts are fine, not too many and just enough that you will not get annoyed by them and the coders get paid!
Jan 1, 2020
I've been awarded gold bars for upgrades but they don't go into the inventory. Frame skips regularly. Would be better if these things got fixed.
Dec 31, 2019
Very good game except the usual issue of reaching an impossible point to pass unless you spend money. Other than that pretty good to use up a few hours before you reach that point.
Dec 29, 2019
Mad Skills BMX 2 is a great game period. There are tons of haters who compain about the difficulty, saying its much too hard. They say the only outlet is to pay money. I say their 100% wrong. You can watch top players runs giving you ideas on how to get faster. Along with using alotted upgrades and rockets. Thousands of people have beaten the game. And if you dont like a challenge then go play a game for 2 year olds.
Dec 26, 2019
Would be an exceptional game except the UI has very little to no thought at all on layout. The jump and pump buttons are so insanely close together you either mash them at the same time, or miss them altogether. If they were spaced properly, the game would be more enjoyable.
Dec 16, 2019
Desert track, 5-11 graphics are glitching badly which is making the game almost unplayable. I do like this game, it is challenging, easy to upgrade bikes, please fix stage 5-11 .. 3 star rating reflects on that issue
Dec 15, 2019
East game i have personil played i had fun but a bug or few . but you have to try you best on some levels and on some levels it is hard but all aside the game is great. I have shinsed the level three boss onlee took a couple of trys. Thanks for reading aotocorret
Dec 14, 2019
I love this game it's my motive race Motocross but it's the best thing to racing motocross on a virtual reality without getting hurt there's no hurt you can hook it and backflips and stuff rocket booster kind of cheesy but whatever like to see some more of tail whips and tricks like that added to the game if it possible to get a decent it's totally totally totally good game thank you very much my girl hates it too cuz I spend too much time playing it
Dec 8, 2019
I love everything exept the controls, having the jump and pump right on top of eachother is a terrible idea. Other than that, great game.
Dec 1, 2019
Developers must be retarded, they force you to beat a boss to unlock a new bicycle only then to have you spending money to buy said bicycle, not only that but the upgrading system. Isn't entirely linear with the difficulty level. Uninstalled after 10 minutes of gameplay
Nov 12, 2019
Its a really fun game but takes alot of work, the leviling up tacks along time but its worth it in my opinion im leval 23 at the moment and it took me along time to get were i am i really do recommend the game And u dont need wi-fi to play (you only need wi-fi for jam) the actual in game story typ thing gets really hard and complicated. Overall its a fun game aswell as the solo you can also play with friends.
Nov 9, 2019
The game is nice. The bikes are great. Also, it needs an upgrade to all bikes customized, to be different for all racer's bikes. The bike parts, should be departed parts, for all players to use their own different styles of racing, with their own riding styles, like for example cranks, chains, hand-bars, etc..
Nov 7, 2019
I completely know as a fact this Mad Skills BMX ✌️ is funnest game out there. After first 5 minutes my right thumb is sore dew to pressing on the peddle button thinking bike is going to go faster , serious I press down it gets pretty close on cracking the screen. Must do something about having better choices to save replay's couple of races I wished I could have save .
Oct 19, 2019
This game is really good. But I think everyone should race against the same racer who has the same point skills. Not like. My point skills are 7 and I have to race someone that's 18 point skills. I can't ever catch him. So everyone listen don't spend your gold keep saving it up and money as well. Then buye the best BMX there is up grade it to the max then see who's the best...
Oct 18, 2019
Not a bad time killer but you do reach a point to where you have to spend actual money to get ahead. You cant see the computers stances so just about every other bike is faster than you if you dont have the rockets.
Oct 14, 2019
The game is amazing. This game has different courses, with different ramps, it's wonderful challenge among different game players, with each other playing challenges against each other. Love it.
Oct 13, 2019
Basic game that wants you to spend money to progress through game. A certain places in game my bike would stop being able to jump gaps even fully upgraded. Wanted me to buy next bike with gold which you have to purchase.
Oct 3, 2019
This game is really fun and so far I haven't had to buy a single thing and I'm at the Liz boss you have to figure out some speed and jump techniques to beat certain characters but it's to be expected great game overall
Sep 27, 2019
A few hours in and the tracks are getting quite tactical and yet the game stays engaging. The technique to build up speed is easy to learn but hard to master. Deciding to jump or pump could be the difference in winning or losing. Loving it.
Sep 15, 2019
Pretty fun game but some of the tracks have no rhythm to them. Also if you dont connect your Google play the first time you start playing it makes you start a new character losing all your progress. That being said it's fun and a good time killer.
Sep 11, 2019
Your guys servers suck! I had issues a couple weeks back where I couldn't even sign into my profile, that was fixed (after about 2 weeks). I've played this game for probably about a year and half to 2 years and never had any LAG issues and now I have LAG issues everytime I play. Sorry but i couldn't take it anymore and uninstalled the game from my phone. You lost a top competitor because of sucky servers... I'm disappointed..
Aug 27, 2019
this is a fun game. Really competitive as well. But the developer needs to make rockets and even gold available to be purchased with in game money. Currently i have $350,000 with nothing spend it on. At higher levels the game feels completely pay to win and game feels broken without spending real dollers.
Aug 22, 2019
PLEASE HELP, SINCE LAST UPDATE I HAVE TO REINSTALL EVERY TIME I WANT TO PLAY!!! The most addictive game on android! I can't even remember how long I've been paying this game but it's well over a couple of years now. awesome fast paced game play and constant new tracks. So much gameplay for free, I only bought the full version because I wanted to repay the developers for all the fun they've given me. Only complaint is that gold should be easier to come by, especially after paying for premium.
Aug 22, 2019
The app itself is really fun and has been great in the past. But now the only way I can play it is if I uninstall and reinstall it. Otherwise is will just load forever. I think I will be deleting it for good as i have reinstalled it twice and it hardly seems worth the hassle
Aug 12, 2019
solid mechanics, enjoyable game. Completely ruined by 25 second advertisements for other apps that cannot be skipped, and an over abundance of advertising for in game purchases that get in the way.
Aug 9, 2019
really god graphics really fun and there is no ads whatsoever. you dont have to pay unless you want to get premium witch you dont have to unless you want some certain paints for bikes or certain gear. there are bosses that are really fun and hard to race and if you beat the boss it unlocks a new bike you can buy. you can get money to buy stuff by doing races and different challenges. this is my favorite game on my entire phone. I love this game I could play it for hours straight.I love this game
Aug 1, 2019
I do love this game. Its addictive and easy to pick up but currently during game play if you switch from pushing down to up (to jump) the game crashes and shuts down. Im using a s9 so its not my phone.
Jul 28, 2019
the game is fun... but the jump (up) button is in the same spot on a Samsung that closes the application... I could just not press it so hard, but when your getting into the game... you press the jump button harder cos I'm getting into the game... but then... CLOSE... I'm on my phone's home screen. it makes me soooo mad.
Jul 19, 2019
been playing this game for at least a year. im level 48 right now as i type this. its been a sweet game for the time being. i just wish the tracks would stop cycling in the vs mode.. ive been riding on the same tracks for 3 months.. still good for it to switch every thursday for the vs mode and the jam sections. hawaii was a nice add... you guys should add another story mode slot and maybe come out with different vs tracks.
Jul 15, 2019
Its really frustrating that a computer biker that has a rating 4 to 5 points below mine is faster in every way. Whats the point? I maxed out my bike and a biker that has a bike that is a 25 on flat land was pulling away from me. The graphics are set to the lowest setting and its jittery and jumping. Its hard to see what's happening.
Jul 11, 2019
The bikes they give you are not meant for the tracks. You have to be perfect in order to make it past. I think they do this to get you to spend money to upgrade. It's too much of a PIA to level up. Unistall.
Jul 3, 2019
the game is fun, the crashes looks really realistic like what it would loot like if u really crashed lol, the game is fun with awsome graphics u should really take my advice, i dont lie, download now for free!
Jul 1, 2019
its a great game. i love it but i hate the pay wall on level 3-11. remove it and it will be a solid 5. as others have mentioned just give an option to watch am ad for one or a couple of boosts. thats all ot needs. thanks for the game)))
Jun 27, 2019
game is pretty fun but after you get to level 8 be prepared for constant ads. after every race. ADS! not short ones. 30 second ads. they REALLY want their $10 to remove the ads. if you hate constant ads. pass on this game. there are ways to make money without bombarding your customers. enjoy. I uninstalled the game because spending 30 seconds of every minute dealing with ads is stupid.
Jun 27, 2019
honestly the gameplay is pretty good. I wasn't really able to get in the groove and really figure out how to play ads interupt a little too often. I understand there need to be ads, but give us a chance to play before ad bombardment. Sigh, just telling it how it is.
Jun 17, 2019
This is a fun game, Graphics are good and sound effects are realistic. it would be nice if there was a freestyle mode so you could just ride the tracks and jump ramps. It would also be nice if you could race more than one person at a time.
Jun 4, 2019
Pretty cool game, great time killer. Gets a little frustrating with the ads so spending a little cash to get rid of them. is a must!
Jun 1, 2019
game is fun except for one thing. the controls suck everytime you misplace your finger it automatically takes you outa the game and it's annoying to have to keep going back to it. will never play this game again.
May 29, 2019
This is a brilliant game. The only downfall about this game is that the rockets are hard to get in my opinion u should be able to watch an advert to get a coulpe. The rockets will be really useful on track 3 level 11 as I am stuggling to complete this level. Apart from this really good game.
May 24, 2019
This is a very interesting and beautiful game...Its challenging cause your timing has to be perfect. The attention to detail is amazing... Tip: If you want to slow the replay ..just touch hold on your screen and slide your finger slowing in the direction which u want to slow it down..... you can rewind the replay by swiping left and fast forward swiping right ....Its beautiful 👍
May 22, 2019
Solida gameplay and well polished. It is true that it often feels like pay-to-win, but I can look past that due to the fact that it is solid AND the ads are few and far between. It's obvious the developers care more about a pleasant experience over trying to make a dollar off of you via invasive ads. The controls are terrible sometimes, but not too bad.
May 9, 2019
This game increases the BP at one level-loco. U just cannot pass that level. Even though u may have beaten all ur timings and passed each level, u still cannot pass loco. But the game is good. I hope the developers do something about it as I want to play cannot
Apr 24, 2019
edit 04/23/19: Great physics makes it fun to play. Ads have become intrusive, happening after every other race now. Achievement awards are pathetic. ex: 1000 xp for upgrading all bikes. Still fun to play but losing its appeal
Apr 21, 2019
Easy and Fun to play. the controls are easy and simple which makes it a great stress reliever at times. if you like bmx this will be a great experience for people
Apr 9, 2019
was a really fun game, then it got way to difficult, how about giving an easy or hard setting? I just want to breeze through without having to be an expert in the game.
Mar 23, 2019
uminstalled and reinstalled on galaxy 9+ unstable as the levels increase. will crash at least a few times within a couple minutes. paid to get rid of ads. still crashing. on loco stage. really want to like this game as it is very addicting.
Feb 14, 2019
Bugs make this game very annoying once you get into higher levels. The down button will randomly press while I am in the air sometimes even though my screen is clean. I can't progress in the game after several hundred tries at the current level I am stuck at, even with a head start and my bike has better stats than the AI. You read that right, several hundred tries. Goodbye Mad Skills BMX 2!
Feb 4, 2019
this game is great,i love to spent kill the time by playing this game.But i'd like to ask for several updates.First,the difficulty is still hard.I couldn't beat boss anymore,still stuck in Locco even with a fully upgraded bike and rider.So i want the difficulty to be reduced again.Another issue is about the AI,we can not beat the boss because the AI is too strong,and never did a mistake.So the developer should make the AI to be more realistic by making them do any mistakes.Thank you 🙏
Jan 16, 2019
Tiny wings variant with bikes and a few additions. Slow bikes can't really compete on harder maps because you can't make the necessary jumps, so progression is a little slow and they try to sell you micro transactions.
Jan 5, 2019
The game is great, but if you could add some others gameplay mechanics like tricks that would be awesome. also it would be better if the camera was a little closer, it sucks if we get to customize and not enjoy seeing it. lastly if slow motion can be added to the replay that would just be perfect.. i hope the game devs consider these suggestions.
Dec 21, 2018
Good game with good gameplay and challenge. Only problem is the occasional stuttering which degrades the gameplay performance. A suggestion: Please add graphics and particle reduction so this game may be played a lot smoother for low-end phones.
Dec 14, 2018
Graphics are good, controls are effective game is very challenging and gets your attention real quick. No provoking ads or unexpected shutdowns. Wanna give it a try ? Get your game face on.
Nov 12, 2018
One, the game is pretty cool, what i dont like is that the fact that you cant make your own rythme lines, don you have to follow the ai lines, on top of that, the jumping, why does it take me almist an hour trying to beat a level because any little misfracton on a jump makes me comoletely lise the momentum i get from previous jumps, oh i jumped this jump perfectly, i got speed, but if i barly, just barly tap the lip of the jump, i lose my speed and i dont make the next jump? Also i hit rythmes perfectly but somehow if i dont launch correctly, i lise my speed and cant make this next jump, work on the controls and physics more. Because i hate following ai lines and my own lines are and can not be faster then ai rythme lines.
Nov 12, 2018
Dont get this game!! It would be great of it didnt require you to use your own money to beat an opponent that's inferior to you based on the levels. I've been playing the same board and opponent for a while and can not beat him without using rockets purchased with my debit card!
Oct 18, 2018
I don't mind the game... Great for killing time. And one of the few games that you can actually grind in a normal time to progress without soe ding any money on it. One thing that really bothers me though is the way the Rockets don't add up. I have noticed on several occasions where I have earnt a rocket pack for levelling-up and then my actual rocket count is less than what I had before the rocket pack. I hate to say it but these kind of glitches always make me feel like the developers are behind these developments
Oct 15, 2018
This game would be so much beter if you could make it through a lap of the race without it glitching and freezing.. Even with Wi-Fi this game freezes and works really slow.. Other then that I like the game. Please fix this I spend money on this game frequently and I'm about to delete it..
Sep 20, 2018
Game gets boring after a while. Too many laps and one mistake you have to start over. Jump button is too close to the down button so if you try to hit jump sometimes your thumb ends up hitting down. New bikes can only be bought with gold after a certain point which makes cash irrelevant.
Sep 13, 2018
Good game, but there is a massive paywall, where you can be 3 upgrades above your opponent, but somehow doing the exact same moves as you they can go faster. It was fun, now all it's fun is locked behind a paywall, either spend money or don't advance. Your choice.
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