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Kevin L
Jun 6, 2022
Absolutely no reason a stationary item (a lock) needs location permissions. EDIT: Now you get to see their customer service! [looks like it disappeared. the response was... basically "Just turn the permissions on"... There is no reason you should need my location to make a stationary lock work. There is no reason to design the app this way. The fact that you are so insistent confirms there's a gross reason you "need" my location data.
Joycelyn Y Williams
Jun 5, 2022
No point in having wifi when it's Bluetooth that operates the device on the smart phone, wait, but we're remote. Defeats the purpose of "You can assign access codes for Abnb guests from anywhere!" App fails. Why don't You do the firmware updates! App download ✔️s for auto updates, but apparently not true.
Samuel Gettman
Jun 5, 2022
This app needs an overview of the doors for the house. I don't need to see every option for each individual door. I would just like to see all the doors so I can quickly lock and unlock the doors.
Kim Savageau
Jun 3, 2022
Spent the extra $50 to have the option to unlock my door while walking up to my house frok my phone. Unfortunately it never works. It says I need to update the firmware or that I'm out if range. It is up to date and I can literally have my phone touching the lock and it still won't work. Do not waste your money.
yousef dash
May 30, 2022
Works well stand alone. Can't connect to google home or assistant. Kwikset Home App needed but can't be found. I have a Halo lock. Connecting this app to the google assistant is not possible.
Curtis Roze
May 26, 2022
Garbage app. I have the Halo touchscreen lock. Customer service has tried to help. Very nice. But they are hamstrung by the architecture. They can't see the app communication to the servers. Have no way to support app problems. I am floored at how poorly this was implemented. Buy a different lock. This one sucks.
Frank DiMartino Jr
May 20, 2022
App just quit today. Won't even open on my Android 11 smartphone. When it did work it was buggy & the main complaint I had is it wouldn't notify me of a status change on the lock (now unlocked or locked) for several minutes, sometimes with it not sending any notifications at all! Yes, batteries were checked and not the problem. My response to the developers: Yes, I deleted & reinstalled the app twice. Yes, app notifications were on & never changed. Phone hardware is NOT the issue. It's your app!
Shel Stanley
May 19, 2022
The app is so messed up every two or so weeks I have to reset the lock to get it back on wifi I have full signal to the front door using a netgear nighthawk router with a gig internet connection from spectrum this is ridiculous can you all just add a simple wifi reestablish option in the app to reduce this annoyance having to add fingerprints back each reset is not practical you all know this is going on and just giving us a generic response of call us is not great do something already
Shonda Smart
May 16, 2022
All of a sudden the app does not want to work. I do not have an email to update like I did in April. I am sitting here infront of the lock and its telling me I am not in bluetooth range (yes I have it on). If I was able to add a screen shot on this review I would. I have the updated app as well.
Thomas Daugherty
May 15, 2022
What a straight up POS!! The lock and the app are terrible! Won't connect to my home wifi and after 10 reset attempts isn't connecting to Bluetooth!
May 14, 2022
This app has been aggravating to say the least. I have a condo in the mountains, about 4 hours drive from home. I love being in control of the different codes as I had to change one to keep someone out that had their own code to get in. After MANY phone calls and costing me extra money to get someone else to update it for me, they seem to have finally fixed one problem but still have other problems. I give visitors passcodes of their phone number but some phone numbers, the app doesn't accept. If I had left this review a year ago, it would have been a one star. If they fix a couple more problems, it would be a 5 star.
Lynn Haxton
May 11, 2022
PLEASE! Update for STRs. We need to be able to program a code for, say, 3pm May 25 to 10am May 30. I know ypu have time and day. But we need time and DATE!
Levi Taylor
May 8, 2022
First off, the locks are marketed as being WiFi, but instead they're Bluetooth. Everything you need to do with them as far as setting them up, changing their codes, or resetting the locks because it incorrectly registers that the deadbolt was jammed when it wasn't, all demands Bluetooth. This means that you are required to be within range (~30ft) from the device. The only function over WiFi is (un)locking and receiving the notifications for such. Unfortunately, those have now been very delayed.
Sum Was
May 4, 2022
I have been locked out of my house 3 times now because the app isn't responding, offline or the lock doesn't want to accept my fingerprints. Kwikset needs to create a fix before they become liable! Kwikset, none of your suggestions work and the app hasn't responded in 2 days. It keeps crashing. Find a fix please.
J Adams
May 1, 2022
The app was okay. It was never great. But now even though I've changed the batteries, the battery's level still show that it's low And therefore I cannot work the lock through the app. Manually operating the lock works great.
Mike Killion
Apr 30, 2022
When selecting the end date, the app opens the calendar to the current month instead of opening to the month of the start date, which is a poor UX and costs extra time. There needs to be an option to sort the people by the dates that they have access.
Mitch Silver
Apr 23, 2022
Android App freezes with in 3 sec of launch. Reset, reload does not fix. Called support. Was hung up on first time. Second and third time, support said there is no issue with this new version. Either they don't know or hiding the fact that it is just a bad version. Waiting for an update to be released
Melinda Embleton
Apr 23, 2022
Constantly tells me the lock is offline because I'm out of Bluetooth range even though Bluetooth is turned on and I'm directly in front of the door. I also keep getting emails to update my firmware but there is no button available in-app to do this.
Apr 22, 2022
After the update 2 days ago my lock has disabled the auto-lock feature on its own again and "sync failed" is the only thing it does when trying to turn it back on. Last time I had to factory reset and remove the lock from my account and start over. It's not worth the fight every time, as of now, completely TRASH app.
Taylor Parr
Apr 20, 2022
I agree with most of the bad reviews on here. Had the lock system over a year and done multiple firmware updates as the came up. The lock doesnt hook to wifi like it should and bluetooth range is a short range. The app needs a lot of work the app processes everything very very slow and you make changes that alot of time fail to processed. I wouldn't waist my time or money for this lock if you havent bought or set up already.
Apr 20, 2022
We've had the lock for a long time now. I had no issues with pairing or setting it up. The alerts work perfectly and we were even able to set up personal passcodes. I've seen the reviews and am quite surprised that people have had so many issues. Keep up the good work!
Konstantin Ignatyev
Apr 20, 2022
Application does not open with initialization error, tried to reinstall and removed data. Still the same.
Joe Skelly
Apr 19, 2022
Not sure why all the negative ratings, setup the unit, installed the app, and I had a self induced problem where I put the batteries in before the lock was fully in place, so it ran through the lock position setup before it was ready. Pulled the batteries, followed the clear instructions, and got it setup for myself, wife, and kids.
Apr 17, 2022
None of the disconnection issues seen in other negative reviews and day one of trials went well... However the app demands location data which is unacceptable for remote management of a lock. My phone location is irrelevant for that. I'll gladly increase the review if that data mining piece is fixed.
Chris A.
Apr 15, 2022
4/15/2022. App is slow,NO UPDATE SINCE 2021 and it freeze so that u can not get out of it. Unless you close everything on your phone. I also is hard to change or add a fingerprint when it freezes. Then you do not know if it added or not until you press lock again.. kwikset needs more update and money towards this app!!! I have a halo lock..
Dell Stephens
Apr 11, 2022
Received the product this afternoon, it's now 11pm, and I'm still fighting with the app trying to get an account set up. It asks for passcode, but doesn't tell you the requirements until you've tried to submit. Then it doesn't accept the new submission, because there is some new requirement. Keep getting the same error box. Maybe an instruction sheet could be enclosed in the box to guide the user. I'll see if I can complete the app set up tomorrow, so I can begin installing the product.
Eric Francis
Apr 11, 2022
Incredibly disappointing "smart" lock experience. Install is clunky, adding fingerprints fails half of the time, and it drains batteries very fast (about every 2-3 months with minimal use).
Lara Tovar
Apr 8, 2022
We installed the kwikset Halo lock & it kept going off line. After failing to find the answer on google and on the website, we figured out the what the problem was. All we did was remove the batteries that came with the lock & replaced them with a fresh pack of batteries. Now our lock is back on line. I hope this helps others who are having this problem.
Nate F
Apr 8, 2022
The Bluetooth feature is totally unreliable. When I mentioned to Kwikset, I got insulting email back. *Kwikset, don't mansplain, fix the software and firmware*
Tigran Orujyan
Apr 7, 2022
The battery drains fast. I had to buy heavy duty batteries, since the lock is used a lot. Sometimes it disconnects from the app and when trying to use the app to open the lock, it won't complete the process. Also, please add the sound notification customization option. I would like to have a different sound than the phone's general one.
Jordan Tellez
Apr 5, 2022
Was ok to install. Bought 2 one immediately came broken and then the second didn't have all the right machine screws so had to improvise.
Fred Eisele
Apr 4, 2022
Frustrated wasting my time, I try to configure the app and all it does is spin. It is not ready for prime time. The developers need an update fast. I've always liked Kwikset locks, but now I'll remember Kwikset as archaic and not ready for the future.
Andrew Tomasik
Apr 3, 2022
Lock is horrible. Waste of money. Keeps disconnecting, batteries drain extremely fast without any usage. Every couple months it needs to be reset and reconfigured. For no reason started beeping this morning like what the hell???
Gabriela Mihoc
Mar 31, 2022
Not sure if it's the app or the lock but , replaced batteries because it says 20% and still shows that and cannot make the firmware update. And the lock always gets jammed when I lock and have to use it manually, so what's the purpose of having a smart lock? 🤔
Joyce P
Mar 26, 2022
When the app works, it's great but it seems to not work more then it works. I've had this lock for a week now and I've have to do 3 factory resets and several take the batteries out and force close the app. If this keeps up, I will not be the owner of this lock, I will be returning it. Kwikset needs updates to the app or something.... I am a long time Kwikset lock owner but this Halo Touch, as cool as it is, is realty making me not like Kwikset anymore so let's get with the program, Kwikset!!
Tim Brearly
Mar 25, 2022
Please add more notification control options and increase Google home integrations/ifttt, this app is just barely adequate at the moment and not consistent with other smart lock brands on the market
Mar 21, 2022
I just bought this for aura lock. It makes me update the app only for it to Freeze and do nothing. I've deleted and reinstalled the app. It took me an eternity to install lock and now because of the app I may end up taking back to home depot for a refund. What a waste of $200!!
Cricket Manjarrez
Mar 20, 2022
I've removed and reinstalled the batteries multiple times. The phone is paired to my phone. It still fails Immediately after submitting the new user. my original review remains, even after customer support. This app is consistenly failing. The lock is constantly failing. What a frustrating product! It won't allow new users to be added so it's useless for the fingerprint lock function.
Mar 20, 2022
It constantly says jammed when it is in fact not jammed....also there is no option to unlock when the app thinks it's jammed, all it lets you do is keep trying to lock a jammed lock
Aaron Powers
Mar 19, 2022
Awful app won't allow me to update. I will be returning lock and avoiding kwikset locks from now on.
Mar 17, 2022
I purchased this lock specifically because of the "auto lock" feature. Unfortunately, it is not configurable. It would be great if you could specify a time for the door to auto lock every day instead of just "after 5 minutes". I want my door to lick at 8pm and midnight every day.
Alvin Aponte
Mar 11, 2022
Garbage CS, my account is locked my HALO Smart Lock useless now, CS I call them they not able to help. They told me I need to buy another lock and create another account with different email,, BS, USELESS COMPANY🤬🤬. Also if your account becomes locked, prepare to use another email account because they cannot reset your original. Over a year they are saying they been working on when you reset your wifi network,.you cannot make change it in kwikset app, everything is useless. Scam company.
Carolyn Krahner
Feb 26, 2022
Terrible app. I'm very disappointed. I used to use a remote key and decided to try this lock so we can connect it to our phones. It doesn't open lock right away and you need to be pretty close to it for it to work. I wish I knew before we bought this
Dan Wells
Feb 24, 2022
NOT user friendly at all! Constantly disconnecting and had to reinstall factory settings after firmware update. Have to call customer support multiple times to help reset. Support is very friendly and helpful but app and lock are extremely frustrating. Will never purchase a kwikset smart lock again.
Henry Hernandez
Feb 21, 2022
Dear developer, Here is a dumb question, where do I find the notifications settings in my app on an Android phone. When I first got it last year in 2021 I would receive a notification when locked and unlocked. I tried looking under settings and making sure my phone was letting the app push notifications but still no luck. Has this feature been deleted to customize it? The settings had an area for lock sounds but never receive any sounds when locked, unlocked or failed lock. Thanks
Mark Meyer
Feb 20, 2022
This app (and the Halo lock) continues to be a constant frustration. For something that costs so so much, you'd think it would work? It doesn't. My lock is constantly offline. I have dozens of other IoT things that never lose connection and are always available. Even when the lock pops back online, I can not remotely lock or unlock with the app. Refunds should be offered until the locks can be reliably fixed.
J Cloudz
Feb 9, 2022
This app take 8yrs to open. Then in the middle of setup, will crash or take another 8yrs to process info then crash to make you start all over. Finally got it all finished but whenever I reopen the app, it's jeopardy music while it says retrying 1/3, retrying 2/3, retrying 3/3, close. Please fix
Tracy Mauro
Feb 8, 2022
The lock and the app appear to work great, the 3 star review is because I cannot add the device to my Echo. When I try to log on to the Kwikset app through Alexa it never accepts the user ID and password. I've even tried changing it in the Kwikset app then going back to Alexa and I still does not work.
Virgilio Munoz
Feb 7, 2022
Discrepancy in this App between two devices, mysmartphone and tablet. The account do not synchronize the access codes. Some access code shown in one device but not in the other. Tried uninstalling, re-installing and still showing the same issue. :(
Latoshua Goggins
Feb 3, 2022
All of a sudden this app takes forever to open. Once I finally get it open it takes so long to log me in that it times out. I cant send out codes
Anthony Deaver
Feb 1, 2022
Don't use the app that much as I have it all managed through Alexa. That said, setting up the locks wasnt bad. Some UI issues and clunkiness but serviceable. REALLY wish there was a way to disable certain notfications in the app. It gets really annoying when having work done on the house and contractors are in and out all day. Every day. For weeks.
James Atkins
Feb 1, 2022
Worst app and locking system ever! I would rate it a zero if possible. My first electronic/wifi lock and it's horrible. It worked fine the first 2-3 weeks after install, now it stays offline, never connects except by Bluetooth when I'm home, don't send any notifications of when it's been locked or unlocked!? It's so bad now it won't even let me clear the lock history. Just a waste of time and money. I'll go with a Schlage next time!
Marcel N
Jan 31, 2022
Hi Team, Can you please make Android widgets for us? It takes so many steps to unlock frequently used doors and a homepage widget would be most appreciated! Thanks
Greg Blackport
Jan 29, 2022
It seemed to sort of work when I first got it. But by then I had bought 4 locks, so decided to hope it would get better. Technical support was very patient with me and over tome it got better. It used to eat batteries, but I think some firmware updates helped that. You still can't go a full year on a set of 4 AA's. But it really does work now and alerts you when door is opened or closed. I'd give it 5 stars if the app had a page to tell you if firmware is up to date or not. No way to know.
Wendy Barbe
Jan 28, 2022
Pretty much useless. First it only works on one phone, period. Second remote access is a joke. Hit the open in the car and walk up the driveway subzero and stand and wait, and wait, and wait. Give up and direct access on the door code buttons walk in the house greet the dogs, go to the bathroom and 5 minutes later the app finally beeps and says the door is already unlocked. Seriously!?
Ferdinand Soriano
Jan 27, 2022
Teribble app/system. Purchased the Halo Touchscreen, and it took multiple attempts to add the lock in the app. Once the lock is added to the system, the app goes offline on its own, and it's across the wifi/router system. Online support is not very helpful, and the options to fix the issue are the same for all issues. Even with the recommendations to resolve the issue, the problem persists. It is unknown if it's the lock mechanism that is faulty or the kwikset application.
Tasha Kennedy
Jan 27, 2022
I was nervous about my purchase after seeing the reviews, but couldn't be more pleased. Was easy to install and connect with Alexa. I'm able to schedule codes and times for my contractors, they haven't had any problems. A month later, my batteries are at 80 percent.
Jason Bombagi
Jan 26, 2022
I keep getting emails telling me that I need to update my firmware. They tell me how to do it, but I go to my settings page and I see nothing for the option to update like it says! I sent them a email and have not received a reply from them. I did like the way the locked worked in the summer, in the winter nor so much i have had to replace the batteries 3 times in 1 month! That is just a wee bit expensive if you ask me!
David Thompson
Jan 26, 2022
Biometrics work 1 time out of 20. Yes, I've deleted the Users and new prints via the app. Works about 2 days, then will not read the prints ... Delete , add users , works a day or two . Then doesn't . I get so many emails from Kwikset telling me that Unusal activity from attempts, as we stand outside in the cold .
F Holmes
Jan 26, 2022
Worst money I've spent. Lock is always offline. Can't update my app. Wish I could return the whole thing.
Chris Wilson
Jan 25, 2022
Our lock is fine but the app is almost completely useless. Anytime we use the app we get a "jammed" message. The lock locks and unlocks just fine at the door and from the panel but this constant jammed message error has made the app almost entirely useless. The first few months we had it, it worked without any issues and now it almost never works.
Matthew Groves
Jan 24, 2022
This app hangs CONSTANTLY. It's practically unusable other than telling you if the door is locked or not. If I had purchased the lock myself it would be immediately going back to the store.
Tom Bellinson
Jan 23, 2022
Unreliable! Like others, we use this for a vacation rental. The reliability is so bad that we have to leave a real key in a lockbox, because half the time it just doesn't work. How many times have I reset this thing and replaced the batteries? More than I can even remember. And, Kwikset, don't tell me to call your support line. By now, I could get a job on that line. This is the 2nd one of these. Why would I even try a 3rd one? Schlage is calling out to me.
Bill Pesnell
Jan 22, 2022
I have two Halo locks at my home. They are phenomenal. In the beginning, before I knew the ins and outs there were minor issues. Granted, at the time they didn't seem minor but as I began to work with support and learn exactly what I was doing wrong and what needed to be tweaked, suddenly everything fell into place. During that time of trial, error, and tweaking, the Support staff were nothing but exceptional. Since then, I have had no issues whatsoever. Look, in anything new, one has to realize there may be challenges that need to be overcome. I had to learn patience in the whole process. Believe me, It WAS frustrating because I felt I had all the answers even before the question was asked. But, once I got off my high horse and realized Support was there to help me, my attitude changed, and it was smooth sailing from there on out. Thank you - Support Team. Thank you for your persistence, your patience, and most of all your keeping a level head while I was not. You all do a wonderful job. Never let anyone else's tantrums dissuade you from knowing how good you really are.
Jessie Exilus
Jan 21, 2022
The app kept freezing so it took 6 attempts to register my account. Now I'm getting notifications every single time the entry door to multi unit building opens... I should be able to turn off the notifications, but that's not an option. This is not the experience I was looki g for when I bought a smart lock. Maybe I should have gotten a nest
Timothy Reardon
Jan 20, 2022
The Kwikset Halo lock makes an awful sound when locking and unlocking. The app constantly comes up lock offline or needs firmware update. I called today and the technician helped reset lock, which was made easy because the technician took his time to go through it. But even with that it still is noisy, and app keeps dropping offline at home and while I am out.
Jeff DaPreecha
Jan 18, 2022
I used my good email because I don't want notifications buried in junk mail. Now my email is inundated with junk mail. They sell your info quicker than a pimp would sell tail. Use a junk email.
Karen Hibler
Jan 15, 2022
Worst app. every. I have done everything twice. Cannot get the blue tooth to work with lock It is installed correctly. I will wait for the lock i want and get rid of this piece of junk
Dina Daranyi
Jan 6, 2022
Worst product ever. You would think that for the price it should work as expected. It takes batteries and eats up batteries like hell, it goes offline 9 of 10 times, doesn't want to connect to bluetooth or wifi and router is within 5ft distance. I've uninstalled the app, reinstalled it and changed batteries but nothing. I think it only worked 1 time and the rest I have to use the key to get it, which deficits the purpose.
Mike G
Jan 4, 2022
Useless app. I am returning it. App keeps sending notifications for open/close every single time when I don't care, if I turn off notifications in Android system then I won't when battery is low. Kwikset response is to check the app for battery percentage, how inconvenient! Why don't you fix your app! How about not having a schedule or location based lock/unlock? Integration with Google home and Alexa doesn't allow for location based actions like lock and unlock. This is 2022 you know.
LaSheena Taylor
Jan 3, 2022
FURIOUS about how poorly the locks work with the app. We rent an Airbnb and this is the 2nd negative rating we have received regarding how the locks don't work. All of our guests have trouble. Their codes don't work after we set them, or work intermittently. The old codes that we try to delete from the app refuse to sync and will not delete no matter what we try. This is completely unacceptable when considering the cost of this product and the convenience it's supposed to give.
Terina Chamberlain
Jan 3, 2022
Kwikset App won't run without location services. It therefore won't run under Win-11 Subsytem for Android, unlike literally every competing Home Automation app! C'mon Kwikset - get it together! Your competition have no trouble running under WSA: Including Schlage, Yale, Meross, myQ, Nest, Kasa, GoSund, eWeLink, and more. What's your problem?
Nick D
Dec 30, 2021
The app works as expected, but I don't understand why I need an account with Kwikset to use my lock. I also don't know why they need my location when setting up the app. That said, it works fine for setting up and using an Aura lock. I'm just not excited to see yet another company collecting consumer data for no apparent reason.
Michael Specht
Dec 26, 2021
This has got to be one of the worst apps I have used The range on it is terrible In a 1600 ft² house if I am in the other in the house it does not work. And every time I open the app to use the lock it says lock offline I keep having the opening clothes and opening clothes until finally it works . One thing though the lock was an easy install and it works great manually. But if I wanted a manual lock I would have left it the way it was
Dec 25, 2021
Stil buggy app hands when opened we have 3 different phones all updated and not having any other issues with apps but this one! Takes almost a full 36 seconds for app to open!
Eagle Shortforest
Dec 22, 2021
The Wi-Fi connection only works on 2.4 ghz. At house run 5 ghz, app doesn't connect,, bother at 2.4 does. Still get notifications even on 5 ghz. It would be great if at 5. But at least it's very usable. Upgraded to 4 star.
Felecha R
Dec 21, 2021
This thing eats batteries like a human running to the bathroom! After the first two times, I decided to write it down to see how frequent. I have now changed batteries 11/9 and now again 12/21. I only use the door where this is located occasionally. Also, I try to turn off the app and Bluetooth when not in use. Still bad. As long as the batteries work, it's great. I think I'll try a different keyless system.
Victor Fantus
Dec 21, 2021
Got an email to update app. App won't open so reinstalled and still won't completely open. Update: app did not work with wifi until today. Thanks for the updated fix. It would be a real pain if it only worked on cellphone data.
TJ Chen
Dec 21, 2021
Still need to carry the hard key with me . Locked myself out enough times when the lock just does not respond.
Thomas Holmes
Dec 14, 2021
Wanted automatic wifi & Bluetooth proximity locking\unlocking. Lock boasts wifi capability [works with Google] & Bluetooth. Tech Support confirmed: No wifi OR Bluetooth auto lock\unlock. In fact, no use via simple Google command--must also set up an unnecessary pin code, which kills any Google Home\Away functionality. NOT a Smart Lock.
Kate Coleman Tungsvik
Dec 13, 2021
Always says the lock is offline. Which makes it useless when I want to see what time the door is locked and unlocked. And I can't controls it with my phone when it's offline. Which means I can't unlock the door ahead of time when I'm going to have my arms full. It works about 50% of the time.
James Therry
Dec 12, 2021
I used to be able to set specific dates and times for access a few years ago using my Kwikset locks connected through the old Vera system... And I bought these Kwikset locks based on that positive experience, but these locks don't have that capability. I can set a date range, or I can set a time range within a one week span It's really useless if I want to "sunset" a code at 18:30 on 18 Dec, for example. Are there plans to update the software?
Zachary Carpenter
Dec 11, 2021
Horrible app. Poor UI layout, app is often slow when updating status of locks from locked/unlocked and never properly syncs fingerprints the first time they are added, even with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled while standing less than a foot from the lock
Dec 7, 2021
I opened the box, saw I needed to download this app to even use the lock. I read the reviews for this app and didn't even bother with the install. Functionality is the primary purpose of a keyless entry system. This one obviously doesn't exhibit that. I boxed up this expensive piece of junk, returned it to the store and purchased a Schlage keyless entry. The Schlage doesn't require an app to use, was cheaper, and the keypad is much nicer looking. This is a no brainer for any home owner😉
Denne Pease
Dec 4, 2021
Install was very easy. Lock is very smooth. App leaves a lot to be desired. Doesn't compare to Schlage Encode for following reasons. Unable to program specific times and dates, ex. 4 pm on 12/6 to 11 am on 12/12. Can't turn off notifications. Kept getting message that it was offline or not synced. Already had to uninstall app and reinstall and I think this is day 3. Seems to be working okay now. Beef up the app and it would be comparable to Schlage Encode which I rated 5 stars.
Adam Jaynes
Dec 4, 2021
I've had this lock for over 6 months the lock and the app are AWESOME! I added it to Alexa in about a min. I constantly use the app and have had zero problems. I couldn't get it connected to my Google Home but I honestly think that's a Google issue because how quick and easy it was to install on Alexa. We plan on getting these locks for the back door and two more for my shop love the WHOLE SYSTEM.
Ed Martinez
Dec 3, 2021
The app is inconsistent. Features such as secure mode and disable access are unreliable. I purchased this lock specifically to use these features. Wifi access is spotty and most adjustments have to be made within 30 ft instead of using wifi. Disappointing. When the lock works properly, its great, the key word is when.
John Axisa
Nov 30, 2021
I read all the reviews and almost returned my lock. I'm quite pleased I didn't. The lock installed quick and easy and is clearly superior craftsmanship. I loaded the software and after a lengthily firmware update everything worked flawlessly. I instantly created 2 keys and it was fine. My Alexa integration was quick and easy. The lock is noisy when it operates but that's really not for this software review. My only complaint may be pressing the back key on your phone will not get you out of the software and logging in has a lot of security and it's a bit cumbersome. These 2 things make it unrealistic to use regularly to open your door (like I did with my previous smart lock) but this lock has a key pad so I guess it's ok. I would love to see an automatic unlock feature (like my previous lock had). That was ultra convenient and I was disappointed that this one did not have it. This (and the process for logging in and out) is why I removed 1 star. In short I would recommend the kwikset lock (HALO) and app.
Dan Smith
Nov 18, 2021
App used to work with my Halo lock, but now most of the features are broken. I can unlock the lock, but not change the combo or access any of the settings in the app. May have something to do with Android 12? An expensive lock that doesn't let you change the combo without using an app that doesn't work is frustrating.
Zo Hadi
Nov 17, 2021
The lock is great but the app that controls the lock is hideous and looks like some teenage kid rushed it to make it and developers don't care about the user interface at all. Because if they did then I won't be having so many problems with this app. It's a shame that such a good quality lock is being returned due to lack of support. And if for some reason you forget the password then good luck trying to reset your account password. It's like it doesn't even reset it without a secret question.BS
N Albert
Nov 16, 2021
I can't even get this app to finish the installation so I can use the lock. This has been nothing but a $300.00 deadbolt. Might as well just leave my door unlocked, since the app can't even pair with my phone although my phone has no trouble detecting the lock. Waste of money. Can't even use the touch screen. A fried bought a Defender brand touchscreen has zero problems. It might not offer online settings but at least he can use the touch screen and lock and unlock his door.
Zach Knisley
Nov 12, 2021
Horrible experience. Horrible lag time. Fails to sync. Wont link to Alexa. When I open the app and hit either lock or unlock it seems to take a few minutes for the lock to respond. Sad to see this has all these capabilities that dont seem to function with mykwikset halo or Alexa. Both apps acknowledge each other. But still dont want to work.
Nov 3, 2021
This app is basically useless with the Aura Bluetooth lock, you have to be right beside the lock in order to use the app, might as well use the keypad if I have to be that close. Can't check history if you're away from the lock, says offline.
Marco A. Cabezudo Rivera
Oct 28, 2021
Very disappointment....the package suppose to said that you need to buy specific router or repeater to be able to use this product out of your home. I just buy and install the apps does work (ALL TIME is OFFLINE) and in some minutes go online (around 2-4 am) but you doesnt can do nothing. I purchase 2 Halo Smart Wifi(smart lock) and any of these smart can work thru this app if you are out of your house, they work perfectly thru the app if you are in front of the door with your phone.
David Knight
Oct 9, 2021
App is horrible.. (Or is it the lock?) Keeps locking me out for no reason. I'm in IT and have to difficulty every time I try to open app. Went blank and it just deleted all users passwords.. then wouldn't be sync with Bluetooth. Hard to open, hard to use. Can't easily reach support. ☹️
Jared Markowitz
Oct 8, 2021
I work in IT and I can officially say this app is worthless! My internet connection works just fine the router is less the 2.5 feet from the lock itself and it fails to connect every time. Gives an error and forces you to quite the lock settup then it no longer appears in control panel. Funny thing behind the error u can see the app is connected and lock there, but then the forced cancel deletes all progress you've made and you have to start the hour long process over. FIX THESE BUGS!!!!
M One
Sep 29, 2021
Loved the Kwikset older lock when used with ADT app a few years ago. Moved and specifically wanted Kwikset locks since I was familiar and now they have their own apps. But wow lot of issues. Kwikset app keeps draining my phone app by constantly (syncing) maybe. 1 particular lock when use app to lock gets jam and different lock can't make changes until syncing is complete for every single change. No instructions on how to do that unless you just wait and if so it's been more than 5 minutes.
Adam Thomas Fleck
Aug 30, 2021
When syncing new codes via WiFi, the lock will intermittently drop wifi connection. Unfortunately, without direct access to the lock there is no solution. In addition, the only way to force a reconnection from the lock is to factory reset the unit, and not the network reset as in the instructions. This is using a recommended router and being the only person logged into my account. There has been no solution to this posted. No error is occurring at the user level, so no troubleshooting.
Linda Hunt
Aug 24, 2021
Not being able to customize the app notifications is where this falls short for me. The vibration pattern is annoying and if I'm using my own code or phone, i really don't need to be notified! I'm well aware that i opened my door! Please add custom notifications!
Neil Lowman
Aug 22, 2021
The app needs a notifications section where I can pick and choose the notifications I want to receive. For example I do want to know when my door is unlocked but I don't need a notification for when it gets locked. The data sync notification was super annoying as well but I was able to disable that one through the Android OS.
Melissa Huber
Aug 22, 2021
App doesn't sync with smart phone Bluetooth and won't connect with the wifi. So I spent a lot of money and time for a smart lock that doesn't work. Don't waste your time buying a Halo Touch screen Lock.
Dan Kind
Aug 20, 2021
The lock is nice but the app is absolute garbage, codes do not sync, slow to connect, its faster to walk up and unlock with a key than to wait for the app to unlock it. Only thing the app is good for is to set codes (when occasionally it syncs). Would definitely go with a different brand if had to redo it.
Frank Rainsberger
Aug 7, 2021
Works Great! I have used Kwikset Smartlocks several times but this is the first WiFi lock I installed with the app. It was easy to load and I was able to install 3 locks in an hour and syc my Kwikset account with Alexa. It is so cool to be able to tell Alexa to lock the door! The only thing I wish I could turn off are the notifications to my phone everytime a door is locked or unlocked. I have noticed my phone's battery is drained more than usual since installing.
Ted A
Aug 5, 2021
The app will not allow me to add a guest via wifi. Sync fails almost every time and it takes about 5 minutes for each attempt. Then, after it shows they have failed, sometimes the guest will have been added. But I don't know that until I have restarted my phone. Very frustrating. I call support, but all they do is make me factory reset the lock which works for a week or two. I have to go to the property in person and be connected with blue tooth. I have four of these halo locks. I will seriously look at their competitors for the next one.
Alex Lowe
Aug 3, 2021
Could be a great app if there was an option to see multiple locks on one screen, and their status. Like a grid of lock symbols, color-coded red for locked and green for unlocked. Having to to tap 3 times to switch between locks, when I have 6 installed, is a little annoying.
Alan Whatley
Jul 22, 2021
The app used to work great. Now, everytime I open it, it freezes. I'm on an S10+. App updates are supposed to make it better. Also, the app should give feedback on the LED color statuses. I turned them on through the app, but I can't find out anywhere what green, blue, or red means. I did find out the hard way that red meant my batteries were about to die. However, I just put in new batteries, the app shows 100%, but I have an amber light.
Steven Peterson
Jul 21, 2021
The app interface is nice, however there is zero (0) information on the how to sections. I have been trying to connect my lock for 4 hours with out luck. It connected once, then stated to update the firmware. It stopped in the middle, disconnected, and then wouldn't reconnect. I think there are various issues not only with the app but with their software and their hardware.
Christine Jacobs
Jul 10, 2021
The WORST app ever! If you need to do anything - plan on calling help support. I just went through help and had the lock installed. A tutorial popped up and the tech told me to go through it. By the time I hung up - it disappeared. Spent 1/2 hour trying to find it. Called support again - guess what - the tutorial disappears almost immediately and you have to delete your lock and start all over again to get it! She will email me something... The jury is out - but we have gone so far with time and money - that we have to continue. Customer support is great - but you will need it. There is no way you can do this without help from them.
Bowie van Ling
Jul 8, 2021
Terrible. Customer service hung up on me. Should had known to never buy another kwikset product. They cannot get a simple lock right why would they be able to make something user friendly like a smart lock. Buggy will not install. Cannot use it. I have a computer science background. Terrible terrible.
Cheryl Link
Jun 24, 2021
I am having the worse time with this app. I got an off line notice. Lock is on a rental 3 hours away from my primary residence. I drove down to reset it. I changed the batteries with 3 different sets.. Everything seemed fine. I drove 3 hours back home and it is off line again. I NEED to know who and when this home is accessed. Maybe I need to spend the $299 on another system! !
Pam PJ Myers
Jun 17, 2021
Terrible app, wish I did the research instead of listening to a friend. I have to change the batteries every week, It never unlocks first try using my code, usually take more than 5 tries. I have a key in the supra box outside of the door bc I can't count on n the code to work...... WORSE EXPERIENCE. Wish I had purchased a different lock system.....
Byron Laws
Jun 8, 2021
I was having major issues with this app and lock, but after a phone consult with kwikset (which was quick and painless), it turned out that the problem was that i was using the wrong batteries in the lock. Use only energizer, Duracell, or rayovac alkaline batteries in the halo touchpad lock. That simple change cleared up all the issues i had been having. Thank you kwikset!
Leah Reynolds
May 29, 2021
Total waste of money and disappointed. What's the point of having an app to utilize your lock and the app doesn't even work. I read all the bad reviews ahead of time and was hoping I didn't experience the same thing. Unfortunately someone gifted me my new lock so of course it worked great with the app for about a it no longer works and I've already uninstalled and reinstalled app and it continues to show off line. Awful app ! The convenience to unlock and lock from phone useless.
Mik Scheper
May 26, 2021
The locks are great, but the app needs much work. Notification control is missing: I want alerts about some locks, not others & I only need an alert if a lock is unlocked—I can go to the lock screen to see if it's locked (but it's slow). A lock dashboard would be better. Connection data are missing, which is a hassle when something goes wrong with the network. FAQ is unhelpful & support pages very verbose, so it's laborious to find simple answers, like details about what the icons mean, exactly.
Efren Rivera
May 26, 2021
Dissapointed also. I have not been able to sync it with the wifi. Customer service number does not work. I tried to open a claim but there is no support to puerto rico. I have been trying to call customer support for at least two weeks now. Apparently you guys did not read what i wrote.
Jason Said
May 25, 2021
This is a great app, but it's missing some crucial features. You should be able to turn off notifications. Either to turn them off entirely, or at least turn them off for some hours of the day. I need to be notified if someone opens my door in the middle of the night, but I don't need 30 notifications every time my kids leave the house in the morning. Has lots of great features too, but the app could use some minor updates. Lots of other WiFi locks unlock upon arrival, even that's missing.
Rob Bess
May 20, 2021
We have now owned this lock for about 6 months, and that is about how many times I have had to uninstall and reinstall the lock in the app. I have been try to get it to recognize the wifi without success. I have always had to take a chair to sit on while spending more than an hour trying to set up the lock on wifi (2.4ghz). This is typical with what I have had to do to get the lock working every time it stops.
Donald Evans
May 18, 2021
I can only enter 26 codes for family contractors and guests. Recently I tried to add three more and can't synchronize. I get synchronized failed. I have tried this various ways, various and attempts, and unable to solve the problem. I verified firmware and that seems to be current. Help!
May 17, 2021
I just spent over an hour trying to get my lock back online. It should be simple to access from the app but it isn't. 2 network resets and 2 factory resets later, it finally worked. You would think it would be easier, right? If everything is working exactly as needed, the app rates a 4. It never seems to work as needed. Seriously, if a new lock wasn't over $100, I would ditch this one just so I didn't have to use the app. It's 2.5 months old; I don't want to do this every 2.5 months.
Stevens Family Farms
May 17, 2021
Love it but one thing keeps it from being perfect! We often forget to lock our doors at night. It would be nice if it had where you could set it to automatically lock itself at let's say 10:00 every night.
steve troup
May 14, 2021
The lock is a solid piece of hardware, but the app is below average. It is slow and painful to interact with, and doesn't have enough options to customize settings. I've replaced multiple locks in my house, but I can't secure all my doors at once, instead I have to open each individually and manage it. The auto lock feature needs extended time, the max is 10 min and not long enough. This is supposed to make my life simpler, but the app makes it way more difficult and slower
Raymond Cavanaugh
Apr 29, 2021
App & lock are terrible. App lags badly. I can select unlock at my car in the driveway and open the door manually before it responds. The touchscreen on the lock is non responsive at times and the lock burns through batteries. Would never purchase this again and don't recommend it.
Peter Ryan
Apr 28, 2021
Do Not Buy this Lock, Do Not download this app. This app is glitchy and intrusive. it uses your phones bluetooth and internet connections to collect data, sends it Kwikset and allows access to your lock anytime your phone is within bluetooth distance, which is 30-35 feet, or pretty much anytime you're home. Your security, schedule, and privacy now in the control of someone half a continent away. Read the EULA. Better yet, just get a lock that does not require Internet access.
The RTS Channel
Apr 20, 2021
I give it 4 stars because I can't seem to be able to get the autolock function to work on my Halo lock, every time I try to enable this feature, it fails to sync data, and blames lack of internet connection, which I know it's not the issue because all other functions work just fine.
Jesus C
Apr 13, 2021
Standard functionality. As another reviewer said, it just lacks polish. The menus and navigation are a bit clunky. There are two features I would love to see changed/added: 1) I like the autolock function but it's max is 10 mins - this got annoying when leaving the door open while doing things that require a lot of trips in and out so I turned it off. 2) A scheduler that locks the door at a given time everyday (in case you forget to lock before going to bed). My garage door has this function
Luis Moreno
Apr 9, 2021
Working perfect after update. Only thing I'd like to see is to somehow be able to select battery and see charge percentage. It shows on the main screen but does not update properly. Changed batteries a month ago and still shows full. Before I changed batteries I got the notification beep of low battery but it showed battery full
Lauren Glen
Apr 9, 2021
There is always an error when using this app. The latest is some "initialization error" I get when simply trying to open it up (and I've done all basic problem-solving). I would really not mind that I can't lock and unlock from more than 100 feet away (why? What's the point? What if I forgot to lock the door until I was already at work?) if I could at least set some one-time use codes for parents, workers, etc. But no, this app will never get to that point.
Nick Spreitzer
Apr 4, 2021
Works, but lacks polish. There were several small usability inconveniences that are annoying but not deal breakers. Functionally the lock and the app do work as advertised. I cannot explain all the negative reviewers who claim the app is a total dud. I do really wish the auto lock had longer time out intervals. 10 minutes is much too short. I would prefer options for 30 minutes or an hour.
Chip Timm
Apr 2, 2021
This app for this lock is terrible. The entire reason I bought it was because it was for a vacation rental. Since it's wifi, I expected that I could change and manage codes for any new tenants. Not so much. Several support tickets and they keep telling me I need to be connected via Bluetooth. Couldn't even get my wife's (she), iPhone connected to it when on site. Complete turd Reply to developer response: This doesn't help. If I log out remotely, I can't log back in and manage existing users.
Jerry Minard
Mar 27, 2021
App works just fine for me. All features are functional. Those who r having issues try reinstalling the hardware. The interactive install guide makes it easier but the lock and keypad has to be seated the right distance n depth on door n frame. There r points on hardware that if not centered correctly then The lock doesn't operate smoothly. Install correctly and precisely to operate smoothly as intended guarantee app works no problem. Update firmware also
Carly Hallings
Mar 25, 2021
App will not lock the door. It spins and spins. Everything is updated with the lock. Looks like I'm not the only one with these problems. Google locks it just fine. You just can't use the app to lock the door.. kinda makes the lock useless if you ask me.
Zachary Young
Mar 24, 2021
Absolute Garbage. The app rarely works, not even 10% of the time. And will take several minutes to lock or unlock in the off chance it does work. DO NOT BUY THEIR SMART LOCKS Update: attempted to update firmware as requested by their team and my entire lock simply died and won't turn on again. I have emailed their support and hope they reply in a timely manner.
Kel Aldridge
Mar 21, 2021
Will not lock or unlock with app. It just keeps on spinning. On occasion when it does work, you have to be less than 8 feet away. Will not work from car about 20 feet away. We have the Aurora. And yes we tried it with only one person having the app opened or in use. Ridiculous and useless. And my husband is a locksmith, so he will not be recommending it.
Andy Keeves
Mar 19, 2021
Sadly, the app is nice idea and it somewhat works. Unfortunately the battery level indicator remains on 100% at all times. In fact, when the lock stopped working due to weak batteries the app continued to show 100%. Certainly not a very useful "feature". Good lock. Lousy power usage. Non-existent power level reporting. P. S. It is not installation or how long they last. THE APP DOESN'T SHOW ACTUAL BATTEEY LEVEL. IT ONLY SHOWS 100%.
Mar 17, 2021
UPDATED from 1 to 4. Support had me reinstall the app. Worked like a charm! I purchased the HALO-02 model electronic lock because I want the automation promised by Kwikset. I had none of the issues reported by others setting up lock to app and everything worked just fine AT FIRST. After a week or so, the lock stopped responding to app commands to lock/unlock. It just spins. If I manually turn the lock/unlock lever the app shows the correct status. Probably a hardware problem.
Luis Montes
Mar 11, 2021
I have not been able even to finish installing. The App does not send the SMS code for the dual step verification. I called and was told that the SMS number must be blocked. Is not. I have tried with various family phones. Update: I was able to receive the SMS code through one family member phone (a couple if hours after) and was able to install. So far the App is working as expected.
Michael L.
Mar 10, 2021
We've gotten so used to apps with 10 million features and settings, we forget to just appreciate apps that are simple and work just fine, like this one. All I ask for is dark mode, please. It is extremely bright.
Victor Arellano
Mar 6, 2021
After reinstalling multiple times and even doing a facility reset, the app refuses to let me sign in. Now I'm stuck with this expensive lock and no way to add or remove codes. Frustrated that I can't just connect it via WiFi or to my pc instead.
Tim Childs
Mar 5, 2021
Bought it, installed it, programed it all in the same day. The only difficulty I had was my error and when figured out I was embarrassed. Codes for other people enter easily and can be set to only be available for set times, dates or always. Great Lock.
Roseanna Marcum
Mar 4, 2021
I can't use the app to unlock the front door. It worked the first day and now it won't work no matter what I do. It's annoying. It should word correctly. It's more just me, it's not working for anyone in my household who also installed the app and is trying to use it. UPDATE: We set it up correctly, everyone has their own log in we are not sharing it.
Mo Chips
Mar 3, 2021
Can't even get the app to open... Initialization failure.. Update...Did all I was asked to do and the app still never works. It needs some major improvements asap! Lock costs way too much money to not be able to get use out of its advertised functions. The overall rating for this app says it all. Should have done more research.
Johnny Render
Mar 2, 2021
App will not sync. It's work about 5x and then lose the ability to sync/lock/unlock. Deleting apps, re-adding locks, and taking out batteries isn't worth the hassle. Do not recommend.
Mar 1, 2021
Half the time the app doesn't open the waiting symbol spins and spins. My Pixel 4 would not pair. I had to use a 5-year-old Samsung S7 to pair. app isn't smart enough to capture the OTP automatically on Android. That's app building 101. Cant turn off the constant notifications of locks on and off. The app seems to be made by somebody with a UI and UX skillset 10 years old. If someone would pay attention to the reviews they might fix these items would use on 70 residential properties
Kimberly L. Carson
Feb 26, 2021
Don't waste your money on this lock. Lock will not sync new codes EVER. not being able to add a code for use while we are away makes this a very expensive normal lock. If we had known that it wouldn't sync up I'd have never purchased it. Very disappointed. Update..... did everything they said and called to have them help me to reset... and it still doesn't work.
Jonathan Hugo
Feb 26, 2021
The app does what it's minimally supposed to do, and only that. I really don't like that I can't customize the lock and unlock push notifications. It tells me when the lock unlocks and when it locks. I can't even turn off the notification from the app, I have to turn it off using my phone settings.
Iair Kleiman
Feb 25, 2021
I can't even register! It asked me for my email to get a code. That's fine... Then it asked (even after I type the email confirmation code) for my phone number. That will be fine EXCEPT that it only accept 10 digit US format! My phone number is not a US phone number...So I won't be able to install the app....So I won't be able to use the smart lock. Kwikset this are huge mistakes. I expected much better from you.
Juan Godinez
Feb 22, 2021
This app is garbage. I cannot lock or unlock the door using the app like advertised. It just doesn't work. Also, the history section doesn't properly update as people use it. None of the registered users are seen unlocking the door. The only thing that works is adding fingerprint users. The hardware as of now is fully functioning but the app itself is complete garbage. Will definitely return if hardware fails for any reason.
Darwin Rungsarangnont
Feb 19, 2021
For my experience, the app works as it's designed. It hasn't given me any issues at all. With that said, it needs work as it's lacking features compared to my old August lock. 1) No way to manage notifications. 1.1) Would be nice to be able to set specific notifications for certain codes or to be notified only during certain times, etc... 1.2) Would be nice to be notified for how long a lock has been left unlock 2) Needs to have a widget for quicker access to lock/unlock 3) Geolocation to lock/unlock would be nice 4) No way to change duration of the Auto-lock feature. 30 seconds isn't enough. I want to utilize auto-lock for times when I forget to lock it after say 30 min to an hour. Not everytime I unlock it. I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head at the moment.
Christian J. Hill
Jan 31, 2021
Update: After following suggested steps for resolution (multiple times), fingerprint reader immediately denies registration and asks to retry but never completes. In addition, door handling fails (auto & manual). Exchanged and replacement took the update without issue. Fingerprint reader totally unresponsive after last firmware update, even though it indicated successful. Attempted to toggle secure mode off and on. No change. Guess I should have left it alone since it was working fine before.
Chris Streeton
Jan 31, 2021
Read how bad everyone said this was so tried putting the lock together before putting it in the door. Got everything together downloaded the app, and tried to sync it 4 times with my phone and it wouldn't work. My phone was right next to the lock the whole time and was unable to sync. Piece of junk don't waste your money.
Jason Bowden
Jan 30, 2021
There's a problem with the app on being able to add a fingerprint for Halo Touch. I've seen several people say after the latest firmware (today is 1/30/21) that the fingerprint screen in the app becomes inoperable. Everything else works fine like unlocking, locking, and notifications but adding users and the fingerprint doesn't work and it's the whole point of the Halo Touch. Customer Support's only option is to send a new lock. Really seems like an app/firmware problem and not a lock problem.
Chelsea Torregrosa
Jan 28, 2021
Works, but buggy. I can lock and unlock the door just fine, but adding and removing people is a real hassle and often results in a failed change. Hope this issue gets fixed soon.
Todd Robertti
Jan 22, 2021
No way to see all locks at once. The necessity to go to the hamburger menu and each lock to check them one by one is not user friendly. Allow for swipe left/right between locks and for those with multiple locks please use a status icon in the hamburger menu (i.e. green/red) or a status screen for multiple locks.
Jeremy Voigt
Jan 17, 2021
This lock has been nothing but trouble since I bought it. It doesn't fit on thicker doors and now the app doesn't seem to support the Premis design. If there's a Premis specific app for this brand, I can't find it in the Google app store. The Kwikset app only offers Halo and Aura and customer service is never open on weekends to troubleshoot. It's been very confusing and the smart lock doesn't seem to work apart from manual use.
James Chase
Jan 15, 2021
Easy set up. Note: I wish ok the cancel button in the were reversed. This app could use "speficic" notification on/off tongles (ex. Disabling a notification for when you used the turn on the back of the door). I wish I could only get notifications when codes are used and when the locks jammed. Currently you can only get notifications for EVERYTHING it does.
Dog Father
Jan 15, 2021
After doing two factory resets, a firmware update and attempting to connect to the wifi network for 2 hours I finally got the lock setup on my account entered a key code and now the lock doesn't know if the deadbolt is locked or unlocked? Using a Samsung 9. This experience has been extremely frustrating and time consuming. Not happy with my purchase thus far. I will continue to setup the lock since I have paid for it and cannot return for a refund.
Derek Tarampi
Jan 15, 2021
After firmware update to the lock, fingerprint sensor and led inoperable. Contacted support and completed factory reset to no avail. Unit still continues to communicate with app, but does not allow adding users due to unresponsive fingerprint sensor. Replacement unit on order. Will a new firmware update be possible to remedy the issue rather than a replacement unit? I would prefer not to r & r the unit and go through shipping.
Daniel Lehnig
Jan 6, 2021
I had problems but found out it was partially my wifi was not the right frequency. The tech assistance was great. But they could have had less problems with directions if they said to push the center button after the chime and before the red light flashes 3 times.after inserting batteries.
Michael Rebar
Jan 5, 2021
Feature Requests: * A proper feedback/feature request form 😉 * Allow us to swipe left-right to switch between locks; as using the left hand menu is impossible one-handed from right! * Add IFTTT support for ONLY sending a Lock signal (no unlock for security reasons); this would allow us to overcome the lack of door close sensing by integrating with other home tech, like an alarm system or IoT sensor * Allow locking/unlocking via Google Home app GUI (currently only assistant voice control works)
Alexi Molden
Jan 2, 2021
This app continually fails to connect with the lock. I'm a certified computer technician and it took me over two hours to connect two phones. I have other smart devices that work fine. I would return this lock if it t wasn't already installed because of the poor app performance. Kwikset needs to get this working. Update - after having this device installed for a couple of weeks, I realize that you don't normally have to connect with the lock, only to add, delete or change codes or settings.
Tim Stone
Dec 23, 2020
The app is truly bad, it does not function on modern phones with modern android releases, with their locks. This is the result of absolutely awful programming. The UI, is rough, but the functionality just screams underfunded basement project that got turned into production. I can not trust this setup, it is not trustworthy. This is not a smart product, this is a security breach waiting to happen all while frustrating the user. I don't trust this on my phone and I no longer trust it on my house.
S Sutton
Dec 20, 2020
REVISED REVIEW: After setting up the account & doing all the programming on an iPhone, I was able to get the lock set up on my Samsung note9. You need to let the app see your location in order for it to work, but at least i didn't have to find a new lock. I hope they get this figured out soon or at least give out this bit of info to others. Now, please allow customizing of the alerts. 3 stars for the hassle & lack of info, but the lock works & looks great!
Josh D
Dec 14, 2020
This is the most worthless app I've ever used! After I initially got the lock set up, I have not been able to change any of the settings. I have no idea why the app will not sync up with the lock so that I can update passcodes and the auto lock timer sequence. 12-14-20 UPDATED I had to factory reset the lock and for now it is working.
Chad Kilgore
Dec 9, 2020
Very slow notifications and integrated automation. I unlock the door but don't get a notification for 30-60 seconds. I made an Alexa routine to turn on the light when the door is unlocked and takes 10 seconds for light to come on. App is good otherwise, just slow. 12/9/20 Router is on compatible list and has latest firmware. Have to update firmware via bluetooth instead of wifi :(. Still super slow. All my other devices respond quickly.
Dec 7, 2020
This review is for both the app and device itself. Main issue aside from initial pairing with my phone is the syncing. Syncing fails heavily once battery life hits 50% or 55%. If you're greatly concerned about security or you're paranoid that you left the door unlocked, the app doesn't communicate with the home WiFI (200+ m/s) well enough to control it remotely at such a battery life. So you're essentially forced to change the batteries far sooner than you're supposed to,thus spending more money
Ivan Russell
Dec 4, 2020
While the app "works", it has long delays in notifications. We're not talking about 10 seconds delays, we're talking about 3 to 5 minute delays. I guess shame on me for using a Google Wi-Fi router since it's not on their compatible routers list. It's weird that the 95 other devices I have seem to work just fine.
Paul Rodrigues
Dec 3, 2020
I cant log in to my Alexa app, keeps telling me wrong password or user name. I have to manually open from inside because I cant log in. I got this because i am usually on a different floor and want to be able to open door for someone without having to stop what I'm doing. ‐‐‐---------------------------------------- Its not amazon. Its the kwikset app that doesn't accept password
Matt H
Nov 26, 2020
Has to be one of the worst apps I've used. Constantly drops and doesn't connect to WiFi or Bluetooth which makes the lock useless. The only way to set up access codes is with the horrible app. Utterly horrible, not enough bad things to say about the app and Halo lock.
Rodriguez Five
Nov 26, 2020
This app and the Halo lock is caca. Terrible. I have spent 3 hours trying to connect to their cloud only to be told that it cannot connect. So now I have a lock with no access to the internet AND no code either. I wish there was a way to setup a code without connecting to the wifi. This is really bad.
Chaeki Lee
Nov 26, 2020
Just bought the lock, but looks like from the posts that Amazon Web Services are down, so I cannot register the lock. Would you happen to have a server status indicator in the app or a URL so we can check when it will come back up? Day two and I still cannot access the programming of the lock.
Noah Connelly
Nov 25, 2020
This is one of the worst apps I've ever had the displeasure of using. Tells me username or password is incorrect, try again. I hit login without changing anything and then it works. Every time I recieve the verification to complete the login process it says session time out and logs me out. Haven't been able to get past that point trying for almost 45 minutes.
Rachel Harsley
Nov 25, 2020
Very glitchy. Often cannot control the lock. Other times the app itself will not even open. This issue persists even after removing it entirely then downloading again. Do not recommend this brand of smart locks. Kwikset is an established brand with locks but has an extremely long way to go in terms of technology.
Jessica Katz
Nov 25, 2020
Has worked perfect until today, now app only says there is a server error. I cannot open it to lock or unlock the door remotely. Seems to have been caused by the aws outage. Now I'm getting alerts but cannot log in. Says my user name and password are incorrect. Forgot password option errors.
Rick Moore
Nov 14, 2020
Works on Samsung S10 5G I was really worried after reading the comments that this would not work. After installing the lock I would have been ticked if it did not. Luckily it did. A 10 5G was not on the compatibility list. Hopefully after reading this they will add it. Im also worried as the phone updates if this app will continue to work.
Danielle Dowd
Nov 4, 2020
Was given me notifications of the door unlocking but as of October 26th I have had no notifications and even when I go into the app to see it does not show anything from October 26 on it is now November 4th . And I'm using a Samsung 9S and I've never had a problem with it for the last 6 months
Oct 29, 2020
Slow. Freezes a lot and lacks a lot of features. Can't turn off notifications either... "Phone not compatible"what a joke. I've never had a problem with ANY other app ever and I switched over from a Samsung s5active about 6 months ago. But somehow a new phone has issues with THIS app only LOL.August brand smart locks app works just fine. Guess I need to return all my Kwikset and use a lock with at least average quality programming. I guess you expect all your users to buy brand new iphones. Ha
Allen Gwinn
Oct 20, 2020
This was going to be a 1 Star review but I want to encourage Kwikset to double down on this app. The locks are actually pretty well designed. The app needs improvement such as consolidating access codes so that all admins can see all codes. There is also a time sync issue that needs to be addressed. Other than that, it works as well as anything else it there. I suspect that users, who have problems, need to check their app settings and be sure things like location services are enabled.
Mitch Jensen
Oct 20, 2020
App is absolut garbage. It keeps freezing up so i cannot even get an access code set for the lock. Using a galaxy S10 so there should not be any support issues. If I can't get this working soon this lock is going back to the store.
Jim Dudley
Oct 6, 2020
Poor design app decisions, in addition to username and password entry, requires reauthentication by entering in a new number they send you every time you log in. Alternatively, you must keep the app running at all times. Also does not support Note9 due to a "Bluetooth" problem.
Monica Harris
Oct 5, 2020
I was able to sync the first code and all others will not sync.? I am in Bluetooth range and did a factory reset 4 times and I keep having the same issue. Sync failed. Returned the first and bought a second. If I can't get Assistance the 3rd will be another brand. And now unresponsive to alexa in Bluetooth range.
Charles Andrew Beel
Sep 27, 2020
1) The "People", "History", and "Settings" tabs are not responsive to touch. I presume these menus allow me to set up a PIN for access, so not being able to enter those tabs prevents me from doing so. How can I set up a PIN? Is there a way to set it up on the web/PC? 2) The app lets me press the button to remotely lock/unlock, but it takes 1-2 minutes for the button to finish loading so it can be pressed 3) An android widget in the shape of the button on the homescreen to allow remote lock/unlock is a must-add feature. * Running the latest version of the app * AT&T Samsung Galaxy S9+ SM-G965U on latest firmware (Android 10)
Garrett Lisle
Sep 19, 2020
The lock is a Kwikset lock. It works. It locks and secures the door. The app not so much. Will not stay connected to WiFi. Only sometimes gives alerts if the door is unlocked. With the app you can unlock the door but can not lock it. This is true if using Alexa as well. It will say the door is locked but the lock will not engage. Keikset really needs to hire a company to fix the app.
Dustin Brown
Sep 18, 2020
This app is and the lock tech is garbage. I've been using it at our business, and I have never not had issues with it. The Aura never connects, constantly fails Bluetooth, and the app will be connected via Bluetooth and still say... no connection. Its a headache and I literally cringe whenever I have to update it. DO NOT USE THIS.
Trinity G
Sep 18, 2020
This app could use some work..... It was a nightmare to set up 1 single lock and took forever! The app is slow and laggy, and the lock will need to connect to the BT every time. I love the lock but I hate the app. Please fix this issue.
Modernize Guys
Sep 12, 2020
The absolute worst lock app I have had to deal with. The app will not refresh and update the lock 90% of the time unless you are within Bluetooth range. I purchased to control a rental house that I manage. I have Yale locks at other houses and they work so much better. I am so very disappointed in Kwikset
Leo Baldwin
Sep 7, 2020
Terrible experience. They have updated their security recently. I could not log in. I tried changing my password and they sent me two challenges but then kept asking me challenged questions that I had either never entered the answers to or that I definitely knew the answers to but they rejected. I set up a new account under my regular email and they let me proceed as if I never had an account. Now I have to set up all 6 kwikset locks including removing the awkward covers to press the buttons.
Jeremy Abercrombie
Sep 4, 2020
App is slow an unresponsive. Needs major work. It took over 30 minutes just to connect to home network. Needs additional features like auto locking at a certain time. I paid $200 for a lock and would like better features.
Mike U
Aug 26, 2020
Hard to set up, commonly provides incorrect information, gets stuck often. I mean I don't really understand. It's a pretty simple thing to program. A group of high school students could do it on a hackathon. Yet time and time again when I check on the status of a lock, it just spins around giving me incorrect information. Also insanely hard to set up as each step takes forever and if you jump ahead it will not work. It's clear they never really tested this in the real world. EDIT: Spectrum keeps telling people that their phones aren't supported. Really popular phones like recent Samsung Phones (the most popular phone maker in the world) and ones like mine, that are google one certified with very recent hardware. So I'm still sticking with one star because their developers built their app to be hardware specific, which is horrible design. I've been in IT for over 20 years. You would never do that unless you had a very specific reason. Like for example if you were building an app for the NSA or a custom app for custom hardware. What Kwickset was supposed to build was an app that worked on Android and IOS. Period. Sure, they could limit it to the most recent two versions of the operating system, etc. which is quite common, but to build an app that only works with certain phones... to do that given the company is gigantic and has a huge and varied customer base... is inexcusable.
Arnaldo Ferreira
Aug 10, 2020
I don't know why it has such a low rating, the app works perfectly for setup and daily use. Honestly, my only complaint was the button placement during setup, I I kept pressing "resend" expecting it to be "submit".
Greg Shepard
Aug 8, 2020
Where I don't think it is as bad as people say, it certainly is an App that could be vastly improved. It is not that hard to setup as long as you can connect to the smart lock and easy to manage users, lock and unlock, etc. However, it seems very unresponsive when updating a status and has a hard time updating the results. I just hope that they can improve upon it in upcoming releases in terms of an updated response.
R Moss Brannon
Aug 7, 2020
This app said to link kwikset app with google home app, but kwikset wasn't listed there to be added (like Spotify and Netflix). Absolutely no clue how to fix this problem. Gave three stars because everything else (installation/software) was incredibly smooth to set up.
Jimmy Deam
Jul 29, 2020
Good idea in concept, absolutely poor execution. The app setup says it supports WPA2 standard, but fails to setup if it's over a certain amount of characters (around 20, WPA2 allows up to 63). Also gives a false error of SSID being too long, when it's the password. All of my other IoT devices work with my router/overkill of a full length WPA2 password, so why won't this one? I'm not going to lower my security on my network to allow this to be connected. Edit: It's not the router, cmon now..
Christopher Cass
Jul 28, 2020
Using a Note10+ and the app keeps telling me to delete the lock in Bluetooth, which you can only unpair it, which I have and the app still does not work. Really thinking about returning this lock and deleting this app since I bought it to be able to connect and control it through my phone. I should have listened to all the other reviews, my bad, Kwikset got me real good. Fix your app!
Tony Moua
Jul 21, 2020
Unreliable Status. Experiencing many of the issues other users pointed out. App was providing status and alerts initially and then after a few weeks became unreliable. Would not trust app lock status at this point. Kwikset needs to fix this essential issue for the basic function of a door lock - which is to provide sound security. Unreliable lock status does not provide security for a smart lock. Update: Thank you for the quick response, it is working again after reset. App needs update.
Kyle Hertenstein
Jul 21, 2020
Had I known this did work on my Samsung S10+ I wouldn't have bought the thing. The app never updates to the position of the lock and won't allow me to lock or unlock the door. Right now it is useless. Also I have had the thing installed for about a month and the battery is already down to 40 percent with fresh battery's. I only have used it with the deadbolt and not the app or screen. How has this not been resolved? I will not buy this type of tech from Kwikset again. Horrible flaws!
Aaron Sharp
Jul 16, 2020
I saw all the two-star reviews and I want to be the first five star. I just followed the instructions and the lock worked and the app worked. I had to update the firmware for the lock which took a little bit of time but everything managed to square away. If I could offer only one Improvement disable the push notifications on your phone because every time the door is locked and unlocked it will automatically notify you. Other than that, the app is super simple and works.
Peter McColgan
Jul 14, 2020
About to purchase Aura Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt lock when I discovered to my horror that my Samsung S10 was not supported. Seriously guys? This popular phone has been out for almost 1.5 years. Moral of the story - upgrade your phone : get locked out of your house :-( Wonder when you'll support the S20... maybe 2 years from now. The Bluetooth technology on a supported S9 and an unsupported S10 is the same, so why can't you get the app to work? $150 Aura sale just lost!
Monique Evonne
Jul 5, 2020
I initially downloaded the app and it automatically gave me a era message. I then was able to open a set up but shortly after the app was asking for me to disconnect manually from Bluetooth. So I uninstalled the app , now it is not letting me re install the app to my Samsung S10+. Think this app needs to be re worked.. I've read most of the recent reviews and it seems that The app is not compatible with Samsung devices.
Megan Savage
Jun 27, 2020
Barely functional, constantly crashing, incompatible with most Samsung devices. Don't open the box, return the lock (and all of it's headaches) to wherever you got it. Because I'm a glutton for punishment I called tech support, who know less than Jon Snow. Just to be clear: the ONLY way to interface with the lock is via this app. You CAN NOT do anything without it. Also, please fire your UI/UX team. I've seen apps developed in MS Paint that look better.
Brandon Bennett
Jun 24, 2020
God awful app. It doesn't sync with the lock properly. Constantly giving the wrong readout on locked status. Doesn't work to lock or unlock the door as the app sticks in status update mode deciding if the door is even locked. For a smart lock and app kwikset has dropped the ball badly here. App is so far behind unless you own a 3 gen old phone you can't use it.
Beau Graham
Jun 16, 2020
This app does not work well with my Halo. I ended up setting it up on my brother in law's iPhone. And then attempting to use this app to manage it. Still a massive and annoying pain. App crashed when searching for wifi during setup. The iPhone did not crash during this part. But it did on both a pixel 2XL and pixel 3a. Both phones are on the list of approved working phones. Even after setting it up, the app does not work well. I appreciate the generic response, but calling support didn't help.
Daniel Esposito
Jun 3, 2020
Really? I can't even login to the app without it asking me to remove the device for some unknown reason. Then, when you get past that, can't change settings because of an unknown blue tooth error Edit: No, I don't have a samsung note 4. I have a galaxy S10, one of the most common phones on the market. It would almost appear as you are trying to brush off my review instead of fixing what I've come to find is a common issue with your app
May 29, 2020
The lock is good the app is terrible. The app has a mind of its own decides when it's going to work and when it's not going to work, easy to get locked out with this app keep your keys handy. If you notice all the responses from the company to the people posting bad comments about the App instead of the company saying we're working on improving the app they make excuses to the people posting, directing the poor working app on the fault of the user instead of fixing the app. 2.1 stars go figure. More excuses from the developer, seems almost every phone on the market is not compatible with their app. 2.1 stars says it all !!!!! Get a new developer Kwikset that can make a good app that gets 4 to 5 stars instead of 2 stars. Good lock with a poor app.
Michael Rouse
May 26, 2020
This App was easy to use and performed as designed. The app is simple, clearly written and easy to follow. It walks you thru the Wi-Fi setup process and makes it easy to follow on your phone. I installed the app on my Samsung S10 5G phone and setup 3 Kwikset HALO locks without any problem. The only suggestion I have for the next update is that in the main menu where it lists the lock locations it should also reflect the status of the lock’s name in color. In other words, if the “Backdoor” is locked the name should be in Amber, if the “Garage door” is unlocked it should be in Blue. When you have more than one lock you do not have to go to every lock’s individual screen to see its status. Michael in Denver Colorado
K Tollette
May 21, 2020
Setup and initial use was good... but was sold on the fact this would work with both Apple and Android, and include Google home. Application on Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A is not receiving accurate Lock/Unlock status when lock is used. Ultimately I paid more for an electronic keypad lock when I wanted to upgrade to get remote visibility to lock status. Kwikset must dedicate time to being compatible with latest Android devices in order for me to recommend this product
Doug Harvey
May 16, 2020
I have been trying for 2 hours to set this up and the app is searching for a wifi signal. I am sitting right next to my router and if you can see this review I guarantee I am connected to it. Why can't the app find my wifi? This is very tedious and frustrating.
Darenis Chirino
May 8, 2020
After going through the cumbersome setup process, the only thing I was able to do from the app was to open the lock once. After that, no unlocks, no locks, no setup codes. The app needs to be killed to show the status of the lock, otherwise, always refreshing. That's on top of the laughable list of supported phones, which I think it's at least a good excuse for the poor performance of the app. Although I'm using a supported model and still doesn't work. I'm returning the lock to the store.
Danielle Sipe
May 7, 2020
This app is not compatible with all android phones which is a huge downside. Per the response there is a way to access the account online but it also has draw backs. This app frequently loses contact with the lock and it does not update event history. I live out of state from my home and wanted to use the halo lock to enter and delete codes. It will work briefly then stops working. It does not always lock and unlock the door. When we first installed the lock, I didn't appear to have any problems but since they have done updates to the app the app no longer works properly.
May 4, 2020
Terrible app, not intuitive at all. Want to change an access code? Good luck? Want to stop getting notifications on your phone every time the door is locked or unlocked, good luck figuring that out. And just trying to set it up is a nightmare, and I'm very computer / app literate. I'm going to write to Home Depot and Lowes and suggest their management take a unit of the shelf and try to set it up, hopefully they'll replace them with another product.
Gary Humfleet
May 3, 2020
The app worked when I first installed the lock but I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it to work. Soon after it stops working. Worthless. I don't want this lock anymore. Returning it to the store. Don't waste your time with customer support they can't figure it out either. I've had a case open for about a week and they said it would be 24 hours.
Daniel Vance
Apr 29, 2020
Not a very good app... Needs to be running all the time, must have location enabled or the app is useless. Not a well thought out product. Makes me want to return the lock, even though the lock works great. I would not recommend this to anyone
Anonymous User
Apr 27, 2020
So far can unlock/lock with the app but the access codes I create does not work. Keeps saying the phone and app need to sync. So far only excuse I've seen is that people phones aren't compatible. How can you create an app and pretty much only 3 manufacturers (Apple, Google, and Samsung) only work fully with the app. (Edit) Got the lock to accept key code and able to lock it with key pad. Will bump up to 5 star after using it for awhile to see how it holds. So far 4 stars.
Anonymous User
Apr 26, 2020
WONDER WHY THEY FORCE YOU TO HAVE THE APP TO STAY ON ALL THE TIME AND FORCE YOU TO HAVE LOCATION ON ALSO ? ? ? Terrible app - typical Chinese spyware - forces you to turn on your location - WONDER WHY ? - Very minimal app . The app hung when trying to update the firmware about 5 times in a row . Then it finally went through . Go to their website to see the complete list ? ?? WHAT A JOKE . There are only about a dozen phones that are compatible . YOU CANNOT USE THIS LOCK WITHOUT THE SOFTWARE . What a ripoff - why wouldn't they make it able to be manually programmed ? ? ? Do not buy . Next, I get message on my phone saying that this app is draining the battery . Also, it forces you to turn off debugging option that kills apps when you close them . WONDER WHY THEY FORCE YOU TO HAVE THE APP TO STAY ON ALL THE TIME AND FORCE YOU TO HAVE LOCATION ON ALSO ? ? ?
Anonymous User
Apr 20, 2020
I am excited about my Kwikset Halo Smart Lock. The app has had some issues along the way, but in the end, it's up and running perfectly now. Starting off with the only negative, it boils down to the lack of (theoretical) compatibility to my phone. I've had multiple issues in the configuration and stability of the connection and it mostly came down to the usage of my incompatible phone. Using my wife's iPad to set up the initial configuration with the app solved all initial configuration / setup issues. Afterwards, upon successful configuration, my (incompatible) Samsung A20 phone has been fully able to use this app and all the features. As a quick side note, the reason the app gets my 4* rating comes down to the way Kwikset stands behind their product with support. I've had 3 support calls total to get this lock installed (one) and then configured (two). A power surge / blackout caused my router to need the third call. Ultimately, as it turns out, the customer service reps Leslie (initial setup, first configuration) and Paul (second configuration) were both patient and thorough helping me make this work. I've had more than my fair share of companies that have an OK app, but with no support. Any limitations from this Kwikset app were fully resolved by the dedication of those two in service who gave me as much time as needed to get this to work. It does, well, reliably and to my complete satisfaction. (Thinks again, Leslie and Paul!) :D The lock is fully featured and does everything I wanted in my direct connection to my smart devices new house and the app has all the features and control I need.
Anonymous User
Mar 27, 2020
I got the Halo keypad WiFi and bluetooth for remote managing a property in Mexico. The app worked for a couple of days so I trusted it'll work when traveling. The app stopped working completely. Support says Kwikset only works in the USA, only via bluetooth and that history and notifications have "known issues". The lock is sold in stores in MX and says WiFi remote control!! Now I'm abroad incapable of controlling the lock or give access to people!!! Huge inconvenience and false advertisement.
Anonymous User
Mar 26, 2020
Halo WiFi lock has all kinds of bugs after the last firmware update to the lock. I can't do anything remotely (lock/unlock, settings, etc). The history never updates either. Only can change things on the lock if I am in WiFi range. Also, I have a supported phone (pixel 3) so that canned response that customer support always responds with doesn't apply. Please push out fixed firmware and/or app!
Anonymous User
Mar 24, 2020
App is not compatible with phone . . . When will they be updating the app. The list of phones compatible with the app is becoming outdated this is not an acceptable feature malfunction. My schalge lock works circles around this outdated lock but this one came with the house. 😩
Anonymous User
Mar 18, 2020
Terrible! The app initially worked for about a day, now for the last 3 days it says my door is unlocked even though I've manually locked it. It's connected to wifi but won't update, won't allow me to make or share new codes, change current codes, and even when it did seem to work it kept saying the lock was jammed even though I watched it completely lock. What's the point of having a wifi lock when the app doesn't work? Now I have to take the lock back and start over with a different one.
Anonymous User
Mar 16, 2020
Installed a new lock and the app worked fine for the first week. Last night it wouldn't work and it ran a firmware update and it worked once. Today the app won't lock or unlock the device. Very disappointing.
Anonymous User
Mar 11, 2020
I can't get past the password part where it adds the lock to my wifi network. I get a blank pop up window that only says ok. I can't believe you guys are trying to pass off a product like this! Why do I need Bluetooth to pair to my wifi network was the other question I had.. I'm just about ready to return this thing to the store.
Anonymous User
Mar 9, 2020
Like the design and ease of creating unique access codes for different users. However, disappointed in the functionality when trying to use the app remotely to unlock the door, the wheel just keep spinning and nothing happens. Help!
Anonymous User
Feb 23, 2020
Using with Halo lock, and for the most part, everything seems to work ok, aside from the access log - for some reason all the log entries show 2 hours later than the actual events, and there does not appear to be an option to change time zones etc. I can live with it, main reason I'd like it correct is to link log events with security footage for simpler logging.
Anonymous User
Feb 1, 2020
I get the spinning wheel of death every time I try to install my brand new Aura lock. ALL I want to do is set a pass code. My phone shouldn't even be required to do this, and apparently expecting the official set up process to work is too much to ask. Basic stuff! This is ridiculous, I'm returning the product and have lost all trust in the Kwikset brand.
Anonymous User
Jan 29, 2020
App is very slow and sometimes requires a restart. Also very slow to receive a notification of door activity (can take up to 3 minutes sometimes for me to get a notification of door opening or closing). Limited functionality. No option to receive notifications or types. Wifi instead of bridge is a good idea but needs more work. Sometimes fails to send or receive any update changes I make in app. UPDATE on 1/29/2020... New app and Firmware update. Not sure what it did. App still hangs up.
Anonymous User
Jan 26, 2020
Works fine but annoying. The notifications are overactive and delayed. I get a notification every other minute with the status of the door. It's good to know but it needs to be turned down so it doesn't become a nuisance. I would prefer not to turn the notifications off for this app since it's important but I may have to.
Anonymous User
Dec 21, 2019
I bought the Aura. The app works just fine. The lock functions as intended. I dont know why there are such low reviews for this. Kwikset, the only feedback I have is to put the "Submit" button somewhere else, or highlight it in green; during setup
Anonymous User
Oct 23, 2019
This app acts like it's not even acquainted with my Aura smart lock! I've paired it with my bluetooth multiple times, tried setting my access code, but it won't complete the process, tried just a simple lock/unlock with it - nothing! I've checked my phone (its compatible), I've made sure my wifi and bluetooth are on, with all my location services set up properly- this app (or maybe it's the lock) is useless. I'm probably going to disassemble it tomorrow and get something different.
Anonymous User
Oct 2, 2019
I read the current reviews and was almost instantly upset and not looking forward to the install. I have the kwikset Aura and the app works flawlessly! It does ask you to verify a code a few times but after that, it's all done. It's part of setup. Don't listen to other reviews. It does what it supposed to do. It shows locked/unlocked, add/remove codes, setup is pretty easy... Overall, if you set it up correctly the app works just fine. I have 2 phones paired to the lock and they both work great!
Anonymous User
Sep 1, 2019
Wow. Totally thinking about returning this lock after trying to use the app. (And you need to use the app for the lock to really work as a smart lock). It's a super basic app, which is totally fine, but it just doesn't work right! And then it just freezes you out and there's no real support for troubleshooting. My teenage son solved all our problems, which is ridiculous! If you're looking for something fancy, keep looking. If you want super basic, this will work... eventually.
Anonymous User
Aug 10, 2019
Super creepy app for something that's supposed to be about security. Why does it need access to my files and photos? location? email AND phone number? And it's clunky and awkward to register with endless codes and questions. Poor effort which leaves me in doubt as to how secure my data, and lock, are.
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