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Easily pay bills and get paid online

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Cherana Bajarin
Jul 6, 2022
Been smooth so far.. Super easy app to use.. Pretty up to date when your payments go in and go out..
Demetra Starling
Jul 4, 2022
Didn't understand it's functionality as it was sent as a way to pay me a one-time per diem payment. But will use it in the future as a form of billing for my business transactions.
Latif Dashti
Jun 13, 2022
Says session invalid in app login. Can only login in computer. Also website incompatible to mobile platforms .
Deb Hawkins
Jun 12, 2022
This app was good for a second, but then a bunch of duplicate invoices were generated, and now I can't even get into the app. It keeps saying the "Session is Invalid." What does that even mean?
Debora Lynn Garcia
Jun 8, 2022
This app is terrible. It doesn't show all of the bills waiting to be approved. You have to log into the website for that, I guess. You also can't change any notification settings from the app, another thing you have to log on to the website for. It's hard to find notes on the app. I don't know why it is so much different than the website.
Jun 8, 2022
Login credentials don't work on app or website but if I go through my email and login that way.. with the same exact login information.. it works every time.
Britton Fortin
Jun 3, 2022
Recent issues: the support tab IN THE APP is inconsistent, directing to a login page, asking me to download the app I am currently logged in to. The support ticket submit button brings me to the above mentioned page too. I also tried to upload a file in this support ticket to find that 'add file' isn't actually a hyperlink, only text. It also tries to log out for inactivity while typing. Original issue: unable to connect an account for DD. Coding? Hello? New challenger: brain tumor approaches!
PHD Contracting
Jun 1, 2022
It's great to be able to get access to where the money is at in the process and know when it will arrive.
Charlene Verzosa
May 30, 2022
They indicate that you will get the pay on the 30th but you will receive it late. Honestly We are considering different platform already.
Margarita Zamora
May 12, 2022
Ive had a hard time with live chat. Need to change my phone number and Ive submitted about 4 tickets and still can't fix problem .
Anthony deLeon
Apr 28, 2022
Reminds me of the refunds I get when I filed my expenses for work. Paired with Expensify, Everything flows flawlessly
Janice Campbell
Apr 24, 2022
I am receiving back rent, threw ERA . GOVERNMENT program. On my first tenant I wasn't charged. On second tenant I was charged percentage. They said I chose INSTANT TRANSFER. They are always sending things and it gets confusing. I deactivated that account, and later made a new one hoping to NOT GET CHARGED. I DID NOT PICK TO GET INSTANT TRANSFER !! AGAIN I GOT CHARGED. I WANT MY MONEY BACK ! I WILL DEACTIVAT THIS AND DELETE IT / BLOCK IT. A PAPER CHECK WILL FINE. Can't read thing it overlaps.
Jimmy Landmesser, Jr.
Apr 19, 2022
Simple app to track my invoices. I can send and receive payments with ease and keep track of everything as part of the intuit suite.
Melinda Ronn
Apr 15, 2022
Love getting paid from clients this way!! Fast, efficient, and safe! And works with accounting and tax programs.
major hofheins
Mar 31, 2022
It's very useful for keeping track of invoices. The app Interface could use some refining. It's a little difficult to navigate.
Daniel Watson
Mar 26, 2022
The way the app specifically states the status of each invoice is very helpful. It also gives the exact date the deposit hit the bank account which ensures my book keeper has accurate dates to recocnile our records. It's a great app.
Gabriella Torres
Mar 13, 2022
The app is fine for checking the status of an invoice, but I would stick to just using the web browser on your phone to handle any invoice uploads since the app only takes photos when I have a perfectly good file of it on my phone. The app also tends to reopen itself when I exit taking me to the app from whatever else I was doing and won't stop until I've forcefully closed the app. Again, the app is convenient for checking for status updates, but aside from that just use the website.
Adrian Diaz
Mar 9, 2022
It's asking me for US tax info and address. I'm not in the US. I can't set up and continue entering my banking info because of this.
Mar 9, 2022
Trash, no understanding of bills showing they aren't paid, doesn't make sense to even use this platform
Dave Reynolds
Mar 6, 2022
This app is just terrible, I had to uninstall it. The app does nothing when launched. It ask you to refer someone before you can use it, which is just ridiculous. Anyway even after I referred someone it still did the same thing no progress.
QDS Land
Mar 2, 2022
I get an email saying transfer your money now..only to see there cramming their app down your throat... I DONT WANT THE APP. Stop cramming it down our throats. After reeading the reviews ... I DEFINATELY dont want it. STOP!! Just let us do what we do on our phones. and quit complicating it!
Frances Witherspoon
Feb 25, 2022
Would be 5 stars except the initial set up was really frustrating. Other than that, I'm really happy with the app. I especially LOVE the new immediate deposit feature! I'll gladly pay a small fee to not have to wait 5 extra days!
Paul Lunsford
Feb 24, 2022
Horrible 1st time use experience !! If your not a computer nerd? You are in for a very long frustrating experience !!!!! You better have a very experienced computer geek, close by. And one ready to take on stress and headaches for you. You can not, speak to someone via phone ? It's all email and obviously they sell your personal information. I am extremely cautious on whom I give email address and phone number to, Bill has sold it to many ! Yet, still no paycheck for me after 2 wks. waiting
Fck Lck
Feb 22, 2022
Garbage i was told my money $10,425.00 would be deposited in my bank account 11/23/2021 on 11/23/2021 the deposit was voided somehow but no one knows who or how it happened contacted support 18xs no response to what the problem was just we havent heard from u so we suppose the problems been solved no just never got a response as to how to get my money finally after being exhausted i said [email protected]%& it then 2/07/2022 i get and email mh money will be mailed to me by 2/10/2022 nope and cant login anymore
Boom Cookie
Feb 20, 2022
IDK how they have a high-ish rating. Typical poor customer service with a complete inability to actually assist. (Follows the script even if the script doesn't work.) Hate cheap companies like this. The worst.
Tyler Hilliard
Feb 16, 2022
Great service! App missing features desktop had. Big Bugs that prevent bill entry. No Credit Memo visibility. No List View of Inbox. No ePayments in Inbox. Can't rearrange pages. Can't see payment Ref#. No link to payment on bill
Professor Woz
Feb 13, 2022
You put your registered email address in and says there's something wrong please try again and keeps doing it.
Garnett McKay
Feb 11, 2022
good App and very easy to use i like it novey hove a problem with it can't Blame the App Blame the Customer how don't want to pay you on time
Vanessa Hickey
Feb 9, 2022
I downloaded it with the hope of using it. It doesn't give you the option to sign up, just sign in. Then it gives an error message that your information doesn't match their records. How can it if I haven't signed up as a new client?? -⭐ points.
Ginger Jacobe
Feb 3, 2022
Not much experience with this app so I'm giving it 4 stars because it's been great for me so far, but I don't use it enough to REALLY know yet...
Bruce Bradley
Jan 28, 2022
Faster than ever at depositing incoming money super easy to enter customers and issue invoices from the app or online. Security and functionality is there 24/7
Holly Bauschka
Jan 24, 2022
Awful app! Obscure, difficult to navigate. Business sending me $ had to set up my banking info, because I could not set up the account. I had to give banking info to them over the phone! Ever since, an endless loop to log in: being asked to get-the-app, being told it's already installed. 4 calendar days holding my money while prompting me to pay a ridiculous fee to get it early. Trash!
Jan 24, 2022
Not user friendly at all, I got frustrated just trying to set up an account to get paid for one time thing. I would give zero stars if I could.
steph bklyn
Jan 23, 2022
Im not able to connect to my account anymore. I had a pin set, but the app made me login via email. I entered it and now the message states SOMETHING'S NOT QUITE RIGHT. Someone please fix this!
Anthony Pride
Jan 21, 2022
This is the worst service that I have had the misfortune to use. No customer service number. Endless navigation of webpages trying to find the customer request email and hopefully it will get answered. A 1% service charge in order to get paid early or they'll hold the deposit for 2 days. Mail check that have printed on it payment enclosed. Having to set-up multiple accounts for multiple clients or pay for their multi account platform. These are some of the issues I have with this company.
Lanier Brown
Jan 17, 2022
Im having same problem cant do anything without a connection i vant even search for the connection and thsts wt i really need to do to get paid ..this program sucks its the same way even without the app
Andrew Empson
Jan 3, 2022
This is worst way to get paid and they lie it takes at least 2 weeks for your bank to get and then a 10 day hold. So i got psid a month later. The app does not work at all. You sign in and are stuck. Use a real bank and quit being lazy
Deivin I Gudiel Duque
Dec 30, 2021
Well is fantastic app because u get ur many quick and the day that they sended it doesn't take to many days to get them any so I like alot
John Pettas
Dec 21, 2021
E-payments shouldn't take several days. It might just be a coincidence but now payments haven't been getting deposited on the dates the app says & all of a sudden there is an option that can give you you're money instantly for a charge???
Shae A
Dec 21, 2021
This is stupid. It won't even let me sign in. Keep saying invalid code. DELETED! I'll just go through the web.
Jimmy Newell
Dec 20, 2021
This app is complete trash. Once you navigate away from the company setup, you are unable to do ANYTHING else until you have a connection to another company. Like finish setup or make a connection to another company. The support provided is even worse and virtually non-existent. A real let down and complete disappointment. Quickbooks is a better program and much more user friendly with support. The offer to contact support is trivial at this point. I already attempted to utilize the support system and was extremely let down... Seems pointless to try again.
Lashay Miley
Dec 16, 2021
One of they Best experience I have had in life they are very kind patient and most of all professional at what they
Dijon Taylor
Dec 12, 2021
PLS clerk Stole my type e check said it was a payroll, from jyve. Ever since haven't been able to get jobs or cash a check because, they have a copy of my id too.
Imani Evans
Dec 8, 2021
I love it. The tracking, the ease of use and the abolition to receive my money faster as an option is all great.
Vanshun James
Dec 8, 2021
I hate this app. It not allowing me to reset my password . It ask me to log into my account to reset my password. So frustrating. I cannot log in!!!!
Dawn Miller
Dec 8, 2021
This app makes account receivable and payable seamless to navigate. Pay and get paid with ease! I highly recommend it!
Donna Knight
Dec 8, 2021
The best quickest money payment system I have seen or used. Easy to use and Navigate thru Security well done.
Phinesse Demps
Dec 8, 2021
Every Business or Entrepreneur should use this system. Simply the best. Love the ease of use. Simple to use.
Mohammad Salman Dhedhi
Dec 7, 2021
app works fine on an android phone. When using from chromebook, it crashes once you set the passcode and try to use it in full screen mode.
Ramiro Montoya
Dec 7, 2021
I am not a techonological person,not a computer person,they make it easy for me to make transactions from my phone.
Clarke Vennerbeck
Nov 26, 2021
Clear, concise information, no notification spam, a simple interface, ad free--overall, an app that does exactly what it advertises? Am I dreaming? 😅
Kayla Kopf
Nov 16, 2021
Great app!! Haven't had a single problem out this app. I love how you don't have to keep paper in a filing cabinet bc it saves in the app all ur invoices! LOVE this app it's great
Sarah Kramer
Nov 15, 2021
It's the bare minimum but it's oddly better than the website. If my employer didn't force me to use them I'd never use them again.
Stephanie Adams
Nov 13, 2021
Easy way to receive billing payments with a very basic not hard to understand platform secure and simple... satisfied and glad I was referred
Mike Black
Oct 22, 2021
It let me download and install but after I entered my login information said it's not available in my country.
Dale Huffaker
Oct 20, 2021
The app is difficult to use on a phone. I couldn't find any "How to" helps. It times out super quick, (If the phone screen goes dark, the app closes and you lose the daya you have entered.) I dont know if you can send attachments. I had to print and take pictures of the invoices.
Tequila Stephens
Oct 16, 2021
I really love this am I have past experience in finance and I must admit this app is well but together for all parties involved. And I made a honest mistake and set my account up the wrong way. But I love it and hope to someday use this company for my own personal business.
Paul Pio Lagaso
Oct 12, 2021
I think it's easy to understand.. But change the input of address to other country also not just america
Eva Shelle
Oct 5, 2021
I think the app could be a little more simplified or tutorial on how to use should be more accessible which is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Other than that I think it's great. Still fairly easy to use.
Colorado Green Hemp Canopy Inc.
Sep 22, 2021
It's a good service, but there a few small fixes that should be added like for example there should be 3 deposits per week and minimum deposit should be $125 and if lower than that stack several invoices don't send $25.
Shaunna Gilmore
Sep 14, 2021
In order to get paid the companies require me to use this account this is completely unheard of these days, we're actually spent more time trying to figure out how to get in touch with you without successfully doing so
Michael Chadburn
Aug 26, 2021
No problems so far, I like the feature of instantly getting your money owed to you (when made available) for a small percentage of whatever the amount is.
Gary Eckford
Aug 25, 2021
They always say it's business before pleasure if you feel you can use a helping hand call this guy Bill. Com or just download the app
JP 2legit
Aug 20, 2021
great way to pay employers and receive payments as a company. only takes 1% for instant transfer and that's awesome.
Russ Outen
Aug 18, 2021
No customer service, no people only robots answer customer support. They are sitting on over 3k of my money and can't a response or even a live chat. Would NOT recommend this app for businesses to pay each other with. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!
Michael Richie
Aug 13, 2021
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Mike Van
Aug 11, 2021
This app SUCKS! it took 5 days to get a payment. I got paid. Even though i entered my bank acct info for direct deposit. They are sending me a CHECK in the mail 7 days from now! Why do they need my direct dep info to send me a check anyway? Dont expect support to help! The bot doesnt understand anything. Just sends messages i cant access! Just the page telling me to enter thru the app. I AM IN THE APP!!!
Ivan Rodriguez
Aug 11, 2021
can't get my bank account verification done even tho it says on my end that it is verified. have been waiting for a week now to get paid. wow that really makes it harder for the working person who only wants what is owed to him
Miocha Walker
Aug 4, 2021
Great app for small business owners, helps with transitioning invoices into payments and accounting.
Jonathan Fain
Jul 31, 2021
Devastating 4U
Jul 28, 2021
Depends on what your needs 3 business days is equivalent to a week when u factor in holidays weekends, or deposits after 5pm on Tuesdays
Josh Walls
Jul 22, 2021
By far worst customer service I have ever experienced for an app. No call back which has criminal written all over it. Tell me that nominal but archived and instantly verified and customer service is like robots telling you to do something the stupid website says. Could have been an easy fix but drug on for days. Seriously will have every business I own and everyone I know to NEVER use this app. Easy fix but noooooo let's make you look stupid and tell you to enter nominal deposit smh!! :(
Nick Collins
Jul 21, 2021
Worst app ever, web page terrible too. Forced to use it which is even worse. If you're lucky enough to have a choice pick literally anything else.
Randy Stalcup
Jul 8, 2021
Pretty interesting! Sure makes some of my invoicing easier to track. Direct messaging is built right in. What more could you ask for?
Jeff York
Jun 29, 2021
I like the new instant transfer option. Unused to hate this app but this is way better to get paid for freelance stuff with now.
Isaac. O Okunato
Jun 25, 2021
Very terrible service, 1. App crashes 2. I don't receive any code for a international mobile number. Your customer service is also terrible. They give no solutions. My money is just there hanging for 3 days now, I haven't been able to access it. This is terribly sad.
Pamela Fernandez
Jun 25, 2021
Its been a great app. Let's you know when invoices are getting paid and allows you to transfer instantly for a minimal fee.
Sheldon Revis
Jun 18, 2021
Is working great for me so far. The instant pay option comes in handy and is a fair fee when you need your money faster.
Sappho Hocker
Jun 13, 2021
The support team is useless and does not even read your messages if they get back to you at all. It's like talking to a chat bot that is programmed to be unhelpful. If it were up to me, I would never use this system again. A complete waste of time and money.
Megan Shimbiro
Jun 10, 2021
Worst experience. Money takes forever to be transferred. Also I was to reset my password and the reset email was never sent
Robert Davis
May 25, 2021
The app is fantastic simple to operate easy to set up and clearly break down everything you need to know great job developing it.👍
Jose Contreras
May 24, 2021
Their trick is! They hold your payment for 5- 10 days after the payee has approved, this way you'll want to be a subscriber to get your money faster
New Normal
May 24, 2021
They make you wait for your money and offer quick pay if you subscribe. This app is bad for business
Chachie Hood
May 16, 2021
Too buggy to function. Won't accept the verification code that it sends to sign in. Making it impossible to login through the app.
Javier Zayas
May 13, 2021
As a small business owner, this app covers all aspects as it pertains to billing, it makes it very easy to manage a hectic schedule and stay on top of your invoices. I Love It!!!
Rent Asota
May 6, 2021
Always a pleasure to login and use the application! It's quick to review, approve and pay vendor invoices. It's a great alternative when I can not get to my PC.
Dale Cosby
Apr 26, 2021
Kind of a pain to use. And it forces you to update (even if no wifi is available) before you can use it.
Alan Port
Apr 20, 2021
only middling rated because bill are difficult to view on phone and if you enlarge a document you cannot move around on it.
Carolyn Runyon
Apr 20, 2021
Love this app! Easy to use, It keeps track of invoices, let's me know when and how much my payments are!
K's Koolness
Apr 12, 2021
It's a great and detailed app it just wish it would post to my greendot card so I could get it early which it may I don't know how that all works but so far so good.
Lisa D. Amaker
Apr 12, 2021
Perfect AR for ind. contractors and small business owners. Invoices have been paid much more quickly
Rob Lastname
Apr 9, 2021
App is useless... Can log in from website, and website recommends using app, but enter same ID and password into app that works on web and it just says "invalid". So is no point to wasting time with app.
Derrick Stingley
Mar 31, 2021
Provides invoice verification and payments due, as well as when anticipated payment will be deposited to acct!
Vincent Jaramillo
Mar 6, 2021
Pretty intuitive and simplified UX/UI that keeps things running along in my month to month invoices. It especially works great in tandem with the desktop version as I juggle back and forth between the two. The security measures in fingerprints, 2FA and IP corroboration are a peace of mind bonus too. So far, so good from me.
Emmett Fitch
Mar 4, 2021
One platform that does what they say it does. Has helped us simplify our operation, increase security and enforce accountability.
Edwin Rafael Francis
Mar 1, 2021
Great accounting App! As a independent contractor for several clients this App made my life and my clients life alot easier in getting invoices recorded and processed.
Joe Rip
Feb 27, 2021
It is great till you need customer support they are just robots. You put what happened and they send you the same thing over and over.
Caleob Mitchell
Feb 22, 2021
No customer support for phone number change, I've been trying for months to get into my account to no avail, it's like they don't care enough to address my concerns.
Tim Smothers
Feb 19, 2021
Navigating to tech support through the app is terrible. Way too many sharks to wade through just to request help regarding a nonworking app. Remove all of the unnecessary steps and let users cut to the chase.
Brianna Gonzalez
Jan 27, 2021
The set up is complicated for no reason. It is taking ages for me to get paid because it keeps asking me to create new company profiles? My bank has been verified multiple times. This is a horrible system. Might as well use paypal.
Jan 12, 2021
You will never speak to a human Set up is difficult espesically if you enter the wrong email by accident then its impossible. 2 additional days to receive payment. I would never choose to use this service.
Saw Dizzle
Dec 18, 2020
it makes no sense that when you need to add attachments that it does not give you the option to go to DOCUMENTS on your device its 2020 PDFs are the norms in business
Kelly Kantola
Nov 25, 2020
Makes my approval queue much easier to deal with. Great interface, only feedback would be to make it more apparent how to watch companies. I feel like I have to hunt a bit.
Brian Picado
Nov 19, 2020
The situation was prolonged, very tough to work with. You can't get a hold of customer service, and has a weird process of making his account. I personally hate it. But it's the only way they're asking to pay me.
Terrie Hatch
Oct 23, 2020
This app is garbage. They say it takes 48 hours before you get the funds deposited. Not true, its more like 11 days! I could have received a paper check on usps standard delivery in 5 days. Also no way to talk to anyone LIVE about any problems you may have..
AdAm Ouami
Oct 17, 2020
Its really a wonderful app because it male invoices so simple and easy; you put info and it saves your customers and vendors, the only problem with it is too slow sometimes to open the invoice, and when you leave to another app to get info for billing you came back and it logged you off. it also freeze sometime. we hope to see these issue fixed. and please be advised that even if you send invoices to your customers many times they don't receive them, be ure you add your email as BB to get copy.
Ash Duckworth
Oct 3, 2020
This app doesn't even work. At the login screen I type in my email and try to hit next but the button doesn't work at all. The problem needs to be fixed right now. It's completely not okay that the first screen doesn't work.
dave sheill
Sep 7, 2020
Hate the way they hang on to the money for days after withdrawaling it from my bank account. Supposed to be 2 to 3 days to process payroll and after 6 weeks it's 7 days!!!! I'm planning on changing my bank account to on that will process and pay within the same week. Hate this company. They lied about the time to transfer. One employee is looking for a different job because he won't put up with getting paid so late.
Josecontreras Proworks
Aug 7, 2020
I wish a couple of my customers didn't use this app to pay! It has been 6 days since they paid thru the app and I still don't have an ETA for payment
Johnathan Loper
Jul 12, 2020
Awful couldnt even add bank account to get paid. Emailed customer service and it took me to an error page not found. Waste of time.
Tyler Smith
Jun 19, 2020
Idea is there But the app isn't we thought out. It's hard to setup free account and trying to get customers service is God awful. Yesterday I could see my invoices coming and today I can't. Only can see the going out and I don't use this app for that. But God forbid you get someone to call you and clearly explain your problem
Tammy Jobe
Jun 18, 2020
Im not happy with this i forgot my passedword and have no help to change it i will not ever use this junk app
Sam m
Jun 16, 2020
It would be better if paid invoices posted to my account as soon as they are paid instead of waiting four days.
Brigham Harden
May 25, 2020
Very disappointing app to say the least some people simply cannot afford automatic repayment and the app saps your bank account as you grow more frustrated trying to turn it off while going broke. I dont recommend this if your on a budget and want to pay bills etc, you can simply pay with paypal or any other method which makes this app obsolete to me for any use whatsoever and Id like my money refunded. Zero stars is the actual rating that you cant post here, still I doubt a refund is coming😣
Antoine Connors
Apr 30, 2020
I love this site and its convenience, but this app is god-awful. Almost none of the functions that make mobile usage valuable work. I can't pay my bills, I can't add a vendor's banking information to start paying them on the fly... Like I said, I love this site, so I'm hoping this review will help them take notice that many oftheir customers aren't happy with this app.
Apr 18, 2020
The app let's me see everything I need to review invoices on my phone. It's great for getting through bill/payment approvals anytime if I'm running around or already logged off of my computer.
Apr 18, 2020
It keeps saying verify my email every time I verify my email the download the app pops-up I just want to go to the site to view my paycheck stubs
Mar 9, 2020
The functionality is decent, but the implementation is poor, and the fingerprint auth is broken. Their support has no idea why fingerprint auth capability intermittently disappears. Wouldn't be so bad if it remembered the PIN that it keeps making me set up.
Feb 12, 2020
Garbage service... terrible costumer service. Thought the app might be more responsive, but nope. Have an open, issue needing a reply from me, but when i open the ticket, there's no ticket, or way to respond
Jan 17, 2020
Great to have everything in one place. Customer support is quick and comprehensive. Would certainly recommend .
Jan 10, 2020
I ask for a cancellation 30 days in advance before my ne t billing cycle and guess what??? I still got billed. Ive got nothing but a run around for the past 30 days with non reply emails and no customer service number. Warning Warning Baf customer service if you want to stop or cancel. I am pissed.
Dec 24, 2019
Did not pay me on time on the date when they stated I would receive my money. My bank acct was overdrawn because of this. No way to contact a real person .l cannot find a phone # anywhere. Support only offers directions concerning the app. App is difficult to use. Very non supportive. I need to get my salary and have no way to figure out how. I am so upset!!!
Dec 6, 2019
The worst service what I ever used. I'm waiting for transferring my money 10 days and stupid customer service don't even respond. I was charged two times for nothing. Don't give em credit card info
Nov 21, 2019
Update: while this app is glitchy, when it works, it's very convenient. One big issue I have is that for our company, the posting dates are important, but I can't see them when I'm approving bills through the app. Original post: Could not navigate through the app. When I tried to look at bill details, the app would just ask me to sign in over and over again and I couldn't access any bills
Nov 21, 2019
I had trouble getting app to complete the verification process. I emailed the developer email after 5 pm ET on a Wednesday. The response was very quick. Within an hour I had a solution. To save anyone time, if you are unable to complete the verification process using the app, use your browser, login and complete the process. Easy peasy.
Oct 15, 2019
Very confusing for the invoice part on both mobile and on web. A lot time customers accepted the payment but don't pay because of the confusing flow.
Sep 27, 2019
I tried to use on samsung phone & not all information is there, especially all vendors. Contacted support & since they couldn't duplicate the issue, nothing can be done. Will just use website.
Sep 21, 2019
Unbelievably poor mobile functionality. It's just basically showing me a browser window in certain spots. Support staff is non-existent. Just a bunch of chat bots. Not to mention the reason I contacted them to begin with was because of a missing mailed payment from them, which I still have yet to receive. Really bad. So many better alternatives, don't waste your time here.
Sep 16, 2019
Horrible app! I used to get paid Monday's and now I get paid Wednesday's sometimes Thursday's. How is that getting paid faster?
Sep 13, 2019
I haven't used it yet I've only just set it up but i do wish you had the option to add multiple bank accounts and choose which account you want to use to make a deposit in. I'll revise when i use it.
Aug 26, 2019
The update is very difficult to use on a mobile device and not nearly as intuitive as the previous version.
Aug 6, 2019
Very useful application, especially for a small non-profit. It makes keeping track of invoices and approving them, even when I'm on travel, very easy.
Jul 18, 2019
poor. not all my vendors show up in the app. Tried to get online support via the app, such as sending an email, no such luck. "Not available at this time". Problems make the app pretty useless.
May 31, 2019
These guys are a bunch of stooges. When you don't get paid you have to go on line and chase down your cash. They are non responsive to your needs.
May 10, 2019
much faster and easier to approvr billls than the browser version. highly recommended. saves me time!
Mar 21, 2019
Don't normally leave comments, but there is flaw in the app for those who are used to working with the cloud version of this software. We use the cloud version to pay all of vendors. This is done by scanning all paper invoices to PDF format and uploading those docs. However, strangely enough, the app doesn't support uploading PDFs, only taking 'pictures' of invoices. Not sufficiently sophisticated for business use, but I'm sure it would work for some individuals or small businesses.
Mar 7, 2019
As a developer, I understand some issues, but this is very buggy, at the expense of core functionality. I'd be happy to explain if I had more than 500 characters.
Feb 2, 2019
I keep telling you I don't have a business I just wont to get my money from fii I can't put my bank account in for I can recive my 300 dollars so if I can't put my account in for thim the I lose my money by my birthday I dont like that at all so I fill that your company at right I ask you to remove all the thing that have to do with the business that in my name I told you that I dont have a business at all but you wont take it down
Jan 26, 2019
it is a very great app to retrieve your payments and send if anything. i just first started and my money was direct deposited into my bank account it does take a few hours to clear into the account itself after the payment is sent. no issues no glitches. very easy to use. i use this work i do weekly.
Jan 18, 2019
not the best unless you own your own business it's good but business like Airspace Technologies want you to have them and doesn't work that great to hard to do most things and if you need thris to pay your bills you should be handled money for strayer I can do all thris on my owe bank account and keep better record only good for if you run your own business for bills in and out after that just waste space on your phone
Dec 31, 2018
Haven't been paid in three weeks. Suppose to be paid weekly. Can't enter my information with out getting an error message. when contacting support they just kept sending the same message the the first five times. Now they're asking for copy of my birth certificate, federal state ID, social security card, and 6 months worth of bank statements. I requested a direct number to their accounting department, they closed my account. sounds like a company just stealing your identity.
Oct 24, 2018
It is not allowing me to reset my password. It keeps repeating the steps. But wont let me create one
Oct 23, 2018
How does a company handle people finances AND NOT HAVE physical customer service department. I followed the self directed links. Not only did none of the options listed addressed my problem but it forced me to choose PROBLEM SOLVED. This is the most useless, self serving and narcissistic app I've ever used
Oct 21, 2018
Would not send my invoices. Kept saying "cant send until bank info is put in" I PUT IT IN 3 TIMES. WAS EVEN VERIFIED. BUT WOULD NOT SEND MY INVOICES.
Sep 28, 2018
Absolutely awesome app to use to pay business bills quickly and easily... no more need to ever write checks again that's obsolete!
Aug 17, 2018
Don't ever expect to talk to a human being. The email system says your question has been answered, but you can't find the answer. I would not use this, but it's the system my college uses for refunds. This has been the most frustrating app ever.
Jun 21, 2018
No support at all. Took me 2 weeks to get paid by this terrible company. No phone number to call. The worst company I have ever delt with. Very disappointed....
May 3, 2018
Won't show you new invoices to approve, even if they exist. You have to force quit the app, wait, then restart it, and only then do you get the latest data.
Mar 26, 2018
My accountant set me up with this app so he could process my invoices and I could just approve from my phone. It's been working great and is very convenient.
Mar 1, 2018
Can type in my email address and password but the sign in button does not work. Can not sign into the app
Oct 20, 2017
Horrible. No clear instructions, I'm forced to use it to get paid, but I haven't been paid yet. Company says payment is sitting there waiting to be processed.
Sep 5, 2017
Useless for us without being able to receive customer payments. We use mobile browser instead.... clunky but functional in mobile browser.
May 22, 2017
Can't (won't) fetch my invoices. . thus rendering this app useless. Only using it until this company pays me, then I'll uninstall.
May 21, 2017
Can't see or retrieve invoices. It says can't fetch invoices so I can't see any invoices which is totally pointless of even having the app
Jul 4, 2016
It does what it does pretty well, I guess, but one thing I would love to use it for would be to scan bills directly into my Inbox from the app but it doesn't do that. Please include a scanner in the app.
Jun 17, 2016
No receivables input. I can write invoices on the desktop site, but not the app. Is the app only geared toward reviewing and sending existing bills?
Apr 13, 2016
No receivables. No vendor credits. Essentially no features I'm paying for are available in this app. Why did they release the app before out was complete?
Apr 9, 2016
All I need to be able to do is enter receivables as they come in. Sadly the app still does not have receivables at all. :(
Mar 2, 2016
Can't see receivables. Practically useless without it. When you add in, probably change my rating to 4 or 5 stars.
Feb 10, 2016
After signing in and the app is opened it just shows the loading bar with the 4 squares, but does not load any content. The app just sits in a loading state. Would be great to utilize an app for AR/AP, but this doesn't do anything.
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