Jepster | Bike computer

Category Health & Fitness
Developer Tom Wassink
Platform Android
Package com.twom.bico
Android app to use your mobile phone as a bike computer.

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Reviews (73)

Remmie Ran
Jun 24, 2022
This app is absolutely fantastic. I'll be sure to support! Tom I have emaild you with some remarks , thank you!
Dominic Muir
May 13, 2022
This app is absolutely fantastic. I'll be sure to support! Feedback: Please add the option to change between metric and imperial for each individual metric! I'd love to be able to track by rides in mph, add weight in kg and see the temperature in celsius. Thank you for your hard work on this app! I'll be sure to share it on with others!
jon duval
May 3, 2022
Perfect for what I need. An app to show power readings and cadence when riding outdoors. Simple. Easy to set up and works well.
Hernan Seilikovich
Apr 25, 2022
Seems powerful tool but I can't even start using it. I have an error when I click on data, or maps or charts or workout. Hope that have a solution.
Joseph Muller
Apr 2, 2022
Though there is a bit of learning to customize this app, it is not complex given the very versatile nature of the package. Kudos for this hobby project, its functionality and capacity to link to other apps. I am thoroughly impressed and in awe of this package. Well done!
Dominic Coles
Mar 20, 2022
Moved from Strava due to new power meter and wish I had found this app years ago. Great developer support to setup and it was an easy transition. Maps, functions, data .... 👌 Love it !
Gerard Salem
Feb 15, 2022
I'm happy to have this app because it supports my ANT+ cadence and speed sensors, and also supports my wahoo heart rate strap. I'm also happy that it uploads to Strava. One thing I have not figured out is how to calibrate the speed sensor. I'd also like to switch my length units from kilometers to miles and I don't see that option either. Otherwise I plan to continue using this app to track my progress. Update, issues above resolved. Thanks Tom for the support!
Marcus Choy
Dec 29, 2021
After riding with Jepester for over 2500 miles I am quite pleased. Several positive upgraded over that time and the customer service has been excellent. I like that I can attach my heart rate monitor to feed data I to the app and that the data stays local to my device unless I choose to upload it to the cloud. Some times there can be issues after an update but Mr. T is very responsive and matter is resolved quickly.
Shikhar B
Dec 18, 2021
Hi Mr. Wassink, everything works fine on the app, however I'm having troubles calibrating my 4iiii powermeter. I see a message "not connected to power device", even though I can see my power numbers. Also, it'll be nice to have a screen which shows stats (total dist, etc) for each bike.
Dec 8, 2021
After describing a problem with the GPS in a previous review, Tom Wassink contacted me and we spent several days solving the problem. I am amazed and extremely pleased to find such great technical support on a free app. I would give 6 stars of possible
Nov 19, 2021
Great app for cycling. Unfortunately, the last update crashed on my old Samsung cell. Superfast response from developer took care of it. Thank you!
Lewis Yelin
Nov 7, 2021
Terrific cycling app! My review is below. But the developer also was very quick to fix the app when an update broke it on Android 12. Thanks, Tom! Original review: The praise for this app is very well deserved. It is tremendously configurable, has a clean display, and has almost every metric one would want. (I'd love the addition of KJ calculation for the summary page.) This is a very impressive app, especially for one that the developer created and maintains as a hobby!
Ron Naminski
Nov 7, 2021
The new Android 12 system SW update distributed by Google had initially broken app compatibility on my Pixel 5a But Mr. Tom Wassink sprung to action after seeing my posted notice of this issue and quickly resolved this system SW compatibility issue for all of us users. Great App, Quick support Sorry Garmin.... You have been replaced on my handlebars....
Callebe Trindade Gomes
Oct 30, 2021
I rode one time only with it, but it surprised me. It worked pretty well. No signal drops. Good navigation. Good stats screen.
Shot On Potato
Oct 28, 2021
The best. Easy, Simple, but still Customizable. No need to sign up. Work with ant+ and bluetooth sensors.
tommaguzzi 1
Oct 16, 2021
The best garmin replacement out there, it paired with my ant+ sensors straight away, is fully customisable and the Dev. responded to my question by email the same day.
Ron Naminski
Oct 11, 2021
Just started to use this app. Looks like it has more features than I had hoped for. I would only like to have a configuration lock button under each bike menu to avoid accidentally changing the configured screen settings when out riding or if I slip the phone into my pocket at a rest stop. I found this app so compelling, that I made a good size PayPal donation. Thanks Mr Wassink !
younghoon kim
Sep 23, 2021
This app helped me not to buy cycling computer!! Hope to see you add power balance and smoothness on power section.
RandyAndJackie Chan
Sep 4, 2021
This app is very nice and all while being free. One question is if it's somehow possible to have Strava's estimated power function to work when the ride is uploaded from this app. Update: I actually mean when you click into a segment. It shows 0 watts. When logging with Strava's mobile app, they have a number.
Tim Zhang
Sep 2, 2021
I've just discovered this app and it has all the features that I can think of for a mobile based bike computer. There is only one thing that I think needed to be added or changed, which is the size of the text on OpenStreetMap. They are tiny compared to what's in Google maps and it's hard to read under normal lighting conditions. I can imagine that when I'm riding under the sun or shade, it'll become totally unreadable. Can we have a setting to increase the font size?
Trevor G
Aug 26, 2021
Where has this app been all my life?! Wahoo, Strava, RideWithGPS have nothing on this well-designed & intuitive app. Easy sensor pairing (I'm using Wahoo RPM & TICKR), clear navigation via rotating Google maps, full Strava integration with segment alerts, automatic climbing mode (!), super-customizable data views, multiple bike programs... this app seriously has it all! And FREE! Will be donating to support dev's work. So thankful there's an alternative to $$ subscription-based apps. Thank you!
Steve Slezak
Aug 10, 2021
Im sorry, but if it takes me more than 1 minute to change the settings from km to miles, Im not going to bother with it. I actually spent 5 minutes, and I'm computer savy, so this makes it too frustrating to use.
Satrya Rudana
Jul 16, 2021
Moved from wahoo app because they just decided to stop supporting ant devices per July 2021. Jepster offers clean ui, fast sensor sync, and just good experience. Great work!
Jackson Soh
Jul 16, 2021
Issue connecting with strava. I am already using Google web browser as default on my device. the error is from Strava's API stack, they may have updated their API endpoint or APIs, please check.
Chris Wagner
Jul 15, 2021
Dynamic enough to access my device sensors that other apps ignore like temperature and humidity to provide the important data i need. No deal breaking invasive tracking. Goldilocks just right.
Richard C
Jul 12, 2021
Pretty good app. I'm using this because the battery on my gps is dead, and this app allows me to use my ant+, heart rate monitor. It however, is centralised around cycling, and is missing features such as auto lap and in my case, the ability to see minutes per mile when running. It would be better if data fields could be deleted from a screen, so there is less clutter, but as is, 4 stars. The ability to use the volume key as a lap button would be an awesome feature too. Thanks Tom for response:)
Masoud Mokhtari
Jul 12, 2021
Would have been 5 stars if manual workout pause button was added. Pressing the square button at the button of the screen does not really pause the activity. Edit: Thanks to the developer's reply, I realized that I can actually manually pause the workout!!! 5 stars then!
Pat Gioannini
Jul 8, 2021
By far the best bicycle computer app I have tried. Lots of options to configure the screens to your preference. Note to developer: As with most apps you have to choose metric vs imperial units. I would like to see my speed and altitude metrics in both units. I suggest getting rid of the metric/imperial choice and adding both choices to the menu of items for each data field. The app seems to forget my BLE connected heart rate monitor and I have to re-search for it. The phone is a LG G8.
Balázs Dejcző
Jul 8, 2021
Jepster has an excellent user experience. Everything happens instantaneously, the interface is intuitive and its highly customisable. I have tried many other bike computer apps before but none of them offered even something similar.
xun wang
Jul 5, 2021
Fantastic App! very configurable and useful even for indoor use. Works for my Garmin Vector 3 & Polar HRM flawlessly both in ANT+ and BLE mode. Would be amazing to add Platform Center Offset(PCO), maybe even with graphic like on a Garmin Edge device!
Semilir Bayu
May 26, 2021
I've been using this app for a year. This is greatest app for cycling comp. Now I can't get Altitude-grade data. I use Mi A1 phone. Is it because of my phone or there is an issue in the app?
Alex Garcia Farreny
May 25, 2021
Right what I was looking for. An App with which I can avoid buying an otherwise expensive bike computer. It does everything a bike computer does with a much larger display. I just hope T. Wassink keeps maintaining and adding new functionalities!
May 18, 2021
Working great! All the cycling data I need is on this app. It's free and no ads. I hope it will stay free. Thank you!
David R
May 16, 2021
Just perfect for cycling and keeping track of my progress. Very configurable and clear display. Great app.
Andrés Arias Fuentes
May 8, 2021
The best cycling computer app I've tried. It's very customizable and connects easily with my Garmin and Wahoo equipment by bluetooth.
Pedal Paradise
Apr 26, 2021
Great app. So configurable and captures wide variety of data. Love that it creates .fit file of ride I can share with other services. Thanks for continuing to work on the manual, esp. OpenMaps instructions. Does what dedicated devices costing hundreds can do, right on my phone! And free!
Kurt Kühnert
Apr 26, 2021
Really greater alternative to the native Strava record feature. This app is way more battery friendly and feature complete than most competitors and replaces a bike computer entirely.
patrick levenson
Apr 25, 2021
So excellent. Just what I needed. The only problem is I can't get it to link with my android smartwatch. I have tried unbinding the watch from it's app (flexfit2.0) , reconnecting the Bluetooth etc... thoughts? Thanks so much for great app. p.s. contact link doesn't work on (maybe on purpose)
ric lamoureux
Apr 12, 2021
Replaced my Garmin cycling computer with my android smartphone + Jepster app. Jepster is very configurable and feature-rich. I use an Ant+ speed sensor, which functions very well. The app has settings for 4 different bikes--a very useful feature. I prefer using Jepster to my Garmin, as it (Jepster) has plenty of features and options, and I really like being able to utilize my phone for several purposes. Jepster is a great app. Their are several ways to extend your phone battery, while using Jepster--read the manual, for hints. Note: I use a Quadlock phone mount, it's great.
Wisnu Hera
Mar 27, 2021
Works like charm until last update, upload to strava not working, it says there was an error processing... Been trying disconnect and connect service to strava but no luck.
Andrea & Howard Brooks
Mar 21, 2021
Like this app a lot, but cannot always see my progress as the sun makes it difficult to read things on my cellphone screen. The app tells me vocally when my activity stops and resumes. Is there a way to make it vocalize my distance for each mile covered?
Rajiv Tarafdar
Mar 20, 2021
Really good app. Would be awesome if some of the minor issues are resolved. The first issue being, how do I contact the Developer. Thanks
Angus Sutherland
Jan 28, 2021
With this app there is no need for a separate bike computer. Would love to see some kind of workout functionality in the future and am super excited for live segments! Keep up the awesome work!
Dec 15, 2020
Hello. I need some help. I'm transferring from an old phone to a new phone and I would like to know how to transfer my activities to the new phone. I been to the file folder jepster/Activities and copied it to the same folder on the new phone but Jepster doesn't recognise/see the activity file. I have also uploaded the file to strata but don't see how to download it back into Jepster.
Richard Tanner
Nov 25, 2020
Easy to use and setup, I am using this with a magene wheel sensor on a static bike pairs and works well good reliable app many thanks
Michael Mead
Nov 19, 2020
Thanks for the app, enjoying a lot. Will there be offline map use in the future? I have OSM maps on my phone from other apps & often head into riding locations without cell data. 5 Stars on the way for offline maps.
Akshay Joshi
Nov 8, 2020
This is one of the most complete bicycling computers available on the play store right now. No app comes even close. 1. The fields are fully configurable. It has everything you need and nothing more. 2. It is one of the few bicycling computers which connects to all individual sensors. I have a separate cadence and speed sensor. Very few apps can actually detect both simultaneouly. So, it really becomes, choose one. Not so, in this case. 3. Data analytics is quite good. A few sore points, which I must point out and I hope the developer can fix them (someone else has also pointed out in the review) 1. If the sensors are not detected at the start of ride, the app makes no attempt to reconnect them. There is no retry. So, if you loose sensor connectivity even for a moment, there is no reconnect. At start of the ride, the sensors take a while to come online, so everytime I need to manually reconnect. This can be tricky when you are in a group ride. 2. Speed filter is bit too slow. It takes few seconds after you have stopped to determine that you have stopped. Both above issues look to be easily fixable. The developer has done a fantastic job to keep it ad free and clutter free. Excellent work!!!
Aravind R
Oct 30, 2020
Yes uploading both tp and strava... Thanks for your wonderfull app... Please don't delete this app... Without this app I don't think about my training... So thanks
Oct 18, 2020
This is one great app does it all i think, cant compare to a regular bike computer but i would guess this does more and then some... Well worth supporting! great job and free to chose to support you are an inspiration Have one wish tough! If you could implement a auto retry/reconect sensor if it looses connection as it sometimes looses connection with my cadence and reconnects fine if i push reconect on screen if/when i see it and get my swetty gloves off
Glen Williams
Oct 10, 2020
So much better than the others I tried, and easy to customize to the information you want (I don't think the defaults are well thought out, but a long press changes them, and the field list is pretty exhaustive). Using with polar H10 heart-rate monitor and garmin Vector 3 power meter pedals.
Josue De Paz
Oct 4, 2020
The best Android bike computer!! PROS: -4 bikes can be used with this app. Each with its own settings (sensors, data shown, etc.). -Customize what and how data is shown. -Great customer service.CONS: -Should have a folder with all the uploaded gpx routes, instead of opening the "File from disk" tab to reuse a route. "Buying" the app is $0.99/year. It's totally worth it. UPDATE (10/03/20): ANT+ connection works. Connectivity with Strava (no need to use it while riding, only Jepster).
Simon Wong
Sep 19, 2020
This is the exact app I wanted! I was going to try to build something like this to read my ANT+ sensors instead of buying some expensive bike computer and this app has all the features I wanted and more! It even has dark mode for AMOLED screens
Sep 17, 2020
Two suggestions/recommendations: a) a clear minimum level of the Android phone to be used b) a clear link to the manual and an update of that manual. Why? Because there may be others who get utterly frustrated with this app not being able to get enough of a GPS signal without there being an indication of the fact. After I gave it three more tries, it does still not produce the results I expect In short it doesn't work on my phone e.g 1) it takes a long time to even indicate the proper altitude 2) on our hilly test loop it would indicate plus values when going downhill and minus values going uphill 3) the amount of slope was never correct i.e. it varied very widely anywhere between 5% and 22%!!! The slope/grade is actually 12%.
Joe Hoffman
Sep 6, 2020
Wow, I've been looking for a good app for weeks and finally found this. So many others don't have Strava route import, and Strava itself obviously doesn't support sensors anymore. This works great. Minor nitpick: it'd be great if it had a way to sync weight in from Google Fit so it doesn't need to be updated manually. Auto-upload would also be nice. But those are such minor things. Though for what it's worth I'd pay a bit more if turn-by-turn was added.
Carlos Cunha
Sep 1, 2020
Great app. Simple to use. I use it all the time and recommend it. BUT LAST VERSION 5.2 JUST KEEPS CRASHING ON MY SAMSUNG. As soon as I hit New activity, it reports error and stops.
Rashpal Bhati
Aug 30, 2020
Looks promising, thorough selection of data analysis and clear visualisation, will test further with sensors incorporated.
Robert Perry Hooker
Aug 20, 2020
This is a great app. Everything you need and nothing you don't. Great GPS data, easy sensor integration, well-designed interface, no ads. The only thing missing is a "map cache' feature to download maps for offline use.
Agus Wilmansyah
Aug 10, 2020
great apps, I can combine generic cadence sensors and galaxy watch with HR transmitter installed as HR sensors. Better than device manufacturer apps. But I couldn't upload the record to my Strava account. I hope you can solve my problem
Adam Swan
Jun 13, 2020
This is the one! If you are looking for an app that replaces a bike computer THIS IS THE ONE! I tried a bunch of the apps and none of them are close to as good or as complete. Connects to speed sensor, cadence sensor, and heart rate monitor. Can switch between using sensors or GPS for speed and distance. Has a range of great dashboards that simulate an actual bike computer. It's free but it's so good that I'm going to contribute to support it.
Sebastian R. Lovo
Jun 1, 2020
Hi !! This app is amazing thank you after searching a lot I can find Jepster, but I have a question, can I share the heart rate of my galaxy watch ?
Paweł Bieschke
May 12, 2020
I have problem with establish strava link. When I tried to connect with strava "log by using google" I got error 403. Is there any solution for this problem?. App looks great and I would like to test it. Strava live segments in future would be great.
mingi song
May 3, 2020
I cannot believe this is free, and has no advertisement that I can find. Still trying to figure out the catch. Actually took me about an hour to configure the way I like, but its a good thing. It means its very configurable and flexible. Battery management on this app means this is actually the very first app that I can honestly say can replace wahoo to some degree. Just wow.
Apr 23, 2020
I tried a lot of bike computer apps, this is by far the best one. Super customizable, you can set up all the values you want to see while riding. Compatible with all my sensors: speed, cadense and heart. Easy to load your routes from strava and to upload your activities. And free to use, even though I did donate some money because I just love this app.
Feb 12, 2020
The app is amazing! The cost of bike computers has always frustrated me particularly because the hardware is so poor compared to smartphones. I know the historic argument is battery life but this is always improving and the app also has a battery saver feature. No one else seems to have a mobile platform anywhere near as good as this and I hope it becomes a market leader. Great job!
Nov 24, 2019
Отличный вело компьютер. Все что нужно есть, лишних движение не требует. Поддерживает не только карту с навигацией, но и датчики по ANT+ (пульс, скорость, каденс). Позволяет загружать данные в Strava, оттуда получать маршруты. Приложение сделано аккуратно, интерфейс удобный. На мой взгляд, лучший вело компьютер на Андроиде (из полутора десятка приложений, которые пробовал).
Oct 27, 2019
Like the layout, and it found my btle wahoo ticker fit, and Wahoo cadence, you need to go to bike and bike settings, search Bluetooth and it found them both
Sep 11, 2019
UPDATE:very fast assistance from Dev. Thank you. Issue was due to auto pause. I have now altered that and the android sleep settings. I'll add a proper review when I get to test it out on Friday.
May 18, 2019
This is exactly what I've been looking for, a cycle computer with Google Maps navigation and the ability to upload routes. So impressed by this app and would highly recommend others to try it.
Mar 23, 2019
Finally, a HUD app that includes a GPX route overlaid on a map. This is seriously the perfect bike computer app! ++ For dark mode ++ For editable fields ++ for offline maps ++ for external sensor support The only thing I'd love to see be added is BT sensor support - most phones don't support ant+.
Feb 24, 2019
Tried the app for a while and its elegant simplicity is one of its strengths. Functions quite well and never locked up, it did however lose focus on which tab it was. Some functions are not very polished - like bike settings. Unfortunately it doesn't support Bluetooth BLE sensors which is a shame and a deal breaker for me.
Aug 26, 2018
I have tried close to ten bike computer apps and Jepster is easily the best free choice. I wanted a customizable display that was similar to an actual bike computer, free offline maps, and the ability to upload to Strava. It took a bit to figure out how to use the offline maps, but now Jepster checks all these boxes, and as far as I know is the only free option that does. The only improvement I wish it had was Bluetooth sensor compatibility.
Jul 24, 2018
Goeie app, mis helaas 2 dingen. Ik heb een hartslag band die werkt via Bluetooth (polar h7). Ik kan eerdere opnames niet openen in de app, zie ze alleen terug in het stravaupload scherm. Het missen van de bluetooth sensor zal er helaas voor zorgen dat ik verder moet zoeken. Weet je al wanneer dit toegevoegd gaat worden?
Feb 8, 2018
Love it. Best app for a cyclist. Intuitive. Covers all basics. Nice configurable layout. No ads. No unnecessary permissions. Hope it continues to add more functionality. To begin with, it would be great if Bluetooth sensors could be be added. Great work . Keep it up. Thankyou.
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