Batman - The Telltale Series

Category Adventure Game
Developer Telltale
Platform Android
Package com.telltalegames.batman100
Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne.

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Reviews (238)

bigi1073 abby
May 28, 2022
Chapter 1 is free, the other 4 episodes are behind a paywall so you can play the first episode for free and then decide if you want to pay to play
Jae Chipoya
May 27, 2022
I keep trying to play the game but it keeps on glitching just as the game starts, I had high hopes because of how much I love Batman so it was a disappointed
Aang The Avatar
May 23, 2022
This is one of my favorite interactive games from telltale I've played so far I'm about to play season 2 and I have to say I love this game it looks beautiful the choices in this game are amazing I made the best choices and I had purchased five episodes I generally love this game my only gripe with this game is that the controller it's hard to play with but you get used to it and overall I love this game and I recommend it it's worth the money 💪
Chad Stauffer
May 21, 2022
Cool game but to many glitches tapping the touch points. Will try it again after bugs are worked out. Hopefully thats soon.
Joseph Chowa
May 10, 2022
I had high hopes for this game but unfortunately it kept on crashing and crashing. I tried to free up some storage space but still it kept on crashing. It's so annoying that one has to waste so much data for a game that won't even load. Fix this and I might just give your app 5 stars.
Samuel Ituru
May 9, 2022
While Downloading I did not realise from the about game part that the only playable part is episode 1 after that, the game requests me to pay the season pack. Not impressed by that unfortunately.
proboi idk
May 4, 2022
This game is 5 star because of the game graphics and things but the thing that i dont like why do they have to make episode 2,episode3,and all the others money?
Maku Fernandez
May 1, 2022
This game is cool like other of telltale games created but i been experienced a lag and controls delayed because of my device can't handle the graphics but it doesn't matter now i really like this new plot of the story about wayne family keep working on this
Mohammad Heih
Apr 25, 2022
Love it , the graphics is so good and right for phones screen , the sounds make you feel like you are in the scene , and Catwoman is sexy 😂 , but there are a little problems should be fixed like Itried to pause the game but it didn't work , but overall it's a beautiful game
Lily Zhou
Apr 24, 2022
My favourite game to play. Playing it for the 5th time. Btw, the payment didn't work... I tried to buy the rest of the episodes and instead my bank account got locked temporarily because it said that there was suspicious activity. 💀 I also prefer if there's an option for canadian currency? Please fix this and take my money!
Dhimas Prayogo
Apr 13, 2022
What the F happen with the control? I cant chose almost anything. I am at the begining, I guess the storyline is good, but how can I rate if I cant play it? Please fix it. Thank you
Uyaebo Peter
Apr 11, 2022
This game is the right answer. I just love it when i am playing it alone.the graphics are cool .it gives good sound reason to the brain i ♥️ it thank you.
Naomi Orenge
Apr 8, 2022
This game is good but you only play the first episode offline the other level need. 1, 500,00 to buy the other level but it is good if only all episodes are.offline
Harsh Bhogayata
Apr 6, 2022
Good storylines! My problem is with unresponsive controls..just that. If you improve that. I might have to give 5 stars
Apr 6, 2022
I like this game its the best story line game i ve ever played but the problem with this is puzzles i hate puzzles it took me so long to complete this game but overall its veryyyy good
Apr 5, 2022
It's cool but sometimes when you click the action and the link buttons, it won't work, it will only work sometimes when you click the side part of the screen near the button I don't know if it's on my hands, or my screen or the game. But overall I love it, I also buy it to experience the full game! Amazing game!!! ❤️ 4.7/10 ❤️!!!!!!!
Dominic Ackrell
Apr 4, 2022
Rlly good game, graphics r nice, runs smoothly but a bit slowly. However there is a problem, the game is set in episodes the first episode is free, introducing some of the characters, after that U have to pay $20.99 for the rest of the five episodes. In my honest opinion it's a rip off.
Jaiden Hazell
Mar 31, 2022
This Game is cool there is no lag and it's fun game to try out for free if you don't have an console i'm on laptop and that will help me with no lag if your reading this and jealous sorry that sucks for you with the lag
Neil Henderson
Mar 30, 2022
It kept crashing at the initial introduction film at Gotham City Hall. Very frustrated as I paid for the extra episodes on the basis of the Walking Dead Games by Telltale which have worked absolutely fine on my phone.
Mar 29, 2022
Story is great but the controls are just pretty annoying. Sometimes you just got to press a button repeatedly and sometimes it won't even work.
Mark Kay
Mar 27, 2022
Welp, got Uber excited about this one. So much so that because of its ultra large Bat-file size I had to delete several games and 2 that were dear to my heart just to only see 45 Bat-seconds of the first cut scene and have it Bat-crash 1,2,3 and 4 times at the same Bat-time of the Bat-scene. This being the only game I've EVER had crash multiple times before any Batual game play just to have to start the Bat-whole damn game over again and again has me pretty Bat-pissed! Fix your game
Dean Montagna
Mar 25, 2022
No matter on my phone or tablet I can never get past the first episode because it always seems to automatically exit out of the game to the home screen
Kaitlyn Walters
Mar 22, 2022
This is a good game but it makes you pay for the 2nd episode and more and try to make you sign up and boesnt work fix that and ill give it 5 stars but other than that its good.
Nate Ace
Mar 21, 2022
I love that there's controller support and by the way this might not be with all phones but on my phone it runs really smoothly no glitches that I notice at least.
Tommy Apandi
Mar 20, 2022
Amazing game food job this game is perfect but there is some glitch in the animation please fix it and it will be super good thank you for this amazing game
vaigunda prabha
Mar 13, 2022
This is the best batman game i played i love the story the animation of course at some point a little lag was there but it doesnt affect the game
Maladjusted Gaming
Mar 4, 2022
Not bad for an interactive movie basically, QuickTime combat with a touchscreen is clunky and hard, not sure about paying 15 bucks for a chapter with such limited content, open world with a movable character yes but not this.
Modiedie maloka
Feb 23, 2022
Great experience ever. A lot of twists and betrayal... best game ever played.... packed with action and great picture quality. Thanks telltale
Sugar Ray Charles
Feb 21, 2022
Cool mobile game. It makes you feel as though you're Batman by having you to decide which decisions to make. (Decisions that has diverse outcomes.)
George Boscolo
Feb 21, 2022
I got this on different platforms now its really slow on tablet android and it is annoying I love the game pls fix telltale and I mean it's character models move slowly and so does the game
Feb 20, 2022
The touch screen is a little touchy. It makes mistakes on certain things sometimes. Like when I try to tap on a response, it highlights and selects another one that I didn't wanna make. Also when I tried to drag to open the doors into the warehouse several times, it didn't happen. This app has some bugs that need to be looked at. Also I think since the Batman telltale series has been out for some time, I think people are entitled to have all the episodes for free. Not just the first one.
Angelo Benelli
Feb 15, 2022
This game has completely made me a DC's fan. Watching TV-shows is kind of boring for me, but here YOU take the show. Nice OST, tangled plot and cameraman's work do it. I'd like to purchase more than 5 episodes.
Nazre Royal
Feb 14, 2022
Wow... amazing controls, story, and at the top, GRAPHICS. Standard and entertaining game. I Wish there could be more Telltale games on PlayStore.
So Xo
Feb 13, 2022
Underrated game. OST is excellent. Maybe a couple of bugs that need to be fix, but other than that everything else is near perfect.
Terry Parker
Feb 10, 2022
Story and format is great. It's probably a port and it just doesn't mesh will with my hardware. Ton of glitches and spotty, but I really enjoy this type of interactive story telling, so I bit the bullet so to speak
Muhammad Mukhlish
Feb 10, 2022
Good game, but needs some works for modern hardwares. Texture bugs, very small game resolution, and low quality audio.
Ai Hayasaka
Feb 6, 2022
The game itself is good but I hope u can change the graphics on your own accord just like on Pc which I saw on youtube, there are scenes that has been cutted from the game like the scene Alfred removing Bruce wounds which was hitten by a glass and I hope they make it full screen. Please fix those issues not all of us have the budget to buy pc or console for better experience.
Kara Wright
Feb 2, 2022
Completely unplayable, I downloaded the game but when I opened it up the format wasn't fitting my screen only 1/4 of the game would show up and I couldn't press any buttons. I hope there is a way to fix this because I would love to play it.
James Urwin
Jan 24, 2022
Total garbage, the game is fasely advertised it says that theres stong violence in the game which is not true and yet they fail to disclose that there's swearing in it. Also, it's annoyingly pay to win as you have to pay for the rest of the episodes after completing the 1st one. The graphics lead a lot to desire and the gameplay itself is super buggy. The customisation is very limited, the only thing you can do is pick the colour of your battech. Don't waste your time or money with this con!!
Mohit Sharma
Jan 23, 2022
Only first episode is open, story is fine, but its not a game. Nothing to play here, even if you don't tap any buttons it wilk still act the same.
SJG Studios
Jan 16, 2022
The game would not load past the intro,right when it started after about 30 seconds, the game crashes.
Wolfie999 Ttrs
Jan 15, 2022
This is a really good game which I recommend getting but at the start I found some glitches and lags. Some cuts scenes at the start don't show so I tried getting it on my PS4 which worked perfectly so I don't recommend getting the mobile version.
Thamarai Selvi
Jan 14, 2022
The graphics is good. The game was smooth but it crashes frequently after the intro . I don't know why this is happening . I checked the requirements of this game too . It's equivalent to my phone but I don't know why it's crashing . My pc version of this game was working good . But the Android version of this game always crashes.
Jagdev Baiga
Jan 12, 2022
Fantastic game with engaging storyline. But I had a problem with the controls. It was a little tough for me moving the Batman.Anyway game was awesome.
Shreejal k. C.
Jan 12, 2022
I have played many batman game from NES , PC to PS4 Pro cause I am BATMAN fan , and this game is so beautifully done and well written I love everything about it . Best choices, Best narrative, Best endings, Best detective, action stuff, Best story and gripping story, Best way to put you in batman position And you should download it right now ❤️❤️ Cause it's time to be Batman !!
Elaine Hinton
Jan 12, 2022
Not rating the app. But the game itself. It has some bugs, but an awesome game! I play on Ps4. I would love a season3. Please! You have the fans.
wasim laskar
Jan 11, 2022
Hay, developer Batman- The Tellate Searese impressive gameing in android device my issue this game not a full screen play and all episodes unlock please because can't play .my rate 5 star. Thanks ✊
priyanshu agrawal
Jan 2, 2022
Good gameplay, good graphics But the only reason why I am not giving 5 stars is I have spend more than 1 gb for just about 1 hr that's not right You have to pay for remaining episodes this is disappointing
Mr Potato
Dec 31, 2021
It is only game on Android which is similar to games from consoles and pc that I want to play but it has horible screen size, it doesn't even fill the screen which makes the control very bad and too hard tk control you need to touch on side of the control instead of the iconbeing shoen in the screen many times.
Mr White
Dec 30, 2021
Excellent game and the storyline is top knotch.....but one problem that it's little laggy sometimes and need to purchase for continue new episodes.... that's why I give 4 star....but this game deserves more....coolest mobile game I ever played
Brady Reis
Dec 29, 2021
Very decent and good. An alternative story for Batman, I suppose is official now. Anyways, the game is spectacular and I love Telltale games! Who cares on what that one kid saying this game is boring because of pressing buttons, this game is good!
David Poland
Dec 28, 2021
A curious mix of gameplay. Kind of like Dragon's Lair + a LucasArts game + Choose your own adventure depending on the scene you're playing. Spent most of the time watching the "movie" with these interactive elements interspersed. While visually appealing the game didn't hold my interest long enough to finish the first episode. Also didn't care for the timer on the answer response screens. If you're a huge Batman fan you might consider giving it a whirl.
Aneek Mandal
Dec 28, 2021
4 stars: Excellent storyline with very appropriate choices paired with excellent audio and graphics. Lives upto the mark. 1 star (missing): This game seriously needs an update. The controls and game window are not optimised for bigger screen sizes and sometime it's hard to even click on a specific button. Please patch this.
Onyekachukwu Isaiah
Dec 21, 2021
Great game to keep one busy, the game is just like one watching a movie and playing video games at the same time, it's very interesting, good graphics, storyline but buying of the next episode doesn't work for me,I mean spending a lot of data already to download the game is worth it but using real cash is sad for me please developers should look into it and consider please
sample material
Dec 15, 2021
As a batman fan i loved the game. But after episode 1 we have to buy season pass to play further. That's not acceptable. Batman would be very ashamed. Please make full game free. Or make it free on online atleast.
Prajwal Wandhare
Dec 13, 2021
There's no real action in this game, only you have to watch the story and sometimes tap on certain icons to perform moves. Graphics are good but lacking in action.
King.k_Emon _
Nov 25, 2021
This game is amazing both the graphics and the story telling the only thing that could have changed my rating is that the screen offten shifts to the right side.
cadet mikayla
Nov 19, 2021
i honestly really like this game. i saw it on tiktok and it looked really good. the problem is, is that im playing on a laptop (chromebook to be specific) and i cant get past episode one because i cant press the buttons at the same time. i think you should change it to be more sutible for users like me. maybe change the controls from mouse to keyboard.
Indracharan Patil
Nov 19, 2021
This is absolutely fantastic game! The fact that I could play Bruce Wayne is unreal! I have few suggestions though 1. Bruce looks sad/pale and always thinking of something. He is eccentric billionaire, charmer don't have to have wrinkles on his forehead 2. Give us a chance to scroll at surroundings you have done a good work.. not just the view characters walk in 3. (optional) It would be good give a pause button to answer questions for a slow thinker like me 4. There are some more! Char limit
276 Venkatesh Upadhyaya
Nov 15, 2021
Fantastic work from Telltale studios, absolutely loving the Bruce Wayne part of this. Controls are a bit off sometimes but overall experience is great. Sad part is that only one episode is available for free, so you have to purchase the rest of the game. The storyline is gripping and you'll love it when you finish the first season.
Sahil Raj
Nov 9, 2021
Beautiful and Captivating. I immediately started playing the 2ndseason after finishing this. I always wanted more screentime for *Bruce Wayne* since we get very little in the DCEU and DCAU, period. This was my wish come true. The visuals are genuinely stunning and choices; captivating. The choices and events in the game felt very practical and GODDAMN the car🤩😍. Keep it up Telltale, I can totally imagine all the hard work and sleepless nights of the team behind this game.
Abe Weinheber
Nov 8, 2021
Amazing game enjoyed every minute of playing it. You can replay it as many times as you want and each time get a different choice etc. Anyone who lives Batman should play this game.
Mullah Raheil
Nov 4, 2021
It is a good game, however, the controls are bit lost. It is almost impossible to navigate the game on right side of the screen. Also, there is no option to change the display resolution. I enjoyed it so far, but I am not paying for it until the resolution and controls are fixed.
Oct 30, 2021
Love the game. Great graphics, superb storyline. DC & Batman fans will love this. But only 1 episode is available for free, will have to purchase the rest. And the game has a few glitches. Sometimes thr game doesn't respond to the taps and get's very annoying.
Theo Bui
Oct 6, 2021
Needs improving. Controls are a few clicks off when tapping. It doesn't seem optimized for newer phones and screen resolution cant be adjusted. Although you can play with a controller but not all controllers will support the full axis on the right thumb stick. If there's an update on the touch control and adding full screen resolution. This would be an absolute pleasure to play.
Aryan R
Oct 3, 2021
This game really really awesome. The graphics are really cool. But the thing that i don't like is why can't you make games all episode for free. If you made it free then everyone can this game
Sybil Sein
Sep 15, 2021
I give it 2 star because it's a good game . But u have to use real money to continue 😭😭😭 the reason you are getting low ratings is because you didn't let the game to be free. Many of us are kids and we don't have money. Pls make the seasons free. The game will be more interesting without paying
sandeep nair
Sep 13, 2021
I have purchased the seasons pass in 2018 . And I changed my phone . Now I installed the game again. But it says to buy the seasons pass again. I logged in via the same username . How do I redeem the bought episodes ??
Bikram Roy
Sep 12, 2021
Damn!!! I just finised the game and man!!! The story, the animations, the tactics, everything is to the point. This is surely one of the best games I've played so far. Absolutely love this game.
E chong
Sep 2, 2021
I'm giving this game four stars beacuse the game has good storylines, good graffic, and amazingly good effects, but unfortunatly you have to pay for episode 2, 3, 4, 5, and also for other seasons too. That is why the game didn't geet 5 stars.
Raunaq Rana
Sep 1, 2021
Wow. Amazing experience on Android. Faced a small glitch where touch controls were slightly shifted to the right of the marked points on the screen. Otherwise the story telling is an art form. GG devs.
ajinkya deshpande
Sep 1, 2021
I think this game is so cool. I don't have words to express my feelings. I love this game but there is some bugs in this game. Developers should take a look at this bugs and fix them otherwise game is so so cool and graphics are outstanding.
Aug 21, 2021
Excuse Me? I downloaded 1GB+ just for a one hour gameplay? First of all i understand that compared to PC vers. and Mob vers. you guys needed to reduce graphics and textures a lot. But really this is what comes off it? I'm just straight up disappointed. Also The characters glitch a lot. Very bad experience do not waste your internet on this. Edit- Just realised you need to pay to unlock the other not waste money on this
Andrew Korongo
Aug 18, 2021
So far I like the game after trying it out. The graphics looks stunning and the gameplay is just like watching a series where you have to make choices which will determine the way the story goes. However after completing episode one there was an option of buying new episodes and a pass and I hate this. Instead can't you just keep a change where you can unlock a new episode by completing the current one than spending money, please? if you did so, I would rate this game out of three more stars.
Lesles Les
Aug 18, 2021
It was a fun experience to interact and react with. Though the immersion can be totally haltered when it freezes for a couple of seconds to loading the next scene/clip(really prevalent during fights).
Aug 6, 2021
Absolutely frustrating Game glitches non stop It's lucky I have to give it at least 1 star rating cos I'd rather rate it zero stars till this issue is resolved definitely ain't worth spending coin on at present moment Other then that great storyline and graphics
Francisco Ortiz
Jul 27, 2021
I got the first "episode for free so u can't complain too much, but i would not recommend paying for it. Graphics wouldn't load half the time, voiceovers looked horrible, and action instructions would sometimes only apear for a moment.
Frankie M Gamer
Jul 25, 2021
The game is not half that bad but when I try to hit a few buttons it's like off by a little to the right up left down you have to click everywhere to at least hit it I would have gave it a five if that wasn't a part and the full game is $15 and I hope it's not per month that would be a huge rip-off it feels like 15 episodes I don't understand why there is no 15 episodes but there's only five and I did one and it was not half that bad but I'll just say if you want You can play it
kamaz 2021
Jul 23, 2021
Graphics are amazing just like a movie but it's really hard to catch the moves as it doesn't always register your move also it's far to expensive to buy the next episode £4.89 each or £15 for the series I don't mind spending money but come on this is rediculous maybe if you charged 99p then a lot more ppl would buy it I know that more than 5 ppl would buy at 99p than 1 person at £4.89 so I am not wasting time finishing the episode but delete it immediately.
Jacob Gold
Jul 6, 2021
Doesn't play well on Amazon fire devices. The game looks quite blurry and often lags. Also for some reason the game constantly enters the pause menu randomly (this happens alot)
Jun 28, 2021
Was excited to play this game but uninstalled right away because there is a timer for dialogue answers and no way to stop it! The dialogue choices is why I wanted to play but they give you no time to answer? Why is there even a timer? What's the point of this game when they don't let you choose? Instead most of the gameplay is tapping random places during fights but who cares about that is so boring! Telltale's logic baffles and infuriates me!
Tyrian Richmond
Jun 26, 2021
the game is lagging terribly on my samsung A10, i cant even get through a scene without it crashing. when i open the game up, it sometimes cuts nearly a third of the screen off its so off center. i love this game and its story, and i hope these bugs get fixed soon
Shallaria SunWolf
Jun 19, 2021
It was great thou h b l I'm d others say minor delay in the action icons and they don't quite register when swipeing . The lip sync is off a bit and the body contortion is off a bit too.
Anoop Varghese
Jun 7, 2021
Please make the game fit for bigger screen devices. There are huge black bar around the game. Which reduces the entrire experince. Sometimes the controls also dont work. Rest is amazing!
Sandler Bryson
Jun 4, 2021
The graphics and story are excellent but the game has numerous issues when played on a Touch Screen phones. The buttons seems to be way off. This is particular true when the red bullseye circles come up and when hitting the purple data points to link clues. This glitch makes the fight scene in the cafeteria (scene 5) where you are timed to hit the links and connect clues impossible. You hit add link but it backs you out etc. Issues made it continuously frustrating.
Aliyu Sadiq
May 30, 2021
I'm gonna give this game two stars. The storyline and graphics are great but the controls, not so much. I got killed ten times by Falcone because of this issue.
Dale Kelly
May 21, 2021
Game will not run on my device and i only turned to android version to satisfy my son because the season pass disc I bought for xbox one didn't work either, so in effect I have paid 30 euro to telltale in 24 hours and have no game to play.. Terrible service
Pratyush Sharma
May 18, 2021
The developers have to fix the compatibility issues with newer phones (specifically the ones with bigger aspect ratios). The game's display resolution doesn't cover the whole screen on my Redmi Note 9S and sometimes the buttons don't work either (I have to either tap on hard right or it just doesn't work whatever I do). The same is the case with other Telltale games including The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us etc. I hope the developers update these games to fix these issues!
Rishabh Gautam
Apr 28, 2021
I purchased the season pass. The money got deducted and it is still asking me to purchase the season pass. What treachery is this. I gave the money and still the episodes are not available to me.
Apr 26, 2021
The controls bearly worked, I swiped up I tapped it but nothing, and the arrow pointed up! I even did it on the arrow! And you can't say it's my wifi because it's faster than thee average wifi should be.
Jayson Laluna
Apr 25, 2021
The story and it being interactive are the game's strongest points but the controls are awful. At first I thought maybe the phone has touch issues but when I downloaded it to a different phone it still had the same problem. Fix this and I'll buy the season pass.
Parthsarthi Ahuja
Apr 19, 2021
This is an amazing game. I've finished both the parts twice and loved it. I've also played many more telltale games like The wolf among us and game of thrones. Telltake if you're reading this, please bring the servers for Guardians of the galaxy and game of thrones back, I have them but I can't download their episodes because of the servers.
Ruhaan Shyam
Apr 9, 2021
I absolutely love this game....have just one problem..... whatever choices I made did not effect the story at all.....all I played was a default story.....I did save Selina but in the next episode... 2 face was fit and fine(did not have a disfigured face).....plz look into this matter
Chai A
Mar 30, 2021
There are no graphics settings in the game. The default playable area covers just half of the screen. Besides that, the game is good.
Harshit Rao
Mar 29, 2021
This is an amazing game with amazing graphics and amazing story but the only thing I would like is make the episodes free because not everyone can buy the episodes and season pass.
Mar 11, 2021
Great game. An interesting tale. But needs few improvements. The game screen cuts a little to the right side of the screen, making it impossible to touch or read the full context of a choice/decision option. I've purchased season pass and I can't even advance in the game. I NEED A REFUND!!!😡
Rahul Haripersad
Mar 8, 2021
Batman the telltale series is an amazing game. The graphics are outstanding and the gameplay is amazing. All I can say is if you download Batman the telltale series you are not wasting your time and the fact it's offline with graphics so good then you know you are not wasting your time. I love the Batman and this game makes me love it even more
Nathaniel Shattuck
Feb 28, 2021
Four stars. Great game with a great story but there is one small problem. When I got to the part in episode one where you have to create a plan to take down the gaurds my game keeps kicking me out. Please fix
Usman Zubair
Feb 28, 2021
Well It perfectly delves into the psyche of Bruce Wayne but its gameplay and display didnt impressed me much.For start some choice arent impactful and pointless.The bugs and texture also holds it back.
Derek Remo
Feb 24, 2021
Touch screen glitch. Note 20 Ultra. Game play and graphics are fun, but has now developed a touch screen glitch where you have to tap a half inch below where you need to tap for it to register. Was working fine, then stopped working. No screen protector or case or special software on the phone that would interfere with it.
Jessica Wilson
Feb 21, 2021
I thought I found a game to play but apparently its not this game keep freezing up and cutting off the graphics are good the game seemed like it was good but how can I get into the game at this game if it keep on freezing up and cutting off I don't know what the issue is but they should fix that because how can anyone get into the game uf it does want to play for you
Abhinav Kumar
Feb 16, 2021
It's very bad that while playing have to touch it for 10tines in conversation, touch is very bad in all. If I press anything in conversation it's very delay for indicating. I think developer should reconfigure.
not avalible
Feb 15, 2021
Well for one thing I'm playing on a chromebook so my experience may be different than yours. The graphics were bad the game kept on freezing up and the mouth animations weren't timed very well but otherwise the game is ok
Shubhdeep Singh Amar
Feb 5, 2021
This is the best game that I have played in android. Great story and magnificent graphics won my heart. But, this game is only for those users who have RAM more than 2GB. Otherwise your game will work slow.
Ikhouria Atakpu
Feb 1, 2021
Oh my Lord, this game is totally the bomb, I just ended episode one, you guys got brains, I love the graphics the control, it's perfect for an android game, what more can we get, kudos guys, am expecting much more from you guys, and it's offline game, thumbs up guys.
Pito Marr
Jan 30, 2021
I need my refund. I got through episode 1, then I purchased the season pass, was able to play episode 2 but I don't see episodes 3-5. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and still nothing. Need my money back please!
Ashray Tiwari
Jan 18, 2021
The story is awesome I've played all 5 episodes in the pc version and the first one here, on android. But the game isn't stable at both platforms, I've played it on the flagship processer mtk p70, but still, the game lags for anout 0.5 seconds during animatives, however the audio director and the story is jist awesome!! Must give a try if you've a flagship graphic processor.
Vanessa Velinovska
Jan 14, 2021
The game was good at first but the options for what Bruce Wayne what going to say next was hard and there were to many and there was a timer so I had to think quick and episode 1 was free but the other ones you have to pay for so it was not interesting even more.
XShubham Dey
Jan 12, 2021
Have you ever seen a movie called "Black mirror - Bandersnatch.. it's the same.. and interactive video, which is NOT a game. Just because it is a really good batman story you can get hyped to see the the video story play through, but honestly there is no gameplay..!! With a comic style graphic, don't expect over the edge ray traced graphics, at the's just a video!!!
Gene Parish
Jan 2, 2021
This is actually a fairly linear set of tales. While it does give you a great deal of individual choice in your personal actions, they don't really change the overall story. They only change how those nearest you view you and the resources you have access to. The save feature is also a bit wonky and needs improvements. Despite these drawbacks the adventure is full of amazing animations and the controls are are fairly intuitive. Additionally the tale is extremely well written.
Kyle Haughie
Dec 29, 2020
I give this game a 3/5 stars because of the lag. My tablet is brand new (Samsung Galaxy Tab A). When there is a fight scene, the lag gets so annoying cuz by the time it does the move, my character dies. The lag is so bad I haven't even completed the 1st episode before uninstalling it. My tablet has more than enough space on it. Please fix this lag.
Rahul Sar
Dec 27, 2020
Probably would be the best story driven genre of game for mobile devices. Giving 4 stars as even through story is good as expected from Telltale but still game is CPU demanding and also lags on smartphones that came in 2019-2020.
Ruchit Jain
Dec 25, 2020
Game is very interesting, but the only problem was controls. Many times it shifts to complete right.
Punit Nathani
Dec 21, 2020
Doesn't work in full screen om Note 9. Only 70 percent of screen is utilised in actual content rest is just black screen on left and right side.
Asutosh Rath
Dec 14, 2020
Excellent game for people looking for story and action thriller. It would be great if some more chapters were added
Trent Weston
Dec 11, 2020
A brilliant game. I wish I'd learnt about it sooner. I'd like to give 4.8 stars only issue is (on my phone at least) tapping on the right hand side of the screen is often not picked up. e.g. pausing is very tricky. Great voice acting and immersive gameplay.
Yahya Zekry
Dec 11, 2020
I liked the story line, but there were many bugs; the resolution wasn't correct nor where I must tap it was out place, the graphics not that good got many bugs like head twists, flickers, and some of the sounds are actually so low quality.
Ricky Owen
Dec 8, 2020
Love this game, one small glitch though. I recently downloaded this game on a Google Pixel 5. When playing the game, the right hand side of the screen doesn't seem to be calibrated so I can't use the codex properly, accuracy is an issue, can't scroll through the videos etc. Doesn't impair the actual gameplay to much but it is a bit of a pain.
Unique Artz
Dec 3, 2020
This is game is great and all... But then I really wish the other episodes don't use some sort of credit card or something to buy... I'm 16 fgs.. and it ain't legal for me to have one in my age.. I mean I'm Cameroonian. Please do something about this... Another method of payment should be implemented please... I'm begging😭
Rishabh Saini
Nov 24, 2020
Game is not compatible with big screen, cut out screen and choice options are not visible. Also trouble in touching to the point. Story and gameplay are great so far but I'm unable to play.
Power Pow
Nov 23, 2020
Well I gotta say this game has an impressive storyline and a featuring side of Batman that none has ever seen. The game is an absolute thrill and fun to play. However I don't like the fact that you have to purchase the rest of the episodes to continue playing. It would be nice if you guys could let us play the episodes for free you know. The graphics are pretty cool the storyline is so juicy and gripping the gameplay is impressive too. Put together this is one of the best Batman game I've played
Yordan Vesselinov
Nov 22, 2020
Another great Telltale game! Wasn't sure about it, but after playing the first episode, buying the whole game, just happened.... easily. No regrets thought, as the story is almost perfect, the characters are beautiful and complex, and as always, the decision-making is what makes these games awesome! Highly recommended!
Shobha Saxena
Nov 11, 2020
This game is best,superbest,incredible but one thing that the first episode is free but all episodes are in purchases so I uninstalled this game. If 2 episodes free and 2 episodes purchases so I can try to purchase all 2.
Karthik B
Nov 6, 2020
It gets bored after playing 3 or 4 episodes due to more animation than action. But it's really a beautiful game to play and buying the season pass is worth it.
pg sreenath
Nov 2, 2020
Such a great game deserve to get 5 star but main issue of not having full-screen while playing force me to give 3 star. Developers need to think about it seriously. This issue will make users to delete the game asap when they encounter this problem.
Zain Tayyab
Oct 30, 2020
Game is great, the concept is great, but the main problem is that it has alot of bugs and crashes alot, and the screen aspect ratio is small (compared to newer phones)
Pablo Perez
Oct 27, 2020
Awesome game. One of the first games that reminded me of the books I use to read as a kid at the end of every page you had choices and depending on the choices you made your journey would be different every time. Thanks for making a game like this and thanks for bringing a lil bit of my childhood back.
Bhaskar Aditya Das
Oct 25, 2020
The full game isn't free. That's what freaks me out. It would be better to give the whole game free for a 1.3gb game. But then also it is the best super hero game played by me so far. Please try to make the whole game free. It would be amazing.
Ellen Sakornbut
Oct 22, 2020
I am revising my original review now that I am done with it, I still loved the game. The story I found interesting as it applied famous batman characters in a unique tale full of twists. The graphics and controls were good. The action scenes were spaced and you are only really in charge of your reaction timing. However, I love the fact I can play Batman as I want to.
Sachin Rathee
Oct 17, 2020
The Worst , Worst And Worst game. The storage space of more than a gb is totally torture to a device for such kind of time- waste game. It gets extremely boring with minutes of animation after every choice made, and gets no fun. It is NOT worth of the space it takes for such concept, shouldn't have been more than of 100mb. Uninstalled it, you do not install.
Ajay Gupta
Oct 16, 2020
This game is the best batman game or the best mobile game in mobile . In this type of a game you can make your own story by selecting choices . IT'S YOUR BATMAN !!!! 😀😀😀😘😘 . First episode is free others are pay to unlock this game has the most unique and different batman story also . There are also detective type missions where you need to use your brain . This game is my favourite batman game . And I am sure you guys are also going to love this one . 👍👍👍
Jamal Saeed
Oct 16, 2020
The game Is Just cool on phone I had no problems playing the first episode the graphics were great and it ran 60 fps but the problem i had is the coming soon problem I bought the whole season and it won't let me play the other episodes please fix it I'd appreciate it
Oct 15, 2020
Unplayable. The quick time events icons will not show up for me to click on them. So I died repeatedly during the 1st fight with Catwoman. To get through that section I had to randomly hit every inch of my tablet's screen. And somehow it worked. But c'mon now... that type of gameplay is just not going to fly with me. Good story but sadly the QTE's are busted. I had to uninstall the game. Can you imagine if I had bought the rest of the episodes with this lousy gameplay? I dodged a bullet.
selina Toliyat
Oct 3, 2020
This game.....akh this game a can't even describe how much I love how much I enjoy it and just love it. I love this game. Both seasons are so cool the animations and the story of it. I've done anything to have it on my xbox but now I can have it on my phone. If you're a DCCOMICS fan you have to play it. You'll fall in love with it💜
Marwan Talks
Oct 1, 2020
No joke there should be a movie inspired by this game. Great story, really intense, and the fact that we get too actually dive into the character of Bruce Wayne in an more understandable form is Amazing. I also really liked the Gameplay and i thought it was really fun. And, this game is just a masterpiece and the fact that its FREE just adds up to it. MY ONE PROBLEM IS THAT THE FRAMES MOVE REALLY BADLY. For a free game I understand why they would make it like PS4 or XBOX ONE quality like.
Geralt Issuperman
Sep 30, 2020
Awesome experience , genuinely felt like Batman while playing this game, like the story in which Bruce Wayne also have same contribution as Batman in fighting crimes, I tried to play sequel of this game but it crashes and I can't able to complete casino part (I hope the sequel also gets fixed)
Nawaz Ali
Sep 26, 2020
The game is amazing, the story is gripping and the interactions between characters along with your own choices make this create your own version of Batman. HOWEVER , my only complaint is that the game is sometimes too resource intensive, turn the graphics down a notch so that it is playable on all devices. You dont need such realistic graphics to tell a compelling story, use the older engine that was used in the older games such as the wolf among us, or the walking dead.
Mm Chauhan
Sep 21, 2020
Good graphics and the choices of this game actually matters unlike other games like this that I've played but the main issue which makes this game really bad is that it is too choppy. It's like there are 3 frames per second in some scenes which makes it really annoying and the fact that the controls actually most of the time doesn't work making it far more difficult to actually complete any scene. If you only care about story only then you should play this game.
Shekinah Lucy
Sep 17, 2020
The game is interesting from what i've seen in the first episode but and this is a huge BUT you have to pay to play the next episodes.The fact that the creators are greedy and just after the money is depressing. Can't they just do something good for thecommunity without it turning into a money making scheme. THAT'S MESSED UP
Sep 9, 2020
The game is a masterpiece and out of this world. I like it's graphics, it's story, it's gameplay and everything. But it is too painful for me because I have not enough money to purchase the further episodes of the game. so, I cannot play the game anymore. I appeal to the development authority to make the episodes free for all. If it takes much app size there is no problem but, please don't make the difference between the rich and the poor. After all it is the best game I ever played on Batman.
William Black
Sep 7, 2020
⁹purchased all the episodes with a pass for the low price of 14.99. Seemed like a good deal. Instantly started to go bad when I tried to play Episode 3. Tried everything that I could and that was suggested but no luck. Still stuck here and not very happy about it. Wish I had my money back.
ale saipreetham
Sep 7, 2020
It's absolutely waste of time to even download the whole game is a story mode there is nothing much that u can play no gaming experience, graphics are also not that good. I think they need to develop more.
kornel kuczyński
Aug 30, 2020
The game is stopping from the good experience of game play .pleas imidently fix the bug cause it gose off and I need to restart the game over and over agen. And I can't play the story line even I didn't play the character(bat man) I hope the game is going to bee better in the future
Vivek Chudasama
Aug 30, 2020
Telltale Games Series are world's best storytelling series with very well made graphics and gameplay. Everything they make is absolutely worthy and fabulous to play in the world of games. Amazing work by the telltale again and loved this series also as their other games.
Kailash Rajan
Aug 22, 2020
Gripping story lane! Sad game quality.. So many bugs in User interface. Especially in investigation mode where you need to link. The touch simply wont work mostbof the time. The codecs cannot be scrolled. So many bugs. Looks like the game developers are lazy enough to check for the game's compatibility for all the phones. I have ASUS ROG PHONE2. Sad i would have bought this game but i don't think the developers deserve my money. No efforts put to refine the game. Sad. Improve. Fix the bugs.
Lanh NGO
Aug 16, 2020
It's absolute perfection the graphics were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC it's GOOD. Also people who are watching this: If you lag it's the device's fault. Your storage is bad :/
Rose Cuthbert
Aug 15, 2020
I was loving this game for the first episode! I love all things batman and was getting addicted to this game. But then I finished the first episode leaving me on a cliff-hanger only to find I had to pay real money for the rest of the episodes 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it would be really useful if you could earn fake money in the episodes to buy new episodes because my parents don't let me buy in app purchases 😭 otherwise this is an amazing game and I really wish I could carry on playing 😭😭
Louis Reese
Aug 9, 2020
Great game, I love the unique feature where you can get a different storyline depending on what choices you make - also, who doesn't love bring Batman?! 🦇🤵🏻 - however I do wish the frame rate was better when playing on a Moto G6, it makes the fighting alot harder.... that's really my only negative about this game. 🤷🏼‍♂️
mdfazle mustakim
Aug 8, 2020
The graphic quality is a little low other than that sometimes while playing choices and control won't appear so i have to restart the whole game other than that everything is fine I would love to give 5 star but for the graphics and other reason given above it's 4
Sim Samuels
Aug 5, 2020
Frame rate sucks. Its lagging. At the creen will turn black. Beside the buttons to press. Audio out of sync. I was like 10 minutes in or so. Catwoman froze for like 4+ secons while she was running. I was done. I cant play a game like that. My just be my device. Better luck to ya
Shalom Samson
Jul 25, 2020
This game is the best Game I've played since when I was born. The uniquness captivates me so much except for the fact that the next episode is too expensive... If this game where free it will gross so highly than it has now. Please make it free, it's also for the good of the company and that's why I give it only four stars
Prithivi Raj Reddy
Jul 22, 2020
Good graphics and awesome gameplay. Relatively easy to play, however the star quality of the game is the story play. It's like watching an animated batman movie. The best part is that the story is tailored based on your answers in the game. Must try. However for unlocking next chapter payment is required.
Joyful Flame333
Jul 19, 2020
The game is good but it crashes sometimes & its very disappointing you can only play one episodes......😿 You have to pay for others. Although game story & choices are great. If I only was a richest guy......
Jounior Yovo
Jul 19, 2020
This game is great and has an amazing storyline but the screen doesn't really work well,you have to keep pressing it doesn't work so you keep losing
YogiBear Gaming
Jul 16, 2020
Amazing game where the choices you make affect the outcome. However I only gave 4 stars because of the need to purchase the season pass to continue playing past the first episode... the price is a little high for a few episodes... still, I absolutely love this game
Ludwig Ramirez
Jul 15, 2020
A bit buggy sometimes, but definitely enjoyable. Really felt like I was in the cape and cowl. 😁 Good luck to the old team... hopefully you can still keep making games like these, even in other companies, or solo.
Jul 14, 2020
Good. Pretty good. My only and biggest problem with this app is that you have to pay for seeing the full story. This is an instant rating decrease, because episode 1 ends in a cliffhanger. Leading you to desperately see what happens next. Unfortunately, you need to pay.
Jul 14, 2020
Idk how, it doesn't fit on my 5,99inches screen, and the glitch is often seen. The way we should choose is too fast because i need to listen the conversation until the end but it just appears in the middle of the conversation
Lutalo Henderson
Jul 14, 2020
I have to edit my rating and bring it even lower. I spent the $15 to enjoy the full game but I've never even made it past the first episode because it keeps crashing half way through. This is unacceptable. I would like to request a refund.
Samuel Gomez
Jul 13, 2020
Great storyline and I love how you have to take choices, and at the end of the episode you find out how many other players chose as you did. A problem though is it can get choppy, and the touch screen can fail a big amount of times, it seems I have to press to the right or to the left of whichever option is on screen, as pressing the option itself does nothing.
Olivia Demery
Jul 13, 2020
it was nice but I dont want to spend my money so yeah it was alright I cant complain but in my opinion it could be better. You know what I mean? But I loved the game the graphics were awsome I was blown away by the details. Another thing I would love is if you could make more series but not all adout batman? But I am not allowed to complain because I do not make the game. But overall if I could rate the game for everything it would be about a four and a half stars being honest. Thankyou creators
hanee azzaam
Jul 11, 2020
Way too many glitches to enjoy the gameplay. I am a fan of all Telltale games please fix the slo glitchy gameplay it makes it difficult to make choices at the right monent and ruins the experience. I wanna play this game
Arnab Mukherjee
Jul 10, 2020
The best ever! Just don't take it as a game. Take it as an amazing Batman web series that you can also be a part of. Just that the pricing seems a bit flawed.
Sopuruchi Joachin
Jul 9, 2020
The app is absolutely horrible. It worked when I first got it. But the moment I got the season pass so I could have all the episodes, it wouldn't let me play any of them. It works fine right up until you actually have to play the game
Lonesome Boss
Jul 6, 2020
If you are a fan of batman this is a must buy. The story telling in this game is great because of the deep character study of Batman (you are the one controlling the narrative of the story through your choice of the character action/dialogue) and the gameplay is very simple even the action part of the game, pretty much just tap and swipe. Con of this game is that does not have a lot of replay value like other telltale games.
8. Dimas Artha Wijaya
Jul 5, 2020
Wow, this is weird why can't I download all of telltale games except this game is it because my device OS version is Android 10?. Please fix it Skybound if you don't read this i'll send an email. This game is five stars for me but 3 stars for now to make you guys see it.
m w
Jul 3, 2020
You know I gave up half my memory for this video game and now I'm going to have to buy more memory because I spent it on this and it was only one episode you have to purchase the other episodes in my mind I was actually thinking wow they would actually do this and let us play this video game for free but no we have to buy it how idiotic to think they were that they were actually doing something nice instead I'm paying money for my phone when I was not supposed pay anything!
민 행앵글
Jul 2, 2020
No doubt one of the best story game on Android, but the only problem is that you can play only episode 1 for free which is about 1 hour long ,and for the rest 4 episodes u have to pay. Playing the first episode creates a big suspense in your mind, u will obviously be excited and desperate to play the remaining game.
Belinda Manasseh
Jul 2, 2020
I love the game but I gave it 3 stars because you have to buy the next episode and it just doesn't make sense. The graphics are so good, I never thought I would see a game like this is very good but you need to change the way to proceed to the next episode.
Jun 29, 2020
It's a fun game but I don't know if it's just me but these controls are beyond bad. I'll press something and then instead of that it either presses whatever's next to it or it does absolutely nothing. Please fix this issue because it makes the game less enjoyable. If it weren't for the bad controls I would have given a way better review.
Ahmad Qusem
Jun 26, 2020
Fixing the window issues concludes in allowing full screen modes on new notch smartphones. Having patience though because telltale is dead and their former employees are moved to LCG so it's not likely for them to update it, Also if The game lags use GL Tools (ROOT) to fake the gpu info.
Kushagra Sins
Jun 23, 2020
Very good,there are many main choices. To keep the identity hidden is very important. In this game you cannot trust anyone especially your friends and guardians so please, take care you can make choices so that there should be good ending and please play as a Bruce Wayne when it comes to his character
Parijat Bharadwaj
Jun 20, 2020
I watched the trailor I liked the graphics of this game it wrote that episode 1 is free so I thought I would play episode 1 and just uninstall it but the game forced me to purchase the premium version. But please can you add some combat buttons and analog joystick and please add atleast 3 slots so more users can play at one device please please.Great game though. Keep it up👍
Devesh Singh Chauhan
Jun 12, 2020
Had never thought that games like these exist in playstore and we can play it on our phones. This game totally drove me off, The best game i have ever played, The soundtracks, The Graphics, The Storyline, The controls every single thing of this game is perfect. Gonna Buy the episodes for sure. They are very expensive but i love this game so much that i have to spend my money in it.
Jun 10, 2020
Wow this is my new favorite batman series so far! Great narrative and voice actors and the fact that it's similar to Arkham game just made me want to start all over again. My only problem is there is a little lag spike (not too much) especially during battle probably because of full HD but overall it's the best batman game on mobile.
Odaine Crawford
May 28, 2020
Love this game its awesome,nice work on the content even though wish it was the graphics was like injustice as i was expecting...I love that storyline is quite optional. I hope there is an update coming soon and a lot more.. one problem I have with the game is that there is no third person or first person camera view option or settings that fit the player druing hand to hand combat, I hope something would be done about this problem I will appreciate it. Other than that keep up the good work
Atharva Joshi
May 28, 2020
Okay the story line is fantastic. But there are some flaws **spoilers ahead** like Vicki vale who is a positive character in the comics is portrayed as a villain. Bruce Wayne is given more importance in the game. But again if you are a hardcore batman of an then you are going to love this one. Specially when batman links different clues on a particular scene, it feels like we are some real detective. So go and download the game.
May 21, 2020
The Best game I have Ever played in my whole life of 15 years. I can't describe this Game, I really like Batman and I enjoyed This game so much. Batman the enemy within was good too but this one is Just AWESOME. I hope there will be season 3. I am waiting TELLTALE. Good luck 👍
May 20, 2020
This game is amazing but not for everyone one I think. You don't play the game the game play with you. With choices that you make, you feel that you are inside of the screen of course I'll buy Al the episodes. This game is worth spans time to play.
Chrisshawn Scales
May 17, 2020
Game Lags badly, on my LG STYLO 5. Smh... It's very annoying watching cutscenes in slow motion. Also, the touch prompts can't be pressed with accuracy due to lag. It often results in cheap kills. Smh - The app is laughable!
May 17, 2020
It was a new experiencing in gaming The visuals are cool, I really love batman and his character, but being batman is one of the coolest thing I've ever done, that's what I'm trying to say, don't waste the money by playing some useless game, spend it for game like this, it has the real fun. Athlon games you are awesome
Eshaan Sharma
May 7, 2020
Nice experience... Should have a better gameplay option. And dialogues selection was very less. And just tapping the button that you're providing during the gameplay is pretty boring. You should have more controls.
Barnali Chatterjee
Apr 29, 2020
Sometimes fiction hints the strange reality. This game uncovers the mysteries of Gotham City and takes mobile gaming on a whole other level with a marvelous story, amazing graphics and adaptive choices that make the batman in the game the Bruce Wayne you like.
bilal ahmed
Apr 28, 2020
Best game i have ever played in my entire life, really good graphics, characters and voice over there, but please give free permission to download your all episodes.
Apr 23, 2020
Good graphics great story but the controls r gust terrible they don't work it lags sometimes and the controlls have problems the game dose not even occupie the whole screen its just in a small box shape the worst thing is that it crashes to and the gane keeps skipping frames on and on and on until it crashes, hey the people who made this game fix the problem, mybe ull have more downloads if u do cause this game sucks ass
Apr 21, 2020
I have never played this type of game. I really enjoyed while playing this game.... 5 out of 5... It has really nice storytelling, very nice fighting.... This game really depends on your choices...... So, you make your game by your choice...
Apr 16, 2020
Amazing. This game is incredibly well written. Well animated. As a interactive story it's perfect. The story and take on some of the characters was fresh and predictable all at the same time. Kept me hooked.
Apr 13, 2020
The game is a thriller....but why do we have to buy episodes?......that too are very expensive,would be much enjoyable if it was free to play throughout......they do hv other means to recover costs......
Apr 9, 2020
I've seen gameplays and this looks good. But for some reason the game won't download. I tried three times now but each time I had to redownload it. I have enough storage and I can download other apps but not this one.
Apr 8, 2020
The game is dope I even purchased it but I have a note 10 plus n it does not cover the whole screen ...also I'm on episode 3 and I'm pressing the button but for some reason the game is not responding. If this keeps up Ima need a refund
Apr 7, 2020
The game is perfect, but jus it doesn't function well in my phone, the pause button aren't functioning, and the image doesn't fill my screen, maybe the game is for old version of android 8, cause am using the new version of android 10, and my phone is Suny Xperia 1, please try and fix it, to fill screen & also for android10, in the next update?
Apr 3, 2020
Great unique gameplay I love it I would've rated it a 5 star if the price of the season passes and the episodes were cheaper I mean 15.00 dollars for a mobile game I've never seen that before SMH but still a great game I do recommend that you lower the price to 10 dollars or five for a season pass and 1.99 for an episode
Apr 3, 2020
I love to play these type of games but, after downloading this game i just opened it and it was showing 'checking for dlc' in startup and were loading forever. please fix this issue.
Mar 30, 2020
this is awsome, i mean i got this on my chromebook's playstore and sadly not my LG phone but it has great graphics and gameplay, i love the quick time events and the fact that you get to choose what your character says the only problem is that sometimes the game freezes for 5 seconds but other than that, great and its free.
Mar 27, 2020
The controls could be better, gameplay could be better, storyline drags, then you have to pay for the rest of the game. Nothing about this made me believe I should pay for it.
Mar 26, 2020
Fun game (story built around player's choices). I think I liked the story of the sequel game more (Batman The Enemy Within) but this one was pretty good. Sequel game suffers from some lagging and unresponsive controls but this game ran really smoothly.
Mar 13, 2020
So I am just now stating that this game was so awesome and entertaining! It kept me on my toes and was just a thriller that I will never forget but its sad that it is not going to have another chapter series for it! Please make a new season for this game!😁😔
Feb 13, 2020
The game loaded, but only in the top left corner of my screen. I'm using a Galaxy Note 9 running Android 9 Pie. The game was shrunken down, as if my screen was only 25% of its actual size. I'd love to play this game and I will re-rate, if this problem ever gets fixed.
Feb 9, 2020
It deserves more stars, but I had a bad experience. It was very laggy, there were too many loading screens, and it was impossible to play as I am using a chromebook and it requires you to tap two prompts at once.
Jan 19, 2020
Game's excellent. It's not glitchy which is great and the storyline is quite interesting too. Only thing is it's a bit expensive and the game is not that long.
Jan 10, 2020
When I enter the game, the screen is not full it just covers the left side of my screen and I've tried restarting the game and my phone and I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it plus I have the note 9 so nothing should be going on please fix.
Jan 6, 2020
This review is based on the mobile version. I quite enjoyed the storyline, but it's barely playable. I would recommend playing it. Just not the mobile one. I had a lot of problems with the controls. Most of the time the voices didn't match up to the characters, the movement was super wonky, and the game screen wouldn't fit my phone correctly. In conclusion, play the game but not this version.
Jan 5, 2020
Just one of the best departures from the Batman norm. I wash the second Season worked on my phone as well but regardless Season one works just fine and that's more than enough for me.
Jan 3, 2020
When i swipe the direction i tell it to, it doens't work. I tried the opposite directions. Still didn't work. I couldn't even get past the first chapter without "failing to swipe in the direction it tells me to"
Jan 1, 2020
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!must download!!!!!!!!! This game is a console game(PS4). Its graphics are fantastic. It was a super game. It was like a movie and you make choices in this game.
Dec 23, 2019
Loved this game. It works perfectly on my samsung A20 with 3gb of RAM. A few lag spikes here and there but nothing too extreme. Overall it plays wonderfully, it is an enjoyable game and graphics are a... y e s.
Dec 21, 2019
this game is really fantastic a man has everything he wants in a game like story , action , drama , detection lastly I want to say the game is awesome with cool graphics but one problem for which I didn't give this game 5 star that is the purchase episodes btw game is just awesome
Dec 20, 2019
Best game graphics I have seen! The biggest downside is there isnt enough free game play, completed the free content in an hour or two.
Dec 14, 2019
Awesome story, gameplay is good but could be improved upon. Visually glitchy here n there but doesn't ruin the game at all. I used a control pad and it worked a treat
Dec 8, 2019
It was a great game but there are bugs with the touch screen animation and plus you should be able to unlock the chapters one by one and not pay for them so you guys need to fix that.
Dec 7, 2019
Tha game only opens in a small part of my screen and I can barely see the objects, if an updated version would fix such issue I would be glad to have it..
Nov 25, 2019
I like the story and the gameplay, but the control sometimes stuck and buggy. Hopefully you could fix that.
Oct 30, 2019
Would be great if the controls worked at all but everything is about reacting in time and it's so laggy that the controls don't register anything. Clearly not designed for a phone.
Oct 22, 2019
It's good, but there is some glitching going on during episode 1. Also, I'm trying to download the 2nd episode, but it keeps saying "could not resolve host" I hope this gets fixed soon because I spent money on these episodes. C'mon telltale, pick up the slack please. 😡💯
Oct 22, 2019
It is amazing to have a TRIPLE-A game on the go and this game does not dissapoint. Simple Controls, Intuitive Design, It Looks GREAT overall this game is AWESOMETACULAR
Oct 12, 2019
Graphics were nice, story looked like it may have been good, unfortunately for me the controls were buggy and sometimes didn't work at all. Could've just been my tablet or my screen protector but the game didn't work for me.
Oct 9, 2019
Episode 1 is free and the rest episode you gat buy them, though the game is nice and interesting. Love it with good controls and graphics.. If you're truly a game lover you must buy the rest episodes.. Telltale games are the best game that i have ever played
Sep 10, 2019
Love it. Seems like a more realistic version of Batman and the scenarios a young rich man would have. Love the decision making, the origins of all the charactors and it's like a movie you can interact with. Love it. Graphics are comic-style, b ut clear. The gameplay is like an interactive storyline, so if you like Netflix and games, this is perfect haha. The controls are super easy and it gives you time to do everything you need.
Sep 3, 2019
Another homerun from Telltale! Box office worthy, gripping storyline combined with a fantastic musical score and professional voice actors make this offering quite the tasty treat. Easy, intuitive controls(with a dedicated pause feature) give the impression of watching a movie that you actually control. Good job, Devs!
Sep 2, 2019
I loved it, yes there are a few bugs however for me I found ways around it and it didn't effect the gameplay at all really. Amazing story
Aug 18, 2019
The game content is really great, but sadly the game itself is extremely buggy. You can't pause the game, the on screen controls work only half the time, and somehow the game doesn't go full screen. Really disappointing, because I really loved the storyline.
Jul 27, 2019
The story, characters and the acting is awesome, I've been a fan of telltale games since the first season of the walking dead and I'm not disappointed, However I'm a PC guy so this was my first time playing on Android, It ain't bad by any means, but it needs more optimization and fixes, the game occasionally lags which sucks me out of the experience. And the QTE sometimes become unresponsive especially when the game lags in the middle of the action. Played on Nova 3i
Jul 7, 2019
This game looked awesome. i usually love the telltale games and have played several. I really wanted this to work correctly, but there were so many bugs through out the first episode. Pause function refused to work, and when making choices of actions and/ or dialogue, the screen would not respond, making decisions for me, since i couldn't. Certain action scenes wouldn't respond when i'd try to swipe on arrows... causing me to have my (_i_) handed to me... It was frustrating!!! But yet, i still purchased the bundle pack... hoping that all those glitches were just an issue with the first episode. (i thought... "well hey, it was a free game...what did i expect?") but after purchasing, i tried to download the 2nd episode only to find out that episodes 2-5 have been removed, and are definitely not available to play, even though they advertised that all episodes have been available since 2016. So now i am going through the process of obtaining a refund, and it sucks....cuz i really wanted to play!!!
Jul 6, 2019
i like all the games of telltale as they have brilliant stoy lines but in this BATMAN game i have purchased the season pass but it's written comming soon!. So i think the problem should be fixed as fast as possible and also should be informed when it is done.
Jun 28, 2019
Being a huge Batman fan, this is the best Batman game currently on Android. Graphics, story and gameplay are all great. I was able to play this on my PS4 and this is an AMAZING port. Thanks!
Jun 6, 2019
The game itself gives me a ton of goosebumps up ahead. The gameplay, tense situations and the story telling mechanics. They something different here. Overall, the game is perfect and is cool. Gotta buy the sequel
May 10, 2019
I played this game before on ios and it worked fine but when i switched and tried to play ot on my s10 the app is so hlitchy that it won't work the app gets squished to a box in the corner and the audio has an echo.
May 8, 2019
The Game Has an intense storyline which is the boldest one I've ever seen for Batman in digital media. The biggest drawback is that the game won't be adjusted to big screens and runs often with lags which breaks the continuity. Apart From that it is what it is, A Great Batman Story, One Worth Watching/Playing
Apr 5, 2019
Love this game, recently bought all the episodes, but when I went to play it today, half of the buttons weren't working. The pause button doesn't respond at all anymore, the menu's back buttons rarely respond. I've got a new phone, I've redownloaded the game, and things still aren't working. Please help!
Mar 13, 2019
it is good experience, but our choices didnt have any overall consequences, and the app freezes everytime it connects with the cloud, please fix it, and also please improve the story choices consequences
Mar 9, 2019
I really like it graphics are beutiful but why can I just play one episode it's the same all the other ones you can only play one episode it just let's the game down but I love it exept when it ONLY LET'S YOU PLAY ONE GAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEbut other than that the game is amazing I love that you made more batman games but I think that I like more Batman the enemy within love it but this game is also great. People if you read this before installing check out the other one the other game
Feb 28, 2019
Hooked on the story, it's like watching a Batman movie at your own pace. Love how the epic background music fits into intense action scenes. Bat suit design is definitely on point!
Jan 6, 2019
absoulutely garbage. about 3 of the controls throught the entire first level of the game actually work. i thought purchasing it would help and to my absoulute dismay it did not. dont waist your time with this telltale game. buy a different one.
Dec 31, 2018
Game worked fine on my Samsung Galaxy 8. The game seems similar to their other titles and there's a lot of content to see if it's your thing or not before the paywall. The story line is interesting. Will potentially be picking up on Steam due to my personal currently complicated payment method issues.
Nov 18, 2018
The game is good, love the story and the choices overall but. The game crashes too frequently even on a snapdragon 820. I got into a mission where it crashes two times and had to remake the cutscenes from the start. Not worth the time due to the crashes
Nov 11, 2018
It was very good. At first decided not to download because of the bad reviews but i haven't experienced any bug or glitch after download and i completed it without any error. It was very fun and addictive. Thanks
Sep 22, 2018
Ok, the story is beautiful but c'mon every other thing sucks, there are just too many bugs and this game feels like an unpolished rushed game. Fix this please.
Sep 21, 2018
I really love the graphics of this game and can already tell the story line is gonna awesome. Unfortunately the controls are almost impossible
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