همراه کارت | Hamrah Card

Category Finance
Developer PayDa (Mobile Payment Solutions)
Platform Android
Google ID com.adpdigital.mbs.ayande
Reviews (89)
arad hajian
May 30, 2022
easy to use, applied functions such as recharg, payment and reckoning and it record the bills too it's good thing to have thank's to app credits ☺💘
Mohammad parsa Yaseri
May 11, 2022
So much useful....it is more useful for students and little kids....because they can transaction really easily!
Rahim Khosravi Nasab
Apr 28, 2022
It's very easy to use this app. You can easily pay who ever you want even your cantacts without knowing their Card number. You can save cards to future usage. Best for Iranian.🇮🇷
Farzad Nazarali
Apr 12, 2022
This app is wonderful,smooth and lite but there is something going on with it as google protect keep saying this app is harmful and stealing information from my device and force me to uninstall app Please fix this trust issue
none none
Apr 10, 2022
This is harmful spyware app, play protect suggestion: uninstall it, friends please report it to google by flag in top of this page in menu
saman Jafari
Apr 10, 2022
The Play Store announced yesterday that the program intends to spy on your mobile information. You have to delete it, I deleted it too, now it is in the Play Store again . What's your mood!?
Hadi Hashemabadi
Apr 10, 2022
It is not clear what you are doing wrong. 2 times Google Play recognizes it as malicious software and deletes it. I will not install the boiler ....
ali alavi
Apr 9, 2022
The worst app for mobile payments🤮 It has always bug in various sections and does not support minimum features. I will never use it at all.
mahmoud shamlou
Apr 8, 2022
WOW, harmful app?? Play protect: this app tries to spy on your personal data, such as SMS messages, photos, audio recordings or call history. Suggestion: uninstall harmful app.
πιχτα μευγοσαρ
Apr 8, 2022
Play store gave me warning due this app is trying to spy and steal your personl data such as picture call history sms and .... Probably for the government Please uninstall this app as soon as possible. من فقط از پلی استور دانلود میکنم لین اخطار رو خود پلی استور داده ایراد از اپ شماست که اطلاعات اضافی رو میخواسته دریافت کنه و بفرسته برای سرور شما ، جاسوسی نکنید
Mohammed Rogami
Apr 8, 2022
اخیرا این پیغام رو نشون داده لطفاً رسیدگی کنید Google Play Store Uninstall harmful app همراه کارت puts your device at risk
Sama Modanlu
Mar 29, 2022
Owefull response of back office! An old update with No felexibility in the software to be able to recognize & match the sim card owner with his/her National ID number! I couldnt even log in and the backoffice was useless too!
حمیدرضا شمس
Mar 19, 2022
It doesn't work most of the time for me,especially when it's necessary.I can't depend on it.it always let me down. Hope to be better next year
Mohammad Sk
Mar 14, 2022
It does work properly i send money once but i got error and then try to send it again, but both of transactions were correct and i lost my money with this garbage app
Haniyeh Dinar
Mar 9, 2022
This app is excellently designed and very easy to use. I do all my banking with it quickly. Thanks to the production team. But I do not know why Google recognizes it as malware and gives the message to remove the program! Please solve this problem, I will lose all my work without this program
Ali Vajdi
Mar 8, 2022
i received an alert from google service to delete this harmful application and the alert was saying that this application is trying to use my photos and files.
Ali Sadeghi
Mar 2, 2022
Very great and fast and secure and easy to use and friendly app! I'm fully datisfied with it!I suggest it to all persians around the country.
A dGo
Feb 24, 2022
Hello Thank you this app is very good but please respawn one Capability Please respawn پرداخت جریمه خودرو Thank you
Ali Kazan
Feb 13, 2022
It's a nice app but it gives foreigners problems it says your sim card must be registered in your name for certain services - and it is - or your national id number has a problem... Well what am I supposed to do if I'm a foreigner using the app 😏
mohammad emadi taj
Feb 6, 2022
great app , it does what it,s supposed to do , no offtimes , works with vpns , easy to use edit :from a few months ago i have to turn off vpn each time i need to use this app , changed from 5 star to 2
Feb 5, 2022
UPDATE: unfortunately they've ruined this great app —_— best money transferring app! please improve user interface, specially note taking of transactions (making the note field nicer! improve searching for notes).
keyvan hemmati
Jan 9, 2022
It's perfect as like as always but why don't we transfer mony for just 30 milion reials? It'better than 50 milion rials is suitable for transffereing money.
F Ghaffari
Dec 24, 2021
It doesnt work anymore, i was quite comfortable using this app, but now i have to switch using another app. It doesnt work anymore, i kept touching every service and it shows nothing.
Iraj Ashtari
Dec 9, 2021
full of lags, bugs and every error you can think, this app used to work well but starts to get worse day by the day
Arya Norasteh
Nov 9, 2021
Slow, very bad coding, buggy, lags ALOT, even sometimes you have to force close the app for like 6 times to make it work, and I'm using a high-end phone.
Elham Avard
Nov 6, 2021
It's been several years that I'm using hamrah card application. It's incredibly useful and user friendly.
Adel Eshghi
Nov 4, 2021
Please, solve the problem with the typing in android 12, I use this app everyday, now I should go to ATMs everytime.
Seashell Si
Oct 31, 2021
It's a user friendly app and hopefully, it has been safe to use :) 4 stars because of the temporary lags in the app which is apparently fixed now.
Oct 28, 2021
I now can't even see my already added credit cards let alone add new ones ....it also always gives me the 502 internal error saying this action can't be done ". I just want to add my cards . Any ideas what this error means?
Hooman Kusha
Aug 10, 2021
Surpringly very efficient and quick in handling the request, which was transfer of money from bank card to bank card. Excellent job I'd say to the developers and operators of this service.
Masoud md
Jul 11, 2021
After i reinstall this app because i reset my phone my card information was there it s so usefull feature
Rahan Moazed
Jun 2, 2021
Precise timing, being nourished as the user when I do something wrong and have the option to correct with efficient amount of effort and eye warming interface design is about what I have enjoyed
mostafa .j
Apr 9, 2021
Problems such as paying a fine or inquiring about my fine should be fixed, because everything I do says that the Rahvar site is not available, I repeated it for several days in a row, but it all says the same thing, please take care of it, because the program is so good, this problem will be solved. It will be perfect
Mar 1, 2021
It is good♥️. But for some days has been problem for using Sepah Cart and it has made me some trouble
Samaneh Adhami
Feb 19, 2021
It was a good app before the last update. But now it has a problem and it does not work.Thanks for following up.
Javad Kazemi
Feb 16, 2021
Amazing App, I used to use (آپ) before, but when I switched to this app it is impossible for me to switch back, it just has so many great and useful features, however, I wanted to use it the other day and it didn't opened, updated the App and now it's working like it used to!
Houman Norasteh
Feb 16, 2021
Actually I had problem not knowing if i should describe the app in persian or not XD , But every thing i tried so far was great. Thank you for your great app.
fakhr hashemi
Jan 24, 2021
It has many pauses in payment so that l have to receive disposable sms password just for doing one transaction. Thanks for your service.
هاشم زاهدوند
Jan 23, 2021
مضخرفترین برنامه، همش هنگه و با تماس با پشتیبانی میگن که از اپ استوری که مدنظر ماست باید دانلود کنید نه گوگل پلی، خیلی جالبه The most ridiculous program, all the time is hanging. By contacting support, they say that you should download from the app store that we are considering, not Google Play.
Ashraf Tabrizi
Jan 17, 2021
Not working on Samsung S7 plus tablet, I keep using the code received from the message but doesn't accept it.
Nawroz Zahidi
Jan 16, 2021
Unique banking app ever i used , there is only a little problem with autufill field ,it doesn't work properly, it would be perfect you fix it . I give 5 star ❤
Mahtab Samimi
Jan 12, 2021
Useless!!! It Doesn't even work !! I'll remove it from my phone cause there's no one to be responsive ... 👎
Yasaman heydari
Jan 7, 2021
great. I had Up (asan pardakht) app but it isn't good. عالیه از آپ خیلی بهتره برای طتبیق شماره مبایل با کارت هم گیر نمیده.
Amir Reza
Jan 5, 2021
I use this app recently and i really appreciate from the company ❤️❤️ This is really helpful and amazing 🍃👊🏽
abo reza mohamadi
Dec 29, 2020
Most the time we face this massages. Hamrah cart don't responding or does not showing transactoin records
Qiyaad Elmi
Dec 28, 2020
0.1% sends money the rest just lagging I don't know why even reinstalled, updated but still the same.
Easa alavy
Nov 15, 2020
It's been so good for me working this app. is so easy I has done with it transferng cash availale in my accout to the others when I wa in my home . this is causing using from my time beter & better . THX
Alireza Rahimi
Nov 8, 2020
This app is very usefull but it has many bugs. Hangs when sharing payment and laggy on new update(sep 24) it crash too much But i prefere to use this app if bugs dissolve
eiffel Group
Oct 27, 2020
So far so good Not working on xiaomi note 9 miui 11 and after update to miui 12 still not working Suddenly i uninstalled the app and install it from cafe bazar and it works great Thanks
Arash Jafari
Sep 23, 2020
Application crashes, I saw this issue on several phones with different versions of Android Once you want to pay your bill or when trying to share your transaction receipt it crashes
Saman Vafaei Tajkhatoni
Aug 27, 2020
The software is good, but increase the rewards of using the software. The possibility of paying for freeway tolls has faced a problem that has not yet been resolved. Also make it possible to pay through the store barcode.
mohammad saleh rostami
Aug 24, 2020
I used it frequently without problem. It would be better to add more details of the money that has been trasported in the last 10 activities.
حافظ هارون
Aug 24, 2020
Please extend the amount Coz i can only Use and send 100 tuman per day it should be unlimited just like the ATM.
Majid rahimi
Aug 16, 2020
Why can't transaction be sent after the transaction, kheili to mokhe dg azash estefade nemikonam, nemishe tarakonesh ro share kard STOP mishe, hala hala ha rah darid ta up va top ..
Arta Zadebrahimi
Jul 11, 2020
This program was really helpful, but now, after last update, you can not use it anymore! Always shows "Force Stopped" Awful! Android Version: 9 / Phone: Galaxy S8
Dark Knight
Jul 9, 2020
Idk why but the card to card feature doesn't work for me. Every time I try it, it ends up saying Error! Pls consider checking it out.
Hasti Rezaii
Jul 9, 2020
Not perfect It has some bugs when u want to share ur payment.I 'll waiting for new updates to solve this problem.
hossein shahrabi
Jun 18, 2020
it was good before, but now, this is the most unstable, crashing, not working app ! it crashes "every time" i try to use it, and i'm using it a lot since this is my bank's app. even after having a successful transaction, i must restart the app due to not responding problem to send the report to someone ! you tried to make some updates, but you ruined it all !! this rating is despite of the "usual" internal server error ! Updated: and there are new problems after each update rolling out !
Ali Mehdizadeh
Jun 18, 2020
When you charge the wallet In app, you can't see your credit and use it. Without any error before the charging.......
Elahe Khajehazad
Jun 3, 2020
My saved credit cards are gone and every time that I tried to add them,it said that you saved this before
Amirhossein Sadeghi
May 3, 2020
This application is so good but in some parts like ceremonies or gifts that this application gives its users it must be better for example giving prizes to other users of application
soheil pourmehdi
Apr 30, 2020
Not so good, some bugs, you have to register your ID no. In the bank first and all in all has so many problems that makes you give away...
Anonymous User
Apr 18, 2020
It doesn't work well, it hangs all the time. I closed the app then open it again it hangs. It's not good at all especially when you're in a hurry
Anonymous User
Apr 7, 2020
This is one of the best app im ever seen very good and simple to do for all people thank hamrah bank for that experience😙
Anonymous User
Mar 17, 2020
Easy to use app with many useful features. I just submitted my first transaction a few seconds after installation.
Anonymous User
Feb 6, 2020
I think in this update its not work as well as the last update because when you want to enter the app for the first time it can't send the Massage Code to your phone
Anonymous User
Feb 4, 2020
Oh, mine. This app is adorable, no need to spend your time in Banks. عزیزان، این یه نرم افزار ایرانیه برای ایرانیها. والا تو دالاس و ویرجینیا و یورکشایر کار نمیکنه.حالا بفرمایید به انگلوساکسونی بنویسید. مشکلی نیست، شاید خارجکی ها بفهمن که Hey guys, english is our 1st toungue.we know that better than persian.dont you believe? Go ...k yourself foreign cheap ba...d.
Anonymous User
Dec 10, 2019
This app is the best of same one... thanks of you... But by now l feel like its account balance is not working very well.
Anonymous User
Dec 6, 2019
Everyone is able to use the application, besides it doesn't waste our time why I shouldn't give 5 stars to the application.
Anonymous User
Oct 25, 2019
The app is excellent. You can work with it anytime anywhere. I rated it 5 🌟 becasue it's extremely user-friendly and convenient.
Anonymous User
Oct 3, 2019
UI and design is great, your authentication and restore data is really good. But the main problem is that all banks doesn't support your app full functionality. I have 3 credit card : sarmaye , shahr and ayandeh bank but only ayandeh allows me to check my bank accounts. thanks and sry for my rate I will change it when this problem solved.
Anonymous User
Oct 3, 2019
thanks for new update added bank saderat card to card but my problem is in this new update hamrah card is so lag
Anonymous User
Oct 1, 2019
It's comfortable , creditable and very user friendly I recommend this software for transfer money in iran
Anonymous User
Sep 2, 2019
I think this app make a fast and proper way to do financial work without any destruction like advertising.
Anonymous User
Sep 1, 2019
It has worked for me so far but it's being slow gets on my nerves some times and I have had it on Sony Experia M and Samsung A3 and A10 and the keyboard covers some fields and you need to fold the keyboard down to see were you need to type the amount or CCV2 which is not ideal. من تا حالا ازش استفاده کردم و کلا کار راه انداز هست اما کیبورد روی فیلد دوم هر صفحه که باید عددی چیزی وارد کنی توش رو میگیره و این مشکل توی ۲-۳ تا گوشی که تا حالا روشون هنراه کارت داشتم بوده
Anonymous User
Aug 28, 2019
It's really great app I suggest downloading this app. it's better than all app that I've seen in google play.
Anonymous User
Aug 19, 2019
First of all, I DO appreciate your endeavors to make it bug free. Secondly, My special thanks to the developers. It's fast and just awesome. wishing you all the best. 👍👌💪❤🌹🙂
Anonymous User
Aug 10, 2019
عالیه عالی هیچ نیازی به رفتن پای عابر بانک نیست کار اصلی همراه بانک چنتا بانک رو با هم انجام میده گرافیک زیبایی داره شکل کارت رو مثه خودش نشون میده This is great! By this app you don't have to go out for transferring money from any bank account to different bank accounts or paying bills by this you don't need to have bank apps as many as your bank cards. It shows your cards graghicaly that yoi will like it. Install and enjoy it.👌👌
Anonymous User
Aug 5, 2019
very swift banking experiences but very buggy on my device, Xiaomi pocophone f1. maybe it is just about my device UI
Anonymous User
Aug 1, 2019
Although this app is very useful to its users, it still needs an optimization on the app's performance. The app dosen't work quickly at the best and has some lags on the moment of entrance. All in all, I would be willing to use from the future versions of this app as it has very unique features. With all the best
Anonymous User
Jul 31, 2019
They removed my subscribe cause it's scam they are thief and all comments from themselves... They stole all my money from my bank they liars
Anonymous User
Jul 19, 2019
i used to like it very much. but it starts crashing for every single action I do. it might crash as you try to log in. it became unusable and the recent updates didn't help it.
Anonymous User
Jul 12, 2019
It is able to save the audiences' cart and transfer later.likewise it is possible to share the message in order to deposit money.
Anonymous User
Jul 7, 2019
this is a very good app because I can do anything with it , and it can handle all my cards infos together. and its easy to use.
Anonymous User
Jul 2, 2019
To developer; You see that's exactly what I meant. YOU DO NOT, I repeat YOU DO NOT grasp the point. Your answer to my question is miles out of way. You can not response to somebody without mentioning the point which has been openly made. It is not healthy when you write something and hoping nobody would understand the meaning of it These days most people wouldn't allow to be taken for a ride by others. SO, STRAIGHT ANSWER IS REQUIRED. QUESTION; WHAT DOES TRANSFERRING MONEY FROM ALL CARDS MEAN?
Anonymous User
Jun 2, 2019
one the most useful and appropriate banking apps which resolves your transaction needs. thanks to the development team .
Anonymous User
May 27, 2019
I trusted this app for my bank transactions, and it never failed me. It is easy-to-use, compatible with many banks, and user-friendly for transfering money through iBAN.
Anonymous User
Apr 16, 2019
Simple and fast. Thd most important thing that mekes me to list this app in my first 10 apps whenever I change my phone is saving account numbers so next time I wana transfer mony don't need to type the number again. But the thing that bugs me is that I cant have a report of my stock
Anonymous User
Jan 6, 2019
the best application ever !!! you can transfer money within seconds. the only short coming is lack of nfc.
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