Atmosphere Connect

Category Lifestyle
Developer Amway Corp.
Platform Android
Package com.amwayglobal.atmosphere
Take control of Amway Atmosphere Sky and Sky Mini air filtration units.

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Reviews (83)

Michelle Phang
Jul 13, 2022
App is very slow to open. Could you also put a timer to turn off atmosphere? Why do i want to keep it running when nobody is in the room?
indranil ghosh
Jul 4, 2022
Despite being an ultimate air purifier, the software updation at par with it's inbuilt quality is need of the hour. I am using Redmi Note7 pro since quite long time. The initial pairing with app to the unit was fine, but if not used for a couple of days, it is required to uninstall and reinstall the app for connecting the device. Everytime during the installation process, log in was not possible, I need to re-register all over again and right now even rereigration is also not possible.
Carey J
Jun 11, 2022
This app has taken all day to connect to my mini. I am an android user and the app is horrible. Won't connect to my wifi network and app freezes constantly. App keeps telling me "cloud connection error". I turned off my phone and then back on hoping the app would reset and work but nope. After 8 hours I have finally been able to get my mini paired on the app and only by Bluetooth. Can't Do anything else within the app because it keeps freezing! Please fix this.
chuppachai Deesin
Jun 5, 2022
Crash, Crash, Crash.... Not responding, very annoying😖 and frustrated😫 with this app. O'yeah'🤔 did i forget to mention it keeps "crashing"👿 family loves the *air sky*, please fix the bug🐞 issues.......thanks in advance!
yong andrew
May 30, 2022
Atmosphere mini app not function after 2 months of using, try several time still cannot. Pls advice how to fix it back. Tq
victor voo
May 16, 2022
this app is not that good, is not smart enough. i can only schedule the function but cannot schedule the on off time. so that mean,it cannot be turn off by itself using schedule. only can turn off by manual on the device or app. and no timer function, should update it so the machine become real smart device.
Apr 18, 2022
Forever unable connect to wifi. Pls learn from Xiaomi apps. It is shameful for Amway can't having a proper working apps with this price tag. Is this consider cheating?
Andrew Tan
Apr 9, 2022
Just keep loading at initial page, it doesn't work (but yet, we is rewuired to use this apps to control the air purifier)
invi Y
Mar 28, 2022
the app is suck, log in issue, loading issue, connection issue all problem even reset the air filters still the same
Nantawat Phetnamthongwattana
Mar 26, 2022
Dear. Developer Team The Atmosphere Sky is Ultimate home Air purifier hard ware that's need the powerful software and user interface that make its world class. Please study the Application of Xiaomi home that's make a lot of better experience in use. Now I see the Atmosphere sky weal point is 2 things 1. Wireless hard does nit support wifi6 2. Application is very suck The connectivity is not stable, the User interface is bad once you tap the icon of the app you have to wait 3-5 sec. and still
Rajinekanth Subramaniam
Feb 28, 2022
App Crashes everytime when I open it. Tried with different device and the outcome is still the same.
Shari Hasty
Feb 25, 2022
Changed the rating from 4 to 1 star. I've been unable to connect the app to my unit for the last few months, so I'm unable to change any of the scheduled runs that were in place.
Areziey Abdullah
Feb 16, 2022
Pls imporove this app. Its not according to the night and day schedule. It feels a loss to pay for such a system if there is no solution.
Robert Vann
Jan 24, 2022
App does not stay connected to either of the two units I have and therefore cannot control the units with the app. I had to physically unplug the unit to take the child lock off.
Salge Hemrom
Dec 7, 2021
Slow to connect or load. It's taking forever to load the application itself, followed by slow acceptance of credentials. But when loaded, quite responsive like remote.
Jaden Liew
Dec 7, 2021
Please improve the apps, too lousy to connect and hard to register warranty. Maybe can have two way to register warranty
Abdullah Monshie
Nov 20, 2021
It hang straight away and not responding at all. I hv no problem with other apps, even point of sales apps. I guess, the developer being paid peanuts and the customers got monkey apps....huh.
Jesus El Güero
Nov 18, 2021
So Ive been having it connected for over a week and all of a sudden it stops working the app isn't working syas it's not connected when it was working fine yesterday
Mohammad Ershad Ahmad
Nov 12, 2021
Simply useless application. I am very satisfied with the Atmosphere MINI but at the same time very much dissatisfied with the application
Wai Khiat Sum
Nov 7, 2021
The schedule functions do work properly. Did not turn on and off according to the preset time. There is no an on-off timer instead of only auto mode and night mode. Simply want to schedule a time to time basic on and off but there is no such option.
Heather Reese
Nov 5, 2021
This app worked fine for me. I was able to connect and set up immediately. It gives detailed info about the air quality in my area as well as a forecast which is cool. No problems, quality unit! Don't understand why there are so many complaints.
Emily Fung
Nov 4, 2021
Its so annoying when it keep disconnecting from wifi and bluetooth. This product is very expensive but your apps is not useful
Lee Ai Mei
Sep 11, 2021
I cant go into the APP, and I reinstall many times and it still cant open?! Can I know what is the reason??!
Sally Stevens
Sep 6, 2021
Won't log me in on the Amway site. No error message. Tap login & it takes me right back to the login screen.
John Soh
Sep 3, 2021
New update BUT atmosphere sky/mini still can't connect to WiFi. Imagine you pay so much but can't use all the functions, yet other brand can do it. Is like you bought a Ferrari but can't speed to >250km/h at Malaysia road. Try get different version Atmosphere Connect from google but all the version still the same problem seems like App Developers can't do anything except fixing UI/UX. Can you guys hire proper developers, don't simply pick a farmer as developer from your farm, please 🤬🤬🤬
Hathaitip Nantiyakul
Aug 20, 2021
Blinking blue light turns to solid blue, so assume Bluetooth is connected on Mini and Sky as app says. But white blinking light turns solid but app does not say that WiFi is connected. No unit shows up on app home page. Please fix ASAP so the app can be used for remote control. Living in the city caring for the elderly with emphysema, hope to be able to rely on this efficient air purification system.
Bobbycat GT
Aug 15, 2021
Bad... First day it works well, now can't even connect over wifi... altho bluetooth works without an issue.
Raj Raj
Aug 11, 2021
It work well on the 1st day, after its keep on shows disconnected. Bought the thing so expensive but cant provide a remote. Dont waste time download the app do it manual. The app creator is half baked. I wish to give 0 star
Amran Kaharudin
Aug 3, 2021
I cannot login. It will go back to the login/create account screen after i have already fill in my id and password.please help asap.
Mohd Zaidi Abdullah
Jul 23, 2021
The features in the app do not work. Unable register the product. No response when developer is contacted. Will wait 2 more days before uninstalling the app.
Nikki Switzer
Jul 23, 2021
Was able to connect app to Atmosphere initially, then it got disconnected. Now I can't reconnect the Atmosphere to the app.
Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika
Jun 19, 2021
The app is not open in my mobile. I am using redmi note 8 pro which have android 10 version. Please develop this app otherwise its a waste of huge money without this app.
Jackson Sim
Jun 1, 2021
Can't even connect to WiFi nor Bluetooth super unstable apps. Keep clashing some more. Really disappointed
May 12, 2021
very very unstable connection. always showing unable to connect, super annoying. if I am able to give negative star, I would
JC Might
May 9, 2021
Connection when it feels like it. Needs attention by developers. Would be nice to have it Alexa compatible.
Kaye Lolita
Apr 26, 2021
The app doesn't work after using it for 3 times. I don't understand why it cannot detect. It was working previously. Very dissapointing.
kamalakant pawar
Apr 18, 2021
In the process of 1st time registration, I m not getting OTP sms upon trying 10 times. Not able to connect ????
Vincent Teoh
Feb 4, 2021
App always freezes. Can't even connect to WiFi after pairing with Bluetooth. Keep asking to check WiFi network when it's working fine.
Alex Sutter
Jan 14, 2021
This was super simple to set up. Very easy to use and the response time is immediate when I adjust settings on the Atmosphere.
Amrit Menon
Dec 5, 2020
App is refusing to connect the purifier to WiFi. After detecting the WiFi, when I click connect it keeps saying that it's connecting but never connects. Sad. Was working fine for a year. :/
Jay Ng
Nov 29, 2020
Overall OK, I love the child lock function but only available when the air purifier is connected with wifi, please help make this function available when we connect handphone app with the air purifier via bluetooth also as not everyone's house got 24 hrs unlimited wifi. Since we can use handphone app to control the air purifier via bluetooth (stil got a some bugs to fix), why not add in child lock function during bluetooth connection mode like during wifi connection mode too?
Yau Yang Chou
Nov 23, 2020
Don't provide apps if your device not enough technology...... Use old method better....... Useless apps and wound not recommend it for anyone
Srinivas Narayanan
Nov 17, 2020
Team, can you please restore the working version of this application. Why don't we test the App before we publish the update to Google store. It was all fine before the upgrade
Debdeep Mukherjee
Nov 9, 2020
Not very user friendly app. I have a question if this app is connecting over the wifi and it does not support any voice command . Then why it asks for camera.and mic permission? Another problem is I can not integrate it with Google home or Alexa.
Leon Chuah
Nov 7, 2020
Initially was usable, now totally cannot open the app. It's not appropriate to provide services in this way and not fixing it.
saran varadaraj
Oct 31, 2020
Amazing App To Connect with world's no. 1 Air purification system🙏🙏🙏Thank you so much to introduce this app for user friendly thing team
Jw Chong
Oct 29, 2020
I cant view my indoor air quality, it take forever to load, so frustrated with that, pls improve on it
Pk Nair
Oct 24, 2020
This APP is not even opening in my Android phone. In my iPhone, it shows error message. Please fix these bug immediately.
Ivander Atmojo
Sep 2, 2020
Very limited app, can't be connected to Google home? Why? Even the skill doesn't work with alexa.. Can you make it support talking to Google home to turn on, turn off, turbo, night mode etc?
Jul 25, 2020
Very pathetic response from app.. could not reset my network.. could not able to connect my atmosphere mini
Dan Hsu
Jul 18, 2020
Worst support ever. Email them and no reply for 2 weeks. Device won't connect to WiFi only Bluetooth.
abdul hanis
Jun 26, 2020
1. Can't control the air purifier..all button to change mode can't be use 2. Unable to perform any schedule mode 3. Too lag..Apps respons time very slow Developer please do something about it.. Don't waste our time and money like guys literally tarnish your own good brand name
Suhasini Bhande
Jun 25, 2020
The Atmosphere Connect App is very useful as it tells me about the surrounding environment and my room. Also it tells me about the filter life and energy consumed in a month.
SyedMuhammad Aljuffrey
Jun 11, 2020
Worst app... Too difficult to connect... Amway please do better app than this...such a stupidity app...
thilageswary 5990
Jun 5, 2020
Just need to ask why is it so many id,account to log in into it. Takkan my neighbour want to hack my atmopshere sky since its in my house only. Please give us a simple way to log in without asking so much of questions. Always showing error! Do concern on this matter! Thanks.
Henry Goh
May 30, 2020
Buggy mess. Already connected unit showing as disconnected in app on Android 10. Attempts to reconnect/pairing fail. App is useless now.
Mar 16, 2020
Great app and equipment but can I suggest some changes 1) If there is a firmware update available there is no notification. It will be great if we can get it to throw a popup. 2) While updating the firmware it just sits at updating firmware and there is no progress. It will be great if we can add some basic details like new firmware version available, size and a progress bar because then we will know that something is happening and how much more long it will take.
Jan 28, 2020
กดหน้า Login แล้วกลับมาหน้าเดิม 2 ต่อ Wifi ไม่ได้ แก้ไขด่วน ใช้ Huawei Mate 20X ลบ App ลงใหม่ก็ไม่ได้
Nov 3, 2019
Very bad application, Not stable to Wifi connection. I rejected & return atmosphere sky to the distributor already. Call Center & support team can't help to fixed this issue. Please consider before buy it, because you received only air purifier, Amway can't provide good enough application for you.
Oct 16, 2019
เป็นไปได้ อยากให้สั่งงานด้วยเสียงได้ด้วยครับ อาจจะเป็นทางเลือกสำหรับ แอพ หรือ เชื่อมต่อผ่าน Google Home อุปกรณ์ Smart device ต่าง ๆ หรือจะมาใน แอทโมสเฟียร์ รุ่นต่อไปก็ได้....แต่รุ่นนี้ก็ทำได้แล้วนี่นา
Oct 8, 2019
I have the atmosphere drive and the atmosphere Mini this app helped me to check all the information about the quality of I thank amway for making these products
Sep 25, 2019
Please including scheduling into the app as well. If xiaomi air purifier can do it, I don't see why you cant seeing that your product is almost 4 times more expensive.
Sep 6, 2019
Sometimes using an old school remote control isn't that bad, reconnect the atmosphere sky with the app is so annoying every single time. And that's not Smart enough.
Jul 21, 2019
Cannot detect via Samsung Bluetooth! Dont try to cheating us by not reply email! Say will improve after version update? but still suck!
Jun 11, 2019
Securely connection fail.Show blue color bluetooth on device but connection between mobile phone and sky fail. I use Android version 9 (Honor Note 10).
Jun 2, 2019
App is very buggy. Slow performing, and lots of time can't load the information of the air on live map. takes almost 10 sec just to load to the main page of the app. I can just walk to the unit and turn it on myself and the app is still loading.
May 14, 2019
The bluetooth connection is not functional as it keeps failing to detect and connect to the device. On the other hand, the IOS version could detect and connect just fine. Also, the firmware update should show information like the update size being downloaded and the update progress to give user an idea on how long they have to wait instead of having to guess if the update is working or has gone unresponsive.
Apr 30, 2019
I use samsung s10+ and i can connect with the unit only once and can't connect anymore after that. For wifi, can't connect at all, it keeps me filling password even though the password is correct. Please solve this issue.
Apr 23, 2019
เปิดแอพใช้เวลานานเกินไป นานที่สุดเท่าที่เคยเจอมาเลย ประมาณ 20 วินาทีแน่ะ (หักดาวครึ่ง) และอยากให้เปิดปิดเครื่องได้จากหน้าแรกเลยไม่ต้องกดหลายขั้นตอน (อันนี้หักอีกครึ่งดาว) หรือถ้าทำเป็น widget ไว้ที่หน้าแรกแล้วตั้งชื่อสวิตซ์ตามชื่อเครื่องได้เลยยิ่งดี จะให้หกดาวเลยเพราะยังไงก็ต้องใช้ทุกวันอยู่แล้ว นอกนั้นชอบแล้ว โดยเฉพาะการลงทะเบียนรับประกันอันนี้ชอบมาก สะดวกสุด ๆ
Mar 16, 2019
Poor Bluetooth connection, tried many times also can't connect. I think this problem hv been very long alrdy. Can someone resolve this? Please.
Mar 12, 2019
sky is so great. But app is so poor to login as well as long loading time until not able to do any bluetooth connection with the Sky Unit.
Feb 28, 2019
Bluetooth cannot connect to the unit. Need to delete and add unit everytime to connect. Wifi also very slow and hard to connect
Feb 10, 2019
apps is very useful....but loading is slow...same goes to others amway apps and website....pls compress it and make it smooth... overall very convienient :)
Nov 28, 2018
I just bought a new atmosphere sky. After i registered, it keep loading until forever. Tried to use other phone also the same. My phone is Huawei P9, Huawei mate 10 pro. Is there any problem between huawei company and atmosphere sky?
Nov 15, 2018
I can't go to check filter usage. It always not responding when I open it. Sometime it also hang when I want to check the graph.. Please help to fix it as soon as possible.. Otherwise this app seem like not use for me rather than direct press on Atmosphere Sky.
Oct 18, 2018
I try to open the app and app closes itself saying it keeps stopping. It's been a while and I thought new update would fix but didn't. Also tried to uninstall and reinstall, didn't work as well. Now I can't control my sky unit.
Oct 16, 2018
I have tried multiple times to get this app to work with my new atmosphere sky and my old one and it keeps crashing. I have an S8. Would love this app to work to monitor both our systems.
Oct 14, 2018
Im using Huawei P20 Pro with the latest firmware update. As it's quite the latest phone model, I wonder why the connection thru bluetooth to my phone was always unstable. Besides, whenever I try to connect Atmosphere Sky to a home wifi network or self-hotspot, it just show error or incorrect password even thought the password is keyed in correctly.
Sep 19, 2018
I have a Nexus 6P phone with Android OS. The app always crash when I open the app with the latest updates. It never opens. I have even uninstalled and installed back the app. I only see this behavior in Android OS. Please someone let me know what to do. Thank you
Sep 16, 2018
No puedo accesar la aplicacion, y ya la desinstale y la volvi a instalar y no la puedo usar, por lo tanto no puedo conectar el equipo a wifi y a bluetooth, esto me esta pasando desde hace 1 mes
Aug 18, 2018
Idk can't use it, tells me to log in or create account, reroutes to Internet then all goes well verify email then have to log in again and step two crashes, errors out if you pick no and enter the info, and then errors out that the info is invalid if you choose yes, or reroute you to a page not found if you try to many times
Jul 26, 2018
I just installed our new Atmosphere Sky Treatment System, the set up was clear which made it fast and easy.
Apr 8, 2018
If you have trouble with the initial setup and login, try using a different browser. I found that Firefox didn't work but Chrome and Opera did. The app is not just a remote for the Atmosphere Sky, but it also tells you exactly how much life is left in each filter (as a percentage).
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