Tron Wallet - buy TRX coin

Category Finance
Developer Freewallet - Crypto Service
Platform Android
TRX coin mainnet wallet with a built-in exchange and advanced security

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Reviews (198)

Franco Livi
Jun 9, 2022
Have been looking for a good wallet to use. It took me a while to find a decent one and despite all the 'scam' reviews one of my friends actually has been using it for a few years already.
Campbell Salvo
Jun 8, 2022
Well, TRON is not in the best condition and the hopes for “the Moon” are high, so I'm not yet withdrawing or exchanging it just to see how it does. So far I had a good experience with this app and have a long history of the transactions and all of them were fast and safe as I remember.
Natalia Angela
Jun 8, 2022
Been storing TRON in this wallet for quite a long time and never had an issue with funds or security. Received every payment I've sent here except the one when I mistyped the address and the support had to call devs so they can get my coins out from another wallet.
Sloan Janett
Jun 8, 2022
Just a few days ago I decided to start buying TRX. The market is down at the moment as I can see, so there's a chance to buy some cheap and store the coins here to wait for better times. I've heard Freewallet has some good security.
Boone Hallett
Jun 7, 2022
I have no idea why I need a profile picture but also would like to have more options for background pictures. The fees for the excahnge were great, I made it in the app.
Frost Kaira
Jun 7, 2022
Well, sometimes in-app exchange takes a little longer to process than expected, but that's fine too. For a few months using this app I feel like I am going to stay with Freewallet for a few more months if crypto survives such a time period.
Keller Barbra
Jun 7, 2022
Been keeping TRON here for a long time now. Even though they are a wallet, there’s an in-app exchange to make your life easier.
Jun 7, 2022
Recently I used some USDT to exchange to TRON and sent the coins to this Freewallet app. Fast and reliable service.
Garner Chewy
Jun 6, 2022
I like the fact that the registration via a phone number is quite fast and doesn't take time at all. Highly recommend apps from Freewallet.
Finlay Laurel
Jun 6, 2022
Feels like TRON is not popular anymore. The price is not good either, but there was a decent boost recently. But still I keep some coins with the Freewallet TRX app.
Roach Husaini
Jun 6, 2022
Wow! No issues with TRON coins or the wallet itself. Everything works perfectly well. Thanks Freewallet.
Booker Nakayama
Jun 5, 2022
Juicy interface, I wish they had customized backgrounds for this thing or just expanded the list of default pictures a little bit. And the color scheme is pretty satisfying. The technical part and the functionality are exactly for the people like me, almost with 0 knowledge and fast-working.!!
Ahmed Salem
Jun 5, 2022
There are so few good TRON applications and this one seems to be outstanding. I like the design and the speed of the incoming and outgoing transactions. So, the speed of exchanges is great.
Monroe Lamy
Jun 5, 2022
A day ago I forgot how to log into the Freewallet's TRX app and was quite frustrated. Contacted support and they were quite fast to reply and help me out through the login issues which were my mistakes actually.
Karel Pulsifer
Jun 5, 2022
I love that support is very responsive and it's great to use live chat to solve small problems that might require just 5 mins to get solved. Thanks, dear support.
Carver Imre
Jun 5, 2022
Pretty solid app, makes you enable 2FA at once and PIN too. I like it when apps are reminding me about the security measures I need to take.
Foster Holly
Jun 4, 2022
I wonder why there are not that many TRON wallets here and the good ones are even more rare. This Freewallet app is good because it is simple and has a built-in exchange. Been using it for a few weeks now and feels good.
Walker Hosseini
Jun 4, 2022
Think I can rate Freewallet's TRX app 5 out of 5. I especially love the slick interface and the possibility to exchange within the wallet. The recent ETH to TRX exchange was pretty fast and the coins came in fiveminutes.
Fowler Haan
Jun 4, 2022
Since a few TRON wallets got shut down for some reason, Freewallet is still here. And it is working great as far as I’ve been using it.
Ellison Teofilo
Jun 3, 2022
Application from Freewallet feels comfortable and easy to use and still has some great features like the built-in exchange that works unexpectedly fast. Shall use this app for a while to see if it is still great after a few months.
Beck Koos
Jun 3, 2022
The Freewallet TRX app is actually great. Especially compared to other ones I've tried out the last half a year I've been holding TRON. I had at least 4 wallets installed and I liked the Freewallet design but you will never know how good the app is unless you put some coins in it.
Newman Dirks
Jun 3, 2022
I think it is a sign of a good company that actually cares and does some development to improve their service. I love Freewallet for this, so will continue using it and might suggest my crypto-friends to join me.
E. juhygvfrc fcxkiopbw
Jun 3, 2022
The transactions are blazing fast. And that is the main thing that I adore here in this wallet. Thanks, devs!
Duffy Mannion
Jun 2, 2022
For some reason not that many TRON wallets are out there in the market. Especially the good ones and Freewallet came in handy when I was in need of a safe place to store the coins.
Jun 2, 2022
TRX is good, I like this coin. And this particular wallet was mentioned by my friend and he told me that he kept his ETH in Freewallet, so I googled a bit and decided to try it out. Two weeks have passed, and I still feel pretty comfy.
Ferguson Yessica
Jun 2, 2022
App is actually great, I dare to say that it is one of the best in the Play Store. Have no idea why, but for some reason people are not able to make great wallets for TRX.
Golden Suan
Jun 2, 2022
My friend says he has been using this wallet for quite a long period of time so it seems like a promising app.
Mann Maylene
Jun 1, 2022
Recently I had lost my phone and got totally stuck with the logging in process because I couldn't get my correct 2FA codes and haven't written down the backup ones. The support team helped me out just a few days after filing the ticket. Had to look for some additional information but that's not a problem if I get my account back. thanks
Mclean Quyen
Jun 1, 2022
I'm quite enjoying TRX. Even if the price still hangs down low, there might be quite a bright future if they finally implement those tokens as promised. And Freewallet is quite good to keep the coins for a long term, I feel safe so far.
Roth Viki
Jun 1, 2022
Meanwhile I'll hodl and see what happens in a few next months. Anyway, I have a good option to exchange it with the app, so I don't waste time looking for the exchange.
Chris ifeanyi
Jun 1, 2022
Thieves and bunch of trained scammers.....they are run 🏃‍♂️ before they destroy your life
Vincent Sar
May 31, 2022
Been looking for a wallet to move coins from the exchange to store for a long term and suddenly came over this Freewallet app. Well, this might not sound very smart, but the first thing I want in the app is to be simple so I can learn using it fast.
Casey Pook
May 31, 2022
Freewallet is simple enough and very user friendly, so I am staying with them. And will recommend this company. Thanks!
May 31, 2022
I like the wallet, and Freewallet in general. Been using their apps for almost a year already. I still have some TRON here, just in case it moons one day.
Hawkins Barnhill
May 30, 2022
Low price, low fees but somehow fast transaction both incoming and outgoing. Nice service, Freewallet, really nice!
Estes Ryall
May 30, 2022
I'm sure that there's no other application as good as this one. It works fine and stable, and more than this I consider it as a very reliable and secure app.
Pruitt Ananda
May 30, 2022
Haven't heard much about the in-the-app exchanges till now. This is the first app with this feature. So far so good. Enjoying it...
Rutledge Hibberd
May 30, 2022
Not sure if there's a bright future for the TRX, but I am definitely going to use it for a while unless the crypto dies. But I don't think so.
Tran Rushton
May 30, 2022
Won't say that I have a lot of TRX in my possession but anyway I have some faith in this coin. Well, actuall, I have faith in whole cryptocurrencies....
Kidd Rael
May 29, 2022
When TRON was released, I immediately bought it. The experience was fun and pleasant. A few times I had issues just because of my own memory, but everything was resolved.
Spencer Ishtiaq
May 29, 2022
Before installing Freewallet, I actually used another one. But it had terrible Support and the fees were just a robbery, so I tested this particular wallet. It feels okay so far.
Diaz Garett
May 29, 2022
They have a pretty decent TRON app and the updates are being released pretty frequently. The team is working on improving the service and that's great for their users because the community feels like they are in a safe place.
Barrera Berrier
May 28, 2022
I actually left my coins here for almost a year and when I came back, there was a lot of news. I was surprised that it's as easy as back in the days to log in after such a long break and continue using the wallet.
May 28, 2022
Certainly, the TRON is facing not the best of times related to price and other stuff. Anyway, been using this wallet for almost two years. No issues.
Mason Doner
May 27, 2022
I love this TRON application. I do not know why, it's been three months and I never had an issue with it. Works perfectly fine and the transactions are going through almost both deposits and withdrawals.♡
Klein Lester
May 27, 2022
I like the Freewallet's TRX app and the user experience overall with this service. The security concerns are pretty high and there are plenty of features that can be used for protection like 2FA, PIN codes and others.
Lynn Ping
May 27, 2022
Good fee, I think. And one more great thing! I can actually exchange in the app without registering on separate exchanges and trading myself.
May 27, 2022
So, the best feature of this wallet is the in-app exchange. It is quite simple to use and sometimes it really helps to save your crypto.
Gordon Hadden
May 27, 2022
Weird, but there are so few good wallets for TRX, Freewallet is the best among the good ones I've seen so far. At least it looks modern and easy to use.!!
Baird Demaria
May 27, 2022
TRX experienced a few jumps recently and I decided to stay away from trading at the moment and wait for a few months to hold. Freewallet seems like a good choice so far.
Forbes Linger
May 26, 2022
Despite the fact that I am quite a newbie in crypto and see nothing bad in being new so as a fresh user I might say that so far the app is simple and easy-to-use. Got a little bit confused at the start, but now it's okay.
Manning Saja
May 26, 2022
Freewallet was one of the few being so fast to release it. But still I am hoping that they will release the feature allowing fiat withdrawals.♥
May 25, 2022
I wonder if Freewallet will continue supporting TRON. So far the application feels great. I would actually recommend this one to my friends.
Harvey Gamba
May 25, 2022
I remember when TRX was just a word to me. But then my friend got this simple app and I decided to try it too.
Kemp Olof
May 25, 2022
The support team was good with me even though I caused so much disturbance just because I couldn't understand the thing about 2FA and had to go through KYC. It took me a few weeks to get things done and now I got my account back.
West Mace
May 24, 2022
Feels like the fees are set at the perfect amount to transfer the coins via the network quite fast and not make me waste money on every transaction.
Sweet Dearden
May 24, 2022
TRON looks poor these days, but I bought some TRX more and continue hodling. This app is perfect for hodling...
Brown Noles
May 24, 2022
The company cares about its product and the customers so I can give some trust back to them to keep my money here. Thanks.
Morin Lake
May 23, 2022
Some time ago I was using their TRON app and got quite a few good exchanges within it. Then I started using a Multicurrency wallet as it feels nice and fancy. All in all, I recommend both wallets :)
May 23, 2022
Good currency, great wallet. But sometimes there were small issues with my withdrawals and for some reason it did not let me send coins. Support helped.
Buckley Coronado
May 23, 2022
One day will come and TRON will moon and that's the reason to keep coins in this wallet. I have pretty high hopes for TRX.
Brenden Holden
May 23, 2022
Nice. I really liked the design of this app. Red and black are my favorite colors. Highly recommend!
Gonzalez Cici
May 22, 2022
Got no problems with this app. Whereas I had a lot of troubles with my previous wallet. So now I recommend only Freewallet apps.
Winters Elyas
May 22, 2022
Dear friends, I’d like to thank the whole Freewallet team for creating such an amazing wallet. 5 out of 5 stars, darlings.
Jackson Culp
May 22, 2022
The support here works much faster than on any other wallet I had. It took only a few minutes here to get the answer. Way to go.
Hill Valenti
May 21, 2022
Rate it 5 as this application is totally the best one for storing TRON. Safe enough and reliable, no issues or any other problems.
Bird Miah
May 21, 2022
Freewallet has the best cryptocurrency devs I have ever heard of. Everything from those guys works fine and stable. And this is my third wallet from them :)
Vega Callista
May 21, 2022
Love this application. No issues for the past three or four years. Will continue using it and recommend it to the traders in need.
Hughes Sati
May 20, 2022
What an awesome wallet! Just the one I was looking for since January. Reliable and secure, with a great collection of safety features.
Smith Reich
May 20, 2022
The best trx wallet right now. Got no issues or any other kind of problems. So my experience is positive and I rate it 5.
Kelly Peer
May 19, 2022
Will recommend it to all kinds of traders: from newbs to the more skilled ones. Everything is simple and quite secure.
May 19, 2022
Enjoy using this one. It is simple enough and saves all my trx coins for the future. Hope, Tron will continue growing.
Rich Brandin
May 18, 2022
Would like to recommend this app for all newbies as it is definitely the best one for storing TRX. Fantastic app! Really.
May 18, 2022
Love this app and this team. It is definitely the nicest app for your smartphone. Rate 5 and recommend :)
May 18, 2022
I'm new in this sphere and at first couldn’t find the link in the mailbox, but now I got used to this procedure and everything works fine.
May 18, 2022
Had no reason to stay with my previous wallet so decided to try this one. So far so good, as they say.
Hadjira Alloune
Apr 23, 2022
There is a problem with this wallet. I cannot access my account, nor receive or send, and the support is not responding, even though I contacted them more than 24 hours ago.
Cephas Simfukwe
Apr 21, 2022
You looks great, but listen to the complaints of your clients. My identity verification is still under review, but how long am I going to wait? Please tell us if you're in operation or not.
Mark Jeffrey Jay Jaime
Apr 18, 2022
I uninstall this app. I already found another app. Thanks. I have change my rate for getting back at me for the concern.
Emmanuel Samuel
Apr 10, 2022
One of the worst app I've ever seen. It just keeps telling me an error occurred each time I try to buy trx. I have never make any successful transaction. Such a waste
Frank Oluku
Apr 9, 2022
I just downloaded the app and I am unable to buy any cripto,it keeps telling me something went wrong try again later,pls you guys should fix it
Mar 30, 2022
This app is really not good it's been more than 24 hrs i made a pay in into my wallet and i haven't received support team is really not the best
Thabiso Prince Ntiyantiya
Mar 28, 2022
Ok so can someone take cryptos in my wallet without my permission ?Because I see nothing in my wallet but yesterday there was 10trx whats going on and I can't login why 😭😭ok everything is right
Rio Silver
Mar 26, 2022
SCAM SCAM SCAM 😡😡😡😡 Some one send me 15$ for more than a week I have not received it, yet I tried to check with 20$ and the confirmation is confirmed but I don't receive it, they gave me a smart address to transfer it to get Tron but it turns to be a scam 😡
anita charles
Mar 4, 2022
I made a deposit through smart pay in. It's been 3hours already and my tron balance is still 0. I have contacted customer support, ticket ID 398787. Please work on it. I received my funds after 2days. The transfer was slow and problematic. Customer service took time to respond but they were able to get me my funds. Please fix your application.
real news
Mar 1, 2022
After sending quite a few emails back and forth, and me proving my Identity, my account is still suspended. I will be taking another avenue to recover my money if the suspension isn't lifted.
Sydney Trojan
Feb 15, 2022
Well done indeed, a lot better than i expected. Has the transfer rates from other crypto, absolutely no hassle to get started(legit no hassle)
Avinash kumar
Feb 15, 2022
Transfered 100$ of bttc in tron wallet but didn't recieve. Txid has been sent to the e-mail address of support team. Hope that ur team is capable enogh to recover my asset. Thanks
Amit Pal singh
Feb 10, 2022
This wallet app is very useful and secure. It has various options like fingerprint, pin etc. Nice User friendly app.
Muktari Aliyu
Feb 6, 2022
What happen to tron trq mining i deposite trx at the mining but i cant withdraw the daily withdrawal and the application was not exist. The tron trq having a symbol of (R) i need to have an update about that please.
Bamydeley Oppy
Feb 5, 2022
I downloaded this app and deposited,for me to withdraw the app is feeling me withdrawal error, and before I deposit trx it was telling me I need to make a minimum deposit of 5trx ,to my surprise after depositing its telling me withdrawal error and after that I always received a notification that error occur with tronAc,old app version or incompatibility may cause this,go to play store to upgrade,and PS update is not coming up. Please help me see to this issue. I await your quick response Thanks
Karan Kumar
Feb 3, 2022
An amazing wallet app, with a smooth user interface. Highly appreciate it and would definitely recommend it to all!
Muhammad Waqas
Jan 29, 2022
Hi i write wrong email address but there is no option to edit or remove it.please solve this problem ASAP. I already send the email but my problem is not solved
samuel chapi
Jan 24, 2022
Very bad, you are a very abnormal program developer. Your app is very bad, let us do tron. Evil person like this, idiot
Draco Dracul
Jan 19, 2022
I agree if u fix the front and back I'd problem then it would b great as I'm playing a idl bitcion game that works with tron wallet whatever hora tokens u make I ingame u can withdraw it to ur trx tron wallet so please fix this wallet so I can use it again
Annika Jain
Jan 13, 2022
An amazing app. Works so well. It is exactly what I needed and wanted. Everybody should get it. You will love it.
Egunleti Adeleke Joseph
Jan 11, 2022
I bought 1000 Tron sometimes in 2020, only to find out Many months later that the app has been upgraded and I have no access to my coin anymore. This is ridiculous... A whole 1000 Trx down the drain.. kindly do something if you can
satinder saini
Jan 7, 2022
Doesn't look like a genuine app. I opened account and I was trying to buy Tron TRC 20 it's asking 16% commission. Horrible joke to tickle me 🙄
Adesina Damilare
Jan 7, 2022
Trx was sent to me from india but i didn't receive the trx in my wallet why am really mad right now...
Ravin Calma
Dec 28, 2021
To those who support the project from the beginning who watch ads And get tron token you will never get it consider it as scam
Asher Wilson
Dec 22, 2021
I'm hoping to get in contact with one of the devs if I can? I have nothing against the app, but I dont understand why the sign up process is so extensive. I'm sorry but I dont have three arms. I get that its extra security. But you can only be so secure. Requiring a hand written note, ID, your face, and specifics. I want to collect and send my TRX But I can't access my wallet becasue I cant take a proper picture, and my camera takes photos way above 10MB ):
Asaf Khan
Dec 20, 2021
It has login issue i have deposit tron toil it and now i have unable to login when i want to login it says error occurred please try again later please fix the problem
Dec 7, 2021
Signup issues with this app its say an error occurred try again later I understand what is happening that's why I'm thinking 🤔 about this is it genuine or something like other fraud once this product is solve I will change my feedback
Talent Roy
Nov 17, 2021
Why is this an app if i have to redownload Everytime i leave the app? Because it won't just go past the logo sign.
prosper osita
Nov 17, 2021
Please, how do I get my lost 12 phrase back, and I cant access my account again, help me out on this please?
Ssenyondo Joel Jesse
Nov 11, 2021
Tron Wallet is an app that one can use for exchanging coins, goo for digital currencies, best wallet to buy and store Bitcoin and other crypto currencies
Kimia Ataei
Nov 3, 2021
This is a great app! It’s a free TRX coin main net wallet with a built-in exchange and advanced security. I really loved this app and will recommend to everyone.
Cameron Roper
Oct 29, 2021
Tron Wallet fast and secure wallet app. Now I'm quite familiar with this wallet. Easy to use and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.
Nam Nguyen
Oct 21, 2021
Tron Wallet is great app to manage and exchange bitcoint and Crypto currency. A plus point for high cecurity. UI is very friendly to users and run smoothly without lags. I would recommend this app to everyone who use digital currency !!!.
zickson isaac
Oct 17, 2021
I believe its go na be alright as i have gone through the comments. Am on my way with the app to. Thanks.
moosa munawar
Oct 12, 2021
Best financial application Install the Tron Wallet with an integrated Tron exchange and high-level security features for your TRX. Enjoy the user-friendly interface on the best free app for the Tron mainnet. It’s perfect for both experienced TRX holders as well as crypto beginners really useful and helpful app easy to use it works perfectly highly recommended
Duhan Dorman
Oct 3, 2021
Best Tron wallet app on the store. It's simplistic design helps a lot for easy transaction. Thanks to the devs. Totally recommended
Sep 7, 2021
Hello, I installed the app and I lost my phone I had some coins on it about 130. I got a new phone and installed the app again I logged in successfully but now my balance is zero (0) I'm devastated about this... And I don't know what happened... My user ID is "ffa99772"
Beryl Bensun Mosahary
Sep 5, 2021
Tried signing up, but failed again and again, seems most negative comments are true. I guess it's looting people. Will try again and see if I can give positive comments and withdraw my negativity for the app and the organisation. We are small very small investors having hope for better returns, kindly don't play with pwoples hard earned money. Why is Google not accepted. Big question mark to the integrity of the business.
Miriam Sahi
Aug 30, 2021
Like others who gave this app 1 star because I encountered the same problem. Always shows Error occured blahblah
Hossein Abdeahad
Aug 22, 2021
My transactions are lost too and never showed up in my balance. The support chat also not responding
Christian de Dios
Aug 13, 2021
I did not get the eth I transferred from my binance wallet to the tron wallet uaing the smart pay in.
Von Ian Tagarda
Aug 8, 2021
I download and install the app.. but when I'm trying to log in.. it always says.. "an error occur please try again later" .. I re-download it many times but it still go they same way..
Lara Gin
Aug 5, 2021
why can't I open my account? I've been trying to log in for a month now and it says that "an error occured please try again later" please fix this as soon as possible, thank you
Aniket Rim
Jul 23, 2021
Awesome app this app is very useful for send and receive TRX. I would recommend this app to my friends and family members.
Babita Bansal
Jul 19, 2021
This Tron Wallet app is very interesting and has a positive vibes. I have used so many apps but security system of this app is really high. And also the features is this app are dynamic. Simply amazing to use. Kudos to the developer for making this app.
Hasson Hamo
Jul 14, 2021
Great wallet to keep your currency safe and secure, easy to use , provides good services , buy sell exchange and hold
Dinga Moran Foncha
Jul 9, 2021
Crazy I'm unable to send but i can only receive,I've contacted support they are not replying my support ticket ID is 343720
Chris Kirkland
Jul 8, 2021
This app is extremely shady, i repeat do not trust, i downloaded it and i think they only wanted to steal my finger print, i sent around 5$ to the wallet which never showed up in it, then loghed out to see if it went in and just needed to reboot, after logging out coyld never log back in again, sent the address to the support team the wallet gave me and they said that the addresses didnt match up when all it did was click copy address. 100% not worth your time or energy. I recommend "kraken"
Alena 2X*y
Jul 5, 2021
The error occured. Please try again later. Even I've registered by another email, the login was successful by gmail with its password, not with alternative email address. And login Not with google but by email, and there I had to put gmail, it, not the other email address. Perhaps, it will help someone in the future. Thanks a lot for fast reply, and giving me an idea. Everything is solved, now!
Jul 2, 2021
Its scam wallet dont use anything assosiated with tron. Hes a fraud working here in america taking our money and its all going to china people look at the whole big picture if you follow crypto in anyway chinas rules force his buisness here to operate then china crackdown crash aka siphon money out of market coverup then pump it all back in another crash repeat until americas broker then we already stand war china becomes world powerhouse and great usa run ends for all great empires always fall
Moosa Nadeem
Jun 10, 2021
Where Is my money? I transfered usdt into my tron wallet the transaction is completed on tron scan but no money is showing up in my wallet. Seriously, is Google play now allowing scams? And why can't I get my hands on my god damn private key?
William Lewis
Jun 9, 2021
Very nice. App use for stacking and exchange of other coins with tron. I want the company to work towards kelven stacking
Cloyd Ortega
Jun 6, 2021
I thought you are supported with APENNFT by TRON! but not! Now My Airdrop will going to waste! Because of this fault you are totally name Tron Wallet but not supporting and listing some TRON project!!!
Sonam Sachdeva
Jun 5, 2021
This is very amazing Tron Wallet. I started using it few days ago and it's pretty good. UI is also nice.
Jun 5, 2021
Scam,app ads dont work,to much needed to withdraw to little given,your better off watching paint dry,ull get more from your time then this app
KK Apps
May 21, 2021
Very nice tron wallet. This is Free TRX coin mainnet wallet with a built-in exchange and advanced security. Nicely design this app. Most useful app in term of crypto currency. Download and use.
Seliat Bimpe
May 20, 2021
It's been mailing several times without any response from the support team, this is unfair. Pleas help as this is very important, Ticket number: 326865 Edit: The team responded faster and helped me with everything. Thanks so much💖
Marcio Moraes Teixeira
May 20, 2021
It's good we have everything from a professional perspective to follow the updates of the new and old currency.
ahmed sani
May 11, 2021
I can't login my coin are trap in this wallet. Kindly help me gain access it always showing me an error occurs.
edison oruerio
May 8, 2021
Is there a minimum amount of Tron one can receive? Yesterday (08-5-20) I sent 0.2 Trx just to check if the app works fine but up till this moment it has not reflected in my wallet
Femi Pots
May 4, 2021
One of the best wallet I ever use.. It's Free TRX coin mainnet wallet with a built-in exchange and advanced security.
Malik Bilal
May 2, 2021
I requested for payout but i didn't receive transaction email to verify almost two days done i m reducing rating from 3 to 1
Rich L
May 1, 2021
Tiny sub 1 cent transactions go thru ok, but once u ask for a 500 coin transfer, your currency goes missing. If it eventually shows up, ill leave my rating. If it never does, hello 1 star. Edit: I will not be pursuing the 3 dollars in tron I lost, if it means contacting staff over a simple first erroneous transaction, I feel I would need to do it again, and again. You can keep my money, and my rating.
jerry law
Apr 26, 2021
Been working fine but the moment i sent my first tron into the wallet it stops loginn in What a waste Thank god it wasnt much
Eng MB
Apr 25, 2021
Supports nicely and works smoothly and biggest advantage is that the Ul is so simple and easy to use.
Chiebuka Nkwoemeka
Apr 24, 2021
How come my tron has been falling in value, meanwhile tron has been increasing in value in the last 24 hours, you guys are being tricky and siphoning our money
Kalimuthu Muthu
Apr 23, 2021
Good App. One small issue clear admin within 24 hours. Thank you. Good use for all crypto currencies
Apr 22, 2021
It's Very Nice Application for Crypto Wallet and we can send and receive easily in that App it's work fine
Apr 15, 2021
I'm trying to sign up but it keeps saying an error occurred and I've tried all options. ***Edit*** the developer has responded fast with options to help me sign up.
online earning tricks
Apr 12, 2021
I received litecoin to my account bt my accont is still and they are not responding iam flagging this app as innapropriate please do not download this app it waste of time and resources
Florin Badea
Apr 6, 2021
Purchased some BTT at the beginning of February. 2(two) months later and those money are not in my wallet. Balance zero. Opened a case (276381) at that time and still not sorted out. I would have been better off just throwing money out of the window.
Steve Asumadru
Apr 4, 2021
This app is a scam. After signing up with all my details and using the smart address to send bnb I never got it. And still cant get get it. 👎👎👎👎bad. This cant be the wallet to trx.
vasavi kakkirala
Apr 1, 2021
Very well made and user interface is neat and clean. Brilliant idea. Well designed and well constructed. Supports nicely and works smoothly.
Ifeoluwa Farayola
Mar 23, 2021
This app wouldn't even let me sign up and create a wallet. It's a put off from the first impression.
Lucky Singh
Mar 22, 2021
Supports nicely and works smoothly and biggest advantage is that the UI is so simple and easy to use.
Peter Victor
Mar 19, 2021
I wonder how other users are saying the app is good I will rate -5 if I can I've filled my profile details since last year to now and not yet varified I can even access my funds Iv sent support ticket also No solution
Nora Stein
Mar 14, 2021
An excellent app for tracking crypto currencies. Its indeed a beautiful app Wow, its a free cryptocurrency walley with so many great features.its secure and handy!
Matthew Faille
Mar 8, 2021
I don't really know how to rate the app. As soon as I hit sign up with email it threw an error. Same with the other methods of signup. I wanted to check it out because of the nice reviews. I'm using a Pixel. Will try again in a week with my new phone.
Marcus Timis
Mar 8, 2021
First Experience with the app was just wrong.... couldnt register with my Gmail.. repeated error message
Peter Lawrencemary
Mar 6, 2021
What can I do to access my account.I don't have a plastic ID card in my country (it will take 3years to get) But I have a paper ID containing my national identification number and it was rejected
Mark Twain
Mar 5, 2021
This is very simple to use, connects easily , and works fine in my device. Very well made and user interface is neat and clean. Its got a great design and doesnt take up a bunch of space on my phone.
Muhammad Shafiq khan
Mar 2, 2021
I am today unstall it....bcz today 15 days passed not refund my deposit ...many token many ...mail but not respond
adebayo ibiyemi
Feb 16, 2021
I transferred about 61Tron into my wallet and trying to transfer part of it into my other wallet and made mistake while typing my email address for verification, I tried to edit the email back for correction, I could not..... I chat the customer services, no reply.... Sent several tickets and am ask to provide information about my account which I did....since then I got no reply from their agent....
Rabies Plays
Feb 16, 2021
This is not fair kasi ininstall ko din yung ltc wallet diko naman alam na yung account ko sa tron wallet ay account ko din sa ltc kaya naisip ko na ireset yung email ko tas ngayon di nako makagawa ng transaction sa tron huhuuhu😭
Oyeleke Taiwo Bright
Feb 13, 2021
I downloaded the app and I signed up. After few days it doesn't log in into my wallet. It will just bring the "P" like logo then disappear and everything gets black blank. How can this be resolved, it's frustrating. I already transferred some trons to that wallet, can't afford to lose them.
Sleepy Riley
Feb 12, 2021
DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I sent $300 in BTT to my wallet address on this app. The funds never showed up, and my tracking history to where my funds REALLY went is a completely different wallet ID. They robbed me and every review on here is fake. Do NOT trust this app guys.
Infinix Smart
Feb 12, 2021
Sir now 1 week complete but you not fix problem I need really trx but I cannot send i think your wallet Is scam now mean if rate go more high you cannot on option for send trx mean your app is fully scam otherwise tell me date by your idea iam youtuber I complained your otherwise tell me fix date.becuase know I really need trx.
Adelodun Gift
Feb 11, 2021
Ive been unable to link my gmail with the app and also i am unable to tranfers my trx. Please it would be lovely if my plight is being attended to
the explorer
Feb 11, 2021
I tried several days I can't access my account and until now can't send my Trx to other wallet 😑 too many promblem please fix this issue 😑
Mr. Crowly
Feb 3, 2021
Great wallet to store trx. I would like to dismiss the news articles by swiping it left or right. Also, where do I find the exchange? Is it even possible to exchange tron in this wallet?
Mujaffar Sanadi
Jan 26, 2021
Tron wallet is an nice trx wallet application. It have a greater security with feature lock the account so that if you lost your phone no one will get access to your wallet.
Phumzile Beauty
Jan 20, 2021
Don't know whats happenings, every time I try to log in my account it keep telling me an error occurred,what should I do?
vivek rana
Jan 18, 2021
The app is very easy to use our of all trx wallets. I have stored all my coins here. Highly recommend.
elsa kho
Jan 15, 2021
Can't register nor log in through email, Facebook, nor number .. been trying several time ady .. still error ?!
Saiyan Youth
Jan 9, 2021
This is one of the best and most versatile wallets on the market,good design and nice ui. Easy to use and quick response
Sugar Chile Robinson
Jan 4, 2021
This is a fantastic application as well as quite useful. Easy to use and user experience is also good. Brilliant idea, well designed and well constructed. An application that works very well with a clean and intuitive user interface. Must download.
Afolayan Daniel
Dec 17, 2020
Wow, this is the best TRX wallet. I downloaded it earlier today and I must say that it's the best. Cool interface, push notification, maximum security and More. Keep it up♥
VPV Publication
Dec 13, 2020
It's a perfect app for both experienced TRX holders as well as crypto beginners. It's simple and easy to make transactions.
Dec 11, 2020
It is very useful because it supports various security features to manage my assets quickly and safely.
حمادي لكريش
Dec 9, 2020
Good and nice app: The TRX Wallet is a hosted wallet with several grades of security. No need to worry about the safety of your money even if you lose your mobile phone. It won’t get into the wrong hands, just lock access to your wallet and retrieve it from another device.👍 I recommend this helpful app.
Anozia Francis chidi
Dec 7, 2020
Since i installed it i will sleep and wake up yet its still loading... Find it hard acessing.....pls work on the loading nawao
moses joy
Nov 26, 2020
I' m giving it two star because though i'm new with the app but i discover that the app is too slow. It takes like forever just to open a page. Please the developers of this app shoold improve on it.
Amex Williams
Nov 26, 2020
Please can these wallet work on an Android version of 4.4.2 please help me with these answers it is for my sister phone
Kumari Neelam
Nov 25, 2020
Nice app!👌 This is very useful and interesting app for everyone which have exchange features and easy to use.
Mihir Joshi
Nov 24, 2020
This is one of the most secure trx wallet out there. It's simply amazing and quick to use. The design could use some more work but overall it gets the job.
Jose Mari Tabobo
Nov 23, 2020
I thank Customer Support for immediately responding to my query. I finally was able to send cryptos to another wallet in just a snap. Good job!
toyosi adeniji
Nov 3, 2020
I don't understand what's happening to this app. It keeps telling me error occurred when trying to log in. I will be told a msg has been sent to my mail but nothing will be on my mail.... This is nonsense ooo... Please, I need to get my money out ooo
Mahi Patel
Oct 27, 2020
Excellent user interface on the best free app for the tron mainnet. This is perfect for both experienced TRX holders as well as crypto beginners.
Kari Stray
Oct 26, 2020
One of my favorite wallets. Most of all like the mix of black and bordo as the background. All in all, nice and safe app.
Ajayi Crowder
Oct 21, 2020
This is my first time writing a review. This is the worst app iv ever dowloaded Imagine I created and account and have been unable to send out my OWN trons Saying there is a hacking attemt Same thing when I created the second account and the tired is saying error and I emailed them about 3 weeks ago and have not gotten a reply Please no one should download it it will say suspucious activity on your account and thet will keep requesting documents till you get tired
Ru Mahoyne
Oct 16, 2020
The app has such beautiful features, it's just very slow. I've been trying to upload front and back ID, but on uploading, it just freezes, then takes me back to the screen with the PIN pad where I have to enter my 4 number pin. So I cannot get my account verified or provide all the info you need. If that can be fixed, I'll definitely download the app again.
Aghoghophia Richard
Oct 8, 2020
I made a transfer to my friend's Tron wallet, transferring 200TRX but yet it has not been sent,i think this wallet is a fraud and a thief.better fix the wallet because I want my transfer to be sent to the person.once the transfer is successful i will recommend all my friends to use this wallet
Sep 19, 2020
Works well thanks guys 👍👍👍one suggestion tho, please implement a rewards program by sharing app for others to use.
Gesunte mullaempire
Sep 14, 2020
Gesunte I was received money sent from other wallet but i can't see it to my balance of this Tron wallet why?
olubowale adediran
Sep 2, 2020
Have delete and download the apps couple of times still not opening. ....All it bring is just p symbol how com
Daniel Patrick
Sep 2, 2020
Stupid upon stupid upon useless app i have ever seen in my life Rubbish thing,they need to slap the creator of the app
Richards Lilian
Aug 27, 2020
Can't even log in, it keeps saying an error occurred. Deleted and reinstalled severally but no changes.
Thomas Anderson
Aug 20, 2020
I really love this wallet and seen if I could load up some TRX into this wallet. And it looks amazing!
Apr 15, 2019
good. but how we can get airdrop btt if we will hold in in this wallet? i try to make a BTT wallet from smart wallet in this app but it cant. thanks u
Feb 11, 2019
whenever I add money, the balance doesn't update until I log out/log in. The log shows the payment going in though. Nothing major, only have to do it once in a while
Sep 3, 2018
All of a sudden the wallet doesn't give me my finger print option. When I put in the 4 simple numbers nothing will show up. Something changed n wiped out my account or it's just misplaced...
Aug 27, 2018
Easy to use, i love the graph which shows the coin increase and also shows how much your trx is worth in money. Really good wallet , thanks.
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