Jibble: Free Time Clock App

Category Productivity
Developer Jibble Ltd
Platform Android
Package io.jibble.androidclient
Free time clock app for payroll, attendance and compliance.

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Reviews (57)

Jamie Robson
Mar 30, 2022
Says in app description that it is free (forever), but now won't work as it says the free trial is over. Not sure if free means the same thing to me as the developer. Edit: Found instructions on how to change to free subscription
Fresh Food Innovations
Mar 29, 2022
Piece of garbage Doensnt work at all crashing juat to create team. Dont put out useless software and do some proper testing
Justin Smith
Feb 7, 2022
We at Gamesmith studios started using Jibble when we first started our small business. It's been a staple product for our company.
Kieran Ong
Nov 1, 2021
Overall good and has helped me track my own time and activities. I had an issue with an iPad 2 and while they took about 2 weeks to fix it, I'm satisfied it is finally working.
Janett Galarza
Sep 14, 2021
It's confusing jibble 1 & 2. Never know which one is downloaded until it is not working. They both look exactly the same. Now I was told to download jibble tracker..... and, where do I find that?
Heljohn Agripo
Sep 8, 2021
Great app for attendance, but my only concern is when i jibble in, it always said that im not in an authorise location, need 2 attemps to determine the correct location.
saba shamshad
May 22, 2021
Responsible team I like that way . So that's why I'm increasing your star. It's best thing to ask your customer and after that taking reaction.. Best wishes
Immaculate Obordo
May 18, 2021
It's great as it's a fit for our school. It has the features I need to monitor employee attendance. Unfortunately, we can't afford it as we're nonprofit. I must thank Bernard's team for the awesome customer care eventhough we can only use the free subscription. More power to your company. 👍👍
Majd Eddin alMuhder
May 2, 2021
I tried this app, I didn't like it so when the trial period is done! I couldn't log in to my account to delete the account or stop the spam email that I'm getting from Jibble!
Jess Jolie
Apr 29, 2021
This is a great app, love how easy it is to use, l really like that support is very responsive and really do want you to get the most out of this app, I recommend anyone who really needs a simple yet effective way to keep track of your projects, this app does the job for sure 😁 very happy with it
Joseph Apor
Mar 12, 2021
Hello Jibble developers. Hope you can add half-month in your timesheets>viewing>(daily|weekly|half-month|monthly). Also in settings>approval>payperiod. Examples: February 1 to 15, February 16 to 28, March 1 to 15, March 16 to 31, April 1 to 15, April 16 to 30...
raimi berhanudin
Feb 19, 2021
Problem with camera selfie checkin..slow loading like we use full HD setting for a game. Sometimes gps not accurate
Jonathan Austin
Feb 11, 2021
The app now invalidates your clock in if you don't provide your location and won't let you add a location to your clock in when editing. EDIT: The app is great, the creators contacted me and showed me how to edit. I've had no issues actually entering my time and all that!
Muhammad Mu'izzuddin Bin Rozali
Feb 9, 2021
Thanx for the help. the free version keeps your staff's data for 2 m0nths and it's enough for me. what u have to do is activate the free subscription in jibble website. and its gonna be free forever.
Fatinfarhana Lee
Jan 16, 2021
Can you please put huawei app galeri for this... I cant jibble in and out... I have to use another phone that have google play for jibble in and out 😭
Rajesh Shintre
Dec 24, 2020
This is the one of the app that even with eyes closed I will give 100% recommendation. Very useful to HR and also for Team Manager's for maintaining attendance record for Team mates. Additionally the camera feature actually makes this app very innovative and serious option if you are doing a work from home. Recommended for WFH kind of environment.
Syahir Azman
Dec 9, 2020
My company has been using this app for about 5 months now. As the person-in-charge to monitor our employees' attendance, I'm really satisfied with the app's performance though there's some hiccups which it was later resolved efficiently by the team.
Philip Tesoro
Oct 25, 2020
Easy to keep track of my own time, and switch between tracking different activities. One star less just for the interface. I would love a an activity board where you can just tap the activity you want to switch to.
Shandie General Merchandise
Oct 12, 2020
Easy to use for my small team. No fuss time tracking and exporting of timesheets. I use it in my stores in kiosk mode
GenHub PH
Oct 12, 2020
My company is using this and im using this in my own business as well. Looking foward to new features specially for mobile
gen traz
Oct 10, 2020
problem with selfie camera,loading way too long even though i use sd865 6gb/128gb phone..often says my connection slow even yt or whatsapp working perfectly...because of this i got scold from my boss..thanks jibble
Paras Sachan
Oct 9, 2020
Biggest fraud! I clicked on their Google ad that said - Free forever & unlimited users. I signed-up and the notification appeared - " Your 14-day trial has started" There is no transparent pricing, UI is poorly designed and half the features don't work the way they should. Terrible experience.
Iron Alpha
Oct 6, 2020
Issue 1: Unable to use main camera to check in, apps kept crashing whenever o attempted to use main camera. Issue 2: kept stating I have no network connection, but my WhatsApp and other apps are functioning correctly.
Gaurav Joshi
Oct 5, 2020
This app is the perfect companion for any new business. Free attendance and time tracking for the digital age!
Mauli Bharatgas Services
Oct 1, 2020
Very good app .......Suggested to develope inbuilt SMS facility to employee from late attendance and other Purpose .....shown positive response .... Wrttting review after one month use... Team Jibble very good work u r doing keep it up
Prabu Nathan
Sep 18, 2020
This App is superb and covers every aspect of time attendance. Field staff reporting can be monitored effortless with almost no cost. Just one observation is that the website is very slow.
Deborah Arp
Sep 12, 2020
Having trouble logging in and out at work, sometimes the app works and other times, no. It's so frustrating.
Sep 7, 2020
Getting Frustrated with this now. Even High speed internet it shows You me have slow internet connection or disconnected. Spending 20 minutes extra head to head with this app.. Wasting my time
Joseph Intal
Sep 3, 2020
(Fixed) Some problems are occuring. There are rimes during the day that i cannot login to the mobile app. The web page shows a blank page as well. It only happened when i started using the free attendance function of the app. Hope there is a fix to this.
Sherlyn Borbolla
Aug 13, 2020
We use kiosk mode and so far everyone got used to it. Very user friendly UI. Looking forward to new features coming in
Virgie The Networker
Aug 11, 2020
It's good but i experience once only "saying an unauthorize location" so i could'nt save my data. Then i just restart my unit and it gets ok.
kiran deore
Jul 21, 2020
I was faced the location error..you are in an unauthorized location..but jibble team executive ann support me very quickly and nicely..my error is solved now... Thanks a lot jibble.
Shanawaz Khan
Jul 21, 2020
Take at least ten minutes to open that mean ten minutes late every day in company entry salary minus half day every day worst app company get reason to minus our salary
Royden Dias
Jul 7, 2020
Ever since the lockdown, I've been using Jibble to track time. Honestly, the app wastes more time for me than any other process that can be put in place. The app and the website don't seem to be loading. This is especially frustrating when I have to start my day or spend those extra 15 minutes at the end of my day trying to jibble out. Today I spent 20 minutes on the loading screen, every other app working fine, my WiFi and data working at its best but nothing from jibble. Hate this experience.
Jun 29, 2020
Update: New update (June 29) fixed crashes for me. Was going to suggest this to our boss. The app is the more intuitive than other options like clockify and officetimer but an update for my phone (xiaomi mi 9 lite) with may 2020 security patches killed the app. Constant crashes after signing in. Update: New update (June 29) fixed crashes for me.
Madel Espartero
Jun 28, 2020
Downloaded last friday and tried setting it up.. the first day is oakay. Until today i wont be able to use it. The app always crashes as i open it. Also i hope that there is a way to export the employees' attendance sheets into PDF file.
Jun 25, 2020
This is great for tracking project hours and any billing if you are doing gig work or have any clients. Of course you still need to be honest. Very easy interface, and the mobile has an photo check in which works if you need to prove your on site.
Afiza Idris
Jun 7, 2020
Simple and friendly user. however for reporting need to upgrade as there is no individual report based on chart given in this apps.
Gail Santos
Jun 1, 2020
it is so laggy when your typing in remarks and choosing your activity, you could already be doing something then
Mummy X3
May 20, 2020
Using this at work to track timesheets. As we are using MYOB Accountright its easy to export all the timesheets to excel & import into MYOB. Support is fast & knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Razan Azuddin
May 14, 2020
Simple to use and expertly designed. I use both app and chrome extension to Jibble in/out but I find it more convenient to use this app whenever I'm not on my browser.
Charles Lee
May 14, 2020
It's simple and easy to use. By end of the month, I already have the time all calculated. Saved a lot of my time counting the total OT for everyone
Mar 26, 2020
Works great for time, attendance and productivity tracking. It auto-generates timesheet instead of using the old way of clocking in and out with a machine. The UX can be improved but the last I checked, the team is working on a new version with improved UI and UX.
Mar 24, 2020
Jibble app is very convenient to use. Easy to In and Out just in one click even in offline mode . Save time and easy to track my activity.
Mar 20, 2020
It was slow when I first used the app but I'm glad it's now better. There are multiple times that the location is incorrect and it doesn't help that I can't see the exact location before I can jibble in. I can only see a pin on the map which approximates the location.
Mar 16, 2020
Staff love using Jibble because the interface is simple, clean, and easy to use. Clocking in and out takes a couple of seconds now. Also, auto generated timesheets are a lifesaver. Couldn't recommend more!
Mar 12, 2020
I havent to reinstall every month. The interface would just freeze and I couldn't do anything but to uninstall. HELP!!!
Mar 7, 2020
En varias ocasiones no ha reconocido mi contraseña por lo tanto he tenido que desinstalar la app y volver a instalarla para poder hacer uso de ella. Esto no solo es incómodo sino que le resta tiempo a mis responsabilidades. Cabe aclarar que esto me viene sucediendo hace un par de semanas; la app no me había presentado este tipo de inconvenientes antes.
Feb 6, 2020
Very slow, and I really dislike how clocking in and out isn't automatic/that it's a tab. The amount of times I accidentally logged a time as clocking in when I meant clocking out. 🤦‍♂️
Jan 27, 2020
This app may provide more options such as recording attendance. Where all the reporting employee wise could be generated and also attendance can be recorded using fingerprint sensor of device. Different reports like monthly attendance register with time punches can be generated which can allow shift wise punches. Giving an accurate data.
Dec 24, 2019
The new update have no tutorial or demo on changes, and the new ui may be stylish but confusing (on save after jibble in/out)
Dec 12, 2019
You need to be more work about Face recognition. This option is not useful. I enabled the option face recognition option. See what happen When I confirm IN with no any selfie. APP send notification in my email your face recognition mismatch. But when I confirm out and I took my selfie from another device and same device I kept in the front of another device which I have installed APP they didn't send any notification and accept it. Any employee can cheat and use this trick. Plz reply
Jul 16, 2019
I've only have used 2 apps so far but this one is better then my last! I'm new to jibble so I'll write later with more feedback to come! have a good day
Jun 2, 2019
Saves the hassle of tagging in and out via access card. Simply Jibble in and out at your fingertips.
May 15, 2019
This app helps keep track on employee productivity and efficiency which indirectly reflects my company's overall performance per cost. It smoothes my job in client hours billing due to the client billing feature and save my colleagues tons of time and manual paper reporting. kudossss to this app maker!!
May 11, 2019
Monthly subscription showing 3$/ month but when I put details deducted 15 + 20 $. No one explains why it has done.
Jul 21, 2018
It's too complicated to clock in/clock out. This two features should be the first ones available and I shouldn't wait too much for the app to load other features in order to reach "Jibble in" and "Jibble out". Even more, a widget that I simply press when I go to work and leave work would be an improvement.
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