Jewels of Egypt・Match 3 Puzzle

Category Puzzle Game
Developer G5 Entertainment
Platform Android
Restore the Pharaoh's city and solve match-3 gems puzzles in the adventure game!

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Reviews (221)

Wendy Landale
Jul 20, 2022
I've not been able to get past 0mb on the be patient screen right at the beginning. I have plenty of room plus I've rebooted the phone plenty of times but unfortunately it doesn't make a difference so I will uninstall this from my device. P.s. how am I meant to do that when the game won't load to show me the friends page?
Lyndie Schnarr
Jul 17, 2022
So much to do and so little energy 😩 seriously good game. Keeps you wanting more. Graphics are pretty good and game play hard enough to keep you frustratingly interested. Good job!
Carol Cotsonis
Jul 15, 2022
I sometimes seem to get into a brief loop where I have to find the same object for Khety [is that right?] but otherwise the game is very enjoyable. The characters, scenery and props are thoroughly Egyptian and I enjoy reading the dialogues. The match three puzzles are just the right degree of difficulty. Quite a mesmerizing game, all in all.
Brett Meyer
Jul 15, 2022
Another match 3 game where you run out of moves and are so inclined to make "additional move" purchases.....when did game development turn into unimaginative money scams?Does anybody really pay for blatant stupidity?Dont install,time better spent picking out tomorrows work socks....and equally entertaining as well.
Pamela Hanlon
Jul 14, 2022
this game has lots of challenges that keep it high up on the fun scale... A great brain challenge, the more you play the more challenging it becomes... Enjoy Pamela :)
Debra Burgess
Jul 12, 2022
Might be fun-play is so bogged down/sluggish(uninstalled/reinstalled/cleared caches in pertinent places) no luck fixing do uninstalled again
Patty Vasios
Jul 10, 2022
Loeb the game so far it's been great to not lose all my points trying to up grade , I know as it goes on it will get harder but for us old forest this is fun thanks
JGayle Bobo
Jul 9, 2022
Ok but not really fun when I downloaded it was for the puzzle game showing not match game. Too much like so many other games only difference is theme
Monica Simmons
Jul 8, 2022
This game that i found on my comper it a lot of fun i can pay a doller to play this game put a dam doller on theses games for i can play your haveing fun on my lapto playing so and still is you cant give my 0ne doller to play these game its ok
Aylishia McGowan
Jul 7, 2022
I really love this game, but it keeps giving me problems since yesterday. Some levels give me a different amount of moves to make a level, like this morning I only had 5 moves to complete a hard level. I don't know what to do because I love this game, please help!!!!
Tom Oxley
Jul 4, 2022
Can't win without buying power ups. They will follow this with a canned response about how all their levels are winnable without them. Sure, once every 50 times you'll get the combos you need, but if you want to advance in the game it will cost you a good deal of money.
Jun 30, 2022
Great game and graphics.fourth G5 game ..all enjoyable. Can play to level 20 without purchasing arms/gems if on tight budget.just takes longer🥰
Stephani Bambino
Jun 29, 2022
Love this game been playing for over 2 years. I just wish there were other ways to earn the better tools other than purchasing them from the bank.
Vojislav Rakovic
Jun 23, 2022
So far I'm enjoying the game, but one thing really bothers me: I'm stuck at one particular level and I noticed that total number of moves is different every time I enter that level. Sometimes it's 30, sometimes 25, 20, 15, sometimes just 5 (?!). Is this some random mechanic or is there a logic/explain behind this. Just to be clear, it's the same level i cannot beat. This randomness really ruins it for me.
Mareks Indāns
Jun 21, 2022
Very nice game with good graphics and storyline. But game has very hard levels, so gameplay will take 5 to 10 minutes untill energy is gone. Hard levels will take several days to complete. Also few game friends shows that there is no many game fans. If you like game, with zero progress for long time, you found it.
Scott Hentschel
Jun 21, 2022
My apologies, got this one confused with another I was playing, awesome game! Thanks love the story line!
Jennifer Jones
Jun 20, 2022
I'm enjoying the game. I'm also playing the Sherlock Holmes game. They're both fun so far. I've only played regular match 3 games. I love to read, so these have been very interesting, but have a lot to them I'm not used to. I'll keep you updated...
Teresa Subich
Jun 19, 2022
I love this game. Your graphics are amazing. I find that I end up rooting for the adventures. I. Also find that to the characters always asking for every thing in the village, I yell at my tablet with a "maybr I could if I had a little help." Duh....
paul davis
Jun 18, 2022
Nice graphics, ok scenarios. Usual slow progress unless you pay money but game is still enjoyable. Very similar to Jewels of Rome.
Carrie Wojcik
Jun 16, 2022
dont like the kitten hunting not enough moves to complete tasks constantly having nto bye jewels which isnt cheap
Justin Tunney
Jun 13, 2022
This game is expensive fast! Starting out you couldn't tell. For a match three game... Just can't justify the cost. It's just a waste of money
Dave Johnson-Walford
Jun 11, 2022
Seems pointless having to use a tool to remove an object on the first board, then you have to do it again on the second board. If this is a sign of the game it's going to be a waste of time. Uninstalled
Flora Zuideveld
Jun 7, 2022
I like this game but would really love better "exotic" music. Also, personally, I don't like clues until I ask for them. (You're not alone regarding either of these complaints, but just in case you actually pay attention to my opinion, I thought I'd tell you.)
Ioan Mircu
Jun 7, 2022
All the games could be more enjoyable if dose advertising apps could be cut of and won't distrub and întrerupt the games,thankyou very much John.
Kelly LeFrantz
Jun 6, 2022
Great game apart from the number of limited moves in some certain levels keeps changing if you don't win that level and re play it the number drops even more.... not sure if it's a glitch or part of the game. Would give 5 stars if it was fixed..
Steve Hall
Jun 6, 2022
Good game! Please put the ads somewhere other than with missions. Make the gamea bit larger fonts/pics. It would be nice to make the fighting more personal. Thanks
maggie moler
Jun 6, 2022
I've had this game for months and now after this last update of June 1/2 it will not work I also downloaded "jewels of Rome" since they are close but it won't even work. So I tried Sherlock and the match 3choice on the game won't work. I do have internet not to happy because I'm pretty far on the jewels of Egypt 😒😤
Jennifer Sanchez-Salazar
Jun 4, 2022
I love this game! Since I make it a point not to spend real money on pretend games, I'd love it if there were a way to earn blue crystals faster (rather than purchasing them with cold hard cash) to progress in the game & access new adventures!
Barbara Buffington
Jun 3, 2022
I did an update and now the game won't close the extra game part I don't want to play. Please give the option of closing everything except the main game if a player doesn't want to play anything except the main game. June: Did another update and it's forcing me to play the extra game again. Obviously the designers didn't like my suggestion. Why force a game on a player instead of letting them play what they want to?
Angelia Stephenson
Jun 1, 2022
I love this game but it goes down every time I'm in the middle of a game or in the middle of a arrest it just goes down
Kendra Lund
May 29, 2022
I love this uniquely designed game which is very engaging and so far, very afforable. This was very well done and I just got to say, I'm very new at this but so far, not having a hard time at all with understanding how to play.
Janet Dennett
May 26, 2022
Great graphics and fun to play, however would have given five stars if they didn't run the same two windows 11 adds.
Chiluba Chitalu
May 24, 2022
It's an amazing game, the only thing I find annoying is that it freezes when I reach a certain level and I am unable to explore, but the game is fantastic.
Gigi W
May 19, 2022
From the first play of the game I was hooked. I love it's not a timed game other than events. I can take my time to really enjoy the game! I love Jewels of Rome for the same reasons. Keep up the great work! Ty
darlene gunn
May 18, 2022
Had a iPhone loaner while waiting for new android. Tried to let them know email address I used doesn't with android. They were late responding and me jump hoops (will not do) to complicated. Do they want me as a client or want me as a slave?
Hannah-Meg Knight
May 9, 2022
Another great game from G5 games. Nice, relaxing match3 levels, collections to complete including an engaging story. Easy to get lost in this game for hours!
Dave Miasik
May 8, 2022
Painfully slow, a very simple game that holds your hand like an over protective parent. In my 48 years of gaming this is the only game to put me to sleep within ten minutes of game time! Also you will need an additional 125 meg after install before you can even start the game, if you are over the age of seven do not waste your time on this!
Marnie C
May 7, 2022
The only thing I dont like are the porcupines. Otherwise I am enjoying this game and its interesting stories.
Yash Shah
May 6, 2022
After each update the game just stops and resources do not download in single go. Need to do trial and error until it gets downloaded by uninstalling and reinstalling again and again.
Bonita Stough
May 6, 2022
Never any new stuff I can play all day and not experience new apps new levels et cetera. Tired of the same old graphics and icons. How the heck do I add new things I've been playing for a few years now getting very frustrated and tired of paying for things help
May 4, 2022
I wrote a review on the Jewels of Wild West, which is very similar to Jewels of Egypt, and now I feel it's unfair if I don't write a couple of words here, as well. This is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played. I love the characters, the locations, the story, the collectible items, the side fights with monsters are great, too. Beautifully done and drawn, I enjoy just taking a look at the puzzle pieces, location backgrounds and collection items, great work, keep it up. Love it!
Carol Blackman
May 1, 2022
My expectation is to play the advertised jewel puzzle. I have not seen the puzzle at all just a fairly uninteresting story game
Rose Fletcher
Apr 30, 2022
Really enjoy the story and adventure of the game. No stress. I would like more friends to join the G5 game site. Back to having fun playing the game.
Chris Ventrice Page
Apr 28, 2022
Really enjoy the game, love anything and everything to do with Egypt 😊 the only thing needs changing is the tasks asking to follow G5 social media, those tasks are pointless please take them out specially if players don't have social media.
Roger Davidson
Apr 26, 2022
I've been playing this game for over 2 years....great game.....but not it keeps crashing within about 2 minutes...constantly crashing....what is going on?
MinecraftLoving 12
Apr 26, 2022
Please fix this problem on recommendeds I keep seeing stand on knees on recommended apps because of the events till 5/5/22 and that's a long time and I hate the Standing on knees so much it's bothering me remove it now! But thanks for releasing June 8 2020 but I hate the Standing on knees always come recommend dude why! I requested to be Gone now! I need it change the picture Now! Why f ING girl stand on knees? Why hecking always yay not sexy but Why! It's bothering me I keep getting it!
Martina Farren
Apr 22, 2022
New to this game, so still learning but really enjoying it. I find the exploding bombs ones impossible and feel i have wasted a lot of energy trying to get past it. I think it would be better if some coins could be converted into gems but i realise the game developers want people to make in-app purchases.
Patricia Moore
Apr 10, 2022
Absolutely addictive! I am so into this game...If am not building, I am exploring. If I am not exploring, I'm defeating monsters. If I am not defeating monsters, I am trying to get those kittens outside for a walk! LOL I have bought gems, but if you don't mind a slower game, you can play with no problem. Highly recommended for puzzlers.
mervin williamson
Apr 4, 2022
The different Egyptian sculptures and landscape but they need to give more chances to get rewards and diamonds to keep going
Nancy Wallace
Apr 2, 2022
Don't make it so difficult to sign in to save progress Seems like an awful lot of wasted screen in order to advertise other games
ruth hall
Mar 30, 2022
. Ove the game, but cannot access friends because the game won't accept my Gmail address. How can I fix it
Christine Lucius
Mar 30, 2022
It's a good game. If I get help getting more rubbers then having to buy them, would be more better!.
Holly Oaks
Mar 18, 2022
My husband has played this game for about a year and I've been curious so I decided to try my hand as well. The stories are utterly enjoyable and the graphics are beautiful. I've been playing for only a few hours but I think this game may just be a keeper.
Donna Jeffrey
Mar 13, 2022
Great game, but would suggest that New goals load from the bottom so you can complete existing goals
Madeleine Drake
Mar 9, 2022
Deliberately impossible to win, even on lower levels. Just to force purchases. Not their best game option.
Stephanie Heyward
Mar 2, 2022
I don't need help on how to play the game I'm very familiar with this game, all that showing how to play is interfering,can you do something
Mary Walker Alexander
Feb 26, 2022
It's a pretty enjoyable game I just wish you would give more gems as rewards as well as items to help us solve the puzzle . Also I played the new I guess you called him enter games where you connect the pipes I got a message that I could collect the prizes but there was no way to collect them I pushed everything on the screen
Ronald Guthrie
Feb 21, 2022
Eventually you'll get to a zone you lose at over and over again and paying is the only way to win. UNINSTALLED!
Jen Doucet
Feb 17, 2022
Not too bad a game, but finding very hard to advance for the lack of diamond lives without having to purchase them.
Franc Neary
Feb 16, 2022
Had been playing this game on both android device and Win10 PC, but in the last few days while playing the game on my pc, the game is halted as soon as a "limited time offer" pops up on the screen.
AnoNiMuse Games
Feb 16, 2022
Im done with this game. Leaving a frustrating rating. This type of game shouldn't be that very difficult to pass the levels.
Crystal Dunn
Feb 16, 2022
I just started the game really, I'll know more once I'm farther into the game. It's decent, but I'll know more when I feel it is a better time.
Audrey Glenski
Feb 15, 2022
Love Jewels of Egypt game!! You can play for a very long time once you figure out all of the ways to get more energy!! Lots of variety to choose from. Am fairly new, so still have things to figure out, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it!!!
Catherine Shepard
Feb 15, 2022
I love the details and the graphics but I would never pay your games again is full of s*** good day God bless you
Claire McKay
Feb 14, 2022
Really good game play for a while, then the games seem to be almost impossible. Finding it hard to get tools to help.
Caleigh Ruby
Jan 31, 2022
I'm much more pleasantly surprised by how smooth this game is. Beautiful graphics and very fun to play. Thanks again G5 for another wonderful game!!
Natasha Lawrence
Jan 28, 2022
I have only recently started playing this game. So far, I find it to be an enjoyable game. You go to different areas on a map to search for different objects via match 3 puzzles to complete goals. This part is simple and easy to understand. I find the match 3 puzzles are a challenge, but are not so challenging that they cannot be completed. I also like that I don't have to have a Facebook account to keep my progress. I created a G5 account for that. I recommend giving the game a try.
Jean Jones
Jan 27, 2022
So far, it's excellent!! But u very seriously, VERY SERIOUSLY wish there would be some kind of things you do in order to get items needed without spending money! I am a widowed disabled person, who has no choice but to live on LESS than$1,000/month and that makes it extremely difficult to be able to spend $$on a game
Daniel Clark
Jan 9, 2022
So far it is a non-taxing game without a lot of real money 💰 requirements. After I have played longer we will see how much that changes. As it increases, my opinion will equally decrease. Check back later.
Rebecca Stanyer
Jan 5, 2022
While I find the game challenging, compared to other games the rewards take way to long to arrive. When I have saved all of my energy for a whole day and then if I go up a level the game gives me no energy because the game says I cant. It is very frustrating.
Lisa Gatto
Jan 5, 2022
The story is fun! But I like the objective of the match 3. It gives a goal. A great tool to use for coping, relaxing or just plain amusement.
Barbara Kirk
Jan 1, 2022
Far too complicated for a match 3 game. Nice music and graphics. Once you hit around level 30 you will need to spend plenty of cash money.
Marsha Teed
Dec 31, 2021
I've been playing only a few days. Nice, cute matching game. I find it challenging and fun. Thank you, company and game developers. If some levels and areas are too difficult for me; I get help. :)
Ronel Minnie
Dec 30, 2021
It's a nice game and I enjoy it, BUT you will never get through a level if you don't buy diamonds. You don't get enough time which forces you to buy diamonds to complete. So I will uninstall.
Kìm Cavnàh
Dec 27, 2021
Could reward jewels when winning at areas and restoration of building!!! I can't afford to buy extra things you offer....on fixed income and with covid19 the prices of things are going up !
Jean Preble
Dec 6, 2021
Beautiful graphics. Interesting storyline. However, if you do not have unlimited funds to spend, after about level 20 everything hinges on spending cash money. Buy boosts, buy shoes, buy shoes nearly every level. You get left with one or two tiles and no win, no shoes. The events allow you to achieve the first chest without depleting all your resources. After that it is work at not failing because you don't have shoes. NOT player friendly. I have friends, so I haven't quit.
Rosemary Nunn
Nov 29, 2021
Fun up to about level 9. After that it is a game that will cost you a lot of money to pass a level. To few moves to even have a chance at passing a level. So expensive as well. Utter con game. Pathetic!Stick to Candy Crush. At least a purchase gets you somewhere. Here its a joke. Terrible! Your response is a joke. Not challanging. Manipulated RIDICULOUSLY
Patricia Weber
Nov 28, 2021
Game is version they do over and over w different formats,so probably will only choose one of them you like. I chose Egypt over two in the old west. If you know how to play three match it's not too hard. I do wish they would give players choices on what to spend coins on,extra tools etc. And they will try to get real money from you.
Trena Wawrzyniak
Nov 17, 2021
I've played this game for years n now you add monsters, which are stupid n non fiction, n every time you have a special event the individual games get harder. I am sure just so we spend money on the games. When you use all of your energy to pass one game n I generally have over 600 of energy your are making the games way too hard. I limit myself to$ 20.00 a month only to spend .Finally this game was getting easier n then you make us mandatory updates . I didn't want to update.
Joann Aird
Nov 16, 2021
I enjoy playing this game, but feel that energy and rewards of hammers, chariots, etc could happen faster and more often. Off line play means that you shouldn't need to be online as much as your program wants.
Becky Woodley
Nov 13, 2021
Dear devs, after so enjoying this beautiful game! I'm so sad 😢 to have too deleted it, 😟 I'm an elderly lady! On a low basic State pension! And don't have any spare money! To pay for any gems! Canting can't get past level 9 😟 have had to use all the help to get past some of the things on this level, so loved it until this point.... Will have to find some other game now! 😟 Much love and light beck
Richard Renneboog
Nov 2, 2021
This is perhaps the best match-3 games I have ever played. Artwork is beautiful, gameplay has challenges and there is an underlying mystery story set in Ancient Egypt.
Tracy Coker
Oct 27, 2021
So far game plays well, load up good and I'd very smooth to play. I find myself enjoying this game very much. It's a beautiful game and is also rewarding to play. Haven't had any problems yet and don't expect to. Thank you for being the creativeness behind the game. Well done.
Oct 23, 2021
Honestly not sure what to say but in my own opinion really great game so far. Love the challenging levels, great graphics, dialogue Is good even if only a little bit. Detailed, well thought out, amazing graphics. Game runs smooth for me. I'm loving it and I definitely appreciate help if I need it so thank you for that.
Judy Henderson
Oct 17, 2021
I was enjoyng this game for several days, even spending moneyfor extra help items. After a few days whenever I tried to load the game, it would start to load then kick me back to my home screen. I could not log into the game. This is the 3rd game of this kind that is not working for me. Frustrated! SAME ISSUE......Tired of spending money and the game quits on me. HELP!!!
Darrell Jackson
Oct 15, 2021
Expensive, makes it so hard the only way to win is to buy gems to get others to aid you to advance. Just took me 2hrs waiting for a new download. Then asked me to buy some specialty items for $20 and gave me junk.... Play it, but be prepared to pay up and carefully read all offers. YA, right, I've been playing it for over a year. A LOT of the puzzles you must buy bundles/gems to get talismans to solve, when the amount of moves required are a 1/3 of what's required to collect.
Dianna Dakin
Oct 14, 2021
Game is not functioning well. Not sure why I can't tap on the friends or another of the icons. I believe I found all the pieces to the Mascarade hall, but still can't play. HELP! Uninstalled and reinstalled and still can't play.
Patti Hoff
Oct 10, 2021
Love their Roman themed game and this one is no different. Would still love to be able to turn off hints while playing, but other than that, love all the level options to choose from at any given point. That's a great aspect when I get stuck or frustrated on one level/quest, I can just go do another one!
Oct 10, 2021
I really enjoyed the game, but now I can't even get into it. Just throws me out now before I can even start playing. I've been in contact with G5. They gave me suggestions but nothing helped. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Even reset factory settings. Very unhappy as I had quite a few gems.
Lois Roth
Oct 10, 2021
I was enjoying the game...however was originally given the option to watch an ad to earn gems. Now only option is to purchase. Very disappointing. There needs to be more ways to earn/collect gems and other helpers... every item requires several gems and I'm not willing to keep purchasing them!
Jerry Louis
Oct 9, 2021
So far, this app is fun and informative. People and objects are named to fit the location and the time period. Researching some of those names has been as much fun as playing. Hopefully, this game does not evolve into a money grab. I would rather pay for it up front or subscribe for a reasonable fee.
Billie Sutton Powers
Oct 9, 2021
I really like that this game is all screwed up by adds!!! The game moves smoothly & has a pretty good story line. The only thing I ask for is more different variety of objects to match. Love it😃
Goth Neil
Oct 9, 2021
A lot of the early levels are far too difficult and expensive in terms of lightening experience points within the game. Its v frustrating in this respect.
Faye Lane
Oct 8, 2021
It is a game that is fun to play and lets one know if you pass or fail in the area you are in. To win you are instructed to find different items and erase the sand in doing so. I also like it because I can play by myself.
Kelly Flanigan
Oct 7, 2021
I'm really enjoying the game play. The concept is great and I always want to play more. However, once you get past the beginning stuff, things start to get difficult in a hurry. There is not enough energy to keep playing. Some places are close to 40 energy right off the bat. If you don't pass the level right away, you end up not playing very long. The boosters are great but you aren't given any other options to get more once you run out. You have to pay real money.
Adriana Gheorghe
Oct 4, 2021
Lately the game /app stops immediately and you have to enter again, the free downloads don't open. Hope things to change for the better now after upgrading. Otherwise, splendid graphics and interesting ideas.
Netert Aset Re
Sep 28, 2021
Still crashing even after the latest update. Why is this a battery killer? Can't move as fast as I'd like during play. Otherwise I really love the concept, graphics, music. Please fix crashing. Thanks.
Kim Hall
Sep 28, 2021
Don't know why but game has suddenly started crashing and can't get past opening screen, it's fully updated according to play store, I was loving this game, please help.
Joanna Babiarz
Sep 27, 2021
Good combination of 3 match play and the back graund story, beautiful grafic, nice difficulty niveau. Nice play. Unfortunately, since several days the play is crashing by advertisements and finally since yesterday (26.09) I cant start it: after uploading start page - game switches automatically off.
Frank Murphy
Sep 27, 2021
Enjoyed the game right up until a couple of days ago when it starting crashing almost as soon as I open it. Otherwise, the graphics are good and I would've recommended it to others but now I'm not so sure. 💁‍♂️ Update: Thanks for the reply and things are "back to normal". Still impressed with the work involved in the game(s). 👍👍👏👏
Jane Murdoch
Sep 27, 2021
I am enjoying this game so much. The story lines, the graphics and the colours are all excellent. I love the visiting fairs and festivals. But I miss the Mummies and Seapopards.
Jean Stock
Sep 27, 2021
Love this game but now it will not load or crashes after start screen. It also has removed 10 days of my arena time and 2 days of rewards.. Please fix... I loved this game!
Karen Maeder
Sep 27, 2021
I really enjoy this game but, today it wouldn't load. I tried multiple ways to access the game but, was unsuccessful. I even uninstalled it several times & reinstalled again. Please fix it. Thank you.
Liz Lewis
Sep 26, 2021
Like the game. The only thing I would like to see is if you reach, for example, level 6 on all the buildings, you can purchase crystals. Now, I try to access the game and it closes. I will lose my progress for the scrab!
emma nobbs
Sep 26, 2021
Was really enjoying this game, like the challenges & additional areas to play. Unfortunately the recent game update is causing the game to crash, can't get beyond the game loading page. Have tried the usual shut down/ reload tricks but nothing is working. Will give it a couple of days but if it doesn't load I'll have to delete game, can't have an unplayable game using up space on my tablet.
Doreen m
Sep 26, 2021
Really liked this game, even though there was too many pop-ups, but today, if it loads, it crashes in a minute. I've Uninstaller it and installed it again and still crashes. Time to look elsewhere for a new game
Ford Falcon
Sep 26, 2021
Interesting game so far, very smooth and great graphics. It has been crashing all day. Just uninstalled, and now it won't install.
Sep 26, 2021
Game is fun and have gotten pretty far, however can't go any further as it won' load, keeps craaing, even after restarting tablet, uninstalling and reinstalling game. Very disapointed.
Lynne Holloren
Sep 26, 2021
It was a game to switch off with. Since last update yesterday am unable to load the game. It goes to the last bit "continue to game" then completely shuts down. Will uninstall later.
Linda Maloy
Sep 17, 2021
This is an absorbing game. It would be of benefit to the players to enable some ways to "earn" the jewels in ways other than simply cash; using $ & this other way or alternating methods. It would be useful to people like me who can't seem to get Google Play to organize itself. (never mind...)
Stacy Smith Smazer
Sep 15, 2021
I like the game but I think it could use a little more excitement added to it. I'm not sure what, maybe being able to play with other people and create teams that can receive special prizes.
Candye Winch
Sep 12, 2021
I just started playing yesterday. Enjoy the game very much tasks can be confusing but I think I have the hang of it now. The only problem I had was had to uninstall redownload because would start to load then kick me out. Will see how far I get this time.
April Day
Sep 12, 2021
I try and play as many match 3 games as I can. They are the only ones that keep my attention. I particularly like the ones with a story or object. The longer it takes to finish a game the better for me!
Laura Basola
Sep 7, 2021
Wonderful local colour visually gorgeous. The characters really come alive. Stimulating to the imagination and creativity. I do find all the different tasks confusing, maybe that's my age!!! Thanks such an interesting idea.
Jeffrey Kibbey
Sep 4, 2021
Interface makes errors; gameplay is frustratingly slow; too much content, and throws content at you so quickly that you can't keep track of what to do. Fail.
chandra brown
Aug 25, 2021
The game is pretty good but there's a lot to keep up with the inventory the conversations new people. I like to finish things a building a person something
Amelia Chase
Aug 22, 2021
I just started playing as of today, (right now in fact), so I don't usually like to rate, review and feedback until I have played for a while so it will be a fair assessment. Since you want feedback and suggestions now, then at this point I give a 5 star and suggest more variety with other puzzles besides just match 3. I will update as I play if my opinion changes as all games start out good and then money requirements and such tend to ruin it. Right now graphics are great, smooth gameplay.
Catherine Evans
Aug 13, 2021
Hi I have a problem on the journal it is telling me to locate Theif mask which is supposed to be in the Villa it is not there!!! So can't complete the quest. Other than this little problem the game is fantastic ☺️ Like this game, great graphics great fun
Myra LaSure
Aug 12, 2021
I agree with a previous review; some of the levels are impossible to finish. I've been stuck on one that I need to collect 40 feathers when given 22 moves and I've used all my free boosters. I'm not going to throw money at the level because I honestly don't even think it would help.
Kristina Clifford
Aug 8, 2021
Great game! Graphics are sharp and clear. Lots of levels. My only negative opinion would be to make it a little easier to follow. You have so many objectives to choose from. It tends to have you all over the place. It is very fun! Its a great game that is pleasurable and doesn´t require deep thought. Which to me is the whole point of a game!
Barbara Walker
Jul 31, 2021
Each level is exciting to complete and challenging without being a complete waste of energy. No ads to watch is a nice touch.
Fawx Artt
Jul 30, 2021
Is it just me or swapping kinda freezes in this game not freeze but it doesn't work most of the time, i literally have to select one then tap on the one next to it to make a swap between them and I've noticed this in 3 of your games. No problem with every other match 3 games i have.
judy Pitcher
Jul 18, 2021
The puzzels are very frustrating as many are nearly impossible to solve due to an unbalanced algorithm. There are not enough moves given and /or too many barriers to complete the games even when using a number of tools per game. This makes it almost imposdible to complete any missions or collections. I do like the characters and the stories but it is frustrating not to be able to complete any of the storylines especialy in the pavillon games.
Jul 15, 2021
I like this game. It would be great if the character said things in Egyptian! What happened to the reward videos? I liked being able to use the crystals when I got stuck. Seems to me you would extend the length of the game if a new update is not ready. It's been at least a week or maybe it just feels that way.
LL Moore
Jul 14, 2021
Challenging match game. The story line includes information about Egyptian Gods; add the names of the God when gifts are given. There is a push to purchase, and I never seem to have enough of the requirement items to complete the challenge. But I still try.
Ezuriel Wren
Jul 13, 2021
I love egyptian themes and i love match three games. I also very much appreciate that it does not dock you a move for mistakes. The story so far is engaging enough, but i would love to see more pressing threats like the Vizier's men returning occasionally and perhaps like a battle puzzle to fight them off.
Victoria Kelly
Jul 13, 2021
I have been playing this game for years now. It is one of 3 of my favorite go to games. Interesting challenges, colorful, and ever changing.
heidi gadsby
Jul 11, 2021
Its too hard to beat boards for starters then having to wait for energy not my thing. Great game style wish it wern't so difficult and better ways of earning energy for lasting game play.
Gary Boulet
Jul 7, 2021
Third review. I love a great 3 match game and this is not one of them! Way too difficult when you get further in game! Annoying as well when G5 continues to push you for purchases relentlessly! It was fun in the beginning but in the end, not so! I'll be deleting this one for sure! Definitely not recommended!!!
Judy Wolbert
Jun 29, 2021
If you enjoy match 3 games, you will enjoy this! A variety of puzzles to solve in different levels of difficulty.
Shelly anne Thomas
Jun 17, 2021
Beautiful graphics even the storyline is interesting.... but those levels are a bit frustrating. Getting harder and harder to play. Allyuh ease we up nah
Dev P
May 28, 2021
I'm low key in love with this game. The graphics and animation is beautiful, fluid, and crisp. It's very addictive, fun, and engaging, to name a few. The only thing I don't like is how you have only a certain amount of moves once you reach level 2 then you need to use 4 blue jewels or a pair of sandals to continue. I am only on level 4 by the time of this review so I have yet to explore every other option/feature of this game. If Google allowed me l, I'd give it 4.5/5 thus far.Will update later.
May 28, 2021
I somehow like the game maybe because Egypt has always held our imagination with fascination. But yes, more than that - it looks simple but no it's not. It's a tricky challenge. Am enjoying it. Only too soon, run out of energy.
May 26, 2021
Not like the other two similar games, Rome & Wildwest ones. Maybe not updated like them yet? Great game though. Just graphics not like other 2 games. And a few other minor details. Just started playing, so will play awhile and change stars on game play, etc. Let's see, shall we ? :) You do need to try these games though, relaxing, historic in a way. I love them!! :) TY for replying. I am playing again, and, it Does seem a bit better ? Maybe I haven't played in awhile? But, changed to 5 stars.
Sheila R
May 24, 2021
Just started but so far is fun. Level 5, getting harder as expected. Wouldn't be good if not challenged. At this point would definitely recommend.
May 15, 2021
Great story line, but during special events, can you increase the number of keys one can find, for the special event, as you increase in level? It is difficult to reach level 6 when you can find only 15 keys, as level 4 and 5 require 20 and 25 keys respectively. Kindly look into this, thank you.
Robin Nikki Baker-WeeDon
May 13, 2021
I literally just installed & started playing this game about 45mins ago, & so far it's okay. The only issue I have with it is, it's a little slow, meaning after you have completed a level & at the end, instead of being able to just click once & it quickly sends out ur rewards, the rewards come out a little slow, & you have to click several times..... I know that sounds real picky, but I prefer quick matching games. I'll give an update later on this month.
Jamila Tucker
May 4, 2021
I actually love this game but I have installed and uninstalled it twice because it keeps crashing. Hopefully the problem is fixed soon so I can finish enjoying the game. I would of gave more stars but the crashing of the game made me give it this rating.
Simo Dragonfire
May 3, 2021
Awful, it constantly crashes and it takes days to pass a level if the free videos don't appear, it has transformed the entertaining into tedious as I end up losing energy and talismans due to crashes and issues. Uninstalling.
May 1, 2021
Great game, but the crashing is becoming regular. I like other players am losing energy and talismans as it always happens just as you start a game or on an ad. This is happening both on my phone and laptop 😵
Paul and Debbie Clayton
Apr 25, 2021
Great game, good incentives to keep going, not too difficult to move up. Bug jump from first tiger to second (70 to get, now 220) not so thrilled about that, could have been better rewards when it w as achieved, otherwise enjoyable game.
Darlene Purcell
Apr 25, 2021
I love this game. Recently the game has been crashing at the end of a game. I lose energy and whatever tailsman I used. It is becoming very frustrating.
Kathi Murphy
Apr 21, 2021
I love the game. However, I'm going to have to uninstall it if it keeps closing because of the ads. Every time I finish a task an ad tries to pop up and closes the game. I give it 2 stars until it's fixed or I uninstall.
Patricia Owing
Apr 20, 2021
W while I enjoy playing the game. The game is glitch several times lately which I have paid for diamonds to continue my game only to not receive the diamonds and now I have double the diamonds because I didn't think the purchase went through. Be careful playing
Kat Sim
Apr 11, 2021
Game is fun but crashes regularly. Freezes mid game, losing energy and rewards. Items like energy tokens fail to credit but are used up. Icons like the pause button often cover corners of the game board, making access impossible in that area. Otherwise, its a great interesting version of match 3 game.
Apr 11, 2021
Addictive but some levels take ages to complete and the puzzles nearly always have one box to remove when you run out of moves. More moves per puzzle are needed
Teeshna 4sure
Apr 7, 2021
The game was fun at the beginning but as you go forward it becomes too hard and boring 😓, you have to play so many times before you get the item you are looking for and you can't use the coins to buy anything, no option for watching videos to get diamonds, they expect u to keep buying stuffs with real money in this covid 19 era😡. Pls fix this.
Alpha Viper
Apr 6, 2021
In a single sentence: COPYCAT OF CANDY CRUSH with absurdity of erratic pattern in game by the developers just to hammer nails on the head of gamer. Gold coins could have been used to buy gems for a balance in difficulty level and preserve for maps. But developer has lost the chance just to create a copy in the name of JEWEL of Rome. Here 5 star rating is a clear cut (-)ve 5 rating.
Kevin McClain
Mar 31, 2021
Same as the Jewels of Rome game. Same shortcomings too. Eventually you get to the point where you don't get enough moves to complete the level. They want you to buy boosts with real money. I don't so I keep retracing the level until I run out of energy. A couple of days like that and I put the game down for extended periods of time
nash kent
Mar 24, 2021
It was good while it lasted, but unfortunately it crashes and crashes over again, I had to uninstall it and reinstall it many times, it's a boring process 😒😒😒
Sharron Morais
Mar 23, 2021
Am giving 3 starts because I just started playing.. it looks confusing, so many tasks to complete but for now it's ok, not too hard, I'm sure that will change!
T. Hackett
Mar 22, 2021
This could be an excellent game BUT it's one of those games that are fun - just to lure your wallet. Once you get to a certain point it becomes impossible to advance without SPENDING LARGE SUMS OF CASH. I'd rather spend $25 bucks to but the game outright then to spend Hundreds of dollars to continue playing. Hungry Shark was like that but then it put in on XBOX. I think it was $10 or $15 but it was AWESOME as a one time purchase.
Barbara Lea Weaver-Mercado
Mar 6, 2021
I love match threes and this one has the most beautiful music that changes! Not the one over and over. It's pricey to stick with it, though, so I will probably uninstall it after a couple of months.
Teresa Luczak
Mar 6, 2021
I like it but become frustrated when there is a large cascade and left with only one item. Still trying to work out which way the waters flow in the guest House when trying to help the kittens down.
Charla GT
Mar 2, 2021
I would rate it a 5++ IF it hadn't crashed for good. I'm (was) at level 74. Game started freezing at startup. Had to uninstall a few times to get it working. It took it's final dump yesterday and several reinstalls have not worked. I really liked this one...I will miss it😒
Kristen Zane
Feb 12, 2021
I enjoy how it's different from most match 3 games in the sense that you're not just trying to build and from what I've seen there's no annoying time limits and it has an interesting story line that goes along as you do
Cheryl Frye
Feb 11, 2021
So far the game has been a great way to pass idle time!! No glitches as yet. Cute story line, good graphics.
Carel Jacobs
Feb 10, 2021
The game looks great, but it requires too much energy to progress. As you level up your energy store increases, but not enough to keep up with the increasingly expensive levels.
momira onima
Feb 7, 2021
Like to play the game....And I can't stop playing 😍...But... The demand of energy is increasing rapidly by updating building but restore energy process is too slow😓. For lacking of energy it's becoming boring 😞.
Hannah Denny
Feb 6, 2021
All around great game...I don't understand why the player can't buy boosters or gems with earned in game coins. I'd sooner pay a flat fee to play the game on installation. The costs of the packages are outrageous.
Angel /Sebakhet\ Starker
Feb 1, 2021
Unlike another reviewer, I love the religious references! The graphics are beautiful. The use of ancient Egyptian names for the characters is a welcomed touch. Thus far I have not found any inappropriate references to the Gods, and it seems the game developers spent time researching the setting of ancient Egypt. I appreciate that. I have always enjoyed the quality of G5 games, and I've already recommended this one. Any chance of a hidden object adventure based in ancient Egypt?
Jan 29, 2021
Fun and challenging! I wish I could have picked up where I was on my previous device. Maybe it's a login issue. But the story and theme are refreshing. Great job!
Lovern Sherron
Jan 18, 2021
I wasn't able to edit my review. Just wanted to add for players having the game crash if you haven't done so already use the Game Launcher app. It pulls all games you play into one place. Have had no games crashing so far.
Susan Drago
Jan 5, 2021
I play several G5 games. The graphics are exceptional. Completing each puzzle requires thinking ahead. The only problem is that as you advance (and become more addicted), the puzzles become nearly impossible to solve without purchasing assists, and soon become a cash hog. If you can afford $10 a day to play, good for you. I can't.
David Atkins
Dec 18, 2020
Pretty good game. Less religious references would be better. My game crashed this morning. Only level 15. So i will try uninstalling and reinstall. If that does not fix it then adios. DA Well, game will not load. Just sits on that stupid screen with the baby. I will give it one more shot. I will wait 5 minutes for it to load. Then I find a different game. DA.....10am. Still not loading the game.... I will wait to try again till you have contacted me back about a way to fix it.... Or not... DA
Neil Kerslake
Dec 14, 2020
Still constantly freezes. Had a long break away from G5 games in the hope that they would sort this, but clearly they haven't as all their games do the same. Don't have any issues with any other software.
Kathleen Dungar
Dec 10, 2020
I am very upset. i liked this game, but this time when I logged in it had canceled my whole streak. I finished the 4th section and it canceled it. Lost my jewels lost my progress. This has been happening a lot with these g5 match games. There is no place to report this to so I'm commenting. Tired of spending money to have it erased, and I really like the game.
David Jones
Nov 26, 2020
Good game. Problem: I log in twce a day. Play some. At 3rd day, it says I missed a day and have to pay to continue or start from begining for daily rewards. This has happened 6 times. I have never missed a day. Uninstalling.
Bonnie Mosaic
Nov 21, 2020
I love how, if you're stuck on one puzzle, you can go do another and come back to it, instead of having to put the game away for a bit. And it's so neat to watch the town grow.
Elizabeth Noblin
Nov 13, 2020
So, Ive been playing for about 3 weeks now. Really like the game. But, now when i go to combine the "Sekhmet Pendant", EVERY SINGLE TIME it closes the game out!! Ive tried probably 10 times. I've tried restarting my phone. Same thing. Tried updating the app. Same. What's up with this? Is this a glitch or something?
susan jean whiteeagle
Nov 8, 2020
This is another one of those games where you PAY, PAY, PAY! They don't give you enough moves to complete the puzzles then you have to buy crystals to pay for more moves and you do not get to keep the extra moves you pay for. They just take them at the end of the puzzle. They wait til you are far enough into the game that you will spend the money for the extra moves. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!
Kelly Cooper
Nov 5, 2020
DON'T EXPECT TO FINISH THE MONTHLY EVENTS unless you are willing to part with your hard earned cash £ € ¥ $ or very high level!! If something goes WRONG within your game, IT WON'T BE FIXED!! Reported a problem 18 Days ago, last contact was 6 days ago and the ISSUE is still UNRESOLVED with only a few hours left to go!! I would of used items earned during 28 Day Event. But wasted Keys opening pink gifts that gave nothing, which meant I had little left for other gifts in the Gazebo!!!!
Glenda Graham
Oct 26, 2020
Swapping cells could be a bit faster. Sometimes I get the msg that "I am out of moves" when I am in the MIDDLE of a move! So you are FORCED to use the SANDALS or even PRESSURES you into BUYING gems. I mean, for God sake peeps, I enjoy playing this & two other similar games, but I CAN'T...WON'T be forced in to spending money that I could be using for RENT, UTILITIES, FUEL & FOOD. Don't make me quit games I enjoy for relaxation
Matt Stokes
Oct 23, 2020
It's an okay game. At a certain point it becomes unplayable without using boosts. Also no way to turn off the hints which is super annoying because the hints are usually the worst moves. Too much nagware too much stuff that you can't play was good for about a week of playability and don't see the point of paying for it.
B. Drake
Oct 19, 2020
I am addicted to this game. The graphics are outstanding. The storyline is worth reading. There are many difficult challenges as the game progresses thru the levels. Do be sure to check the landscape throughout the nome for rewards that help with collections and inventory. Nefrettiti's facial expression when you replay a level are spot on for sheer disappointment. So many venues for varied games across the nome. Enjoy
B Wilson
Oct 19, 2020
I have given three stars bcause of this game and rome saying remove the sand and you have to do it twice as you have to remove moss first. Not fair it uses our moves up to a point we have half of the moves shown. Great fan of your games excluding the double sand moves. Get five stars if you make it so we are removing just sand. If you are going to have items that have to be brought down try putting them all out.
Roni Brown
Oct 17, 2020
I do love this game, however, Only thing is you run out of energy too fast, and have to wait 4 hours before you can play again, or spend 100 bucks trying to advance to another level. The graphics are great and lots of fun things to do, just need more energy so we don't have to wait so long to play!!
Tanya Mcgee
Oct 16, 2020
It reminds me of a favorite game i play called Cradle of Empires, its very addicting i think. I love completing the tasks. I recommend this one, especially for a small tablet.
Katherine Combs
Oct 12, 2020
I have been wanting to try this game. The visuals and characters are great and you really get into the game. However, since the last update, it stops loading and it is stuck. Even though I enjoyed playing what I could, I have to uninstall. Sorry. Thank you for your prompt response though trying to resolve my issue. I still uninstalled, but I love some of your other games. I'll just play them more!
Rares Andrei Matei
Sep 29, 2020
Great redesign of the classic G5 game. A little less focused on the "pay as you go experience", which is very welcomed. The animation could be a little faster - it takes too much time to pass through scenes and flip the pieces.
Crof Erdo
Sep 28, 2020
Since the latest update the game keeps crashing and most of the buildings are showing as downloading but have been at 0% downloaded. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no difference. Please help.
Urvashi Dhanda
Sep 24, 2020
I love building and in this game we can develop the structure while playing the games. Meeting new characters for each are and building is fun too.
Martha McLain Clifton
Sep 23, 2020
I've just started this game but I've played jewels of Rome for about a year and if it's like that one I know I'll love it. I love how you're not stuck on just one game, you can move around. I see all you people complaining about ads and pop ups about buying items, get over it. I like the specials and how else do you think these games can be free for us to play but for them to advertise for others. The only thing I wish was it could be a little cheaper.
Wheat Germ
Sep 23, 2020
I have downloaded Jewels of Egypt, Rome, and the Wild West. Both Egypt and Wild West were playable for some time, but eventually both began to crash upon launch. I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times, but always get a crash. Jewels of Rome crashed from the very beginning, never running on my Chromebook. I want to play. Are you mad because I don't buy anything?
Nunya Bizness
Sep 19, 2020
Another one of your games where you lie. Not supposed to have ads and yet, I was just subjected to an ad for another game. Guess what that is an ad. But I should be used to you not telling the truth to your customers, you did it on another game I tried from you. I thought I would give you another chance, stupid foolish me. Good news easy to fix, uninstalled. So here is my review, don't trust what they say because they can't even tell the truth about whether they have ads or not.
Cyndy Terry
Sep 18, 2020
BEWARE!!!!! ON 9/18/2020 somewhere around 5:30am, I purchased a 29.99 help set of energy and game helps, ie: hammers, chariots, etc. But guess what??? 5G was quick to take my money from my account but I have NO product! This is the first time I have ever made a major purchase with this company and I suggest to all of you playing or yet to play, DO NOT INVEST in this game! It's a SCAM!!
Sue Klousia
Sep 13, 2020
I do enjoy the game 😁 perhaps too much 😂 since I don't get done as much as I should 😜 get done but there you go 😊. It would be handy if you could rate the importance of the task so I could go in proper order andI guess that is all I have right now
Melody Thompson
Sep 9, 2020
The game is fine but when it shows that you can get a crystal for watching a video, there is never a video available. It always says to come back later. False ad
kay meacham
Sep 4, 2020
Looks like it's going to be good I install a few times play it for a while get really bored with it and then uninstall it and then I get drawn in a little while later that it looks like it's gonna be good there's just too much story to it that you always have to read in go to and do and not enough gameplay
April Bell
Aug 31, 2020
This is a visually beautiful game BUT it is CONSTANTLY asking for money. And despite what the developer says, it is REALLY hard to get very far without having to buy stuff, especially if you want to play for now than a few minutes. The levels require more and more energy without a corresponding rise in the rate that you get that energy. I've made in-game purchases for other games, so it's not that I'm being cheap. It's just ridiculous how much you have to pay to make this game enjoyable.
ciara brown
Aug 31, 2020
Lovely little game, it's basically a match 3 game with a small element of building and a nice story line to go with it. The graphics are great, cute and bright. The only fault I have is maybe add some more different type of games, some hidden object or jigsaw or card game?
Suzanne Groening
Aug 31, 2020
I really like this game but so far if you can't buy Talismans, then it takes a lot of energy and some are not winnable without Talismans. Can become very frustrating. Otherwise if you aren't in a hurry, it's definitely entertaining.
Caitlin Morski
Aug 27, 2020
I was already playing the Jewels of Rome game and enjoying it very much. This game is very similar, but with a different setting and characters. I'm having fun starting at the beginning!
Jackie Jacobs
Aug 26, 2020
Seems like a good game. Like the interactions with different people in the game...fantastic graphics and great challenges
Aug 20, 2020
Games are fun. Never got Jewels of the Wild West to work. Jewels of Egypt I can play but I don't know what the deal is with these games. I have 2 new sections that are ready to be opened and played, but I get " download error, check internet connection " . My connection is fine. I love your games and do spend money on them but these issues are frustrating.
Pat McWilliams
Aug 15, 2020
I think the game is too expensive. If you have to buy Crystals tokeep going there should be multiple ways to earn them. Also if you use the sandals to continue which gives you 5 turns for 4 Crystals and you only use one or two moves, the rest should be returned to the crystal collection. At least offer the option of keeping the rest that you didn't use versus shooting them around the completed grid because this doesn't help much of anything that I have seen.
Krista K
Aug 8, 2020
This is a fun different take on a jewel match game. They have a few tricks to get you to spend $ but it's not obnoxious. The sounds are great and pleasing animations make this very well produced. I've been through jewel legends about 6 times in the last 5 years, too... 😆
Sistar SunRA Author
Aug 8, 2020
I am enjoying this match 3 game. There isnt pressure to buy. The graphics are lovely. I love the theme. Wish there were more ways to spend all the coins you accumulate.
Toni DeVeau
Aug 8, 2020
So I decided to give it another chance. Downloaded better. Took little longer but that told me that the last time it didn't download everything. Running fine now. Graphics are very good. Fun game.
May Loo
Aug 7, 2020
Interesting game. Playing too many times with little reward. I feel sorry for the kitties. I clear the sand or whatever then I run out of moves to help them. Wish the sub goals like freeing them were easier to accomplish.
Jeff J
Aug 2, 2020
I've enjoyed many types of Match 3 games with added Stories. This one intrigues me with the Egyptian theme. I sometimes get more out if it's more direct. Games can become to complicated when to much is added in a short period. For me I'm glad its going on I like that challenge!!! Looking forward to further play. Though I'd like a bit more understanding what my points collected are. Or have I just not noticed that?
Michael McGowan
Aug 2, 2020
Okay and fun game, but after a few levels it becomes apparent that some of the puzzles are rigged in such a way that you cannot be completed in one pass and the only way to build up your crystals is to buy them. ☹
Hellen Kiya
Jul 30, 2020
Even if I like the game will give 1 star because indirectly is forcing me to use bonuses within game like sandals and other features which they cost to finish level because it has too few moves and it costs a lot of energy to repeat the levels also. I find it a waste of time and also annoying.
Dee Meloche
Jul 29, 2020
If you like Cradle of Empires this is the game for you. It is easy and relaxing to play. Energy gets restored quickly as you can find it when completing levels.
Natasha Frakes
Jul 28, 2020
I love these games, because they are historical and mythological...Rome, Egypt, and the wild West. Usually I can win the the games quickly. Some of the boosters refill having to buy them. My budget is tight because disability check doesn't stretch very far.
Margaret Bonds
Jul 27, 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The Jewels of Egypt was aloft better than it's fore runner about Rome issue. I enjoyed that game but when this one came along I appreciate this one because the graphics are clearer. Great job. Margaret Bonds
Pat McWilliams
Jul 24, 2020
Need to have a way to earn Crystal's except by getting only one when you level up. I realize that these free games are not free, butonce you get involved they get quite expensive. That's when I find other games to play.
Jakub Blaškovič
Jul 17, 2020
Fun game to play. No issues so far. Edit : The only thing I am missing in this game is to have an overview or tutorial on how to create "special gems" that I could go back to or read it. I am unable to locate it in the game therefore I am not sure how to create the "colorfull gem" that destroys gems of selected color.
Christy Brandt
Jul 15, 2020
As a rule I love these types of games, but the constant tutorial and forcing me to use bonuses I would rather save for when really needed is a huge turn off for me, I won't be keeping this one...too bad because I would've enjoyed it otherwise!!
Sheila McCarty
Jul 11, 2020
I am enjoying this game. I am also playing the sister game--Jewelsof Rome. The game gets harder as you go. I do wish they would give more "help" items instead of wanting the player to buy them, which I won't do.
Rachel Mayo
Jul 9, 2020
I would rate this game higher since I love a lot about it, but I'm having a huge issue with it. As I was trying to complete a goal, the app kept stopping and I got the quest done. But it keeps telling me that I still need to do it and I'm not getting it anymore. I tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, even restarting my phone. I dont know how to fix this. Please help
Helen Sanchez
Jul 9, 2020
Love the graphics. But would like to buy diamonds with coins. I have over 13000 but I can't use them to buy anything. That's the only downside for me at this point. Haven't figured out want they're used for. You collect lots of coins but only 1 diamond at a time and hardly ever. Gonna have to stop playing cause I can't afford it anymore. Won 50 straight games & no diamonds.
Lynn Witry
Jul 9, 2020
I like this game, but it could be a lot more interesting if the puzzles had more variety. Choice between match 3 and a memory game or a hidden object would be more interedting.
Christine Cross
Jul 7, 2020
Very much like Jewels of Rome, with different characters and landscape. Early days, yet. Played for a few days, then the game stopped, froze and became unplayable. Bout par for the course on G5 match games
Claire Costello
Jul 4, 2020
27 June 2020  5  This is a good way to relax. I enjoy the progression of difficulty and the graphics, colors, objects used in the game. Thank you for keeping me entertained through this pandemic which is of ancient puportions!
Michell Banuelos Cartwright
Jun 27, 2020
This is a good way to relax. I enjoy the progression of difficulty and the graphics, colors, objects used in the game. Thank you for keeping me entertained through this pandemic which is of ancient puportions!
Pam McGee
Jun 25, 2020
The only thing is it took me at least 7 cycles thru the instructions before I could turn off the music and sound. The graphics are to me would appeal to the early teens instead of adults.
Camelia Neimi
Jun 22, 2020
Entertaining... Suggestion: once the level is finished should have a button to skip all the automatic moves when still you have moves available
Victoria Balewitz
Jun 19, 2020
I enjoy the game. The graphics are lovely and suit the storyline. While I enjoy the challenge of completing levels, I find that some are more difficult than they need to be. It's frustrating when a level can't be completed without boosters or extra moves.
David Mitchell Beattie
Jun 18, 2020
Very much like Jewels of Rome I expected it to be more of a different format and although a little disappointed I still think it is a great game and graphics are good.
Jun 12, 2020
It is a great game to calm down and have a better day. Great graphics but the speed of transition is a little slow yet. That is the only thing I would to see be faster at end of a scene
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