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Ttlle Lu
Jun 5, 2022
I love the fact that I can disarm and arm from my phone. It's very convenient when there's a false alarm due to thunderstorms rattling the motion detectors. I can fix it with my phone while at work.
Lady Mayfield
Jun 4, 2022
It's a shame that the money you pay does not equal to the quality of service. I am so disappointed in the service I have inquired with ADT. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!!!! The contact is ridiculous the way they lock you in, the monthly fees are never adjusted like they say. I'm better off bearing arms around the clock to protect my property.
luciana lemons
Jun 3, 2022
I continue to have my control app on Android tampered with. I'm missing functions such as changing my passcode,and most recently unable to check and set tripwire or any camera rules. I have found my push notifications turned off 3xs in the 2.5-3 mos I've had the service. My complaint list is endless.
Debra Winters
Jun 3, 2022
I am still trying to decide. I do not activate nor deactivate my system remotely and no one else has clearance to use my system. However, I am getting notifications of remote deactivation and activation. To me that defeats the purpose of having the security system. Is it really secure?
Anthony Marshall
Jun 3, 2022
Not helpful. Hard to get customers service. Very unhelpful When finally getting your customer service. They asked for information that I don't have. Then they hang up on you and refuse to help. Not a way to treat customers!
James King III
Jun 3, 2022
I have to say... this app and the cameras to the system is super sub par. The app is always freezing. The cameras don't record half the time. Boooooo!!!👎🏾
Andrea Collins
Jun 1, 2022
Don't get hassled into a contract. Suppose to be 24 months,and it's actually 36 months! They charge to cancel of course. Cameras don't work half the time and adt charges someone to come out and "fix" them. You can buy the same if not better camera systems online!! Don't get caught up in this security system, it's not all that great. My cameras are very clear either. Also my door locking system doesn't lock!! Suppose to be able to do it all off your phone too and my Don't work at all!!!!!
Brendan Pena
Jun 1, 2022
App is decent but the doorbell camera only loads half the time. And when it does it still takes about 45 seconds l, by that time whoever was at the door is gone.. Using wifi which works really well doing anything else
Michael Seifert
Jun 1, 2022
amazing! easy to use! I can't figure out to record videos while I am gone. feel like I miss a bit though.
May 31, 2022
Much more trouble than it's worth. Paying thru the nose for a system that has constant faults, cameras that never seem to be online, and obsolete features I don't need. Found myself stuck in an expensive contract I didn't want after buying a house and unknowingly assumed last owner's paranoia. HATE this service. Front door remains either offline, or forcibly bypassed, or for all I know, stuck in the punish corner. Useless system, useless app
Adam Potter
May 30, 2022
Adt will not cancel service when you request it, even within their miniscule 3 day contract cancel window. Called 3 times. Stay away from them. If they knock on your door do not answer. Update - Yes I have service issues , the doorbell camera did not work. The technician replaced it and that one also did not work. Then the technician said he would come back the next day. He complained of getting a flat tire and did not come. Then he said he would come the next day and did not.
Curtis Hargrove
May 29, 2022
So many problems from cameras not picking up events in the front and sides, internet connections and the list goes on plus the price and still can't get service. And we've had service people come out on 4 didn't occasions with the same failing results! Looking for a better company now!!
Evvert Williams
May 29, 2022
It take to long the bring up my camera feeds. To long of a delay from when something trigger the camera to notify me. The app don't always work.
Janet Sweeney
May 27, 2022
Often does not connect to device even though there is a wi fi connection. And does not update daily.
Chris Fredella
May 26, 2022
Zero functional complaints. Great app. One tap widgets are fantastic. Please update your icon to mesh with androids. Throws the astetic of my honescreen/app drawer off looking like an amateur's app. And yes, that's worth 2 stars to me sry
May 26, 2022
The system is excellent because I've experienced people hacking my account with other providers but ADT system doesn't allow people in your account without your permission it kicks them out. it is also a user-friendly mobile app.
Jay Uzdill
May 23, 2022
I work far from home, thus why we got the security system. The cameras don't record on a constant. I have to keep resetting the parameters and time for recording. I will get alerts but there is no video of the alert. If you want a tech to come out and check the system expect to have to pay extra. That is not included in the monthly fee. The system work really good before it was bought by another company.
Shelley Picott
May 23, 2022
I never thought I.would rely on an app to arm/disarm my house alarm but this is a game charger. Definitely loving.tjos and the ability to monitor from a distance. Thank you!
Re'zon Robinson
May 22, 2022
App is trash. It takes forever to load. We can't see who's at the door prior to physically looking out the peephole . We're switching as soon as the billing cycle is up.
Michael Holden
May 22, 2022
Was good for a little while then the system just crashes won't stay connected to the wifi things won't work and the doorbell camera is a joke you have to reset it every week if not more I hate this system can't cancel it because they wanna charge me for something that doesn't work lol Rather just leave them and be done don't waste you money
Brent Boughton
May 22, 2022
The app is good but it doesn't have the ability to set timers or schedules for lighting, wish it did.
Cole Stringer
May 22, 2022
The app is ok but I've set my day of pay 5 times with the people over the phone still charging me wrong day and I'm paying for the doorbell camera 3 yrs and I still don't have it no the security company didn't catch the obvious just their pay very unimpressed can't wait to be done with them app isn't bad though you can see through camera over the app
Sarah Hitchcock
May 19, 2022
The app is mostly great, however, my microphone feature does not work. I have attempted to contact ADT and have yet to receive a response.
Richard Le
May 19, 2022
very responsive, smooth, and easy to navigate. there are some things that can be worked on, but overall function is pretty impressive.
Kaela Abner
May 18, 2022
extremely convenient to be able to lock and unlock my front door from my phone as well as engage and disengage my alarm system from my phone! I love it
Kid Vicious
May 17, 2022
Please let me configure the fan so I can set it to stay on for the hottest hours of the day. Circulate is nice but not good enough.OK? Also add custom fan on time lengths. 1, 3, and 24 hours is too limited. And please allow me to set it to go to circulate after the fan on time has expired.
s. r.
May 17, 2022
Jos Escobar von Rosenroth
May 16, 2022
The developer keeps deleting my reviews. This will be the 10th-ish time I post this. We have needed the motion detector video to give me evidence 3 times the last 8 months and it did not record a thing. I will keep posting this forever if I have to. I only wish for this review to prevent other customers to waste thousands of dollars in a security system that does not work.
Princess Allen
May 16, 2022
The distinction between this app and My ADT is not clear. I have tried to connect to arm/disarm my alarm and clicked My ADT which says I'm not logged in. That confused me.
john passur
May 15, 2022
Can not make changes through the app even though ADT says we are able to do so. You are not able to review videos until you delete videos so it is very time consuming and not efficient at all! Between the app and the service, I would not recommend this or them!
Neal Hayes
May 15, 2022
Worked fine on my old Galaxy S8 then upgraded to the S21. Now I don't get notifications for my driveway cam, only the doorbell. There is no option for it in the notifications tab. Still works fine on my wife's S9
John Peele
May 15, 2022
It really feels nice to set "Armed Away" and know that my home is safe. the ability to see cameras from my Cell Phone is so comforting. ADT is my Choice for Security.
Rebecca Clinch
May 14, 2022
Event recordings are very random and seem useless on servailence camera. I keep trying to reset my save preference to show more and it keeps defaulting to the last 20 events and then shows nothing new. So far most useful thing is arming and disarming from phone. The rest seems way overrated in comparison to the price.
Lane Floyd
May 14, 2022
it would be great if the app announces when an access point has been opened in real time. whether if the alarm is on or off. it should also have a announcement silent feature for those occasions where a silent feature is needed.
May 12, 2022
Cameras are not online. Issues since April 29th. Called technical support. The usual hold time which is longer than usual (approx 1 hour). Technicians can't come out for another two weeks to troubleshoot the matter with additional service fee.
Luola Linder
May 11, 2022
I like the app but the live feed loads so slowly that the person is gone by the time it comes up to see who it is. And no it's not my internet. Other than that I don't have any other issues.
May 10, 2022
This app provides the basic functionality. ADT pulse allows you to see the layout of your house and which sensor was tripped. This app does not do that. The saved video is also limited compared to ADT Pulse.
Dayvaughn Baker
May 8, 2022
The whole system is garbage. Camera don't stay connected and when it does there's a delay and Camera quality is sub par.
May 6, 2022
So apparently ADT has been getting more and more bad reviews because they keep removing them from here. This is my third time leaving this. ADT has failed to provide an adequate feeling of safety. Limits on camera recordings, service just telling us to go online, slow camera pull up, expensive for the terrible quality, and fixing their rating to scam people into choosing them. Where is the integrity?! How are you truly helping people? Terrible app and terrible service. Don't choose ADT!
Melissa Szucs
May 6, 2022
Nothing but issues and constant problems connecting to the issues internet wise with anything else in our house or any other apps or our work...started a few weeks ago so not sure wth but frustrating to pay for something that is useless to you.
Terri Mangini
May 6, 2022
I have been trying to use my cameras you installed. I was sent to a screen to change my pass word but cannot get user name or password we have written down to work. So as of now cameras are useless, but I am still paying for something that does work
Jeff Vaughn
May 3, 2022
Horrible app and customer care Read the BS fine print that locks you in for 3 years even if they can't get their installed system to function properly it's the customers problem not ADTs. Plus when something doesn't work they tear sensors off of door frames peeling off paint and using silicone to reattach elsewhere with complete disregard for the damage they cause. Also misspelled digital labels. Our living room is labeled as " Living Room Came". Watch out for this big name nightmare!!!!!!!!
Joe mecca
May 2, 2022
The app and company suck. I have had issues with my system since I got it installed. I can not get anyone from tech support on the phone and no one answers emails. I want my money back for this and I'll go back to my previous alarm company it was less money but same treatment. Awful!!
Don Knupp
May 2, 2022
Arm Stay in app doesn't include Night Stay feature programmed into panel. There appears to be no functionality between ADT & Google Nest doorbell/camera although ADT & Google both show accounts are linked together. Why are accounts linked when they appear not to interact? To be fair doorbell/camera works fine from Google Home app & ADT system works fine from control app with exception of no access to Night Stay mode from app.
Carol Melvin
May 1, 2022
Camera system is unreliable. It doesn't capture important information. Between clips are too long,slow to open,freezes and disconnects on it's own. Even with an extender it does the same thing. We have had problems ever since we have had the system.
Aubrey S
May 1, 2022
The app works at times. Takes forever for the camera system to connect for me to see it. Notifications come in sporadically. Been a customer for 3 years. Contract is up so I'm out
Apr 30, 2022
Absolutely a horrible, horrible app I can't believe I'm paying the money per month for this new app. It's not to work properly at all. it's not what I signed up for it's absolutely garbage compared to the old one. I don't understand why you had to update anything the old one worked just fine I was completely satisfied with it.
Apr 29, 2022
Camera loading malfunctions! The cameras load very slow If they load at all, by the time it pulls up whatever my dogs were barking at is long gone. This is very scary for me, while system is loading my property can risk getting vandalized and the cameras won't catch. This has been and ongoing problem. My payment is accepted every month but I am not receiving the same service.
mary gonzales
Apr 28, 2022
It takes 3 minutes to get a notification after a camera has detected motion. If you are out of town the app disconnects from cameras and doesn't load when it should, for example when I was expecting a important delivery. While home the app works well if you don't mind a 3 minute delay in being notified. While traveling this app sometimes doesn't load, defeats the purpose of the whole thing, it's expensive and I pay for monthly fee , shame on the designer of this app. Ring works better, I have it
Earnestine Grant
Apr 26, 2022
I've had the service since 2019 and I've had problems connecting to the app for my ring on wifi while at home. I can't connect to see whose at the door when I'm away. I purchased a new phone an sense then I can not log in. I've tried to get my user name n password but the app will not send the link to my email to get my username nor my password. I deleted the app an it is doing the same thing. I am not pleased with their service. What good is it to have an alarm if you can't set it. 🤔
E. T. Ostapowycz
Apr 24, 2022
Awesome app. Very user friendly. Never had any bug or lag issues. Lots of options for customizing settings. Customer support is great and the man who installed my security system was professional as well. Nothing but great things to say about this app.
charles lord
Apr 23, 2022
The app works reasonably well with one exception. I live remotely from the location where the system is installed for half year. Several times I have been advised by ADT to reset the system but, of course, it's not possible from a remote location. I then get annoying robo calls telling me again to reset. Yesterday one of my cameras failed and the troubleshooting advised me to reset the camera. Please reduce useless calls and make it possible to reset the system remotely.
Lorraine Succonnino
Apr 23, 2022
Long delay in loading even with Wi-Fi continue plugged into the wall by notifying when someone is passing the camera picture is clear sometimes then sometime pixel movement and haven't heard any sound other than static.
Apr 22, 2022
Does not show the subject until after it in the camera, especially a person, face is too dark. The alarm disarmed at a certain time,time delay for video is too long or the camera lose connections with the system
Rosalyn G
Apr 22, 2022
This needs a significant refresh. The app rarely records a doorbell push but picks up the windows blowing. Also the delay in alert is significant Also need an option to more easily clear all image clips.
James D Rutledge
Apr 20, 2022
I see about 10 video clips saved. I looked at one clip and then the other clips disappear without looking at them. Why does that happen? Also live video constantly is in buffer mode before it stops and then you see it actually live.
Derrick Stinnett
Apr 20, 2022
This app is trash. Half your time trying to pull up a camera is spent watching the circle go round and round. Doesn't matter hooked up to WIFI not hooked up to WIFI it's junk. If there was a security company that was better that's where I would be. System isn't monitored because alarm goes off I get no call. It's not worth the money I pay!!!!
michael bulos
Apr 20, 2022
No add to home screen button. Hard to tell what's been logged when. Let you know when it's disarmed but doesn't let you know when it's rearmed. Etc Seems like for every review posted underneath it you see "oh sorry" lol this app is junk and they're doing nothing to fix it. Most reviews are negative and I'll say the same things. The fact that if you accidentally deleted off your home screen you can't get it back without calling them is ridiculous.
James Riddle
Apr 19, 2022
The app makes a loud notification every time you open a door, and there is no way to turn it off. Also, we've had problems with the garage camera from the very beginning. Instead of feeling more secure, we're constantly feeling frustrated.
Austin Burd
Apr 19, 2022
I don't think the system is compatible with my property. I want my money back but they make it hard to get a refund. I'm 4 months in and still don't have my doorbell camera or button deadbolt installed. Feeling let down. Thank you for the invite to call. The local branch is well aware of the situation. Kevin the branch manager refuses to call me.
Sir Manny
Apr 15, 2022
Trash. Latest update has broken the app. It frequently won't show the status of my garage doors. It will say I have been logged out due to inactivity. Can never speak to someone when they ring the door bell because it will say the door bell camera is busy. I have used Blink cameras to supplement the ADT ones because they are lacking. So glad I'm in the final year of my contract. I will not be renewing.
Melvin Rodriguez
Apr 15, 2022
Good system. can be better. ADT System Link to the phone app is a hit or miss in connecting. System Trouble shooting is a very long process.
Jan Cohen
Apr 14, 2022
The app won't show up on my phone's home screen. Google Playstore shows it to be installed; yet I have to go to the store to open it! Also, suddenly my front door camera doesn't show up either!
Daniel H
Apr 13, 2022
0 stars. Can't get it to work on Samsung gs8. Worthless Update: Finally able to get reinstalled app to work; no apparent reason for prior failure, nor current success. But I am glad to have it working on my smart phone. 3 stars
Gaby Abboud
Apr 12, 2022
It used to work better before the updates. I am getting a lot of false motions. Also, there are a lot of emails from false motions. A person from ADT called me to resolve the issue. Sorry to say the problem is not fixed.
Rebecca Maybee
Apr 10, 2022
So far the app works ok but there's times I will arm or disarm from my phone and I'll open the app back up and it won't be armed when I've armed it and when I look at the camera on my phone it'll show a picture with something that hasn't been in the picture for months and im looking at it live. Not sure why that is
Erik Bradley
Apr 9, 2022
excellent app, can do almost everything. need a computer to make modifications to system. for the most part works really well and you have a lot of control over the system.
Rob Carpenter
Apr 8, 2022
My major problems are the following: 1. I added the widgets so I can Arm/Disarm just using a button. Well over half the time I can bash the widgets and nothing, but then I have to open the Control app and then I see it is Arm/Disarming. What good are the widgets if you have to open the app???!!! 2. I could get notifications of things going on Hours after they occurred! I work in the IT field and this is unexceptable for a company that makes Millions!! The very reason we look for security systems we can update and monitor while away from home is SO WE CAN MONITOR THEM AWAY FROM HOME!
Alkaline Divide
Apr 6, 2022
The huge delay between events and notifications is irritating and seems dangerous. To Many instances of people coming and knocking or ringing the doorbell, with no notifications. It doesn't get recorded until the person is leaving, and even then, it's barely 2secs. The backyard camera notifications constantly goes off, but doesn't record. While the family is in the yard, I randomly alerts but doesn't record even though the settings are set to record
Apr 6, 2022
This app really needs a select all for deleting videos every couple of days I'm getting a notification that memory is full and you have to select them one by one Ps.. This app is still terrible months later even after responding to the original post no solution has been made
Brianna mills
Apr 6, 2022
Takes forever to login and if and when it finally does i can't do anything with the app. Its constantly buffering or loading. I can't even use live view or look at saved recordings.
Matthew Smith
Apr 5, 2022
The app is constantly telling me I have a camera not responding. I view the camera and it is working. However there have been lots of times when cameras are not responding. I'm always having to unplug and plug the camera back in. I'm NOT happy about video clips vs. Actual recorded videos going against my monthly limit.
Jenni Nakamoto
Apr 5, 2022
This app is ok but having to select each individual clup before deleting is exhausting. It should just automatically delete files 30 days old or at least give a select all option. Something. This takes too long.
corey smith
Apr 5, 2022
If you are hoping to monitor things while your away from please invest in a teleportation and don't waste your money on ADT. You will be able to teleport in real life before this app actually opens and shows you the video. If you are looking for a security system I'd get anything else.
Earl Sharrow
Apr 4, 2022
My major problems are the following: 1. There is a very long delay between the events and then reporting in the app and sending a notification to my phone. 2. Events rarely, especially from the doorbell, generate a saved clip or screenshot. 3. Connection to my ADP devices fail 40% of the time both remotely and when on the same WiFi network. Ring had been superior so far!
Apr 4, 2022
App is slow. I have really fast internet and I can never access my cameras when I get a notification. Most times the objects that triggers them are long gone before I see what or who it was.
Steven Clark
Apr 3, 2022
I'update April 2,2022: unfortunately I continue to be very dissatisfied with ADT. For more than two years I have tried everything to get their terrible surveillance camera to stay connected. Including; replaced The camera not just once but three times now, replaced the Wi-Fi range extender, and most recently replaced my AT&T gateway (because according to the ADT technician the gateway Wi-Fi signal strength was fluctuating.) It comes as no surprise the problem remains unresolved! I surrender.
Teresa Aggrey-fynn
Apr 3, 2022
Not very user friendly TO ME. I cannot hear the alarm which seems to be on silence. That's NOT helpful when I have a situation. And when I call the helpline, I spend too much time on hold. When the (silent ) alarm goes off as I have seen I no one responds. Now that may be a good thing if the police has to come out here for nothing but it could be an actual emergency and no one show up to help. I don't like the doorbell placement nor the camera placement inside the house
Cody Miess
Apr 3, 2022
the doorbell function doesn't always work the best. it will say someone pushed the doorbell and proceed to take 2 minutes to load the video, sometimes requiring you to close out the app.
R Burris
Apr 2, 2022
Its not a bad app but I would like to be able to look at the history of devices to see not just their current status but to see the last several times they were opened and closed.
Apr 1, 2022
The app is extremely limited and takes a while to load anything, even on wifi. The options available on the app aren't very useful, you can't access your passwords or change any actual settings, and there's no way to disable or reset equipment. Even reaching a tech is impossible, as customer service does nothing except reroute you to an authorized local dealer who's only keeping banker's hours. This app is making me think about other security services that are more useful for the user.
Antoinette Maxwell
Mar 29, 2022
I miss the old version when the video clips comes up you can see the recording immediately not the new version where is a two minute delay. The new version which was changed without notification or given an option to accept it, does give me a safe feeling. When it come to security alot can happen in two minutes.
Jackie Kawanzaki
Mar 29, 2022
sometimes the temperature doesn't save/ work and just freezes the app all together. it rarely happens, but it's still annoying. other than that, it's really great!
Hayden Quinn
Mar 29, 2022
Sometimes the app works and other times it doesn't. I would have to physically move to the panel. Sometimes it goes off line and won't come back up. I would think the company would have perfected these issues by now.
Lowell Hall
Mar 28, 2022
Trash, absolute trash. I have blink cameras and I am allowed to turn them on and off with a toggle as I please. The best ADT can come up with is a "recording schedule" and I don't even want to get started on deleting the hundreds of door bell videos a day... I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL MY CONTRACT EXPIRES!
Tony Weber
Mar 28, 2022
App constantly logs me out, door bell rings or some other issue comes up, but NO can't do anything until I log out and then back in, kinda defeats the purpose of being able to see who is at the door, the person is gone before I can find out who it is. Looking forward to my last payment to ADT, I will not renew.
Jessica LeBlanc
Mar 28, 2022
when it's working it's great Edit. If you can find a way to make the camera sensitivity accurate that would be great. It's either recording a leaf moving or nothing. If had ppl walk up to my door and not be recorded... but the tree moving in the wind gets recorded. Now my camera is full of windy day trees
Katherine Mitchell
Mar 28, 2022
Easily arm or disarm via phone app- just in case you forget. Also, it is really great for a quick surveillance of your property when not at home.
Adrian Ramos
Mar 28, 2022
Works well but fails to record and store video often from my experience. Easy to fix though. Overall satisfactory.
Belinda Crawford
Mar 28, 2022
The app makes it very convenient to see what's going on at the secure location when you're not at home. Also you can keep an eye on work being performed at your home by others.
Jerry Omo Jr
Mar 27, 2022
Solid app works well, love the geo fence feature for reminders, easy and intuitive setting for the alarm, features of the system & updates. I only give it @ 4 due to the lag in video feed. We are using gig speed internet & should be able to interact with our cameras faster. This is particularly important for the doobell.
T1 chicity
Mar 27, 2022
Showing low panel battery alert. Will need to contact a tech. But also, the app can access and read your clipboard. That doesn't make sense. The app should have closed communication functions to reduce any need to input text. Even the authentication component becomes less involved after enabling fingerprint. What is the need to access my clipboard?
Steven Cardenaz
Mar 26, 2022
Super simple and easy to use. So convienent and helpful when on the go with the family. We can just check to make sure the doors are closed and house alarm is set! Very nice!
Joy Young
Mar 26, 2022
I love having this app. I can easily monitor my system anywhere. It also allows me to see deliveries as they're made and remotely unlock the door for guests.
julia baek
Mar 25, 2022
Slow. I have to physically go to the panel because the app won't disarm on time before the alarms go off. My wifi is good so that's not the issue. I'd say the app is successful 3 out of 5 tries.
Emiliana Chávez
Mar 25, 2022
The ADT control app always has a spinning blue circle when I try to view the cameras :( I can only view cameras through a browser. I now have to use a different app to view cameras. Video View Mobile never has issues for my other locations.
Sam Kline
Mar 5, 2022
Hardware system is fantastic but the multiple apps to ise a system is awkward and clunky. ADT and Nest need to develop ONE app that controls the doorbell and the security system. The apps themselves are laid out poorly, too complicated, are not "intuitive" for new users. Not every customer has an 8 year old kid handy to help then breeze through the app's many layers. And the techs dont have enough time, patience, or knowledge of all the phones to be really effective trainers of new users.
Christian Binger
Feb 16, 2022
This app works great for me, as intended. I am able to view cameras, set/disarm my system and control the IOT that are connected to my ADT base. The reason for the 3 stars is that, when the app would be most used, in the car, the app is unavailable on Android Auto. With this fix/patch/permission, it would be a 5* app
C. Maida Gautierre
Feb 11, 2022
Well its February 2022 and still the app has not fixed the video problem. And, I have a super fast internet speed on a regular. Moreover, there appears to be no way to rest the error code on the alarm panel for errors about the wifi. Picture from doorbell takes a long time to open up. Otherwise great app.!
Jeffery Maples
Feb 10, 2022
The app works great so far but I feel like it's missing a key option. You should have access to panic alarms via the ap. If you are in a room away from the panel during a fire for example most people have their phones near by so set off the alarm versus attempting to reach the panel in other portions of the house. This should be added.
Maria Santana
Feb 6, 2022
Very slow , unreliable!!!! You go to the application and click to view camera, and takes a long time (loading) then when you click on events it says no video is saved to view.. There was a break in in front of my house and I couldn't see what happened because camera wasn't working, it was loading and loading. Horrible service ! Camera is cheap and not reliable works sometimes
Angelica Gai
Feb 3, 2022
The video video quality and the app constantly freezes and doesn't capture everything, especially the important stuff. Ever time the door bell gets pushed it freezes or the app constantly goes black and then i can't talk to the person or even load the camera for that matter. This is pointless to have it you can't use it properly... Then when u call for help ur on hold for over an hour to even speak with one person then get transferred to another person an never resolved the problem...
S Doitla
Jan 25, 2022
The app has issues. 1st, arming & disarming the alarm is hit or miss. The names of the various door and other devices doesn't match the online or panel names. (The panel names don't ven match the onli e names.) The app has shown the alarm armed but when we went i to the home the oa el showed the alarm disarmed. Have done panel resets and reloaded the app three times now. 8 months since activation and we're still trying to get this resolved.
Paris Potts
Jan 23, 2022
I really like the app and the services along with the installation. I'm only giving it 3 stars because I was under the impression that you could enable and disable bypassing the sensors you want bypassed through the app instead of having to do it from the touch screen tablet every time. It'll be nice to so it from the app in case you forget to do it before leaving home. Hopefully this will be an update in the future. That would make it perfect in my opinion.
kenny martin
Jan 20, 2022
The app is fluid and clean. Could use a few more features, but it does what it should. Most of the people leaving one-star reviews are having internet speed or range problems (aka not ADT or apps fault). My cameras are full HD, crisp and work every time. I'm pretty tech savvy so it's easy to avoid potential issues.
Shane O'Cain
Jan 5, 2022
Some minors hiccups at times with delay and or trying to view with cameras... Otherwise pretty solid app that allows me to get notifications when the alarm or cameras are triggered. Been a few times when the lady left the house and forgot to set the alarm... So I was able to rectify that when the app alerted me at the scheduled time, that I setup in case the alarm was not set. Alerts me if windows are left open and or doors. Pretty useful in my opinion. Gives piece of mind.
David Burns
Dec 29, 2021
A link to detailed instructions on each feature and every type of sensor in the system would often be helpful for troubleshooting and assorted additional issues that arise from time to time. I might add that the camera is malfunctioning frequently. I receive notifications of the failures but no explanations or follow-up. The door sensors do not seem to be well manufactured and will come apart or fall off (either sets of the alarm of course) if even modestly impacted. I will stop now!
Toni Shriver
Dec 24, 2021
My experience with this adt system and app has been horrible. I was lied to from the very start,and the equipment they installed is junk,the cameras only work half the time,and the picture quality is poor and I have to change the batteries in two of my sensors 3-4 times already.i would not recommend this system to anyone.the app is also not user friendly.
Keya Forney
Dec 22, 2021
It's a joke. The smoke detector fell off the wall. I now get calls from ADT saying the smoke alarm is going off. I've asked them to take it offline and haven't gotten much assistance other than they can put it in test mode to prevent them from calling. The alarm goes off now randomly. There is absolutely nothing I can do via the app to deactivate/bypass certain areas
Jenny Cox
Dec 18, 2021
Would give 5 stars, if the App hadn't gitched on me & my husband a time or 2. We couldn't disarm when we needed to & had to wait for the system to debug. We weren't too pleased with it on those occasions, but it has only happened twice, & we were able to turn it off for each other (just not from our own respective phones).
Nancy Urdialez
Dec 17, 2021
When my husband got ADT, and we added the app on our phones, it work AWESOME. Now, since the app updated, I have no access. WHY? I can see the camera's inside my house, outside and the doorbell. But I can't answer the doorbell when I'm not home and I get no notifications. And if I want to go back to see a video from last night while we're sleeping. I have no video's. I used to but not anymore. No video's from doorbell or the outside. My husband is the main. JUST AWEFUL.
Angel S. Torres
Dec 14, 2021
It's very inconsistent. If you're trying to protect your home and can't log in or see the video cameras you're paying for, it defeats the purpose. I plan on moving away from ADT unless they Amp up their service. It's not my wifi either. I have the fastest wifi available. Again, at times it's good and other times it's terrible.
Angela Thomas
Dec 6, 2021
I've had ADT for over a year now, and I don't have any complaints as of yet. It took a little bit for me to get the recording rules and the camera calibration dialled in how I wanted them, but that's just part of getting a different system. I had a couple little hiccups with the camera not working, but I found that it was an internet connectivity issue. I'm happy with the service and the app. Good job!
Abdullah Kashmoola
Dec 2, 2021
The app works well. Except ADT is awful! The app keep showing that the camera has a problem even though when you play the camera it work with no issues. But if it shows there is a problem with the camera (even though there is not) then it will not record. I have to spend half an hour everyday just restarting cameras to take the warning sign so that the cameras can record events. Not sure why I have to do that and ADT can't just automate that. They know how to take the money that's it!!
First Name Last Name
Nov 25, 2021
Around ~40 seconds for it to send you a notification of motion detection and a solid 30+ seconds to load up the actual camera, not including the time taken to open the app itself. By then? Whatever was there is long gone. Cameras often lose connection, the videos never save clips despite being set to do so, constant notifications for "detected motion" for nothing for the doorbell, the other cameras don't detect motion very well, practically non-existent tracking.
Julia Rose
Nov 20, 2021
This app is useless. Constantly login me out. Camera's won't connect. Someone has access to my account for the past 6 years.. ADT is the worst security system I have ever have to deal with. Technician are great n good customer service but would not recommend to ADT to anyone. I'm not going to continue paying for something that does not work for me. I'm done.
Gilbert Rojo
Nov 16, 2021
Skeptical now. Both of my cameras were somehow uncalibrated when I was out of town. Hmmmmm. Update 11/2012: App performs like trash. Video stream randomly cuts off and struggles to even start stream. Not the cameras fault, the app. Streaming issues began after an update that included a cosmetic change on the UI. Focus on the ANDROID version of the app, not just iOS.
Kina Nash
Nov 15, 2021
Very poor video quality along with extremely slow voice over video responses. The app seems to freeze up more than not. It's frustrating when you call in for help, they want to charge you a fee to come and fix THEIR system problems. I could understand a charge if we had broken or neglected something, but this is RIDICULOUS! Really wish I'd never purchased this system. I see now why they lock you into a 3 yr contract. I just want out at this point.
Christopher Gordon
Nov 15, 2021
On my previous phone (Moto Z3, running Android 9), this app worked fine. I received notifications occurred whenever I got a mile or so from my house. However, I recently upgraded to a Motorola Edge 5G UW, running Android 11. The geo-services doesn't work and gives the error message: "Turn Battery Optimization for this App off". However, the app does appear in the full list of applications in the system, indicating to me that it may not be properly registered with the OS.
Thomas Maas
Nov 14, 2021
After wasting $2600 over a 3-year contract for minimal coverage (3 total devices) that was clumsy, with unreliable connectivity and poor customer service (40+ minute call hold times not uncommon), we converted to Ring. Soooo much better. Very easy to install, great service and we have every door and window monitored at a fraction of the cost. Doorbell camera is ridiculously superior.
Tom & Linda Lewis
Nov 3, 2021
This application and your online support sucks! I have spent hours trying to get the one remaining camera that works back online when I changed my network. I have followed all the instructions I could find and the setup has failed over and over. I have wasted several hours and will end up paying ADT to set up something that should have taken 5 minutes. All of the videos online are for the obsolete pulse app. Should have gone with a DIY system.
L.T Jackson
Nov 2, 2021
I have 4 cameras total, and they only work maybe 70% of the time. the contract is just way too expensive to get out of and the contracts are super lengthy and the equipment is expensive, I spent over $1200 on the cameras. I can't wait to cancel, I do not feel safe, because if something happens, who knows if the equipment will even work. I've had multiple service calls. I do NOT RECOMMEND, you are better off purchasing cameras and a security system off Amazon or anywhere else.
diane miller
Oct 30, 2021
Until about 2 weeks ago, this app had worked well. Then I started getting error messages. Finally, last night it stopped entirely, so I reinstalled. No luck, now it won't let me log in. I have filled out the login help info several times and it tells me that it will send an email, but it doesn't. So aggravating when I am shelling out $$$
Santos Orellana
Oct 25, 2021
Super Bad experience. I've been having an issue with the system for more than 5 months!! Installation did a really bad job making holes on the walls, leaving exposed wires, and not attaching everything properly. The cameras worked for only 2 months. Everytime I call, I spend more than 3 hours on hold, being transfer from one department to another. If you have issues similar to mine, please reach me. I am looking for legal ways to fix this issue. [email protected]
Katie Mitchell
Oct 23, 2021
The actual recordings and savings need work. Multiple times someone has walked to the door and the cameras don't even pick it up or save a recording. Or sometimes someone will try to see a saved video from a notification, will be able to watch it once and then it vanishes. Doesn't help anyone if footage sometimes gets deleted right after watching. Another major problem is how long the camera takes to load, sometimes more than 5 minutes... that could already be too late in a bad situation.
Taylor Jones
Oct 23, 2021
So after reading many of the other reviews I am actually more aggravated and pissed off than I was to begin with. I had no issues until a month ago. App is slow to load, especially when pulling up live camera. Most of the time the live camera won't even pull up and I get an error message saying Camera disconnected. Have had techs out numerous times, even had spectrum come to check wifi, no issues with wifi but never resolve camera issues. Half the time cameras dont record. What an I paying for?!
Oct 22, 2021
Works great, no issues with it so far. Connects to my system and works as it should. I do have a request for addition however. Would it be possible to get a 'monitoring widget'? Basically a small block of text or something that shows basic status of the system, like arm/disarm and temperature if available, how many things opened, etc. I would like at least arm and disarm status to be viewable from the android home screen without needing to open the app to verify. Something for convenience' sake.
Haydn Doughty
Oct 20, 2021
With the 9/16/2021 update my wifi camera stopped working. I tried following the troubleshooting steps in the App which are terrible and does not result in any successful restart and connection of the camera.. Consider recommending people to delete the camera from the APP and reinstall. It is much easier and faster than the troubleshooting steps which do not work and takes lot of time to fail..
Oct 16, 2021
The only thing this app is missing is a way to easily snooze camera notifications and recordings. Like when someone is working in the yard. etc. Would like to be able to snooze those things for 5, 10, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or custom amount of time, etc. When I used to have a ring doorbell, their app had this functionality and I miss having it.
David Elmasllari
Oct 2, 2021
Good service overall but the camera service has some issues. When wifi router is restarted, the analytics rule does not work anymore (you need to delete the camera and re-add it for the rule to work). Even worse: if the power goes of and on again, the camera will not work again. You need to reset it manually and recofigure it. Whats the point of a security camera if someone can bypass it by a simple trick like this?
Barbara Brewer
Sep 28, 2021
works consistently without much failure to connect. there is sometimes a bit of a delay in cam pics to load but nothing serious. videos auto save for review later. can save down videos to your device for times when there's something worth saving. I like the silent arming option in the app.
Chad Johnson
Sep 27, 2021
The app for ADT has been great so far. It makes arming/disarming the system super easy. As well, the ability to check our home's cameras at any time is super helpful. I use them when I hear someone coming up our driveway since I'm usually on the opposite side of the house. I'm very pleased thus far with this app.
David Jones
Sep 26, 2021
This app works great with our alarm system. There are times we had connection issues, which is not due to the app of course. When we went to Cozumel Mexico we were able to arm and disarm our alarm system for the animal sitter. It let's you have multiple users if you need to which is great. What more could you ask for?
Peter Hefele
Sep 18, 2021
So I updated to a new keypad because the old one wasn't functioning and got a doorbell camera. Oddly enough the doorbell camera will record when we go out the front door on the porch and pick up whatever package was left but it does not record or pick up anyone delivering the package. But it will pick up the garbage trucks running up-and-down the street and several vehicles that are out 75 to 80' away and it'll pick those up just fine. So far I'm not really impressed with the new system.
Theresa Miller
Sep 16, 2021
This app is extremely slow. It takes so long to load that when someone rings my doorbell they have walked away. When I want to view my front door I always get an error loading message to try again or troubleshoot. My husband has the same problems on his phone with the app. There has to be something better...I'm very frustrated.
Ken and Christine Eriksen
Sep 10, 2021
This app does nothing. It displays weather, really? Nothing else is available for the dashboard or front page. ADT is about to lose a customer with their "upgrade" getting a new panel and telling us the APP will be the way to turn on and off the system. The service is a complete downgrade on so many levels and this app has nothing to other renaming devices and weather.
Sep 9, 2021
The equipment is horrible. Have only had the cameras for 6 months and the app is always saying cameras not connected. Have to unplug the cameras and reset and start over. This may work for a couple to a few hours then it starts over. The app and cameras do not work when you need them to function. I have had a technician come out 4 times in 6 months that I have had the system but to no avail. I have paid a high price for a glorified control panel. I am not happy with the system.
Diana Kajitani
Sep 9, 2021
It's okay it would work better if it didn't load so long or be slow motion it does that a lot with my outside camera .. Also it doesn't record on live stream. Most of the time you have to watch the cameras and see what's happens to record it ! Which sucks got it for protection and it does have its job!!
Sep 4, 2021
ADT is so unreliable. Most of the time, it doesn't record any or if it does, towards the end already where a person left. But it records wind movement or light changes😑 The indoor camera is useless. Didn't record any and no live feed. We got it fixed tgen 1 month later, it stopped again. Only does when armed away is triggered. It gets tiring to call to fix it. Also, no option to check/delete all vids. You have to check 1 video at a time then delete 😒 🙄 😑
Camille Carpenter
Aug 21, 2021
Half the time you can't even look at live video feed from camera-for no real reason. I don't think one should have to reset/unplug the device every single day. Furthermore, 90% of the time the device doesn't pick up movement. At all. Other times its delayed. There is absolutely no problem with my internet. At this point, I wish we'd have gone with a 3rd party for the surveillance equipment. More of a headache than overpriced feeling of security. +the false alarms/automated adt calls-for breakins
Philip Nesbitt
Aug 12, 2021
The app itself is very poorly published and programmed, if you're too close to your house and the Wi-Fi is on it will not connect if you are too close to your house on the Wi-Fi is off it won't connect. About 1/3 of the time it does work but a good majority of the time it does say that the connection is unable to reach because of your internet or phone connection when in reality it's not. I have full 5G bars most of the time and even on five bars LTE it still fails to connect.
Steve Scott
Aug 7, 2021
Always goes down and doorbell and thermostat keeps going down. Cannot wait to get out of this over priced contract. A year later same issues doorbell goes out everyday. Tech came out again yesterday and guess what it's down again. Never have an issue with other cameras. Always great to pay for a service that has never worked. Less than a year. Do not get ADT or this app waste of your time...
Aug 6, 2021
This app is blah to be nice. It hardly ever works on the two main cameras in the front, ESPECIALLY the most important one over the garage. We cannot view our vehicles, and God forbid if an intruder were there! The app just spins and spins 99.9% of the time. I cannot ever view that camera. We have a very strong wifi signal and do not share our Version FIOS with anyone, so it's not that. I am really sick of this app. Cannot find recording feature either! How to make it record always?
Douglas Hale
Jul 23, 2021
Easy to learn and the features are great. It can be set for more or less watering time depending on temperature and no watering based on rain forecast. I can control my irrigation system by phone through the Internet instead of by a hand controller that had limited Bluetooth range and settings. I can manually set each zone by minutes, not the 2, 10, 30 and 60 minutes my hand controller had.
Kionne Spann
Jul 21, 2021
The service is ok.. but the main reason for this review is that there is no way to pay through the app. I mean, as much as technology has progressed, you'd think they'd figure out a way to pay through the app. Not to mention, ADT will blow your phone up when you're due.. only to tell you that it's due or let the call pick up and nothing is said. That is aggravating!! If I didn't have a 3 yr contract I would've been out of here! I hate it! You want to pay but have to jump through hoops to do so.
Nonie Stager
Jul 18, 2021
This is the worst--it worked before they did upgrades. Its not a secure company to be with. Our cameras only upload to 80 percent. The program is so fouled. Since I have it on my phone (which still does not work), I cannot download it to Windows 10. It does not give me an option, it only allows cell phone. It worked before they played with it. We are always having trouble signing in. This app scares me and does not give us a safe feeling when we are away. We will probably have to changes services. Highly do not recommend. Also, they send techs out that know nothing about computers....Why?
Amanda Hamilton
Jul 11, 2021
I like most of the features but I have not found a way to delete unneeded video easily. We have wind that set off the video feed literally every 30 seconds. I am trying to delete them but to do each one is time consuming and irritating. I am going on about 30 hours and still can't delete them all. My video is no longer recording because of all of these videos and it does not matter how many I delete, it still doesn't record any recent events. Not sure how good the system is if doesn't record.
Daniel DiCenso
Jul 7, 2021
The app works well. It has a few quirks that you can't figure out through the app like fault messages. I recommend pinning things like door locks/garage door open/close to the bottom of the home screen again as it was and not a hidden window that has to be pulled up from the bottom. I personally liked having the two pinned to the bottom for easy access and having it like a heads up display with all the pertinent info readily available on the home page.
Oliver Popadich
Jul 4, 2021
Although the app has a lot of features, I really only need it to do one thing: arm and disarm the system, and in that it's lacking. Most problematic is that the app does not always recognize when sensors are open. Using the app it's very easy to remotely arm the system even if a window or door is ajar. The will immediately cause the alarm to trigger which is a frustrating experience. Additionally, the geo features are basic and don't include an auto disarm when you get home. Pretty disappointed.
Adel Hanna
Jun 27, 2021
I like being able to arm/disarm from the app. I don't even use the keypad. I like being able to change and assign codes from the app! I also like to assign/change/add/modify notifications from the app as well! This app is DEFINITELY user friendly! Can't other apps hire competent IT developers like the professionals that designed this one?????
Taylor Watters
Jun 24, 2021
We absolutely love the app. If my daughter is sleeping in the car and we want to keep her asleep, we can disarm the system through the app and not wake her up by the beeping of the system when we come in. A couple things I wish it would do is have the emergency buttons on the app in case something happens and I'm not able to get to the actual system. Then I'd like to be able to rename the window sensors to fit each room. Overall it is pretty easy to use and we feel comfortable using it.
Kathryn Spencer
Jun 21, 2021
Everything I try to pull up the live cameras it times out because it takes way too long to load. Regardless of connected to wifi or just LTE/5G service. Waste of time and money to not be able to check who/what is at the front door whenever it detects motion. I'm quite frankly tired of it, I pay too much for a contract that I can't ever check on.
Jun 17, 2021
Waste of time!! App never works!! The app says the garage door are closed when they are clearly open. When I try to use the app to arm or disarm the alarm or close the garage doors the system says the doors didn't receive your request please try again later. So great I'll leave my garage doors open until the app DECIDES it wants to work. And the companion app "ATV" is supposed to show live and recorded security footage.... and that app just spins like it's working and nothing happens. A WASTE!!
Nate Bokil
Jun 11, 2021
Very good but can be made better. For example, the status of my integrated smoke and fire sensor strangely doesn't show up in the app--not cool. The goal of this app should be to serve as another physical controller/panel for at least the audible alerts. Long way to go regarding that. Looks like feedback has been shut off. Bad sign. If this continues, I'll drop ADT soon. Why can't I disable a user? You know, the ability to create user accounts and then be able to deactivate an (message cut off)
Mike P
Jun 9, 2021
I find it utterly ridiculous that ADT's video recording services do not auto overwrite once you have reached your quota limit. To have to go thought and manually delete saved clips is both burdensome and time consuming. This is NOT what I am paying ADT for. There needs to be a way to either auto overwrite saved clips or do a "select all" and delete them that way. For the service that I am paying for to no longer work because of a quota is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
marcellina meche
Jun 5, 2021
Absolutely the worst service. App all of a sudden won't let me log in. I had to install my own doorbell. My alarm was never set up in my new home after several calls, but they still asking me to pay my bill even though I requested it be put on hold until the actual system was up and refused. But they still charging me for a account that is not active.
Diana CS
Jun 2, 2021
The worst 😫If you want to protect your family don't get this system it is horrible and will not keep you safe. It langs in the video doorbell. They send someone to check your system and they say you are fine. Then 2 days later no alerts or notifications. Delays when you try and access your saved videos. We are now locked in to pay for the worst security system ever. Please if you care about safety look elsewhere.
Michelle Armendariz
May 28, 2021
The app is so so. The doorbell video doesn't load when there is a doorbell push. It's just circles and circles until it times out. You have to go and try to reload the video. The app definitely needs some tweaking to make it work better. We've techs out and our wifi works excellent. Same answers is its always an issue with the app☹
T Walther
May 10, 2021
Useless. Tried to let the cat sitter in remotely. Lock malfunctioned as always. I can't control the time allowed to get in and out of the house b4 alarm goes off, ADT has to. Automation? NO. Anything that goes wrong they blame on Wifi. I guess my WiFi is mutually exclusive to only malfunction for ADT alarm system. Don't waste your time on the remote key fob to work either. Incredibly expensive system that is behind the times. Should of just stayed with what worked, AT&T Digital.
Lakeisha Allison
Apr 29, 2021
This app used to work very well until the last few months. Maybe it was an update they did but I never get my motion detection notifications from my camera or the arming reminder. Also it's more sensitive to motion at night but misses things my doorbell camera picks up during the day. The only thing it's good for are the remote actions or seeing my camera after it spins for a minute or tells me it's offline.
ashley lovell
Apr 25, 2021
My camera is always froze or there is the blue circle constantly moving! Audio from phone to outside device is horrible and delayed! Can't seem to get anyone out in the past besides once after the installation was done and only bc they put the camera down so low anyone could touch it. Not very impressed what so ever and especially the fact I'm stuck in a 3 yr agreement!
Lashawn Pree
Apr 21, 2021
You can't change how you are notified when a video is recorded. The video doesn't always catch everything going on outside but will record you everytime you move. There should be a way for the alarm not to be triggered by animals and all the cars driving by in your neighborhood. Its annoying! You get notified every 30 seconds.
Alexius Emejom
Apr 18, 2021
Easy UI. Has been functioning very well since I installed it. Would be nice if the custom arm icon is included in the app so that some sensors can be bypassed remotely. I would also want the capability to see capture video/photo clips from the panel on the phone app. By the way, does anyone know how to access the captured video/photo clips on the panel?
Apr 17, 2021
I would have given it 5 stars but I just have issues on how the image capturing disabled itself without me knowing that and it only have 100 image capturing per month which is a bad idea. It should be unlimited per month others company devices do unlimited with even a lower monthly fee. So am thinking of quitting Adt and getting something else. But in all the app is cool can use it anywhere
Bonnie Mulligan
Apr 10, 2021
Easy to use and with nice options like silent arming, I like that I can arm and disarm my system from my phone. I don't have a camera, so I can't speak to that functionality. I like the schedule setting that prompts me if the system isn't armed at a specified time. I would like to see that feature expanded to offer a more robust schedule (e.g. weekdays, nights, weekends).
sarai ashcraft
Apr 10, 2021
I can't tell if the cameras are not working or if it's just the app.. I can never connect to the back cameras. Plus the doorbell camera all of a sudden is sending me notifications extremely late. Also when I play the videos back, there is no sound all of a sudden.. smh.. I'm just not pleased with the whole camera and app system at this point. I gave 3 stars because, when it does work, it's an awesome feeling.. However it doesn't last..
Elite Embassy
Apr 5, 2021
The app is great I give that a five. My only issue I have is that the videos are set to delete the oldest to provide for the new and it does not do that. I constantly have to call and complain period but overall the app is very convenient because you can set your alarm from anywhere in the world
Quincie Blake
Mar 27, 2021
The decision to force 2-Factor Authentication, wasn't exactly a smart one. In the event of an emergency, or if you'd just like to see who's possibly swiping your package, the system that you pay for, stops you with an authentication wall. By the time my camera loads, the person's gone. Phones already have security features. If people aren't smart enough to enable a lock on their phones, especially in this day and age, then whatever happens is on them. STOP FORCING 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION!
Kevin Pennington
Feb 15, 2021
This app has gone downhill fast! Each and every time I log in, I HAVE to use 2 step verification EVEN THOUGH WE'VE TURNED OFF THIS FEATURE. Two-step verification is normally a good idea but NOT if it has to be used each time. The app simply will not remember trusted devices. This is an annoying extra step and makes it more time consuming each morning and night when leaving and coming home. Good apps should remember trusted devices.
Marquendra Mitchell
Feb 5, 2021
Pretty great to use and to watch all of my videos from when I hear concerning sounds that may come from within the house or outside! The only issue I have is trying to get my husband's app to work since it's extremely slow to send a verification code without the time for it expiring before it arrives, so I'm currently the only one that can use it.
Larry G
Feb 4, 2021
This app is horrible. It used to be really awesome and then they came up with this "two factor authentication" which would be a good idea if it didn't affect you seeing who is at your front door. By the time you get the code and log in, they are gone. In settings it says you can disable the authentication, but as soon as you shut the app down and reopen it, it ask for the two factor authentication again. I am seriously considering another security company. I have had other issues as well.
Lynn Burrows
Feb 3, 2021
This app worked fine one day then an unannounced two-factor authentication was required and the ability to log onto the system was lost. When I tried to set up a way to receive a verification code, it didn't accept a secondary email address nor was the provider listed to receive a verification code via text message. Finally, there was no help if there were problems encountered. With the help of online support to set up the two-factor authentication, the app works fine once again. Great support.
K. M.
Feb 1, 2021
Edit: It got worse. The app insists I set up 2 step verification and has removed the option to skip setting it up. The only reason I kept skipping is because I never recieve the activation code when I try. I get don't an email or a text. Now I can't use the app at all. Half the functions for the system are not accessible via the app, you must use the website. The other half are app only, no website access. This is stupid.
Jan 26, 2021
When I get a notification about motion from any of my cameras it takes too long for the live camera to come up in the App. By the time it comes up, the person is gone and I couldn't have addressed the person if it was a serious issue. Also, the turn on/off light feature is terrible. Every time I open the App, it shows the lights on even though I havr already cut them off. I am not a fan of this App. What's the point of having the App if you can't pull up the live feed instantaneously?!
Dan O
Jan 16, 2021
Updated-- I thought it was the app that disconnected me from my local WiFi but I restarted my router a few times and now am able to connect again. I still think that the app is limited in what it can do but I'm hoping that this issue with WiFi stopping service will not become a habit with our phones + app connecting to our WiFi.
George Rickert
Jan 12, 2021
Seems to work, but for some unknown reason, no icon appears on my Google Pixel phone. Very frustrating. To access the app I have to open Google Play and search for ADT Control, which, of course, results in a message that says that it's already installed and that I can open it.
Debra James Bailey
Jan 11, 2021
I'm beginning to believe that this product isn't for me. It takes pictures every two minutes I believe instead of capturing movement on my porch. Sometimes I go to use my phone app. and I get the weather... I then have to turn my phone off and reset. Also, I have never gotten the $100.00 rebate minus the $5.00 fee, really just say that the rebate is $95.00. I am not happy.
Jan 1, 2021
I was fine with this app until the forced two factor authentication. It forced me to turn it on and then when something happened at my house it made me re-authorize my phone, I didnt get the text until two hours later meaning I couldn't access my security system to see what was going on in my home, no response to feedback either. I found I could turn it off and now it forced me to turn it on again. Update: contacted support like they said, said the response below is not correct and didn't care
Terrence Darby
Dec 30, 2020
I agree with every negative comment you may have read/heard about this app and service. What's interesting is, none of the issues mentioned have been addressed. With so many duplicate complaints one would think something would be done ASAP, but that is not the case. The camera barely works, the app is turtle slow and the authentication message has become a constant pain in my arse. Now I can't bypass it, so I'm uninstalling the app and searching for a new service provider immediately.
Cajetas Lara Ortega
Dec 30, 2020
This app is a joke!! When setting up it works then after a few runs it starts to act up...geo devices aren't communicating when it's on...battery optimization isn't on when it is...I did notice that when I go into geo devices page it switches from off to on and when exiting it goes to off? To many glitches in this security system not happy at all...very disappointing to say the least... I'm not a person to complain. Don't start me on support that's a joke too!! Always holding and never helpful?
Brian Powers
Dec 29, 2020
The app was one of the selling points for the system. After I was no longer able to "skip" 2 step authentication, I set it up. Now the app is frustrating to use. Even if I follow the steps and "disable" TSA, it now makes me set it up each time I go to use the app. I cant remain logged in, even if I check that box when I log in. The code goes to the last one of us that had to re setup TSA. So code doesn't always go to me. Has become frustrating to the point of being worthless.
Brian Blair
Dec 27, 2020
The two factor authentication is a pain if you have more than one person using the app. It is also annoying having to skip it everytime I open the app. Turn that off! Also, the app is slow to activate and access the doorbell camera if someone rings the bell. It's quicker to walk to the door. Need a faster interface. And the camera doesn't pick up every movement like it should.
Brian Garay
Dec 23, 2020
Had nothing but issues since i installed this system in september. Now the app 2 factor authentication is the worst. Cant disable it and from reading the rest of the reviews it appears that calling customer service gets you nowhere. Also my control panel was out of service for a week and never got notified by adt about it. Gonna look into getting rid of the system. I shouldnt have these issues being im paying this much more for a security system than the Ring system.
Billy Lewis
Dec 20, 2020
Not a fan of this app. You cannot disable 2 factor authentication without being forced to re-enable it the next time you login. So, if you are trying to communicate with someone at your front door, you have to wait to receive an email or text in order to access the sky bell. Im happy with the ADT system in my home but this app is useless to me
Troy Lindsay
Dec 11, 2020
This app does not work well on my samsung note 20 5g ultra. Whenever I click on the live view cameras it times out. I have had ADT at my home 3x in the last month because it will not operate properly. At first we thought it was the equipment setup which did have some issues but now that that is all squared away the app will not sync with the indoor/outdoor cameras. Could this be a firmware/software issue?
Dec 5, 2020
We only have it set up as a security alarm and detectors and it works great. That being said, setting up 2-factor authentication was a horrible experience. It took half an hour to create an account and log into the app and that was with a technician on site!
Christina Brown
Dec 1, 2020
Slow buffering NEVER connects to view camera. EVERYTIME I go to look at the camera and review motion I am unable to view because it never connects it takes hours. What is the purpose of this app if you can't access your videos or view your property when you're away. Waste of money. The purpose of getting the security system was tobe able to monitor which I haven't been able to do. FIX THIS ASAP. I don't want to hear oh we appreciate your feedback I need RESULTS!
Daidra Jagger
Nov 26, 2020
App works but I liked the services that available in Pulse better. I liked being able to make a schedule and switch between schedules at certain times and have all those same disarm and arm set up already. Now I have to make sure when people are over that I turn it off at the time it normally arms or I have to delete that time put of the system and redo the schedule entirely. That is dumb. The same system should be set up like the ADT Pulse was. Change scheduling back and it would be great!
L Enzlah
Nov 21, 2020
This app is horrendous. By the time the app opens to the video screen the person at the front door is long gone - If the video even opens! Sometimes the bell doesn't even record. Picture quality is garbage regardless of the setting and video clips are too short. The duration selection between clips is lacking since there could be multiple visitors to the door in under one minute. Lastly, there is zero clarity once the sun goes down. Unimpressive at best...and I won't be calling you to discuss!
Shawn Harris
Nov 20, 2020
This app is entirely too slow. The live feeds buffer too long. If anyone or anything is there, they or it is gone before the live feed comes up. Alerts have taken up to 5 minutes. So, again whatever was there is long gone before the notification. This app is nowhere near an upgrade. I'm extremely disappointed. ADT should go back to Pulse! Also, it's compatible with nothing! Very disappointing!
Regina Bridges
Nov 20, 2020
Pretty much a blank app that does nothing. I don't know if it is an update but when I switched to a new phone and reinstalled the app, I am unable to access video's, doorbell camera, control the system, because there is nothing on the screen that is available to access.
Karen Quillian
Nov 20, 2020
Seem to be having the same problem as everyone else on here. Once they added the two step verification (which you really don't have the option of declining) I can no longer see my saved videos. It just continually loads without ever actually bringing the video up.
Teresa Rojas
Nov 18, 2020
I have had no issues with this app until the 2 method auth. was offered. I updated it an ever since then i cannot view the video clips on the app, the only way to view it is if i download the clip. VERY FRUSTRATING. I called customer service and they could not help. I am planning on switching to a different company as i not going to continue paying for something i cannot use.
Mike Vincent
Nov 4, 2020
I've had the app for a couple of days . I've been noticed that when I set my alarm since having the app installed on my phone my alarm on my phone will no longer go off. If I remove the app then my alarm functions as it did before. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Update!!! hands down this is the worst app on my phone. There's a three to five minute lag between motion being detected or doorbells being rung, before I'm notified. App takes forever to open up to watch video or answer door
Cait B
Nov 1, 2020
What's the point in having a video doorbell if it doesn't record people who ring it? I don't always have my phone on me and when I do it takes ages to open and load the app to view it. The only time it saves a recording is when I arm my system, which renders it basically useless. It would be really nice if this functioned like literally every other video doorbell on the market. Overall dissapointed in the service and the app.
Antjuan Walls
Nov 1, 2020
Pretty good app. Works fine for most of my needs. One improvement would be nice, to be able to flip Infrared settings via the app. There times I prefer to turn IR off, and times that I prefer to have it turned on. Right now I am only able to do this by logging into my account via website. Please add this function to the app!
Donna Adcock
Oct 22, 2020
I've had ongoing issues with my back doorbell camera for months. It keeps sending alerts saying "back doorbell no longer reporting low battery" which makes no sense because the hook-up is self charging. I've jumped through all the troubleshooting hoops several times. A repair man came and replaced it. Five minutes after he left, I started getting those funky alerts again! Now I'm getting them every 6 or 7 minutes! I've done business with ADT for a long time. I'm disappointed. 😞
Sonja Holt
Oct 17, 2020
App works sometimes. Does a great job of notifying motion for the cars that pass by on the street, but not for what actually comes into my front yard. I get deliveries and no notification . Only because I'm home will I know that a package is there. What's the point of the camera, if someone can come on my porch and I don't know?! No notification, no record.. Nothing! The Live Video feed sometimes works also. Today, as I'm typing this, it's not. This is frustrating!
Nick Fortunato
Oct 10, 2020
Continued problems with the DBC835 video doorbell. This app not much better than the previous one. Upgraded my doorbell transformer. It will record for a few weeks and then stop recording motion. Not happy with the unreliability and the runaround. When my contract is up I will be moving on.
sergio salazar
Sep 29, 2020
It looks like every month it stops recording and I have to get on the website to manually set up new recording rules. This is so annoying I don't understand why my settings keep changing without my consent. I never had this problem in my last house with Vivint security, maybe next time I'll think twice before going with the cheaper company.
Jeff Hickson
Sep 27, 2020
I like it but there's a needed change for bypass options. The "scenes are pre-formatted with an option to create your own, however you're locked into creating a "scene" that already exists. I'd like to set a scene where I can turn off or bypass certain motion & door sensors while remaining at home.
Amy Maggard
Sep 21, 2020
If I could manage what route I receive notifications it would be more helpful. Instead I get a text, email and an app notification every time. One of my cameras picks up movement from a tree and it sends me 3 notifications every time the tree moves which is about every 30 seconds. I wouldn't mind one notification but 3!!! I turned off all because I can't change how I receive notifications, just what kind. Right after posting this and 5 min after turning off notifications I got another notificati
Shanika Jackson
Sep 9, 2020
Not a fan of the app for a few reasons. There is a consistent delay in notifications, the cameras rarely sync, the true status of the alarm being setor not is usually not correct, and it takes forever to set the alarm. So as soon as I'm able, I'll be looking for other services.
Greg & Joleen Cook
Aug 12, 2020
I wouldn't recommend this app for two reasons. 1 - This app interferes with different apps already installed on OUR phones. It randomly interferes with our phone alarms. It turns off the volume for Navigation & others. 2 - If I receive an ADT notification when I'm away, it takes way too long to connect (live) causing me to be unable to speak with the person at my door. The only way to get the volume on our phones to work again is to RESTART our phones at Least 1-3 x's/day. It's random.
Rick Schrand
Aug 10, 2020
Slow responses; when someone comes to the door or rings the doorbell, it can take up to 30-seconds to let us know. Worthless for that. I get notified (late) of recorded video and nothing is viewable. It's good for arming and disarming the system, but that's it. I give it 2 stars only because it always seems to work for doing the latter.
Majilio Himiya
Aug 5, 2020
Love the service, but this app sucks!! I have to restart it to connect to my Bluetooth ear piece again. This happens after every time I look at video notification. Also why does it lag between the time motion occurs and the time the camera sends me the notification? Jesus, take the wheel and fix this app!!!
William Wagner
Jul 30, 2020
My installer and salesman were both awesome! However, this app is terrible. The lag time between my keypad and this app is sometimes minutes. The keypad responds to open sensors quickly, but can take minutes to show on this app. When I contacted ADT, they said a lag is normal. Pulse was quick because it was hooked directly into my modem and the signals were quicker. This is slower because it takes time to go to WiFi and move through the wireless network, ok, but minutes in lag time?!
ek wh
Jul 27, 2020
Latest version of the app has difficulty managing and releasing microphone control on the device. Whenever I open the app I have to restart the phone or deny microphone permission to get out of the "in call volume mode" and have access to Bluetooth and media volume control again. This did not happen in the previous version of the app. ADT maybe you could roll back the last up date. Maybe add a function that releases the microphone once the app is closed or running in the background.
Chris Beck
Jul 25, 2020
Yup, once you authorize the app to record audio, it hijacks your bluetooth audio streaming, which is directly linked to the video doorbell, because my outdoor camera monitoring has not been affected, so right now I can't monitor the video doorbell from the app, only from my laptop, which is.....not good. Please give any other response rather than to call technical support. Feel kind of stuck with you guys.
Candace Lapan
Jul 18, 2020
UPDATE: called, they sent someone out. They called IT. IT said they know about the issue & it won't be fixed until sometime in the FALL! Not acceptable. As others have described, when I use the doorbell camera, it hijacks my phone volume making it stuck on 'in call' volume even once the call is over. I have to restart my phone to make this stop. My partner has the same issue with their phone. I can't believe so many people have been complaining about this and there is no posted solution.
Tracy Baumgart
Jul 2, 2020
Just got the alarm system and cameras installed TODAY and installed the app. I UNINSTALLED it after using it for three hours. It took over my Bluetooth so I was no longer able to play music using Bluetooth in my car. Also, when I hit the volume up button while watching something on my phone, the volume for phone calls went up. Before when watching something, if I hit volume up, it controlled the media volume. What's the sense in having the alarm system if the app is jacked up.
Jeff Boyack
Jul 2, 2020
As said in earlier reviews the same thing is happening to me. The app is indeed hijacking my volume control, and you can barely hear the notifications or media sound. I can no longer use my phone alarm cause it makes no noise even with volume on high. Hopefully this can get resolved. I have a galaxy s 10 android phone. Thank you
M Castillo
Jul 1, 2020
I've only had the app for a few weeks and it is very frustrating, it has taken over my volume control for other apps. Even when I close all my apps my wake up alarms don't work properly. Social media, bluetooth, and even headphone don't work the same for volume. Please fix this issue.
Senzo Gozo
Jun 27, 2020
Same audio issues others are having. I have contacted my carrier and they attempted to correct the issue but were not able to resolve the issue. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled the app in an attempt to resolve the audio issues, but now I keep receiving communication errors and crashes. I have rebooted my alarm system in attempts to resolve the issue as well with zero change. It is very disappointing ADT does not have an efficient app with their system.
Brian Swanson
Jun 21, 2020
Serious bugs. Application interrupts existing Bluetooth connections. It also improperly takes control of the speaker and microphone in Android, leaving Android to believe that a call is in progress even when the app is not in the foreground. This interferes with video playback and recording in other applications.
Bridget Davis
Jun 20, 2020
I've only had this app for 3 weeks and I have noticed that every time I use the app, it causes my volume and media controls on my phone to become stuck in "in-call volume" mode. I can't control my volume for my other apps until I do a "force stop" under my settings for the ADT app. Please fix this. It's very annoying!!!
A. M. Deken
May 18, 2020
Not bad, but could be awesome... Pairs reasonably easily with video doorbell and base control panel. But the alerts and settings are clunky and un customizable. It also doesn't offer a record on demand option which would be incredibly helpful, especially since the motion detection start is sporadic and delayed.
Anonymous User
Apr 3, 2020
I had to do a factory reset and all of my login information was. Deleted All of my attempts to reinstall Control app on my phone have failed. It will not let me log in and the help feature doesn't work. I tried to uninstall the app so I could do a complete new install but the app doesn't totally uninstall. When I search for the Control app it says it's installed even after I uninstalled several times. I am unable to set my alarm any more and need to get the Control app working again
Anonymous User
Mar 26, 2020
For a few months now, this app isn't working right and I reported it, but nothing has been done to improve it. When open to watch live view , video can't open most of the time and is really annoying when you're paying good money for the service. We have high speed internet and cero issues with my Ring cameras. I have done the troubleshooting recommendations and nothing help. Seems like an issue on their end. Many people are having same problem. Hope it get fixed 'cause still 2y of contract.
Anonymous User
Feb 23, 2020
Wish this app showed progress bar on the bottom of the videos. Would help immensely to know video was running and how long remains in the clip. Would be nice to able to know how much video storage remains as well. Also, location of saved clips and how to filter results are not clear. App functions pretty well, but needs polish and better directions.
Anonymous User
Jan 11, 2020
Having trouble viewing live camera feed and opening saved videos. Also it is a serious elapsed time with notifications. For instance if someone is ringing your doorbell about time you get the notification they are already gone. Sometimes I get no notifications at all and missing video feed. This app has a lot of glitches. Update: I reached out to to tech support several times and the technicians have came out many times and I'm still having issues with not receiving video feed and elapsed video.
Anonymous User
Jan 7, 2020
Too add to my last review...I can't even get to support in the app....just spins and spins. And still can't arm or disarm. I'm furious!!!!!!!!! This is completely acceptable for the money I pay!!!!! Update, finally got in...on hold with support (going on 9 mins now). And found more issues...I cannot access my live or taped video recordings...spins and spins and spins...then a pop up appears stating it can't process my request at this time (error code: 6). I have tried 6 times.
Anonymous User
Jan 6, 2020
This app sucks. Half the time when you try to disable your alarm it doesn't. Try to arm and it doesn't show armed. Close out of the app and go back into it and it will show it's set. App is terrible. Delete clips and then doesn't show any other clips for the rest of the day
Anonymous User
Dec 15, 2019
The app is ok. For 3 weeks I was able to see saved recordings from triggered motion from my cameras. Now, since Tuesday it hasnt saved anything. I logged in and out of the app.Tried on the desktop version same issues. Tried to go to recording rules and Im unable to slide enable to the motions. I keep getting an error message. Which is werid since the app was updated 2 days ago. I need help with this issue.
Anonymous User
Dec 4, 2019
So so.... was really hoping this was going to be a 5 star experience, after all it's not cheap. There are several things that are frustrating (some others have noted, does ADT not care?) 1st and foremost, there's no LIVE recording (instant) option (Ring has it.. why not ADT) overall the camera settings need to be more fluid AND WHY must we go to the site to make changes? There should certainly be a multi (select all) delete option for the recordings, or an option for auto wipe after 24 hours.
Anonymous User
Nov 30, 2019
Update: Oct 2019 So the app seems to be keeping up with the sensors now, but only because the wired sensors were replaced with wireless. Great, more batteries to change. Why not 5 stars? We have the lamp control plug that can be controlled by the app. Pretty cool. But, it needs a timer feature. If I could set a schedule, with some built-in randomness, turn the plug (light) on and off, well that would be 5 stars. PS. Had to delete previous review due to size. :-(
Anonymous User
Nov 26, 2019
Update: after contacting customer support again and escalating to tier 2 support, I was able to get in by disabling two factor. Maybe it wasn't a bug with the app at all. The app generally works well, but when you try to reset your credentials and need to re-login, you're stopped by a verification code requirement. The app claims to have sent the code to your phone, but I never received the code. Customer support confirmed that they've received this and the team is busy fixing the bug.
Anonymous User
Nov 4, 2019
I have no idea how to navigate your app. Your old app was much easier to navigate. I have tried to find each of my alarmed points and have no clue how to get there. I'm not the most technologically inclined individual, but by no means am the worst either. Please make this more user friendly, or return to the old pulse app... Please!
Anonymous User
Oct 16, 2019
Absolutely terrible. The latency and load times for video make the app unusable. If someone rings my doorbell and I cannot respond until 50 seconds later, they will have left. And if there is the same lag in the conversation, they will lnow that I am away. Terrible. I cannot stress enough how bad the netcode for this app is. The network programmers should all be fired and the company go into dark mode until a tech fix is found.
Anonymous User
Oct 1, 2019
I've used this for 2 months now and my question to adt is "what were you thinking?" The adt pulse app worked 10x better than this one. Adt control is ADT best "touchy", at worst "non-responsive". It doesn't always sync with the panel from the mobile app and that's a real problem! This app is like a handle on a broken toilet that you have to "jiggle" to get the water to stop running! I wish I could get pulse back because it worked so much better.
Anonymous User
Aug 26, 2019
Deleting video recordings once you've reached a certain limit should be easier. When someone reaches their max and doesn't know it. The system is useless. Once you've reached your max limit, you have no way to delete the old once to free up space. I'm a new user and can find nothing documented to advise what to set my system at. It's pretty much useless. I'll go back to me Arlo cameras as I can view them online and delete an entire days recording with two clicks.
Anonymous User
Aug 4, 2019
Fancy keypad, bs app with zero real world functions. I had a 10 year old numeric pad with no display and this was supposed to be a cutting edge update. It's an LCD screen linked to this app that does nothing my 10 year old key fob did. The app provides nothing of use other than saying the system status. I've had 12 cellular failures of the new high tech keypad and the app not the key pad has alerted me. All junk. It's all going back this week.
Anonymous User
Jul 24, 2019
This app is extremely unreliable so far. i just had my system installed today and so far its hit and miss if i can even connect to the app. It just sits there spinning while trying to connect. If i do get on everything is really slow and seeing my saved video clips of my interior camera is impossible. For this to be a "secondary" control panel and the only way to view camera footage, it is very inefficient.
Anonymous User
Jul 13, 2019
make it more similar to pulse. why change a good thing. I have now used the app a few weeks. I was told on install that the panel takes a photo when arming or disarming. that is true, but they failed to mention, those photos are not visible in the app. Only visible at the panel. that is a major flaw. Now I have to add a camera at the panel. very disappointing.
Anonymous User
Jul 11, 2019
Spent 3x more for 1/2 the functions? With pulse I could arm and disarm at scheduled times. Not with control. Bypass sensors through the app? Nope. Scenes are a joke. All they do is arm and disarm the system. No customization at all. Automation just starts and stops video recording during certain events. Nothing else. Set volume all the way down, but when I try to do a custom arm (at the panel only), it's loud enough to wake up the whole house with 60sec of beeping. So disappointed.
Anonymous User
Jul 11, 2019
ADT Pulse is 100x better than the Control app. Control is more expensive and less easy to monitor your home. What an enormous disappointment!!! ... update ... The glaring issue with Control vs Pulse from ADT is that there is NO WAY to create a "Home View" on the Control app!! The "Home View" on Pulse allows users to create a complete real time quick view of every alarm, locked door, motion sensor, and such in your monitored home. Control has none such view!!!! Stick with Pulse its better!
Anonymous User
Jul 8, 2019
A simple function needs to be included and that's the ability to "select all" when in the saved videos in order to delete them instead of having to click each one individually. I can't understand why that simple ability would not be an option. In a few days you can have an abundance of video clips to delete. Also needs a better overall design (look). I think the pulse app is better in configuration and functionality.
Anonymous User
Jun 25, 2019
The app is OK for some things. It should have the capability to edit rules and schedules for automation devices. All this app can do is turn the devices on and off! This is a serious limitation. The video has good resolution, but the video is very jerky on the recorded video clips.
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