Top Business Apps

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Corporation
Easier to change between multiple profiles than the desktop app and more reliable as well. How has Microsoft managed to make an app running on Android better than the desktop app??? I run several accounts which isn't possible with the desktop version.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings
Zoom has recently improved this app by optimising the number of Windows in the view; and offering backgrounds. It is more stable and the tablet version keeps getting improved in various ways.

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Jobs
Pretty good. Looking for a job I do not see many malicious or unrelated entries. I do however see a lot of hiring firms. There should be a report category and instead of banning them indeed should make them clearly clarify each every detail of the job. They want to waste our time you should waste theirs. Second I think a few employers are confused on what entry level is. Some are listed as entry but require high level security clearance, multiple work years, or multiple expensive certifications.

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver

Uber Technologies, Inc.
Uber has to have more in depth description on how to access options, on what you can do as driver at each level, opportunities shown are, from my experience, not for the Blue level, etc. You have to be above Blue to be in the queue at airports. I get messages to see what riders are saying about my service but I can't access them. I select an opportunity to get $2.00 extra for each ride during a certain time frame; didn't get anything extra for the 5 rides I did. User Friendly app would be great

Top Education Apps

An awesome way to learn a new language. It starts very basic and it advances as you get better. It identifies areas where you're weak based on your wrong answers and how long you take to answer the questions, then adjust the questions it asks you to help you overcome your specific challenges. Very well-designed. A dynamic learning tool. Highly recommend. I paid not to see ads, so can't speak to how annoying they are. I don't see any ads.


Photomath, Inc.
So far , super impressed by the functionality of even the free version . Support the developers they are doing people a huge service
I'll rate this a 4star! It's really helpful and i can study more. sometimes i have a problem login in and i can't log in on my old account. i hope we can fix this! and other people don't give the aswer they need star so there level can go up! But thankyouuu for thiss app is super helpful

Google Classroom

Google LLC
I have been using this app for almost 2 years. It works smoothly naman pero these past few months I can't turn in my tasks and can't see the attached link/s in every announcement. I'm disappointed. Kung kailan deadline saka pag mag o-occur yung ganito. Experienced this already 2 times. Please please please fix this google team. As a student, nakakadagdag stress pa po ito.

Top Entertainment Apps


Netflix, Inc.
I would give 5 stars if the subtitles matched the dialogue of programmes. I use netflix to learn other languages like french and it is a source of constant frustration that the subtitles do not 100% and sometimes less than 50% reflect the dialogue of the programming. I would hate to be deaf as i would always be reading a dumbed down version of the script.

Google Play Games

Google LLC
Meh, I like the free solitaire, however it would be great if it would stay muted. I click "hard" and then have .5 seconds to click mute before it blasts out my speakers. Also snake is broken entirely. The balls and things to get work, but visually the field is blank for me. Possibly the background is drawn on top of everything.


Novi Digital
Updated version is full of can't watch the old episodes as there's no list available and you have to click again n again on the serial as it does not play at many glitches.. really hate this updated can't even use the old version.

Twitch: Live Game Streaming

Twitch Interactive, Inc.
New bug with recent update Overlay windows are MUCH worse than before. With the new update on Galaxy 22 Ultra, when I enter an app that has its own sound and twitch is an overlay window, I can only resume the stream after pausing once. The second time it doesn't resume and the stream needs restarted. So inconvenient

Top Health & Fitness Apps

Period Calendar Period Tracker

Simple Design Ltd.
Update: after over two years of using this app, still fantastic. Helped me get pregnant twice. I love that it's so easy and quick to use and after a few taps all your notes are saved to the particular day on your calendar.

Home Workout - No Equipment

Leap Fitness Group
It really helps you keep your muscles in shape! It might be hard for beginners, but hey it was always going to be that way, so just work hard and you'll be fine.

Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker

Flo Health Inc.
The premium subscription is well worth the money. My wife had extremely irregular cycle lengths for years. I began tracking her cycle for her, keeping track of symptoms and taking notes. Flo premium gave us so much valuable knowledge and ways to improve her lifestyle. Next thing we knew, she had a regular cycle for about a year straight and now we are pregnant! Flo switched to the pregnancy version automatically and its amazing how much insight and education you get from this app. We Love It!

Zepp Life(MiFit)

Anhui Huami Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Period tracking is basically broken. I have some random records from just checking calendar on the band. Can't delete them, app just goes into loading mode. Also, weight suggestions are ridiculously low. Every doctor said I need to gain weight when I was at "suggested" one. Major offsets on showing visceral fat etc as well, nothing even remotely close to a professional medical test results. Hope no one takes this data seriously.

Top Books & Reference Apps

I love having wattpad its an amazing source for all my books...but its really getting on my nerves as of recently. They have now put adds at the bottom of each book I read and its very distracting. I can't focus on what I'm reading and it makes me really upset...I really hope they fix it :(
Hi, it would be nice if you could enable that when I listen to the audio with read along, that I would be able to tap on a verse to jump the audio (back) to that vers or replay the vers if tap on it. So also I guess, replaying the current vers again by tapping on it. If not: At least making the jump one vers audio arrows available without having to open the audio contorols (which then covers half the screen). Now it has a show controls/hide controls option, however I don't see what it does?

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Mobile LLC
I love this app, even though one cannot purchase books or anything from the Kindle app anymore. However, there is a small but noticeable glitch. When I started reading/playing Star Wars; Light Of The Jedi, the reader highlighter thing was moving at least 2 sentences faster than the audio. It flips the page before the narrator is finished with the previous one. Could you please fix this ASAP? Thank you!!
Not a great experience. My audiobooks require my phone to be unlocked at all times which causes major battery loss. Plus no ability to be able to contact the company to resolve the issue.

Top Finance Apps

Paytm: Secure UPI Payments

Paytm - One97 Communications Ltd.
Guys don't believe in this. They are completely fooling us. I have used ₹1412 for paying broadband bill via Paytm postpaid. And later on I have completed it. I have paid it on last year may. It's been a one year but still getting threatened calls and messages from Paytm. Also I have screenshot of the paid amount. Paytm telecallers are completely waste they are idiots. Not even know how to communicate with the clients. Dear Paytm if I get even a single calls from you. I'll put a case on you guys.
The app is overall good and I appreciate that it doesn't have ads like other upi apps but the one con which I would like to point out is that the amount processing time is way too slow compare to other upi apps just fix that and this will be the best upi app

Mercado Pago: cuenta digital

Mercado Libre
No me deja acceder mi cuenta ni mi dinero, ya mande mis documento muchas veces y no me deja ACCEDER. TODAVÍA NO ME DAN MI CUENTA ON DINERO 15-7-2022

iMobile Pay by ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank Ltd.
From last one week unable to login app and after entering pin getting as technical issue. I am editing again, done transaction and got failed but amount debited in my account, trying to reach customer care. Unable to connect from past 40mins. Worst experience

Top Music & Audio Apps

This app is amazing. I once had premium and the service with premium was fantastic. Now I'll just need to save some money to get premium again. I love how they have the lyrics time synced with the songs. One small issue though, sometimes the lyrics are wrong or they show they show the music symbol for a solo part of a song to early or late. Other than that the app is great overall. I don't like the adds with the free service though. They're all terrible.

Shazam: Music Discovery

Apple Inc.
Shzam does all the intriguing work with in no time I have the music I most like listening to. This app just open the whole world of different tastes of music, great vibes just love its quick is by far the best thing ever to have happened for musicians.
Absurd amount of ads! Every 3 songs there is a ad! Literally it's so annoying. If you want to make this app enjoyable than remove that! Ads are fine as long as it isn't in your face every other minute especially when there is more than one which are 20-30 seconds long!

Gaana Hindi Song Music App

Gamma Gaana Ltd
Horrible and horrendous experience.. Once every month the app gets logged out and then demands renewal money which is for another year! I have already paid 3 annual renewals in the last 3 months! If someone ever care.. Get it sorted!

Top Productivity Apps

MyJio: For Everything Jio

Jio Platforms Limited
Jio app is an slowest application in comparison to another apps like airtel, or vi apps or even government application bsnl is faster than Jio app. Such an slowest app from jio is out of expectations. So bad experience. This is so annoying, Everytime a jio tune saying your recharge is going to expire. I don't want that in any case

Google Drive

Google LLC
The Google Drive app doesn't respond to device screen rotation. Tapping the full screen option results in a side-cropped vertical video. This makes watching videos within the app difficult and unpleasant. I haven't tried rotating the screen for photos yet but I hope it's not the same. Please, correct this problem. Thank you.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Corporation
Tye ads have become very intrusive. They appear after 10 seconds at the top of your in box so as you go to open an email you end up opening the ad just as it appears. I will now trial alternative apps. Also, the App crashes every time I open it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but still doing it. Something has changed, very frustrating!

Microsoft Word: Edit Documents

Microsoft Corporation
Can't save anymore. It's got this weird thing where it doesn't continuously save. You have to hit a save button and then there's all kinds of complicated menus....I don't use this very much on Android so I'm uninstalling. Please make it easier to save files and find files. No other app works this way.

Top Lifestyle Apps


Great app for the most part. It use to feel more artistic and the last 2 years or so its become more like most social media apps. Also it seems to ramdomly disappear from my home screen? Im sure its just a glitch as im not the only one who has memtioned this odd ocurrence. Over all i love it. Always have.
Weird even in concept. Yes or no and it's a match. The profiles are difficult to navigate and poorly designed all the way around. Not very useful socially even though it has friends only features. Everything is locked behind a paywall too, you have to spend money to talk to someone. Not worth it

Muslim Pro: Quran Athan Prayer

Bitsmedia Pte Ltd
i am premium users but the app crashed everytime i want to listen AlQuran 😭 Update: Now it is back to normal after i checked/ skipped the new features of the app. I think muslim pro is trying too much to polish the app. Some of them are unnecessary.

happn - Dating App

I've been using the app for about a year. It's good overall, I really like the user experience. But there are still serious issues with messaging, such as frequent errors sending messages and sync issues with messages received only loading after a reply has been sent and messages not syncing across devices (different state on browser and in app). There are also problems loading pictures to the profiles when browsing. Good design, but the implementation needs more work.

Top Tools Apps

Google Play services

Google LLC
I had to do a hard reset on my tablet because Google play services kept showing an error message and now I have reloaded it and it won't update. It keeps showing that the update is pending. This is extremely time consuming and frustrating.


Google LLC
They are generous. I think they are a responsible organization. I'm not a developer just an applications interest hobbiest and google has helped me learn. I just wish I could keep my credit card charges down, all I have to do is look at it and it jumps, I guess it has to do a line of credit. But one must keep on top of that. It takes a lot to understand learn and control your subscriptions. So buyer beware. I never got my rebate on my old phone from Google, they don't have to give back $.

SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files

Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.
I like it app before because there's no signal where I live so I can't download any apps and this app is useful for that but if I use it after I turn on my Bluetooth using this app it won't turn off and every end of transfer it puts up fake games and sometimes it won't work me and my cousin was about to play multiplayer on special forces and after the transfer it won't work and now I hate this app please fix this and why do you need a chat system it doesn't make any sense cuz he/she is near you.
Within two days, this app pretty much took over my entire phone to the point that everything crashes and lags and my phone overheats. It also sends a million push notifications and an insane number of ads. This is one of the most intrusive apps I've ever used.